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The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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Saturday, 15 September 2012


I am your “Mercy Seat.” But I know that one day I will change
position and sit on the “Judgment Seat.” “He” that has brought you so far is the same “One” you will meet at the end. You are not meeting any other person other than “He” that is with you

From the Message: FORGIVENESS pg 3.

For you to survive in this Ministry, do not play with the Voice that has roared on you. Do not play with dreams that have affected you, whether you dreamt them or some other people dreamt them, and saw you in one way or the other; do not ever play with them. If you have been rebuked, your name is called, do not ever play with it. Try to identify what your problem is all about, and do the right thing. If you do not, the same fate others met, you must meet it.
Do not be carried away that those people that we excommunicated are still alive and moving about. I see them as dead bodies, for the punishment awaiting them is something no human being can imagine. If the Lord will reveal to them what is awaiting them, everybody will make haste and reconcile with God. Some of them have seen it. Many, many times, it has been revealed to some of them. –SON OF MAN.
(FORGIVENESS page 94, verses 5-6)


Deuteronomy 31:15 “And the LORD appeared in the tabernacle in a pillar of a cloud: and the pillar of the cloud stood over the door of the tabernacle.” KJV
Exodus 13:21 And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night:.” KJV.

Psalms 89:7 God is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints, and to be had in reverence of all them that are about him.” KJ


“Daniel 7:9 I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool: his throne was like the fiery flame, and his wheels as burning fire.” KJV


Isaiah 11:10 “And in that day there shall be a root of Jesse, which shall stand for an ensign of the people; to it shall the Gentiles seek: and his rest shall be glorious.” KJV

Acts 17:31 Because he hath appointed a day, in the which he will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom he hath ordained; whereof he hath given assurance unto all men, in that he hath raised him from the dead. KJV.

Ephesians 2:19 “Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints, and of the household of God.” KJV

If after thirty eight years, yet Nigeria is not still integrated, what will make Nigeria to be integrated again? It is only in Christ that Nigeria can be integrated. Outside Christ, nothing can integrate Nigeria or make Nigeria one. It is only in Christ that we can be one, outside Christ we are Biafra and Nigeria, we are Southerners and Northerners.
2.             A popular and a very nice man from Lagos, by the name of Oba Adelegu Adewale, said that if only Nigeria will agree to his opinion, we MUST hand Nigeria over to God. Because until God reigns nothing will happen.
3.             All that came from other Local Assembles, you are very wise for you know that Sunday 8th January 2012, is going to be another day in the Bride. We are still moving on. Let me tell you that the camp meeting generally ended on the morning of first day of January 2012, but has continued in Onitsha even till this very moment. And will continue until I dismantle it.
4.              The message “The State of The Nation” volume two, I will highlight all those things in it by putting you in remembrance of what you heard in time past which are fulfilling before your eyes, before I can speak to you on the current issues so that you will now know how to escape.
5.             No matter how you look at it, death is painful. No matter the hope of resurrection that might be in you, you will not have that hope more than Jesus Christ who because of death wept; because of death He agonized! He agonized in Gethsemane. At a point He cried and said, “Father, if it will be possible, take away this cup from me.” You do not know what I am saying until you witness where somebody is tortured to death.
6.             The report recently said that about six thousand people have been tortured to death in Syria and a young boy of nine years, one, he was fired; secondly, that he was castrated before he died. Report had it that those soldiers that captured Muammar Gadhafi assaulted him sexually before they killed him at the age of 87. Is it not torture?
7.             During the crises, nobody that is unlucky to be trapped ever had it light. I remember the experience we had during the civil war where before our eyes, women and ladies were raped till death. Over twenty soldiers clamp down on a lady and raped her until she gave up the ghost. What a painful death!
8.             You see, we are already tilting towards that horrible situation and I thank God Who is preparing our hearts. When you hear about tribulation that will befall you for ten days, and that it is going to be so severe that such a thing has not happened before and will never happen again; that if the Lord of Hosts does not cut it short for the sake of the elect, that no flesh shall be saved. Because of that He has sealed your souls away. But your flesh will still suffer pains. 
9.             When we are highlighting something like this, do not feel ignorant.  Your mortal body is still there and the supernatural is still hidden beneath. Take note as we reveal the voice of God which we have received in our day.  
10.          “The State of the Nation” volume two, page 41, verse 27, “…Do you know that you have been living your life in the extra time? Do you know that Christ can never be made known to the world except in injury time?...”
11.          You know what injury time is? Has Christ been made known to the world? Yes! Since the answer is yes, then we are in the injury time. If it was not prophesied, it will not come to pass. Prophecies are tied to time and God is the perfect Interpreter of His Word. The manifestation has always been the interpretation.
12.          Even as at that time, how Christ will make Himself known to the world was unknown for there was nothing called web or web discussion among us although it was on the scene then. Note the regulation governing injury time in any field of play.
13.          Verse 28, “Any goal that is scored during injury time is allowed. It is a genuine goal even if it is just one second to go. One second to the blast of the whistle, is genuine.
14.          I am saying that I am waiting for the complete number to come in…”
15.          Even if it is one second, to close the book; once the person enters, the book is closed, the testimony sealed. I do not care where he is coming from. Blessed be the Name of the Lord.
16.          The Lord our God will do nothing but He revealeth His will to His servants the Prophets. Look at how He said that He will do the work: “I am busy discharging strangers.” And the one that I discharged from Onitsha were Mrs. Joshua Akpe and her family, then replaced them. I am doing discharging and replacement.
17.          The man that can turn on the light is in the Bride. He that knows how to put the Bride in a rapturing condition is in the Bride. The Chief Mechanic, the Chief Designer is in the Bride.  It has been flashed and it is still flashing. Fear God! Have these things been happening this way? Yes. Even till the last blast.
18.          “37.   Expect nothing good from the whole world henceforth. The water is about to finish. Salt has lost its value many years ago. It will be from worse to worst until the tank is completely washed.”
19.          Brethren, the Resurrected Body is in the Bride. Who will speak and it will come to pass? God! Remember that it is ONE STILL SMALL VOICE speaking in the midst of many voices. But His own is distinct, hidden in simplicity somewhere in the wilderness. A voice away from all!
20.          The message of the Son of Man can be summarized in a statement titled “Heaven made possible”. Do you know that   He was born under the Law? And lived under the Law? Do you know that? But having a ministry to liberate as many as were in bondage to those Laws.
21.          40.   From the beginning till now, Paradise had remained a risk to all that appeared. When Jesus the Christ came, the unbelief in the people could not allow Him to rid away the Laws of the Jews. They said He was teaching contrary to the teachings of Moses. When St. Paul appeared, the unbelief in the Gentiles where he was sent could not permit him to rid away the Laws that were useless. Is it not true?
22.          Now, Heaven, paradise, eternal life, rapture or catching away of the saints, putting on immortality, whatever you call it; you are just giving names to a particular occurrence. You are using semantics to describe a phenomenon. You are using semantics to describe one single phenomenon that will happen in a twinkle of an eye, at a time when no man expects and it usually comes to pass when it has been ridiculed, scoffed and set aside.”
23.          Brethren, we are a blessed generation! I do not have irate youths. Never, never. Out there you will witness what we call rampant radicalism. But in this Faith you will witness what I call attitude radicalism. They do not act until the Son of Man gives them order. That is what I mean by attitude radicalism. They only wait for instruction or they do nothing. But therein the world it is rampant radicalism.
