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The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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I am your “Mercy Seat.” But I know that one day I will change position and sit on the “Judgment Seat.” He that has brought you so far is the same “One” you will meet at the end. You are not meeting any other person other than He that is with you now. Believe it if you can…

—The   Son of Man

The faith of the Son of Man is not a Reformatory Faith but a Revolutionary Faith. If because of this, you say there is no need for discipline – if that is how you understand it – that is up to you.

The Background
From when I began to read, research in, and evaluate the works of peoples of like minds, this is yet another time I am running into a great and valuable writer, thinker, and possibly a social reformer. I have a hunch that such fellow, as Peter Odoemena would command a large follower-ship. Like every great artiste who would want to create an indisputable master-piece once in his life time, he champions an exodus of purposeful existence.

His works are relative—the believe that truth is not always and generally valid but can be judged only in relation to other things, for example, one’s personal circumstance. The spread of truth to many is contagious. But it is incontrovertible. Panic may resent it; ignorance may deride it; malice may distort it, but there it is.
A long time ago, dragons ruled the Earth. When people appeared, dragons saw their potentials for good, and shared their dragon wisdom, pledging to watch over humans and help them grow. The souls of dragons who fulfilled that pledge were stars. Their spirits are still up there comforting anyone who cared to look.

It is evident that Apostle Peter Odoemena hails from the family of langsyne dragons, judging from his antecedents. The more publications of the present and latter truth from his unquenchable prolificsm would undoubtedly convince many mortals that such person as he ever lived.

Philosopher Charles Ogbonna.
(D. Litt.)

Today is a wonderful day. Wonderful in the sense that God has granted us a place in the land of the living.
2.          You do not know what God is doing if you are blind spiritually. But, if you are awake spiritually, every minute of the day, you will appreciate the good things of the Lord.
3.          Last Sunday, we were returning from Enugu; just at the boundary between Enugu and Anambra—before our very eyes—a man was watching his station wagon burning to ashes. Nothing was rescued from the car except human beings.
4.          The vehicle burnt to ashes and was smoking. The man was moving round the vehicle and watching—we met him there, and we passed.
5.          Who sustained us? The Lord. Are we better than that man? Or, can we say our vehicle was better than that man’s vehicle? No. The Lord has been protecting us. We have many, many testimonies. Amen.


I am happy that I am serving the only God that can hear and answer prayers. The only one and true God! The only God that shows concern in the affairs of His people. The only God that could be touched by the infirmities of His people.
2.          The ever compassionate God that does not deal with us according to our unfaithfulness. Ever merciful! Always forgiving iniquity.
3.          Let me tell you, I have proved God in many aspects of life. I do not need a prophet to tell Me that there is God around Me that keeps watch over Me everyday. I have proved it. It is a personal revelation to Me.
4.          I do not say it so that others will believe, no! Your unbelief cannot change my conviction. Men that have served God rightly from the very foundation of the world, I have traced their histories, I have found out that they were men and women of conviction.
5.          That was why they were prepared to die because of what they believed. Even death could not scare them away. There was no amount of trouble that could scare them away. Rather, oppositions strengthened them.
6.          Hear me very well; if opposition does not strengthen your conviction, you are not convinced. You are standing on the opinions of others. You can stand on the opinions of others. If you are standing on the opinions of others, you are not standing anywhere. You are standing on sinking sand.
7.          You must stand on your personal conviction. Moreover, you do not care about who opposes your conviction. It means nothing to you even if he is opposed to your own conviction. They are two ends that can never meet. It is the convincing faith that men of God took and God approved of their Faith.
8.          God delights in men of conviction. Not in men that will stand on people’s opinions.
9.          This woman that is coming in, is she a part of us? Is she a member of Onitsha or from outside? She should fellowship outside unless she is coming from Amagunze—that is the only excuse.
10.      Take your time. Such wicked people should be locked out of our gate. They are always preaching another Gospel, coming to the fellowship to weaken us, trying to change our conviction. We cannot allow that.  
11.      Sometimes, loved ones can cause you to change your conviction. Then, that goes to show that you are a fool. If you are sure and certain of your conviction, your love for your conviction will be higher than your love for anything else. If you have anything you love more than your conviction, surely you are not convinced.
12.      That was what I saw during the meeting in the recent past; and I was very happy to mention it. I saw men of conviction handling cases. In spite of the pressures we mounted on him, he stood on his conviction. He was prepared to die.
13.      I approved of Brother Ik Nwobodo. This is a man of conviction. During the time of austerity, even face-to-face with death, face-to-face with Almighty God, he stood his ground and called the Elders, “Upon this my conviction I stand. Nothing in this life or in the life to come will ever make me compromise my conviction.”
14.      Brethren, I shivered.
15.      At a time, I stood up, changed my Voice, changed my face, thinking he would be afraid. He looked at Me, looked around and stood up, asserting his conviction more and more. He thought I was crazy, he never knew I was watching him.
16.      I changed many times to see whether he could be frightened. At the end, I saw nothing but a man. I saw a man! A man is known by his words. Your ability to stand by your words, which is your conviction, that makes you a man.
17.      There and then, I found out that he thought about it. It was not a decision he took in one day. He evaluated it, weighed the cost against the benefits. He saw that the benefits by far out-weighted the cost. He stood on his conviction.
18.      After all, if we leave him in that hopeless condition, he is the one that will suffer and we will not go home happy.
19.      A wise man makes himself happy. If you impose a burden on me, and you go home rejoicing, leaving me in sorrow, I will be a foolish man to accept that burden.
20.      So, I am really very grateful to God.
21.      Pastor Dan, you are happily welcome. I thank God who led you safely. It is not easy to ply on the highways. In the same way, we thank God on behalf of our Brethren that travelled long distances to be in the Fellowship.
22.      God knows our hearts, that there is no wickedness in us. We do not have any wicked motive why we come to His Presence; travelling long distances to be in His Presence because what we hear from Him is beneficial to us.
23.      As many as are travelling long distances, if what they are hearing in this Fellowship is not benefiting them, do you think they will be coming? All the money that they spent and the risks involved, if they are not deriving something that is sustaining their experiences, do you think they will be wasting their time coming to this Fellowship?
24.      I am very grateful to God. We are in His Presence this day to worship God in spirit and in truth.
25.      I wanted to handle the Sunday school this day. I had earlier told our Pastor that I would like to be in the pulpit. His approval of it was conditional: It was based on the condition that I will not feature in the meeting of yesterday. But, you saw the turn-out of the events yesterday.
26.      I was forced to be in the meeting and I believe my presence also paid off a lot. Because, people we never invited attended the meeting. We never knew that Sister Rose invited her people, told them where to wait and kept it away from us.
27.      And the Lord fizzled the thought out of her mind. The people arrived at the place she told them to come on time, just opposite our Pastor’s house. But, they did not know our Pastor’s house.
28.      So, they were there since 9 o’clock till about 10:30 a.m. And the thought fizzled out of Sister Rose’s mind. That was how the Lord wanted it.
29.      They phoned my house from there and I told them I was around. Right from there, they came down to Benjamin. I received them, heard a little from them and then prepared their mind concerning what they were invited for.
30.      I entertained them a little, took them and my maidservant Vicky because she invited her people. You know that Vicky is equally her daughter. I included her there. I took all of them to our Pastor’s house. It was a wonderful meeting. Real wonderful meeting!

I will speak on that if not today, maybe any other day.
32.      Mama Ikebude travelled to Lagos. We discussed. I refused her application to travel to Lagos. I opposed it with a pure heart. Some Elders were there, they also opposed it.
33.      Mama insisted that she must go, then we allowed her. She has reached safely. She phoned my house. I am trusting God that He will bring them safely back.
34.      To love is to tell the truth. I opposed her trip because I saw nothing about that trip. She was not going to make any meaningful contribution there. She was with her daughter and her in-law on Thursday till the end of the week. That week, they enjoyed life together.
35.      Because I did not join them together in their holy wedlock in their Church in Lagos, which is End-Time in Lagos, I was not opposing it because it is End-Time or any other denomination. I opposed it because of mama’s age. I struggled to stop her children from inviting her to Lagos from time to time, to come and collect money for feeding.
36.      I wrote her first daughter and her only son. They understood my message and accepted the arrangement I suggested.
37.      If you have your aged parents and you love them; to show that you love them, it is your duty to visit them. Whatever you have for them, you should take it to them. But, if you want any of them to come to you for a rest period, it is a different thing. That will be once in a while.
38.      But, if you insist that you will never give your parents anything until they come to you, it is wickedness. The highways are no longer enjoyable, especially, that Lagos road. Anything can happen on the Lagos road.
39.      If there is a stampede, can mama run? Remember her last trip, she narrowly escaped death; and this time around it is wedding.
40.      My opinion was that her first son and the only son, an adult also is living in Lagos; Ngozi also—you know Ngozi here in Onitsha—will also be there. They were enough even to represent mama.
41.      What was needed there was the son who will handover his sister publicly to her husband. It is not mama that will do the handing over, it must be a man.
42.      If it is eating and drinking, was she not satisfied with the much she ate till today? If it is dancing, she danced a lot. Please, adults in this Faith, learn a lesson.
43.      We want you to live longer. We do not want you to risk your life on the highways for the things that profit not. Before you do anything, ask yourself: “What is the end result?” If the end result is vanity, do not embark on that mission.
44.      If the end result of anything you want to do is vanity, please, do not take that risk. This is my opinion.

