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The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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Thursday, 5 July 2012



It is true I am an ordinary human being in appearance.
Whosoever God sends in every dispensation is God’s tabernacle. He is God’s dwelling place; he is where God is hiding. He must always be a human being.

He cannot be walking with wings because God is dwelling in him, no! He remains a mere human bing in appearance, but he is a supernatural human being the other way round, in that He can change situations. Believe it if you can…

Do you know who God is? Nobody knoweth the Father but the Son, nobody knoweth the Son but the Father and to whomsoever the Son shall choose to reveal. I am in the bosom of the Father, and He that is in the bosom of the Father knows the mind of the Father.

If I declare that you are lost, you are lost. If I declare you are saved, you are saved. Do you know the safe ground, have you gone this way before?




Deuteronomy 31:15 “And the LORD appeared in the tabernacle in a pillar of a cloud: and the pillar of the cloud stood over the door of the tabernacle.” KJV

Exodus 13:21 And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night:.” KJV.

Psalms 89:7 God is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints, and to be had in reverence of all them that are about him.” KJV

“Daniel 7:9 I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool: his throne was like the fiery flame, and his wheels as burning fire.” KJV


 Isaiah 11:10 “And in that day there shall be a root of Jesse, which shall stand for an ensign of the people; to it shall the Gentiles seek: and his rest shall be glorious.” KJV

Ephesians 2:19 “Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints, and of the household of God.” KJV.

I hope you are happy? If you are not happy, you are the most ungrateful human being on Earth. Anybody that is in this Faith that does not have joy is the most miserable on Earth. For the Psalmist said, “When I look around me, I will see the reason why I must praise God.”
2.            There are people who are desiring for a place like this Church of God, where they will stay and worship their God but they could not see. You do not know what God has done for you: at least once a while you have a place where you can sit down comfortably, be at peace and worship God according to the desire of your heart.
3.            Too many people here in Nigeria are longing to have a place like this Church of Christ. We are not in wartime yet the precarious condition that we have found ourselves has made it almost impossible for many people that are desiring earnestly to worship God, to gather under a roof like ours in Nigeria. You do not know what you are benefiting from the Eastern part of Nigeria  where you can come in, relax, praise and worship the Lord without fear of any amazement or embarrassment.
4.            Maybe it has never come to you by revelation that many people went to worship their God and perished in their synagogues. It has not become a revelation to you that some were even suspended from gathering because of fear of being destroyed by their fellow human beings. Since the world began have you ever heard it?
5.            Even, it is prohibited under the United Nations law that no matter the level of the war, whether you call it civil war or whatever you may call it, it is the greatest abomination for anybody who feels provoked to attack people during worship or attack worship centres, but the worst is taking place in Nigeria: Bombing of Churches, bombing of Mosques, places of worship; bombing of innocent worshipers who just gathered to praise their god only to end it in the mortuary
6.            When you are in His Presence in the fellowship of the saints relaxed; you do not know what you are benefiting! Up there in the North, many do not have worshiping centres again. Some now worship in their families for fear of being killed but you are at peace in His Presence in the fellowship of the saints.
7.             When we say, let us praise the Lord in the fellowship, you close your mouth, some will even have the gut to say, “We are not happy!” Why are you not happy?
8.            One hundred and sixty-seven innocent souls including infants that boarded the DANA Aircraft while we were in the fellowship rejoicing in the Presence of the Lord with Bishop Moses, little did we know those people who boarded the airplane ended it somewhere in Lagos, including infants.
9.            What can you say about residents of that area who were at home eating and drinking, discussing with their families, but unfortunately from nowhere, an airplane landed on their building and crushed them into pieces? Are you better than them?
10.         We have many reasons why we should worship God. Your problem might be that you do not have money in your pocket but those people were millionaires yet their money could not save them. They were property owners yet their property could not save them. Among them was a professor who is from my hometown, by the name Professor Celestine Onwuliri. Who does not know about the man? A former Vice Chancellor (VC) of FUTO.
11.         Watch, his academic qualification never saved him, despite his profession, death never respected him. What can you say about Dr Levi Ajuonuma? Dr Ajuonuma is a doctorate degree holder from my hometown. It is a name that rings bell in the whole Nigeria: Dr Agonuma of NNPC. Now, look at the unfortunate thing, two of them were from one village.
12.          Professor Onwudiwe who the wife is now the minister of State in Abuja, was the Deputy Governor in Imo State under chief Ikedi Ohakim. She replaced Ada Okwuonu from my hometown who decamped to APGA. Thus, PDP had to pick another woman also from my hometown to replace her. All of them perished. Are you better than them?
13.         What do you think that you have which they do not have? Do you at all pause and think? Have you one day paused to think about the goodness of the Lord to you? If you do not consider the goodness of the Lord, the tendency is there for you to continue to be disobedient to God’s Word. You think that the life you are living today is because you merited it?
14.         What can you say about the highways? This highways that we ply on daily basis safely, too many ply the road and perished on the highway. Some perished in the river, some summersault on the road, some fell into the ditch.
15.         Recently, you heard it that a 608 lorry that loaded 48 passengers at Upper-Iweka, they were going to Father Mbaka’s adoration and they fell into a ditch and all of them died. Are you better than them? Why shouldn’t you be happy every day?
16.         It is because you do not consider the goodness of the Lord. You consider your family and every other thing. I was hearing testimonies of things that happened to us and we survived. A woman that was pinched by ordinary crayfish bone, and crayfish bone became a problem that killed the woman at Nkpor. Crayfish bone that pinch the finger and turned out to be whitlow, killed her within forty-eight hours. Something that you will just swallow and continue your journey.
17.         Many things that you pass through as if they are nothing, people will meet them and die on the spot. Sicknesses that have stopped people will attack you and your children, yet you still remained alive. I mean too many intractable sicknesses that have stopped people abruptly, yet we drink wine and everything as if they are nothing, and you think that it is your own doing? It is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes.
18.         I was going through a newspaper publication and one woman and family were pleading to the whole world for general donation because the medical doctors diagnosed and said that their newborn baby had a hole in the heart and I laughed.
19.         I then remembered one thing that happened when one of my sons had that problem at a very tender age. Both the x-ray and everything, the medical doctors concluded that there was a hole in his heart, and my wife fainted. I told her to rise up, that she should not faint for that was the medical doctors’ observation; that it is their own conclusion, but God has not spoken.
20.         If you listen to the voice of your physicians you must die, but when you listen to the Voice of God you will live. Thus, do not be another Ansa who trusted in his physician rather than God and he died. If you go by doctors’ assessment, you will die. However, when you lean on God, you will live.
21.         There are many cases where the medical doctors concluded that it was over, yet took control and saved the situation. Let me tell you one, going by medical doctors assessment, going by examination reports, brother Chibuzor, the son of Sister Ogoo should not have lived beyond 24 hours.
22.         I thank God that I have some medical experts who can speak. There was nothing in the report of the x-ray and the scanning that suggested that he could breath for 24 hours, but this day he is eating. He has even started playing football. When they said that every hope is lost, God laughed and said, “Well, they have said their own but that is not so.”
23.         I do not care how the blood clotted in the brain, I do not care how the sensory nerves and neurons were destroyed and so on, but I am assuring them of one thing: if they will obey my instructions, I will keep watch over that bed 24 hours and I did it. I kept watch over that bed for 24 hours, even right now, when all their medication failed, he is now feeding on my own prescribed drugs which no medical doctor in this Nigeria can prescribe for they do not know about it. However, it is very, very simple. Even UNTH cannot prescribe it.
24.         I placed him on those drugs and told him to remain there until I will dismantle it. Go and see him, he has started reading and everything is restored because he trusted in God instead of in the physicians.
25.         Trust in your doctor and you will die. Thus, never boast on what you know but boast on the Lord. For if God does not come to your rescue, you are wasting your time. We are not in His Presence for fun, rather we are in His Presence in the fellowship of the saints for a strict business and we will keep on rehearsing the Lord’s goodness.
26.         If God is not good to you leave us, and be another Victor Ugwu who will remain ungrateful all the days of his life. For he does not know that Sunday is a fellowship day. He is fellowshipping somewhere fooling himself.
28.         I do not say it to please anybody, no. If you like believe it. For it will take a renegade, one that is out of the way of the truth, especially from Onitsha, to be fully relaxed and free as he stays away from the fellowship of the saints, especially at a time like this when the fullness of the Lord has been made manifest even to the point that infants among us now have the revelation of what we are saying.
29.         Those that are following God because of bread and butter, milk and honey, well, let me hold my peace for we have come to the end of all things.
30.         Sister Mary Ezichi, I was testifying of our encounter with you, your various experiences even before now and those who have not know that God is not making a mistake. God does not make mistake.
31.         When she got married you heard what God said that despite that she married, God spoke concerning her. When we were discussing with Pastor Thomas also, she was just saying, “The man I am living with, the man I am living with!” However, she did not know that I was noting her words.
32.         For over one hour we were discussing, I did not hear my husband from her mouth, she was only saying, “The man I am living with, the man I am living with.” But she did not know that I was underlining that. Though I did not want to ask her why she was not saying, “My husband said,” because she knew that she was living with a man.
33.         You can live with a man; it is a different thing from being married to a man. You can live with a man, yet you are not married to that man.
34.         Drusilla was a Jewess who got entangled to Governor Felix who was a Gentile. Drusilla was never married to Governor Felix but she was living with a man.
35.         If you are a daughter of God and a stranger takes you as a wife, you are living with a man and not a husband for you are not married to a man or woman until whenever a Jew gets married to a Jew; then everybody will now understand each other for whatever the rat knows, the lizard knows it also. A tree cannot produce two different kinds of fruits unless if it is attached or grafted.
36.         Not when you will be saying this and he will be saying that. If you are calling your own God, he will be calling his own god also. You better crosscheck yourselves, because after your salvation the next thing is your marriage. What is more, sometimes your salvation is tied to your marriage.
37.         That was why when they were saying that her husband died, I told them that nobody died, that God knows how to save His people. Finish!
38.         I told them that I will not say anything until after the burial of her husband. That if after the burial, she follows her people in attending Catholic, then I will know that she is not a child of God. However, I am sure and certain that even if you throw her into Catholic, she will find her way out, for if she had wanted to go to Catholic, her brother is a reverend father there. Can her husband know Catholic more than her brother?
39.         That is why whenever they tell Me that they want to visit their brother, the reverend father, I will give them license to follow him and then stay in Onitsha to monitor them.
40.         However, I thank God that all of them by revelation have seen that, that which the reverend father is confessing is fake. It is purely fake, for the worst in this Faith is better than the best reverend father.
41.         Do not worry. Why they are following him is for them to see whether he will help them financially and not all about beliefs, for it is “mind your own business.’ The man is a very nice man for he has not given them condition that they will follow him to Catholic for him to help them. For that is exactly where they will part.
42.         Because I know that they will prefer to be beggars than to go there. But when you are making “yea!” “yea!”, make sure that you are not guilty, for you might be the reason why is he is ridiculing the faith! It is because of the way you present yourself to him. If you present yourself in a beggarly way, he will ridicule you and your God. I am telling you the truth!
43.         It is better for the heathens to come to us than for us to go to the heathens. You cannot call him Devil and show interest in the wealth of the devil. For if I am devilish, everything I have is devilish. The same way, if I am Godly, whatever I have is Godly.
44.         Hence, be very careful that you do not shout “Yes Sir!” and later go back like Jehu. For Jehu condemned Ahab and his evils, yet the evils of Ahab, Jehu departed not from. Amen.

