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Sunday, 5 August 2012



As you remain in the Message you have received steadfast, unmovable, surely, “That Glorious Day,” you will never say, “Had I known.” You will never regret getting yourself acquainted with Brother Peter Odoemena. On that Day when this life is over, then you will know that I am HE!


If you do not derive joy in the salvation God has given to you, the truth of the matter is (i) you do not know whether you are saved or not; (ii) you do not know the meaning and value of salvation.
Once you know these two things, the joy that will overflow in your heart will surpass all the troubles you are passing through because I believe in one thing that whatever that has a beginning must have an end. If you like say amen, if you like do not say amen.
I want to stress it here, make it loud and clear that this earth where you are sojourning presently now is meant for pilgrims while heaven remain the abode of the saints, did you get the message? This particular world, this earth were we have found ourselves presently now was designed purely for pilgrims and strangers, but heaven (Paradise) remains the abode, the home, the resting point, the resting place of the saints of God.–The Son of Man

To God be the glory forever and ever, Amen. You see, there is a melody in my heart, for I have Christ in my life. There must be melodies. There is a melody in my heart today, since I found Christ in my life today.
2.           I am just telling you that there is melody in my heart. I don’t know how to put the melodies together. I told you that I am happy. This is what thanksgiving is all about. Any other thing is rubbish. This is the only thing.
3.           “We bring sacrifice of praise into the house of the Lord, not rice and beans. We bring sacrifice of praise into the house of the Lord, not one cow or bullock. All I will offer unto God are the sacrifices of thanksgiving.”
4.           You must know what acceptable sacrifice unto God is all about. If you don’t know what it is all about, you may even incur the wrath of God by doing him a service outside his will. This is why I believe that when you are led and you want to offer sacrifice of thanksgiving to God, pray first, consult the Prophet if there is a Prophet.
5.           But I believe we have a Prophet. We have an Apostle, Prophet, High Priest of our profession. He is alive. But don’t try to have your way. The moment you begin to bring out your proposal, you are rubbished, for the Prophet will not stop you, lest you may be thinking, He wants to exploit you.
6.           He will allow you, but He knows you are walking outside His perfect will. If He doesn’t want to be involved in your error, He will know how to correct it in His own way. Am I making sense at all?
7.           We are in His Presence for thanksgiving service and that’s why we gather every day. Even in our families, we gather to give thanks to God.
8.           Thus, we used to say, “We have come unto thee oh Lord, We have come to the saviour, we have come to renew strength.” For everything he has done to us, all we have to do is to say, “Thank you Lord”. Amen. To God be the glory for everything.
9.           Why not put a clap! I need some special numbers. Numbers that are not popular, numbers that come from your heart put them together anyhow, like Earnest Mmagha used to put it together. Yes, special number is by revelation, it strikes.
10.        We are all passing through a dry valley and across the valley, truly speaking; there is a big mountain to climb. On top of that mountain; there is a very white city. 
11.         We are heading to the land, the city where the Lamb shall be our light. Where there will be no night and day. The city John saw in the Island of Patmos coming from above. A new Heaven and a new Earth harbouring new individuals.
12.        Behold, I make all things new. God can never put new wine in an old can. This world has waxed old and whenever anything waxes old and decays, it will be phased away.
13.        Thus, be courageous as we move through the valleys and mountains. Don’t be discouraged, you will hear the Voice saying, “I will give you a helping hand if only you will trust me, I must surely see you through. Is it not our song?
14.        There is a city whose Builder and Maker is God. Don’t ever miss that city. That city, there is nothing called trouble or suffering. You can’t ride these useless cars you are riding today. Whatever that is giving you joy today is what will keep you from taking off with the Bride if you are not careful.
15.        Give material possessions a place where they belong to. Rubbish! Give material possessions a place that is meant for them in your heart, in everything. Otherwise, what keeps the heathens awake will trouble you and trouble you out of Paradise. Be very careful.
16.        I want to stir up pure minds in everybody, before I will give you the message for the thanksgiving. For there can never be thanksgiving that is accepted in my sight without the Son of Man saying something. I must say something.
17.        How many would like to hear me this day? Let me tell you, the Devil is even desiring to hear me. Since they know that Christ is already here but must be somewhere favouring some people, you are highly favoured.
18.        And this official statement came from no less a personality, than the cardinal, the spokesman of the Vatican City, comforting the religious world to take heart.
19.        Our brother was calling me from America, he said, “Daddy, in fact I chilled when I read that thing. I saw it, I believe the entire world has seen the whole thing”.
20.        He continued, “So, they have missed it Daddy.” I said yes. He said, “So they cannot enter Paradise.”
21.        I said, “No, no, no, God has taken His own from all the tribes and languages, from all countries, from all nations.” God positionally placed all of them where he hooks them up. So, cheer up, we are passing through a dry valley now, across the valley, a big mountain. On top of the mountain, a very big city whose Builder and Maker is God.
22.        Jesus the Christ saw it and comforted his followers saying, “Fear not little flock, it is your father’s good pleasure to give you his kingdom”.
23.        The Kingdom belongs to God. He decided to offer it to his children. Happy are you if you are a partaker of what God is doing in your day, and not a mere observer.
24.        Happy are you if you are a missionary and not a mercenary. No mercenary will be there. You don’t know what is happening; it is these elders that can explain. Many of you don’t know where we took off. You don’t know where we took off.
25.        These two masquerades that danced this dance, if it is in the village, women don’t see them. It doesn’t walk in the day, it comes out at night. We journeyed from afar. We are coming from afar distance.  
26.        I want to stir up pure minds in everybody. Brother Frank, cock this bottles, place them on the ground, place them at the altar, they are going afar. They are for those that are afar off, who could not be here for one reason or the other. That is their mission. Amen.

Remain blessed brethren. Shall we give another round of applause to the immeasurable love of God! Truly speaking, we are the only people that can say that God is good and it is true.
2.           State of the Nation part three volume one. Chapter one. “Democracy Does Not Thrive In A Corrupt Society”. From the Holy Ghost, the Son of Man. The message was preached on the 19th of July 2009.
3.           Nugget: If government can come up with clear-cut programmes that will benefit our youths, give them gainful employments that can sustain their future, strive honestly to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor, surely, crime checks itself. Can you imagine the ridicule?