Brother Amobi, surrender those letters to Me. I have one important letter there. That letter is like a testimony. You were not in the Elders’ meeting yesterday for reasons best known to you.
46.      You may tell me you were working on your vehicle, and I will tell you that you did not come to Fellowship with that vehicle. So, the end result of what you did yesterday was vanity—pure vanity!
47.      I wonder what is wrong with many of us these days. I remembered when we were in the denomination, even in the End-Time Message; people were scrambling for the pulpit. Everybody was ordaining himself minister. People were even fighting physically to be in the pulpit.
48.      In the denominations also, you see every type of campaign. People tend to run down the reputation of their fellow brethren so that they can be recognized as ordained ministers. Everybody struggling to occupy a position in the denominations.
49.      However, watch this Faith, it is not like that. We recognize every Brother as a minister. Also, no minister is higher than the other; for we believe in the equality of Brethren.
50.      At the same time also, we allow everybody, every Brother in this Faith to ordain himself an Elder. We have never for one day since the history of this Faith, assembled them and said we are ordaining an Elder. Have we ever done that? It is not even in God’s plan for His Family.
51.      But we allowed you to call yourself an Elder. What makes you an Elder? One, it is not how long you have been with us. You may be in this Faith from the beginning of this Ministry, yet you know nothing about the Faith; are you an Elder?
52.      An Elder is one that is versed with the Faith, one that knows his belief. He is not a fanatic. He can stand anywhere and convince anybody that will ask him what the hope of his calling in Christ is.
53.      He will stand boldly without inviting his Pastor, a Prophet or an Apostle from somewhere to come and speak. He will be the Prophet, he will be the Apostle, he will be the Pastor, he will be all and all as far as his Faith is concerned. That is an Elder.
54.      He has the interest of the Body of Christ in his heart. Nobody reminds him of the roles he should play. He knows he occupies a position in the Family of God; and that position is important. Moreover, nobody will play that role for him. That is what it takes to be an Elder.
55.      But if you are in our midst, and we are still reminding you to do this and that: “These are the things you should do, these are the things you should not do;” even if you are in the Faith from the beginning of this Faith, you are not qualified to be an Elder.
56.      Thus, when the announcement went forth, he said, “If you know you are an Elder, you are required to be in the meeting;” we equally extended the invitation to women.
57.      I say women, because your fellow Sister is involved. If any of you (Sisters) will like to come and witness how the matter will be handled, she is free.
58.      We did not see even one Sister except the Pastor’s wife, who was in her office making sure we did not die of hunger after the whole thing. We really praised her for that ministry.

For the first time since l knew the Sister, I can say I enjoyed her ministry as a married Sister.
60.      Bishop Nnachor was shocked hearing Me making such a statement before her. I tempted her together with Apostle Kelechi. I pretended I was not hungry. She came to Me and said, “Daddy, please, just one spoon.”
61.      I said, “Sister, I am not hungry, I do not want to eat.” She begged and begged; there was food on the table, Brethren were sharing it, but I said that I would continue drinking. I muttered to myself, “Let me see whether she really wanted Me to eat.”
62.      A little while, it appears she understood the message. She went in again, came back again with a plate which was covered, and said, “Daddy just take one little lump of meat and I will be happy.”
63.      I said, “Sister, give Me food, I do not want to take meat.” She pleaded and pleaded; she was there for over five minutes, and I was tapping Brother Kelechi. Others shared the food.
64.      Brother Kelechi was not eating. I said, “Sister, you can go, leave the food there;” and she left. Before she came back again, the plate was empty. I finished it with Brother Kelechi.
65.      I said, “Brother Kelechi, do you doubt Me? She is coming up. At least, this is an opportunity she could not miss.”
66.      Since she got married, I have never taken a cup of water in their family. I have never sat down even to think of anything, her husband can bear witness.
67.      This is the wonderful opportunity, if she had missed it, I wonder if she could get it again. You know the year she married.
68.      Do not say, “Brother, why did you behave that way?” Do you know that when Jesus Christ was going to Emmaus, He met two young men on the way; as He expounded the Scriptures to them, their eyes opened. Then they knew Him.
69.      But before then, something happened. It was night and He told them He was going far away. They beckoned Him to stay with them that night. The Scriptures said that Jesus Christ pretended He was going somewhere; He wanted to stay with them but He pretended.
70.      They brought bread, they brought fish, yet He pretended He was in a hurry. The people begged and begged, a little while He said, “Okay,” and He carried the bread and the fish.
71.      Immediately He blessed these things in His own way, the people’s eyes opened. At that point, He left them.
72.      You know I believe in proving all things. I enjoyed the meeting yesterday.  I am very grateful.
73.      So, Brother Amobi, for you to have absented yourself from that meeting, I call it blindness.

You see, when a man marries, he changes.  But mind where the change is leading you to. If the change that is in you—as a result of marriage—is taking you far away from God, let it be known to you that the change is not from God.
74.      Because any change in your character, in your life as a result of marriage which God Himself instituted and approved of it for all His children, if the change does not bring you closest to God, please, question that change.
75.      What am I trying to say? If a bachelor stays away from his house till late in the night, nobody queries him except co-tenants because he will be disturbing them by knocking at the door. But once he marries, there must be a check. There must be somebody in the house that will make him to be closest to his house than before.
76.      Now, if he marries and then there is change in his life; he now changes from coming late everyday and now stays two, three days away, abandoning the woman; the change is not from God. For the change has thrown him farther away from the home.

Remember that your family is an integral part of this great Family of God. This great Family of God, my family is a part of it, your family is a part of it. That is why I believe that we all are built together as lively stones.
78.      When we come to the Fellowship together, we form a great habitation. When we are talking about the Family of God, it is made up of individual families coming together.
79.      This is why we are enjoying the peace of the Holy Spirit. Outside this Faith, people see the Family of God or Church of God as a building. Maybe with one man as the head—that is the founder and the general overseer. Every other person is just a participatory member.
80.      Any day he is offended, he can work alone. Any day he gets enough money, he can start his own because it is just a business centre. Any money that comes into his pocket is seen as First Bank or as a mobile agent.
81.      But in the Family of God, it is not so. It is your family, for you have no other family than that. Moreover, nobody can excommunicate you from your family.
82.      Even if you commit crime and we disown you, you will not disown your Family. Even if you are mad, you can never forget your father’s Family.
83.      If a man commits an offence in the family, the entire family can join hands together and push him out as a punitive measure; but one day, they will come together, remember him again and bring him back. He may even force himself back when he feels that the offence must have been forgotten.
84.      Sometimes, he can come back anyhow because, if sickness attacks him, his people will be invited—he is coming back as a liability. Because of the shame, his people must go and bring him back; otherwise, the image of the family will be ridiculed.
85.      That is what it takes to be a son in the family. He is not a slave. If he is a slave, once he leaves the family, you will see change of name: “I, formerly known as so-so and so, from now, wished to be called this and that,” because from the beginning he was a slave that took the master’s name, to enable him get what he desired from the master.
86.      So, Brother Amobi, I hope you are not becoming a slave in this Faith? If I were in your shoes, being a prince, looking around this Faith, you can hardly see people from Idemili Local Government, except the Obasanyas. If there be any, it can be by marriage.
87.      I remember that we had a Pastor who came from Ogidi. Is he in this Faith with us? Once history is forgotten, the mistake of the past must be repeated.
88.      If you do not want to fall on the way, please, please, do not play with history. Do not allow evil to befall you before you have your experience.
89.      When you hear about evil that befell somebody, learn a lesson from there. A wise man learns from what happened to others. He does not wait until he passes through the same problem or ordeal.
90.      Find out why he is not in this Faith. You are not holding a position in the Body as an Elder.
91.      Also, the other time I lashed you, I noticed you did not take it seriously because I sent you somewhere. I told you, you should be there, and I will be there also. I expected a feedback from you, but till today no report.
92.      I am saying that in this Holy Ministry, we allow everybody equal opportunity to manifest the gift that is in him or her. For we are of the opinion that we are bestowed with great gifts by the Almighty God.
93.      These gifts differ according to the individuals. All these gifts are for us to profit thereby. These gifts are to help in building up the Body of Christ. If we do not give you that free hand, how can the gifts be tapped?
94.      That is why we do not regulate anybody in this Faith. For we believe you have the Spirit of God in you that will do the regulatory work.
95.      As many as are guided and regulated by the Holy Spirit of God, they are the sons and daughters of God, unless you want us to be policing you about.
96.       What is the Holy Spirit? The Word you are hearing from the mouthpiece of God, that is spirit, that is life. Amen.


I want to rehearse something, which I believe will help Me to handle the Sunday school. If not today, it will be some other time.
2.           I have found this letter to be very, very important. That is why I want to engrave it in the tape.
3.           Remember that one day, I woke up after my deep meditations; I decided that all the letters and epistles that are already written to all the Local Assemblies, and to some individuals, that I will incorporate all of them in a book.
4.           I bundled the whole file to Lokoja. Apostle Joe did the typesetting. He finished everything—including pieces of papers—in a book form. That was the only thing I needed from wherever I may call our library.
5.           That was why I am not interested in anything that is in the custody of our former Bishop because I had already taken my materials; and he knew it not.
6.           You can see when the plan was hatched out. You see, I believed in one thing: “At the end, we will not remember the words of our enemies, but we will remember the silence of our friends.” This is truth.
7.          Let me say like Martin Luther, “Do not ever interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake; do not ever obstruct your enemy when he is making a mistake, because at the end we will not remember the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”
8.           SUSTAINED BY MY EXPERIENCE; is a Message I preached in this Faith some months ago; and it is being vindicated by this letter.