I want us to consider few things from our message. “God Can Blot Out Names,” page 8 verse 3: “Revelation 3 verse 5,He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment; and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life…”
2.             Note, and I will not blot out his name from the Book of Life. Which means the name was there in the beginning. Remember that when you go to a brother or sister and open up a discussion, whatever you are going to discuss or whatever that is in your mind must be recorded. For that moment a book of record is opened.
3.            If you go to the INNER VOICE you will understand it better. I do not care where you are, whether you are in your private bedroom or toilet, a book of record must be opened where everything that you discussed must be recorded whether good or bad. He that overcometh, I will not blot out his name from the Book of Life.
4.            Your name was there before the foundation of the Earth and can be blotted out along the way. Do not tell me that once saved is already saved.
5.            Verse 8: “Revelation chapter 1 verse 14,His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire.”
6.            What? Look at the photograph of the Headstone captured on 8th April 2012, is it not a perfect description? I told you in the beginning that I was not pointing you there because I am involved. Even if I am not and somebody else is involved, I need to confirm the truth.
7.            His hair, His Head everything were white as wool. I do not think that there is a description greater than this! See William Branham’s day “white”, see our own day,” white”. For He is the same yesterday, today and forever.
8.            “By the time this ministry finishes, this is the way we are going to appear…”
9.            What? This man was a prophet. He said that by the time this ministry finishes, this is the way we are going to appear, for we shall be like Him and we shall see Him just as He is.  God can blot out names from the Book of Life.
10.         Page 10, verse 10: “The Bible said that our tribulation maketh us to have experience. Jesus Christ passed through a lot of troubles, He went through tribulations in the flesh to the point that He has to lose His life to pay the price, and at the end of it, when He was glorified, His hairs turned white like wool greater than that of an old woman.”
11.         When he was glorified; remember the Voice, “I have glorified you and I will glorify you again.” In 1996 the Voice said, “Son of Man, I have glorified you and I will glorify you again.” It said that when Christ will be glorified, His hair, His head, everything about Him will be as white as snow.
13.         “Because when people hear that you are my nation, you are my people, I cannot do without you, they die if they are not careful. When people hear from the word of God’s vessel, that I have made you a king, I have made you my Church, I have made you my nation, I have made you my servant, I have made you my minister, I have made you my wife, I have made you my son, if they are not careful, they die. Why? The same God that said it can also speak against it.”
14.         Thus, God can change His mind concerning His Word. Can God change His mind concerning His Word? The answer is yes.
15.         Verse 49, “If you are in this Church, we know when your name has left the Book. Somebody can know because there is a Book of Life. We will see it and we will know what is that Book of Life because there are two types of book. THERE ARE BOOKS AND THERE IS A BOOK OF LIFE.
16.         God can wipe away names. When God called Jeroboam by prophecy, God wrote his name as a king in Israel; by prophecy also, God confirmed His Presence, that He has chosen him as a king, but what happened? When Jeroboam went into idolatry, the Bible said that God wiped away his name from the kings of Israel to the extent that all his children and grandchildren and anything that can be traced to Jeroboam, God wiped them away. Why? He has neglected instructions that made his name to be in the Book of Life.” 
17.         The whole generation, the whole lineage, that is why God said that you should be very careful that you do not commit a crime that will erase your lineage. If you go to the message titled, “We Are in Danger of Being Called to Question,” it is there.
18.         There is a crime that you will commit and your lineage will be completely erased, and you find yourself in that thing that you were running away from and that is Hellfire. Then you will go and swim in the ocean of Hell eternally. If it is not truth, the Cloud will not vindicate it.
19.         Even now that I am talking, I am the Cloud made visible in your midst, in the Church. Do you know that?
20.         Note that the Message God Can Blot out Names” was preached after I handled the message titled, “Be careful about what you have heard and what you have seen lest the fear of God depart from you and you sin against God”. Two messages at a stretch, the second one was titled “Running towards the Mark” and they were preached in my family altar, and later took to the fellowship. There, God confirmed it with prophecies, signs and wonders followed. Brother Ojiakor was there including our former Brother Andrew also, with many others. We all slept together.  
21.         “When Jeroboam went into idolatry, the Bible said that God wiped away his name from the kings of Israel to the extent that all his children and grandchildren and anything that can be traced to Jeroboam, God wiped them away. Why? He has neglected instructions that made his name to be in the Book of Life.”
22.         Even Cain, if you read the genealogy of Christ, starting from Adam, Cain and his descendants were not there, God wiped all off.
23.         Page 51, verse 14, “Can you imagine something that can cause a Bishop’s name to be cancelled!”
24.          He was referring to Bishop Judas, yet the spirit is still at work. If you can remember that it was in the same year, in 1994, we were returning from Abagana and I was in the same vehicle with Brother Chime, Pastor Nnamdi Ogbogu and many others.
25.         After our encounter there, the Voice said, “Sir, there is no need wasting your time, for you were trying to tamper with the tape in order to erase what you spoke before many witnesses as recorded in the magnetic tapes. In your crafty attempt to erase it so that people will not know about it, you spoiled the tape. And in the same way, your name has been erased from the Lamb’s Book of Life.”
26.         Brother Chime was there. Yet he carried on until God summoned Brother Kelechi one day and said, “Brother Kelechi, be courageous for I am showing him the way out. Stay clear from him from now, for I am going to make him mad and I will cause him to rebel against the truth he has preached, and I will make him a hateful animal before all brethren.”
27.         There are many things that I have spoken concerning many of you in privacy to those that are closer, that is why you have to be very careful for you only know what you are thinking about God but what God is thinking about you, you do not know. You only know the way you are seeing God, the way God is seeing you, you do not know.
28.         He that penned down your name has the right to erase it. That is why, He that has called us, that has taught us, has every right also to correct us and rebuke us.
29.         Do you know this way before? You have heard the testimony of the Pastor who was in charge: how they were doing everything in error until God appeared. Even holding the Holy Communion in error in 1992, until God appeared.
30.         Who was that God that appeared and corrected all those errors? Is He not in the midst of the Bride till today?  Have you not been seeing Him? Is He not the One still talking? He that is leading is still in control. Not another one.  Amen.

