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The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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Friday, 1 June 2012



As you remain in the Message you have received steadfast, unmovable, surely, “That Glorious Day,” you will never say, “Had I known.” You will never regret getting yourself acquainted with Brother Peter Odoemena . On that Day when this life is over, then you will know that I am HE!

WE want to make sure that our calling and election in Christ stand sure. You have to be double sure. When you crosscheck, you crosscheck again. I have used one statement to wrap up the message and it is very easy:
Do not go for the meat that perisheth, labour for the meat that endureth unto eternal life which the Son of Man alone gives. For him alone has the father sealed. The second is like the first: What must I do that I may fulfill the will of God?
He that asked the question, supplied the answer: “Believe in Him whom He has sent.” He said, “This is the condemnation, that Light came to the world, they rejected the light and went to the way of darkness that for he that believes in Him is not condemned. but whoever that does not believe in Him, confide in Him, depend on Him is condemned already. For He is sending Him to you as one of your brothers drawn from among you, bearing His (God’S) Name, and His Name is upon him.
“Only Him shall you hear in all things pertaining to life and godliness. It shall come to pass, if any does not hearken unto Him, He shall be cut off from among his brethren.” This day this scripture is fulfilled.

God can save you and can still destroy you. God that offers you salvation can still destroy you. That is why we fear Him.
2.           Deacon Mike Emmanuel named his son in 1992 “Fear God”. For that was the message that was on ground that time. “Fear God, Fear God” and too many things took place because of what we witnessed with our eyes that particular period. And it was at the peak of it that the boy was born and even with Oluebube, Bro. Mike named his son: “Fear God.”
3.           We fear God because of who He is. He that could fetch somebody from the land of Egypt, carry that person, feed the person, see him through in the wilderness, and destroy the person at the end, is He not worthy to be feared?
4.           He that can declare pardon, pardoned the people of their iniquities; and say “I have heard their prayers, as for pardon, I have pardoned their iniquities but as surely as I live, I must destroy them”.
5.           He was the one that went to Egypt in mercy, brought them out in mercy. He led them along in mercy He alone crossed them in the Red Sea, brought them into the wilderness.
6.           In the night, He protected them, in the day He shielded them. Then He provided them with good health (sound health). When they were sick, He healed them. When they were hungry, He fed them.
7.           However, a time came when He got dissatisfied with the people He brought out with His mighty hands. He said He was disgusted. He was disgusted with the people because of their inconsistence. He considered them, weighed them all round, there was nothing He could do than to destroy them. 
8.           When they committed iniquities in the wilderness, they pleaded for forgiveness. Moses also pleaded on their behalf, and God said, “I have forgiven them. They asked for mercy, I have shown them Mercy. They asked for pardon, I have pardoned them, as for forgiveness, I have forgiven them.
9.           To perish in Egypt or to perish in the wilderness after enjoying the goodness of the Lord, felt the glory of God, felt everything and perished in the wilderness, which one is better?
10.         It could have been better for the people to be destroyed in Egypt than for them to have become partakers of the Lord’s goodness.
11.        They saw God face-to-face, they listened to Him speak. They never knew that God was taking record of their iniquities.
12.        When they got to the wilderness, they thought it was a light thing to continue to disbelieve God. A day came, they got trapped into a web where they could not wriggle out.
13.        It was on that day that their eyes opened but it was too late. God came before them and said, “All these years, you have sinned against me. As for pardon, I have pardoned. I have forgiven you but, as surely as I live, you will never, never smell Paradise. You will never, never enter into my rest”.
14.        The greatest sin before God is the sin of unbelief. That was why God gave us the message from the very beginning and said, “If you want to survive, if you want to have eternal life, look at the secret. He gave us two messages: Number one, ‘They forsook all and followed Him’. Number two message was like the first. He said, ‘At Thy Word O Lord’.”
15.        He used the same people to give us examples. He said, “Now that you are ready to move with me, look at how we shall move...” This is the perfect will of God on this pilgrim race, and it is the Third Exodus. In every Exodus, there is always a rule to follow.
16.        When God commanded them to come out of Egypt, He gave them a rule. When He brought them out from the land of Egypt, the Second Exodus, He gave them a rule. Even the priest, the elders were to go in front and the rest would follow.