Household of God at Jos, March 16, 2004. Dear Daddy, it gladdens my heart to hear from you the Word of Life, to read from you and granted the privilege of writing you.
10.      Thank you for including me in your favoured list—an unworthy and hitherto, without any hope.
11.      You brought yourself to my level to save me. You gave me a lively hope. Daddy, please, pardon me for not writing you for a very long time now.
12.      Along this part of life and light—for you are the great Fountain—my path has been encircled with innumerable experiences.
13.      I discovered in 1996, when I drove the Brethren in a pick-up van on our way from the last Pentecost from Moba to Forest, a distance of over 15 kilometers without fuel, and the vehicle engine was made even smoother.
14.      In September, 1998, I had a strange occurrence in my house. As we had just returned from Fellowship, I was overwhelmed and out of my tongue proceeded a court session by the cover of witches who were eying over my soup, but their boss commanded them to release me because, I did not belong to them.
15.      I recalled another interesting experience in the year 2003. I was given a contract to construct a firm and it was in the rainy season. If it had rained, the deal would have been jeopardized because the clouds were thick and the rains were dropping.
16.      I stood my ground and called on my Lord, commanding the rain not to drop on the ground where we were working. Lo and behold, the rain had encircled everywhere we were working and it rained heavily, while the place we were working remained dry.
17.      Daddy, Thou Son of Man, you are worthy of my praises, worships and adorations. There were many experiences I have had recently; one pleasant assurance is that these experiences were from above.
18.      Also in my dream, we were somewhere that is untraceable as I plied in my dream, or I found myself in a mountainous region where I had problems tracing my way, or where I found myself taller than the electric pole, while other human beings will be smaller and so on.
19.      I wondered if I was a loser until the voice of assurance came giving unto me a lively hope, in removing the cause of offence which is the Bible.
20.      Daddy, you told me there is hope for the hopeless. I responded Amen. In going down memory lane, that you, the Source and Fountain of Life should bypass chassis engines and settle down for a knocked down 0.40 engine like me.
21.      Without a guide, a human being is like the most miserable creature upon the Earth.
22.      Take my case for instance, before you had come from the opposite direction to rescue this madman—a completely knocked down engine. I was a principal personnel officer with the Plateau Publishing Company (PPC) Limited, Jos.
23.      I attached my curriculum vitae with this letter. As I was progressing on my job, my uncle, (now late); and later my younger sister, now a completely knocked engine! She was a reputable seamstress but now she washes dishes for Hausa food sellers at Maraba Market, Jos.
24.      I deceived him (my uncle) into consulting herbalists for protection. One day in my house, I stepped into something like a snake. I did not see any snake. Then trouble unfolded. The mother of Spuka, my first wife, I had earlier sent away; my job was hanging on the balance.
25.      I was running from one herbalist to another looking for protection. I gave up many things ranging from money, chickens, goats and rams.
26.      I contacted many spirits ignorantly whenever I went to crossroad at 3.00am, remove my pyjamas, stand naked, pour upon myself some herbal potions, and chant some incantations as I turn to the north, south, east and west.
27.      Gradually, my second wife who is with me today, was sent away on the accusation she was a witch.
28.      At another time, I gave a goat to be sacrificed in my stead because I was marked for sacrifice by the witches. All the attempt by my senior administrator, Joseph Carey, who wanted to remove me from my professional area, Administration Department, to any other department of my choice failed.
29.      It was the last straw and he told me to include my name in the list selected for retirement. Already, I had lost interest in the job. This madness continued.
30.      I lost my last vehicle, a Peugeot 504. I earlier had a Morris Marina and 4XL. It never occurred to me to build any house. But in my 19 years of service at PPC, it was only vehicle, women and enjoyment.
31.      It came to a time when these herbalists were scaring me here and there; and I was perching there, as if that was not enough. I moved from Deeper Life and later to Cherubim and Seraphim. I later pleaded for the return of my wife, and my wife, Grace, came back.
32.      By this time, I was to rest; but inside of me I said, “If only I could come to the true God, against that, they will all kill me.”
33.      One day, I told the last herbalist to leave my house. I told him I had met One that is greater than his herbs and that he should leave my house. He thought that I was either mad or I was joking, I pushed him out.
34.      It came to the stage that I included my work in order to survive. The battle raged on especially, while we were under the Law. Sometimes, I will be walking on the major streets; I will feel physically troubled of what will exist upon my face.
35.      My dreams were nothing but edifications and where I wrote them, they were happy there. I withdrew from being in a strange city, finding it difficult to find my way through, and being on a highway or even crying and the likes; and these activities often weigh me down in the morning.
36.      This reminds me, there was a time I dreamt I was carried by a force that I cannot explain, into a high place and I was forced to take a substance under threat, I refused but the substance was forced on me. This I suspect was the beginning of the operations of the witchcraft people.
37.      In 1998—precisely September—I had an experience. I had just returned from Fellowship, and I was smiling with joy, as I entered my house, a force attacked me, pushed me to the ground, and I was like a drowning man.
38.      My wife was so disturbed; she rushed out accompanied by a lady to invite the Deacon.
39.      While somebody stood to witness my rolling on the ground, my mouth was sealed, but out of my tongue proceeded voices of women, three in number; two were arguing: ‘Why Richard should say he did not understand,’ but the third woman who seemed higher than the other two commanded that I should be released; arguing that I did not belong to them, that I belong to God.
40.      Many things were said concerning God’s plan for mankind. I heard from them, ‘Mankind is about to miss it again because they want to understand before they believe.’
41.      All along, you have sustained me even when the worst incident of the witches operation took place right under my door. You had sustained me, what else could I say?
42.      I want to thank you Daddy, most sincerely for restoring my wife to me. You are to recall when I had pleaded that my love for my wife be restored and you graciously did so, and along side that, my love for my children came back also.
43.      You are indeed a wonderful Father. When you had removed these causes of offence: the Bible, the Law and others; and I am sure and certain, I am before my Maker, the source of my great existence, the greatest decision I cannot but now, pour out my heart even more.”

Brethren, that is the much I want you to see from the testimony. Our Brother who wrote this letter, you know him. He is not a novice concerning the Faith. He is a highly educated fellow that was brought up in West Germany in those days, in one of the best Universities.
45.      He came down here in Nigeria. He continued in his career up to University of Jos, to Plateau Printing and Publishing Company (PPC). He rose to a managerial position before the fire fell.
46.      You have seen his experiences. What is sustaining him? In spite of all the troubles within and without, what do you think is sustaining him? “Personal conviction” that he is not deceived.
47.      Why couldn’t those spirits destroy him? Because he discovered his home, his lineage, he traced himself back to God. And those spirits also voiced it out, confirmed that he is not their property. That he belonged to God.
48.      They disarmed him of all his possessions including vehicles. They scattered his family yet they could not destroy him. Today he had the victory. This is victory letter. He is sharing his experiences. Please, do not carry it too far.
49.      The experiences he had, most of them were not dreams, they were physical experiences. Spirits will transform into human beings, come to him and sit down in his parlour, pin him down there, then discussions will start.
50.      Sometimes, judgement, sometimes, they will tell him where he will wait at crossroads. He will go there and stand naked. Spirits will come in the form of human beings and they perform the very rituals there.
51.      He was looking for security, being a big man, a rich man in a big company. He ran from one Church to the other. From COCIN (Church of Christ in Nigeria) to Deeper Life; no way! From Deeper Life to Cherubim and Seraphim; no way!
52.      Until in 1996, the Lord found him and brought him. Moreover, being a learned man who could argue very strongly, the Lord decided to use signs and wonders to cause him to obey.
53.      First miracle on the way started with the vehicle he was driving. After the camp meeting in 1996—many of you in the Fellowship this day were in that vehicle.
54.      Along the way, fuel finished in that pick-up van, and there was nowhere to buy fuel. It was the time there was fuel scarcity. The vehicle stopped and then picked up again. They checked the tank, nothing. The vehicle picked up again and carried them about 15 kilometers from the wilderness down to the forestry. And there, they bought fuel.
55.      I have experienced it with Brother Charles just like the vehicle that carried us back from our trip last Sunday. We were taking between 120 and  140 speedometers on the road to make sure we meet you in the Fellowship. In spite of the troubles we had, we succeeded.
56.      Who could believe that that same vehicle could not get to Brother Nnachor’s house safely and back. While we were trying to go, before we got to the Police Station, the vehicle spoiled. From Awka Road to Brother Nnachor’s house back to Benjamin, we used gear one and two in one lane.
57.      Moreover, what damaged in the vehicle was something that was enough to somersault that vehicle. The steering stabilizer rod broke into two. Then, what was controlling our steering? It is the Lord’s doing.
59.      See what the chiefest of all those spirits told him. Remember it was on a Fellowship day. He came back from fellowship, because before then, each time he comes back from Fellowship and opens his door, these spirits would be there already in human form like Brother Chikezie Ukasanya was experiencing in those days before he came into this Faith, and that is what is sustaining him.
60.      In spite of all the excommunications, Brother Chikezie remained. You do not know the extent the spirits can fight a human being if you are free from such.
61.      Like I was saying before I digressed; he opened the door; the spirits were already in human form. He wanted to talk but they commanded him to kneel down. From there he started rolling. They were about to kill him.
62.      One of them said, “Touch him not. He is not our property. He belonged to God.” He said that one thing with these people that believed God is that many of them had MISSED Him before, and that they are about to miss Him again because they want to UNDERSTAND before they will believe.
63.      Have I not told you in my Message that the Devil must testify against this generation?
64.      In the generation of Jesus Christ, the people he came to save called him Beelzebub, called him chief of the devils, called him every kind of blasphemous name. But the very Devil called Him “Jesus the Son of the Most High God.”
65.      The people He came to save, who were claiming to be God’s people were blinded. The Devil himself who was called their enemy, recognized their Messiah, their Saviour and gave Him His due honour and respect. But the people He came to save, they could not recognize Him.

The same experience is repeating again. It has always been the same in every dispensation. God has always been misunderstood by the same people that pray for His coming.
67.      One thing is to pray for God’s visitation, another thing is to receive God’s visitation. People can only acknowledge God when God has finished His work and gone away.
68.      Check history, only the Elect, only the people to whom the visitation is meant for have recognized God. When He will appear to do something, the rest are blinded. Their eyes will only open when He has come and gone.
69.      Can you imagine, if you were in the shoes of this Brother who has been having encounters with spirits physically and spiritually, what would have been your reaction? And look at the last encounter, the last victory; look at his experience in the year 2003—just last year.
70.      I wonder if many of us will not go and consult mediums so as to believe that we are not deceived. That is why I love the testimony of Brother James Elum. Nobody will teach him to be quiet; nobody will even tell him to know God. Nobody! It does not require preaching again.
71.      If there was a time he was in doubt as to what he was hearing and the power behind the whole thing, that time has gone. He is no longer a rebel if he is sincere with his experiences.
72.      But must everybody have it that way? There are some people that will get to that point and they will not come back. They will die there, especially, if you went there to prove the power of God.
73.      Brother James did not go there to prove the power. He went there for something. He forgot the personality he is. It required the devil to remind him of who he is. If he had gone there to find out, whether he is being deceived, he would have died there.
74.      What is sustaining you? Do you have any thing supernatural around you? Have you experienced God’s touch in any way? just like our Brother Abel in our midst.

