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The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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Believe it if you can…
—The   Son of Man
From the Message: WE ARE WAITING FOR TIME(PP.104)

The most important thing you must know is why God came down in a Thick Cloud, in a Pillar of Fire. God did not come down in vain. He had a reason why He decided to come down in a Thick Cloud before many witnesses.
When I am referring to God, I am referring Jehovah, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I am referring to the God that is revealed in our own day, the Elohim walking on two feet, that came in the Clouds of Heaven, the Son of Man, the only true and living God. There is no other God except Him.
That is why the book of Revelation introduced Him as the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, He that was dead and now He is alive forever and holds the key of Heaven and Hell, He that has come, the Lord God Almighty—that is the God we are referring to.–The Son of Man

While we remain bowed down, the scriptures say; from the mouth of the suckling, God Almighty perfected His praise. Lead us in a prayer! Be seated everybody. Young man, your sins that are many are forgiven you for Christ’s sake! By the sprinkling of the pure water on you, I declare you clean before the Almighty God and the saints. Receive your healing for Christ’s sake!
2.           To God be the glory for great things He has done. How many were in this fellowship when Mama Ikebude was lame? I mean, she was not walking, the legs were paralyzed, the hands paralyzed?
3.           How many were in the End Time with me when her husband who was suffering from stroke, paralyzed for twenty one years, was baptized by us at the bank of River Niger.
4.           We stole him away. Onitsha people ran mad with us; brought him back to his house. A chartered Accountant by profession! Immediately we asked him to come down from the vehicle.
5.           You see, papa who was paralyzed for twenty one years. We asked him to come down from the vehicle we opened the door. What happened? Before Onitsha indigenes, witnesses who came to kill us for carrying away the head of the family without anybody’s notice, papa came down and walked into his house on his two feet.
6.           That was the day the late Justice Emmanuel Araka subscribed to this faith and empowered the whole of Onitsha to subscribe to this faith. But because of their numerous traditions, festivals, it is very difficult for Onitsha man to worship God, Onitsha woman to worship God. It is not easy.
7.           Mama was the one that poured water on us when we went to their house to have our Holy Communion at the invitation of her husband who was the only believer. Mama instructed her children to pour water on us, scatter the Holy Communion table, then Mama became lame, that is paralyzed.
8.           When the miracle happened in the life of her husband, Mama subscribed to the Faith, resigned from her former Church where she was the leader of the womenfolk and was called “Iron Lady.” Mama became a ‘soft lady”.
9.           We mandated our former Pastor Nnamdi Ogbogu to always bring Mama to this place for fellowship and take her back at the end of the fellowship.
10.        One morning like that, Brother Nnamdi Ogbogu went there to bring Mama, only to see Mama walking on two feet. He brought Mama down to fellowship. Mama danced and rejoiced and remained dancing and rejoicing till today.
11.         How many know Mama Fanny Nwakobi, who came back from America, as heavy as heavy can be? Abnormally dull, she was a giant!
12.        During our communion night, Mama was walking, there was no light.  Unconsciously, mama slipped into the ditch in the old fellowship hall where the mechanical engineering students used to carry out their practice.
13.        Mama unconsciously fell into that six feet ditch—and it was in the night—with her full weight. There was a very big alarm in the camp.
14.        They ran to my corner, “Daddy, look at the trouble now! How can we cope with Obosi people, seeing that Mama is their first lady?” Nwokobi family, the former traditional ruler of Obosi?
15.        I ordered elders to go there, bring her out, that there was no injury. They said, “What!” I said, “No injury”. They brought Mama out.
16.         Mama had her medical report from America banning her from eating carbohydrates and even solid foods. I commanded that Mama should be served with yam, served with every kind of food.
17.        “Mama, eat and rejoice! Let me sign the warrant. If anything happens, let Obosi people carry me”. Mama ate those things and recovered fully. With God all things are possible to those that really believe.
18.        When you believe, there is going to be a performance of that which God has promised. But where you do not believe, you can never get anything from God. You will be like Archbishop of Canterbury. Amen.

Watch, the Leader of the Anglican Communion addressed the whole world on Friday. It was documented in the Sun Newspaper of Friday.
2.           The Archbishop of Canterbury said that he had his doubt whether God exists, in a press interview. In his own cathedral, according to the report, he was addressing over ten thousand worshippers.
3.           He said, “It is not a crime against the Christian faith for one to doubt the existence of God.” That many scriptures he read created doubts in him.
4.           They asked him whether it is possible for one to doubt the existence of God and still retain his Christianity. He said absolutely yes, that there is nothing wrong in doubting the existence of God:  “It cannot make you not to be a Christian.”
5.           That he must say it, that he doubted whether God exists. But the scripture he is holding says, “Whosoever that will come to God, must first of all acknowledge, believe that He exists.”
6.           Let me tell you, the Athenians are better than that man, if the Supreme Pontiff of the Anglican Communion could make such a horrible statement before his own worshippers numbering over ten thousand, in their own Cathedral where they pin their hopes.
7.            No wonder the greatest abomination of this age is perpetrated by the Church of England. It is the Church of England that approved unisex.
8.           The Church of England permitted homosexuals to become Bishops, Pastors and things like that. Before we knew it, the first wedding that is anti-Christ took place in his own cathedral. He wedded a woman that married a woman, wedded a man that married a man.
