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The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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Friday, 14 September 2012



I have told you time without number that nobody should panic in
this Faith. Be rest assured, TIME WILL VINDICATE WHO I AM. Whether you like it or not, as long as God liveth and I live, every tongue must confess it that: TRULY THE ELOHIM DWELLS IN THE SON OF MAN
–The Son of Man
From the Message: Wedding Update.

Your flight approaches. Gird up your loins. I will be preaching; I will be talking to you, trusting God that one of these days, before your very eyes, maybe, while I am talking or while we are praising Him, you will see a Supernatural Light. The type we saw before. You think it is to carry you away, you see yourself dropping this useless garment (flesh). I am telling you the truth.
Starting from My very self to the least, we will be having a uniform – white; white robe; no suit, no tie, no plaited hair. Then, we will see the beauty of our sisters that time. All the braids you have will be a thing of the past because they are imitations. They will not enter there. The Holy Spirit will untie them and throw them away: “Behold, I make all things new”.


Deuteronomy 31:15 “And the LORD appeared in the tabernacle in a pillar of a cloud: and the pillar of the cloud stood over the door of the tabernacle.” KJV

Exodus 13:21 And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night:.” KJV

Psalms 89:7 God is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints, and to be had in reverence of all them that are about him.” KJV


“Daniel 7:9 I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool: his throne was like the fiery flame, and his wheels as burning fire.” KJV

Isaiah 11:10 “And in that day there shall be a root of Jesse, which shall stand for an ensign of the people; to it shall the Gentiles seek: and his rest shall be glorious.” KJV

Ephesians 2:19 “Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints, and of the household of God.”


The love of God is so high and cohesive that we cannot comprehend it. We thank God for this hour. It is another day that God has started with His children.
2.           Matthew chapter 25 verse 1 – 13, “Then shall the kingdom of Heaven be likened unto ten virgins, which took their lamps, and went forth to meet the Bridegroom. And five of them were wise, and five were foolish.
3.           They that were foolish took their lamps, and took no oil with them: But the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps. While the Bridegroom tarried, they all slumbered and slept.
4.           And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the Bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him. Then all those virgins arose, and trimmed their lamps. And the foolish said unto the wise, Give us of your oil; for our lamps are gone out.
5.           But the wise answered, saying, Not so ; lest there be not enough for us and you: but go ye rather to them that sell, and buy for yourselves. And while they went to buy, the Bridegroom came; and they that were ready went in with him to the marriage: and the door was shut.
6.           Afterward came also the other virgins, saying, Lord, Lord, open to us. But he answered and said, Verily I say unto you, I know you not. Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh.” KJV.
7.           Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh.
8.           Thus, be awake and be prepared. This is a call to watchfulness. A call to be alert and I take the title from verse 6 of KJV. Which says, “And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the Bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him.” 
9.           Brethren, who is the Bridegroom? Is the Bridegroom not with the Bride now? He is with the Bride now. He is in our midst.
10.        Here the voice says,Behold, the Bridegroom cometh, go ye out to meet Him.” We know the story very well. It was a wedding supper and people were invited. Everybody got the invitation, everybody prepared and got seated.
11.        Besides, the Bible said that five virgins were wise while five virgins were foolish. The wise ones made preparation knowing fully well that by and by, they have to make themselves ready; while the foolish ones did not bother. But before, it was as usual, things kept on moving as it was. Moreover, the Bridegroom delayed a little, everybody was waiting and finally at midnight, when there was thick darkness, when everybody was asleep, in the dead of the night, the SHOUT came.
12.        In other words, it was a time they expected not. That was when the whole thing happened. Yet those that are wise were watching the time, they made their lanterns ready, kept their oil ready. Almighty God has given us everything. This is for us.
13.        Who is the Bridegroom? He is in our midst, the vindicated Apostle. But listen, the voice said to me, “Brother Ojiakor be careful. For once instruction comes, it must be obeyed. For if He says, close the door, all that are inside are the people that will remain inside. It is not the time when you will start to look sideways to see whether this person is there or this person is not there. For He is the Son after His father’s heritage.
14.        Now we are waiting for the catching away of the saints, which is putting on immortality. In addition, He has told us that it must be on a Sunday, during Fellowship.   
15.        Revelation chapter 19 verses 7-9, “Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honor to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready. And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints.
16.        And he saith unto me, Write, Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb. And he saith unto me, These are the true sayings of God.” KJV.
17.        The Bride has made Herself ready. The Bride is you and I. The Bridegroom is He that is in our midst. Now the wedding supper of the Lamb. Since the Bride has made herself ready, she has fine linen, whitest and cleanest.
18.        Isaiah chapter 51 verse 10-11, “Art thou not He which hath dried the sea, the waters of the great deep; that hath made the depths of the sea a way for the ransomed to pass over?
19.        Therefore the redeemed of the LORD shall return, and come with singing unto Zion; and everlasting joy shall be upon their head: they shall obtain gladness and joy; and sorrow and mourning shall flee away.” KJV.  
20.        Thus, it is the Lord Himself doing it, clothing the Bride. You see, in Genesis chapter 24, if you read verse 60-67, you will see Isaac, when Eliezer the servant of Abraham was charged by his master Abraham to go and pick a bride for his son Isaac, the servant was given the materials to adorn the bride with, finally he went and got to woman, immediately she was coming and saw Isaac on the way up, she enquired and was told that it was the master’s son.
21.        In other words, it was the bridegroom. The Bible said that she just veiled herself. What is more, you will find out that it was what Isaac did for her.
22.        Brethren, you find out that we are in this glorious Faith, God has given us everything, but how ready are we for the wedding supper?
23.        How many are serious? How many of us are wise to take all that God has given to us? For the wedding garment, the fine linen is nothing but the righteousness of the saints. Moreover, the righteousness of the saints is nothing but the Word: As I obey, as you obey, for that is what God need from us.
24.        “Are you what God made You or what you made yourself?” Page 52 verse 30, says that God cannot do anything except at the appointed time. Brethren, you see, this was a dream that came here last year. And we have read what Almighty God said, that many of us do not know the value of salvation. Any of us that does not know the value of salvation, definitely, will be playing with it.
25.        In other words, He said that no matter what is happening, be there! He that has told us to stay in the Faith, for He said that when I tell you to stay in this Faith, what do you do? You stay there, so that whenever I want to look for you, I will go to where I asked you to stay and pick you there. For He Himself is also involved.
26.        That is, I have no excuse whatsoever, why, because every excuse is a part of the problem. You have no excuse whatsoever not to abide where He has told us to abide. Imagine, stay here I am coming. He has called us, and He loves us just as we sang it in our song that His love is above every other thing. He sought us and picked us one by one.
27.        He saw Sister Ozioma and told her “Oya come;” “Apostle Ojiakor, oya come;” “Brother Mike, oya come.” We heard the testimony how we were scattered everywhere and He started picking us, and now He has showed us where to stay. What stops us from obeying?
28.        Mark chapter 13 verses 32-37, “But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in Heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.
29.        Take ye heed, watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is…”
30.        Since you do not know when it will happen; that is why I said that the Bridegroom is here with us but this putting on of immortality, I do not know the way, you do not know the way, He has told us what we should be doing. He has told us that lateness is number one sign of unfaithfulness, and I thank Him for He has been helping us to overcome it. You do not know the hour, I do not know the hour but He knows it. It is locked in His heart. Just wait for the voice.
31.        “…For the Son of man is as a man taking a far journey, who left his house, and gave authority to his servants, and to every man his work, and commanded the porter to watch.
32.        Watch ye therefore: for ye know not when the master of the house cometh, at even, or at midnight, or at the cockcrowing, or in the morning:
33.        Lest coming suddenly he find you sleeping…”
34.        Do not let Him find you sleeping. Keep strict watch. How do we? Is it physical eye like this? Is it what He has told us? Spiritually, that we should be on the alert, waiting and watching in the Word, what He has given to us.
35.        He spoke to me recently, he said, “Brother Ojiakor, why is it that your phone is fluctuating? It is either that it is not in order or you are not in order or you are not in Me. For I have a very great force that no matter what is happening, that force will break through and go through.”
36.        In other words, He said that we should be on alert at all times. Always having the thought of the Son of Man filling our hearts at all times for good.
37.        Lest coming suddenly he find you sleeping. And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch..”  KJV.
38.        Do not let me find you sleeping, engaging so much in other things, things of the world, neglecting what God has given us to do. For He said that, that is what is hindering our move, our growth.
39.        Brethren, we do not know the hour, but He knows it and He is waiting. For He said, “Had it been that I stopped the thing long ago, many of you in this Faith would have lost.”
40.        Matthew chapter 24 verses 36-51, “But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of Heaven, but my Father only. But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.
41.        For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark,
42.        And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left.
43.        Two women shall be grinding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left. Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come…”  
44.        Are we not waiting for the catching away of the saints? Are we not waiting for the alert from the Son of Man? For He is the One to take us home. Now He is warning us. In the Message titled “He has come, He has Gone,” we heard it that all our iniquities, every evil we have committed, atrocities against this faith, that He has pardoned and forgiven for His Name’s sake; With a charge, “go and sin no more.”
45.        He said, what is sin? Unbelief and disobedience! Thus, we know we are waiting. He told us that we have not yet come into that promised rest. For when you get into that rest, there will not be any pain again. You will not suffer again, you will not labour to eat; you will be appearing and disappearing.
46.        However, as long as you are still in this physical body, our souls have been raptured quite alright, but we are still in this physical body, we have to be careful for the Angel is in our midst; He is the one leading us.
47.        But know this, that if the goodman of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to be broken up.
48.        Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh. Who then is a faithful and wise servant, whom his lord hath made ruler over his household, to give them meat in due season?
49.        Blessed is that servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing. Verily I say unto you, That he shall make him ruler over all his goods.
50.        But and if that evil servant shall say in his heart, My lord delayeth his coming; And shall begin to smite his fellow servants, and to eat and drink with the drunken;
51.        The lord of that servant shall come in a day when he looketh not for him, and in an hour that he is not aware of, And shall cut him asunder, and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” KJV.
52.        Brethren, do you know that the foolish virgins were inside the hall? Remember God said that the door is closed, testimony sealed, we are inside the Ark, but do not bring in harmful instrument into the Ark. They were inside but they were not ready. They just wandered away their time, playing Church. Business as usual.
53.         All of a sudden when they least expected, the thing came. They had nothing to do than to go out there and they heard, “Behold the Bridegroom cometh!” There and then they realized that there was not enough oil in their lanterns. And God said that there will be scarcity of food.
54.        Luke chapter 12 verses 42-46, “For your long return, for your wedding feast, you will be able to open the door and let Him in the moment He arrives and knocks. There will be great joy for those who are ready and waiting for His return.
55.        These things are messages, for I believe that Almighty God knows you and me. He knows what is happening among us, and He is sounding this alarm. He is sounding this alarm because He does not want to lose any of us.
56.        One of our songs said, “Look up for your redemption is near.” Seeing that our redemption is near, we should make sure that we have enough oil.
57.        In the beginning, God said, “Arise and eat for the journey is too far.” Moreover, the food is not the physical food but the spiritual food.
58.        “And the Lord said, Who then is that faithful and wise steward, whom his lord shall make ruler over his household, to give them their portion of meat in due season?
59.        Blessed is that servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing.
60.        Of a truth I say unto you, that he will make him ruler over all that he hath.
61.        But and if that servant say in his heart, My lord delayeth his coming; and shall begin to beat the menservants and maidens, and to eat and drink, and to be drunken;
62.        The lord of that servant will come in a day when he looketh not for him, and at an hour when he is not aware, and will cut him in sunder, and will appoint him his portion with the unbelievers.”
63.        Is it not what they are saying in 2 Peter chapter 3:4? Since time immemorial, we have been hearing this and that, that He is coming, He is coming, where is He coming? Some will say, He is delaying just like the foolish virgins: “We have been waiting.”
64.        God said that the patient waits for the medical doctor and also the medical doctor waits for the patient. If He comes into his office and the patient has not come, he will be patient waiting for his patient. And if the patient comes and the medical doctor has not come, he or she will wait for she needs the services of the medical doctor. Now, it is God and He said that we should wait in our sanctified estate.
65.        Let us not be foolish as we were in 1999. For God has done everything and it is very clear to us. This is the darkest moment in this generation. Nothing is working again.
66.        If you read the Sun Newspaper of 29th September 2012. You see, flood is everywhere in Nigeria, it is not only in Kogi State, Kogi is not even mentioned again. Kwara is there, Bayelsa is there, Anambra is there, Ebonyi is equally there, all. I mean everything is clear.
67.        And God said, who will say “Had I known”? it is somebody, the foolish virgin. For God has been talking, teaching us, advising us to take Him seriously.
68.        Romans 1:26-28, “For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:
69.        And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet.
70.        And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient.” Romans 1: 26-28, KJV.
71.        “Have you seen the word fornication for which cause God condemned them as it was written also in the Old Testament, “They gave themselves over to fornication?”
72.        In addition, the interpretation became very clear that they left the natural use of their body. Instead of men going after women, they turned it into men to men and women to women.  They became inventors of evil things, implacable. If you want to be ignorant, be ignorant.
73.        If you want to be wise, be wise. As it was in the days of Noah, as it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, so shall it be in the day when the Son of Man shall be REVEALED. Today, homosexuality has been approved and legalised in almost all the countries in the world. It is in practice even in countries that have not passed it into law. It is in practice even in Onitsha. Married men practise it; married women practise it. Spinsters practise it; young boys practice it as well. I am bearing witness of the truth. 
74.        If any has escaped it, it is in this Faith. Outside this Faith, you will see too many horrible things. Even some of your sons and daughters in our midst, if they are not strictly taught and disciplined, surely, they must be victims. 
75.        Blow the trumpet in Zion page 58 verse 1, “Glory be to God in the highest, to God be the glory. Amen.
76.        I will not ask you where you saw it or where you might have hooked-up with it, but the Voice is the same. There are many things that cannot change, but number one thing that cannot change is His Voice.
77.        This trumpet should be blown in Zion, not in the cities of Jerusalem. Till eternity, I will continue to love you all with the love of God for welcoming Me in this adulterous, perverse and crooked generation, for believing that I am He, for pining your hope in Me, believing that God really sent Me.
78.        You first believed not because I have said, but because by revelation, by nature, by His grace, by His Spirit, you are sure, convinced that God really sent Me, that I proceeded from the Father, you are a blessed people; I love you with the love of God, But God loves you more.”
79.        Have we not seen Him with the angelic body, in the theophany body appearing and disappearing? When we shall see Him, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him just as He is.
80.        Can a man build a house for wind? Somebody who can appear and disappear, has he any need for vehicles? Can you buy a vehicle for wind? Can ordinary wind drive a vehicle? (the Son of Man).
81.        Fix your eyes on the supernatural photograph we captured in our midst and then you can understand the meaning of what we are saying. Who is that man that appeared there? The man that said, wherever He is, there we shall be. The man that said, Let not your heart be troubled, I go to prepare a place for you, after which I am coming back to take you to myself, that wherever I am, there you shall be. Whatever form I am, that is the form you MUST be. It is not a mirage, it is real.
82.        Can ordinary wind drive a vehicle? When you notice the realm you are about to enter, the joy alone will keep you going. Nothing will upset your faith. He that will disappear and appear, has he any fear for any sickness? If wind can go to the hospital, then we can go to the hospital.  Who can build the hospital where wind will attend? Who will be the medical doctor? We are going to win. Why not be happy!
83.        That is why they that ran the race before us had hope and it was this type of hope they had that saw them through this Faith. They that had this hope in them, it helped to revive their hearts every day. This is because Christ is pure. It is this Faith that keeps us afloat.
84.        They told us that the suffering of this present time is nothing to be compared with the glory that will be revealed at the end when this mortal flesh shall be put off. If it is not true St. Peter would not have said it. St. Paul would not have confirmed it. We saw glorified people.
85.        Enoch was taken away. Rapture has happened before. Elijah was taken away. Rapture has happened before. Jesus was taken away. Rapture has happened before. If God said He will take us away, it is a normal experience. There is nothing superstitious about it. Forget about all this superstition that is common among these Pentecostals.
86.        We do not imagine anything in this Faith. We believe God in this Faith. God must perform His words. If we are hoping against the Promise, we will be of all men the most miserable. Many people are waiting for something that is not promised. Can they get it?
87.        However, we are waiting on what is promised. Did God promise to catch away the Church? Yes. Did He promise we shall put on immortality? Yes. Did He promise we shall be with Him forever?
88.        If He fails to fulfill it, He will remain guilty. He is duty-bound to fulfill it. You do not know that God will remain guilty until He fulfills His promise. God is not a man that He should tell lies.
89.        When are you expecting all these things to come to pass? Is it not in the last days? Have we not rolled into the last days? That is why you have to recognize the hour you are living in and recognize your message.
90.        What time is it brethren? What are we expecting? Why are we gathered in this Faith? What is the essence of our gathering? What is the hope of your being in this Faith? Why do you spend your money to be in this Church?
91.        That is why we have to recognize the hour we are living in, as well as recognize our message. Otherwise, we will begin to behave like the foolish virgins, for everything is speaking the end, the end, the end. When God vindicated Himself in our midst for the first time in 1996, it was to banish unbelief. Then when He came to accept sacrifice, He came in His original form. Now, to let us know that He is the God of Justice, who judges with equity.
92.        Remember in the Message titled He has come, he has gone,” He told us that He has left the Mercy Seat, He is now on the Judgment Seat and before our eyes He demonstrated it fully. If you know the circumstances, what He told Elders before He came into the Fellowship, what am I saying? He told us that His eyes are now towards the Earth to spark off troubles here and there and in the midst of it all, we will move up.
93.        Do you know the time? He said that now that we have come to the end of everything, we have to be on alert. Amen.