I remember my last meeting, that was in 1998 in Jos. It was during the raining season around August. It was raining heavily. Kaduna River over flow its bank. The flood was very great. I was holding a meeting in Jos.
76.      Our Brother was desirous to be in Jos but he had no money. He decided to use his bicycle, carried his tools and then used a track road. From Zonkwua, in Kaduna State, he was going to Jos. He went through a shortcut.
77.      Finally, the thing boiled down to Kaduna River. There was no bridge and it was in the night. There was no canoe, no help in sight. He did not know what to do. He had covered a long distance of over 50 kilometres. There was no way he could go back. There was no building in sight. He was there alone watching the big river.
78.      The rays of the moon were glittering on the surface of the water. What an encounter! And our Brother was fixed on going to Jos to meet the meeting. By and by, what did he do? He just prayed.
79.      He did not know what to do again. He could not swim across River Kaduna. If he could swim, what about his bicycle? All of a sudden, somebody appeared from nowhere and looked at him, and interviewed him. He told him the truth about his mission. That river was flowing very swiftly.
80.      He said, “Okay, you know what you should do. Now, give me your bicycle, pull off your shirt, remove your sandals, simply watch me. I will be in front, stay behind me. If we get to the middle, the tide will be very swift, water will even reach your nose, but in all do not panic.” Our Brother said Amen.
81.      A man he knew not, in the night, and then the man carried the bicycle, and he followed. They got to the middle of the river, the tempest became very deft, water was trying to cover his face. He was not panicking. The man continued to encourage him. So, they continued walking and walking, and they saw themselves on the land.
82.      When they got safely on the land, on the other side, the man gave him his bicycle and spoke to him again. He said, “Now, climb this hill, climb the other hill, you will see some buildings, you can pass your night there. In the morning, continue your journey.”
83.      Our Brother turned and said, “Sir, please, may I know you? How much will I pay?” The man replied, “Do not pay me anything. But, why do you want to know me?” Our Brother said, “Please, that I may tell my Brethren who helped me, who crossed me along River Kaduna.” He said, Okay, when you get there, tell them that BELA helped you.”
84.      He thanked Bela, moved forward, looked back and could not see the man again. It was when he got to the meeting at Jos, that Brethren rushed towards him. The following evening while he was trying to narrate his experience, Brethren were telling him that God had already mentioned his name, his trouble, that God will see him through.

If you were in his shoes, people can talk blah, blah, blah; will you be numbered among them? Even if you are the only one left in that city like Antipas, it makes no meaning.
86.      Only inexperienced people talk blah, blah, blah. Experienced people do keep quiet.
87.      Watch people that make noise in public, they are people without experience, people that are being sustained by the opinions of others. When people express their opinions about certain matters, they will be number one to say “Hayi, na true, na true.
88.      Then, what is your opinion about the matter? Make sure you are not standing upon the opinions of others because people proffer their opinions according to their convictions.
89.      Brother Amobi, you have caused me to say few things there.  I am sustained by my experience. That Brother Phinehas is waxing stronger everyday, he is not a Pastor of a Local Assembly, he is an ordinary member. He is a very humble Brother.
90.      He could pick up any job to make sure he feeds his family. He is appreciative that all his requests are granted by the Almighty God. He is enjoying the love and work of his family now. He has a lot to testify. Amen.



Please, underline what the Devil said: That one great fault with the so-called people of God is that they had always missed Him, and this time around they are missing Him again because they insist that they must understand Him before they will believe.”
2.          No wonder, the Voice told us in 1993, “Keep on following whether you understand it or not, towards the end, you will understand all things; for God did not call us to understand Him but to believe Him.”
3.          People rose up for that, God saw it, He told them clearly, “Continue to doubt and I will continue to move; continue to doubt and I will continue to move.” They thought He was singing a sweet song for them.
4.          By the time those people that were doubting could recognize their foolishness, God had taken some people very far. And they were the people that started making noise. They were there when others were believing, and they were matching forward, they kept doubting, trying to understand before they will believe.
5.          Can a man understand God? If a man can understand God, why is He a mysterious being? Why is God a Paradox? It is easier to call God a Paradox but they want to know everything about Him. Yet you call Him a Paradox but you are working towards knowing everything about Him.
6.          Can a man know He that is a Paradox? If you know everything concerning Him, what makes Him a Paradox? The more you think you are understanding God, the more you are being fooled. God only called us to believe Him.
7.          If you wait untill you understand what God is doing, you will never believe God. For who can understand the ways of God? Can a man understand the ways of God? Even the Scriptures say that the ways of God are very high and passeth all human understanding. Is it not written in the Scriptures?
8.          Yet, they said they believed the Scriptures and they cannot acknowledge that the ways of God are very high and passeth all human understanding. That is why when God appears, a new thing is expected. For it is according to His promise that He will always do new things; that if it is explained to people, they will not believe.
9.          Why won’t they believe? They will like to understand it. Is it out of place that when you preach any message which is confirmed by God to be true, vindicated by nature, your conscience bearing witness—although it may not be written in the Bible because everything cannot be found in the Bible?

If everything can be found in the Bible, then it means the Bible is God. But the Bible is not God. The Bible tells us about God, but the Bible is not God. Let me tell you what I mean. The Bible tells us a little about God. The Bible never told us everything about God.
11.      The Bible is a book that is compiled by human beings, printed with the printing machine as a printed Bible and sold in the market. You can buy it as many copies, and as many translations you wish.
12.       But God is not in print. God is not in the market to be sold in any shop. Nobody can buy God in any bookshop. What do you call Bible? I thank God for the meeting at Enugu- Ezike.
13.       At Enugu- Ezike, God moved so much touching on the Bible and the way the Bible was written, and what prompted the writing of the Bible. A Roman Catholic, the landlord of Brother James, was very much interested—a learned man.
14.      He said, “My friend, I perceived you read History. You are perfectly in order.” And the man was moved. When I saw his interest, I moved the matter higher and higher. After all, somebody has to say it.

Just like when we were returning from our meeting recently, we entered into one bus, all of us that were coming to Onitsha. There were people in that bus. So, one woman at the back seat was having an encounter with Brother Charles.
16.      They were pointing to one building at Awka Road, the Shekinah Glory Church building. Brother Charles said that the man was his friend. That they were together in the Deeper Life and then to full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship.
17.      Today he has started his own Church—a business centre. Then, I began to speak. I said, “That is what he must get.” Can’t you see one building in that same Awka Road, one building accommodating three different denominations? All preaching the same thing, owned by three different persons.
18.      What do you call them? Business centres. Oh no! That means we know better! In short, the woman caught the joke, and then I showed more interest in the discussion.
19.      I moved the thing higher to show them that nothing is troubling the world more than religious-politics. I attacked all of them from different angles. Then attacked the Bible.
20.      When I attacked the Church and the Bible, I thought they were offended. I never knew they were paying attention until the woman said, “Please, do not carry me across my destination.” The other woman said, “Go ahead.”
21.      The driver and all that were in that vehicle, they all said, “Please, may we know the Church you attend; where do you gather?”  The conductor said, “Sir, do you know this thing you are saying, it is true but when people hear it, they will call you an anti-Christ.”
22.      I said, “I am the very anti-Christ. Since everybody wants to become Christ, I want to be the very anti-Christ. We have heard enough of Christ, yet we are seeing nothing but magic and politics. Let us go into anti-Christ. Maybe that is where the truth will manifest.”
23.      So, the thing was very hot. When we came down at the Post Office, they carried Brother Nnachor alone. Brother Nnachor later rejoined us. He said that the people were insisting that they must come to our Fellowship. That they continued demanding our Fellowship centre address, that he gave them the address.
24.      They said they were coming. But they had a wrong motive. He said that one of them said he was coming to learn something he will use to fight people that preach in the car.

You know, we asked them a question. I said, “Tell me, what actually was the abomination of the world? What brought about the high rate of evil in the society?” Because that woman was of the view that Churches should spread.
26.      I said that spreading of Churches means spreading of evil. For the people that are behind what we call spreading of evil today are people carrying the Bible, not traditional doctors. People that carry the Bible, they are perpetrating the evil.
27.      I said, “For example, when we had Roman Catholic and CMS alone, we had only but two evils or one evil because one was evil. But to one who was neutral, the two were evils. Hence, we had a maximum of two evils.
28.      Watch the lifestyles of the people then, watch the customs and the traditions of the people then; people could go places without having any trouble. There was no mention of armed robbery, no mention of kidnapping or raping or every kind of evil because the evil we had was limited to one or two.
29.      But immediately the Bible came, Churches spread after the Civil War, evil spread all over. It is so because people do not fear anything again. Because there is a “name” they gave them; that name is evil—“Jesus!”
30.      Anything you do, confess to Jesus. He will forgive the confession. They will say, “The Bible said, ‘Confess to God, do not go to anybody.’” Why are they afraid of going to somebody?
31.      So that when you commit evil, you will stay in your house alone; and then in your heart, nobody will even know. You simply confess to Jesus. Tomorrow you commit again, in your heart you confess to Jesus. As a result, evil will continue and continue, unabated.
32.      But that time when you go to a Reverend Father, you will tell him you stole. He will ask you how many times. Because you will go to confession every year; and he will ask you, “How many times did you steal?—you will look at his face to know whether he will be happy if you tell him two or three times.
33.      In your confession card, he will write the date you made the confession and that crime—which he marked asterisks—he will write two times or three times.
34.      If next week you come to him and you confess stealing again, he will even slap you there. He may even recognize you as a rogue. Hence, if anything is missing in your village, they will contact the Reverend Father, and he will ask them to go after you.
35.      Then, to avoid such embarrassments, you will not steal again. But since Jesus came and the blood of Jesus came, everybody can do whatever he wants, in his heart he will confess to Jesus, close his mouth, nobody will know what has happened.
36.      Evil increased all in the name of “Jesus.” Everybody: Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!
37.      There was a man, a general overseer in his Church who told me in the presence of his family, here in Inland Town. You were witnesses. He told me that he would kill Me. I said, “For what?” He said, “Yes, I will kill.” I then said, “But you are a man of God, what will you tell your people?” He said, “I will confess to Jesus. I will kill you and confess to Jesus.”
38.      I said, “To kill me, and confess to Jesus to forgive you?” I hate the name “Jesus” because of the evils associated with it.
39.      The increase in the number of Churches should minimize the rate of evil in the society. Did you get the Message? If the Churches have good motives, at least the increase will mean increase in righteousness. Is that not true?
40.      But watch what is following many of them, they are nothing but naked evils. Take away the Bible, take away the Churches, the world will be in peace.
41.      When a woman wants to cause trouble in the family, she will run into one Church. Any attempt by the husband to correct her, she will scream, “Hayi! They said it ooh! Even Jesus said it. My Jesus said it, I have not come to bring peace but to destroy,” and the husband will hate the wife.
42.      The wife in return will hate the husband; members of the family will be at variance to each other: “Hayi! I am suffering for Jesus.”

Tell me, if God is the author of peace, how can He come into a family that is enjoying peace to bring disintegration, and yet will tell us to seek peace, yet He will bring confusion, disintegration, hatred into that family? Which one do you believe?
44.      The same Bible said, “If your enemy hates you, love him, do good to him.” The same Bible said, “Hate those that hate God with perfect hatred, have nothing to do with them.” The Psalmist said, “Give them a portion with the dead.”
45.      Now, which one do we take? Take away the Bible; people’s conscience will be cleansed. I am saying that our Brother Phinehas has narrated his experience thanking God for taking away the cause of offence which is the Bible.
46.      He was writing by personal revelation. He is not compelling you to say the same thing he said. This is Brother Phinehas’ conviction after evaluating everything in the Bible, having started his career from Catholic to COCIN, to Cherubim and Seraphim, to Deeper Life. He is not a novice in the Bible. He is of the opinion that the cause of offence has remained the Bible.
47.      Truly speaking, I want to confirm that nothing causes the offence more than the Bible. Anything any man wants to do, he must take his stand from the Bible.
48.      If he wants to kill, there is a portion of the Bible he will hold on to. Then the question arises: when did men start worshiping God with the Bible? When did human beings start worshipping God with the Bible? Since God never created one Bible, Adam and Eve, were they given any Bible? Did they inherit any copy?
49.      What of Noah who pleased God, did he read any Bible? Did Abraham worship God with any Bible? Did Moses have any Bible? What of Job, any Bible in his hand? No. Amen.


Who wrote the Bible? Check all the Prophets, who wrote the Bible? The Bible was written in the year 1503 AD, according to the Jewish history, which is 501-years today—five hundred and one years.
2.          By the year 2004, from the day the first Bible was written, complied and published, it is 501 years. The first Bible was written courtesy of the Vatican City because Titus conquered Jerusalem and carried all the parchments to Rome, because Rome was controlling the whole world.
3.          That was why the name of the first Bible that was published in the world, which was published in Latin language, was called CODEX VATICANUS. Am I telling lies? Quote me wherever you go. There is no Reverend Father, there is no Pope, there is no Archbishop that does not know about this truth—CODEX VATICANUS!
4.          It is 2001. Crosscheck it wherever you can. After going through this Message, you can go to All-Hallows Students’ Library. Meet the Rector of the Seminary. That is the highest library you can lay hand on in Onitsha. Or, you can go to National Archives, in Enugu. Go and crosscheck what I have said.
5.          The next Bible after CODEX VATICANUS was published in the year 1506, in the city of Alexandra. It was also published in Latin language. It was titled: CODEX ALEXANDRINUS. You have to know the origin of these things.

The first English Bible was published in Elizabeth English or Shakespearian English. I will tell you the origin. It was due to the problem Prince James had in the Catholic Church.
7.          Prince James was a son of King James of England. He was an arch Roman Catholic. He married Lady Catherine who was barren. But Prince James desired to have his own children.
8.          The Roman Catholic was against polygamy. Thus, they stood against his marrying another wife. Prince James decided to go contrary to the order of the Catholic Church and took a second wife. The Archbishop of Rome decided he would never wed him.
9.          Prince James decided to go with Church Missionary Society, which he later called the Church of England. What we call “Church of Nigeria” today or Anglican Church was CMS (Church Missionary Society). It was a mere society just like Scripture Union.
10.      You must know the origin of the Anglican Church.
11.      Therefore, Prince James went there. When he got there, he injected a revolution because he was in authority since his father died; he ascended the throne as a king. Then, he assembled English scholars and gave them a copy of CODEX VATICANUS to translate in the language of English—that is British language.
12.      Remember that we are speaking English today is because we were colonized by the British. If the French had colonized us, we shall be speaking French language. That is why we have Anglophone countries.
13.      Anglophone countries are the countries that were controlled by the British. Francophone countries are countries that were colonized by France. Do you get the Message?
14.      King James assembled these scholars. It took them three years to translate the CODEX VATICANUS into the language of the English of that day. That English was Shakespearian language; examples are: YE, THOU, ART, SAYETH, and so many others which are not current English we speak today.
15.      If you are conversant with Shakespeare, even though he is from England, it is not an American English. The language of King James Version is not an American language. It is purely British language.
16.      When they finished it, the man decided to publish it. That is why it was published under his SEAL and handed out as a symbol of authority. The seal of a king is an irrevocable seal. That is why you can see it written as: THE AUTHORIZED KING JAMES VERSION.
17.      The whole thing was written after the belief of his majesty, the King of England under his seal and authority. Have you seen it? That is why you call it THE AUTHORIZED KING JAMES VERSION.  And it is being diligently compelled, everything remaining the same.
18.      Can you translate from one language to another with hundred percent (100%) accuracy? Can you translate from Igbo to English with hundred percent (100%) accuracy? Can you translate from English to Igbo with hundred percent (100%) accuracy? No, is not possible.

I want you to see what you call the Word of God. Then, when it was published, there was a problem between the Anglicans and the Romans. Real disputes ensued which most of us inherited.
21.      Until the Pentecostal Churches appeared after the Civil War, Anglican priests were not recognized by the Roman Catholics. If you are an Anglican, you can never be a teacher in Roman Catholic Institution.
22.      You cannot attend their hospitals because when these two Churches became warlords, they came with schools and colleges, they came with hospitals. That is why you can hear CMS High School, Methodist High School, Baptist High School.
23.      But when you come to the Catholic section, their schools are named after their saints. In addition, they must have that word “Catholic.”
24.      You will hear, Saint Peter’s Catholic School, Saint Mary’s Catholic School. It must have “Catholic” there to separate it from the Anglicans. You know the origin of these nonsenses.
25.      When these two Churches came as missionary movements, they came with the politics of their countries, politics of divide and rule. They came with enmity. The enmity became so great that Catholics do not permit their daughters to be married by the Anglicans.
26.      Aged men, am I telling lies? We inherited these things until the Pentecostal Movements came. The enmity remained there because Christianity STARTED WITH ENMITY. It started with politics, it started with divide and rule; it started with hatred. People inherited it like that.
27.      Nobody had ever made any attempt to revive it. Any attempt to re-unite them had ended in zero mark.

Then the Romans opposed King James Version immediately. They decided to do something. All the books they call the missing books in the Bible, they labelled them Apocalyptic Write-ups or Writings. These are writings without any approved legal authorities.
29.      They decided to gather those books and then included them in their own new translations so that their own Bible will contain more books than that of the Anglican Church.
30.      By so doing, Catholic is still on the lead. Catholic is still leading.
31.      Then the Anglican sat back to do their research. The books they would have used to counter what the Roman Catholic wrote, Catholics had exhausted all of them. They did not know what to do. Now, they resorted to Movements. In their Movements, they decided to permit certain Movements like the Wesleyan.   
32.      Wesley established Methodists in Germany. Remember the Methodist, which was founded by Wesley. Remember that Wesley and Luther, were all Roman Catholics. Do you know that?
33.      Martin Luther was a Reverend Father, a member of the Council. Do you know that? Inquisition carried him to Germany. There, he established the Methodist. Anglicans, immediately, rushed to Germany to unite with the Methodist so that they can fight Romanism. Did you get the message?
34.      So, they united with Martin Luther’s Movement. When Luther died, Wesley took over; they reached an accord, which they called “Anglican-Methodist Accord.”
35.      The accord went like this: anywhere Methodist went first, Anglican Church will not be established there, all Anglicans will attend Methodist there. The same way, anywhere Anglican is, Methodist will not go there to establish. All Methodists will go there. It was a working agreement to fight Romanism.
36.      Now tell Me, is it not politics? Is it not divide and rule? You must know the history of what you call Christians’ Movement.
37.      Christians’ Movement is a Religious-Political Movement that came to Nigeria from Europe with intention to colonize and make us perpetual slaves.
38.      If you watch the authority of the so-called Bible, apart from the Bride Ministry, there is no other group that boldly came out to declare that there are contradictions and errors in the Bible.
39.      It is written in such a way that the readers are supposed to believe everything, asking no questions. Even to challenge the Bible is a criminal offence. To challenge any portion of the Bible, you cannot do that.
40.      Even till today, the perpetrators of evil who use the Bible, if you challenge a portion of the Bible to insult him, they will call you a criminal. Yet, they are renowned criminals.
41.      You must know the history of the Movements.
42.      A little while, Movements continued spreading.

There is one funny thing in these Eastern and Western Movements; note one thing. America was not there. America was left behind because America does not worship God. They worship science.
44.      America pays strict attention to scientific discoveries, inventions, surveys and things like that. They had no time for God. They had no time for religious-politics. That is why by the time they recognized their foolishness, it became too late.
45.      The Western and the Eastern blocs have already dominated the world with their religious movements. America went back and did their homework.
46.      After the Second World War, they decided to use their wealth, their science, their experiences to sponsor a religious movement that will topple Roman Catholic, Anglican and all other Movements.
47.      They came up with an idea that they will not fight the Bible but they will use money to sponsor many translations of the Bible written in American language.
48.      Today, we have American versions of the Bible. We have new American versions of the Bible. What did they do? They studied the setup of the world, discovered that the world is now made up of restive youths who will like to embrace something new.
49.      They gathered their youths together in a place called Azusa Street. When they gathered there, they instigated them to come up with a revival, which the White House will recognize and sponsor with money.
50.      They came out with the first thing called Holy Ghost Movement; Holy Ghost Church: speaking in tongues, prophecy; macham, macham and talking in American style of speech, backed with American style of life.
51.      They came up with a movement that is purely American. That is the origin of what you call Pentecostal Movement. The Pentecostal Movement, a Movement away from all! Purely American Movement!
52.      Tell me the Pentecostal Church you know today, whether in Nigeria or anywhere that does not have the inspiration from America? That is why, once they start a Movement, the next thing, they are in America.
53.       You see big time millionaires; they now carry Bibles with their multibillion naira musical equipments. You see them going to places. America became the first country in the world that used their money to print their Bibles and gave to the world, free.
54.       What we call Pentecostal Churches today, they are all American images. Watch their songs, watch their dressings, watch their lifestyles, their films, their crusades, everything about them came from America.
55.       Now, America has conquered the world. America now has possessed two powers: one, political power; two, religious power. These are the two powers that suppressed the world because politics is tied to the economy. You cannot separate your economy from politics.
56.       If you do not have a stabilized government, your economy must dwindle. People will not invest in your country. Nothing attracts investment more than stabilized government. Are you getting the little history? Amen.