There is another Message preached by Okechukwu Paul on Sunday 27th April 1997, titled The Revelation of the Smoking Presence of God,” part 2.
2.            Let Me ask you, have you not seen the Smoking Presence of God? Look at it in the supernatural photograph, he caught it by revelation through the scriptures but you saw it live.  I will keep on upholding the truth not minding the vessel God used. I am showing you these things so that you can see the extent God can go to in  using a man to fulfill His purpose, after which He will erase his name.
3.            If because of the way that God have used you, you think that you have arrived, you have become something, by the way, who ordained you Pastor? Who made you Bishop? Who made you whatever you are? What were you before He appeared? The moment the legs and the hands begin to rebel against the head, they become standstill. You cannot move an inch.
4.            Why should you be proud and arrogant even before He that has called you? Who made you what you are? If you preach any sermon that you think that brethren accepted, who preached it first? You were only using what was handed down to encourage your brethren. However, that does not make you anything but by nature Pastors are popular because they are residents with the flock.
5.            Any minister that they do not want to accept, they will bias the hearts of their members against that minister. According to their calling they know how to go from house to house, even in the night, pretending to be friends when they are enemies.
6.            Apostles are quiet by their nature, they are spiritual, they do not make noise and they do not mingle with people anyhow. You can hardly see them in your house. If you are privileged to have one at anytime, it is  the greatest privilege that you can have for you are having God in person if you are wise.
7.            The revelation of the SMOKING PRESENCE OF GOD, why cannot you be afraid of God? That is why I handled the message titled, “Nobody is Indispensable in the House Of God” for when you come to a point where you think that this ministry cannot exist without you, God will show you the way out. That was the time I sang my song which rang bell, “The world will continue without you, no matter your pride and position!
8.            We come and go yet the ministry continues. This ministry is likened to a River Niger, a big ocean that drowns somebody and remains as if nothing is inside. You are afloat because the Lord has made you afloat. This great ocean where you are now floating on top, it has drowned many. Many ships and captains were buried beneath the seabed, and your eyes cannot see them, your memory cannot catch them anymore, but you are floating on top of the water. Yet do you know what is happening? Why? Because you are wearing a life jacket.
9.            Don’t you know what a life jacket is? Christ is our Life Jacket that will help us to swim across the great ocean. Nobody can cross an ocean without  a life jacket.   
10.         Thus, put on your life jacket as we journey across the ocean. It is a big ocean that respects nobody. If it is not true the Almighty would not have confirmed it, the Cloud would not have descended.
11.         The Smoking Presence of God was seen, preached by the same Pastor. He even preached “Follow the Cloud” after I came down from the pulpit; and he expanded the scriptures in the message titled “Follow The Cloud”.
12.         He said that wherever the Cloud descends, that is God in human form and there all the children will gather. He said that gathering outside the Cloud is idolatry. But where is he today? Where is he gathering today?
13.         Can the Cloud gather in two places at a time? No. For God is one and His Presence is one. Even the environment will tell you that the supernatural is talking place. I mean the environment where you are right now; can’t you see how dark it is? Look outside and see how bright it is? This is the Cloudy Presence.
14.         Do you think that God will vindicate all these things just for abracadabra? Who are you? Are you up to the level of a human being for God to show you abracadabra? No, we are the favoured people of this age. The most favored.
15.         God’s Presence in our midst is not a joke, it is not a magic, He is not using it to show us that He is God, no. It goes beyond that.
16.         Ancient men, whosoever that survived should thank God for we have reached to the point where we cannot go back. If we should go back, what should be our reason? Shall we say that God is not with us? Where we are it is imposable to go back.
17.         If we die now, we die in Him, and while we live we live in Him. They left because they thought that God is no longer with us, that was why they left. They said that God left us but God said that He is still with us: “Fear not, be ye not troubled for I am with you. I will lead you in the path that you will go.”
18.         When you are excommunicated from His Presence you lose His leadership. The moment one is out from the Presence of God he losses the leadership of God. He becomes his own leader, his own instructor, his own teacher, he will be his own examiner: he will set his own questions, write his exams and mark his own scripts. Yes now! For he will be the one that will be justifying himself, confirming himself, not God.
19.         Let me tell you something; we preach and we allow God to confirm. We do whatever we do and we say, “God confirm it. If we are in error please correct us, show us that we are wrong.”
20.         If God did not come down to vindicate Himself, the whole congregation everywhere is one, and they are all right in human eyes. Without God coming down to vindicate His chosen place of worship, His own approved people, every other gathering claims to be right, and they are right. It takes God to come and say, “This is the group that I have chosen; this is the only right group.” No more, no less. This is what has happened among us.
21.         Not that we merited it, no, for it is His perfect will which He purposed in Himself for us before the world began, that in the dispensation of time, as many of us as will embrace the appearance of the Son of Man, shall be made acceptable in the Beloved. No more, no less. The rest are decreed out.
22.         That is why we do not persuade anybody to believe us, no! We preach and leave it there, then say, “Believe it if you can.” We know that not everybody will believe for we know those that will believe and those that will believe not.  
23.         God can wipe away somebody’s name from the Book of Life. Your name might be there in the beginning but before we get to the end, your name is no longer there. That is why Jesus Christ told His disciples saying, “Whosoever that shall endure till the end, the same shall be saved.”
24.         What is more, to help us to remain steadfast, unshakable and immoveable in Him unto the end, He decided to glorify Himself for the last time in the midst of the Bride so that anybody that is moving away will blame himself and not God. Because both the visible and invisible parts of God have been revealed to us.
25.         If we say that we are drawing back, we draw back unto perdition and the Spirit of God will no longer be pleased with us. Thus, if we continue to march on, we will march on to the saving of our souls.
26.         As a result, always pray that God will give you the spiritual insight and the understanding to understand, and also the fact that even this preacher who was the light of many of you in this Faith is in prison custody. When I handled the message in this Church, many almost fainted, more so when I balanced it with the message that William Branham preached, titled, “Souls That Are in Prison Custody”.
27.         Jude 1 verse 6, “And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.” KJV.
28.         Do you know that we are in the light? We are children of the light and not of the darkness. Is it not true? Christ is the light of the world. When you are with Christ, you are with the light. Is it not true? Is it not scriptural?
29.         Light has come into the world and the world has rejected the light and followed the way of darkness for all their ways are evil. Is it not scriptural? In other words, he that is not walking with Christ is walking in the dark. Even as I am talking this hour, darkness has covered all over the Earth. The only people that are walking in the light are the people of God for God is the Light of world.
30.         Leave Him and you will be groping in darkness. You might be saying that you are seeing everybody but you are in the dark. It is like blindness, for the people of Israel were saying that they were not blind, that they could see, and God said, “If you have accepted that you were blind, I would have removed your blindness, but now that you claimed that you can see, your sin remaineth in you.”
