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The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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Christ is on Earth as a human being. He is in the midst of the Bride. He goes to Church, He worships Himself but your physical eyes cannot behold Him. Even in the beginning when there was no human being, He lifted up His holy hands and said, “I live forever!”

Believe it if you can…
5th December, 2010.

God warned us seriously as His dear children to be very careful that we do not mingle with scoffers, that we do not mingle with mockers; that we should refrain from them, refrain from associating with fools.
Who is a fool? A fool has already concluded in his heart that there is no God, that everything started on this Earth and will end here on Earth— that is a fool.
Let nobody ever fool you, judgment of God is sure and certain. If human beings here on Earth have rules they establish where they judge cases of illegalities of different magnitudes, and these human beings that established these thrones are created by Almighty God,  how do you think that you can get away like that?  If there is nothing like that, what is the essence of instructing you? –SON OF MAN.


Deuteronomy 31:15 “And the LORD appeared in the tabernacle in a pillar of a cloud: and the pillar of the cloud stood over the door of the tabernacle.” KJV

Exodus 13:21 And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night:.” KJV.

Psalms 89:7 God is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints, and to be had in reverence of all them that are about him.” KJV


“Daniel 7:9 I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool: his throne was like the fiery flame, and his wheels as burning fire.” KJV


Isaiah 11:10 “And in that day there shall be a root of Jesse, which shall stand for an ensign of the people; to it shall the Gentiles seek: and his rest shall be glorious.” KJV

Ephesians 2:19 “Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints, and of the household of God.” KJV


Remain blessed everybody. We thank God that we have gathered in His Presence once again, just to worship and praise His Holy Name. I used to tell you that there is no safe ground or safer ground if not in Christ. Truly speaking, no other safe ground.
2.                  There is no other thing we can offer to Him than songs of praises in appreciation of His goodness and mercy. We have come back from Bayelsa with edifying testimonies. Testimonies that will stand the test of time, testimonies that will live to glorify the Name of the Lord.
3.                  He has given us the victory over the heathens, over all principalities and powers there. We thank God for everything, for it happened according to His word. Before they got there, He was there already.
4.                  I want to put you in remembrance. I do not want to speak too early neither will I speak too late. I want to address all of you as a full house.
5.                  The Lord willing, I will show you historical evidences concerning the hour we are in: “Israel and Palestine in Prophecy”.
6.                  I have introduced you to a classic research which was purely an academic work. Additionally, we equally have a comprehensive history of Israel and Palestine. That of last Sunday was history of Palestine but this week will be a comprehensive package of history of Israel, politically, religiously and economically. Then the history of Palestine.
7.                  Any human being, any nation that speaks evil of the children of God must be cursed by God. Thus this day, we are bound to repent again, because of too many curses we have already placed on Palestine and the neighboring cities that made up the children of God. We are bound to repent again.
8.                  You will find the positions of too many towns, communities that are not qualified to be countries. I am saying that Anambra State is not qualified to be a country in Nigeria; it can only be a state. No more, no less.
9.                  You want Anambra to be a country in Igboland, is it possible? This is exactly what is happening there. Imo State wants to be an independent nation with Abia and the rest of Igbos are saying no, for we are of one father and one mother. Our father is called Igbo.
10.              Hence, we will know the truth and the truth will set us free. Remember that in as much as our salvation is not attached to it, the knowledge is necessary because you must know this people, their culture, their belief and everything; so that when you get there you will not have problem anymore. To mingle with them will be very easy because we are one-blooded people. We came from the same race.
11.               You will know the position of Egypt and why it pleased God to call His Son out of Egypt. God helping us, I will address you in accordance with the hour. Whether you are in Christ or not, you are bound to know my stand concerning too many issues.
12.              Please we have collected some dreams for sometime now. Most of those dreams have touched on the mind of God.
13.              There was one that was presented to Apostle Kelechi by the wife of Brother Emma Agu, that dream should not be set aside. Another one also was presented to him by Sister Chika Onyema, the dream should not be faulted but should be prayed against. The same is applicable to some other dreams.
14.               There is one they brought to Me this morning, while he was reading it I wanted to give the interpretation, not knowing that the dream interpreted itself, so I paused. I am having two dreams with Me and I want to make them public because I know that they are going to fulfill to the letter. Not that I want it to be so. But it is because I have been warning and warning and warning, only few paid heed to my warning. One is already a finished matter.
15.              I am not going to speak further on these dreams rather if you want to be alive do that which you supposed to do, peradventure, you may wriggle out. Do not begin to look sideways. All of us are involved. Do not begin to look sideways, all of us are involved.
16.              THE FIRST DREAM IS DATED SUNDAY 15TH JULY 2012. I was in a dream and in that dream I saw the Son of Man standing over a table. On that table there were lots of papers with names on them, that is, names of families. By the side of the table was a book.
17.              Any paper He picked up, He went through the book and checked for the names and started erasing names from the book. He picked up another one and wrote down the names on it inside the book, but all the while He was erasing names. And anyone He is through with, He flinged it away.
18.              I was afraid and was praying that He should please not erase my family names from the book. Nobody could read His countenance while He was at it.
19.              Sister Onyedika dragged me to where He was; He turned and told her that he wanted somebody with eligible handwriting to be writing down the names for Him. He told her to start writing it down for Him.
20.              I was standing there in fear, then she turned and told Him that I have an eligible handwriting. He turned and looked at me for few minutes and said, “Where is the paper that contained names of your family members including your in-laws’ names?”
21.              He brought it out, looked at it and looked at me also, He then told me to start writing down names that He will give me in the book. I relaxed. I relax a little but not entirely because any little annoyance from anybody towards Him, he will erase the name of the person including his family.
22.              In that dream, I remembered that He once told us to write down the names of our families members including yours, in the year 2007.
23.              The dream then shifted to another one. In this one, it looks as if we were in another camp meeting, everybody was jubilating. He turned to a brother and told him, though in a body of a small boy, but still the same voice saying that all our behaviors, God recorded all. I was crying and saying even the jokes I used to crack sometimes, he will use it against us.