9.           What is more, many people made a great hell of noise that they belong to Anglican, they belong to Catholic, that they belong to this and  that.
10.        If you do not belong to Christ, you are lost. You are a politician. What you do not know the origin of will kill and wipe off your family and take you to hell. You might be saying, “Salvation is by individual”, I say, no, you are being represented there because you are protecting the interest of your own group. Thus, it is condemnation by representation.
11.         Just like a few months ago, the Cardinal who represents the Pope of the Catholic Church spoke on behalf of Pope Francis; telling them never to believe anymore that Jesus will return again.
12.        That he has come back long ago, that the world doesn’t know that he is somewhere favouring a small group of people. That nevertheless, that they should continue upholding their Catholic Faith.
13.        Is it not a sign of confusion? A sign of confusion! Why? The light came; they rejected the light and continue working in darkness.
14.        Some are comforting themselves saying, “We were born into it, it will be too hard for us to go away from it at this closing hour. More so, when we have made our names prominent in the midst of our people” They are being pinned down by the positions they occupy.
15.        You are occupying such a position there? Get ready! You will occupy the same position in hell. Big position in the Church, big position in hell.
16.        Jesus the Christ saw these things ahead of time. He condemned his own generation saying, “Do not behave like the Pharisees who go a long way making people their converts. When they bring them in, they will harden them and make them more of candidates of hell than heaven.”
17.        You watch the Pentecostals, they place billboard, they use all forms of fliers, they use every kind of adverts, they go a long way to make converts. When they bring them (their converts) in, they will harden them in unbelief. Amen.
Today, the die is cast, the center is no longer holding, the Lord is vindicating the just everywhere. The Lord is confirming the truth as it is being proclaimed by the Son of Man free of charge to the whole world. I am offering you free offer of salvation. Free offer; embrace it.
2.           The Lord has started exposing them according to my word. For some months now, Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy has been in the news worldwide together with his family.
3.           Before we knew it, Tope Joshua (T.B Joshua) synagogue of the devil in Lagos collapsed. I mentioned it loud and clear that people must run away from that place any time from now. Thus, the wrath of God must visit that temple.
4.           The hand of God is there. It is there to deceive the world into believing that the man is a man of God. He is not. He is using familiar spirit. 
5.           I want to tell you something. Don’t allow those things to fool you. In the days of the apostles, they came into contact with one who was performing miracles, signs and wonders, healings using familiar spirit, and people were trooping to that fellow because that business was fetching a lot of money for her and for the parents.
6.            When Paul saw that idiot tracing him about, Paul stood still, indicted her and cast out that evil spirit from her. Immediately she fell down cried and cried and cried, something happened. That evil spirit obeyed the voice of the man of God and left that lady. She never knew that the spirit had left, the following day, her coverts came in thousands as usual to receive the “abracadabra (magic).
7.           The parents came with their “Ghana must go” (big bags) to carry money home as usual. When they came, she made her incantations, nothing happened, she cried and cried, nothing happened. She called Holy Ghost, nothing happened, she called Jesus name, nothing happened.
8.           The parents were astonished. They began to call her by different titles to see whether the spirit could be provoked to do something: “Ada Eze 1, Omereohia free, kwirikwirikwiri!” They discovered that the more they were chanting the praise, nothing happened.
9.           They summoned her, “What really is responsible for this type of collapse? How did this happen? Do you want us to die penury? You want us to be poor again?”
10.        She said, “No. There was one man of God and his people that met me at the market square and he did something, commanded the spirit to leave me, I fell down and wept bitterly. The thing rolled me on the ground and they prayed for me. I regained myself. That was the time this thing left me”.
11.        Why is it that both Chris Oyakhilome, Tope Joshua, cannot permit another preacher from somewhere to preach in their synagogue? Why can’t they invite ministers from other Churches abroad or in Nigeria to minister in their pulpit?
12.        Even if they are travelling abroad, they will program their members in the television using the Internet? If they bring another minister to minister in their pulpit, is it a crime? Will God run away? Why can’t they recognize gifts of God in their midst?
13.        Go to Christ Embassy, he doesn’t recognize any other person except those he is paying.
14.        Two weeks ago, the Newspapers carried the news that he sacked twelve pastors in his Church who were praying that God will frustrate the divorce suit filed against him by the wife. His pastors declared fasting and praying against it and Chris Oyakhilome sacked all of them.
15.        Tell me the difference between Chris Oyakhilome and Rochas Okorocha of Imo State who sacked twelve commissioners recently for not sharing his own opinion with him. Are they not the same?
16.        The Son of Man remains the only Human Being where God dwells that will tell you to criticize Him if you want, that it is your right! 
17.        He said, “Exercise it whether constructively or destructively.” Why? It is not the name you call your dog that matters but what your dog responds to. 
18.        The name you are calling the Son of Man matters nothing but what He responds to, is His Name. You can call me a devil, call me a dog, which is your right, exercise it.
19.        Why did Tope Joshua close the gates against journalists, press men authorized by the government? He even barricaded the gates against the police until the Governor of Lagos State, Governor Fashola had to use Ikeja cantonment, use soldiers, mobile police men to remove the gates and allow caterpillars to enter to rescue people so that we can know the number of casualties, and then to enable the police to investigate his activities.