17.        Moses’ position was clearly defined. That was why God did not only judge the people and kill them, but He never spared anyone.
18.        When Moses became the victim of the same offence, did God spare him? What of Achan? That of Achan was a horrible one; he was burnt alive with his wife and the entire household.
19.        We are not serving another God; we are serving that same God. That is why the Bible says, “These things happened to them afore time, for example. They were written for our learning, for we are living at the time when the end of everything shall come.”
20.        What is more, nothing helps us more than the experiences of the past. We learn a lot from the past than from the present. Amen.

Watch God and His people. In every Exodus, heads must surely roll! They forsook all and followed Him. One morning like that, He appeared at the bank of the river only to meet a man and his two sons.
2.            He met Zebedee, the father of James and John, and they were fishermen. He saw Zebedee, He saw the sons, He ignored Zebedee and picked the two sons. He said, “Gentlemen come over here.”
3.           He was a young man, and they were young people like Him. He said, “OK look at what I want to do now, I am going to make you fishers of men. Follow me, follow me.” The scripture said they forsook all and followed Him.
4.           They did not go to their father again and their father being a wise man, could not even ask the sons where they were going to, the manner of the person they were following. That was the end of the journey for them.  They followed at His word.
5.           Look at Peter, the fisherman, he was equally caught like that while he was fishing. One morning like that while he was with his own people, I don’t know how many they were. They fished all the night, they got nothing, they were about to go home, they were tired.
6.           When they were about to pack because everything disappointed them, they lost faith. Can you imagine somebody who went with his lantern inside his canoe, paddled his canoe round the whole river all through the night and got at the shore in the morning empty-handed!
7.           He was tired, disgusted and he wanted to give up. But that morning that he was tired, his effort had failed him. His energy collapsed, he felt he could not fetch anything, his strength could not fetch anything, because his expertise in fishing gave him nothing.
8.           I don’t know how long he started the fishing for he was by far senior in age to Jesus Christ.
9.           The young man (Jesus Christ) came that morning, He said, “Fishermen, can you please give Me a little fish let Me roast, I am hungry.”
10.        They said, “How dare you request fish from us, seeing that we have an empty boat! We toiled all the night, see our boat not even a single catch was made”.
11.        WHEN GOD WANTS TO CAUSE SOMETHING TO HAPPEN, HE CREATES AN EVENT. I don’t believe that the people have been going that way and yet they could survive. For they were fishermen by occupation according to the scripture. They toiled all the night and they were about to pack home.
12.        When they lost hope, the Messiah came. With that little encounter, He turned to Peter, He said, “Gentleman, well, if you will obey Me, I believe you will smile. Now that you are at the seashore, you are about to go, you have rolled your net, do Me a favour. Unroll the net, cast it by your right-hand side there”.
13.        Peter said, “What will this shallow place that we are standing give us? Are you with your senses at all?  I am telling you that I am a fisherman, look at my mates, that we went to the deep sea to fish as usual all the night, we cast the net, we pulled it out, lo it was empty.
14.        “We’ve gone round the whole sea. Now we are about to go, we are tired and you said that I should cast it at the right hand side here? Here, here, at the shore, here.”
15.        The man started smiling and looked at him and said, “Man, cast it at the right hand side”. He paused, the word penetrated Peter’s heart. Instead of arguing, he said, “At thy word, at thy word.” He threw the net.
16.        Jesus said, “OK, you can pull it”. Peter tried to pull it, no way. Then the rest joined Peter and dragged the net out of the water. Shallow water filled with mighty fishes! Peter emptied everything into the boat, the boat was filled with fishes. They were astonished.
17.        The Bible said that Peter knelt down and said, “My Lord and my God.” He said, “Henceforth, I will make you fishers of men, follow Me.”
18.        The Bible said that Peter did not consider the abundance of fishes he got. He didn’t say “let me carry them to sell and make money.” Praise be to God. Peter left the boat, left the fishes, left everything and followed Him: “At thy word, O Lord”!
19.        THE LORD WE ARE SERVING IS THE SAME TODAY, YESTERDAY AND FOREVER. HE DOES NOT CHANGE. And nothing will ever make Him to change. He can change His styles of administration but He remains the same God. He can change His command depending on the individual.
