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The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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I am the Author of life, HE that knows the secrets of the heart. The beginning and the end, the Lord God Almighty. Believe it if you can…

From the Message: FOLLOW THE CLOUD VOL. 1 (PP.3)

The most important thing you must know is why God came down in a Thick Cloud, in a Pillar of Fire. God did not come down in vain. He had a reason why He decided to come down in a Thick Cloud before many witnesses.
–The Son of Man



“But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.” John 14:26 KJV

 “Who is this that cometh from Edom, with DYED GARMENTS from Bozrah? this that is glorious in his apparel, traveling in the greatness of his strength? I that speak in righteousness, mighty to save.”
Isaiah 63:1  KJV.


“Which in his times he shall show, who is the blessed and only Potentate, the King of kings, and Lord of lords;
Who only hath immortality, dwelling in the light which no man can approach unto; whom no man hath seen, nor can see: to whom be honor and power everlasting. Amen.” 1 Timothy 6:14-15 KJV.

And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS”
Revelation 19:16 KJV


Remain blessed brethren. I want to tell you something, I know your needs but you only know your wants, but what you want are opposed to your needs. Your desire is against your need. However, you cannot get your want but your need. As far as I am in your midst, you will only get your needs and not your wants.
2.           For what you want have been proved to be something that is against you. Sit down quietly, write out your needs as much as you can find out; then write out your wants. You will notice that your wants are unlimited, but your needs are few.
3.           Man needs only but two things, but he wants the entire world. When he does not get the entire world, or when the entire world appears not to be reaching his grasp; he becomes hostile, angry, sad and uncontrollable.
4.           The Almighty God can never meet your wants, but He must meet your needs.
5.           Let nobody ever fool you, I have my reason for permitting the Local Assembly arrangement in this Bridal Faith. It is because of the type of condition we have found ourselves in our own generation. However, we have to be very careful in implementing whatever God has directed us to do, otherwise, dangers are knocking somewhere.
6.           I wish to make it clear to all and sundry that the Church of God, the family of God, the household of God in every dispensation has been unique and located only but in one place. In the days of Abraham, it was in Abraham’s house. In the days of Isaac, it was in Isaac’s house. You either go to Isaac’s Church or you forget about it. After Isaac cometh Jacob. You either go to the Church of Jacob or you forget about it.
7.           We watch events as they unfolded. We saw Noah’s Church. However, no matter where Noah’s Church was located, you either go there or you forget about it.
8.           In the days of Noah, you either go to Noah’s Church or you forget about it. In the generation of Sodom and Gomorrah, you must go to Lot’s Church or you forget about it
9.           As we journeyed along we could see Jacob’s Church located at Bethel. It was Bethel and Bethel alone. From Bethel we could see that all roads left Bethel when God left Bethel. They traced God to Gilgal. It was Gilgal or never. From there to Shiloh.
10.        Even in the old arrangement, if anybody wants to pay his tithe or offering, he takes it to the place of worship. No matter how far it is, it is only but one unique place. Those who have heavy offerings were commanded to sell them to make their journey easier and lighter, then carry the money to the temple. In Jerusalem, it was only but one. You either go there or forget about it.
11.        That was why Pentecost was not celebrated in any other place but in Jerusalem and it attracted the entire world that wanted to worship Jehovah, the God of Israel as their God.
12.        When Jesus Christ came He met the arrangement but He did not destroy it. It was after Him that persecution came and His disciples were dispersed. They run helter-skelter preaching the Gospel which culminated to the establishment of the Church. Anywhere they assemble believers; they call that place a Church—a gathering point, a meeting point for all that believe them in that area. That is the origin of local congregational worship.
13.        However, that did not destroy the arrangement in Jerusalem. All of them owe their allegiance to Jerusalem. Remember, when Jesus Christ appeared, He upbraided the people there saying, “The Queen of Sheba will rise up in judgment to condemn this generation,” in that when she heard about the wisdom of a king called Solomon, she never considered the distance.
14.        She travelled from the East to Jerusalem for three good months to behold the wisdom of a man. However, greater than Solomon was there. In other words, He was telling the generation He met that distance should not be used as an excuse for not locating Him. He went further to say that the Ethiopian Eunuch also who travelled all the way from Ethiopia to Jerusalem will rise up to condemn that generation.
15.        What can you say about father Moses? You see, people travelled long distances. In our own generation, the tabernacle God vindicated in the Laodicean Age was located in one place. It has no branch or affiliate, you either go to Jefferson Villa or you forget about it. Whatever anybody erected that could be credited to him as a Church, that was his property.
16.        However, God has only but one chosen place of worship and that was Jefferson Villa where the Prophet was situated. I am narrowing down to something.
17.        Greater than William Branham is on the scene. Greater than Moses is in your midst, greater than Solomon is in your midst; greater than Jesus the Christ is in your midst. The Quickening Spirit and the flesh, which one is greater? The Quickening Spirit.
18.        I am saying that the Father of all spirits is in your midst. Give glory to Him, give honour and reverence Him that liveth forever and ever. Whose Presence you can behold, not His similitude but His Presence.
19.        In time past we knew in part waiting for that which is Perfect to come. What is more, St. Paul said that anytime that which is Perfect comes, that which is imperfect will give way. In time past we knew in part, when the fullness will come the part will go away.
20.        It must take a Jeroboam in this age to build two altars, one in Bethel and the other one in Dan; having only but one aim: to hinder the children of God from going to Jerusalem, telling them that whatever that is in Jerusalem is also in Bethel and in Dan. But there is no truth there.
21.        When we came to Onitsha and settled down, we have no God in our programmes. Nobody came to Onitsha to settle down because he was looking for God. Thus, it is a divine coincidence that you settled down where He chose to appear. Hence, do not ever say that we are sounding like this because He is near us, He is near you; He is near everybody.
22.        As a result, if you are using distance as an excuse, the Queen of Sheba will rise up in judgment to condemn you. If you are saying that what is in Bethel is also in Dan, I am telling you, you are right. But what is in Bethel, what is in Dan can never be in Jerusalem. In Jerusalem is the fullness of Godhead bodily.
23.        I told you many years ago that the world is feeling His influence but His presence is in the Bride. On Easter Sunday of 8th April 2012, I made it clear that while they are keeping watch over the tombs, their supposed Jesus’ tombs everywhere; but you know He has only one tomb which He also surrendered to the owner.
24.        The tomb never belonged to Him, He did not use it, rather He surrendered it to the owner. But they were keeping watch over the tomb expecting Him to come, fixing their eyes on the sky saying many things.
25.        What is more, I told you that they were wasting their time, that I am here in the power of His resurrection. I have been telling you that I am not preaching the crucified Christ but I am preaching the resurrected Christ. I told you that time and event will vindicate Me.
26.        Today, am I not vindicated?  I am vindicated. What else do you need? Do not allow a Jeroboam somewhere to fool you into believing that what is in Dan and Bethel—the two altars he erected with impure motive—could replace the approved place of worship.
27.         There is always a chosen place of worship where all the elects place their sacrifices. Be very careful all of you—you can begin to give your excuses. However, I am sure and certain that there is no distance in Nigeria that cannot be covered in less than 24 hours by road; and there is no distance in Nigeria that cannot be covered in less than one hour thirty minutes by air.
28.        You want to talk about transportation or communication, and I will tell you we are having better time than our fathers. They used donkey, yet they made it. It was possible to them making use of donkey. What is more, I want you to understand that the distance a donkey covers in one day can be covered by a car in less than one hour. Tell me whether you have an excuse!
29.        If you were living in the days of William Branham and you saw what happened, you would not have travelled long distance.
30.        William Branham testified, you read in your sermon books that some used to leave their houses a week before the day to make sure they get there on time, and they carry their children, their food and they were going there to behold the face of a man, TO HEAR THE VOICE OF A MAN THAT HAS THE SPIRIT OF GOD A LITTLE MEASURE. A man that could not offer them salvation but only to point them to the Source of Salvation.