31.         Thus, those angels who could not retain their first estate, God reserved them in everlasting chain in darkness. They are groping in darkness until the day they will be restored. They were angels of God before until they left their former estate.
32.         Jude 1 verse 6, “And I remind you of those angels who were once pure and holy But turned to a life of sin…”
33.         Note, they started disbelieving what they have believed and preached before which was confirmed by God to be truth.
34.         “..Now, God has them chained up in places of darkness, waiting for judgment day.” LB.
35.         It could be you, it could be me, it could be anybody. The moment you forsake your first estate, you are doomed! How I wish that many of you have gone to this message titled “Souls that Are in Prison Custody,” you will see the offences that you will commit and cross the divide. When you cross the divide, God calls it point of no return.
36.         That was why Jesus the Christ warned His disciples saying, “When you sin against the Father you will be forgiven, when you sin against the Son, you will be forgiven, but when the Holy Spirit shall come, when He, the Spirit of Truth shall come, who will round off the whole thing, whosoever that sins against Him shall never be forgiven in this life nor in the life to come.
37.         Whosoever—your position not withstanding—shall speak blasphemously against the Spirit of Truth shall never be forgiven in this life nor in the life to come.
38.         William Branham highlighted this message in the message titled “Unpardonable Sin”. Not all sins are pardonable for there are unpardonable sins. William Branham said that when this that is evidently set out before somebody, he acknowledges it to be truth, testifies about that truth before many witnesses and later turns round to blaspheme that truth, he has committed an unpardonable sin. He is in the region of the lost. He crosses the divide.
39.         Begin now to ponder how many that are in the region of the lost. You know that it is a personal matter. This thing can take place in one’s heart while you are at home. It can take place anywhere for it is an individual matter. You may be in the region of the lost and yet be coming to fellowship, wasting your time.
40.         Look at, by 1993 God has erased a Pastor’s name from the Book of Life and he officiated as Bishop until May 15th 2003. The day God left Saul the king of Israel, was it the day that he died? He was still leading the people, parading himself as a king when the Spirit of God has already left him, David had already been ordained.  The real king ordained by God was even hired to come and pacify Saul.
41.         David being a very good musician, you know, if we are talking of somebody that runs mad with music, it is David. One who could not control himself to the point of getting naked while dancing, yet that is a man after God’s own heart. Even if music makes me mad, have you not heard that I am the root and offspring of David? In other words, I must love music. I must be a musician; I must dance even naked as the king danced naked. Yet it was not abomination.
42.         A musician sang that music has made him to lose his senses. Thus, the children of God are known for running mad with music. Note, we are not joking neither are we playing.
43.         You can commit sin against the Father and you are forgiven. You can commit sin against the Son and you are forgiven. That’s why the message went forth in a strict voice saying, “I have assigned my Angel before you, my Name is upon Him to lead you in the path that you will go. Be very careful that you do not provoke Him to anger for He will never, never pardon your transgression. Do not go to the left, do not go to the right, just fix your eyes on Him. Remember, you have never gone this way before.”
44.         Besides, William Branham said in the message titled, “The Perfect Guide,” that if you are assigned to a guide who knows the way, your duty is to follow him step by step. If you come to the point where he will say that he is moving to the right and you say no, that it must be to the left, then you are lost. For you do not know the way.
45.         How can you find fault with the road that you have not plied before? How can you accuse your Guide that He does not know the way when you have not plied that way before; the map you do not have, and you are telling the Guide who is leading you that He has missed the way? If He has missed the way, it then means that you have gone that way before. Then if you have gone that way before, you have no need for a guide.
46.         You see where the problem lies! Finding fault with the Guide when you have never gone that way before. However, He that called you said that you should look at Him for my Name is upon Him. I am the One that will lead you in the way that you should go, and to prove it, He came down and vindicated the leadership using the Pillar of Cloud. For everything can mislead the people of God but not the Cloud.
47.         That’s why we are rejoicing exceedingly that we are the group that is following Divine leadership. The Holy Ghost that was given to us is still with us. How many have spoken blasphemously against Him? How many even among the people in this Faith?
48.         If God said that you should be very careful that you do not put Him into anger for He will never pardon your transgression, do you want to tell Me that you know Him more than God? He went further to tell us that “I wish to drop it into your ears that He is a very sensitive spirit. So do not even come to Him and make rash statements only to say that you do not mean them. Do not ever attempt it.
49.         I am not saying this because I am involved, I am highlighting it though you once knew it, I am only putting you in remembrance.
50.         The Apostles saw it and confirmed that it is truth, the prophets foretold it. Jesus the Christ hammered and hammered on it for He knew that God does not judge any man but has committed the judgment into the hand of His dear Son, for He is the Son of Man. What is more, all references of the end-time were the references of the days of the Son of Man, not the days of John the Baptist.
51.         For he said, “Do not ever pray that I will not go away, for if I do not go away the Comforter will not come. But when I go away, I will pray to the Father and He will give you another Comforter whom He shall send in my stead, and His Name is the Word of God.” The Word made flesh even in our day.
52.         You must know the truth and the truth will set you free. Under the sun, you are the only people that are worshipping under the Clouds; worshipping God where He has not only chosen to place His Name but where His glory has appeared. Others preach the glory of God but we enjoy the glory of God, live.
53.         We thank God for this wonderful message that was preached far back in 1994 which is still standing the test of time. For the Word of God is always alive and active so that you will be careful, lest you cause your name to be blotted out from the Book of Life.
54.         Have I not been telling you before that I do not believe in the message that once saved is always saved? I have also told you what I believe in eternal security: it is not once saved is always saved, no! If it is so, Lucifer is always saved for he was one of the glorious angels that knew not sin from the beginning. He was holy and perfect until iniquity was found in him. Iniquity can be found in you at any point in time.
55.         What is iniquity? Doing something you ought not to do for you know the awful implication, claiming that you have been saved, you are deceiving yourself. Just like Victor Ugwu is in the Church deceiving himself. It is now that he wants to tell himself the truth, and many others. However, I used him as an example. We have too many things in our midst.
56.         If you say that you do not know something, do you eat through your nose? There is something that I want you to know: no matter how mad you think a man is, he might be naked in the market, he might be very destructive, but each time he purchases any item, he must pay and he must demand for his balance (change).
57.         If he does not know any other thing, he identifies all the currencies. If you give him fifty Naira, he knows. You give him twenty Naira, he knows.  You give him hundred Naira, he knows. Then what made him to be called a mad man? A mad man can destroy any paper on the street but he can never destroy money. Once you give him money, he will keep it very well. Have you not been observing it? You can take away everything from a mad woman, but can you take away her child from her? Since she is mad, why is it that she will not kill her child?
58.          Stop telling Me that there are people that are not sensible; everybody is sensible. You know, whenever the person is looking for something of his own selfish gain, then you will know that he is sensible. God can never live with such a group.  Amen.