20.        When He met Nathaniel through Andrew, He said, “When you were there under that oak tree, I saw you—a Jew without guile, follow Me and you will see greater things ahead.” Immediately, he followed with no cost of discipleship.  Amen.

In the land of Egypt, He (God Almighty) was the One that went there, He was the One that led them with His Mighty hand. He was the One that caused all the miracles that took place in Egypt before their eyes. He was behind their crossing the Red Sea. He ushered them into the wilderness, shielded them from the attack of their enemies.
2.            He was the One that was fighting the wars as the people proceeded. They never fought any war, the Lord was the One that was driving away the heathens while they were coming.
3.           In spite of all they witnessed and enjoyed in the hands of the Lord, yet unbelief remained in them. That was why the Bible said in the book of first Corinthians chapter 11, “God having saved them from the land of Egypt, the land of bondage, after all, destroyed those that believed not, who could not continue because of unbelief. He destroyed them in the wilderness because of unbelief.
4.           Their inability to take God at His word, that was what was recorded against them.
5.           “What must I do that I may do the will of God?” Jesus was asked that question by his followers. “What must we do that we may do the will of God?” He said, “This is the will of God that you believe in Him, cleave unto Him whom He has sent”.
6.           What is “believe?” It was when I handled this message in those days that we began to enquire about what it takes to believe: Believe in Him whom He has sent.
7.           BELIEVE MEANS DOUBTING NOTHING. BELIEVE MEANS AT HIS WORD, BELIEVE MEANS STOP REASONING.  If God had said it, it is guaranteed. He says what He means: He means what He says. Anything contrary is of the Devil.
8.           That is why Amplified version of the Bible magnified it that, “Believe, confide, rely on, depend on, cleave to.” If you check these key words in your dictionary, the summary is “get glued to.”
9.           It is just like Brother John Ekwueme who uses glue to gum things together, after about three minutes he tries to pull it out, he cannot because it has been glued together; unless you use a strong metal. It is the same way that we are attached to the Word of God. For whosoever God sends, speaks the Word of God.
10.        Our problem is what former Bishop Okey treated in the message where he said, “Man’s honest attempt to separate the word of the messenger of God from the inspiration of God, means idolatry”.
11.        Any time you begin to reason that when God leaves a man, he speaks like a man, when God is with him he speaks like God, that is where you have fallen from the hands of God. How do you know when God is with him?
12.        When God sends His prophet, His servant, He never rings bell in the city for public awareness. God has a purpose He wants to achieve in every situation.
13.        When He saw a young man moving along the road, He said, “slap me” The man looked at Him as a prophet from God, fear gripped him.  “Slap me” means slap me. He looked at him, fear could not allow him.
14.        He said, “No, I will not attempt it”. He didn’t know that God was in that man watching him, to know whether he knew how to follow God. To know whether he knew that it is “At thy word”. God kept quiet.
15.        He saw another man, He said, “Come, come, come!” And the man came, He said “Slap me, use your strength and slap me”.  The man looked at him and slapped him. The Bible said, “He gave him a serious wound”.
16.        Immediately that boy slapped him, the Bible said, “He turned to the first man and said ‘because you refused to honour my word, a lion shall devour you.’” A lion came from nowhere and tore the man into pieces. To the other man He said, “It shall be your righteousness”.
17.        You see why, if you must follow God, it must be “At Thy Word”. What was the reason why the Lord vowed that He would destroy those He saved?
18.        They came to a point where they could not take the word of God seriously anymore, because of His closeness to them, His friendliness to them.
19.        Is there any man that comes out in the morning and starts the day with rebuking, quarrelling and flogging of his children? Is it possible? 
20.        He was very close, He was providing for their needs. He was taking good care of them, talking to them as His children.  A time came when they couldn’t take His word seriously anymore.
21.        Whosoever He speaks to, after speaking, goes his own way. Whosoever He speaks to after speaking, it will be like He never spoke anything. He kept quiet. They never knew that He was busy penning their iniquities down.
22.        If God tells you something and you disobey, He will pen it down, till the day of judgement. When He came for judgement, He decided that no more, “I cannot bear with them anymore”.
23.        Moses fainted and said, “God instead of destroying them, take away my name from the Book of Life”.
24.        Brother John, you are a teacher, is it not scriptural? God said, “No! I will not take away your name from the Book of Life but those people that have sinned against me are those I will erase their names, for they have never taken my word serious.