24.               He said that not that He has not saved us but He wanted to check our utterances and behaviors with the heathens and with brethren. The dream left me. Remain blessed from Sister Chika from Port Harcourt Household.
25.              THE SECOND DREAM IS DATED, 17TH JULY 2012. That was Tuesday. I was going for a meeting with my car together with other people inside the same car. As we were moving, we came to a place where the road was bad, I stopped and those people inside the car came out. I continued moving alone with the car along the bad road.
26.              When I approach the mountain in front of me, I abandoned the car and started climbing up the mountain. Many people were involved in this great task. This time everybody was trying to climb up the mountain on individual basis. Initially I wanted to grumble but I changed my mind, summoned courage and climbed to the mountain top successfully.
27.              Many people were trying to climb to the top of the mountain, only few people could climb to the top of the mountain including some brethren, familiar and unfamiliar persons, little children and some Sisters.
28.              Unexpectedly, a Brother from Enugu Household climbed up the mountain very easily with cheerful and smiling faces. To my greatest astonishment, I could not see any married Sister on the mountain top. Those who could not climb to the top of the mountain were outside sorrowing.
29.              I was watching to see my wife and children on top of the mountain but none was found there before the dream left me. I woke up and check my clock, it was 1.24am. that is, twenty-four minutes after one in the morning. From Evangelist Anayo, Enugu Household. Amen.

St. Luke chapter 17 verses 22-33, “Then he said to His disciples, the time will come when you will wish you could see one of the days of the Son of Man, but you will not see it…”
2.      A time cometh when you will wish to see one of the days of who? The Son of Man. You will wish you could see one of the days of the Son of Man, but you will not see it again. The days of the Son of Man will not be seen again by some people.
3.      “…Then he said to His disciples, “The time will come when you will wish you could see one of the days of the Son of Man, but you will not see it. There will be those who will say to you, ‘Look over there!’ or ‘Look over here!’ but do not go out looking for it.
4.      As the lightning flashes across the sky and lights it up from one side to the other, so will the Son of Man be in His day. But first he must suffer much and be rejected by the people of this day…”
5.       Of course, He must suffer much and be rejected by the people of His day.
6.      “…As it was in the time of Noah so shall it be in the days of the Son of Man. Everybody kept on eating and drinking, men and women married, up to the very day Noah went into the boat and the flood came and killed them all.
7.      It will be as it was in the time of Lot. Everybody kept on eating and drinking, buying and selling, planting and building. On the day Lot left Sodom, fire and sulphur rained down from heaven and killed them all. That is how it will be on the day of the Son of Man is revealed.
8.      On the day the man who is on the roof of his house must not go down into his house to get any belongings; in the same way anyone who is out in the field must not go back to the house. Remember Lot’s wife! Whoever tries to save his own life will lose it; whoever losses his life will save it.” GNB.
9.      “And he said unto the disciples, The days will come, when ye shall desire to see one of the days of the Son of man, and ye shall not see it. And they shall say to you, See here; or, see there: go not after them, nor follow them.
10.  For as the lightning, that lighteneth out of the one part under heaven, shineth unto the other part under heaven; so shall also the Son of man be in his day. But first must he suffer many things, and be rejected of this generation.
11.  And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man. They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, and the flood came, and destroyed them all.
12.  Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded;
13.  But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all. Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed.
14.  In that day, he which shall be upon the housetop, and his stuff in the house, let him not come down to take it away: and he that is in the field, let him likewise not return back.
15.  Remember Lot's wife. Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it.” KJV.
16.  First and foremost, I wish to thank all the members of the various local Assemblies that make up the Bride of Christ Ministry Worldwide for your cooperation and assistance which made it possible for us to bury our late Brother Joseph of the household of God at Bayelsa, who passed on after fellowship of the Saints in Onitsha two weeks ago.
17.  You all heard how it happened. He fellowshipped with us, ate and drank with us, we never knew that he was terribly sick. He did not complain, only his brother in Bayelsa knew about it, another person was his wife. He slumped down on his way home, was brought back to the fellowship and we later took him to General Hospital where he was confirmed dead.
18.  From that day, we did not rest. We continued holding consultations with his people, more especially the traditional ruler of the community, members of his family, until finally, God granted us their favour. He was buried on Friday 20th July, 2012. And in accordance with our Faith, we gave him a hero’s burial, in spite of his dirty records.
19.  His death was very much provoking and at the end of the day I remembered my word which I continued to hammer in this Fellowship: “IF THERE IS A PRAYER YOU SHOULD PRAY FOR YOURSELF AND FAMILY, PRAY THAT TROUBLE WILL NOT BESET YOU AT A TIME WHEN THE SON OF MAN IS NOT IN THE RIGHT MOOD”.
20.  Because if it happens, you must pay dearly. It is just like I am standing here now; it will take the greatest amazing grace to move my hand, to redeem any brother that is in a terrible condition. The highest favour I will give you is to refer you to the nearest Hospital. Finish! If you disturb my line, I will switch off the phone.
21.  As a result, Brother Emeka of Enugu, if you are intelligent, convey my message which I passed unto you over the phone to your entire family. I remembered only but one thing, and that was what I remembered before, not you, not your wife, but Mama Nkwe. Remember my statement inside St. Patrick Hospital Enugu, where I rushed to rescue your wife and save the life of that child you are still holding there.
22.  I made it clear to all and sundry that I rushed because of Mama Nkwe. Looking at you and your wife and unbelieving hearts I saw in you, I would have closed my eyes. If you can remember accurately how you desired to come to my house for your thanksgiving and how I resisted you; even the day you wanted to come, you ended it in the hospital again together with that baby. You troubled me so much; but your wife troubled me most.
23.  I am not indebted to anybody. I am the Self-Existing One. But the way you call upon Me proves that I am accountable to you or that I am owing you.
24.  If you know that I am indebted to you, come and tell me what that indebtedness is all about and I will settle you once and for all. There are too many things that I accommodated in time past which I cannot accommodate again. Even if your entire family perishes, God remaineth God and nothing will happen.
25.  It is just like when Brother Joseph died, I saw some panicking, I saw some wagging their mouth because they know not the mind of God. They were behaving like the people of Israel in the wilderness who saw what took place and began to accuse Moses and Aaron of killing God’s children.
