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The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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Monday, 17 September 2012


Believe it if you can…

From the Message: A SPECIAL DAY PP 146 VERSE 10.

I am not William Branham,I am the Son of Man, Apostle Peter Odoemena, the revealed Christ of this day.



(A SPECIAL DAY page 145, verse 7-9)


Deuteronomy 31:15 “And the LORD appeared in the tabernacle in a pillar of a cloud: and the pillar of the cloud stood over the door of the tabernacle.” KJV

Exodus 13:21 And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night:.” KJV.

Psalms 89:7 God is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints, and to be had in reverence of all them that are about him.” KJV

“Daniel 7:9 I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool: his throne was like the fiery flame, and his wheels as burning fire.” KJV

Isaiah 11:10 “And in that day there shall be a root of Jesse, which shall stand for an ensign of the people; to it shall the Gentiles seek: and his rest shall be glorious.” KJV


Acts 17:31 Because he hath appointed a day, in the which he will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom he hath ordained; whereof he hath given assurance unto all men, in that he hath raised him from the dead.

Ephesians 2:19 “Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints, and of the household of God.” KJV

If you really want to have a wonderful fellowship with God, simply cooperate with Him.
1.                 Stay quiet; do not move up and down the fellowship. Is that Sister Grace? Who told you to escape from the wrath of God? Go and thank your God.
2.                  I have already purposed to deal with you ruthlessly this day because you appeared before Me three times, naked. I purposed to deal with you ruthlessly this day.  


Remain blessed Brethren. We thank our God Who loves us so much. We love God because He first loved us. Brethren we are worshipping a living God and we are happy worshipping such a God. He chose us and has shown us mercy to the extent that we can say like the Psalmist “Who am I that Thou are mindful of me”.
3.                 You see, in the scriptures He told us that there is not even a single person that is right in His sight; more especially those that are claiming that they are wise, but to the fools He gave them grace.
4.                 We thank God for giving us grace. This year, every one of us must testify that God appeared to show us His original body. None of us will deny that, and He is showing us more and more.
5.                 “Moment of Truth,” page 12 verses 1 to 3: “MOMENT OF TRUTH—a time everybody will tell himself the Truth. Moreover, I believe that as many as are seated before Me in the Fellowship are people that really do not want to perish. They are people that think good for themselves. If you think otherwise for yourself, praise God on your behalf.
6.                 The time we beckoned on people to come and serve the Lord is over. We don’t do that anymore.
7.                 Remember that God has been hammering on one thing that: “We do not have anything called ‘collective revelation.’” The same way, we cannot have “collective obedience.” We have individual revelation, individual obedience; by obedience I mean faithfulness.”
8.                 Note, it is the revelation that you have about this God that will prompt you to reverence Him.  
9.                 The Book of Ecclesiastes chapter 3 verse 1: “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” KJV.
10.            Acts 5:5, “And Ananias hearing these words fell down, and gave up the ghost: and great fear came on all them that heard these things.
11.            And the young men arose, wound him up, and carried him out, and buried him. And it was ABOUT THE SPACE OF THREE HOURS AFTER, when his wife, not knowing what was done, came in.” KJV.
12.            Note the word there, ABOUT THREE HOURS LATER. Three hours later his wife came in. Let us understand what God meant that there is time for everything.
13.            Acts 5:5, “And Ananias hearing these words fell down, and gave up the ghost: and great fear came on all them that heard these things. And the young men arose, wound him up, and carried him out, and buried him.” KJV.
14.            I could remember when we were in our former fellowship hall, God was teaching us in this particular level of information that He has for us. We got a lot of shovels around us and there was a reason why He told us to provide them ready because of the insincerity in men and women, that was challenging God in His face.
15.            He said that if you are a powerful man, you should come over and show yourself, let us see you. There was the fear of God to the point that when we had forgotten it in one of  camp meetings, somebody whom we know very well, whom we have been testifying to you fell down dead in our midst.
16.            And it was ABOUT THE SPACE OF THREE HOURS AFTER, when his wife, not knowing what was done, came in.” KJV.
17.            Underline this if you have your scriptures. ABOUT THREE HOURS LATER, his wife came into the Church. She did not know what has transpired in the Church since the Church started. It was about 15 minutes ago that we started fellowship, imagine what has happened three hours ago and this woman came gorgeously dressed, a child of God indeed, a sister, very holy, after three hours. Take note of what we are saying
18.            “...And Peter answered unto her, Tell me whether ye sold the land for so much?...”
19.            Madam did you collude with your husband to sell your land? What was the answer?
20.            “...And she said, Yea, for so much. Then Peter said unto her, How is it that ye have agreed together to tempt the Spirit of the Lord?” KJV.
21.            This is what prompted many us in this Faith to do things and think that God is not a living God; because she was not there when the Church started, and all that transpired she could not get them because she was not there. When she came in, she was asked, “Madam, did you sell your land with your husband?” She did not know what has happened already. Just like many of us that are rushing to fellowship this morning, you did not know how God is presenting to us now. You may not know.      
22.            Watch, the question came to her directly, “What did you and your husband do about this matter?” She thought that it was just a nominal fellowship. She thought it was as usual to  be smart  
23.            Peter, after all he is Peter, who she was seeing is Peter, not knowing that there is a day called “Another Day.”  Can you understand the statement?
24.            Now, about three hours later she came. Even if is ten minutes later, don’t you think that something might have taken place?
25.            Can you see the weather here now? Immediately after fellowship can you see the Cloud in this place where we are gathering? Did you notice the difference? Is it 7.00am in the morning? I mean even if it is ten minutes now, she did not know what might have happened in the fellowship. 
26.            As you know him, a very simple man, no big mountain around him. Watch, a short-sighted man cannot see God, short-sighted sister, a make-believer cannot see God. If somebody pushes you as a wheel barrow into the fellowship, you cannot see God.
27.            God has been warning us concerning the vows we made to Him (God), have we heard such a thing from Him? He is still demanding it till today. Watch the case of Ananias and Sapphira his wife; they agreed to sell their land, it was not by force. That vow you made, you did it either in your home, in your shop or in your working place. I was not there but God was there present, and He heard whatever you promised to offer, then He (God) granted your request. Did you understand it?
28.            God provided the people that bought the land, then the husband and wife went home, when they got home, they spent the money based on their individual needs, coming into the fellowship, it appeared to Peter, the first  time, the second time, then Peter asked, “Ananias, the land you sold, was it by force? The money you got, did I make any agreement with you on how to use it? You told God you will do it like this...”
29.             I am using this to type what is before us right now. Sapphira the wife of Ananias saw Peter but could not see God, She lied as usual.
30.            “….How is it that ye have agreed together to tempt the Spirit of the Lord?...”
31.            Conspiring together to test the Spirit of God’s ability to know what is going on. He tests to see whether He (God) was there when he made the promise, whether He was present there.
32.            “...behold, the feet of them which have buried thy husband are at the door, and shall carry thee out…”
33.            The same way, today is a different day. The Peter you have been seeing before as your brother, today, it is a different Peter. Today, it is a different fellowship: “The same way they carried your husband out, the same way you will be carried out!”   
34.            “...Then fell she down straightway at his feet, and yielded up the ghost: and the young men came in, and found her dead, and, carrying her forth, buried her by her husband...”
35.            Did the scripture said the next day or the next hour? Then how sincere should we be to God? Can we out smart God? Or can I be faster than God? Where we read from the book of Ecclesiastes said that there is time for everything.
36.             “Give yourself a Name” page 18 verses 22-26: “Lateness is number one sign of unfaithfulness to God. The first sign which shows unfaithfulness in anything, whatever that has been marked to be done, the time it will be done, is lateness...”
37.            Anything that passed its time by a second, a minute or an hour is lateness.
38.            Verses 23-25, “All that are standing, assuming you came to Fellowship and there was no seat, and the floor had not been swept, what will you do?  This is because; ‘good morning’ is the beginning of the day. Sweeping of the house is first thing in a home.  Is it a lie? 
39.            18.     If you came into the Fellowship hall and the hall has not been swept, the pulpit is yet to be carried out, you saw nothing, won’t you start from the scratch?  Before you will finish sweeping and bringing out the pulpit, it will clock 10.00 a.m.—people that have come to worship God in spirit and in truth; children of God indeed! People we will emulate, people that should be example to others!
40.            Yes, you are not involved.   Or, it does not concern you: ‘It is the Pastors’ duty.  It is the Apostle’s duty; it is the Bishop’s duty.  I am not an Apostle, I am not a Teacher; I am not an Evangelist; I am not a Pastor; I am not a Deacon.  What is the need of coming to the Fellowship on time?”  
41.            Can you understand why the wife of Ananias came late? Because she is not Peter, she is not an Apostle, she is not pastor. That is what she is thinking in herself that made her to come to fellowship late. Did you understand it?
42.            Note it, lateness is a sign of unfaithfulness to God. We had an agreement with God, is that right? That on Wednesday, as far as this Bridal faith is concerned, our fellowship starts exactly 4.30pm, is it not true? On Sunday, wherever the Name of Christ is mentioned, our fellowship starts by 8.00am. Did God agree with us that by 8.00am? Is it ten minutes past 8.00am, or 20 minutes past 8.00am? NO.
43.            Now God is saying that the first sign that shows that we are unfaithful is the mind; because you think about it in your mind before you execute it. Before you ever come to fellowship late, you have thought about it, for every excuse is a part of the problem. Before you took off you might have said that it is Brother Iyke or Brother John that opens the fellowship, that before he finishes, you will come in, that is an excuse.
44.            Lateness is a sign of unfaithfulness to God as far as this faith is concerned, and God frowns at it. God is not happy over it again.
45.            At the beginning, when He came down in our midst, we start fellowship by 7.30am, if you come 5 minutes past 7.30am, you will fellowship outside. Ancient men in this Faith, is it not true? You must surely fellowship outside till the fellowship dismissed. Even if we dismiss by 6.00pm, it is not our concern.
46.            In those days when we were having special meetings, we gather in the morning  whether on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, we come before the time, and once it is the exact time, He commands us to lock up the door, every other person will fellowship outside. What is more, somebody will go and think like Ananias’s wife.
47.             “Give yourself a Name” page 26 verse 15, “If your character does not show or does not convince people by your side that you are a child of God, you are a blasphemer.  If your character is speaking a different thing from what you call yourself, you are a blasphemer and a liar. 
48.            I am saying that your character must be in harmony, in agreement with the profession of your faith.  For your character tells everybody what you believe.  Whatever you believe determines the way you behave.  Give yourself a name.  Those that are fond of coming late.”
49.            God said that you should give yourself a name. Those that come late, even when we agreed to tidy up the fellowship’s surroundings, you are a blasphemer and a liar if your behaviour, your character is not in consonance with what you professed, with what you agreed with the God you are worshipping.
50.            Let me use a natural example. When the heathen want to worship their gods, the gods of the land, that are being worshipped on Eke day, they always get ready to receive their worshippers on that day, and if those people did not come that day, what do you think the god will do to them?
51.            I am also using this opportunity to talk to the people that forsake fellowship.
52.            ...Those that take delight in rebuke, you take pleasure in people closing doors against you...”
53.            They are brothers sitting by your side, they are sisters sitting by your side that enjoy rebuke. Can you understand the word I used: that they “enjoy rebuke” especially when they come late and a minister talks to them, inside his or her heart, he or she will be giving reasons why God should understand. He will say, “Why rebuking me! I suffered, the rain is falling, I travelled from afar! He is living near that is why he is rebuking me.” All these reactions, there are people that are enjoying them.
54.            Somebody by your side right now enjoys them and God called the person a blasphemer and a liar. That was why the woman died, not even because of the money. Did you understand it? It is not because of that money only, but she has made up her mind.
55.            You say, “Let it not be Pastor Dan that will be in the pulpit when I reached there or let it not be Apostle Kelechi, if they are the ones there, they must call my name, because they are my enemies”.
56.            By this, you are praying that God will not give us the right thing by the right time. But I am telling you that God told us in the book of Ecclesiastes that there is time for everything. God knows the best for us at anytime. That is the present stage we are in now. Did you understand it?
57.            He said that when God comes out, for human being to see Him physically, that means that He has come to conclude the whole matter, that He has come to decide cases. It is not inviting God that is the matter but it is you fulfilling your own agreement. He said “give yourself a name,” those that are fond of coming late to fellowship, and they will be rebuked, you take pleasure in it, doors are closed against you, you take pleasure in sitting down in a  well swept, garnished place.
58.            However, you do not take pleasure in participating in the sweeping and the arrangement of the fellowship hall. You want to lie down in a garnished bed, but you do not participate in keeping the bed clean;  what do you want us to call you? What do we call you? Maybe you are becoming a pair of trouser.  See what God called it, “a pair of trouser.” Let us see a little what that trouser is used for.
59.            Verse 18; “...18.     In the village, there are some children in the family that will behave somehow; their parents will call them ‘trousers.’  You know what trousers mean.  Once you see trousers in the village, eating and drinking is somewhere...”
60.            If you do not participate, if you do not take part in a program, exactly at the time, you are a trouser. Anybody you see in the village on trouser, he is going to an occasion, that is what God used to qualify it.
61.            ...That time people were known for wearing shorts; trousers may come during feasts or festivals.”
62.            I will use the instances that God used here for you to see exactly the mind of God on this matter.
63.            “What time is it Church?” page 24, verse 45: “45. Sister Ike, you came too late today and there is no reasonable excuse before God. I will even say that you did not come to fellowship today. Since your husband gave up, I have doubted your loyalty to this Faith.”
64.            Did you understand it? Remember our topic; lateness is a sign of unfaithfulness to God.
65.            “...How many knows that lateness is a disservice to this Faith?” Both young and old. When He (God) went to Sodom and Gomorrah, whether you were pregnant, both the mother and the child in the womb came late. When God will stop her outside will He bring the child in?
66.            “…How many knows that lateness is a disservice to this Faith. The Prophet said and I quote “If you are a child of God and you have the Holy Spirit, you must be in Church 30 minutes before the service time.” 
67.            Did you understand it? Let me ask a question, if you make a vow to God that you must worship Him at the exact time of fellowship, 7.30am to 8.00, is it not 30 minutes? Thus, if you are in the fellowship after 7.30am, the voice said that if you are a child of God and you have the Holy Spirit, you must be in the fellowship 30 minutes before. Two things are involved: i) if you are child of God, (ii) if you have the Holy Spirit. Did you understand it?
68.            If you are not there by that time, it is either you are a child of God but you do not have the Holy Spirit. Is it correct? That is what makes people to come to fellowship hypocritically; if your consciousness is not alive.
69.            “He said, “Once that time reaches, there is no reasonable excuse before God and there is no good way of doing a wrong thing. You cannot be wrong and right at the same time”.
70.            Thus, if you are forming the habit of coming late, pray that you will not fulfill the ministry of the foolish virgins.”
71.            Brethren, God loves us so much! I am reading from the message “What Time Is It Church?” preached on 25th July 1999. More especially now that God is saying that “He has rounded up everything. Any moment from now He will cut it short”.
72.            We had so many dreams from brethren where God came suddenly, not minding wives, children or families and He lifted up a book and said, “Where are the people working with me in the publication ministry and those working with me in the website?” They were not present.
73.            He came alone, none of His family members were with Him. Let me remind us that God said that our departure will be on a Sunday, is it right? Yes. How many has He (God) told the time? Has He said the exact time of it? No. if He has told you the time please tells us. Amen.