25.        That was why God said that we should be very careful that we don’t fall into the same examples of unbelief, by departing from the Word of God. Amen.
There is a message titled, “The Danger of over Familiarity,” volumes 1 and 2. The moment you become over familiar with a man of God, your life is in danger.
2.           He will provide you with all that you need, He will heal all your sicknesses, meet your carnal demands and everything but you may not know when He has vowed within Himself that you will not smell Paradise.
3.           This is where the problem lies. Why am I sounding this way? I am beginning to see a sign of over familiarity in all of you. You have started manifesting it.
4.           There was a message preached by Apostle Kelechi, titled, “Warning before Destruction.” If you are spiritual and wise, your closeness to the Son of Man can give you Eternal Life, but if you are stupid, blind and unreasonable, your closeness will give you Eternal Damnation.
5.           It is better you stay far and get saved than to stay closer and die before your time. Let me ask a question: what will be the distance where you will stay and the eyes of the Lord will not catch you? Can distancing away from God solve your problem?
6.           That is why God said, “To be far from God is to be far from His protection and from His blessing”. The scripture said, “Draw near unto Him and He will draw near to you. For God is far from the wicked but He answereth the prayers of the righteous.”
7.           That thing that draws you away from your Maker is sin. Is iniquity, is unbelief, your inability to stand firm to your commission, to your profession, the next thing that will follow is denial.  
8.           What you are manifesting before Me, I have been taking record of everything, relating them to what is happening elsewhere, looking forward to seeing whether I can see one that is faithful. Let me see whether I can see one that is faithful. Something that is difficult may be easy for somebody.
9.           I believe these people that spend money, risk their lives, spend their time, travelling from the North to the East to behold the face of the Son of Man, I believe they are not doing it in vain.
10.        Do you think that one that has a family will desire to stay away from his family? They are not kids, they are men, they suffer the pains, risk their lives, and travel in the night from the North to this place (East), is it for what they are not convinced?
11.        But it is at someone’s door step, that is why there is an Igbo proverb that says,  “someone that lives near the source of water, hardly has water in the house.” But I am saying that it is a fool that lives near the source of water that hardly has water in the house. He believes it is closer to him, that he can get it at any time.
12.         I remember there was a day in which we assumed we had water, our tap was flowing, government was supplying us water. When we wanted to bath in the morning, everybody was shouting, only to discover there was no water.
13.        What caused it? It was because we believed that the tap water is close to us. We didn’t remember that tap water could finish one day and we did not make plan to fetch and store some water.
14.        One that lives near the Church attends Church activities late. When we were living at Benjamin Street, Chibuikem had never been the first to come to school. Before he would reach many are already there. The reason is that once he enters the car, we are already there.
15.        But since we got to Nsugbe, if not one day that we were held up by traffic because we took off late, other days he has always been among the first and even relax. Because we know that it is far, we prepare on time.
16.        The same thing is happening, people from Enugu, people from the River State (Egbema), they come to fellowship before us. Is it a lie? They know that they are coming from a far distance and prepare on time, and they are serious with it.
17.        Ours is that once we wake up, 30 minutes we are there. You forget that 30 minutes journey can take you 2 hours. Somebody from Enugu is in the fellowship eating, while you are on your way coming.
18.        I am using all these illustrations to type one thing. If you want to survive with your closeness to the Son of Man, pause a little, trace the history of those that worked with Him and perished and those that worked with Him and survived.
19.        It may be for your condemnation that God brought you closer to Himself to have close monitoring of your daily life. You might not know the level of reports He receives concerning you. It might be that God is willing to save you, decided to draw you closer to Himself. You must find out why.
20.        There is a message titled, “Who knows what will be my Righteousness before God.” Okey Nwampka summarised it in his message that “Salvation is costly and also conditional”. You said, “It is free (salvation)” yet it is expensive.
21.        God must come to you contrary to your nature. God must come to you in a way you least expected. God will give you unimaginable instructions and watch you. Is it not the message we have received?
22.        There is no human being that can predict the way God will come his way. If you know the way God will save you, He will never save you. If you know the way God will come your way, the Lord will never come your way.
23.        If Abraham could believe and was told that God could talk to him in dream, Abraham couldn’t have believed. When you read about Abraham, somebody might be thinking that God appeared to him live.