31.        When John the Baptist was in the wilderness, the entire world trooped down to the wilderness. Somebody could comfort himself that there was no need of going there, that there were too many rivers and pools. I want you to know also that as far as eternal life is concerned, it has nothing to do with your ministerial position.
32.        You can be a minister and still go to Hell. If you are a minister of the Gospel, you need salvation more than any other, otherwise you will labour in vain.
33.        I know why am saying it. where we are now, God has commanded that you have to evolve your own individual way, system of worshipping the revealed God. thus, you worship Him by your own personal revelation.
34.        Your personal revelation may tell you to sit down in your house, that He is everywhere: “Thank God, He is everywhere,” He can be also in Hell. He can also go to Roman Catholic, dine with them and sit down there simply because He is everywhere.
35.        God is not everywhere! He has never been everywhere and cannot be everywhere. Thus, be very careful about the two altars: Bethel and Dan. I do not know why i am led to speak this way. Ministers be careful. Amen.

We thank God for the journey so far. We will continue to praise Him while we wait for the glorious promise which is about to unfold. My little son Enyinnaya, had an experience.
2.           God said that if there is anytime we are in danger of being called to question, it is now because everything about God has been clearly shown to us.
3.           To the Jews He told them through Prophet Isaiah that: animals know their owners, but my people do not know me neither can they consider. To the Romans, He used the Angel Messenger of that age, St. Paul to tell the Romans: “Although you know God, but you do not give Him honour as God.”
4.           You see two different things? Group A did not know God. Group B knows God but refused to honour Him as God.
5.           “The Resurrected Body,” page 59 verse 38: “38.            If you receive Him whom He has sent you receive He that sent Hm. What is required of you? Only believe all things are possible. Only believe, Only believe, Only believe all things are Possible. Only believe.
7.           Lord, I believe! Lord I believe all things are Possible! Lord, I believe. Christ is here, Christ is here, all things are possible! Christ is here.
8.           God is in His Holy sanctuary. See, in every age God can never do without a man, and that man becomes God’s mask, becomes the mask God will hide Himself in for God is a spirit and no man can see a spirit, and for God to be known by man, He has to cover Himself with something so that man will see Him and live. Because man cannot see Him in His spirit nature and then believe.
9.           Thus, He will come low and then mask Himself very well and be a blessing to His people. Now, it requires God also to gather people for Himself and those people automatically becomes His people. Because He gathered them; no man gathered them; and in His Name He will keep them together.
10.        His name is the ONLY CORD He will use in binding them together and all their gatherings will be in His Name. In addition, whatever they will do, they will do in His Name”.
11.        Who was making the announcement? The Resurrected Body. First of all He ordered everybody away from the pulpit, as He said, “I want to be here alone with God!” Remember He has already announced it that “TODAY IS TODAY.”
12.        He knew you came with your cameras because He was the One that invited you to come and see the Personality that has been dealing with you all these years. For the first time, with the help of your camera, something your human eyes cannot catch because He is a Sovereign Spirit, you caught it.
13.        Let me ask you, do you want to tell Me that the person does not know Himself? That He does not know who He is? That He does not know who is in Him? Is what you want Me to say?
14.        Before William Branham challenged the Pentecostals that if any doubted him, he should come by his right hand side, he knew there was an Angel there. Not even one ventured to be there. What is more, William Branham made reference to the Angel more than the Bible. He was sure and certain.
15.        Before a man will make this type of statement before the general public, he was sure and certain. All eyes were fixed on Him. He made a proclamation, “All the snap shots you took before now, you wasted all.” And they really wasted all.
16.        NOW you want Me to believe that that man is just a natural man?
18.        Lord, I believe! Lord I believe all things are Possible! Lord, I believe. Christ is here, Christ is here, all things are possible! Christ is here.
19.        God is in His Holy sanctuary...”
20.        Who made the announcement? God. Now listen to the Sanctuary. This thing took place in our former hall; we are no longer in that hall. God is still in His sanctuary. Who is the Sanctuary of the Lord? A house He made without hand for God can never dwell in a building made with hand but a temple He constructed for Himself.
21.        This happened when we are deep-neck in the Law in 1996 to banish unbelief as at that time. Many of you were not in this Faith that time. You heard the testimonies and you believe. But this time around, you are eyewitnesses. We want to make comparisons, I am not standing in your midst to tell you because I am the one that is there.
22.        From time to time William Branham would say, “I am not pointing you to that photograph because I am the one there, but I am pointing you there because I know that God really appeared. I do not need to point you to any photograph again.” I used to make that statement in time past; but now I do not make that statement. I do not point you to any photograph, I have presented Myself fully. Look at Me, head to toe. If there was a time I persuaded you to believe, it is all over.
23.        See in every age God can never do without a man, and that man becomes God’s mask”.
24.        Note, that man becomes God’s mask. You know what a mask is! You all have my calendar in your houses; looking at that photograph you do not make a mistake if you see Me on the way. Once I appear and you look at that calendar, you do not need any Prophet to begin to tell you that THIS IS THE MAN.
25.        But look at the photograph which was taken at a very close shot on 8th April, 2012, His presence swallowed both the benches and everything in the fellowship. There is no camera anybody can use to capture somebody who is close without getting his image. After all, you can see the two others. You see the congregation appeared! Gradually, gradually His presence enveloped the congregation.
26.        I am saying that without you, if a stranger could come and you tell him that that confirmation in the photographs is the personality in the calendar, will he believe it? No. You call it the Cloud, but it has a human face.
27.        I am saying that you can now see the Personality that masked Himself in the Son of Man. See the Lord in the Lord, THE LORD SAID TO MY LORD.
28.        What is more, I told you that in every age, He has a Name and He keeps His children together in His Name. That is why His Name has always been a secret, you do not use that Name anyhow.
29.        You remember when the Name was revealed, I was saluting Bishop Nath because he was a courageous man of God. I tried his faith several times, yet he never lose his conviction for one day.      
30.        First of all, in this Bridal Faith, Bishop Nath identified Christ in Apostle Peter and proclaimed Him the Almighty God. He was excommunicated for making such a statement that Apostle Peter Odoemena is no other person but Christ, that he was sure and certain that what the Prophet prophesied that will come after him is no other person but the very Christ and that he was sure that he has enough evidence.
31.        He was excommunicated, the matter came to Me, I approved the excommunication for he spoke the whole truth before its time. There is nothing wrong in identifying Christ, but something may be wrong if you publish the information before the time. You know it is a scaring revelation—very scaring, saying that God is a human being in a world they believe that God is not a human being and you are in the minority.
32.        He said, “All the shots you have taken already, you wasted all. Now, this is the time I want that camera.” You see, everywhere was calm. He ordered everybody around Him out: “I want to be here with God alone!”
33.        I will say few words but not without pains—very painful. God is in His Holy Sanctuary.
34.        “…See in every age God can never do without a man, and that man becomes God’s mask; becomes the mask God will mask himself in.
35.        In other words, the calendar is a mask; you have seen He that is inside the mask in that photograph that was taken on 8th April, 2012. You have gone beyond X-ray.
36.        Thus, when I say the Father is in Me, I am in my Father. You do not need to ask Me who the Father is or “Show us where the Father is.”
37.        A reverend father and a reverend sister saw the photograph and took the man that owns the studio to task. They were wondering why they were a part of the thing. And the man was asking them whether they are commanding him leave Catholic. He said he has the artistic impression of all these things, he proved that one is a saint.
38.        But this is the first time he has come across the reality, the supernatural and he read about all these things. What is more, the man told them that he knows the Personality. The people were asking him whether he could go to him to know whether he could give some people that do not belong to their group audience. He said, “That one could be difficult to appeal.”
39.        One thing he knows is that he waves at with him every morning while coming to work. That He (the Son of Man) is even living very close to the main road. That He (the Son of Man) takes delight at staying in the corridor.
40.        They said, “You mean that this thing was taking place in Onitsha and we do not know about it?” He said yes.
41.        At Modebe Street recently, I was there with our friend Mr Ayanwu. While we were there talking about all these things, he called his wife who knew Me not. The woman nearly fainted. Mere beholding my face, my temperament and hearing my Voice, she melted. That was the woman that has concluded Me to be a Devil.