24.          Good news to all of you. I heard it over the network news that  Nigerian government declared the whole Ezza people murderers and to be treated as such. And making it impossible for any community in Ebonyi State to accommodate them. Thus, they are being hunted about because of their last deadly action which they unleashed on innocent people; taking them by surprise early morning, killing not less than eight people including infants and mothers. They committed genocide and homicide, crimes that are even chargeable to world court.
25.          As a result, anybody that is involved in that crime should cover his face in shame. It is a condemnable act before Almighty God and before all men. People hiding in the bush only to massacre people that were sleeping, including pregnant mothers and little kids who were innocent.
26.          Whatever might be the cause of their agitation, it should not happen like that; it is an unwarranted killing which the entire world has hooked up in the air and have said no to.  If a community should be on the air, let it be for good and not for evil.
27.          Brother Chibuzor, you came from that area. You are not a part of the problem because you received the warning. Is it true? Equally, you are not a refugee. All Ezza people that are in this Faith are not refugees for they are in their homeland. We are in our homeland and you know where our homeland is. As pilgrims and strangers we have our final resting place and let it be known to you that the Son of Man has not rested, He has been constructing, he has been beautifying, many, many things have been on. Now He is putting finishing touches.
28.           Some of you are aware of what I am saying. Even this moment the work is still on. Why not pause and ponder. Have you seen a man speaking this way before? Does He sound like a churchman?
29.          If you are a seed of God, you will always take side with God on any matter. The Word of God must have an overriding influence over your personal opinion and decision. It is your right to decide anything but it takes God to approve it…”
30.          Why? Because every true seed of God takes side with God. He does nothing until he hears “thus says the Lord.”
31.          Brother Emmanuel Iwuno’s wife is in the fellowship. Note, even if everything is closed, I will write her name at the back of the Book. You see Emmanuel Iwuno’s wife, I must compassionately scribble her name in the Book anyhow; not intending to use her and replace anybody, no! But I MUST manage her name in a tiny paper, to fix her in anyhow. She is the completeness of my consolation.
32.          You do not know what I am talking until the day the bride price will be paid and it will be any moment from now. You do not know her but I know her. She came all the way from Abuja. Very soon she will pack down to Onitsha and she will stay long before the whole thing will be over.
33.          Ezichi, Ezichi, maybe you did not get my message. When I got the news of the death of your husband I said, “Glory be to God.” I consoled you and I told Brother Onyema that there is no any other way God could use. Check it, if you know any other thing tell me.
34.          “Now watch, she is coming back home for there is nobody there that will accept the responsibility over her. She is coming back home. This is what God has used to bring her home.” I said it before it happened: “Do not trouble her for she is going to learn her lesson in a very painful way.
35.          I thank God that I did not say it in secret for I told even her own younger Brother and many other elders: “Do not talk evil of her for she is coming back here.” She takes no decision without involving Me. She calls Me and we communicate. Even concerning the little ones, we are in direct communication. When her husband died, I was the number one person she called.
36.          How can you bring your brother in, how can you tell your brother that you saw God, that in all in the family you love no other person than Onyema, and brought Onyema in and stay outside! And Onyema was crying every day saying “Let others perish but bring my sister Mary back.”
37.          Do not talk about late Brother Eze and Sister Eze, their children are in this Faith under perpetual covenant which Elders know about. You remember the day she appeared and said, “Daddy, just do me a favour for I have handed my children over to You, put them in your family and bring them to where we are.” Finish! She is secured with Brother Eze, they do not know anything called Hell.
38.          That is why by dream or day light their spirits have never troubled their children for one day and will never trouble any of them. We buried two of them as saints and not as pagans. I have many; many things that give me joy.
39.          There is our little boy in our midst and our brother who is now coming up. That is Okwuchukwu. I named him Okwuchukwu. Elders you know the mystery of his conception and birth. You know everything around that boy. He is the begotten of the father. If you do not know anything about both the conception and everything, go to the mother and elders, or go to his relations like Chigozie, Arinze and the rest of them. They will give you details. Thus, whenever I look at the boy’s face I will remember my covenant with his grandmother.
40.          That is why I do not mention them in your midst. Do you know that all the members of the family are saved? Anyway I am sorry for disclosing it. Let me ask you a question; though they are not in our midst, has any of them disturbed you for one day? That is the much I want to say.
41.          I entered into an everlasting covenant with his grandmother. I remember the day she appeared and say, “Daddy, do not allow Uchenna to die. No matter the trouble do not forsake Uchenna. You see all these children I know their problems, please ignore their problems and take them as your children. Save them for me for I do not want to lose them.” I told her “Mama, I will perform according to your word, go and have your rest!”
42.          That is why no matter the trouble Uchenna passes through, Chigozie passes through, even when they were almost butchered at Omagba by security agents; there was no other place Uchenna could run to except my house. From my house I arranged and then took him to Lagos. Informed his brother of what took place, and he is still alive till now.
43.          In Lagos he entered into another trouble, nobody was called except me. I empowered Chigozie to go and rescue him: “Pay whatever they tell you to pay, nothing will happen.” He is out and we are altogether, everything stopped there.
44.          If you begin to see heathens by your assessment, they are heathens by your assessment for they may be Roman Catholics, Anglicans, Deeper life members and so on, by your assessment and the way you know them. If I begin to mention names I brought in without your knowledge, in the sense that they never fellowshipped with you for one day and you do not know them, you will marvel. I say that you will marvel and that is a settled case.
45.          You can never query Me. They can never, never think that their faith brought them in, no, it is Amazing Grace for He will save whosoever He willeth. How can you believe that the Son of Man will be there and see my mother-in-Law in Hell, who has already demonstrated her faith in the Son of Man. You think that way, you are kidding! I think I better drop this microphone, go home and then die. He knows what He is doing, and let me tell you there is going to be surprises over there.
46.          Some are undergoing torment even now. I mean torment from God to keep them restless, so that if at last they see themselves there, they will know that they are not there by merit but out of love. Finish!  Even those that wounded the Son of Man so badly to the point that many of you expected swift reaction and retaliation immediately but He calmed down. You will be surprised!
47.          When He said to Nathaniel “come,” did he tell him to go and repent? When he said to Peter, “Peter come,” did he tell Peter to go and be baptised? What will you say about James and John the sons of Zebedee, did he tell them to repent and be baptised in the name of Jesus Christ? No! He only said “follow me.”
48.          However, when a self-righteous man came, a Lawyer, a Pharisee, asking what he will do to be saved, Jesus Christ asked him, “Are you not a Pharisee? Are you not a Lawyer? Don’t you know what the Law says, that thou shall not kill, thou shall not commit adultery, thou shall not do this and that. He said all these things have I kept from my youth. Jesus said to him okay, go and sell all your material possessions and after which you now come and follow me, and he said to Jesus let me go and think about it I will come next time.
49.          Anybody that He wants to save He will save voluntarily, but anybody that He does not want to save He would give the cost of discipleship which is the greatest stumbling block.
50.          The thief that was on the cross recognized that he was a thief for he was in his right senses, hence he could query his friend and say, “Close your mouth! We are suffering the penalty for our crime which we committed but for this man he is innocent. Then went further to say, “Master, remember me in your Father’s Paradise.” And Jesus told him saying, “This day you will be with me in my Father’s Paradise.” Did he say repent, believe, go and baptize in my name?
