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The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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I am the Author of life, HE that knows the secrets of the heart. The beginning and the end, the Lord God Almighty. Believe it if you can…
From the Message: FOLLOW THE CLOUD VOL. 1 (PP.3)

when you look at this faith, you think it is a simple faith, it is not as simple as you think. Grace is more dangerous than law.
Under the law, you can see your mistake from the written word. But under grace, it is only the Son of Man that will fault you. Under grace, something is wrong because God said it is wrong. It is good because God said it is good no other reason.

That is why grace is more dangerous: That which you think if you do you die, may be your righteousness in the sight of God. That which you think if you do it, you will be condemned, may be what God is desiring from you. you see why it is very delicate for no human being can fault you under grace except God and you know who that God is.
No human being can justify you but God for He is the only justifier.–The Son of Man

Remain blessed brethren. We thank the Lord God Almighty who has made it possible for us today, to gather in His own sanctuary. It has also pleased Him that the word will open this way, with the message titled, “Stop and Think”.
2.           Former Brother Martin Orji preached this message on the 17th of November 1996, at the household of God Onitsha.
3.           “There is something you do not know, the two hundred demons that were released in the rivers, who are they fighting? The Bride! And all of them are here…”
4.            1996! Preached by Brother Martin Orji, as at that time. But he departed from the Faith and died, buried over six years ago by the heathens. He entered the world to make money; he died in poverty, buried in poverty.
5.           …This is no more a time for joke. It is not a time for play, it is not a time a minister will come and cry and you will be mopping at him. This word is supposed to do something in your life. When we were in the End-Time, we used to say if this message cannot change you, nothing again could change you.
6.           He said that if everybody in this faith is a child of God, then I would believe that the Bible tells lies. Who is that child of God? Who is that hypocrite. All are staying in the same place. Why not think for your life! It is time for you to think of your life, because there is no more time again.
7.           Can somebody preach this message and still fall away from the Faith? Yes! That is why the Bible says, it is not the greatest preacher that makes heaven. We better be careful. When you want to talk about preaching, the devil can preach even better than the apostles.
8.           He preached, warning us but he could not warn himself. He never narrowed this message to himself and he fell away before he got to the target, like Pastor Nnamdi Ogbogu, 1996. The glory of God is in the camp.
9.           “…Matthew 7 vs. 3-5 KJV. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?
10.        Do not look in your neighbor’s farm but do a little weeding, or no weeding at all in your own farm.”
11.        “…Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye. You see what we are saying, why don’t you first stop and think about your own life. You see, what we are saying is all about evaluation! Evaluation! What have you done with the evaluation you have heard?”
12.             …If you go to certain places where people don’t know about this faith; I was privileged to hear the first time this evaluation message was preached, and the Holy Ghost told us that God is going to require this evaluation note in our lives.
13.        He said except you are able to transfer your evaluation into your personal life; Forget about going to rapture in your jotters.”
14.        Go to the library, look for a message titled, “Evaluation” preached in 1996.
15.        “…your notes, yet many are not serious about it. What has it done to you? If the prophecy comes and you still see it that way, then you begin to take it serious. May be you will run to this brother and say, “Brother, there is a message that I did not copy in my note, please borrow me your note, and he says, “I cannot give you at this time, go and look for it,” foolish virgin, what is that oil?
16.         You are waiting for a smoke or a physical oil, what is that oil? “Please borrow me your note, I want to copy the first message on Evaluation.”
17.        The brother will say, “I cannot give you now, I am very, very busy with my note, go and look for your own.” You start mopping…”
18.        Evaluation message 1996, part one, part two.  
19.        “…You start mopping, by the time you go and search for the note and come back, all is over. Some will carry their notes to write scriptures. If you are writing scriptures, you are just like a man holding the Bible, it can never, and will never help you.
20.        This Word is being transferred into your note and your note is being transferred into your life. If you live with this Bible alone, it will never save you. That is, the work of the fivefold ministry. If you are writing only scriptures in your note, you have rejected the fivefold ministry, which God has given to you…”
21.        What! Martin Orji 1996. “…Let us be very, very careful, now is not the hour of doing many things, because the prophecy told us about it. Saying “Why are you disturbing yourself? Why will you disturb yourself?” He said, “I HAVE MADE MY CHOICE, I HAVE FINISHED IT AND RULED It.”
22.        He went further, “Henceforth, any of my own that goes astray, I will correct but for the rest…”
23.        Any of my sheep that goes astray, I will correct. But for those that do not belong to me, though they are in the fellowship of my sheep, I will allow them to go to hell, they will gnash their teeth.
24.        Therefore, whosoever the Lord loves, him He corrects that he might be zealous and repent. Where there is no error, there is no need for correction. Remember, an error is not a willful omission or a willful commission.
25.        If you willfully disobey God’s instruction, it is a challenge of His authority; you wait for what will follow, Finish! But if you go into error mistakenly, ignorantly, being one of His flocks, He must surely correct you and bring you back to the fold. Remember, we are handling, “Stop and Think”.
26.        Matthew 16 vs. 13-18 KJV) …When Jesus came into the coasts of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, saying, Whom do men say that I the Son of Man is? And they said, Some say that thou art John the Baptist: some, Elijah; and others, Jeremiah, or one of the prophets.
27.        He saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am? And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God. And Jesus answered and said unto him, blessed art thou, Simon Bar-Jonah: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven.”
28.        If I see you within the premises, I am handing you over to SARS. SARS must take you to Awkuzu now, now. He is holding a magic ring, an evil association. See it in my hand, the deacon wanted to collect it, he dodged it.
29.        It became a struggle between him and the deacon. Asking him of it, he denied. This is what drivers are using to fool themselves, thinking that it will save them when accident occurs.
30.        It is difficult to get a driver who doesn’t go to a native doctor to prepare one thing or the other which he will put on while driving. It is not here, it is not here. Whoever that is destined to die, must die. Let favour be shown to the wicked, in the land of the upright, he will still do ungodly.
31.          Wait, more of them are coming, from the same source? Bring the person. Stand up there, I want to see you. Who is that fellow? Out! Whoever that is destined to die must die. If I see you within the premises, I am handing you over to SARS.
32.        If not for one thing, I won’t allow you to cross, I will invite the Police, invite the security officers to hand you over to the Police immediately. This fellowship can never harbor any criminal. All forms of criminality, we say no. Look at what is living in the same house with you. This is the reason why they do not come home, for when they go out, and you think that they have gone to work, they will never come back home. They are going somewhere.
33.        See it! They will be told that nothing will ever affect them, that bullet cannot kill them, accident will not kill them. This is what he spends his money on. Have you seen your brothers?
34.        Who else? Brother Sunday, look at the people you are intervening on their behalf. Don’t touch it. God is here. I said, God is here.
35.        Try to ask yourself, the ministry you are following, do you know the ministry? If you know the ministry you are into, why has your life remained like this, knowing fully well that you are wonderfully made. Don’t you know that the ministry is over? You don’t know it, you think you are running the race. John Abba, John Abba, away! Get out and don’t ever stay in the premises.” 
36.        Remember that the devil who is your opponent knows also that this time does not belong to you. Therefore, he is going to play all the tricks that he can play in order to make sure that you don’t score the goal. And Martin became a victim. That’s why the Bible said, “Let he that thinketh he stands, be very careful lest he will fall. “I missed it narrowly”. You have missed it, for narrowly can never score a goal.
37.        Once you have missed it, you have missed it. What determines the winner in any match is the number of goals scored, not number of goal chances missed.