We thank God for making it possible for us to be in His Presence, so we are very grateful to God thanking Him for bringing us to His Presence.
2.                 “The Salvation Link for Our Age Has Been Revealed” page 16 verses 1: “Remain blessed brethren. We have to thank God Who has given us a wonderful opportunity to appear before Him once again. You know we are wonderful people, we are being envied everywhere.
3.                 You do not know who you are until you go out and then see how people look at you and what they esteem you to be. Not because of what you have done, but because of what Christ has done.
4.                 I say it without mincing words, I owe no apology to anybody for speaking the truth in love whether it sinks well with you or not. The worst among us is better than the best out there in the world. I believe it with all my heart, experience is the best teacher. The worst among us is better than the best out there in the world. I am sure and certain about it.
5.                 Thus, when I made the statement that ‘I will rather prefer to cope with the devil I know very well than to hope for an angel I know not,’ many misunderstood Me. But do not worry, any moment from now you will understand Me.
6.                 Let not your heart be troubled, believe in my Father, believe also in Me. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, believe in His holy Prophets and Apostles; believe also in the Son of Man. I repeat, believe in my Father; believe also in Me for I and my Father are one. For no man has seen the Father but the Son Who has always been in His bosom.
7.                 Nobody has ever ascended to Heaven except He that came down from there and said, ‘I will abide with my people even till the end of the world’.
8.                 I made it clear that: on that day when salvation shall be made complete, you will know and believe that I am in my Father and my Father is in Me. If you have seen Me, you have seen my Father.
10.            As long as this dispensation of grace is concerned, that is allotted to the Son of Man in this our own day, as many as have been longing to see the Father cannot see Him in any other place if not through Him (APOSTLE PETER ODOEMENA).
12.            Nobody can see the face of the Almighty as long as this our age is concerned; in the whole world without passing through the Son of Man.
13.            Page 38 verse 2, “Do not worry, time will vindicate all things. Already, it is vindicated. If you do not believe the first, believe the second; believe the third. The captured Pillar of Cloud on 8th April 2012 is the climax. The glory of the former temple is nothing to be compared with the glory of our day.”
14.            I want to let you know that if we go to the book of Numbers chapter 14 verses 13-14, God did not start destroying the people of Israel until He showed them His Presence.
15.            It pleased God, after using Moses in the land of Israel when they were coming out from Egypt, when they came, God told Moses to build a tent called the tent of the Presence of God. Watch, all Israelites have their tents, God said that this tent will be in the middle of the whole camp. The name will be THE TENT OF THE PRESENCE OF GOD, and the Presence of God will not appear there until Moses enters into that tent.
16.            Exodus 33 verses 7-11, “And Moses took the tabernacle, and pitched it without the camp, afar off from the camp, and called it the Tabernacle of the congregation. And it came to pass, that every one which sought the LORD went out unto the tabernacle of the congregation, which was without the camp.
17.            And it came to pass, when Moses went out unto the tabernacle, that all the people rose up, and stood every man at his tent door, and looked after Moses, until he was gone into the tabernacle.
18.            And it came to pass, as Moses entered into the tabernacle, the Cloudy pillar descended, and stood at the door of the tabernacle...”
19.            Note, the Pillar of Cloud will come down immediately Moses entered into that tent.
20.            “…and the LORD talked with Moses. And all the people saw the Cloudy pillar stand at the tabernacle door: and all the people rose up and worshiped, every man in his tent door.” KJV.
21.            As long as the people saw the Cloud immediately Moses entered into that tent, they will bow down.
22.            Page 39 verse 4, “I told you from the beginning that I do not say these things to trap you in this Church; no! Nor to make myself something. That if you feel that I am deceiving you, take your bag go away. Has it not been my Voice? It has been.
23.            If you feel that I am deceiving you in this Church, just carry your bag go away. If I plead with you to come back, know that I do not know myself.
25.            You see the warning, when people saw the Presence of God in the days of our fathers; they bowed down and worshipped God.
26.            “Thanksgiving” page 20 verse 1, “YOU ARE THE CHILDREN OF THE KINGDOM. IT IS FOR YOUR SAKE AND FOR MY SAKE THAT A SAVIOUR IS SENT. YOU ARE THE PEOPLE THAT CHRIST DIED FOR, A HOLY GENERATION, A PECULIAR PEOPLE, A WONDERFUL PEOPLE; REJOICE EXCEEDINGLY because He that created the Heavens and the Earth has counted you worthy, putting you into His kingdom.
28.            Page 46 verses 9 “2.         There is no way anybody can see God in this our day without passing through Apostle Peter Odoemena. If you say you can see God without Him, you are practicing superstition. You are being deceived by the thoughts of your heart for you cannot see God outside the Son of Man. You have not seen the Father, have you? No! The Father is in Me, I am in my Father. If you have seen Me, you have seen my Father—see the Lord in the Lord.
29.            3.       See the Lord in the Lord; you can now begin to appreciate the statement: ‘The Lord said to my Lord.’ And the Voice said, ‘Henceforth, you will not hear the Lord said to my Lord for you have seen the Lord Himself’.
30.            Remember some years back, I moved in a stumbling way for it is God that causeth the heathen to stumble because it was my honest attempt to trim down the crowd, to remove all the make ups.
31.            One, Nassarawa started it by revelation. They started baptising people in the Name of Peter the Christ. When they brought it to Me, I confirmed it. Many were mad, some were sober; while some were happy. But some were quiet. More especially when I saw religionists among us, Pharisees, Scribes, Sadducees who were preaching the necessity of the observance of the Jewish Laws which they themselves could not keep.
32.            I made it clear that nobody is saved through baptism, for baptism does not save. It became another stumbling block. I went further to say, ‘Henceforth, I will not tell anybody to repent and be baptised in Jesus name for that will be unnecessary. For anybody God wants to save, He will say ‘follow me.’ Anybody He does not want to save, He will give him the cost of discipleship, of which baptism is number one; with a stringent measure that you must repent.’
33.            Who has ever repented since the world began? Tell me a human being born of a woman that has repented of evil? Man has been continually thinking evil. THE PURIFIER OF YOUR CONSCIENCE IS JUST THE MANIFESTATION OF THE SON OF MAN, the only Righteous Branch, in whom you are declared righteous, made holy, perfect in His sight. For only one person is going to Rapture.
34.            A time came when Jesus said Christ, ‘Formerly, I told you that when you pray to me, I will pray to the Father and He will give you your desire. But Henceforth, a time cometh when you will not ask of me and I will say I will pray to the Father for it will be unnecessary’.
35.            Whatever God demands for salvation in this our own day is complete in the Son of Man.
37.            If the Son of Man introduces you to the Father, no matter how your weakness will be, and you exercise your confidence and faith in Him, in the midst of that your wickedness; as long as you put your confidence and faith in Him all that God requires from you, are met in the Son of Man.
38.            You put your faith in Him, He will introduce you to the Father and that settles the whole thing. The angry resentment between you and the Father will come to an end.
39.            God does not know anybody called you. If you are God’s heritage, I am the manager of God’s heritage. The totality of what God has made, I am the sole manager. Thus, it is because He made it possible and you cannot challenge it. Your unbelief cannot alter it, it is settled.”
40.            “Thanksgiving” page 75 verses 19 “Have you seen where He said it should be? In the message titled knowing the personality you are having dealings with. It gives joy when you know the personality you are acquainted with, but where you do not know Him; your life is in danger.”
41.            Just like the life of Ananias, with Sapphira, the life of Ananias and Sapphira was in danger, they did not know the person they were having dealings with. They were only seeing a badger skin. What is more, they came as usual and died. Thus, where you do not know Him, your life is in danger.
42.            “…We are under the canopy of God.” if it is not like this, the Son of Man is not there.
43.            “…God never became destructive until He made Himself visible to the Elders...”
44.            If you go to the book of Exodus chapter 24: 1-2, 9-11; you will see where God called the seventy Elders and the two sons of Aaron to come and see Him. And they went, saw God, ate with God, drank with God; yet God did not destroy them. Then one day, the two sons of Aaron went into the tabernacle and brought a strange fire. What made that fire strange? It is strange because God did not command them to bring the fire; because they have ate with God, laughed with God, they saw God of Israel. They thought that they were equal with God and God killed them instantly there.
45.            When Abiram, Dathan and Koran rose up because they saw God; God did not take it lightly with them. He destroyed them immediately. When the Elders of Israel saw God, they rebelled against God; God told Moses: “I cannot pardon this people, I will destroy them all. For having seen my glory, having seen my Presence all these years and still they do not believe in Me, they rejected Me. For this cause, I will destroy them!”
46.            In other words, we are not the first set of people that saw God. The Presence of God among us, have you now seen why He allowed Himself to be captured by a pinhole camera; it is to assure us that we are having dealings with Him. That it is not fake.
47.            Rapture page 10 verse 47-49 by William Branham Preached 1965 “God allotted His word out to each age and each one of those ages has to manifest that and also to foreordain men to fulfil that word. Every time He allotted His word, He allotted a man for it.”
48.            Any time He allotted a word for each age, He allotted a man for that age, the carrier of that word!
49.            “…When He allotted Moses time, He allotted Moses to it. When He allotted time for the son of God to be born, he allotted him to it. Every age allotted to His men fore-ordained. How is this Jesus of Nazareth, how his life fulfil prophecy of the Old Testament. How could it be? He could not have been without it being ordained of God. His life fills every prophecy of the Old Testament.
50.            Another thing, if those disciple accept him like that, why did each of one of them die in Matthias dung? If that is what they believe, if what they preach is not effective, is not reality; why should they give themselves to die because of it?”
51.            The same thing I am saying; what God is doing in our midst, convinced us by appearing before our eyes, it is not fake; it is real.
52.            “Thanksgiving” page 75 verse 19- “Have you seen where He said it should be? In the message titled, ‘Knowing the Personality You Are Having Dealings With.’ It gives joy when you know the personality you are acquainted with, but where you do not know Him; your life is in danger. We are under the canopy of God. If it is not like this, the Son of Man is not there. Finish. He knows what we need at all times: a conducive environment for learning.
54.            Has He made Himself visible to the Elders? Yes. To the entire congregation? Yes. Now we have known Him fully. Have we known Him fully? Yes. Even if others do not know Him, you know Him that existed from the very beginning. Behold your God cometh, your God is in your midst.
55.            Page 81 verse 37 “Do you know how many times the Son of Man reasons with the Father concerning you? The Father is not listening to you, there is only but One He hears His Voice.