51.          Let me tell you, from now it is going to be revival upon revival and the Voice said that this revival can never die down until you are dressed with your immortal body. Amen.


The State of the Nation,” volume two, page 113, verse 53, “…The war between Muslims and Christians”-subheading.” Little children take note. Parents take note. Youths take note. This message is not a new message. It is a Prophetic message that is fulfilling this day.
2.           If you have kids that are loitering outside the fellowship please blame yourself for you are breaking our camp rules which God has confirmed to be our rules even in the Kingdom. That is why he said that all of you must have a copy of it. For everybody must have a personal copy otherwise you may not get the alert. For when you break the camp rules you will never get the alert.
3.           Recently, the president of Nigeria said and I quote, “The Boko Harams are calling for a war,” and after which all the newspapers credited another statement to the national president of CAN (Christian Association of Nigeria), Reverend Dr. Ayo Oritsejafor saying that all Christians should be prepared for a jihad.
4.           That it is going to be bombing upon bombing. To them it is new but far back in the year 2010, you knew all. Remember, planned war does not affect the lame.
5.           Verse 70, I know we are heading to somewhere. Hold unto yourself. If I do not give you this background, you will not understand this statement I am going to make now. He that has been talking to you all these years and you have been rejoicing over what He is revealing before your eyes, will He at this point deceive you? If He deceives you now, what will He gain? What is this thing He will gain from you now, which He has not gained from you all these years?
6.           How can He carry you thus far only for Him to deceive you now? Impossible!
7.           Page 126 verse 4, “…Do you know that this is the origin of the hostility between the Muslims and the Christians till now; the inability of the Christians to accept the first son-ship of Ismailia and Nigeria is the battle ground for now? The battle ground is no longer in Saudi Arabia nor in Pakistan.
8.           The battle ground is now where the Mediator is; the battle ground is where the Man they are defending is…”
9.           What do you understand by the word mediator? The battleground has been somewhere all these years but it has finally come down, narrowed down to where the Mediator is; the man whose interest they are defending.
10.        Verse “…the Man who will put an end to it and it will not end until He is drawn into the picture because I know events around are now pointing Me to one place…”
11.        The man who will put an end to the controversy, to the quarrel between Isaac and Ishmael and their descendants. I own two of them. The two belong to Me. As long as there is no record that He cast away one and retained one, close your mouth. If you saw where a man cast away his first son and said that he will not be his son again, I will believe you.
12.         Where two sons are struggling for the ownership of property and their father is alive, who decides the case? It will not end until he is drawn into the picture. Moreover, I showed you a newspaper publication saying; “Let us hand over Nigeria to God.”
13.        The world is about to know who I am and what I preach and they will like to know those that have believed in Me; they will like to know the denomination I belong to, the name of the Church so to say and the headquarters…
14.        And it will come at a time when the book has been closed and testimony sealed.
15.        “…If you are not liberated, it then means we shall have North and South; East and West in this Faith, but God will never live to see this Faith going tribal, for this is the only Faith that cuts across all tribal barriers…”
16.        And to prevent it from happening He closed the book and sealed up the testimony when the last elect came in. Things happen according to prophecy. Can you now see it that we can fulfill prophecy ignorantly? Every action of the Son of Man in this Bridal Faith fulfills God’s prophecy. Many might be wondering what took place during the camp meeting, but what was not clear that day has been made clear now.
17.        You see why it pays to be in Jerusalem to worship? Go to other local Assemblies; phone them after today, what they will tell you are testimonies of what transpired the previous week: The great Cloud, how they ate and drank, how the Son of Man danced and how the Cloud came down, but it is not so to you. If you want to know the present stage, it is in Jerusalem.
18.        Just like I charged the youths to use their phones to reach their fellow youths in other local Assemblies pending when the booklet will come out for I organised a “youth forum” on Saturday, 7th January 2012.
19.        You say youths? Yes. What of the little ones and parents? You will know your state after this Message. Your own will come a week after.
20.        “This is a delicate matter I am talking about now for you to know where we are heading to. These things will increase in tempo, crimes of every sort now…”
21.        If you are not afraid, you are a serpent seed. Anybody that is not afraid in our midst on what is happening is just a serpent seed. From that day have these things ceased increasing in tempo?
22.        The centre will lose the grip; the control of the affairs of the nation…”
23.        Why not say Amen when you see all these things coming to pass as prophesied! When was the election conducted? 2011 April.
24.        “…The leadership will come to a point where almost every sector of Nigeria will be disgruntled against its leadership; even his own people will accuse him of ineffectiveness…”
25.        Something that has not come into existence then, because the moment Yar’Adua died Jonathan took over by good luck and was there to conduct the election which brought him back to the office in the same manner his predecessor came. That was in April 2011, and look at what the Almighty saw. He that knows the end from the very beginning, is He not to be feared?
26.        Look away from the badger skin for that is where all of them perish. Look away from the flesh, away from all relationship, focus your attention on the weightier matter.
27.        That is where I frowned at the ministers especially Pastor Dan and Pastor Christian Dike who are blind by nature. Who because of over familiarity cannot take my word seriously unless danger knocks at their door; and married blind wives who are only after the material things of the world; that cannot develop themselves spiritually to read the hand writing on the wall.
28.        Can you imagine the woman they called a heathen. She was not a heathen and that was Pilate’s wife. The wife of Pilate was not a heathen because she captured the whole thing in her dream and called her husband the following morning saying, “My darling husband, be careful about the man they are bringing before your court for he is an innocent man. Surely Herod will send a man called Jesus the Christ back to you;” few minutes after the armies of Rome and the Jews brought Jesus to Pilate. Immediately Pilate remembered the dream his wife had over the night.
29.        How many of you in this Faith especially ministers’ wives can be so spiritual that you can pray even for the success of your husband in their calling to the point that God can use you to warn your husband. The same way it is to all the brothers in this Faith, your wives are only interested in the money you are bringing back which they will use to decorate themselves as dresses, and ornament which profit nothing.
30.        Any woman that is not spiritual is carnal and that is what the devil uses to impoverish a man of God, by bestowing him with a carnal woman whose voice will carry falsehood until she will cause her husband to die; like Brother Chime who is in the mortuary but he knows it not. Is anybody in doubt of why the Son of Man opened today with His address to the entire world by way of press conference which is already in the web?
31.        God used His address in the University of Nigeria Enugu campus to talk to the entire world concerning God’s stand on Nigeria. From there we took off and we are still continuing and no going back.
32.        Even the reader is blind for if he was not blind, I believe that God spoke to him. In short begin to thank God who revealed to you ahead of time where I was frowning at you in your dream at the night and till today. For you spoke foolishly that made Me to switch off my phone on you, only to come back to you later in the day to vent out my anger. Thank your star that you sent a text message at last for you would have met your doom.
33.        The remedy was that you were not in the fellowship on Wednesday. If anybody that was in the fellowship on Wednesday in Onitsha had spoken the way you did, definitely if he is not buried I will come down from the pulpit. For I placed it as a sign between me and Onitsha, not the entire Bride. However, it will be extended to the entire Bride from this day for I said, “Wait until Sunday, when they will come.” An opportunity to address all.