We will consider few things from the message titled “Building plan: God’s Plan To Establish His Church,” volume one.
2.            There are too many responses from our websites. You do not know the number of people that believe the message which we believe in this most holy Faith. I am of the opinion that every elect of God worldwide must come into contact with this glorious message, for when we shall return to Paradise, you will see them coming from the East, West, North and South; in different tongues and languages, with different colours of the skin, singing Hosanna and Halleluiah unto the Son of Man. For the Son of Man is the only Name that has gone round the globe, that has been made acceptable among the elect.
3.            Places Jesus Christ could not enter, the Son of Man entered. Where the Bible could not enter, the bridal faith entered, the Son of Man entered. For the Son of Man is the Carrier, the Transporter God is using to close the history of this age. That’s the Transporter.
4.            The whole forbidden nations, the whole Islamic nations; every family on Earth is connected to the web, and with the websites, the Son of Man has transported the Gospel of the Kingdom of Christ into every family. Thus, if our message is hidden, it is hidden from those who the god of this evil world has blinded their eyes of understanding, that they will not embrace this glorious Gospel of Christ, glorious Gospel of the Kingdom that they might be saved. Hence, this world is without excuse.
5.            I have fulfilled my ministry on Earth, I have fought a good fight, I have kept the Faith. Nothing is left. If anything is left, it does not concern you. There is nothing that you can do to hasten it up. I have piloted the ship safely to the shore.
6.            You think that the websites were established in vain? They were the only means by which all the elects of God worldwide will be connected for the salvation of God for this age. Beside that, no way.
7.            This Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached to all the ends of the Earth and then the end shall come. No man of God has succeeded in carrying the message of the Kingdom the extent the Son of Man has carried it. Without discrimination, I have carried the Gospel of Christ without discrimination, so that all flesh will know about it. For God called it a quick work, a quick ministry that will encircle the whole Earth. The ministry that is less than thirty years.
8.            Labour not for the food that perisheth but for the food that giveth eternal life which the Son of Man is giving, for Him had the Father sealed. Remember the message titled, “Choosing the Good Path.”
9.            Martha was very busy trying to provide food for the Messiah but Mary felt that food was necessary quite alright, but the most important thing is staying very close; staying at the Lord’s feet hearing His word, for man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. Remember that you are the Church that we are talking about. You are the Church we are talking about.
10.         I am the Church. It is not G.T.C. Teaching establishes our faith. If not for God’s teaching, we would have been like other people. Check the denominations, Pentecostals, thirty minutes, they have dismissed from service. Roman Catholics are now ten, ten minutes because in every Cathedral they have the first service, second service, third service, fourth service till up to tenth service to enable them collect money.
11.         However, Jerusalem is where we come; sit down because we gather in His Presence for a seminar. Jerusalem is a symposium where lectures are being delivered in order for the wise men to be wiser. Jerusalem is a place meant for wise people.
12.         “Building plan: God’s Plan To Establish His Church,” volume one; page 48, verse 23: Galatians chapter 3 verse 7-9, “Know ye therefore that they which are of faith, the same are the children of Abraham.
13.         And the Scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the heathen through faith, preached before the gospel unto Abraham, saying, In thee shall all nations be blessed. So then they which be of faith are blessed with faithful Abraham.” KJV.
14.         They knew ahead of time that God will justify this people through faith and not works, nor the Law.
15.       “…Note, ‘in thee shall all the nations be blessed.’ All that be of faith, they all belong to Abraham. Which faith? The faith of Christ. For if ye are Christ, then you are Abraham’s seeds and are heirs according to the Promise. Anybody outside this family of Abraham does not know about this Promise. God purposed the Church starting from the time of our father Abraham…”
16.         Sure! I think that they said that we do not know scriptures, if we do not know scripture, who knows scripture when the Bible encyclopedia is in our midst? The man behind every spiritual write-up is in our midst.  
17.         “…. He will be in the Church in the end-time. Who were the members of that Church? Our fathers. They were members of that Church. The Angel was in that Church, their fathers was there. If there must be a Church today, the Archangel must be there…”
18.         The revelation of the Archangel. Remember, this message was preached in 1993, September 26th at Abagana. “Revelation of the Archangel” was preached in 1996. If there must be a Church today, the Archangel must be there. Do we have the Archangel in our midst?
19.         Go out and mention messages that you have received and the vindications, people will be wondering whether you are a human being. Some might be thinking that you are out of your senses because they do not know anything about it. Yet they are all scriptural. They carry Bible that they do not read, moreover, they read without understanding.
20.         Do you know that you are the only group, the Bridal Faith, that can boast of having the Archangel? Look at the Archangel in your midst. Look at Him that was in the Church in the wilderness. That if it is not that Church, do not ever go there.
21.         Look away from Brother Peter Odoemena, look unto He that called you to this salvation ministry. You can see the minister rebuking his wife from the pulpit of demonstrating even in evil. Do not condemn her because many a time many of you that are married to the real servants of God, often times demonstrate in the fellowship, even at home you demonstrate.
22.         Sometimes you find it difficult to say Remain blessed because you feel that he carried you to the pulpit. Instead of saying praise God for coming my way, you will be demonstrating against God’s rebuke, God’s correction because God used your husband. Is your husband not a man of God?
23.         You know, Sisters who are privileged to marry ministers fail to acknowledge it from their hearts that their husbands are men of God, chosen of God. They can jump up when other ministers are on the pulpit, even if their names are mentioned they will say, “Thank God that God moved in a very wonderful way!”
24.         However, let your husband come and say anything, you see them murmuring, saying, “I know that he hates me! If he did not mention my name, who else will he mention her name? I am his topic.” It is a dangerous spirit. Are these messages meant for outsiders? No! They are for our own good.
25.         I used to tell my family at all times, “If you want to survive in this Faith, see it by personal revelation that the thought of God concerning you is that of good, no matter how it may come. For I do not want to know the way it came.” Whether it came through your husband, or your child, through a minister, for one day one of your sons will be ordained a minister and he will minister harshly on you, to your shame and condemnation. If you are not careful, after preaching, once you get home you lie him on the floor and ask him whether he has been born when you entered this Faith. I am telling you the truth.