24.        God first of all appeared to Abraham in his dream in the night. The same way, who can believe Joseph (the father of the Lord Jesus Christ), that God came to him in the dream of the night. That was the time God was using dreams, similitude and every other thing, including prophecy to reach His people.
25.        But in our own day, He speaks to us directly using a Chosen Vessel, vindicated and confirmed before many witnesses according to Hebrews chapter 1.
26.        “God who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets,
27.        Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also he made the worlds;
28.        Who being the brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person, and upholding all things by the word of his power, when he had by himself purged our sins, sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high.” KJV.
29.        There is no other way we can get there. And God watched those people He spoke to through dreams and prophecies, not even one got salvation. Not even one including Abraham got salvation.
30.         If they got salvation, it was physical salvation but Eternal life is still far, for not even one could be justified.
31.        They were waiting for the Justifier to come. And now that the Justifier is on the land, let us see the scripture again in another translation.
32.        Hebrews chapter 1 from verse 1, “Long ago God spoke in many different ways to our fathers….”
33.        Long ago, God spoke in many different ways to our fathers
34.        “...Through the prophets [in visions, dreams and even face to face] telling them little by little about His plans...”
35.        “...little by little, small measure about God’s plans.
36.        “...But now in these days He has spoken to us through His son, to whom He has given everything, and through whom He made the world and everything thereof. God’s Son shines out with God’s glory and all that God’s son is and does marks Him as God”…”
37.         He shines out with God’s glory which we have witnessed, photographed and pasted them in all our doors, printed some of them out as a judgement unto us.
38.        If we start speaking contrary to the message tomorrow, what then is the essence of God appearing, permitting Himself to be photographed in different forms?
39.        It is left for us to fix our eyes on them so that our eyes cannot forget what we have seen, neither will our ears begin now to flush out that which we have heard. So that the fear of God will continue in us.
40.        If you forget everything, can you forget what you have seen with your eyes? You were there when it happened and witnessed everything that took place.
41.        Have you wondered why God never permitted any of the photographs to be taken in my house?  He never permitted me to take any snapshots; I don’t even know how to shoot. You are the one capturing them. 
42.        The day God wanted to reveal Himself to you He summoned all of you to gather including your children. He invited you to come with your cameras: “Since you want to see, you want to prove God speaking through me. Since you want to know whether God is speaking to you through me, then see. It is either for your justification or for your condemnation.”
43.        We have that message titled, “Since you seek the proof of God speaking through me”.
44.        In many ways we offend Him and we think it is a light thing. There is nothing as bad as one being disobedient to the word of God thinking that it is a light thing. It is not light.
45.        It may be light in your own eyes but to God, it is not a light thing. That is why William Branham summarised it saying, “Whatever you call big, God calls small. What you call small, God calls big”.
46.        Because God is so simple, His instructions so simple, everything so simple, that may be flying over the heads of all the philosophers of our day.
47.        He said, “God appearing in simplicity is to rig away all human intellect, human reasoning, so that those great minds will be proved to be useless nonsense.”
48.        There is one word I used to define this Faith, that we are in “A Zombified Faith”. If you are not willing to follow God like a zombie, you can never smell Eternal Life. For God will give you unimaginable instructions, sometimes they sound foolish.
49.        One that can tell somebody to eat faeces. He told Prophet Jeremiah to eat faeces. He told him not to eat it in his house but in the public place where everybody could see him.
50.        Jeremiah complained to God that it was too much, and God changed his method. God told him to get animal dung, mix it with oil and eat. He obeyed and people were watching him as he was eating the thing. Do you think it is easy for God to call somebody by Himself? If you look at it carnally, there is no manner of thing you will not call Jeremiah.
51.        The moment he finished eating it, God said that he was eating the “Word”. A foolish person will query God for that unusual act.
52.        God turned to Isaiah, somebody that had wife and children, asked him to go round the city for three years naked. Declaring to them, “Thus says the Lord”.
53.        Our people used to say that a mad person that goes to the market square naked, cannot be cured. God asked him to preach the word of life being naked, that after preaching, he would sleep in the market.
54.        If he became hungry, he would come back home to eat to show that he was sane. People said all manner of things without knowing it was God’s word.
55.        The prophet said, “You called them prophets; they were not prophets. They were God, for God decided to disguise Himself.”