34.        What is more, I believe that the message of Wednesday will be in book form on Sunday. Whoever that holds it should surrender it to Me the moment I get down from the pulpit. I AM IN MY PULPIT, HE IS IN HIS PULPIT.
35.        Page 149 verse 36,“This is a delicate matter I am talking about now for you to know where we are heading to. These things will increase in tempo, crimes of every sort now. The centre will lose the grip; the control of the affairs of the nation. The leadership will come to a point where almost every sector of Nigeria will be disgruntled against its leadership; even his own people will accuse him of ineffectiveness. They will accuse him of dancing to the tune of their enemies…”
36.        Has it come to pass? When was it predicted? Before he ascended the throne. It was entirely another man’s throne when this message went forth.
37.        Note the statement “They will accuse him of dancing to the tune of their enemies,” has it not happened? Yes. Who blocked Lokoja Bridge? What were they demonstrating against? Against their own man for his ineffectiveness.
38.        Any moment from now what you will be hearing is this: ‘President Goodluck Jonathan does not have the capacity to fuse Nigeria together.’”…”
39.        When did this happen? 17th October 2010. Those that are not afraid of talking anyhow, opening their mouth anyhow, you can discern everything but you can hardly discern when the devil wants to buffet you away using the thoughts of your hearts, which do not agree with the Faith you are in. The thoughts and imaginations of your hearts, before you know it they will queue up into the system that you can no longer settle.
40.        Have I not been telling you that the Lion is not roaring for something that is dead. The lion does not eat any animal that is dead. The lion goes for a living animal. That is why the Bible said, “Be careful for your enemy, the adversary is going about you seeking who to devour.”
41.        So be on the alert everybody, more so when your enemy is moving from house to house, stopping you on your way to know whether you will give him audience, because granting him a second marks you out if you do not know. For he knows that he has lost the Kingdom. He knows his case for he is looking for people that will die together with him.
42.        “…Tribes in the North will be feeling marginalized…”
43.        Did He (God) say in the South? Is it not the feeling of marginalizion that is causing the problem in the North? But before this time it was calm. They said that they are feeling marginalized, therefore that it is enough. Who then is marginalized? The hand of the Lord is there.
44.        Who will speak and it will come to pass? God. We are not following cunningly devised fables. He that is present in our midst is the One that has been there. Mama Ikebude I hope that you are not sleeping, your eyes are wide open? Because old age is not an excuse.
45.        “…Remember, for now, there can never be general election in Nigeria except that of the president…”
46.        Did it happen? Yes. Election was conducted at different, different dates. Only that of the president was conducted on a particular date. The rest are even conducting their own till now. Some are even about to be conducted and you begin to wonder when their tenure will start. Up till now the courts are filled.
47.        Our Messages are the preserved words of God which He said, “I have preserved my word so that you will not perish.”
48.        “…I am narrowing down something, but you do not seem to be getting what I am saying…”
49.        Even now it is flying over the heads of many people even when they are seeing the signs happening, seeing the fulfillments. They can never cast their minds back to 2010 October 17th.
50.        Now, how can you control your children very well during the camp and lose control of them when you get home to the point of permitting them to be walking up and down while I am in the fellowship?  Are you not afraid? You think I am playing? It is because you played hypocrisy.
51.        If you do not fear God, you are a serpent seed. If by now you have not known where you are, and what is needed to keep you in His Presence, you are a serpent seed. You can experiment with everything but do not ever try God’s patience, do not put Him to test. Do not experiment with death.
52.        More so, when you have heard that you must surely die and the saints will not bury you. Your heathen people will bury you, for we will never participate in your burial. You cannot stay in our midst to trouble God, no, you will go to the grave and from there you wait for your resurrection at the expense of your relations, not the saints of God.
53.        The battleground has been identified. The battle line drawn, the stage is set. If you are wise nobody will tell you how to behave.
54.        Apostle Kelechi will share testimonies of his experience with Bishop Chike at Isiala-Ngwa concerning how our former Bishop Paul Okechukwu Nwankpa was going about troubling them, the same way he went about troubling you in Onitsha. What he is telling you in Onitsha is different from what he is telling them at home.
55.        If he comes to you in Onitsha, he pretends he is coming to make his wrong right but when he went to his people he goes with another thing. A deceitful man! He is a deceitful man. You must know why he is walking about because he has lost his position.
56.        No strange thing is taking place; everything is taking place as God foretold whether good or bad. Amen.

Remain blessed brethren. I traveled home last Tuesday, on Wednesday I went down to Isiala-Ngwa’s fellowship to have fellowship with them knowing very well that I will not be there till Sunday.
2.           After the ministration, Bishop Chike started telling me how our former Bishop Okechukwu Nwankpa came home, he came to his house with a pamphlet with the picture of the Son of Man, talking nonsense concerning the Bridal Faith, then he (Bishop Chike) told him that it is too late, that he should get out of his house.
3.           He (Okechukwu Nwankpa) started telling Bishop Chike that the Son of Man is the very anti-Christ. After telling him that the Son of Man is the very anti-Christ, Bishop Chike told him to get out of his house that he has come too late, that they have nothing to do with him.
4.           If he said that God called him, that God will give him a message and give him people that will believe him. So, he (former Bishop Okechukwu Nwanpka) went down to the house of Deacon John, Deacon John told him the same thing and pushed him out. He then began to go from house to house, village to village in their community, telling people not to accept or believe the message of our Brethren down there.
5.           Then the Bishop said that he came late for the door has been closed. What is he going to preach? If he starts preaching to people, what will he tell them to do, knowing very well that there is no time to redeem anybody again?
6.           Then I told them that it is what he is doing at Onitsha; that he is mad. I came back and narrated the experience to the Son of Man.
7.           Let us look into our Message titled “As I Thought on my Ways,” volume one page 66, preached on 24th December 2000, as it affected Okechukwu Nwanpka. How many years from now? Eleven years and few weeks.
8.           “As I Thought on my Ways,” volume one page 66 verses 7-8, Within that period, there was another dream we had. I don’t know the Sister or Brother that had that dream. And that dream, we read it where they saw Bishop Okechukwu Paul dividing the Church into two – sheep and goat, and he was leading one group (goat group); myself and Bro. Kelechi were in one group(sheep group). But there was something in that group he was leading: The group he was leading was made up of excommunicated people. When it was read, Bishop Okechukwu rushed to the pulpit here and knelt down. How many were here that time? Am I bearing false witness? Now, if that dream is from God and Bro. Okechukwu didn’t do his ‘homework’ very well, surely before your eyes, it will come to pass.
9.           What I see is that dream coming to pass already, I mean right now, I see it fulfilling now. Not that I am wishing him evil; it is fulfilling because he didn’t do what he supposed to do.”
10.        “We Are In Danger To Being Called To Questionpage 36 verse 36-40; “Brother Okechukwu Paul, the same way I am trailing the Pastor of the Church, is the same way I am trailing you now. I said I am trailing you. You have heard it from my mouth concerning the Pastor of this Church that I will not cease to excommunicate him from the Body of Christ.
11.        I didn’t hide it from you because we walk very closely. There are many things the Pastor of this Church doesn’t know about Me, but I have only but very few things that are hidden from you. I have touched on those things a little. If many do not know Me, you know Me.
