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The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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The sayings of this great teacher, master of the universe, God in person and our leader, Apostle Peter odoemena, (Son of Man) will continue to  tinker our consciousness into shape, harmonize our collective being and put our individual selves on the safe track.

This collection of words of wisdom will help to put us in remembrance.
Bishop Okoh

(1)                 If you are not in the fellowship with god, you are in the      fellowship with the devil for every living human being is            always in a fellowship.
(2)                    Watch, God is not interested in a house filled with unbelievers but takes delight where two or three gathered           spiritually in fear, faithfully to worship him.
(3)                    God came down so as to lead us against the error of the wicked that we might be established in the truth. God is about to do something great. One of these days, we shall gather and we will not go back again.
(4)                    In the church, he ordained the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, teachers and the pastors and the essence of god ordaining these ministers is to bring the church to perfection.
(5)                    The mind of god is that whether we like it or not, as long as the fivefold ministry is operational. the church must be    perfected.
(6)                    No brother or sister in this faith is permitted to run from church to church. When you do that, you commit spiritual fornication. 
(7)                    The type of scattering you are going to scatter may not be the one they scattered; because God knows that we are all weak.
(8)                    Echoes of tribulation, signs of tribulation are around, signs of trouble, hour of trouble, God making your nest very uncomfortable for you to desire to leave the Eaith.
(9)                    Whenever God stirs the water, somebody must be saved. Do you know that we are in a delicate faith? It is delicate because you can recant this faith and still come to fellowship.
(10)                  I know what it takes to keep you in reputable condition. I am the man that can turn on the light and the light cannot be turned on except it is needed. I am discharging. I am doing replacement. Until the complete number I am sent to bring home is okay, you will not hear the last blast.    
(11)                  I have crosschecked this faith; there is none to compare with it. Even if I am in the grave I will still say it that this is the final Earth. It is from god.         
(12)                  In the beginning was the truth and the truth was with god and the truth was god. credit the statement to me.
(13)                  The able minister of the new testament is Christ. The moment he appeared, he brought the law to an end.
(14)                  When a man finishes his ministry, God knows how to bring it to an end; God may place something there, which becomes a stumbling block.
(15)                  Who will go through tribulation? It is those elect who’s because of their unbelief could not abide in the promised comforters ministry.
(16)                  Brethren, we are circumcised in the spirit, we are the circumcision; we worship Christ in the spirit and not earthly circumcision.
(17)                  For as many as are led by the word of God, which is the spirit of god, they are the sons and daughters of god.
(18)                  Whatsoever you ask my father in my name, he will give it to you. Don’t you know the name of Christ? If you have faith in god, your testimony must change.
(19)                  You see, the more we progress, the sweeter it becomes. We are going to call it off at a time it is very sweet.
(20)                  The church is the pillar and ground of truth. I am not ashamed of this gospel. It makes me fine. A spiritual man judgeth all things, but he, no man will judge, for he is a spiritual man.
(21)                  On no account should a woman mount the pulpit. Any spirit that pulled a sister to an exalted position and from that exalted position, voice will be coming out, can never be god.
(22)                  The way you choose to live is the way you choose to die. You choose the path of wisdom, you die in the path of wisdom, you choose the path of foolishness, and you die that way. So, the choice is yours.
(23)                  Man by nature is a religious being, whether he is an idol worshipper or worshipper of the true god, the truth is that man is a worshipper.
(24)                  Any work you are doing, you can be a star there. Join the stars, don’t join the moons. You can be a star if you will. Anywhere you are, make sure that people benefit from you. 
(25)                  There is no book that is not aimed at imparting certain knowledge or wisdom into somebody. Since the bible was written and packaged, has god not been talking? or did god stop talking after the bible was written? The bible is just like every other book aimed at importing certain knowledge or wisdom to its reader.
(26)                  A seed of god does not struggle to obey god. Why? It is because the spirit of god is in him. A sheep does not struggle to produce wool because wools is a part of the sheep. Everything about god is natural, but everything about Satan is artificial. 
(27)                  The greatest confusion about god is created by the bible. For the bible created the impression that god is a human being and went on to say that god is an unseen spirit. That no eyes will see god and survive.
(28)                  The almighty god created nations and nations created money. those that created money have their motive for creating money. they made regulation or conditions for making that money.
(29)                  whatever you think that you are holding in this world, you are holding it on lease; once  your time expires, you must release it whether you like it or not.
(30)                  Number one thing you must do if you want to follow me is to reposition yourself. What you are today will determine what you will be tomorrow. What you will be tomorrow depends on what you take life to be.
(31)                  Some are born great, some are made great, and some achieve greatness. no matter the category you find yourself, be happy there and then have a resolution that which i could not achieve because of certain things, I will now help my children to achieve it.
(32)                  When you see these things happening, you know that your flight draweth near. We are not talking about salvation anymore; we are now talking about the event that will culminate the fulfillment of the long awaited prophecies.
(33)                  Everything pertaining to god is done by revelation. you do not get it by mathematical formula, you do not dream and begin to see such a thing or by your vision.
(34)                  Happy are you for hearing what you are hearing, seeing what you are seeing for they are completely hidden from the wise and the prudent.
(35)                  In every dispensation, Christ has remained a paradox, a man of mistaken identity. He is a man of mistaken identity. This faith is the land of truth. This faith is the only ground and pillar of truth.
(36)                  Watch what is about to unfold as we journey along, but be courageous to stand on your ground. Tell the whole world who you are and what you really believe. the whole thing is winding up in religion.
(37)                  Nobody can counter what god had already put in place.  The stage is set. Get ready, your light draweth near. the battle ground according to our message is now Nigeria.
(38)                  I am the gate, I am the door. i am the message of eternal life, Christ himself is that message.