on of Man Close the Book and Seal up the Testimony,” preached on 30th December 2011, page 32 verse 1:“I Had a dream in my house. I do not remember the date but it is not up to one week. During the family altar, I narrated it to everybody. In this dream, it was where I came in and I saw chaos in the city.
2.           People were running helter-skelter. I saw soldiers and policemen joined in the riot by burning down buildings. Onitsha lay desolate. What is more, it was a religious war. 
3.           Then I picked my phone and began to call brethren, informing them to stay in their houses, assuring them that nobody will be touched. Besides, the war was as a result of a reprisal attack which started in the South-East, presumably Onitsha. Then extended to Enugu. So many things were in that dream. I narrated it to brethren in the family altar and we prayed.
4.           The following day, all the newspapers carried the headline, telling Christians to be ready for religious war—the whole newspapers! While we were waiting, the following day (after the dream), there was a reprisal attack in Delta State. What happened? Some irate youths bombed one Islamic school in Delta State.
5.           Trouble is looming at last. The Vanguard newspapers says: BOKO HARAM STARTED RELIGIOUS WAR. The president himself, Goodluck Jonathan is making the statement.
6.           Inside the newspaper, I saw something that happened in the past repeating. By short listing names of the victims in the bomb attacks on the Churches, especially the one at Madalla, in Niger State, that is, in Suleja—by short-listing their names in the international newspapers like Vanguard and Sun, and even with their pictures, they are calling for a reprisal attack. More so, from the names so far published, it is clear that about 95% of the bomb victims came from the South-East.
7.           It is like the trouble we had some years back, where some people used a trailer lorry to load victims of the Kano riots, dumped all of them at Upper-Iweka, and trouble started. Well, I won’t say something now. Only remember that I told you not to pray against it, that the trouble is coming. It will ravage every aspect of life in Nigeria and beyond. Don’t pray against it.
8.           I told you clearly that the trouble will start as a political trouble, but will end in religious trouble. I told you to expect a Jihad. Go through the message titled: THE STATE OF THE NATION, VOLUME 2, and then MINISTERS’ MEETING of 2010.
9.           No new thing is happening. Remember that God said you are going to have tribulation for ten days. That trouble will engulf the whole Earth. He made it clear that there is going to be an event that will divert the attention of the world, and in the midst of the trouble, the Bride will be taken away. It does not take a millennium for trouble to start.
10.        When the stage is set for trouble, anything can ignite it. If you do not perceive that the stage is set, you are blind. If you have not perceived that danger is around, your eyes of the spirit are completely blind.
11.        Thus to all of you that have come to this meeting, it is not a preaching meeting. It is not a teaching meeting. It is an assessment meeting for God to assess us, and know whether the harvest is virtually ripe. And I am sure that the harvest is ripe. The harvest is ripe. For there can never be any gathering under the sun.
12.        A gathering of human beings drawn from different languages, tribes and things like that. Different ethnic groups, coming together, even staying for two hours without having trouble. The peaceful composure that I have seen in the Bride is the peace that cometh from the Father.
13.        I watched the sisters in the kitchen, I watched the way that we file out to eat - an arrangement that has not been made in this faith before. I wanted to see people scrambling for food or pushing one another. Instead of doing that, I see a glorious sight.”
14.        Remember that this is a type of camp meeting. God said that we should continue in that same spirit, watching and waiting where He has asked us to stay.
15.        “Son of Man close the book, Seal up the testimony” Page 39:          “God brought us to this camp meeting to watch us interact with one another, and to know whether we have conformed to His image properly.
16.        I am the Son of Man, if He predestined you for salvation, you must conform to the image of His Son. I am your Masterpiece. Nothing is entering there (Paradise) except the person that is like the Masterpiece.
17.        Thank you very much for your cooperation all these years! The journey is over! It does not mean we will not go home. You will go home. You just wait for further instruction(s). Really, I am impressed. I can now go home very happy that I have never laboured in vain.”
18.         “Are you what God made you or what you made yourself?” Page 15 verses 8-11, “        What am I trying to say? KEEP AWAY YOUR EYES FROM SUICIDE BOMBERS, FOR GREATER THAN SUICIDE BOMBERS ARE AMONG YOU. The families that own these people, the heads we saw on Thursday and the ones we saw on Friday, they might be busy waiting for their people to come back, they might be thinking that their people are somewhere working in the township, not knowing that their lives ended at Upper-Iweka.
19.        The lady that was screaming, by the time the Police and the Army rescued the lady, they have already raped her to death.
20.        They captured her since 6 o’clock in the morning, dragged her into the tunnel, stripped her naked and kept raping her in turns until she fainted. She was taken to Toronto hospital and she gave up there. Can you see what is happening? This is the area where we pass everyday, many of you pass there at odd times of the day and the Lord has been protecting all of us, insulating us from such attacks.
21.        Is it not enough to glorify God? Thus, off your eyes from what took place at Abuja or Bornu State. This is Onitsha. That same Friday, I equally got a report from a Sister who was telling our Sister Ozioma what took place in their area. A child of about eight years old was beheaded at Nkpor. One of our neighbours also, they just came to his house, took his four-year-old child and went away. They started demanding ransom.
22.        Now look at the world we are living in. You tune in your radio set, you will hear violations, abuses of fellow human beings going on worldwide. I want to say categorically that the Earth is filled with violence. That is where I want to land. There is violence in every family now.”
23.         Brethren, the essence of this, is for us to see the hour we are in. remember that as at 1993, 1994; the voice went forth that government will increase our hardship. He then told us things that will take place and now, all these things have started coming to pass. Go to the message, Ministers Meeting, State of the Nation, you will see all these things as sited here. Before then God will first of all tell us all these things and before our eyes we will see them coming to pass. And He is telling us that the Bridegroom is coming, not that He is not with us, but our putting on of immortal bodies. For it will be an alert.
24.        He said that we should not behave like the foolish virgins. What made them foolish? They did not know that their oil, what they have would not be sufficient for them. The little they have, they felt that it was okay, and when it was time for the real thing to take place, they had not anything to sustain them.
25.        He has taught us very well; hence, if anybody misses it, definitely, it will be disastrous.
26.        “It is Finished,” page 168 verse 1, “So I go back to my message, the title is like the passage I have read. Brethren, credit it to me. The last time I told you that expect nothing higher than what you have seen, expect nothing higher than where you are for you cannot go higher anymore. Nothing is left but the putting on of immortality which is taking place in a twinkling of an eye. Close your eyes and open, it is over and he that holds it is in your midst.”
27.        Brethren, why we should be careful. Please get it right, He that holds this putting on of immortality, that will take place in a twinkle of an eye, says that He is in our midst. That is why I am saying that the Bridegroom is not coming from anywhere again, He is with us. But the putting on of immortality is here with us. He is here with us.
28.        VERSE 3-5: “It will take place at a time and hour that knoweth no man but the Father. Is it not scriptural? However, He that is in the mind of the Father, He that is in the bosom of the Father knows the mind of the Father. For the Father does not hold anything secret from Him.
29.        Revealed things belong to the people of God, but un-revealed things belong to God. Who is that God? I AM!” 
30.        If you go to the message, “The Conclusion of the Whole Matter,” it says that He is that Jehovah that created you and He demands nothing from you other than implicit loyalty, obedience to every instruction that He gives.
31.        I told you in the beginning that we are just in His Presence romancing with God. Now, if you like believe, if you like do not believe: my hands are up. Moreover, my message to you preceding the last, the last is coming next Sunday, 23rd September 2012 by God’s grace. If you want to be in Jerusalem, be in Jerusalem. If you could not be in Jerusalem, you will get it through distance fellowship.
32.        MY TITLE IS: IT IS FINISHED. IT IS FINISHED. IF YOU BELIEVE IT SAY AMEN. The end is here; it is now at hand. The Bride is gathering, the world is falling. Israel is awakening, nations are breaking apart, our Prophet taught us, we believe the end is here. 
33.        We are not talking about the restoration of the fig tree again. When Jesus Christ was asked when the world will come to an end, He said, ‘First, there is going to be a departure from the faith. You begin to hear about wars and rumours of wars. Earthquake in divers places, great famine everywhere. But they are the pains of labour for the end is not yet come.’ Is it not true? 
34.        Hence, when you hear about tsunami, you hear about this and that, flood, natural disaster; they never signalled the end. You say the end will not come, the end will not come until the message of the Kingdom is preached to all the ends of the Earth.
35.        Now, through the mouth of Prophet William Marrion Branham, the Angel Messenger to the last Church Age, Laodicea; it became clearer that as John the Baptist foreran his first coming, so shall Branham’s messages foreran His (Christ) second coming or else, God said ‘I will smite the world with a curse.’
36.        He (Branham) said, ‘My commission is to forerun the coming Word.’ He went further to say that the last sign the Gentile world will see will be no other sign than that which Abraham and his Church saw: THE ELOHIM MANIFESTING IN HIS CHURCH, STANDING ON TWO FEET IN HUMAN FORM. The next thing is Rapture and then the destruction of the entire world.
37.        He said, ‘As a Prophet, I can see nothing but the coming of the very One. Have we missed it because of His simplicity and we know it not? If we have not missed it, Lord please we do not want to miss it.’
38.        And now, we could not miss it because of the simplicity. God removed our ecclesiastical veil. When He came He said, ‘Drop all preconceived knowledge and ideas about God and what He looks like; for you have never known Him, you have not seen Him before and you have never gone this way before.’
39.        The Prophet said, ‘They missed it that time because of their interpretation. The interpretation they gave to his word made it impossible for them to recognize Him when He came.’
40.        Today, all denominations have their own interpretation about how He will come, the nature He will take. While some are waiting for Him in Nigeria, some are waiting in America, some are waiting in London. What is more, they believe that He is coming as a corporal person, an entity. What if you are waiting at the wrong place? You will hear, ‘He has come, He has gone.” Amen.