56.        God can come your way in any form, God can talk to you in any form, God can instruct you in any form. That is why He told us that there is a general instruction and there is a personal instruction.
57.        There is a message God can give us as a congregation,         equally, there is a message He can give us as Nigeria. There is a message He can give us as Onitsha. There is a message He can call you “Echezona;” and give it to you as a direct message. You cannot shift it to Brother John, the message is yours.
58.        God made a statement and said, “I know My sheep and My sheep knoweth Me, they know My voice, My sheep heareth Me and I call them by their names”.
59.        In the book of Ezekiel, He said, “I know you and the thoughts of your hearts. I call you by your names and I know your dwelling places. Can’t you think about it, that God knows you and the thoughts of your hearts?
60.        That God knows you by your names and knows your dwelling places. That is why there is no way you can wriggle out. If not by devoting your life, committing your life fully to the course of Christ.
61.        When St. Paul appeared, a time came when he was angry, he said that everybody had become selfish. That nobody was pursuing the course of Christ anymore.
62.        He said “I am left alone”. The people were rejoicing but they did not know that it was a recommendation that he was presenting to Jehovah concerning them.
63.        The day the children of Israel died was the day Moses came out to rehearse their iniquity. They thought that it was Moses speaking to them without knowing that it was Almighty God speaking to them through Moses.
64.        Do not say we are better than them? We have not performed better. If they sinned ten times against God in forty years, it means they sinned once in four years. Forty years they sinned against God, they fought, which means ten times in forty years. They were great people, they were better than us!
65.        Are you sure you don’t sin against the Son of Man ten times every day? God is not wicked, God is just. What am I saying? Be very careful; be very careful, so that over familiarity will not set in.
66.        If you go to the Great Sermon God said, “Don’t ever for any reason at all come to the point where you  begin to brag, ‘He is my father, He is my husband, He is my town’s man, He is my this and He is my that”. For that reason, you fail to take Him at His word, for that will be your doom. Amen.

Obedience is better Than Sacrifice,” that is a message we received long, long time ago. The spirit I am seeing in you and what you are manifesting is proving to Me that you don’t know the Personality that is with you, and you feel we are here for jamboree. You feel we are playing drought, playing Ludo (game).
2.           When you were working yesterday and you saw me, I came all the way from Onitsha, sat down with you in my little seat, drinking, eating and was sharing everything together. I knew if I shouldn’t sit down there, go up and stay, you will lose strength. I will give you strength so that you can say that your strength can even be made perfect in your weakness, because of the presence of the Son of Man.
3.           The work you did yesterday, since we started work in this house, you have never performed like that. Go and check it. Yet you never felt tied, you felt to continue more and more.
4.           You never felt hungry in spite of the fact that you had not eaten. If I said you would not eat till we finish, you never felt it. I did not even eat; I ate the same time with you.
5.           The strength that God supplies you in the fellowship, you come from different places with your children from morning until we are free to go. As long as you are there, you will never feel hungry.
6.           The moment you remember that you have not eaten, that is the time you begin to feel hungry. As long as you do not remember that you have not eaten, you will stay there till evening without complaining.
7.            The people saw the Cloud, they saw the pillar of fire, they ate manna from Heaven, they ate quail, and they received healing from God through the brazen serpent. They saw great signs and wonders performed by God in Egypt, the same thing happened also in Babylon.
8.           Before their eyes God humiliated Nebuchadnezzar, before their eyes God fought war for them, led them across River Jordan, and brought them back (Second Exodus) and after all, destroyed the same people. Because they could not continue in the profession of their faith. God became too small in their eyes. Over familiarity set in, “I know Him, I know Him. I don’t know whether He meant it.”
9.           I will be downstairs hearing many of you climbing up and down. The type of noise you make there, some quarrel before Me, and some I will be pleading with to be calm. You think it is a light thing.
10.        I am not frightening anybody because I am the Self-Existing One, the Elohim. If I tell all of you including my children to leave this place today, will anybody remain here? Don’t ask me how I will survive, it is a mystery, it is like psalms you construct.
11.        The house is a mystery. It is a surprise to all of you, and it shall remain a surprise to you. My life is a mystery and the more you look, the less you see. A prophet can reveal all things to you, but he can never reveal to you that which makes Him God. It is upon this fact that people fear God.
