The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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Tuesday, 21 August 2012



I am HE. I am sent for your salvation. I am also sent for the destruction of the world. Believe it if you can
—The   Son of Man

From the Message: RE-EXAMINE YOUR FAITH  PP.9
The time and efforts used in planning anything show the importance of that thing. God from the beginning of the world, started planning, spending time and efforts to build a Church wherein lies His mystery. You see the importance of the Church to God! That God will not allow the whole world to know about it, that even Satan could not peep into it; God hid it in Himself waiting for a certain time. 
When you know the importance of the Church, you must be very, very careful.

If you neglect the words of the Apostles and Prophets, you will die in your sin. For the Lord ordained them and appointed them to be your light unto the Gentiles; to open your eyes and to make your sacrifice acceptable unto God. They are appointed as God’s own instrument for salvation to as many as will believe the words of their mouths. IN OTHER WORDS, ON THE DAY THE LORD WILL JUDGE THE SECRETS OF MEN, HE IS GOING TO JUDGE THIS GENERATION ACCORDING TO MY WORDS.



Deuteronomy 31:15 “And the LORD appeared in the tabernacle in a pillar of a cloud: and the pillar of the cloud stood over the door of the tabernacle.” KJV

Exodus 13:21 And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night:.” KJV.

Psalms 89:7 God is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints, and to be had in reverence of all them that are about him.” KJV


“Daniel 7:9 I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool: his throne was like the fiery flame, and his wheels as burning fire.” KJV


Isaiah 11:10 “And in that day there shall be a root of Jesse, which shall stand for an ensign of the people; to it shall the Gentiles seek: and his rest shall be glorious.” KJV

Ephesians 2:19 “Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints, and of the household of God.” KJV



Note it, the day the Lord left Ahab was not the day Ahab died. The day God left Saul, was it the day Saul died? No. Saul continued parading himself as king.
2.                  Do you know that Ahab remained king in Israel after Elijah proclaimed his death? Ahab remained king even when Jehoshaphat visited him. When that death sentence was still on his neck, Ahab was still parading himself as king. You can be in this Faith also parading yourself as a saint when you have grieved out the Holy Spirit. You see, the most unfortunate thing that will happen to a minister is for him to come to the pulpit to tell stories. We do not tell stories on the pulpit at all.
3.                  We cannot gather souls and start telling them stories, no, never, never. God forbid. That is why I believe very much in preparing the hearts of everybody with the Word so that at the end, whatever we collect there is also the thing that we shall tender.
4.                  God left us with nothing but the Word. Jesus the Christ concluded the matter by saying, “Father I have given them Thy Word, and because they have received Thy Word, the world has rejected them.”
5.                  Thus, if we receive the Word only and we are being loved by the world, we have not received the Word of God. There is no generation that has ever received the word of God and remained the same. Once you receive the Word of God surely people will accuse you of turning things upside down.
6.                  Hence, because of the condition of the Church at Abuja I want to talk to them in a very little admonition or exhortation.
7.                  The message has been lingering in my heart for too long concerning this Church. And I am tempted to visit it again because of some of the ministers that are in the Church. It will help somebody.
8.                  Brethren I want to show you some scriptures and then say few words there. God Who understands all things knoweth also all things. The hour that we are living in is becoming very dangerous. There is one scripture that always gives me joy and happiness each time I come across it.
9.                  The book of Jeremiah chapter 13 verse 23, “Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots?  Then may ye also do good, that are accustomed to do evil. KJV.
10.              Note, all that I am going to say in this short Message will revolve on the above passage. Can an Ethiopian change the colour of his skin? If it is impossible for an Ethiopian to change the colour of his skin, Almighty God is saying that anybody that is accustomed to doing evil will never, never learn to do good.
11.               Anybody that is accustomed by nature, anybody who has that evil nature, to manufacture evil, evil things, or evil thoughts, evil habits—if you are accustomed to do evil, no amount of rebuke in the Church can change you.
12.              No amount of indictment, no amount of correction, no amount of the Word of God preached that could change that person because evil is his nature. In other words, it has become the person’s nature to dwell there. Since it is not possible for an Ethiopian to change his nature, in that same way, it is completely impossible for anybody whose habit is to do evil continually.
13.              I am going to speak to you as adults and not as kids, so that you will cast your minds back from the time you come into this Faith, check the voice that has been roaring on your head, as well, check the type of fruit that you have been manufacturing or producing, check your character from the time you identified with this Faith, in spite of all the Words of God that you have been hearing, in spite of all the various preaching, counseling from your ministers, advise, check, for if you have not changed, let it be known unto you that you are likened to that Ethiopian animal.
14.              What am I saying? This is the manifestation time. We are now in the manifestation time—this is the manifestation of the true sons and daughters of God. It is also the time of the manifestation of the true sons and daughters of Satan. Because without sons and daughters of Satan, it is impossible to recognize the sons and daughters of God. For where there is no evil, nobody does wrong.
15.              It requires an evil man in the society, for us to recognize who the good man is. Since it is impossible to convert Judas, it is impossible to convert Esau, it is impossible to convert even Ahab; then it is impossible also for God to lie. God can never tell lies.
16.              Christ, the Anointed One said that “I am the true vine and you are my branches.” Can a branch of a tree that is not grafted to that tree bear another fruit? Can a branch of a tree that is not grafted, that is not artificially attached bear another fruit? You know a grafted branch is an artificial branch, for it is not the original branch. Although that it draws its life from the original tree, yet it is not part of the original tree.
17.              If Christ is the true vine and we are the branches, then we are expected to bear the same fruit with Christ. In other Words, our character and the character of Christ must be one, or else we are a false branch.
18.              That is why we keep on telling you that if all believe and acknowledge that the Bride Ministry according to William Branham is the continuation of the Acts of the Apostles; if we believe that the Bride of Christ Ministry is the Acts of the Apostles, because the Church is the same, and the Church will remain the same; then we have to cast our minds back to study all the Churches that we can lay our hands on in the Acts of the Apostles, compare them; compare their doctrines, their conducts and the orders with what we have in our midst. If anything is lacking, it is not lacking in the Churches in the Bible but it is lacking in our own Church, then something has gone wrong some where.
19.              I can say that Acts of the Apostles is the tree, and then the Bride Ministry is the branch. Then we are expected to bear the same fruit, otherwise we are not yet the Church. Then the moment you become a Church, all the members in that Church are called believers or saints. And they are called children of God because people saw them behaving like Christ. Because the servant ought to be perfect like the Master.
20.              I am trying to show you why an Ethiopian can never change the colour of his skin. Some believe this message because they think that this Faith is new but they do not know that it is as old as the world. What we are preaching is an old message that has been in existence from the foundation of the world.
21.              What we are preaching today, our fathers heard the same preaching. That is why the book of Hebrews made it very clear that the same Words that is being preached unto us now, were also preached unto them but it profiteth them nothing, because when they heard it they did not handle it with care. They never received that Word with faith. Then if we fail to receive it with faith today, it will profit us nothing. Rather it will turn round to be our condemnation.
22.              I am trying to say that we have become children of God. This is the hour of the manifestation of sons and daughters of God. Everywhere, you see counterfeit children of God. Without the counterfeit children of God it will be too hard to recognize the true children of God.
23.              Hence, we have to prove to the world that we are the original. Not by our own might but God has made us so. What God placed in us from the beginning of the world, this is the time that the whole world will see it.
24.              If you were not a part of God in the beginning, you can never be a part of God in the end. If you were a part of the Elohim from the very beginning, you can never be grafted in along the way.
25.              The beginning and the ending of Gentile dispensation, maybe I will touch on that as we continue. You know more than that, the beginning and the ending of Gentile dispensation.
26.              Gentile means nothing but the heathens and we say this thing because of one thing, for the salvation is for the Jews and anybody outside the Jewish kingdom is perishing. Wherever God sees a Jew He will go there and pick him. Because the Covenant that was made unto the fathers covers that man.
27.              A time came when they became Gentiles because they mingled themselves with the customs of the heathen and then learnt heathens’ character, for that reason, there must be a Messiah that will come for the lost sheep of Israel.
28.              All I am saying is this: not all that claim to be Abraham’s children, belong to Abraham. Not all that claim to be Israelites are real Israelites. Because while they ran away like that, they married heathen women and then started raising mixed-multitude. But by pre-destination, some fared very well.
29.              Hence, from those that fared very well came out the royal seed. Moreover, this royal seed has only but one language. He doesn’t know any other thing except his original language. You know the language that I mean? You know that the Bride has a language.  
30.              However, those that are mixed up, they produced people that can never speak our language, for they speak half Jew and half Greek. They resembled children of God but they are not children of God. They love the things of God but they cannot pay the price for the things of God. You can love the things of God, you can love God’s children, and you can as well stay too long with God’s children until you resemble them.
31.              You can stay too long with the Children of God and then resemble children of God but inwardly you are not, because one day there is going to be something that is going to mark you out. Something will mark you out one day.
32.              This is the hour that we should relax our minds. If you have been struggling since the time you identified with this Faith and till this very moment you have not succeeded, better relax. I am trying to help somebody because whoever that comes from God must go back to God.
33.               How do you know the person that came from God? They must manifest all God’s attribute. You do not know what I am saying.
34.              God is identified by His characteristics. Every true seed of God must have the gene of God in him from the beginning of the world. And as long as that gene is there, what it is going to produce is what the language of God is.
35.              I am trying to help somebody so that we do not kill ourselves trying to save the un-savable. For we are not running “Save the Lost Ministry.” Some are un-savable but because of the blindness in the eyes of some ministers, they will go for those un-savable ones, to the extent of even losing their own lives.
36.              Thus, by this message, I am having a target. If you just discerned that you have tried everything to corner the sheep and the sheep is patterning after goat, let it be known to you that it is a hybrid. There is no hybrid believer that will ever find himself in the kingdom of Heaven. All hybrid believers will not make Heaven.
37.              You know that we have original fowl and we have hybrid fowl. Hybrid fowl can come into our midst, not minding that the whole Church gathered. Hybrid believer, God hates him or her. We have people that behave like hybrid fowl, in other words, they are hybrid children of God but God is looking for original children of God—people that have the fear of God from the beginning of the world. How do you know them? Look out for God’s characteristics in them.
38.              This is manifestation time. In the growing stage, it could be very hard to identify them, but not in the fruiting period. For in every fruiting period, there is no mistake. You cannot manufacture anything again, for the period of impersonation is all over. Whatever you are manifesting from now, is what you will keep on manifesting until the day the whole thing will be over. For you can never change again because this is the period. The righteous will continue in his righteousness while the wicked will continue in his wickedness.
39.              Why? God’s Word can never be broken. Besides, also an Ethiopian can never change his colour. Never, never, never.
40.              Anybody that is accustomed to doing evil can never think of doing well, impossible, because evil has penetrated into his blood stream. All his fabrics, his thoughts are evil. Thinking evil, his looking, evil. Eating, evil. Conversation, evil. Everywhere, evil. Such people, the Bible say that they provoke God to wrath every minute of the day. For God is angry at the wicked twenty-four hours a day.
41.              When the person kneels down to pray, God is not happy. If the person claps hand, God is not happy. Is it not a miserable condition? It is a very miserable condition.
42.              This is the time, ministers should be very careful. Amen.