20.         Now he is telling the world, there was one aeroplane that hovered in the air, and immediately the building collapsed.
21.        You see, I saw the thing in the television, I said, “These people are funny. This man craftily authorized his pilot to use his aeroplane to fly to give the impression that the building collapsed because aeroplane flew on top of it.”
22.         Was it the first day? Has aeroplane not been flying to and fro in Lagos? Don’t we have international and domestic (internal) airports in Lagos? Who are they trying to deceive?
23.        Since we have been here, have we not been seeing aeroplane flying to and fro? Some land at Enugu airport, some at Asaba, some at Port Harcourt. What of other Churches in Lagos? Doesn’t aeroplane fly across them?
24.        The Police asked him a question, “Did that aeroplane drop any bomb or rocket? Was there any explosion?” The answer was no.
25.        Why did he ban the press from coming in until government used force? The mystery is going to be unraveled very soon. We will know what is happening.
26.        Presently now, the honourable politician, the so-called CAN president, Pastor Ayo Ortisejafor who has collected government honour, he is now in the news.
27.        The South African government impounded his aeroplane. His private jet is being used to run arms (weapons) deal, purportedly by Government of Nigeria. 29.3 million dollars cash, raw cash was found in his private jet.
28.        The Jet was impounded, the people inside arrested including his own pilot. And then, what is the case? The people said that they came to South Africa to purchase arms and ammunitions for government. We said, “Which government?”
29.        South African Government queried Nigeria, asking them, “When has this one started? Buying arms with raw cash?” A country transacting business with another country using raw cash.
30.        Could it be that there are no banks there? No banks in Nigeria? Something is in the offing. I thank God I am not permitted to speak on such matters. You are in the world of your own, a big question is this. Of all the private Jets, how many private Jets does our president have?
31.        Is that one owned by Pastor Oritsejafor, the general superintendent of Word of God Mission Incorporated; is that Jet more superior to the one or to the many that are parking there for the President and for other Nigerian dignitaries? What is wrong with Nigeria? What is the work of the ministry of Aviation? Why must that jet be borrowed or they said, they hired?
32.        Ayo Oritsejafe, did you purchase your private Jet for commercial purpose? Have you become a government agent that will do importation of arms for Nigeria using your Jet? What am I saying? God has started condemning, judging, exposing all antichrists and their movements. It has started according to my word.
33.        I told you, one of these days; all these so-called Churches will be warehouses. For people will see their nakedness and begin to move away.
34.        They have been fooling the world all these years into believing they are serving God’s interest. They are serving their personal interest.
35.         Like I told you the other time, “Make no mistake of thinking that poor people are behind Boko Haram insurgence.” That is not true.
36.         Now the latest discovery as we have in the television and newspapers. Tell me, can a poor man purchase a helicopter? Can a poor man purchase arm car? Can a poor man purchase anti-aircraft machine? All those heavy, heavy artilleries, ammunitions that were recovered by JTF from the hands of the Boko Harams, who and who supplied them?
37.         When they were using SUV (Sports utility vehicle) worth 9.5 million naira to do suicide bombing, I told you, there must be big names behind it.
38.        As we continued, shamelessly, the government alerted the world that two Air Force Officers carried Nigerian Air Force Jet to Adamawa and the Jet got lost. The jet now entered Bermuda triangle. The jet landed in the Pacific Ocean or Indian Ocean. It landed where the prying eyes of the security agents cannot reach.
39.        Whether Air Force, Army, Navy, Police, civil defence and so on and so forth; it took off in Nigeria and landed in no country at all. Then, let us agree, it is missing. What efforts are they making to recover it?
40.        Where are the whereabouts of the two pilots that purportedly carried it? If not for what happened recently, where they courageously paraded their officers and men and condemned twelve to die by firing squad for inspiring mutiny alleged; well, only God knows what took place.
41.        Because we are living in a nation where I, the Son of Man can be whisked away even for speaking the truth. Yes, when you speak the truth, they will whisk you away and you will not be seen again.
42.        That is why I warned you, steer clear from partisan politics. Don’t play any part in politics. Leave politics for politicians, be a child of God, pursue your noble venture.
43.        Say “no” to all acts of terrorism, all acts of violence. Say “no”! Do not allow yourself to be tempted into signing into it, even in the inter village clashes, inter village boundary clashes, don’t subscribe to them. You have the right to demonstrate, but you have no right to violence.
44.        Once you are a child of God, you are for peace. You are for what? Peace. Anything that will not promote peace and harmony, good neighbourliness, good relationship, say “no” to it. I saw a bishop vying for governorship at Akwa Ibom State in the newspaper of yesterday. A bishop of Anglican Church is vying for governorship. He is no longer satisfied with his Church duties.
45.        What is motivating him? The crave for materialism! Everybody is having his eyes on the oil money, “gas money”, “electricity money.”
46.        What is more, this is a nation that wants us to pray for her. Anybody can pray for Nigeria, not the Son of Man. I pray for the sons of God in Nigeria. I don’t pray for Nigeria, I pray for the saints of God in Nigeria who have the fear of God, who are not a part of the problems of Nigeria.
47.        If poor people are behind the Boko Haram insurgence, it would have stopped a long time ago. But the people that are behind it, are the people that are greater than Nigeria in all respects.