Be on the RED alert, get ready for the final call

Be on the RED alert, get ready for the final call
We thank God who has left us with able ministers of the New Covenant. We are standing on a New Covenant established on better promises.
2.           If you do not know what to call the message, it is “Be on the alert.” Be on the alert for the last minute signal, be on the alert for the last minute signal which is coming anytime from now. It maybe this moment, it maybe before we dismiss from fellowship or it maybe next time.
3.           IF IT FAILS TO TAKE PLACE THIS DAY, WE KEEP ON WAITING. I KNOW WE ARE WAITING IN THE APPROVED PLACE, CONFIRMED PLACE; ALL OF US HOLDING OKAYED TICKET. The plane has loaded, the pilot is already here. Everything has been put in place, both the mechanics and the dynamics.
4.           The most important person in the aeroplane is the pilot, and until he comes, the plane remained stranded. Nevertheless, the Pilot has come, how I wish Elder Ugoala is in this Fellowship this day. To God be the glory forever and ever.
5.           Be on the ALERT; get ready for the final call. Our song says “Let get ready for the final call,” is it not true? Why slumbering when the end has come? Do not sleep, arise thou that sleepeth for the night is far spent.
6.           Even this morning, I got the alert and too many things were discussed. The thing was so amazing for it came at a time when I was greatly distressed. If you notice when I came into the fellowship hall this morning, I was terribly weak; two, I lost my voice for it was a lengthy discussion. I appeared very stubborn; I was more stubborn than ever while pressing my point home.
7.           However, the man that was used to talk to me was Bishop Moses’ face standing in the pulpit with one of his clutches; and was affirming it seriously, Brother Ojiakor was sitting in the middle wearing the same suit. This was exactly the picture of the fellowship, the seats were almost scanty. Too many seats at the back were empty, at the middle; they were empty.
8.           Then I said, “God, why not give Me time, let me take 10 or 10:30am because of those coming from Port Harcourt and Ugheli.” A little while He said, “Speak more.”
9.           I will not tell you the details, I have already told Apostle Kelechi to be in my house tomorrow morning as early as possible.
10.        If you know your heart is not right with God, there is no need fooling yourself; simply go home and have your rest. If you know your heart is not right with God, stop fooling yourself go and enjoy the world a little because you have few days enjoyment from now in the world. The tide is gathering, the stage is set.
11.        The message of the Kingdom has been preached throughout the whole world, and now the end is with us at last. Make no mistake about it, there is no going back again!
12.        God had earlier told us that upon the Earth there is going to be distress on men and in the sky, we will be getting too many signs and wonders in these last days. Have we not seen all of them coming to pass? The world does not know what is taking place, but we know.
13.        Some years back when God was talking to us concerning the collapse of the entire world, He mentioned the economy of the world, He mentioned the currencies of the world with greater emphasis on EURO.
14.        He said, “watch, that great union called European Union with that their so-called currency, it must surely collapse! America must battle greatly with mass unemployment and collapse of dollars. Talk of pounds sterling; it will be useless; the entire economy of the world must crumble.
15.        Today, we are living witnesses. We are not talking about that one but the greater emphasis was on global climatic change. That there is going to be a twist, a sudden twist of nature.
16.        I read an article in the fellowship to your hearing, proving to the entire world that the Earth is about to slide off from its orbit. And on 29th September 2012, we captured it in a photograph. We were talking about the moon turning into blood.
17.        After discussing the matter, little did we know that God would move the hand of my daughter. She went outside that same night, not knowing what she was doing, zoomed her handset towards the moon and as God would have it; she captured the moon and the red object, very close to the moon, trying to over-lap the moon to turn into blood in a circular form there.
18.        Elders that came to my house saw the thing. Things are really happening both in the sky and here. I told you what would take place with time and I told you to get ready for we must surely be affected. However, we shall not be the worst hit.
19.        One: That the Lord is about to distress the inhabitants of the Earth. This climatic change is about to raise the sea level and there is going to be a great over-flooding of all the rivers, streams and oceans. Those places, hitherto that were unknown for flooding must be flooded this time around.
20.        I said that is not all: expect a terrible heat. The heat will be so much that people’s backS will be scotched. Trees, crops will wither because of the intense heat. For the anger of the Lord is about to be revealed upon all living things on Earth. I said, watch out for all these things.
21.        Do not consider Nigeria alone, it started somewhere before Nigeria is getting her own turn. We are getting our own turn. Since the history of this nation, apart from the occasions where the bar beach over flowed its bank and covered part of Victoria Island or Maroko, we do not have any record of this type of over-flowing of the bank of almost all the rivers and streams in Nigeria.
22.        We have recorded too many floods, they were natural flood like Ogunpa flood in Oyo State, and some of the flooding we recorded in Lagos State was as a result of heavy rainfall. However, this time around, remember that I told you that flooding has nothing to do with rainfall. Whenever it comes to its turn, it must surely happen.
23.        Now, I want to warn all of you that are still hearing me this moment, young and old, no exception. What is happening in Nigeria is Prophetic, starting from the religious crises to political crisis and whatever that will follow. Even the rise in armed robbery, kidnapping and other violent actions; they are all Prophetic. You were told ahead of time, our youths were preserved; they were warned never to join such people. All acts of violence are condemnable in the sight of God, no matter who is involved, no matter what might be the reasons for such action. Note, children of God do not indulge in such acts.
24.        Remember, when I was trying to disabuse your minds about the two prominent religions that troubled the world, Islam and so-called Christianity, I told you that all of them are violent religions. They preach peace but they practice violence. What is more, they are all political associations, that is why they cannot unite us; they can never! You can see what is taking place there. Once it comes to religion, people’s colour will emerge.
25.        In one of the messages we collected from the web recently, Madonna was urging all Americans to vote for the Black Muslim in the White House. I have it with us. “Vote for the Black Muslim in the White House, who was he referring to? Obama. Immediately he ascended the throne, I announced it that America has made her greatest mistake. But he is going there so that the Word of God must surely to come to pass.
26.        Go to the message titled “God in Despised Places.” God said that one of these days, a black man must be in the White House ruling America.
27.        Barack Obama did not mince words when he said that he is there as the president and commander-in-chief of America armed forces. For that reason, it is resolute that the constitution of America must be respected. And that is one of the reasons why he keeps quiet even when people make utterances that are strongly against his own belief.
28.        He went further to say “You Christians, how do you know that that your Jesus Christ will save you? Don’t you know that practical Christians cannot control the future? Why are you condemning Muslims? Whenever the picture of your Jesus Christ is desecrated, or the Church, don’t you make noise?” He was saying those things in defence of his faith.
29.        He said, “Okay, since you believe that this Jesus Christ is your saviour, I challenge you; go to the Middle East and say it, there and then you will see what will happen to you.”
30.        Where was he saying all these things? He was addressing the UN general assembly. In other words, if not his position as the president and commander-in-chief of America armed forces, he would have led a Jihad. He accused practical Christians of lack of true knowledge of theology. He said that they do not know their theology. Well, that is not my message for you know my stand in the message titled “The Two Foundations of Our Existence.”
31.        If I am placed in a position to make my choice, I will choose Islam for Islam contains more truth than Christianity. I made it clear, but the two are wrong. Moreover, I thank God that the prominent Islamic scholar quoted Prophet Mohammed as said, “In the end time, there is going to be a small group, a splinter group; a minority that will not be Islam and they will not be Christian. This small group will be where Allah will reveal Himself and we will be with Allah.”
32.        I thank God for that Islamic Scholar who could remember the words of Prophet Mohammed so that both Christians and Muslims will think twice. I told you that Almighty God is not a Muslim and He is not a Christian. Today, I am vindicated.
33.        In every country, in every community, whosoever that feareth and honoureth the Lord, the same is made acceptable by Him. Is that not scriptural?   
34.        I do not know where you belong to, whether you are this and that; it is not in Christ. In Christ we are one, you do not talk of Muslim or Christian. The Almighty God does not belong to any group; He stands alone as the Self-existing One. He does not spearhead any religious movement. That is why I said it without mincing words that I am not a Christian and I will not be a Christian. Nothing will ever make Me a Christian neither am I a Muslim. I am a realist. I stand for the truth. No more, no less.
35.        Moreover, I stand for peace. Yes! That is why I do not violate the path that leads to peace. I make sure I do not impose myself on anybody and I do not impose my belief on anybody. I preach my message which is my faith. My belief, I say to all and sundry, “Believe it if you can.” But where you cannot, drop it for it does not make us enemy; you are entitled to your belief. You have the right to say yes or no. But when you want to impose your belief on somebody, you are calling for trouble if he resists. Amen.