4.           I read it in the national newspaper, The Spectator, that the British government volunteered ten million Pounds to come to Nigeria and build a prison that will accommodate four hundred prison inmates. Do we begin to clap hands? Is it not a slap on the face?  
5.           And later repatriated four hundred prisoners from UK to Nigeria to serve in Nigeria, after constructing the prison.
6.           “…16.         Once there is a dispute, ask them to ceasefire. Let them come to the roundtable and present their agenda so that you know their grievances. Then you begin to tell them the extent you can go to address them within the capacity the nation has found herself…”
7.           Did the nation buy this idea? The answer is yes. It was when President Jonathan went through this message in the website, that the committee was set up to look into Niger-Delta problem.
8.           After which government came out with a programme to train them abroad, and started paying those in Nigeria monthly, rehabilitated all of them, then peace came back in the Niger Delta.
9.           Yes, God is far from the wicked, but he offers protection to the righteous. If you believe it, say Amen. On this note, I say, remain blessed in him eternally.  
10.        YOUTH FORUM, preached on Saturday, 7th of January 2012, at the household of God Onitsha, by Apostle Peter Odoemena, the Son of Man, the resurrected Body. The Lord God Almighty.
11.        Remember that when God spoke about the waves of crime and everything, He made a powerful statement which can hardly be quoted from the book.
12.        He said, “For now, Nigeria has become the battleground. . In the Message titled “The State of the Nation” volume two, God said, “For now, Nigeria has become the battleground.” Why not put your hands together?
13.        When was this message preached? On the 7th of January 2012. .. What am I saying? Expect a sudden crack: If the gun does not crack it, pressure must surely crack it.
14.        Put your hands together! God is putting you in remembrance, lest you forget and begin to talk blablabla concerning the hour you are in. If the gun doesn’t crack it, pressure must crack it.   
15.        the type of the trouble that is about to erupt is such that will not cALM down again. The type of trouble that is going to erupt is such that will never stop again. So note it FOR you will not know where to place it; whether to call it civil crisis with ITs attendant humanitarian crisis, or a civil war.
16.        IT Is going to be worse than civil war, so please take notE of what I am saying.
17.        General Gowon recently, called it a civil war in his address to the nation. Yes, the ex-Head of State, General Gowon called it a civil war.
18.        You have all heard what is happening. When God said that Yola, Adamawa will not be left out, people thought He was joking. Today, it is no longer Adamawa and Yola, you have heard about the killing of thirty-eight persons according to some newspapers.
19.         Brethren, did this prophecy come to pass? You see what was mentioned coming to pass. ..
20.        According to the newspapers, over twenty people were killed in the Church and wounded many over there. Remember, I made it clear that they will stop at nothing until the whole world will believe and acknowledge that Nigeria is an Islamic state, finish.
21.        Finish, the bone of contention. Thus saith the Lord of Hosts. You either believe it in principle and in practice or you face the music. When was this message preached? On the 7th of January 2012. And we are in 2014.
22.        They are not talking of Jos, or Kaduna or Kano. They are now talking about Nigeria, pressing Christians in Nigeria to go back to the South; it is reproducing another Northern Sudan and Southern Sudan which I earlier predicted, say,
23.        ‘Watch where we are heading to, if the UN will succeed in granting the request of Sudan during their so-called voting in national confab, if they will allow it to separate, Southern Sudan and Northern Sudan will emerge. Watch, Cameroon and Nigeria will follow suit.’
24.        Many heard it, and that is exactly where we are now: Republic of Northern Nigeria and Republic of Southern Nigeria. However, it will not go that way. There is going to be a bloodbath…”
25.        There is going to be what? Bloodbath. 7th January 2012.
26.        As it is happening here in Nigeria, so it is happening everywhere. There is no country that is enjoying peace now. Abi na lie?
27.        See what happened in Afghanistan just two nights ago. Over one thousand five hundred people sank because of earthquake. See what happened in South Korea, airline carrying about three hundred and seventy six students capsized.
28.        See the Malaysian Airline carrying over three hundred passengers vanished on the air. These things are happening this year. We are not talking about Nigeria issue, we are talking about what is happening abroad. Everywhere, trouble, trouble, trouble. Human lives are no longer treated as valuable.
29.        “…Next time, I will talk to you about other policies that are being put in place by the Federal Government. I will be relating them with the prophecies from God. Any moment from now, you shall be cash trapped…”
30.        Amen. Has it come to pass?
31.        “We are going to roll into WHAT WE CALL CASHLESS TRANSACTION, as it is being introduced now. Do not forget the fact that almost all our banks have been Islamic…”
32.        Almost all our banks are what? Islamic.
33.        “…All banks in Nigeria are now operating Islamic banking, pure truth.
34.        On Sunday I will talk to everybody collectively preparing the minds and our hearts because I know that there is going to be a Jihad. However, do not be a part of the trouble, do not be fooled into it. Do not ever place yourself where you will regret. Simply because God said nobody will kill you, for that reason you want to try it.
35.        If you must experiment anything, please do not experiment death. Experimenting it means putting God to test, so do not tempt God. He said nobody will kill you, that is, if you obey His instruction. When you walk contrary to these instructions, well, you will be ready to pay the price. On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally.
36.        What is the title of the message we considered? Youth forum. Youth forum, preached 7th January 2012. Does it stand the taste of time? Youths, take note. Everybody should take note.
37.         If there is no danger ahead, there won’t be any need for warning. Remember, we are in a Prophetic ministry, and God’s prophecies are tied to time. And you are the children of the Prophets. Amen.

The State Of The Nation volume two, this message is the third one. “The State of The Nation volume two. This is where I want you to pay strict attention again, because the moment I cut it off, briefly, I will give you a short exhortation titled, “The State of the Nation Volume Three”, before I will roll into my message for the day on Thanksgiving.
2.           The State Of The Nation, volume two. This message was preached on 17th October 2010.
3.           17th October 2010 and today is 2014.
4.           “…Whenever God stirs the water, somebody must be saved. Do you know that we are in a delicate faith? It is delicate because you can recant this faith and still come to fellowship. Son of Man.
5.           You do not know why iniquity is increasing every day. Spiritually, Devils metamorphosed into human beings and sat down in the Churches, marry in the Churches and started raising children in the Churches thereby increasing wickedness on the land…”
6.           Note, God said that the Devil has metamorphosed into human beings, goes to Church, carries Bible, call the name of Jesus, marries in the Church, reproduces in the Church, yet, that is the Devil.
