The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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Tuesday, 21 August 2012


 by THE words of prophecy Preached on 5th April, 1997 At eha-amufu Church By APOSTLE PETER ODOEMENA THE SON OF MAN “THE ROCK OF AGES” “Truth has no substitute” © BRIDE OF CHRIST MINISTRY WORLD-WIDE

Once you take in the Word of God, live by the Word of God, your life will bear witness that you are of God. Because, all that God condemned, you must condemn them. All that God delights in, you must love them.

—Son of Man
God has purposely picked a Bride for Himself through the mouth of the Prophets, through the mouth of the Apostles. He severed them, reveals His will to the Apostles and Prophets and gave them His nature. As long as you are in this Bridal Ministry and you hear flying words from anywhere and you start panicking, it is a sure sign that you are not in the Faith of Son of Man.

We can publish it wide that we are the saved of this dispensation because the obstacle has been removed. The plan God has for salvation, the nature God has for salvation, has been revealed to us as revealed to the Son of Man and He revealed it to us. –The Son of Man.


Deuteronomy 31:15 “And the LORD appeared in the tabernacle in a pillar of a cloud: and the pillar of the cloud stood over the door of the tabernacle.” KJV

Exodus 13:21 And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night:.” KJV.

Psalms 89:7 God is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints, and to be had in reverence of all them that are about him.” KJV


“Daniel 7:9 I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool: his throne was like the fiery flame, and his wheels as burning fire.” KJV


Isaiah 11:10 “And in that day there shall be a root of Jesse, which shall stand for an ensign of the people; to it shall the Gentiles seek: and his rest shall be glorious.” KJV

Ephesians 2:19 “Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints, and of the household of God.” KJV
Be reverend, God is still moving, it is a very serious hour. Very serious moment, very serious hour; very serious moment.
2.                  Be reverend, be reverend, very serious hour, very serious moment. Very serious hour, very serious hour. Very serious hour, when I come down in my camp, who shall not fear my name?
3.                  I have told you earlier on, when I come down in the power of my resurrection.
4.                  bringing judgement upon them that are wrong simply because by disobeying the voice of my servant who i have sent unto you all these years.
5.                   i am the lord who has MADE that to be truth. but the mercy of the lord does not forgive he that is wilful in his sin.
6.                  and when god visit INIQUITY, who shall stand? therefore this day i came down with my furry just to destroy you. but my servant who i have appointed to you. only HE has pleased me by interceding for your sake. and i spare you for the last TIME. hear the voice of the lord.
7.                  i spare you for the last time. when this iniquity is mentioned on you once again, there is no sacrifice that can ever proffer this salvation in my sight.
8.                  I warn you for the last time, I warn you for the last time. thus saith the holy spirit. –By Pastor Okeckukwu Nwankpa.
irst Thessalonians 5:22, “Abstain from evil, shrink from he that gives aloft from it every evil “in whatever form or whatever type it maybe
2.                  Oh glory! In whatever form, in whatever shape; no matter the name of that evil, the Bible said “give away, do not come near it, do not get associated with it.
3.                  And may the God of peace Himself sanctified you through and through, separate you from profane things, make you pure and holy consecrated to God and may your spirit and soul and body be preserved sound and complete and found blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ” AMP.
4.                  Note, and found blameless at the coming of Christ our Lord with spirit, soul and body; everything in you.
5.                  Remember the topic: “the essence of the Gospel we preach is to present every CHILD OF GOD blameless in the sight of God”. That is the goal, that is the target. Anything outside it is useless.  
6.                  Look at Titus chapter one, the Lord included it as a qualification for a Deacon or a Bishop.
7.                  Verses 4-6 “Titus my true son in our common Faith...
8.                  In our what? Common Faith. In other words, Titus obtained the same Faith with St. Paul, it is common among all the saints.
9.                  Grace and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Saviour. The reason I left you in Crete was that you might strength out what was left unfinished and
10.             … Elders in every town as I directed you. An Elder must be blameless, he must be husband of one wife” NIV.
11.             Note, he must be blameless and husband of one wife. There are so many other things that are alined after it but I want to underline that word “blameless.” An Elder, that is a Bishop, it is applicable to a Deacon.
12.             To Titus, mine own son after the common Faith: Grace, mercy, and peace, from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ our Savior.
13.             For this cause left I thee in Crete, that thou shouldest set in order the things that are wanting, and ordain elders in every city, as I had appointed thee: If any be blameless, the husband of one wife, having Faithful children not accused of riot or unruly.” KJV.
14.             These Elders should be men who are of unquestionable in integrity and are irreproachable, the husband of [but] one wife”. AMP.
15.             These Elders should be men who are of unquestionable integrity and irreproachable! Somebody that is without reproach. It means without blame. For you to be a Deacon, a Bishop or Elder in the Church; you must be a man of unquestionable integrity. Unquestionable character in the Church.
16.             Every brother must see you as a source of solace, comfort and company. Moreover, every brother or sister must see you as an encouragement. Not like Brother Moses.
17.             We need encouragement in this Eha-Amufu Church, instead of the person becoming a source of encouragement; he becomes a source of discouragement all through.
18.             I remember my last visit to this Eha-Amufu Church was to judge his case. You remember I visited the matter a day back. My last appearance in Eha-Amufu was to judge Brother Moses’ case, when he became stubborn, arrogant and uncontrollable in the Church. He troubled the Church for many, many months; behaving recklessly.
19.             If he could sit back quietly and cast his mind back, he would have recollected the voice that delayed his appointment as a Deacon. You know that there was a voice that said his appointment was delayed for too long, for many, many reasons. Because he could not measure up, he could not come up.
20.             At a time he was trying to measure up, the wife was failing. At a time his wife was trying to measure up, he himself was failing. However, this time around two of them are now lowering the standard.
21.             I am only allowing you to remain in that office because you entered that ditch with that office. Thus, if you are climbing out, let me hope you will climb out with that office. The same way your Pastor entered into that ditch with his office, and he is trying to climb out with the office, with his wife also.
22.             Other brethren, learn a lesson from there. Remember it takes Almighty God to wipe off this fault because already their ministries have been blamed. That is why we are now pleading God to remove the blame, otherwise, they just escort us like Brother Gibson, pray that Almighty God will remove this stain, that is the blame.
23.             The same way it is to all of us in this most holy Faith, so keep on praying that Almighty God will show us the last mercy and permit His grace to blot out all those old, old blemishes.
24.             Hebrews 7 verses 25-26, “Wherefore he is able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by him, seeing he ever liveth to make intercession for them.
25.             For such a high priest became us, who is holy, harmless, undefiled, separate from sinners, and made higher than the heavens”.
26.             Note the quality of the man whose servants we are—a high priest that is set aside from sinners, separated from sinners, blameless in all his ways, pure and holy. That is his quality and that is the man we should look on to who is the Author and Finisher of our Faith. Let Christ be your example in words and in deeds.
27.             2nd Peter chapter 3 verse 13-14, “But in keeping with His promise, we are looking forward to a new heaven and a new earth. The home of righteousness. So then dear friends, since you are looking forward to this, make every effort to be found spotless, blameless and at peace with him...”
28.              Make every effort, you that are looking for the translations of the saint. You want to be in the number that will be translated.
29.              “...But we look for new heavens and a new earth according to His promise, in which righteousness (uprightness, freedom from sin, and right standing with God) is to abide”. AMP.
30.             I am trying to bring out one thing, all that are expecting the translation of the saints, the Bible said that they must strive earnestly, put in all that is in your power as your effort to make sure that you must be found in Him blameless without spot, without blemish at His appearance.
31.             Remember, He did not come for everybody; He only came to the people that are ready for Him. That is why the Bible said that before His appearing; the Bride has already made herself ready. In other words, the Bride has come to a blameless condition.
32.             What is more, if you are a member of that Bride, just like a woman that is going to be wedded, she must not start preparing when the Bridegroom has come. Early hours of the morning she will just take her bath, dress herself very well and wait for the man to come and take her.
33.             The same way, the Bride must make her ready before the appearing of the Bridegroom. Now that the appearing of the Bride is around, very much at the doorstep, very much at the corner, one step to come down, is the Bride ready? Can we say that the Bride has attained that perfect stature? Can we say that the Bride is now without blemish? Are you not that Bride? You are a part of the Bride; I am a part of the Bride.
34.             I am saying as an individual, am I ready? Am I without blame now? Are you ready? Are you without blame now? If He should come in any second from now, if He should come down now in the next two minutes or three minutes, are you ready? Man or woman, this is the question we must answer.
35.             The essence of the Gospel is to present every CHILD OF GOD blameless in the sight of God. This is the question you have to answer. Amen.