42.        Few statements I made, she started shivering. Papa breezed in, and the man said he will like to share a testimony. I continued to stop him but he said that I should not stop him that he will share the experience that they watched it in their television AIT. That it was the testimony he wanted to share with Me before Papa came in.
43.        Thus, when Papa Uwakwe came in, he opened up again. In their television, they watched it live. A man came all the way from America. He said that there in America they have been told and they have seen that the Son of Man has appeared in Nigeria.
44.        You see, I wanted to wave it off but he insisted he must share the experience. The man took counsel with his colleagues in America; they told him that he must go to Nigeria to locate the Son of Man and His congregation. Then the people there in America directed him to Lagos.
45.        When he got to Lagos, he spent a lot of time there. Lagosians directed him to T.B Joshua because they felt that is the only place where foreigners and whites from all nations gather in Lagos. That it could be the place. The man now went to Oshodi, introduced himself to reverend T.B Joshua who gladly welcomed him, but he hid his mission away, worshiped with them; at the end of their worship, T.B Joshua was impressed and then called the man to salute the entire congregation.
46.        He collected the microphone, saluted everybody in the Church and said that he came all the way from America, in search of the Son of Man who they were told appeared in Nigeria with His group. That from what he has seen and witnessed in their congregation, the synagogue of the nations, that he is sure that he missed the place.
47.        He turned to T.B Joshua and said, “They told me to come to the synagogue of the nations, that that could be the place where I will see the Son of Man. But I have seen everything, you are not the Son of Man. Are you?” T.B Joshua said, “I am not.”
48.        He said, “Okay, I have been misguided. I have to go back to America again and we will start all over for the place we saw is not like this one. We saw a smaller group, looking like peasant farmers. It is not this one. This one is a flamboyant and gorgeous Church. Moreover, the Son of Man we saw there is very simple in approach, commanding ‘A POCKET OF PEOPLE’ that are almost within the same age bracket. No, it cannot be this one.”
49.        T.B Joshua said, “It is not here my friend! I am not the Son of Man.” The man asked, “But have you heard about Him?” T.B Joshua never, never. The man said, “Okay, thank you. I am going back to America we will start all over again.”
50.        That same day, I got a phone call. The voice was like that of a lady, I thought she could be a fraudster; so I ignored her for the first time, but she called again.
51.        I picked courage and said, “Who is calling?” He replied, “I want to speak with the direct owner of this number.” I said, “The direct owner, do you know his name?” He said, “Sir, I do not know! I want to make an enquiry, this number belongs to the Son of Man; are you the owner?” I said yes.
52.        She asked again, “Are you the very Son of Man?” I said yes. Where are you, in Nigeria?” I said, “It does not concern you.” Then I switched off. She called again, and I said, “I perceived you are a lady. From where are you calling from?” She said America. I said, “Okay, who gave you this number?” She said, “We got it anyhow.”
53.        I said, “Okay, go back to the person and tell him you have succeeded in hearing the voice of the Son of Man.” By 5: 00pm that same day, another call came, this time a man.
54.        He said, “I do not want to deceive myself neither do I want to deceive anybody. I am searching for the Son of Man. Are you the Son of Man?” I said yes. He said, “Thank you.” That was all.
55.        Then I began to wonder what is happening. Do you know that I loaded all my lectures with the Dignity Consult in the air? And all of them contained my personal phone numbers.
56.        Okay, if my number is hidden; it is hidden to somebody who is on his way to destruction. In every age, God has always veiled Himself in a man who counted it not robbery.
57.        We were reading it from the scriptures like others where reading, but the manifestation is here with us. What if somebody is claiming to be this and that when the photograph of His being was taken? Do you think we will take him seriously? But this man (God’s mask, the Resurrected Body) said, “All you have taken, you wasted your shots. This is the time I want the camera.”
58.      “...God is in His Holy sanctuary. See, in every age God can never do without a man, and that man becomes God’s mask, becomes the mask God will hide Himself in for God is a spirit and no man can see a spirit, and for God to be known by man, He has to cover Himself with something so that man will see Him and live...”
59.        So that man will see Him and live. Remember, it was Christ in Jesus that made him God. When they were trying to run away from Him, He said touch me, feel my body for I have flesh and blood. Spirit has no flesh and blood.
60.        Can anybody touch that flesh there? Watch that thing, can you touch the flesh? Can you feel the body? Can you eat corn with that Being captured in the photograph? Is that being not scaring? Even the photograph is scaring.
61.        What can you say, if all of a sudden the thing rises up, where will you run and He will not catch you? Who can limit this personality? This Man soars above the starry sky. Tell me where you can hide and this Man will not see you. He that could envelop a congregation larger than your size, swallowed up both the benches, the books and everything.
62.        Is He not bigger than the congregation? This is the person they are imagining that He is so big that no house can accommodate Him. And really, a house cannot accommodate Him except the One He has decided to make for Himself.
63.        Go back to the message titled “Building the True Temple”. I am the True temple, it is written there. He said, “Outside Me, you will not see Christ. I pity those that know the carnal side and the spiritual side of the Son of Man. I pity those people that know how to separate the human side and the spiritual side. If you know how to separate it with your colour separator, go ahead. But as for Me, I do not know how to separate it.”
64.        I am the Truth, the way and the Life. No man cometh to the Father except by Me. Thus, if you believe in my Father, believe also in Me. If I tell you that I and my Father are one, by revelation catch Me. For you cannot separate the Son from the Father. Neither can you separate the Father from the Son. It is only in His human estate that He can eat your corn, drink your wine, take your kola and dance with you.
65.        Do you know that it is in the midst of the worshipping congregation—don’t you know that He sang with His people and they left? He was a song leader, leading His disciples in songs, worshiping His Father together with His disciples. What is more, William Branham said that God goes to Church. In what form does He go to Church?  
66.        Thus, he will come low and then mask Himself very well.
67.        Who will come low? God. And He will mask Himself very well from head to toe. Amen.

the name of the REVEALED Christ in the midst of the Bride
THE RESURRECTED BODY volume 2, page 60 verse 42, “Thus, He will come low and then mask Himself very well and be a blessing to His people. Now, it requires God also to gather people for Himself and those people automatically becomes His people. Because He gathered them; no man gathered them; and in His Name He will keep them together.
2.           His name is the ONLY CORD He will use in binding them together and all their gatherings will be in His Name.”
3.           Note, His Name is the only cord He will use in binding them together. He came to His own and they receive Him not. But as many as received Him, He gave the power to become the children of God even to those that believe in His Name: “Father, I have kept them together in your Name.”
4.           Do you know the Name of God in your age? Since you know God in your age, do you know His Name? Do you know the Name of God in your day?
5.           There is a message given to us titled, “Recognize Your Day and Its Own Message.” The same way the message of your day, introduces the God of your day. There can never be a message without a Messenger. Then if you know the Name of God that is revealed to you in your own day, why are you shaken in mind when they accuse you of not praying in Jesus’ name? Do this in Jesus’ name, do that in Jesus’ name.
6.           Are you sure you have really believed in the name of the REVEALED Christ in the midst of the Bride? For that is your salvation name.
7.           No other Name is given among men in this day whereby they can be saved except the Name of God that is revealed in these last days in the midst of the Bride. That Name is not Jesus Christ. He that was promised to come is not Jesus Christ, but the Son of Man.
8.           Do you know that the wife of Mr Anyawu knew this truth! I started opening her eyes: “Search your scriptures, who was promised to come? Is it Jesus Christ?”
9.           I began to open her eyes: “Do you know Him?” She said that He is coming in a new Name. If you are waiting for His coming, where are you waiting for Him? Where did He say you should wait for Him? Since He is coming as an individual, a corporal person, all eyes will see Him, who are the all eyes?
10.        If He comes down in Jerusalem in the Middle East, will you see Him? When He was there, was He in Nigeria? When He left them, He went to the despised of the Gentiles from where He is revealed in these last days.