38.        If you cannot convert any of them into a genuine goal, you stand to lose the match. He has preached a vindicated message warning all the hearers, but he never took heed to himself and unto his teachings.  
39.        “…Therefore he is going to play all his tricks that he can play in order to make sure that you don’t score the goal. Then if you don’t realize that your opponent has taken a full decision to stand and make sure that he does not lose, you will lose the match…” amen.

We are in a Prophetic Ministry. We are still on the trail, we have not entered paradise, we are on our way, anything can still happen.  This is a warning.
2.           That’s why the Bible said, from time to time, put them in remembrance of these truths. I have constantly told you that the devil is not yet dead. He is still alive, roaring about, seeking whom to devour. It is not over until it is over.
3.            If you are not vigilant, if you are not careful, a step into Canaan can mean your disaster. All you have been building all these years, this your opponent who is not willing to lose the match, can stop your journey one step into Canaan.
4.           What is one step into Canaan? What we have witnessed so far, Martin Orji never witnessed one-tenth. He only heard prophecies, saw the glory of God, but as for the Deity, the Godhead, he preached all of them, he believed but he never witnessed them.
5.           He had already departed before God came down. Now, we believe we are not deceived, we now believe that the leadership is divine, we now believe we are in our route into paradise, we can see the fruit of paradise, this is where it calls for wisdom.
6.           That after seeing all these things, partaking of all these things, tomorrow, it will be “Once upon a time”. Not tomorrow, it is already here. It is already here. He had earlier warned them to stop and think about this ministry, it is not a denomination, it is not like End-Time, he warned all of them, the justifier of the gentiles is here. Yet after the whole thing, anyway, let me see if I could be, I mean right. I know I am right.
7.           Our last encounter with him along old market road, he vowed that nothing would ever separate him from this faith, that he must die in this faith, that he knew his problem, that the Son of Man told him, that if he did not use Monday hammer, that his wife would cause his downfall in the faith. And that was what caused his downfall.
8.           Immediately after his wedding, God vindicated the truth. All that were with him saw that he married the most wicked human being in the form of a wife. But before, her lovers who were deceiving her, painted a rosy picture that Martin married an angel. “He has picked a gold, he has picked this and that.” Notably among them, Apostle Kelechi, Pastor Christian Dike and Okey Nwankpa.
9.           “Precious Sister Ifeoma, precious Sister Ifeoma.”  I said, “Is this another Ifeoma or the one that is living with me in my house?” The most stubborn woman.
10.        On the day of their wedding, I mounted the pulpit, Martin Orji, listen to me, I am not interested in the pictures they have painted about your wife, I was instrumental to the marriage, with Bishop Ebenezer, Nnamdi Ogbogu, Pastor Christian Dike.
11.        We went with Brother Mike’s vehicle and that of Nnamdi Ogbogu. Hear me well; you married the most stubborn woman on earth. In short, you married one that is not worthy to be a wife. One who has no manners, who was spoilt by the parents because she was the only daughter, that was how I became her enemy.
12.        I said, “Now, let me give you the remedy, if you must survive in this Faith, get to the end, I will recommend one thing: Go and buy Monday hammer.”
13.        That was in the camp meeting, brethren, am I telling lies? Everybody started clapping hands, while the ministers that were promoting her bent their heads in shame.
14.        Later they came to me, “Brother, you were too harsh. Were you not the one that helped her, I mean to remain with us till today?”
15.        I said, “Yes, I said what I saw, what I experienced, I don’t want to fool anybody into believing that you are what you are not. I stand for the truth, even if she is my biological daughter, I must tell the world all I know about her.”
16.         We read one message recently where we met that thing. There was a message we read from the pulpit where we came across a message I preached during their wedding, recommending Monday hammer.
17.        And the Voice said, “You know why we call it Monday hammer? You eat on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, eat well, well, store enough energy, on Monday you lift it up. You can use it to shape any iron no matter the tensile strength of that iron, you can shape it. If you don’t do it; number one, you will abandon this Faith. Two, your family will be in the news.”
18.        I thank God, Sister Grace is here and many others from Jos who can tell the story, and that was how Martin died. God knows the end from the very beginning. That is why He said, “If you want to survive in this Faith, you married and wedded in this Faith, do not ever play with your wedding tape. It contains the beginning and ending of your marriage.”
19.         What is more, remember William Branham the prophet said, “After your salvation, the next thing God gives a man is his wife.” Your wife is tied to your salvation.
20.        And I said that it requires Ahab to marry Jezebel, for there is no mistake in marriage. A man marries his character. If you are a crook, you must marry a crook. Whatever you are known for, do not kill your wife, stop and think, you will see traces of those qualities, characteristics, all in you.
21.        But that of your wife might be very much pronounced because she might be privileged to be too vocal as to broadcasting the thing. For the world we are living today is the more you speak, the more your own is exposed.
22.        If I am a criminal, my wife is a criminal. For she will be the one that will collect all the items I will come back with. She will know when the Police is looking for me and she will halt them along the way to tell them that I am not around, that I went to Czechoslovakia.
23.        Thus, don’t tell me how this or that happened. You can tell others that nonsense not me. I have seen many days. If you know that which you are, that’s what your wife is, that’s what your husband is. Besides that, nothing will ever bring peace to that house till eternity, because two different natures must surely clash.
24.        Bishop Isaac Igwe, you hail from Owerri in Imo state, at least, you know about the two streams, Nwaorie and Otammiri. Can the two be put inside one single bottle? Can anybody ever try that?
25.        If you mix Nwaerie and Otammiri in the same bottle, it will break. Nature made it that way. They are there and they flow in opposite direction. There is another stream called Nkisi.
26.        If you go to Nkisi, very close to waterside, you might be calling all of them River Niger. You will notice that there is a stream there that is flowing  upward while River Niger is flowing downward. Moreover, the colors are different.
27.        If a man who is known for stealing ever marries a woman who has no attribute of stealing in her blood, the man is captured already. The woman will pack her baggage immediately back to the parents. You ask her, “What is pursuing you?” she would reply, “I am living with a thief.”
28.         Any woman that is married to a man that steals, both of them are robbers. If you are a liar and you imagine to be married to one who does not lie, your home will be on fire every time. For she must try to know the truth. No matter how you try to play smartness, instead she will prefer making troubles with the man till the point where people around will be asking of what is happening in the place.
29.        Then the woman will say, “This man is a liar.” If it is the man that speaks the truth and marries a woman who doesn’t speak the truth, the same thing.
30.         Two opposing spirits can never dwell together in peace and harmony. Impossible! The two can never go together except they agree.
31.        Animals of the same specie flock together. We better know these truths. In my own jargon, biribiri brother must marry biribiri sister, biribiri man must marry biribiri woman.
32.         God can never torment the righteous by giving or imposing on him an ungodly woman who will not give him space to worship. Impossible! God is not a wicked God as to inflict such a punishment upon one that fears and honours Him. He has never done it before and He will never attempt it. 
33.        When a man is looking for a wife, he is looking for his nature. You know that marriage is such a delicate thing. As this matter is so serious, childbearing cannot change it.
34.        Some men are enduring their wives that are incompatible with them, because of their children. Some women are also accommodating their husband for similar reasons, but talk of having the same nature, Na lie. They are managing each other.
35.        That is why in such a family, the man will only feel, I mean he will only be in his best when he is away from that woman. The woman will also be in her best when that troublesome man is not there. But when the two natures are one, to keep one away from the other, means death.
36.        I am telling you the truth, that’s how you will know what I am saying. Separate one from the other, you are separating sleep from their eyes. Amen.

