The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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Thursday, 14 June 2012



There is the Supreme God; and He is a Being that took His origin from Black Africa. God is not found outside Africa. The influence of God is felt everywhere, but God is living in Africa. Believe it if you can…

-Son of Man
THE CLOUD APPEARED SO that you might believe that I am He and beside me there is no other. I know who I am, your unbelief cannot alter what I am—It does nOt add, it does nOt remove. But I am persuading you that you might be saved for if you do not BELIEVE; there is no way you can be saved. THUS your salvation is tied to your belief in the Son of Man that God has sent Him.

The only thing you can do to fulfil the demand of God is to believe in Him whom He has sent. Believing means: obeying His words, walking according to His preceptS.

Another reason why He shows Himself to you from time to time is to enable you change your attitude towards Him.
 -Son of Man


Isaiah 42:6 I the LORD have called thee in righteousness, and will hold thine hand, and will keep thee, and give thee for a covenant of the people, for a light of the Gentiles.”KJV

 “Who is this that cometh from Edom, with DYED GARMENTS from Bozrah? this that is glorious in his apparel, traveling in the greatness of his strength? I that speak in righteousness, mighty to save.”

“Which in his times he shall show, who is the blessed and only Potentate, the King of kings, and Lord of lords;

Who only hath immortality, dwelling in the light which no man can approach unto; whom no man hath seen, nor can see: to whom be honor and power everlasting. Amen.” 1 Timothy 6:14-15 KJV


Malachi 1:11 For from the rising of the sun even unto the going down of the same my name shall be great among the Gentiles; and in every place incense shall be offered unto my name, and a pure offering: for my name shall be great among the heathen, saith the LORD of hosts.

Be reverend. We have to adore the Most High God in the beauty of His Holiness. We are privileged to be the only group of people upon the Earth God can accept sacrifices from their hands because He has made all of us acceptable in the Beloved.
2.                  This is the only reason why He is accepting our sacrifices of praise and thanksgiving. We have to rejoice! We owe God a great debt of gratitude. Pray that your eyes will open to see what is awaiting the entire world. It is setting in gradually.
3.                  You are enjoying peace in your families but you do not know what others are suffering. You are enjoying health abundantly, but you do not know what many people are passing through. What you call hardship in your families is real comfort and pleasure out there in the world.
4.                  I want to confirm that OUR CONDITION IS NOT AS BAD AS OUR CONCLUSION. Do not conclude, do not ever draw conclusion until you go out. Our God is God of goodness, I am telling you. There is always something that will make God, God all the time.
5.                  Recently, I was thinking on what God is doing. I received a phone call on the high way. Brother Chukwuemeka from Nnewi said, “Daddy, my wife is in labour.” I asked, “Is there any other thing?” He said no. I said, “Go home and have your rest.”
6.                  I begin to think back of what God is doing. You know it is not burdensome if you think of what God is doing. He will do that which He will. You know it is always hard for us to remember the goodness of God, we always remember the evil side or when we have problem. It will only take a child of God to remember the goodness of God. Count your blessings and name them one by one. There and then you must see that God is good to you.
7.                  Immediately I remembered the condition of Brother Chukwuemeka, I remembered those that surround him. I remembered his father that died, that they are preparing to bury. It is somehow; well, you can only boast with what you have.
8.                  Knowing that whoever that runs to God can never go back with shame; immediately, my mind flashed back to one night like that, while I was about to sleep, I heard my name “Daddy! Daddy!” I said, “Who is calling?” The voice said, “It is Brother Victor Ugwu. My wife is dying!” And I said that she is not dying. Although death knocked, but the door could not be opened.
9.                  I wanted to switch off my phone, but my wife pleaded that I should not switch off my phone because she has noticed what I am about doing. In any condition you find yourself, let God remember you for one thing. It might be what you have forgotten; it could be a casual thing in your eyes. It could be a small thing, very negligible to you and God will remember that thing for your sake.
10.              Because of that singular attitude, His love and mercy will project. It may be something you do not value, intangible thing before you; but God valued it. It can be a statement you made one day, it can be an action or something.
11.              Like I said earlier, I wanted to switch off my phone that night, but my wife said, “Darling, please do not do it.” She has mastered Me for sometimes now: Unless I tell you, “Go home and have your rest;” know that I am not entertaining your case. If I do not tell to you go home, have your rest, and switch off my phone on you; you will know that I am not entertaining your case.
12.              A little while my phone rang again, lo and behold it became his wife: “Daddy, I am entering the theatre; do you want me to enter?” I said, “Enter there and relax! Nothing will happen!” And the Word was made flesh straightaway.
13.              It is just like some years back, when I was lying in my sick bed because of the injury I sustained in the motor accident.
14.              Who does not love this cloudy weather? It is only in our fellowship you can see it, for you cannot see it outside.
15.              I am in your midst, and YOU ARE IN HIS PRESENCE for He shall be unto you a Canopy in the day and a Pillar of Light in the night.
16.              That was how I made that statement that day the photographs were taken, lo and behold, it was like a bomb blast in the market.
17.              When I was lying in my sick bed because of the injury I sustained in the motor accident, I cannot forget that good day I was wriggling in pains, everywhere. My eyes were all swollen, legs swollen, everywhere swollen as a result of the motor accident. Brethren were shouting down stairs, I could hear many voices but there was one that was distinct.
18.              Note, there were many voices, but one was very distinct and that was the voice of Deacon Mike Emmanuel. Immediately I heard the voice, I managed to sit down on the mat, waiting for them to come up. Before then, I have monitored developments right from his home to general hospital, to the point where the doctors rejected his wife.
19.              I said, “These doctors are stupid! They do not know that this woman is my sister! They are stupid! They are really stupid!” Thus, before I knew it, Brother Mike rushed in with Sister Onyema. He said, “Daddy, what is in the vehicle is almost failing. I said, “What is happening?” for blood has filled everywhere, no life.
20.              I asked, “What happened in the general hospital?” He said, “The doctors rejected her where she has been attending antenatal.” If Government hospital will reject a patient, where will the person go?
21.              He (God) is our Refuge, He is our Strength and that is the Lord God Almighty. They believed that Voice when He roared on the mat. I said, “Sister, now take my sister to Gozie.” Nick Ochuoba is the name of the doctor.
22.              I continued, “Tell Nick Ochuoba that I am the one that sent you. He should fear not.” Note one thing; this is the hospital where our sister never attended antenatal, and Nick left general hospital as a chief consultant. You know it will be very hard for him to receive such a patient. More so, when blood was coming out from the nose, the mouth, the ears and the body was gasping for breath at intervals.
23.              I said, “Tell Nick that I said he should take her into the theatre instantly there and fear not. He will express fear for this is a case no doctor can attempt to handle. Tell him that I am the owner, and there should not be an argument. He should enter immediately.” As at that time, no doctor could be in the hospital that time.
24.              They got there and met him, live: “Daddy said that you should rush his sister to the theatre, fear not.” He asked, “Who is your daddy?” What is more, they entered the theatre empty-handed.