12.        However, I am not a prophet. Greater than Moses is here. Greater than Elijah is here. Greater than all these prophets is here, talking to you, live.
13.        Who is this Son of Man that God has committed everything He has into His hands? Without the Son of Man, who will worship God rightly? Nobody.
14.        That is why the Bible said, “Strengthen the man in your right hand, even the Son of Man that we may worship Him rightly. Somebody God has committed the judgement of the world into His hand, that God does not judge any man but He has committed the judgement into the hands of His dear Son for He is the Son of Man.
15.        And He warned concerning the day the Son of Man shall appear. He told you that the Son of Man will have His own generation. And the time to expect it is when the world will be in the state of the day of Noah and the day of Sodom and Gomorrah. Then you will expect the Son of Man.
16.        As it was in the days of Noah, as it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, so shall it be in the days when the Son of Man shall come. You will see Him appearing in the Clouds of Heaven. The Cloud received Him, the Cloud will release Him.
17.        You saw everything with your eyes. What is more, you saw the Godhead which He told you as far as 1993 that “I am bringing down the Godhead”.
18.        He said, “Follow Me strictly. Before your very eyes I will show you the Godhead. I must bring Him down”. The day it pleased Him, He revealed the Godhead.
19.        Bishop Moses in appreciation of what the Lord has done for him, he took a photograph of the Son of Man in the fellowship on one Sunday during fellowship. Instead of capturing the congregation no human being appeared. What stood before Him was the Godhead. He revealed the Godhead.
20.        Because in Me (The Son of Man) dwelleth the fullness of Godhead bodily. Looking at you, you are digging your graves gradually. It is not the day one transgressed against Dagon that he is summoned to the shrine.
21.         I don’t believe that it was the first day the people of God started sinning against Him that He began to punish them. He was discouraging them from certain habits, giving them some advice that would help them in life. But a time came when He became an orator to them. They took Him as a talkative: “That is how He talks, He didn’t mean it, we know He didn’t mean it”.
22.        William Branham said, “Don’t ever see Him as the God of mercy, full of love, full of mercy, full of this and that, but see Him also as the God of judgement”.
23.        A Very hot water does not kill housefly, no housefly flies over a very hot water. God in His thundering voice does not destroy, in the smoking side of God, nobody dies, His people are afraid. Whenever the lion roars, they will fear, the land will tremble. But when they think that God has gone to exile, He is exiled from home, because everything has become quiet, He keeps quiet in everything you do; that is the time when He is reasoning within Himself, until He gets to the next level, what steps to take.
24.        What am I saying? Please, please, please, I am appealing to all of you, run for your lives man or woman. Salvation goes to the individual not to the congregation. No community has ever been given Eternal Life; Eternal Life is bestowed to an individual. This is the much I want to tell you.

There is an instruction God gave us. I commanded my family to finish the book of Proverb. In my family, I gave it as an assignment for them to read and record. The one you recorded by yourself will stand either to condemn you or to justify you.
2.           Anything you recorded by yourself, something inspired you to record it. You recorded what you understood. Something struck you that is why you made the remark. If it is a scripture, you circle it, a portion that was read, where something struck you.
3.           The worst thing that will happen to any individual according to the Prophet William Branham is “to go about with the head knowledge of the faith without the spiritual knowledge”.  
4.           With the head knowledge, you can balance the whole faith, but spiritually you are barren. You cannot be fruitful spiritually. You must combine the two so that your faith will stand unshakable.
5.           If I do not warn ahead of time, I will be guilty tomorrow. Cast your mind back, go back to the record. Find out the people that walked with God and became perfect. Find out the people that walked with God and they were condemned.
6.           Bring it to your own day, find out those that had walked with the Son of Man in the beginning, whose position are no more today.
7.           You might be the next victim if you are not careful. Don’t allow your testimony to end on how you favoured the Son of Man in one way or the other, worked with Him, ate with Him, drank with Him, this and that.
8.           But God said, “With many of them, He was not pleased”. With many of those people that worked with Him, He was not pleased. And along the way, He destroyed all. He was not pleased with them
9.           What do you think that displeased God from these people?  Was He begging them food? Was He begging them money?
10.        Was He (God) obstructing their ways? He noticed something in their lives (they never took His word seriously). His words meant nothing to them.
11.        That was why Prophet William Branham warned all, he said, “Don’t ever come to the point where the message of the Messenger of God will become common to your ears or else you get lost”.
12.        The moment His message becomes common, you are lost. Publicly lost! It is important that I explain all these things to you because I know that I don’t often come to Wednesday’s fellowship and the messages they consider there for you, they read it straight.
13.        Thus, from now you will be waiting until Sunday for you to hear from the Son of Man. One day, somebody will read the message where God predicted what will happen in the end.
14.        He said, “Any moment from now, towards the end of this Ministry, the Son of Man will be far from many of you. He will be watching you from a grandstand. He will be attending fellowship any time He wants.
15.        He may even decide to take His family and stay at Benjamin and stop fellowshipping with you. Those that were with me in this faith from the beginning, is it a lie? Didn’t you hear it?
16.        He said, “It is that time that those that desire Eternal Life will be looking for me. They will be running helter-skelter, for I will be far from many.
17.        He said, “Now you are not paying money to hear my voice every morning,” one day you are going to spend money, travel long distance only to hear from the man of God, from the  Son of Man. If it has ever come to pass, it is now.
18.        Victor Ugwu travelled long distance to come to ask Me for something, has it happened before? He caused it. Many will like to come but they will not have transport fare.
19.        The Son of Man is far from many from now. Some will suffer to come but they will not meet me. I can even be in the house and refuse to come down. These people that are coming from afar; their doom has come. The word of God has come to pass.
20.        They should thank their God that the distance is not too far. Wherever the carcass is, there the Eagles shall gather. If they are in the mountain, the Eagles shall go to the mountain, keep it in the valley, they will go there. Place it in the river, they will go there. God has brought it to pass, I won’t go further. I will still talk more but not today.
21.        If you are wise, it is recorded in the scriptures, learn from what happened in the past. Re-examine what happened in the past. The book of Romans said, “All those things that happened aforetime are for our learning,” and they are documented in the scriptures as a warning unto us that we should not pattern after their bad example.
22.        Watch what is happening, why it is necessary to warn you, the life of your soul is at stake. On Sunday I will tell you where we are in the Middle-East, for you to see that the axe is lying beside the tree.
23.        Hypocrites, who do not take the word of God seriously, for the reason best known to them, run for your life, so that you will not be trapped. If you have not been trapped, it is not said that God will count your sins up to ten times before He punishes you. It is three to some and four to some.
24.        Look for it in the message titled, “God takes record of iniquities”. God said, “For three transgressions of Edom, the fourth, I will not take”. “For four transgressions of Egypt, the fifth I will not take” Look for it.
25.        God mentioned many, many communities and the number of sins committed. But to the Jews, they sinned ten times and got trapped. Will you allow yours to reach ten or hundred? If you haven’t been trapped, pray that you will not, if you have been trapped already, start praying to God for His grace.
26.        It is that same God that we are worshipping. After everything we are pointed back to our fathers. That was the same message we heard in the beginning. Brother Mike was recording them in his tape recorder. His wife delivered a baby boy that time; he named him “Fear God”.
27.        Fear God! God doesn’t make a casual statement; God doesn’t make anything casual statement. When you think it is casual, you are killing yourself. It may be “Keep watch over these things till I come back”.
28.        The spirit that is in you, somebody may want to go out in the morning, and I will tell him to sit down, to him he may think that I am hindering his success. He may not know that God has seen a troublesome spirit in him and revealed it to His servant to save him from that trouble.
29.        The dangers of over familiarity are in many. Apostle Kelechi preached a message titled “The Simplicity of God Does not Overlap His Lordship over us”. That God is simple; it can never overlap His Lordship over us.
30.        No matter the way you are seeing it, He is still our God, our Lord and our Christ. What must I do that I may do the will of God? What and what are God’s requirement from me? Who knows what will be my righteousness before God?
31.        Everybody must be very careful from now. Be careful, it is the message we received, be careful, stop and think. Nobody can bribe God, God has never received bribe from anybody. He hands down judgement according to His will, and His judgements are perfect. He has never accused anybody falsely.
32.        If it is not happening in you this morning, tomorrow, you may be the victim. You will be shouting because God sees afar.
33.        Remain Blessed in Him Eternally. Selah.