26.         If there is any time I will say that my mother had fully identified with this ministry, it is now by revelation. She was following nominally before, but by revelation she has now understood. When she was talking to me, she said that I should salute Brother James Nnadi specially for her, that Brother James came with healing in his hand and did as God commanded him. That since that day, that she has seen many changes.
27.         What is more, she also commanded Brother James to remove the supernatural photograph which is the congregational one and the one with the Headstone, from the place where she placed them, and then place them closer to her pillow. She told Me that she placed the whole thing near the pillow so that anytime she is in the bed, whether awake or asleep, that the thing will keep watch over her.
28.         Moreover, since that day that she kept them there, that all the nonsense dreams that she used to have are gone. That she now sleeps quietly and wakes up lively than before. I said to her, “Mama, do you know that this same photograph is the same man that is standing before you?” She said, “Yes! I know, I know!” But before now, it was like a shadow in the night, it was like a dream, but today she now speaks like my late father.
29.         In 1998, my father stood in this Church and said, “You see this man, I am his father but in the flesh. Whichever way you see Him is also how I look at Him. Whatever you take Him to be is also what I took Him to be and it is what is He is.”
30.         That remained his testimony until the day he was buried. That was why when the whole brethren at Mbaise denied the Faith, my dad became the only pillar, he became the Apostle, Prophet, Teacher, everything for three years before Brother Chinedu now came back. Then Brother Chinedu was the Pastor and my dad was the congregation.
31.         When we went to Isiala-Ngwa for a missionary trip, Okey Nwankpa was there, Brother Dan Chukwuemeka was there with our station wagon car. We parked at the market and decided to pay them a suprise visit. We walked secretly to their fellowship venue, we saw Brother Chinedu in the pulpit, a man that cannot read or write, preaching and my father was the congregation echoing “Amen, Amen, That is truth, that is truth!”
32.         We stood and yet they did not see us for over fifteen minutes. Then we entered, they were astonished.
33.         Watch, God is not interested in a house filled with unbelievers but takes delight where two or three gathered spiritually in fear, faithfully to worship Him.
34.         When we are talking about this Church, this Church, many of you that were not there in the wilderness may not understand what we are saying, but as many as followed us right from Abagana, I told you that God made Brother Mike Nwanga blind so that he will be saved, otherwise he would have laboured in vain because of money. The highest thing he can do now is to demonstrate inside and talk with the mouth but he cannot fight again.
35.         Brother Mike Nwanga was there when the message was preached, he laboured with us using his motorcycle to carry his family day and night under the rain, under the sun and I thank God that he is still in this Faith.
36.         Sister Mary was answering Njom, but Ezichi today. She was indicted by the preacher because of her lateness and was being warned that she should be careful that God will not remove her name from the Book of Life. However, while she is still in this most holy Faith, the person who handled the message, his name was removed.
37.         Have you seen it, that not he that willeth, not he that runneth but God that showeth mercy. Many of us that are in this most holy Faith today, many thought that we will not last till today but what happened? If we were told that Brother Usegbo will be in this Faith till today, nobody will believe it. A seed of God is a seed of God. Take him to the moon, he is a child of God. Take him to the grave, he is a child of God. Take him to wherever you like, he is still a seed of God.
38.         Maybe you do not know that he has forfeited his whole family because of this most holy Faith. His wife and about five sons, he forfeited all because of this Faith. Thus, if you make a headway God will lift you up, his own is worse than your own, for when you talk of Deeper Life Church, God said that it is worse than Roman Catholic.
39.         His wife will be running about the Churches because one Church is never enough for a pagan, but to us, Christ is sufficient for us, for our sufficiency is in Christ and Christ alone. Is Christ not our sufficiency? That is why we call Him Agba kwuru Ezurike (our sufficiency). 
40.         I think we have seen who we run to? Did we buy it with money? Any abracadabra there?  Did we bribe Him? Anybody that has not rested, then you know that right from the beginning he does not have rest.
41.         He who preached “The Smoking Presence of God” is no longer in our midst but look at the Smoking Presence of God, where people are asking whether there was a bomb blast. Is Okechukwu Paul not the one who said that any place where the children of God are, holding the message without respect of persons, that the Smoking Presence of God must identify Himself in their midst?
42.         However, where you do not see Him, know that something is wrong. But the Smoking Presence of God is with us. You can see where he used from the scriptures, where Christ was full of white hair, but where is he today? What is more, he said that God can blot somebody’s name from the Book of Life even the name of a Bishop.
43.         Remember some years back, some people were caught at Okpoko who reproduced our message “the Hard Truth” and they were selling the thing.
44.         Piracy is a very nice business in Nigeria. Our messages are not for sale. When they reported it to us, they showed us one, we allowed the person to continue since it has no contact address, and provided that they do not adulterate it. At another time, some people were caught at Upper-Iweka who adulterated and were selling the message “Family Menu” volume one.
45.         Recently we got some people marketing the message “Maintaining a Healthy Relationship In The Bride of Christ.” We are not against them provided they did not put the name of the household, for we do not market our products to any heathen at all.
46.         This day also, our Brother Nnamdi Nnachor went to cut our messages, the printer told him that some people came to cut messages that resembled our Messages and was asking whether they were two or three persons that cut messages like ours? Our brother said no. The title of the Message the man saw, the man could say but he said that the message was perfect like ours. It is piracy.
47.         You know that all these truths are desired by Pentecostals. The world knows that we are having the truth, but they do not want to come where there is truth, instead what they do is to lift up their messages. There are people who said that since we do not want to sell it, that they will help us in selling it.
48.         In everything they will do, there is only but two things which they will not do: they will not laminate their own; number two, they can never use computer to print their own. They will only use printing press. In case you see them, do not disturb them for I am not responsible. They are helping to propagate the truth provided they do not alter the contents. Amen.