25.              In the theatre our sister died, they brought out the baby and pushed the whole thing out like that. The voice came to Me again, I told them to relax that all is well, no shaking. While they were waiting, watching, in less than one hour, life came back. The body made a little movement, more especially when the doctor had already came out and told the husband that the situation is hopeless.
26.              At the end of the day, the doctor named the baby “Miracle” which is the baby’s name till this day. He said that he has never witnessed such a thing in all his years in medical practise, both in Germany and in Nigeria. It was one in a million. They began to enquire of the type of God our brethren were worshipping.   
27.                 That is not all, the first day I walked on Earth after the accident, the first move I made was from my house to that hospital with my walking stick and swollen legs and face. I said, “I came to confirm you alive.” I anointed her, anointed the baby and went back to my house.
28.              Then at the end of the day, our sister became blind. She was taken to Guinness hospital, no way. She was taken to the chief consultant optometrist, Doctor Okeke, in his own private hospital.
29.              After thorough examination, they pronounced her blind. Fellow sisters and her children were helping her to bread feed her baby. She never saw the face of her baby for one year and six months.
30.              When they brought the matter to Me with stories and things like that, the Voice said, “Relax your mind, it shall be well!” I said, “Can you see me?” She said, “No! I can hear your voice, Daddy, but I am not seeing you.”
31.              I said, “I assure you before many witnesses, with this your eyes, you will not only see Me; you will see the entire world.”
32.              When you believe, it shall be unto you according to His Word. Your faith gives you everything you want from God. The same way you want to please God, how can you please God when you have no faith in God? For without faith, it is impossible to please God. Thus, whatever you want to do to please God, apply faith. Note it, apply faith, not ordinary faith but living faith. We have living faith, equally, we have dead faith.
33.              You see, on Saturday, 12th May 2012, Bishop Moses was in my house. He paid Me homage with few members of his family. We discussed and agreed that he should come. For his sake, I banned all that applied from coming. For I did not want to entertain him and any other, for it must be Bishop Moses and Bishop Moses alone.
34.              Hence all that applied, I said, “No, I do not want to see anybody!” He came with Brother Uchechukwu and WE ENJOYED LIFE IN HIS PRESENCE.
35.              Brother Uchechukwu forfeited his business to carry out a divine function. He forfeited his business that day, according to his statement: “I said bye-bye to Adani and Uzo-uwani.” For that day, he made up his mind to render God a service.
36.              While they were about to go, God turned to him, praised him for his courage and sacrifice. Then said, “Brother Sam beer, any moment from now you are going to smile! Get prepared! Prepare my goat, for one goat must be slaughtered! Any moment from now, you are going to be blessed with a bouncing baby boy!”
37.              He fell down on the ground and was rolling round in my parlour. Who would not roll round? Somebody who brought his brother for a thanksgiving, receiving such a wonderful promise, is it not glorious?
38.              Bishop Moses said, “I am a witness.” I said, “You are not only a witness; you are also a partaker for you will testify of the fulfilment in no distant time.” Then Sister Moses said “Amen Lord! Amen Lord!”
39.              On Saturday, 19th May night, Brother Uche called Me and said, “Daddy, my wife is having some signs of labour.” I asked, “How serious?” He said, “I cannot explain!”
40.              Then I said, “Hand the phone over to her;” “Sister, how are you feeling?” She replied, “Daddy, look at what I am seeing this night.” I said, “Okay, it is a part of it, relax!” “Brother Uche, watch for this sign; take her to hospital, then go to bed and have your rest.” He said, “You see, Daddy, my line is fluctuating.”
41.              I said, “No, your line is not fluctuating but you are not yourself. You are in labour; you are having your own labour pains. Relax, all is well! I am switching off, I am going to bed, do not trouble Me again.” He said, “Daddy, I will not trouble you.”
42.              On 20th May 2012, I woke up, after my prayers, I called him. He said, “Daddy, I called and called but your line was switched off.” I said, “What did I tell you? Why calling? I will be the first to call you. You did not you sleep!” He said, “Daddy, at thy Word, that same night my wife delivered a bouncing baby boy!” “Where?” I asked and he said, “In the usual place where I used to pay five hundred naira for delivery!”
43.               Praise be to God! So we rejoiced with our brethren. If God has done something good for your people, rejoice with them. Before you know it, He will come your way. Your own is on the way, simply say Amen. Amen! Finish.
44.              Anchor there! Though it tarries, wait for it! Your own is on the way! Do you hit God with catapult? If you hit Him with catapult, you tell Him that you are sorry that it was not intentional.
45.              We thank God who is blessing us with all material and spiritual blessings in heavenly places. The same way He is moving everywhere.
46.              To His disciples He is God by revelation but to the people out there in the world, He is a mere human being just as they are. Amen.

Christ is the riches of the world
I thank God He has fallen in Love with His bride so much that it is impossible for anything to bring about a division between them.
2.                  See, God is doing wonders. We went home rejoicing after fellowship on 13th May 2012, the Devil was not happy with many of us. Our Brother Goddy Ikechebere went home with his family; while they were sharing their testimonies of the Lord’s doing, the Devil was not happy. His wife was around, he was equally around.
3.                  However, the moment he went out to see one of his friends for something that was very important, little did he know that his little son entered the parlour, used matches and set the cloths they packed inside their little kid’s bed ablaze. The whole cloths were gutted by fire when the wife was outside with the two kids.
4.                  The little boy ran outside and could not alert anybody. People started seeing great smoke going up from the house; people were rushing from the other sides of the yard. That was when the wife noticed what happened.
5.                  What is more, look at the miracle: there was one commercial motorcyclist that normally refused to carry Brother Goddy to work. Immediately our brother was about to move, that commercial motorcyclist was the first that came to carry him, but brother Goddy refused. He said that since he did not use to carry him, that he will not make use of his service.
6.                  While he was waiting for another commercial motorcycle, he got a phone call that he should come back that his house was ablaze. Fire gutted the whole house, entered the ceiling, penetrated the woods, burnt off the dresses, burnt off his jotters and his books. The only things that were left in that place were his ancient manuscripts which he spent about two thousand five hundred naira to make through Ernest Chukwubuikem.
7.                  What were these ancient manuscripts? They were “Cry out against the System” and “Hard Truth.” After quenching the fire, he felt like climbing the roof. He climbed the roof, being a carpenter, he removed one of the roofs to know whether the fire actually entered the ceiling. He saw fire going on inside. Some of the woods were already in flames; he now used water to quench it.
8.                  If the Lord had not intervened, who knows what would have been the fate of the children? All his property would have gone. Then the building would have been razed to ground. Tell me where our Brother kept the money he would have used to rebuild a house for Doctor P.J Nwosu who I know can never pardon him?
9.                  That he is still living till today is amazing grace. P.J Nwosu is a knight of Roman Catholic Church, his younger brother, father Nwosu who died some years ago was a reverend father. You see, he came from a Catholic family. Moreover, as a knight, I do not know whether he knows Brother Goddy’s belief. Because it is crime against Catholic to harbour somebody who does not belong to their denomination, being a knight. Or to permit any of his wealth to go to another Church other than Catholic. It is a crime against the Catholic Church.