I want to sound an alarm, you have seen what is happening everywhere, it has never happened before in this manner. We know we have too many cases of over-flooding of the bank of the river, but it has never come to this magnitude. If it was not prophesied, we will not be giving any attention to it.
2.           However, because God predicted it, prepared our heart towards it and now they are coming to pass, we are in a better position to understand the situation more than any other person.
3.           Now, look at how the whole thing took off. The over-flooding of the banks of our rivers and streams in Nigeria, is not as a result of heavy down pour. Not at all! Metrology in Nigeria has recorded that this year, that Nigeria has recorded the lowest rainfall in too many of her cities. Thus, there is no room for over-flooding.
4.           Now what happened? It started all the way from Niger Republic and then in Cameroon. The Republic of Cameroon let me talk history a little.
5.           This great nation called Nigeria was amalgamated with Cameroon before. When she was granted Independence, it was granted independence on the basis of the amalgamation of Nigeria and Cameroon. And it became the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Cameroon. It was Nigeria that granted the Cameroonians Independence. Before then, it was Nigeria and annex.
6.           You can consult your history in evidence to this truth. Now after their Independence, Nigeria continued supplying them electricity. Just like Nigeria volunteered to be supplying electricity to Niger Republic which happened to be the fountain of River Niger, up there at Fouta Djallon (Futa Jallon) Island.
7.           Nigeria volunteered to be giving them electricity on the ground that they will not construct any dam across the course of the Niger to prevent blocking the volume of water that will flow downstream. Serving the only dam that was constructed by our colonial masters at Kainji. That is Kainji dam.
8.           As time went on, population increased. The need of energy services increased in almost all the countries. Nigeria could no longer meet the energy requirement of Nigerians let alone of meeting the need of Niger Republic. The same was applicable to the Republic of Cameroon.
9.           Our power supply in Nigeria was insufficient for us, we could not meet the energy need of Cameroon, there came the clamour of building their own dam. Cameroon constructed their own dam, Niger Republic constructed their own. They barricaded the course of the Niger that automatically reduced the volume of water we used to receive from the Fouta Djallon (Futa Jallon) Island.
10.        The volume of water Nigeria collected at Kainji could no longer turn the turbine as to generate the needed quantity of power. That resulted to construction of mini, mini dams across some rivers and streams locally. That involve the idea of coming up at Oji River with a thermal electricity project using coal to generate electricity at Oji River which will serve Oji River, part of Awka North and the entire Enugu. But the thing was destroyed by the civil war.
11.        After the civil war, the use of coal for thermal electricity collapsed. Coal miners were owed salaries for over ten years, the work grounded. Today, nobody can afford to go and mine coal. That was the end of the history of thermal electricity supply together with the useless gargets.
12.        Now, too many dams were constructed like the one Babaginda has purchased recently the Shiroro Dam and few other pockets across streams with a view to be generating some power to serve Nigeria. Reason being that, the volume of water has drastically reduced. At a time, it was like the River Niger was drying up.
13.        Something suddenly took place, while Nigeria was trying to discard of Power Holding, thinking that the name power holding was the problem. Power holding is just a name given to the organization vested with the power to run the affairs of power supply. Power must be generated before it will be distributed.
14.        They now decided to construct one at Ewu in Edo State there to serve the Eastern line which they call the Eastern power but there is no water that will generate the power.
15.        Of course you must know that almost all the streams empty in the River Niger. Minor, minor rivers empty in the river Niger which finally empty itself in the Atlantic Ocean. If they are intelligent, they should have been thinking on how to construct a dam across the Atlantic Ocean either in Port Harcourt, Calabar or Lagos.
16.        However, it is a project no nation can embark on. The whole of Africa put together, cannot embark on it.
17.        What am I saying? I am not crazy in this one. I have not been crazy and I will not be crazy! What happened? When Nigeria was speculating on whether to dispose off the management and facilities of power holding, God decided to help everybody.
18.        They were not watching from the word of God because their Prophets are blind. They could not link up what was happening with the scriptures, with the Prophetic words of the Prophet concerning the end-time.
19.        Overnight, Cameroon started having problem. The dam they constructed automatically collapsed. Immediately it collapsed, the volume of water increased, pressed on to Niger Republic, their own dam also collapsed. The entire flow headed towards the South.
20.        When the thing got to Bida, that is Kainji Dam; it was too much for our own dam. The thing submerged and there is nothing anybody could do: if you try to prevent it; you cause more havoc. They used their wisdom or the last sense and then opened the dam to allow the water to have its way downstream; because blocking it means suffering the same havoc Cameroon and Niger Republic suffered; for you cannot block the course of a river without having problems.
21.        You cause the river to enter where it is not supposed to enter. Water must find its own way. You see, the experts left the dam open, water have its own way towards all the parts of Nigeria starting from Borno State to Maiduguri because the Lake Chad that serve Borno over flowed its bank caused the fishermen to run away from that place. From Borno State, it proceeded to Adamawa, the whole connecting place. From Adamawa down to Taraba, from Taraba down to Benue, the thing joined Benue River.
22.        Now Benue, a tributary to River Niger emptied everything into the Niger and Niger over flooded as never before. The volume of water became 500%. An increase of over 500% of the former volume then we became beneficiary.
23.        As the thing journeyed along Edo State, it went to Ewu and the entire Etsako Local Government got their fair share. All the towns and villages in the Middle Belt including Lokoja, Idah, Ibaji, Ajaokuta, all of them got their fair share. The thing did not stop there, it proceeded. We are not talking about Lokoja, Ajaokuta today; we are not talking of Delta State Asaba. 90% of the residents in Asaba are now refugees, pitching their camp in schools and Churches.
24.        The thing proceeded to the lower Niger Delta up to Warri. Now Bayelsa, we do not talk of Bayelsa anymore. The entire Bayelsa is now Atlantic Ocean including Yenogua the State capital.
25.        What can you say about Port Harcourt? Because it is a short distance between Cameroon and Calabar, the river at Oron over flooded. It is a part of the Atlantic Ocean. Across Ogoja down to Digidi, then it encroached Ebonyi State. Almost eighteen villages around that area, they are now refugees.
26.        The thing proceeded, it is coming down. We do not talk of riverine areas in Anambra State. Anam, there is no place called Anam now. All the villages that made up Anam have packed away; starting from Umueze Anam, Umiata, Oromaetiti, Umudora, Umu-ikwu, I mean Bishop Nnachor’s village; all of them are submerged.
27.        Across the Niger there, a state police building there is submerged including a hotel and many others. Now you proceed to Odekpe, Ogbaru, Atani, Osamala, Ogbakuma, Nmunakwo, Akiri, we do not talk of farm land again or building; they are now refugees.
28.        Reports reaching Me on 29th September 2012 confirmed that the road that took Anambra State billions of naira to construct from Otuocha to Nsukka, that Uzo-uwani road—that rice area—Omabala River over flooded and the road is cut off. The whole of that rice area, rice farmland; you stand at a far place and you see nothing, it is just like Atlantic Ocean.
29.        Go to Holy Trinity, stand at the middle road and watch, the few communities that pitched their tent in the island called Elenchere, there is no building there again. They have been swept off! The entire Enugu Otu in Aguleri, they are all off. Water extended to Otuocha market. Even here in Onitsha. UAC quarters or UAC compound where curtain people or others are sowed and the so-called Biafra market; all of them are over flooded.
30.        NOTE, More areas are going to be affected. Nigeria is going to expect flooding even at the peak of HamatTan season. There will be hamatTan and flooding at the same time.
31.        It is not easy to control Lokoja-Abuja Road. Three construction companies are working to open that road. What are they doing? They are barricading the two sides. When you barricade the two side of the road, you increase the volume of the water. Moreover, if the wall collapses, which you know it must surely collapse.
32.        Nothing is acidic as water. No matter the wall, no matter the barricade, as long as it submerged, water will keep on acting on that wall until eventually the thing will collapse.
33.        All these structures that are submerged, whether downstairs or upstairs, anytime the flood reduces, experts must be invited to come and check the building, check the foundation, otherwise, anybody going there is taking a risk. For water has already eroded the foundation, water has weakened the foundation. That once it carries weight up, it must collapse.
34.        I am not talking about collapsed structures, or structures that are about to collapse. Remember the prophecy behind all these things, that God is behind all these things.
35.        I am not talking about Japan, no. I am not talking about America and the strange fire. No! I am not talking about the Earthquake in diverse places, no.
36.        Geographically speaking, all the areas affected by this natural flood in Nigeria in particular are regarded as food nerves centres of Nigeria. The livewire of this nation or call those areas the food basket of Nigeria.
37.        Nassarawa is involved, Kontogora in Niger State, including Suleja, Minna; they are all involved. The entire Middle Belt is involved. Makurdi, or Benue, Taraba, Adamawa, Borno; are they not food baskets?
38.        What can you say about Delta and Edo, Bayelsa, Rivers State, what can you say about Anambra State? What of Ebonyi State around that area that is now being ravaged?
39.        Note the implications: number one, the existing crops like yam tubers, cassava, maize, and so on, rice have not been harvested. Farmers are about harvesting them, yam tubers are gradually coming out. The popular Iyoo yam we used to get from Taraba State, all of them have now perished in the soil. Rice farm, cassava farm, beans, millet, maize, every kind of crop; water has now ravaged all.
40.        Have a broad effect of what I am saying for I want to land somewhere. That is not all. You know these areas so far mentioned, you notice one thing common among them: All of them have either the Savannah vegetation or the Sahara vegetation.
41.        In other words, these are the areas we normally expects both fishes of all kinds and bush meat of all forms. Now as far as the law of nature is concerned, all animals in these forests are in danger of losing their lives; except amphibians, those that can survive in the water and on the land.  
42.        Antelope, giraffe, rabbit, grass cutter, all of them, death. All living creatures, apart from amphibians they are going to be ravaged. all the crops so far planted, for late cropping is practised in all these areas. More so, they practice basin irrigation.
43.        That is why you have constant supply of your tomatoes, letus, onions, spring onions, all the year round. No more basin irrigation. No more fruits; water has ravaged all the sources of food supply in Nigeria in less than one month and the water is not receding.
44.        How many billions have been rendered homeless? How many schools and colleges have been rendered desolate? Students are now refugees; teachers are no longer going to schools.
45.        A principal of one of the schools called Ogbaru Girls, the woman went to school with a canoe with her colleagues; but they could not get to the school premises. For they could only see part of the windows, the rest were submerged. They have to find their way back again to Odekpe where they boarded a canoe. A place they used to drive their vehicle to, now they used canoe.
46.        How many people have lost their lives while sailing across those dangerous areas not knowing where they were? Their canoe hit obstacle and capsized.
47.        The national emergency agency “NEMA” through MTN have given three hot lines numbers, alerting everybody peradventure one is trapped on the roof top, or tree top, if your batteries are still functional call those numbers for Naval Officers on emergency to come on a rescue.
48.        As Soldiers, police men; they are all on guard. Now that food is involve, and the Lord said we must expect it as a part of the climatic change. Experts captured it ahead of time and warn all people living along the bank of all major rivers to vacate before these things started for they knew that the sea level must surely rise as a result of the climatic change. People hate looking at the vegetations, while some are looking at their building to be revolving. Your buildings will not revolve.
49.        Now that the Lord said and I quote: “Expect a very intensive heat emanating from the sun for the sun has been affected. The sun will come so low that whatever that is left by the flood will be withered by the heat from the Sun.” In other words, what the locus has left, the caterpillars will erase.
50.        Remember the message from Hell, when the angels came down and poured the vials one after the other. A step has been set in motion. Do not worry, Any time from now, note it: Nigeria will experience the first Earthquake. Note it!
51.        If I should mention the place somebody might be thinking I am wishing them evil, I am not wishing them evil. But expect it in one of our heavily populated coastal lines, coastal areas not too far away from where I am standing now.
52.        What will happen, begin to see three months from now automatically it will take you to next year two thousand and thirteen. Have you not seen great famine ahead?
53.        My wife was telling me that a painter (A PARTICULAR MEASUREMENT SCALE) of beans is one thousand five hundred naira, I saID “rubbish, you are going to buy it AT five thousand NAIRA.”
54.        Let me say it, you must buy a bag of rice thirty thousand naira. You know I am your Prophet? Has any of them failed before? Not even one. This is why you are serving the living God.
55.        You see, I was talking to my family and I said, “The Lord saw famine coming ahead in Egypt; it was revealed to no other person but Joseph the man of God. Pharaoh charged him with the responsibility to gather the food and store, when the famine came, the entire world headed to Egypt for food. That was how Israel went to Egypt because of food, because of famine. Who stored the food there? Joseph. It takes a Prophet to know about the famine and to know what to do to avert it for His own people.
56.        The world is seeing great FLOOD, but I am seeing great famine ahead. They have started catching a glimpse of a great heat, but I am seeing the havoc it will wreck on whatever the flood has left behind.
57.        Now, another thing I warned against, henceforth, Nigeria is going to experience a very serious epidemic that will put all health management officials in confusion. All health management organization will be confused for there is going to be an epidemic of cholera. Because of the over flooding, whether you call it borehole or well; every form of water is now polluted.
58.        Already, we are taking polluted water for there is nothing called refined water any more. Especially in this side of the world, where our government do not know the value of pure water. The borehole we are drinking from are not purified. You can hardly get a government in Nigeria that put potable water in their budget. From the time Mbadinuju ruled Anambra State as a governor till today, there has never been anything called tap water in Anambra State. How many years now? Over 10 years.
59.        If we are alive today, it is just that God wants us to stay alive. Anambra State water board in Onitsha has collapsed long, long time ago. All the pipe borne water supply in other areas collapsed. The pipes have been excavated by Construction Company, they are only interested in making money from the public not in the lives of the people that pay the taxes which they are swindling abroad.
60.        Anyway I am not representing the public, but I must speak! Common sense will tell you that once there is famine on the land, people will be tempted to eat whatever they see. Malnutrition is the worst sickness that can befall a country. What is more, once there is malnutrition, every kind of sickness can now set is.
61.        A nation that is suffering from abject poverty where the inhabitants are living from hand to mouth, mass unemployment; now is likely to face food hazard, farm will be rendered useless by natural disaster. And the intensive heat has started already; it has started showing signs already.
62.        Somebody who could not afford to buy a cup of beans at hundred naira because he has no money, when a cup of beans is sold at four hundred naira; is that the time he will make the miracle to have the money? Begin to see what is ahead now. Did God say this thing will come to pass? Yes, He said we should expect all of them but in all, we shall not be the worst hit.
63.        He went further to say, “Remember, it is in the midst of this trouble that we are going away.” Trouble refines us the more, trouble refines us the more.
64.        When God spoke on this matter He said that the bush fowl told her children that when they are taking the yam from the farm, they should take the root also peradventure the owner of the yam will take the yam; they will continue to feed on the root. For He knew that this great famine is coming, the Lord said “Expect a great famine both of food and of the spiritual food. The two at the same time, two-by-two preaching.
65.        There will be famine of the true Word of God; equally there will be famine of physical food. When hunger comes, and sickness comes, the two at the same time coupled with the fear of insecurity, what will happen to the individual? The heart will collapse.
66.        What can you say about a man who had a house, had a property but today, he is a refugee? Put yourself in the shoe of somebody who is a native of Anam resident in Asaba, flood carried his house at Asaba, carried his house in his hometown. He is now a refugee in the town where he is staying and also a refugee in his hometown coupled with hunger, sickness.
67.         I want you to see the scope of the problem and people are trying to blame Mr President. They are stupid, what is Mr President going to do in this regard?
68.        I want to affirm it, 99% of our problems both in Nigeria and world wide are Prophetic PHENOMENON that have no remedy The un-pretended advent of the presidency Goodluck Jonathan.
69.        Yes, even the economic woe of Nigeria pre-dated the coming of the President Goodluck Jonathan. But whoever that is the President, will carry it all. We are not blaming the President neither are we blaming anybody, we cannot even blame God; rather we say God hasten action. Yes, I know that one of these days the Son of Man will be labelled “the Prophet of doom.” Yes, it is their right and it depends on the way you assess the Son of Man.
70.        all families take note: I am sent to you not to the world as your watchman. when I see danger ahead; I alert you. If you fail to pay heed, up to you. Do not say, “Thank God, we are not in Anam, we are not in Bayelsa; we are not in this and that!”
71.        Let me ask you a question, how many yam tubers has your father produced since this year? How many times have you gone home and came back with yam tubers from your compound? Any village or community that is celebrating new yam festival in Anambra State is depending on Anam, depending on the yam they will collect from the riverine areas.
72.        How many cups of rice have you harvested from your farm I mean from Nkanu or Nsukka? If you are talking of rice, you are talking of Adani, Uzor-Uwani, Abakaliki or you are talking of foreign rice. If Nigeria wants to stop importation of rice, they have their eyes on Uzor-Uwani and Abakaliki, Ugbo-Oka. This is true! The little they produced at Taraba State cannot serve anywhere.
73.        How many times have you gone home and come back with a basket of tomatoes harvested for you by your mother? You depend on tomatoes from the Northern State. Beans is from there, everything! Even plantain is coming from there now; yam tubers from there. All these things have been ravaged.
74.        The Lord is about to render the entire world desolate, the hand of God has rested upon the whole Earth for total annihilation. Hence the voice said “Henceforth, expect nothing good coming from the world for the world has waxed very old. And when something waxes old, it must be disposed off.” He said, “You are the only people that are cooling the temper of God.”
75.        The only instrument God has on Earth is this body of Christ. His only property, once He collects it, which He has now come to collect, He has come to collect His jewels, anything can happen to the dustbin. As long as we are still here, we must eat and drink. Once we are still feeling pains, it then means we need all these things.
76.        For that reason, please, please it is not a crime whether rapture is taking place today or tomorrow, it is not a crime, if you have little money; buy some yam tubers now you can afford to buy one. But the prices have gone so high.
77.        A tuber of yam that was purchased for five hundred naira last month, it is about one thousand two this morning. Do not be surprised that tomorrow, the least bag of rice will be between eleven and twelve thousand naira.
78.        Remember that God said the moment this thing set in motion, once it sets in; it will not come down again because the water in the tank is almost finished and the tank is about to be washed.
79.        What am I saying? When famine was announced to the people of God, intelligent and wise people went into the market to stack food. While foolish people continued consoling themselves that it is going to be better tomorrow. “It will be better tomorrow,” you continue saying it will be better until your salary cannot purchase a bag of rice. then what you will say is, “had I known, daddy said it ooo!”
80.        Go and buy rice, buy yam; buy beans. Use jerry-cans to stack your beans with fresh pepper or dry pepper on top. Lock it, make it air-tight. Buy as many jerry-cans as you can. Team up if possible, five persons two persons you can buy one big bag and share. Do not say it will be better tomorrow, do not say the one in the market is expensive that another new one will come out.
81.        If new one will come out, will you enter water and bring it out? Where did you plant that one? When you are hearing that water has destroyed everything that is remaining, where is that one that you are hoping on is coming from? Flood that destroys others, will it not destroy yours?
82.        Go and buy bag of rice, stack rice, buy yam tubers, stack yam. Not only for yourself, for those God may bring on your way to help. For in no distant time, you are going to feed your neighbours as a sure sign that you have a Prophet in your midst.
83.        Yes, when your neighbours will be drying up, their children will be wailing because they cannot see the hand-writing on the wall; what is blinding them is nothing but the fashion of this world. The money they would have used to stack some food, they will use it to buy materials, change apparels, go to this and that. They do not know this thing will last for too long.
84.        Note it, Nigerians are predicting that by October 28th 2012 that the flood is likely to resist. About October 28th 2012, MTN news on 29th September 2012 says November 15th 2012. They are guessing; but I want to talk to you, up till this very moment we are in; the rain has not started falling in the North. Niger is still experiencing their drought, while their rivers are over flowing.
85.        Any moment from now, when we shall be experiencing hamattan, they will be experiencing rainy season which will now increase the volume of water as never before. If there is over flooding during hamattan, what will happen during raining season? You can only control it if it is happening here. But it is surging from afar where you have no power to control it.
86.        Who can stop or prevent a down flowing of a river from its sources? Nobody! I am saying that the flooding will last longer than necessary. What if at the end, the water will go round everywhere for the Lord to use it as petrol to ignite fire upon the whole Earth? Will you query Him? No! Has He not done it before? Elijah used twelve drums of water as fuel to ignite fire on the fire wood.
87.        the anger of the Lord, whenever it will be revealed will make all the oceans dry land. The fiercest of the anger of the Lord, coupled with the intense heat that is coming will dry up everything. Everything means everything.
88.        I do not care what scientists are propagating, all the predictions must surely fail them! let no man ever fool you, the problem we are having globally is beyond scientific solution. I show you another sign: if you are privileged to have money, Although you have your vehicles, make sure you fuel your vehicles everyday so that you can move about a little.
89.        What is about to take place, is going to render all transformers useless, the heat can never allow the transformers to function properly. Many of them will explode; there will not be money to put them into use.
90.        I am saying that the greater part of this Nigeria will suffer great darkness any moment from this very day, there will be Great darkness and the price of fuel will be so high that the common man cannot buy a litre to run a generator. Everything God made, will turn against man; for mankind has troubled God too much.
91.        Now, of course you know it that the whole world is quaking and shaking because some countries that called themselves the super powers are all out to test all the weapons in their armoury especially the nuclear weapons that are capable of raising the temperature of the whole Earth to over one million degree Fahrenheit (°F).
92.        Look at what happened in Japan recently, how the country temperature was raised over night. I am telling you that the exchange of two nuclear weapons; that is what the world needs and everybody will wither. These things are with us already, ready to be tested, using human beings to test the power of those nuclear energies.
93.        The world has tapped great energy from the sun, from the solar system which they lack the means to control. Everything is aiming at something: putting an end to human existence upon the Earth, only the supernaturals to reign. Only supernatural beings will survive, none supernaturals must surely pay the price! And of course you know who the supernaturals are likely to be.
94.        Note it, A natural man cannot serve the interest of the supernatural God. the same way a supernatural God can never dwell with natural human beings. It will take supernatural human beings to stay together with a supernatural God. What He is begotten to Himself are supernatural beings.
95.        If Jesus Christ was not supernatural, he would not have gone to Rapture. But when he was initially born, he was not born a supernatural. However, something touched him and he became supernatural. The same thing that touched him, the same has enveloped all of us.
96.        When you watch the video, what do you see? Don’t you see yourselves with the supernatural that came and abode on all of us? Sometimes, it will become impossible even to see one another. However, you will begin to wonder but we are seeing ourselves, the video was shot during the day.
97.        He is here now, He is here now, I can see Him around. I can see Him around, He is here, everywhere! However, your natural eyes cannot see Him here. You can feel the Cloud, I can feel the Cloud, I can feel the canopy, though your eyes cannot see; but He is here. He is everywhere, everywhere; everywhere. Look at the canopy, I can see everywhere; everywhere soaring. You see everywhere, under the canopy. That is why we are a different people all together. That is what makes the total difference.
98.        Your human eyes cannot see it, but when you open the video, you begin to wonder, when did I enter the Cloud that I am roaming inside the Cloud like a thick smoke. You see some people moving inside, but look at us here. Our eyes cannot see it. There is nobody in this Faith  who can begin to query what Bishop Moses captured in that photograph for the video has confirmed it more and more.
99.        If you watch the video of the message titled “It is Finished,” you will faint. It got to a point where all of you were wearing a sort of wool. Anybody who was not with us that Sunday, if he dares watch that video, he might be thinking it was shot in the night. A little while, a cross section will be purely black. You begin to see hands moving, everybody. A little while you see the smoke moving and then covering everywhere. You see what makes it totally different?
100.     Look at outside there is light, but you are under a canopy. What is more, if you have spiritually watched the videos, you can hardly believe that that thing is this GTC hall. It is like another world, such a wonderful picture that is not seen in Nigeria. Not even seen in all the cathedrals. This place is by far preferred to a cathedral in the sight of God.
101.     It went to the extent that the glory of God beautified everywhere, nobody can believe that it is this ordinary wooden bench. Our wooden benches become more beautiful than plastic chairs. Our faces were illuminating with smile; it pays to have a Prophet in your midst so that you will not walk in blindness, One who will tell you things to expect. He will tell you where you are, He will tell you where you are heading to and tell you what to expect.
102.     Now, let the sun come inside, let the sun come inside! The sun can come inside so that we can see our faces again. Glory be to God in the highest. Amen.