11.        “...His name is the ONLY CORD He will use in binding them together and all their gatherings will be in His Name. In addition, whatever they will do, they will do in His Name..."
12.        Do everything in the Name of the revealed God Christ of your own day.
“…outside His Name they will do nothing. All of them will be called by His Name, all their families will be called by His Name. They do not have any other thing than that Name. In other words, that Name becomes a family name.”
13.        This is exactly where I want to strike. This is where the revelation has eluded many. Who was saying all these things? The same person that invited you; And He decided to appear so that you will take His word seriousLY.
14.        “Colossians 3 : 17, “And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.' (KJV).
15.        There is no exception. Whatever you do in word or indeed, do all in the Name of the Lord because it is a family name. Every family in Heaven and on Earth must be named after Christ our Lord.”
16.        Have you seen it? Check this message which was preached on Easter Sunday, April 7th 1996; compare it to the message titled “Another Day,” preached in Jerusalem on Easter Sunday, 8th April 2012.
17.        William Branham handled a message titled the “Easter Seal.” As many that have it can go back to that message, you will get something that will help you. You must believe the Son of Man because William Branham saw my day and rejoiced. What is more, he spoke concerning Me. Jesus the Christ saw my day, He spoke concerning Me. We are here in the power of His resurrection. Amen.


ANOTHER DAY,” I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool: his throne was like the fiery flame, and his wheels as burning fire.” Daniel 7:9 KJV.
2.           I watch as thrones were put in place and the ancient of days, the Almighty God sat down to judge. His clothing was as white as snow, His hair like whitest wool. He sat upon a fiery stone brought in of flaming wheels”. LB.
3.           Revelation 1 verse 13-14: “And in the midst of the seven candlesticks one like unto the Son of man, clothed with a garment down to the foot, and girt about the paps with a golden girdle.
4.           His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire...” KJV.
5.           Another day? Who called that day another day? God. Follow this Message carefully in order to know why He called that day ANOTHER DAY. There must be the first day or second day or third day before you could say ANOTHER DAY.
6.            “This day is another day”.
7.           What? This day is another day, a pronouncement.
8.           “…I can see everything turning around for my good. THIS IS SON OF MAN’S HOUR. FOLLOW ME AND PRAISE GOD. You are cleansed.
9.           What? Carry it back: “This is the time I want the camera.” It was after this proclamation that the photograph was taken.
10.        Verse 31, “…I love this cloudy weather”. Have you seen the photograph? It was gathering, covering the congregation. Can you see it over in the photograph? He was saying, “I love this cloudy weather! I love this cloudy weather! I love this cloudy weather!” You can see it in the photograph.
11.        Somebody saw the photograph at Lagos and was asking Pastor Rotimi whether there was a bomb blast in their congregation? Our Pastor said no. The man asked, “What formed this thick smoke?” Our Pastor said, “You cannot understand.”
12.        In Onitsha, somebody also asked Pastor Christian whether there was a bomb blast in their congregation? He said no. He said, “What caused all this thick, thick smoke?” Our Pastor equally said, “You cannot understand.”
13.        God said, “I love this cloudy weather.”
14.        Verse 41,       “I am not preaching about the death and resurrection of Jesus. No! I am already here in the power of His resurrection, you are here in the power of His resurrection, for when He came into our midst, He came with the power of His resurrection.”
15.        Note it.
16.        “…In the Message titled “Knowing Your Status in Christ,” we saw reasons why the land must surely crack. The land must surely crack. In life or in death, the plume must come out.
17.        This was the point the photograph was taken. You see, the heathens walk about worshipping their idols called Jesus. If you believe it say amen. Amen!
18.        Thus, anybody worshipping that name now is an idolater. If you are offended, come and slap Me. If I am telling lies or deceiving you, why God coming to confirm the truth from my mouth? Do you know the truth more than God?
19.        Page 49, verse 3, “We have shown you the Pillar of Cloud as it was captured around an Individual we worship...
20.        Note, around an individual we worship. Do you worship Him? YOU SAID YES; You are telling lies. You are all liARS. Do you know what it takes to worship an individual? You are worshipping me with your lips, BUT youR heartS are too far away from me.
21.        If you have been worshipping me the way you are claiming you are worshipping me by now all of us would have been in paradise. He appeared to bring judgment against you if you are not careful.
22.         In what way are you worshipping Him? Do you have His reverential fear in your heart? Do you honour Him as God? You say you are worshipping Him; If you do not know the meaning of worship, go to your dictionary Or trace your fathers and know how they worshipPED Him.
23.        What God is trying to do is to introduce Himself fully to see whether He can attract your worship at lEAst for one day. Look at all of you, you are all mockers. Simply accept it.
24.        “…We have shown you the Pillar of Cloud as it was captured around an Individual we worship so that you will know that He that called us is very much around us. If we gather and He is not in our midst, our gathering is useless-nonsense.
25.        Have you seen it! If we gather and His presence is not in our midst, our gathering is useless-nonsense. Thus there is a great difference between Dan, Bethel and Jerusalem. If you like keep on fooling yourselves by telling people that the same God that is in Bethel and Dan, is the same God in Jerusalem. Even those that are in Jerusalem are equally blind.
26.        He that could make such a dogmatic statement without stammering and before your eyes it was confirmed, if you are intelligent, from that day nobody will tell you to fear and honour the Lord. What you have seen in your day. Who has ever come across it since the history of the world?
27.        Tell Me any denomination, not even Roman Catholic. If it happened in any group, the whole world will know in one day. Some will use helicopter and use flayers to drop it. Let it happen in Reinhard Bonnke ministries, Oral Roberts Ministries, or Billy Graham Ministries and the rest of them, the entire world will travel to America. Let it happen in any of the Pentecostals in Nigeria, they will print their calendar. The man will mount on top of an aeroplane or helicopter to advertise himself.
28.        But God in His simplicity revealed Himself to people that do not even desire Him. Do not say you are worshipping God; you have never worshipPED God for one day. You have never; nobody in this most holy Faith can say “I have worshipped this God.”
29.        Tell me how you have worshipped Him, when His word has no meaning to many of you. Can He command you to sit down and you will sit down?
30.        If you do not know what it takes to worship God, go back AND know the meaning of “worship” first of all. When God opened up the book of genesis, He said, “you must worship Him with all your heart, all your strength, everything that is in you. Love Him with all your heart and love your neighbour as well.”
31.        Do not condemn yourselves; He has appeared for a reason and this is for the last time, the next thing you will see is the burning off OF Sodom and Gomorrah. This is the last appearance; no eyes will behold the Deity again until we sit down with Him in paradise, in the immortal estate. The way He started, is the way He has ended it all.
32.        So He has waited from the beginning till the end and His boast is not an empty boast. I am on my way home, I have even over stayed.
33.        The presence of the Pillar of Cloud in our midst is the essence of our gathering, for the presence of God in our midst is what made us holy. We are not holy because we have done this or that; we are holy because the Holy God is in our midst.”
34.         Does it agree with the scriptures? In Numbers 26, I believe the reason why both Balaam and Balak could not cast a spell on the people of God was His Presence in their midst. This is what made the total difference otherwise, we are like other people.
35.        The move is on, the revival is on. I told you that this day is another day. Another day, a special day.  We are talking about a man that is laminated—a laminated human being.
36.        We are talking about who? A man that is laminated. We are not talking about somebody that is imaginary; He is the One that is walking in the midst of the Bride as a human being in appearance. Yet He is laminated.
37.        “…It is always good for everybody to know the truth at every point in time.
38.         Let me tell you the truth, what I saw in this fellowship this day, since this Faith started, I have not seen such a thing before. We are eye-witnesses of His majesty. We do not boast for nothing. If not for one thing, I would have declared let us go.
39.         Did He tell you lies? No! Who has ever seen such a thing? You saw it in the photograph, but the thing was already in Him. You saw the photograph, but He announced the Cloud, He announced the presence of God. He told you that the resurrected Christ is in your midst already. And you want to tell Me that the person is an impersonator or He never knew who He was? No.