12.        Many things I don’t speak out here in Onitsha; many things I don’t tell individuals here in Onitsha, I tell you all those things. I take you far and there show you certain things; I mean, many things I do not even manifest in this Faith because of their unbelief. I take you outside and show you that side.
14.        This is because, if I don’t withdraw the Spirit from you, surely you will keep on crying and coming back, but if I withdraw the Spirit, you will be a mad man. You will behave rashly; do things that you cannot even stand and say, ‘Please, I am sorry.’ What will cause it? Sheer carelessness.”
15.        The message, “We Are in Danger of Being Called to Question” was preached on 5th April 1998. The Message “As I Thought on My Ways,” was preached on December 24th 2000. So, watch 1998 preceded 2000. The first one was in 1998, the second one in 2000. Audible voice went forth in 1998. I hope you are taking note? The dream went forth in the year 2000, follow it strictly, and write down the date.
16.        He (OKechukwu Paul) was sitting down in Jerusalem then, he was not excommunicated. It was not said in his absence, he was sitting down in the fellowship live. He heard it with his ears, he saw the Son of Man and he saw his countenance. If he had anything to say, he had the opportunity to say it, even to protest.
17.        From the message “Identification of the Mighty Angel in Our Midst” preached on 14th November 1999, we saw in 1998, “We Are in Danger of Being Called to Question;” I hope you heard what God said concerning him?
18.        If he is a mad man today will you be surprised? No, if he behaves rashly, will you be surprised? No. All his actions are stirred by Almighty God. He is the One that is doing it, making it impossible for him to say “I am sorry,” why? God withdrew His Spirit from him.
19.        He was the first person that God withdrew His Spirit from, the second was Silas, but God did not say that Okechukwu will die. He said he should live and see what will be the end of this ministry which he has blasphemed. But to Silas He (God) said that “If the wife is wise, she should go back to her parents otherwise she is putting on a mourning dress, that she will soon answer a widow.”
20.        However, to Okechukwu He (God) said that he will live, he will not die and see what will become of the end of this ministry” and this ministry has ended on a very good note. Not on a disastrous note.
21.        If you remember, before then he has already predicted to his disciples who were with him in the place they called the inner circle ministry. At old market road where Okechukwu painter was doing his work, saying to many of you here who ran back, who saw the dangers, thought on your ways and then ran back, that any day he left the ministry, that what will be left of this fellowship will not be more than four persons. Then we said praise be to God. Amen.

When he left, we allowed the door to be open for another three months, after which I slammed the door. I told every Tom, Dick and Harry, “If you want to go with him, please go. The door is open. If I call you back, call Me whatever manner of names you are lead to call Me. But if after three months you are still in this Faith, I will lock up the gate.”
2.           And for three months, I never mounted the pulpit. I sat down. Allowing other ministers to be there instead of going away, all of you sat down.
3.           Those that went away came back even without hearing from Me. When I thought you would have made my work lighter by going away. You have heard his testimony, he carried his good news to people to show that he is a mad fellow.
4.           Note, after Onitsha the second place where the Faith was established was at Isiala-Ngwa in 1993.
5.           Throughout 1993, nobody from his village believed us. For the Church was located very close to his house. Less than two poles from his father’s compound. That’s where we have been from 1993 till today.
6.           No member of his family believed, nobody from his village believed except one who was with us from the beginning and that is Bishop Nathaniel. Sister Chinenye is not from his village, she is from another village altogether.
7.           Now since he left us, he has been trying to form his own group and God has been destabilizing it. He teamed with Emeka Ezeukwu, Emeka threw him away, he went to End-time Message, they threw him away. They have scattered more than five times. Finally he started gathering those we excommunicated and now they have all pulled out except few.
8.           What is happening there? God knows what He is doing. Since nobody from his village ever believed us from the beginning, and they did not believe him even when he was in the End-time Message, they never believed him in any form or shape. Going to people that do not know what you believe, they do not know us, they do not know what we preach, telling them not to believe what Bishop Chike is preaching or Bishop Nath, when they are not organizing crusade or going from house to house is useless. Is he with his senses?
9.           Bishop Ebenezer told us his experience how Okechukwu rushed forward, gripped Bishop Ebenezer in the hand opposite Mr. Biggs, in the day and said, “Mr. Ebenezer, Good morning sir, won’t you repent, won’t you repent?” On the main-road.
10.        Apostle Ojiakor and the wife came to my house; while they were parking their vehicle Okechukwu rushed forward from where he was sitting and said, “Ojiakor, Ojiakor, won’t you repent? Won’t you repent?” Then he went away.
11.        Is this a human being? No. Thank God he is here, so he is embarrassing brethren, do you call it preaching? Is it preaching? No. What can you call it? Madness. Go to people that do not know you and what you believe, they do not know us, they do not know what we believe. If you like carry placard against Peter Odoemena (Son of Man), it is useless. They do not know Me, I do not know them.
12.        I have never ordered you to go from house to house to preach. I have never organized any crusade, I have never printed any flier or tract asking you to go and distribute, begging people to come and join the Faith, when I am pushing people away. Is it not madness? Even while he was with us, he knew very well that we are not after membership.  
13.        Then the question arises, what is his message? What is the revelation he had? If he is of God, why didn’t the people that left with him abide? Okechukwu painter was number one, what was the message? That they should restore payment of tithe. Okechukwu said that he knew about tithe before he came into the faith, that it is of the old arrangement.
14.        But to begin with, who do they pay to? He said that William Branham said that while Abraham was returning from battle, he met Melchizedek, gave him one-tenth of all he had and Melchizedek blessed him and gave him bread.
15.        That the Prophet said whoever that gives you bread, that’s your pastor, for bread means bread of life, the word of God, he is the one you will give your tithe. The Prophet said so, for it is a Christians’ obligation to pay tithe. Then in return he will now bless you. That the person that blesses is higher than the one that offers the tithe. That your pastor is Melchizedek.
16.        Okechukwu painter said, “Okechukwu, so myself and Ebuka, a student; since we are the two members you have, we will now be giving money to you as our Melchizedek. Then you will be blessing us. Thus we are now your Abraham? Bye-bye from now.”
17.        I thank God he did not only talk to me, he also went to Apostle Kelechi and spoke to him and many of you.
18.        Recently, Pastor Dan was telling us his encounter with Okechukwu Ibe. Okechukwu Ibe was accusing him of being wicked to him that he never cared to ask of the whereabouts of his wife. Then Pastor Dan said, “What for? You requested that she should be released and I released your wife. Why disturbing me? I cannot ask, it is your business.”
19.        Okechukwu said, “Well you are wicked.” I want to tell you, when God was with you, you were alright, but from 1993 till 1996, you were in the truth from 1997, you went into apostasy.”
20.        Our Pastor said, “Get away from here.” Our Pastor walked out on him and then continued his way. Now if they are right, you are the judge. In other words, what you are hearing is apostasy. He that has been talking and it has been coming to pass, is it apostasy? You see, we know their problems. The problem of Okechukwu  Ibe was that he dishonoured my Word.
21.        By this message “The State of the Nation” he used all the money he mustered to buy shares and followed his in-law (Ernest Chukwubuikem) whose brother made money in south Africa. He now decided to park his family down here, for us to take care to enable him go to South Africa in search of more money. The wife came to me and reported, I spoke to him, he refused. Tell me, because I highlighted what they are doing in South Africa. It is in our message, that they are doing killing, armed robbery, drug pushing and things like that.