The time has come to address the truth, if you have a mother that is not in this faith; you have no mother. You have no mother except in Christ. you have no husband, you have no children, you have no wife, no brother; nothing, nothing except in Christ.
2.           Anybody that is not found in the faith of the Son of Man is lost. In every age there is always a messenger, God’s own beloved son in whom He is well pleased. Where He will say to everybody “Hear ye Him.” There can never be two saviours in one dispensation, it has never happened before and it will not start with you.
3.           There is only but one Saviour here in our own age for God is one, and His Name one. A child of God does not die rather he passes from death unto life for believing God. However, if your parents are not in this most holy Faith, anytime they die they have died, they are forgotten.
4.           I thank God that Brother Onyema consoled himself with the word of God, he is not a kid. He knows very well that his mother is as useless as useless can be. If she is useful, she should have paid attention to him.
5.           That was what I told my mother, “If you do not open your heart and receive this Gospel; I may not see your corpse for I am a Priest. The rest of your children will bury you, nobody will even tell Me that you died.” Really, she discovered that I meant it and then woke up from slumber.
6.           When I entreated her that I will join my father to take her back to her home town alive, to save me the cost of burying her, she thought we were joking. Until one morning I took counsel with my father, carried wine, carried our vehicle to her family and summoned everybody: “We have come to give you notice, fourteen days from now, if she does not repent, we are bringing her back at this old age alive. We will feed her, take care of her in her father’s compound, not in our own compound.”
7.           You see, I stood up and said, “Yes! I am helping my father to marry another wife!” They said, “Sunday,” I said “Na me! We want to have rest.”
8.           Nobody makes trouble more than a heathen, that is, a pagan. One that is not in the faith of Christ is a troublemaker. Always inciting people against you the honest ones. If you must fear somebody, fear your mother that is not in this faith, fear your father.
9.           I conditioned the heart of my mother so much that she began to address the truth. I told her plainly, “As you see me so, I do not know how to threaten someone. I mean my word. Mama, as long as God lives and I live, if there is any useful role you are playing in the compound, it is just to scream if you hear the noise of somebody coming into the compound so that they will know that a human being is in the compound—a human being that cannot run, that cannot walk.
10.        You do not get firewood, you do not enter the kitchen; you are not even serving me. You are not taking care of my children; you are a liability to me. You are not an asset, no.”
11.        When you will be receiving phone calls, “He nearly died last night, he fell off from the roof, he fell off from the window; he fell off from the door.” That is a liability!
12.        What am I saying? We do not sorrow for the dead; we can only sorrow for the dead if we had not the opportunity to preach to them. Brother Onyema hardened his heart because his mother has paid him a visit many, many times before he got married.
13.        We are the people that do go to his house, his mother has heard our message. After hearing, she will harden her heart. She had the opportunity to hear the Gospel of Christ. Thus, the family is consoled already, they did a wonderful thing.
14.        She died on Sunday morning, they buried her on Monday and the children came back on Tuesday, justifying their faith: there is no need staying at home because of a pagan, a dagon, a liability. They have parted and parted till eternity.
15.        You can meet somebody over there, not that woman. If you are praying that you should meet your heathen parents there when they have not repented, you are praying that you should not continue with Christ. No matter how you love your parents, if they love you, they should listen to you. For the fact that they do not believe your faith, it shows that they hate you. If you really love me, open your ears and hear what I am telling you.
16.        If I talk to you, you will say God forbid, if I bring money, you will collect. I bring food, you collect it from me. You are an idol they worship. We better face this truth.
17.        You see, Sister Esther, the wife of our late Pastor ‘Yowah’ alerted Me that she was going home. Their only son who married few years ago fell sick at Ukpor, that same Monday she called Me, only to inform Me that the young man died the same night. He died of hepatitis.
18.        So many of you do not know him. It is better you do not know him for he really died. If the Gospel of the Son of Man is hidden, it is not hidden in that compound.
19.        When we went there to marry Sister Esther, I preached the Gospel. When her mother died, I preached the Gospel. When her father died, I preached the Gospel. They had opportunity to believe. They confirmed the message to be truth, but refused to follow. Thus, they were judged.   
20.        I wanted to demonstrate the video of the Message “He Has Come, He Has Gone” in the fellowship but for one reason, I said that I will be stupid to advertise it before you will collect it.
21.        Nobody is adequate to tell us what is in this film except a Prophet. Apart from a Prophet, nobody human being can tell us what we captured last Sunday. No human being, not even Brother Victor Nnachor.
22.        The time for liberalization of television is approaching for you to enjoy it for at least one month. If you say it is too short, it then means you do not want to follow Me. Anytime I am going away, I am leaving everything here. He that came down here, what did He come with? He came down empty-handed. He came for His own. The only Property God has on Earth are His children.
23.        When you hear host of angels, do you know how many hosts of angels that came down with Him? Or you think He came alone? You do not know what is happening.
24.        The message “He has come He has gone;” to those who purchased it, do not recopy it to anybody because I know when they see the content, they will fly down to Onitsha.
25.        Only God’s people pay heed to events. When they see events coming to pass, they tie it to prophecy as they see what God has already told them. They will be on the alert, getting ready for their flight.
26.        In the time of Noah, there are some events which preceded before God came to destroy the world. William Branham said that Noah was paying his attention, focusing his eye on Enoch which was the seventh from Adam, when he prophesied that the Lord will come with ten thousand of His Angels to execute judgment on Earth, Enoch was the seventh from Adam. Noah was watching Him, immediately Enoch vanished, Noah knew that the world has come to an end. He moved on in building the Ark, paying attention to the instructions given to him from God.
27.        That you are paying attention to the word of prophecy that you must be in line, all our footsteps must be at the same pace, our hands will go at the same pace, our eyes will be focused upon the sign of our time, for we are the people that know the world has come to an end.
28.        When Paul was talking to his people, he told them that “We are the people upon which the world has come to an end. After us there will be no generation of human beings on Earth with this physical flesh.”
29.        Apart from this Bridal ministry, there will be no human race on Earth with this physical flesh. The people on the Earth will be supernatural human beings with theophany body, and that is why we are seeing what is taking place these days.
30.        We are highly blessed that God is in our midst in human form, telling us all these things and we see it with our eyes coming to pass. All those sign you see are what Jesus told His disciples that will precede the time before the appearance of the Son of Man. All of them are affiliated and the world knew that all of them are coming to pass but they do not know where they will point those people to.
31.        They only say that the world is coming to an end, the world is coming to an end but they do not know the way of escape.
32.        We are the only people that know the way of escape, and we are in the road of escape. If you are not in the road of escape, you cannot escape. Before you can escape, you must identify the road.
33.        For instance, if there is trouble in the city of Onitsha, before you can escape, you must identify the way, the area which the trouble has not reached and escape from there. Amen.