26.  One thing is to make a prayer collectively, and say Amen. Another thing is to accept the answer to the prayer. The Son of Man does not kill anybody but you can kill yourself. If you trouble the Son of Man, you are troubling yourself. If you trouble this Faith you are troubling yourself.
27.  The highest place God will give you is to open the grave and you go there and have your rest, so as to save His Name from further blasphemy. God is not responsible for what you are doing, you are the one doing it because you feel that you have the power to do it. Moreover, your aim is to cause the Name of God to be ridiculed among the heathens.
28.  It was this provocation that made Me to switch off from Pastor Promise of Egbema. He made a nasty statement over the phone. If Brother Henry loses his baby, he should hold Pastor Promise responsible, not the Son of Man, not anybody but Pastor Promise. The Elders should know about it. Brother Kelechi don’t you know about it? Pastor Dan what of you? Deacon Vin don’t you know? Pastor Thomas don’t you know about it? Praise God!
29.  And these almost happened to Brother Emeka, for he allowed his wife to use his phone to trouble Me more than I expected even when he heard my voice saying, “Brother Emeka relax, all is well, your child must live.” That should have settled everything.
30.  If you really said Amen, why troubling me again? Off your eyes from that baby, keep your eyes on the promise.
31.  To prove that death came, God must permit you to see it with your eyes, for if He does not carry that problem to that height, where your baby will die and nurses will be running helter-skelter, doctors feeling confused, you will not believe in the resurrection of the dead. Thus, God permitted all to happen.
32.  For the fact that I was calling you, was it not enough to prove that I was there? Even if I do not call, whenever you call I will attend to you. And you forgot that there are too many that called and I ignored their calls.
33.  Another stupid fellow who equally addressed Me in that form was from Nasarawa, and he is feeling the pinch right now. Thank God that his Pastor is around. He has heard my voice.
35.  Who among you is not aware that the Son of Man is not happy with many of you? With many of you in this faith? Who will say that he does not know or that he has not found out?
36.  Is it not scriptural? At this point in the history of Israel, God made a statement saying, “With many of you I am not pleased.” No matter how you run around Me, I am not pleased with many of you. I do not hide my feelings.
37.  I am speaking in the interest of those who came from other local Assemblies. If you have not heard it, hear it from me. Right from 18th July 2012, I made a pronouncement and I mean it to the letter. You have toyed with my telephone lines all these years, enough is enough. You have toyed with my telephone lines to such an extent that you even permit your little children to toy with my line.
38.  Even Brother Emeka, you are guilty. You allowed your infants, minors in your house to use my line to practice making calls, to practice sending text messages. There was one day I received seven empty text messages from the children of Brother Emeka and I have to call. He was shameless to tell Me that his son was doing this and that. And that was with my line. It is applicable to too many in this Faith. Some will call and I will answer.
39.  I remember the day I answered one and they started laughing, “Daddy have answered us, he has answered us.” I will switch off. At another time they will call, “Hello, hello, yes, he has answered! He has answered!”
40.  Even the Bishops are not left out, including Bishop Okoh. Pass this information to your sons and daughters wherever they are. The time you used my line to experiment making calls is over. It is not a line you can use for chatting, it is not a line you can use to say “Hello,” no, my line goes beyond saying hello.
41.  It is not a line you can use to tell Me you want to eat, you want to go to toilet, you want to go to bathroom, you want to put on dress, it is not that line. Enough is enough.
42.  If you do not have any important message to deliver to Me, if you do not have any important matter to discuss with Me, please, do not dial my line.
43.  Concerning sickness; yes, it is a part of life! Because of the recent developments among you, I made a pronouncement and I am still standing on it. I will remain standing on it for a very long time. If sickness comes which is a part of life, please in your own best interest go to any hospital of your choice, and make no mistake of calling Me to ask Me to name a hospital for you. I do not own any hospital under the sun. The choice is yours.
44.  You can only come to Me with your sickness or call Me when you have tried with your doctors and everything appears to be failing you. You can then call Me. But until then make no mistake of calling Me. I do not care the type of emergency that sickness attracts; there are doctors to call in every hospital.
45.  To the pregnant Sisters, take note, I have told you to go and register for your antenatal in any reasonable hospital of your choice. Keep dates with your doctors and midwives. On the day of delivery go to any of them and deliver. Do not ever invite my attention again on anything on antenatal case from now till further notice. All antenatal cases, all antenatal problems, go to a gynecologist, go to your doctors and midwives. Anyone that I am led to attend to, I am the One that will signal for that one. But until I do so, keep it to yourself. These things have become temptation the Son of Man cannot bear any more.
47.  My eyes MUST turn red against any human being in this Bridal Faith that attempts using my Name to dupe either a brother or a Sister, to dupe a heathen or commit crimes.
48.  I told you that God has given us liberty in Christ, not liberty to do evil. As many as believed that the liberty in Christ means doing everything you want to do without restraint, after this Message make sure you do not cross our fellowship gate again. Voluntarily withdraw and go to any group where you will be permitted even to commit suicide if you want, or kill the members of your family if you want. Enough is enough.
49.  If you do not know what to call it, whether it is message or teaching; title it, “WARNINGS FROM GOD”. I am sounding it as a warning loud and clear.
50.  If you have good reasons why you should call me, call me and I will respond. If you know that when I give instructions you will not obey, make no mistake of calling me for I discovered that many flout my instruction, but when calamity befalls them, they will attribute it to the Son of Man. However, they will not tell the public that they were warned ahead of time and they refused to pay heed to the warning.
51.  Just like our late Brother Joseph, people saw his corpse and how he died, but they did not know that even his follow brethren had already warned him. People saw Joseph, they heard how he slumped down and died, but only few were privileged to know or hear that his fellow brethren warned him to desist from evil.
52.  What is more, one brother even told him from the pulpit that if he does not desist from evil, that one day, that he was sure that the Lord must surely strike him died. He replied “Until then”. The following Sunday he went to the pulpit to preach in unrighteousness and slumped down. On Wednesday he wanted to go to fellowship, he became blind on the way and fell into the gutter. Sunday after the Wednesday, he came to Jerusalem to eat, drink with brethren and to dance with the saints.