56.            You see why we ought to get this revelation of whom we are having dealings with. If left for the Father alone, He will consume all of us in one second. But He reasons with the Son of Man concerning me and my family, concerning you and your family; concerning the ministers. Hence, the Father will say “Don’t you see how Apostle Kelechi is behaving? He is trying to be disobedient to me.” However, Son of Man will say, “Father, allow him. Let me work with him, in him and around him. You know he is a human being.”
57.            “…Do you know how many times the Son of Man reasons with the Father concerning you? The Father is not listening to you, there is only but One He hears His Voice. That is why Job said in his day, ‘Allow me, even if I have sinned, I have not sinned against you; it is against God. Allow Him to accuse me. And I will tell Him what I have done and why I have done it as the only one He listens to’.
58.            Do not kill me, allow God to kill me. If I have blasphemed, I have not blasphemed you but God. If I have impersonated, I have not impersonated any of you but God. This matter, it does not concern you. It is between the Father and the Son. I am the Son of His pleasure; I do those things that please Him. Thus, He that sent Me is ever with Me.
59.            There is no crime that I will commit that will make Him to forsake Me; rather He will rebuke me of my action. It does not concern you. You do not know how many times I have interceded on your behalf that you might live. I will say, ‘Allow me sometime, let me continue to work on him, in him and around him. Allow me sometime. I have not finished my work. In keeping with my message: ‘I have not done my best in anybody, until I have achieved my best’.
60.            In my honest attempt to achieve my best, I leave no stone unturned. I can even become an infant so that you will be an adult. I can be weak that you might be strong. For your salvation, I can make myself all these things. To make sure you do not smell Hellfire, because if the picture of Hell is shown to you, you will quake.
61.            Page 129 verses 65 “Do you know how many times the Son of Man reasons with the Father concerning you? The Father is not listening to you, there is only but One He hears His Voice. That is why Job said in his day, ‘Allow me, even if I have sinned, I have not sinned against you; it is against God. Allow Him to accuse me. And I will tell Him what I have done and why I have done it as the only one He listens to’.
62.            Do not kill me, allow God to kill me. If I have blasphemed, I have not blasphemed you but God. If I have impersonated, I have not impersonated any of you but God. This matter, it does not concern you. It is between the Father and the Son. I am the Son of His pleasure; I do those things that please Him. Thus, He that sent Me is ever with Me.
63.            There is no crime that I will commit that will make Him to forsake Me; rather He will rebuke me of my action. It does not concern you. You do not know how many times I have interceded on your behalf that you might live. I will say, ‘Allow me sometime, let me continue to work on him, in him and around him. Allow me sometime. I have not finished my work. In keeping with my message: ‘I have not done my best in anybody, until I have achieved my best’.
64.            In my honest attempt to achieve my best, I leave no stone unturned. I can even become an infant so that you will be an adult. I can be weak that you might be strong. For your salvation, I can make myself all these things. To make sure you do not smell Hellfire, because if the picture of Hell is shown to you, you will quake.
65.            Verse 70 “IF YOUR LIFE IS NOT REFLECTING THE TEACHING YOU HAVE RECEIVED FROM THE SON OF MAN, IT IS REFLECTING THE PEOPLE YOU SURROUND YOURSELF WITH. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH GOD’S WORD, AND YOU WILL REFLECT CHRIST. Surround yourself with fools in the society, that have concluded that “there is no God, of what good is it to live rightly,” it must reflect in your character.
67.            “Why We Must Be Careful” page 46 verses 17- “The whole generation, the whole lineage, that is why God said that you should be very careful that you do not commit a crime that will erase your lineage. If you go to the message titled, “We Are in Danger of Being Called to Question,” it is there.
68.            There is a crime that you will commit and your lineage will be completely erased, and you find yourself in that thing that you were running away from and that is Hellfire. Then you will go and swim in the ocean of Hell eternally. If it is not truth, the Cloud will not vindicate it.
69.            Even now that I am talking, I am the Cloud made visible in your midst, in the Church.”
70.            Note that word. It is in continuity with what God has been doing since the foundation of the world, He cannot break it. He cannot tear it. If God told Moses “I will raise a Prophet like unto you to the people, I will put my word in him and whoever that does not listen to his word will be cut off from among his people;” and Moses came out; entered into the tent of the Presence of God; note it, in the days of the Israelite in the wilderness, Moses was the tent of the Presence of God. In the days of Hezekiah, he was the tent of the Presence of God.
71.            Inasmuch as he said God forgive the priests that have never undergone the ritual according to the Law, allowed them to go in and do the sacrifice to the people, none of them died. However, if Hezekiah did not intervene, if they ever enter there; they will die.
72.            The same way, in this dispensation of grace attached to the Son of Man, Peter Odoemena, the Son of Man; is the Presence of tabernacle of God. When He appears in the congregation of God’s people, God has appeared. If He says, “Go, God has gone before you;” Whatever He tells you to do, God is the One telling you to do that. If you know the value of gold, preserve it.   
73.            “…The message God can blot out names was preached after I handled the message titled, “Be careful about what you have heard and what you have seen least the fear of God depart from you and you sin against God”. Two messages at a stretch, the second one was titled “Running towards the mark” and they were preached in my family altar and later took it to the fellowship, there God confirmed it with prophesies, signs and wonders followed. Brother Ojiakor you were there and formal brother Andrew was also there and many others. We all slept together.”
74.            “Why we must be careful” page 58 verses 13- “13.      Can the Cloud gather in two places at a time? No. For God is one and His Presence is one. Even the environment will tell you that the supernatural is talking place. I mean the environment where you are right now; can’t you see how dark it is? Look outside and see how bright it is? This is the Cloudy Presence.”   
75.            Do you think that God will vindicate all these things just for abracadabra? Who are you? Are you up to the level of a human being for God to show you abracadabra? No, we are the favoured people of this age. The most favored.
76.            God’s Presence in our midst is not a joke, it is not a magic, He is not using it to show us that He is God, no. It goes beyond that.
77.            Ancient men, whosoever that survived should thank God for we have reached to the point where we cannot go back. If we should go back, what should be our reason? Shall we say that God is not with us? Where we are it is imposable to go back.
78.            If we die now, we die in Him, and while we live we live in Him. They left because they thought that God is no longer with us, that was why they left. They said that God left us but God said that He is still with us: “Fear not, be ye not troubled for I am with you. I will lead you in the path that you will go.”
79.            When you are excommunicated from His Presence you lose His leadership. The moment one is out from the Presence of God he losses the leadership of God. He becomes his own leader, his own instructor, his own teacher, he will be his own examiner: he will set his own questions, write his exams and mark his own scripts. Yes now! For he will be the one that will be justifying himself, confirming himself, not God.
80.            Let me tell you something; we preach and we allow God to confirm. We do whatever we do and we say, “God confirm it. If we are in error please correct us, show us that we are wrong.”
81.            If God did not come down to vindicate Himself, the whole congregation everywhere is one, and they are all right in human eyes. Without God coming down to vindicate His chosen place of worship, His own approved people, every other gathering claims to be right, and they are right. It takes God to come and say, “This is the group that I have chosen; this is the only right group.” No more, no less. This is what has happened among us.
82.            Not that we merited it, no, for it is His perfect will which He purposed in Himself for us before the world began, that in the dispensation of time, as many of us as will embrace the appearance of the Son of Man, shall be made acceptable in the Beloved. No more, no less. The rest are decreed out.
83.            Page 65 verses 32 “Jude 1 verse 6, “And I remind you of those angels who were once pure and holy But turned to a life of sin…”
84.            Note, they started disbelieving what they have believed and preached before which was confirmed by God to be truth.”
85.            Just as we all are in the fellowship now, you started by saying that what you believe, what you preach, what God has confirmed is no longer true. You become a sinner in the sight of God.
86.            “…Now, God has them chained up in places of darkness, waiting for judgment day.” LB.
87.            It could be you, it could be me, it could be anybody. The moment you forsake your first estate, you are doomed! How I wish that many of you have gone to this message titled “Souls that Are in Prison Custody,” you will see the offences that you will commit and cross the divide. When you cross the divide, God calls it point of no return.
88.            “Why we must be careful” page 70 verse 45 “How can you find fault with the road that you have not plied before? How can you accuse your Guide that He does not know the way when you have not plied that way before; the map you do not have, and you are telling the Guide who is leading you that He has missed the way? If He has missed the way, it then means that you have gone that way before. Then if you have gone that way before, you have no need for a guide.
89.            You see where the problem lies! Finding fault with the Guide when you have never gone that way before. However, He that called you said that you should look at Him for my Name is upon Him. I am the One that will lead you in the way that you should go, and to prove it, He came down and vindicated the leadership using the Pillar of Cloud. For everything can mislead the people of God but not the Cloud.
90.            Verse 58 “Stop telling Me that there are people that are not sensible; everybody is sensible. You know, whenever the person is looking for something of his own selfish gain, then you will know that he is sensible. God can never live with such a group.”
92.            “See the Being, this is the End of Discussion,” page 155 verse 1, “You are the Children of the Prophets,” volume 2 page 162 verse 104 ‘(Token): ‘Every spiritual happening is a sign from God; be careful to notice that. See, watch every spiritual happening; everything that is happening is a sign.”  
93.            You Are the Children of the Prophets” Vol. 2 page 162 verse 104, “.        (Token): ‘Every spiritual happening is a sign from God; be careful notice that. See, watch every spiritual happening; everything that is happening is a sign. You are not here by accident. These things don’t just happen by accident.
94.            It is a sign designed to get to safety quickly. Noah was a sign to his generation. Elijah was a sign to his. John was a sign to his. Everything, the message of the hour is a sign. Watch it. Look what he is doing. His seed is a sign.’
95.            I put here, St. Luke chapter 11, verse 30: ‘For as Jonah was a sign unto the Ninevites, so shall also the Son of man be to this generation.’ The Bible said so.
96.             (Super Sign 29/11/63): ‘That this royal seed conquered death, Hell of the grave. Nothing could hold Him. Why? He is an everlasting super sign. What is a super sign? The resurrection of Jesus Christ after being dead for two thousand years still stands in the midst of us…’
97.            Brethren from the North, with what you are holding now, you can fight your battles and have the victory.
98.             ‘…the same as he did then manifesting himself in his Church in human flesh…” Amen.