(39)                  the greatest gift god has given to this generation is the son of man. Accept me, i am a black man. i am your kinsman 
(40)                  Salvation is a definite experience. Personal encounter with Christ is a definite experience. The bride will be united in the word of god made manifest in the flesh, while the rest will be sealed out.
(41)                  The worst thing that will happen to us is to withdraw from fellowship, or playing with fellowship. God is saying that the meeting point between you and him is in the fellowship.
(42)                  Faithful is he that called us. anybody that is not faithful will not be a partaker of his promises. What does it take to be faithful and what is faithfulness?  To be faithful is to be dependable. To be faithful is to be reliable, trustworthy.
(43)                  Why is it necessary for us to be patient? Between the promises and the fulfillment of the promises there is always a time of waiting. Check histories, check events between the promises of god and its fulfillment in every dispensation, there always a “time of waiting.
(44)                  Anybody that has no plan has nothing to execute. Anybody that has no plan has nothing to commit into the hands of God. The almighty God has enjoined us to have plans and commit them into His hands and trust on Him, and He will bring them to pass.
(45)                  No matter the knowledge you have acquired, without prayers, the knowledge has no force. No matter how you teach your children, educate them all round, if you don’t kneel and pray for your children, they are bound to be useless. 
(46)                  God is saying that you have to be generous, you have to be hospitable; you have to show interest in the affairs of God, in the affairs of brethren. Help were you could, whenever duty calls for you, respond.
(47)                  Let me tell you, a very nice day brightens up with the sun. The beginning of a journey dictates how the end will be. Anybody that reads the holy bible and does not see the mistake from the first page, from genesis, the opening passage, has not read the bible.
(48)                  Bear in mind that failure is never a setback. Failure is a set backward to enable you gather power for a higher jump.
(49)                  God has been on the move until we arrived where we are now. If we stop at where we stopped yesterday, or maybe continue with it today, we are merely carrying yesterday over to today.
(50)                  You cannot continue in the usual way and move forward. This is the time when you will do things in the “unusual way” for that is the only way forward.
(51)                  We know where our problems are emanating from. Besides, God is more than able to counter those problems.
(52)                  God is fond of hiding his name in every age. There are various names God had used until he finally documented his word and said that the name of God is nothing but the word of God.
(53)                  To raise children for the devil is to leave them to have their way. That is all but to raise children for God demands time, energy, prayer and sleepless nights to those that have the vision.
(54)                  Any moment you hear any prophesy or dream or vision, do not be tempted to think that it will happen immediately. The person God used in prophesying may even die and the thing will not fulfill in his day.
(55)                  The manifestation is the interpretation. we have come to try every spirit. The bible said “try every spirit to know whether it is of God”.
(56)                  God does not give what his word does not support. God can never give what will bring confusion in the church. God can never bring what will scatter his people.
(57)                  The earlier you know the truth, the better for you. Remember that this church of Christ, the birds ministry is set for a sign that must be spoken against in this dispensation.
(58)                  I have keys of hell and of death. Here is that man, he that is walking in the midst of the seven candlesticks gathering all the loose ends. No other person has the power to unlock hellfire except he that has the key.
(59)                  Vengeance is coming. It is of no mercy. god is coming with all vengeance. Fire is coming from his mouth to devour all his adversaries. Who will escape? Only the redeemed.
(60)                  By the power of the Holy Ghost, god decided to shake the world; he decided to be born in a very notorious place. Whoever that does not believe, that God is a human being is an antichrist.
(61)                  The bible said that the antichrist will come; now there are many antichrists in the world. By that we know that the end has come.
(62)                  Immediately the church is taken away, nothing cools God’s temper again. The only thing that is cooling God’s anger is the church.
(63)                  regard today as your only eternity, as the only day you may have to crush out all those challenging things in your life, you may not have tomorrow, accept it as a challenge.
(64)                  Anybody that is expecting god’s blessings when he dies should better reconsider his stand. i am not expecting god’s blessings in the grave for the grave can never allow me to appreciate it.
(65)                  The environment you are living in has a lot to do to your health. if you are living in a dirty environment, fungal infection is there, bacterial and viral infections are there, you cannot run away from them if you are living in an unhealthy environment.
(66)                  For us to realize our lofty objectives in this life, we must be health. there is nothing to compare with good health. when a sound mind exists in a sound body, it promotes success.
(67)                  A lazy man has very low ambition and has a very shot vision about life. a lazy man doesn’t go far in life. he delights himself in: when he see good things, he will admire it but he doesn’t want to pass through the rigors the people passed though to obtain them.   
(68)                  A lazy habits lead to short vision, low ambition which leads to poverty. It can even lead to pre-mature death because when you are not enjoying life, you are enduring life.
(69)                  The greatest sickness that deserves a permanent cure is ignorance. Nothing destroys a man’s future more than ignorance.
(70)                  First choice you’ll make in your life is the choice of the type of god you will worship because you must resemble the god you worship. Every man must resemble the god he worships. If you succeed in making the right choice, by making the supreme law giver, the supreme god that created every human being your god, you have succeeded in making the first right choice.
(71)                  There is something in a man’s name. When you want to take a name, take a name that will please God. Do not take a name that will be offensive.
(72)                  When judgment arrives, where will it anchor first? It will begin with God’s house. It will begin among God’s own people first. Why? The saints will judge the world
(73)                  All denominations crucified the bible; they crucified the word, but today, the word has resurrected for judgment is committed into the hand of the word which is Christ himself.
(74)                  Whosoever that overcome this investigative judgment of the church, his name will not be blotted out of the book of life and he will have eternal life.
(75                   what is God’s candle? it is his word. God is our lawgiver- the supreme lawgiver. He is equally our judge-the supreme judge.
(76)                  As long as god liveth, every true child of God has no difficulty in applying the word of God in his daily living for he knows that God’s thought towards us are the thoughts of good and not of evil.