Luke 21:25-26: “And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;
2.           Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of Heaven shall be shaken.” KJV
3.           There is no aspect of life that is free. If you go to the spiritual world, they know what is happening, forces, powers have set in the wave and sea roaring and we see them with our eyes. God knows the way in which He will beat human beings hollow.
4.           That is exactly where God is moving to, but to us we are on the safe ground because we are in an approved place. Hence, we must pay attention having heard all that God told us, how the whole thing started and we have seen all the areas the flood has covered and the end of the flood is not in sight.
5.           If you go to the message “The Bride of Christ in Preview,” God made us to understand why He held a preview, just like a film, if you watch the actors after acting a film, they preview it.
6.           Before any film is introduced to the public after the acting, the managers or the actors will review the film, watch it to know if the film meets what they want and whether it can be sold in the market. They do not bring it out throw it into the public. They will sit down in their room, play the film from the beginning till the end to know whether it gives what they have in mind, the same to those that play records.
7.           After recording the music, they play it to know whether it meets what they have in mind. Now that everything is computerized, if there is any amendment, it will be amended before it enters into the market. That is exactly what God did among us.
8.            “The Bride of Christ in Preview,” page 34 from verse 2; Psalms 133 verse 1, “Psalms 133 verse 1, ‘Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!’ KJV.
9.            ‘How pleasant, how wonderful when brothers live in unity.’ LB.
10.        Yes, when brothers and sisters that make up the family of God live in unity, oh how wonderful, how glorious for brethren to dwell together in unity.
11.        All these years, we have been taught by God. As we prepare ourselves for our departure to the place where we will depart no more, where we are heading to, is our final resting place, the end of a journey that started millions of years ago.”
12.        It is about to come to an end, this journey started trillion of trillions of years ago. Immediately the fall of man took place in the Garden of Eden, God put in motion the salvation plan, first of all sent Himself, from there He has been using man.
13.        He destroyed the days of Noah and He decided in His mind to have a peculiar people, a nation He will call His own. That is why if you go to the message “God’s Plan For Establishing a Church,” there He outlined how He started to save mankind, to have a people He will call His own, a people He will control by the words of His mouth, a people He will rule by the words of His mouth.
14.        He set it in motion gradually, map out plans, believing that towards the end on the allotted time and days of that plan, He must have a bride. He must have His own people whom He will dwell among, give them His own nature. For what we have captured in our photograph all these years is the mind of God, His intention which He purposed to give to His own people that believed Him all through the ages that will be saved.
15.        That is why the words of St. Paul came to pass, that without us they were not made perfect. For this theophany body what they have been longing for years, Paul said that “We will not be without bodies.” We must have a body where we will end in immediately we drop this flesh and for the sake of this theophany body, the Son of Man is sent to the Gentile world to gather the Bride of Christ and prepare them to have their theophany bodies which He called the wedding garment.
16.        There is no way we can have this theophany body without strict obedience to the teachings we have received, for all that God promised His people are stored in His words. The end journey that started million of years ago is about to come to an end.
17.        “...Moreover, God wants this meeting to hold in order to enable us assess ourselves and equally enable God also to assess us to know how ready we are for the flight.”
18.        Having seen what is happening in our midst, having seen what is taking place in the world, these call for total obedience to God’s words and it calls for soberness. If there is a time we should be sober, it is now. Knowing that everything under Heaven has failed, there is nothing that is standing erect again in its position as it was in the beginning. Nothing under Heaven, nothing in the spiritual world, everything is shaking for it was predicted by Jesus that when the Son of Man will appear, there will be sign in the sun, in the moon, in the stars and on Earth, the rivers will over flow.
19.        After all these things the whole world will see the Son of Man coming in the Cloud of His Glory and He is here with us, what else are we waiting for?
20.        That is why we have to put our eyes on the prophecies of our day. That Man that said “Brethren, I want you to go fellowship early tomorrow for I will be there before everybody to sort out things by myself before the fellowship will start”, we came down to the fellowship hall in Jerusalem; to prove the fulfilment of His word, He (the Ancient of Days) moved our brethren to take shots (photographs) and we saw Him standing in His position as He said.
21.        Is this not enough to build your confidence that one of these days as we are in the fellowship, the whole thing will come to pass? Those dreams you have been seeing where we put on our new bodies, fly in the air, are they not a shadow of the reality, that what we believe is real, not imaginary, it is not artistic impression, for we are the only people that worship the Reality.
22.        We do not worship the imaginary God. Yes because I can point you to my God. Whether you believe or not, it is not my concern. If I show you my father physically and you say he is not my father, does it remove anything from me? No.
23.        We have come to the end for God told us, that what we saw in our midst in the camp meeting is exactly what He expects to be among us till the day the theophany body would be given to us. Cast your minds back to that experience .
24.        ...Thus, since the Bride has made herself ready, it then implies that we can dwell together with God and with one another eternally without anybody causing offence. Remember He said, ‘All cause of offence shall not be found there. Only men and women with love, because there is going to be perfect harmony over there.’ The Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come to the wedding supper, for the Bride has made herself ready.’
26.        Who are that Bride He is talking about? That is, you and I. We are the Bride,, individually and collectively, and the Bridegroom is no other person than the Son of Man that is revealed in our midst, by whose Words we are begotten unto the Father. Apart from the words of the Son of Man, nobody here can be immortal.
27.        God has first of all sat down and play the preview of the Bride to see what it is for He is going to present the Church as a glorious virgin without spot or wrinkle to Himself.
28.        Verse 9: “Why is it so? It is because they are not having the same heartbeats. In appearance they look like one but spiritually they are divided. What is more, God is catching away a unique Body as an indivisible entity, bound together by God’s strong cord of Love. Nothing is found there but perfect love.”
29.         Without it we are going nowhere. Note it, what will confirm it as many as are ordained eternal life, the showdown is here with us.
30.        ...Nothing is found there but perfect love. Note, not doctrine, not teaching, not uniform, what is found there is PERFECT LOVE, people that are knit together in one mind, in one heart, in one principle. These are people that are qualified to stay together without quarrelling, no back-biting, no finding fault for it is joy, joy, joy.
31.        Do you know that we are the only group that is rejoicing when we see all these things, the natural disasters and all that God predicted coming to pass, we rejoice and praise God.
32.        The Son of Man was telling His boss in the office that  “these things that are happening, the hand of God is there. The boss said, “Odoemena, you are mad! Everything, you say God’s hand is there, how can God put His hand on something that is bad?” It is because the man does not know the scriptures. For the Prophet asked a question “Will there be evil in the city, without God permitting it to happen?  (Amos 3:6).
33.        See whatever that is happening now as God loosing the foundation of the Earth, making it uncomfortable for us to stay here, our heart (Bride) and the Heartbeat of the Bridegroom must be one. I told you that the Bridegroom said that He is uncomfortable here now, and we also need to be uncomfortable.
34.        See what is taking place, for we are not going to be the worst hit, but the world will see the harder part of these things that are happening, for God has spoken it. Almighty God told us that He will frustrate the predictions of the astrologers and the soothsayers but when His servant predicts anything in His Name, He must bring it to pass.
35.        That is exactly what you will see happening in our day, and we are very glad to God. We are going to dwell together in peace, that your life now, examine yourself if your heart is not right with God, automatically there is no way the theophany  body will be given to you.
36.        Make sure through the messages you have received that there is nothing between you and your saviour. If there is a time you will focus your eyes upon yourself and the message, this is not the time to watch your sister or your brother to know what he is doing because you do not know his mission, and you do not know his heart desire.
37.        I was talking to some of our brethren saying, “There, when we put on the theophany body, we will know what is in the heart of one another but now, as I am walking with you, you do not know what is in my heart, I do not know what is in your heart.”
38.        That is why no cause of offence will be there, IT MUST BE ONE HEART. Nobody will start to sin or cause offence.
39.        Examine yourself in the light of the messages you have received, to know whether we will be able to be there, dwell together in peace. 
42.        Has this change taken place in you? Have you sat down to examine yourself, that this change has taken place in you to the extent that God used rice to explain what He (God) has in mind concerning all of us? That He cannot because of small sand in the rice and throw away the whole rice for He has done much separation of stone from the rice, so that after cooking, if there is a little stone that remains you do not mind swallowing all of them.
43.        That one of these days, immortality will swallow all our weakness. You must come to that stage, for there is a stage of weakness in all of us where it will reach for immortality to swallow it up. You will not tell me that if the whole rice is full of sand, you take one spoon, sand, you take the second spoon, sand, you will not eat it again. You will throw it away.
44.        However, if you have been eating the rice and all of a sudden, you ate sand and you know that the sand is only that one, you will swallow the whole thing or you remove it and continue eating your rice.
45.        Let us examine our lives for the hour is drawing near very rapidly. St. Paul told the people of his day that “salvation is nearer now than when we first believed”.
46.        Imagine the time of St Paul. What of you and I in this Faith, before our eyes, we see every statement that proceeded out of the mouth of God coming to pass immediately. If St. Paul told them that it is nearer that time, what do you expect us to tell you now? It is closest, expect the paradise. Get what He means, whether we are suppressing our feelings or a change has taken place.
50.        If there is a time we need to be humble and meek, it is now. If there is a time we need to assess ourselves to see if those things God pointed out that will not be found in our midst, it is now. Are we not seeing everything fulfilling before our eyes? Is it not finished?
51.        Watch what Jesus Christ told His disciples, before He told them, when He resurrected, that they should go to the mountain Olive and wait for Him there. Before He told them to go to mountain Olive, He has been appearing and disappearing among them. He talks to them, expounded their understanding in the scripture that was written concerning Him, telling them that this is what I told you when I was with you that I will pass all these things, and die, and come back into my glory. 
52.        He was explaining to them, what was He doing? He was removing fear from their hearts. He did not wake up from the grave, He did not resurrect and varnish like that, for He stayed with them for forty days. At the expiration of forty days, He started to depart, telling them events that will take place. What is more, He told them to tarry in Jerusalem until He will be back. Did He tell them the particular day that they will stay? No.
53.        You see why it is very important at this dying minutes, no other pronouncement will be given to you, no other warning will be given to you. As many that have covenant with God, start coming to fellowship now, knowing that one day we will come here and no more depart again. It is as clear as the day.
54.        If you said it is not true, are we not sitting down here as the video was taken? A brother watched the video and said that nobody will believe that this video was taken in the day. How is it that we are seeing ourselves, are we not seeing ourselves? You see the Cloud covering everybody.
55.        Our forefathers did not see it this way. God has come down visible. Moses told God in those days “that other nations have heard that your visibly being has been seen among your people;” when the Pillar of Cloud came down, is it not so today?
56.        Do you see why we have to gird up our loins? Do you see why we must throw away all those things that becloud us, to make sure that we are ready with him. Do not think He will tell you to come next Sunday by 6 O’clock in the morning, “I will come and announce how we will depart” No! It is not like that. He will not tell you like that.
57.        God said that since many people have taken upon themselves, both the hypocrites and the latecomers, to begin to come to fellowship early, the translation will be delayed. It will take place the way you least expect. However, as many that are partakers, already know. The instinct is there in you, you cannot play away with the Word of God.  
58.        Look at the reflection of our faces, the Bride has made herself ready; nevertheless the taste of the pudding is in the eating. Unless you come closer to a man, you will not perceive the odour of his mouth.
59.        Thus, God wants us to draw closer and gather ourselves together as a nation that is no longer desired by the world. We are the only nation the world does not desire. We are the only group of people that worships God under the sky, the whole world joined together, they do not desire us. Preach our Faith outside, they hate us, we do business with them, they hate us unless you are a hypocrite.
60.        If you stand by the Revelation of God in our day, the whole world will hate you. Even your biological brothers and sisters will hate you; they will call you all kinds of evil names. In as much as you tell them that your God is a human being, they will call you all kinds of names, they will hate you. Having seen that they hate us, why cannot we come together in accordance with the voice that we received that we are undesirable here on Earth:
61.        You see, we must be very careful. Note that God said that it is good and pleasant for brethren to dwell together in unity. When we gather in the fellowship, there is no brother or sister that quarrels with anybody. Why is it that when we gather in the fellowship, no quarrel, but if you go out there, we see you quarrel? It means that some have not allowed the words to have impact in them.
62.        Just like the Pharisees, they came to Jesus and said, “But we think you are that Messiah, tell us?” He said, “You do not believe me because my word has no place to stay in you.”
63.        You must come to the realization of this particular truth that we are saying that the words of God are spirit and life. It is by the words that you are changed, if you will accept it, that is, if you allow the words of God in our own day to have  His control over you, a change must take place in you.
64.        As you take paracetamol tablet, immediately it dissolves, it will be absolved into the blood streams and nerves to arrest the symptom that caused the headache, the same way when you allow your heart to assimilate the Spoken Word of the Son of Man (God),  it does the same thing spiritually. The same thing medicine does in your body physically, in your blood stream, the same the words of God will do in your life.
65.        Very soon, this world we are living in today, we will be in the Cloud, seeing what is taking place. Then as many that are still in doubt will see that God has confirmed the totality of all that we have been preaching all these years by clothing us with immortal body.
66.        “The Bride of Christ in Preview,”  page 54 from verse 39: “Just like God put a human body together, with hands, eyes, nose, mouth, leg—put everything together, and then presented a picture of a man, that is, a picture of Himself, for you are the express image of the Living God physically speaking. Brethren, do you believe that?
67.        Since God’s children are human beings, according to the Scripture, God also became a human being to save His own, for only as a human being can He be a saviour to them (His children).
68.        A wind cannot be a Saviour; a spirit cannot be a saviour. A human being has always being a saviour to his fellow human being...”
69.        Can’t you see it from this angle? Whatever you are doing now to earn a living, do you just come to the world and start doing it? You learnt it from your fellow human being. If you are a medical doctor, a teacher, a scientist or whatever, somebody taught you, you learnt it from him, then how can you tell me that you can worship the Supreme Being without God Himself dwelling in a human being to tell you how to worship Him?
70.        We use physical things to type spiritual things. You cannot worship God rightly. You do not know who the father is, do you? It must take the Son to reveal the Father to you. Moreover, the Son has revealed the Father, and He is no other person but the express image of the Son was what the Father is all about.
71.        Watch that photograph, the same height, the same everything. Just as what William Branham saw in his own day, about the Angel that visited him, He is not tall man, He is not a white man, he said that He is black in complexion. He said His weight, and has an average height. Before our eyes we saw prophecy fulfilling, God came down and confirmed His presence, everything to us.
72.        Why cannot you believe the words of prophecy? Once you deny that Christ is a human being, you have denied the Deity. For whosoever that must come to Him, must believe that He is and He exists. The mask may change but the voice remains the same.
73.        God is a human being; I am not serving an invisible God. An invisible God is an imaginary god. The man that William Branham saw as the very Christ was black in complexion. Why William Branham saw Him is because it has been prophesied by the Prophets that the sun has acted on Him.
74.        God knows how to deceive the world and save His people. They were expecting Elijah to come, before their eyes, John the Baptist came. Nobody knew he was the Elijah until Christ came and told them that John the Baptist was Elijah. Whether you believe or not, He has come and He has gone.
75.        …. A wind cannot be a Saviour; a spirit cannot be a saviour. A human being has always been a saviour to his fellow human beings.”
76.         That is why we are rejoicing, and glorifying His Name. The bone of contention in every dispensation has always remained the people to accept that God has been revealed not in any other place, God has always been revealed as a man. 
77.        However, nobody can see Him, He reveals Himself to whosoever He willeth. We must follow the words of God for the prophecies have pointed us to His word and there is no word of God without a man.
78.        The word of God was not there without Adam and Eve, it was not there without Noah, it was not there without Moses, for the word of God to come there must be a man whom the word will come through, before the word will come forth, there must be a man. The word will come through Him for no prophecy of God comes from the will of a man.
79.        Christ was the one that move in the midst of Seven Golden candlesticks. He is in our midst; the totality of the Godhead is in Bride. You see why we are very grateful to God!
80.        “…. Note, one Lord, one faith, one baptism. Thus, the Body of Christ is one indivisible entity, unique and must be presented same as a unique entity. You are not going to be presented as two; you must be presented to Christ and Christ alone.
81.        If the Spirit of Christ is in us all, our character must be one. For Christ is identified by His characteristics. No schism in the Body at all, no quarrelling, no bickering, no fighting...”
82.        You cannot say “I am of Peter,” “I am of Apollos,” no! !We are one, whether I preach or any other person preaches, we are the same labourers in the same vineyard. It is Christ that has done the great thing. Without Christ in me, I (kelechi) can do nothing. That is why we humble ourselves like the Christ of our day. The Bridal Faith is only Faith that has gone across all tribal barriers.
83.        “….However, watch the Bridal Faith, it is unique in everything. For in Christ, there is no Jew, there is no Gentile. No Yoruba, no Igbo, no Hausa, no discrimination. We are all but one in Christ—one indivisible entity in everything.
84.        That is why, when you get to Nassarawa State, be with our brethren over there, you are at home if they are real brothers or sisters—you are at home with them. You go to Enugu; you are at home with them. You go to Lagos, you are welcomed in their midst. Anywhere you go to, you are comfortable, more comfortable than you can feel while staying with your blood father and mother.
87.        You see, we have to be very careful now that the whole thing is coming to an end. The translation of the saint is as fast as fast can be—in a twinkling of an eye. You think nothing is happening, but great things are taking place.
88.        You do not know where the flood has reached today, what God is planning for the whole world, they least expect it. They do not know the height and the level it will reach but He has conditioned our minds, making us to know that these things will take place from now. He told us what we should do as we live here to save us from sorrow.
89.        God said that He will never drop anybody, that we will drop ourselves. Why we must be mindful of the voice that roared on us, why we must be mindful of the words of God that has been spoken against us, it is very important that you pay heed to His voice, because He said that He will not drop anybody but we will drop ourselves.
90.        Pay heed now to this man whom we can see, behold His Glory, touch His hand, eat and drink with Him, He was made head of all things, He is the Supreme universal God, the Supreme Universal Head of the Church, He is the One that is talking to us in this last day; whose voice is not only shaking the Heaven but also the Earth.
91.        The Bible is saying that no deception, no lie, no falsehood is from this man. Who is the man we are talking about, The Resurrected Body, The Elohim Himself.
92.        Note it, every bush is a fire, every rock a fountain of water, every star a pillar of fire, and every Cloud is the one that leads to God. You see the Cloud that leads us to God? Without controversy, great is the mystery of godliness. Christ is the mystery of God, in Him we are not following Him in vain. If anyone wants to say rubbish, kindly ask him this question: “Kindly show us who is wearing the Cloud presently now? If God has left us, where is He now? Who is the fellow wearing the Cloud that we may take him seriously?”
93.        You see why God said that we should pray for the man that is in the right hand side of God, even the Son of Man, that He will strengthen Him that we may  serve Him rightly.
94.        If God did not strengthen the Son of Man, none of us will be strengthened till today. It is the strength given to Him that Prophet David prophesied in his own day, he saw the Son of Man at the right hand of the Father; knowing very well that the strength of God’s people is drawn from the Son of Man. And He said, “Strengthen the man in your right hand that we might serve you rightly.”   
95.        Thus, we must be very careful at this moment. How can you erase your name with your own hand? Now the God we worship is not a story to any of us. Is the God we worship a story to any of us? No; even our little ones know Him, the minors, they know whom God is, is it not amazing the infants in our midst recognized the Supreme Deity in our midst?
96.        Something that has never happened before is happening before our eyes. In the day of Moses, they told their children that God did this, that God did that but in our own day, our little ones saw God with their own eyes recognized Him.
97.        Now the world is coming to an end, now that our flight is nearer than what we think it is, this is the time we have to gird up ourselves, cut off those occasion, those thing that tied you to the things of the world, cut them off. So that we can be lighter than before.
98.        The Bride of Christ in Preview”, page 115 from verse 28, “The Bride cannot be presented anyhow; the Instructor must bring the Bride together and watch the Bride from the grandstand to know what He has achieved in her. Before the wedding day, when the man must have adorned the wife, he normally admires the wife before going to the wedding hall. Otherwise, he will make a mess of it.
99.        The Bride is about to be presented as a UNIQUE BODY, INDIVISIBLE ENTITY, DEVOID OF ANYTHING BITTERNESS, RANCOUR, HATRED AND EVERY FORM OF EVIL, believing that she has been cleansed, she has been washed, she has been made holy by the Word. 
100.     Who are ready? Those that are knit together in one mind, in one spirit, in one love, manifesting one character. Anything contrary to this must be packed out. Anything contrary, no matter your position in Christ, is unfit. For that reason, God has summoned us for a mock test, a general test and it is holding in Jerusalem...”
101.     Anytime we gathered in His presence, God is watching our attitude and behaviours, our utterances. From 19th of August, the day we got the supreme judge photograph, your hearts have to be in fear and tremble. That the same way He stood in the fellowship, when we dismiss He follows us the same to our homes.
102.     If you have this revelation in you, you will know that there is an unseen eye that is watching you. The time of playing smartness is all over! This is the time God needs to know real men and women that are sincere because the whole thing will end at the moment we do not think about it. It may be when you say “Let me get ready,” before you know it, the whole thing comes to an end. Amen.