10.              THUS, WE ARE ENJOYING DIVINE MERCY IN HIS PRESENCE. If it is not amazing grace, what else saved our brother? We thank God for all these wonderful developments. To you Lord be all the glory and adoration forevermore.
11.              Henceforth, no free copies of our publication to anybody. Henceforth, whether you are a minister or from minister down, that is not my business. The reason is this; we have noticed our foolishness for some time now. If you give us five thousand naira and said it is for publication, we will thank you. It is no longer aid if we give you eleven or twelve copies of our publications free. You gave us five thousand and said it is for publication, and we continued to supply you free copies until you get thirteen, fourteen copies of publications, have you given us anything? Are you sponsoring us? You are not sponsoring us at all.
12.              You are sponsoring us or you are helping us if you give us the money to aid the publications and expect nothing in return. If publication comes out, go and pay for your copy for we are spending more than we are realizing. If we realize ten thousand naira, we spend twenty thousand naira. For that reason, take note everybody.
13.              You see, there are a lot of responses in our websites, the Bride of Christ and then the Preview. I told you that God has entered forbidden places. Where the Bible could not enter, God has entered there.
14.              What is more, nobody is calling us antichrist; we are only antichrists to those who abandoned the Faith. If we are the antichrists and they are the very Christs; why are they not at rest? Why are they still running to and fro? Why are they hostile? Why can’t they come together?
15.            I thank God for brethren who came from the Northern states. I was enquiring about some of our friends over there and they were telling Me that Weston Fihala resigned his appointment as a messenger in the bank and he is now in full-time ministry, pastoring his own Church.
16.            Ben Adiukwu in his own Church, they have it as individuals. Who are they fooling? They are fooling themselves. Instead of telling the whole world that they need money, finish, so that we will know how to help them. They now want to make money by running business centres in the name of Jesus.
17.            I thank God that in every dispensation God must leave Himself with a remnant who will bear witness of the truth. You see how people are responding to the websites, worldwide. This message can no longer be suppressed or withdrawn. In addition, there is no individual that can say for certainty the extent the message has gone.
18.            Yet from this little place, this little flock in the wilderness where there is nothing beautiful that can attract the attention of any sensible man, the Voice went forth, from this little group called by His Name, the glory came down and it is reaching the whole world.
19.            Let me tell you, Christ is the riches of the world. I want to consider something from the Great Sermon; I want to show it to you as a testimony, not against us but for us to learn something.
20.            Nothing is as grievous in the sight of God more than the sin of an Elder. Who has seen the glory of God in humility, in simplicity, He ate and drank with them and they later turned round to team up with Korah, Dathan, and Abiram to conspire against God, is it not madness? It is total madness!
21.            People that have tasted the truth, tasted even the life of the Kingdom that is to come, tasted the goodness of the Lord, stood before many witnesses to testify of the Lord’s goodness and kindness, only for them to use the same mouth to blaspheme God; what a horrible scene!
22.            There is one letter in the Great Sermon titled “Nothing” I will consider later. This letter you have it I your “Hard Truth.”  
23.            If you do not study, you can never show yourself approved unto God; a workman that needs not to be ashamed but rightly dividing the word of truth. This is the problem of ministers in this Faith, they can hardly study.
24.            What I want to consider first is the open letter to the Pastors and overseers by Bishop Okechukwu Nwankpa in our publication titled “Recognise You Day and Its own Message,” unabridged. How many have read this letter before?
25.            In our publications, the open letter is there. If it was not approved by God, it would not have been incorporated in the book.  
26.            Brother IK, go and sharpen yourself. Something greater than your degree certificate in before you—a very serious examination, a very serious test is on the way. Amen.

You cannot neglect the ordained way and get saved
We want to consider an open letter in the Message “Recognize Your Day And Its Own Message” unabridged, as it affects the Pastors and Overseers; not only in Jerusalem but outside also.
2.                  “Recognize Your Day And Its Own Message” unabridged, “Proverbs 27 verse 23-24: Be thou diligent to know the state of thy flocks, and look well to thy herds. For riches are not for ever: and doth the crown endure to every generation?
3.                  Acts of Apostles chapter 20 verse 28: “Take heed therefore unto yourselves, and to all the flock, over the which the Holy Ghost hath made you overseers, to feed the Church of God, which he hath purchased with his own blood”. KJV.
4.                  Ministers, are you taking note? How many are obeying this passage? Today, we are having nominal ministers, nominal Apostles, nominal Teachers, nominal Evangelists; nominal Pastors.
5.                  Proverbs 19 verse 16, “He that keepeth the commandment keepeth his own soul; but he that despiseth his ways shall die”.
6.                  Verse 23 “The fear of the LORD tendeth to life: and he that hath it shall abide satisfied; he shall not be visited with evil.” KJV.
7.                  The flock of God is preserved alive by the word of God alone. And for this reason, a true Shepherd must lead his flock wherever he finds green pasture for the flock. If he fails to do so, he will be a shepherd over a dead congregation”.
8.                  Proverbs 21 verse 16, “The man that wandereth out of the way of understanding shall remain in the congregation of the dead”.
9.                  Is it not true? Wander away from this Faith and find yourself in the congregation of the dead.
10.              The moment a shepherd neglects the will of understanding which is Christ, the way, the truth and the life he will raise a denomination or organized dead group”.
11.              He will do what? Raise a denomination or organized dead group. Organized dead group, a pastor as a prophet.
12.              The moment a shepherd neglects the will of understanding which is the truth of Christ our Lord, the way, the truth and life he will raise a denomination or organized dead group that pleases his pleasure of sin and unrighteousness”.The word of God by which the flock is preserved alive comes from God through the Apostles and Prophets”.
13.              Through what? Apostles and Prophets.
14.              The Apostles and Prophets laid the sure foundation for the Church of God and not the Pastors, Evangelists, Teachers etc”.
15.              Can a Pastor find fault with a Prophet? No. Can he find fault with an Apostle? No. If you do it, you have wandered away from the way of understanding. You raise a denomination, a dead group.
16.              First Corinthians 3 verse 10-11: “According to the grace of God which is given unto me, as a wise master builder, I have laid the foundation, and another buildeth thereon. But let every man take heed how he buildeth thereupon. For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ.” KJV.
17.              Ephesians chapter 4 verse 11-12: “And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ.God is not the author of confusion, but of peace and orderliness. God’s Church is like the army, God is the only field marshal.”
18.              Who is the only field marshal? God.
19.              God is the only field marshal but He has His co-workers with Him as St. Paul put it.”
20.              1st Corinthians 12 verse 4 “Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit”. KJV.
21.              Romans 12 verse 6, “Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, whether prophecy, let us prophesy according to the proportion of faith.
22.              God Himself gave the ranks, therefore the lower ranks must take order from their superior officers.   
23.              God Himself gave the ranks, therefore the lower rank must take order his superior officer for perfect harmony in the body so long as the order is for the Kingdom of God”.
24.              Who gave the rank? God. People that are lower in rank should take instructions from their superior officers.