Second Corinthians 13 vs 5-6, Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith… What? Examine yourselves…
2.           Do you say, God examine me? No! Examine yourself, “Let me examine myself.” 
3.           Have you ever come to think when this examination will take place? It will be at the end of the ministry…”
4.           What time are we now? At the end. Evaluation is going on and it is the last documentation. Let nobody ever come to ask Me why his photograph was not there, and let nobody ever craftily chip in any photograph which I never approved.  
5.           Now I want to ask you, this judgment we are talking about, can a living man receive this judgment? What is the problem of the Church, because the Church is not yet dead, then you hear judge yourself, evaluate yourself, everybody rush to come and judge himself, while you are not yet dead, don’t you know that if you have not died, you can never judge yourself?
6.           Your desires are still alive, how then can you judge yourself? Because it is appointed unto a man to die once; if you have not died you can never judge yourself rightly. Go to the Church, everybody wants to do business.
7.           Buying and selling, all in the name that they want to go to camp meeting, who told you that you are going to camp meeting?  Business, business, business, everywhere,  all in their minds now, they want to make more money, they have left the things of God and went back into the world.
8.           In the same way it is appointed unto a man to die once, and after that judgment. How right can you judge yourself with the type of desire that is inside you, right now, how can you judge yourself?  Some are making plans of what they are going to do even next year…”
9.           Evaluation will come towards the end of the ministry. Is this message standing the test of time? We are in a prophetic ministry. Before you can fall away from the Faith, you must have been in the faith. Is it a lie? He was in the faith and he preached with this anointing from God.   
10.        Ahab was a son of God before he fell away. Saul the king was a prophet and a king before he fell away. Take note of these things. Warning comes before judgment, but we are not talking of warning again neither are we talking of judgment, rather we are putting you in remembrance of these things. Documentation is going on gradually.
11.        Let me say, it is almost a completed work. It is almost a completed work and I don’t want to entertain any question. No question.
12.        Those I entrusted with the work , I gave you a strict warning, don’t be sentimental, don’t be emotional, don’t be over friendly with the Son of Man more than the Son of Man is to you. Don’t think you have come to a height where you will begin to or maybe, use your remote control to control His intelligence.
13.        There is no photograph I approved which I do not know. If I see any strange photograph which I know I never approved, and it is chipped in there craftily, it nullifies the whole family. I don’t care, that’s why I never gave the work to everybody, I selected two families, full stop! To be compassionate is to do the will of God.
14.        I know why I am sounding this way. In your own Local Assemblies, of course, you know me very well. You don’t need a prophet to tell you that nobody has ever succeeded in bribing my conscience. Don’t worry, few minutes from now I am coming your way.
15.        “…This is a very dangerous time, a very dangerous part of the ministry, when you can slip off at any time yet you won’t know. You can slip off at any time yet you won’t realize it…”
16.         You can slip off at any time and yet you can never realize it. You think you are still in the faith when you have wandered away. “Stop and Think,” Preached by Martin Orji, 1996, warning himself and warning all of us, making you to know that this self-evaluation should be expected towards the end of this ministry, and Martin couldn’t live to see the end.
17.        We that are still alive today, the message is still re-echoing again for God was behind him when this message went forth.
18.        “…Some people don’t know anything about it, they think we are the same, no we are not the same. God has changed his movement, and yet you do not realize it, you don’t think it is because you are doing it the formal way.
19.        It is not about the formality, take it seriously with God. God is about to do something, don’t come here and join the Church. Nobody comes here and joins the Church, you must break up, you must become one with God…”
20.        You must become one with God.
21.        “Luke 15 vs 13, And not many days after the younger son gathered all together, and took his journey into a far country…”
22.        Martin Orji enlisted in the Faith with all his life as a bachelor. Embraced this Faith with everything he had, stood gallantly for this faith, went to places with me in the northern states just like Ben Adiuku was; who was seduced away from the faith by the wife.
24.        If your husband is that type, put a question mark on him. I know all of you in this most holy Faith. This warning, I didn’t really know how I picked this message this morning.
25.        I didn’t want to come to the pulpit for the Sunday school, but it is dawn on me that I should give out this message. I have never opened it since last Sunday I got it because I have been busy. I don’t know the contents, but something in me was inspiring me to use it for Sunday school, to beef up the faith of the saints.
26.        In everything you are hearing, take note, God is correcting only His own and only His own will take the correction, the rest won’t. If you are not God’s elect, you can never take any correction, rather correction will even be offensive to you. It will even make you to be more hostile.
27.        Martin enlisted in this faith with all his life, eventually he became a deacon, from deacon he became the pastor in charge of the Church at Jos. Is that not in the record? It is.
28.        I am looking forward to seeing a pastor like this, not one that will minister and fall away, but one that will gallantly stand in the pulpit and use the word to nurture the flock of Christ. No ambiguity.
29.        In short, as at that time, I was frequenting Jos because that was where I stored seasoned ministers, no nonsense ministers like Ben Adiuku, Weston Fihala, Joe Ukpong, Yusuf. Men that could stand in the pulpit and then everybody will be trembling.
30.        It goes to show that not even the best preachers but God saves people he wants to save. This is the way I will conclude it. This is the way I will conclude it. If you are a man, if God doesn’t want to save you, He will give you a wife that will seduce you out of the faith.
31.        And if you are a woman, if God doesn’t want to save you, He will give you an husband that will seduce you out of the faith. You may wed here, you may be coming to Church but whatever we are preaching will make no sense to you. You can remain here from the beginning to the end. Remember the vision we saw the other time, somebody had a dream we read here People that were seen, one of them making the comment that Philip was wandering out, the whole thing that took place like he knew it not.
32.        I am not saying that Philip will not make it, but is he walking towards making it? Only God knows. Is he My enemy? Yes. Finish!
33.        If you love me, obey my word. As long as you don’t obey my word, you are my enemy. He that is not with me is against me, for he that is not gathering is scattering. That is my life, if there is anything I know is good in me is one thing, I do not know how to suppress my feeling when I see the person, no.
34.        What happened in my house yesterday was an eye opener to those that came. They had it hot, people like Deacon Vin, Apostle Kelechi. Why are you coming to say, “Daddy, remain blessed, hypocrites? I cannot accept your hand shake; I am against you because you are against me, finish.”
35.        They thought I was kidding, I opened up before many witnesses, they covered their faces in shame. If I could talk to the elders this way, who are you then? I mean, who are you? I owe you nothing but this life, take it away, I will go my way, and then it will be placed on record where I stopped.
36.        Please be very careful everybody. Pay heed to this message. Don’t allow the devil to anoint you into saying, it is under the law. It was preached 1996.
37.        If you know how you have been taking all the messages from 1990 till date, that is what this one is doing. Putting us in remembrance of these things, lest we will wander away from the truth and still be sitting down here.  I know why I do not ask questions as I used to do in the past, lest somebody will capitalize on somebody’s inability to answer question to destroy the fellow.
38.        The person may know the truth in the heart but do not know how to express it. But there is one that may know the truth in the head, express it with the mouth, but he is not in the faith.
39.         Martin knew this Faith in the brain, expressed it with the mouth, but the heart could not sustain him. What sustains a man’s conviction is registered in the heart, not in the brain. Don’t be a brain believer of the Bridal Faith, be a heart believer.
40.        You are not a believer until you have believed in your heart, for with the heart, man believeth unto righteousness; with the heart confession is made unto salvation. Not with the brain you believe and with the mouth, you confess, but your heart is far away, you become a hypocrite. Martin Orji was anointed to preach this message. White washed sepulchers.  The cloud is in the camp. Amen.