7.           Do you think God is telling lies? If the Lord never spotted out the Devil in the midst of his children, others had already wished him remain blessed.
8.           It took God to spot him out with a question, “Who are you? Where do you come from?” He did not join the pagan in their feast; he joined the children of God while they presented themselves to God to feast. Like you are about to feast today. Don’t be surprise that too many Devils will join you to feast today.
9.           That’s why the word must be lifted up first so that the Devil will be uncomfortable. You must hear the word before you begin to eat and drink otherwise, you can die.
10.        If God never spotted him (the Devil) out, truly speaking, he would have feasted with the children of God and got away with it. The next time, he will come, before you know it, he will familiarize himself with the brethren, the next thing is, “I have a wife”, “I have a wife!”
11.        Where is she? She is at home and she has believed this message. She will come with her children. If he doesn’t present a wife that was at home, when he came for aspirant, he will fish out one who came for the same mission and the two will pair up. Yes, because when one comes in and stays, he will invite his colleague (member). Did I mention anybody’s name?
12.        “…Now, do you remember our former brother by the name Simon Onwe? Some of you could remember him very well. He was the man that drove us in the vehicle the day we paid a condolence visit to Nsulu in Isiala Ngwa in Abia State; We know the story.
13.        We want to know the State of the Nation and know what we shall do from now. In the case of Simon Onwe, if you don’t know about it, ask your Pastors. It is a real case.
14.        One that was with us here, left us, went to Deeper life and he was entangled by the Devil in the name of a human being, who was a member of the choir group.
15.        They married and wedded in that Church, little did the young man know that the lady that wrapped herself around his waist was not a human being, but was something that resembles a human being. You ask me whether that can be true, I will say yes.
16.        From Genesis, spirit beings, evil spirit beings came here and became human beings, married daughters of men, reproduced children after their kind, and the same became giants of which many stories are being told about them even till today.
17.        Stories have been following all their offspring. When you look at them, you may begin to ask, “Are you sure, these children were given birth to by human beings? Are you surprised? Even in the Garden of Eden, there was the case of Cain and Abel, born of the same mother, but not of the same father.
18.        But there was only but one father in the Garden that is married to Eve. One man, one wife that produced two children from one mother with two fathers. Is it a mystery? Only one man and one woman, no other creature was living in the Garden of Eden.
19.        The woman became pregnant and gave birth to two male kids. What is more, this two kids had two fathers and one mother. It took God to explain the whole thing that took place there.
20.        Yes, God made it clear that Cain was born of the Treacherous One. That was why when nobody knew anything called evil, it took Cain to introduce evil, he tricked his brother and committed the first murder on earth. That is why God said that the Devil is a liar and a murderer even from the beginning. He abode not in the truth. The father of all liars and murderers remain the Devil.
21.        Doesn’t the Igbos say it that, “One mother gave birth but not from the same creator?” Don’t you hear it? Then why are you looking at me as if you don’t know about it? Our fathers said the truth. “One mother gave birth but not from the same creator”.
22.        You don’t know what I am saying  but with time, events will make things clearer. You know, there are certain things women do not disclose. Women that make love affair in the dreams hardly disclose it but they know that something took place.
23.        But the husband carries it all. Maybe by the time the husband will begin to meet the wife, something had already occupied the position. What the man will see at the end is, “I have made it, I have made it!” and the Devil will be somewhere laughing at him.
24.        You are bragging that you have done it; wait until he grows up then his colour will be made known. He will neither resemble the man nor the mother. You ask the woman, she will tell you to bring an oath, that she will swear. If the child doesn’t resemble either the father or the mother, who else does he resemble?
25.        This is why you must pray at all times, that the Spirit of God will build a strong hedge around you. Why should you doubt it, haven’t you heard about cases of people who looked for the fruit of the womb even consulting native doctors, and he did many incantations, broke eggs and things like that, at the end, the woman took in.
26.         Did egg come and impregnate her? She is living with the husband and the promise that was made to them came true. Who was used to fulfill it? The husband.
27.        Do you think that it is the man that impregnated the wife? They went to sleep and spirit from water came and took position. When the man came, he thought that he was doing something not knowing that another thing had already occupied the position.
28.        Many things are happening under the sun. That is why it is very important that if you are a child of God, and it is very clear to you that you are from God. Pray very hard that the man you will marry as a husband will be a child of God also. If she is a woman, let her be a child of God, so that you will give birth to seeds of God as children.
29.         I was talking to somebody recently; I told him that there was something I wanted him to prove. When soup is placed before you, you will use your eyes to know if there is oil in the soup or not, see whether there is fish or meat in the soup or not, but you cannot use your eyes to dictate if there is much salt or pepper in the soup.
30.         The same way you can never use your eyes to dictate if there is no salt or pepper in it, but the face of the soup is attractive and has a nice aroma. If you see where it is placed, it will be attractive, but you cannot use your eyes to know if there is much salt or pepper in it. Let me close my mouth.
31.        Let us continue with the State of The Nation. I am yet to speak. We are the cause of our woes. Samson don’t go, Samson refused. Samson stay quiet, no, na my choice. When the trouble starts, you will be keeping vigil in the night looking for who is bewitching you where there is no person.
32.        Any bird that cries in the night, you will think that it is crying because of you without knowing that you are the bird. You are the partridge, you are the owl.
33.         Let me ask, a man living in the house with his family, his children have their separate room, the man and the wife have their own room, the door linking the two rooms is locked and besides, the children do not enter their room anyhow.
34.        If at night, the man sees the wife and starts running and shouting, do you want to tell me that it is the real image of his wife that he saw and started running, even at the point of sustaining wounds while running? The truth is that he saw the wife but in a different form.
35.        It is not what he used to see before, that he saw. A man that is staying alone in the parlour who has been living with the wife alone for many years, a little while the door is opened and it is his wife, immediately, the man gets shocked and starting shouting, can you say that he saw the real wife? It is his wife that he saw but in a different form.
36.        Before you know it, his heart will be beating, and the wife will tell him sorry, saying that if she had known that she would have been talking while coming. If the woman goes back, his eyes will remain looking at the entrance, don’t you know that the man is scared?
37.         It happens to a man, it happens to a woman. Any woman that sees her husband and runs away, is the man her husband? Yes, she saw the husband but in another form. It is not his usual face that she saw. Let me stop here for now.