Does your Life Reflect this Faith?” page 15: “God’s Prophecies Are Tied to Time’, page 80 verse 61-64: ‘Thus, there is no reason why you should not pay attention.
2.           If you do not listen to our Message and obey, you have counted yourself unworthy of the everlasting life whether you like it or not, for God is going to judge the world, this generation according to My Gospel. 
3.           The Gospel of your age is what will be used in judging you. God cannot judge you with the Message of Moses, for you were not in Moses’ day.  It does not concern you; but He will judge you with the Message of your own Messenger, which is the Message of the Son of Man.  For your Messenger is the God of your dispensation.
4.            ‘Behold Your God Cometh’ is a Message I preached many years ago.  Brethren, the Son of Man has won the battle of the anti-Christ on the opposite side.  If there is any war left, it is the war between you and your family.  That is where the fight remains.
5.           The Son of Man has pushed unbelief away.  If there is unbelief, it is in your family, not in the Body of Christ; not in the Family of God.  Unbelief is nothing but detaching yourself from the Body of Christ, for in the Body of Christ, it must be believers.’
6.           This is the particular area that has caught my attention for it says that God will judge you and I with the Message He has handed down to us. Note it, you and I must be judged, not with the Message of Moses or any other messenger but, the Message God delivered to us. Is He an unjust God if He does so? No.
7.           If a teacher examines his class with what he taught them, is it not proper? God has concluded this matter. There is no other thing you should be looking out to see which God is going to use in judging you than what He has already given to you. You must account for it.
8.           He equally went further to say, ‘Disobeying the Message, refusing the Message means detaching yourself from the Body of Christ,’ and detaching yourself means removing your name from God’s Book of Life. Now the question arises: was your name there in the beginning? The answer is yes. We are almost there.
9.           God is already about rounding off His programme with mankind, but it is going to be on a very disastrous note. Disaster awaits all living human beings on Earth, nobody is exempted.”
10.         Disaster awaits the whole world nobody is exempted but God wants to exempt us. He wants to push us out of the disaster, that is why He sent the Son of Man. Believing Him accepting Him, taking His words serious now that we see prophecies fulfilling is the most important thing. Desire it as you desire your necessary food. If you do not pay attention well, that day, you will say had I known.
11.        “Does your Life Reflect This Faith?” Page 60 verse 16. That is the question you ought to ask yourself. “16.          Yes, He (God) knows everyone of us. Everything about us appears naked and He is the only One we are going to explain or give account of what we have been doing or what we have done from the inception of this most holy ministry in my own day.
12.        From the time God brought you into this faith till the end, you are going to explain or give account of what you have done in this ministry to God, no other place.
13.        He will not ask me about the ministry of William Branham or Paul or Moses, no! It is this ministry of the Son of Man, the Bridal Faith that is committed into my own hands, He will ask me what I have been doing with it, how I have taken this ministry, the instructions I have been receiving at this dying minute.
14.        Saint Paul said, ‘We whom the end of the world have come upon.’ Note it very well; the end of the world has come upon us. Let nothing deceive you, that you go out and come back now, we have come into the day, very soon the night will take over, then comes in the next day.
15.        You think nothing is happening? Great things are happening faster than you think.”
16.        The morning has come, now; very soon there will be night. You think nothing is happening? The world is going about their normal business, everything as usual but we fixed our eyes on the words of the Prophets. Watching prophecies, watching signs and wonders, seeing them coming to pass in our own day.
17.        The Cloud is in our midst, the supernatural indisputable presence of Jehovah since the world began, has always been made, God revealing Himself in the Pillar of Cloud, in the Thick Darkness, in the Pillar Of Light. By these three immutable vindications, we are sure and certain that we are not following cunningly devised fables.
18.        Believe it if you can, I know the date if you do not know the date. No man knoweth the hour or the date, or the day or time except my Father who is in Heaven. Do you believe that? He that is in the bosom of the Father knows the mind of the Father. If you have seen me, you have seen the Father for the Father dwelleth in Me.
19.        Believe it if you can, I and the Father are one. Yes, in the time of Jesus Christ nobody knew Him neither He Jesus Christ because it was not given to them to know. However, the Son of Man that is in the bosom of the Father knows the mind of the Father, knows the particular date. That is why, when the time reaches, He will breeze into His sanctuary and say, “Brethren, this moment the whole thing is all over.” We are not shaking, we are not afraid, we know everything.
20.        Moses knew the date they were to depart from Egypt, he knew the date they are departing; he knew the time. After the time, they will depart. That is why God said, “The killing of the firstborn in the land of Egypt is departing time.” Immediately all the firstborn in Egypt were killed, all of them were weeping and crying. The people of Israel have left that land—note, not in the day, not in the night. By the time they woke up in the morning, the people of God were at the Red Sea.
21.        Thus, one of these days, in accordance with the voice of the Son of Man whom we have been worshipping all these years, the vindication has proved to us that one of these days, we will gather and we will not go back with this flesh again. By the time the world will know what is happening, destruction has fallen upon them.
22.        Then knowing that this is true, see how we ought to be very sincere to ourselves! Little children, you ought to obey your parents, paying strict attention to instruction, for if you do not believe the God which your father believed, you do not have the same experience your parents have; then you are lost. Even though you are sitting down in our midst, following your parents coming to this place say you believe but you do not believe; the clothing of immortal body will not be for you. The end of the world has come upon us, we have to be very careful.
23.        Note, the judgment of God must begin with the Elders, when God was speaking; He said that those that are stubborn and rebellious are among the Elders, the greatest number is from among the Elders.
24.        You see, let us pause here a little. We have the message that says that God did not take the things of the Elders lightly. All the Elders must take note. Pay strict attention to this message. If you do not pay attention, if you do not recollect yourself now, if you do not retrieve yourself fast by examining your life with the message you have been preaching all these years, you will have yourself to blame.
25.        It is a serious matter that your personality means nothing to God. God respects His words in a man. When you obey the Word of God, then God will obey you. God told us that if a wife obeys her husband, then they are equal in the sense that the man will not exercise authority over her again in punishment because everywhere is peace. The woman knows her right, knows her position, respects her husband, the children obey.
26.        The man will not have to shout on anybody again. Is it not true? The man will not rebuke the wife, will not rebuke the children because everybody is obeying; everybody is in line of his duty. Is it not applicable to all of us? If we all have the words of God in our hearts and obey, will Christ exercise authority over us? No. Will He start rebuking us unnecessarily? You see why we must be very sincere.
27.        Watch, co-ministers, as long as you are in the right position, taking the instruction of the Son of Man very seriously without letting His word fall down, you are paying heed seriously and you are in the right spirit with Him, can He rebuke you anyhow? No!
28.        When you come to fellowship, He reveals things to you. Then watch that minister, that Pastor, that Evangelist, that Apostle, that Bishop that is not in right stand; then He will rebuke him, showing that you are not faring well. If there is a time we ought to come back and wait in the word, examine ourselves, our lives in the word, all our activities being scrutinized with the word, it is now because very soon, the great magnet shall descended and will pick all the irons up.
29.         Elders, we must be very careful for from the beginning, God has never spared the Elders. In the time of Moses, He destroyed all the Elders that talked with Him, drank with Him and they rebelled; God destroyed them.
30.        The commission God gave the Son of Man, Ezekiel chapter 9 verses 1. Time is no longer on our side. The Son of Man is no more on the Mercy Seat, and the mercy seat is as smoky as smoke can be.
31.        It is just like a vehicle that its water in the radiator finished, the engine will be over heated. Now, that is exactly what is happening on the throne Of Judgment. It is smoky, very hot, very destructive. Because of its hotness and anger, it has affected all nature:  It has affected the sun, affected the moon, affected the rivers, shook the foundation of the world because of the hotness of His Judgment Seat.
32.        What is more, there is nobody to appease God again, there is no radiator, the water is no more there to cool the anger of God again. That is why it is affecting every natural thing God created. Yet you think nothing is happening; something is taking place.
33.        He cried also in mine ears with a loud voice, saying, Cause them that have charge over the city to draw near, even every man with his destroying weapon in his hand.
34.        And, behold, six men came from the way of the higher gate, which lieth toward the north, and every man a slaughter weapon in his hand; and one man among them was clothed with linen, with a writer's inkhorn by his side: and they went in, and stood beside the brazen altar. And the glory of the God of Israel was gone up from the cherub,…
35.        No more cherubim, no more mercy seat again. The glory of God, the presence of God, came out from the cherubim which was the Mercy Seat. Is it not true? When Moses was given the commission to build the cherubim, He said “build it and put on the mercy seat.” Now, the glory of God has left the Mercy Seat, it is now on the tabernacle, on the door, on the entrance to carry out destruction.
36.        Whereupon he was, to the threshold of the house. And he called to the man clothed with linen, which had the writer's inkhorn by his side;
37.        And the LORD said unto him, Go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, and set a mark upon the foreheads of the men that sigh and that cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst thereof.
38.        And to the others he said in mine hearing, Go ye after him through the city, and smite: let not your eye spare, neither have ye pity: Slay utterly old and young, both maids, and little children, and women…
39.        Girls, women and little children both elderly women, young ladies, boys and girls, as long as the mark is not upon their forehead; as long as you do not have the Holy Spirit which is the word, you are sitting down in our midst but you do not have it, God said kill everyone that does not have the mark.
40.        Crosscheck the message “God’s Own Mark Of Ownership” and then the “True Token.” Consider these two messages, “God’s own mark of ownership” and “the true token.”
41.        Why did God say He should kill all of them? They have been in the sanctuary, in the tabernacle all these years hearing but they did not believe. Also Crosscheck the Investigative Judgment Of God Before The Translation Of The Saints.” These three messages, pay serious attention over them because there is no more time on our side. To those that are confused, go to the message titled “Review” it is four messages now, we must pay strict attention to them.
42.        But come not near any man upon whom is the mark;”
43.        Touch nobody with the mark. As long as you have that mark, I do not care whether it is a mad man by your side by your own assessment, foolish by your own assessment, as long as the mark is there, touch him not. 
44.        “but come not near any man upon whom is the mark; and begin at my sanctuary. Then they began at the ancient men which were before the house. And he said unto them, Defile the house, and fill the courts with the slain: go ye forth. And they went forth, and slew in the city.
45.        And it came to pass, while they were slaying them, and I was left, that I fell upon my face, and cried, and said, Ah Lord GOD! wilt thou destroy all the residue of Israel in thy pouring out of thy fury upon Jerusalem?
46.        Then said he unto me, The iniquity of the house of Israel and Judah is exceeding great, and the land is full of blood, and the city full of perverseness: for they say, The LORD hath forsaken the earth, and the LORD seeth not.
47.        And as for me also, mine eye shall not spare, neither will I have pity, but I will recompense their way upon their head. And, behold, the man clothed with linen, which had the inkhorn by his side, reported the matter, saying, I have done as thou hast commanded me.” KJV.
48.        I have finished the work you gave me to do. You see where we are now! No more on Mercy Seat.  If there is Mercy Seat, there will be pity. Nevertheless, no more Mercy Seat. It is left in your hands now, if you know that thing that will cause you to have last minute trouble with the Son of Man—having last minute trouble with the Son of Man means having trouble with the faith—avoid it as you run away from death for that is death proper.
49.        When the message was going on, I observed that too many people were not paying attention. Whatever might be comforting you, be very sure it is not other thing but your obedience to the truth. If there be other thing that is comforting you other than your implicit obedience to the Gospel of Christ, you are deceiving yourself.
50.        If you are sure you really understood the message, and you are living the life of obedience; rejoice exceedingly for that is exactly what God is demanding from all of us. Outside that, you are in danger of being called to question.
51.        Watch, St. Paul the Apostle by revelation captured God on His Judgement Throne and said “It is a fearful thing for one to enter judgement with God for God is a consuming fire.”
52.        He went further to say “Seeing the terror of God, we persuade all men to believe the truth.” It is a terrifying thing, very much terrifying for one to appear before the throne of God in judgement. Tell me the defence you will put that will make God to discharge and acquit you?
53.        It is only by hiding your life in Christ, are we declared discharged and acquitted. Hiding your life in Christ means one: we have received the truth, we are no longer in doubt as to whether the messages we have received so far are true or false.
54.        For if they are false, there is no way the Almighty God can be a part of falsehood. For God to have been a part of the message which we preach, remember, we preach nothing but Christ. Christ only is our message. If you do not know what I am saying, come to me privately and I will explain.
55.        Christ is the mystery of God revealed, and Christ is nothing but the Anointed One; The Messiah, the Saviour. Ask me the universal name of the Elohim, I will say it is Christ. Not Jesus but Christ, the Sovereign Spirit that anointed the man called Jesus and then he became God. The Sovereign Spirit that dwelleth in all the Prophets of old which made them God’s express representative.
56.        The Son of Man, Apostle Peter Odoemena, is the visible representation of the invisible God for one reason: That Christ dwelleth in Him; only through Him can Christ be made visible. That God is putting on flesh today, God is dwelling in a temple not made with human hands but a body He has prepared for Himself. He has made Him His own chosen Vessel where He will dwell from where He will reach the entire world. Not because of what Brother Odoemena did or what He did not do. Not that He merited it, no.
57.        Mary was not the only virgin in her day, there were too many virgins. Joseph was not the only carpenter in Nazareth, there were too many carpenters. However, it must take one virgin to conceive and give birth to the promised seed. That is why, when the lot fell on Mary, she proclaimed that the entire womenfolk will call her blessed. Really, she was favoured. Favoured of all the virgins, Joseph favoured of all the carpenters; Nazareth favoured of all the communities.
58.        What can you say about David house? That it is from the lineage of David that the King of kings will appear from. He made His choice in our own dispensation, He never asked for voting. The reason why people are having problem with leadership of this Faith is because the leader fall short of their expectation; it is contrary to what they expected. Maybe, they were wishing that God could have chosen them because they were very popular or maybe they have the wherewithal.
59.         Hear me well: known unto God are all His works from the foundations of the world. He made no mistake in His selection, no man commands Him, no man directs Him. When He makes His choice, His choice is final. And He concluded it in order to seal the mouth of gainsayers that gift and calling of God are without repentance. Amen.