25.              “…The army of God has no rank like reverend, reverend doctors, reverend fathers, monsignor, catechist, Canon, lay reader, Pope, Archbishop, Cardinal, general superintendent etc.; and as such, their order and instructions should be ignored by any true member of God’s Kingdom and army because carrying out such order from non-recognized and non-approved men will mean a revolt against the Kingdom of God of which in military the punishment for treason is death”. Moreover, such men will mislead the army of God”.
26.              Ministers take note. You can preach the truth that will condemn you at last.
27.              “…Recognizing the orderliness in God’s Church or Kingdom will enable any one to easily know how to follow God’s move in every age. Pastors are not the foundation layers of the Church of God”.
28.              Pastors are not the foundation layers of the Church of God. What can we say of a situation where Pastors now have their own denominations where they have all ganged up? They are raising a congregation of the dead, a dead group.
29.              You can handle the truth when you have the right spirit, and tomorrow the same truth will condemn you. This our former Bishop who wrote the truth backed up with scriptures; is he not the one laying foundation where he and his group are now? Was he not the pastor?
30.              Can you see that he is leading them into error! Do you mean to tell Me that he does not know? He knows very well. The Devil knows that he has a limited time, that a great punishment awaits him. For he sought a way to come back but there was no way.
31.              I cannot forget his experience with one of us in the year 2011, who saluted him and was trying to part himself; he said, “No, so you are passing me this way! Now I know who are my friends and those that are my enemies. Since I fell into this ditch, all of you ran away from me. Any day God will help me to come out from this ditch, you will know!”
32.              He knows he is in the ditch, otherwise, he would not have said it. A fool that does not know will also follow him into the ditch. You just land in the ditch because you are friends. That your friend committed a suicide by jumping into the river, you said, “No, I cannot bear it! He is my best friend! Let me jump into the river;” you are the most foolish man. More foolish than you friend.
33.              The devil repented at last but there was no way of coming back for he has already sealed his doom. Judas repented, and even returned the money to the owner. The people said that they will not collect the money again, he ran and hanged himself.
34.              Thus, be very careful, do not ever enter anywhere you see and begin to clap hands. No Pastor ever lays a foundation of a Church, if it happens tomorrow that a Pastor is laying a foundation, it then means something is wrong somewhere. God will never approve it.
35.              The foundation must be laid by the Apostles and the Prophets. The office of the Pastor is even number four in the calling: Apostles and Prophets, Evangelist, Teachers and then Pastors. So take note.
36.              “…Recognizing the orderliness in God’s Church or Kingdom will enable anyone to easily know how to follow God’s move in every age.  Pastors are not the foundation layers of the Church of God neither general superintendent nor pope”.
37.              First Peter chapter 1 verse 9-10 “Receiving the end of your faith, even the salvation of your souls.Of which salvation the prophets have inquired and searched diligently, who prophesied of the grace that should come unto you.” KJV.
38.               Note, who prophesied of the grace that should come unto you!
39.              “…The Apostles walk close to God that they always become the first when a scripture fulfils.
40.              In other words, without the Apostles, nobody will know the fulfilment of any prophecy or scriptures. Thus, anybody worshipping God where there is no Apostle and Prophet is worshipping in blindness.
41.              That is what makes his congregation the congregation of the dead; a dead group for nobody can hear the voice of God there for God speaks to the Apostles and prophets.
42.              No Pastors can hear the voice of God, no Teacher can hear the voice of God, no Evangelist can hear the voice of God. Rather you pastor from the laid down teaching, you evangelise from the laid down teachings, you teach to help them to understand the laid down doctrines.
43.              You do not create one or establish one, so staying with the Pastor as the foundation layers of any group means you will see yourself in the mortuary. Putting yourself in a mortuary expecting no other resurrection than the second resurrection that will take you to Hellfire.
44.              Be very careful about the person you are following or who is influencing you, or those numbers that are calling you in the midnight for I know that many of you have your links with your former friends. You may send the link inside the free calls, chat as you want, mock as you want, share testimonies and even tell them what is happening in this Faith.
45.              You do well, but the gate is locked. Everything you are discussing with them will end in the phone; they will never step into the Ark. Even if we disperse from the gathering of the saints, they are not coming into the Ark.
46.              They can only help you to come out through the window, but remember that when you go out through the window you cannot climb back. Where will you rest your leg and begin to climb?
47.              The Apostles walk so close to God that they always become the first to recognize when a scripture fulfils”.
48.              They walk so close to God not Pastors. That they recognize when a scripture has come to pass.
49.              First Thessalonians 4 verse 1-2, “Furthermore then we beseech you, brethren, and exhort you by the Lord Jesus, that as ye have received of us how ye ought to walk and to please God, so ye would abound more and more.
50.              For ye know what commandments we gave you by the Lord Jesus.” KJV.
51.              Now we command you brethren in the Name of Christ our Lord that you withdraw yourself from every brother that walketh disorderly and not after the tradition which you receive from us”.
52.              Withdraw yourself from every brother that walketh disorderly, not following the order that is laid down by God. If you are not following the order that is laid down by God, you are walking disorderly. Thus, if you notice anybody that is walking disorderly, he is only struggling for leadership. From such, stay away; withdraw yourself for God is not with him.
53.              If it is not for leadership, why are they not in one local Church in Jos? Why must Ben Adiuku have his own Church? Evangelist established that one. Weston Fihala has his own Church separate, he is a Deacon. Can you see the two?
54.              Now Ben Adiuku is the pastor, evangelist, prophet, apostle, deacon and bishop. Weston the same thing. All in the same premises, people that were together in one Church before, both in the End-time and in this faith. If not for leadership, why are they having two denominations, preaching the same thing, doing the same thing?
55.              Leadership is a dangerous spirit. Leadership spirit is very, very controversial and it is a political spirit. That is why God Himself makes His own instrument for leadership divine. Thus, nobody can compete for it, it is a matter of destiny and there is no competition in destiny for it is predetermined before the world began.
56.              “…These Apostles are missionaries, there for, they handout doctrines and commandment of God to the Churches. Church and overseers to feed the flock of God”. What can you say a situation where the Pastor has made himself a missionary? Is he not walking disorderly still? He is walking disorderly. A step into error leads into more errors.
57.              Philippians 1 verse 1 “Paul and Timotheus, the servants of Jesus Christ, to all the saints in Christ Jesus which are at Philippi, with the bishops and deacons.” …Much emphasis is laid throughout the Holy Bible on being mindful of the words of the Apostles because they are the true word of God”.
58.              Pastors are you taking note? It is an open letter to Pastors and Overseers.
59.              Whosoever rejects the Word of God from the Apostles has counted Himself unworthy of everlasting life”. …Whosoever rejects the Word of God from the Apostles has counted himself unworthy of everlasting life”.
60.              What then happens to one that followed the person that has rejected the words of the Apostles? Will the person be saved when the leader is lost? The Pastor rejected the words of the Apostles and now laid a foundation for his own Church, business centre and people followed him because they love him; so he counted himself unworthy of everlasting life, so he does not want eternal life.
