The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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Sunday, 5 August 2012



When this life is over, you will know that I am HE. There is nowhere you will go without meeting Me. If you will go to Heaven, I will put you there; if you will go to Hellfire, I will put you there.
Believe it if you can…
—Son of Man
17 - 12 - 2008  
Many do not know the power in the Spoken Word; that is why when I begin to hear confessions here and there, I marvel. Behold, I conferred authority unto you; just speak, do not cry. I say, do not cry, but speak.
...At times, we belittle God that is why you begin to hear negative confessions. God is greater than all you are passing through. If only you can pause a little and look behind you, you will hear a Voice that will tell you, “Be courageous, I am with you. Fear not, I am standing by your side.”
If God is for us, who can be against us? I believe we are more than conquerors through Christ that has strengthened us. No human being strengthened us but Christ Himself strengthened us. That is why we can rightly say, “The Lord is our strength.”
If the Lord is not your strength, you will soon collapse on the way. However, if the Lord is your strength, I do not care about what the situation might look like; your strength will be renewed every day.   
 –The Son of Man
 (FELLOWSHIP, page 13, verse 5-8)

Holy and Righteous Heavenly Father, Holy and righteous is your Name. To you, Oh Lord, we have come and to you alone. We have come just as we are, suppressing nothing in us, hiding nothing from you. We have come bare and naked as naked can be.
2.           We have come because you bid us to come just as we are. We never attempted in any form or shape to make ourselves better before coming. We have come for Your cleansing; we have come for the forgiveness of our sins. We have come Oh God for the salvation of our souls.
3.           We have come to You for the protection of our lives both physically and spiritually. We have come for the healing of our bodies spiritually and physically. We have come Oh God that You might bless us for You are the source of every blessings. For every good and honest gift cometh from You.
4.           I therefore plead on behalf of your children You have chosen for yourself even before the world began, scattered all over the globe. You know them one by one, You know their names, You know their dwelling places. We have come today for this is the day we have chosen collectively to appear before You as a family united by Your Spirit, united by Your Word, united in Your Love.
5.           Father, I invoke Your Spirit this very hour. Move mysteriously in the midst of all gatherings of your people. Touch all that have gathered in the approved places You have chosen to place Your Name at this very point in time.
6.           Touch all that are worshipping individually in their various places. Touch all that are worshipping as families all over the world, even those that are worshipping in the vehicles, in the wilderness, on the mountain tops, in the caves. Even those that are worshipping in exile. Father, reach all this hour according to the multitudes of thy mercies. Touch them with the touch of Love.
7.           Heavenly Father, pour Your Spirit upon all flesh that have appeared before You at this very moment in time. Refresh them with the refreshing wind of the Holy Spirit. Anoint them with thy own anointing.
8.           Meet their souls’ demands, meet their physical demands. At this very point in time, open Your ears Oh Lord and hearken to Your people as they speak and grant that which they will ask of You this very hour that your Name Oh Lord of Host will be perpetually glorified in the midst of thy saints.
9.           Over look the shortcomings of Your people that have appeared before You. Regard all those weaknesses as manifestations of imperfections in the flesh Oh King of Glory, and justify all in the spirit that we may have access to Your Throne of Grace, not only today even forever for Your Name sake.
10.       I stand here, Oh God, in Your Name, presenting before you all, worldwide you have handpicked, from all the nations, tribes, tongues and languages. Unite all in the Godhead and save all of them to the uttermost that the whole world will know and acknowledge that You are the Sovereign Lord that ruleth over the affairs of men.
11.        Thank You for all You did for us last week. Thank You Father for Your blessings, for Your protection, for the prayers you answered us, for the journey mercies. Thank You also on behalf of our children that sat for the Joint Matriculation Examination (JAMB Examination).
12.       Father, we commit their future into Your hands, grant that their scripts will be marked according to your own directives. That their result will be published without single omission.
13.        Heavenly Father, to those that are already schooling, we hand them over to your care. Oversee their activities. Go before them, make a way before them where there is no way and grant them the favour of their lecturers, their colleagues in their schools, Universities and Colleges.
14.       Close the eyes of the enemies that they might not see them by day and by night. As we hand them over to Your security, Lord we pray, may You never permit anything to seduce their hearts away from You. May they have a strong desire to acknowledge You before many witnesses and to serve You according to Your perfect will.
15.       Father, we bow down and reverence You, we worship You because of who You are. Bless our nursing mothers who could have been here but for one reason or the other they are not here. May it be well with all of them and their children.
16.       Thank You for the safe delivery You granted our Sister Chukkwuemeka last week. Thank You for Sister Kelechi that is back home with her baby.
17.       Father, we give you the whole glory, honour and praise. Supply the needs of all Your children. May there be no feeble one among us. May barrenness never be mentioned among Your people.
18.       Take away every form of hardship and prosper Your people in the period of hardship that the world will know that they are serving the only one and true God, the Great Jehovah that supplies the need of all mankind. May You never permit them to be scuffed at, to be laughed at, to be ridiculed by the heathens.
19.       May they never go about begging bread. Put a hedge around Your children that they will not do that which will bring shame, dishonour and blasphemy to Your name. Keep us within the boundaries of Your love.
20.       Today Oh God, make it a wonderful day, a glorious day. A day of joy and happiness. A day we shall say, “surely, the Lord has done it again.” Take all the praise, take all the honour, take all the glory because we believe You have heard our prayers through Christ our Lord we pray. Amen.

Whenever doubts and fears assail, trying to override you, remember the Promise that can never fail for in Him, His promises are Yea and Amen. He is the same yesterday, today and forever.
2.           He is the Lord that changeth not. I want to give you a gift this morning. Gift is not a gift until it is received. I am not forcing this gift on anybody. You are privileged ones! I will give you a gift! I will give you a gift!
3.            I am talking to people that are standing in My presence, I am not talking to people that are outside. I am talking to people that are standing in His presence, covered in His glory. These are the people I am talking to.
4.           Remember the mystery of the foolish virgins. Five foolish virgins. Were they virgins to the word? Yes, without a single defilement. Were they upholding to the truth? Yes!
5.           But on that fateful day, the Master said,” I am travelling, I am making a trip and I am coming back at a time you may not know. If you are a good steward or a servant, your duty is to watch and wait.”
6.           I am sure and certain that many knew that I travelled but what they never knew was the time I would be back. Some have already concluded, because of the discussion they held with Me, that the Son of Man will leave Mbaise this morning to come to fellowship. Little did they know that by four o’clock in the evening yesterday, the Son of Man was eating in His house with the elders.
7.           Because they have formed a habit, once they hear that the Son of Man travelled, they will start behaving anyhow. Today, being a fellowship day, they will come any time they want. Because it is believed, before He will take off from Mbaise and be back, they must be here. But He arrived at a time they knew not.
8.           Let it be known to you that this day is another day. It is for a purpose that everything is happening. Nothing takes God unawares. Remember the song; you are standing on the promises of God. To God be the glory for everything.
9.           I want to give you a gift because I have promised it. From now, stop crying. I say, from this very moment, stop crying, stop complaining, stop murmuring, stop troubling yourself.   
10.       I have a gift for you. And that gift may even be the remedy to all you have been passing through. He said, “Cast your cares upon Him for He careth for you.” Cast all your cares upon God for He careth for you.
11.       “Come unto Me all ye that labour and are heavily laden and I will give you rest.” “Be careful for nothing but through prayers and supplications, let all your needs be made known unto Him.”
12.       Hitherto have you not asked, ask and it shall be given to you, that your joy might be full. He said, “When you pray, you pray amiss. You ask amiss because you pray without the spiritual understanding of what He needs from you.”
13.       What is that thing? When you pray according to His will, He heareth you. For the scripture said, “He that gave us ears, does not He hear?” He resisteth the proud; He gives grace to the humble. His ears are always attentive to the prayers of the righteous. Who is the righteous? Those He decided to make holy and righteous in His own eyes. Those that are standing in His presence covered by His glory.
14.       There is a gift for you! If you can understand Me this moment, believe God. Faith cometh by hearing, hearing the word of God. Remember the message titled “Faith”. It is not a big mountain, it is a simple faith. Very simple, very simple. Exercise it this moment.
15.       What is more, faith in the Word of God solves all problems. If thou canst believe, doubting nothing. Believe in the promises of God. Law or no law, the promises standeth sure. The promises that cannot fail. By the living word of God, we shall all prevail.
16.       Whenever fears and doubts will try to assail you, remember the living promise of God. Therein you stand! Let heaven and earth pass away, the promises will remain there. And God will remain guilty until He has fulfilled His promises. Simply say amen to it.   
17.       In God His promises are ye and amen. That settles the matter because the mouth of the Lord has spoken and nothing shall annul it. Nothing shall cancel it. Though it tarries, wait for it for the promises are for the appointed time and they can never be over delayed by one second.
18.       I want somebody who is touched by the grace of God. If you are touched by the grace of God, simply stretch forth the arms of faith and grasp this gift. This gift has been lying low. It has never been invoked until this moment. I want to invoke this gift. Put power, put strength in the gift. I want to ignite it so that it will begin to work from this morning.
19.       Why cry, speak! Do not cry, speak. Do not cry; speak for the ears of the Lord are open. He heareth the prayers of the righteous. Do not ever kneel down, do not stand up, do not run helter-skelter. Speak in your vehicle, speak while on Okada, speak in your shed, speak in the kitchen, speak on top of the bed.
20.       Wherever you are, speak! It does not require you to run helter skelter. There is no conducive or unconducive environment for this gift. This gift does not abhor anything. It is a gift and unconditional gift. But you must open your heart widely and receive it. Then, apply the gift as instructed. If it does not work, blame the Lord.  
21.       Remember, it does not require a big faith. A simple faith. If you go to our song: Yesterday, today and forever. It says, “Just a simple faith.” Simple! How I wish somebody, a song leader can go to that song book and get it. A simple faith God uses to move mountains.
22.       He said, “If you have faith like that of the mustard seed, you will speak to the mountain, you will say, “Be thou removed. It must surely obey.” Not faith like a building but faith like a grain of a mustard seed. I do not know whether our sisters that cook use or have at any time, used mustard seed as spice. And you will see how tiny mustard seed is. And then consider the mustard seed with your full weight as a seed of God.
23.       You are asked to develop a tiny thing, tinier than a grain of sand. One, not two, not three. Just one! You know God wants your faith to anchor somewhere and is no other place but in the promise. If it is not promised, it will not work. But as long as it has been promised, He is bound to bring it to fulfilment.
24.       When you want to speak, you speak according to His will. Know all those things He had already decreed. For the Lord Himself has said, “Ye shall make a decree and I will establish it.”
25.       You do not make a decree with wishful thinking. You open your mouth and make a declaration. Once you open your mouth and speak, He hears with His ears. He approves it immediately; As long as you have spoken in line with the promises of God.
26.       I want to give you a gift because you are standing in His Presence, covered by His glory.
27.       The book of Numbers, the book of Numbers. Yesterday, today, forever, Christ is still the same. All may change but Christ will never, Glory to His Name.
28.       In the message titled FAITH preached on March 12th 1993, we saw how Christ worked in Moses, how Christ worked in Abraham, how Christ worked in the Prophets, how Christ worked in Jesus, how Christ worked in the Apostles. And Christ is yesterday, today and forever, He remaineth the same.
29.       THIS IS YOUR DAY, THIS IS MY DAY! We are talking about Christ working in Apostle Peter Odoemena, the Messiah that is sent in our own day. That is what we are talking about. I am giving you a free offer. Free gift! You have the right to take it; you have the right reject it. It is not a medicine, it is a gift.
30.       It can serve as a medicine to your sickness; it can serve as a medicine to your condition. It can serve as a medicine. this is a gift that will turn you around. This is the gift you need at this point in time.