Proverbs chapter 27 verses 17-18. This is where I am going to take my text: “Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend. Whoso keepeth the fig tree shall eat the fruit thereof: so he that waiteth on his master shall be honoured.
2.                  Iron sharpeneth iron, so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend. Mark it.
3.                  Verse 22-24, “Though thou shouldest bray a fool in a mortar among wheat with a pestle, yet will not his foolishness depart from him. Be thou diligent to know the state of thy flocks, and look well to thy herds. For riches are not for ever: and doth the crown endure to every generation?  KJV.
4.                  I am taking my text from verse 23 of Proverbs 27, which says, “Be thou diligent to know the state of thy flock, and look well to thy herds.” That is the topic.
5.                  Oh Evangelists, oh Teacher, oh Apostle and Prophet, be thou diligent to know the state of thy flock.
6.                  Be very careful the way you treat your flock for riches can never last forever, neither does the crown endue to all generations.
7.                  Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend. You are not my enemies, you are my friends. I am not giving out this Message because I am wiser than any of you, or that I am more knowledgeable than any of you, but I am giving out this Message that the scriptures might be fulfilled. I am giving out this Message to sharpen you; I am also giving out this Message to be sharpened by you. Thus, while I am sharpening you, you are also sharpening me.   
8.                  Thus, when you look at the situation where we are now, somebody might be thinking that we have lost the battle. We have not lost the battle. We cannot because of the mixed-multitude declared that we have lost the battle, no, we have not lost the battle! From the very beginning, God’s people have remained few.
9.                  In other words, God has been fixing His eyes on the remnant. If God had not left us with a remnant, then the death of Christ on the Cross of Calvary will be nonsense. In every age, God must preserve a remnant and the remnant will be greatly troubled by the mixed-multitude.
10.              Check your Bible very well,   mixed-multitudes are always in the majority. Mixed-multitudes make the greatest noise in the Church. They preach the greatest sermon, they dance first, and they shout most.
11.              This time around, I do not believe in much shouting for we have shouted enough, we have preached enough, we are waiting to see the fruit of all we have been laboring for all these years. Because what God is coming to rapture home is the fruits. God is not coming to rapture our preaching; God is coming to rapture the product of our preaching.
12.              Saint Paul said that you are the product of our ministration for you are written Bible read by all men. You are the fruit of the Apostolic Ministry. You are the fruits of this ministry. God is coming now to take all whose lives now conformed to the life of Christ, and they are the remnant. Because translation is not a magic, for William Branham said that those that will be translated must know themselves because their lives will be clear to them. They will now know that they have really measured to that perfect stature. There is no joke about it.
13.              That is why I asked my friend that where he is sitting, calling End-time group, the confusion that is there, is it not enough to tell him that the hand of God is not there?
14.              Truth is truth and no matter whosever that speaks the truth, it is truth. You know that God is not the author of confusion. If we can believe William Branham as the man of God, he said that the moment the Holy Ghost moves away from a particular group, they will go into falsehood. He said that the atmosphere in the Church will be a “worked out” atmosphere through series of meetings and consultations.
15.              Once you hear “brethren let us gather,” he said that the Holy Ghost has left that Church, and that is why he said that if the Holy Ghost leaves a man, leave that man. What is more, if the Holy Ghost leaves a Church, leave that Church. When the Holy Ghost leaves a Church, that Church becomes the people’s choice.
16.              When the Holy Ghost leaves a man, that man becomes the people’s choice. He is no longer a man of God, it is no longer a Church of God, it is no longer a holy congregation. It becomes the congregation of the dead.
17.              You see, our problem is that many lost the revelation of whom they are searching for. God is worshipped as an individual.  But some will like to carry this evil that they were having in the world into the Church. Some people might even be saying, “How can I leave my group now?” As if your pastor is holding your life. The Pastor is struggling to be saved. You are struggling to be saved. Saying that, “what will friends say? What will my parents say?” Tell me, who are your friends? Who are your Pastors?
18.              When David said, “God have I not hated those that hateth you with perfect hatred?” William Branham summarized it saying, “If a man hates your God, hate him.”
19.              If they had believed William Branham, they would have believed this ministry. William Branham prayed for this ministry, saw it at last and rejoiced. He said, “God if it is possible, let it be in my day.” When he wanted to be disobedient and went to India, did it augur well with him? No. God forced him to go back to Africa: “There in Africa lies my Eternal Word.”
20.              Did William Branham say, “Expect a white sheep?” You see, they have missed Him because they did not keep the words of their Prophet. For the Bible said, “Believe your Prophets and you shall prosper.”
21.              However, they have not believed the Prophets because by the words of the Prophets we came out of Egypt; by the words of the Prophets we are preserved. That is the Word of God. God brought out His people from the land of bondage through the words of the Prophets, and by the words of the Prophets He preserved His people.
22.              You see, one of the accusations against Jesus the Christ was that He never believed Moses, that He belittled Moses. Hence they could say, “We are Moses’ disciples. Concerning this man we know him not.” Some even said, “We are John the Baptist’s disciples. Concerning this man we know that he is a Beelzebub.” However, the man that they were referring to as Beelzebub and as a man that has a Devil, was their last hope. What caused it? Spiritual blindness.
23.              All the messages that William Branham preached and prophesied, End-timers broke all. William Branham preached a message titled, “Broken Cistern.” Can we see the broken cistern today? Go and read the message titled “God of This Evil Age”, and find out who fulfilled it.
24.              William Branham said that what would be left of the Pentecostals in the last days will be: jumping up and down, speaking in tongues and rock and roll ministry. He said, “Among the so-called Christians, watch them. When you see the true Bride, they will hold the Word, firm. But others will be “rock and roll ministry.” Everything will be associated with the worldly things. Broken Cistern.
25.              Iron sharpeneth iron; whosoever keepeth the tree shall eat the fruit thereof. So, he that waiteth for his master shall be honored.
26.               Verse 23 said, “Be thou diligent to know the state of thy flock and look well to thy herds.”
27.              Why must you pay strict attention? Why must you be very diligent to look into the state of your flock? If you are in this most holy Faith and you are a shepherd, the Bible said that you are an overseer. A shepherd is one that trains the flock. God is not referring to ordinary sheep or cow that is on the street, no! He is referring to human beings.
28.              When God was speaking to Peter, what did He tell him? “Peter do you love me more than this boys and girls?” Peter said, “Master, you know that I love you!” He said to Peter, “Peter, feed my sheep. If you love Me feed my sheep.” Jesus The Christ also said, “I am the chief shepherd.”
29.              Christ is the chief shepherd. When Jesus the Christ was referring to the Gentile Bride, He said, “I have another flock that is not of this present one that is here, for they also I will bring in that you might be one, that the world might know that I come from Heaven.”
30.              Thus, when I say, be diligent to look into the state of your flock, I am referring to the souls of individuals that are entrusted into your hands. The greatest work that I know on Earth is the work of bringing people unto God.
31.              It is not easy to prepare a people for God because man is a very intricate animal—a very unpredictable animal. If you see him in the morning, you do not know what he has in his mind. Discus with him in the morning, before afternoon he has changed.
32.              When you even move with a man to the point that you think that you have understood him and he also has understood you, at the time you needed him most, that time he will disappoint you. He will manifest the worst wickedness. You might be following a man thinking that the man is thinking good of you, thinking that he is sincere but all of a sudden you notice that the man is harboring iniquity, harboring wickedness against you. No wonder that the Bible said that “the heart is deceitful and desperately wicked, who can know it?”
33.              When God is rewarding, the Bible said that God is going to reward even the innermost motives. That is why God judges inwardly. To human beings, we judge outwardly. Outwardly, everybody will receive a crown but inwardly, He that watcheth into the secrets of the heart knows the contents of the heart.
34.              William Branham saw it when the Angel met William Branham at the bank of the River, the Angel called him, “William Branham, hearken unto me now: be very, very careful! Let it be known to you that the thoughts of your hearts speak loudest in Heaven than the words of your mouth. For that reason, be deadly sincere.”
35.              That was why one of those days, he told lies to his friends and when they telephoned him and then one of his sons heard the thing and then started telling lies also; William Branham phoned back and said, “My friend, I am sorry, I want to make it right with you. The other time that you phoned, I told my child to tell you that I was not around but I was very much around.”
36.              This time around the man phoned again, his child ran to William Branham and said, “Daddy, should I tell him also that you are not around?”
37.              However, how did he discover it? He went to lay hands on a lady that was sick, when he placed his hand there, the Angel accused him and said, “Can you still be a sinner and still lay hand on somebody? William Branham recognized his fault immediately, ran to the phone and made it right immediately.
38.              That is exactly what we need in this hour because the Spirit that commissioned us in this most holy Faith said that we should be deadly sincere. He said that if you can sincerely hold unto this message and live the life, that not even cancer can stand in your way. But among the End-timers who can say this? But they will say, “In the days of William Branham, when the Prophet was alive,” sharing another man’s testimony. Then what is your testimony?
39.              Jesus the Christ said that “he that believeth in Me the works that I do, that he will do and even greater things because I go to the Father.” 
40.              Now since you believe William Branham, what have you done? Even your so-called Teachers that have believed William Branham, have their lives changed? No! They can share the testimony that William Branham lived a Holy Ghost life; have you seen any End-timer that lives a Holy Ghost life?
41.              Is it not quarreling and fighting over tithe? That is what is causing trouble in their midst here and there: Fighting for five-fold among the ministers. However, in this most holy Faith we do not have such a thing.
42.              Why must you be diligent to look into the state of thy flock? In other words, a true shepherd must know all his sheep, the same way, your sheep must also know you. You will be in a condition where you can call your sheep by their names and you will love the sheep, come too close that when the sheep see you ahead of time, all of them will start coming.
43.              For instance, ordinary wave of hand, you see them gathering because they have known you. You will know the state of the sheep so that you will be able to identify sick ones, identify the ones that are feeble and know whether they are suffering from Anemia or diarrhea or even HIV.
44.              Yes, I say HIV, for a sheep can suffer from HIV. Hence, when you are looking into the flock very well, one day you may spot one, in spite of the food that he eats he still grows very slim, no weight, the wind is blowing him up and down, send him for laboratory test. You know what I mean by laboratory test, so that he will be tested very well: test the urine and blood very well. If we prove the person to have HIV, we will isolate him and place the person in the isolation ward.
45.              As I am talking to you as adults, I want you to take away your minds from physical HIV for I am talking of spiritual HIV. Somebody that is hearing the sermon, feeding from tapes, studying from the Bible, the printed Messages, receiving counseling, receiving encouragement yet he is not manifesting a godly character.
46.              You have done what is in your power, even if it is possible to break the person into two and then put a copy of the Message inside, you will do it. In spite of everything, he still manifests devilish character. What do you do? Send the person to laboratory test for something is wrong with him.
47.              Thus, if from the gene we discover that he came from Cain or Esau, we isolate him, we will stop showing sympathy. There should be no sympathy for Esau. If you show sympathy to Esau you make God a liar.
54.              That is why a successful preacher is one that features a while and sat down for others to feed him. Why, iron sharpeneth iron.
55.              ANY MAN THAT ALWAYS EXAMINES HIMSELF WILL ALWAYS COME FIRST. You will not know how far that you have strayed away from the Faith until your fellow minister mounts the pulpit under anointing, before you know it you find yourself kneeling down at the altar.
56.               If you had remained preaching in that pulpit, you would have perished because you will be preaching in iniquity which may be very grievous, yet you may not know it.
57.              That is God’s wisdom in ordaining the Fivefold Ministry. Fivefold Ministry is a checking ministry, one to the other. Amen.