40.        On the street, He becomes like every other persons on the street. It will take one of you to tell them you, “See, this is the man! Here is the power upholding the Universe.” Without you, nobody will know Him. In His yard, He is just a nice man. In the market, He is a nice man finish. That is the extent of what they can do.
41.        Note it everybody, if you are wise, you do not need to make noise for God did it for a purpose.
42.        For God revealed Himself for the second time and for the last time for a purpose. You should rest at nothing until you discover the purpose as an individual, and let it be a revelation to you. If you discover the purpose, keep it to yourself. It is not a matter of preaching.
43.        “…He has decided to present Himself to you.”
44.        Note, He has decided to present Himself to you so that you will see the Personality. You will see the personality where He veiled Himself.
45.        This is the Personality Who we are having dealings with”. This is the Personality, Brother Victor of Egbema; I hope you are catching the revelation? The time of this ignorance God overlooked. Brother Chike, I hope you are in our midst in your right senses? I do not know why I am feeling bad towards you and Isiala-Ngwa. I believe all is not well with you there.
46.        Let me interpret it”. Note, let me interpret it. Let he that has understanding, understand the interpretation for God is the perfect interpreter of His Word.
47.        Verse 11- 26, “…11. Let me interpret it, any day His word becomes passive to you, surely you are lost. He will bypass anything but He will never bypass His Word. He respects nothing but His Word. He confirms nothing but His Word.
48.        Thus, any day you come to the point, when you hear His Voice and you harden your heart, you are lost. You joke with His Word, you are lost. You show signs of unbelief to His Word; you are lost for He expects nothing from you except total obedience to the truth.
49.        It is not making a proclamation that counts but knowing Who is making the proclamation. Of all men under the sun, no human being, no group has ever seen the vindication of God in a Cloud since William Branham left the scene if not in the Bride of Christ.
51.        It may sound foolish and unreasonable to you but this is the way. What made the people of Jesus Christ to follow Him up and down, is it not the presence of the Cloud? What is the evidence that will be seen and you know that they are children of God? Is it when the blind sees? No, it is when you see the attribute of God that does not come by cunningly devised fables. It cannot be impersonated, and you cannot play smartness with it.
52.        Those He has chosen, the same He revealed Himself to. Not to everybody but those He has chosen for Himself. We are a chosen generation, a blessed people. We are the most favoured for the living God abides with us, the Bride.
53.        If any group of people should say that God is with them, tell them to produce the evidence.  We just need two indisputable evidences, thus they should present any. You see why people are dying in our websites? You are the children of the Kingdom of God; you are the people for whom the Saviour is sent. It is hard to believe but it is real. To God be the glory for the great things He has done.
54.        A bad bird is still crying. Whether you like it or not, God will fulfil what is in His mind. Who does not know, must know. Whatever you like call Him, He is Himself. 
55.        THE SCRIPTURAL COMMISSION OF EVERY MAN OF GOD TELLS THE ENTIRE WORLD WHO HE IS AND THE OFFICE HE OCCUPIES AND THAT DETERMINES HOW PEOPLE WILL RECEIVE HIM. FOR EVERY TRUE MAN OF GOD, SENT BY GOD COMES WITH A SCRIPTURAL COMMISSION. Doubting him, disbelieving him, that’s unbelief. We are not preaching a message that will be vindicated, no; we are preaching a message that is over-vindicated.
56.        Let me tell you one thing I do, we are only encouraging and comforting one another while we are waiting for what we are waiting for which the world does not know—encouraging one another to remain steadfast. Not only this, I am not preaching salvation message, he is not preaching salvation message, we are just encouraging one another.
57.        God displayed His splendor, His Glory, His Majesty, comforting you, telling you that He is still on the Scene with you; that you shouldn’t panic, that all is well, for He that will rapture you is still in the Faith with you.
58.        The Immortality is still with you, the Eternity is still with you. Only time is holding everything and He does nothing before the appointed time. We are together. Every day, God is consolidating our faith.
59.        Every masquerade is a human being. No matter how small, no matter how big, even if it resembles a snake, a human being is inside it. If it is like a very big tree, a human being is inside it. 
60.        A masquerade can be designed to look like an elephant; there is also a human being inside. It can be designed to look like a lion yet a human being is inside it. Before you know it, he that is inside will be drinking water, eat some food and mask himself again, then the journey continues.
61.        My son saw one when they were observing some traditions in front of my house. The masquerade was chasing everybody about and after some time sat down and they were serving them with beer and jellof rice. My son ran into the house and said, ‘Daddy come and see! The masquerade is a human being! He is eating rice and drinking beer. So, it is not a spirit, he is a human being.’
62.        Every masquerade is a human being. Every masquerade eats, drinks besides, every masquerade comes from a family. What is more, every masquerade is owned by a people. It can be a family, it can be a kindred, and it can be a community.
63.        Verse 29, WE ARE ON THE SCENE BUT WE WILL NOT STAY LONG. We will not stay long...”
64.        We are on the scene, but we will not stay long. The saints are comfortable. You should go to the message titled “The Revelation of the Mighty Angel,” it will help somebody. Amen.



God has come down; I want to tell you something. I am experiencing great things in my life, and they are making me humble every day. The more the Deity is revealed, the more the children of God are subject, humble, simple, sincere, faithful; trustworthy because that is the only power that can change a man.
2.           What I am looking for I have seen it, I have always desired to see the true God and where He is worshipped acceptably.
3.           Our prayer from the beginning, we prayed that God should not allow anything impersonating spirit to manifest in our midst. That we did not want to see anything counterfeit, we want nothing but original, no matter how long it will take. And God answered our prayers”.
4.           Now it has pleased God to bring me to Himself, not that I walked my way but He stretched forth His hand, drew me closer and opened the veil and said, “See Me.”
5.           If it is not your experience, you are wasting your time. God will personalize Himself in the life of all His children, I mean personalizing God. Making Himself personal to the point that if anybody thinks that you are falling away, you are not falling away. If you have not come to that point, you do not have experience. Right there in my little house at Ugwumba when the thought of the Son of Man fill my heart I feel heavenly, brothers and sisters.
6.           I feel like I am living in Onitsha. When I called Apostle Kelechi the other time I say how I wish I will be living in Onitsha. I was not surprised when God Himself was saying it that God is worshipped in one place and that is scripture.
7.           Any Local Assembly that does not come here to represent herself, she is cut off. You claim you are sealed in the Ark, but you do not know the Ark you are sealed in. You do not go there to worship the Lord and take the anointing that will sustain you. The anointing is released every day—the anointing that sustained the Bride is revealed on a daily basis. If you take that of yesterday and leave that of today, you are drying up.
8.           As the Voice was ministering to my heart, we have seen the sign; the next thing is to obey the Voice. For William Branham said the voice of the sign. Every sign has a Voice, the mask, the masquerade has a Voice and that Voice is in our midst. Yes, He is in our midst. He has shown Himself, He has revealed Himself.  
9.           “I believe the cloud is in our midst and God has announced it. Let me tell you something, that way I feel when that great occurrence happened in those days, when prophecies are thundering is the same way I feel in His presence. If you do not have experience, I pity you.
10.        The Identification of the Mighty Angel,” page 62: 36, "And Moses went up into the mount, and a cloud covered the mount. And the glory of the LORD abode upon mount Sinai, and the cloud covered it six days: and the seventh day he called unto Moses out of the midst of the cloud.
11.        And the sight of the glory of the LORD was like devouring fire on the top of the mount in the eyes of the children of Israel. And Moses went into the midst of the cloud, and got him up into the mount: and Moses was in the mount forty days and forty nights.
12.        Take note of what happened there. The reason for which the Lord decided to veil Himself with the Cloud has been made known. If you go to the Book of Revelation chapter 1, you will see the physical description of the Deity.
14.        If He allows that brightness to shine on a physical note without that pinhole camera, what will happen in the Church?
15.        If there is any time I am sure that I am saved, confirmed, satisfied, proved, vindicated, verified; I believe it is now. However, to those that do not believe, your trouble has started. To those that do not believe, your greatest trouble has started.