31.       When you receive this gift, you will not trouble your physician again. You will not trouble anybody. Cast your cares upon HimHHHHHim for He careth for you. Spiritually and physically, He is there for you. He is there for you. He is there for Me.
32.       He is always there for you. If you believe that God has sent Me in this generation to bear His Name among the people He will send me to, believe that I am the vessel He is going to use to bless you this day as He has commanded Me.
33.       God will fill your heart to over flowing with joy and peace from the Father of Peace, Who said, “My peace I give unto you, My peace, I leave with you. Not the type the world giveth but peace that cometh from above.”
34.       You are standing before the Author of peace. How can He command you to rejoice always if He has nothing to offer you that would make you to rejoice? Will you rejoice in the grave? No sir!
35.       I love God for one thing, He knew our infirmities. And He said, “If He should destroy us in anger, His purpose for creating us will be defeated.” And the Psalmist said, “Permit me to live here on earth that I will continue to praise your Holy Name. For in the grave, nobody praises you.”
36.       Will I accomplish your purpose in the grave? Will I serve you in the grave? What will it profit you God if you will put Me in the grave?
37.       I have a gift for you! This gift, if it is accepted with a pure heart, doubting nothing, it would work for you.
38.       Remember I said, “If you can believe doubting nothing, all things are possible to them that believe.” Lord I believe.
39.       A woman that was barren was blessed with a son, a little while, the child died. Because she believed in the prophet who, through the spoken word, gave her a seed. When the baby died, she did not run helter-skelter. The same faith she expressed that gave her the baby, she expressed it. Went straight to the prophet and moved the hand of the prophet. The baby came back to life.
40.       What the woman that had the issue of blood expressed was faith in Jehovah. And faith in Jehovah according to Prophet William Branham solves all problems. If you have any problem, all you need is have faith in God.
41.       Have faith! Have faith! If you go to the message titled “Faith”, you will see the QUALITIES OF FAITH. Read it in between the lines and see what faith is all about. Faith does not recognise anything called failure. Faith said, “it is possible.” Faith says, “I can never die; I will live and declare the goodness of the Lord.”Faith says, “I will remain victorious.” Faith goes beyond the boundaries set by men, set by spirit, set by thrones, set by powers, set by dominions.
42.       Faith does not submit to anything contrary to victory. Faith has foresight. Faith is patient, faith endureth till eternity. Faith from Jehovah solves all problems. Faith brings the future closest to you.
43.       By faith Hannah was blessed with a seed. By faith, Sarah provided clothing for the child that was not yet come. By faith, David provided materials for the building of the temple, not minding whether he will live to build it or not. That is why anything that is not done by faith is not acceptable in the sight of God. Whatever you like, do. If it is not by faith in Jehovah, it is useless.
44.       I want to give you a gift. Remember this faith is not a big thing. It is not like this fan. No, no, no, no. it does not require a faith as big as the chair. By faith you are sitting on this chair, believing it will sustain your weight. Is it not by faith?
45.       By faith you left your house and you believe you were coming here and you are here. FAITH TRANSFORMS DREAM INTO REALITY. Faith actualizes everything you are having as your thoughts. Faith actualizes your thoughts.
46.       I am giving you a gift, as many as are standing in His Presence, covered by His glory. I am going to give you the unfailing sign. Yes, unfailing sign! You are from today going to be a testimony for good unto the Lord. You are going to be a testimony for good unto the Lord. Just underline it this day. Note it in your heart, forget it not.
47.       When you want to make your declaration say, “God I heard it from your mouthpiece and I anchor my faith there.” I have anchored my faith in Christ; I do not want to listen to any other voice. Nothing will shake me. This faith is immovable and unshakable. Once you accept it and it settles in you, it settles all problems, all conditions.
48.       I want to give you that gift. It has been lying low there. No minister has ever mounted the pulpit to evoke it for the time for it has not yet come.
49.       This is the period of the Spoken Word. It has been hiding there. No man of God has ever touched it. They over looked it. It is just a verse, it is not a chapter, it is not the whole book. It is a small verse inscribed there with a hedge around it. If we continue to wait, William Branham said, “That there are lots and lots of the words spoken by God to the prophets afore time that are still lying silent, waiting for the time when God will use them. He will send somebody who will go there and wreck them up. And they will begin to work in the believers immediately.”
50.       There must be a reason why He is wrecking it up this moment. Why must it be this time when the message FAITH which is the beginning of the foundation of this ministry has come out in print. We revisited it on Wednesday and we went home happy.
51.       You know what accompanied the preaching of that message in 1993. Faith in Jehovah, Faith in the Almighty God. The Supreme Intelligence that controls the Universe.
53.       You are standing on the promises of God that can never fail. Whenever fears and doubts will try to assail, say NO! By the Living Word of God spoken by the Almighty, we shall prevail.
54.       The Lord is here, in that message, faith, it says, “Our problem is our inability to develop enough faith to believe that Christ is in the Bride.” 1993, March 12TH. Amen.

have faith in God
The book of Numbers chapter 14 verse 28, “Say unto them...” Say unto them, Apostle Peter Odoemena. Yesterday, today, forever Christ is still the same, all may change but Christ will never, glory to His Name.”
2.           Apostle Peter Odoemena, the Vessel, the Personality, the Human Body God is using as Christ in this day (age) to meet the needs of His people. That which He spoke in time past, that He is saying now. Say unto them,
3.           “…Say unto them, as truly as I live...”
4.           As truly as I live! Say unto them, as truly as I live. So Jehovah is telling the Son of Man: “Say unto them, as truly as I live...”
5.            “…Say unto them, as truly as I live,  saith the LORD, as ye have spoken in mine ears...”
6.           As you have spoken in My ear. Did He say as you have prayed? No sir! Did He say as you have sung? No sir! Say unto them, as you have spoken in mine ears.
7.           As you have spoken in mine ears and My ears have heard it. I am not deaf. He that gave us ear has ears. He does hear! The Roman Catholics say in their prayers that God should listen to their cry. We are not crying. We are not complaining!
8.           Son of Man, say unto them: As I, Jehovah, the Creator of Heavens and earth live, Son of Man, tell them, as long as I, Jehovah, the Creator of Heavens and earth, am truly alive,
9.           “…Say unto them, As truly as I live, saith the LORD, as ye have spoken in mine ears, so will I do to you.
10.       So will I do to you. Just as you have spoken in mine ears, that which you have said, that so, I will do unto you. Do not tell any human being, tell it to God. Not by prayer, if you are walking along the road, speak. You are in the office, say it. You are in the vehicle, speak. Anywhere you are, speak. Just as you have spoken in mine ears, so will I do to you!
11.       With the word of your mouth, from this day, you can recreate yourself. You can create a future for yourself. You can turn your condition around from unfavourable to favourable.
12.       God has given you the authority. Authority is conferred on all believers of this truth. “Son of Man, say unto them, as long as I live, saith the Lord God Almighty. As you have spoken to My hearing, into Mine ears, so shall I do it to you.” Amen!
13.       That of Brother Solomon can be different from another person’s. Everybody will speak just as he or she is feeling in his or her heart. One that is given a blank cheque, and was told, “if you know how much you need, write it there.” If you are wise, you will write that of today, tomorrow, and forever.  
14.       Be patient with Me. We were reading how God used Moses, used the prophets, used Abraham, this and that. Repeating the same thing, over and over that men will fear before Him for He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Let’s see that of Good News.
15.       Good News, Numbers chapter 14 verse 28 only. It is a hedged portion. “Now...”
16.       Now! Now! Now! Now! Now, this day. Presently! Now, now, now, now, now. Now, as you are standing here. Do not wait until you get home. Does the devil allow you to get home before he would tempt you? No sir! He said, NOW! Exercise that faith now! Here!
17.       Now, give them this answer...”  
18.       Now, Son of Man, give them this answer. The answer you will give to them: “Son of Man, to the elect of God in this congregation, I have seen what they are passing through. Look at the answer you will give to them.”
19.       “…Now, give them this answer, I swear...”
20.       I do what? I swear! I do what? I swear! I swear! Who swore? Almighty God!
21.       Jeremiah chapter 1 verse 12 said, “God watches over His word bringing it to pass.”
22.       Do you have faith to receive this gift God is giving you this moment? Gift that you will not pay for. Gift that will give you rest of mind from this day.
23.       Now, give them this answer...
24.       Now, give them this answer Oh Son of Man.
25.       “…I swear that as surely as I live...”
26.       I swear that as surely as I live saith the Lord God Almighty.
27.        “…I will do to you just what you have asked...”
28.       I will do to you just what you have asked.
29.       “…I the Lord have spoken.”
30.       I, the Lord have spoken. I, Jehovah, have spoken; I will do to you just what you have asked. What did He swear with? He swore by His Name. When He saw there was nothing greater which He could use to take an oath, and the oath is the final of every conflict. Every dispute, oath settles it. And God saw there was nothing in heaven and on earth, beneath the earth, that is greater than Him, He swore by His Name.
31.       Go to the message William Branham handled many years ago titled, “He swore by His Name.” And I want to tell you, by these two immutable things, “the oath” and “the promise”, it is impossible for God to tell lies.
32.       By the oath which He swore by His Name, and by the promise which is made in His Name. It is impossible for God to draw back. Hold God there!
33.       You have no problem henceforth. All you have to do is to have faith in God. Your husband is not responsible for your problem, your wife is not responsible for your problem, your children are not your headache – not even your work.
34.       Your enemy is the devil who is doing nothing but working day and night to upset you using everything he knows he has the power to use. He can use your children, he can use your work, he can use your motor, he can use barrenness, he can use sickness, he can use everything. But you consider all those things, they are purely eartily. Not even one is eternal. For whatever that is eternal PRECEedeth from God.
35.       Simple faith, simple faith! Simple faith! See how this simple faith works: It worked for Abraham. By faith, he moved to an unknown city. He built no house; he had no brother, no sister, no mother, no father, no friend to take care of him. By faith he went there. By faith even Joseph sojourned in Egypt. By faith, watch Daniel, Meshach and Abednego. By faith watch Moses, by faith watch Jacob, by faith watch Isaac. By faith watch all the Apostles.
36.       I do not talk about Jesus the Christ; he is the author of faith himself. Everything can fail you but faith in Jehovah solves every problem. Faith in God makes everything right. Christ makes everything right. So, nothing to panic about anymore.
37.       Authority has been conferred on you to open your mouth and speak to His hearing. It will come to a point where you will tell your brother, “What are you complaining about? What is that trouble? Have you spoken to God’s hearing?  
38.       Once your heart is pure, your heart is right, you have been declared righteous in His sight, His ears are open, always attentive to whatever that will proceed out of your mouth. After all, life and death cometh from the power of the Spoken Word.”
39.       God who said, “Even if you shall tell somebody to die, with your word that goes forth, he will die. But if you never corrected him before giving him that, God will require his blood from you. God who spoke using an example, illustration.
40.       God used a fig tree. He spoke to the tree because the tree was barren, could not produce fruits in its due season. And the tree represents a human being. While they were coming back from their trip, Peter noticed that the thing had already withered by the power of the Spoken Word.
41.       Why not exercise it even where you are now. It is not hissing, it not muttering in your heart. If you will open your mouth and voice it out, you dismiss the clouds. When the billows rise, speak.
42.       Remember, he was the one that spoke to the tempest, “Peace, be still.” And that settled the matter. You have been troubling yourself because you have not recognised and acknowledge by faith the power that is conferred on you.
43.       This day, I have invoked this particular spirit that is attached to this verse. This is authority of those that believe in God. Jesus conferred his disciples with this authority. But lack of faith hindered them from tapping the rich benefits.