When you have done what is commanded unto you, what if you have not done it, if the Bride can do the work and finish, the Anointed One will say My duty is to do the work of My father and finish it. If the Bride has done the work and finished it, will we still be here?
2.           No, we wouldn’t be here, but the Prophet. William Branham said, “The true Bride. Have been in their midst to pray very, very well. They would have prayed away all those unbelievers; they would have prayed away every mixed-multitude…”
3.           I remembered there was a voice that said, “As surely as I live and the Lord liveth, no hypocrite, no unbeliever will see the glory of God revealed. I must flush this ancient men and women who have caused these new breeds to doubt me out of this faith—ancient men and women who were deceiving the new breeds that have believed in me”.
4.           Can there be new breeds? Yes! When God wanted to destroy the old breed in the wilderness, Moses stood in the gap. The Lord said, “Give way, I will make for you a new set of people that will be governable.”
5.           God is able to make out of you a new breed. He is able to bring from outside a new breed and then flush out the ancient men and women who are basking on their old records. Putting them in remembrance is scriptural. St. Paul said, I will not be negligent putting you in remembrance of these truths that you may be established in the present truth. If you are not put in remembrance of these truths, you can never be established in the present stage of the ministry which is the last evaluation prophesied 1996 that will take place towards the end of this ministry.
6.           You can crosscheck it in the message titled, “The Beginning and Ending of Gentile Dispensation”. Another one is, “The investigative judgment of God before the catching away of the saints.”  
7.           Romans 2 vs19-24) And art confident that thou thyself art a guide of the blind, a light of them which are in darkness, An instructor of the foolish, a teacher of babes, which hast the form of knowledge and of the truth in the law.Thou therefore which teachest another, teachest thou not thyself? I love this scripture.
8.           Thou that preachest a man should not steal, dost thou steal? Thou that sayest a man should not commit adultery, dost thou commit adultery? Thou that abhorrest idols, dost thou commit sacrilege?
9.           Thou that makest thy boast of the law, through breaking the law dishonorest thou God? For the name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles through you, as it is written.”No new message, everything that is supposed to make you perfect as the Bride of God, He has given to you.
10.        If you are proud about it, if you are not confident that anywhere you go that the people must look at you; the life is in you, you are the corrector of fools, as long as the denominations are here, you are their corrector.
11.        Because the life is in you, a teacher of the word now that you have been correcting all these people, teaching them, do you teach yourself? While you are teaching against carelessness, telling them that carelessness is not good, do you also teach yourself against carelessness or are you openly neglecting the word?
12.        Neglecting God’s word, which God? It is one of the most serious problems in the Church, in the bridal faith. Who is that God and where is He? How do you know God? Many are still looking up to the sky, some are still pointing at the sun where He is dwelling, where no man can approach.
13.        Some are pointing at the sky where He will come from, some are looking at the mountains, but the elect are looking inwards. They are not even looking, they are beholding His majesty. It will take amazing grace to save anybody in Onitsha, don’t ask Me why. If gold can rust, what will become of ordinary iron?
14.        Neglecting God’s word is one of the serious problems in the Church. When you hear something, you neglect it. It doesn’t mean anything, carelessly; even if I don’t do it today I can do it tomorrow.
15.        Even if I do not know you today, tomorrow will reveal you. THE CONDITION YOU FIND YOURSELF CAN NEVER MAKE WHAT YOU ARE, BUT WILL ONLY TELL THE WORLD WHO YOU ARE. 
16.        The glory of God is here, He has come down, He will never depart. He promised it and His promises are ye and Amen. I say it wherever I go, in the Son of Man are all God’s promises fulfilled, because in Him dwelleth the fullness of the Godhead bodily. 
17.        Know it that of a truth, procrastination is a sin…”
18.        What? Delay in carrying out instruction is what? A sin. Doing it at your own convenient time, not the time God wants it to be done. How many are guilty of it here? I won’t judge, thou knoweth thyself. When was this message handled? 1996. May be by that time, many of you were not here.
19.        You might be saying, “I didn’t mean to do it.” Is it scripture? He said, “God will hold you guilty forever.” That’s why He challenged the people who were guilty of it, telling them, can you bear it? Will your strength sustain you? Can your hand bear it? Can your leg outrun God in the day? He will visit your iniquity? It is unfortunate that I don’t have teachers who can stand in the pulpit and use the scriptures and messages, tie all of them together.
20.        I don’t have resident pastors who can even explain these things to the understanding of their flocks. Every man is seeking his own. Every man is seeking his own. Pleasures of this life and wine have eroded their mentalities, pluck out their spiritual eyes, hence, they are groping in darkness. 
21.        Know it that of a truth, procrastination is a sin, the confession you are supposed to make today, if you don’t make it today you are a sinner. What if the rapture takes place and you have not made it. you procrastinators, carelessly, the law of God is blasphemed from among the Gentiles.
22.        The word of God, the Name of God is blasphemed among the heathens you are having dealings with.
23.        You present yourself as the children of God while having dealing with them, in the end, pagans will be better than you. And they will be saying, if this is what Christianity or worshipping God is all about, that they will remain in their houses, for they have found this man to be a notorious and hardened criminal. Too many of them are in this most holy Faith.
24.        The worse is brother exploiting brother, sister exploiting sister, when there is a warning that you should be sure you do not defraud your brother, for you are brethren. I won’t talk; the Judge is here with us. It has already engulfed us. Do we have any other place to run to? We are trapped in the web; we can never wriggle out again.
25.        He said and I quote, “If you reject or refuse what I have said, I will not condemn you neither will I judge you but in the end, the same words I have spoken will judge and condemn you for they must reecho in your ears before you go to hellfire.
26.        You can never go to hellfire without your own record being replayed.
27.        Why is the Church having a problem? Because you must be like Samson, Samson was raised up to make sure he put the name of the Philistines to an end. The Bible said that Jesus was raised as God to put an end to sin, likewise the blood of Jesus Christ.
28.        Peter wrote in his paper that the mouths of the scribes needed to be stopped. How can they stop it, is it by listening to William Branham? Little children do this, little children do that, why? Because the Church has come to maturity, but while we are still waiting, you still receive sharp, sharp rebukes at this time. Stop and think about it.   
29.        The Church is having the problem of Samson. What is the problem of Samson, who left his work and began to romance with the philistine’s daughter. Is there no daughter in Israel? Are there not enough blessings in this place?
30.        What is making you romance with the things that is happening outside?  Don’t you know that time has come for total separation, and without that separation you cannot achieve your ministry?
31.        Without that separation from unbelief, you can never achieve your ministry. Time for total separation from all ungodly characters, from the characters of the heathens, gentiles. If a brother cannot trust a brother with anything, who then will he trust?
32.        Don’t you know that it is a sign of defeat for the Son of Man to say, “I have no confidence in that brother, I don’t have any confidence in that sister, in short, I can never repose anything with them?”
33.        Is it a light statement that God after looking at you said that he has no confidence in you and that there is nothing he can be accused of which He can defend him of? I have always told you.
34.        Hardened criminals are known for one thing: quiet in appearance and innocent faces. I read criminology to a height where I felt any expert in criminology will get to and stop. I have told you, forget about me, what I didn’t go is a regimented college, I never received a regimented education, I received what I will call, a hazard education, not half-hazard but hazard. Destructive education.
35.        For there are certain level of education you will get to and you become destructive if you are not controlled. Hardened criminals are known for one thing: if you listen to them talk, you can hardly believe they are guilty, you declare them pious.
36.        They are known for one thing, police officers know this truth; they are quiet in appearance, slick in movement, slow in talking, with innocent faces, to the point that when you see him expressing himself you can never believe that he could be the culprit that is declared wanted. He is like a snake; no animal is as quiet as a snake but very dangerous.
37.        You can tame dogs, tame Hyena, tame lions, keep them to yourself in your houses, who has ever tamed a snake? If you look at the brittle nature of the body, you can hardly believe it could be poisonous. So, let’s be very careful. They can escape the prying eyes of human beings, but they can never escape the spying eyes of God.
38.        For the eyes of the Lord runneth to and fro, dim places shine brighter than the daylight in the eyes of God, even the thoughts and imaginations of their hearts. No place to hide.
39.        Chapter five (5). Stop and think. What is Delilah?...”
40.        It didn’t say, who is, what is your own Delilah that is plucking off your eyes of revelation? 
41.        It was that time that Delilah knew that Samson had dropped the Bible, and all the aims of Delilah was to make sure that Samson dropped that Word, that is all. It is the desire that is inside you…”
42.        You see, Delilah was the name of the devil that was operating against Samson. Delilah was the opposing power, opposing force that paired up with Samson in the name of a wife, a darling. 
43.        “When you read the Bible very well, you see that this is the desire of Samson. Samson had married before, he rejected that one, he had converted Delilah, that was the desire of Samson. That your desire is to make sure you drop that Word and any moment you drop that Word, before you wake up, you will find yourself in Jericho, you can never come up again in Jerusalem.
44.        Samson woke up thinking that he was still in Jerusalem. He obeyed, “Let me go out and shake myself,” as he does before, the Bible said he didn’t know that the spirit of God had left him. You may still confuse yourself and still run the way you like…What?
45.        “…You, I myself may still confuse ourselves and still run the way we like, when we are running at the three and half years. Only for you to know, that when the trumpet will sound, you will know that you are not with the power of God anymore.
46.        Remember that if a righteous man commits sin all his righteousness can never be remembered again. Then you are a righteous man, an instructor of the foolish, you are not instructing because you are a Jew, you are not at Church at Onitsha, and based on that you begin to take the step of Samson. By the time you wake up, shake yourself, the power is no more there, stop and think about it. amen.

While sharing the message in the camp, give the message to those that paid for it first, not those that are booking without payment, for we cannot borrow money to print it anymore for people to continue to owe us.
2.           Ben Okezue, have you cleared your debt? Leave this fellowship! Get away from here immediately! Enough of this mess! He paid today? You could have told me that he has started paying because I know that when he has money….
3.           Why didn’t you clear all of them at the same time; Covetousness. How much will be given to you before you will pay it? Did you labour to get that money?  If you are owing us, you are wicked.
4.           For the fact that this ministry is still on till today yet it is not a burden to any individual, doesn’t it shock you? Have you ever wondered how I am managing to carry this faith on?
5.           How many times have I come here to labour anybody by levying you to keep this faith going? Who will accuse Me? You hear report from the websites, you put your hands together, have I ever levied anybody one kobo because of the websites?
6.           Do we perform magic overnight? How many people here even those you think that are the brain behind this ministry, you are thinking in error. If you know that every month you packaged at least ten thousand or five thousand every month and you say, for missionary work, stand up there! Don’t feel shy; I am the one talking to you. That your left hand shouldn’t see your right hand is not while I am here.
7.           I said, to those that are here now, I don’t care about those that are outside, if you know that you have ever made a vow or anything and you are making it, giving us two thousand naira every month and say, for the ministry, stand up here. Look around!
8.           God has saved you for speaking the truth, for you would have told Me the recipient and how you have been giving the money, whether to Me or to Brother Nnamdi or to Brother Chizoba or to Pastor Thomas.
9.           Of course nobody gives to Me except Brother Thomas. Unless those that could bring theirs to me directly, that is once in a while. Nobody, can take the glory or the praise or say that he is the brain behind this Faith, that he is sponsoring this ministry.
10.        No human being is sponsoring it, only God knows how we are moving on, yet people are exploiting us.
11.        The little we can get to see whether we can push forward, they will come with their problems and milk everything away because they know I do not have that heart. Let me stop here.
12.        I will continue ministering and standing for this truth, so that if I leave the scene today or any time, those that will be behind me if there will be any time again, will know precisely where I stopped.
13.        I say everything because I know what I said today may be in print tomorrow. One day, one day; somebody who wasn’t here that day will be privileged to know the truth about the matter.
14.        I won’t say anything further. When we wanted to talk about telephones, they were calling me from Aba talking rubbish, when they had not done anything.
15.        I confronted the pastor by asking him the question, “Can you tell me for the past three years whether you have given one naira for the telephone? What if the line is cut off, I mean you and your local assembly, what if the line is cut off, will I be of a service to you? What if there is no money there, will I be calling you?”
16.        Now, you are giving me the bill I will settle for offence I never committed. When you conspired with your people and asked the person to run away, you now want to hold me to ransom.
17.        Now, for four years now, you and your local assembly, crosscheck, how much have you given to me as missionary fund, from where we shall get money to offset your bill of hundred thousand Naira?
18.        He said, “Nothing.” I said, “Okay thank you very much, I am impressed.”
19.        I want to see somebody who will stand up one day and accuse the Son of Man in your different Local Assemblies of being covetous or of duping them in one form or the other. Let the person come up, man or woman. I challenged you from the very beginning that I am a man of proven integrity and I take delight, in transparency and accountability, these are my watchwords.
20.        Transparency, accountability, if you cannot work with me using these two principles, please give way. That was why I benched Bishop Nnachor and many others for not being transparent because I know I am leading the public. They have their eyes on me, they are assessing me and I have no secret.
21.        I said, “I stand to be probed 24 hours of the day. I am not intimidating you neither am I harassing you, probe me. That is why I disassociated myself from your money from the beginning till today; I am not a signatory to any of your accounts anywhere under the sun. Am I? No sir.
22.        And there is no account you have that one person can go and get money, I made sure I restructured everything so that two signatures MUST sign and withdraw the money. And there is no way the money can be withdrawn without the person declaring the purpose. And by so doing, I have saved this ministry from financial impediments. 
23.        That is why I have incurred the wrath of my fellow ministers even here in Onitsha. Many are not happy with me because I denied them direct personal access to the little money we kept for the ministry.
24.        Hence, some even warned the brethren, “Must the Son of Man know it before you will do it for me?” Yes, unless he doesn’t believe in me. I must know it before he will do it for you, so that I will know when he is financing an honest purpose and when he is being exploited for selfish gain.
25.        Woe is Me if I should use the flock of God to enrich myself when I have made myself poor that you might become my riches.
26.        If you did not know my occupation even when I left the service, you might be thinking that I am a loafer, I am not. Whatever you may think you are spending in the ministry, I more. Whatever sacrifice you think you are making, I more.
27.        Is it not a shameful remark that of all these big, big names and big vehicles everything, not even one has made a consecration to denote one thousand naira on a monthly basis and keep to it for the running of this ministry? Not even one person.
28.        Then, where do we get that money which we are using to finance the enormous projects. The burden of evangelism should be our collective burden.
29.        If you are a seed of God, the commission we received is to carry this message to the four corners of the earth, not to build synagogue and Cathedrals. Is there any way the message can be spread without money?
30.        Did I say you should give me money? Don’t give me. I thank God, even in your publications, I don’t know anything, I only approve of the messages they will print, that is when they call me and tell me, this is the one we want to print. I am not transcribing, brethren are doing it and they are spending in that regard also.
31.        For the supply of the materials, it is Brother Thomas. He supplies, he pays himself. Brother Nnamdi was patronizing a heathen before; I said no, when two brothers are dealing on stationery. Tell them what you need, let them supply it.
32.        Then, collect the money which Pastor Thomas is controlling also. I don’t control it and I will not control it. What of Onitsha, I don’t know whether they have money or not.
33.        I only restructured Onitsha to save them, because as at that time, they were all perishing because of money. Everybody wanted to be a treasurer. Everybody was aspiring instead of becoming a deacon, a pastor, they were aspiring to be treasurers.
34.        I restructured it and it is yielding dividend. I know many are not happy with me, sometimes they express it, sometimes they become hostile, sometimes they become resistant to my instruction.
35.        I know when you have received my instruction with pure and liberal heart; I know when you have received it grudgingly. If you are wise, you will know that we are serving one purpose and for that, all hands must be on deck. Rubbish!
36.        Why not stop and think? If you cannot accuse me when I am alive, if you accuse me when I leave the scene, you are hypocrites. That which you think is wrong with the Son of Man, say it when I will have my defense.
37.        The same way I tell you your own in your face, tell me, if you cannot tell me, tell the elders, let them summon me. I will not be crucified alive; every man is entitled to fair hearing.
38.        Don’t tell me if you are afraid of me, tell the elders, help them to summon me and give me fair hearing, because often times, presumptions are stronger than reality.
39.        People that presume wrongly might be the same people that are trying to frustrate this faith by all means, especially, those that crossed over from End-time to this bridal faith; these are the people perplexing me. If you watch them, they fall within the never do wells except those who humbly believed in the Son of Man and believed in His life reformatory agenda.
40.        I am not preaching ordinary message, I am preaching a message that is capable of reforming people’s lives if they will believe me. Timothy said, that the message he is preaching is not an ordinary one but one that is capable of changing people’s lives if they will believe.
41.        All that have refused to believe me, their conditions had never changed. They are still living beggarly; but all that really believed me and kept pace with My words, my instructions, my life style, I bet you, they have been sharing testimonies.
42.        I have one thing, if I should have anything to pride about. I will pride with it that from End-time even till today, I never came into the faith beggarly. I never came in to make money for I met nonentities, empty handed people who were depending on me for their upkeep. And they became my headache on how to reposition them.
43.         I did everything physically, morally, practically to get them repositioned but their old lifestyle became too much, too difficult for them to drop, hence, they are suffering till today. I came to effect a change, I announced it in 1992 and I told them it must be painful, for change is a painful exercise.
44.        As I continued, it came to a point where I gave them the message, ‘Time for change’. Change is not easy. I believe that the NTA (Nigeria Television Authority) borrowed it from my message, for my message ‘Time for change’, was preached many years before Goodluck Jonathan became the president.
45.        I told you it is not easy to effect a change in a man, for man by nature is a very unpredictable being who hates the change that will improve his lot, for he will like to continue in his old traditional way of seeing things.
46.        Hence, many of them, I warned and even did everything to disarm them of their legendary occupation where they have never made any headway.
47.        They held it tight till today. Some were doing accursed jobs. If they had known me to be their very God, if they had accepted me as one that God sent, will they have doubted me? Will they have remained in that work I condemned?
48.        They thought it was too difficult; for their sake, the Lord disarmed me of the Federal Civil Service to enable me pave way in the other side of life. I removed suit, removed everything I was proud of, stooped very low, putting on old safari suit with bathroom slippers.
49.        Became a loader and an apprentice under girls that never attended even secondary school. Primary six school leavers became my trainers. I became apprentice under them, I started loading and offloading to make sure I got a little money which I would use to eat in the afternoon.
50.        I was trekking from my house to Upper-Iweka every day to and fro, come rain come sunshine allowing my wife to sustain the family with the little she was getting from the office. I was wondering what it would look like for me to over burden her by collecting transport fare from her chicken money. I decided to engage myself in loading and offloading, not only our products, even that of other companies.
51.        All of you in this Faith, ancient men, you were coming there, you were seeing me, it never removed me from the pulpit for one day. I remained touring; I remained preaching, going everywhere.
52.        Am I bearing false testimony? You are my witnesses. I taught you how you should attain greatness physically, financially through your industry. Sandy hand will lead to oily mouth. I wanted to show you also that change is possible. You can effect a change in your work.
53.        You were not born with that work. You were not born with one particular work: “I have started the work already, whether it is helping me or not, I must die in it,” you now fold your hands and legs. I gave you another message, “Get rid of lazy habits”, because laziness crippled many of them.
54.        Even the little work they should do diligently, they would abandon the work and sleep. Abandon it to go and do apprenticeship, change their occupations, they refused, a little while they went back to the old one. We have come to the end of everything, stop and think, I say, “Stop and think.”
55.        I gave you another message, “Blame yourself and not God”. To the students, I motivated all round, “Strive to be a star”. I showed them the way that leads to greatness. I defined destiny for them. To your families, tell me the aspect of life I never touched.
56.        Your occupations, tell me where I never touched. The training of your children, tell me where I never touched, your moral life, your spiritual life.
57.        I believe I have imparted a lot in the sense, I have added value to your life as many as believe. But to those that disbelieve, they will remain crippled, they will remain crippled, they can never live a self-sustained life.
58.        If you cannot live a self-sustained life, you are just a spectator to the world.  I am sorry for veering off. The glory is still here, the cloud is here. You can go elsewhere to share false witness, it is not here, share false testimony, it is not here.
59.        I know where I am standing, I know who is behind me here and you are my witnesses. I know that there are people that cannot change, even if I kill myself here for them to change, they will never. But as many as accepted, everything has changed in their families. 
60.        When you believe, there is going to be a performance of that which is promised, but when you say no, nothing will work. Nothing works for an unbeliever. An unbeliever is not one that is shaking his head; no, everything takes place in the heart.  Amen.

I may switch over to another thing because I believe the moment I strike my point, I will have my rest. The message said, Stop And Think, God is not interested in jokes, He doesn’t joke with His word. Stop and think.
2.            God doesn’t joke, He doesn’t joke with His word. He doesn’t joke with people that follow Him. Have I not told you, “I say what I mean and I mean what I say”.
3.           Just like I told our brother Philip to wait for me, he will not die, his family will remain intact, the children won’t die, the wife won’t die but I must cause him sorrow and pain whether he obeys my instructions or not. After all, I paid him to do a work he charged me for, he collected my money and refused to work.
4.           It is not the first, it is not the second. Must I continue shouting on one person every day? No. …Why has the word of God become a burden to the Church, why should it be so? In the beginning what is that Church?
5.           Do you think that you must go to rapture the way you want it? Don’t you know that God has a salvation plan? God has what? A salvation plan. Don’t you know that why you are still here is because you are delaying yourself by yourself? Prophetic message.
6.           …Have you finished your work? Are you perfected? Why do you expect leaving, do you think that God can take an unrighteous man into heaven? Nothing that defileth will enter there. You cannot enter there in this your defiled condition, no way, then you don’t even know that the delay of his coming is because of your old life; it is because people don’t love themselves.
7.           They say, “I don’t get time, let me go home”. Stop and think, pause and think. The delay of rapture is because of this unbelief in you because if He has taken his decision without listening to the farm dresser, stop and think.
8.           Don’t live in your past reputation, what? Don’t live in your past reputation, praise God.  Put them in remembrance. Don’t live in your past reputation, stop and think about your present life right now. 