48.        If you give a poor man the money that is used to purchase one armoured car, he will never work all the days of his life and he will live the life of a millionaire until he will die. Who are they fooling? Common AK47 that is being used by the Police, do you know how much they bought it?
49.        A poor man cannot buy it. We know what is happening and they know where the target is but unfortunately, they shun the target. If I were in their shoes, number one person will be Ayo Oritsejafor.
50.        When you were renting out your Jet, what were you having in mind? How much were they paying you? Is this the first time it has been used? It has been shuttling, because every day is for the robber but one day is for the owner.
51.         A criminal can be stealing and going free, attempting and going free, one day the police will catch him. The world will know how he is making his money.
52.        Why did the government decide to reward him with OFR? From the time the government started rewarding men of God with national honours, that was the time government made them government megaphones. For they are serving the interest of the government and not of God.
53.        If you don’t know the history of Church, go back. The Church fell away when the government and the Church fused together in the days of Constantine.
54.        Constantine, the Emperor of Constantinople, joined the Church with the government, politics and Church became twin brothers. And the Church fell away from the Apostolic Faith.
55.        What was the result? Apostasy emerged! From that time till today, apostasy gained ground, making it difficult for the Son of Man to penetrate into the hearts of the people for their salvation, because apostasy is reigning in their hearts.
56.        Every statement I make, somebody will challenge me quoting another thing contrary. And what he is using to challenge me is apostate doctrine. Apostate doctrine! Which he will join with his human philosophy.
57.        . God has started opening the buttock of all fake pastors, fake preachers, fake bishops, fake popes, fake archbishops who are deceiving the people of God. All these counterfeit Churches will soon be erased. Before your eyes, God is going to erase them, but before then, he will humiliate them, humiliate their members.
58.        The greatest evil is perpetrated among Church members. We better acknowledge these truths. When you know these truths, happy are you.
59.        This is not my message; I came for something better than that. But I am moved to say something so as to keep you away from the spirit that is ruling among the children of disobedience. Go to any Church you want, they are defending.
60.        If they are not defending Chris Oyakhilome, they are defending TB Joshua. They are defending their CAN president, because he is the president of CAN. Do they know what CAN is all about? Christian Association of Nigeria—the seat of antichrist:  “Come together, we are one.” The mark of the beast.
61.        Why can’t he join in the evil of his day? Is there anything sustaining him? Balancing in the arm chair at Abuja presently. Is it a ticket to paradise? He will be number one God will humiliate, when the judgment of God will strike all those structures.
62.        I told my friend one day, I said, “God will spare the Muslims and will banish all Christians.” It is a shocker. He said, “What!” are you becoming a Muslim?
63.        I said, “I don’t need to be a Muslim before I am saved; but God will consider Muslims instead of considering Christians.”
64.        It is a hard statement, but eyes will see, ears will hear, tongues will confess that the Son of Man earlier said this. We are feasting on the Cloud. Amen.


I don’t know why the spirit moves the other way. Deacon Vin, stand up. Brother Kelechi, stand up. Ezemmachi, stand up. These are the three.
2.           Brother Ezemmachi, you owe a great apology to the grave of your late wife, Sister Chinyere. And apology must be tendered verbally, to your wife. After tendering the apology, go home and have your rest. The spirit is still alive.
3.           Yes, the spirit is still alive. Do you believe that? Spirits do not die, rather they commune. Whether good spirit or bad spirit, they meet. They meet, they discuss. Do you doubt me? Let see living Bible translation.   
4.           He that said, “Do not fear the spirit of the dead, knows that the spirit of the dead exists.”
5.           We have mentioned it in the spiritual realms: the spirit of Samuel the prophet when he was consulted, he also prophesied and the prophecy came to pass.
6.           Die as a prophet, you must resurrect as a prophet. And you must surely prophesy. The body is given over to corruption but the spirit comes back in incorruption.
7.           Colossians 1:6. Living Bible. Take note as we pick the wordings of that verse. Let me trace it. We will go to Genesis chapter 1 also.
8.           I want to trace it. First we go to John chapter 1. I know that Genesis said, “In the beginning, God…” Who doesn’t know that God is the Alpha and Omega? He is here because I am here. The tabernacle of God is among men.
9.           John chapter 1 verse 1. “Before any else existed, there was Christ…”
10.        There was what? Christ, the Anointed One, The Messiah, The Saviour in the spirit form. After creating everything according to Genesis 1:6, he said, “The Spirit of God hovered all over the earth,” and that spirit is that Christ that was there before any other thing else was created.
11.        …there was Christ with God…”
12.         Remember I told you that God means object of worship. It takes the worshipper to reveal who God is. Without the worshipper, God does not exist.
13.         “…He has always been alive and himself God…”
14.        He has always been alive and he is himself God. He said, “God created the heavens and the earth and the fullness thereof.”
15.         Now, verse 10. “But although he made the world…”
16.         Who made the world? Christ the Anointed One, the Messiah. Although He made the world, let see the next.
17.        …the world couldn’t recognize him when he came.”
18.        The world could not recognize him when he came.
19.        Verse 12. “Even in his own land and among his own people the Jews, he was not accepted…”
20.         Even in His own land and among His own people, the Jews. He had a people; He had His own land.
21.        …he was not accepted. Only a few will welcome and accept him.