I have given instructions to the Deacons to replace any vacant seat. If you get up from your seat, and come back to meet somebody there, make no mistake of protesting or asking the person to get up. Today is an extra ordinary day.
2.                 We are in the fellowship on the basis of primuse occupantise. So you do not own any seat in this fellowship. Once you get up to ease yourself or anything, you can forfeit it to somebody. Then it will give you an opportunity to hang about waiting for another person that will leave his or her seat. Then if because of that you want to stay outside, you receive the reward of the people that are outside.
3.                 I believe that He that squeezed us in the fellowship hall during the December camp meeting, spoke concerning fellowshipping outside. You want to fellowship in your vehicle, up to you. I believe we are not greater in number in the fellowship today, than we were during the camp meeting. Besides, we cannot stay longer than we stayed during the camp meeting.
4.                 Thus, when you are sitting down, make allowances for your fellow brethren. I anticipated this crowd today, so to me it is not a surprise.
5.                 However, the most unfortunate thing is this: a good number of them are hypocrites. If you happened to be a perpetual latecomer, and because of the warning that went forth you will now rush to fellowship on time, for your sake, the promised translation will be delayed until you go back to your former form.
6.                 I want to tell you something, I have gone round many places, I have heard many testimonies from many so-called Churches, I have seen their members, searched around the whole globe. This is the only group; I am not saying it to praise you or to praise myself. I am saying that God will take the glory thereof. My report is accurate.
7.                 the BRIDAL FAITH remains the only group or Church or gathering of God’s people that has not gone into a form. the moment God leaves a group of people or a CHURCH; automatically they must go into a form. This is the much I want to say because my time is not yet come, when my time for today comes; you will know.
8.                 Today is what you are going to make it to yourself. To yourself, whatever you want today to be to you as an individual; that is what today will be to you. If you want to make it your day of sorrow, it will be sorrow to you. you MAKE IT Your day of joy, it will be your joy. Remember, you share it with nobody.
9.                 I am sure and certain that many of you are in the fellowship this day because of the testimonies you heard concerning our fellowship with God the Almighty Father, the Everlasting Father, the Kings of kings and Lord of lords.
10.            There was a problem that arose, and the problems were handled on Sunday, 19TH AUGUST 2012. It is the problem that existed in the household of God at Egbema.
11.            I have not seen Elder Oduah in the fellowship, he is the blindest King on Earth and the blindest man that has embraced the truth. I cannot forget his testimonies when he embraced this Faith. He came with a written testimony contained in one exercise book where he stood before the congregation of the saints, shared his experiences with JEHOVAH’S WITNESS where he was a member for many years and then to the Brotherhood Of Cross and Star, Olumba, Olumba. Where he featured prominently for many years and then compared all of them to this Bridal Faith.
12.            He was the one that said that the Great Sermon helped him more than the Bible to know the truth. Then after knowing the truth, what next? You can only be saved if you continue with the truth. However, if you draw back, you draw back unto perdition.
13.            Something really happened in Jerusalem on Sunday, 19TH August 2012. I handled the two cases: that of Egbema and Chiwendu and family. I gave my verdict. Then many, many things happened. Many, many things happened. Of all the write ups like you heard it last Sunday as submitted by Egbema, I never peeped into any of them. I set all aside.
14.            To Chiwendu, he resurrected from the dead. If he is not intelligent and careful, what awaits Kingsley or Ifeanyi of Nsukka household, awaits Chiwendu. I will hold that for now, the Lord willing; I will visit it. These two witnesses are Elders who were with me before the cases were decided last on Sunday, 19TH August 2012.
15.            There, with some others I held consecutive meetings, where I was telling them too many things as Elders. Even last Monday, I held another meeting with them where I presented the photograph to them.
16.            Pastor Christian, what is the conclusion of the meeting we held on Saturday, 18TH August 2012 that preceded the D-day being Sunday, God gave the ruling on the two cases. There was a specific instruction given to all the Elders, can you please say what happened in brief, just the concluding part of our meeting.
17.            Pastor Christian, “Elders gathered on Saturday evening very late in my house. In conclusion, Apostles Kelechi went close to the Son of Man to hand over Egbema’s written notes and things like that in a file. Then the Son of Man said, “No, hold it. I have set my satellite from the first minute to Egbema household in their families and I have gotten my own information. So hold it, tomorrow morning, MAKE SURE YOU PEOPLE COME HERE VERY EARLY ON TIME because I will come very, very early in the fellowship to handle some matters or to look into some matters before fellowship will start.”
18.            The Son of Man: “Is it true? Apostle Kelechi? Pastor Dan, is it true? They answered: yes sir. “Pastor Thomas, is it true?” He answered, yes sir.
19.            (the Son of Man continued), It has always been my habit to come to fellowship at the same time with my family. But on that day, I ordered them to go ahead of me that I will be coming later. As a result of that instruction I gave, the Elders went home that night, gingered their families to prepare earlier than usual, in keeping with that commandment. For I said that I will like to be in the fellowship before everybody, for there are cases I will like to handle before fellowship will start. I said, “Make sure you are there!” They said amen and left.
20.            Pastor Dan, there was a testimony coming from you when you got home that night; tell us what you did.
21.            Pastor Dan: “I told my family that God wants us to be in the fellowship early, as a result I do not want any delay.”
22.            (the Son of Man) “Did they obey you?” Pastor Dan: “They did.”   “Pastor Thomas, what did you do?”
23.            Pastor Thomas: “I told them the same thing that we will go early that Sunday to fellowship.” The Son of Man: “Good. Did they obey?” Pastor Thomas: “Not all.”
24.            (the Son of Man): “Thank you. Brother Kelechi, what did you do?” Brother Kelechi: “The same thing I told them.” (the Son of Man): “Did they obey?” Brother Kelechi: “Yes sir.” (the Son of Man): “What do you do?” “I told my family the same thing.” (the Son of Man): “Did they obey?” “Yes.” (the Son of Man): “Thank you.”
25.            In keeping with that order, brethren came very early to fellowship, the Elders in particular. And the way they came, was very much pleasing to me. Brother Amankem, can you please come. Pastor Christian, go back to your seat.
26.            Brother Amankem, you were the first Elder that came to fellowship, tell us how you came and what happened.
27.            Brother Amankem: “Remain blessed brethren. Last Sunday I came here very early. I was the first person that came to fellowship. Then, Bishop Nnachor’s mother-in-law was the second person but the fellowship door was not open. I went back to the security men to collect the key. On my way going back, I saw Apostle Kelechi, Pastor Rotimi and Apostle Kelechi’s daughter.
28.            Along the line, I saw the wife of Brother Chukwuemeka from Nnewi. All the keys I collected could not open the door, then Apostle Kelechi called Pastor Thomas and he said that he was on the way coming. The moment he came, he opened the door and we all entered. We were seven in number. Then everybody went to his or her position. I went to my position set everything there.
29.            Then Pastor Thomas said that the decoration was so beautiful. He wanted to snap it to use it for his screen saver. I said okay, let me snap it. I just went back a little then snapped with my phone.  After I snapped my own, Pastor Thomas snapped; our Brother Emeka Ani (talk rising) snapped his own too.
30.            When I opened my own, I saw a man standing, wearing white. I closed it. I asked Pastor Thomas to bring his own, there was nothing there. I asked Brother Emeka to bring his own, there was nothing there. Then I showed Pastor Thomas what I got in my phone. Then I remembered that the Lord warned us not to take a picture in the fellowship. I kept it. It was Pastor Thomas alone that knows everything.
31.            After the fellowship, Monday morning, I went to Apostle Kelechi’s house. While two of us were going out from his house, I narrated the whole thing to him and showed him the picture. He said, ‘Okay, now take it down to Benjamin and show it to the Son of Man.’ Then I went to Benjamin to see Him, after a while I showed it to Him. That is the way it all happened.”
32.            (the Son of Man) Thank you. Pastor Thomas, can you tell the congregation the reason I gave why you could not get the photograph. Did I tell you why you did not get it?
33.            Pastor Thomas: “Yes sir.”
34.            (the Son of Man) Tell the congregation the reason I gave why you could not get it.
35.            Pastor Thomas: “He told me that if it is when I was Pastor Thomas, I would have gotten that thing Brother Amankem got that day. But because of the stubbornness of my wife, that I could not get it.”
36.            (the Son of Man) Thank you very much! Remember that God said that the greatest instrument the devil uses to extinguish the fire in every man of God has remained an ungodly wife. But before that thing happened, while we were having our meetings before Sunday, 19th August 2012, there was a vision concerning Pastor Thomas where he was holding a candlestick and the light was going down, about to go off.
37.            When the tip of the candle was still protruding, the candle has not gone even one-tenth and the light was fizzling out, the Son of Man shouted on Pastor Thomas “Can’t you see that the light is going out? Do something for there is no matches left to ignite it for you.” Instead of taking action, Pastor Thomas was changing the candlestick from one hand to another.
38.            Then Son of Man enquired, “Are you uncomfortable with the candlestick? Pastor Thomas, see, it is going off!” Pastor Thomas opened his mouth and he was gazing at Him. Then the vision vanished.
39.            Without being told, even if others do not know, brethren in Onitsha can tell about a minister that takes delight in taking this position as a minister in the pulpit.
40.            Watch (with reference towards the supernatural photograph gotten on the morning of Sunday 19th August, 2012), I do not share the pulpit with any minister, I even feel more comfortable placing my hand like this (demonstrating as He usually places His hand on the pulpit exactly like the Being in white apparel in the supernatural photograph) while talking to you. More so when I am in a strict business of admiring the fellowship or watching for something.
41.            Now you have heard what took place before that Sunday and what took place that Sunday; the instruction that went forth how the Elders carried the instruction out.
42.            If you were observant during worship on Sunday 19th August, 2012, at the peak of the whole thing, amidst the crowd, only two Elders were spotted. I spotted Apostle Kelechi, then I stretch out my hand and shook him, then poured water on him.
43.             I went further, searched and searched the crowd again, I spotted Brother Amankem. Stretch out my hand, shook him; then poured water on him. Then I went back and did not shake any other hand in the fellowship. Many noticed it.
44.            Brother Amankem would have gotten everything, but that would have meant his death. For that reason, He that took His position in the pulpit, removed His face a little so that he will get both the head and everything about Him but not His plain face; just to confirm to the Elders that He that promised to be in the fellowship before every soul obeyed Himself even when everywhere was locked. He came to the fellowship to take the roll call by Himself. He marked the attendance register for that day, the same way He has been marking.
45.            However, He decided to make it public because He has warned on lateness to fellowship over and over again. Besides, there was something that happened, He revealed something. The Son of Man told Apostle Kelechi to keep that thing. Mark it, it must fulfil to the letter.
46.            To make sure that you do not labour in vain, He decided to give you another chance, because for sometimes now, I have noticed lots and lots of laxities in many of you starting from Onitsha. If Onitsha could ignore my instructions, you can begin to wonder what others might be doing in their Local Assemblies.
47.            Information reaching Me confirmed that some come to fellowship by 10:00am, some by 9:30am; some by 11:00am; some few minutes to the dismissal of fellowship. If they are rebuked, they will be quarrelling from their seats; fighting back because they feel God is not there. However, I want you to know that wherever you gather, God is there with you; He sees you. Unless the Pastor there is not placed there by the Son of Man. Amen.
We want to read out some dreams as we have them. They will fulfil to the letter. Once they fulfil, we set them aside. These dreams were dreamt by Sister Chime, Sister Emma Agu, Brother Chibuzor and Pastor Abel.
2.                 Dream 1: I was in a dream, I saw where the brethren gathered and some of the heathen were there also. As we are all seated with mummy, Chibukem and Sister Oluebube, we were singing praises to God, then all of a sudden, it seems rapture is taking place.
3.                 Along the line, I was telling Sister Oluebube saying, ‘You see why Daddy said that we should be ready at all times that it will happen at a time we least expected. That the time we are expecting it was not the time the thing will happen.’ Then Mummy said that I should close my mouth.
4.                 I now stood up with my daughter, I then saw the Son of Man with something in His hand together with Apostle Kelechi. As we all were coming to Him one by one, anybody He touches with that thing which He was holding in His hand; the person will turn immaculate white and the person will vanish out of sight.
5.                 While my two sons, Makuachukwu and Dabalechi, came there, He touched them with that thing He was holding; they also vanished. Then, in that process a heathen woman was standing and was begging the Son of Man saying “Please sir, remember me.” Then, the Son of Man said to her; ‘Woman, my people first.’
6.                 As He continued touching brethren with that thing, when He got to an extent, He stopped and told the rest to wait for Him that He is coming back and He left with Apostle Kelechi. There were some youths, brethren that were saying this youth could not make it because they did not join us when the thing was going on. Then the dream left me.” (this dream was by Sister Chimezie Nwanchukwu).
7.                 Dream 2, 11th July, 2012: “I was in a dream; it seems I was in my father’s compound. This picture appeared in the sky with an inscription. The inscription that was in the message this generation in prophecy designed that was drawn there. With this inscription, ‘The end has come, Son of Man.
8.                 There was light coming out in the diagram blinking. I was outside the compound when it was happening. Everywhere was shaking and everybody was also shivering, running helter-skelter including animals. I looked up and bowed down my head. Everybody was shouting ‘This is the end of the world, this is the end of the world.’ My mother told me I should join them to run and I said no.