9.           Put them in remembrance. I had it before goes to show that he doesn’t have it. Without the publication ministry who could have remembered that we had a message like this preached by no other person but our former Pastor in Jos, Martin Orji, which after preaching, he fell away.
10.        Just like the message, the teaching our former teacher, Dr Igwe Ogechi handled, telling us that we have invited a big masquerade we cannot worship. That He will destroy all of us, that he is not yet ready to die, he carried his family and ran away.
11.        The Bible said that the fearful and unbelieving will not inherit the kingdom of God. He was fearful. All of us that stood behind, we refused to run away because we invited the masquerade we could not worship, has He destroyed us today?
12.        If He will destroy us, why coming down? We are very much pleased that He came down because He loved us. Nothing gives a native doctor joy more than when he invites the gods and they respond, he speaks and they respond, then he will know that what he is doing is confirmed. Why have we decided to die because of this gospel truth?
13.        Do we speak like people that want to live? We are speaking what is clear to us. Did the Son of Man snap any picture elsewhere and brought it to us? Was there any one snapped in his parlour? Did He use his hand to snap anyone? All was done by all of you here; everything was made open before everybody.
14.        It is like that which was used to deceive those kids that left us now, the money they should have used to help themselves, instead, they joined their friends who lured them into purchasing rings made of silver, wherein they would pay five or ten thousand Naira just to have the power so that they won’t die again.
15.        Look at how they are; look at how they are walking like people whose strengths have been removed. Well, no comment yet, no comment yet.
16.        Don’t live in your past reputation, stop and think about your present life right now, because if you don’t do it, this prophecy will take you unawares;  Chapter six (6), Draw closer to God. Do what? Draw closer to God.”
17.        Maintain the vine-branch relationship with God. He is the vine and you are his branches. Maintain the vine-branch relationship. Do not allow any gap to exist between you and Him. Let no drop of water be found between you and Him; before you know it, it will increase.
18.         It is better not to allow the water to drop at all, if you notice that place that it is likely to drop, use araldite (a type adhesive) and seal the place.
19.        If not, from dropping gradually, it will increase in speed, from dropping to rushing, to stop it becomes difficult. Once it starts rushing, no going back. 
20.        …Do not allow your thoughts to lead you into sinful desires. But give yourself wholly to God. Give yourself wholly to God. I want you to think about your life, do you really give yourself wholly to God, and you are not able to produce truth at the appointed time? Have you ever asked yourself that question? What I am saying is that if any error is in your life, stop and think about it.
21.        If any error is in your life, can be detected in your life, in my life, you should do what? Stop and think about it. Don’t carry it over. You can never play smartness on this matter, no cunningness there.
22.        No matter the way you may try to play smartness, what awaits you is there waiting for you. Am I telling lies? I went to market yesterday to buy a little meat for the family, and the butcher was trying to fool himself, cutting the thing in small, small lumps and littering it on the table.
23.        I said, “My friend, if I purchase one kg, scatter it on top of the whole tables, it is still one kg. The way you scatter it will not add, will not subtract.” So, heap it together let me see the size.   
24.        JAMES 4 VS 8 (KJV) (Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded.” Run away from God and He will run away from you.”
25.        God is far from the wicked but He heareth the prayers of the righteous.
26.        Now he said you should draw near. The life you are living, is it drawing you closer to God or is it driving you away from Him? Why is the Church like this? Is the life you are living drawing you closer to God? Remember, He said you will choose your own master.
27.        Now the choice you made is it drawing you closer to God or is it driving you away from God? Why is the Church like this, because you are very far away from God? Is the life you are living now drawing you away from God or drawing you closer to Him? “Draw me closer, draw me closer, Lord; draw me nearer, nearer to thee”
28.        This is the plea of a son born in the family, that does the will of the father. An evil man runs away when nothing is pursuing him but where will a man run to and God will not catch you?
29.        Running away from God means fooling yourself. Keep on running, run to the valley, run to the mountain, run to the wilderness; He has not yet remembered you, when He remembers you. When the cup of the Amorites is full, it must be poured away.
30.        What am I saying brethren? If you are running away from God, you are running away from His blessings and protection, for the message we received from the Son of Man approved of what God said, “To be far from God is to be far from His blessings and protection”.
31.        Maintaining a healthy relationship! Is your relationship with Christ healthy or unhealthy? Is it strained or is it friendly? Stop and think. Are you nearer to Him that has called you to salvation and glory or are you far from Him? Stop and think. Any child that does a good thing draws closer to his father, but an evil child runs away from the family. And the more he runs away from the family, the more he deprives himself of the blessings of the family. Is it a lie?
32.        You can only be remembered when you are close. But if you are not seen around, a little while you will be forgotten. 
33.        The question is: have you really thought about your condition right now, whether you are getting closer to God or you are far away from Him?
34.        If you know you have heard your name in this message say Amen. Thank you,  1996.
35.        It is very-very important; you and I must make the decision.
36.        Who must make the decision? You and I. Personalize it immediately.
37.        …and you know the Church is staying in a lukewarm condition, like in the days of Nariza, but you are not living in the place Nariza, that is why you have not thought about what William Branham said that every message comes at the peak of that age, and the moment any messenger dies, he said that the age ceases to continue.
38.        Have you seen it? Are we in the age of William Branham? So, there is somebody on the stage. In whose age you are in! We are in the age of the Son of Man. 
39.        No man can serve two masters at a time, have you ever stopped to think: who is this person that I am serving?”
40.        Who is this man? Knowing the personality you are having dealings with. Who is this man, who is this God I am having dealings with? Who is this man, who is this God I am having dealings with? That people will still come to Him and tell Him lies. Some will begin to tell stories, and after watching you, He will just marvel because you don’t know who is talking to you.
41.        You will stay in your house and have the mind to come and dupe Him, to the point that a heathen spoke to him before the elders telling him, my friend, this man (Son of Man) is not the type you can fool.
42.        The person he calls devil is now telling my brother whom I eat and drink on the same table with, that he should stop duping me, that I am not the type of person that you do such a thing. I thank God that elders were there when the thing happened. The person that eats and drinks with me.
43.        At a time, I decided to go and see if what they were saying is true, they now asked me, “Is it this man?” “He is a hardened criminal. Am I having dealings with him, that there is one Church they heard he is going, that is not true.”
44.         The person they are referring to has been in this faith for fourteen years now. I thought they were kidding; they later came by themselves and started speaking well, “The person that did this work really knows his job.” I told them that it was their colleague.
45.        They said, “Yes, this is the handwork, it was done perfectly.” I said, “Okay, thank you very much.” They said, “If this is how everybody works, there will be peace everywhere.”
46.        But they didn’t know that it was for the sake of that same person that prompted my coming. It is good that you know who you are having dealings with because if you access the person based on his innocent face, you will call the person angel, not angel but arch-angel.
47.        My brother was telling me what happened, though I was here with many others, I heard it, I saw it. People crying and lamenting, heathens gathered, weeping, they didn’t know that our brother is one of us and my own brother.
48.         They thought he was a hired fellow who came to work for me for a pay and they were talking to his hearing. Hence he said, Daddy, I learnt a lot from this trip.
49.        At least your testimony which people were sharing not knowing that I am of the same blood with you. They were thinking you hired me from somewhere for a pay and they were saying this and that everybody, then I came out, they were weeping and sorrowing.
50.        The tears yesterday couldn’t allow me to stay anymore, something that has never happened, happened yesterday before many witnesses. It pays to live exemplary life. William Branham said, “Don’t preach me a sermon, live me a sermon.”
51.        Martin Orji preached a sermon but he didn’t live a sermon. But the Son of Man preached a message titled, “Is your life worthy of your gospel? Does your life dovetail with the message you are giving to us? And Martin became a victim of his own message. Nnamdi Ogbogu became a victim of his own message, Dr Okechi Igwe, a victim of his own message, talk of Okechukwu Nwankpa, the litany is endless.
52.         No man of God, no preacher ever left this faith without preaching his condemnation, if he doesn’t preach it in the pulpit, he will share testimonies of God’s blessings, God’s protection so that by the time he will leave, his words will condemn him, his testimonies will ask him questions. Some of them, their testimonies helped many people to believe this faith, but where are they today? Are we standing because we are strong enough?
53.        It is the grace of God; it is God’s mighty hand upholding us. Otherwise, a mighty preacher like this couldn’t have derailed.  Brother Ben, is it a lie?  I may not preach, I may not teach, I may not evangelize, I may not have any gift of healing, speaking in strange tongues, interpretation or any other thing, but if at the end of the day, what I will receive is,
54.        …”My sins that are many have been forgiven me for Christ’s sake, enter the kingdom which your father had prepared for you before the foundation of the world”
55.        What else do I need? What else do I need? Must we all be preachers?
56.        Must we all be pastors and teachers and things like that? But at the end, let me find myself in paradise, it is sufficient for me. This is why, you must stop and think.
57.         Jesus the Christ asked them, “Who do you think that this messenger is, the message that you are receiving, who do you think that is giving you the message?”
58.        Halleluiah. 1996. Give me the precise date. 17th of November 1996. Is it not amazing? Is it not amazing? Answer this question he asked under anointing, who do you think this messenger is? Who do you think this person that is giving you the message of your salvation is?
59.        We worship God because of who He is. Who is the Son of Man to you brother Chime? He may be your townsman, your relation yet you will go to hell. The scriptural commission of a man of God will tell you the office he occupies. The office he occupies will tell you who He is. Who He is will help you to know what to expect from Him. Is that not right?
60.        I don’t know whether you think that it is Brother Peter Odoemena’s message.
61.        So as at that time by revelation I cannot forget what happened in Jos. Jos knew my name, they heard about me, they were told I was coming to see them. I didn’t go alone, I went with many witnesses.
62.        No eyes had ever seen me in Jos, but they were giving the sign by which they could know Me. Before then, there was a sister there, sister Thomas who had already prophesied about the Son of Man’s coming, said everything about me, told them to stop their big preparation, that the one coming according to what she saw was like a house boy.
63.        That He was not coming with escort. On that day I featured, she was number one that told Weston Fihala, “Look at that man holding ‘Cry out against the system’, he is the very Son of Man.”
64.        When we got to Zonkwa, they had already been told. Bishop Elijah had testified about it. An old woman aged about eighty years was the one that said, Forget about those giant, see that small one in their midst, He is the Son of Man. This was the man I saw in my dream”.
65.        Don’t forget the testimony of the late wife of Nnamdi Ogbogu who was privileged to come to Amazu Oil, she exclaimed, that was why the husband came. She said, “That dream I had where a young man gave me the Bible, I have seen the young man that gave me the Bible”.
66.        And said, “If you can believe this, your trouble will be over but it will be too hard for you.” God will tell you everything. I know why many are still here bodily. They lack the courage to go out, and if they go out, they lose the protection for this faith remains your covering.
67.        You all are naked if not this faith. If you doubt me, I will send you out now, one week you will receive quit notice from your landlady or your landlord and you must move whether you like it or not. Where are you moving to? Village. For there is no house that will take you, no landlord will accommodate you, besides, you have no money to pay the rent.
68.         I will harden the heart of all landlords in your area, no one will open the door to hear you, you will become a wanderer. Is it possible? Yes sir. Can I do it? Yes sir. A man I declared a wanderer for life is still wandering till today, that’s Weston Fihala.
69.        Whatever he did, he went to the bank, they sacked him, he went to one place of work, after three months, they sacked him. From that time 1997 till now, he is still a wanderer.
71.        John Ekweme, I hope you are hearing my voice. Thank you very much. I love your company but you will make me to hate you. If you will take heed to this message, I mean I will not hate you. Who is this man wearing this big eye class? Okay. 
72.        Let me tell you, William Branham said, “Nobody is saved until he comes face to face with God, you talk to God, he will talk back to you”. And you believe Him to be a prophet sent by God, you do well. If you kneel down and pray and God answers your prayers, have you not been praying since you were born, reading Bible, hearing the message repent or you perish, doing fasting and praying, what stopped God from answering you?
73.        But when you came into this faith, you say, “Sir, there is something troubling me, he will say, what is that thing? Say all! Is that all? Relax your mind, I have heard you, go and have your rest.” I mean, that reply alone douses the tension.
74.        A brother came to me and said, “My plea is this, I don’t have this and that, I don’t want my father to die now.”
75.        I said, “Look, your father will not die until you have finished your house and you are buoyant enough to host your numerous friends, well-wishers and brethren”. But it was his turn to die, God said, “Not now.”
76.        So he did to many others. Another one said, I wouldn’t like my father to die until I have graduated at least started something, so that I will give him food to eat, nurse him I mean as my own contribution before he will die.
77.        I said, “Okay, hold my hand, as you requested so shall it happen.” Recently, the man fell sick near unto death. One morning, he came knelt down pleading, “Daddy, do not permit him to die now”.
78.        I said, “Is there any other thing? Leave him alone, the time is not yet come, tell your brothers to go and attend to him. Any day he will die, he will not be sick; he will go to bed and rest.” Sustained by my experience. There was one when I was a bachelor, I had a little sticker I placed before my eyes there, if God says it, it is guaranteed, situation can never change it. Which means no situation can change it.
79.        If God says it, it is guaranteed. It doesn’t mean that the devil will not buffet you about. Sickness will come, trials will come, troubles will come, but you will remain there.
80.        Are you hearing me? Brother Onyema Eze, please, your son is a soldier, not that you want him to be, situation pushed him there and you were the one that financed it. You remember I told you everything. You carried me along, that’s why he is alive.
81.        And the boy doesn’t joke with me; he calls me every now and then. Having been there before him, I know the secrets. He has never been deployed for one day and I told him why he will not be deployed.
82.        Most of his sets have been killed, that’s why he wants to drop the gun. Tell him not to drop the gun, that’s number one.
83.        Number two; help him as a matter of urgency. Help him, tell him, you have found a wife for him, that he should come and approve of her or he should get one to enable you come over.
84.        He should use the little money he has to pay the bride price, fulfill the necessary formalities, effect a change and I will tell him what else to do. If it is not done quickly, definitely, he is going to be deployed to the fiercest sector of the battle and you may not see him alive or he will come back crippled.
85.        But if he will obey me, nobody is deploying him anywhere; he is going to the barracks. He is going to the barracks, get a place, stay with his wife and then stay in the office and carry files, which is my target.
86.        I have warned my children, you are all my children. Don’t ever enlist your son; enlist yourself in a violent occupation. He that uses knife must die by knife; he that uses gun must die by gun.
87.        If you are afraid of death, don’t desire to wear any uniform that uses gun for whatever a man sows that he must reap. What the hen commits during dry season snatches its chicks during rainy season.
88.         If you want to know the mystery behind it, come and see me. And if you want to see me, tell me the day you will come. Don’t ever add anything to what I said.
89.         If you come and begin to tell me how this happened and the other thing happened, I will tell you, na lie. Amen.