Note it, in the course of routine inspection of the camp, you will notice sickness among some sheep, you notice some contagious diseases. When you notice any sheep carrying contagious diseases, what will you do? Separate it from the entire flock.
2.                  When I am talking about contagious diseases, I am not talking about natural contagious disease. Remember the message titled INFLUENCE. That your life is influencing somebody near you, my life is influencing somebody near me.
3.                  If you notice that a brother or a sister in the Church in spite of warnings and corrections, that person has made up his mind or her mind to continue to bring in wrong influences in the Church, please remove that person from the congregation immediately, otherwise before you know it a great havoc will be done in the Church.
4.                  If you do not remove that person until his life becomes scandalous, that Church is dead, and nobody will be saved. If it happens in the preaching group, among ministers, let those that are strong in the Faith put hands together and push that person out. If he must be corrected, let him first of all go out. Until he goes out, you will never notice the level of damage that he has done to the Church.
5.                  If you want to correct him while he is in the Church, you will never succeed, you will never hear confessions. However, the moment he leaves the Church and he is outside, come and see the Church testifying how far he has gone in killing them. It may be by individual counseling, it might be by preaching from the pulpit, it might be by going from house to house.
6.                  When you push the person out, before you know it you see people coming with different confessions saying, “At so, so and so occasions I thank God! At so, so and so occasions, I thank God. Look at, look at, look at.”
7.                  In a situation when you become a conditional believer, when you see ministers around you, you become an emergency believer. When your ministers go home, you still mix up with your people and behave like them. If you continue in that habit, you are to blame yourself.
8.                  There is a message preached by Brother Kelechi titled, “Mockers of Themselves.” People mock themselves and they think that they are mocking God. There is another message in the Church titled “Self Deceit.” When a man deceives himself, is it not the worst deceit?  Why should I deceive myself at this age? Did anybody force me to serve God?
9.                  I volunteered to serve God, and as long as I live I must serve Him. Any day that I am tired I will resign, go home and rest. Then tell the whole world that I am tired of serving this God. I will not trouble anybody.
10.              Be very diligent to look into the state of your flock. Anytime spent in looking into the state of your flock, any time spent in taking care of a fig tree is not a waste. For the Bible says that if you do your work very well, in the near future you will reap the fruit thereof. You will eat the fruit of that thing that you have nurtured. But if after spending such time in nurturing the fig tree and during the fruiting period it produces nonsense, you cut it down.
11.              We are still coming closer to something. It is in the course of this spiritual inspection of your flock that you will notice some who have rebellious instinct.
12.              I say rebellious instinct, that natural tendency in man to behave or act in a particular way without any training or any knowledge of not knowing the consequences. In the course of looking into the flock, diligently looking into their soul to know whether they are taking the message that you have been preaching to them, to know whether they are rejecting the food or receiving the food. Watch their attitude towards the food. Some may receive the food very reluctantly, some may receive it by persuasion, some may receive it with grudges, some may receive it with complaining, such people are make-believers in the camp. For the Bible said that those that gladly receive the Word, they are the true seeds.
13.              The Word of God must be gladly received. Even if that Word is against you and you are a seed of God, you must know that God is rebuking you for your good. You must know that God really loves you. Cheerfully and gladly from your heart, you will receive that Word.
14.              Thus, in the course of the inspection, all those people that received the Word with murmuring, recieved it with complaining, with grudges, received it after much delay, note all of them very well. I say pinpoint them. Moreover, when you are counting the number of your flock, exclude them because you are not in the position to give their account. They are not maintaining a steady godly life. You cannot say whether they have believed or whether they have not believed.
15.              In the morning they will show signs that they believe, in the afternoon they will show signs that they have rejected all. In the night you see the worst. Such people, do not ever number them when you are numbering your flock because they can die any time.  
16.              However, when you notice the believing ones that received the Word gladly and through their works manifest the Word, they are struggling to make sure that the Word has become part of their flesh, that the Word has been made flesh, their mistake will be honest mistake.
17.              Even if they try to stray away, go after them, by and by you must succeed because they will never go too far. Because if they stray away, whose voice are they going to hear? They will not hear another man’s voice so for that reason they will be hanging around the house.
18.              But for those ones that have been murmuring and grumbling, they are waiting to find opportunity, then they will like to find a comfortable place where people will romance with them in their sin, praise them even in unbelief.
19.              Let me just try to help you now, you ministers of God for the Bible said that you are ministers of grace and truth, and you are ministering spirits also.
20.              Now, you will keep on showing that flame of fire among yourselves. Notice one thing: knowing that you are speaking hard, you are not lowering the message, you are not prepared to lower it, you are not prepared to go to that person and say “I am sorry” after preaching your message. Now watch what will happen, you will be hated by all of them except the true seeds. The true seeds will love you more when it gets too tough on them, but the make-believers, when it gets too tough, you have become their greatest enemy.
21.              Do not ever go to them to say “I am sorry” so as to retain them, rather make the Word harder. We are not looking for membership. If we wanted membership, we would have said what others are saying. Even if we try to do like others, God will say no. You see, God has made it that nobody will be rich in our midst. Do you know that? If you become rich in this Ministry, you are not one of us. There is a reason why God said that nobody will be rich in this ministry.  
22.              NOTE IT, WE WILL NOT BE POOR, WE WILL NOT BE RICH, WE WILL STAY BETWEEN THE TWO EXTREMES. That is exactly what the Lord has told us. Any day we become rich in this Ministry, the Faith is lost. A rich man cannot hear this type of message.
23.              I am saying that we should be very diligent IN this ministry. Let us go further.
24.              Verse 24 said, “For riches are not for ever: and doth the crown endure to every generation?”
25.              In other words, any amount of labour you do to your brethren shall never be a waste because during the time of harvest, you are going home with a very big reward for your labour.
26.              Now, God went further to let us understand that when He is talking of the fig tree, He is talking of a human being; the flock are also human beings. Almighty God knows very well that some people because they desire to become rich, they sustained their prosperity by even neglecting the work God gave them. That is why God concluded it by saying that riches can never endure forever.
27.              In other words, money is not the end of all things neither will the crown endure to all generations. If you want to become popular, you want to become a chief, if you want to become the traditional ruler of Abuja, it can never be forever. Become the chairman and managing director of all the industries in Nigeria, it can never be forever. Get money enough to feed the whole of Abuja, it can never be forever. What is more, it can never give you eternal life.
28.              God is saying that there should be no excuse whatsoever anybody should give for not looking into the state of his flock that is entrusted to his care. You can never use your work as an excuse; you can never use your pursuit for money as an excuse. For God is not ready to hear, “Father, you know that I would have done better if you had did this and that.” God is not in that business.
29.              For that reason you must try to work worthy of the profession wherein you are called. You must strive to work worthy of that profession wherein you are called. What is the profession? There is no other profession God gave us except looking into the state of our flock.
30.              Find out their spiritual conditions. Find out where they need drugs and the type of drugs they need. Make sure that you give them the right food. If you are not paying close attention to them, grievous wolves will enter unawares; all putting on sheep clothing.  
31.              Such people with rebellious instinct in the camp, before you know it, as a Pastor they have destroyed the whole messages you have preached. All that you planted in the hearts of the people, they have uprooted them and then created doubts in the minds of the worshippers.
32.              The greatest instrument that Satan uses in the Church to weaken both the ministers and the entire congregation is to raise up one that will craftily go to the pulpit; one not two, that will craftily go to the pulpit, subtly, cunningly corner the Word to the point where believers will be tempted to deny one Word.
33.              Watch how the Satan came to Eve, went to the pulpit, Eve was a type of the Church with Adam as a true Master. Remember they are all in the Garden of Eden.
34.               Watch the Serpent subtly went to the pulpit and cornered the Church to the point where the Church doubted their revelation, saying, “Is it true that God said?” By that question, Eve became confused.
35.              In her mind she was asking, “Could it be that God did not say it? Maybe I did not understand the message,” and she echoed it because Satan has given you the desire of your heart by watering a glorious message that would have given her eternal life. Making sin to look very simple. Amen.