22.        Only a few did what? Would welcome and receive him. But to all who receive him…”
23.         To all who received him:
24.        “…He gave the right to become children of God...”
25.        He gave them what? He conferred them with authority, the right of citizenship. Why? They welcomed Him.
26.        “…All they needed to do was to trust him to save them…”
27.        All they needed to do was what? To trust Him to save them.
28.        Verse 13. “All those who believe this are reborn, not a physical rebirth resulting from a human passion or plan, but from the will of God.
29.        Verse 14. “And Christ became a human being…”
30.        And this Sovereign Spirit revealed Himself as what? A human being. He is the same yesterday, today and forever, according to Hebrews 13:8.
31.        According to Malachi 3:6, He doesn’t change. According to the book of Ecclesiastes, whatever He did in time past, that He is repeating over and over, that men will fear before Him. And Christ became a human being.
32.        “..And Christ became a human being and lived here on earth…”
33.        And lived where? On earth. Not in heaven. While He was here, He was praying, “My father which art in heaven,” yet the Father was in Him.
34.        If you have seen Him, you have seen the Father. Yet, He was talking to the Father which was in heaven. Which heaven?
35.        You are all sitting in heavenly places in Christ. This is the city of the Most High God, the Galilee of the Gentiles, the Jerusalem of the saints, your only point of pilgrimage.
36.        Religious people go to pilgrimage where they think their God is. Hence, Muslims go to Mecca, Christians go to Israel. But, we are settled in mount Zion, City of the Most High God, the true Israel of God, not made with physical circumcision, but with spiritual circumcision. Not born after the will of man, but born after the will of God.
37.         They said, “Father, teach us how to pray.” He said, “ When you want to pray, [Pray like this. “Our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give this day, our daily bread...”
38.        And he was the one that told them, “The kingdom of God cometh not with signs that could be seen with physical eyes. I want to tell you, the kingdom of God is among men on earth”. 
39.        You are translated from the Kingdom of Darkness into the kingdom of his dear son where you now have the right to call Him, Abba father. For in Him is the Father revealed: I am in my Father, my Father is in Me. And my Father is in heaven.
40.        Where am I? Wherever the Son is, that is where the Father is. If you have seen me, you have seen my Father.
41.        And Philip said, “Lord, show us the Father.” He replied, “Philip, how long will I be with you and yet you do not know me. The ox knows his maker, animals in the forest know their Creator, but, my people do not know me.” Amen.

What am I saying? We have seen the Sovereign Spirit in human form here on earth, and He was talking to the Father that is in heaven, yet the father is in him. In Him is the Father revealed. And look at the thing again.
2.           The prophet said, “Once more, I will ride this trail”. They were thinking about trail, they never knew what he was saying. We are here for a sign of condemnation to the world; it has always been like that even among His people the Jews. Only few welcome Him. The rest were hypocrites.
3.           The Bible said, “Because of envy and jealousy, the Jews, the Pharisees, scribes and Sadducees could not confess Him before the people. For they were saying, if we should highlight him, make people know about him, nobody will believe us again. We will lose our followers, it then means we are doing nothing.”
4.            “Why is it every time, Son of Man, Son of Man? Is the Son of Man the only person you know? Are we not doing the same work? After all, he said, ‘We are messengers of the same message.’”
5.           Since you are messengers of the same message, bring out the message, let us trace the origin. Tell us the message and we will credit it to you.
6.           First John chapter 1 from verse 1. It is a popular place. “Christ was alive when the world began. Is it true?
7.           Yet, I myself have seen him with my own eyes and listen to him speak.’ Do what?
8.           I have seen him with my own eyes and listened to him speak.”
9.            And listened to him speak. You heard with your ears. So, you are not only eyewitness, you are eye and ear witnesses.
10.        I have touched him with my own hands.”
11.         You have done what? Touched him with my own hands. So, He is a human being walking on earth, pointing you to the Father that is in heaven; while the father proceeded from him. See the father. “Now we know that the Son of Man and the father are one”.
12.        “Our heavenly father…” He said, “If you are ashamed of professing my Name before men, I will also be ashamed of confessing your name before my father which is in heaven.”
13.        Yet the Father was settled in him. He said, “He that sent me is still with me, the father has not left me for I do those things that please him.”
15.         How will you know when He has left? How will you know when the dog is sleeping? If the dog is asleep, open the mouth and put your hand.
16.        I myself have seen him, I have handled Him with my hand, I have heard Him speak.
17.        “…He is God’s message of life…”
18.        He is what? God’s message of life. You see, the message is a human being. The message of life is what? A human being. And in your day, the word has been made flesh. Amen.

Colossians chapter 1 verse 16. That is where I want to stop. I want to link all of them together so that you can find out the contradiction if any.
2.           Colossians chapter 1 verse 16, “Christ himself is the creator who made everything in heaven and earth…”
3.           Any contradiction? No sir. By the witnesses of two or three shall the truth be established.
4.           The things we can see…. Things you can see.
5.           …and the things we can’t. Things you cannot see.
6.           Thus, there are many things you cannot see and yet they exist. Many, many things that do not come to your own focus with your human eyes. It does not mean that it does not exist.