38.        We will still come back because this matter is very important, because God must sieve every family. Anybody that doesn’t belong to God does not belong to God. God does not take what does not belong to him. God does not take anything that does not belong to him.
39.        “Looking at the Message titled “The State of the Nation,” volume one preached on 19TH July, 2009, someone might be tempted to say that it is an old Message. However, that Message is never old for my Messages are never old.
40.        The state of the nation volume one was preached on 19th July 2009. Take note.
41.        “In every dispensation, the problem that confronts all that God sent to come and declare His mind to His people has been one thing: how to cause the people they are sent to in their dispensations to believe that God had sent them; how to cause the people to believe that they are the physical representation of that God Whom they do not know.
42.        Abi na lie? Even till this day, that has been the greatest trouble. How do I convince the so called members of the Bride that God sent me? That was why it came to a point God came and vindicated himself, so that everybody will close his mouth.
43.        Yet there are people who do not want to close their mouths. Some people are yet to be convinced. If you are not a seed of God, there is no way you can be convinced. Instead, it will be getting worse.
44.        “…He said that it continued until Jesus the Christ came; that the greatest battle that Jesus the Christ fought with the people was one thing: to cause the people to believe that God sent Him; that He was the Sent One and that God was not too far from Him and that the said God was in Him while He was in that God and that God was no other being or person than He.
45.        Abi na lie? This was the greatest battle Jesus Christ fought. To get people convinced that God sent him, and that he was in God and God was also in him. But they were saying, “Thou art a man and maketh thyself God”.
46.        The Prophet said, “This has been the problem with the people.” The Cloud is in the camp! Sit up wherever you are.  I said, “Sit up.” If I see you scampering to go out, I know you came for eating and drinking. If not for my strictness, there wouldn’t have been a place here today, because, Enugu brethren charted Aeroplane and ship to carry even the whole touts at Enugu Motor Park. Not Motor Park, but motor parks.
47.        Yes, there is a way your fellowship will behave; the Son of Man will label it a motor park. If your fellowship is filled with touts, renegades who take delight in eating and drinking and making a hell of noise, it becomes a motor park.
48.        This is not the time for me to begin to tolerate that type of nonsense. I have travelled far. I have travelled far. So be very careful. The Cloud is here! My strictness is godly strictness. For my aim is to make sure that the word of God is esteemed more than your necessary food.
49.        For what God said in a prophecy we should eat for the journey is too far, is not rice, it is not beans. He said, eat the word, “Eat the word.” That is the living manner that came down from Heaven. This natural food, your fathers ate all these things and they perished. They do not even draw my attention at all.
50.        If you know me from the very onset till now, you will know me that the Son of Man does not delight himself in eating and drinking. That often times, I make visits, stay without food, stay without drink, minister the word for days, enter my vehicle and drive away, not entering anybody’s house. Sometimes, I could come back to my house, only to see flask of food which I didn’t even need.
51.        I am not sent for eating and drinking, and those things do not give me joy. I know what gives me joy. When I see you faring very well spiritually, you win my confidence.
52.        Don’t worry, I am coming to that, and I will tell you those things God said you must watch out for. If I am the Watchman and I am blind to those things, all of you will be drawn into captivity. I have even resented some invitations that bothered merely on eating and drinking.
53.        Since, I shun some of your wedding ceremonies, your burial ceremonies, I will rather delegate people that will go there, handle the thing and give them the time they will come back, regulate even the number of people that will attend.
54.        Sometimes, I will say, “Maximum of fourteen, maximum of eight, no more, no less.” If it is a crime, I have committed it, come and arrest me! Take me to the court of competent jurisdiction, I will appear there. Bring your lawyers, come and win your case.
56.         If you see His Face, you will run away. If I am afraid lest you kill me or drag me to court, do you think I will have the courage to nullify wedding ceremonies where both the couples and their invitees were drawn from everywhere with their foods and drinks, and the Son of Man cancelled the wedding, asked everybody to go?
57.        The Heaven did not fall. If they knew I would reject everything and cancel the wedding, do you think they would have come? I lured them to enable me talk to everybody, so that they will know what I believe and why I am sent. To go to captivity is very easy.
58.         The move is always initiated by an individual, others follow suit. I watch things spiritually. I will speak on that but not now, with that State Of The Nation. Amen.

If what is happening around us is not from God, whom do we attribute the glory to?...”
2.           Did you get it? If what is happening here in the midst of the Bride does not convince us that this is the hand of God, who then do we attribute it to? Do we attribute it to the Devil?
3.           Do we attribute it to a mere man? Somebody must be behind it. It is either God or Devil or mere human idea, finish. Any one you call it is the one you believe. ..You do not know what you are enjoying in this Faith. You do not know why God is taking His time in preparing us. There is no sector in this life where God is not touching. Is it a lie?
4.           Tell Me that sector. Is there any? Any aspect of life where you will say that you are regretting? You are all up-to-date. You know more than President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. Pure truth!
5.           How can I mislead you? I will mislead you if I am the one leading, but if God is the One leading, using Me as the tool of leadership and you are certain about it, follow the Cloud.
6.           Do what? Follow the Cloud. Finish. Any moment from now, you will sell whatever you have to procure a copy of the Message titled “This Generation in Prophecy.”  Did it happen? Yes sir!
7.           I am saying that I am waiting for the complete number to come in. I am busy discharging strangers and replacing them with genuine materials. There is nothing in the wine that can kill except what a human being uses his hands to drop inside it.
8.           There is nothing in the wine that can kill except what a human being uses his hands to drop inside it.
9.           I think I am talking to adults. The youths, take note also. You are not excluded. We are taking the dredge of our wine and it is not easy to swallow. It blocks the throat. It is not sweet in the mouth neither is it bitter. How do you take it in?
10.        When you close your eyes, you will pour it in. then you open your throat and swallow it up. If it is hanging, it will just make some noise in your throat.
11.        Watch, women find it difficult to drink the dredge. Since it has gotten to the dredge, join the men and drink it anyhow.
12.        Expect nothing good from the whole world henceforth. What? Expect nothing good from the whole world henceforth. The whole world.
13.        If James Agbom had listened to Me, today, he would have been one of the richest brothers in this Faith. I told him that he should put down his tools that that battle must be lost by his people for God had already concluded the matter because this government must wreck up an ancient agreement; an ancient court ruling empowering this administration to wipe off all Ezza people from the zone.