Be thou diligent to look into the state of thy flock for any time spent in looking into the state of your flock is not in vain. God has not failed Me in this Ministry even for once. He that knows my handicap.
2.                  Many a time, I desire to go out but I have a lot of handicaps. My desire is to go out. At times I have the right to send out other ministers but I still have a lot of handicaps. Because a lot of Churches are blind in the ministry.
3.                  They are desiring the Apostle to come down there, they do not consider other local Churches. While they are desiring the Apostle to come, others are desiring the Apostle to come but nobody is making effort to ask how is Apostle financing the ministry? Maybe since the Apostle is from Onitsha local Church, then let the local Church at Onitsha, whether he is going to Abuja, Onitsha should finance Him. 
4.                  Maybe you are accountable to Onitsha. Any day you become accountable to Onitsha, you have become a denomination. Then you will not blame me for staying in Onitsha because they have provided a conducive atmosphere for Me.
5.                   Then I will reach you through prayers. If I pray and the Lord reveals that condition to Me, I will keep on interceding until there will be a remedy. Where after the interceding the thing keep on coming, I will step out, in spite of all odds, go and see the situation by myself and see whether I can arrest the situation before it gets out of hand. Like the case of Abuja and other local Churches.
6.                  Do you think that when I will be going that I will be going alone? Thus, when you are praying, pray wisely. When you are making a request for something to come, make it wisely. I am not using Jet, and even if I am using Jet, it must be fuelled.
7.                  I know why I find it difficult to come with my car. It is all for your own good. But for now it is not helping the situation because I believe that if I have my own vehicle, from Abuja, nobody knows the extent I can go. I can move from Abuja to Nsem, from Nsem to Jos and still find my way back.
8.                  However, with this public transport and many other things, at times I get tired. Do not be carried away by sentiment. The population of the whole Abuja is larger, greater by far from the population that we met. In the days of Saint Paul, the population of the world, you will just count it in one second.
9.                  Any time spent in looking into the state of your flock is not a waste. Everybody is involved. Do not make the mistake of thinking that it is the Pastors’ work. You are involved, I am involved. After all you are the members of the Church.
11.              Thus, do not think that God will go from house to house to pick you. God will pick you in your general Assemble. Translation is taking place in the general Assemble. God is not going from house to house because He has established a place where all of us should gather and He knows our fellowship days. If He does not know any other fellowship day, God knows the first day of the week.
12.              Thus, be very diligent to look into the state of the flock. Do not in your attempt to look for money and material prosperity neglect the work God has entrusted to your care.
13.              Every true child of God is not idle in the Church, man or woman alike. To the Sisters, it is equally affecting you. I preached a message titled “Reward” and I want to emphasize it again.
14.              Like I told some of you, all the grown up Sisters, if you hear “make full-proof of your ministry,” your ministry is what you are in, nobody is rendering any services to Brother Vin or Sister Ruth.
15.              I have said it before and I am repeating it again, if you are asked to tell the world what your ministry is all about, this is exactly what you have been fulfilling in our midst. The Church posted you here and without the Church you would not have been this place. You are not maidservants here; you are Sisters in the Church that are posted to families where you will fulfill your own ministry.
16.              If they ministered unto Jesus Christ with their substance, that substance is no other substance than the same one that Sister Phebe used in ministering to Saint Paul, with some other Sisters there. If you are in a family, whatever you are doing here, if you are serving Brother Stephen, expect your reward from Brother Stephen for Brother Stephen will reward all of you.
17.              Maybe whatever you are doing here expecting one day that he will buy something for you or say “thank you Sister, God bless you.” Any day he says “thank you Sister, God bless,” you have received your reward already.
18.              Always take God’s commendation, if you know this secret happy are you. However, any day you miss this vision, murmuring, complaining, grudging will come in and by that time you will be fulfilling a very dangerous scripture.  
19.              First Corinthians chapter 10 verse 32, “Do not let yourselves be hindrances by giving an offence to the Jews or to the Greeks or to the Church of God, do not lead others into sin by your mood of life. AMP.
20.              Do not let others commit sin, do not be a stumbling block, do not be a hindrance on the way of your Brothers and Sisters whether they are Hausa Brothers, Yoruba brothers, Igbo brothers, Cross Rivers Brothers, Edo Brothers, we are not in this Faith to practice politics. We are not in this most holy Faith on tribal issues; we are in this most holy Faith as children of God.
21.              For we happened to be God’s permanent representatives, handpicked in all the tribes in Nigeria. If you are a believer and you find yourself in Kaduna, God posted you there from Jerusalem. I say that from Jerusalem God posted you to Kaduna to be His representative, and because you are in Kaduna, God will make sure that you speak the language that the people in Kaduna will hear; otherwise you will not be useful to them.  
22.              If we have Hausa spirit, Igbo spirit, Yoruba spirit, we can never come together in Jerusalem without quarrelling. If we come here and stay together for one second, know that Satan has changed. Hence, we are in His Presence enjoying ourselves, and we are in His Presence continuing enjoying ourselves and will remain enjoying ourselves forever in His Presence because we came from one nation and we are posted to different nations, having the same identity which is Christ in us.
23.              My identity is Christ in me, your identity is Christ in you. I mean that your identity is the Holy Ghost; my identity is the Holy Ghost. Because we are children of God filled with the Holy Ghost, we are baptized into one spirit; that is why we now have one power, we enjoy one food, and we enjoy everything.
24.              That is why when you look at our brethren from the Northern side, you can hardly believe that they are Hausas. You look at our brethren from the Igbo land; you can hardly believe that they are Igbos because Igbo people are known for something, the same way Hausa people are known for something.
25.              However, if anybody says that he is a child of God, wearing the same old nature that the people from where he is are wearing, know that no change has taken place in that person.  
26.              Some of you are still manifesting all those evil characters your people are known for, in other words, conversion has not taken place in you.
28.              Then from now, if anybody is walking contrary, trying to place a stumbling block, hindrance, by the way he lives; even the Holy Ghost will reveal that person. Anybody who comes into this Faith with a political spirit, tribal spirit to destabilize our peace, the Holy Ghost will automatically reveal the person. The person will not hide.
29.              That is why God is saying that you are not alone, there are a lot of Brothers and Sisters around you, for that reason make sure that you are not a hindrance, a stumbling block, an obstacle on the way of a Brother or a sister whether they be Jews, Greeks or even Babylonians.
30.              The word “Jew,” “Greek” or “Babylonian” is just mere language barrier. When we say Hausa, Igbo or Yoruba, we are talking of language barrier, but as long as we are children of God, we have one common character. However, now that language barrier has been completely removed by the Word.  BECAUSE THE WORD OF GOD HAS BECOME OUR NATIONAL LANGUAGE.
31.              You see, there is joy in this most holy Faith. That is why we are feeling comfortable in His Presence. If we go to Dandikowa we feel very comfortable. We go to Zonkwua, we feel very comfortable. If they come over to the other side, they feel very comfortable, nobody is afraid. However, it is not so among the villagers.  
33.              That was where the Holy Ghost picked Brother John the Beloved. Looking at him you will know that he is sick, just trying to recover.  God brought him to Abuja so that he will make his wrongs right, for the Holy Ghost accused him very greatly and threw him out of the Church because of the great iniquity that was found in him. He became a stumbling block to the Church, to the brethren and the Lord exposed it.
34.              By the way that he was living, he caused a lot of people to be grudging, complaining and murmuring. Then the people failed into God’s condemnation. Maybe by the time he will be talking to you, he will expose the rest of the whole thing. The same way he behaved bitterly against the Church at Jos: this too much giving of instructions and commands that do not even emanate from me, they are all becoming very devilish and ungodly.
35.              We noticed his habit, always troubling Sisters in the kitchen, troubling them everywhere, imposing duties upon duties, compounding every work in the family, even where he is living, detecting instructions anyhow, not considering what is happening around, the Holy Ghost picked it against him. Because for example, if he comes to Abuja, he should walk with wisdom, he should come to Abuja as a relief to the family and not as a burden. Do not come to Abuja to add burden.
36.              Not maybe when you come to Abuja you just open your bag, carry all your dresses and give to Sister Faith to iron them when you know that Sister Faith is very busy in the kitchen, even looking for somebody to relieve her. Then you come into the kitchen to compound the work by ordering her out of the kitchen, asking her to iron your dresses, and while she is trying to iron them, she will never please him.
37.              He will still complain, “You did not get this one! You did not get this one! What are you doing?” All to make sure that he commands influence and authority. Where did you learn that? Something that myself cannot even try for one day and will never try it. And by the life he was living, what he was manifesting, somebody might be tempted to think that he is copying from the Apostle, that after all he is the beloved of the Apostle. Holy Ghost said no to it.
38.              This Ministry is the Ministry of no respect of persons, we speak the truth in love, we lie not in the Holy Spirit, we do not castigate ourselves, we do not pamper anybody. Hence, I did not take it light with him, God did not take it light. He was publicly exposed and thrown out. What is more, he is suffering it even till now. He has written several apologies to the Churches and to so many families that he caused stumbling blocks.
39.              Sisters will see him coming and everybody will become very much afraid. Because they have discovered that it is not easy to please him, they do not know what they will do and he will complain. Touch this one, trouble. Touch that one, trouble. Thus, by that he has constituted a very big stumbling block. He led many to sin, many started grudging against him. It is not good.
40.              Check your own lives also. If by the way that you are living when you do things blindly, the moment Sisters will see you everybody will become afraid, instead of rushing to meet you they will be hiding, put a question mark to yourself. Stop and check your life. Find out from your Sisters whether there is a way that you are stumbling them.
41.              That is why you see me from time to time, I gather some, I say, “What is your problem? Why are you dying? Maybe it is from Me. Fear not, open up and speak if I am the one causing you to stumble. Let me know the area,” because no man judges himself without saying that he is perfect.
42.              Do not hide your feelings before your brethren. Learn from Me. If you come to my house, my attitude there is my attitude when I come to your own. There is no change. If you do good, I will commend you. If you do bad also I will condemn it before you. Even if you serve me food, if your food is alright to me, I will say it. If it is bad, I will say, “Sister, carry this one, it is bad.” You can never see Me complaining or murmuring.
43.              Maybe in my heart I will be saying “I do not know that this Sister does not know how to cook.” Na lie. It is not my habit. In that table there, I will condemn it and call Sister to come and carry it. If it is my wife, she will say, “Daddy, please, please!” There is no please in that one. You can’t give me reason; I have condemned it, that’s all I know for that matter. If you reflect on it, it will repeat in your food because that food is caused by your lazy character.
44.              I am looking forth to a day I will come to Abuja and a Sister will serve a badly prepared food and say, “Daddy, please manage it. My house help did this” or that. That day you will know my colour. I will build a special message from the food pot and publish it wide because any married woman should not use Sister as an excuse in the kitchen.
45.              There are certain things that they will not do for you, they have their no-go areas. Not that they will not participate, they will be there as observers. They will prepare every other thing, do other thing but when it comes to that one, they will be there as observers. So that you cannot use them as excuse. “I am sick” is not there.
46.              If you are sick do not ever enter the kitchen so that we know that nothing is coming from the kitchen. We close the kitchen that day and then go on strike.
47.              Brethren, if you form the habit of opening up before your brethren, you will never fall into condemnation for the Message said that there is no fear in love. Perfect love drives away all fear. We are members of Christ’s family, we share our experiences together. The way I behave in your midst, do you think that it is the way I behave outside? Outside, if you see me, you can hardly believe that I can open my mouth because I am not of that tribe.
48.              When I come to my family I should not live in fear. I will move round and maintain that liberty because the family belongs to me. What if I turn round causing stumbling blocks here and there, behaving as if I am a stranger to the family?
49.              It is not out of place if you come into the family and you need water, you just go there, then carry water and drink. Is it a crime? Sisters may be busy in the kitchen or somewhere bathing the little ones, you know where the water is, carry water and drink for you are not a foreigner, you are not a stranger—unless you are one of the make-believers in our midst.
50.              What is hindering us from exercising real liberty in Christ is because many of us are hypocrites. A hypocrite is a fault-finder. He can hardly come to his brother’s house without having his eyes on the ground. However, if you are sincere, you are part and parcel of that family. If they ridicule that family they are ridiculing you.
51.              For example we are in the fellowship this day, what if we hear that in the house of Brother Stephen that it is always quarreling and fighting, it will affect all of us. All that come into the fellowship and go out will be attributed to the same disease, saying, “These are their members, no peace oh. If you see where the man is beating the wife, you will marvel.”
52.              That was the reason why I excommunicated Simon Omeigbo and his wife from the Church of Onitsha. I ordered him out of the Church. You cannot be in this Faith and go about beating your wife publically and then from the backyard you come in. Not in this type of Faith. You throw them out so that the house of God will be cleansed, and thereby you remove evil from Israel. The camp will be clean and Satan will no longer accuse us again.
53.              Make sure that by the life that you are living, somebody who is sitting near you is learning something good and not evil. That somebody is learning how to worship God in the acceptable way. That somebody is learning Godly sincerity, Godly love, Godly humility; all godly qualities are coming out of your body.
54.              We are winning people in this Faith not that we are preaching too much. What is winning is nothing but the life that we live. A young man that we baptised also from Main Market that come from Edemani in Nsukka; the young man, Thomas told me clearly that “the life of Kerian and Onyema became very challenging in our line that I have no excuse if I should say no. all my years in EFAC I cannot prove of being a child of God but within the little time Onyema joined this group, it has become very clear in the line that the man is a pure believer.”
55.              Do you see the testimony? You see, my life is winning somebody, my life is retaining somebody. If I live a pure godly life, somebody that has the gene of God must come closer to this Gospel, but somebody that has an indefinite nature runs away because the virtue in me will keep him out.
56.              Live pure godly life and that will become your life assurance. There is no man that does not know who is living a pure godly life. However, if you are living very carelessly and a very useless life, people will also know.
57.              Just recently, the Holy Ghost helped Me and I saw in a vision the behaviour of many and when they came to my house I revealed it to them what I saw concerning them, all of them bowed down to God.
58.              Where somebody is still watching Television in this Faith, another person is still compromising with the heathen and you want to inherit eternal life, the Faith will not drop you, you will drop yourself. Because when you know what sin is and you decide to go in there and live in it, up to you.
59.              I have told you that any doctrine that I have handed down in this Church and it becomes very, very difficult for you to practice it, come to me, tell me, “Brother, please, you see this doctrine, I believe it but doing it is very difficult for me, how do I do it?” I say come to me, do not throw it away.
60.              Do not say, “Well, God understands,” for God will only understand that you are a stark pagan. You know when people want to consolidate themselves in sin, they will say “God knows my heart, I have done my best.” God knows your heart that you are a stark unbeliever. For there is no reasonable excuse which any man can give why he should not render selfless service unto God.
61.              If there is any place that I can stay and render the whole services that is in my strength, it is in the Church of God because I am laying treasures to myself. There is no day your labour of love will go unrewarded. As far as God liveth, God must reward you in all your labour. I have known God for that.
62.              Ephesians chapter 4 verse 1-3, “I therefore, the prisoner of the Lord, beseech you that ye walk worthy of the vocation wherewith ye are called, With all lowliness and meekness, with longsuffering, forbearing one another in love; Endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. KJV.  
63.              I beg you, I a prisoner here in jail serving the Lord, to live and act in a way worthy of those who have been in prison for such wonderful blessings as this. Be humble and gentle, be patient with each other, making allowance for each other fault in course of your love. LB.
64.              Note this pASSAGE: Be humble, be gentle and be patient, making allowance for each other. As far as it is your brother, your sister, all that you owe that person is love. Place yourself in the condition that the person finds himself and find out whether YOU CAN act more than him. Make sufficient allowance.
65.              There is no child of God in this life that will deliberately decide to flout the doctrines of this Faith unless the person is a make-believer and that is idolatry.
66.              An idolater is the person that places a lot of things before God while a child of God is one that makes God his number one. An idolater makes God his number two or number three. Anything that you place as your number one before God is your god. Whatever that occupies the number one in your priority is your god. Is it not scripture?
67.              What is the Word of God? Number one, you will love God with all your heart, all your strength, all that is in you, whatever that makes you a human being, employ all of them in serving God. Then how will God know that you love Him?  It is by keeping His commandment. Love is measured by our ability to keep His Word.
68.              However, when we say that we love God, give Him all our talent, all our might, but when it comes in obeying the Word we draw back, we have become reprobate. For the Message said that with the word we confess that we love Him but in practice we deny God. We are not only called to come and preach Christ, the message said that we are called to live Christ on Earth. I believe that is why I preach.  
69.              Second Corinthians 4:20 said that we do not come to preach the Word in vain but we demonstrate it by the power of the Holy Spirit. It must be demonstrated. I believe you must demonstrate that which you say that you believe. You must put it into action.
70.              “...Try always to be remain along with the Holy Spirit and so be at peace with one another.”
71.              Note, be at peace with one another: no murmuring, no complaining, no backbiting, no grudging otherwise you will turn to be a stumbling block, a hindrance.
72.              Can you imagine a situation where somebody will kneel down and pray and pray, only to come out, try to do one thing or the other and commit into the hand of a brother or a sister, only to make that person to be offended. That is not good, because I know that there are people that have vowed a vow not to make anybody happy. Conditional believers. There is evil in them for the Holy Ghost called them mockers in the camp.
73.              We worship God unconditionally. If you place any condition before God, your cup is full. God is not even ready to respond to your condition, rather He will make it even harder. Amen.