I am here to enlighten you, to inform you, to educate you. If you feel I am fooling you, rise up, tell Me your version, and correct Me.
2.           Go to the libraries, do your research, tell Me that I erred and show Me where I erred. But, if you can not do that, accept what I am saying because I did my research before coming out.
3.          You must know the history of Christians’ Movement. The Christians’ Movement is not even from God. If it is a Movement from God, it would have started from Creation.
4.          The first people that worshipped God, were they called Christians? Were they running any Movement? Are we the first people that worshipped God? Why should our own be different from others?
5.          Just like people making the Gospel mistake, holding the Bible and missing the truth therein. Calling Jesus the only Son of God. Some even call him the first Son of God.
6.          What will happen to those people the Bible recorded that they were sons and daughters of God even before Mary was born, before Joseph was born?
7.          Nobody knew about Jesus but there were people that were called sons and daughters of God. Adam was called a son of God. David was called a son of God. Was Jesus born that time? How can Jesus be the only son of God? Can he be the first son?
8.          Okay! The Bible said, “Now, are we sons and daughters of God;” is that not true?
9.          You will know the truth and the truth will establish you. Nothing gives boldness more than the truth. When you are sure you are saying the truth, you are not interested in who is believing God and who is not believing. Because you are sure and certain when you proclaim the truth, if it is not believed today, it will be believed tomorrow.
10.      If you are wise, after hearing from Me, go back to your old headmasters. Maybe you do not know that until the Civil War, schools were owned by Churches; hospitals were owned by Churches.
11.      Immediately after the war, people lost their consciences because of the crave for money. Government doctors started revolting, Missionary doctors started revolting, government decided to own schools. They took schools over from the Churches. That is the origin of our troubles.
12.      Before we knew it, doctors started feeling very poor. Illiterates began to count in millions and doctors did not have money to feed their families. They started establishing private hospitals or commercial hospitals. The same way, commercial Churches appeared.
13.      Commercial Churches, they will say, “There is nothing you can get from God freely like that. There are many, God ordained to serve you and they are depending on you. You bring your tithe to them, for they are representing God. Bring everything you have for God,” so that a man of God will eat and become fat.
14.      What is more, they are changing their practices everyday. Now, they charge people for their prayers.
15.      They charge people for prayers, have special days for special set of people: “Traders, if you want your business to prosper, come on Wednesday. When you are coming, you purchase a card, we will tell you how much you will pay and then pray for you. If you have sickness, this and that, you come on Friday.”
16.      A man will now fold his hands, carry Bible, have an office, everyday he will go there, waiting for people to come, who he will pray for, then they will give him money. That becomes his occupation. And you will tell Me is from God?
17.      Let me tell you, God has heard a lot because everything is attributed to God. Men and women invaded ministries: every man has a calling, every woman has a calling.
18.      There is one, a family friend like that, his husband came to Me, my wife was there. He said, “Sunday, I thank God, God has started moving with my wife, we are now enjoying life. My wife now has a parish.”
19.      I said, “How do you mean?” He replied, “My wife now has a parish, and she is doing well. She is now doing deliverance; she takes people to River Niger and delivers them from evil spirits. She now helps to untie people who are in bondage. Money is really coming now.”
20.       I said, “My friend, why not join her?” He said that already, he is moving gradually. I asked, “Will you join in the Church or in the deliverance?” He said, “I will be calling people and she will be delivering; money is coming now.”
21.      The woman is now wearing suit. If you see her now, she is moving very fast. Yes! That is what is reigning.
22.      “When she was in that school, when she was learning the job, I was wondering if she could graduate. When she was learning how to deliver people; I was wondering if she could graduate;” it is long now.
23.      Everything is Jesus, Jesus! You see why we are a different people altogether. Because we cannot associate ourselves with that nonsense.
24.      In every age, God had always preserved a people that refused to bow down to Jezebel’s religion. God had always preserved people, kept people unspotted from the world. They are always in the minority, greatly despised and ridiculed. Yet, they are apples in the sight of God. He keeps watch over them.

God judges the motive why you are in this Faith. He judges the motive why I am saying what I am saying.
26.      If after speaking these words of truth, we still condescend to elemental spirits because of the demands of this flesh, of all men on Earth, shall we not be the most miserable?
27.      After seeing this level of truth, and we condescend to elemental spirits where we shall compromise our Faith, who do we blame? We should blame ourselves and it is a mark of insincerity.
28.      Only an insincere person in this Faith will go out and compromise his holy and high calling in Christ after coming to the knowledge of this level of truth, which our fathers did not know.
29.      Maybe you do not know that our fathers followed those religions ignorantly because situations compelled them to do so. The Churches came with two basic things: school, that is, the art of learning how to read and write; two, hospital, which has to do with health.
30.      And for you to benefit from any of them, you must belong to one Church. So, people now belonged not on the conviction of what the Church stands for, but because that is the only way they can benefit from the facilities provided by the Church. That was why our people took side with Roman Catholic.
31.      Our mothers and fathers, although, they were illiterates, they would go to Church; where an Irish missionary was officiating that time, he would back them, raised his hands there with the red cloth sown in many ways, moving like an Irish masquerade, using many candles in the day. Whatever the candles signify, I do not know.
32.       With a lot of incenses, he will open his mouth and his eyes, the smoke will be coming out, he will be pouring the thing everywhere, pour holy water, you will hear him speak in Latin. Our parents did not know what he was saying.
33.      A lot of them will join in saying, “Wowowowo! If they come back from Church service, I could see my mother trying to memorize what she heard. She will be doing her little work, and she will be saying, “Wowowowo!”
34.      One day, I called my mother and I said, “Mama, do you mean that the Reverend Father was making wowowo? I believe he was saying something.
35.      My mother then said, “That is why I wanted you to go to school. I wanted you to study and become a Reverend Father so as to know what he is saying, and you will be telling us.” The thing became a spirit inside me and I desired to be a Reverend Father. Just to know how to speak Latin so that I will tell my people the interpretations at home.
36.      There were no black priests that time. They were all Irish missionaries. What am I saying? This woman that went to Church only to learn “wowowowo,” was God making “wowowowo?”

his is to show you that they followed things they did not know thinking they were following God. It is also applicable to C.M.S and any other group even till today. People rush to Pentecostals thinking that they are embracing the truth; they do not know that they are on their way to destruction.
38.      We are living in a hopeless society bundled with problems. And these crafty Nigerians and crafty Americans have recognized the hardships everybody is passing through; so, they will try to highlight the areas of interests, people are suffering from.
39.      Before you know it, “Oh, I am here with a remedy, the Lord has anointed me for it. All who are suffering from fibroid, I say today, today, it will be no more;” and you see people rushing out. They will rush to that place with fibroid and go back with fibroid and pile.
40.      Because you have been invited to meet a devil who is trying to destroy you. When you come with the one he gave you before, he will give you another one. Tell me anyone that is delivered by any preacher of fibroid in your hometown? Be sincere. Or, in Onitsha? They know people’s areas of interest.
41.      I remember the same day late Benson Idahosa came to Inland Town. He said he has come to place a curse on poverty in Onitsha, that all traders will become millionaires that year.
42.      He said, “My God told me the secret in giving. Now, put your hands in your pockets, collect everything there including handkerchief, and raise it up. I am going to pray a special prayer. I am going to pray.”
43.      While their hands were up, the man spoke again: “Put it in your left hand, collect everything there, hold it up, do not allow your hand to go down.” People were coming with big waterproofs.
44.      He continued, “Put the two hands inside the water proofs, drop everything there, I am going to make a special prayer for you.”
45.      My brother who went with me that day became a victim because I could not obey the message. It was when he finished the prayers, two days after he left Onitsha, that Main Market was gutted by fire. Nothing was rescued. The impoverished traders became poorer.
46.      Then, I began to wonder, “How could God make these people millionaires when fire had already ravaged their businesses.”

What is the truth about this so-called man of God? He just exploited the people and ran away. Reinhard Bonke came, it was worst; so they have continued till today.
48.      Do not allow any man to cash in on your problem, using your problem to destroy you. No man is without a problem. Even that preacher has a problem.
49.      There is one man they called Archbishop Ezeugo of Overcomers’ Church at Owerri, Imo State. He claims he heals the sick, he cures mad people, that even if you bring the dead, that the person will rise.
50.      Brother Columbus, you had a case with him sometime ago and the case ended just of recent. Do you know the man I am talking of? He is from your area.
51.      Now, his brother, what is his condition? His own son is mad. Has he delivered him? Not one year, not two years. Has he delivered him? What of his carnal brother?
52.      If you like, go and verify. I will give you the name of the village. It is Avu in Owerri, about 15 kilometres from Owerri town. That was a man they nearly killed, the man that was involved in the Otokoto incident. Yet, he is a man of God.
53.      He said that the skulls of human beings that were discovered in his house were skulls people brought to give testimonies. That while they were making confessions, they decided to come with those skulls.
54.      If you were a murderer, you murdered people, you came to me to make confession, after the confession; do I have any right to keep the human skull? If I am a man of God, I will take the human skulls to the Police. This is what I will do. I will not keep them in my house.
55.      Do not mind them. We know what is happening. I thank God many of you read it in the paper. Till today, he is still making trouble. He is having trouble with us right now. Our Deacon, Deacon Samuel moulded blocks for his building, and a fence separates Brother Samuel’s portion from Ezeugo’s.
56.      The younger Brother of our Brother, Brother Samuel went to work at Owerri, and sold Brother Samuel’s blocks to Reverend Archbishop Ezeugo.
57.      Before Brother Samuel could come back, Ezeugo had evacuated the whole block. Then our Brother went to the Police. The trouble started. While the trouble was on, he used our Brother’s blocks to raise two-storey building.
58.      Then, they invited the Police, the community complained to the Police, they gave him order to remould the blocks, but he refused. The trouble had remained on. I will hear how they ended it.
59.       Could he say he was blind when our Brother was moulding his blocks since they are relations? Even if the younger brother was selling those blocks to him—criminals calling the name of Jesus!
60.      Please, I am sorry for going this far; I have dragged you far, what is my aim? I am trying to point you to the truth so that when you want to go contrary. You know, you decided to go contrary. Not that you are being misinformed.
61.      The correct way to guide a man is to give him the truth. When you give a man the truth, leave him alone. Do not follow him about. Anywhere he wants to go, he can go. Amen.

Now, look at what truth has produced again. Pastor Dan, come and rush this letter before I rush my Message and go down, it is a reply to the letter. Anybody from Aba in the Fellowship?
2.          It is unfortunate I could not photocopy the letter. I send it to you; you photocopy it and send it to me. So, you send it by returning it with your hand. When you photocopy it, return the original to Me. You have seen what is in the letter. It is a reply to the man that calls himself Brother IK’s in-law.
3.          “9th March, 2004. Dear Mr Peter, as regards your letter dated 5th march, 2004; I am happy for your contribution and your advice as well. May the Lord Almighty meet you at all points of your need in Christ’s name.
4.          Concerning the statement of “IK Nwobodo never married my late daughter;” in fact, I do not really know anything about that because I gave my daughter to IK for marriage legally. And I do not go back to my decisions.      
5.          In respect of your questions, I want my in-law to come and carry the corpse of his son because his late wife was properly married as I said earlier. His son died after a brief illness after which his daughter will be released to him.
6.          Although he has not come for her since all these problems. Allowing the son-in-law with IK to continue, it is in his hands, but for me, I do not have anything evil in mind for him because the Lord gives and He takes.
7.          More also, anytime my in-law is ready to allow the elders of both lands to step in, in order to normalize the situation, I will have no objection. In addition to what I am saying, since my late daughter and everything concerning her were legally done, both customarily and religiously, therefore, the mortuary bill of my grandson should be paid by my in-law.
8.          In conclusion, I still thank you once again and also sorry for the mistakes and as well regret any discomfort it may have caused. Remain blessed. Chidi Madu.”
9.          Brothers from Aba, please, come. Hear my advice, one to Brother IK, one to your Bishop. Return the original to Me. Amen.


To God be the glory! I hope nobody is in a haste. I want you to permit me to say few words. You may say Brother, you mean few words again but you have been talking since morning.
2.          Yes! I say few words. The preacher is a man of few words. He can be in the pulpit till morning, yet he is a man of few words. Amen.


I have been quiet for sometime now. I have my reasons for that because I believe at a time like this, patience reveals all things.
2.          Although I can use the words of a great man; a great philosopher called Napoleon.
3.          He said and I quote, in his write up, in the year 1821, “Only two things are infinite, the Universe and human stupidity; and I am not sure about the former, but concerning the latter which is human stupidity, he said it is infinite.”
4.          Napoleon lived between 1769 and 1821. Anybody older than him now? I do not know any. Only two things are infinite, the UNIVERSE and HUMAN STUPIDITY, he said that he was not sure of the former; he was not very sure of the Universe.
5.          He examined the universe and concluded that the universe is infinite—is limitless. he said he wasn’t sure of the infinity of the Universe;  but concerning the latter which is human stupidity, he said it is infinite.
6.           If I know that human stupidity is infinite, all I have to do is to carry out my argument in a wiser way. Hence, Napoleon said, in the same write up, “Silence is argument carried out by other means.”
7.          Why? Human stupidity is infinite. You dare not obstruct your enemy or interrupt him when he is making a mistake.

I am here to impart wisdom in you. How I wish you are imbibing the wisdom. For wisdom saves your life. Wisdom places you higher than your surrounding. Wisdom makes you to hold your head high even in the midst of kings and rulers. A man without enough wisdom feels feeble.
9.          Maybe you do not know that inferiority complex is as a result of lack of wisdom. A poor man is not a man that has no money but a man that has no wisdom.
10.      Why not say Amen.
11.      When you come to God, He is the Fountain of wisdom and knowledge.
12.      You may not have money; it does not make you poor. A poor man is not one that has no money but one that has no wisdom. He has no knowledge, he lacks understanding. To him that lacks understanding, the world is a tragedy to him.
13.      But, when you have wisdom, you understand life, you understand the meaning of life, you understand the world.
14.      Oh no! The world becomes a comedy to you. I am saying the truth. The world you are living in is a comedy to a wise man but a tragedy to a foolish man because he does not seem to understand the fact about life.
15.      He that sees money as an end is a foolish man. But a wise man sees money as a means to achieving the end. That is why money is not all and all.
16.      When money is lost, nothing is lost. When life is lost, something is lost. But when character is lost, all, the totality, is publicly lost.
17.      We are not in this Faith in vain. We are coming to Fellowship for something.
18.      Silence does not mean stupidity because a wise man keeps quiet in something he knows very well while a foolish man advertises his stupidity.
19.      Watch a man that always makes a noise; he is a fool, an empty barrel. A wise man is cool, quiet and calculated. He only speaks when the situation warrants it, and after that, he closes his mouth
20.      Maybe you do not know that the words you have in your mind can never cause trouble but the one that proceeded out of your mouth. Anything you have in your mind can never cause trouble but what comes out of your mind is what will cause trouble.
21.      Then, if you know it to be truth, you work with your mind than with your mouth.
22.      I have watched a wise man who puts up an argument in a different way, he is beaming with smiles, he makes no enemy because he knows that human stupidity is infinite.
23.      Stupidity is always in man and he cannot check it. So, he is beaming with smiles, he is completely dressed, well dressed with wisdom—that is a man, that is a woman, that is seed of God. Always cheerful.
24.      Yes, your dressing is incomplete until you put on a smiling face. When you understand life, it becomes a comedy to you.
25.      What am I saying? The window of the mind is always there, reflecting what you are made up of, because your face is the window of your mind. Believe it if you can, the face is the window of the mind.
26.      A man cannot be sad inside and cheerful outside. You know, when you manifest these virtues, you subject the man that is on the opposing side to a miniature human being.
27.      Remember what I told you. What is the secret of success? It is subjecting the man that is on the opposing side to a suspended silence.
28.      Suspended silence—that was the secret the Lord Jesus Christ used. He placed the Jews on a suspended silence. In everything they said about Him, He openeth not His mouth. Why? He understood that human stupidity is infinite.
29.      Trying to oppose or obstruct the way of the enemy when he was sure he (the enemy) was erring, that will be foolishness.
30.      Jesus Christ, as a master that has understood the world, He saw the world as a comedy. If the world is a stage, you are the actors. If the world is a stage, men and women are the actors and actresses of the stage. There can never be a stage without actors or actresses.
31.      Then, who are the actors and actresses? Men and women. Besides, there can never be man and woman without manifestation of stupidity.
32.      You may say, “Brother, is it what you have for us now?” I have something higher than that but you have to develop yourself for you to go on with Me. There is a reason.
For some weeks now, I have been trying to impart wisdom into you, knowledge into you, to shoot you on high, because I am touching on the Comet.
34.      I am touching on the Comet because nothing is stationary again. Everything is on the move. The planets are on the move. The fraudsters are on the move, that is why you see increase in crime, increase in population, increase in every kind of thing.
35.      Even natural disasters, all, are on the increase. Why? The Comet is with us. I say the Comet is with us.
36.      Something is about to unfold and that will culminate into the Great Judgment of the world, for God is about to possess His property; and to throw it away, He has to beef you up. He is about to unfold something.
37.      Watch where everybody is heading to, in spite of all the efforts of Governments, Private organizations, Churches, every kind of society, in trying to restore sanity in the world, you see all of them ending in vanity; complaining and complaining, because a “force” has been set into motion.
38.      A force has been released to act upon the planets, including the Earth. Do not worry, until your backs will blister because of the intense heat that will come from the sun, you will know then that nothing is stationary again.
39.      That is why mortality rate has increased. Anybody that clocks 70 years, we will say he has lived very long. Watch all the posters of obituary placed here and there, the deceases are between the ages of 25-years and 55-years—both men and women—no matter how good they might be, no matter how nourished they might be.
40.      What will you hear? You will hear: “He died of brief illness,” something has set in. The hand of God is there. God cannot come in vain if not to restore, to rescue those that put their trust and confidence in Him.
41.      If you did not know how the world was, you will not know why everybody is crying.
42.      “I really prayed that God should come and wipe off everything and start with a new thing;” I believe people say such a thing even if they will be involved, they do not care. They are calling the end of everything.
43.      Politics has failed everybody. Economy has failed. Money has failed. Education has failed. Churches have failed. Families have failed. Many families are no longer families. They are just existing.
44.      Some people are living, while some are merely existing. Some families are merely existing. Then, what do we do? Man proposes but God disposes.

an proposes but God disposes. Do you believe it? As we rise up with the Message of the hour; we must recognize our own day and its own Message. You must recognize your day and things meant for your own peace.
46.      If you do not recognise your day and your own Message, you may be wallowing in the glare of another message. The Message for Moses’ day was for Moses’ people.
47.      The Message for Noah’s day was for Noah’s day. The Message for Abraham’s day was for Abraham’s day. The advent of a Messenger marks the end of the previous Messenger. So, the two cannot be on the stage at the same time.
48.      I am saying that Abraham had to give way for Moses to come. The same way, Jesus must give way for Paul to come. Did you get the Message?  Carry it down the line.
49.      I am saying that Wesley could not have mounted on top of Martin Luther, for they were all Messengers of the same Message. One has to give way for the other to emerge. That is God’s perfect way, He does not contradict it.

We are matching on: one Voice, one Messenger, one flock, one Shepherd. We are still in line. That is why we reject any discordant tone.
51.      If you want to try what I am saying—whether I am here or not—no matter your calling in the Body of Christ, take up the pulpit, preach what you want to preach, if it is not in consonance with the Faith of the Bride, you will see their reaction: Everywhere will be calm. Nobody will echo Amen to you.
52.      They will be looking at you with strange eyes as one that is fooling himself and not them. You will not need anybody to call you to come down. Shame will grip you there, you will close your message halfway, you respect yourself and go back to your seat.
53.      Why? God has planted the Urim and the Thummim in the hearts of the believers. There is something God has placed in all the Elect that sifts the message and takes nothing but the truth.
54.      Because the Scriptures said, “He has given us the believing heart because we believe the truth.”