61.              Then those people that are now following him blindly, they are sincerely wrong. They will meet with the same fate, eternal destruction. It is either eternal life, or eternal death, finish.
62.              Whosoever rejects the Word of God from the Apostles has counted himself unworthy of everlasting life”.
63.              Whether the person is a bishop, a deacon or a pastor, whatever you like give it. Hence somebody may know that he is already in Hell and he is using his hands to grab people so that he will not suffer alone.
64.              You want to tell Me that the person who wrote this truth which God confirmed and incorporated it in writing in all our publications, that this person does not have his own copy? He has a copy. From time to time, he goes through it.
65.              You see why they are hostile? For they have realized their mistake but there is no way to go back, they used their mouths to seal their doom.
66.              “…or I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures;
67.              And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the Scriptures.”
68.              “For this reason they can boldly declare that God will judge the world Jesus Christ the word of God according to their gospel”.
69.              They can boldly declare that God will judge the world according to their teaching.
70.              “…Being there for very confidence of their ministry, they place a curse on any person contrary to the doctrines.
71.              Knowing the Personality that called them, they placed a curse upon anybody that will do anything contrary to their teachings; no matter the person’s calling.
72.              Therefore, for any pastor or overseer to have a living congregation of lot; he must accept and apply the doctrines of true Apostles or our Lord Jesus Christ into the Church he has overseen because the Apostles have only one goal which is to teach the word.
73.              ...for each believer in every local Church to be found in Christ blameless without spot wrinkle or blemish”.
74.              Have you seen it? But where the pastor has not done this but rather stayed away to build something for himself to make a name for himself, he has led all the congregation to Hell.
75.              What is now the fate of the person who put down this truth backed up with scriptures? What is the fate of the people that are following him? what can you say about others that are like him who came face to face with the truth like Ben Adiukwu who preached a message titled “Because I am a Witness” and preached “God Misunderstood In All The Ages.”
76.              What of Weston Fihala who preached “Enquire” and also preached “Leadership.” We are not talking about Martin Orji, for he is already in Hell because he died in unbelief for he preached a message titled “Last Minute Acknowledgement” and our Pastor Nnamdi Ogbogwu preached “Be Very Careful About Away Falling Before You Get To The End.”
77.              “Last Minute Acknowledgment,” and Martin died within the last minute as our Pastor went away before the end. The Bishop that is warning everybody is now laying a foundation for himself and for those that will foolishly follow him.
78.              What can you say about others? You cannot neglect the ordained way and get saved. If we are on the wrong side, why is God with us? Why is God vindicating His majesty, His presence in our midst? If God has done a similar thing in their group, you would have heard it. The entire world would have known about it.  
79.              However, we are quiet, we are silent and calm for a wise man keeps very, very quiet about something that is very clear to him while a foolish person goes about advertising his foolishness. We do not make advertisement, we are humble, we are gentle for we know we are sons and daughters of God period. Call us whatever you want to call us, we know we are the Father’s delight.
80.              If a man is pleased with his wife, whoever that wants to talk, let him talk. Do you understand what I am saying? If we say it in English, we say it also in Igbo. If a man is okay with his wife, whoever that wants to talk let him go ahead! Whether her head is big, her leg is bent, that is your own business. She is the choice of her husband.
81.              “…Many overseers are guilty today because they have made themselves lords over God’s heritage by declaring their carnal and human doctrine or words as absolute against the doctrines handed down by Apostles and Prophets for the Church of God”.
82.              Against the absolute which can only come from Apostles and Prophets who are vindicated.
83.              “…They use their influence as stationary ministers to flatter their Churches and tell them never to believe the message of the Apostles and Prophets; they are like Pastor Diotrephes in the time of the early Apostles”.
84.              If you are not careful your message will condemn you. The writer of this, is he not guilty of it today? He is flattering his members, telling them they are secured. Using whatever he can use as human sense TO EXPLAIN THE TRUTH AWAY so that they will not pay attention to the words of God’s vindicated Apostles and Prophets. Using their influence to keep them together and not using the Word of God.
85.              Paying them irregular visits, paying them not regular but irregular visits. Irregular in the sense that he pays them visit during odd hours. Sometimes midnight, nocturnal visits when everybody has gone to bed so that nobody will see them. They know they are on their way to destruction and they want many to be destroyed alongside with them.
86.              “…There is only one way why the overseer will behave in such away and that is pride and arrogance.”
87.              Note, pride and arrogance. Pride goeth before a fall.
88.              “Such say, ‘Who is that Apostle to tell me what to do in my Church?” Is it not fulfilling? It is. Amen.

First Peter 5 verse 5-6, “Likewise, ye younger, submit yourselves unto the elder. Yea, all of you be subject one to another, and be clothed with humility: for God resisteth the proud, and giveth grace to the humble. Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time.” KJV.
2.                  God is attacking spirits, God knew ahead of time what was in the man and permitted him to bring the truth out from his mouth after which, he contracted himself and became mad. When the spirit of God leaves a man of God, he runs mad. Ministers take note, Pastors in particular. It is God’s Church and not the Pastor’s Church.
3.                  Pride and arrogance have caused many overseers to reject the truth in every generation”.
4.                  Pride and arrogance have caused many overseers, that is, the Pastors to reject the truth in every generation. They want to have Church so that they will be calling their names like they used to have in End-time message.
5.                  Instead of saying Church of God or Church of Christ, you hear Ben Adiukwu Church, Weston Church, Elijah Agidogbo Church, we could hear about David Enyeama Church, Christian Owunegbu Church.
6.                  Thus they own Churches as individuals, hence you could see seven Churches in one street preaching the same thing, quoting William Branham and holding sermon books. However, they cannot stay together; everybody wants to have a Church.
7.                  At Enugu you have Bunny’s Church, Emeka Ezeukwu Church. They name their Churches after themselves. You ask such a person, “Who are you?” He will reply, “I am Pastor Emeka Ezeukwu.” You tell him, “But you are having a Church?” He will say, “Yes, I am having a Church, God made me an overseer.”
8.                  You ask him, “Who laid the foundation? Who and who are your Apostles and Prophets who are guiding you? Where do you take instruction from?” He will begin to talk rubbish. If you do not know the demarcation line between this Faith and other Churches you have already attended; you are on your way to perdition.
9.                  If you have not seen by revelation the dividing line, the difference between where you are now and all other Churches especially the ones where you are born into by your parents or the one you are acquainted with, if you have not seen the difference with your inner eyes and you are not in a position to separate it; definitely you are going to be lost. There is nothing you can do that you can be saved.
10.              If you are a child, be careful. God made it clear that the leg of a small goat is also sold in the market. When He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, did He spare any little child? No. the daughters of Lot got saved because they listened to the voice of their father. If they have rallied round their mother, they would have met the same fate like their mother.
11.              Their mother never told their father that she never believed. She heard the same message, entered the kitchen, prepared food and served the angels. The angels slept in her house, in other words, she offered them accommodation, gave them protection from being dishonoured by their fellow men when they came after them to rape them.