(77)                  You should stop propagating the truth we do not practice. Some are trying to make the message to be superstitious. The practical messages that touched on everyday life.
(78)                  A half-baked human being is like half-baked bread, good for nothing. That is why God said, “my people mingle with the heathens and learn their evil ways and have become good for nothing-they are like half-baked bread, not worthy to eat, not worthy to be thrown away”.
(79)                  This gathering or last gathering of God’s people on earth is not meant for nonentities. this is gathering of “the progressive”. bear in mind that we have shifted emphasis away from the message to the progressive age.
(80)                  if your pride is not your home, your pride is useless. if your pride is not family, i say your pride today is useless, absolutely useless. the greatest success a man or a woman can attain in this life is family success. The greatest failure is family failures.
(81)                  The commonest being god created is a man. i am a man; i am not a woman, so i am indecisive. The only being that is proud of something he should not be proud of is a man.
(82)                  You are part of your wife; your wife is part of you, for you have no family without your wife. Marriage is nothing but a union of people with identical purpose. Marriage is not marriage until it is a union formed by individuals of like purpose.          
(83)                  If am open to my wife in all matters, nothing stops her from being open to me. if am very much reserved, she must be very much reserved. it is this lack of confidence that is bringing about our poor state. why are people afraid of running joint accounts with their wives even when heathens know this secret and practice it?
(84)                  Love and care are two necessary ingredients to cement the love in marriage. The unity in marriage emanates from love and care: no other factor impelled your wife to be with you other than love.
(85)                  It is not that amount of money you make in a day that makes you rich. You may make millions and still be poor. We are not poor because we are not making money; we are poor because we kept money away from our wives. we don’t want to invite them to our monetary decision-making. Everybody is playing individual game as if one pillar can hold a house. But can it?
(86)                  If you come to a point where something begins to trouble you so much, be courageous to ask yourself a question: this thing that is trying to upset my peace, has it an eternal value? Can it accompany me to paradise?
(87)                  if you cannot notice the change in your brother’s face, the change in your sister’s face you are not brethren.
(88)                  Brethren, going against the order of the church is dangerous. God is no longer happy with it; it is becoming very unbecoming; very hateful in the sight of God. 
 (89)                 my greatest joy is this, as many that are found in the Son of Man are watching the whole events from the windows of the ark. To them it is a drama
(90)                  Believe it if you can, i am He. As surely as i live, all flesh must acknowledge that i am He. Without me appearing on the scene there will never be perfection for anybody because the law makes nothing perfect.
 (91)                 I am backing the door while I am facing the bride. You are going to receive the last minute instruction from me on how you will enter that paradise. 
(92)                  if there is any god you can identify by your own wisdom that is the devil. that god can never be the almighty God.
(93)                  There is no human being on earth who does not know what he is harboring in his heart. There are two things you can never deny knowledge of: one, what you have in your heart, two, what you have done.
(94)                  As many as are being led by the spirit of God, they are the children of God.
(95)                  Can a man be against God’s will and still remain a child of God? The answer is no. he does not have the spirit of God.         
(96)                  Anybody that is making a covering outside the word of God is covering himself outside the spirit of God
(97)                  Your covering is the totality of the words which I have spoken unto you.
(98)                  If you love life and you want to see good days, refrain your tongue from evil.
 (99)                 Faithful is he that has called us and we have to prove it to him that we are faithful in all things.
 (100)   I am here to give you extra oil. i want you to carry extra oil so that nobody will go about begging for oil. You know what i mean by oil? oil means the holy spirit. the storm is coming up and gathering. if you cannot stand the test of time, you will be uprooted.
(101)    what is about to take place is an indicator that we are about to be detached. In other words, our time will soon be over and the original olive tree (the Jews) will be grafted back which is easier. 
(102)    if you do not want to face this great tribulation better believe this way of salvation that is given to you. However, where you think i am preaching heresy or that i am deceiving your ears, continue in the one you think is the truth. Anywhere you see yourself at last, take it.
(103)    if you are children of God, if you are Christ, believe you are all quickening spirits, if i am Christ, i am a quickening spirit. Christ as a quickening spirit suffered pain in the flesh.
(104)    as we approach the end, we have to bridge every gap. The bride is expected to walk closest now than before. It does not mean clustering together in one family. It is a spiritual affair.
 (105)   women’s adornment did not start today that is why it is said that beauty is expensive.
(106)    combine your inward beauty with your outward beauty or shall i say it this way, we are in a perfect ministry.
 (107)   we have received our last sign. The prophet William Braham even saw it ahead of time and told us that the last sign that the gentile church will receive is Christ in human form walking on two feet in the church.
(108)    you are the pillars of the kingdom. you have come to mount Zion: you are all sitting in heavenly places in Christ. if you do not know where Zion is, you do not know where God’s throne is.
  (109)  be very careful about those you see around you, those visiting you, polluting your mind against the truth and hindering you from moving ahead.
(110)    have you seen the spirit of truth? can you righty wake up and say, “I know where to locate the spirit of truth?” anybody that has come into contact with this faith must surely acknowledge that this faith is the truth from God.
(111)    Brethren, for your sake alone, i have prepared good packages for you, which will extend even to our children yet to come.  i bet you, tomorrow you will be smiling. Tomorrow will be filled with smiles.
(112)    I want you to see that god is a paradox. The more you look, the less you see. Who made the devil? Some say it is woman, but i say no. do not say woman. god created human beings; then, human being created the devil.
(113)    By intuition man knows that there is a supreme being but the way he is, he does not know. How he (the Supreme Being) works, man does not know. By his own imagination, he started making something real.
(114)    making another thing to look like the supreme god, or making a god with your hand after the imagination  of your own heart and owing your allegiance to it, or consulting something else  other than god makes  you a rebel.