9.                 She then brought out something which she gave me to hold in my hand for protection against what was about to happen. I refused to collect it, telling her that I was not a member of their group. Then I remembered the Voice of the Son of Man that said we should remain wherever we are if anything starts happening.
10.            Because of the way the land was shaking, human beings were running, even wild animals were also running out from the bush because no place was safe; I started crying, calling the Name of God saying, ‘Son of Man please save my family.’ Then I woke up from the dream.” (this dream was by Sister Emma Agu).
11.            The Son of Man: Brother Emma Agu and Sister Emma Agu with all the members of your family, when you get home, pray against this dream, I have prayed against it. Not that it will not happen, this dream will fulfil. This is the end of the world proper, but this is great tribulation. If there is anything any of you might be doubting concerning this Faith, erase that doubt now. For no flesh will make it in the great tribulation.
12.            Dream 18th August, 2012: I was in a dream and we were in the fellowship on the Sunday morning. We were few in number and the person I could recognize in that dream was Apostle Kelechi. While we were there waiting for others to come, the Son of Man came in alone without His family and went straight to the pulpit. In His hand was a piece of paper containing the names of those that were chosen to be saved in this generation; the other small paper contained the names of those that work with Him in the publication ministry and the opening of the web-site.
13.            He asked about them, and eventually; they have not arrived. He then turned to the few congregation and said that the translation of our mortal bodies must take place now. He raised His hand towards the sky with the paper in His hand and the Cloud covered the whole congregation. He turned to the congregation and said, ‘Wait for me here, I am coming back.’ And the dream left me. (this dream was from Brother Chibuzor Chikezie).
14.            The Son of Man: Apostle Kelechi, tell the congregation what I told you. Apostle Kelechi: “The Son of Man said that this dream must surely happen like this, it will be secret and sudden. Secret in the sense that nobody will know it. It will not be announced in the pulpit; it will not be announced during the preaching. Sudden in the sense that He will breeze in and the whole thing will take place.
15.            He said to me, ‘Do you know how I have been fighting and quarrelling with my family concerning lateness? Another dream He told me they must happen the same way it was dreamt.”
16.            Dream 18th/19th August, 2012: “In my dream between Saturday night and Sunday morning, I saw that we were in fellowship and behind the pulpit, I saw a man, spotless white. And I was asked to bring light, immediately I brought the light, the dream left me.” (this dream was from Pastor Abel Zonkuwa).
17.            Note, this last dream came all the way from Zonkuwa in Kaduna State; Saturday night that proceeded Sunday morning of last week. They were in the fellowship, he saw a man standing behind the pulpit, spotless white. He was asked to go and bring light, immediately he brought the light, the dream left him.
18.            On Sunday we gathered according to instructions, the Elders came on time. The Son of Man commanded them to be in the fellowship early ,that He will like to be in the fellowship earlier than any other person. That He had many things to handle before fellowship will start on Sunday 19th August, 2012. By the time they came, this fellowship hall was locked.
19.            Now take note, I commanded my family to be in the fellowship on 19th August, 2012 before Me. They obeyed. It has never happened before. And they did not query Me, I only asked the boys to wait that they will go with Me. My wife carried the rest to fellowship ahead of time. I sat down at home.
20.            If you were among the Elders that the Son of Man commanded to be in the fellowship as early as possible that He will be in the fellowship earlier than other person, and you came into the fellowship hall as instructed, remained in the fellowship until all the seats were filled, and the Son of Man had not come, what will be your reaction?
21.            Note, somebody said He will be in the fellowship earlier than any other person, that He will handle many things before the fellowship will start. And now, every person was seated, Brethren from Egbema were in the fellowship, Enugu, Nsukka, Aba and Eha-Amufu were here before the Son of Man came.
22.            What is more, when He came, He was not even in a haste; He was even outside discussing another thing. He came in casually, stood at the door and watched the congregation, then went back to His seat.
23.            If you were among the Elders who got that instruction, only for you to come in earlier than you should be; and remained more than two hours. The man who said that He will be in the fellowship earlier more than any other person was not seen, how will you feel? Before then, they were told that the two cases were pregnant cases. That it will take Almighty God Himself to come and decide the cases. That they were explosive.
24.            The thing continued as we saw, at the end of the judgement after handling down the ruling, He introduced Himself again. He said, “I am the supreme judge, I have given my ruling on this matter. It is unfortunate that your case came to no other court, than the Supreme Court where you have no right for appeal. For my ruling is final.”
25.            He went further to say, “I am the Supreme Law Giver, I make laws; I cancel laws. I have never used any of the authorities or powers conferred on me for one day against any of you. Woe is Me if I should use those powers unjustly. You should bear in mind that anybody I kill, died in vain. That is why when you wag your mouth and your tongue, they mean nothing to me, because I have the power to erase even the whole human race in one second but woe is Me if I should do it unjustly.”
26.            He said, “Chiwendu, if you like comply; if you like do not. Never you think that the Son of Man is asking for your money, no. However, you must obey it for your own good.”
27.            As many as were in the fellowship on Sunday 19th August, 2012, can bear witness that it took Me time to change my mind concerning Chiwendu. To Egbema, I warned Apostle Ugo and his group, warned Pastor Promise and his group, sent an express message to Elder Oduah. I equally sent a message to Brother Chijioke to remain a good and faithful brother and not a Pastor.
28.            After conferring with the Elders, I felt it necessary to bring all that were present in the fellowship on Sunday 19th August, 2012 back for you to see the Supreme Judge Himself that decided the cases. This will make the implementation of the ruling easy and very expedient. No delay! It must be obeyed within the time frame. I do not care what it will take you.
29.            To Sister Chiwendu, the Voice said, “If you contribute a kobo to your husband to enable him pay this fine either to you or to God’s treasury i.e. Missionary account, I will visit you with the punishment I purposed for your husband. He must bear it alone. And when the money comes to you through Bishop Ifeanyi Eze, I will tell you what you will do with it.”
30.            This day, I have gathered you that you might see He that decided that case. He that said they should go ahead that He must be there before others. That He kept His Word.
31.            The message said, “See the Lord in the Lord”: you have seen the Lord, you have seen Apostle Peter Odoemena. Henceforth, it shall not be said among you again that the Lord said to my Lord.”
32.            Remember the first time He appeared He said, “I have decided to bring all of you here together with your camera to banish unbelief.” The second time He appeared, He said it is to receive your sacrifices; because whenever He wants to magnify Himself in the midst of His people, He will reveal to them His original body.
33.            Lastly, He made that statement: “Don’t only stop at seeing Him as God of mercy, but also see Him as God of judgement who judges with equity and fairness. Who does not look at anybody’s face and can never accept bribe; because He came here before all of you, He has been warning concerning lateness as a naked manifestation of unbelief, brazen display of unfaithfulness in this Faith.
34.            Remember what I told you, one word spoken against this faith is spoken against God. He that speaketh evil against the faith speaketh evil against God. You speak evil against the Son of Man, you speak evil against God. You speak against God’s people; you are attracting a curse to yourself and to your family; so that you might be mindful of what comes out of your mind and even the thoughts of your hearts.
35.            Now we are IN the fellowship this morning for something, the God of judgement is already IN the fellowship. HE IS the God of translation, the God of rapture, the immortal God, the only person who holds immortality is IN THE fellowship WITH YOU. He that swore by His name that He will never leave us, He will never abandon us; He is still IN THE fellowship with us. publish it far and wiDE. Amen.
We make it quick to produce whatever we saw in print so that everybody will be convinced. Let the discussion continue. He does not do abracadabra, we have heard it.
2.                 Please I wish to warn. Last time I place photograph here and made it free to all to come and collect it. Infants invaded the photograph. It should not be so. I do not want infants to come and take the photographs from the pulpit. Infants, respect yourselves! School children respect yourselves!
3.                 What we are enjoying in our day, what we are seeing; is what human being are prohibited from seeing. When I will be ministering to you, you will know more about the supernatural photograph. Please, I do not want anybody to scramble. It is not compulsory that you must have a copy.
4.                 Note, Brother Amakem did not take the photograph in unbelief. I did not lift the ban on taking photograph in the fellowship. The ban is still there. Note the background, by the time they came here, the wall was beautifully decorated. The photographs of the supernatural cloud were not hanging yet. The wall was normally decorated every Saturday evening. The photographs are hanged Sunday morning.
5.                 By the time they came into the fellowship hall, the photographs were not hanging on the wall. Note, they were seven in number: Five men, two women. Let me say they were eight including the daughter of Apostle Kelechi.
6.                 You see, these brothers did not take the photographs in unbelief, they wanted to use the beautiful wall as wallpaper in their phones. More so, brethren have not come for fellowship. They happened to be in the fellowship because of the instruction I gave them. You heard the reason why Pastor Thomas did not get the photograph and he confirmed it before many Elders to be true.
7.                 Brother Amankem stepped back and took his own. If you want to add it to your library, fine. However, it goes beyond library or album photographs; for it is a direct message that permeates the heart of every elect. It helps my faith and your faith.
8.                 I have banned Brother Amankem and Brother Solomon, if there be any other handset that contains that photograph whether by Bluetooth or any way, if you transfer it; I must transfer your name to the Book of Hell. Any time I want to permit or liberalize the photograph, I will tell you.
9.                 The aim for the supernatural photograph is for a reason. There is a reason why He came earlier than everybody. There is a reason why He used the decorated wall as attraction, to attract the attention. The decorated wall is likened to the burning bush during the time of Moses. The burning bush was an attraction that attracted Moses’ attention.
10.            If God reveals Himself to Brother Amankem—as one of the Elders that has been following from the very beginning—is it a crime? What can you say about Bishop Moses? Who is adequate to see the Deity more than these two?
11.            Any day Apostle Ojiakor wins the battle he is fighting in his family against unbelief, the fullness of the Elohim will not only come in, but will enshrine in his rooms.
12.            Something happened in my house. I was judging a case, Apostle Kelechi brought it to my notice, told Me how he handled it. I said, “Fine, close that chapter; do not go there anymore. You know where he is running to; look at where he is running to.” He mentioned something, I said, “No, look at where he is running to.” On pointing my hand there, there was no sign, the rain has stopped, no lightening, what happened in my house shook everywhere.
13.            Just the hand I pointed to show where he is running to, a thunder blast which kept the standing fan shaking. All of us fell down inside the parlour. I said, “Apostle Kelechi, what can you say? Then we remember Kenneth Umeh. I believe that the God that killed Sapphira and Ananias is still in our midst, not because of the dream of 2001.
14.            This was the Supreme Judge that appeared to judge Bishop Ifeanyi Eze, Igene Anonye and Ben Okezue in those days. This is that Supreme Judge that commanded you, “Who is this man you brought here? Why bringing him to Me? Take him out!” And the next thing was mortuary.
15.            The moment you resist God’s word, you have incurred His wrath. Get ready! Can God accuse a man falsely? No. can He judge unjustly? Take note of these two things.
16.            No age is respected in this Faith; mama take note. If you are one thousand years old, it is not respected in this Faith. To show you how serious I am, no coat is respected, no height; no position.
17.            Collect for yourself only, do not tell me that you are collecting for your brother or sister somewhere or that God understands. God will only understand that you are an unbeliever. Do not allow the photograph you are holding to be a condemnation to you at last, rather; pray that it will be your justification. I hope we do not have any doubting Thomas in this Faith? Even if we have, greater than what Thomas saw is in your midst.
18.            If you were saying, “Unless I see with my eyes,” examine the photograph, examine the stature, it was the stature of a man. Examine the head, examine the hand, examine the legs, examine the weight, examine the photograph, do not look at Me; do not look at the pulpit, look at what you are holding in your hands.
19.            If there is any reason at all you need this photograph either as enlargement or other form, do not go to any person, tell Me. If I approve of it, you go ahead. If I do not approve of it, do not attempt it for your own good. If you hang it in your house, it will not give you salvation. What will give you salvation is when you believe His word. See Him there, see Him manifesting in different forms.
20.            Let me tell you: we are not following supernatural sign alone, we have seen the sign, we have heard the accompanying voice. For behind every supernatural sign, there is a supernatural voice. Voice of the sign!  If there comes a sign without a voice, run away. If the sign is from God, there must be a voice accompanying the sign.
21.            What is more, there can never be a sign in a vacuum. Every supernatural sign from God occurs around an individual. Without an individual, no supernatural sign. The Red Sea could not part without Moses. The big snake could not come out to swallow the snakes of Pharaoh’s magicians without Moses. Jordan could not part without Joshua.
22.            There could not be a supernatural light on the way to Damascus without the Saul of Tarsus. There could not be a supernatural Cloud on the Mount of Transfiguration without Jesus Christ, James and John. Amen.

Note it, everything in the Bride happens according to prophecy. Many of us who were acquainted with the prophecies of the Angel Messenger to the Laodicea Age who foreran the advent of the Son of Man in your midst never left us in doubt.
2.                 We are not surprised at what is happening, we are numbered among the few that fixed their eyes on the pyramid while he went away to get the interpretation.
3.                 However, majority removed their eyes from the pyramid and fixed their eyes on the Prophet. But we fixed our eyes on the pyramid. You are the children of the Prophets.
4.                 I want to show you prophecies that have fulfilled among you which you have forgotten. The reason why we are different from others is that we are walking with the voice of the Prophets. Where there is no Prophet, the people walk in blindness.
5.                 Things happen according to prophecy. I have not come yet, I am preparing your hearts so that by the time I will talk to you, you will not regret being in His Presence. You will not say, “Why did brother bring us here today?” Rather you will be praying that God should be giving you opportunities like this and to be a part of what is happening in Jerusalem.
6.                 Others are worshipping in the Bridal Faith under the influence of the Son of Man. However, in Onitsha, in Jerusalem, they do not worship under His influence; but they worship in His Presence, at His feet, they worship with His own anointing.
7.                 You are sitting in His Presence under the anointing of the Son of Man, direct. There is a great difference between watching a football, live and watching it in the television. We have live music, we have recorded music.
8.                 The action is in Jerusalem, the action is in Jerusalem 24 hours. Have you seen He that promised to be with you even till the end of the world?
9.                 Have you seen that man, that spirit of truth whom the world cannot receive for the world knoweth Him not? Have you seen the Consolation of the Saints? Have you seen the Comforter? Have you seen your Sanctifier, your Baptizer, your Redeemer?
10.            This is the personality Job said will be on Earth in the last days. This is He that said “I will never leave you comfortless, I will come again and I will be with you. A little while the world will see Me no more, but you will see me. Because I live, ye shall live also.”
11.            This is the man that said, “Let not your heart be troubled, believe in me; believe also in my father. For in my Father’s house there are many mansions. If it is not so, I would have told you. I will go to prepare a place for you, after which I will come and take you to myself, that wherever I am there ye shall be. Comfort yourselves with these words.”
12.            You can see the man the world does not know, they call Him an impersonator, they call Him a liar, they call Him a fornicator, they call Him a false Prophet; they call Him every kind of names.
13.            Yet in Him, is the issue of life; the fountain of life. Has it become a revelation? This is exactly where you are heading to. This is going to be your garment, you will appear and disappear in a twinkling of an eye.
14.            When we shall see Him, we shall be like Him for we shall see Him just as He is. Look at the photograph in your hand again, look at it twice, look at the height, look at the weight, look at the shape of His head. Look at the shape of His body.
15.            This is the man that said, “I am the Resurrection and the Life. Whosoever that believeth in me, he will never be the tail; he shall be the head.
16.            I told you that the Son of Man is the express image of the invisible God. For whenever He wants to reveal the Father, He will reveal Him through Him. For no man knoweth the Father but the Son, no man knoweth the Son but the Father and to whomsoever the Son shall choose to reveal. This is the will of God that the Son of Man should reveal the Father to the people like you. Not by merit, not because you are good enough, not because you are righteous; this is His perfect will which He has purposed in Himself for you even before the world began.
17.            Call me whatever you want to call me, it is your right. Criticize me constructively or destructively, it is your right; I AM WHAT I AM. I told you, I have everything to be proud of but woe is Me if I should pride myself except for what Christ has wroth in me.
18.            We are not following cunningly devised fables. I told you a story of what took place somewhere, the rich millionaire at Nofia said, “People, look at me, people said I did money ritual; did I do ritual for children?
19.            I told you if you go up in search of Him, the Voice will tell you, “Go down there He is still there.” Anywhere you like go to, you will be told the same thing. Have you wondered why He is romancing with you in this closing hour in such a manner He has never done from the beginning, and the time when your enemies are saying God has forsaken you that you are wasting your time.
20.            Do not worry, I am coming to that with time. But mean while, do not forfeit your seat. Let us rehearse some of the prophecies from the Prophet’s mouth as we have them in our libraries. Be reverend.
21.            And remember the last sign that Abraham saw and we who are born of spirit of Christ are Abraham’s royal seed. Jesus promised that the royal seed of Abraham will see the same sign that their father Abraham saw before the promised son come. There was not more sign, right away Sarah became mother and Isaac arrived. The last sign was God manifested in a man’s flesh.” Sirs we will see Jesus 19/8/64
22.            What more do you want to see? Remember, I tell you in the Name of the Lord, if you regard me to be His servant, this is the last sign that the Church will see according to the Scriptures...
23.            What is that last sign? It is God manifested in His Church in human form. Have you seen it? Has it come to pass? Many of you were not born when this prophecy went forth in 1964.
24.            “…What more do you want to see? Remember, I tell you in the Name of the Lord, if you regard me to be His servant, this is the last sign that the Church will see according to the Scripture” Greater than Solomon is here 19/11/64.
25.            “Remember, Abraham, or no one else seen any other sign, until the promised son came on the scene. Abraham saw all kinds of signs and things up to that. But that was the last sign. He'll never broke it, the continuity of God. The seed of Abraham, that's their last sign. See! That's the last”. Jehovah Jireh 2/4/64
26.            But just before the promised son, the last sign before the Gentile world was destroyed, was this God manifested in the flesh that knew the secrets of the heart.
Now, that's the last sign that the Church in the spiritual Church gets. That's the last sign that the natural Church gets, and the Gentile world will be destroyed
27.            Have you seen the sign?
28.             “…And she's ready for it right now, the Earth shaking all over with Earthquakes.”
29.            As at that time when the Prophet saw it, he said she is ready for it right now—a Prophet—Earthquake shaking everywhere, he saw them. In one of the messages he said that we are living in the threshold of the manifestation of the greatest omnipotence the world has never seen. We are waiting for it, it must happen. But today, has it not happened? It has happened. Have you not seen the manifestation of the omnipotence? We have: Not minus, not plus.
30.            But just before the promised son, the last sign before the Gentile world was destroyed, was this God manifested in the flesh that knew the secrets of the heart.
31.            Before Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed, God manifested in the flesh. The last sign the Gentile Church will see, then it is all over. Have you seen it? That the Son of Man and the Father are one. Those that were trying to separate the God side, the spiritual side from the carnal side; do you see where you would have ended it? Trying to explain the supernatural away, you end it explaining away the God you worship for He is a supernatural God.
32.            You are all supernatural believers, believe it if you can. Unless you are not in this faith. All the members of the Bridal Faith are supernatural believers, believing things that are impossible for natural believers to believe.
33.            “…But just before the promised son, the last sign before the Gentile world was destroyed, was this God manifested in the flesh that knew the secrets of the heart.
Now, that's the last sign that the Church in the spiritual Church gets. That's the last sign that the natural Church gets, and the Gentile world will be destroyed. And she's ready for it right now, the Earth shaking all over with Earthquakes
.” The Identified Christ of all ages. 1964 page 26.
34.            And the Church is becoming the Bride all the time by believing the Word, so that the Word and the Church becomes the same, the Word in the Church making it the Bride, the last sign, God identifying Himself, the Word in the Church.”
35.            What! The last sign, the “Word” identifying Himself. Note, in the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God and the Word was God. And the Word was made flesh and dwelleth among us.
36.            In the book of Revelation it said that He was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood and His Name is called the Word of God.
37.            And the Church is becoming the Bride all the time by believing the Word, so that the Word and the Church becomes the same.
38.            Note, so that the Word (Christ) and the Church (You the believers) become one unity of the Body that they might be one as I and my Father are one: Unite them in Thy Word for Thy Word is truth. Father all this while I have held them together by Thy Word that the world may know that Thou has sent Me.
39.            Thus, whoever God sent, speaketh the word of God, for the spirit of God is upon Him without measure. Is that not scriptural? What then are you looking for? You are indeed a favoured group!
40.            “…And the Church is becoming the Bride all the time by believing the Word, so that the Word and the Church becomes the samethe Word in the Church making it the Bride, the last sign, God identifying Himself, the Word in the Church” The Identified Christ in all ages 1964 page 33.
41.            Now, look, I want to ask you something. What if He does come tonight? What... Say, ‘He isn't coming?’ I don't know whether He is or not. This is the last sign. Remember, THUS SAITH THE LORD. Did you ever hear me say that but what it was true? You're seeing your last sign. That's Scripture.” Spiritual amnesia preached 11/4/64.
42.            You are seeing what? You are seeing your last sign. As at that time he is seeing it as a Prophet. Spiritual amnesia, the worst blindness is spiritual blindness.
43.            Abraham never saw one more sign until the son came into existence. That's the last sign Abraham saw of all of his signs. Let me tell you, Church, here's your last one. The appearing of the Son will be pretty soon, in the hour when you think not...”
44.            That will be pretty soon, in the hour you think not. Did it fulfil? Yes. Do you know that the world does not know what is taking place? When they see you going, they think you are going to Church like others; what is taking place, they do not know. But they are aware that the world is coming to an end in a disastrous way. However, how it will end, and the way of escape they know not.
45.            Do you know that till today, they are waiting for the return or second coming of Jesus Christ? When no scripture promised it. He that is promised to come is already on the scene and supernaturally vindicated. Are you still in doubt? No!
46.            Tell me, if you want to doubt, what are you doubting? Is it the Word? Is it the photograph? Is it the revelation? Tell me what you are doubting now? We have crossed the riven veil. Where we are now is the highest anybody can get to, no doubt is here. all fears have been dealt with, no fear of Hell again. this is the point where unbelief has checked itself. If you say you do not believe, tell us what you do not believe. Is it what you have seen with your eyes? 