44.       He said, “If you can develop faith like that of a mustard seed, you can speak to the mountain and say: “Be thou removed and enter the sea. The mountain must surely move.” Is it not the word? He said, “God swore.”  
45.       The Lord swore. I want to refresh the promise again which I have evoked this day. I have evoked it this day. So, when you want to ask, you know what God means by asking. The secret is hidden there. The secret is hidden there.
46.       Remember God was not happy with Moses when He told Moses to speak to the Rock, Moses flogged the Rock. From this day, I have commanded you not to cry but to speak.
47.       Remember, when you go ahead crying, complaining, murmuring, it is a sign of unbelief. You go ahead fasting and praying, go ahead kneeling down, killing yourself all in the name of praying when you should speak to His hearing.
48.       When you are speaking, do not speak to him as one that is afar off, He is ever near you. He is not in exile that you will begin to shout like the prophets of baal; Until the prophet will begin to tell them to shout further maybe he is asleep: “Shout further, maybe He travelled. Shout!”
49.        Do not shout, do not shout, speak. Speak; there is power in the spoken word. Speak! I say speak! Speak!
50.       (Scripture continues) “...Now, give them this answer...”
51.       Give them this answer to their problems. A remedy to your problems, answer to your problems. Answer to your complaints. Answer to your running up and down. Answer to your much thinking.
52.       In short, I am giving you sleeping tablet. Why do I call it sleeping tablet? Jesus spoke to the fig tree and went his way. Speak and go your way.  Amen.

Now, give them this answer: I swear that as surely as I live...”
2.           I swear, the Lord taking oath because of you and I. As surely as I live, as surely as I live. This is what the Lord is saying from His mouth because of you and I. God taking an oath because of you, whether good or bad, he committed Himself so that you can have faith. For you to believe. As surely as I live.
3.           “…I will do to you just what you have asked...”
4.            I will do to you just what you have asked. Can you believe that Jesus Christ was moving, the blind people saw him, they needed no money.
5.           They said, “Son of Man, help us. Son of David, help us.” He said, “What willeth thou that I should do unto you?” They said, “That we may see.”
6.           He said, “Okay, receive your sight.” Straight away! He met people that were leprous, they were crying and shouting. People were trying to stop them: “Son of David, Son of Man, Son of God, help us, assist us”
7.           He said, “What willeth thou that I may do?” They said, “If thou will, thou canst make us clean.” Jesus said, “I will. Be thou made whole.” One way! Is it not wonderful? Very wonderful!  
8.           Faith cometh by hearing and hearing the word of God. Can you imagine a crippled man, helpless, who was almost there at the bank of river alone. Each time the angel troubled the water, whosoever that will have somebody that will drop him first into that sea or river will get his problem solved.
9.           This man went there with the help of some people carrying his mat. But the people went away when they got tired. Each time the Angel of Mercy troubled the water; there was nobody to help him into that place. Those who were around were helping their relations. The man remained there helpless.
10.       One day, the Messiah came. Emmanuel came, “God with us”, appeared to him for his salvation. I want to tell you, whenever the water is troubled, somebody is about to be saved. Sure! Whoever that troubles that water in your life, truly speaking, look into it, the hand of God is there. He wants to make a name for Himself.
11.       He came around; saw the man, how long have you been here? He said, “Oh, for a long time.” He asked, “Who brought you here?” The man answered, “My relation dumped me here and went away.”
12.       He asked again, “Why are you not healed when the angel troubled the water?” the man answered, “There was no helper.” When there was none to help me out, you are far worthy. When there was none to answer my prayer, you are far worthy.
13.       When there was none to hear my voice, you are far worthy. Oh the living God, oh the Living Christ, Everlasting Father, you are far worthy. Oh the Living Word, you are far worthy.”
14.       The Living Christ was moving about doing good, healing the sick, for that was His mission; setting the oppressed free. He turned to the man, “Is that all? Is that the reason why you are here? What will you like me to do for you?”
15.       He said, “Just if you can cast me, help me into that same water whenever it is troubled so that I may receive my healing like others.” He said, “Okay, thank you very much, I have heard you.” I have heard you! Can your voice stop Christ so that He will ask you, “What willeth thou that I should do to you?”
16.       He turned to the man, “Today, your problem is over. Carry your mat and go. You do not need to enter that stream as usual.” The man folded his mat. What gave him the victory? If he had closed his mouth, suppressed his feelings, waiting for relations, he would have died there.
17.       The Cloud is in the camp! Open your mouth and let God hear you. Do not speak so that Brother Onyema will hear. Do not speak so that Sister Amobi will hear or Brother Peter Owundinjo.
18.       Speak to the hearing of God. Fix your love, your affection, your desire. What is that thing? Fix it on God and God alone. For if He does not help you, nobody will help you. If He does not heal you, nobody will heal you. If He does not answer your call, nobody will answer.
19.       Call and He will answer. Open your mouth and speak, do not cry. Do not complain. Make a proclamation, a decree. As you have asked, so shall I do it to you.
20.        As you have requested, so shall I do it to you. As you have spoken to mine hearing, into My ears, so shall I perform it as it concerns you. Now, say unto them: give them an answer.
21.       “...Now, give them this answer: I swear that as surely as I live...”
22.       I swear! I swear as surely as I Jehovah live. I woke up early hours of this morning as it has been My manner, enquiring of Him; He that liveth forever and ever, the Rock of Ages: “Father, what shall I tell your people this morning, what will be their portion this day? What will you give to them?”
23.       And the voice spoke back saying, “Son of Man, if you can succeed this day in creating enough faith in all that will hear you speak this morning, you have solved all their problems. If you can succeed in creating faith in them to believe My promises, you have solved all their problems.
24.       “Speak to them thus: That I am the Lord God Almighty and I changeth not. What I told your forefathers, the same thing I am telling them this day. If they can believe in you and believe in My promise as you will proclaim this moMENT, so shall I perform it. It shall be well with them. Speak to them thus!”  
25.       Now! now! Now! Give them an answer. Give them the answer, give them the answer. How many are prepared, how many already have received the answer? You have been worrying, you have been thinking: “How will I go about this? What will I do in this condition?”
26.       Even in your own estate, if God does not step in, the medicine you are taking is rubbish. They are all manmade. There is not even one that has assurance of healing you. Rather, they can destroy you the more. If the medicines can perform miracles and healings, why do doctors die? Why do nurses die? Why do pharmacists die? If God does not step in…, let Me tell you, He is the Lord God Almighty. His glory, He will never share with anybody.
27.       Yes, you are the Lord, that is Your Name; You can never share your glory with anyone. You can never share your glory with anybody, Almighty God, that is Your Name. Oh Son of Man, that is God’s Name.
28.       Now, give them this answer: I swear, as surely as I live.
29.       Now, give them this answer: I swear that as surely as I live, I will do to you just what you have asked.”
30.       I will do what? I will do to you just what you have asked. Why not claim your own? I do not know what you will ask; you do not know what I will ask. You do not know what is troubling Me, I do not know what is troubling you. But we have our different problems.
31.        God said, “I have sworn, as surely as I live.” Today marks a turning point in our lives. I can see everything turning around for my good.
32.       Everything means everything. How are they going to turn around? By your spoken word! He did not say speak to yourself. When you are muttering in your heart, you are speaking to yourself.
33.       He said, “Open your mouth.” If sickness comes, say it: “I will never die but I will rather live to declare the goodness of the Lord.” I will not die; I will live not only living; if God will permit life to continue, to see the end of this faith. I am waiting for the consummation: The Translation.
34.        Enoch was a man in the flesh like all of us. Enoch made a declaration saying, “God do not permit me to taste of death, I do not want to die in this flesh. I will never have anything called grave, I want to be translated.” He was translated that he did not see death.
35.       Elijah by faith was translated – he vanished. Faith obtains everything. If they were human beings, are you not human beings? I am! The same food you are eating, the same food they ate. The same dress you are dressed with, the same they dressed. Everything!   
36.       What am I saying? Today is our day. A turning point, another day. Another day! Give them the answer now.  
37.       Now, give them this answer: I swear that as surely as I live, I will do to you just what you have asked. I the Lord have spoken.”
38.       I, the Lord have spoken! If the Lord has spoken, who will cancel it? Nobody! Who can battle with the Lord, I say nobody. Let the enemy do whatever he wants, with the word of your mouth, you can cancel all.
39.       By the spoken word, you have your victory over all circumstances of life. Let them go to the mountains, you destroy it. Just speak! Just speak! Get them discomfited, scattered and humiliated.
40.       The power has been given to you because even Jesus, before he left his disciples, he said, “I confer you with power. I give you authority, I give you power. You shall make a decree and I will establish it.”
41.       THUS, if you are in bondage, do not pray. With your mouth, release yourself. Declare yourself free and then anchor your faith there. Remember, when he spoke to the fig tree, he went his way. He did not continue to reason to know whether it will work or it will not work. That which worked for our fathers must surely work for us if we anchor our faith in Christ and in Christ alone.
42.       For Christ remaineth the same yesterday, today and forever and His promises endure to all generations. The Lord has spoken, who will cancel it? Definitely nobody! I may not have any other thing to offer you today, this is enough gift.
43.       This is enough gift and I will call it the greatest gift because even your salvation is tied to your faith. Sure! Your redemption to your faith. Sure! Your faith gives you translation or rapture. Your faith gives you peace. Your faith gives you joy. Your faith gives you everything.
44.       This is all you need! Faith in Jehovah solves all problems. Nothing strengthens more than faith. Everything can fail, but faith will never fail. Amen.


Let us look into the message called “Faith.” We want to look into it collectively and know what God would use to confirm what you have already received. I am not talking to you as people that do not have faith.
2.           From now, I talk to you as people that have faith because a double-minded fellow does not get anything from God. When you believe, doubting nothing, all things are possible to them that believe.
3.           Faith says it is possible, faith says, “I will do it.” Faith says, “I am healed.” Faith says, “I am saved.” Faith says, “I am free!” Oh glory, glory, glory, glory, glory!
4.           “Faith,” page 31 verse 32-33:, “If you have Faith, you know what a mountain is? Mountain is an obstacle, mountain is an obstruction. Anything that can prevent you from seeing afar off is a mountain. Anything that prevents you from achieving your goal as a child of God is a mountain before you.
5.           Anything that can slow down your movement, anything that can slow down your Pilgrim race is a mountain before you. It could be financial problem, it could be barrenness, it could be impotence, it could be lack of building, it could be lack of clothing, it could be anything, it could be sickness.”
6.           The remedy has been given to us now. God has activated faith in the believers.
7.           “…Faith, sometimes is unknown to you. Faith is based solemnly on ‘Thus says the Lord.’ Faith will punctuate every word with ‘Yea’ and ‘Amen’.
8.           Faith is based solemnly on thus saith the Lord. Not what you think but what the Lord has spoken. Faith punctuates every word of God with ye and amen.
9.           “…Faith has no failure, Faith has a seed, that is why it must have works. If Faith has no seed, it cannot produce anything. We are planting Faith seed in everybody, we are planting Faith seed.
10.       No man has ever seen God but with the eye of Faith, we have seen God. How many believe God is in the midst of the Bride?”
11.       “…If you are a child of God, obey the voice of God, the Lord will be ordering your footsteps...” 
12.       If you are a child of God, obey the voice of God.
13.       “…When the word is made flesh, they say, “I do not believe,” and they will not believe it again forever and ever. They have crossed the divide because they have no Faith in the word.” When the word is made flesh, they said, “They will not believe.”
14.       When the word of God becomes a human being, they said they will never believe. If the word of God is a human being, I am also a human being.
15.       “…You must anchor your Faith in the word. Faith looks at the word, Faith does not look at the problem. What is more, Faith considers what the word says concerning it.”