53.  The same God that struck Ananias and Sapphira in the fellowship is still in our midst. The same Pillar of Cloud is in our midst. The same Pillar of Fire is still in our midst. God is of purer eyes than to behold iniquity.
54.  That I have told you that I am the most compassionate Messenger the Almighty has ever sent since the world began, should not be taken for a ride. It should not be taken for a weakness on my side. I have compromised a lot. I am on my way home! I have really overstayed.
55.  I do not see anything enjoyment again that is trapping Me here, though I have not even enjoyed anything. What will I have, that I will enjoy? You go to your bed and have your rest but I go to bed and begin to wonder the whole world. When you go to bed, you sleep. If I go to bed I will travel out. Amen.

As it was in the days of Noah, as it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah—that’s the days of Lot—so shall it be in the day when the Son of Man shall be revealed. Characteristics features of those days, you are living witnesses.
2.      If you go to the book of Genesis 6, it says that the entire world was filled with violence in the days of Noah.
3.      Today, is the world not filled with violence? Tell me any country that is not boiling now, to the point that some are now killing infants, not considering the consequences.
4.      The whole world bloc, whether you call them the quartet or the super powers, in all their efforts to step down the tide of violence, they have ended at nothing. They are now confused. Why? It is a prophetic phenomenon, which means that the hand of God is behind it. For there is no other way He can bring the world to an end without permitting all the prophesied end-time events come to pass.
5.      If you watch everywhere, people now love pleasures more than God. They were eating and drinking, having jamborees here and there. Watch what is taking place now, every family, every building now is a joint. If it is not a restaurant, it is a beer parlour. If they are not frying snail, they are frying fish, they are preparing pepper soup or “point and kill.”
6.      Every street, every main road, once it is 7 o’clock in the evening, come and see road blocks. People can hardly go home straight from their work places again. When they dismiss from their work places, with their vehicles, some will even trek, going to one recreation club to another. Come and see the main roads jam-packed sideways with their vehicles, all of them will be sitting; even under the rain they are sitting down eating and drinking.
7.      Under every tree is a canopy for eating and drinking. People enjoy pleasures of this life more than God. Nobody is left out. You watch the youths, they have all become mad! Instead of them to worship God, they will prefer dying in the stadium. From stadium to TV shows—all of them. Every kind of game has been introduced.
8.      The handset has done more harm than good; introducing violence in your homes, introducing every kind of evil life in your homes. Your children now, even adults use their phones to communicate with the devils, communicate with evil spirits in the form of human beings.
9.      What is more, the GSM operators in their bid to make money are busy introducing one kind of application or the other. In your facebook, who do you discuss with? Who is that person holding your photograph in your facebook?
10.  In the application you call 2go, who is that person that is going with you? In the TV game you are playing in your handset and everywhere, what type of game are you playing? It is only in our day that violence is regarded as a game.
11.  In those things you do in the Internet, what type of information do you download? What type of pictures do you download? Evil men and women are always busy pasting information in the Net. Evil men and women are pasting pictures in the Net, ranging from violent pictures to immoral pictures. Because they have a very big adage, “If it is not violence and immoral, it can never attract money”.
12.  Watch all the musicians, the whole music is violent music or immoral music for that is the only way money can come. Check all adverts, any advert that is not aimed at advising or making public violence or immoral behaviors, can never be patronized. The newspapers are not left out. Weekend newspapers can hardly be read any more with ease.
13.  Buy the newspaper of your choice on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, you might be shocked at what is being sold to general public. Open it and see some of the contents, then you begin to wonder what this world will look like in the next ten years if it is unchecked.
14.  How is God going to check it? By terminating it, by putting an end to human rebellion.
15.  What I have so far expressed is nothing before God than rebellion against God. Anybody that is acting, talking or behaving in opposition to God’s word is rebelling against God. Just like a child that is opposed to parents instruction, that child is rebelling.
16.  Thus, do not think that rebellion is when you carry arms against your father or against your mother. The most wicked form of rebellion is the opposition to parental instruction. It is more dangerous than carrying weapons, because it is highly infectious; it is a disease that can infect the whole house in less than one minute if it is left unchecked.
17.  Looking at the stage of the world today, what type of picture can we have before our eyes or can we paint concerning the hour we are in? What is left? If there is any other thing left, say it!
18.  The evil of Sodom and Gomorrah centered on one thing. It was the inability of men to marry women. Men got tired of sleeping with women and now decided to be marrying their fellow men. Women going to bed with their fellow women thereby bringing upon themselves swift condemnation.
19.  Now that the entire world has gone back to Sodomite condition, Noah’s condition, the two are now with us. Brethren what is left?
20.  The Gospel of the Kingdom has also been preached throughout the whole world and the Son of Man has been revealed. Brethren what is left?
21.  You see why if you are on the mountain top, do not strive to go down. If you are sitting down, do not attempt to climb up. Standstill for you are about to witness the salvation of God come true. Nothing is left.
22.  Concerning the Middle East, any moment from now, before your very eyes, the papacy will strike a bargain with Palestine and the agreement for the Pope of Rome to build the Cathedral called “the Solomon Porch” in no other place but Eastern Jerusalem which is Bethlehem-Judea.
23.  The agreement will be signed any moment from now. This is what provoked me to wreck up the history of Israel and Palestine, so that you know exactly why God spoke and said, “I am finished with you”.
25.  My eyes are now on the Middle East. Henceforth, let the ungodly continue in his or her ungodly life. Let the righteous continue in his or her righteousness.
26.  Of course any attempt to swap from one to the other cannot work, for you cannot make it again. In essence, I do not beg anybody to continue in the Faith neither do I beg anybody to withdraw.
27.  I have come to the point where I have made everything plain. Your salvation from now lies in your hands.
28.   Finally, to those who volunteered their lives to go to Bayelsa, those who financed, those who prayed and those who proposed, even those who wished that we should be set ablaze there, to all of you wherever you belong to, I say, may the good Lord richly blessed everybody. Thank you. Amen.

Remain blessed brethren, we thank God for his love and care to all of us and His warning to all His sons and daughters. I want you to bear this in mind that the warning of God goes to the elects only. They are the only people who will hear God’s Word and refrain from all their evil ways. However, to one that is not of God, he cannot take the Word of God seriously.
2.      What is more, where we are now, only foolish ones will say that nothing is happening. However, all that are spiritual, that have known that from the inception of this ministry till now, God has never told us anything that has not come to pass. See where we are, now that everything concerning salvation pertaining to the Gentiles is all over.
3.      Now God has turned His face to the Middle East, to fulfill His words concerning Israel. See how the whole thing is moving, to bring in the papacy that will sign that accord which Daniel foresaw and said What is more, “When you see that abomination that maketh desolate standing on the Holy Place, then you should look up for your redemption is at hand.”
4.      When God started warning like this saying “Let the righteous continue in his righteousness and let the wicked continue in his wickedness,” there is nothing that can turn it around. For if there is nothing that can turn the course of a River, then nothing will cause you as a wicked fellow to stop your wickedness, because you have crossed the boundary line. The same is applicable to the righteous.
5.      We thank God, Who has been among us all these while, we praise His holy name for saving us. For the teachings that is ahead of us now is not for salvation but for knowledge. Making us to know that God has never deceived us one day. There is no other group of people under heaven that knows what we know if not only us. Why? Because it pleased the Almighty to descend and tabernacle among us.
6.      What the people in the world have been longing to see, things educated people, wise men in the world are longing to hear, what we are hearing today. Can we talk about the Sodom and Gomorrah or Noah’s day? All of them are here with us.
7.      Are you not reading newspapers? Seeing that even the Churches that have permitted the act of homosexuality, all these things are in the land today, and the Son of Man has been revealed.
8.      Everything is shifting to make sure that the words of the Prophets must surely come to pass. You and I that are in this Faith must tighten our belts, and guard up our loins, for when we see these things coming to pass, we know really that salvation of the saints is at hand.
9.      If you want to be strict and you want to be serious, it is left in your hand for the salvation of our soul is now in our hands. Your own is your hand, my own is in my hand.
10.  Thus, any way you want to live now, up to you. If I tell you what to do and you say that you will not do it, I leave you alone.
11.  We are very grateful to God Who has made it very possible for us to be in His Presence. I have to thank God for the safe journey granted us back from Bayelsa. In fact, the victory has already been won by God.
12.   If not Almighty God we would not have wriggled out of the case of this our brother. I want you to see it this way. For if you did not see it this way you will not understand what God did for us.
13.  Place yourself in this position. That your friend came to your house and after discussing with you, ate with you, even chat with you, and then started going, on his way going, he slumped down and died. Can you escape the accusation that you are not the one that killed him or her? You cannot. And this is exactly what took place.
14.  If not God, in the next two years we will not bury our late brother. We are calling him our brother because we did not excommunicate him in our midst. That is why God told us in one of the message “Only Facts are Convincing” that you have the right to come into this tabernacle, you have the right to fellowship with us and when you come into our midst you have right to make friends, do whatever you want to do, but being a member of the divine Body of Christ, you have no right to be there, for only God will put you there. And when God puts you there, there is an oath of secrecy you will take which you and God alone will be a witness.
15.  If you watch this Faith, it looks like a social age, social when you look at it in a human angle. What the whole world condemned, what they called sin, what they called wickedness, what they are telling people not to do for them to inherit the Kingdom of God, if you come into this Faith, you will see it.
16.  Is it drinking? We drink. Is it eating? We eat. But there is one thing God needs; this eternal life is so highly secret that it will take only the elect to discover it. Thus, when you think that you can behave anyhow you like, when the elect comes, what the elects are expected to seek is eternal life. For it goes beyond all these nonsenses.
17.  That is why the Apostle Peter said, “To whom shall we go to, seeing that only you have the word of eternal life?” Have you seen a preacher like Him before? Have you ever come across a man that tells you to call Him whatever you want to call Him, that it is your right? Who called Himself the visible representation of the very Devil, because that is the highest thing that you can call a man.
18.  See the teachings we have received, see our lives, see everything, and he came so close to us, so loving that it pleased Him to give us these eternal life free and many have not seen it this way.
19.  We are very grateful to God. If not this Bridal Faith, I do not think that there is anything that can take me down to Bayelsa State, and I have never been there since my life.
20.   I saw a lot of things that marveled me, and I praised God for that. That He took us down to the hinterland, in the sea where human beings are living. People living on top of the sea, walking around, but we are living on the land here.
21.  You see, this Gospel has taken us down there, for God has already told us that there will be no trouble, there will be no problem and all happened that way.
22.  There is one striking statement the traditional ruler made before our eyes. He told his community and told us there saying, “Let me tell you, according to our tradition and custom, this our son that died supposed to be buried across the river, but since the Church people here have their own custom and tradition on how they bury their own member, I am giving you hundred percent support to bury this my son in the name of your church.”
23.  He told his community saying, “I am counsel in this my family, if you want to quarrel, you want to fight, you want to murmur, go to the Church and God, fight the Church and God,” then there was murmuring and quarreling among them.
24.  Concerning our ministration, only our brother Isaac Utok and Brother Manson will tell, but the elder brother to our late brother Joe wept very sour. He said, “I do not know what I will use to thank you people, because you people came and offloaded a heavy burden that is upon my neck. That my brother did not tell us that he went to the foreign land and died, if not you people that brought his corpse down here, I would not have seen the corpse of my brother. Besides, they were telling me that they are going to throw his corpse away, a man that has five children; then I volunteered to bury him in my own land, so that whenever his children grow up, I will show them the grave of their father”.
25.  Only God saved us. That we went there and came back alive, for it is not easy to drive on a highway, but God saw us through. All our brethren from all the local Assemblies went home safely without any trouble. It is a thing to give God glory. It pays to know that you are walking with God.
26.  Having seen the mighty hand of God upon us, is it not wise to refrain our feet at this point in time especially when the whole thing is terminating any moment from now. The whole thing, the wickedness of the whole world will come to a stop any moment from now.
27.  Now, if you are a wicked person among us, your time is coming to a standstill. Continue in your wickedness, continue in your righteousness. To the married Brothers and Sisters, if you like to live in peace, up to you, if you like to live in pieces, up to you.