12.              The woman said no, she was there when the husband volunteered to give out her two virgin daughters to the men to do whatever they will with them instead of doing such a humiliating thing to the angels. The woman subscribed to the husband’s solution. When the angels locked up the door and struck the people outside with blindness, Lot’s wife was inside the house with the children.
13.              When the husband went out to talk to the in-laws, the woman remained at home with the daughters. The man came back with the report, “Darling, our in-laws, our relations did not believe.” When the angels instructed, “Run without looking back!” she heard the instruction. The daughters filled with the Spirit of God, took side with their father. All went after their father, they never mind whether their mother was following or not: “Once daddy says it is there, as long as daddy is in front everybody must follow him.”
14.              That is why I love one of my daughters who used to say it. In fact, has become an adage in my house, “Any day Daddy goes out, I can hardly go out to ease myself. I will endure everything—even if I am having running stomach—until morning will come, because fear will not allow me to go out inside the flat. However, if Daddy is around, I do not feel anything evil can come near me. I can move out any time or even go downstairs, open the gate because I believe Daddy is around, nothing will happen to me.” You see, it has become a saying in my house, and this is credited to my daughter Chiamaka. And this is pure truth!
15.              If I am around, as fearful as she is, she will carry her pillow, go to the parlour and sleep. She can even leave the door open. However, where I am not around, even if she is having running stomach, she can never leave their room for the toilet behind the window. She will prefer to stay awake because Daddy is not around. She said she normally feels that something is coming to catch her.
16.              You see, their mother is there, not that their mother travelled. When their mother was trying to talk, they challenged her immediately and said, “Mummy, tell us the truth. You used to tell us in the family altar that anytime Daddy travels, that the bed becomes too wide for you. Why was the bed too wide? Why don’t you go out and ease yourself? Is it not because of fear? Besides, you normally put lantern, lantern will be there from night till morning. Is it not a sign of fear? But if Daddy is around, you will switch off everywhere. You will be moving up and down.”
17.              What am I saying? When the man is running for safety, if he is a man that is walking with God by revelation, his entire family should run after him, no going back. For if that thing is important as you think, the master would have carried it. When the going becomes tough, the man carries the load upon his head, uses one hand to carry the little ones, with one hand on the load to make the journey easier for the wife to follow.
18.              That which you are seeing which you think is more important and your husband does not recognize it, re-examine it again and have a second look at that thing. That thing will surely make you to standstill. Moreover, once you standstill, destruction must surely strike. Immediately the young prophet stood there, what happened? Destruction struck. Running for safety means running after your husband if your husband is in this faith.
19.              Sisters should be very careful. Let me use the case of Hannah and Elkanah. Elkanah married two wives, a man of God who fear and honour the God of Israel, the Almighty with all his heart. Elkanah married Hannah, Hannah had no issue. He reasoned together with Hannah and married the second wife called Peninnah.
20.              Peninnah came and gave birth to children. Hannah cried unto the Lord in the temple at Shiloh. Elkanah was not there. Hannah made a vow that if the Lord would bless her with the fruit of the womb; “The child that opened my womb, I will dedicate that child back to God.” God answered her prayers, the husband was not there.
21.              According to numbers chapter 30, once your husband is in the faith with you serving the same God with you; all your vowS ARE subject to his confirmation. HOWEVER, if your husband is an Ethbaal, and you are a daughter of abranham; you have no link with your husband. You cannot go to your husband who is a pagan to ask for permission for you to worship God. It is like going to idol to seek a permission to serve a living God. It is impossible.
22.              For whoever that does not believe God according to the scriptures is an idol. This is truth.
23.              Watch Hannah, watch Elkanah. When Hannah came to Elkanah the husband and told him about the vow he made, Elkanah subscribed to it because he is serving the same God Hannah is serving. He was the one that espoused his family to that God. He put his thumb on that vow even surrendering his first child Samuel.
24.              On that day, Elkanah was number one to go to the temple, then the wife followed. There they surrendered Samuel into the hands of Eli the high priest at Shiloh according to the vow—the greatest vow ever made. It is like the vow Jephthah made when he was returning from battle. Unfortunately or fortunately, the person that met him became his only daughter, yet he could not draw back.
25.              Blessed is the man who vows a vow even to the minding of his soul and does not draw back.
26.              Assuming your husband is not in this faith, he is an idol. If you are in this Faith, you are a daughter of Abraham. You cannot go to Ethbaal to come and worship God or to begin to tell Ethbaal your dealings with God, how you are serving God, no; for he will not understand you. He will rather stop you because he wants you to be converted to his own god.
27.              Let Me take a case, if you go to the book of St. Luke chapter 8, you can see lots and lots of women Jesus Christ delivered, some of them from evil spirit and continued following and serving Him. Prominent among them was Joanna the wife of Chuza, Herod’s steward, that is, Chuza was Herod’s business manager. There is no record that Chuza served Jesus Christ. Chuza was not a disciple; his wife vowed a vow that nothing will separate her from Christ. There was no way she will go to Chuza to get permission to serve Jesus Christ.   
28.              Going to Chuza means Chuza going to Herod to enquire from Herod whether he should allow his wife to go and serve Jesus Christ when Herod was an enemy.   
29.              This is a big problem facing many of you. You do not walk by independent revelation. You want the devil to approve of your worship; you want to take permission from the devil to serve God. If your parents are idolaters, you want to get permission from your parents to come and serve God, can it happen? It can never happen.
30.              More especially when they are looking for a way of pulling you out so that you will join them in serving their idol. And you now want to go to them to obtain permission; you want to convince them that you are serving a living God and they are struggling to convince you that you are in error and you know you are not in error.
31.              Watch Drusilla and Governor Felix, Governor Felix was a centurion; a Gentile. The wife, Drusilla was a Jewess. Immediately Paul appeared to them, number one to understand was Drusilla, straightaway. Watch, just like Balaam was a Syrian prophet. How many knows that to be true? He was not a prophet to Moab; the Bible said he was a prophet and a native of Syria. That was why, when Joshua and Caleb conquered Jericho; they invaded Syria.
32.              Joshua used his hand and machete to butcher Balaam for using a wrong teaching to deceive the people of God. It was not Balaam’s prophecy, but Balaam’s teachings that made the people to compromise their faith: “Come together we are one.” How can we be one? How can Syria and Israel be one? How can Lebanon and Israel be one? Damascus and Jerusalem, are they the same thing? No. Beirut and Jerusalem, are they the same thing? No.
33.              Thus, it is absolutely wrong for anybody young or old whose parents are idols to go to them to seek permission to come and worship the living God, you are worshipping something they know not. It is like the people of Israel going to Pharaoh in Egypt to require for permission to go and worship the true God. Pharaoh will ask them, “Who is this God you are you talking of?”
34.              Be very, very careful. This message was a message that was directed under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, confirmed by the Apostle with His own hand to be true, documented and passed on to all generations. That Pastors and other minister should be wary of what they are doing, wary of the evil spirit that is at work.
35.              There is no friendship in serving the Lord. Do you know that it was because of the friendship between Balaam and Balak that made Balaam to receive and harbour those who were sent by Balak the king of Moab? Be very careful, I do not care who your in-law is.