If you have believing heart, I have been hammering on this thing. Let me just say something there, and it may offend you. What do I say? It may offend you.
2.          I am still saying like Napoleon—I love this Napoleon the great: from 1769 to 1821. He said and I quote, “I AM ALL IN FAVOUR OF KEEPING DANGEROUS WEAPONS OUT OF THE HANDS OF FOOLS. BUT LET US BEGIN WITH TYPEWRITER.”
3.          By 1821, there was no photocopying machine, there was no computer, and there was no television. Verify from anybody.
4.          There was no tape recorder in year 1821; the highest innovation that time was the typewriter.
5.          Here is one secret about the typewriter. You see the carbon sheet that is used in typewriting something, if you can lay hand on it; you have everything that is typed in that typewriter.
6.          Assuming you photocopy it, you get everything. In typewriter, you can write things and attribute it to another person. No Verification of handwriting! Because through verification of handwriting, you might be replicated. But with the use of typewriter, anybody can type anything and write your name.
7.          So, Napoleon said that he supported that all dangerous weapons should be kept out of the hands of fools. But he went further by saying, “Let us start with the typewriter.”

Now, this is my day; I am in favour, I am in support of removing all dangerous weapons from the hands of fools but we shall start with television.
9.          The problem William Braham called the devil’s box (the television); he said that through television, the Devil has invaded American families that what people hated in the society, through television, Satan has brought them into their parlours.
10.      I have told you that television offers false fellowship and it destroys families. Your wife can learn something that will destroy the family from television in your absence.
11.      You may not know what is happening. You may think she went out; no, she did not go anywhere. The highest she can do is to go to films sellers or lenders, borrow films and watch it in your absence. When you come back, your wife that has been faithful and loyal will now dishonour and disrespect you.
12.      She will be saying unimaginable things, behaving in a way you have never seen before. You will be wondering who could be the devil that is invading your house in your absence. You are the one that imported the devil.
13.      The easiest way to spread evil practices is through television. Before television came into Nigeria, we did not know how to use arms and ammunitions.
14.      This act of young boys using pistols, using riffles to snatch items, snatch money, I call it scientific stealing; where did they learn that? From television! From America!
15.      Watch every kind of evil that is troubling the whole nation, they are spread worldwide by the use of television. Because, once the eyes see something, the mind will start imagining it, before you know it; the heart will pilot the hand to put it into action.
16.      Because by nature, a man loves testing something. As long as this hopeless instrument(the television), which Americans devised to introduce violent life, wild life, American life, cowboy life into the world, is still at work and Nigerians cementing it by producing films watched as Nigerian films (Nollywood films), all to behave like the Americans: very smart in evils, being destitute to good things, evil can never stop.
17.      It has permeated so deep into our fabrics that even our children can borrow films and go to their friends, watch them without the knowledge of their parents and return the films. When they come to their house, they behave like doves. When they go out, they are lions.
18.      I am saying that a man, a woman that delights him or herself in importing that hopeless gadget into his house for any reason at all, is likened to a madman that sets his house ablaze and call it enjoyment. Did you get the message?
19.      You set your house ablaze, you call it enjoyment; whom do you blame at last?
20.      Remember, in the end, we shall not remember the voice of our enemy but we will remember the silence of our friend.

I am in support of keeping away all dangerous weapons from the hands of fools. LET US START WITH TELEVISION. When we start with television, the second thing we will fight is GSM HANDSET.
22.      GSM handset, Global System Mobile handset, it is a dangerous weapon that should not be allowed in the hands of fools. If you believe it, say Amen.
23.      Somebody has to say it. It is American devise to succeed where television has failed. There is nothing good you can offer a foolish fellow.
24.      Remember, I am saying that I am in support of keeping dangerous tools, dangerous arms from the hands of fools.
25.      You see GSM handset, every Tom, Dick and Harry, is going after it. Watch, I give you two years from now; many husbands will drive away their wives because of GSM. Many wives will abandon their husbands because of GSM. Their children will run away from schools, colleges, from homes because of GSM.
26.      With GSM, you can go to Lagos and come back in less than two minutes; you can go to American and come back in less than five minutes.
27.      With the GSM, you can hold every kind of communication privately, you can tell every amount of lies. You can be in Onitsha and tell somebody that you are in Lagos. Any place you say you are, the person will believe you.
28.      After all, they have a general code: 080. Whether you are in Kaduna, it is 080; in Lagos it is 080; in Onitsha it is 080; in your kitchen it is 080; anywhere it is 080. Devised calling.
29.      To show you how intelligent they are, you can write a letter to anybody and mail it to him, he will also give the reply in less than five minutes. Write whatever you want to write, mail it to him, you take a reply in less than five minutes.
30.      What is more, only you know what you wrote. Only you know what you received as a reply. Every kind of communication can be transacted using GSM. That is why it is another way of enhancing 419, enhancing robbery and every kind of criminal activity.
31.      For that reason, if I have my way, if I should speak, there should be a law regulating the usage and the people that are permitted to use GSM. It should not be allowed so free so that every fool can lay hand on it.
32.      When a fool handles a dangerous weapon, life must be lost, people must be upset.
33.      A story was told, whether it is true or false, I do not know. A young lady married a very nice man, and they were living in peace until the woman bought a handset. Then, with that handset, she connected with a rich man who is married to three women. Discussions ensued; it started with GSM, until she started writing letters with GSM. Before they knew it all, the lady wrote a letter to the husband, threatening that she was packing away from the husband.
34.      Trouble ensued. Then the man was begging, went to the in-laws, went to friends, but the lady said over her dead body.
35.      Newly married couple like that, who should be enjoying their honeymoon.
36.      The man was wondering what was wrong. So, one day, the wife forgot her phone in the parlour, and her husband saw it and took it; went away and then operated it. While scrolling through the numbers in the phone, he saw many phone numbers and many reserved text messages that were not wiped off. He equally saw the sources, saw the man that was taking his wife from him.
37.      So, when he came back, the wife was already mad. She demanded for the phone, and the man denied knowledge of whereabouts of the phone. The lady went to the Police and arrested her husband.
38.      They carried the man to the Station where he made confessional statements and delivered the handset.
39.      While the matter was on with the Police, the lady ran away and ran to the man. The Police advised the young man: “She is not the only lady in the world. To save your life, please, die down the matter. If you go further, you do not know what it may result; we are only advising you.”
40.      What caused the demise of that family? Is it not GSM? Remember that I am in support of taking away every dangerous weapon from the hands of fools. Did I say from the hands of wise people? I said from the hands of fool.
41.      A fool is one that lacks wisdom, understanding, insight and knowledge. If you are wise, you deserve GSM phone. It is not for pleasure, it is for a purpose: You maintain a link with your business associates; you can reach your loved ones because you are wise and intelligent.
42.      However, if you are a fool, it should not be found in your hand. It can bring sorrow, it can bring pain, it can even cause madness and death.
43.      I am in support that dangerous weapons should not be allowed to enter into the hands of fools. But let us begin with GSM, television; no matter the way you look at it, I think I owe you no apology.
44.      If I have my way, I should suggest to the government that there should be a license for all GSM holders, licensed by the Police. After a rigorous interview, they will know whether the person merits handling of GSM or not.  If found to be qualified, then they will issue one out.

GSM is a dangerous arm that should be kept away from the hands of fools. From time to time, you see wicked people in authority importing destructive weapons into their countries.
46.      It happened in the days of Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln was praying for one united America but he was guilty of importing arms and ammunitions into America; and that spoiled American youths.
47.      He imported Indian hemps and every kind of hard drug; and that rendered America useless. When you want to talk of drug pushing today, America has the highest number. Every kind of evil, America has the highest number. Is it a lie?
48.      You have to understand this nation, the authorities that are governing us, they are godless people. They know not God. They do not know the truth. They do not have our welfare in their hearts. They are only after Naira and Kobo, to enrich themselves.
49.      Whatever we are passing through, they are not after them. This handset, if the operators, business merchants that have become billionaires by dealing in them should see a man like Me standing out to speak against it, do you think they will love Me?
50.      I learnt that somebody even bought it and distributed to his children—under-aged children for that matter. All of them now have handsets. Then the questions arise: who purchases the recharge cards? Can they operate it without recharge cards? How much will he be spending on recharge cards every month if the lines will be retained—whether they phone out or not?
51.      I think there are many ways of exhibiting wealth but that is the most dangerous way. I hope nobody will strangle Me after hearing this  Message.

Even if you strangle Me, I know I will come back. It is a matter of time. After all, that the population has increased, do you know why? Somebody has to tell you why. 
53.      There are too many people in the society and 99% of the population of the world is made up of dangerous people—spirits that could not rest. And they decided to metamorphose and then remain in the flesh because this is where they are appointed to be. This is where they can operate.
54.      Yet, godly people are here but they are in the minority. They are kept here for the LAST MINUTE BATTLE.
55.      There must be a battle at the end. Everybody knows that but, what they do not know is the nature of that battle.
56.      But, will there be battle? Yes. They know that. Will there be killings of human beings, spilling of blood? Yes. Everybody is aware of that. Will there be judgement of the wicked? Yes. They know that. But the nature of the judgement and the nature of the battle they know not.
57.      But the Commander in Chief, I mean the General or the Field Marshal, chief planner of that war is somewhere.   He is somewhere.
58.      If there is no trouble ahead, why should we talk of salvation? Salvation from what? Once there is salvation, salvation from what? If there is redemption, redemption from what? It then means there is an impending trouble.
59.      Hence, everybody is looking for refuge. Why are people seeking protection? It is because there is death somewhere and nobody wants to confront that death; thus, they now look for protection. If you do not have it now, you are an inanimate object. You are not alive.
60.      In conclusion, I am in support of keeping dangerous weapons away from the hands of fools. But let us begin with television, GSM handset, computer, photocopying machine. Let me stop for now.
61.      Thank you and remain blessed in Him eternally.