God has called us. Let us consider the calling in Ephesians 4: 11-16, let us see how God restore that calling.
2.                  Ephesians 4: 11-16, “And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers;
3.                  For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ: Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ:
4.                  That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive;
5.                  But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ: From whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, maketh increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love.” KJV.
6.                  Remember the topic; BE DILIGENT TO LOOK INTO THE STATE OF THY FLOCK. Be diligent every day, not to ignore the Church, do not ignore your brethren, look into the state of the sheep that God entrusted into your care. DO NOT ALLOW MONEY OR ANY OTHER THING TO HOLD YOU FOR GOD WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY EXCUSE; IT IS A VOCATION.
7.                  In your attempt to look after your flock, the Bible said that you should make sufficient allowance for their weaknesses. The most important thing, God is saying, make sure that you do not constitute a stumbling block on the way of your brother or sister.
8.                  People that really want to march forward but have brought wicked spirit, incorrigible spirit and all their attempt is to draw people down. The Bible said that a wicked man hardly sleep until he has pulled somebody down. If after warning them, preaching to them, loving them, doing everything to them and they are not cheerful, let it be known to them that they have become like an Ethiopian that cannot change.
9.                  The Bible said that even if you put a foolish man in a mortar, grind him very well like you are grinding grain, yet foolishness can never depart from him.  I hope there is no foolish person in this camp.  
10.              If God is rebuking and rebuking you on one particular fault and that fault is something that you can get rid of so easily, and you are continuing in it, let it be known to you that you have been in love with that spirit. You love that fault, you are admiring it very well, it gives you joy. You can never get rid of any unclean habit until you have hated that habit. 
11.              The moment you hate the habit, to drop it becomes very easy. Let me show you a little example. First of all, one day sit down by yourself alone, cast your mind back: “All these years I have been walking this way, have I gain so many things in it? After these things, what will I receive as my reward? All these rebukes that I have been receiving are not good, for that reason, from today I will not do it again.” But a foolish person will love to be receiving rebukes and indictments until everyday, he will be filled with them.
12.              Let God give us perfect understanding. God has given us ministries in the Church, and the essence of the Ministry is to bring us to perfection. If we have received the ministries of the Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Teachers and Pastors and we are not perfected, are we now trying to make God a liar? Can we say that God has failed in His Word?
13.              You see why I said that God is mindful of the remnant? Because one funny thing about the hypocrite is that he feels that the Word of God can never be obeyed by anybody. Whatever condition that he is passing through, he generalises it to everybody.
14.              However, he does not know that there is somebody somewhere that has gotten rid of that problem. If we want to survive, let us become adults. William Branham said something; “If you do not respect a minister because of his age, respect him because of the office which God has placed him.” Do not respect me because of my age but because of my office.
15.              You know there are two things that you cannot teach a human being: nobody can teach a human being the process of procreation, and nobody can teach a human being to run away from death or from danger.
16.              Look at an infant, if we hear any striking noise now, you will see the infant on the run. You will also see the little ones trying to crawl. Nobody will teach those little ones to escape from death.  
17.              Thus, you are all adults. I think you should catch me somewhere. This is family meeting. I told you that if there is any meeting that you will enjoy, it is this one. The way the meeting started in Abuja is the way it is going to end in Abuja.
18.              The first meeting in Abuja started like this, Brother Emmanuel you are a living witness. You are a living surviving member of that Church. Hence, when we are talking of ancient men in Abuja, we have only but one person. Hence he is the only one that can tell the story. All that followed him in making that building under the bridge, where are they now? You can tell how the Church started in the family down there in that lady’s house.
19.              In other words, you are the only living legend that will tell the story in the Church at Abuja. How this Ministry came to the Northern state, he is the number one. He is the only person that has survived.
20.              Sister Chiamaka is not even involved, she met us halfway, but this is the only surviving member, we were only but three persons in that Church. Brother Emmanuel, Andrew and Ignatius and we tarried with them for two days, intensive meeting day and night. In that meeting we almost perish on the way.
21.              Hence, at the end of the meeting they gave me a letter, which they said that Ben Adiukwu wrote from Jos, that he said he is coming and I said, “Well, I have prepared you, now you have to use the materials and stitches on him. If it does not work, know that I have deceived you. But if it works then you will know that God has given you a time-tested material.”
22.              I went further, “I did not spend much time in the End-time, and I do not know the man. Since they say that the man is a big man in End-time, an Evangelist, get ready for he is coming with quotes. Wait for him for I have armed you very well.”
23.              We never praised God in that meeting, no evangelical, I sat them down for forty-eight hours on doctrine, no going out, we just locked everywhere. Then eventually Brother Ben came with his suit and everything. “One week in this Ministry you are going to face the greatest man that has carried the Bible.”
24.              Thus, he came down that day, I was not even worried, I left them. If I stay around they will say that the man had victory because the Apostle was there. I just left with my brother. The people that he thought that could be novice, he never knew that the Lord perfected them over night. Hence he came and saw the grasshoppers dribbling him with the Word.
25.              A little while they led him to the river, got him baptised and brought him back—that big End-timer that has been in the pulpit for years, a hard warrior. Then they said, “My friend, sit down let us teach you the doctrines of God.” And they furnished him very well.
26.              He went back to Jos and went to that Church, carried his Bible and said, “Look at so, so and so, I am against organised religion. If there is any of you that can prove me wrong from the Bible, I will bow.” But before then many have already believed him because the Church knew him very well, the elders ran around him and proved all the doctrines to be truth.”
27.              What am I saying? That is exactly what God wants from us. When you are coming to God, come with open heart. He has sufficient reasons why he will say that they were blind, call them names, place a curse and go back, after all he is a pulpit minister; second to the Pastor in charge.
28.              Talk of tithe, he could preach it and collect the tithe. Talk of running round Nigeria, he can run round Nigeria. But because he was walking with God with open heart; the Bible said that if you seek God diligently you must find Him. However, when you are looking for God hypocritically, you are not sincere, you have many things in your mind, but with the mouth you say, “Anywhere I see God, I will follow.” When you see that true God, you will run away. Amen.
29.              Brethren, this is the Ministry of Godly sincerity, it is the Ministry of patience, it is the Ministry of true humility.
30.              You see, I do not need to tell you what false humility is all about. If you are humble, your humility will be in your heart. Not the one Yoruba people used to show. We should know more than that! You perfect yourself over night because the Apostle has come. However, immediately the Apostle goes away, your old nature will then come back. You are a Pentecostal.  
31.              You know there is a way I talk to women. If you stay close to Me you will learn something and that thing may help you all through. There is a way I spoke to women yet they will never feel that I have insulted them. They will catch Me along the line. How I wish that we will develop that attitude.
32.              Some seeds of God may understand the handwriting. Because I cannot imagine, somebody that got up from the bed one morning, brushed my teeth, saluted my neighbours’ wife and then something that I have never done before, I just went closer and I said, “Madam, how I admire this your hairdo, it has made you to look like a little baby. Nobody will ever believe that you have many children; the only thing that remains now is for you to put on trouser. We will not be surprise when you carry your husband’s jeans, then carry his coat and you become like our landlord’s daughter.”
33.              You see, while I was talking, I was moving away. Initially she was laughing because she thought that I was admiring and praising her until the message started coming, because she is a Pentecostal from Grace of God Mission and she is a deaconess. I cannot imagine a Pentecostal going too low by putting on earrings.  A Pentecostal deaconess putting on those things, what remains?
34.              “The same thing that prostitutes are wearing in Onitsha; why not put on trouser!” I said, “I will not be surprise one day if I see you putting on oga’s jeans trouser and coat, then you go out and join my landlord’s daughters outside.”
35.              I have conveyed the message. If she is wise, she will understand that I am saying no to that style of life. You see, since that time, I caused something very terrible. I have locked the woman inside the house since that time. Remove the thing she will not remove it, but come outside and parade herself again, no more. She will remain indoors. When she wants to go out she will first of all peep to know whether I am outside or my wife; if she hears our voice she will go inside. She cannot come out anyhow.
36.              Our preaching liberates us. Tell me a child of God that closes his mouth and I will show you a fornicator; whether man or woman. If you know that believer that shakes his head, that finds it difficult to speak openly, run away from that person; man or woman. The spirit that God has given to us is the spirit of boldness. Because there is something in a man’s face, there is something also in a woman’s face.
37.              I was advising our Sister, I said, “Sister, form the habit of looking at somebody straight in the face, then you will escape from troubles.” Assuming you are coming into the fellowship and then you look at my face, the countenance in my face will tell you why I have invited you. If I have evil mind while inviting you, it will reflect in my face immediately.
38.              However, what if you are shaking your head, if I ask you a question that you know that you should supply me the answer, you just turn and blink your eyes and bend your head, are you bending it so that I will turn your head or what? Or that you did not hear what I said? You create room for the Devil to operate and when the devil operate, you will say “Satan, Satan!” You are that Satan, for you gave Satan the room.
39.              Let us not carry this Faith too far, it is a practical Faith. I do not know the way I will shout and scream, I do not know what I should do which I have not done; I cannot remember. That is why my question now is this, if you are finding it difficult, am I the problem? Or the message? Or are you the problem? Because I know that there is nothing wrong with this message but something is wrong with some individuals in the message.
40.              Some have become so thick-walled that nothing is penetrating into them again, before you build up the message they have decided to harden themselves: “I know that Brother cannot say anything without mentioning my name. If after preaching without calling my name, teaching is incomplete today!” You become an unbeliever.
43.              LET ME TELL YOU HOW IT HAPPENS. REMEMBER THAT IT IS FAMILY MEETING, IF YOU WANT ME TO DIAGNOSE YOUR CASES, I WILL DIAGNOSE THEM. SEE HOW GOD WILL HELP YOU TO PERISH; GOD WILL ALLOW YOU TO HAVE A PROBLEM AND THAT PROBLEM YOU WILL TAKE IT TO THE PASTOR’S WIFE OR A BROTHER who you know that he is very close to your Pastor or to another minister you know that walks close to your Pastor, you may discuss the matter in the afternoon very well. Your Pastor is not there.
44.              In that same evening when you gather in the fellowship, without your Pastor seeing any of the people that you discussed your matter with you, he will go to the pulpit, word for word, all that you discussed with the Sister or brother will come out from the pulpit. Then Satan will tell you, “Can you now see! People are bad, why did you go and tell Brother? Have you now see that the matter have now gone to the Pastor?”
45.              You see, God has helped you to perish. Because God has discovered that you have not believed any, so, now He has decided to come to make you to be a stark unbeliever, attributing the work of the Holy Ghost to a man. In short you did not believe Hebrew 4 verses 12 and 13. That the Word of God is the discerner of the heart, it reveals the secrets of the heart, that all things are naked unto God, nothing is hidden before Him.
46.              God has now helped you and when you commit that sin against the Holy Ghost, you cannot be forgiven in this world nor in the world to come.
47.              That is why I have told you that no seed of God can commit sin against the Holy Ghost. A true seed of God gets very happy when the Word gets tougher on him. He will say, “God slash me more, flog me more for it will help me.” That is a seed. No seed of God can call the things of God accursed. A little while he will doubt prophecies in the Church. Prophecy will come and he will say, “Well, it is imaginary.”
48.              You may not say it right there, you are saying it right inside you. Even the voice will be so clear in your heart that your two ears will be hearing it. Who caused it? Almighty God. Because He has given you sufficient time to move till the end and you said no. Now He has come out fully to help you out of the sheep by causing you to commit grievous sin against the Holy Ghost, by attributing the work of God to a man.
49.              Many have committed sin against the Holy Ghost and they are still in the Church. That is why I handed down the message titled “Be very Careful”
50.              I do not know whether you have it in your jotter? “Be Very Careful” is a message where God diagnosed cases, told us the levels of sin that will be coming into the Church.
52.              Such people when you are mentioning translation occurring any time from now, they will feel like saying, “God, why not make it a bit longer. Why not prolong it a little?” Because they know that along the line something terrible has taken place in them. Any day that God reveals the remedy for sin against the Holy Ghost, if God reveals it to me I will tell you about it, but for now I do not know the remedy.
53.              William Branham said that when a man commits sin against the Holy Ghost, he said that people thinks that it is when you commit fornication; he said no, they said then when will a man commit sin against the Holy Ghost? He said, “Any day you will attribute what is going on in this Faith, this discernment, this healing, this Prophetic statement, you attribute them to the Devil or to a man, then you have crossed the dividing line. You have committed sin against the Holy Ghost and you will never be forgiven in this world nor in the world to come until you make it right.”
54.              However, William Branham never showed you how you will make it right. Go and read the message titled “Unpardonable Sin” no remedy. If you read COD (Code of Conduct and Doctrine) volume four, this is where he treated the message very well. 
55.              The Bible said if when you have been saved, and you deliberately decide to abandon the Faith and go out again to live in the world and behave like the world, and cause people to mock God, and speak evil of God, He said that “you have caused the Holy Ghost to be blasphemed.” By your character you have committed a grievous sin against God.
56.              The same way also, if you attribute the doings of God to a man or the devil, you have committed sin against God. For that reason keep silent on things you do not understand. If you do not understand anything, hold your mouth shut, for that is where many End-time people perished, yet they do not know. Just a little while, somebody will open his mouth wide and say, “He has been in our midst, I have been hearing Him”. Without proving it, the Bible called such people natural brutes that speak evil on things they know not. Something you do not know, you have not proved it, and you just conclude and called it devil.
57.              You see, I love one young man who said I should show him signs and wonders for him to believe, I said, “If I show you signs and wonders you will not believe.” He said, “If I see one that I know is real, I will believe.” I said, “Like?”
58.              He said, “If you cause the death to resurrect.” I said, “That one has happened before. Even if I cause the death to resurrect, it is no longer miracle; it is no longer supernatural.” He kept on talking, examined Me and a little while stopped.
59.              I said, “Even if I cause fire to come down from Heaven to consume the sacrifice, it is no longer miracle, it has happened before. But there is one thing that has not happened, no human being born of a woman since the world began, that has caused it to happen. If I show you that one, will you believe?” He said, “What is that thing?”
60.              I said, “Do you believe the Bible?” He said yes that God is revealed in the Bible. I looked up and looked down, opened the Bible, I went to the Shekinah Presence of God in the Bible, that is what the Holy Ghost revealed to me. I continued to open his eyes, opening his eyes. I said, “I will come to a point where you will see it fully in the New Testament. And if it can be photographed, those photographs can never tell lies. If you see it, will you believe it?” He said, “I will believe if I am convinced that you are the very One.”
61.              I said, “To show that it is a living being, He is not stationary, if I show you eleven manifestations of that living being, in different shapes, will you believe?” He said, “Provided it appeared the same day and at the same time, I will believe.” I show him scriptures and he copied many of them. He said, “Were these things taken in Nigeria?” I said, “Yes, here in Onitsha.” He said, “I believe it to be true but signs and wonders do not move me, I believe it to be true but signs and wonders do not move me.” 
62.              What can we derive from there? He has been an unbeliever from the very beginning. Because when we started, I told him that even if I show him signs and wonders he will not believe.
63.              Anybody that is an Ethiopian, anybody that is destined to perish, there is no amount of rebuke or preaching or correction that will make him to change. No matter how we preach, can we preach more than what God preached in Judas? Judas heard enough preaching, Pharaoh saw enough signs and wonders, yet they did not believe.
64.              No true seed of God can deliberately sin against God. Any true seed of God will only commit sin accidentally, and to show that it is accidental, he must go on his knees, he will start pleading. But anybody that is not from God takes pleasure in sin. Rebuke him in one thing today, tomorrow he falls on that same thing, next day he will do that same thing, by then you know that he is now taking pleasure in that evil thing.
65.              Off your hands from him immediately because you have known the source. Worrying yourself about that person will not save the situation. If that person becomes a slanderous thing in the camp, show him the way out. Isolate him. Put the sheep in the isolation ward so that others will stay clear lest they are infected. Amen.

Be Diligent to look into the state of your flock. Remember riches cannot endure forever; the crown cannot endure to all generations. Any amount of energy spent in tendering a fig tree can never be a waste. In due time you will harvest the fruit, that is what God is saying.
2.                  Do not give any excuse at all, and while you are doing the work, show enough patience, enough understanding, give enough allowance for your brother’s weakness and for your sister’s weakness. Be clothed with humility, gentleness and patience, and you will see that you can keep this particular peace in your heart.
3.                  There will not be any schism in the body, no murmuring, no complaining, and no grudging lest you fall into condemnation. Stop judging one another’s action.
4.                  Yes! That reminds me of a particular spirit that is at work. This is the spirit of analyzing event. Stop it! Anybody that is opening an old wound is causing havoc. The moment the wound is healed, let it remain healed. Nobody should open it or try to analyze circumstances surrounding that wound. It should stop in Abuja.
5.                  Analyzing your problem with others means exacerbating it. Once a problem is treated, let it be treated and be settled there. Do not analyze the problem; for we do not analyze problems. After all, we are not happy that you are having problems.
7.                  That is why I am not showing any other sympathy. Right inside Me I am settling the case, it is a settled matter. Nobody lured him into it. I warned him privately in my house, Bishop Okechukwu warned him. I called him even before other ministers and started warning him. I came to Abuja and I warned him.
8.                  There was a time he was excommunicated by prophecy with many others, I rushed there and restored all of them overnight. I warned all of them. What is more, I cornered him and warned him seriously that any repeat or occurrence of such on his side that I will never spare him.
9.                  No sooner we solved the problem that another problem started in Jos. Because of what we passed through I came down and carried him alongside with the Pastor, all of us went to Jos. He would have been a victim to that problem if not that Almighty withhold him in the absence of his Pastor.
10.              He was presently there. I remember that he preached in the Church at Jos and his message is still in tapes, I mean concerning that problem. He was even prepared to say more things but God in Me enabled him to pause, because we went there to save life. Hence, I stopped it. God is saying let he that thinketh he stands be very careful lest he falls.
11.              That is why when I preached a message in Dadinkowa, prophecy from Brother Paul, I said this prophecy was not a sign, that’s number one, and no particular Church was mentioned in it, how did they come to believe that it was referring to the Church at Jos? Too many prophecies can come referring to Church in universal.
12.              After all, the epistles of what happened in the Churches in the Bible were published universally. Maybe somebody somewhere in other local Churches might be having such spirit that is likened to that of Brother Martins that time.
13.              Thus, we have to pray concerning the Churches. Was it not exactly what this man manifested? Thank God it happened before all of them. Did anybody report him? Nobody reported him.
14.              I told you Brother Joseph came to Me, the same day all of you arrived at Onitsha, that same day I got the letter, to show that He is very much in the Faith, I opened the letter and read it, from there I started enquiring, you were all there. I sent somebody to go and make photocopy: “If you go home, give it to Evangelist, ask him to comment because I am very much interested in that matter.”
15.              When I queried the Pastor, I commanded the Pastor to query the person that caused the rebel. Note it, the Pastor of a local Assembly is the god of that Church, do you know that? One word spoken against the man Aaron, Nadab or Abihu, that word is spoken against Moses. One word against one of the elders that Moses ordained, that word is against Moses, do you know that?
16.              There was no man that said he is a Pastor or this or that until Christ’s appearance. When Christ appeared on the scene He celebrated the synagogue and the work reviewed, and those workers were privileged to address themselves as co-labourers in the same vine yard, but before His appearance there were no co-labourers. 
17.              If you despise whosoever God sent, you despise He that sent him. Do you know that there is no authority except from God? IF GOD HAS WISHED TO BRING SOMEBODY IN THE PULPIT AND YOU ARE CHALLENGING THE PERSON, YOU ARE CHALLENGING GOD WHO PLACED HIM THERE.
18.              That is where people are blind. What is the problem with many of you? Or you want Me to address you as the Evangelist, Apostle, Prophet, Deacon, Bishop, Teacher and Pastor, all of them like that? Or you want Me to put Reverend because you are privileged to run the whole Nigeria round in 24 hours?
19.               A wonderful privilege that the Pastor may not get till next generation because the Pastor is a resident minister, they can occasionally go out, he can just rarely go out when the need arises.
20.              However, it was not so with the Evangelist. the Church would have been like his outing, reflecting on him who come back anytime and move out again. When he has a message for the Church he will come back again, they can tour round the whole Nigeria. In spite of that privilege, you are also numbered among the few that the Apostle has the privilege of conferring His own authority to go out, lay hand and baptize believers, which the Pastors do not have the right.
21.              Thus, you can go out having the same apostolic authority like Titus to set things in order. What other privilege do you need? If somebody can feel neglected, can that person feel neglected? He that wants to die must surely die. No sympathy at all, because he is already dead.
22.                Mockers in the camp! How I wish you have seen the prophecies that revealed the Gospel, it will help somebody.  
23.              Ephesians 4:30-32; “And grieve not the holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption. Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamour, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice: And be ye kind one to another, tender-hearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you. KJV.
24.              He said, the Mark of God’s ownership is the Holy Ghost gift. That thing which God will see in you and receive you as His own property, God is saying; make sure that you do not put that thing out.
25.              God who placed the seal on you sees something, God saw a lot of human beings on Earth, and among the privileged few, you were in the number. He placed the seal on you. If you mess it up by your wickedness who will you blame at last? Will you blame me? I have placed my mark on you, I have placed the seal on you. You have decided to harm yourself, blame yourself and not God.
26.              To cause that same Holy Spirit to come back again, you will labour two hundred times. If you used three weeks to get it, this time you spend three months. If you abandon God one day, God will abandon you three months. That is why when some people fall from a height, a lot of people had such experience, before they will regain that height, it will take a lot of climbing.
27.              If you dare fall from a height in this Faith, before you can climb back to that height it will take much labour and time. You know it is easy to fall than to climb? If you know that happy are you. Thus, wherever you find yourself maintain that height, from there, climb higher.
28.              The higher you go the clearer you see. If you are not growing when others are growing, a time will come when you will be stunted. When you should become something, you will be causing trouble from time to time. You will be doing things little kids are not supposed to do. Because you did not climb when others were climbing.
29.              That is why you will be looking troubled and troubled. Besides, as long as you are not climbing, whatever we are seeing afar off, you are not seeing it, and because you are not seeing it, when we are saying what we saw, you will be feeling troubled, you feel very sad. Because you did not climb, if I tell you I have seen the whole thing, you cannot see it. Instead of rejoicing with me, you are very unhappy. 
30.              If after explaining all these things, somebody is not getting Me, blame yourself. I will diagnose your case soon before I will put the final full stop. A
31.              Be Diligent To Look Into the State Of Your FlockI am not talking to Abuja Church alone, I am talking to all of you. Any time you spend to look into the state of your flock is not a waste. Do not take things for granted, do not say, “After all I have preached to them;” no, it is not enough.
32.              When you see them coming to Church late, you see them behaving abnormally, call them to come closer. When they try to play hypocrisy, with the spirit of discernment catch them somewhere. Throw in a question that will make them to pause, especially the sisters. They try to play a lot of smartness, they try to give the impression that all is well even when they are in the bottomless pit, they try to give the impression that they are very spiritual.      
33.              Even at the point of death they will never believe that they are dying until you show them, “Look at your grave yard.” That time their eyes will open and you hear them, “It is truth. Brother, pray for me!” Will you be prayed for in blindness when we were telling you look at danger, look at danger?
34.              The Bible said that a wise man will see danger and avoid it. But foolish people will see danger and then run after it. When we signal danger, you think that we are mad. As your watchmen if we see danger and close our mouth we shall be guilty but if we raise alarm and you think that we are kidding, if you run into that danger, everybody will just laugh at you because you were forewarned.
35.              Let all bitterness and indignation and wrath, passion, rage, bad temper and resentment (anger, animosity) and quarreling (brawling, clamor, contention) and slander (evil speaking, abusive…. AMP.
36.              Watch them, before service is over, they have already moved away, why, because there is sin somewhere, somebody is resenting somebody: “I do not want her trouble; I do not want his trouble!” If you do not want his trouble! Go away let us see how God will translate you.
37.              God is saying that you must get rid of anger, animal impulse that will make you to behave like a beast. Get rid of resentment, resenting your brother, resenting your sister. Get rid of these nonsenses which are hatred. “I hate you!” You will never say it out through your mouth but right inside your heart you will be saying it yet you want to be translated. Any day that God will close His eyes and keep you anyhow, Satan will be there anyhow.
38.              He that hateth his brother or sister is a murderer and no murderer will inherit the kingdom of God. Is it not scripture? Let bitterness, wrath, anger, malice and hatred be done away with every amount of sincerity. Did God say that He will come and take them away?
39.              God said you should put them away, so it is in your hand to put them away, it is also in the power of your hand to retain those things. You know sin is very sweet, if you live in sin for some years, it will become accustomed to the people. No matter how we tell you that this thing will kill you, you will not listen.
40.              There is a scripture that I will tell you and you will run away. Somebody committed sin to such an extent that the Lord spoke to Isaiah to tell the man that this iniquity will never be purged, that he must surely die in it. Have you read it in the scriptures?
41.              The Lord said, “As surely as I live, this iniquity shall never be purged, you must surely die in this iniquity.” The Lord spoke to His servant Isaiah to proclaim it. The sin of Eli’s family became so scandalous and pronounced that God spoke against Eli’s family and said “No sacrifice or burnt offering can purge the sin of Eli’s household for I must surely punish Eli and his household.”
42.              Thus, no amount of fasting and praying, no amount of incense, burning of animal that will make God to change His mind because God gave them sufficient time to repent. He that is very often reproved and he hardens his heart, somebody, let us see it in the Bible.
43.              Proverbs 29 verse 1, “If you get more stubborn any time that you are corrected, one day you will be crushed and never regained. GNB.
44.              If you are getting more stubborn each time you are corrected, instead of taking correction you become stubborn, one day you will be crushed and you will never regained. You know, there are some people that are bad, the more you correct them the more stubborn they will become.
45.              Those that came from End-time Message, all your time in End-time message, have you seen a message like this? Have you sat down to turn the passages of the Bible to hear God speak? You see somebody carrying quotes in the pulpit, what made him minister is that he is repeating what William Branham preached before you were born, that is what made him a minister. If what makes a man a minister is reading that pamphlet then everybody is a minister. Who cannot read? 
46.              Let us be very careful for the hour we are living is very delicate. You do not need to grumble. Do not be wearied, God who entrusted souls into our care can never make a mistake. As far as God is with us, we must have the crown. But to everybody make sure that you do not constitute a stumbling block or hindrance on the way of your brother or sister in this Faith.  Amen.