16.        If God did not veil Himself, you see when I stay and the thought of the Son of Man fill my heart and the tears of joy will start coming down. Look at how humble God is!
17.        There is a quote from William Branham and that quote came from the message “Desperation,” warning from God, this is one of the documents that were dispatched to us in those days in End-time message and it pleased God that I preserved this message.
18.        This message, this ministry, this Faith has been over vindicated, and the more vindication, the more consolidated the children of God are.
19.        William Branham said, “I truly believe that we are on the verge of one of the most mightiest things that ever struck the Earth since the day of the Lord Jesus. See! But now we can only be known as, He will be so humble. See, what man calls mighty, God calls abomination. What man calls foolish God calls mighty. See, so now watch it. He will be so humble that you will miss it if you have not got the token there, examine it you see.
20.        You cannot be desperate if God speaks to you. Oh Church rise and shake yourself. Beat your conscience, wake yourself up. Be careful, we either be desperate or perish.
21.        There is something coming forth from the Lord, I know it as thus saith the Lord. There is coming forth something, and we better be desperate. It is between life and death. It will pass through us and we will not see it”.
22.        Thank God this dangerous prophecy has not come to pass in our lives, but has it come to pass? Yes. William Branham in his day saw the very Son of Man—as you are seeing Him so William Branham saw Him.
23.        William Branham had the revelation that this great Ancient of Days will unmask Himself, for he called that message “The Unveiling of God.”
24.        He knew, Apostle Ugo, you can remember when I visited you at Egbema in those days you and Pastor Promise. He said, “Brother, what are you talking?” I said, “William Branham said that the Eternal One lieth in one of the jungles in Africa.”
25.        He said Brother, “Are you sure? Give me the quote.” I went and brought the quote in the Golden Nugget, the Hebrew book. When they saw it, they said, “Brother, let us go to Jerusalem. Let us go and see Him. Brother is it not true?” That was the voice they heard and they said, “That is what we are looking for, let us go and see Him.”
26.        Remember according to William Branham, He is so humble. The simplicity of God does not in any way overlap His lordship over you. That was the Voice that went forth in Isiala-Ngwa during those days God was using us in a little missionary trip. When we never knew what we are doing but God knows better.
27.        He has been carrying us along no matter our weakness especially myself. Now I have the right to testify that salvation is by grace because I have experienced it. I am no longer living by my power; I am no longer obeying by my power. I will show you where the power lies today. You already know there.
28.        The simplicity of the Son of Man, Sister Nzubechi, does not overlap His lordship. Do you think it is easy to be married to the Son of Man? You think it is easy?
29.        It is the toughest thing. It is a curse to marry the Son of Man. There is no gaining staying there. Somebody you cannot predict. Somebody you can hardly please. How can you marry somebody you cannot understand? And you think it is easy. It is not easy. To me, I see it as a curse.
30.        However, whoever God wants to save, He will cause the person to marry the Son of Man for nothing is as enjoyable and as mariable as God Himself.
31.        She prayed a prayer that God should help her to marry a man who will help her to know God more. God said, “Okay get ready, I will not show you one that will help you to know God the more; I, God Himself will marry you”. (the Son of Man).
32.        Sister Nzubechi, you have experience already and nobody will tell you that. I know those days in 1993 He was saying, “Be careful of bed pulpit, ministers, and men of God.” Sister Nzubechi, you are an example. Any sister that does not look up unto Sister Nzubechi and see her pattern, her manner, her temperament, her lifestyle simply because she is groomed by Almighty God. If you think you are big enough you that cannot learn from her, I say sorry.
33.        That person is already in Hellfire. It was the message our former Bishop Okey Nwankpa preached, “Look unto Abraham your father and Sarah your mother.” The wife of Nnamdi Ogbogu stumbled for she was a very big woman with masculine domineering nature.
34.        However, there were still some who were troublesome than her, who are still finding it difficult to condescend till today. They are still giving their husbands headache.”
35.         Now a lesson to learn from there, sisters and brothers also that have families: Christ the Elohim Himself, not Jesus that is not married physically because you know the level of Jesus.
36.        We are talking of God Himself that has come to show us how marriage should be, so His family must be our example. If you are a man, if you do not stand the way the Son of man stands in His family, you have failed.
37.        If you are a woman, if you do not stand the way the wife stand you have failed. If you are children, if you do not take the same example you have failed.
38.        His family must be the masterpiece. What He calls sin is sin. What He calls not sin is not sin. Any time our eyes go away from the Son of Man and His family, we are committing idolatry, we are building another God, we are misleading ourselves.
39.        I am not talking about the God I will see in the dream, or the God somebody prophesied sometimes ago. Or the God I want to see in vision, or to do fasting and praying before I see Him. No! I am preaching about that God that stooped so low to pick a dust like me to come and know Him. The Almighty stooped so low to the deepest, dirtiest spot to pick us.
41.      From that Cloud, He will be reaching out to the people. He can then speak. Holy Ghost is a human being. Holy Ghost has mouth, Holy Ghost has everything. He speaks, He eats. Glory be to God.
42.      Daddy, the Son of Man needs to be praised, He needs to be worshipped. This Voice called me back to 1992 December, the message that pulled down the Headstone was “Holy Ghost and the necessity for Holy Ghost baptism.”
43.       There He shouted: “Holy Ghost is a man! Holy Ghost is a man! Holy Ghost is a man! He can see, He has mouth, He talks, He walks and He eats.” What is more, God came down and vindicated it.
44.       Brethren, can you begin to understand where you are sitting? When you hear you are sitting in heavenly places, that is what is happening right now. We are sitting in heavenly places in Christ the Elohim.
45.      “…A little while, when Moses entered, God decided to remove the Cloud, they saw the dazzling nature which no human being could behold.”
46.      That day, the Lord decided to allow Himself to be captured by camera so that my faith will be more consolidated. I do not know about your own. Say your own so that my own faith will be more authenticated, consolidated, filled, solid, promising; progressive and whatever you can call it.
47.      We have come because He found us, and He is our hope. What I am preaching is my personal experience. We have come to the point where ministers preach their lives, preach their families, preach their experiences, and preach their revelation.
48.      We have gone beyond faith for faith is evidence of something that is not seen. We have crossed that one; we have crossed the riven veil. We are now living in the Presence of God where the glory can never fade, where nothing can explain it away from our hearts. From invisible to visible, from imaginary to reality”. (The Son of Man).
49.      We are blessed, that is the faith I am talking about. I am not talking of the Bible faith. The Bible faith is over. It is the revelation in Christ.
50.      Someone you can see on the road, identify and shake His hand. Let me tell you, Jesus Christ was believed by faith by the people outside and not by His disciples. The disciples never believed Him by faith, for they were a part of Him; a part of what He was doing. They were doing it together”. (The Son of Man).
51.      Brethren, we are no longer praying to see God or to know God or to believe God like they are doing. God has already made us a part of Him and now the revelation is perfected in us and we are today in His likeness.
53.      Note it, there are angels, but there is a Mighty Angel. There are kings, but there is a King of kings”. (the Son of Man).
54.      Brethren, all these things are just to confirm what God has being doing in our midst and what He is in our midst. There is another voice that went forth which I want to balance up here too.
55.      “The Revelation of The Latent Powers” preached 17th December 2006; page 138 verse 6: “Your problem is that you do not know He that is talking to you. Sometimes, you laugh at my Statement, and that is why many of you normally come back with sorrow.
56.      I have told you that I don’t know how to play; I don’t know when I am making a serious Statement and when I am making a casual Statement. But if you know when I am making a casual Statement that is up to you. But as for me I don’t know.
57.      It is just like separating the God-side and the man-side. I don’t know the demarcation. It has not been revealed to me. The human-side and the God-side, I don’t know how to separate it. And I have never attempted separating it because I don’t know where I will start; it is not yet revealed to me.
58.      But if you know, go ahead separating until you discover you have missed the whole thing or mixed things up. You can only separate something you can identify.