Building Plan: God’s Plan to Establish His Church,” volume one; page 52, verse 36: “Who was that person that was in that Church? Christ, the Head of the Church. He was in the Church in the wilderness and He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He will be in the Church in the end-time…”
2.            Have you seen it? He will be in the Church in the end-time; confirming what our Apostle preached that He is the same Christ, whose hair on the head was shining like wool, will also be in the Church in the end-time. That if He is not in that Church, you should run away from that Church.
3.            Who were the members of that Church? Our fathers. They were members of that Church…
4.            Who were the members of that Church today? We, our children and all that heard the message and believed. The same person that was there with our fathers is the same that is in our midst today. By this we know that we are not deceived, we are not following any man-made movement.
5.            “…If there must be a Church today, the Angel must be there…”
6.             If there must be a Church today, the Archangel MUST be there. This Message was preached in 1993, September 26th. We are in a prophetic ministry and you are the children of the Prophets.
7.            “…If God preserved that Church that time by preserving that Church from mixed-multitude. The Church today must be preserved by separating her from the mixed-multitude…”
8.            The camp of my people must be separated from the camp of the ungodly. Even in the first message that we heard, under the anointing our Pastor was saying, that there is no way that God will permit this particular nation to mingle with another nation. Impossible, He must separate her.
10.         Look at the photograph of the Headstone that was captured on 8th April, 2012; look at the Smoke that covered both men and women including infants. It is the Glory of the Lord. You saw the glory hovering around the temple during worship. All of us under the Cloud like our fathers were under the Cloud in the day—so we are under the Cloud in the day. Exactly the same: no minus, no plus.
12.         What? Have you not seen it that you are sitting down in the fellowship with your glorified body? When the Bridegroom is glorified, the Bride is glorified with Him, for we shall see Him as He is and we shall be like Him. And the Pastor said that the same brightness of His Presence; that is what all of us shall be. If people look at you with human eye, you look like a human being. But you are not human beings. You are supernaturals in the midst of naturals.
14.         The Headstone will do what? Come down. Once God finishes building the Church, who is the Church? You and I. the Headstone will come down. That is why He said, “Brethren, it is finished.” Where you are now, do not expect anything higher or lower, for what remains, no human being can finish it. It is God and God alone. For where you are now is the climax, where He said that you should stop.
15.         Look at the prophecy, which means, the Son of Man, the Archangel will not rest until He has brought down the Headstone. And the Headstone cannot come down until the Body has been confirmed ok.
16.         Then the Elohim will vindicate that this is the chosen place, His permanent dwelling place.
17.         Revelation chapter 10 verse 7, “But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets. KJV.
18.         I will not say anything for that one will speak for itself. He that will take you home is already sitting down with you, eating and drinking with you, discussing with you. I mean that the Pilot is already in your midst, the Airplane is also here. The loading is finished. John wanted to write and he was instructed not to write, and when he acted the Heaven sounded. Let he that has the understanding know what the spirit is saying to the Bride.
19.         Time is no more. There is no place that you will go and see God being seen live, except in the Bride of Christ. Every other place is man-made: “Come with the blind, come with the lame, come with the sick.” You see that after everything you also go back the same way you come. No change. We are more than that.
20.         Instead their condition will become waste. “Come and receive blessing,” once you come instead of receiving, you will be giving, they will collect the one that you have: “Raise it up and give in plenty and you will receive in plenty for God loves those that give in plenty,” but they will not put their own hands to give.
21.         God came down so as to lead us against the error of the wicked, that we might be established in the truth. God is about to do something great. William Branham saw it and said that the Church is standing on the greatest vindication of the Omnipotent.
22.         “…The voice of thunder is the voice of approval…” Can God approve anything that is wrong? Can God mark good of anything that is wrong? Something is good because God says that it is good. The same way,  something is bad because God has not approved it. If God is against you who can save you? Nobody. However, if God is for you, who can be against you? Nobody. We are in the right place.
23.         God never created money from the beginning to today, the Devil created money for that is why money is the root of all evil.
24.         Page 56 verse 2: “…It is the glory of God that will be seen on Earth…”
25.         Not making noise. Many heard about the seven thunders and they were expecting thunder, thunder, but look at what God said that the thing is: The glory of God that will be seen on Earth. That is the revelation of the seven thunders. They are expecting lightening that will move from one end of the world to another, but God said no, it is not lightening, it is God’s messenger. They are expecting the voice of a trumpet or somebody carrying trumpet, flying everywhere, but God said no, trumpet is the voice of God.
26.         “…Because it is the sound of the thunder that will rapture the Church…”
27.         Note, it is the sound of the thunder that will rapture the Church. What is the trumpet? The glory of God that will be seen on Earth. Didn’t the prophet tell you that the Son of Man is the only person that knows how to put the Church in a rapturing order? No other group is in the rapturing condition except the Bride, for the truth, the harmony, the love, the composure, everything, it requires the Son of Man to put the Church in a rapturing order.
28.         Go to other places, you will hear many voices but in the Bride, it is one voice, one spirit, one God, one teaching, everything one. One love keeps us together.
29.         “…Because it is connected with the second coming of God…”  
30.         Note, not second coming of Jesus. Have you seen God? Look at God. See the Lord in the Lord. You can see the Church, you can see the Lord. You can see Apostle Peter Odoemena, you can see the Lord. That’s the Lord God Almighty in His original form.
32.         It is the glory of God that will open the graves, that will veil every brother, veil every Sister and veil every infant. Brethren, look at that picture, look at the great Elohim that swallowed the whole congregation, so He had already veiled everybody. Are you doubting it? You can see some of it. Look at it, the whole brothers, the whole sisters, the whole infants, the whole benches—all veiled.
33.         It is confirming the message that said that it is only one person that will go to rapture. Who will believe that this photograph was taken at the same time the other one was taken? All of them were taken at the same time. He swallowed the whole Sisters, Brothers. In other words, His glory veiled everything. 
34.         Is this imaginary? What you can see with your eyes is no longer imaginary for it happened before our eyes in Jerusalem, live. Whatever you want to call us, call us.
35.         God told us in the beginning that who no know, go know. Remember that we are considering 1993 message. As at 1993, it was a prophecy but today, it is no longer a prophecy, it is now a reality. Reality convinces. Nothing is as convincing as reality. It is not imaginary. 
36.         It is like good morning. You know people wonder what we normally hear that will keep us in the Church from morning to night. It is just our Brother Mike whose house gutted fire and people rallied round, one man there said, “I know that this God which Brother Mike and family go to worship and come back in the night will not allow his house to get burnt.” Another Police man came and told our Brother, “You see this God you are worshipping, I do not know whether it is God or devil, worship that God very well.”
37.         I know you are now expecting when you will turn to white. Am I looking like white? However, if you take my photograph, I am whiter than snow. The same way, if I should take your photograph, you are whiter than snow.
38.         By human appearance and estimation, we look alike. The Cloud is in our midst, it is with us right now. Why not believe because you were present that day. Where are you now in that photograph of the Headstone? Where are your positions in that photograph?
39.         I mean that some people could see themselves here while some people could not see themselves, but in all, whether you were in the front or at the back, can you tell me your position in the photograph? You are in Him that is True. You are all staying in Him. Can’t you see that there is night were we are now in the fellowship? The Cloud has covered everywhere. You can see the Cloudy Presence in the fellowship right now.
40.         One of these days we shall gather and we will not go back again. Can you see, God confirming prophetic message that was preached at Abagana, 26th September 1993! Is it not wonderful? Is it not astonishing? Is it not heart-warming? More so when we can see that we are already under the Cloud by day. Is this weather not somehow to you?
41.         Verse 6: “This covenant was not made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, this one is now made to the people in the wilderness; the Church in the wilderness…”
42.         We are serving the God of Covenant, the Covenant God. Ewald Frank of Germany made it clear saying, “You do not have the right to come to God unless you have a covenant with God. And in every covenant, there must be the word of every covenant where your faith will hang.” What is more, we are all covenanted with Him. For we have our oath of secrecy. We have our secret oath which formed the word of the covenant by day and by night.
43.         Verse 10: What is more, when that Messiah appeared, the Jewish people rejected Him. Seeing that they rejected Him, He went to the Gentiles. That is how He came to the Gentiles. Moreover, when He went to the Gentiles, He elected a people unto Himself…”
44.         He did what? He elected a people unto Himself; which means that me and you were among the favored ones elected by God. When He was doing the election, some of you were still in jail.
45.         Whatever we are doing now, if what we are doing is original—which I believe that it is the original…”
46.         Note, which I believe that it is original. This is in 1993.
47.         Matthew 16 verse 18 to 19, “And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
48.         And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. KJV.  
49.         Which Kingdom is God referring to? That same Kingdom that Christ will surrender to His Father, that is the Kingdom that He is referring to. And whatever it will cost you to be there, you do it…”
50.         Whatever it will cost you to be there, do it for nothing can be used to compare to the Kingdom.
51.         “…The president of Nigeria has his own kingdom, the same way Christ has His own Kingdom. Somebody is not getting me…
52.         As at that time 1993, we were not getting Him.
53.         On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally. Amen.                     