You see, while I was preparing to come to Abuja, my director, maybe Satan decided to use him to pull my legs. Somebody that has been absent for over two weeks, it is only this day that I know that he will be travelling to Abuja without anybody knowing, and he never told me that he came to Abuja.
2.                  He rushed to the office and told me that I should be ready to go to Abuja. I said, “Sir, I wanted to take permission from you, I had a strong missionary assignment at Abuja also.” He said ok. Then he listed all the things that he wanted me to accomplish in Abuja and then concluded it with one nonsense. He said, “Collect your duty allowance at Abuja.” I just laughed.
3.                  When I got there that was what Satan wanted to use to trap Me. You see, Satan is very deceitful. I want to let you know how important this meeting is to me. Immediately I got there, our director was very much interested in my coming; almost everybody because it has been very long. Since they packed down to Abuja I have been coming to Abuja but I have been avoiding that house because I know why I have been running away from them. I do not want to see their face and I do not want them to see my face also. I hate them.
4.                  The thing that I have been running away from, I met it. They thought that I have packed down to Abuja. For while I was going I sensed that danger, I started telling my brethren, “I have exposed myself. People that have been looking for Me have seen enough reason to catch me. Do not be surprise that I will come back with a letter transferring me to Abuja with immediate effect.” Our brother Philip said, Amen. Brother Okey said no.
5.                  I said, “Sir, you are all children of God, but you have not spoken the same thing! This one is saying “yes sir, we like it” while another one is saying “no sir, it will not happen.” But the Bible said that you should speak and say one thing. Which one will God honor now? And really immediately I appeared in the office that was the first thing the man presented.
6.                  I looked at him and said to him, “Sir, I am here for a strict mission, you are a Muslim, you will not understand me. You do not read Christian books,” and he said, “I will not read and I will not be a Christian, but the matter is not Christianity, the matter is that you are coming back here to assist.”
7.                  I said, “First of all let me tell you the reason why I am here.” Then we continued and continued and continued. He said, “Well, you know what will happen? Before you do anything go and bring the form, let me approve of your TTA.”
8.                  I said, “Sir, how much is that?” “Let me approve ten thousand naira for two days;” he said. I said, “I know more than that. Will it come out immediately?” He said no, may be Friday or Monday. That means that I will come to your office tomorrow and maybe you will see me in your office on Monday. I said “Sir, that is impossible” He said no, no, no you will carry a lot of letters.
9.                  Then I told him, “Look my friend, I am not here to play. I am in Abuja on a missionary trip.” So the man directed me to another officer, I went to the man and an argument ensued between me and Mr. John who is from Delta State. First of all I gave him a book. You see, the argument was whether I should be transferred to Abuja or not.
10.              I said, “Sir, this man directed me to you to give me ten thousand naira and not for any other thing.” He said, “Why should he say ten thousand naira? Who can get the money from the Permanent Secretary? Have you written an application?” I said no. He said, “You better stay here for one week for that is the only condition that we can give it to you.”
11.              I told him, “If that is the case, let it be known to you that I will not stay for your letters. I am telling you the whole truth that I know for I have a strict assignment today, and once I go in for the assignment I do not have any business to do with any human being again. It is starting this evening by 5.00pm with the Church and immediately I open the meeting, no more. For you will never see me in that secretariat. Even I doubt whether I will come there again.” God knows my motive.
12.              I doubt whether I will come there again unless there is something that is so serious that will bundle me there, otherwise, I do not think that I will be there again, because to provoke them to see whether somebody will be provoked to the point of telling me not to come again.
13.              However, at the end of it all, I thought that they were playing. We continued dragging the matter to the Permanent Secretary, but the man is an Igbo man.
14.              I got there before I say anything, I first of all gave him the books and then told him, “Sir, look at why I am here and they said that you will pay me TTA if I accomplish all these things but since I cannot accomplish all of them even in the next one week, what will stop you from paying me? I am going tomorrow if you will pay me, but if you do not pay me I will not come back here again.”
15.               The man looked up and said, “Why did your Director ask you to collect this money here?” I said, “It is because you do not give us money.” He said wait let me phone. He phoned the account department and told them that they are not paying me if I am not prepared to stay here till Monday that they will not pay me. And I told them that nothing will ever make me to step into the secretariat tomorrow or even on Monday. That I may stay in Abuja till two weeks but I will never step into that secretariat. They thought that I was playing but before they knew it I left the man.
16.              What am I trying to say? Satan wanted to use the money as a bait, if I had agree with them, it is a question of coming here, declare the meeting open, go to bed and have my rest, then tomorrow morning I will go there maybe to wash their pants so that they will pay me ten thousand naira.
17.              What is ten thousand? One soul in this Church is more than one billion naira. Then I remembered what the Holy Ghost told us at Eha-amufu, He said that increased duty allowance is increased death. How can such wonderful words come out of my mouth and I will come here, God testing me because there are testings from God.
18.              For whatever I preach God will test me by it. Who does not like money? That was why I judged the case of Brother Moses who because of money abandoned meeting for four days, only to collect twenty thousand naira. It is a hopeless thing.
19.              Government increasing your night allowance to five thousand naira a night. Is money the end of all things? I condemned him for that action for I know one day that the Lord will put me to test, and today is my turn.
20.              By the letter that I have here, I can stay here for two weeks comfortably, and when I will be going they will still pay me. But I did not come here to make money, for I have a strict assignment which I must accomplish. And I know that the Lord will watch me to know whether I will because of money abandon the job. Amen.
21.              Thus, if you are a servant of God, always see yourself as one that is under a higher authority who you must obey by all means.
22.              Let me tell you; if you know the present stage of the ministry no man will ever fool you again. Anywhere that you are going to people, you are going there as a king. I will tell you what I need now. Where you cannot give me that thing I will go my way immediately. No time for pleading because I know that it is a matter of few years it is all over with all greedy human beings.
23.              I think that I should know more than that now. If I do not know more than that it then means that the Lord never called me for one day.  
24.              Abuja Church is a troubled Church. Looking into the Church now Ignatius is completely missing. Why is he missing? Because he couldn’t pay heed to the doctrines that he received. If he had paid heed, like I asked him a question outside saying, “My friend, did you attend emergency meeting at Jos?” He said yes.
25.              “Are you sure that you were there when the case of Martins was treated?” He said he was there.
26.              I said, “Well, that goes to show that you did not believe all that happened there to be from God. You did not believe the way the case was handled. Then you did not believe the epistles for if you had believed it, I wonder if you would have manifested a similar thing,” because there outside, Holy Ghost inspired our Bishop to put things the way I want it. For he pointed to him where the thing started.
27.              When we hear that somebody has been excommunicated, the day that he was excommunicated is not actually the day he was excommunicated.
28.              God might have excommunicated him long, long time ago and then inside the Church he is still answering brother, yet he knows that the Lord has left him.
29.              It will help somebody. The moment I see that the Church has gotten the revelation I will cut it off.
30.               Because for now, I do not indulge in lengthy teachings anymore. Rather if you have problems come to Me. Anything that is not clear to you, come to me. If you want the mind of God on any matter come to me. But talk of coming to the pulpit to start preaching “repent or you perish, behave well or do not behave well;” it is too far from Me for now.
31.              There is something in the way you sit, for you may be relaxing. When you sit in a comfortable way, small time you will be having dreams and pigeon will be flying across your eyes. Then you will think that you be baptized in the Holy Ghost.
32.              Then you start saying that “when brother was in the pulpit I saw something like pigeon flying; that is Holy Ghost, Holy Ghost.”
33.              Shut up your mouth. That is not Holy Ghost. Holy Ghost is not pigeon. Holy Ghost is more than pigeon. Holy Ghost is a man; Holy Ghost is a human being. 
34.            On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally. Amen.