14.        I even said it before many witnesses that plans had been concluded by the Federal Government to build either Army or Police barracks there.
15.        Has it come to pass? Yes sir…There were many marriages I never approved. Yet they married.
16.        “…They came to Me and I said no to their marriages because of what I saw there. However, they went ahead pressing and I still refused. Then if the persistence became too much, I simply said, “If your love is so strong that even God cannot break it, well .. Whatever you see, you take!”  Abi na lie?
17.        Most of you walk either by your sight or by your desires. This is where the problem comes from: a man walking after the desires of his heart…”
18.        A man walking after the desires of his heart.
19.        “You see, God does not see things the way human beings see things. You may see it as a very good thing, but God will be somewhere shaking His head and saying no. He cannot approve it for you, nevertheless, you have your right.
20.        Nevertheless, you have your right. My role is advice. My duty is advice and I can never impose my piece of advice on you. You have the right to accept; equally you have the right to reject.
21.        “…The writers of the Bible caused great harm to mankind than good. That is the genesis of the problems we are. If they had documented the correct account of the two sides of the coin or the three sides of the coin, there would have been peace, instead, they laid the foundation for trouble. Thus, the Bible was a book written to defend a particular sect.
22.        The holy Quran is also another book that was written to protect another sect. In other words; the holy Quran was written to counter the Bible. Likewise, the Bible was written to counter the Quran, but the truth of the matter is this: both are wrong.
23.        The two are bloody, they preach peace, they practice violence.
24.        “...That is why the two have never brought about peace even in countries where they have one religion. There is still trouble there. Some Muslim countries have single religion.
25.        Abi na lie? If they cannot bring about peace, why are they permitted to exist? You are either for peace or for trouble.
26.        “…There is no book in which God recorded facts, none. Human beings recorded everything and there is no record of man that is accurate.
27.        If a man cannot write accurate information about what he has in his heart, who is then adequate to write what is in another man’s heart?
28.        Even what I am saying now, all of you are writing, if I should ask you to read what you have written, you will see differences in your write-ups, for you record according to your level of understanding.
29.        Sometimes, you record according to your level of revelations. Is that not true?..”
30.        Some even record their interpretation.
31.        “…Now, the writers of the Bible were Roman Catholics. The Roman Catholic remains the first and only Church that came out with a useless doctrine that a woman is not a wife to a man until she is wedded in their Church; that a man can marry up to more than twenty wives, but the one he married in the Church is the rightful wife; that the rest are concubines…”
32.        That is what caused trouble at Ihiala. Yes, when the senator, Chukwuma Nzeribe was being pressurized by the Catholic priest at Ihiala to come and wed his wife, knowing that the man is married to seven wives and he was living happily with all of them. No trouble.
33.        They promised him to make him a knight. The trouble became too much, the man decided to agree. They fixed a date, one Easter like that, when they used to wed thousands in a day, Dr. Chukwuma Nzeribe used his vehicle and drove the seven wives with seven wedding rings to the Church, filed all of them and stood in the middle.
34.        The Reverend Father asked him the one he would like to use for the wedding, he said, “All of them.”
35.        The Reverend Father said, “No, you must wed one.” He said, “Who will wed the rest? If I wed one, who will wed the rest? I am their husband, we are in love. There is no trouble between me and my wives and we are all Catholics.
36.        Wed me and all of them. The reverend father said that he was not serious. The man before everybody brought out seven rings, and said, “Look at the rings, all of them, my wife, this is your own, this one, take your own, take your own, take your own. My people, I have wedded in the Church”.
37.        He left, his wives, all of them entered the vehicle, they drove home, with too many people following them, members of the State House of Assembly, all of them were there.
38.        Getting home, the chief, who was a commissioner, Nkwo Nnabuchi officiated. A big feast. At times, somebody will speak. They all know the truth. If I wed one, then you wed the rest.
39.        “…A man could have up to two or three wives that bear children for him, yet he never wedded one.
40.        If he should marry the forth one and drag her to the Church, put the ring on her, that is the one the Catholics knows as the rightful wife. They will not recognize the other wives, though they were there before the wedded one.
41.        They passed it on to all other Churches including Pentecostals. Amen.

Brethren, remain blessed. I know you are all happy. Even if you are not happy, try to create happiness. If you are not happy, try to create it. Events from the websites.
2.  the period from 27th April 2014 to 3rd May 2014. Endorsed today, by the Son of Man, 4th May 2014.
3.           Total number of countries: 83, total number of page viewers: 46,865. Then the library, From 27th April to 3rd May 2014. Endorsed today again, by the Son of Man, 4th of May 2014. Total number of countries: 84, total number of page viewers: 58,025. Overall total number of page viewers: 104,890.
4.           We have hit the target. One hundred and four thousand, eight hundred and, in one week. More than the population of a community. We are not up to four hundred here.
5.           Begin to estimate what three thousand people will look like. The congregation with hundred thousand. I believe that dream, because I told you, the Son of Man must present the number of salvaged people in his day, more than the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. Let me reserve my comment.
6.           We give God the glory for what He is doing. No man is preaching the Gospel again, but God Himself, for He told us that we have come to the end of everything, whatever that remains, God Himself will complete it. Did we hear such a Voice? Is God doing it? Fine.
7.           It is my pleasure to draw your attention to the hour we are in, lest you will be taken unawares. We rehearse the little extent, the much the Lord spoke to us concerning the state of Nigeria, our only nation as a people here in Africa. The giant of Africa.
8.           Please note it, I am not a critique. If I want to be a critique, I’ll never be a social critique. I know what I will criticize. I will not deny the knowledge of what is happening around us. But I am being comforted that the Lord is not taking us unawares, unless we never believe Him from the very beginning.
9.           For he never for one day, withheld the truth from us when he told us that the hand of the Lord has rested upon the world for destruction and not for salvation. He said that when he begins that He must bring it to an end.
10.        By the time He will make an end of everything, that those that will survive will say, “Of a truth, this is the finger of the Lord.” He said, “I have placed all of you in your sanctified estate. From now watch, the Lord is going to ignite trouble all over the world.”
11.        He also said, “There can never be a nation without one problem or the other.”
12.         The Voice said, “I show you a sign, countries that hitherto enjoy peace must witness civil unrest, that before your eyes, civil unrest would be so severe that civilians will begin to chase out government, topple government without the use of machete or gun. That they will volunteer to die in mass.”
13.        He said, “All the countries in North Africa will get their hard pills this time. Watch and see what will happen.”
14.        Before we knew it, trouble started in Egypt, trouble started in Morocco, from there, it escalated until the United Nations stepped in, NATO stepped in.
15.        The man, Saddam Hussein got his hardest pill. And the Lord said—while he was talking on that matter—that Nigeria would not be left out, that we shall get our own fair share of the troubles. Today, you saw when the Lord predicted these troubles and how they would start. There was nothing called suicide bombing in Nigeria.
16.        It was unknown when the Son of Man prophesied about it. That was the day, our sister Chioma, the wife of Kelechi Uwakwe was in labour in the general hospital Onitsha. Her husband recorded it in his handset.
17.        He said, “Now watch, Nigeria is going to be engrossed with a new spate of crime, something worse than kidnapping is going to befall Nigeria.”
18.        God went further, “From now, Nigeria is going to witness suicide bombing.” This is unbelievable, but you will see it with your eyes.
19.        Two days after, the nation gathered in the Eagle Square in Abuja to celebrate their Independence Anniversary and they were greeted with the first suicide bombing.
20.        God said, “This is the beginning of the whole thing. That it is going to spread sporadically just like kidnapping.” I told you about kidnapping, when it started in the Niger Area, the militants in the Niger-Delta focused their attention on the expatriates, accusing them of exploiting their communities.
21.        The Son of Man said, Watch what is happening there, a sign from God, it must escalate, you won’t know what I am saying until it spills over to the South-East. People that love money more than their lives. That this one will give them more money than armed robbery.”
22.        The Son of Man said that politicians will now use it to terrorize, intimidate and embarrass their political opponents. Few weeks after my statement, the former Governor of Abia State, Dr Orji Uzor Kalu was accused of sponsoring kidnapping. All his political opponents got their fair share.
23.        Well, inasmuch as I don’t accuse anybody, but there can never be such a magnitude of crime without somebody sponsoring it. We better face this truth.
24.        THE STATE OF THE NATION VOLUME THREE. I will speak to you briefly. I am not afraid of facing the death penalty that is associated with what I am going to say.
25.        There is nobody in Nigeria who is conversant with the event that is taking place today, that can deny knowledge of the truth, but the truth of the matter is this, we have found ourselves in a hopeless nation where the laws protect the aristocrats and destroy the poor.
26.        All the laws Nigeria has made as a nation, if you can carefully study all of them, you will notice that the laws are aimed at protecting the rich, the well-to-do, but they are meant to destroy the poor.
27.        When you hear about violation of human rights, there is no poor whose right of existence is not violated every day, the law keeps quiet.
28.        The law can only speak when a big man, a notable figure, maybe is clamped into the Police cell, or embarrassed on the way unnecessarily, because he has the wherewithal to prosecute his case, you begin to hear, human rights abuse, simply because an aristocrat has been touched.
29.        There are some people we call the untouchables. The law is not a respecter of persons, that one is not in Nigeria. The law respects the rich and vandalizes the poor. Better accept it.
30.         If you don’t know what I am saying, whenever an average Nigeria is kidnapped by the kidnappers, nobody hears about it, even if he perishes, who cares?
31.        But, let the son of the governor of a State or the mother of a member of the HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY be kidnapped, you will know that law enforcement can work. Before you know it, the news will be, “We have closed in on them”.
32.        But to the other fellow, who should have been protected by the law, he is the one that suffers the brunt of offences he never committed.
33.        Maybe you do not know that the wealthy, the aristocrats do not commit crime. Don’t tell me you don’t know what is happening. I want to start by highlighting things we hear in the news, read in the newspapers.
34.        You want to talk of corruption which breeds every kind of violence. Who is corrupt and who is not corrupt? I will not know whether you are corrupt or not until you are placed in a position where you can decide the fate of your fellow mankind, the post of responsibility.
35.         Let me use one example. Sister Egbuna, you are now the chief licensing officer in charge of Okpoko side, you are now occupying a big position. Anybody you issue plate number, will take. If you say it is out of stock, it is out of stock.
36.        But with the telephone, anybody that needs it urgently, there might be some reserved ones with special price. After all, you must render returns to somebody. Because if she does not render returns, she must be removed, and she cannot use official money to render return. I hope I am making sense? Who then is corrupt?
37.        Is it the one that renders the return or the one that requests for the return? We are living in Nigeria where it is widely believed that nothing goes for nothing.
38.        If you doubt me, go to general hospital, insist that you must be attended to the way government stipulated, you must die there.
39.        All the drugs will be out of stock. The doctor will be burying his mother, the nurses; all of them will be nursing mothers. What am I saying in effect?
40.        I want you to balance events with prophecies I predicted long, long time ago. If these things do not happen the way they are happening, how can the scriptures be fulfilled?
41.        Before the Son of Man appeared, or the Elohim appeared to Abraham, there was a total moral decay, there was a total departure from the norm. Evil pervaded the land.
42.        Simply accept this truth. If the Son of Man appeared at another age or dispensation other than this, mark Him false. We don’t need a Prophet to begin to highlight to us, that every facet of life, not only in Nigeria but the world over is corrupt, is corrupt.
43.        I was watching on the screen with my wife, a particular country was casting her votes, one of the runners of the position came with plenty money and was giving the electorates money there to enable them vote for him.
44.        The Police arrested him, a foreign country, you know what he told them? “No, I am not bribing their conscience neither am I bribing their votes, I came with this money because I know there might be some people that need money, that need help, so I came with it so as to give them as a help”.
45.        My wife laughed. She said, “So, Daddy, this thing is everywhere!” We saw another one election, about five elections; all of them international, UN observers were there. At the end of the day, they said that the elections were free and fair. It is a common language, free and fair. Because it is just like the previous ones. Who do we kill?
46.        Let me tell you something: you must know who you are first. You are a special people, a peculiar people, God’s own people, God’s own nation, God’s own purchased possessions that are ready to sacrifice their means of livelihood that truth might prevail.
47.        If you do not know this truth, you are bound to join them, for the slogan has always been, where you cannot beat them, join them. Now, I come to the real thing.
48.        Who is corrupt? You want to tell me that government doesn’t know those that are involved and how to deal with them? No, I don’t believe that way. Let’s come to the issue of civil servants that were retired.
49.        A good number of retirees have died without collecting their gratuities and pensions. Too many taskforces have been set up by the present and previous government, all to no avail.
50.        At a time this present administration that emphasizes on reform agenda, being headed by President Goodluck Jonathan, set up a task team headed by Alhaji Mina, a level thirteen officer from prisons, that’s Interior Affairs.
51.        Money was made available for the payment of the pensioners, before our very eyes, that young man made away—according to the report—one hundred and fifty nine billion naira. Not million, but ‘Billion. The whole papers carried it.
52.        The senate ordered the Nigerian Police especially the IGP to produce this man. On the day they waited for him, the man held a press conference in front of force headquarters Abuja, at the end of the day, he left the country unceremoniously without the law enforcement agency arresting him.
53.        Instead, the same nation that was crying wolf assisted him in getting asylum in UK. Instead of asking for his extradition so that the money can be recovered, they winked at it.
54.        o you mean to tell me that a level thirteen officer can control twenty million? You want to tell me that he took the money alone? A hundred and fifty nine billion? This money was shared among all the stakeholders. Because if one person eats snake alone, it will cause problem in his stomach.
55.        All that were crying wolf, immediately they got their fair share, their noise stopped. If they were sincere, the hunt would have continued until he is brought back to this nation. But the whole thing has fizzled out because he succeeded.
56.        The former IGP Ringim, made away with the same money meant for Police pension. While they were asking for his arrest, he left the country.
57.        Who aided him to secure asylum in a foreign country? Instead of filing a case, ordering his extradition, after two weeks, the noise fizzled out. The winner takes all, and you want me to believe that the man carried the money with ease and went away.
58.        The question arises, why disburse millions or billions of naira meant for payment of retirees through a personal account? What is the duty of the Central Bank?
59.        Many questions were raised in that regard. I equally attended that meeting, I raised the Voice at Awka, that Mallam Sanusi should be arrested for disbursing that type of money through personal bank account.
60.        What is more, in my twenty seven years of working experience in the federal civil service, I never came across where money that is meant for the functioning of the ministry is remitted into a personal account, for the officer now to be disbursing the money as if he is disbursing his private money. Vouchers are no longer raised. All accounts departments closed, auditors are now redundant, evidence of how they spend the money is no longer needed.
61.        You talk of corruption; you think the youths are ignorant of all these things. We better face these stark realities. Now we come to employment.
62.        Recently, you saw what took place in Nigeria. Where we lost a good number of our fresh graduates, all in the bid to secure jobs in the federal departments. They called for the applications. The youths supplied all that were needed, but on that day, another thing was seen.
63.        What is more about the whole thing? The newspapers had it, immigration officials spoke even the more, four thousand and thirty two vacancies were created in the Immigration Service. Over forty thousand Nigerian fresh graduates applied for the job.
64.        Then, six thousand eight hundred were nominated by the governors, members of the national assembly nominated twelve thousand, but the vacancy that existed according to the immigration officer was four thousand and thirty two.
65.        The records are there. Who is deceiving who? Do you want me to believe that those Jobs were for the youths? They were not for the youths.
66.        The jobs were only meant for the relations of those that are in authority who wanted to transfer their services. At the end of the day, how many were considered?
67.        Just like what happened at UNTH Enugu, that is causing trouble. They attended their interviews, but unfortunately people that never attended the interviews started work two months before the result came out. The result came out, all that attended the interviews, their names never appeared.
68.        Please, I am highlighting these things so that you shouldn’t panic. I want to stamp it hard that you are pilgrims, you are strangers, you are a nation in a nation; so that you don’t go about complaining, murmuring, lest the Devil will have advantage over you.
69.        Don’t criticize them, don’t murmur, every Tom, Dick and Harry knows what is happening. Let me ask you this question. I will use a case of what happened here some years back.
70.        Anambra was being troubled very much with violent crimes, including kidnapping. The sun newspaper carried the headline, how the former or the outstayed Governor Ngige was telling Peter Obi to invite him that he would call the criminals for a meeting and dialog with them.
71.        Peter Obi then replied, “So you know them and where they are found? Anambra State belongs to all of us, you don’t need to be called, you are a part of the State. Please, go to them; tell them that enough is enough!”
72.        Note it; it was widely read in all the newspapers, the Punch carried it, Vanguard carried it, the Sun newspaper carried it. Few months’ back Dr, Orji Uzo Kalu was volunteering to the honourable President of Nigeria to permit him to go to Maiduguri and dialog with the Boko Harams.
73.        The question arises; we are sure and certain that you are an aluminous of University of Nigeria Maiduguri, “So you know them. You know where they can be found.” A little while, the Emir of Duara volunteered also that if the nation could pay attention to him and mandate him, that he knew how to go to them and dialog with them. The question is this, “So the Boko Harams can be seen?”
74.        Could it be they have some offices somewhere, we don’t know, but some people know them. Remember when I was talking about kidnapping and suicide bombing, I made it clear that the types of vehicles they were using for the suicide bombing, do not convince anybody that these suicide bombers were operating in isolation.
75.        There must be some super Nigerians who have the capacity of financing the thing. How can you tell me that somebody can use a Tayota Hilux van, sports utility vehicle that is sold at 9.5 million naira off the shore to do suicide bombing?
76.        Since they want me to believe that it is because of lack of job, is there any human being you will dash 9.5 million naira and then he volunteers to go and die?
77.        Even if he doesn’t know what to do with that money, he will run home with it, begin to establish his own business. Anybody that can provide a sports utility vehicle, set it aside for suicide bombing, must be a multi-billionaire. It cannot be an ordinary Nigerian.
78.        I don’t even believe that the vehicle came from Chad or Niger neither from Sahara desert. Who is deceiving who? I am coming to something. I want to wind it up, because I want to highlight something so that you begin to appreciate what God is doing and then get settled in your own Kingdom. Amen.

God has transferred us from the world, from the Kingdom of Darkness into the Kingdom of His dear Son. Therein we now stand and call Him, Abba Father. We have our tradition, we have our custom.
2.           Don’t talk much; get this matter settled in your heart that the hand of the Lord is behind everything whether good or bad and it is for your own good. God is upsetting everybody.
3.           The Boko Harams, if you watch the sophistry at which they display their professionalism, you will know that they are trained professionals.
4.           Don’t forget the fact that during political campaigns, our former head of state made a statement, but nobody arrested him, and that was General Mohommed Buhari, (retired) under ANPP.
5.           He said that Nigerians should either give him the presidential seat or Nigeria would not see peace. Nobody arrested him for making such a carious statement.
6.           Then, too many other people followed suit. There was a paper I read here from one senator Mohammed somebody, who was asking for the disintegration of Nigeria continuously, the man was writing giving his reasons. I was laughing at them.
10.        Who will be victim of these things? Only those that are operating outside the Faith of the Son of Man. Yes, remember that the Nyaya incident, if not for the Faith of Son of Man, Pastor Emmanuel and Sister Ndidi would have become victims.
11.        Less than three minutes they crossed there, the explosion took place, that is, this last one that happened on May Day. A good number of our brethren attended the rally, while they were going back, the explosion took place. And all of them took place in front of the so-called law enforcement agents.
12.        Note it, I want to expose few things you know. At Nyaya, two weeks and some days, we saw the holocaust, it was televised.
13.        I am not interested in the number that was killed, but my interest is this, the following day being Tuesday, the Boko Harams went to Maiduguri, Bornu State, they went to Chibok and adopted over two hundred girls from Federal Government Girls’ College, whose whereabouts are still unknown till now. The nation was crying.
14.        While the nation was crying, on the 12th of that same month, the same people went to Adamawa and then gunned down two hundred and seventy two students that went there to write their Jamb. As if that was not enough, they continued terrorizing and harassing everybody.
15.        Luckily, there were fourteen escapees out of the lot that were adopted by the Boko Harams, fourteen girls escaped. The joint house decided to invite their attention so as to use them, with the little information they will get from them to detail JTF on the area they will go for their man hunt.
16.        Now look at the two incidences that happened before the adoption. Number one according to report from the eye-witnesses and newspapers which was equally televised in the NTA, for which cause, the honorable Minister of Information started warning press that they should not be writing verbatim knowing that the whole thing bothers on security.
17.        No problem, verbatim or no verbatim, I am not interested. A helicopter was seen in the day hovering around the school, the community suspected foul play because of the way the helicopter was hovering, reported to JTF. And they told community representatives to go and put their reports in writing.
18.        They went back, the community leader went to them with some of his officials, just to report on the way he was suspecting the movement of that helicopter, only to be told to go back that it was their men that were on surveillance. That they were using the helicopter on surveillance. It was part of the security network arrangement.
19.        Now, the night of that day, remember what happened in Yobe, it was the same day the security officials were withdrawn from that school, that the Boko Harams struck, carted away some, killed many.
20.        But this time around, that same day, not another day, according to the time, 1:00pm Nigerian time, and the operation lasted for four hours.
21.        They used six vans to carry the students to unknown destination and then burnt down the whole school into pieces as was televised. Took them to unknown destination.
22.        You see, fourteen escaped from there. What was their report? Forget about humiliation. You know, it is part of it. We are talking about authentic report.
23.        They were being asked how they were taking care of, only for these girls to tell the National Assembly, that they were being fed very well.
24.        They asked, “Who was bringing the food?” They said that they were using helicopter to bring the food. Is this not enough evidence? Who is the owner of the helicopter? And who is the pilot? Who is the one who keeps on arranging for the food that could take care of the two hundred students no matter where they will be kept?
25.        You want me to believe, okay. How many airspaces do we have? Was there any way that helicopter could be in the air, somebody on the land will not see it? Even seeing the taking off and the landing.
26.        If you don’t see the takeoff, you must see it in the air, follow it and know where it is landing. I have told you there are too many scapegoats; why you shouldn’t make noise over this matter. Don’t join them when they are harrowing about it, they are the people sponsoring the thing, they know them.
27.        Okay, that one apart. In the attempt to beef up security in the state, the senate volunteered twenty seven billion naira, which they will use.
28.        The President gave immediate order; the money was released to insert roadside television in the whole of Federal Capital Territory.
29.        It was a welcomed development to aid security. Less than forty-eight hours, another report came that the contractor that was given the money ran away with the money.
30.        Then, the question is: must the money be disbursed before the work is done? If it must, who could disburse such a huge amount, not million but billion?
31.        Now, he is on the run, who is pursuing him? The kite has made away with it. The winner takes all. Who do you think this person could be? You think the person will be ordinary fellow like you and I?
32.        Common Local Government contract cannot be given to you anyhow. If you want to participate, be ready to do what others are doing. Even to get a sub-contract from them is not easy.
33.        I am trying to bring out something. While they were trying to grabble with that one, before my very eyes, I know many of you must have seen it, we were watching in the television on that Wednesday night, 9 o’clock news, security operatives led by the Commissioner of Police paraded three thousand naval officers in training.
34.        They said they were acting on a tipoff and they discovered an illegal naval college in Kogi State, where three thousand youths were being trained in naval operations. They were being paid their normal allowances; they have been there for over four months.
35.        They saw the hostels, they saw the files, they saw the uniforms, they displayed all kinds of military hardwares on the screen for Nigeria and the whole world to see. They interviewed some of those trainees, they said they were deceived. They thought the school was owned by the Federal Government. Hence, their monthly allowances were being paid. And they were pleading that if it is true that it was an illegal school, having received similar training with other naval officers, that they should be integrated with the Nigerian navy. This was their plea.
36.         Who owns that school? Who established it? And when did he establish it? Who and who were the instructors that had the capacity to instruct, to fruition three thousand naval officers? All of them, HND and BSC. First degrees and HNDs, including the ladies in that Kogi State.
37.        Who is the owner of the school? When did he start it? How many set of people have graduated? Begin now to see what the future of Nigeria would have looked like if the three thousand will pass out heavily armed. They are not a part of Nigerian Army or Nigerian naval force or Air force. Who owns them? What is he training them for?
38.        Why were the security officers showing us the students, the military hardware they were using in their training, the various files they collected and their numbers, without showing us the instructors they arrested and the owners, or giving us the history of the place? You want me to say it is a willful omission? Abeg make una cool down!
39.        Finally, do you mean to tell me that that could be the only place such people are being trained? From time to time, the report will be flashed in the news, even in the newspapers where security operatives discovered a factory where explosives are being manufactured.
40.        Who owns the factory? Who and who are the workers? With this alone, I mean we should shut up our mouth. If you go to the President, he will always tell you that he is on top of the problem. We are on top of the problem. Really they are on top of it.

46.        On this note, I draw the curtain as it affects your nation for now, until further notice. Be on the alert. Amen.