59.      Brethren, we can see that it is foolishness for a mere man to begin to separate the body of God and the Spirit of God. I mean like we are seeing Son of Man, when He turns to you and talks, maybe He is laughing, you will think He is not serious in what He is saying. It is a dangerous ground such person is standing. If we feel that God is playing, “This one He said is a casual statement, I will not take it seriously;” that is stupidity.
60.      Daddy, I do not know that that is what you mean! That is not how I understand it! I thought you were joking!’ You and who are joking? In another message He said, ‘He says what He means and means what He says.’ ‘I do not know that is how it is!’ You have heard it now”. (The Son of Man).
61.      Some of these things are our problem, the problem of those that think they are worshipping God without knowing Him. But since God has solved this problem, it was in time past. The cause of unbelief is taking God casual, over-familiarity, thinking that He is as casual as man. You want to separate His spiritual being from His physical being. By this scripture, by this revelation we have seen that our God is one. When we are preaching that “Hear ye oh Israel, the Lord your God is one,” it is not a mere talking or mere preaching. We have seen the oneness of God by this great revelation.
62.      Look up to the picture you will see nothing but one God”. (The Son of Man).
63.      And when we look at it, we are all in the fellowship when the thing happened. He was walking and praising and rejoicing, with our physical eyes we saw Brother, we saw the Son of Man not knowing God’s purpose for that ANOTHER DAY. That is the purpose that was in Him, for behind every action of a man of God; there is always a hidden purpose.
64.      We never knew that His purpose was to reveal the greatness and the fullness, until when it came to a point, what we are seeing is Son of Man physically and His body; but the Deity that veiled Him is what He has proved and confirmed to show us that: “I and my Father are one.” That He has resurrected.
65.      In other words, nobody can separate it. Now He is saying, “If you know how to separate it, I do not know.” Hence if He says anything to me or to you at any point in time, it means that we should take it directly as the Word of God; and never think He is playing, that this one He said in the bedroom is not serious.
66.      This one said while in the kitchen is not serious, this one He said He is this or that is not serious. No! There is no word of God that is not serious. I say that is a problem.
67.      When people come into this Faith they look at God physically, they are deceived. The physical stature of God can deceive you, but the personality that is right in the veil is worth the glory, that is the power, that is the anointing; that is the Deity Himself.
68.      What a child of God sees and fears is not the physical body of God but the veil that GLORIFIED the body, that laminated the body.
69.      All of them are one. For the Prophet that foreran His Second Advent saw His physical body, His weight, His stature, His height and everything”. (the Son of Man).   
70.      Nobody should make the mistake by saying that the Son of Man was playing when he called Him on phone, when He was talking to me, He laughed, and laughed. When He laughs, God laughed. When He frowns His face, God frowned His face. When He slaps you, God slapped you. When He rebukes me, God rebuked me. When He justifies me, God justified me. That is what we are saying.
71.      By this revelation, by this point, by this standard where God has brought us we can never be destroyed again. We can never perish again, because the Deity, the Saviour, the Almighty God is bodily present and spiritually present. The same vessel, the same body, the same power, the same veil has been made known to us. This is a photograph, an image we can never deny.
72.      If you like close your eyes, it will appear before you. If you like keep on sleeping it will appear before you. In fact God has given us a token. No wonder William Branham said that if you do not have the true Token, it will fly over you and you will not know it.
73.      Brethren, we are not playing, we are confirming the Word of God and bringing it to our lives, making it physical. When we see with our eyes and hear with our ears, we believe with our hearts. We have seen with our eyes, we have heard with our ears and our hearts have believed. Thus, the next thing is the manifestation which is the interpretation. We now live the life of He that is revealed to us in His entirety. And that is where the immortality reveals itself.


The Revelation of Latent Powers,” page 69 verse 41: “We have to be very careful now than before. Introducing the Deity to mankind has never been an easy task. It requires a very big fight. Remember what it takes, it takes truth triumphing over falsehood.
2.          That has been the greatest battle ever fought in the history of mankind is the battle between truth and falsehood, that is the greatest battle ever fought. Truth is trying to establish itself, falsehood is trying to have its way.
3.          Thank God that this battle has been won in the midst of the Bride. We are no longer fighting this battle; thus it does not concern us. The problem people have been having in all generations, in every denomination; people carry Bible today, they say that they are going to Church; that they want to know God, people carrying Bible and do fasting and praying, for their aim is to know God, they want to understand God, they want to worship God, but God rejected their worship.
4.          God has not confirmed Himself in their midst, because the battle is won in our midst that is the revelation of the Deity, from stage to stage, from point to point until the fullness of the Godhead has been made plain bodily.
5.          Hence, it has been a struggle. No wonder in the time of Jesus Christ and every man of God that came in every generation, the problem has been to cause the people to believe Him. Thus, seeing that the Father is in Him and He is in the Father to manifest the work of the Father in that being.
6.          Now the Word of God in our midst, Christ in our midst, the Son of Man in our midst has made it plain. He has been doing it because one of the messages says, “All I have been doing, all I have been saying all these years is to introduce myself in your hearts. Now, that He has achieved it, He has done it. He is in our hearts, we cannot deny it.
7.          There is no way we can deny it. That is why He said, “I have kept you in the Ark where the highest thing you can do is to hit yourself on the wall and back on your seat.” Because the being that holds us there, is the One we can never surmount.
8.           No wonder in that “Identification of the Mighty Angel,” he said, “If God will show you the other side of Himself, every human being will run away.” That is why He veiled Himself in the Cloud and now speaks through the Cloud.
9.           Brethren we are blessed—we are really blessed. Because we are blessed, we must stand in that blessing.
10.        “Be Diligent to Protect Your Mindset Explained,” page 101 verse 20-21: “Remember He appeared as a MAN, became an ANGEL and lastly THE LORD. At another place: the MAN, the ANGEL and then GOD. Manoah said, ‘I have seen God,’ and God never said He was not the one rather, he acknowledged that He was the One.
11.         He said, ‘I AM.’ The same Voice Moses enquired, ‘Who are thou?’ He said, ‘I AM. Go and tell them I AM.’ Jesus was asked the same question and he said, ‘I AM what I AM.’
12.        He (the Elohim in the midst of the Bride) said, ‘If I tell you who I am and you do not believe, it is up to you. I AM what I AM. Your unbelief cannot add and cannot subtract it. I know my mission on Earth, you did not bring Me; you never called Me. I voluntarily decided to come.
13.        Brethren, looking at the whole thing, we will understand that He that is introducing Himself knows Himself very well. Thus our believing is for our own good. After all, we cannot believe unless He makes us to believe. Unless He gives us the heart to believe, we cannot believe. That is true. Because the Bible said in 1st Timothy 3 verse 16, “The way to live a godly life is not easy but the answer lies in Christ who came to Earth as a human being.”
14.        St. John chapter 1 was saying that as many as received Him, to them He gave power to become the sons of God. Even those that are born not of the will of man or the will of the flesh, but are born of God.
15.        In other words, God has begotten us. We are now begotten by God Himself and that is why He has given us the heart to believe and to stand on Him.
16.        We are not shaken in any way. Our faith is confirmed scripturally, it is confirmed supernaturally; it is confirmed by the physical life, from all the angles. Wherever we look at it, however we look at it, our life in Christ, this Bridal Faith Ministry worldwide is standing on the highest hemisphere.
17.        That is why somebody told Apostle Kelechi and I far back in 1994: “You are operating in the highest hemisphere, highest frequency. It will be difficult for people to believe you.”
18.        In other words, this Faith is meant for those that are ordained for it. No matter how any man struggles, any woman struggle, if you are not ordained for this Faith, you are not ordained for it. Not that I wish that I will be saved that I was saved, it is not that you wish that you will be saved that you are saved. No! It is because God has decided.
19.        He came down and vowed that whoever that is found around Him, that is predestinated; He gave us the heart to believe. Now that we have seen the sign, we have also heard the Voice. There is a voice that always follows a sign.
20.        Like He was saying that in the beginning He unveiled Himself because He wanted to banish unbelief. He said, “Come and see He that has been dealing with you all these years to banish unbelief.” To start separating the God side from the human side is foolishness and unbelief.