36.              Your in-law might be an Ethbaal. No matter how Jethro offers a good advice approved by God; Jethro remained a heathen and an idolater. Jethro remained an Egyptian in the sight of God. Do you believe that to be true?
37.              No matter how my in-law speaks well of me, praise me, see the majesty of the Lord, run around me, the highest testimony is that their in-law is a man of God. They have no part in what God is doing. The same way it is in your family.
38.              First if you want to escape, recognize that you are the only child of God in that family, the rest are devils. Unbelievers are devils, they are Ethbaals. Hence, in marriage be very careful.
39.              There is one marriage I saw in the Bible, only but one where God used marriage to set a trap to get His enemies entangled so that He will kill them. God approved the first marriage and disapproved the second.
40.              If you are a man of God and you want to go into marriage, seek the perfect will of God. Do not go to your parents; go to God for your parents may not understand.
41.              Let us see the account of the great man Samson. The account I want us to consider is on Samson’s first wife. Samson married the first, God was behind the choice but the parents were against the marriage. Then when that one collapsed, he went for the second wife; that second wife God was against it but Samson did not know for he did not enquire of the Lord and that is Delilah.
42.              The first marriage was not Delilah. It was the first marriage that introduced Bachelor’s Eve. There was nothing called bachelor’s eve until Samson married a heathen lady. He married a Philistine, a daughter of God’s greatest enemies. The people insisted that there must be a bachelor’s eve, bachelor’s night, that is bachelor’s party.
43.              In addition, during the bachelor’s night Samson prepared, that was the first time in the history of world where riddles and jokes were practiced; and you know that riddles and jokes are one of the attributes of heathen’s bachelor’s eve.
44.              Judges chapter 14 verse 1 – 20, One day when Samson was in Timnah, he noticed a certain Philistine girl...”
45.              He noticed a certain Philistine girl. There is one translation that calls it a certain Philistine “damsel”. Just like King James says that when King David was very stricken in age, he was feeling cold every night. His children came together and said that all his wives were old and stricken in age too. That they went for a damsel who will be romancing David every night to keep him warm—a fresh sweater. You know what a damsel means; damsel is far beyond a girl. You can say a lady, a certain lady.
46.              “…One day when Samson was in Timnah, he noticed a certain Philistine girl, and when he got home he told his father and mother that he wanted to marry her. They objected strenuously”.
47.              Not objected casually, they said no, vehemently, very strenuously, “Over our dead body! We will never live to see you marrying this Philistine lady.”
48.              They objected strenuously why don’t you marry a Jewish girl?”
49.               Why not marry a Jewish girl. A Jew must marry a Jew and it has been our tradition.
50.              “…Why don’t you marry a Jewish girl?’ They asked? Why must you go and get a wife from these heathen Philistines? Isn’t there one girl among all the people of Israel you could marry?
51.               Is there not even one girl among all the tribe of Israel you could marry?
52.              “…But Samson told his father, ‘She is the one I want. Get her for me”.
53.              Note, Samson said, “She is the one I want. Get her for me.”
54.              “…His father and Mother didn’t realize that the Lord was behind the request”.
55.              What? That the Lord is behind the request. His father and mother did not realize that God was behind Samson’s action, Samson’s request. Behind any request or action of a man of God, there is God hidden motive, hidden purpose, they did not realize. They were seeing Samson and his foolish request, but they did not see the foolish God sanctioning a foolish request.
56.              “…His father and Mother didn’t realize that the Lord was behind the request for God was setting a trap for the Philistines”.
57.              For God was doing what? Setting a trap. Can God set a trap for somebody? Yes! Using marriage to set a trap. And no other person is adequate to be involved in the marriage than the personality He was using that time. Samson the great, be very careful the way you talk.
58.              There are too many things we cannot understand in this flesh. Know when God is setting a trap using marriage; know when devil is also setting a trap using marriage. Immediately God succeeded in His trap, the devil set up his own, presented Delilah, using Delilah now to trap Samson and his people in retaliation.
59.              “…His father and Mother didn’t realize that the Lord was behind the request, for God was setting a trap for the Philistines who at that time were the rulers of Israel.
60.              As Samson and his parent were going to Timnah, a young lion attack Samson in the vineyard on the out sketch of the town. And that moment the spirit of Lord came mightily upon him, and since he has no weapon, he ripped the lion’s jaws apart. And did it as easily as though it were a young goat, but he didn’t tell his mother or father about it.
61.              Upon arriving at Timnah, he talked with the girl and found her just what he wanted. So the arrangements were made. When he returned from the wedding, he turned off the path to look at the carcass of the lion and he found a swamp of bees in it and some honey.
62.              He took some of the honey with him, eating at rest and gave some of it to his father and mother but he didn’t tell them where he has gotten it.
63.              As his father was making final arrangement for the marriage, Samson threw a party for thirty young men in the village as was a custom of the day. When Samson asked if they will like to hear a riddle, they replied that they would.
64.              ‘If you solve my riddles during this seven days of the celebrations,’ he said, ‘I will give you thirty plain robes and thirty fancy robes. Then if you can’t solve it, then you must give the robes to me. ‘Alright,’ they agreed, ‘let’s hear it.’
65.              These was the riddle, food came out of the eater, and sweetness from the strong. Three days later they were still trying to figure it out. On the fourth day, they say to his new wife: ‘Get us the answer from your husband or we will burn down your father’s house with you in it. Were we invited to this party just to make us fun?’
66.              So, Samson’s wife broke down in tears before him and said ‘You do not love me at all...’”  
67.              The first one broke down with tears saying, “You do not love me at all!” Hence anytime your wife comes with a request crying, accusing you of lack of love, please be patience and pause, all that glitters is not gold.
68.              The second one came and said, “I think you said that you love me?” Delilah cried, “Where is your strength? Show me! Where is your power? Show me if you really love me! Every time you will be deceiving me! In short I am tired! I think you said you love me! Where is your power?”
69.              Men that are men of God, they have backbone. Honour all your wife’s requests, except the one that is accompanied by accusation of lack of love and crocodile weeping or crocodile tears. If she presents the one that is truth, you will know that it is good. Look into it and do it. However, if she comes with the one that she will be crying and be accusing you of lack of love, ignore her.
70.              Any day you tell a woman to enter every room but avoid that small room there, she will never rest until she has entered it. She might be surprise that what will come out of it might be a rat or nothing may even come out.
71.              You tell her, “You see this thing I hanged up, nobody should make the mistake of pushing it to the ground! Leave it where I hanged it.” She will say, “I have heard what you said.” When she will push the thing to that ground with broom, she will said, “Daddy, I made a mistake! There is one fly I was trying to hit with broom and what you placed up there fell down.” She did hit it to know whether something will happen. I am not joking, I mean what I said and I say what I mean.   
72.              “…So Samson’s wife broke down in tears before him and said, ‘You do not love me at all you hate me. For you have told a riddle to my people and haven’t told me the answer. I haven’t told it to my father or mother...’”