(115)    God of mercy is also the God of judgment who is the resurrection and life? Is it not god? God is the resurrection and life.  
(116)    There are too many things that are not written in the scriptures, but they are in the mind of God, and at the appointed time, God will put them into the mouth of his mouthpiece for that age and he will proclaim it.
(117)    you said you love me; that is fine. If you love me, why is my message not effective in your life? Why do you sabotage my messages, which of course are not mine but those of he that sent me?
(118)    speak-the word and it will stand there, for thou shall decree a thing and the lord will establish it. God wants you to speak. Speak and change your condition. Do not meditate. Open your mouth and speak.
(119)    once your eyes go away from the pillar of cloud, you will know when you become a cold worshippers. your love for God will grow cold, but as long as your eyes are there, twenty-four hours you are bubbling because you know that he that promised cannot tell lies.
(120)    now we know the personality that is standing in our midst. He is the last hope of mankind, the only and sure anchor that will never disappoint; the only link you have with the light.    
(121)    i am sent for a sign. The message is clear, not to everybody, but t o those that are ordained to the message. if you are not called and ordained for the message of the Son of Man, it will fly above your head.
(122)    you must recognize that enormous responsibilities befall you which nobody can share with you for no man is willing to share another man’s responsibility, especially marital responsibilities.
 (123)   i am not pleading with you not to rebel. rebel if you can, it is your right. you are not rebelling against me but you are rebelling against your life. Because if you rebel, you stop your journey.
 (124)   children are blessings from God, but if we are not careful, if we do not understand the essence of God blessing us with children, what God intended to be a blessing to us can turn out t o be a curse.
(125)    some parents think that all it takes to raise children is only to give them food, buy clothes for them and that was all. whatever their children will be in life, ‘god will determine. many children were left at the mercy of nature. in other words, our parents sponsored our destruction ignorantly.
(126)    let me tell you, it pays to be rooted and grounded in the faith of the Son of Man. if you are grounded and rooted, nothing will shake you by day or by night. I do not care who the person is. 
(127)    once you are not organized, you cannot be fruitful. As long as many things occupy your mind other than your ministry, you are going to make a shipwreck. If you serve god with all your heart, he will bless the works of your hands.
(128)    if you don’t know who God is, your life is in danger. that is why we have a message “obey the first voice”. But when you find it difficult to obey, before you even think it in your heart, god had already heard it. Then he will grant it for you.
(129)    if you want to be useful to this ministry and fulfill your calling, or your vocation in Christ, the power is in your hand. You must have perfect control of your life, perfect control of your time. Everything must be programmed to suit your convenience.
(130)    any seed a man soweth, he must reap. some are reaped when the man is alive, while some are reaped after the man whether good or bad.
(131)    it is god’s will that everybody in this faith will go to paradise, but our rebellious character is what is hindering us, our doubts and unbelief is becoming too much.
(132)    for a man to come back to God, that man must have stayed away from God. In other words, i am trying to confirm it before all of you that what god is doing is going about for his own seeds.
(133)    Israel is our timetable. Israel is our time piece. How is it this way? This is because they were the people that were cut off so that we will be grafted. If they were not cut off, we would not have come in.
(134)    God and his people, watch, in spite of all the punishments God gave to them, they kept on sinning and sinning.
(135)    God can never abandon his own, never, never,. as long as he liveth, heaven and earthy will pass away but his word can never pass away. what he is looking for in gentiles are his seeds.
(136)    The essence of our preaching is to bring people into the church (the body of Christ), because inside the body, you have your salvation. Outside the body, there is no salvation.
(137)    whatever God did last year, he will magnify this year. if you will increase your obedience your loyalty, your allegiance to god, he will magnify it.
(138)               in my message i made clear to you that in all dispensations every search for god ends in revealing a human being. For God has remained a human being from the very beginning.
(139)    it said that you cannot leave t he faith until you enter. Somebody who never entered, how can he leave? once you have entered, you have entered, you are wrestling against this faith, you are wrestling against yourself.       
(140)    understand that anything that is not from god should not even give us any concern. keep your mind and heart away from it. don’t lavish your money simple because heathens are lavishing their money.
(141)    we are the architect (cause) of our own woes. understand that if we can go back to prophecy dreams, visions, trances that have been recorded and filed in our files, we will see that we have actually broken the “barn” and we have allowed “wild animals” (unbelievers) to enter.
(142)    Every true man of God must know how to handle women. women troubled God even from the garden of Eden. Women gave God real trouble. And God had to devise a way of handling women so that they can be subdued. But initially they were equal. I say from the beginning, they were equal, until that “incident” took place.
(143)    the voice said, “i have used the law on you all these years to instill moral discipline in you so that you will not abuse this grace anytime it shall be revealed”. As many as could not inculcate that moral discipline then, these are the people that still abuse grace.
(144)    men and women have risen in this faith claiming to be one thing or the other. they detached from the tree and they withered. Because, i am the true vine, and you are my branches. Without me, you cannot bear any fruit. Detach from me, you wither and end it in the fire. if it doesn’t fulfill that way the lord never sent me. 
(145)    there is one thing i believe in life: i believe that courtesy demands that we respect every human being. a human being is a human being. No matter his/her position, accord him/her      that respect for God who permitted him/her to live didn’t make a mistake.  God gave him /her that benefit. he/she has the right of existence; give him/her that benefit.
(146)    As fathers and mothers, you have a role to play in the church. You are in a position even to check the extremes of these young men and women. you know there is always what we call youthful “exuberance:. When you see the youths exhibiting what is in them, you start wondering whether they have read our messages for one day. you as have read our message for one day. you as father or mother have to call them to order. it is not when we give you pulpit. fix your eyes upon the church, for we are your children.