I did not make altar call, this is the hour of real spiritual surrender to God. This is the time for real total surrender, if you have never surrendered to Him before, this is the hour.
2.                 Are you not waiting for the translation of the saints? How prepared are you now? How ready are you now? Take note of this song, it is a song I want you to pay attention to: “When the Lord shall come to take His saints away on the rapture day, on the rapture day, will you go with Him?”
3.                 It is the right question for you, answer my dear brethren.: “When the Lord shall come to take His saints away on the rapture day, on the rapture day, will you go with Him?” Is the right question for you, answer my dear brothers; answer my dear sisters.
4.                  The hope of this Gospel, the essence of this Gospel, why we preach and die, why we labour day and night, why we go without food, we go without clothing, why are we tossed about by human beings, ridicule everywhere is to be translated?
5.                 Are you not now indebted to God if you fail Him at last? What will distract your attention on this planet? Is it wants? Lack of money. Is it death? Is it sickness? You will be a foolish person if you allow your work that will perish to distract your attention from this great objective.
6.                 You see why you must pray to God in this hour and say, “God save me to the utmost.”
7.                 Almighty visited us and told us that many Churches have missed the mark. There was a strong vision, a fearful one where some local Churches were seen, some were wearing pants, some were naked, some were walking zigzag. And the Apostle has to separate Onitsha Church from your midst. And the Voice said, “I have left this Church.”
8.                 I am trying to say that your condition is the condition of your brethren nationwide. Now that they have never heard this message, in other words, the tendency is there that they have missed the mark now. Why not place yourself in the mark now?
9.                 The Bible said that we will do well if we keep the whole of the Gospel in memory. We know that Satan has been our adversary, always anointing us with evil spirit.
10.            A little while we see ourselves forgetting the whole of the message, forgetting the target that is set before us, and we see ourselves misbehaving, mess ourselves up. God sees rebellious instinct rising up in us both men and women. Misbehaving, walking contrary to the message of the Kingdom.
11.            This is a very serious hour. I can hear many voices in our midst. Satan is not happy with this message. Satan is trying to make all the ministers to labour in vain. After saving others, they will become cast away. Commit all of them in prayer before God. Satan is not happy with them.
12.            Now he is now coming through their wives. If Satan cannot get them, he will come through their wives, anoint them falsely, weaken them also and make them fail in their ministry so that that man will be blamed. Pray for the ministers’ wives.
13.            Be reverend, we must be in the spirit. Brother Emma from Opi Church, be in the spirit. This is not an easy matter. Pray that the Almighty God will reveal what is happening around you. This is the hour you must give yourself close to Him because many eyes are now on you to destroy you. But you are not seeing them; they are running around you, you are not seeing them.
14.            In this Faith, we have our doctrine for our little children and all our families. When Satan has failed to get the husband and wife, he will turn to the children, anoint the children and start disturbing the peace of the family, disturbing the families so that the ministry of their parents will be blamed. Shall we raise our children in the presence of God!
15.            This is a very serious hour, be reverend. Who will not tremble? Who will not fear? I warn you to be careful. You see His move coming in our midst, you see the prove of He that has called us into the Faith.
16.            Since, He has never ceased from talking to you, leaving no stone unturned, yet many are still rebellious. This is a very serious hour.
18.            Many a time, Satan will come through our maidservants. Satan can come through our maidservants, for that reason let us raise up our maidservants and say, “God, they are part of our families.”
19.            Be very careful for God is a Consuming Fire, for God is warning, for God has told us: “Who can believe this? God coming to take human flesh to make sure somebody is saved.”
20.            You have heard it: I have pardoned you for the last time. I have forgiven you for the last time by divine intervention. He has granted you divine reconciliation.
21.            Eha-Amufu Church, He that establiseth you has granted you divine reconciliation. Your sins are forgiven.
22.            This is a terrible condition, in other words in all these years you were disturbing people thinking you are in the Body, not knowing you are outside. Have you now known the mind of God? That you are all outside the Faith until this day. Have you now heard the mind of God that you are worshipping Him amiss all these years?
23.            Your lives can now blossom again. Why not lift up your voice and glorify Him! Thank God for identifying with us. For confirming His word, for justifying His Most Holy Name in the midst of His people. For causing the bone to rise again.
24.            If there is anybody that is sent for this salvation ministry, everybody would have been pointed to that person, whether it is Gordon Lindsey, TL Osborne, Billy Granham, Andrew Miray, CS Spogeon, Kenneth Hagen, Kenneth Scotland, Oral Robot, Richard Roberts, Ramond King and the host of them.
25.            Assume there is one that is on the land holding this everlasting Gospel, the Lord would have pointed everybody to that person. Amen.