If you have really understood the message Apostle Kelechi gave us under the unction of the Holy Spirit by way of putting us in remembrance concerning the hour, it was a continuation of the Sunday school putting all of us in Red Alert.
2.           We have alert, we have red alert; every true seed of God is on red alert. When you see the tide gathering worldwide, you see the signs in Heaven, the starring Heaven making noise, you see the Earth in perplexity, you watch men being distressed here and there, you watch the seas and oceans roaring, you do not need a Prophet to tell you the hour we are in.
3.           There was a message I thought Apostle Kelechi would have touched, he did not get there before I called him down from the pulpit. If you get home take down the message titled “Unguided moment in a mans life and then what time is it Church?”
4.           Unguided moment, if there is a time you should be wary of unguided moment, it is now. On my side, I will tell everybody to get rid of hypocrisy.
5.           People like Sister Shadrach Onah and her husband who are now experts in coming to fellowship on time. I will not be surprised if you have started closing your business everyday by 6:30pm as the Lord commanded. Or you are still sleeping at Holy Trinity with all the motor touts and drivers who are patronizing you there. Yet every year, you remain poor.
6.           Sleeping at the motor park and remaining poorer because you find it difficult to obey the word of God. Every instruction from God is profitable to every elect of God. But to nominal Churchgoer, not all instructions are profitable, some are unprofitable. But to the real sons and daughters of God, all instructions from God are profitable.
7.           All the night stars among us, prominent among them are found in Bishop Nnachor’s family: Brother Nnamdi number one, Brother Victor number two, Brother Solomon number three.
8.           Take note of what I am saying: Wherever you are following these examples; only God knows. I know I have a message, a doctrine, a teaching to protect concerning night movementS. If there be anything that will take you out of your house by seven o’clock in the night, it is only emergency or the essentiality of your business.
9.           If you are in a health business, it is essential duty. If you are in security business, be it vigilante, police, army and the rest of them, it is essential. Apart from this, the only thing that can keep you away is that your occupation is of a shift nature whereby sometimes you can work on shift. Besides these, seven o’clock in the evening, it is believed that you are resting in your house.
10.        Sister Philip, are you taking note? You are living at Oba with your husband who is covetous; there, you are your Pastor, your Apostle, your Prophet and so on, no brother is living near you. You have the world of opportunity to continue staying outside from morning till morning.
11.        However, there is one whose eyes runneth to and fro all over the Earth. Whose eyes cannot be covered with the palms of human hand, whose eyes seeth everything that is done in dark. In fact, the night is as bright as the day before Him; who takes record of all human activities. This is the man whom we are having dealings with. If you know Him, know His attributes. Know His dos and don’ts.
12.        It is easier to worship a revealed God, than to worship an imaginary God. the easiest God to worship is a human-God. It was easy to worship God in Jesus Christ than to worship Dagon. At least each time he was offended he did not close his mouth, he spoke and the people heard him. But when Dagon was angry, the only way people will know is that too many deaths will occur.
13.        That is why God said “If you think it is cumbersome to worship the living God, go and try the Devil.” If you say it is very hard or difficult to worship the revealed God whom you can talk to, He will talk back to you; go and try the devil, worship the devil. Something you will provoke, go contrary to its rules, before you know it you have buried your two or three children.
14.        Your business has collapsed, your wife has died. Many, many horrible things will be happening in your family because you have broken its rule. By this we know idolaters in the camp, for all idolaters in the camp of God’s children are being hunted about by the spirit of idolatry that is seen in operation in their hearts.
15.        Everywhere is quiet, why? Nobody says amen. Am I sure am not in the camp of idolaters? God is worshiped in the heart; the devil is worshipped, respected, honoured, reverenced in the heart also. God is retained in the heart; the knowledge of God is retained in the human heart. The knowledge of the devil is retained in the heart of man.
16.        That is why the heart is deceitful above every other thing and desperately wicked. Whenever calamity befalls idolaters in the camp of God’s children, their minds will flash back to the idols of their people; rules and regulations they have broken by identifying with Christ. The moment you say you have identified with Christ, you have declared the idol of your fathers your enemy.
17.        If you are not fully surrendered to Christ, get ready! They will torment you and Christ will not rescue you for you are not Christ’s. With your mouth you are Christ, with your heart you are Baal. Wherever a man’s stores his treasure, there his heart is. I will not call you idolaters, but you must give yourself a name whether you like it or not.
18.         If you are being hunted about by the spirit of the gods of your fathers for violating maybe their laws, to begin with; you have not broken the covenant you had with them. That is why, when trouble befalls some of you in this faith, they do not know whether the trouble is from God or is common among all men. Or maybe it is because they have violated the laws of their land. They have desecrated the highly cherished traditions and customs of their fathers and they are now suffering the repercussion.
19.        Do you know that some that called themselves men of God in this faith even preach the necessity of keeping the laws and traditions of their fathers sacred? I am telling you the truth. Some of them are still here reverencing those useless, unprofitable customs and traditions and still claim they belong to the faith of the Son of Man.
20.        Jesus met such people in his day and said, “By esteeming the traditions and customs of your people higher than the word of God, you make the word of God of none effect.” He went further, “You have a clever way of setting aside the word of God that you may establish the customs and traditions of your fathers.” Is it not the Bible?
21.        Don’t we have such people in our midst? Give what belongs to God, to God. Give what belongs to Caesar to Caesar. Use your tongue to count your teeth. If you do not know what I am saying, you know what you are doing. You know what you are thinking.
22.        Somebody that bought a gun for a robber, he is the one that sent him to steal. That is why the Bible said that God is not only against those that do evil, but those that take pleasure in them that practice evil. A member of a fan club is a footballer.
23.        He that blows the flute for a masquerade empowers the masquerade. I do not know why nobody is saying amen? Could it be there are many idolaters in the camp who want to carry it over?
24.        Time is against you. I am not preaching that you repent, I am preaching so that you will know why you are dropped, so that tomorrow you will not call the Son of Man a wicked man, you will know why you are already abandoned, so that you will not be running and saying, “What did I do that I was dropped?” What you did is standing erect before you.
25.        It is a fearful thing, a terrifying and horrifying thing for one to appear before the judgement of God for God is a Consuming Fire. Seeing the terror of God, we persuade all men to believe the truth of the Gospel of Christ.
26.         All of us that are here today, we are going home for one thing. We are just going home today for one thing to rethink otherwise; I would have stopped you from going home. I would have stopped you from going home; after all, tomorrow is a public holiday. I would have put all of you in a refining furnace, if all of you will go with me; you need to pass through that refining furnace.
27.        There are too many things I have seen among you which I cannot overlook, overlooking it means dropping you here because there is no preaching where we are going to preach there. From morning till morning is just praises, worship. Anywhere we gather we sing praises and  worship Him. Nobody will tell you “Brother, repent or you perish!” Nothing to annoy.
28.        I love this rain, it is permitted. I love this rain, it is permitted. It is permitted, even if you do not go. The greatest purifier is the word of God. If you believe the Word, it purifies your heart; it purifies your conscience. When they heard the word of God in the days of the Acts of the Apostles, the Bible said “They were pricked in the heart.” And they began to ask a question “Men and brethren, what do we do seeing we have been caught in a web as a result of our iniquity, wilful neglect to God’s instruction? What do we do? I do not like talking again, talking will no longer help me; I think I better act.
29.        The hour we are in is very dangerous to as many as taking God for a ride. You think God is chiding? We received a message years ago that God cannot always chide. It is very dangerous to them. However, to all the sons and daughters of God, this is the happiest moment in their lives. For very soon, the action will be the interpretation of all God has been saying to us all these years.
30.        If you like, believe. If you do not like, keep it and brush it aside. For God’s word is meant for His sons and daughters. If you are not God’s sons and daughters, the word of God means nothing to you. But to all His sons, all His elect; they take His word seriously.
31.        Thus, rethink, think about yourself, think about your attitude towards this ministry, towards the word you have been receiving for everything has come to an end.
On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally.