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The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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Believe it if you can…
-Son of Man
Are you sure you have really believed in the name of the REVEALED Christ in the midst of the Bride? For that is your salvation name.

No other Name is given among men in this day whereby they can be saved except the Name of God that is revealed in these last days, in the midst of the Bride. That Name is not Jesus Christ. He that was promised to come is not Jesus Christ, but the Son of Man.

What God is trying to do is to introduce Himself fully to see whether He can attract your worship at lEAst for one day.
-Son of Man

Deuteronomy 31:15 “And the LORD appeared in the tabernacle in a pillar of a cloud: and the pillar of the cloud stood over the door of the tabernacle.” KJV

Exodus 13:21 And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night:.” KJV.

Psalms 89:7 God is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints, and to be had in reverence of all them that are about him.” KJV


“Daniel 7:9 I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool: his throne was like the fiery flame, and his wheels as burning fire.” KJV

Isaiah 11:10 “And in that day there shall be a root of Jesse, which shall stand for an ensign of the people; to it shall the Gentiles seek: and his rest shall be glorious.” KJV

Ephesians 2:19 “Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints, and of the household of God.” KJV.
God has turned our mourning into joy

You are the children of the kingdom. it is for your sake and for my sake that a saviour is sent. You are the people that Christ died for, a holy generation, a peculiar people, A wonderful people; rejoice exceedingly because He that created the Heavens and the Earth has counted you worthy, putting you into His kingdom.
2.            No man selected you, the Almighty Himself handpicked you. Why must it be you in your own community? Why must it be you in your own family? Why must it be you of all people on the Earth? Why must it be you of all creatURES? God counting you worthy, putting you into His own Kingdom. If human beings are givEN the authority to select, definitely many of us wOULD not be selected. They have too many reasons why they will not select us, but the Almighty God did THE selection Himself.  
3.            I am not pleased with many of you; some of you appeared to be forced to come to fellowship. While some are not happy that Bishop Moses is still alive. I have not seen the joy reflecting on your faces. You should be praising God that you are happy your brother, a Bishop survived death that came to him on three occasions. Maybe you do not know the testimony; I want to tell you something.
4.            The two medical doctors at Akulue specialist hospital, Nsukka where I commanded Bishop Moses to go and present himself concluded him dead, and that was the second time.
5.            Immediately Bishop Moses came down from his car, they ran away for they thought they saw a ghost. However, Bishop Moses said, “Come back, I am Bishop Moses.”
6.            Note, one of them, an Indian doctor, a woman, courageously stood, came forward and touched Bishop Moses. She said, “Bishop Moses,” and he said, “I am the one.” She said, “No human being will ever believe that eyes could see you again!”
7.            If you do not know why we are in His Presence in Jerusalem, know it. At orthopaedic hospital in Enugu, I was there live. Have you wondered why two Elders volunteered two pints of blood and the blood was not used any more for the situation was hopelessly hopeless? The teeth were clinched, the eyes fixed.
8.            If there was any sign of life, it was after three minutes. He was bleeding and the wife was not around, but God was there. Before my eyes, I consulted all the whole Elders, I consulted them over the phone, commanded all of them to leave whatever they were doing and go down, they all obeyed.
9.            If you do not know why we are in His Presence in Jerusalem, it is because you were not privileged one day to go to either orthopaedic hospital or the first place at Aruna village in Nsukka.
10.         I followed everything from the very first day until this day. You can tell Me stories about anything, not this case. You might be thinking that it is just a usual thing, after all, it is happening here and there, it is not true. This is an unusual one, a supernatural one.
11.         Thus, do not ever think that this is a usual thanksgiving you used to gather this and that because you were not there. You did not see things for yourself.
12.         I cannot forget that fateful afternoon, I never knew what I was doing but I knew I was doing something. I never consulted flesh and blood, though I was speaking to Bishop Moses but he never knew that I was talking to him while I was on the way. I could not believe my eyes, it was a horrible day.
13.         I called Pastor Thomas, “Come, we are going to Enugu right now!” I called my wife, “Enter the car! You may not know why we are going, in promptly.” I got to Enugu, before I called Apostle Ojiakor, I was already at the orthopaedic hospital. Before Pastor Ejike knew what was happening, I was already there before we started calling him over the phone to come over that we were there. Our Bishop was dying and he never knew that he was dying.
14.         Blood was pumping out of the body, nurses used everything, used bed sheet, used blanket, no way. Brother Ojiakor was there, everybody ran away. A team of doctors came, there was no way.
15.         I have never seen such a thing. If you do not know why we are in His Presence in Jerusalem; better know it. God has turned our mourning into joy. There is no amount of money Bishop Moses will spend for this thanksgiving that will be too much.
16.         Have you ever heard it since you were born that a man went for amputation of his leg four times? One leg was amputated four times. He entered the theatre six times. What sustained him? The joy of his salvation. It was amazing that at the time he was giving up the ghost, instead of submitting, he was praising God. He heaped all our sermon books around himself.
17.         Every fellowship day, Bishop Moses will conduct his own fellowship. Bishop Moses never had rest until he has received testimony from different local assemblies on how God moved. From the first day to the last day, his testimony never changed one bit.
18.         Heathens came and challenged his God in his presence; he waved all of them away for they were mockers. Today, they are scared for they were preparing for his burial while God was preparing for a very nice thanksgiving. For the Voice said, “Bishop Moses, you will never die! You are going home with your legs. You will stand before this holy congregation and testify of the goodness of the Lord”. He said Amen.
19.         When the agent of death came, he proclaimed the promise: “God has made a solemn promise to me that I will not die, that I must go home with my legs; that is where I anchor my faith”. Hence,  his faith sustained him, for faith is experience.
20.         Many of you are just in the fellowship carnally, maybe you just want to come to Jerusalem to jump up, eat, drink and celebrate, no! We are in His Presence to give God the glory for turning our mourning into joy. Instead of gathering to bury him, we are now gathering to celebrate him. To celebrate the victory God conferred on him.
21.         Remember, victory for a brother, victory for a sister is victory for the entire brethren. If you do not believe in that, it is because you are a foreigner in our midst. If you are not a foreigner, your brother’s victory is your victory. His sorrow is your sorrow, his joy is your joy. Which one is better: to celebrate him alive or to mourn his death? It is to celebrate him alive.
22.         Then why can’t you open your mouth and praise God? It is because you are not happy that he is alive.
23.         Note, The word of God is the word of the hour. if it is not the word of the hour, it is not the word of God for you. It could be the Word of God for Moses’ day, for Paul’s day, it is not for the hour.
24.         We have the message for the hour, the message that is meant for you. The command, “Moses, remove your shoes for where you are standing is holy;” it is not your own, it is for Moses and his day.
25.         You must know the things God has given for your own day; recognize the things that are meant for your own day. Stop quoting the promise that were given to Solomon or David, no! Quote your own like Bishop Moses will ever live to quote his own promise God directed to him (Bishop Moses) and to Bishop Moses alone. You cannot claim it, for your name is not Bishop Moses.
26.         We have individual promises, equally, we have family promises, the same way we have collective promises. We also have universal promises.
27.         The promise of destruction of the world is universal. If I am not making sense, let me sound foolish. Yes! We are serving a foolish God in a foolish way.  
28.         The Word of God is always fresh, new and refreshening. Amen.

The Salvation Link for Your Age Has Been Revealed” page 18, verse 8: “In the Prophetic Revelation, we were trying to find out the personality behind the big Masquerade, but today the Masquerade has been unveiled...”
2.            The masquerade has been unveiled. In other words, the veil has been rent into two. We can behold Christ in plain view; we can see the Mighty Conqueror for He has rent the veil into two: Behold the Mighty Conqueror in plain view, behold the Mighty Conqueror for He has rent the veil into two.
3.            “...Christ has unveiled Himself and Philip can now see that the personality before him is the Father...”
4.            Who can now see? You. You are the Philip, you are the Thomas. If we do not clarify it, people’s eyes will be on Brother Philip that is in our midst and Pastor Thomas. You are the Philip, you are that Pastor Thomas.
5.            Page 22 verse 17, “He said, ‘I am going away, I am coming back to take you to myself, for wherever I am there you will be.’ Thus, wherever the revealed Christ is, that is where His people, the saved, the redeemed of all the ages shall be.
6.            If you believe it say amen! Wherever the carcass is, there the eagles must gather. Wherever the revealed Christ is found, whether on top of the mountain, in the valley, in the ocean; in the remotest part of the world, there, every elect of God must gather.
7.            “…William Branham said, “Any group that holds the Word of God unadulterated, the Almighty God Himself must come and vindicate it with His supernatural presence...”
8.            The Prophet said, “Do not attempt explaining supernatural things, for if you do you will end it explaining away your God for your God is a supernatural Being. Everything supernatural emanates from God. Artificial things came from the Devil. In your honest attempt to explain any supernatural thing, you may end it explaining away your God.
9.            Everything supernatural comes from God, BUT everything artificial, imitation, magic comes from the Devil.
10.         I thank God for our Brother, even our Pastor Dike who ran into the hands of a Presbyterian or a Seventh Day Adventist member. When he saw the photograph, he marvelled. He said, “Oh goodness me! This is original! We used our artist to make an impression of something like this to make people believe that this is a form of the Elohim which we believe as Sabbatarians. However, we have never for one day captured a glimpse of the original.”
11.         He said, “This photograph is an object. I believe it is a human being taken and this Cloud appeared.” Pastor Dike continued talking to him, before the reverend father saw the thing and then bent down. Who will not fear?
12.         I remember when He came down in 1992, He said, “Fear God, fear God”.
13.         “…William Branham said, “Any group that holds the Word of God unadulterated, the Almighty God Himself must come and vindicate it with His supernatural presence...”
14.         For the fact that the Almighty God has fulfilled His promise in no other place but in the midst of the Bride, is it not a sure sign that the Bride is holding the Word of God unadulterated? Sure! No manmade creed or dogma there.  
15.         “… The presence of God in all the ages, he said it is that little group that will go for Rapture.”
16.         It is what? That little group where He vindicated His Presence, it is that same little group that will go to Rapture. No other group, for He that will take them to Rapture is that God that has made Himself manifest in their midst. For He said, “I am coming again, I will take you to myself that wherever I am, there ye shall be”.
17.         You do not know the way; He is the way, the truth and the life. No man cometh to the Father except through Him. In Him your righteousness is met. No more, no less. For He is the righteousness of His people.
18.         “… I wish to make it clearer once again, though you once knew it that you might be established on the present truth. That the presence of the Pillar of Cloud among God’s people signifies one: HIS PRESENCE, two: EXODUS...”
19.         Note the two things, they are very essential. One: His presence, two: exodus. If you believe it say amen! Amen! The two are in our midst, His Presence is with us and we are in the Third Exodus: The third exodus of the Bride.
20.         Immediately they saw the thing in Egypt, they knew God has come down in their midst. A Deliverer has appeared, they were ready for what? Exodus. One day they heard the Voice, “About this time tomorrow, we are crossing over, we will cross Jordan, we will cross the Red Sea. Pharaoh, let my people go.”
21.         No matter his stubbornness, God knew they were moving anyhow to worship their God in the wilderness in their own way. Note these two things: once you see the Pillar of Cloud being made manifest among a people, a group; a nation, number one; it signifies the Presence of God among them; number two, it signifies Exodus. We are indeed pilgrims. If we are not pilgrims, we will not speak.
22.         Now, why is His Presence needed? We have never gone this way before. It takes Him to come to lead us home. Christ has appeared to take us to the promise land.
23.         We are taking our tea. This is a tonic, I want everybody to drink of the tonic. It is not intoxicating; it will make you to be tipsy. It contains about seventeen percent alcohol. Don’t you know it? The Bible said in the Acts of the Apostles that when the Disciples of Christ were addicted by the Word, they were behaving as if they were drunk. We sing it in our song: “the Word of God is intoxicating us like dry gin!”
24.          If you are a seed of God, the Word of God is intoxicating like wine. You will be staggering, sometimes you will be murmuring, sometimes you will be smiling. People might be wondering what is wrong with you: “Every time this man will be moving, his lips will be moving too.” He is not mad, do not call him mad.   
25.         I told you that I have spoilt all of you. Yes! I have made it impossible for any of you to sit down in any other congregation and eat anyhow food. You will rather prefer to stay in your house than to go out there. What are you going to get there? Absolutely nothing.
26.         The Son of Man is bad. Call me bad. I know I am bad. I remember in those good old days, the Voice went forth with a song: “Call Me bad! Why don’t you call Me bad? Call me bad!” I AM bad. Call Me bad.
27.         One man said, “This man is really bad! He has spoilt His people with His philosophy that they can hardly agree with anybody. You either believe them or forget about it. This man is bad!” And I know am bad.
28.         Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God and that God is in our midst, live. You know, when I was telling you that I am God at the initial stage; many of you were shaking your heads. He said, “Why are you shaking your heads? Whether you like it or not, I MUST BE GOD OVER YOU.” How many heard that Voice? He said that there is no way out.
29.         He said, “Run up and down, whether you like it or not, I MUST BE GOD OVER YOU. Your rebellion notwithstanding, your stiff-neckness and your hard-heartedness, they are useless-nonsense. I MUST BE GOD OVER YOU. As long as I live, you must confess that the Son of Man is God.”
30.         What is more, that Voice went with a song, “Just a little while, all eyes shall see, just a little while, all the ears will hear, just a little while, all the mouths shall say, ‘Son of Man, Lord how wonderful is your Name, Lord how wonderful is your Name!”
31.         I Am HE that liveth and was dead and behold I am alive forevermore. Come unto me all ye nations and be saved for I am HE that liveth and was dead, somebody say amen. Amen!

I am your Holiness AND sanctification
This day is another day, a special thanksgiving altogether. Bishop Moses has two reasons why he has praised God and we equally have our reasons why we must throw our weight behind him.
2.            Maybe God wants to use him to teach us that it is good to appreciate Him of the good things we are enjoying from Him collectively like that, maybe; I say maybe.
3.            Maybe God is using Bishop Moses to roll away my anger, who knows the mind of God? THE SALVATION LINK FOR YOUR AGE HAS BEEN REVEALED.
4.            Many, many years ago the Elders in Jos saw Him in Jos and jointly said, “Na Him! Na Him! Na Him!” If you do not have The Message, “THE SALVATION LINK FOR YOUR AGE HAS BEEN REVEALED;” I pity you. For it is among the messages God said we should have as our hand book as individuals.
5.            The messages are: “The Salvation Link for Your Age Has Been Revealed,” “Another Day;” “The Revelation of The Mighty Angel” And “The Resurrected Body.”
6.            The Salvation Link for Your Age Has Been Revealed,” page 25 verse 27: …Any group the Lord is leading is a victorious group.”
7.            Note, any group the Lord is leading is a victorious group because God is a victorious God.
9.            There is no way anybody can see God in this our day without passing through Apostle Peter Odoemena. If you say you can see God without Him, you are practicing superstition. You are being deceived by the thoughts of your heart for you cannot see God outside the Son of Man. You have not seen the Father, have you? No! The Father is in Me, I am in my Father. If you have seen Me, you have seen my Father—see the Lord in the Lord.
10.         See the Lord in the Lord; you can now begin to appreciate the statement: “The Lord said to my Lord.” And the Voice said, “Henceforth, you will not hear the Lord said to my Lord for you have seen the Lord Himself”.
11.         Remember some years back, I moved in a stumbling way for it is God that causeth the heathen to stumble because it was my honest attempt to trim down the crowd, to remove all the make ups.
12.         One, Nassarawa started it by revelation. They started baptising people in the Name of Peter the Christ. When they brought it to Me, I confirmed it. Many were mad, some were sober; while some were happy. But some were quiet. More especially when I saw religionists among us, Pharisees, Scribes, Sadducees who were preaching the necessity of the observance of the Jewish Laws which they themselves could not keep.
13.         I made it clear that nobody is saved through baptism, for baptism does not save. It became another stumbling block. I went further to say, “Henceforth, I will not tell anybody to repent and be baptised in Jesus name for that will be unnecessary. For anybody God wants to save, He will say ‘follow me.’ Anybody He does not want to save, He will give him the cost of discipleship, of which baptism is number one; with a stringent measure that you must repent.”
14.         Who has ever repented since the world began? Tell me a human being born of a woman that has repented of evil? Man has been continually thinking evil. The purifier of your conscience is just the manifestation of the Son of Man, the only Righteous Branch, in whom you are declared righteous, made holy, perfect in His sight. For only one person is going to Rapture.
15.         A time came when Jesus said Christ, “Formerly, I told you that when you pray to me, I will pray to the Father and He will give you your desire. But Henceforth, a time cometh when you will not ask of me and I will say I will pray to the Father for it will be unnecessary”.
16.         When did he make that statement? When he unveiled Himself and Philip saw the Father, Thomas saw the Father. Nobody is repenting or being baptiseD again. baptise into what? I am your baptism, I am your sanctification, I am your Holiness. in me all God’s demandS for your salvation is met in your day. no more, no less.
17.         Any other things you want to do, well; you just want to implore your own which is a mere work of the flesh which will profit you nothing. Maybe you do not know that it is only in the Son of Man that your sacrifices to God are made acceptable. God does not know you, He knows only but the Son of Man and whoever the Son of Man will introduce to Him. God does not know anybody called you.
18.          If you are God’s heritage, I am the manager of God’s heritage, the totality of what God has made, I am the sole manager. Thus, He made it possible and you cannot challenge it. Your unbelief cannot alter it, it is settled.   
19.         In Jesus’ day, His signature was all that was needed. Your prayer without my signature cannot cross this roof. I am the only person the father sealed AND sent, THUS there is no way your prayer can cross the window without my signature. I have to endorse it.
20.         if you address your letter wrongly, it will be returned to you because OF Wrong address. Assuming you want to address a lETter to the president, And you are a civil servant; you have to do it through the appropriate offices. BESIDES, all of them have to put their signatureS. If you darE misaddress it, it will end in the wastepaper basket. It will not even get to him. THUS there is no way you can jump the Son of Man and see God. Whoever that hates the Son of Man, hates his life.
21.         Almighty, the Kinsman Redeemer, that is my Name. For both He that sanctifies and they that are sanctified are all but one for which cause He is not ashamed addressing them as my brothers and sisters.
22.         Page 29 verse 1: “A photographer, a young man from Nsukka who saw the photographs of the Pillar of Cloud when Pastor Dike was laminating them paused and began to enquire, he was a Roman Catholic. He said that any man can be fooled but not himself. That he is a professional photographer...
23.         This is another person, not the Presbyterian.
24.         When I said it in the beginning, people thought I was boasting. It was difficult for people to believe but I said that whether you believe it or not, keep on following Me anyhow, towards the end everything shall be made plain...
25.         Continue to doubt, and I will continue to move! We are not waiting for anybody until we arrive at the gate. There, we shall wait for late comers.
26.         “…What is more, I said in one of the messages that when we get to the end, all that followed Me to the end will say, ‘Surely, the Elohim dwelleth in the Son of Man...”
27.         Are we not at the end? Has this message come to pass? It has. All that followed from the beginning, right now, has it not become clear that surely the Elohim dwelleth in the Son of Man? All that will follow Me till the end must surely say, “Surely, the Elohim dwelleth in the Son of Man”.
28.         Have you seen the basis of our rejoicing? We are not rejoicing in vain. You have seen why we have taken the position we have taken all these years: an uncompromising position, ready to die for we are sure and certain of what is in our midst. Heaven and Earth cannot disprove this truth. In the attempt to disprove the truth, you confirm it the more.
29.         Verse 7: “… I can remember that great day when the voice went forth: “Be reverend, be reverend, I can see Him in the camp, He is moving about, He is admiring the camp, He is admiring the beauty of the Bride. Be reverend, all heads bow down. I can see Him, look at Him this way. He is moving, He is moving; He has encircled everywhere. He is happy, He is admiring His people.” That great day, it was a remarkable day.
30.         That was on the 7th April 1996 during Sunday fellowship at about 10:30 am. That which they said is unseen and unknown, we declared unto them that we have seen with our eyes, heard with our ears, handled with our hands; we can rightly say we have eaten and drank with Him.
31.         Others worship imaginary gods, but what we worship is real. Now, report to Harold Camping and tell him that what he nearly wanted to die for is sitting with you, the Bride. Give him the websites addresses before he will die. He has made every effort to get the date, tell him that I said that it is hidden in the Son of Man and it is about to be made known.
32.         No man knoweth the date or the hour but the Son of Man. If no man knoweth the date and the hour but the Father, I and the Father are one. He that is in the bosom of the Father knows the mind of the Father. Moreover, God said that this is the greatest secret He kept to Himself. He can disclose everything, not that one. My romance with you does not get there. I will not become another Samson to reveal such a thing to Delilah. No, no; no. It will not happen. Your food cannot get there. “I love you,” will not reach that one.
33.         Instead of revealing it, we will part. We will become enemies, only to be friends at the end. If it is possible to get, Apostle Kelechi would have gotten it.
34.         In one of the messages, remember what I called him; “My only girl friend.” Not man friend. Brother Kelechi is my girlfriend. Yet this secret is beyond him. We can eat and chat, take corn, take beer, drink wine, Brother Kelechi this one is above you. That is why from time to time, he will be asked, “Has the Son of Man revealed it?” He will say, “No, I never heard anything from Him.”
35.         “…In every age, there is a revealed name of God. God cannot exist without a name...”
36.         God can never exist without a Name. If somebody says he knows God; ask him about the name of that god for every god has a name. Whether Amadioha, or Allah, or Iyioji; there must be a name attached to that god. The same way, every human being has a name. What is more, God is a human being, an entity and very unique.
37.         Verse 16, The salvation link for your age has beEN revealed. you have seen the Deity bearing witness that this is the salvation link.”
38.         You have seen what? The Elohim bearing witness that this Name is your own salvation name. For in your own day, no other Name is given among you whereby you can be saved. Have I not told you why the Devil is not afraid of the name Jesus? Keep on mentioning Jesus and the Devil will keep on tormenting you. Jesus is the Devil’s courier name.
39.         If the Devil wants to torment you, he will present Jesus to you and then deal with you ruthlessly. There is but only one Name you will mention, Satan will bow down and then draw back.
40.         “…When they say Jesus name, you say amen, Moses name, you say amen; Isaiah name you say amen but you know where you are. Their musicians can sing in the name of Jesus, their prayer warriors can call the name of Jesus, but this original and present Name of God is unknown to them.
41.         In other words, this original Name of God is unknown to them.
42.         “…Do you know what is fooling them? The statement Paul made: ‘There is no other name given among men.’ Yes Peter made that statement, it was for that day. It did not cross over.
43.         It was for that day. We have gone far away from there; the message of Pentecost cannot work in your day for it was for Pentecost. It is far from where we are now.
45.         Page 38 verse 2, “If you believe it say amen. Amen. If you do not believe the first, believe the second; believe the third. The captured Pillar of Cloud on 8th April 2012 is the climax...”
46.         Which one is the climax? The captured Pillar of Cloud on 8th April 2012. Look up to the photographs. God said you must have these supernatural photographs before your eyes, place them on the table of your heart. Place them where your eyes will be focusing on them every day. It conveys a direct message.
47.         Have you ever come across a group with all these supernatural cloud? The highest thing you can see is the sign of the cross with moulded somebody on it. There is no artistic impression in our own. “Beware of Sambalat and Tobias;” It was an audible voice: “The land of Zebulun, and the land of Naphtali, by the way of the sea, beyond Jordan, Galilee of the Gentiles;” print them and hang them on the wall of the fellowship hall.
48.         Concerning the Pyramid, if you do not know about it; the pyramid was shown to Prophet William Branham in a vision, he saw everything. One morning he came, drew it on the board, taught the congregation; the deacon came and wiped it off. Before their eyes, an unseen hand drew the thing back before many witnesses.
49.         William Branham was sitting down when an unseen hand went to the board and drew the thing again before the congregation, labelling all the messengers of the Seven Church Ages. You are not in a Church, you are in a Kingdom. Everything surrounding us is supernaturally oriented, divinely programmed before you came into existence.
50.         You know sometimes you stop and begin to wonder what God has seen in people like us that could make Him to count us worthy to be partakers of eternal life which eluded all the princes and princesses of this world, great men, philosophers and astrologers, scientists, men of repute,  all of them were completely omitted.
51.         Anyway, I am not surprised because in the days of John the Baptist, all the Pharisees and scribes, all the Jews, philosophers never believed him, they rejected him.
52.         However, prostitutes and criminals, nonentities, touts welcomed God’s counsel and God said, “Is it not scriptural?” It is. Fools, ignorant men and women, radicals believed John the Baptist’s message and were saved. But the Pharisees and philosophers, scientists and astrologers, Sadducees, Scribes, Sanhedrins, they reasoned and reasoned and reasoned away their salvation.
53.         Nobody worships God through human reasoning, that is why He gave us the message “Lean Not on Your Own Understanding”. When you lean on your own understanding, you reason away your salvation. You do not worship God by reasoning, you worship God by faith and faith is experience.
54.         We are under the Clouds in the fellowship of the saints; we are under the canopy in the fellowship of the saints. We are sure. If not that I banned you from taking photographs in the fellowship, this day would have been another day. But I do not want us to be funny, no.
55.         We are not in the fellowship to take photographs for we have seen what we are desiring. We have seen what human beings have not seen. All the visible and the invisible parts of God have been made manifest so we are without excuse.
56.         Those that could not believe during the camp meeting have believed this one. Those who were not in this Faith in 1996 and they were doubting, they came during camp meeting God performed great miracles. The great things happened in the kitchen as promised. Later, God came and displayed ANOTHER DAY.  
57.         We are not running a Church, we are running a Movement. The Bride of Christ Ministry is a Bridal Movement. We are on a journey, when we gather, we refer our fellowship as seminar. That is why we are never tired. Our Leader is a courageous Leader with a commission that He will not faint; neither will He be weak or tired until He has taken this ship across the sea. Nothing will distract His attention. Amen.



5.            Put your name there otherwise you will say it is for Brother Shedrach Onah only. Have you seen it? You have used your eyes to see something that is not meant for human beings to see. What angels cannot see, that is what your eyes have seen. More so, when you are drawn from Gentiles. Who are you to see the face of the Elohim? I do not think there is a privilege greater than this.
7.            I have traveled a long distance with you and this is the last sign and the last move. Have I not travelled a long distance with you?
8.            “…This is your Rapture...
9.            This is what? Your Rapture. Your Transporter, the Chariot that is expected to come and catch us away is already with us. Our Driver is no longer in the canteen, He is with us. Let me seat on the driver’s seat, I hope you are getting the message? The Headstone is what I am saying.
10.         The Headstone has already come down. When the Headstone joins the Body; what do you expect? It has united with the Body already. I am saying that the Heaven and Earth have met in the Bride. The Bridegroom and the Bride have fused, the Head has fused with the Body. Only one thing is left: On your mark, get set! One thing is left, piam (go)! Within one second, it is all over.
11.         All of us that are in this Faith are waiting for only but one thing, we are waiting for one second: in a twinkling of an eye, the proclamation will be made. There is no other thing left, it is finished.
12.         Thus, you must know where you are, we are not waiting for the chariot to come low, to swing low to carry us home. He is sitting with us, He is only putting finishing touches because He is not willing that He should lose anyone. He is not in a haste.
13.         Brother Okey Oleri, take note. It is not good for a child of God to go to Hell; you are the first seed that we met at Enugu. I cannot forget the day I saw you at Abakpa, you were the only disciple I met at Abakpa. Let your mind be there, it is not good for somebody that calls himself a child of God to go to Hell.
15.         St. Paul said in 2nd Corinthians chapter 5 verses 16, “So do not evaluate Christians by what the world thinks about them or what they seem to be on the outside. Once I mistakenly thought of Christ that way merely as a human being like myself. How differently I feel now!
16.         How differently I feel now. In other words, St. Paul saw Him as a mere man like himself. But when the revelation struck him, Paul’s vision changed. Although this man moved about as a human being, shared everything in common with all of us as a human being; yet He is a supernatural being. A laminated human being, hundred percent human being in appearance and hundred percent God.
17.         from now if you really want to survive, let the picture you have seen register in your hearts”. Who is He referring to? All that have believed in Him, His disciples. If you are the Son of Man’s disciples, this massage is for you. If you are desirous of receiving salvation through Him, this message is coming directly to you. In all your dealings with the Son of Man, let the photographs of the Cloud register in your mind.
18.         “...In all your dealings with the Son of Man, let the photograph, the whole thing you have seen be in your heart and in your eyes and in your memory.”
19.         Have you seen where He said it should be? In the message titled, “Knowing the Personality You Are Having Dealings With.” It gives joy when you know the personality you are acquainted with, but where you do not know Him; your life is in danger. We are under the canopy of God. If it is not like this, the Son of Man is not there. Finish. He knows what we need at all times: a conducive environment for learning.
21.         Has He made Himself visible to the Elders? Yes. To the entire congregation? Yes. Now we have known Him fully. Have we known Him fully? Yes. Even if others do not know Him, you know Him that existed from the very beginning. Behold your God cometh, your God is in your midst.
22.         He now demands politeness and humility from everybody”.
23.          Page 73 verse 32“… To the Gentiles, seeing is believing. Until they see with their eyes, they will not believe.
24.         Because they are Gentiles that is why God decided to appear in a way they can understand, then they can believe.
25.         “…Are you still looking for the father? No sir! You have known Him, you have seen Him. Are you still looking for the comforter? No! Are you looking for the instructor?” Are you still looking for the Mercy Seat? …I am the last hope of mankind...” if you believe it say amen. Amen!
26.         From the day the fullness of the glory was revealed, the majesty was made manifest. Only a true seed can come to me; the rest will be scared”.
27.         “…I know you have your handsets, do you know that in your call log, when you get your call log, check it, the whole list in your call log can be deleted in one second. If you go to your computer, every information in your hard disk can be deleted in one second.  You click delete and it will ask you, ‘Do you want to delete the list?’ you say yes. Select all, that is all.
28.         I am telling you that He that has come has the power to delete all flesh in one second.
29.         Have you seen it? Do not ask me how it is going to happen.
30.         I am using the word delete but He is the most compassionate, the most merciful. I am the most compassionate Saviour that has appeared on Earth. Of all angels, of all messengers, not even one has appeared on Earth that is as compassionate as the Son of Man...
31.         You better prove it before you begin to make noise. Prove it and get convinced.
32.         “…Do you know I am the One restraining the anger of the Deity, not willing that any should perish, but patiently waiting...
33.         Who is restraining the anger of the Deity? The Son of Man! Because the Deity is in Me. Do you know how many times I reasoned with Him every day concerning you and your families, concerning the whole mankind?
34.         Let me use one illustration that is real. If I never stood in the gap, all references to Sister Ogochukwu and her family from Nsukka would have been past. Her son Chibuzor, I see him as one that came out from the mortuary. I thank God Pastor Ejike is my witness. If I never placed myself in the gap, not Chibuzor only, everything about that family, all references would have been past. I use that one as a typical example.
35.         The same thing could have happened to the family of Deacon Samuel of Owerri, but I remembered many, many things. Not good things or bad things, but what the heathens will say.
36.         To Peter Onwundinjo, I said, “I do not want to be guilty of your blood and that of your family for now, you are suspended but not excommunicated. Go and settle your problem with your family and nobody should restore you without my permission, I have to permit it. Whatever is your problem right from the day you got married compassionately; go and settle it!” Compassionate marriage is no marriage. That is what Obadiah suffered and he is still suffering it till now.
37.         Do you know how many times the Son of Man reasons with the Father concerning you? The Father is not listening to you, there is only but One He hears His Voice. That is why Job said in his day, “Allow me, even if I have sinned, I have not sinned against you; it is against God. Allow Him to accuse me. And I will tell Him what I have done and why I have done it as the only one He listens to”.
38.         Do not kill me, allow God to kill me. If I have blasphemed, I have not blasphemed you but God. If I have impersonated, I have not impersonated any of you but God. This matter, it does not concern you. It is between the Father and the Son. I am the Son of His pleasure; I do those things that please Him. Thus, He that sent Me is ever with Me.
39.         There is no crime that I will commit that will make Him to forsake Me; rather He will rebuke me of my action. It does not concern you. You do not know how many times I have interceded on your behalf that you might live. I will say, “Allow me sometime, let me continue to work on him, in him and around him. Allow me sometime. I have not finished my work. In keeping with my message: ‘I have not done my best in anybody, until I have achieved my best”.
40.         In my honest attempt to achieve my best, I leave no stone unturned. I can even become an infant so that you will be an adult. I can be weak that you might be strong. For your salvation, I can make myself all these things. To make sure you do not smell Hellfire, because if the picture of Hell is shown to you, you will quake.
41.         I thank God some of you have tasted life in kirikiri maximum prison yard, yet that one is like ice cream. Some have tasted some days in cell, that one is nothing compared to what Hell is all about. Something the Devil saw and vowed a vow that he alone will never enter there alone, that he must draw too many souls into it. It is a fearful place, it is not imaginary.
42.         If it is not fearful I would not have handled a message titled “Message from Hell”. Maybe you do not know that the Son of Man went to Hell and even preached to those that are in prison custody.
43.         “…Do you know I am the one restraining the anger of the Deity ?
44.         There must be somebody restraining the anger of the Deity from being seriously kindled against all of you. You have done great and abominable things that would have warranted instant extermination from the surface of the Earth but He said, “Father, count it not against them. Remember, I am the Mercy Seat. In Me they have obtained mercy, leave them alone.”
45.         If the Son of Man shall set you free, you shall be free indeed. I am the Supreme Court of the Bride.
46.         Not willing that any should perish, but patiently waiting. But the rest that were before me, once they came, they carry out their mission without consideration”.
47.         No consideration, if it is thus saith the Lord, they will proclaim it. If it is woe, they will proclaim it. Not even one will say “please.” If there was one that made a little intervention; it was Moses. After Moses, no other.
48.         But I exercised restraint for I understand human weaknesses more than any other”.  
49.         Because first of all, I identified with them as a human being. I am a partaker of all they are passing through. Nobody can understand human weakness more Me. Hence, I do not look at what is causing it or what you are doing but I am considering too many things; including the condition of the heart.
50.         See, when I look at some brothers, I melt even without letting them know. There are certain problems I call situational problem; and before I give my verdict, I place myself in their shoes: If what befalls brother befalls me, can I perform better than him? If he had another option, he would have chosen that way. But he is in a fix. Thus, I can expect anything in that condition.
51.         Hence the Son of Man does not hand out judgement anyhow. He considers many things. That is why we are not moving at the pace He desired, for you want to fly away, you want to avoid your human problems. You want to put an end to your headache, but God has something He wants to achieve which He has not completely accomplished. We cannot fly away anyhow. Your headache will even help me to achieve that which I am desiring.
52.         I am the last hope of all mankind. Why should I be in a hasteI am not easily provoked, but when I am provoked, to calm down becomes difficult”.
53.         If you have been acquainted with the Son of Man, one quality you will notice is that He is not easily provoked. Another useless quality is this: if He is provoked, to calm down becomes difficult. Like Nsukka provoked Him, I wonder the type of sacrifice or offering or incantation they will make that will make me to pause and consider. Rather every day, I try to weigh the type of punishment I want to hand down to them.
54.         I am their Mercy Seat quit alright, but they cannot obtain mercy always more so, when they have been warned over and over. I am using Nsukka to talk to everybody, do not say thank God I am not from Nsukka. You might not be from Nsukka but you have the same spirit with them, so the same judgement awaits you. Amen.

Any moment from now we are going to declare the thanksgiving open. If you are pressed in the vehicle, the journey becomes longer. However, when you ease yourself, you can tell the driver to go to Maiduguri and enter anytime he wishes.
2.            Watch our Bishop; somebody that is alive is better than he that is dead. The glory of God has filled the tabernacle of God. You are the only people on Earth that can render acceptable sacrifices unto God.
3.            When God rejects a people, He rejects their sacrifices. The presence of God in the midst of the Bride has made all of us that have believed in Him whom He has sent, acceptable in His beloved.
4.            In every dispensation, God must have a beloved one In whom, He is well pleased where He will say to all men “Hear ye Him.” one voice, one person, ONE saviour. For God is one, and everything about God is one.
5.            You are all made acceptable in the beloved if you have fully surrendered your INTELLECT, your life, THE totality of your being to he that created the Heavens and the Earth in whom there is no VARIABLENESS—the only being that cannot disappoint you.
6.            I was talking to some Elders saying, “Brethren, sometimes tears of joy will begin to roll down my eyes. Why? When I recall to myself and begin to reason, to fathom out the extent of God’s love for Me, the worst being on Earth, there is nothing in Me that anybody could admire, I begin to wonder too many things.”
7.            I said, “God, what if after all the troubles and labours, after all the ridicules, after all the cruel mockeries, after passing through the shame, the slanders, the gossips, every kind of thing, after passing through sorrows, pains, agonies and anguishes; if at the end I discover I was deceived, that you the Almighty God deceive me, what would have been my condition?”
8.            God can deceive a man. Before our eyes, our former Teacher and Brother Weston Fihala went into the house of God just to pray. One afternoon, he was alone praying. When he enrolled into this Faith, he had a problem and he wanted to sort it out. The problem was not the Son of Man, it was not this Faith.
9.            It was what was happening in him for he has already developed an idea, going about duping the brethren in the North. Collecting money from them fraudulently in the name of business making, which he knew he will not refund and he was not doing anything. Thus, one day he entered the temple, the Lord spoke to him saying, “Weston Fihala!” He heard it audibly; “God Himself is going to deceive you”.
10.         He woke up and looked around but he saw nobody. He hid it, he did not tell his Elders; he did not tell his wife. He came to Onitsha during camp meeting in 1996; his evils were wrecked up together with that of Brother Ben Okezue. The elders were summoned to come and judge their evils including late Bishop Moses of Zonkwua. Many cannot remember him again, where they queried me for ordaining a polygamist a Bishop.
11.         I said, “Yes, I have the power to do all things. I do not obey your scriptures for you do not know who wrote them. God never wrote any scriptures.”
12.         Whatever you read in the scriptures, some of them were just there to create faith in you. Some were not real, some were imaginary. Let me tell you the truth, Jesus was grieved in his heart, he told them the Apostles to steer clear that he was going to a silent place alone.
13.         It was recorded that He went to a place unknown to them and spent forty days and forty nights. Whatever He took, they never knew. Whatever he drank, they never knew. What he discussed with the Father, they never knew. He came back; He did not give testimony of His experience. However, His disciples concluded that He might have gone to Gethsemane and even went as far as saying He was praying.
14.         One even wrote that He even denied His faith and said, “Father, this burden is too much! If it is possible, take it away from me.” And He later repented and said, “Father, not my will but your will.” That is rubbish!
15.         Were you there? Did He give you testimony? It is like somebody writing about what Moses passed through. Moses went to the Lord on the mountain, darkness covered the two. The people of Israel were somewhere, whatever was the conversation between Moses and God, they knew not. When he came back, he never narrated his experience. He only came back and met them worshipping idol with Aaron. Then somebody penned down what he discussed with Almighty.
16.         Who told you, since God did not speak, and Moses did not speak, were you there? If I did not disclose it to you the content of the voice saying, “I will declare, I will declare,” would you have known? What of other places I discussed privately with Him, did I tell you? you only know what you are thinking about God, but what God is thinking about you, you do not know.
17.         You only know the way you are seeing God, but the way God is seeing you, you do not know. THUS, be careful, all that glitters is not gold.
18.         You see, I said, “God, what if at the end I discover that a dangerous spirit possessed me and this is the dying minute, what would have been my condition? What would have been the condition of people that have already believed in me?
19.         Thank you Lord for guiding me, for honouring your word making sure that I never derailed. That another spirit never crept in me that even the denial of the faith by some friends and well-meaning brothers never for one day swayed my attention. You helped me to pilot this ship to this gate and crossed this sea where your glory can no longer fail.
20.         I have crossed the raven VEIL; I have taken you across Hell for I am the bridge and the link through which you cross over. Without me, all of you would have been drown like the rest. The whole world are likened to a sea where all are drowning every day. their boats are sinking every day, worldwide. The only boat that safely crossed remains the one that is captained by the Son of Man.
21.         I do not say it to win your favour. You believe it, fine! You do not believe it, better! It does not add, it does not subtract. I know who I am. I know He that has placed Me which you do not know.
22.         I told you that this ship is likened to a moving luxury bus. If you are inside it and your eyes are on the floor of the vehicle; you hardly believe that it is moving. But when you look through the windows, you will see trees that are making some movements. However, the trees are stationary; it is the velocity of the vehicle that is causing those trees to be in a sort of movements. The ship is moving rapidly.
23.         When I looked back, I see no other ship following me. No other vehicle following. Where I am now, I have no single competitor. If you are my competitor, what is your instrument for leadership? God’s instrument for leadership is divine.
24.         Thus, you can make noise and settle with your noise. The next thing is that you become hostile because you have become empty. No matter the level of propaganda you want to carry out, it will not last more than three years. You will be tired with your propaganda, with your half-truth, flaw, innuendos and falsetto; before you know it your nudity will be seen by all men as an impersonator.
25.         The engine house that is powering this ship is sound and vibrant. Every aspect of the engine is sound. No shaking! The Rock of Ages of our day is immovable, unshaken, un-distracted from the target; not minding who is involved.     
26.         We have seen millionaires come and go, we have seen the academia coming and going. We have seen every kind of fellow but the faith remains unshaken because it is not pinned on any individual but upon the Solid Rock and that Rock is Christ.
27.         All of them that rose up to talk rubbish, they are now in their hiding places. They have heard, they have seen, they have browsed the Net; they know the truth which others do not know. For that reason, they are now very hostile and they are regretting their action for they are impatient with us. If they were patient, they would have eaten the fattest food.
28.         Nevertheless, they left so as to confirm the words of God that they are not with us from the very beginning. For if they were with us, hardship or no hardship, sickness or no sickness, in want, in plenty; in all situations they would have remained there.
29.         Yes, that is where I said, “God, I praise You on behalf of Brother Pascal.” I remember the time I met him, what and what he was looking like when Brother Okoh and family were nurturing him, having no hope of survival. But today, the Word of God came to pass.
30.         He said, “Brother Pascal, you are going to be a blessed man. Do not listen to your brother the doctor for you must feed him. You are the stone the builder rejected; you will be the corner stone of the building.
31.          His brother thought he would establish him but God said, “Brother Pascal, until the last kobo your brother gave you vanishes from your hand; God will not establish you for God does not want to share His glory with anybody. He wants to do it so that you will give glory to God and God alone.”
32.         He obeyed and started from nothing. When he came to marriage, I cannot forget the day at Opi under a cashew tree. I said, “My brother, you must go home with your wife,” he said “What! God wants to kill me!” He said further, “Daddy, please, please she should stay back.” I said no that he should not say so; “You must go home with your wife today, not another day.”
33.         He said, “Daddy, what will she feed on? I have nothing, not even one kobo.” God said, “Brother Pascal, you must go home with your wife.” He looked at me head to toe and went away. He urinated more than five times in ten minutes. Sweated and sweated, he said, “Daddy, do you know where I am living?”
34.         I said, “I do not care to know. Brother Pascal, I want to tell you something, believe me. I did not come with money listen to me. There are many, many good, good promises God have for you—many, many blessings. You will never get any of them until you settle down with your wife. Go with her, if you beg bread from anybody; resign from this Faith. But I assure you, Brother Pascal, you will lend money to many. You will feed many mouths. It will come to a point where your people will call you a money monger.” He did not say amen, he did not say no, he just walked away.
35.         To him, it was a mission impossible. Brother Pascal will complete the testimony if you see him privately. He has not even started, only that time is not on our side. However, the little he has accomplished has made the Son of Man a Prophet before his people and especially his elder brother who is a medical doctor.
36.         That time, if anybody prophesied to him that he will have a family, build a house, ride a car; Brother Pascal will call the person a false Prophet. But there was no hope anywhere; will that thing come from the sky?
37.         when God speaks, He watches over His word. If you must survive, do it because God commanded you to do it So that if there is problem, you quote God. do it because God commanded you to do it, if it is not God, it is not God. If it is like God, it is not God.   
38.         Brother Tony Mbah, you can forget many things but not one particular day. That day is a memorable day: The day you were told to go and pay yourself, all your arrears of salaries, allowances, everything you know you can remember. The Voice said, “Forget about your staff; pay yourself. The door to your office is going to be closed any time from now. If you do not pay yourself; no human being is going to pay you again. I have spoken.”
39.         Looking at the situation that time, he was expecting a verdict to favour him and every other thing. There is one they were very busy with that favoured him, they were expecting the business to be booming again but before his eyes the door was closed, all prospects sealed. Chimaroke does not remember that place anymore.
40.         Who will speak and it will come to pass? It is this Spoken Word that sustained the life of Bishop Moses. Why we have gathered this day is to celebrate with him.
41.         Bishop Moses, maybe God is using you to calm down the anger of the Son of Man. For the Son of Man has come to a point where He feels that He is serving people that are not appreciative. I am telling you the truth. I do not have any local assembly I can exclude. Let Me show you something.
42.         To Nsukka and some other local assemblies that will like to take me back to the Cross, there is nothing good in the Cross. If you want to go there, you go there. I have come down once and for all; I will not go back to the Cross again.
43.         When Christ went to the Cross, I went there with Him. When He was buried, I was buried with Him. When He resurrected, I resurrected with Him. Thus, I will not go to the Cross again. If you see anything good in the Cross, go there and hang. For cursed is the man, cursed is the woman that is hanging on the Cross.
44.         Rather, I HAVE AN ALTAR where those that are still hanging on the Cross cannot be helped. Anybody that is still preaching the necessity of obeying Jewish Laws is still hanging on the Cross. Amen.

Nobody ever appreciated God’s goodness and mercy more than King David and His son, Solomon. Thus, God calling Him a man after my own heart, God is right.
2.            God was making the people to know that David was a man of a pure heart who was always desiring what he will do to convince God that he was still in love with Him. That he appreciated His protection and His wondrous works and blessings.
3.            Psalms 122, “I was glad when they said to me, let us go to the Lord’s house and now we are here standing inside the gate of Jerusalem. Jerusalem is a city restore in a beautiful order and harmony. This is where the tribes come, the tribes of Israel to give thanks to the Lord according to His command; here the King of Israel stands to judge their people.
4.            Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, may those who love you prosper. May there be peace inside your wall”.
5.            And now we are in His Presence. When you were coming to His Presence, were you glad?
6.            “…and now we are here standing inside the gate of Jerusalem”.
7.            Where? Standing inside the gate of Jerusalem.
8.            Jerusalem is a city restored in a beautiful order and harmony. This is where the tribes come”.
9.            Note, this is where the local assemblies come, what do they do here?
10.         This is where the tribes come, the tribes of Israel to give thanks to the Lord...
11.         To do what? To give thanks to the Lord. They do not invite God to come to their houses so that they will give thanks to Him for God is not a beggar.
12.         “...I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the LORD. Our feet shall stand within thy gates, O Jerusalem.
13.         Jerusalem is built as a city that is compact together: Whither the tribes go up, the tribes of the LORD, unto the testimony of Israel, to give thanks unto the name of the LORD”. KJV.
14.         Whatever might be your testimony, whatever might be your thanksgiving, where do you go to? Jerusalem, the place God Himself restored and He is always in perfect harmony. Others might be having problems, not Jerusalem, the livewire of all the tribes of Israel. The Valley of Decision is our Jerusalem. All the congregations and local assemblies in the Bridal Faith are accountable to Jerusalem.
15.         Jerusalem, The Valley of Decision is the city of God; this is where God Himself dwelleth. You want to meet Him in person, come to Jerusalem. Even if you will travel twenty miles or one hundred miles or four or five months by revelation, it is not a waste.
16.         You see, Bishop Moses, we fulfil scriptures ignorantly.
17.         When God restored Jerusalem in the Gentiles, He restored all the attributes of Jerusalem. If you were finding fault with the Son of Man for insisting that the whole ceremony must be done in Jerusalem, begin now to change your mind.  
18.         We are in His Presence for thanksgiving unto the Lord. We have no money; we have no material things of the world to offer. The only thing we have is what we are offering. We are offering ourselves. No more, no less. If the Heaven and Earth belong to us, it is not enough to give thanks to the Lord.
19.         You see, Bishop Moses said, “Brethren, come and join me and my family to say nothing but thank you Lord for resurrecting me from the land of the dead and for saving my family the agony, the pain that might be associated with my exist. More so, when it was not pre-planned and it was not desired.”
20.         Thus, it is better for us to gather to celebrate his life than to celebrate his death. Bishop Moses, we thank God. I can equally liken you to some others, unto you God first appeared. If your sacrifice will not be made acceptable, you would not have captured His photograph. He allowed you to capture His photograph neat, for a reason: so that from that day henceforth, you will no longer play with His Word. Neither will you reason His instruction with your wife or any flesh.
21.         When God speaks to a man or a woman, He does not want that man or woman to reason with flesh and blood.
22.         When He spoke to Abraham concerning the sacrifice, using his only son, Abraham knew the danger of reasoning with his wife. He carried out the instruction; he finished everything before Sarah knew what happened. Sarah heard a testimony.
23.         How I wish children of God will learn their lesson! Sometimes the Word of God will sound like music. It is only in this age that I have seen people that do not value eternal life but they know the dangers inherent in eternal Hell, but they do not value eternal life. However, you must get one.
24.         This is the only age where the Voice of God will roar on an individual and he remains static. In the days of our fathers, they fell flat until they hear, “Go, do not ever try it again!” They rest at nothing until they hear that.
25.         We are very glad that God has provided this day as a day of thanksgiving so that all of us who were sad, who fainted during those troublous days could also rejoice with Bishop Moses and family.
26.         God takes interest in thanksgiving; it is good to give thanks to the Lord. It is good to be appreciative. Jesus the Christ healed ten lepers; nine went away, only one came back to give thanks. He did not condemn him; rather He said, “Where are the rest? Were you not ten? But only you came. Go and present yourself to your people in the temple and then offer the sacrifices of thanksgiving according to the Law.”
27.         Jesus Christ expected those people to be appreciative, but they were ingrates. They were ungrateful, they were unthankful. What is more, this is one of the spirits of the last days. People are unthankful, do good to them and they will pay you back with evil. May that type of spirit never creep into our hearts for Christ’s sake. However, remember that any spirit you yield yourself to, is the spirit that will posses you.
28.         I want you to understand that the Lord Himself was a part of Bishop Moses’ testimony. It was the first day he stood in the congregation of God’s people in Jerusalem to testify of the goodness of the Lord, that the Lord Himself fell in love with him as never before; to the extent of revealing the FULLNESS OF THE DEITY to no other person but to him. A sure sign that God accepted his testimony, his thanksgiving and everything.
29.         Whatever we are going to have now is just the completion, for he has concluded in his heart that it will be incomplete until he has allowed all of you come together that he might express his heart desires, wishes, thanks, appreciations to all of you that joined in prayers with him and family, all that rallied round him at least during those horrible days. It is worthwhile.
30.         Psalms 117, “O praise the LORD, all ye nations: praise him, all ye people. For his merciful kindness is great toward us: and the truth of the LORD endureth forever. Praise ye the LORD.” KJV.
31.         Praise the Lord all nations, praise Him all people. His love for us is strong and His faithfulness is eternal”. GNB.
32.         The Lord’s love for His people is what? Strong! And His faithfulness is eternal.
33.         Praise the Lord all nations everywhere, praise Him all the peoples of the Earth. For He loves us very dearly and His truth endures praise the Lord”.
34.         David is a wonderful man, finish! This is the shortest psalm.
35.         Psalms 111 verse 1: “Halleluiah! I want to expressly publicly before His people...” LB.
36.         This is exactly what Bishop Moses and family are doing this day. That which they have been doing all this while, they now want to do publicly.
37.         Psalms 111 verse 1-6, “Praise ye the LORD. I will praise the LORD with my whole heart, in the assembly of the upright, and in the congregation. The works of the LORD are great, sought out of all them that have pleasure therein.
38.         His work is honorable and glorious: and his righteousness endureth forever. He hath made his wonderful works to be remembered: the LORD is gracious and full of compassion.
39.         He hath given meat unto them that fear him: he will ever be mindful of his covenant. He hath showed his people the power of his works, that he may give them the heritage of the heathen.” KJV.
40.         Psalms 127, “Except the LORD build the house, they labor in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.
41.         It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows: for so he giveth his beloved sleep. Lo, children are a heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.
42.         As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate.” KJV.
43.         Psalms 145 verse 1-5, “I will extol thee, my God, O king; and I will bless thy name forever and ever. Every day will I bless thee; and I will praise thy name forever and ever.
44.         Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised; and his greatness is unsearchable. One generation shall praise thy works to another, and shall declare thy mighty acts.
45.         I will speak of the glorious honor of thy majesty, and of thy wondrous works. And men shall speak of the might of thy terrible acts: and I will declare thy greatness.
46.         They shall abundantly utter the memory of thy great goodness, and shall sing of thy righteousness. The LORD is gracious, and full of compassion; slow to anger, and of great mercy.
47.         The LORD is good to all: and his tender mercies are over all his works. All thy works shall praise thee, O LORD; and thy saints shall bless thee. They shall speak of the glory of thy kingdom, and talk of thy power;
48.         To make known to the sons of men his mighty acts, and the glorious majesty of his kingdom. Thy kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and thy dominion endureth throughout all generations.” KJV.
49.         Psalms 146, “Praise ye the LORD. Praise the LORD, O my soul. While I live will I praise the LORD: I will sing praises unto my God while I have any being. Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help.
50.         His breath goeth forth, he returneth to his earth; in that very day his thoughts perish. Happy is he that hath the God of Jacob for his help, whose hope is in the LORD his God.” KJV.
51.         Psalms 149 “Praise ye the LORD.  Sing unto the LORD a new song, and his praise in the congregation of saints. Let Israel rejoice in him that made him: let the children of Zion be joyful in their King. Let them praise his name in the dance.” KJV.
52.         Psalms 132 “LORD, remember David, and all his afflictions: How he swore unto the LORD, and vowed unto the mighty God of Jacob; Surely I will not come into the tabernacle of my house, nor go up into my bed;
53.         I will not give sleep to mine eyes, or slumber to mine eyelids, Until I find out a place for the LORD, a habitation for the mighty God of Jacob.
54.         Lo, we heard of it at Ephratah: we found it in the fields of the wood. We will go into his tabernacles: we will worship at his footstool...
55.         Where do we go and worship Him? In God’s permanent home on Earth. Is it like that in your own scripture?
56.         Arise, O LORD, into thy rest; thou, and the ark of thy strength. Let thy priests be clothed with righteousness; and let thy saints shout for joy.
57.         For thy servant David's sake turn not away the face of thine anointed. The LORD hath sworn in truth unto David; he will not turn from it; Of the fruit of thy body will I set upon thy throne.
58.         If thy children will keep my covenant and my testimony that I shall teach them, their children shall also sit upon thy throne forevermore.” KJV.
59.         Psalms 133 “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!
60.         It is like the precious ointment upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron's beard: that went down to the skirts of his garments; As the dew of Hermon, and as the dew that descended upon the mountains of Zion: for there the LORD commanded the blessing, even life forevermore.” KJV.
61.         Psalms 136 verse 1-4, “O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endureth forever. O give thanks unto the God of gods: for his mercy endureth forever.
62.         O give thanks to the Lord of lords: for his mercy endureth forever. To him who alone doeth great wonders: for his mercy endureth forever.” KJV.
63.         I decided to show you these Psalms for all of you to see that it is good to appreciate God’s wonderful deeds, works, miracles, blessings and protections which we enjoy on a daily basis.
64.         We may not have the opportunity to gather all of you together, but you cannot exclude yourself from your family.
65.         When you gather in your family, do you meditate on the good things God has done for you and your family? Do they worth praising Him? Do they worth saying “thank you Lord”? Instead of doing that, many will gather to castigate, to scandalize and do every kind of blasphemous thing so as to cause the name of God to be ridiculed even among the heathens.
66.         However, it is not so with Bishop Moses and family. Bishop Moses and family remained an outstanding family in Nsukka.
67.         I am happy that I do not frequent his house where he is presently living now. I do not think I have stepped my feet there more than two times. I do not think so.
68.         I am not singing his praise, but I am giving him his flower while he is alive. If he is wise with his family, he will consolidate on his testimony. But if he is foolish, he will drag his testimony to the mud.
69.         There is nothing as pleasant as life, no matter the way you look at it. How I wish the entire brethren at Nsukka can recognize and acknowledge superiority. For God made it clear in “The Great Sermon” that a fool can hardly recognize, acknowledge and conceive superiority. If you like believe it; if you like cast it away from your mind.
70.         If your life is not reflecting the teaching you have received from the Son of Man, it is reflecting the people you surround yourself with. Surround yourself with God’s word, and you will reflect Christ. Surround yourself with fools in the society, that have concluded that “there is no God, of what good is it to live rightly,” it must reflect in your character.
71.         I appreciate your collective presence, I have admired your beauty; I have admitted all your sacrifices of praise which you have offered unto the Lord through the Son of Man.
72.         I say it the same way Paul said it that whatever sin he has forgiven, he has forgiven it in the stead of Christ and Christ Himself has forgiven. In other words, if St. Paul could set you free, Christ has set you free. If he welcomes your sacrifice, he welcomes it in the stead of Christ. Thus, I have welcomed your sacrifices of praise and thanksgiving in the stead of Christ, in the stead of He that sent me.
73.         However, let it be known to you that He that sent Me is still with Me. He has not left Me for I do those things that please Him. With these few words, I wish to encourage you to remain appreciative, be filled with thanksgiving.
74.         I have a gift I will give to all of you. If I have money I will give you, but what I have is what I will give you. Be reverend as I administer this blessed water. You know there can never be a counterfeit without original. People travel long distances to collect what they call holy water, tell me what makes that water holy?
75.         Water can never be holy unless the Holy One touches it. Do you believe that? Your drink is not holy, what makes your drinks holy is the presence of the Son of Man.
76.         No place is holy, no mountain is holy, no family is holy, no individual is holy; until that family, that individual is connected to God. When you are divinely connected to God, you become holy for Christ is our holiness.
77.         If we leave our fellowship hall after service, anybody is free to come into the fellowship hall. They can use it for whatever they want, but as long as I am in the hall and you are there with Me; His glory is there. This is the place where the glory of God has come down and His Presence makes everything right.   
78.         I am a witness that Sister Chiwendu came to a point where American doctors wrote that it will take miracle from God for her to conceive and warned her never to think of marriage. They made good arrangement for her to come to America, but when they concluded, God told the sister, “Fear not, I am with you. Off your eyes from your condition, YOU MUST DO FAMILY PLANNING.” She said amen!
79.         I thank God I wedded her at Eha-Amufu. The testimony is still there. Thus, Brother James, you can see what is happening, the promise has come to pass. I saw your wife rejoicing, and I remember she was the one that was almost dead because of the heart attack. We were no longer talking about having children; we were talking about saving her life. However, God said she will live, she will also have children.
80.         Take this water. This water, because of the nature of the owner I give you no rule. When you get there, splash it on the body of the owner and leave the rest on her table. Tell her to drink it as she wishes, but before then splash it on her body in my Name. Take it to the mother of the Son of Man at Mbaise.
81.         Bishop Chike, take this water, I give you no rule. Pure it on the body of the owner, command her to drink it as she wishes. That is Mama Nath.
82.         There is one in our midst who came all the way from America to partake of God’s blessings. I will make it public. He came to Me and said, “Daddy, my dad is dying of stroke. Even now, I want to be a partaker of this blessing that is going on now. Give me one!” Will you blame him?
83.         We thank God for the journey so far. If you apply faith in what instruction God gave you; it shall be well with you. I say if you apply faith, faith in Christ; it shall be well with you.
84.         Brother Benjamin from Zonkwua take this water, I give you no rule. Pure it on the head of mama, command her to drink as she wishes. She has been desiring to see my face; she should look away from her condition. If God does not solve her problem, nobody will solve it.
85.         Only few of us know her. She is aged and she is terribly sick. However, God is greater than her sickness.
86.         Brother John Barns, take this water, pure it on the body of our mother; command her to drink as she wishes. Take it to Mama Nkwe at Ogwu.
87.         If you collected a bottle of water, if water is given to you to administer on anybody; before you pure it on that person or do everything, open it, hand it over to the owner with the question whether he or she believed in the Son of Man. If the answer is yes, tell him or her to speak into that bottle. Whatever is his or her desire, say it into the bottle. The bottle can hear, speak to the bottle. After speaking, collect the bottle from the person and then administer.
88.       On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally. Amen.