28.  Where we are now is where Paul said, “Anybody that wants to be ignorant, let him be ignorant.” If you want to continue quarreling, go ahead! However, to the wise, they have no time to quarrel. Their eyes are fixed towards where God is standing, for there will they stand. For that is our ground.  
29.  Take note of the warnings. Why is God sounding this warnings? Because of those that toy with His line. The same thing I used to see in my phone sometimes. At times, I used to see a lot of empty messages, and when I call the person, you see the person saying, “Sorry oh! It is my son, it is my child.”
30.  You are kept your phone carelessly and your children will use it to play, sending empty messages to people. And whenever the message comes, I will think that the Brother has one problem or the other.
31.  God has placed a ban because of our recklessness and misusing the opportunity and privilege given to us.
32.  We are very grateful to God. We have seen the message, “God’s own mark of ownership.” Look into that Message and see whether you are among those God marked.
33.  For when you hear the Gospel of how you could be saved and believe, then you are marked. However, if you have not believed, you are not marked for God knows every human being. He knows you, He knows me.
34.  There is something that marvels me sometimes. You will see brethren whom God has been speaking against their character, they will not take it seriously, they will not sit down, pause and think about their lives, rather you will see them manifesting evil continually. They are the people whom God will warn concerning their behaviors, concerning their lives, still you see them going on to that particular evil.
35.  Call them to order, they will just be sober at that moment that you are talking to them, but once you close your mouth, you see them flying away.
36.  Continue, the door has been closed; the boundary line of salvation has been closed, for we have a message which God told us that we must make sure we walk within the boundary of God’s love. Where the love of God will reach and bless them, but many have crossed the boundary.
37.  There is no serious remorse in their hearts concerning their evil character. No serious remorse for their evil ways. If you come to a situation where you did something that is bad in this Faith and God warns you, you feel less concerned, it goes to show that your heart has been smeared with a hot iron. You cannot have any feeling of remorse in your behavior, you have been sealed off.
38.  We are in His Presence to serve the Lord and praise Him. We have heard His words, for God has spoken to us, and we are in the days of the Son of Man. The whole thing which Jesus the said concerning the days of the Son of Man, was he referring to himself? No! He was talking about the day of the Son of Man, and today we are in that day.
39.  Everything is coming to its climax. That is why, when Paul was talking to Timothy, he said, “In the last days, the world will be corrupt with evil. People will no longer like to listen to sound doctrine. Men will love themselves more than the things of God.”
40.  You will see people in this Faith who do not know the difference between them and the people in the world, because of the love to get worldly things; you see them walking contrary to the Faith. There is no field of life which God has not taught us how to behave.  
41.  Thus, if you like to behave well, continue, and if you do not like to behave well, up to you! Watch the way you are doing and behaving in your local setup. Concerning the placing of idols, one in Bethel and the other in Dan, we have seen it manifesting in our midst.
42.  If these things do not fulfill, how can the scriptures come to pass? When we are referring to the scriptures, we are not referring to the words of the Apostles in the years gone by, no. We are referring to the words of God in our own day. For the words of the Apostles and Prophets are the picture of God in your own day.
43.  When we talk about scriptures, you look into the your Bible, forgetting that all that God has been telling us since He identified with us are scriptures.
44.  Recently, we saw how our Bishop Okoh went into our scriptures, and brought out messages that have fulfilled before our eyes. Quoting them before all of us.  
45.  As a result, pay attention and check yourself. Have a rethink concerning your behavior for your own good. For if you do not do it, well, whatever you see in the end, you take. With this few words I say, remain blessed brethren. Amen

For those that want to dedicate their children get ready. As Pastor Dan is coming up here to lead us in some songs, collect offering. If there are testimonies, it is left for him to call.
2.      Who is dedicating his baby? Are you dedicating your baby or you are organizing a thanksgiving? Which one? Are you dedicating your baby or having a thanksgiving with your brethren, which one?
3.      You are having the two at the same time. Did you get the mandate of the Pastor in charge of Onitsha?
4.      Answer: I told Pastor Thomas.
5.      You told who? Who?
6.      Answer: Pastor Thomas.
7.      What did you tell him?
8.      Answer: Sir, I told him that he should help me arrange for drinks that I am dedicating my child today. I did that after I called you, and I even told him that I have told you and you told me to go ahead.
9.      You said that after calling me, so, what did you tell me over the phone?
10.  Answer: Sir, I told you that I am coming to dedicate my child and that I am coming with some brethren.
11.  Was it what you told me that made me to call you a stupid man? Did I call you a stupid man? How did I say it? Use my words!
12.  Answer: Sir, you said that I was the most useless fellow on Earth.
13.  You told me that you were coming to dedicate your child and I told you that you are a useless fellow? Brethren can you believe this? Can’t you tell brethren what transpired, otherwise, you are going home with your food and drinks!
14.  Answer: as a matter of fact I cannot remember what exactly transpired but I know that when I met you last Sunday, that was a week today, I told you that I was coming to Onitsha to bring my child. So, when I got back to Eha-amufu, I discussed with my wife and she now insisted that I should tell you. Even when I went to Bishop Moses and he asked me whether I was plain to you, that I am coming to dedicate my child, I said no.
15.  Please Brethren we want to put things straight. I never made any law, and I will never make it a law, that you should not present your babies in your local Assembly, that if you must present your children to God or thanksgiving, that it must be in Onitsha. I never made any law like that.
16.  I know that brethren always have a big problem. Brother Kelechi told Me of a man who hired his services to put a very nice curtain in his house. His relation saw it and immediately embarked on it saying, “If this man could afford this type of thing in his house, I must also do it.”
17.  Then Brother Kelechi presented the cost according to the material the man chose. The man ran mad and snatched the estimate from him and ran away. Saying, that he could not afford it.
18.  I am saying that if I do not speak on this matter, one day, somebody might be borrowing money or selling property only to charter a vehicle that will carry his baby, buying drinks and prepare food down to Jerusalem, as if that is our doctrine.
19.  Please I am saying this because it is a dangerous spirit. I thank God that Brother Sam is in the fellowship .Brother Sam stand up there! Look at him very well, verify from him by day or by night, if he ever came to me or call me over the phone telling me that he was coming to Onitsha to present his baby.
20.  Look at him there! What happened? Brother Sam went to Lagos to buy a vehicle and I called our brethren there to help him, which they did. While they were coming back, the vehicle had a problem on the way, as at 10 o’clock in the night they were still at Nselu Azagwa looking for a way to start the vehicle.
21.  I then told them saying, “Since you are in Nselu Azagwa, very close to Nselu Ugwu which is your home town; if the vehicle starts later, go back to your town and sleep there. Sunday morning, that is tomorrow, you start coming down.” He did as I commanded.
22.  So, while I was coming to fellowship in the morning, I saw the vehicle parked out there, so, I started admiring the vehicle with Apostle Kelechi, later Brother Austin from Lagos joined us.
23.  Before our eyes, Brother Sam gave me the car key, that he will like to present the car to God since it has come down to Onitsha. Secondly, that he will also like to present his baby to God as well.
24.  I said to him, “How manage, how will your family come?” He said that Bishop Moses will bring them down to Onitsha, and I told him that this is what he would have told me before.
25.  Brother Sam, am I telling lies? Brother is it not true? If he was coming with vehicle, or food or drink, I was not aware. Because I programmed a teaching that day which I cannot run away from, I removed my eyes from that useless ceremony. Because it is wrong for you to program anything here without getting the consent of the Son of Man and that of the Pastor in charge of Onitsha. Only for us to see you coming with food and drink and baby down here.
26.  Are we beggars? Even if it is your parents or your brother that you want to see or call upon, you will first of all call him or her and as well tell him your motive of coming. In the case of Chiwendu, he only called me on Thursday and told me that he and his family will come to Benjamin for thanksgiving on Friday.
27.  I asked him, “Where, in Benjamin?” He said in my house. I said ok. Where you in the fellowship last Sunday? He said yes. Are you aware that somebody died in our midst? He said yes. Are you aware that he will be buried on Friday? He said yes.
28.  I then said to him, “So, while your brethren will be on their way, endangering their lives down to Bayelsa for the burial, then you want us to be in Benjamin eating and drinking. It was then I told him that “you are the most useless fellow on Earth. You are the most stupid of all stupids, and selfish of all selfish. Instead of you to help and pray for them, you prefer that we stay in Benjamin eating and drinking. Go and tell the person that sent you that you did not see me.”
29.  I then ask him saying, “Brother Chiwendu, you are married with kids, if it is your children that went out on a trip, can you go to your bed and relax?” He said no. I said, thank you very much. He asked again and said when next should he come? I said to him that I do not know.
30.  He continued begging, I then told him that if you know that thing which you want to come to Benjamin for, come on Sunday. He said that he will like to come through Nsukka to enable him bring the food and drink which he want to use to entertain brethren, I told him that, that one concerns him and Nsukka brethren. I switched off.
31.  Is it not how it took place? Did I discuss anything with you again? Finish! It was in my house, that Pastor Thomas said that he was coming from where he went to buy drinks. I asked him what he bought the drink for, and he said that it was for Brother Chiwendu. I then asked whether Pastor Dan was aware of the thing, he said that he does not know.
32.  Good a thing, Pastor Dan entered. Brother Dan are you aware? He said no. What of you Apostle Kelechi? He said no.
33.  What am I trying to say? This nonsense should stop! If for any reason you want to come to Jerusalem for celebration, I must know, for there must be a perfect agreement between you and I. In respect of that, you must bring it to the attention of the Pastor in charge. Do not ever say that you thought that I will tell the Pastor.
34.  It is just like Brother Ben Okezue, who I warned to be careful, lest I will switch off my line against him. Everybody should be careful. We are not in this Faith for eating and drinking, and we are not in this fellowship to compete for ceremony.
35.  Not because that you saw Bishop Moses came carrying food and drink, Brother Sam came carrying food and drink. That is not all, the same day I almost placed a curse on Brother Emeka of Enugu for making a similar request. He has requested for it so many times and I turned it down, then he still attempted it again and I told him that the highest thing that he can come with for thanksgiving is buy one bag of rice or one jar of palm wine or he will come with a fowl which you know that I cannot buy because I am poor, or a bag of rice of 8,500 Naira which I cannot buy also.
36.  That fowl or yam which I cannot afford, simply because the ones I am eating, I got it from Enugu. I told him that if you know those things which you want to come with, come on Sunday with those things that if my vehicle did not carry all of them, all the vehicles that came to fellowship will help to take it down to my house.
37.  Please brethren, let us not take the grace of God into unnecessary entertainment. I did not say that you should thank God but there is a spirit which I am seeing that is different. When you see what this person did, then you try to do more than that person, not minding your levels.
38.  I asked Brother Chiwendu another question when I saw the kola which he kept on my table, I asked him about his wife and baby, he said that he did not come from Nsukka, that they are on their way coming. I then ask him, “Who actually planed for the ceremony?” Sister Chiwendu, I do not know who among you planned for the ceremony.
39.  Please we do not eat anything that is not straight. Do you understand what I mean? I am warning! Please, please there is no doctrine that says that while presenting your baby to God, that you must buy drink, cook food, do this and that; and even lavish yourself to entertain your brethren.
40.  If you have the means to do it willingly without grudging, do it. And you will receive blessings from God. However, if you want to compete with others, maybe you want to do so that they will not say that you are poor or this and that, well up to you. But it is not our Message.
41.  Where is your baby? Apostle Kelechi can you please come forward? Anoint this baby and hand the baby back to the parents.
42.  Brother Chiwendu, give your baby a name. Did you say that due to the circumstances surrounding this baby, you do not have a name for your baby?
43.  Let me tell you, he is serious over this matter. If I am intelligent, I understood you.
44.  Remember, you were telling me over the phone that the reason why you are presenting this child to God is that you cannot say anything concerning the circumstances around the child. That this child belongs to me, and I asked you how, you said that you cannot explain, that you saw this child like this. Is it not what you told me? Please speak something concerning your child.
45.  (Sister Chinwendu) Answer: “Remain blessed brethren; please I want to say how this child came. This thing happened during the time I was in Eha-amufu, I was lying down, suddenly my body changed and it started doing me as if I was an old woman of about hundred and fifty years.
46.  So, I started boiling inside of me, and I then went to Enugu to see Apostle Ojiakor. There I explained to him the experiences I am going through, so he sent me for a test and blood text.
47.  When the result came out, it showed that I had malaria parasite and typhoid fever. Then he placed me on antimalaria and antibiotics. On 6th September I went to Nsukka for my program; there at Nsukka the thing continued troubling me, I went and bought another drug, finished all and it continued. I told mummy that I do not really know what was actually wrong with me.
48.  As you are seeing me I am somebody that is barren before but now fertile by the grace of God. On October I finished my program and went back to Eha-amufu. The thing also continued, I told my husband that I am still having the pains, besides I have not seen my period for three months; for I know that I am such a person that can stay for a very period of time without seeing my period.
49.  So, my husband said that I should go for test again, I told him that it is of no use. Rather I came to Onitsha to see Daddy. After fellowship I saw Him and He told me that I am disturbing Him on something that is nothing, that I should go and take care of myself. I then went back.
50.  Getting to Eha-amufu I went for tests, after taking those tests, the tests showed positive. I came back and showed it to my husband, and he said yes, but that he cannot remember the last time we met. I told him that I will go back to Enugu and do another test, he permitted me.
51.  I went and explained everything to Apostle Ojiakor. He said that I should go and do another test, then I went. The result came out and showed positive. I was astonished. I told him that I have not seen my period for over three months, besides I cannot remember when last I stayed with my husband. For he said that he is not the one that did it, that I am pregnant. I said ok.
52.  Thus, I came and told Daddy and He said yes that it is true. The thing continued until at last the baby came out.
53.  (The Son of Man) You will answer my question. Of all the stories you told us, do you want to tell us that Holy Ghost was the one that impregnated you?
54.  Brethren I do not know whether I am intelligent! Sister, do you want to tell us that Holy Ghost impregnated you?
55.  Answer: yes sir.
56.  Please pay attention, this is a serious matter! We are not here to play. It is not worthy to be a joke, it can never be funny. You said that you were like an old woman and you did not sleep with your husband, you did not meet with any man and you became pregnant. Was it not what you are saying? Was it not what you were making us to believe? This is what I understood.
57.  Sister, was it not what you were saying? Brother Chiwendu, your wife is saying that you never met her sexually, and nobody met her sexually, and she started seeing the whole thing and things like that, and the thing resulted into pregnancy.
58.  Is it what you mean? You know, we are documenting something, for this will be a mystery which I have never come across since this Faith began. Do you believe that?
59.  (Brother Chiwendu) Answer: I will not believe that to be truth. What really happened is that, as a matter of fact, personally as a human being I cannot remember when we met and when we did not meet. That is why when this issue came up, I was dumbfounded and it took me time to reconcile the entire thing. It was based on that, but I actually know that we must have met but I cannot remember.
60.  The Son of Man: I disagree with you. I completely disagree with you. Please pay attention, it is not a play. You know, the statement is a powerful one.
61.  When you called me over the phone, you said that you were coming to present the child over to God, that I am the owner. Is it not what you said? I then ask you, how am I the owner? That I do not believe that.
62.  You said that the circumstances surrounding the baby are something that you cannot explain. I said well, that your wife can also explain.
63.  Question: Sister, who is responsible for this baby? Seeing that your husband is not sure, speak the truth.  For the right person who knows the owner of the child is the woman.
64.   Answer: God is the owner.
65.  Question: How is God the owner? Do we have two Gods? Explain how He happens to own the child? Please note; have we ever had this type of drama before? This is why you must pay attention.
66.  Answer: why I said that God is the owner is because I am such a woman that can stay long without seeing my menses. I can stay for over one year and I will not see my menses, and I have been going from one hospital to the other.
67.  Wait, this is an old testimony. We had this testimony at Eha-amufu during your wedding. Brethren am I telling lies? I wedded you and your husband at Eha-amufu. Your people were there, medical report was there, so this is an old testimony. Is this baby your first issue since then?
68.  Answer: no sir.
69.  Question: How many issues do you have?
70.  Answer: six, but three is alive presently.
71.  Question: Tell us the owner of this one who your husband said that he is not responsible for the pregnancy.
72.  Answer: it is my husband that owns the child.
73.  But your husband said that he is not the one, that he is not sure. Brethren pay attention; you know, some statements can be confusing, but this one is not confusing.
74.  I remember very correctly that all through the period while you were pregnant, I knew all. Even the day you came to my house with somebody, and I told you that you should go and see Apostle Ojiakor, that you had fault in your system, that maybe after your last delivery, your cervix remained open. That Brother Ojiakor will do a little operation to stitch it. Was it not what I told you?
75.  You went to Brother Ojiakor. Brother Ojiakor called me after examination and said it was truth; he carried operation on you and stitched whatever the thing is all about. Did you come to me again?
76.  Both the conception, the delivery, I never saw you again, unless there was a day you came here which I do not note. How comes it that you do not know when you impregnated your wife?
77.  You may not know why I am inquiring, I am not inquiring because of me, no, I have no hand and will never have a hand. I am neat as neat can be. But I know that your husband has been pointing accusing finger at Nsukka for a long time, and anything you have been talking concerning going to Nsukka for this and for that, and at the end of everything a big woman weighing over one hundred and something years appeared, which led to the conception. I say no, for the truth is not yet out. The truth is between you and your husband.
78.  Once there is controversy, we cannot dedicate your child. We cannot. And this could be the reason why your husband was operating from Eha-amufu and your were operating from Nsukka, for there was no agreement.
79.  To make the matter plain, go back and settle the owner of your baby with your wife. If it is possible, Brother Ojiakor, you can assist them by going for the necessary tests. Assist them to ascertain the owner of the baby, for it is controversial and God has no hand there.
80.  Brother Ojiakor, do it and make your findings public. Otherwise, the suspicion will linger for too long. To God be the glory.
81.  Concerning your food and drinks, eat and drink, let them go home with empty pocket. If they come back again for dedication with food and drink, we must surely eat it again.
82.  On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally. Amen.