73.               She was defending her people, she wants her people to get that promise by all means.
74.              “…I haven’t told it to my father or mother.’ ‘Why should I tell you?’ He replied. So she cried whenever she was with him and kept it up for the reminder of the celebration”.
75.              The man is not having his rest again. She was crying every minute she came around, reminding him, “You know it is this Saturday! It is remaining two days. How am I going to it? In short, I am tired of all these! In short, I am not coming to this celebration, go and tell your people!”
76.              All these things were written in the scriptures aforetime for our learning. They were documented so that we can learn a lesson to avoid repeating the mistakes.
77.              “…So she cried whenever she was with him and kept it up for the reminder of the celebration. At last, on the seventh day, he told her the answer...”
78.              On the seventh day, the day they were doing this celebration, you can see the type of pressure this young man is getting from her! She was threatening him that she will not come to the wedding: “If you see me there, let me die!” You can imagine the situation when the man has called the whole world to come.
79.               Due to pressure, he now agreed: “Let me tell you so that you can go and tell your people. This is the answer, go and tell them.” That is when they were doing the celebration. Remember that God was behind the whole thing using it as a trap, to trap His enemies.
80.              “…At last, on the seventh day, he told her the answer and she, of course, gave the answer to the young men.
81.              So before sunset on the seventh day, they gave him their reply. ‘What is sweeter than honey?’ they asked, ‘And what is stronger than a lion?’
82.              ‘If you hadn’t plowed with my heifer, you wouldn’t have found answer to my riddle’ he retorted. Then the Spirit of the Lord came upon him and he went to the city of Ashkelon, killed thirty men, took their clothing, and gave it to the young men who have told him the answer to his riddle”.
83.              How many people did he kill? Thirty men. And carried their clothing and gave the people that gave the answer to the riddles. Remember God was behind the killing. Thus, the Lord planned it to punish the Philistines, because then they were in control of the people of Israel.
84.              If you go further now you will see another marriage, God said no to it, then Samson went without consulting God. Then the Philistines now used their lady to set a trap for Samson and his people.
85.              The lady became a weeping wife. Each time Samson deceives her by telling her something, she will run and invite her people, bind his feet and his hands; then say, “Come, I have gotten him!” Let me stop there. Is there anything you get from these scriptures?   
86.              “Recognize Your Day And Its Own Message” unabridged:…If Elders and overseers have welcomed Christ into their midst, their followers would have easily believed him. However, the blind will lead the blind into the ditch”.
87.              And you want to tell Me that the person does not know that he is in the ditch? He knows he is in the ditch and he knows that he is dragging people into the ditch.
88.              “…Pastors and overseers do not hinder God’s truth from reaching the people. God never met you to lay the foundational gospel for His Church, why then do you insist in disobeying, that you do not understand; having rejected the men that will cause you to understand the gospel of God. Your God is your belly, as you sit down to consume tithe”.
89.              Note, as you do what? As you sit down to consume tithe. Do you that the one that preach this message, is now consuming tithe. That is why Okey painter said he would never associate with him that he is a criminal. Tithe is causing trouble there, they even collected tithe from Basil from Côte d’Ivoire. The one he sent caused trouble between him and Arinze Anekwe.  
90.              “…Your God is your belly, as you sit down to consume tithe thereby devouring the flock and denying them the pasture, that is, God’s word meant for them. Hear the word of God against you.
91.              Jeremiah 23 verse 1-4 “Woe be unto the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture! saith the LORD.
92.              Therefore thus saith the LORD God of Israel against the pastors that feed my people; Ye have scattered my flock, and driven them away, and have not visited them: behold, I will visit upon you the evil of your doings, saith the LORD. And I will gather the remnant of my flock out of all countries whither I have driven them, and will bring them again to their folds; and they shall be fruitful and increase.
93.              And I will set up shepherds over them which shall feed them: and they shall fear no more, nor be dismayed, neither shall they be lacking, saith the LORD.” KJV.
94.              Jeremiah chapter 10 verse 21, “For the pastors are become brutish, and have not sought the LORD: therefore they shall not prosper, and all their flocks shall be scattered.” KJV.
95.              Pastor and overseers will determine where their Churches must spend eternity because if they humbly accept the full doctrine of Christ it will transform and prepare the people for God. But if they reject it, they will lock the door to heaven against their members”.
96.              You can prophesy, you can evangelise, you can apostle, deacon and bishop us, no problem. That one is no problem, the problem is living through your message. If God will wreck up this message against the person that handled it, what will he say at the end? We have a message titled “What will you say at the end?” This was the discussion I held with the Elders in my house which prompted Me to go through this letter.
97.              Another letter, I want to consider is titled “Nothing!” It for a reason.
98.              “Nothing! Compares to you, you are a darling, so sweet and sweeter than honey. You are very precious to me, and life without you is meaningless!”
99.              To peter odoemena (the son of man) date 26th april 2001: Darling, you are a rare creation of God, a very nice, caring, loving and trust worthy partner. Indeed, you are an embodiment of love itself, and nothing compares to you. You are truly a friend indeed! You are to me everything good. I will love you till the end of the world. It is me your darling wife, Nzubechi with love.
100.          The most important goal of my life is to fill your life with happiness. I love you!
101.          My Lord, I simply want you to know how nice things have been since I met you. How very special it is to spend time with you and how better life seems with you around me as my love.
102.          Therefore, I give you my whole heart in appreciation of the difference you have made in my life. With love from the depth of my heart, your darling wife, Nzubechi I love you.
103.          My Lord, I lack the words to express my gratitude to you for making me a part of you. I am grateful for these thirteen years of happy and sweet married life...”
104.          That was then, it is now 24 years.
105.          “Thank you for your love and care. You have indeed proved to me that you are the greatest and without you. I wonder how life would have been. There should have been none better. I am more grateful! Thank you my Lord, especially for the salvation of my soul which I know is the greatest thing in one’s life. Thank you for the peace of mind and the continuous joy of my salvation. Thank you darling for our family, your fatherly love and care, for we have never lacked anything good.
106.          In fact, I lack the words to express my appreciation. TO YOU BE ALL GLORY, HONOUR AND MAJESTY TILL ETERNITY. Continue to uphold me in your bosom till the end. I remain your darling wife, Nzubechi. I love you.”                                                                                                                                  
107.          Take note. Maybe you do not know that God inhabits in the praises of His saints, have you forgotten scriptures? The scriptures said that in this our last days that He is coming to be admired by His saints. He is not coming with fury to the Bride, but He is revealing Himself in fury to the world.
108.          However, to the Bride, He is coming to be admired by His saints. That is what the Bible said. In that day when He shall be admired, maybe you do not know that it is in the midst of worshipping congregation.
109.          The best and happiest place a living being can find himself is in the Presence of God. Outside the Presence of God your joy is limited. But in the Presence of the Almighty God, when we gather as a congregation, you can hardly remember that you have no money in your house. You can hardly remember that you have no food; you cannot remember that you have problem in your health because you are in another world altogether.
110.          The joy of the Lord sustains us while we stay in His Presence. Thus, if you are not joyful, you are sad. It then means you are cheated by the Devil.
111.          On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally. Amen.