22.        What he told me was “What a man can do to make money, any other person can also do it.” Then I said “You will do it but not in our midst.” A week later he gave us a letter that he was going home to put his family in order. We did not see him again.
23.        There is nothing wrong with this Faith, I have scrutinized it, verified it, can God confirm anything that is in error? No. Can God be on the wrong side? No. I mean from what you have experienced so far till now?  Even what is going on presently now? Can anybody stop you on the way to tell you that you do not know what you are doing? Unless you are already destined for damnation.
24.        The truth is that they have lost everything. But see it from the message that God has already decided to close their chapters. For he (Okechukwu Nwankpa) in particular abused the privilege, he denied this Faith. When I travelled to Eha-Amufu on a missionary trip. Our enemies came throughout Nigeria to invade the camp, where it called for a defense. By the time we came back from Eha-Amufu that night, we slept in his house with people that came from Lagos, Port Harcourt and so on.  We heard that he denied the Faith and denied the Son of Man.
25.        The matter was visited and he fainted, cried and wept bitterly. Bishop Ifeanyi knows this truth. Brother Ojiakor knows this truth, and compassionately we gave him audience and pardoned him.
26.        When we went to Abagana for a meeting, we never knew he was at home trying to erase what he had said which had entered the tape. In the attempt to erase it he spoiled the tape.
27.        When we came back, the Voice roared, “As you tried to erase this (your) statement from this tape, and in the process spoiled the tape, so shall the Lord erase your name from the Book of Life and hand you over to destruction in the end”.  
28.        How many were there at Amazu oil? Am I bearing false witness? The remnant of Israel that survived the disaster in the wilderness.
29.        Brother Goddy Ikechebere was naming people that survived, he named and named and named and named great names that perished. He said, “Who is Goddy Ikechebere that God could permit him to stay even till now?” Even when he ran away God brought him back.
30.        Then as we continued with the message, God said that even in that dream God warned Apostle Kelechi, saying, “Remember you had a problem in the beginning, pray hard that, that problem will not meet you again in the end.”
31.        Look at what happened in the Message “we are in danger of being called to question;” look at the dream of 2000, God said, “I am seeing this dream as something that has come to pass already. Not that I am wishing him evil, No! Or wishing him shipwreck. Far be it from Me. It is coming to pass because he has refused to do what he is supposed to do.” Because he came to the altar held the pulpit and said, “Brethren pray for me, I will die, I will die. Nobody is above false anointing;” quoting the words of Bishop Ebenezer.
32.        Bishop Ebenezer did his own with pure heart but Okechukwu did his own craftily, that he might continue in his Bishopric office. It would have be better for him to step down from that office, be an ordinary follower and get saved than to do it craftily to enable him continue in the Bishopric office until God sealed it against him.
33.      “We Are In Danger To Being Called To Questionpage 36 verse 36-40; “Brother Okechukwu Paul, the same way I am trailing the Pastor of the Church, is the same way I am trailing you now. I said I am trailing you. You have heard it from my mouth concerning the Pastor of this Church that I will not cease to excommunicate him from the Body of Christ.
34.      I didn’t hide it from you because we walk very closely. There are many things the Pastor of this Church doesn’t know about Me, but I have only but very few things that are hidden from you. I have touched on those things a little. If many do not know Me, you know Me.
35.      Many things I don’t speak out here in Onitsha; many things I don’t tell individuals here in Onitsha, I tell you all those things. I take you far and there show you certain things; I mean, many things I do not even manifest in this Faith because of their unbelief. I take you outside and show you that side.
37.      This is because, if I don’t withdraw the Spirit from you, surely you will keep on crying and coming back, but if I withdraw the Spirit, you will be a mad man. You will behave rashly; do things that you cannot even stand and say, ‘Please, I am sorry.’ What will cause it? Sheer carelessness.”
38.        When the Spirit of God departed from King Saul, he became mad. He started acting rashly and in his madness he perished. For God said that God’s Spirit departed from Saul, and an evil spirit from God now tormented Saul. Have you wondered why I told you not to speak evil of him? Do not fight him, steer clear. And on my side, in spite of all the audacious attacks he has been launching on Me, even planning my assassination, attempting to execute it by all means, publishing it far and wide that they will see my obituary posters on the street, I never opened my mouth. I have my reasons; I know he is a man of God, whatever he is passing through, that God is behind it.
39.        My relationship with him should be likened to that which existed between David and Saul. He thought he was king over the people of God, he never knew when God has already taken a little David from the wilderness, so I was chosen.
40.        Thus, do not be surprised seeing people shouting that Saul killed in hundreds but David has now killed in thousands even by killing Goliath; setting people free, he started feeling very feeble.  
41.        However, the most important one I want to say, it is all a past event. If you are covetous, you can never abide in the Faith of Christ. If you are envious or jealous, you can never abide. What stumbled him most is how God prospered Me spiritually and materially.
42.        The material’s side stumbled him more than any other side. And he did not hide it. The last message he preached is an eye-opener, the tape is with Me and we have it in the library.
43.        I made my copy. He said, “Brethren, I want to show you a scripture you do not believe and it will stand quoting. A brother went to a brother and borrowed money and was owing a brother; God never said that one should be riding a car while another one should be riding motorcycle, the other one bicycle, the other one walking on foot or one living in a flat, another one living in one room or batcher. Is it not truth? I will show you scriptures, they had everything in common. Those that had, brought their own out, those that did not have brought their own out and they shared everything equally. If we cannot believe it, we better scatter”.
44.        Brethren, was it not the last message? Am I bearing false witness? No! HE LEFT THE PULPIT AND SAID EVERY MAN MUST GO THE WAY HE IS ORDAINED. He sat down, and from there he started challenging ministers in the pulpit. As a result, be very careful.
45.        That is why Jesus Christ said, “Beware of covetousness.” Do not be envious, do not be jealous. If your brother is happy, be happy. Rejoice over the success of your brother and before you know it the Lord will come your way. However, if the Lord will bless your brother and instead of saying “thank you Lord,” you are bent on asking “How manage? Why shouldn’t it be me?” Then you are doomed. I thank God that you are my witnesses.
46.        He told you and even wrote it in his billboard, “How God came to him and called him the Son of Man, and I presented myself.” In other words, I took his position. God made a mistake, that he was the one, and I now claimed the whole thing.
47.        I said okay. He and Bon Diuka before then have already gone round saying that he was the one God called and Apostle Peter grabbed it, which means that God made a mistake. He does not know the person He intended it for, but experience proved to Me that when Samuel went to anoint one at the command of the Lord, Adonijah was presented and God said, “Not this one.” The rest was presented but God said no.
48.        Samuel then asked, “Is there no other one?” They said that there is one but he is very little, unknown in the Faith. He is very new, very small. Samuel said to them, “Go and call him.”
49.        This was the condition under which I came into the end-time message. Nobody knew me there. I was not a minister, I was not a notable member. Thus, when it happened, big men in the Faith were inquiring, “Who is this man? How long has he been in the Faith?” The reply was, “Less than two years.” “Then how can? We have been here from the beginning. How can?”
50.        When the prophecy went forth that a virgin shall conceive and give birth to a man-child that will be the Savior of the world, do you know that number one person that thought that he will be privileged was Herod? Don’t you know what would have happened in the house of the priest?