7.           That you do not see your late father does not mean that he does not exist. Your late father still exists. For the day God will judge the wickedness of man is yet to come.
8.           The flesh has seen corruption in the grave but the spirit is yet to be judged, for the day appointed for the judgment is yet to come.
9.           Thus, your father is alive. Because you don’t see that spirit, it doesn’t mean that it does not exist. The spirit exists, and it is the spirit that maketh a man. The spirit maketh a human being. The spirit maketh a woman.
10.        William Branham said, “Jezebel, Ahab, Pharaoh and the rest of them, including the good ones, they are dead, but their spirits are still alive possessing men and women. By your character we will know the spirit you possess, for the spirit controls the character.
11.        Your spirit can make you to be another Ahab, another Jezebel, and another Lucifer. There are people that are born with Luciferian spirit. Brother Ebenezer, is it a lie? Is Lucifer not a spirit? He is a spirit.
12.        There are too many people with Luciferian spirit even sitting down here. Do you know what a Luciferian spirit is? Spirit of pride, spirit of jealousy, spirit of envy.
13.        Lucifer was not satisfied with his position anymore; he said to himself, puffed up with pride: “I will ascend beyond the throne of the Most High.”
14.        The spirit that will say, “I can do better than that person. What is special about him? What ‘A’ can do, ‘B’ can do even better.” When he knows he is an empty barrel. That is a Luciferian spirit. Spirit of haughtiness and it goeth before a fall.
15.        Who is in doubt that we are under the Cloud? Look around. If the Cloud is not here, it then goes to show that God is not interested.
16.        “…The things we can see and the things we cannot. The spirit world…”
17.        The spirit world. Thus, spirits have their own world. As human beings have their world, spirits have their world.
18.        The spirit world with its kings and kingdoms…”
19.         With it’s what? Kings and kingdoms. Can there be a kingdom without a king? There are too many kings; there are too many lords in that kingdom.
20.        We are talking about the spirit world with its own administrative setup. Your father might be there as an ordinary member with kings ruling over him there.
21.        Your father might be there as a debtor. The debt he couldn’t pay here will be demanded over there, and he will come back to attack whosoever that has inherited his property which he could have used to pay the debt if he has.
22.        You cannot inherit a man’s property without paying his debt. Once you inherit assets, you must inherit liabilities. The administrative setup of the spirit world with its kings and kingdoms…”
23.        “…its rulers and authorities…”
24.         It’s what? Rulers and authorities. There are rulers and authorities governing the spirit world. They hold their meetings, they have their discussions.
25.         Why am I able to tell you this? I am a minister of God and I am a ministering spirit. For God has made His messengers ministering spirits, otherwise, you will not know the unknown.
26.        Can you see as we have the administration of the physical kingdom, so we have the administrative set of the metaphysical kingdom? It is composed of kings, rulers, authorities and nominal members, floor members, that is “o yes” members.
27.        Let nobody ever fool you. I am trying to raise a certain level of consciousness in you. I know I have some students of physics who can tell me the principles of kinetic energy.
28.         I am not a metaphysician, but I do not discourage somebody from aspiring to that height for it helps you to understand metaphysical occurrences.
29.        Too many things happen in the spirit world. Whatever you call modern inventions are products of metaphysical knowledge. But human beings stop at certain human levels. And any level you stop determines what you will call one who is higher than you.
30.        We have too many stars and those stars do not have the same level of light, and they are not the same in size, they do not do the same work.
31.        Different functions are assigned to different stars. In the message we read before, it was talking about the seven radiations of God.
32.        Let me stop there. I think I have crossed the boundary. But I have established my mind for you to believe that there is what we call the spirit world with its kings and rulers. With its kingdom, with its authorities! Who placed them there?
33.        “…Its rulers and authorities, all were made by Christ for his own use…”
34.        All were made by who? Christ. For what reason? For His own use and glory. For His own use and what? Glory. Why not put your hands together!
35.        From today, stop challenging anything you do not know, or doesn’t seem clearer to you. For there are too many things you cannot understand now, but you will understand them hereafter.
36.        When Jesus Christ was washing their feet, some were skeptical about what he was doing. He said to them, “What I am doing now, you cannot understand but hereafter.”
37.        The Cloud is predominantly in the camp confirming the truth, rejoicing that there could be a little group that will accept this hardest truth.
38.        I now believe that when God sends a man, he gives him people that will believe him. For not all have our faith.
39.        Now, to those I asked to stand up, Ezemmachi, sit down. I have settled your case.
40.        Brother Kelechi, your apostleship means nothing to this matter. Deacon Vin, your deaconship means nothing to this matter. He that authorized you to marry second wives is the one authorizing you to go to Apostle Abraham Paul to teach two of you how to run a family where there are two wives.
41.        Brother Kelechi, your case is different from that of brother Vin. If you are confused, two of you should see me together. Otherwise, what is giving you joy now will cause you sorrow later. Amen.



Salvation is committed as a sacred trust into the hands of the Son of Man. Finish. But you must be ready to accept it otherwise it will be withdrawn. Is there anything stopping us from extending this salvation to the principal of this college and family? No Sir.
2.           On this note, Pastor Dan inform the principal of GTC to get the picture of his family, if he wants. What we accept is accepted; what we reject is rejected by God.
3.           There is no other thing we can do for him. We cannot give him money, not wine; in short, there is no other thing we can do for him more than this. No other thing if not to carry him and his family into the congregation of God’s people who are ready to be taken away by God.
4.           It is only this few people that I am able to gather for Christ all these years. The last sign has been displayed. The whole world has seen it. No other sign. No other sign shall be given but destruction and in that twinkling of an eye, the saints are vanishing.
5.           No other sign, no other warning; but everything will be over which is the time of presentation of the bride to the entire world as a spotless white without spot, without wrinkle, for Christ in your midst has made you holy, for you have welcomed the rejected Christ of all ages.
6.           The unwelcomed Christ of all the ages happened to be welcomed, accepted not by the world, but by this little group, the Bride, the little flock.
7.           It has been like that since He announced it: “Fear not little flock for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you His Kingdom.” Many are called, but few are chosen; many will see the Kingdom, but they will not enter.  Nevertheless, strive that you may enter.
8.           Some are at the door, they do not want to enter, they do not want others to enter. Some will help others to enter but they will be rejected. We have come to the end of all things; the end according to the scripture will declare all things, nothing to fear.
9.           If any prophet will rise up tomorrow from heaven, from earth or beneath the earth to tell you that there is another thing left if not God’s judgment upon the wicked, tell that prophet to go and pray to obtain the mind of God for the world will not rise higher than where they are now, for the whole earth is now filled with violence.
10.        Thus, we have returned to the days of Sodom and Gomorrah: Immorality, lawlessness, total moral decay, everywhere. We have returned to the days of Noah when violence filled the whole earth. This is where we are. The Son of Man has appeared long, long time ago to gather the jewels home. There is no other thing left.
11.        I have kept the Faith; I have fulfilled the ministry committed into my hands. I am not chargeable to any man. I never exploited any individual by day or by night. However, I suffered deprivation for your sakes. For your sakes, I made myself poor that you might be my riches.
12.        I have accumulated nothing here on earth than what he himself decided to give me as a gift just to make me feel a little comfortable in this closing hour. I told you he (God) is going to put smiles on your faces but it will not last long, He will cut it short. Otherwise, many of you will run into the world and begin to enjoy pleasures of the world and forget the Lord.
13.        For that reason, on this day, I will start trimming it down so that you get ready for the flight. From now on the Eagle is going to make the nest uncomfortable. When the eagle wants to let the eaglets out, she would stir up the nest, making the nest very uncomfortable so that the eaglets will be desiring to fly.
14.        Your wings are strong for Christ has strengthened your wings. I can now say that there are few individuals who have made themselves unsaveable. Only but few individuals made themselves unsaveable.
15.        God never made them unsaveable; rather, they declared themselves unworthy of everlasting life and there is nothing I can do to reverse their decision.
16.        Saint Paul said, “Seeing that you have rejected this Gospel, you have counted yourself unworthy of everlasting life, we now turn to the people that need it”.
17.        Thus, there is no other instrument God has given than his Word, not signs and wonders, not miracles, no, no, no. You can get those things and still perish. There is no salvation attached to all those things; they are there to attract the unbelievers.
18.        Signs and wonders are for unbelievers, but the true children of God follow God because He alone has the Word of eternal life and they are sure and certain.
19.        Hence, when the apostles went about handling the Word unadulterated, God was confirming it with signs and wonders following them, not they following signs and wonders. But signs and wonders following them wherever they go for I and the children which Father has committed into my hands, we are for signs and wonders in our own generation.
20.        Signs and wonders will deceive many, but the elects cannot be deceived because they heed to the Word. If it is not the Word of God, nobody is sanctified as you are sanctified by the Word you receive but not all.
21.        As many that refused to accept the Word can never be sanctified. Outside the Word of God, there is no safe place and God cannot bless you out there. You are sanctified by the Word which you receive. Amen.

I have to thank all of you for your co-operation all these years. If you never co-operated with me, the work would have remained an impossible task. Not that it has been easy; it has never been easy.
2.           You are all my witnesses that it has never been easy. I had my own pill, the toughest pill ever for no man of God has ever suffered what I suffered. Nobody has ever endured what I endured, all for your sakes.
3.            I forfeited all my rights and privileges, I only depended on Him. No more, no less. The life I am living now is not my own life, but of He that sent Me.
4.           I am not in very much haste because your brethren out there at the other ends of the earth, as we are here, so they are there and in the next two months from now till December I believe I will round off the project.
5.           Talk of the Middle East, you are all following. Let it be known to you that God has started judging the whole parts of the earth. He has started judging all counterfeit Churches and there is no going back.
6.            All that blinded the world, God has started visiting them at their various synagogues. Watch, the last that will collapse is that Babylon, the great whore, the mother of all these harlots. That will be the last that will fall and the fall shall be very great for that is where all the kings and rulers of this world have committed fornication—the home of all abomination, the manufacturer of all evil and so on.
7.           But God is going to humiliate her and all her daughters. From now watch, all these cages of unclean birds, the Lord is going to visit them one by one, but He wants to hide you away first so that the destruction will not affect you.
8.           For it has been the manner of the Elohim: hiding away the righteous before destroying the wicked for He had never destroyed the wicked in the midst of the righteous. They are an abomination before God, He knows how to preserve the righteous until the day of their redemption.
9.           He also knows how to preserve the ungodly until the day of their redemption. He also knows how to preserve the ungodly until the day of his final destruction.
10.        By now, you must have known your status in Christ. If while I am still here, you are afraid, afraid of what? For there is no fear in love. Perfect love drives away all fears? Fear of what? Fear of hellfire? No! Fear of what? He has saved us from his wrath for believing in Him whom He has sent for that is all you can do to fulfill all the righteous demand of God: By believing in Him Whom He has sent. That settles the matter.
11.        However, where you say you will not believe because of over familiarity of one thing or the other, there is no salvation for you. But to them that believe, He gave them power to become the sons and daughters of God even those that believe in His Name.
12.        Remember “The revelation of the new Name of God;” for the Name of God is revealed from dispensation to dispensation just like the righteousness of God. The righteousness of God according to the Bible is revealed from generation to generation.
13.        Thus, what was the righteousness of God in Noah’s day cannot be your righteousness. The faith of Noah is not your faith. The righteousness of David is not our righteousness otherwise you will be killing people anyhow.
14.        David killed his enemies and God counted it for his righteousness. But in our own dispensation, you must love your enemies; do good to your enemies. If you kill, you are a transgressor.
15.        The faith of the Pentecostals is not your faith, for you are far from Pentecost. Pentecost is in AD 70, which is restoration of gift, restoration of apostolic ministry. We have left that one long, long time ago.
16.        What is more, we have left William Branham, the time of the restoration of all things. We have left that one long time ago. Now is the manifestation of sons and daughters of God.
17.        The world has been travailing in pain; we have seen religion; we have seen Churches, but we have not seen the true sons and daughters of God who will manifest the life of Christ, but this is the hour and moment of truth, moment of reality.
18.        This is your own time. Any moment from now, it is going to be the hour or moment of darkness. Gross darkness is about to cover the whole earth. I said gross darkness is about to the whole earth, I said gross darkness.
19.        What is more, I told you as I made it clear in 1996 that you should try to eat the Word, eat the Word, take the Word for the journey is still to far, for you have never gone this way before. No living being today has ever trailed on this way.
20.        It will take He (the Elohim) that has been here since the world began. That’s why He was encouraging you to take the Word; eat the Word for you do not know the distance.
21.        Today, if you have refused that Word prepared for you from above, no hope for you: food prepared by the angels that sustained Elijah, food prepared by the angels, that they served him and it became his strength and that food was the Word of God, the strength of every true seed of God. The Word of God is their seal; that is mark of approval.
22.        Now, the Word (Christ) is in you; the Word does everything; the Word has baptized you for the Word of God is God himself. He is our Baptizer, our Sanctifier, our Holiness, our Salvation, our Redemption, our everything.
23.        He is our Consolation for without Him, we can do nothing. That is why your faith is not anchored on what you can do or what you cannot do but in him that is able to justify the ungodly, finish; and once it rests there, you are secured in him eternally for God cannot love you today and hate you tomorrow.
24.        If God loves you, He will love you till the end. But you must be His own: I know my sheep, my sheep heareth My Voice and they follow.
25.         If you are not numbered among my sheep as I am talking to you now, you are not happy for you think I am wasting your time, your business will be ruminating your heart: the man who promised to come and carry 20 cartons of goods, finish your warehouse like a brother called me on phone.
26.        Brother IK Obasanya, I am talking to you. The appointment you booked, you esteemed higher than hearing the Word of God, you will be another Martha, who gave herself over to cooking food, everything to entertain the Master thinking that salvation would come through that entertainment for the family.
27.        There is nothing wrong in entertainment, but give priority to the Word of God. Watch Mary, Mary sat down at the Master’s feet hearing the Word of God. She chose the path which no human being could take away from her; it is personal choice.
28.        The choice you are making or the type of God you will worship will determine your Eternal destiny. Eternal life is once and for all, no second chance: “Let me try again,” not eternal life.
29.        You are drawn from the Gentiles; you were not a part of the original olive tree. You were cut off from God’s light. Everything about God was strange to you. For your sake, God decided to cut off His own people to graft you in, using you to provoke them to jealousy.
30.        It is only in the Gentile world that the Name of Jehovah is reverenced. The Jews are still fighting wars. For killing the Prince of Peace, they got it hot. No Jew gives real allegiance to God. Their hands are still bloody; even till now, they are fighting. All their boundaries are still surrounded.
31.        It is only in the Gentile land that the Name of God is called and now it is over. Now, He has turned to Jews intending to put to an end to their troubles to graft them back. The cutting off of the Jews initially was the bringing in of the Gentile.
32.        What do you think, the cutting off of the Gentiles will mean to the Jews? It is resurrection from the dead. You see no other sign but the sign of Jonah.  With a twinkling of an eye, we will meet Him together in the air and we shall part no more.
33.        If you have this hope in you, you will remain in your sanctified estate. In no distant time it shall be over. In all my efforts for over 20 years, this is the much I could gather in the Gentiles.
34.        Do not panic about your children in the schools and colleges, they are coming.  I have made good arrangements for them. Everybody that belongs to Christ, I accommodated all in the Ark, even the ones in the womb must get their rightful place. Once the woman is in the Ark she would deliver in the Ark. Amen.