16.       Faith does not consider the problem; it fixes his eyes on what the Lord says concerning it.
17.       “…Only one word from the Master’s mouth settles your problem.” Have Faith in God, doubting nothing.” Only what? One word from the master’s mouth settles the problem if you believe it.
18.       “…This man while he was there, he saw the Jewish people the way they worshipped their God and he was surprised. He heard of a man called Messiah, some called Him Jesus Christ. He heard what He was doing in Palestine, in Galilee, in Bethany, how He was healing people.”
19.       He heard what he was doing in Palestine, in Bethany.
20.       “…If you have any way you think God will look like, throw it into the dustbin. God does not work that way. God chooses His own way and His own way, to men, is the way of foolishness.
21.       His teaching, to men, is heresy; it is nonsense, and it is foolishness, in the sight of men. That is the word of God. He requires childlike Faith. What is the Faith of a child? She believes she has no problem as long as the father is there.
22.       A story was told of a little girl whose father is a pilot. One day they were in a plane, she was sitting down comfortably with her girlfriend.
23.       A little while, the pilot announced, “Tighten your belt! Every passenger, tighten your belt, this plane is in danger. We are in danger, we will perish. Pray, pray, pray.” And before then, his daughter was sleeping. Her friend just woke her up, shouting Hey! Hey! Hey! Get up! Get up! We are in danger.
24.       The pilot has announced that the plane is in danger. The little girl woke up and wiped off her eyes and replied her friend “In danger? But is Daddy still in the cockpit? Her friend replied, ‘yes’, and the little girl went back to sleep...”
25.       So, this message is here? March 12th, 1993. Any contradiction? Faith cometh by hearing, hearing the word of God. Faith is created! Remember the present stage of the ministry, it is the summary. God gave us Mixed-Multitude, Jerusalem to Jericho and Faith.
26.       What is more, God said that these are the highlights, the headlines of what we will experience in this Bridal move. That it must end in Faith. And Faith means Grace.
27.       That the moment we arrive at this point, the next thing is the translation. For this is the Faith that will give you the translation. If you do not have ordinary faith for healing, how can you begin to talk about faith for rapture? Where there is no faith, forget about immortality. This is the most essential part of this Bridal Ministry. In short, by this, it has become clear that it is all over.
28.       All that are present in the Bride now have received that which we received from the very official beginning, A to Z.   
29.       “…“No matter how the tempest will rise, no matter how the trouble will come, I am not afraid. My Dad is on the steering, my Dad is there controlling the aeroplane.
30.       My life is secured, for he is there.” The girl slept off. This is how we sleep from now because He is in our midst. I am telling you the truth, I lie not.”
31.       He is in our midst. This is how it should be from now. Why? He is in our midst. 1993, March 12th. Right from the very official beginning, God established His Presence in the Bride, hiding nothing. He never hid His identity for one day. But the unbelief was too much. It was too much!
32.       “…With the eyes of Faith I can see him moving about. He is touching you according to your Faith. If you have no Faith, talk to him. Why is Faith necessary? Why is Faith necessary?
33.       If you have no faith, talk to Him. Talk to His hearing.
34.       “…My wife was warning me, she said, “Leave this Oyibo people alone oh”. A little while Brother Okechukwu came in, Brother Paul came in, we started with it. Brother Mike came in, a little while Brother Christian came in. I said, “Why must it be today?...
35.        That was when the white man wanted to buy the Son of Man over. They were pricing Him. They came from every angle, like someone that was catapulted and landed in My house. The word became hard.
36.       See money, see white people, see Me. Who called this people? Why must it be now? They brought agreement for Me to sign. You see this Faith, I must see the end. It is too late to draw back. I say, it is too late!
37.       “…Brother Mike told me, “Brother this is another trick of the devil, you remember your battle in the Baptist Church when they wanted to bundle you and your family to America because of dollar.” That is true!
38.       “…Pilgrims, pilgrims, strangers! What is this journey causing you? Let me tell you, you will not know what is in you until you get money. You will not know what you hate and what you love until you have the means to be rich.” That is true!
39.       “…When you have no money, you would criticize many things; but wait until money comes, your true nature would come out. I am telling you the truth.”
40.        When you have no money, you will criticize many things. We are waiting for the day it will happen. Okey Nwankpa is driving a car called Beast. Is it not what he refused? That it is carnality?
41.       Is he not the one that said, “How can some move on foot while some are riding motorcycle, some are driving motor. The Bible said, they had everything in common. I will show you a scripture. Some are driving motor while others are walking on foot?”
42.       “…If God is your Healer and you cannot claim your own, you have no Faith. Any promise of God must be claimed by Faith. Our fore-Fathers claimed by Faith, we must claim by Faith, no more, no less.
43.       I do not know what your Faith is. Examine your life, what is your desire? Do you have Faith tonight that with God all things are possible?
44.       March 12th, 1993. How many years today? 21 years!
45.       “…If you have Faith that God is in the mist of the Bride, scramble your way, I am not coming there to meet you, your Faith must take it for you.” Amen.
46.       To God be the glory. This is the book of Faith meant for the faithful. If you do not have a copy, if you have need of it, go for one.
47.       Do not expect any other copy to be reproduced because of you. I believe we have enough that will go round those that need them.  Amen.

WARNING BEFORE DESTRUCTION 5th April 2014 to 12th April 2014. This report was endorsed today 13th April 2014 by the Son of Man. Total number of countries that visited last week: 78, total number of viewers: 35,236 in one week.
2.           Second website:, the library site from 5th of April 2014 to 12th of April 2014. This report was endorsed today by the Son of Man 13th April 2014...Total number of viewers: 46,837. The grand total: Countries that visited the two websites last week: 159. The total number of page viewers for one week: 82, 073.
3.           All of us in Jerusalem, are we up to four hundred including infants? No sir! But begin to check what 82,073 should look like. There is no crusade, there is no political rally, even if the Pope will come to Nigeria, he will never attract such a magnitude. To God be the glory.
4.           I hope we are not wasting our time? In the days of the Lord Jesus Christ, when he was being tried by the High Priest Caiaphas, he made a statement worthy of reckoning.
5.           He said, “If you try to obstruct a stream from its source, you will cause it to enter places where it couldn’t have entered. And it will cause greater havoc.” It has come to pass before My eyes.
6.           In all the attempts people made to obstruct the course of this Gospel Truth, they succeeded in helping it to enter places where it shouldn’t have entered. Now, many are regretting why they did not fight physically to frustrate it. They thought it was a movement from a human being that will stop midway.
7.           In the days of the Lord Jesus Christ, he left something in the hearts of the believers to the extent that when he left the scene, the apostles continued from where he stopped. The Jews of that day, legalists were opposed to the message of liberty which he left behind.
8.           They wanted to obstruct it by all means. But there was a wise man among them, a scholar by name, Gamalliel.
9.           He said, “Do not make this attempt of obstructing this people because if this movement is of human origin, it must stop and fizzle out. But let it be known to all of you that if it is from God, nobody can stop it. It is just like kicking your legs against the pricks.”
10.       All the prophecies we heard attributed to God have been proved false. Because of this glorious gospel, too many false prophets emerged to upset this faith. By now, it has become clear or clearer that this movement is not of human origin.
11.       From the very inception of this faith, it was aiming at establishing in the hearts of the hearers, the presence of God among His people in human form. He was seeking entrance, He was seeking acceptance.
12.       William Branham went further to say that, “Since the world began, God has been looking for a people He will lead by His word. He will tell “go”, and they will go. “Come”, they will come. “Stop”, they will stop.”
13.       I thank God; this is also what the Son of Man has been looking for. This is what all the Prophets of God looked for. Every man claims to be faithful, but a faithful fellow, God has not found.
14.       Up till this very moment, God is still looking for one He will lead by His word. If Apostle Kelechi can be disobedient to the word of the Son of Man, who then will obey? Who will obey? If Apostle Ojiakor can be disobedient to the word of the Son of Man, who then will obey? Or Bishop Moses? I do not talk of Bishop Nnachor, he is out of the way. Let Me just stop there.
15.       There is always a message that you should never forget. It was preached under the anointing of the Holy Spirit by our departed Evangelist Ferdinand Uzoma, “Be very careful, big names in this faith can hardly make it.”
16.       From the time you walk yourself, find your way into prominence where brethren can now recognise you, that is the point where the devil will begin to attack you. And from that time, your down fall is very close to you. And where others landed, that is where you are going to land.
17.       What is going to cause you to fall is not going to be a big thing; it is a very light thing. When I told you that I set a trap for Apostle Kelechi that he should pray that there is going to be a last hurdle, I made it public.
18.       What is more, I told you that it is not going to be a big thing, it is going to be a very simple thing. Very simple! And that was the day I warned him from here, any day I come to fellowship before you, there is no excuse I will entertain.
19.       That marks your end, straight away. You can’t smell this ground again. How many heard it? If you know you heard, show by raising your hand. Pride goeth before a fall.  
20.       Revelation from God page 5 the excerpt: “The Son of Man will be here on earth, will be a part of the corrupt earth. When He shall be revealed, He shall be revealed with the Cloud. When He shall be revealed, He shall be revealed in the clouds of Heaven. But there is no Cloud upon the earth. If He is earthly, He cannot wear cloud. But He shall be revealed with the same thing that caught Him up.”
21.       He shall be revealed by the same thing that caught Him up. What caught Him up? The Cloud!
22.       Bridal Watch (Israel and Palestine Volume 2) page 36 verse 40 “…No place should be feared more than the so-called Churches. The greatest number of rituals are being performed today not by native doctors but by the clergymen...”
23.       The greatest number of rituals are being performed today not by native doctors but by the clergymen. I know I am trailing on a dangerous ground, but somebody has to say it.
24.       “...You must know your position in the Son of Man.” M.U.S.T. “…If you do not derive joy in the salvation God has given to you, the truth of the matter is (i) you do not know whether you are saved or not; (ii) you do not know the meaning and value of salvation.” Sure!
25.       “…But who will tell you? He said, “The Lord Himself will reveal it to you as an individual. It can come to you either by dream or by visions of the night. It can come to you by a still small voice speaking to you directly in your heart.
26.       No matter how you try to send it away, resist it, it remains persistently talking in your heart until it comes to a point it will be as if you are hearing it with your ear.” It does happen.
27.       “…She said that immediately she sat down with that woman outside, the dream left her. She slumped down and fainted. When she got up I said, ‘Well this dream is a horrible dream, it requires no further interpretations. It has revealed your nature and your position in the Son of Man lest you think that giving food or drink or money or anything to the Son of Man means bribing your way into Paradise.’
28.       No, there is no gift there. There is no contribution you will make to the Son of Man that will give you entry; that will give you a ticket into Paradise. What will give you the ticket is your believing heart.” Your what? Believing heart!
29.       “…I said, ‘No shut up your mouth! If you had taken good care of all those things I told you, you do not need to call me. If the Son of Man excommunicates you from the Faith, you do not need to call me. When you repent, I am the one that will call you.’
30.       I know when you have made it right, I must send for you even when you least expect, you receive a call bringing you back. I said, “My friend, listen to me, your inability to take side with the word of God is what is keeping you outside…”
31.       What? Your inability to take side with the word of God is what is keeping you outside.
32.       “…That was the end of the discussion. Less than three minutes the phone rang, it was another Sister from Lagos giving me her dream. It does not require interpretation, just like the action of Bishop Nnachor which all the elders condemned because we condemned him, we found fault with him.”
33.       We are still condemning him even till this morning. He stands condemned with his family even till this morning. Only few escaped it. Only few escaped the condemnation.