51.        The Jewish priests started preserving the virgins in their houses. However, when God made His choice, He went to a carpenter, a man unknown in the city; not found among the clergy, not a priest, not even a Levite, that was where God went.
52.        More so when He went to Nazareth. Can anything good come out of Nazareth? “Come and see!” Fulfilling His word that said “I lay on the way to Zion, a stumbling block, a rock of offence where people will stumble. Now the stone the builders rejected today has become the chief corner stone of the building.”
53.        “Whether they like it or not,” God said “I want to affirm that anybody that is making noise here is a domestic noise. Made in Nigeria noise or made in Onitsha. It is nonsense, useless or useless-nonsense. The Son of Man and the Bridal Faith have gone global long, long time ago and they knew it not.” We have got to a point of no withdrawal.
54.        You will see Apostle Kelechi’s testimony concerning a man that was looking for this Faith.
55.        YOU ARE ALL ABOVE DECEPTION. BOTH YOU AND YOUR OFFSPRING, EVEN THOSE THAT ARE YET UNBORN WHO ARE IN THE COVENANT, YOU ARE ALL ABOVE DECEPTION FOR THE BOOK HAS BEEN CLOSED, TESTIMONY SEALED. The last elect came in on the 30th and before many witnesses he was identified. It was after the meeting that I started inquiring only to hear that the person has not been with us from the very beginning. Even Enugu does not know him, not even for one day and this is a meeting where no stranger was permitted to come. How he came in without anybody identifying him, nobody can say.
56.        It was after that I asked, “Could it be that he fellowships with brethren at Eha-amufu,” they said no. I asked whether it is at Enugu? They said no. I said maybe Enugu-Ezike? They said no. They said that the man appreciated this Faith and his wife was discouraged from bringing him here. She said and I quote, “The God that I believed in from the beginning must show me compassion and comfort me,” as this man has become her comfort. That she must go with this man.
57.        The man volunteered that he must be in the camp. Nobody knew him. If he was not spotted, nobody would have spotted him. Do you think that it is easy to spot such a fellow in the midst of brethren from all tribes in Nigeria? As I am standing, I do not know all the members in all the local Assembles more so when some that are infants that time have become adults.
58.        Yet in the midst of the crowd God saw him and halted, pointed at him, “Brethren, look at the man! This is the man that has completed my number;” not knowing that he is married to a Sister. I do not even know that the Sister is married. Nobody has ever told me. Are you surprised? It is God’s doing.
59.        It is not he that willeth or he that runneth but of God that showeth mercy, Who said that “I will save whosoever I will. Anybody that I want to destroy I will destroy. After all, innocent or guilty, God MUST destroy.” “I am innocent;” you dare not say it before God.
60.        God is to be feared. I told you from the very beginning as many as were with Me in 1993, God warned seriously saying, “Please do not defend the Apostle for I am His defense. You will hear many disturbing accusations against Him that may prompt you to fight, do not ever try it for it is the mark of His calling. They will call Him a fool, a mad man, a rogue, a criminal, a fornicator, an adulterer, a criminal of all criminals. You will hear many, many things but do not utter a word in His defense. If you must defend, defend your faith. Do not defend the Son of Man. This is the mark of His calling.”
61.        Look at how His message opened! Some called Jesus Christ a madman; some said “no he is not a madman” for we have never heard a madman speaking like this. Some said that He had a devil; some said that He is a deceiver; some even said that He is playing them 419. Living Bible translation of the Bible said that they said that he is duping them; some said that he is giving them false ideas. They were referring to one man; one man with many, many names and many, many faces.
62.        He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Anytime He appears, those things must line up. Glory be to God in the highest.
63.        (Apostle Kelechi’s testimony): “I was at home and Pastor Vitalis called me on phone. So he told me that there was one man that came and met them, that he said that he has travelled to all the Churches and that he has come to Onitsha several times. Before then that he was browsing and then stumbled into our website and saw the Son of Man and since then he has been coming to Onitsha to see the Son of Man, but no way. All his numbers that he tried still no way, then he came to them telling him to direct him to the Son of Man.
64.        Pastor Vitalis then asked him saying, what and what are your reasons why you want to see the Son of Man? The man refused telling them, persisting that he will like to see the Son of Man. Then he had to call me to give them advice.
65.        I told them to give the man my phone number so that he can call me and let me discuss with him and know why he wants to see the Son of Man. That was the testimony but he had not called till now”.
66.        You see, the man has been in Onitsha four times looking for the man that is moving about everywhere. A man that does not move with escort. You know, they might be thinking that I move with escorts or security people or maybe I go about with convoy. He might have met Me, I say that we might have greeted on the street because my appearance does not depict the imagination of his heart.
67.        I remember the day the husband of Sister Grace came to Me, knocked at my door and I opened the door, we saluted. He asked Me “Am I in the right place?” I said, “Sir who are you looking for?” He said, “I am looking for Apostle Peter, the Son of Man. Is this his house?” “Yes sir! Come in. This is where He is living.”
68.        He knocked at the door, I said, “Sir, you can come in.” He went in and sat down. After a while I sat down too and we greeted very well. I served him water. He said, “Please, I am in haste; can you please call him for me if he is around?” I said, “Sir, he is around but who will I tell him that he is looking him?” He said, “Ok tell him that the husband of Sister Grace from Nnewi-Utu, Mr. ‘Jumbo’ is looking for him.”
69.        I said, “Ok let me go and call him!” I entered the visitors room, from there I entered my room, came out again. I said, “Sir, he said that you should give him three minutes.” Then I sat down quietly. I asked him, “Sir, please do not be offended. Do you know him in person? He said, “No I do not know him but if I see him, I think the Spirit of God in me will tell me, will help me to know him.”
70.        I went inside again, changed my dress, put on polo and tied wrapper. I was wearing trouser and shirt before, then I put on polo and tied wrapper and then came out.
71.        I said, “Sir Jumbo, you are welcomed sir.” From there discussion ensued. I dressed as the owner of the house because maybe he was seeing Me as one of the house boys. He said to Me “So you are the one!” I told him, “I heard that you said that you are going to kill Me any time you see Me, or imprison Me!” He laughed and laughed and laughed.
72.        He said, “ But you are smaller than what I thought you will be. I love having encounter with big people. You are very small. You are a boy.” I said to him, “Thank you sir!” But I love you. Finish. Amen.


We are in Danger of Being called to question, page 36 verse 36, “Brother Okechukwu Paul, the same way I am trailing the Pastor of the Church is the same way I am trailing you…”
2.            Note these things because I am going to back them up. I said that I am trailing you; you heard it from my mouth. Can God trail a man without catching him? Can God set a trap for a man and he will avoid it? Who are you for that was where he missed it.
3.           Immediately he heard the same way I am trailing your Pastor, I made it known to him, that was the day that he could have repented.
4.           Brother Okechukwu Paul, the same way I am trailing the Pastor of the Church, is the same way I am trailing you now. I said I am trailing you. You have heard it from my mouth concerning the Pastor of this Church that I will not cease to excommunicate him from the Body of Christ.
5.           I didn’t hide it from you because we walk very closely. There are many things the Pastor of this Church doesn’t know about Me, but I have only but very few things that are hidden from you. I have touched on those things a little. If many do not know Me, you know Me.