(147)    Respect one another. When you respect and love your brethren and honour your brethren, you will see the beauty of the church, you will see the beauty of families. I mean, the beauty of families will reflect in the church.
(148)    if there is anything we should guide against we should guide against unguided moments where we may make some unguided utterances, unguided reaction that will leave much to be desired; that will leave some experience that will be very difficult to be wiped off.
(149)    God wants us to be polite in all our approaches to issues in all our human relationships. let us be polite, let’s respect one another’s views. You respect my views, i respect your views. Let us learn to reason instead of arguing. Remember that husband and wife live together like working engine. They shouldn’t work iron-to-iron otherwise the engine will knock. They should lubricate the relationship from time to time.
(150)    we have to make sure we are in the right relationship with one another at all times. there shouldn’t be any unguided hour in year life because that unguided hour is the hour the enemy is looking for. once Satan succeeds in sowing discord amongst brethren, any kind of havoc can be wreaked among us. But as long as we are in harmony, in strict agreement, spiritually and physically, fully representing the interest of one another.
(151)      one that is not thinking positively is also suspicious of his environment. If you do not think positively, you are suspicious. Once you are suspicious, you can never have rest. Even if there is nothing to suspect, you will create one yourself. That goes to show that you are not looking at life positively.
(152)    when you are united with the word, you are one with the word, then you are united with god for in the beginning was the word, the word was with God and that word was God.
(153)    selective believers of the word of God,  they only believe things that agree with their philosophy but anyone or any area that does not agree with their  philosophy they dump that one.
(154)    it will take God to be on the scene to tell you the fulfillment of any prophecy, otherwise, you will make all of them, current, current ones.
(155)    since the glory of God came down among us, since we heard the testimonies of Christ in the midst of the bride, investigated and found out that the report we heard is true, and we are not following cunningly devised fables, have we performed better than our fathers?
(156)    he that spoke and it came to pass. he is still on the scene. Before anything will happen, he will declare it. The problem we are having is the problem of unbelief and forgetful spirit.
(157)    the meeting point between God and his people is in his word for the lord God will do nothing outside his word. Your sanctified estate remains in his word.  The moment you wander, away from his word, you remain unsanctified. 
(158)    mature minds don’t gossip, mature minds speak the truth in love, they don’t gossip, they hold on to things that are holy, things that are noble, things that are of honest report, things that are edifying, things that can minister grace to the hearer-that is a mature mind.
(159)    God cannot kill a man without first of all warning him. All that are perishing outside were warned seriously, they were warned over and over again until a time came when they were thinking that it was weakness on God’s side. Anytime you start seeing warning and love as weakness on god’s side, you are perishing. The moment god rejects a man, all those things he has hated in time past, and he will go back to gradually. He will even desire to die in the world, to die in sin.   
(160)    if you are despised and rejected, you are considered foolish by the people in the world; rejoice exceedingly because God is using you to fulfill scriptures that is in his infinite mind. He has decided to forgo all fanciful places and men of renown. there is no glory if a pharisee goes to heaven. after all, he is a pharisee, a perfect gentle man. but there is a great joy if renowned’ prostitute’ will become a saint that day without laboring to earn righteousness.
(161)    if you are here and you are panicking because of rapture you are an “agboro”. Because when you are grounded and settled, what is rapture then? You are the rapture yourself. i say, you are the translation yourself. Immorality is in you but you are feeling pains in the body because the hour for the transformation is not yet come; only time holds it. on that day, from inside it will come out then modify this hopeless nonsense. Then you will see yourself appearing and disappearing.
(162)    we want to trace god and know where god said he will run to, for God is in exile. i say, God is in exile. you know if he will run to the black nations land like we are here; surely, he must be one of us. if he will come here wearing another uniform, we will spot him out, he will. be a stranger and his people might even trace him down here and bring him back. so, for him to hide fully, he will hide inside one of us here.
 (163)   God comes to a man at a time he is not expecting God. if you know a time you are praying for God to come, God will not come that time. And the way you think God will come, he will not come that way. But will He come? surely, He will come and the day He will come, He will take you by surprise.
(164)    for now, the deliverer is with us. I say, for now, the deliverer is with us. all I am trying to show you is: did god prophecy ahead of that a time will come when Israel will not be his people again? When he will forsake them, and do away with them? The answer is, yes. was there a prophecy saying that in the end time, he will graft them back? the answer is yes. so what, ever that is happening today is all scriptural. Prophecies are fulfilling.
(165)    Nobody here has ever looked for God even for one day. the truth is that God is found among those who are not looking for him. those who are striving earnestly to see God could not find God. But those who are not looking for God are those God revealed himself to. l am saying that we owe God a lot. in this type of place, nobody should compel us to give in support of anything we are doing here. we should not even preach it. 
(166)    now, people are walking disorderly, misbehaving themselves in the house of god. the house of God is the house of prayer. it is not the house of chatting.
(167)    your behavior is directed by the teaching you receive. that is why, once you reject a teaching in this faith, it reflects in your character. you may preach it, you  may tell others about it, you may explain it very well, but deep in you, the message is not in there.
(168)    there is nothing wrong with our message. if there is anything wrong, it is found in us. we should not blame God; we should blame our selves. for everything we are passing through, check, it can be traced back to us. 
(169)    whatever you saved in your youth awaits you in your old age. You see why god came down and said that the only children we can place our hope on are those we produced in this faith with “purified blood”. Life is in the blood.
(170)    when you are training your child the way you are training him or her, what do you have in mind your child will be tomorrow? any seed a man soweth that he must reap. when you leave your children untrained and unguided, get ready to harvest unpredictable fruits.
(171)    there is nothing wrong with the society, but something is wrong with you and your family. the first society i know is my family; the second is your family. What do i mean? it is a collection of family that form a society.
(172)    if the word of God that is revealed to you is not your strength, consolation, comfort or healing, then you are gone.
(173)    if we are committed to enthroning righteousness, peace, discipline, unity, i bet you, we must succeed. We must create history.
(174)    You want to be a winner? The spirit is imbibed. When you imbibe the spirit of success, you drive out the spirit of failure.
(175)    you want to be a great fellow or a celebrity? it is all in your hands. Do not begin to tell me that greatness is inborn. It is not inborn.
(176)    if what we are enjoying in our midst, in the bride ministry is not the promise that was promised by God, let it be known to you that we are all deceived.
(177)    the meeting point of all children of God has always been in Christ. (The anointed one of every age).
(178)    no true child of God walk by sight but by divine revelation. if you are not led by the word of God, you are not a child of God.
(179)    if your husbands is a man of God, once God is pleased with you, your husband must be please with you. however, if your husband is not a man of God, his desires will be outside the will of God.
(180)    if God did not come our way, we would not have seen the truth about the relationship we keep with heathen. everything that seemeth right in the sight of a man, the end thereof is destruction.
(181)    what forms your discussions wherever you meet? What forms your conversation wherever you gather? is it the message or the messenger?
(182)    as many as were governed, ruled and guided by the spirit of Christ they have gotten rid, thrown away, they have divorced completely the traditions and customs of their people from their hearts.
(183)    the written word cannot help you to be ruptured or translated. The spoken word will tell you what is happening now and what is going to happen from now.
(184)    The Elohim in human form, the resurrected body has come, he is the truth between the past and the present and it is that which is meant for your own day.
(185)    sin has been swallowed. The setting aside of the law swallowed sin in immortality. has swallowed all human weaknesses, inadequacies, short comings and imperfections.
(186)    the devil can cause fire to come down but the cloud and darkness can never surround the devil. The devil can never be seen in thick darkness.
(187)    God is doing all these things so that no flesh will come before him and brag. At a time when you think you have arrived, God is still laughing at you, that you do not know anything.
(188)    Right now, we possess natural bodies, but when that hour comes, everybody will possess spiritual bodies. The natural body will be done away with.
(189)    if you do not have the spirit of love, we cannot tutor it into you. The problem we are having is that preachers have been trying to tutor love into people when they do not have the spirit.
(190)    i have been trying all these years to convince some to believe that i am from the father for the father sent me for their own sake. There is no other reason why i am sent.
(191)    always remember that once one refuses the truth that is clearly proved before him, God hands him over to the spirit of delusion to believe lies.
(192)    many find it very difficult to notice the separating line between the old testament order and the new testament order.
(193)    the only thing Satan has as his armour to accuse the child of God is the Law of Moses. Accept it if you can.
(194)    it is through the reading of the scriptures that anybody will be convinced that salvation is just by grace and grace alone.
(195)    all the enemies of the bride of Christ today will use their money and campaign to stir up people against us.
(196)    no apology is needed for speaking the truth, for truth has no substitute.
(197)    That you are Emmanuel does not mean that
god is with you. You can answer Emmanuel and yet God is not with you.
(198)    you know, the people of God are blind. We are blind in the senses that we can hardly recognize him in our age. if we miss God’s visitation this period, it then means that we are lost completely.
(199)    the church is God’s family. The church is the kingdom of God. The church is the kingdom of his dear son. The church is the kingdom of the saved: it is the kingdom of righteousness.
(200)    you must know god beyond his dress. otherwise, one day. you will call him devil. if it was very difficult for people that worked with god for many, many years to recognize him, now then can those who never knew him recognize him?
(201)    the Lord enjoins us in the scriptures to instill his fear in our children because that is the  beginning of wisdom and the only way we can do that is to settle down and teach our children the ways of god.
(202)    all of you that are having fellowship with all that we ex-communicated for wrong doing; you are all accursed things in the sight of god. you remain accursed things in the house of god until this mortal body will put on immortality. Enough is enough.
(203)    as long as i am still in your midst, i am the one that will tell you when a message has expired and when a message is still current.
 (204)   any family that understands this message, believes this message and applies this message in their daily living, the world around then will see them as a wonder.
(205)    god is not everywhere; the lord is in his sanctuary, why not say amen. Let the people rejoice. You have to be very careful when you come into the fellowship in presence of god.
(206)    remember that God has been hammering on one thing that: we do not have anything called ‘collective revelation: the same way, we cannot have “collective obedience. “we have individual revelation, individual obedience, by obedience i mean faithfulness.
(207)    you have to sit down and examine yourself. Find out the reasons why you are passing through the troubles you are passing through. Whatever might be your experiences find out why? it could be you are suffering from your past mistakes.
(208)    Do that which God said you should do and then see whether the power of god will not be made manifest. Take God at his word. Obey, not grudgingly; obey with all your heart in love.
(209)    Do not allow calamities that befall strangers in your midst to weaken you or make you begin to ask God questions. There is nothing evil happening in the bride. God is in perfect control of everything happening in the bride around his children.
(210)    God work with time, if I don’t have it today, it doesn’t mean I cannot have it forever. Whatever I don’t have in this faith is something god cannot allow me to have: whatever he wants me to have, I must have it. Nothing will stop it.  
(211)    you may know the mind of god concerning yourself through the son of man, but you can never till eternity know the mind of god concerning the son of man.
(212)    Eternal life is your own personal property. What lies before me is your salvation and I am persuading you to choose life other than death. i will not force you to choose, you will do the choosing.
(213)    who is not aware that Israel is our time table? Ancient men in this faith, don’t you know what i am saying? Rise up to you responsibilities. What is the timetable of the gentiles? What did the prophets say about this matter?
(214)    violence has filled the heart of everybody. The heart of men are continually evil, they set their hearts to doing evil continually without restraints. There is lawlessness everywhere.