I am going to say few words scripturally, and scriptural truth, then I will leave it behind. It is not the first time you have heard about it, I am going to bring it up again by the way of putting you in remembrance.
2.                  Also, other Churches will learn a lesson from there. Maybe the Lord decided that I should come to Eha-amufu knowing that all of them will be in the fellowship, that all the Churches around will be in the fellowship and then see the Lord coming down to grant the last pardon to Eha-Amufu Church; so that God will have witnesses.
3.                  For the Bible tells me that God has never done anything without a witness, that in their own presence, when Eha-Amufu used the last stick of match. I told you that He that sent Me is with Me, He has not left Me. If you do not know how the Lord said it in the scripture, pray that the Lord will take you there. It is a scriptural voice.
4.                  If I should tell you everything, it then means you are no longer searching the scriptures. Search the scriptures where you think you have eternal life. However, the scriptures testify of no other person but the Person—the Son of Man, the one and only true God—standing in your midst.
5.                  What am I saying? There is only but one thing by which you know the antichrist: He will never acknowledge the headship of the Son. The Son is the Head, the Lord; He is the true God.
6.                  Even from the Old Testament, some of the ministers have these things in their houses when you are in the Pentecostals. Have you not come across a poster bear “the Lord, He is the God”? Many of you had it in your house.
7.                  First Kings 18 verse 39: “And when all the people saw it , they fell on their faces: and they said, The LORD, he is the God; the LORD, he is the God.” KJV.
8.                  Deuteronomy chapter 4 verse 35: “Unto thee it was showed, that thou mightest know that the LORD he is God; there is none else beside him.”
9.                  The Lord, He is God. Who is the Lord? I mean that men acknowledge that the Lord, He is the God. You can read it in your own Bible lest you say I am a liar.
10.             All these posters were full in the market; many of you purchase them and placed on the walls of the house. Then He came up and told us that Christ is that Lord. You said yes, every tongue must confess that Christ is the Lord. Now the Lord, He is the God. Then you were told that Christ is Almighty God, you were doubting but you are having it in your houses.
11.             You see, when all the people saw what happened, they fell on their knees and said, “The Lord, He is the God; the Lord He is the God.” Who is the Lord? Christ is the Lord. The Bible said, “At His Name, every knee must bow; every tongue must confess that He is the Lord. All the tongues must confess that He is the Lord.” And they said, “The Lord, He is the God.” People bought this thing and placed it on their walls.
12.             Deuteronomy chapter 4 verse 35: “Unto thee it was shewed, that thou mightest know that the LORD he is God; there is none else beside him”. KJV.
13.             There is none else beside Him. Unto thee it was showed and that thou mightiest know that the Lord, He is the God. Who is our Lord? Christ! Do we have two Lords? No!
14.             Many of you are having these posters, some use it as calendar. Go to Pentecostal mission, you will see many of these posters. Ask the man, “Do you believe this?” He will say, “Yes I believe it.” You ask him, “How do you believe it? Yet you cannot acknowledge it.”
15.             You have to be very careful in this Faith. This Faith is a very delicate Faith. It is a parallel line Faith; you cannot meet with any Pentecostal in this Faith. We all meet at infinity.
16.             Holy Ghost told us at the beginning of the ministry that anywhere you are going in this Faith and you jam with Pentecostal or any other group, He said, “Stop, something has happened there: it is either you have deviated from the way, or they have repented.”
17.             Because if they repent, they will meet you. If you deviate from the way, you will jam them. These are the only two conditions where we will meet: Either we have left the correct way; then we jam them. Or they have repented, then they will meet us.”
18.             This Faith is not a Faith where you will say, “Well, I am going to that Church. It is like this one.” NOTE IT VERY WELL, IT CANNOT BE! Even if it is like, it is not this most holy Faith. Cocoyam is like yam, is it a yam? No.
19.             Just like foolish Pentecostals, blind people that read Bible upside down, that John saw the Spirit of God descending LIKE a dove, then they went and drew a dove, that where they (John and his disciples) were baptizing Jesus Christ, that a dove perched on his head.
20.             No dove perched on Jesus’ head. The Bible never recorded that there is any dove on Jesus’ head. Read your Bible. It said that the Spirit descended like a dove. It is not a dove; it is just like a flash. Not everybody saw it, only Prophet John saw it. It was a spiritual sign. It was a sign that God gave John, a Covenant between John and God alone.
21.             They kept on baptising people at the bank of Jordan, when he see one coming, carrying the sign of supernatural, declaring Him the Son of Man. John continued baptizing people and he was looking at the sign, he could not see any.
22.             People continued coming, until one day the young man started coming. Then John the Baptist told the people to wait, “Behold the Lamb of God that taketh away the sins of the world.” He saw something following him which no human eyes could see. But he saw it being a Prophet.
23.             So it is, the Lord can come here and say brother come, go to that group you will see one having so, so and so sign that is him. That person may come and sit down here. The Lord has already transformed his eyes to see things human eyes cannot see. While he was sitting down, before you know it he rose up and then started demonstrating.
24.             Why did the devil acknowledge him? Because devils are supernatural beings, they could see supernatural things. He gave them charge never to speak again.
25.             St. Mark chapter 1 verse 34 “And he healed many that were sick of divers diseases, and cast out many devils; and suffered not the devils to speak, because they knew him.” KJV.
26.             Why? Because they knew him. But before then, look at verse 23-24, something happened there:
27.             And there was in their synagogue a man with an unclean spirit; and he cried out,
28.             Saying, Let us alone; what have we to do with thee, thou Jesus of Nazareth? art thou come to destroy us? I know thee who thou art, the Holy One of God.” KJV.
29.             Note, the devil said, “I know thee, who you are, the Holy One of God.”
30.             Jesus Christ went further in verse 34, “And he healed many that were sick of divers diseases, and cast out many devils; and suffered not the devils to speak, because they knew him”. KJV.
31.             Let us not carry the matter too far. Who was the Saviour that was sent to the Gentiles? That a young lady that was possessed of a devil with her own mouth saying, “Leave these people alone, these are messengers from God that have come with message of salvation.” Who was the person? St. Paul. He was a saviour and he could speak to that person, “Get out of this place! close your mouth!”
32.             At another place the person troubled him and he said, “Get blind for a season.” Before their eyes somebody led the person away. That is the message.
33.             Then I remembered one in my own day that was privileged to go to a place where there was a woman filled with devils, evil spirits that she even possessed great powers from the devil that she could command the rain to come down and stop. That by mere making of a sign, she could kill human beings and publish his or her obituary. She will say, “Watch this person,” she will just make a sign immediately. The following morning, the person obituary is published.
34.             She could command arrows—unknown arrow will come down from nowhere and pierced somebody. And because of such supernatural powers, the whole of Agbosu rallied round the woman as a Prophetess in their midst.
35.             I know of one that met the woman and it became a battle of two snakes. The woman went round and said, “Aba people should hear what will happen.” She said, “Get ready, the press will publish it”. She trusted in her power so much and thought within herself, peradventure the power will fail, she went and purchased raw acid and placed by the corner. Then she said, “If my power will fail, this one will not fail.” And then she was ready, her eyes red, waiting from morning till evening.
36.             The husband who knew all these things, who has been with the woman for twenty-two years is a witness to all these things. A one time general superintended of that Agbosu who had already invited a man of God knowing that the man of God will not come alone, that he must come with one person or two. The man became afraid for he saw all these things and the threats. He knew it was not an empty threat.
37.             What did the man do? The husband ran out, went to the main road at Okigwe road and then stood there from eight o’clock in the morning till four o’clock in the evening. Why? Because that was the direction he gave the man of God he will take. He intended to stop him on the road and divert them to his younger brother’s house somewhere, to avoid bloodshed because the wife has already made up her mind and he knew there was no going back.
38.             Thus, while the man waited and waited and waited; you see, Almighty God Who knows all things wanted to take the glory. He brought His servant and two young men that came with Him through another road straightaway to that man’s house. And they were there at exactly 1:30pm, waiting.
39.             While the man was at the main road on the map he gave them, the Lord took them through another road straightaway, face-to-face with the woman.
40.             You see, by 4:30pm, our brother came back to his house thinking that they will not be coming again because he was tired, because he waited on the main road from eight o’clock in the morning till four o’clock in the evening. Thus he went to his younger brother’s house and said, “Well, I have not lost any hope, let me just go home and wait.”
41.             Getting to his house, he saw some fatty people. The man almost fainted. The man then sat down there for he did not know what to do for we were there.
42.             After little exchange of greetings, the next three minutes we opened our mouth to praise God. We praised God so loud, we never knew that when we closed our eyes our brother opened his eyes and went very close to his wife intending to hold her if she would react. The thing continued and continued until we went into preaching.
43.             The voice roared, the discernment went forth, searched the whole house and every corner. Nobody can believe this truth except if only you were there.
44.             The thing was so great that the Prophetess bowed down, knelt down and hands were laid on her. She became powerless. The meeting continued till midnight. Then at exactly 1:00am, all others slept. But the Son of Man remained awake somewhere watching the situation. The woman remained awake till six o’clock in the morning for anointing was in the whole house.
45.             A little while the anointing left her, then she went and recouped. From time to time she will go and consult one thing or the other. She kept on doing all these things until everything died and she could not receive any other reply from those things. Then she now resulted to the acid.
46.             She lifted up the cup of acid, but a voice came saying, “Do not try it! These are servants of the Most Holy God that have come with the message of peace.”
47.             The woman collapsed, carrying the cup of acid, then throw it away together with the bottle, came and confessed it with her own mouth. THAT WAS WHY THE WOMAN TILL TODAY, SAID THAT THERE IS NO OTHER CHILD OF GOD ON EARTH EXCEPT ODOEMENA; THE ONLY HUMAN BEING SHE RESPECTS AND FEARS ON EARTH.
48.             You know, God knows what He is doing. I remember at another time a woman who was possesed of evil spirit, she did not know anybody that is called Peter Odoemena, she did not know anything, she has not seen anything. That was around 1994, how many were there? Let me stop the testimony. You can tell your brethren.
49.             I tell you these things, for the Bible said that they overcame by the words of their testimony and the power of Christ. Sister Elizabeth and Sister Ojiakor were all there. You have many, many things to tell your people. Brother Moses, were you not there? Brother Ifeanyi, were you not there? Sister Charity, were you not there? By the witness of two or three persons shall the truth be established.
50.             You see, the thing was so terrible that day. It is a powerful night. The evil spirit moved the woman up as she clinched her eyes tightly closed; and to the greatest surprise of the whole Church she voiced out the Name of the Son of Man and was pressing to the pulpit. She said, “You, Angel, I know you very well. You are a Son of the Most High God. You are Peter; you are my God.”
51.             She continued pressing and pressing and pressing until I left the pulpit. She ran to the front, she went straightaway to the pulpit and mounted the pulpit to show you it is not the spirit of God.
52.             Because I went and bow down and said, “God, if this is anti-spirit, cause her to stay in the Most Holy place. She just went straightaway there and mounted the place. Her eyes closed and continued talking, while I replied from the floor.
53.             I said, “God; now it is clear! If you will deliver this woman, gently move her back to her seat.” Immediately, nobody heard it, she just left the place back to her seat.
54.             What I am trying to say is that devil moves. You know a time came when the sons of one Sceva, a Jew, they felt they have been with Paul so much, they were Evangelists; “After all we are baptized with the Holy Ghost. The Bible said go and preach, go and do this, go and do that!”
55.             The mustered their energy, went out to cast out demons and heard something there, “Paul I know, Jesus I know; who are thou?”
56.             Before they knew what was happening the mad man was loosed, overcame them, and prevailed against them, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded. They ran away naked.
57.             You see, do not ever make a mistake of rising one morning and say you have been with the Apostle for too long. “After all Jesus the Christ said, Jesus said;” wait a little. That will not be your condition.
58.             Do we all have the spirit of healing? No sir. I mean that gift is a gift. Not all possess the gift. Can we all prophesy? No sir. Can we all speak in tongues? No sir. If I may dare all of you, I will just say “I am in all of you”, then you will just go and kill yourself. Not all have the gift of discernment, that is why if you are not careful, you will lay hands on the wrong person.  
59.             I know a man, many years ago we heard his testimony. A mad man rose up while William Branham was on the pulpit, the ushers wanted to hold the man but nobody could succeed. Some policemen that were there rose up to stop the man but the man just over powered the people and he had his target to tear William Branham apart.
60.             Then the Prophet said, “Leave him alone”. He just bowed his head and he said, “If I am your mouthpiece let this man bow down at my feet.” Nobody heard what he said. He just looked up, immediately, the Spirit lifted the man up to six feet and floored the man at the Prophet’s feet. He went there and lay hands on him, then revived him.
61.             That is the way God moves. But in my own very eyes, I mean it is not a story now. In my own very eyes, one day I was present in that Church that time. A very strong woman that used to beat men in her day was possessed of evil spirit. She rose up from her seat when the anointing was too great in the Church. The thing pulled her, brethren, we saw something that marvelled us.
62.             Her muscles, her eyes bulged out. She was moving her hands and was advancing towards the pulpit steadily. Ushers could not stop her and she was coming intending to land on the preacher. You have never seen something, the thing continued coming.
63.             Then God was in the Church, the Voice said from the pulpit, “Calm down everybody! Leave her alone.” While she was coming and advancing, I could see panic set into the Church. Brethren were expecting to see the woman land heavily on the preacher.
64.             A little while there was silence, the preacher bowed his head and said, “God, bring her to myself.” Watch, the spirit just pulled her to the side of the preacher in the pulpit. Two of them stood behind of the pulpit before the whole Church. I was standing boldly; she was standing boldly also.
65.             A little while the voice said, “If you will deliver her, gently take her straight to her seat.” Nobody heard it. In the next second, off the Spirit pulled her and settled her in her seat, there she was delivered.
66.             When she was delivered, that was when the testimony came that she received a voice that asked her to run into the bush, but she said no. Then that told her, “Okay, go and kill the preacher.” That was the one she responded to.
67.             What am I trying to say? When you see scriptures we are not preaching letters now. We do not say in the Bible days, we are back in the Bible days. All these things are happening in our eyes, we are living witnesses. If they do not happen, we cannot testify of them. What is more, we testify to God’s glory. God has done a lot of things at least to establish our Faith on a solid rock.
68.             That is why I wonder when I hear that a brother has backslidden, I say, “Backslide for what? What did he see on the way that makes him backslide?” You say, “I am confused!” What is confusing you? You say, “I got confused along the way;” where did you get confused? Left for me, I cannot just tell.”
69.             That was what nearly killed Eha-Amufu Church. The pastor said he was confused, in what area? He said, “I cannot just say. For many years, I cannot just say.” Somebody that is confused did not know what is confusing him until God has to come down and tell him what is confusing him, then he said, “It is truth.”
70.             When others were destroying those dead books, we never knew he kept his own. From time to time, the devil will ask him to untie one part. He will untie the part and then start reading and reading until his vision changed. A little while the message will come out from the Apostle, he will take that one in, two of them will clash. Two of them will go to his head and then clash. Who will not die in that condition?
71.             In other words, you knew the truth of what happened. Within that period of two years and about four months, our brother ran mad. Each time he comes to Onitsha, I will just see a picture of a mad man. There was nothing he could do rightly. Even in his own domestic affairs, he was confused, he was confused about life.
72.             When you start discussing with him, you will discover that he was not even hearing anything. A little while you hear “I am sorry, I am sorry.”
73.             You see I want to tell you something repeating one thing over and over again; and you start doubting whether this man is a human being he claimed to be.
74.             The Lord permitted it to be so, so that others will learn a great lesson. That was exactly what happened to Onyema. Right now, he is mad. He does not know where to go. Take him to denomination, he will never be there. I am telling you the truth. He cannot be in any denomination and he cannot start his own movement—very much confused about life. He does not know whether he is going to be a millionaire, he does not know whether he is going to be poor.
75.             At times, he will hate his job. It is a dangerous condition. The next time he will acknowledge that he is God, the next time he will call it devil: “This thing, I do not know! In short if it will be this, let me be.” You cannot hold him anywhere and he cannot hold himself anywhere. So he will continue until he will die.
76.             Nobody should make the mistake of going to see him, leave him alone. He has to settle the matter with his God. The Lord has permitted to put him that way; otherwise, he would have deceived Opi Church. If the Lord did not put him that way, he would have deceived all of you.
77.             If the Lord did not out him that way; he would have deceived that Church. The Lord put him that way so that everybody will see his nakedness. Hence, wherever you see him, you will know what is happening in him. The matter is very clear.
78.             How can somebody come to me and say, “I met Onyema, Onyema said”. You know where he left him. You met a mad man, for that thing which you said Onyema said, meet Onyema the next day, Onyema will say “I did not say so.” You cannot quote him.
79.             His father knows what he is passing through. Go to his father, his father will tell you that this man is mad. Besides, he will tell you the time it started that is from the time he abandoned the Faith and he became mad. The man will tell you clearly that from the time he left that Church, Onyema has been misbehaving. The man does not want to be in this Faith because, he cannot pay the price but he knows that the Faith is truth.
80.             Anybody that wants to serve God, this man will point them to that Church. However, he will first of all tell the person that it is hard.
81.             What brought these words of encouragement? Is it not the scriptures? That the devil knew God. The devil even calls him the Son of God, the Son of the Most High God.
82.             What I am trying to say is that, it is not only you that know that I am the Son of Man. Even if you do not acknowledge it, Satan knows that I am the Son of Man.
83.             I know where I am standing and making my declaration, I do not say it so that you will believe. That you do not believe cannot change it. Shaking your head cannot change it; it is a finished matter from the foundation of the world.
84.             Whether you believe it, He that commanded the whole world to come with their cameras, didn’t He know that He was unveiling Himself? Was He not the One that started it?  Amen.


Bishop Fryde Okoh
Household of God
13th May 2012

For any transmutation to take place, there must be a reaction. The reaction is the experience. Experience is a great teacher. It sanctifies our consciousness, reforms our persons and fertilizes our souls. It conquers fear, illuminates the mind and confirms our stand. One without an experience is stunted.
2.                  According to an Igbo adage, “the frog says that it is not everybody who has his hands on the ground that is a wrestler”. Christopher Columbus added, “you can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore” and Ralph Waldo Emerson commented thus “when it is dark enough, you can see the stars”.
3.                  From our Great Teacher, Apostle Peter Odoemena, these words of wisdom affirms, and I quote; “You have seen all these things, I have never disappointed you. Each time you call I have always responded. Other nations will call and call in vain. Each time you call, God will respond.
4.                  He said be very careful that you will not forget what your eyes have seen and what your ears have heard. In other words, if the people should be steadfast in their loyalty and faithfulness to God, there must be something that will sustain them. What is that thing? Their experience.
5.                  What sustained Israel? What sustained the people of God in that day was nothing but their experience. Sustained by their experience. What and what were their experience? Things they saw, things they heard, things that happened in them. SOMETHING YOU SAW WITH YOUR EYES, YOU HEARD WITH YOUR EARS, IT HAPPENED TO YOU AS A PERSON, CAN YOU FORGET IT SO EASILY? NO!
7.                  WHEN WE TALK ABOUT BACKSLIDING IN THE HEART, BACKSLIDING IS A SURE SIGN THAT THE PERSON HAS NO EXPERIENCE. Anybody that has experience can never backslide. This backsliding is only associated with people without experience.
8.                  Sustained by my experience. I am not saying sustained by his experience or sustained by their experience. Some people are sustained by experiences of some people. If you are sustained by somebody’s experience, you have no experience. Nothing is sustaining you, you have no anchor. Sustained By My Experience, By Son Of Man, Page 52, Vs 18-21.
9.                  An Anonymous writer has these to say; “Endurance is the spirit which can bear things not simply with resignation, but with blazing hope. It is the quality which keeps a man on his feet with his face to the wind. It is virtue which can transmute the hardest trial into glory because beyond the pain, it sees the goal”.
10.             Another anonymous writer added thus “He whose courage has made way against turbulence of opposition, and whose vigour has broken through the snares of distress, has many advantages over those that have slept in the shades of indolence, and whose retrospect of time can entertain them with nothing but day rising upon day, and year gliding after year”.
11.             We all know quite frankly that this journey is not a simple one. Every father who wants to train his children to be confident, focused and reasonable in future, must not got to sleep but must continue unabated to direct, inspire, teach, correct, rebuke and drill the child until his aim is achieved.
12.             In doing that he may be harsh, he may be hard, he may even subject the child to a strident condition to enable him bring out the best in him or her. So God is training us to be different from the crowd. We are a micro in a macro setting. As we are following the Cloud and not the Crowd, there must be a great difference between we and them.
13.             God made it clear to us in the message, No Deception Is Of The Truth, Vol 2, Page 54 and I quote, “Whatever you are hearing, whatever you are seeing, whatever you are passing through God had already told us about all those things ahead of time, so we are not shaking one bit. Even if it remains one person in this faith, God must be worshipped as a human being.
14.             It is because we have preached it, believed it that is why we are being troubled, buffeted about. That is why we are being treated as criminals. Thus for our experiences to compare favourably like this, we know that we are on the right track.
15.             By this, we know we are on the right track. We are not shaking. Let Heaven fall. As many of us who made everlasting covenant with Him, and are sure and certain that we are not deceived, this is His ordained way from the beginning of the world. unquote
16.             So brethren having heard this, are we not on the right track? For God can never and will never deceive us. His ways will always marvel the minds of men. Our individual experiences on this journey remains His ordained way for us.
17.             God said and I quote.“Sustained by my experience. There must be something that will sustain you! Something that will hold you in this faith. You call it your anchor. Remember, anchor is something that holds a canoe or ship in the river bank.
18.             A fisherman anchors his ship to a stake and then gets the thing down. No matter how the tempest will blow the canoe or ship will be held by the anchor. If the river will carry that little canoe, it will pull off the stake then the river will carry the canoe”. Sustained By My Experience PAGE 79, VERSE 20-21
19.             These experiences we encounter on our journey to paradise, are they too grievous for us to bear? Are they wearing us down? Are they breaking our legs so that we can’t scale the lofty heights of the mountain? Or are we visionless to see or know that all were preplanned for our own good. These experiences will open up new vistas for our spiritual development and attainment.
20.             God said in 1st Corinthians Chapter 10 Vs. 13 and I quote, “No temptation has overtaken you except such as is common to man; but God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will also make the way of escape, that you may be able to bear it”.
21.             An unknown author said and I quote “True strength is keeping everything together when everyone expects you to fall apart” and Greg Kincaind adds; “No matter how much that falls on us, we keep plowing ahead. That’s the only way to keep the roads clear”.
22.             It takes a mind that has passed through rugged experiences in life to appreciate one who is on the same track. Someone on a fast lane cannot understand or appreciate what the man on the slow lane is experiencing. The fast lane is a speed lane and the driver can not picture any scenery in its glory but only experiences them in silhouette.
23.             Can his brake save him if there is any mishap? If he is asked, can he describe what he saw on the way to his destination? These are pertinent questions. The man on the slow lane is gradually moving, capturing all the actions, reactions and beautiful landscapes on the way. He has acquired more experiences about the area he is travelling through. He is safer and he is enjoying his trip.
24.             He is like a man climbing a ladder. Taking them one after the other in rungs until he gets to the top, but if he jumps any rung, he has created a vacuum which nature abhors, and so he must come back to fill that gap. The experiences he encountered while moving up the ladder in stages are what actually will sustain him if mishap or challenges occur. We must pass through the universe as mere mortals experiencing our ordained experiences without short-circuiting any.
25.             Son of man said; “one day the winds will come to try two buildings, the flood will come to try two buildings; the tempest will rise, but one must stand while the other will crumble. It is a MUST. That’s why anywhere I go, I lay a solid foundation which no man can uproot?”
26.             Tahir Shah said “on a harsh expedition, there is no space for anyone who does not intend to finish”. The race we are running is not a physical race but a spiritual one which God had ordained before the world began. Once we belong to Him, He will keep us in his closet, protecting us, guiding us, watching over us with gratifying interest.
27.             He will use any method He likes to bring you into His abode. He is the Almighty that knoweth the best method to call you back. No matter the method, what is in His mind is to bring you home-finish!
28.          In the Message Sustained By My Experience By Son Of Man Page 66 paragraph 5 we were made to understand and I quote:“if what is sustaining you in this faith is not your experience, you are not in this faith. To as many that are in this faith, in spite of the hurts and troubles they pass through, there is nothing holding them if not their experiences. If you are in this faith so that we can help you to hide away yourself from the society or things like that, you are not in this faith” Unquote.
29.          He continued in Page 62, paragraph 44 of the same book-Sustained By My Experience and I quote.“What sustained Timothy was his experience with Paul. Timothy never forgot what he witnessed with his eyes with Paul. He did not forget what he heard. Even when he was not there, those that followed Paul reported to him and he was sure and certain. Sustained by my experience. This message has become very necessary because it has become clear to me that many are still in this church without any experience”.
30.          Once you are in this faith, you must experience attack, you must be mocked, they will hate you with passion, you will receive insults, they will jeer at you. Is it name calling? They will invent many. After all our God whom we worship in person, have they not been calling Him all sorts of names? Imagine!
31.          Those who make all these unprintable remarks about us are religious charlatans and the only thing they know is shouting Jesus! Jesus!! Jesus!!! with their unrepentant and diabolically influenced minds. An Igbo adage says, “A scornful look at a stronger man is mere admiration
32.          But some organized religion within the occult world reorganize the existence of God head on earth (though they know He is here but they don’t know where to find Him). They marvel at the supernatural phenomenon. Can we blame the religious fanatics? They are all blind and that’s why they can challenge their creator.
33.          A proverb says “it is only a foolish dog that barks at what a lion saw and ran away”. Let them call us what they like and we remain what we are. Can they call us another name and owl shepherd another? If it is so, we are not part of Him. If the world calls Him Satan then we all are children of Satan, but we know more than that.
34.          So brethren for us to receive any accolade from the religious world, it goes to show that we are all one but once there is a gap between us and them, there must be persecution.
35.          No religious man or woman will accept what we preach as truth and Thomas Jefferson said “Religions are all alike, founded upon fables and mythologies” and Abu Ala Al-Ma’arri added “The world holds two classes of men; intelligent men without religion and religious men without intelligence”.
36.          So the unintelligent religionists are primarily those that must attack this TRUTH because the message of Son of Man is inflammatory to them and of a bluntest realism. So from their attacks our faith in Him are confirmed and we gain more experiences. These experiences fortifies our foundation.
37.          Christine de Pizan writes and I quote “When some one finds himself quite unjustly attacked and hated on all sides, there is no need for such a person to feel dismayed by misfortune. See how fortune, who has harmed many a one, is so inconstant, for God who opposes all wrong deeds, raises up those in whom hope dwells”.
38.          And an unknown author wrote “as a camel beareth labour, and heat, and hunger, and thirst through desert of sand and fainteth not, so the fortitude of man shall sustain him through all perils. So Brethren lets us remain strong in Him who has called all of us unto Himself. By His grace we will continue to forge ahead.
39.          As Hailee wrote “Be strong now because things will get better. It might be stormy now but it can’t rain forever”.

It is only sheep that needs a shepherd. The aphorism that my sheep hear my voice and they follow refers to the sheep and the master. Who is a shepherd? A shepherd is a leader.
2.                  A leader as defined by John .C. Maxwell is, I quote “Leaders must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead to motivate them
3.                  A leader must go beyond being a people pleaser to being a God pleaser. That is our leader, our motivator and our God, Apostle Peter Odoemena, the very Son of Man. He is the great shepherd, the magnificent leader who has been leading us across the dense landscape towards the glittering treasure which we have been wishing by day and by night, but lies beyond human imagination.
4.                  There is a special kind of beauty radiating in splendor which we enjoy in every hour we spend with Him. A gentle breeze will always come up stirring the entire scenario with heavenly aroma defining His Majesty.
5.                  In Unto You God First Appeared To Take A People Unto Himself, page 28 (words in block), Son of Man said, I quote, “I am the Living Manna. That is why once you are around me, you do not feel like going away and you don’t complain. You can never say you are hungry unless I set you free”
6.                  He remains our ROCK OF AGES, THE COMFORTER and OUR SHEPHERD. The message coming from His divine mouth is always hard as rock which stamps our feet on the sand of time. In a quiet solitude He reveals to us those sacred teachings which had not been known to man since the foundation of the world.
7.                  No religious group, no spiritual organization, no mystical group have ever come across these hidden knowledge (absolute truth) which we are privileged to be receiving free of charge. A good shepherd knows all his sheep and their colours.
8.                  In Mixed Multitude Part I, page 13, paragraph 10, son of man made it clear that, I quote; “Every father knows his children. Even if he marries hundred wives, he knows all his children. He calls them by their names. Anybody he does not know in that family does not belong to him. Anybody he does not know by his or her name does not belong to him. Anybody he cannot identify his character does not belong to him”.
9.                  He has faced all his children from the shackles of religion, imperialism and bestowed upon them (us) heavenly peace. As Malcolm X said “you cannot separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom”.
10.             In His message, EVERY CLOUD LEADS TO GOD page 27 vers.25, son of man said, “my message is a revolutionary message and I am aiming at raising nothing but revolutionaries. I am producing a radical message that will produce radicals. As we went further, He said yes, what we practice is attitude radicalism not rampant radicalism”.
11.             Son of Man made it very clear to us that if there is an iota of law hanging within our inner mind that those involved will not be able to be partakers and their freedom is lost.
12.             In Random Comments From The Son Of Man Vol 3, page 44 (word in block) He said, “if there is a figment of law in your heart, a figment of unbelief to the word that has proceeded out from the son of man, the gate can never open for you”.

Yes! Brethren an Igbo proverb says that “those who fight with arrows have a case to settle with blindness” and “he who puts a crown on his own head will later remove it with his own hand”.
2.                  Religions adherents are really fighting the truth with arrow of deceit and at the end we will know who is who, what is what and which is which.
3.                  They have crowned themselves with vainglorious and fusty old crowns. A movement or movements that are moving on a motionless motion. Napoleon Bonaparte described them thus “Religion is excellent stuff for keeping common people quite”.
4.                  So Christianity, Catholic spirituality, Quaker tradition, Christian mysticism, Gnosticism etc all have an attitude of religious faith which is generally one that values holding to certain beliefs in the absence of confirmation including revelatory experiences.
5.                  When we try to compare our material advancement with the larger world which houses the religious bloc, we may loose sight of our vision. Mark Twain caught it right with these words and I quote “you can not depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus”. When you loose your focus, you loose your vision. In the message Every Cloud Leads To God, Son of Man said, “Do not bother yourself on the earthly bread which you will eat and perish with, but concern yourself with the bread which the Son of man shall give which is eternal life for which cause He is sent”
6.                  In His message Why We Must Be Mindful Of The Words Of The Apostles And Prophet Page 58 Vs 50 ,Son of Man said, “Every true believer must have his boundary line in your dealings with all men. When you stay in your line, you stand firm there. However, many of us do not have boundary line for yourself, there is no way you can preserve this gospel truth: Everything will be flying out in your lines”.
7.                  God is calling us to stand firm on our faith, no matter the situation we find ourselves. We should be mindful of the worldly religion. It should not disturb us from our vision. There is no way we can serve two masters. An Igbo proverb says, “A person who eats with both hands does not know actually the one that soils his dress”.
8.                  Anyone who is a part of a family can never feel tired of staying in that family. If he or she is a true son of that family, he must worship the God of that family. We are members of the Godly family, the children of the supreme Deity, so we must answer our father’s name.
9.                  In the message Put Me In Remembrance Part 2 Vol 1 by The Son of Man page 74 Vs 16, He said, “A man can be tired of anything but no man is tired of his family, no matter how bad your family might be, you can never be tired with your family. Any man that is tired with his family is a stranger, he is purchased with money”.
10.             We have personal experiences and we have family experiences. We are sustained also by our family experiences. There are collective experiences we share as brethren and one who is not part of that experience is not part of that family. So nothing can make a member of a family to start thinking of abandoning that family. Once that thought starts coming into ones mind, it is sure sign that the fellow is not from that linage. He is a bastard.
11.             In the message preached by Son of Man titled Testimony Of A True Witness Page 77 Vs 43, He reminded us this, “You see why we must pay heed to His word. If you are playing in time past, today is a new day. That God made you to be alive today is for a purpose that you will straighten those things that have not been straightened in your life”.
12.             Let us have faith and he steadfast. Faith is not faith until its all you are holding onto.
13.             “All the prophets and priests, they all bowed down to the god of Babylon except Daniel, Shedrach, Meshach and Abed-nego from different provinces. If there were any other one, the Bible would have recorded it. All the priests compromised, All the Pastors compromised, All the prophets compromised. They do not want to die. Brothers, let us be very careful”. Mixed Multitude Part I, PAGE 59, VS 50.
1.                  It is not only pastors and prophets that are involved. All of us are involved because all metals must pass through the crucible. If we are placed in their shoes, will we do better? Let God help us.
2.                  In His message Identification Of The Mighty Angel In Our Midst, PAGE 21 VS 3, the Son of Man has this to say and I quote, “there must be something you will hang your faith on; after all, in this faith, we ask you to enquire as much as you can to find out the person you are having dealing with because eternal life is not negotiable. Moreover there is no second chance in it. You miss it, you have missed it”.
3.                  Our God is God of love. A God that knows our human wicknesses. A God that always thinks good and not evil for all of us. Our Councillor, our Redeemer and our Protector.
4.                  He said and I quote, “we are sure and certain that we have found refuge in the Almighty and nothing can ever destroy us here on Earth: no atomic bomb, no nuclear weapon, no arsenal, no earthquake, no tsunami can destroy us here”. Random Comments Vol. 3 By The Son Of Man, PAGE 18 (words in block)
5.                  1st Corinthians chapter 2 verse 9 says, But as it is written “Eyes has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things God has prepared for those who love Him”. Glory be to His name – Amen, Amen, Amen, Hallelujah!

e will ever remain grateful for your abundant love towards all of us. You have never ever loaded us with problems we cannot carry. You have been our guide and protector since the world began. If you look into actions and reactions, may be by now most of us would have been forgotten.
2.                  You have always and continually been guiding us on a positive track so that we would not consent easily and accept what we would have declined. Also, that we who decline easily, will not refuse what we would have accepted. You have taught us that we should not allow our background no matter the circumstances to place our backs on the ground. THANK YOU LORD!
3.                  Sir, sometimes, as mere mortals, our faiths shake and quiver, but when it happens, kindly redirect our vision for without you we can do nothing. Keep us afloat and help us navigate through the stormy torrents as we approach the end.
4.                  Finally open our eyes of understanding so that we can always see our brothers and sister challenges as our own test and challenges. We are not hoping again and we believe sincerely that your love will continue to radiate around all of us till eternity.        You are truly Blessed.