34.       “…He told us the dreams. After narrating the dreams we looked at ourselves and nodded, said to ourselves, “Does it require interpretation?’ We equally said NO. We turned to him and said, ‘Sir, does your dream require interpretation?’ He said no. For the manifestation is the interpretation, finish...”
35.       He dreamt and interpreted his dream. He equally fulfilled his dream. We have sent him to the back of the hall; and thrown away his bag so that he does not come to block the front row. From the back, we send him away.
36.       Let Me tell you, the worst thing that will happen to you, is for the Son of Man to reject you and you still stay in the fellowship. It is better you do not even come at all.
37.       All that He rejected and they were just forcing themselves into the fellowship of the saints, not even one could succeed. If you know any one that succeeded, say it. From the voice that roared on Okey Nwankpa, documented. The voice started; he himself condemned himself from 1993. Then, he was hanging on till 2003, May 15th.
38.       Go back to the message titled, “The Headstone”, preached by Okechukwu Nwankpa, where he was asking for prayers that he was the greatest enemy of the devil.
39.       That the devil was fighting to pull him out of this faith. And that he was wondering where he would land for somebody to have seen this thing, walked with the Apostolic Faith, seen the glory of God and still walk away.
40.       He said that person is doomed. Any day I leave this faith, I am doomed. I will remain accursed fellow for life.”
41.       Where is he today? Where is he today? Where is Weston Fihala? Ben Adiuku, where is he? Martin Orji, should we continue mentioning them all? They are too many. They are too many!
42.       Andrew Saraki who boasted at Opi, “Any day brethren from the east begin to doubt the Son of Man, we will come from the North and carry Him, bundle Him to the North.”
43.       Weston said, “We are sure and certain, knowing what Igbo people are, the greatest problem this man will encounter will be from the Igbo’s. It will be the problem of leadership. For Igbo’s have no leader.”
44.       Brother Kelechi, take note, you are about to leave this faith. In short, get out of this place immediately. Get out of this place. Carry your bags, everything. You can follow Okey Nwankpa. He is from Isi-Alangwa.
45.       Warning before destruction. You were the one that highlighted the whole messages. Do not allow the Deacons to disgrace you, respect yourself. If you feel you are a general, I am a field marshal. Because once a general disgraces himself, recruits will ridicule him out.
46.       There is one thing I know people for, when you have no child, your problem will be, “I do not have A child, I do not have A child, I do not have A child!”
47.       When God will bless you with children, your problem will be, “children, children, children.” You have no husband, that will be troubling you. any day God gives you husband, your husband becomes your problem. You have no wife, and you will be crying, “God help me, I will marry.” Any day God helps you to marry, that wife becomes a problem.
48.       “I have no money, I need money, I need money.” any day God blesses you with money, that money will be a problem: Which means, man is yet to discover his problem! Your greatest problem is yourself! Your inability to tell yourself the truth is your problem; like Bishop Nnachor who is still hanging on. I will not excommunicate you yet but I know I must excommunicate you. And it will be at a time when you will not recover – both you and your wife.
49.       Anybody that is committing crime against this faith, the wife is INVOLVED if he is a married fellow. Any action you are taking that is contrary to your faith, it is devilish. It is not a defendable action, Unless it is an action taken in agreement with what we collectively believe.
50.       There are things that are commonly believed among us. Is it a lie? No sir! There are things that are commonly believed among us. There is no way I can use it to judge Brother Osegbo. If what Brother Osegbo did was what is commonly believed among us, will I judge him? No sir!
51.       He acted according to our faith. But when he becomes stubborn and does another thing contrary to our Faith, he will stand condemned. He will not have boldness. He will be a foolish fellow to allow himself to be judged. Is there any other thing you are judged with if not the teaching we received?
52.       The teachings or doctrines we received, that is our Faith. Is it not true? They do not respect anybody by virtue of who you are. That is why in the military, even if you like, be the Chief of Staff of the Nigeria, armed forces, be the GOC (General Officer Commandant), (Commander in Chief), once you are guilty of that law, the Military must surely court marshal you. You must be court marshalled. “I am a general” makes no sense.
53.       Hear Me well, if you want to survive in this faith, be mindful of the voice or voices that have roared on you from God. It is easier to remind people…, the Cloud is in the camp!
54.       Let Me tell you, the Cloud has been hanging. I do not want to bury any corpse. Otherwise, I would have judged Apostle Kelechi from the pulpit. But I know if I judged him there, the wives will become widows because I will not allow him to continue to live. I will stop him, straight!
55.       I know that! Everywhere has become bright again. How many noticed the presence of the Cloud in judgement? Thank you! Be vigilant! If you are vigilant, you will never fall prey to the devices of the devil. Amen.

Let Me tell you what will help people safely till the end. It is contained in the message titled, “There is no reasonable excuse before God.”
2.            If you want to give God excuse that your child, or this and that, or your wife delivered or this and that, what if the Lord decides to take the child away? What will you do? When you were not having a child, were you having excuses? If God decides now that this child, his own will end now, will you slap God? Did you buy the baby with money? Was it by your struggling?
3.           There is no reasonable excuse before God. It is upon this revelation that Abraham never withheld Isaac. If you say that your wife delivered a baby and that is what is disturbing you or stopping you from doing the work of the ministry, I will call up those that knew when the ministry was so hot on us to tell you how I left My wife with her new baby in the hospital to go and preach the gospel of the Kingdom. Was it only once or twice? How many children did I have by 1993?
4.           Do you think I could have preached this message round the whole Nigeria without abandoning My wife and infants. I remember there was one; I went places, even to Dadinkowa, Latang South in Northern Nigeria. Came back and went to the hospital to redeem her and the newly born baby. And nobody was taking care of her, if not for My mother in-law.
5.           For that time, we were very few that were married. And we were scattered. Brother Ojiakor and Bishop Moses there at Eha-Amufu. Solomon, Bon Diuka at Abagana. The rest were bachelors. Better take note! Whatever sacrifice you think you have made in this faith, I, more!
6.           Whatever you think you have in this faith, where did you get it? The Son of Man has REMAINED the giver of all you think you have. Of all you think you can boast of.  People are stupid! People are stupid and blind. Very stupid and blind.
7.           You see water that somebody fell into and he got drowned, the second person fell into it and was drowned, the third person was drowned, the fourth person, you feel if you fall into it, you will swim out. Does owl shriek in vain? Does parrot shrill in vain?
8.           It is unfortunate Pastor Thomas is not here. How I wish he is here. He is not committing any crime, he is free. I sent them somewhere. They are packing away today to their new houses. Pastor Thomas with Brother Emma Agu.
9.           I am surprised seeing Bishop Nnachor in the fellowship who invited his to-be in-laws all the way from the North and also booked a vehicle that would pack away his property today.
10.       He invited somebody to pack away his property today from where he is living. And also booked people that will come to his house today for a very important discussion.
11.       Was he sincere? Who are you deceiving? If you see his wife, you think she is an angel. God knows what is happening in the hearts of every man. If the elder when he came, if he did not talk, elders in Onitsha would not have heard the truth.
12.       Deacon Vin, you were there that day. We were all astonished for everything was unknown to the whole elders, to the whole Pastors. Nobody knew anything. But he was cooking it for weeks, fomenting it. The same way I came back from My trip and met them that day.
13.       The same way yesterday, I came back from My trip, lo, they were there. That is why I said, “Anybody that knows where he is not doing well, should repent. If you know where you want to go, go there. What I did not know anything about let nobody tell Me about it.”
14.       Do not tell Me anything I do not know about. Finish! We better be careful in this faith. Heads must surely roll. There must be some people that must be stopped just a second into Canaan.
15.       I handled a message in My Family Altar concerning the parable Jesus gave his disciples that a man hired labourers to do a certain work for him. He hired them in the morning promising to pay them one pound whenever the work was finished. They accepted. They worked and worked and worked.
16.       In the afternoon, the work was yet to be completed; he went out and hired some other labourers, promising them one pound. He was desirous of finishing the work. As they continued to work, both those that were hired in the morning and those that were hired even in the afternoon became weak.  Yet, the work was not yet finished.
17.       And the man was desiring that the work will not be carried over. He went to the streets again, hired the last set of workers to come and help in executing the job and promised them one pound. When they came, they worked for less than ten minutes, the work finished.
18.       He started settling them. Those he hired in the morning, one pound. In the afternoon, one pound. The dying minute, one pound. The people he hired in the morning reacted, those in the afternoon, reacted. What was their reaction? “Why should we collect the same pay with the people that came and worked for ten minutes?
19.       He turned to them: “When I hired you for a full day job, how much did I promise to pay?” They said, “One pound.” The man in the afternoon, “how much did I promise?” “One pound.” “The man that I hired ten minutes ago, how much?” “One pound.” “Have I paid you? What is your problem?” He said, “The Kingdom of God is likened to that.”
20.       Our message said that you will see people coming from the East and from the West, North and South you do not know, occupying the Kingdom of Heaven while those in the Kingdom of God will be locked out. God forbid!
21.       Did we hear it in our message? The Kingdom of God is not the Kingdom of heaven. Thus, be very, very careful everybody. Be very, very careful everybody; I mean every Tom, Dick and Harry. As many as were with Me yesterday evening, how I wish some of them are in the fellowship.
22.       Who is here among those that were with Me in the evening of yesterday in My house? Anybody in the fellowship? Brother Amamkem, you were there. Very good!
23.        Did you hear when I told Apostle Kelechi to prepare himself very well that I will not come to the pulpit? Did you hear it? He answered, “Yes.” Very good! Did he say no? He answered “No!” Thank you! Did you hear when I told him that his wife will be brought back today? He answered “Yes sir!” Very good!
24.       I knew why I rushed back yesterday; not that I have anything to settle at Onitsha yesterday. But it is because of today’s worship. And nobody who actually fellowships with Me here today will go home regretting, unless you never fellowshipped with Me. If you have fellowshipped with Me in Jerusalem today, your testimony is an endless testimony. Amen!
25.       We are in His Presence for something greater than physical relationship. Even those that had already made for themselves idols in their hearts as wives and are coming to the Son of Man as if they are coming to express their faith, God has already answered their prayers.
26.       You cannot place an idol in your heart and come to God and say, “I want to express my faith: God show me, God help me,” when you had already picked somebody, sealed agreement. Will I ask you to send the person away? Then, I will become a wicked man to you. Sorry! I pity many.
28.       If I should show mercy anyhow, number one that will obtain it will be My mother. As illiterate as she is, having showed some signs, I should have been compassionate enough. But it is not so!
29.       God will not reject you because of a very big crime you committed. It can be a little thing you left undone. It can be a small voice; a small instruction you refuse to obey, thinking you can adduce reasons. Obedience is better than sacrifice.
30.       More so, like in the case of Kelechi Uwakwe, I told our brother to call him. He said he had already called him, he was giving reasons upon reasons that he was on his way. I said, “Okay, call him again, give Me the phone.” I continued working.
31.       When I saw him standing by My side, I collected the phone asking him, “My friend, where are you?” He started talking blah, blah, blah. I said, “Okay, stay where you are. Make sure you never enter this premises today. Look at what I told you before and I am watching over it.”
32.       I just switched off, handed it over. Surprisingly, when the gate was opened, when we must have finished with our worship, I saw him sitting down. I said, “So you neglected My voice?” He was trying to give excuse. My reply was, “Obedience is better than sacrifice.” I closed My mouth. Finish! I did not talk again.
33.       I instructed him from the pulpit that I would give him everything that will help him to establish his own Church like Okechukwu Nwankpa. Finish! What is more, he has collected more than Okechukwu Nwankpa.
34.       Okechukwu Nwankpa left 15th May, 2003. And today, being 13th April 2014, how many years? I, the Son of Man, Apostle Peter Odoemena, dis-fellowship Kelechi Uwakwe from this fellowship until further notice. Finish!
35.       And let no human being born of a woman, whether small or big, ever approach Me on that matter. It is a matter between two generals. We want to know who is the General, whose voice we are following.
36.       Note very well, God said and I quote, “Wilful disobedience to the word of God is open manifestation of rebellion.” Open manifestation of rebellion. Simply take note of that. I will speak more but not today.  Amen.

nothing destroys a man of God more than his hidden agenda
You must know your position, your status in Christ, your position in the Son of Man and it should be so clear to you so that you will never accuse any brother or any sister of either blackmailing you or biasing the mind of the Son of Man against you…”
2.           Brethren, God is worthy to be worshipped. That God had earlier spoken in this vein. I thank God for that. Otherwise, Bishop Nnachor in particular might be thinking that somebody somewhere is witch-hunting him. But he does not know or will not know that he is the one witch-hunting himself.
3.           “…A wicked person can gain entry into your house and pretend to be a friend, serve you, do everything for you, unsuspectingly trailing you until he will carry out his havoc...”
4.           That is true! Some of them have come into My house and we lived together. Some I regarded them as mere young boys. Fed them, did everything with My family to help them to become human beings. At the end of the day, they started telling Me that if My claim to be God is right, that I should have known their mission for coming into My family.
5.           Somebody who told Me that he never came to believe this Faith, that he came for a mission and that he has succeeded. Some of them will stay in our midst no matter how you indict them; they will stay until they get married, get children and still remain. Yet, they do not believe this Faith.
6.           Are you doubting Me? Who has ever served Me more than Okey Nwankpa? Who has ever entered My bosom both at home and Onitsha more than Okey Nwankpa, who even claimed ownership of My family in My own absence. Or is it because I kept quiet?
7.           Who has ever served Me apart from that Okey more than John Abazie – John the beloved who craftily sneaked in? What can you say about Andrew Oyans I brought from Abuja with one shirt and one trouser, kept him in My house, nurtured him to growth? Where will I start, where will I stop?
8.           Brethren, let Me stop there. I am trying to buttress that message that the people you least expected will be the people that will kill you. They have taught Me My lessons. What is more, they thought I never knew them.
9.           If I never knew them, why did I mount the pulpit, clamping down on them from time to time exposing them; making them uncomfortable, yet, they will stay? I even mounted the pulpit, called them criminals openly to see whether they will go, yet they remained.
10.       An evil man is an evil man. Once he is all out to cause disaster, he can stay with you even till eternity until he has caused that disaster. And that disaster will not come until when you have surrendered yourself, your family, everything to him. Expect disaster!
11.       every day is a learning process. That is all. A word is enough for a wise. Every passing day is a learning process. But it is unfortunate that those wicked people blocked the ways of innocent hearts.
12.       I cannot conclude that all women are prostitutes simply because I have seen a prostitute in a hotel. There must be some virtuous ones. I hope I am making sense?   
13.       But there is one funny thing about these wicked people: When they sneak in, the best bet they will get will be the wife of the man. The woman in charge of the house. Once they succeed in convincing her that they are not dangerous, she will be serving them with food, giving them every information about her husband.
14.       They will be giving the woman impression that her husband loves them even more than her. This is to buy their hearts away so that when the man will be speaking against them, the first resistance will be the wife.
15.       However, when havoc is caused, the man will carry the blame. Your eyes should open. We are not fighting a physical battle, it is a spiritual battle. Who sent them to our families? The enemy! The enemy sent them to our families. But God is in the business of exposing them because such hypocrisies can never be hidden till eternity.
16.        God will know how to shoot them up and they will be very uncomfortable. Before you know it, in the fellowship, they will be uncomfortable until God will trouble them out.  
17.       “…A wicked person can gain entry into your house and pretend to be a friend, serve you...”
18.       And do what? And pretend to be a friend, serve you with every amount of humility. Praise you and worship you, write you commendatory letters. Appreciating your goodness, but he does not mean them. Such hypocrisies can never be suppressed for too long. As surely as the Lord liveth, they must be made manifest.
19.       If you watch the position Judas occupied, his relationship with Jesus Christ and how he came to embrace Jesus when he had already told people he brought: “Anybody I am going to embrace, he is the one.”
20.       How can somebody betray you when he has not taken his time to study you in and out? He knows your going out and your coming in. And sometimes, you may let your mouth loose and disclose everything about you to the enemy.
21.       Then, when he feels he has been armed, he will begin to use those things against you. American tactics! But the Son of Man knows more than that. He gives them a very long rope so that by the time He would lift that thing up, all eyes would see. Ears would begin to hear what nobody heard before.
22.       “…A wicked person can gain entry into your house and pretend to be a friend, serve you, do everything for you, unsuspectingly trailing you until he will carry out his havoc. If luck runs against him he will tell you his mission.”
23.       If luck runs against him, he would disclose his mission.
24.       “…There was a brother that gave me the report of his sister who has a problem of gallbladder stone and was operated in a hospital. That’s Bishop Ifeanyi Eze. His sister had gallbladder stone, after thorough medical examination and every other thing it was concluded that she would go through the surgical operation.
25.       They subscribed to it. When the information got to me, I told him that no person has ever succeeded in that operation, that it will be death. They said no that the doctor told them everything, this and that. I said ok and they went.
26.       At the end of the day she just passed on, but we have brethren in this Faith where such cases were handled by God. Whatever might be the stone got dissolved...”
27.       Not even got dissolved, before our eyes, Deacon Mike Emmanuel suffered it. When it started, doctors made horrible operations and operated on him thinking it was appendicitis. After the operation, the thing continued.
28.       The day when he nearly died, he vomited over two buckets of water. The wife lost hope! Information got to Me and I mounted on top of My motorcycle and rushed there. He was reeling in pains on the ground. I chased everybody out except the wife. Gave him enough water, anointed him, touched the body.
29.       From the head, I traced the whole thing until I got it. When My hand got the thing, he wriggled in pains. I said, “It is all over. Just relax now.” I continued tracing it, tracing it until I brought it somewhere.
30.       This is the thing no doctor has ever succeeded in extracting from the human body. In your attempt to extract the thing, you kill the patient.
31.       Before many people, I prayed for him and then left. Few minutes I left, he vomited; the next thing was urine. He wanted to urinate; the stone came out, poo, poo, poo. The second time, poo, poo, poo. The two big stones were brought here. We saw the two big stones. Human eyes saw the big stones. He brought them in a bottle presented before everybody. And that was the end of the problem till today.
32.       Who will say that God is not our Healer? God is our Healer! The Cloud is still in the camp, confirming His word to be true. There is a reason why I raised My two hands up for God. If you are a child of God, if the word of God comes out, it will flash into your heart. It gives light like a flash.
33.       There is no way you can open your mouth and deny the word of truth. It flashes like a light. Falsehood is full of darkness and it blinds. If you look at it, you will not know what you will call it. You will be asking, “What does it look like?”
34.       I told brethren in My house recently when I got the report from the websites—Brother Uche was with Me though he came for the purpose of helping in evacuating our brethren’s property to the new sight—I said, “Brother Uche, for some time now, you have avoided Onitsha. Well, all for good.
35.       I told everybody when I preached the message titled, “It is Finished”, that henceforth, I will never beg any human being to serve God. If you like, serve God. If you do not like, do not serve. This is because I now have millions of people, whom you do not know that have believed in God, scattered all over the world.
36.       That there is no week over fifty thousand people do not identify with this faith either for their justification or for their condemnation.” Finish!
37.       I gave him copies of last week’s websites’ report, he went through. I said, “Okay, can you now see that the Bride of Christ ministry does not know whether you have come or not.” Does Main Market know whether somebody did not come?
38.       As I am talking to you, do you know how many people are in our websites throughout the world now browsing, writing, praising God? I am no longer counting on the people I am seeing with My eyes.
39.       I am now counting on those that have believed, who are afar off, as many as the Lord our God has already called and you do not know them. They have been united and connected to the Godhead and you do not know.
40.       You only know Brother Okey, Brother Anayo, Brother Mike, but do you know them? On that day, you will know them; you will see them from different countries. Even down here in Nigeria, of the four thousand that went to the library, do you know them? Are we up to four thousand in this Bridal Faith as human beings that see ourselves? Who then form four thousand in Nigeria if our population generally is not up to four thousand?
41.       I cannot remember the last day I paid a visit to the website. My duty is to load the website finish. From time to time, I will format it, update it. That is MY duty. But to go there to know what is happening, it is not My work. It is not My work.
42.       If it is not Google that is doing all these things, if it is recorded in long hand, somebody might be tempted to think, maybe Brother is fabricating records. That was why I sent Brother Chizoba one day. I said, “You are computer literate, why not go to that site? Go to the section where they keep these records. Photocopy them, stop disturbing us.”
43.       He said, “Daddy, there is no way anybody can get to that place. No human being can go there.” I said, “Really?” He said, “Yes, unless somebody is given the pin.”
44.       I said, “Okay, thank you. Call our Brother Obinna, see whether he can assist you.” He called Brother Obinna, Brother Obinna said, “No, it is prohibited. Only the Son of Man holds the pin.”
45.       Yes, this is what it should be. Only the Son of Man holds the pin. And even if you have the pin, you cannot add, you cannot subtract for you are not the one doing it but Google.
46.       Just like the survey, if you want to know what the world is saying about the Son of Man, Apostle Peter Odoemena, do not ever go to the websites. Type Apostle Peter Odoemena, finish. Then, begin to read what Americans have written concerning this man Apostle Peter Odoemena.
47.       That Americans that own the Google network now take the Son of Man round the world saying that “THIS IS THE CHRIST OF THIS AGE.” When you go there, that is not all, take out time to read everything about Apostle Peter Odoemena.
48.       By the right hand side, you will see people, names of dignitaries and offices that have come to borrow the messages of the Son of Man. If you do not see Pope Benedict there, I am a liar. If you do not see President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria, I am a liar. If you do not see almost all the presidents from the whole world, I am a liar.
49.       You will see them, you will see their comments. Begin to see clergy men. Notable people! Because once you come to that website to borrow anything, because you cannot come in without logging on, the thing must catch you. Your comments are there, everything concerning the whole thing and even the areas you are probing. They are there.
50.       People that have copied My works and used them in their various addresses and works, you will see all of them there. We call it, “Google Survey.” Not Son of Man’s survey, not Pastor’s survey and we are not paying them for that.
51.       Another thing you will get, type in by way of questioning, “The richest websites in the Google Network.” They will tell you, “Bride of Christ Ministry Worldwide.” The website that has remained sustained. Others can update today and remove it in the evening put another one because of the space. We are occupying the largest space worldwide. And we have sustained it for many years now.
52.       How we are meeting the obligations, paying the bills, doing everything to get there, sustained, beats all human imaginations. We do not levy you, we do not make announcement, asking you to help us. It is voluntary if you want to help us. If you do not want, go your way. The ministry continues.
53.       My uncle was telling Me that Americans are sponsoring us. I said, “Well, glory be to God.” I do not argue, neither do I defend a lie because I add credibility to a lie by defending it. If it is not true, it is not true. Just like somebody that said we are giving our book free because we are running a millionaire ministry.
54.       Look at, Jerusalem is the world headquarters of this Faith o-o-o! It is not up to an half of a Roman Catholic Block Rosary unit there in New American Quarters. One Roman Catholic Block Rosary unit is by far greater in number. Jerusalem is the world headquarters and yet, many of you are drawn from other states.
55.       If Onitsha should come, the world headquarters of this Faith, we may not occupy more than two hundred seats. Is it not wonderful? Is it not amazing? I am really, really very grateful.
56.       You see, we can never beg you to worship God. We have come to the point where God said, “I remember that message, ‘It is finished’, henceforth, nobody will tell his brother or sister to worship the Lord.” Nobody! Nobody! Nobody!