(215)    if you look at the photographs of the pillar of cloud; there you will see the watchman, the Son of Man in the pillar of cloud. there, he raised his hands toward the heavens and announced it that “time is finished?
(216)    This trumpet should i be blown in Zion, not in the cities of Jerusalem. Till eternity will continue to love you all with the love of god for welcoming me in this adulterous, perverse and crooked generation.
(217)    Life entails that the higher you move, the harder life becomes; the more difficulties you are likely to meet, the more responsibilities. you have to be emotionally balanced, psychologically and mentally balanced for you to say through.
(218)    The joy of the parents remains their children if parents train their children very well and training then very well means giving them qualitative education. the kind of foundation you are laying for your child will determine where he or she will land, the extent he or she will go.
(219)    If the behaviours of my children are contrary to my belief, I must make drastic steps to restore them to the normal estates so as to justify my authority and headship over them. it is my responsibility, which i cannot shirk.
(220)    Until you know the God you are approaching; until you have known the God you have decided to worship, you can never please him.
(221)    you can be called and chosen yet you will perish. If there will be any root of unbelief or rebellion in your heart, you must perish.
(222)    it is better i suffer in the hands of God than in the hands of man because in his hands, there is a lot mercy.
(223)    Diligently try to avoid any root of bitterness. Anything that will bring schism and bitterness of the heart, let us avoid them knowing that we have passed through a very nice experience.
(224)    We have the greatest testimony which is the infallible truth, the sure word of prophecy. Speak the truth and lie not so that you will know why you are dying, lest you die in vain.
(225)    understand this basic truth: since we know we came here and met the world like this, remember that the world you have met has remained the same world that was created from the very beginning. Whatever you see that made it look different from the one your fathers saw, is nothing but the handiwork of mankind. the earth was without “form” until human beings were created to live on it.
(226)    Nothing can withhold that which God himself has purposed to hand out to somebody. If anybody is withholding it, it’s god himself. Not any other condition but god himself. maybe he is watching over you, he knows the appointed time for anything. if god wants you to become rich today, he fixes a “particular age” where he will come your way. Where those riches will benefit God, benefit you and benefit mankind.
(227)    Nothing revives the sick more than the gathering of the saints. when you subject yourself to a lonely environment, you have allowed all forces to act on you because you are there alone at the devils workshop; you are not praying, you are not meditating you don’t know what is happening here, your mind will be wondering from pillar to post.
(228)    Granted that man obeyed the purpose for which he was made and fixed his attention there, will there be quarrelling? Will there be competition? will there be premature death? The answer is no.
(229)    I want you to know that you are not one bit lower than Jesue and you are not one bit higher than Jesus. you are not one bit lower than Adam and eve and you are not one bit higher than Adam and eve as far as the “image of god” is concerned. 
(230)    In the gathering of the saints, you don’t need to be reminded whether to worship god or not. We have good reasons why we must worship the lord.
(231)    when you over place yourself or misplace yourself, you can cause yourself sadness. Place yourself where you belong.
(232)    we labour today so that we will rejoice tomorrow. a man is not measured by his present position but by what he will be tomorrow.
(233)    young men’ listen. no mother how friendly you might be with a sister, if you will be lying in the same bed every day as long as she does not meet your requirement in marriage, say no to marriage. Nobody has ever corrected any mistake made in marriage.
(234)    Human race has two sources, one is God and the other is Satan. The two foundations of our existence lies in identifying the rock we are hewed from. What will justify or condemn you is the message you have received.
(235)    women that love money too much do not stay long on earth because they feel more troubled than men.
(236)    Any man that avoids rest dies before his time.
(237)    God advocates work for woman but disapproves over work. While we are in this life, we should try as much as we can to “strike a balance” in life that is what God entails life to be.
(238)    when you labour so much, you will require the same amount of rest to “strike a balance. If you don’t do that, your life is in danger.
(239)    If one should introduce me to worship any god; he that is introducing me to that god must be ready to convince me beyond reasonable doubt, the existence and the reality of that god.
(240)    if only facts are convincing, an intelligent fellow will begin to watch for the facts that will get him convinced.
(241)    if you don’t know the demands of your god, you don’t know your god. You are fooling yourself. How can you serve the god you don’t know his demand? You have to know the demands of the god you worship.
(242)    there is a supreme intelligence that controls the whole universe.
(243)    two things are permanent: life and death, and they are twins. They are born the same day. The day life is born is the day death is born.
(244)    there is nothing around you that suggest permanence. but god is trying to make something permanent.
(245)    We have to be very careful now than before. Introducing the deity to mankind has never been an easy task. It requires a very big fight.
(246)    without religion, evil wouldn’t have been introduced. There wouldn’t have been anything called sin or wickedness or murder, or manslaughter or every kind of sin.
(247)    To rig away religion from the hearts of men is the strongest battle that must be fought.
(248)    if you are really in this faith, you cannot fit into the world for you know where the world started and where they ended. You cannot go to the left; you are now like a man in the desert. That’s why we need God’s guidance.
(249)    something greater than you is about to be introduced on this planet earth, to remove all those figments of doubts and every kinds of thing. And God is preparing a ground for that.
(250)    If there is anything religion will succeed in doing in your life, is helping you to find fault with me so that we will remain apart.
(251)    religion highlights weaknesses but truth reveals weaknesses.
(252)    “There is a price to pay”. Even this revelation you are now seeking, it must cost you something. This is how nature endorses it.
(253)    There is a height you will reach and become a holy spirit, a beneficial spirit that will be revealing good, good things to mankind. the same way also, there is a point you will get to and you become witches and wizards.
(254)    Check people that are enlightened, people that have grown above religion have come to the point where they know this wholesome truth, “the law of balance and the law of reciprocal action”, nothing goes for nothing.