47.            Abraham never saw one more sign until the son came into existence. That's the last sign Abraham saw of all of his signs. Let me tell you, Church, here's your last one: The appearing of the Son will be pretty soon, in the hour when you think not, it'll be caught away: people go right on preaching, thinking they're getting saved and everything. He will be... Just like it was in coming of John and all, they go right on, done passed the time. It's later than we think.” Christ is Identified the Same in All Generations 16/04/64.
48.            According to the scriptures we are seeing manifested before us the last sign and time the words of Jesus Christ said that this is so. Just as it was in Sodom we will see the world in its worst condition, we see the Church in its condition, we see the elect being called out from every denomination, the life that is in those places moving out now to take a form of the seed.
49.            We pray heavenly Father He will take. This day the scripture is fulfilled. Sign of discernment, remember that sign of discernment is the last message to the Gentiles Church” Queen of the South 13/6/58.
50.            Abraham and his group never received one more sign from God until the promised son arrived. How many knows that's true? That sign of discernment... And the royal Seed of Abraham, let me hear you, let me tell you: ‘THUS SAITH THE LORD, you're receiving your last sign.’ That's according to the Scriptures and the revelation of God that's in my heart, that speaks that this is the Truth. And I trust that you will believe it to be the Truth.” Proving His word 26/4/1965.
51.            Remember, thus said the Holy Spirit, this is your last sign. Write it in your Bible. And if something rises beside this and greater than this, call me s false Prophet. That is quite a statement. I watch what I said I am in contact with greater than ten million people around the world. see,”
52.            But I, the Son of Man is in contact with more than one trillion, do you doubt it? no. there is no village, no family where the Son of Man is not under sun. I entered where the Bible never entered since the world began. Through the wedsite, there is no country, no village, no community, no kindred; unless there is no Cloud, no sun, no darkness there. Once these things are there, air is there, life is there; the Son of Man is there.
53.            Since you know that I am connected to over twenty trillion people worldwide, how do you think God will permit me to deceive you? If I should deceive you, who will I save? I am saving you but you do not know the value of salvation. If you know the value, you will begin to amend your ways. Do not worry; I have not spoken to you yet.
54.            However, I am stirring you up so that you can understand. I am going there, I am going there. I told you one thing I love God for: The Elders thought they were coming to the fellowship very early in the unusual way, but He was here before them. even my wife who was driving to  make sure she will be there because the Son of Man said “Go with your children, do not wait for me. Be there before I will come—she thought she was going ahead of the Son of Man.
55.            All of you that were seated in this fellowship, the hall filled, you thought you were in the fellowship on time, hence you say: “I have come early than Daddy today! If God will go late, who then will go early? I am saying that if you run for hundred years, one step I will take, I will overtake you.
56.            I am dealing with you in my weakness. I made myself weak for your sakes that I may relate with you and save you. If I show you who I am fully, which I have started showing and there is no going back, I am not preaching again, the voice said, “Whether you understand it or not, keep on following anyhow, towards the end everything shall be made plain. For every Tom, Dick and Harry must understand all things, even infants.”
57.            Has it not come to pass? He said, “In the end, I will not preach, He will show Himself. Then those that bowed out will beat their chest and regret. But it has become too late. Why? I have closed the book and sealed the testimony.
58.            You are not worthy to go to Hell. Listen to me. Paul said in his day that Jesus Christ came to save sinners of which he was the chiefest.
59.            I am not sent to those whose hands are clean, legs clean, cloths clean, shoes clean; but hearts dirty. I am sent to come and save liberally-minded people, who know they can do nothing to save themselves, they now depend on the creator of heavens and Earth to help them out.
60.            If you can help yourself, God will not help you. you are better than people that condemned you, finish.  
61.            Remember, thus said the Holy Spirit this is your last sign. Write it in your Bible. And if something rise beside this and greater than this, call me a false Prophet. That is quite a statement. I watch what I said I am in contact with greater than ten million people around the world. See, so I have to say that and I know I did not say that myself.” Be not afraid, it is I. 14/04/61.
62.            You'll never receive another sign. This is it. THUS SAITH THE LORD. Would a Prophet of God make a statement like that if it wasn't true? You're receiving your greatest sign, and your last sign, before the appearing of Christ. Come.” Jehovah Jireh PT 3 7/7/1962.
63.            “See Him Getting His Church Ready” Who? See Him getting His Church ready. Who knows how to keep the Bride in a rapturing order? Eh? Tell me. Don’t we have the message? It is the Son of Man that knows how to put the Church in a rapturing order. And the Prophet said see Him getting His Church ready, His Bride; His wife. Getting her ready! And the voice said, “Son of Man rise up, arise, blow the trumpet in Zion, say to your people and my people, time is no more! For the Bride has made herself ready. Thrust in the sickle, harvest the Earth.”
64.            Elder Okafor, Pastor Samuel, why are you too old, older than me? abeg, make you no eat monkey meat.
65.            “...See Him getting His Church ready? What's He doing? He's showing them His last sign. The next thing is what? The rapture, the rapture. The Son appears and we're changed.” Jehovah Jireh 26/2/61.
66.            These few nights that I've been trying with all my heart to get you to see something, that He's giving His last sign to the Church before He turns to the Jews. The Gentile Bride is to be called.” God has a provided Lamb 20/06/64.
67.            And there was one of the three that stayed behind and showed him a sign of Whom He was, with His back turned to the tent, and knew what Sarah said in the tent, a discernment spirit. Jesus plainly saying, now remember that was... There was not one more sign done until Sodom was burnt. The last thing that the Church is going to see is Christ manifested in His power, in fullness, in His Church, just before the fire falls.” Investment 3/8/63.
68.            Now, He cannot do one more thing, and will never do one more sign before the people. That's according to the Bible. I want somebody to tell me one more sign that He promised to do, besides what He's done right here. ‘As it was in the days of Sodom,’ and Malachi 4, and the promises that He made, all hook right into the same thing. There'll not be any more sign given to the Church. The next thing you'll see will be a flight into heaven. They'll be taken up.” Countdown 9/2/64.
69.            As it was in the days of Sodom, so shall it be at the coming of the Son of man." And, remember, the elect never saw any other sign after that. Not one time did God appear to Abraham after that. Nothing else in the world, but Sarah was turned immediately to a young woman, and Abraham to a young man;” Sirs, we will see Jesus 12/11/63.
70.            They're so blinded to the Truth, that when the Truth is presented, they fail to see it. But you see, God is just, He's got it wrote out there. He's got it wrote out right here in the Book, what's going to happen today. So it will be fulfilled. But others that are not ordained to see it will never see it.” What shall I do with Jesus 24/11/63.
71.            These things that we're seeing today couldn't happen twenty years ago, or forty years ago. It's today it happens. This is the hour, this is the time. Now is the time it's fulfilled. Why? God promised it, and here it is.”  God provided way 6/2/64.
72.            This is the hour, this is the time. If you believe it say amen, Amen.
73.            And Christian friends tonight in this great scruple in the Scriptures, that people think is scrupled, we're now living to see the very... Everything that He has said here is fulfilled, just the next thing's for His coming.” His Unfailing Words of Promise 20/01/64.
74.            We know that He promised this in the last days. ‘As it was in the days of Sodom, so shall it be when the Son of Man is revealed." Then we know we see the fire in the skies, the atomic bombs. We see the worm-eaten nations; nations are breaking. We see that Israel's in her homeland. Every sign that could be promised has been fulfilled. The next thing is the promised Son coming.” Voice of the sign 13/3/64.
75.            You're at the end now. When, I don't know. I'm looking for Him today. If He isn't here today, I'll be looking for Him tomorrow. If He isn't there tomorrow, I'll be looking the next day. If He isn't here this year, I'll be looking next year for Him. I know He's coming. I don't know the minute or the hour. But I know everything's fulfilled, ready for the rapture. The Church is called out. It'll be a secret going, just vanish, and that'll be all.” Calling Jesus on the scene 19/03/64.
76.            And as we see the clock tick around, the time clock of God's time piece, all the prophecies being fulfilled and setting right up before us now for the coming Messiah, we are certainly a happy people, and should be that way. For we're looking forward to the greatest event that ever happened in all human history, or ever will: the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, to catch a Church to Himself and to take her to Himself. What a glorious time that will be.” Prophet like unto Moses 20/11/59.
77.            A messenger approved of God among you, a message approved of God among you by signs and wonders of the hour. A message that Jesus Christ is not dead but living just as the same as he ever walked and sent forth as he exactly fulfil Malachi 4 and all the other scriptures that Jesus said would be in the last days is totally fulfilled, both scientifically and by the word.
78.            The magazine … circus of light that was predicted here and angel of God which has come down that they know nothing about and all over everywhere. It is proving worldwide, next is the crusification and we are facing it.” What shall I do with Jesus 24/11/63.
79.            What sinful man could there be today, that could look in the face of the Bible and see if the Holy Spirit isn't the Interpreter of the Word today, making Himself known by manifestations of promises of the gifts, and the things that He promised to do in this day: Malachi 4 being fulfilled, all the rest of the Scriptures being fulfilled, and see it right here at the end of the time. You don't need any man to interpret it. No, sir. It interprets itself. It proves it is the Message of the hour.” What shall we do with Jesus 24/01/64.
80.            God is the Perfect Interpreter Of His Word.
81.            All prophecies fulfilled. The last thing before the Church was resurrected, before She was taken up in Revelations, the 3rd chapter, was the coming forth of a messenger unto the Laodicean Church Age, that would turn the hearts of the people back to the early fathers, get them back to the regular Pentecost, what they claimed to have.
82.            There would be thousands times thousands, like it was in the days of Noah, many would be lost. Many of them would be lost. We see that already fulfilled, Father.” Perfect strength 11/01/61.
83.            There isn't one thing left, as I see in the--in the Prophetic Word, one thing left or one thing hindering the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ this very hour, not one thing left in the Bible. Everything has been fulfilled, waiting now for the coming of the Lord Jesus” Hear Ye Him 30/09/56.
84.            All that God was He poured into Christ, and all Christ has He poured into the Church: super sign. God and man together, that was to be the super sign of the last days, when the entire Bible was to be fulfilled in the last days.” Super Sign 29/11/63.
85.            What God promised for the hour, look for it to be fulfilled. You must look to Him, because He is the Word. And the only way you can look to the Word, is look to Him. Look to Him; He is the Word, and the Word promised for this day is to be fulfilled this day. Noah's time could not be filled this day; it was only a type, Moses' time, and so forth.
86.            But this is the day that God has promised these things that we're now enjoying, these things that we're now seeing, that the world's laughing at, this great momentous power of the Holy Spirit that can change a sinner's heart, that can take a lukewarm Church member and give him a testimony that'll set the Church afire, from where he come out of. It's the dynamic that got into the Word.” Looking unto Jesus 22/01/64.
87.            What has He done to our eyes this day? A promise fulfiled. Has He opened our eyes? When we see it St. 14:12, Hebrew 13: St. John 14:9. Are we still looking to St. Luke 7:27-28? And all these scriptures are promised Malachi 4 all of them fulfiling right here before us.
88.            What have we done to our eyes, if He did not open them, He will blind them eternally. He opened some, blind others. See, He opened them to this last days. Watch He has promised to do this, what He say He will do it. Restored back to the faith” When their eyes were open 16/04/64.
89.            Oh, you men in other lands where you'll hear this tape, can't you wake up, my brother? Or does it blind you? Would you throw it out and call it false prophecy when it's vindicated right before you by the world, by the time, by the peoples, and by the Holy Spirit Who wrote It. It's vindicated both naturally, spiritually, and materially. Everything that He said is fulfilled and proven.” Recognize your day 26/7/64.
90.            And today, the Scriptures promised for this hour, friends, it's fulfilled right in our midst, hour after hour. Who do you think it is?” Who do you say this is 27/12/64.
91.            Now we don't need systems and organizations that we have. We're at the end time. And God promised in this end-time the things that He would do. And we see them fulfilled to the Word.” Broken cisterns 23/01/65.
92.            Watch what He did right after the reading of that Scripture. "In the days when the Son of man," not a man, not a human being, "the Son of man will reveal Himself among His people again." This day this promise, of this hour that we're now living in is fulfilled before our very eyes.” This day the scripture is fulfilled 25/01/65.
93.            Now, we believe that the hour has come that St. John 14:12 must be fulfilled. We believe that Malachi 4 must be fulfilled. We believe that Luke 17:30 must be fulfilled. We believe that all these prophecies that He said would come to pass in this day, we believe they must be fulfilled. And we believe we're seeing them fulfilled right now. That's exactly right.” Man running from God’s Presence 17/02/65.
94.            And I might say this just now because the Holy Spirit seems to be putting it on my heart. Be careful, Satan will try to tell you of something great way off in another age to come, or another coming along of another revival, and you may be living in the last part of all you'll ever get. It may be now. It's always been that way. They come, and the revival's gone, and they don't know it. Myself, I believe we're at the end. I don't look for nothing else but the coming of the Lord. I believe that everything that He has promised in the Scriptures has been fulfilled.” Queen of Sheba 8/2/58.
95.            And so far as I know, that every vision that He's ever give me has been fulfilled except the one that I'm a change in my ministry to where I'm to pray for people in a little place like a little room under a tent, or a big auditorium or something. It looked to me like a tent. You remember that, two or three years ago? Most all of it was brought to pass.” Present stage of my ministry 8/9/62.
96.            Where are we at in this Abrahamic age? Where are we in this great time we're standing, the great hour that we're living? All the visions have been fulfilled.This day this scripture is fulfilled 19/02/65.
97.            And doesn’t the Bible tell us that in these last days they'll have a form of godliness? All the prophecies are fulfilled, brother; we're at the end. Nationally, we're at the end. Spiritually, we are at the end. Every system is at its end. The next thing is the coming of the Lord and the translation of the Church.” Jezebel religion 19/03/61.
98.            “But let's suffer that to be so, for, John, if we are the lights of this day, we must fulfil all righteousness. All God's Word must be fulfilled by us for this day, for it is becoming to us; behooving, it's becoming, it's like us. For if we are the true witnesses of God today, John, we are the lights of this age. And if we are the lights of this age, there's so much Scripture that's got to be fulfilled during this age. And it's up to us. (Hallelujah.) It's up to us to see that all God's righteousness is fulfilled." And what is His righteousness? His Word.” It Becometh Us To Fulfil All Righteousness 01/01/61.
99.            Then from a little group of the true Seed of the Word, God will present Christ a beloved Bride, a virgin, a virgin of His Word. And through them and by them will be fulfilled all that have been promised for His Word in the virgin, who knows no manmade creeds or dogmas.” The Spoken Word Is the Original Seed 18/03/62.
100.       All that God was He poured into Christ, and all Christ has He poured into the Church: super sign. God and man together that was to be the super sign of the last day, when the entire Bible was to be fulfilled in the last days.” Translation. Super sign 29/11/63.
101.       The totality of the Godhead is in the Bride. God and man in the Church becoming one. Has it come to pass? He that sanctifies and they that are sanctified are altogether but one. This is the super sign the Church will see, the next thing is the translation. What are you waiting for? Translation.
102.       Now, for nearly two thousand years God has been again making Him a Masterpiece, because He struck Adam to get a piece off of him (part of him), a rib to make a wife for him. And now, that perfect Masterpiece that He struck at Calvary, He got a piece off of Him. It's just the New Testament; that's all. He fulfilled the Old Testament.
103.       Now, it's the New Testament, another piece to be fulfilled. See, the New and Old is husband and wife (See?); and it taken the New to fore--the Old to foreshow the New. Christ come the Masterpiece to fulfill that. Now His Bride will fulfill everything that's in the New Testament. Another Masterpiece is in making.” Masterpiece 5/7/64.
104.       I don't believe in all this here stuff going around today about Elijah's robe and all that stuff. I... All them phonies have to come, of course, to upset the real thing when it does come. But, let me tell you, there will rise a messenger at the end of this Pentecostal age and wind up the thing. It will be a man. Not a group, not a denomination; but a man. It's always been, and God cannot change His program, He's the eternal God.” Hidden messenger 16/01/63.
105.        “Will you come right now, in the Presence of this Spirit? You'll never see anything happen greater until you see the coming of the Lord. Now, just remember. Surely I know what I'm speaking of, or He wouldn't grant the ministry.” Spirit of truth 18/01/63.
106.       There was not one more sign done until Sodom was burned. The last thing that the Church is going to see, is Christ manifested in His power, in fullness, in His Church, just before the fire falls.” Investment 3/8/63.  
107.       And here we are, Laodicean Age, the Sodomite Age, and here we are. The ministry is come through every angle of the Word. And I believe, the entire mystery of God, It's already been preached. Now it's identification of Christ among His people, God walking in human flesh.”  Jesus Christ the same 27/06/63.
108.       What was left as at that time was Christ identifying Himself in the midst of His people; God walking in human form.
109.       You are looking for something; I may not be on this pulpit again. You are looking for something that is passing by you and you do not recognize it.”
110.       You are looking for something, and the thing you are looking for is passing by you but you can’t recognize it.
111.       After a while it is gone, they will pick it up and say, when did it happen? When did this revival go off? When did this take place? It is too far then.” Speak to the mountain 15/12/57.
112.       It is possible today, very good men
113.       It is possible today, very good men, fine men, good women, beautiful women, fine youths, very good youths walk with Christ, talk with Christ, eat with Christ, drink with Christ, and sleep with Christ.
114.       “...Walk with Christ and still do not recognize that this is the hour that certain things of the Bible must fulfil. It is the hour we are living in, the time is at hand when these things must be done. It is written and thus it must be fulfilled because God promise it. Yes! Our eyes must be opened to see the word.” Looking unto Jesus 22/01/64.
115.       The Lord loves you or he wouldn't be giving you these things. Can't you recognize that it's His mercy here in America (Nigeria)? He's given you the best there is in heaven. Can't you recognize it? He don't have to return back and do the things that He did. He don't have to do these things, but He does it because He loves you.” Christ outside the door 30/03/58.
116.       The Son of Man has already come from glory and He is revealing Himself for the past few years to His Church in mercy. Showing them His great presence, doing the same thing He did when He was on Earth. Revealing Himself like He did to Abraham before the destruction. He has come now in mercy revealing Himself to the Church it has been laugh at and scorn at. The next time He will be revealing Himself, it will be in judgement on the world and the nation that reject God and sinning away their way of grace.” Called out 9/01/58.
117.       All these things I have been doing till now, I am aiming at laying a foundation, where I will stand and talk to you for few minutes.
118.       Fix your eyes on the photograph you have in your hands. In short, do not ever come to this altar; until you have looked at that photograph again. You see the picture Ananias and Sapphira could not see. All these years, the person you are holding in the photograph has remained the One that brought us into this wilderness, that is always standing by the side of the pulpit in Jerusalem and watch you cast in your offering.
119.       Is your heart right with God? If your heart is not right with God, please from now make no mistake of nearing the altar to give offering. If you are indebted to God, and you know you are really indebted to God because of your voluntary pledge or vow or promise or whatever you may call it; do not come near the altar, keep your offering with you. It is narrowing down; He has His reasons why He appeared plain even when there was no human being in our fellowship hall.
120.       This was the man that stood in Jerusalem and handled the message titled “Wilderness Voice;” He did the reading of the scriptures, searching of the scriptures, recording, preaching; all alone.
121.       If what you have seen with your eyes, what you have heard with your ears cannot instil godly fear in you; you are a beast. Your heart has been smelt with hot iron. If what you have seen and heard cannot compel you to change your mind and heart; your heart has been smelt with hot iron.  Amen.