57.       Thus, when you think you are something, God will throw you away and your nakedness will be made manifest. Just like I have thrown Kelechi Uwakwe out now, the cobweb that blocked his eyes automatically is removed. He will remain weeping today.
58.       He will not even enjoy the presence of the new baby in his house today. Unless he is not a seed of God. He will feel like throwing both the woman and the baby away. For whatever that will throw you away from the Kingdom of Heaven, that thing is not worth having in your house if you are wise and understanding. Because of the gift, you disappointed the Giver.
59.       The gift and the Giver, who should be esteemed highest or higher? The Giver! I mean, if he is intelligent and wise, in appreciation for what God has done for him, he should have obeyed me.
60.       Brother Amamkem, stand up there. How I wish the rest are in the fellowship because we all heard it. Brother Amamkem, did you hear Me when I told him that he would be the one that would dance today that we danced on his behalf last week. Did you hear Me when I said so? He answered, “Yes sir.” Thank you!
61.       Because he was already told that his child would be brought today being fellowship day. Brother Ojiakor, did he tell you that I told him he would be the one that will dance for us today? These things were happening in My house yesterday evening. Anybody death hangs on his neck cannot locate his way. It will block his ears and take away his sense of reasoning.
62.       But let Me tell you, nothing destroys a man of God or any follower of God more than his hidden agenda. When you have a hidden agenda, you will rest at nothing until you have implemented it.
63.       That was why when God disowned Judas, the voice said, “That which you wanted to do all along, go and do it quickly.” If you delay, nemesis will catch up with you. Do it quickly. I will not dismiss you until I am satisfied that I have driven home My message. Of course, you know where I am going to peg it.
64.       “…Many spent millions in India for kidney problems but the Lord will use ordinary water to heal us. Many are rusticating in their homes…”
65.       Is it a lie? No sir! God used ordinary water to heal us.
66.       “…Many spent millions in India for kidney problems but the Lord will use ordinary water to heal us. Many are rusticating in their homes, some in isolation wards in some hospitals for having incurable diseases, but among us, incurable diseases are curable. If we can courageously disclose it, God will courageously attend to it...”
67.       If we can have the courage to allow God know about it, God would courageously remove the sickness. 
68.       “…If we can courageously disclose it, God will courageously attend to it. If we can believe God doubting nothing, for with God all things are possible.”
69.       Any contradiction? I mean, you can see what is happening today. The way it opened, it has continued that way up till this very hour. Every message that is considered confirms that today is a day God has decided to create immovable, unmovable, unshakeable faith in the hearts of the believers. The Cloud is still in the camp. Amen.

Give the faithful the answer
However, when you believe and speak—do not cry but speak—that your mountain shall be removed. If you know your status in Christ, happy are you.
2.           The message, ‘Knowing your status in Christ’’ said to those that have believed God, to those God gave the believing heart, to believe His promises...”
3.           To believe His promises. To those God gave believing hearts, to those that have believed. He gave you believing heart to believe His promises. God gave you a believing heart to believe the promise of God which God Himself proclaimed.
4.           Do not believe with your mouth; believe with your heart in the Word of God. Do not look at what you are passing through; fix your heart on what God has promised. That is what we are saying.
5.           Once God has spoken concerning that matter, it is finished. Hear me well; walking by sight, the people of God got drowned in the Red Sea. They panicked because left and right were mountains, in front of them, the Red Sea.
6.            A sea is by far larger than a river. A river is larger than a stream. A sea is next to ocean. Look at the people, look at their leader. Left and right, big mountains. In front, a big sea. Consider at the back, you see the enemies. Pharaoh, with his armies, coming violently.
7.           They were at the centre, they were in a fix. We better begin to believe God. And what the man was holding, was not a canoe neither was he carrying a ship but ordinary rod. By faith!
8.           The people thought they were finished. He stretched the rod and the sea parted. By faith, they stepped into the ocean or the sea bed with the water forming two high walls. They were inside. By the left, water. By the right, water higher than them. They were never fearing what if the water will close.
9.           By faith, Moses stepped in first, the rest followed. They continued marching. But Pharaoh and the armies came and walked by sight. Remember, when they got there, fear gripped everybody for they were seeing nothing but destruction either by Pharaoh or drowning in the sea.
10.       But look at what God said, “Moses, speak to them, give them an answer. Give them the answer to this their troubled condition. Give them the answer, to this perplexing condition. Moses, My servant, say to them, “Stand still and you will see the salvation of God come through.”
11.       Fear not! But judging by human assessment, who could cross a sea larger than River Niger? Who could cross the sea? What could be the equipment carrying them, carrying their cattle, their oxen, their children, everybody.
12.       How will they ferry themselves across? When they got there, they thought it was all over. Have you come to the Red Sea without paddler or canoe or anything? Have you looked sideways, mountains? Back ways, the enemies? In front, the Red Sea?
13.       And the Lord spoke to him saying, “Give them the answer.” Give them the answer! Give them (the faithful) the answer! Tell them not to run helter-skelter. Tell them not to consider who is coming behind. Now, tell them to stand still and they will see with their eyes the salvation of God come through if they will believe, doubting nothing.
14.       He said, “Stretch forth the rod.” He stretched it, the Red Sea parted. They walked on dry ground. In short, they died and resurrected. You can imagine why the Bible recorded in the book of Corinthians that they were baptized in the Red Sea. They were all immersed. They were baptized into Moses in the Red Sea.
15.       What do you mean to being baptized into Moses? They were having their implicit faith, confidence in the Word spoken to them by their leader Moses. The man God never disappointed since He appointed Him their leader. There they anchored their faith.
16.       As long as He is in the front and He is number one that have stepped into that place, if He will die, we will die with Him. If He will come out, we will come out with Him. This was the decision the Apostle took when Jesus was invited.
17.       They reminded him how Herod wanted to kill him the other day. He said, “That was yesterday, we are going there to resurrect Lazarus.” The Apostles said, “Let us go with him and die with him there.” This is what it takes to follow leadership.
18.       To follow leadership is not paying lip service. Look at Fajuyi, a Nigerian. Who was obedient to the leadership of Major General J.T.U Aguyi Ironsi. He told the young men that time, he was a Major that time. Major Muritala and Major Theophilous Danjuma.
19.       He told them loud and clear, “Gentle men, take it easy. If you must arrest my friend here in my house, you have only but one option. Gun me down. You can take him.”
20.       He said, “Okay, Colonel Fajuyi, so you want to die because of this Igbo man from Eastern extraction?” He said, “Forget about it. This man is the Head of State and commander in chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces which I am subject to. He is representing this nation.
21.       Since you want him dead or alive, you have only but one remedy as a backup. Gun me down, take him.” Theophilous opened the rifle, rained bullets on him. The man fell dead. Muritala Muhammad chained Aguyi Ironsi, tied him to the jeep and they took him to Gowon in Lagos.”
22.       This is leadership. This is followership. When you see leadership, you see followership. Look at Joshua, Caleb and Moses. Of all the elders that troubled Moses, Caleb and Joshua had another spirit. Is it not true? It is sir! Caleb and Joshua had another spirit. That was why they followed till the end.
23.       You can imagine the loyalty that was in them that could compel God to announce to Joshua, “Joshua, arise, My servant Moses is dead, take up the mantle of leadership.”
24.       But the rest that time, Korah, Dathan, and Abiram who wanted to overthrow, the Lord overthrew them. They died prematurely and lost the respect the people of Israel accorded to them. Nothing makes an army officer lose respect more than plotting a coup. You lose the respect of your colleagues; you lose the respect of the nation. Even if you succeed in that military coup, the nation will not respect you. They know you forced yourself there by the barrel of the gun.
25.       Somebody was asking a very nice question yesterday night. The honourable minister in charge of planning in Nigeria, planning and budgeting was asked a question, “Why Nigeria could not raise her Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for over two decades now?”
26.       The man said, “Yes, that the question was right. That he would close his eyes and give the answer. That Nigerian administration has been interrupted by military regimes. And in military regimes, nobody talks about planning or budgeting.
27.       They do things the way they want to, militarily.  They had no time for that; emphasis was not laid on that. They do not even know the value of planning or budgeting. That the thing set the hand of the clock back. That budgeting and planning came to a standstill. That there were no priority areas for development within the period the Military ruled Nigeria.
28.       He said that within the short period we entered into democratic dispensation, you can see the miracle. Nigeria has been graded the 26th economy in the whole of the world and the largest business economy in the whole of Africa. He said, “Nigerians should expect better days ahead if the army does not interrupt this democracy again.”
29.       Yes, the Army knows nothing but vandalization, looting, arson, raping and destruction of the economy. Forget about the hardship we are passing through. If we do not pass through this hardship, we can never join in the comity of advanced nations. Better accept these truths.
30.       Thus, I am in support of the various motions that have been put in place by the present administration to help Nigeria to be numbered among the developed countries, if it is possible, the first world countries. No longer third world, first world! I am in support. The Cloud is in the camp!  
31.       Hear Me very well, this is not one of those Churches out there. This is a special place, a peculiar people. We gather here to worship God, we gather here to be enlightened, to be informed, to be educated. That is why we attend seminars here.
32.       This is a seminar. If it is a Church, nobody will hear your voice. Only one man will stay somewhere, everybody quiet. If you drop a pin on the ground, you will hear the noise. But here, where the spirit of God rules, there must be liberty. Express yourself, it is a family.
33.       My brother in-law asked Me a question one day. He said, “Why can’t you control your members? When I listened to the tapes, I really feel very much enthusiastic about the messages. But the noise emanating from your members does not allow me to hear what the tape is saying.
34.       But thank God, you have started publishing books. I now carry your messages in books in my car. When I get to the places where I do my work outside the state, your messages will provide me with the needed comfort and relaxation.”
35.       He said, “There is one thing I have noticed in your messages, once somebody is troubled and he lays his hands on the compilations, any one he picks that time, must meet that condition and settle it there.” This man is not in your faith o-o-o. He is not in this faith.
36.       Let Me tell you, truth has no substitute. Go ahead, since you want to continue, continue. But remember, the referee has the final say. The Deacons are the lines men. The Deacons are walking about as lines men, putting things in order. But the referee is always at the centre of the field with his eyes flickering about to and fro, everywhere with the wristwatch.
37.       Remember one funny thing with the referee, hear Me well. Unless you are a good footballer. You will never know why a referees uniform or jersey has two colours on the two pockets. You won’t know why the red colour is placed on the right and the yellow colour on the left.
38.       The reason is this: It is easier to dip your hand in the left pocket than to dip in the right pocket. And the right pocket contains red card. It is not given so often but the yellow card is always in the left pocket.
39.       And in every match, the yellow cards must be eleven. Red cards, five. Otherwise, it ceases to be a match. It must be cancelled. For you cannot reduce a particular team with more than three players. Otherwise, you have rendered the team ineffective.
40.       That is why; he is given a maximum of five red cards. So that one team will collect two, the other one three. If it crosses it, the match should be cancelled. Then, for the yellow cards, he has eleven. And that one signifies warning. The rules vary annually. According to the latest rule, once you are issued with a red card, you miss two matches. Finish! Warning before red card. Thank you very much.
41.       “…However, when you believe and speak—do not cry but speak—that your mountain shall be removed...If you know your status in Christ, happy are you. The message, “Knowing your status in Christ...’’
42.       “Say to those that have believed God, to those God gave the believing heart, to believe His promises.” Not to everybody. To those that have believed God, to those He has given believing hearts to believe the truth.
43.       “…Whatever it will take to make us happy the Lord will provide itThus, let us be very careful. If we have believed God let us convince Him, Pastor Paul are you hearing me. I made a bad remark concerning you.
44.       I made a bad remark for your attitude is bad and has been bad from the beginning and nothing will change you unless you change yourself. It is unbelievable to note that I never knew you were coming, it has been your manner. If you doubt me I will give you three instances. I never knew about your movements..”
45.       And this is the Pastor, I ordained and placed somewhere to be My representative. No governor of any state travels out without the mandate of the president.
46.       “…That place where you think is safe for you may be the place where you meet your doom and disaster and you might be thinking that if you tell the Son of Man about it that He would stop you; for that reason, you hide it away. Amen.”
47.       That is the problem of Bishop Nnachor and his likes.
48.       “…The same place was where I came down from the vehicle and people were rushing, touching my cloth: “Bless me my Lord, bless me my Lord. Some were kneeling down, some were pulling me from the back, their faces was radiating with smiles; a sign of acceptance.”
49.        Brother Loveday, is it a lie? Thank God you are here today. Is it a lie? He said, “No sir!” Thank you! Thank God you are here today.
50.       “…I do not know the impression the people were given and the type of vehicle they were expecting me to arrive with...”
51.       Brethren, if you continue to enjoy this canopy, you may not like to go again. Because this canopy, I mean, people sing a song, “Under the canopy, under the canopy, under the canopy of God…,”
52.       But we experience the canopy. Every training, every teaching leaves an experience. If we should continue looking at the way this place is – very cool nobody will like to go. We are talking because of those that are going to travel far distance. As for Me, ten minutes, I’m already at Benjamin.
53.       Thus, you do not because of the sweetness of banana, eat the wild species of it which is poisonous.  
54.       “…I do not know the impression the people were given and the type of vehicle they were expecting me to arrive with. Some said I might be coming with helicopter, another said that the people might be disappointed: “Our God may even come with okada.” The thing became a puzzle.
55.       Finally we came in. I looked at their faces. Some even found it difficult to believe that I could be the one they were waiting for from morning till that time; because I was casually dressed. In short I was over simple.”
56.       Over simple! Brother Loveday, is that a lie?
57.       “…Once God finishes with you He will parcel you home. Thus, as long as God has not finished with you, do not finish with yourself...”
58.        What? If God has not finished with Me, why should I write Myself off? Since God has not rejected me, why will I reject myself? Eh? What God is achieving in me is not yet over, why should I say it is over and then throw myself away? Does somebody organize his own burial and funeral while alive? God forbid!
59.       If it is talisman or charm, it will never work! Where God has not finished with Me, why should I write Myself off? What God said that it has not finished, why should I use My hand and say it is finished? And I now used my hands and write myself off. Does man kill himself alive? No sir! If it is charm, it will not work. When God has not written you off, do not allow any human being to write you off.
60.       Do not allow any human being to tell you that your own is finished when you are still alive. If your own has finished, God will not allow you to remain alive. There is a purpose why you are still alive. You are still very much important to God. You are still very important to God.
61.       Yes! That you are still alive goes to show that you are still occupying a very important place in the heart of God. I am very important to God. You are very important to God. There is an important role you are playing.
62.       “…Thus, as long as God has not finished with you...”
63.       Do not finish yourself. Do not say I have finished with myself. Na lie! I will never accept it in this life. And do not ever allow any human being to tell you that what you are doing is finished. Do not ever agree!
64.       When Job was passing through sickness, all his enemies and friends came to him and said, “He should curse God and die that it is better for him to die than to live.” Job said, “Get away from my sight.” I remember when He did me good. Because he allowed me to pass through hardship, you are now telling me to curse him. Far be it from me.
65.       Amii, your course mate in the same level with you, will ask you about Me when you get back to school. We met somewhere. His brother stole his laptop and ran away. In the search of the brother, he ran into My hands. And we made frantic effort to get the boy arrested. But unfortunately, he was given a wrong information.
66.       Two of you sat for this pharmacology. I saw everything. He mentioned your name; he mentioned your mother’s name, your father’s name, everything before Me and Pastor Obinna. I was wondering. I said, “My friend, why do you come to Me? Do you suspect Me to be a law enforcement agent?
67.       He said, “Daddy, I am not suspecting you of anything. But the way you are moving about, it appears that law enforcement agents are obeying you. People are scared and they shook your hands and you were having free access, going in and going out.
68.       Even when the gate was closed, when you appear, Civil Defence will open. The other place, principal will be calling you; the police came, identify with you. So, it then means, you are here for a purpose. And the spirit of God said I should meet this man that is being feared and respected by all law enforcement agents including the school authorities.”
69.       I said, “Okay, thank you, follow Me. I went to the door, I knocked. I said, please open we have a case to arrest in the hall right now. I took him to the law enforcement agent. I said, “Please, hear his report, go and look for that boy inside the hall. Bring a feed back here.
70.       If he is not there, check the whole halls, if he is not there, bring a feed back so that we will go to another centre and look for him. I am interested in this case.” They said, “Thank you sir, we will do as you commanded.” For nobody knew Me except Myself.
71.       The police was suspecting that I must be a superior officer sent there for a purpose. SSS (State Security Service) was suspecting because of the way I dressed and My composure. Civil Defence believed with their heart. Everybody!
72.       Even those they ceased their handsets, they came to Me, “Sir, what do you say? Should we release?” I said, “No, keep all until the examination is over.” When they were having problems in releasing them by collecting one, one thousand.
73.       The whole students rushed, “Sir, please talk to them. We do not have money, for if we give them money, we do not have money to go back. You know, we were scattered. We never knew this place before. Look at how we came.”
74.       I summoned the O.C (Police Officer in Charge). My friend come, look at the problem these students are having. Since the invigilator did not go with them, release all the handsets upon identification. Switch all of them on. Finish. Pick one, anyone that wants to pick his own, dial it, if it rings, he should pick. They obeyed and I left. We went to the centre at Apostolic Church in search of that same boy.
75.       We got to a point, I said, “My friend, take okada, continue, if you succeed, call Me.” So, he did not call till yesterday. He will meet with you at Enugu. He will enquire about Me, finish.
76.       The Cloud is still here. I even wanted to test him whether he is a member of Dignity Consult. He said, “No.” I said, “Okay, have you heard about it?” He said, “Yes.” I said, “Do you know where they normally meet?” He said, “Yes.”
77.       I said, “Now, have you ever seen any poster pasted in the campus by Dignity Consult saying that, “Apostle Peter Odoemena, the Son of Man, will be coming to deliver a lecture on so, so and so?” He said, “Daddy, I saw that some time ago.
78.       There was one time they went to De Inglish Hotel and they said that was where the man will be coming. But I did not go.” I said, “Okay, have you ever seen that man before?” he said, “No!” I said, “Till now, have you seen Him?” He said, “No!” I said, “Okay, I am the One.”
79.       So please, this is the more reason why we must comport ourselves godly. It will take Pastor Obinna to give you testimony of what took place there. We were somewhere away from the school. The school could be there at Inland Town Police and we were asked to stay away from there.
80.       But I was driving My car to and fro. Anybody that had a problem, I will go and clear it. Even those students that came very late, I took all of them there, instructed the Civil Defence to open the gate, hear them, see evidences. They came from afar and they have been looking for this centre. It is poorly located in the hinter land. Open it let Me go and see the invigilator. I took all of them in. When we got there, the woman came out with other officials.
81.       I said, “Please, listen to these students, I brought them from afar, see their cards, see everything and so on. Search them, allow them to write. They were allowed in.
82.       When others were submitting their papers, I spoke to the principal, go and tell them, they should not submit, they must finish with the same time. So, they remained behind until they finished it.
83.       You know, I hate injustice. I hate it! How can you fail them when they have not done their best? Only Pastor Obinna will come and tell you what took place.
84.       My son did not see Me. He never knew whether I left or I was around. So, I came back with many, many phone numbers. Many, many phone numbers from those students and their parents that I assisted.
85.       Christ went about doing good and was obtaining favour from all men. I know, I won’t speak. Whatever our daughter will hear from the boy, he will tell Brother Ojiakor and the family. By and by, the boy will still confront you once he comes back to Enugu. That boy is from Mbaise. Two of you are sitting together in the same lecture hall, the same level. You wrote your two courses just few days ago.
86.       So, I really thank God. Yes, according to him, he said that, “That girl is very small but very brilliant. That girl is very small but very brilliant.” I said, “Eeeeh!”
87.       He said, “Daddy, if she should graduate as a medical doctor, maybe she will stay with her father in the hospital. People can hardly go to her clinic because she is very small.” The same thing when My son came out, I pretended I was not the father. They called him back, I kept quiet.
88.       They said, “This boy, come back. Where are you going to? Are you a student of this school?” He said, “No, I am for Jamb.” They said, “You?” I said, “This is Nigeria now, you know they are growing every day.” The woman said, “Can it be true that this boy is coming to write jamb. I mean this small boy.”
89.       I said, “Go and ask him, he has all the documents.” So, I pretended I never knew him. For he was the smallest and the youngest in that centre. The smallest! The rest were grownups. Heavy, heavy ladies, heavy, heavy boys with beard. Some were looking like married women. But when he was just moving, the students in the school were even bigger than him.
90.       I really thank God. Brother Obinna said, “This is the Lord’s doing.” Glory be to God in the highest. It pays to be good. It is not clapping hands or showing signs that you are believing. If I keep you here till tomorrow all in the name of trying to create faith, well, that will be punishing you beyond measure.
91.       But I know I am not punishing you. Tell Me the reason why you cannot believe that what I am telling you is the truth? If you do not believe that I am confirming the truth, why not believe because of what you have benefitted all these years?
92.       Has not faith been applied on your life or to your life at one time or the other? Just like Brother Loveday who is here now. If it is not faith, he would have been in the grave yard long, long time ago. Sister Amobi, if it is not faith, either your leg is cut or you would have been in the grave.
93.        Where is Sister Ugwueze? You were number one that suffered that thing. We saw everything, the leg was swollen, red! But it did not break open. No other medicine was applied but Olive Oil and prayer. Within two weeks, she regained herself.
94.       There is nobody here who has stayed in this faith for six months that has not benefitted from God’s gracious mercy in one way or the other. Why? Simply because faith was applied.
95.       Apply faith; add faith to all you say you have believed. If you have believed and you have no faith, you have not believed. Faith is the foundation. Because he that must come to God must come believing that he is and He also exists.
96.       From there, whatever he will tell you concerning His existence and your own existence will be easy to believe. If you cannot believe in the one you are seeing with your eyes, how can you believe in the one you are not seeing? Sometimes people appear to be believing imaginary gods more than the God that is real to them.
97.        Look at Roman Catholic exercising their faith by displaying palm fronds. They tie palm fronds in bundles, carry the bundles on their heads; some in their hands. They are doing this, searching for the Kingdom of God. Tell Me the scripture that backs them up.
98.        Tell Me any prophet that said carrying palm front. This week Friday, the same people would say, “Crucify him, crucify him.” But you are in the reality.
99.       Brother Amamkem, get Me Good News Bible, I want to repeat that scripture again because it is burning in My heart. It is burning in My heart. Numbers chapter 14 verse 28, it is burning in My heart. It is all over Me, it is burning in My heart, it is all over Me, it is burning in My heart. It is all over Me, it is burning in My heart, the promises of God is burning in My heart.
100.    The promise of God is burning in My heart. What I am waiting for is for us to start going home. I am starting from here applying My own faith. There to My heart is the faith applied.
101.    “...Now, give them this answer:” Now, give them this answer: “…I swear that as surely as I live...”
102.    I swear that as surely as I live.
103.    “…I will do to you just what you have asked...” I will do to you just what you have asked.
104.    “..I the Lord have spoken.” I, the Lord have spoken.        
105.    On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally. Selah.