(255)    it is darkness that attracts the light. The same way the positive attracts the negative. You have to attract these vibrations yourself.
(256)    You have to attract god’s blessings. God’s blessings do not come to you anyhow. the land must be dry before the rain will fall.
(257)    the bible is the mark of the beast-nothing forms ecumenism more than the bible. The bible is nothing but the book of condemnation.
(258)    if a prophet is without honour, it is among the strangers, not among his own people.
(259)    A fool, a self deceived renegade, full of himself or herself finds it very difficult to acknowledge and concede superiority. And that has always been the basis of failure in life.
(260)    God is on earth as a human being. He is in the midst of the bride. He goes to church, he worships himself but your physical eyes cannot behold him. Even in the beginning when there was no human being, he lifted up his holy hands and said “I live forever.” believe it if you can.
(261)    I am here. There has never been any generation that appeared without meeting me. I am the oldest being that has been on earth since the world began, changing forms, changing locations. However, in these last days, it has pleased him that i should settle down in my own homeland. Believe it if you can.
 (262)   what is greatness? Greatness means nothing but doing that which other thinks that is impossible. Greatness means attaining that, which others might have attempted and failed. 
(263)    If you have made a choice and the choice is not favouring you, why not reject it? How long must you remain there? People over sympathize with their conditions.
(264)    Any leader that is afraid of criticism is not worthy to be a leader. Thus, you are free to write whatever you want to write concerning the son of man, say whatever you want to say concerning the son of man.
(265)    I am the chiefest of all devils, the chiefest of all the devils is an earth. something more than the anti-Christ is on the land and that is brother odoemena, the son of man.
(266)    Christ means nothing but the anointed one, the messiah, the savior-that is Christ. Anointed with what? anointed with the spirit of God.
(267)    If God does not come in a simple way, nobody will approach him and he will be useless to everybody. In his simplicity, he becomes easily accessible.
(268)    Dedication is not enough if you really know the meaning of dedication. Dedication means surrendering what you have to God. However, can you surrender what you have to God when you have not surrendered yourself?
(269)    Translation means catching away of the saints. Translation means leaving this carnal body, putting on the spiritual body which is incorruptible, and to meet the lord in the air.
(270)    that is why everybody must pay. All hands must be on deck to make sure that everybody attains the same height, before go to the lord’s table.
(271)    Many are praying that the lord will make them perfect in every good work. while some are working towards perfecting in bad works.
(272)    Judge me from now. From the beginning of the ministry till now i say judge me .if there is no where you can accuse me, may your mouth be sealed up.
(273)    What is love? love is corrective, love does not cover sin. love gets rid of sin. any love that will cover you sin will not get rid of it. That one is coming to kill you.
(274)    you are not holier than your brother and your brother is not holier than you but you are all holy brethren, holy saints of God and partakers of his heavenly kingdom.
(275)    He that sanctifies and they that are sanctified the two are one for which cause he is not ashamed to call them his brethren. Thus, we appreciate one another’s suffering in every way.
(276)    It is your faith that will take you to rapture, and for your faith to take you to rapture, your faith must be an outstanding faith. It must be the most holy faith.
(277)    In this faith, we go about building individuals for christ by divine revelation, with what given to you, without adding your own personal revelation.
(278)    we have come to the end of the journey. as a watchman over you, i am shouting it. i keep on shouting it wherever i go: get ready for your departure.
(279)    Number one step God will make in coming into your life is through your thoughts. number one step Satan will make incoming into your life is through the thought of your heart.
(280)    the light is shining in the gentiles. truth is now in the gentiles. God is now revealing himself in the gentiles. the hand of the clock for the Jews automatically stopped.
(281)    Some of you think that i do not know what i teach in this faith. What i teach is very clearly known. When you believe, you are saved, you are declared perfect. When you say you do not believe, you perish.
(282)    Woe is me if i do not preach this gospel. When you trouble me in this faith, i close my eyes, banish you from my presence. That is all. and know that you are perishing because you have never gone this way before.
(283)    The level of protection this faith offers the male is the same level of protection it offers the female both young and old. if you have not discovered this truth, do not rest until you have discover it.
(284)    Whenever you see or hear evil spirit being mentioned, woman must be involved. no being is associated with spirit more than women; no being is associated with evil charms more than women.
(285)    If our wives can permit their husbands to give them names, if they will acknowledge that they were presented to their husbands and not their husbands presented to them, peace will reign in every home.
(286)    If you are a man, you duty is to help your wife grow in love. growing in love means growing in the knowledge of the things of god, because you were created before her. you were with god when she never existed.
(287)    The time God punished people after death is over. God has started punishing people from their lifetime.
(288)    Anybody that is a believer has something that sustained him in Christ. If you are a believer, there is an experience you must pass through that made you to conclude that you are indeed a child of God.
(289)    Anything that is holding you in this faith other than what you have seen with your eyes, heard with your ears, passed through. if anything else is holding you in this faith other than that thing, you are not with us.
(290)    Sustained by my experience. there must be something that will sustain you, something that will hold you in this faith. you call it your anchor.
(291)    If the bible is the word of god, let it be known to you that God died many years ago and you do not know it. but God is alive forevermore; he is still speaking till today and will continue to speak.
(292)    The choice you make must affect your future adversely or, your choice must affect you positively or negatively. that is why God told us that the greatest problem that perplexes the heart of men has always been the problem of choice.
(293)        He said “no matter your transgression, no matter your rebellion, i, the almighty god have vowed a vow, i must be god over you whether you like it or not. i have already imposed myself on you, there is no escape”.
(294) If you hide yourself in thick darkness, hide yourself in the clouds of heaven, God is there. go to the light where no man can approach, God is there. therefore no place to hide.
(295) We are in this faith to preserve our lineage because it is only in Christ that your lineage must be preserved. outside Christ your lineage must be wiped off.