21.        All that stumbled and went away are those that separated the human side from the God side; those that know how to separate the one that is true and the one that is lie. The truth that saves a man is the truth that he hates.
22.        If you believe any truth that is hard to swallow, swallow it and you are saved. However, if you start to reason and reason, you reason out from God.
23.        No wonder the Lord preached a message titled “The Foolishness of God.” For those that are foolish are those that are meant to be in the Faith. People that are walking on their own opinion, their imaginary vision or their power or their feelings, or whatever are not meant for this Faith. Only those that are walking according to the revelation of whom God is.
24.        Thus, He has given us the heart to believe, otherwise we will not believe. I can see some people making noise, jumping up and down, whatever we are jumping for, whatever we are making noise for, whatever glory we are glorying, anyhow we are doing it, we should remember that He decided to save us. Not that we wished or that we struggled or that we tried or we did this or that, no. Or that we are good or that we are bad, no.
25.        For I know that the real grace of God is manifesting in our midst. It will take the grace of God to reveal Himself in the midst of ordinary human beings.
26.        The Headstone is in the Bride and He is manifested, captured by ordinary camera. God stooped so low and allowed Himself to be captured so that we will be rejoicing every day that the faith is over-vindicated, over-confirmed and purely practical in our midst.
27.        We are no longer talking of what to come; we are talking of what is already here (come). Whatever you are saying, you can never condemn your brother you can never condemn your sister. It is Christ that has the power to condemn, to set free, to bless or to curse.
28.        What is more, He decided to bless us, He decided to set us free, He decided to save us, that is the reason why He appeared, came down and revealed Himself unto us. He has been vindicated, we know that.
29.        There is another thing He said about His name, and we are sure and certain that God revealed His      Name.
30.        Be Diligent To Protect Your Mindset Explained,” page 119 verse 21: “Gradually, gradually, gradually; He revealed His Name and said, “This Name is you security. Nobody should use it to compose any song; nobody should use it anywhere randomly, but in the case of emergency, call this Name.”
31.        Brethren, I want to tell you that this revelation has been revealed to some individuals in this Faith. I am telling you my personal experience. If I come to any point I need to call my God, the Name I will call is Peter the Christ. Once I mention it, I believe God is there. I cannot call Jesus.
32.        Our Prophet said that the past Saviour can never save the present generation. There is no way a past Saviour can save a present generation. Have you seen the separating line? We have been completely separated from the rest of the religious group on Earth because the Name is now different, the doctrine is different, the confirmation is different, the vindication is different, the personality is different, the message is different; the voice is different. That is where we have anchored.
33.        You know when God come to the pulpit and start making statements; some of us think that it is a play. Every fellowship day, He will initiate a move He wants that day. He will say something and drop it.
34.        I remember in those days He will say, “I am here to hand down something. When I hand it down, Apostles will preach from there, Evangelist will preach from there, Pastors will Pastor from there, Teachers will teach from there; Prophets will prophesy from there.
35.        When the Son of Man comes, He will hand down the Word, which is the food for that day, that is, the message for that day and all other ministers will be preaching from there. That is why I pity every other local Assembly that does not come to Jerusalem every Sunday.
36.        Every Sunday, there should be a representative from your local Assembly in Jerusalem so that you get the fresh anointing. This concerns the ministers in particular, so that you will know what you are building, what you are preaching and the revelation you are sharing. Then you preach from there.
37.        The Lord has exalted His Name of salvation; I have believed it by His grace and by His power. He said it and I have believed it. I have been doing it, if I be in trouble now, I will not mention any other name I will mention that Name, the secret code given to the Bride for their security.
38.        I am saying my own personal experience. Now God has even said it in-between the line. It has already been written, but some of us read this message carnally. We jump important and vital things. You only want to see where God was indicting a Brother or indicting a Sister, this and that.
39.        You will not bend down to see the revelation dropped in-between the line, gradually, gradually; gradually He revealed His Name and said that this Name is your security.
40.        If I am in a fix, or you are in a fix, in trouble or whatever you call it, and you mention this Name and the Name never sets you free; you have not believed that Name.
41.        If now we actually believe that Name as we have said it and God has heard it, we should begin to apply it directly as our security—for those that believe in Him.
42.        If you mention the name of the president when you are in trouble, it scares security agents. You may be the worst criminal and you said, “No, the governor sent me,” the security agent will get scared.
43.        There is something in a name. If the name of Jesus was exalted in the whole world; it was exalted when he has gone. When his name will no longer be profitable to them, that is how the world will be living as idolaters. They never knew that God has changed mask and name. Now we are the very people that know that very revealed Name.
44.        Verse 22, “…He has restored His Name to His former glory”. When we know and believe the personality that owns that Name, that is our righteousness, if you do not know. Mere hearing that the president is interested in this matter will scare everybody away. The name of the president has an authority, something is sealed in it: “Who sent you?” They want to know the name of the person that sent you.
45.        Brethren catch the thing by revelation. There is a point you will come in one of your activities, the question will be: “Who are you? What is your name? Who sent you?”
46.        Brethren, The revealed salvation name is not Apostle Peter ODOEMENA. the revealed salvation name for your own day is “Peter the Christ”. It WAS Christ in Brother Peter Odoemena that made Him God. Take away Christ, He is a mere man.
47.        You want to see Christ in Him, look at the photographs of the Pillar of Cloud. The Spirit of Christ was what made Jesus whatever Jesus was. All the Prophets of God that have appeared on Earth, all the messengers from God has this spirit. They all have the spirit of Christ in them. Thus by one spirit are we all baptised into one body. So note it.
48.        You must address your letter properly; otherwise, it will not be attended to. It may be sent back with a remark wrong address. You say in the name of Son of Man, it is a wrong address. For Son of Man is a title name. It is like saying in the name of Councillor, Mighty God, King of kings, Prince of peace, these are title names.
49.        But He has a Name and that Name is the name of the office He occupies. Moreover, the functions He is performing are the functions meant for that office. So He is the authority.
50.        I am saying that the signature that must be signed in your day is “Peter the Christ”. Without my signature, the Almighty can never receive your petition; He will never listen to you. Is it scriptural? Yes”. (The Son of Man).
51.        Since the Lord is in our midst, He directs all things. If we make a mistake, He will correct us. If we go overboard, He will call us back. Anywhere we are missing the mark, He will direct us better. It is better we understand this and hear it from Him and that is the truth.
52.        God has blessed us to know the name wherein we can make our applications, petitions known unto God. We should hook up there, that is why He said that gradually, gradually; gradually He has made Himself known. He has revealed His Name.
53.        “Sustained by my Experience” volume one, page 85 verse 40: “What is sustaining you? What is your experience? Have you any experience at all? The reason why we are still preaching repentance, we are still indicting people, trying to correct some people is because some people are waiting without experience. There is nothing sustaining them, that is why any day they like they can come to Church. Any day they do not like, they will not.
54.        They can travel any time they want to, they can come back any day they want to because they are free. Everyday belongs to them, every time belongs to them. They can talk anyhow and behave anyhow. They are not under leadership; they are not under a Guide. There is nobody controlling their character because they are free. Why? They have no experience.
55.        Brethren, we are blessed. Our blessing is that we have Christ in our midst. God in our midst corrects us, puts us in the right direction and gives us definite experience.
56.        Now we have seen the photographs, to God’s elect they are equally experiences because in the days of Jesus the Christ, He took with Him Peter, James and John to the mountain. A little while He will displayed something, the Cloud will cover them. They had an experience and He told them, “Tell no man.” To them it was an experience that sustains them.
57.        That is why when anybody is talking anything about Jesus Christ, they will say, “No, He is our Master! He is our Lord,” because that was the experience that was shown to them.
58.        When we talk about St. John, St. John has his own experience he said, “We have seen Him, we touched Him, we spoke to Him, we ate with Him;” that is an experience.
59.        When Manoah saw Him, it was an experience. When Paul saw Him he said sometimes: “I was thinking He is a man but now I see Him beyond a man.” That was an experience from St. Paul.
60.        Today, we have our own experience.
61.      On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally. Amen.