The Mighty Angel,
The Star of our age,
The Supreme Governor,
The Eternity Himself.

The Immovable Lord,
The Supreme King,
Has reached the whole world with the everlasting Gospel.

The Commander of the Hosts of Heaven,
The Infinity,
Our own guardian,
The Chief Pilot,

Our Kinsman Redeemer,
The Smoking Firewood,
Has challenged the whole world and came out unhurt.

Our Lord the Son of Man,
Has won the battle.
Our Lord the Son of Man,
Has won the battle.

The greatest that ever lived,
Has won the battle,
He has been crowned King of kings
And the Lord of lords.

The Chief Designer,
The Ark of our age,
Our Righteous Branch,
The Chief Driver.

Our Mercy Seat,
Our Acquitter,
Has failing in love with the Bride
For the Wedding Supper day.

Our Lord the Son of Man,
Has won the battle,
Our Lord the Son of Man,
Has won the battle.

The greatest that ever lived,
Has won the battle,
He has been crowned the King of kings
And Lord of lords.

The Elohim Dwells In The Son Of Man
We are eyewitnesses of His Majesty,
When the Elohim dwellth in the Son of Man,
Who was captured in a handset,
Now we know that the Son of Man and the Father are one!
Now we know that the Son of Man and the Father are one!

We are eyewitnesses of His Majesty,
When the Elohim surrounded the Son of Man,
With the Pillar of Cloud,
In different positions,
And a Rainbow showing that He is around Him.
Now we know that the Son of Man and the Father are one!
Now we know that the Son of Man and the Father are one!

Our Father,
We appreciate You,
The Son of Man,
Our Righteousness.

Your Presence in the Bride,
Has conferred on us your Righteousness in this generation.
Now we know that the Son of Man and the Father are one!
Now we know that the Son of Man and the Father are one!