6.           Many things I don’t speak out here in Onitsha; many things I don’t tell individuals here in Onitsha, I tell you all those things. I take you far and there show you certain things; I mean, many things I do not even manifest in this Faith because of their unbelief. I take you outside and show you that side.
8.           This is because, if I don’t withdraw the Spirit from you, surely you will keep on crying and coming back, but if I withdraw the Spirit, you will be a mad man. You will behave rashly; do things that you cannot even stand and say, ‘Please, I am sorry.’ What will cause it? Sheer carelessness.”
9.           “Identification of the Mighty Angel in our Midst,” page 42 verse 17-19, “If I warn you on one thing several times and then you harden your heart, I will also harden my heart and push you out. When those old timers have been warned first time, second time, third time, fourth time and for the fifth time, more than Bible provision and then they are now seeing it as weakness on the side of the Son of Man, the (His) Lordship will come out. 
10.        I will like to see a situation where I will excommunicate all the errant (misbehaving) brethren and one of them will volunteer to be a pastor to pastor the lost (those excommunicated). Then he becomes, “Save the Lost” pastor. This is the only group (the Bridal Faith) under Heaven that is not interested in your membership.
11.        If I come into the Church and I see three persons, I will talk to them and I go my way. We are not interested in your membership of this most holy Faith; even your membership gives us headache. The smaller the number, the smaller the problem. I will like to be an overseer of two persons that are serious (mean business) with God than to brag that the Church is filled with human beings when nobody is serious.”
12.        Note it. From our record we made it very clear that our former Bishop Okechukwu Nwankpa was excommunicated by the Elders on Sunday 15th of May, 2003. His wife and children stopped fellowship on the 22nd of June 2003.
13.        From the book of records, Nnamdi Ogbogu was trailed on the 23rd of May 1995. That was the day Bishop Okechukwu Nwamkpa was on the pulpit. Pastor Nnamdi Ogbogu of Onitsha Church was excommunicated from the Church because he took side with his wife who was excommunicated out of the Church because of stubbornness in spite of warnings from the Elders for many times. That was the first excommunication.
14.        He was restored by God in 1999 and was also excommunicated finally with his wife on November 1999 till today.
15.        Nobody should expect Me to come and turn the pages of the Bible for preaching again, I have told you that. The problem of Boko Haram, Niger-Delta and the rest of the world are all with us. Concerning the removal of fuel subsidy which has affected every aspect of life in Nigeria, you were told ahead of time.
16.        Now another problem has rolled in and that is how to run a cashless economy. The federal government has directed through the Central Bank of Nigeria that no individual will ever go to bank to collect more than one hundred and fifty thousand naira. Corporate organization will not collect more than one million naira. Transaction will now be in the Internet. It will be networking all through.
17.        If you want to pay your customer, you use electronic transfer. If you want to buy items you use electronic transfer. People that are owing you, if they want to pay you, they will use electronic transfer. Then I begin to wonder, how many people are literate in Nigeria? Academically speaking, how many people are computer literate.
18.        For I know that so many people cannot operate effectively even the handset. Old men and women that are at home and even in the cities do not know how to make calls with handset, some have not even seen computer before.
19.        Many of you in this Faith, no matter how old you have been in this Faith do not know what is electronic payment or electronic transfer of money? How can we go to Hausa-fulani who sells cattle at Awka; that we will carry his cow without paying him cash, that he should give us his bank account when he does not operate any for there is nothing that connects them with banking.
20.        They bank their money in their pockets and in their waist, and they load it on top of their cattle. If you do not know what I am saying, in the days of GNPP and NPP, that is in the days of Aminu Kano and Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Obafemi Awolowo, that is UPN, I remember that there was a governor of Kano State called Aliyu Sabo Bakin Zuwo. The whole money Nigeria changed from independence till his reign were stacked in his house and he was spending all of them together for he never went to bank for one day.
21.        He will say that time “na my bank na my house.” Right inside the village many do not know what we are talking. What do you think is going to be the effect? Operating a scientific system in a society where mass illiteracy reigns. It is a colossal failure! Another way of freezing the account of depositors.
22.        In other words; God’s word is coming to pass gradually. That cabals have invaded the economy of Nigeria having only but one aim to make the poor, poorer and the rich, richer.
23.        Henceforth, you will be expecting surprises. However, I warned ahead of time, I could remember that there was a day that I was talking on a matter like this in 2011, I said, “Brother Mike Emmanuel, this is no longer the matter of saying how can the bank fail and things like that? Before your eyes it is going to take place. A day is coming when you will go to your bank and you will not be given anything more than one hundred and fifty thousand Naira (#150,000) and I told you to underline it that you must witness it.” How many can remember that day? Glory be to God. Today has it come to pass? Fine.
24.        What can you say of a situation where importation of rice has been prohibited with other food items, including cement? Importation of cement is banned in a country that is preaching “house for all by the year 2020.” Will they use ordinary sand to build?
25.        Like I said earlier on, cabals have invaded the economy aiming at one thing, making the rich, richer and the poor, poorer. At a time like this, what do we do? Where do we pin our hope? To God and to God alone.
26.        Only those that have the Almighty God as their Saviour will escape the calamity that is about to befall the whole Earth. Get ready.
27.        I want to warn all and sundry concerning tomorrow, it is being noised about; all the newspapers carried it that no matter the federal government’s hand on the matter that the nationwide strike action must go on anyhow. I want to warn all of you ahead of time.
28.        Please for God’s sake take note, if it is said that nobody should open shops, stay in your house, do not go out. No matter the temptation do not ever join them in the demonstration no matter what might be their reasons, do not ever join them. I have warned our youths as I used to warn ahead of time. Remember you know the truth about this hour. You know what is about to take place for you were ahead of time briefed. It is working out for your own good.
29.        Do not take side with anybody, stay with God and with God alone. Stay in your houses and monitor developments. Do not join any group at all especially in confronting Law enforcement agents. Do not ever try it for it is against our belief. We are peace lovers, we are law abiding.
30.         If you stray away and join in the demonstration, you have flouted the rules God has given to us and anything can befall you.
31.        Carry this good news to all your local Assemblies. Transmit this information to all your branches, warning everybody to desist from anything demonstration against the government or any group of people. It should be avoided.
32.        Remember in our message God made it clear that all acts of vandalism, terrorism are condemnable in the sight of God. Thus, we disassociate ourselves from all such acts capable of breaching the peace of the nation.
33.        God said that at the time like this we have only but one responsibility, to watch and to wait as we see things unfolding on a daily basis for we know the truth about it.
34.        Finally, bridle your tongue lest you become a victim of something you know not. Bridle your tongue; restrain yourselves from all troubled zones. Let your house be sufficient for you. If you have nothing to keep yourself busy, read your sermon books, watch the camp meeting in your so-called computer videos if you have any, by so doing God will protect all of us.
35.        I am assuring you that if you observe these rules, walk according to our Faith, within the boundaries of our beliefs in Christ, no evil shall befall any of you for you will hear it with the hearing of the ears. However, if you flout it you will be the testimony we shall share.
36.        NOTE, I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO A DAY WHEN WE SHALL GATHER NEVER TO PART AGAIN. THIS IS THE DESIRE OF MY HEART. Let it be your desire also. If it is your desire already, say Amen! Glory be to God in the highest.    
37.        On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally.