The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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Thursday, 20 September 2012


anywhere you want, in search, you must be pointed back to the Son of Man. Fly to the sky, you will be told, “Go down there, He is standing in your midst.” Believe it if you can…— The Son of Man


We want to trace God and know where God said He will run to, for God is in exile. You know if He will run to the Black nations’ land like we are here; surely, He must be one of us. If He will come here wearing another uniform, we will spot Him out, He will be a stranger, and His people might even trace Him down here and bring Him back. So, for Him to hide fully, He will hide inside one of us here.

…Can God be Black? Yes, God is Black! Can God be Red? Yes, God can be Red. Can God wear dyed garment? Surely, yes! He is wearing dyed garment right now! What God is putting on today is a DYED GARMENT.


The Saviour of the Gentile Revealed in Cloud April 7 1997

Deuteronomy 31:15 “And the LORD appeared in the tabernacle in a pillar of a cloud: and the pillar of the cloud stood over the door of the tabernacle.” KJV

Exodus 13:21 And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night:.” KJV.

Psalms 89:7 God is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints, and to be had in reverence of all them that are about him.” KJV


The Supernatural Cloud in Bride Ministry revealing the Capstone Ministry
“Daniel 7:9 I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool: his throne was like the fiery flame, and his wheels as burning fire.” KJV


Isaiah 11:10 “And in that day there shall be a root of Jesse, which shall stand for an ensign of the people; to it shall the Gentiles seek: and his rest shall be glorious.” KJV

The Immortal being revealed in Bride of Christ Ministry
Acts 17:31 Because he hath appointed a day, in the which he will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom he hath ordained; whereof he hath given assurance unto all men, in that he hath raised him from the dead.

Ephesians 2:19 “Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints, and of the household of God.” KJV

if you are not happy, well, let it be known to you that you will be happier in the grave. Anybody who comes before the Lord with sadness, surely will be happy in the grave.
2.           Others are existing but we are living. If you are numbered among those that are EXISTING, I pity you. I am not existing, I am living. I am vibrating and so it is with all that belieVE in me.
3.           It is a wonderful thing! What a glorious thing to appear before the Lord. Many are longing to have a place like this Faith. If you wake up in the morning and remember that you are going to worship the Lord amidst the Saints, how do you feel?
4.            When I came into the Fellowship hall and noticed that Brother Ojiakor has already been in the Fellowship, I said to him, “ My dear, did you sleep on the highway?”
5.           What do you think woke him up and motivated him to be in Jerusalem earlier than myself that is living in Onitsha? It is no other thing but the joy of the Lord.
6.           The joy of the Lord sustains the children of God. Not what you eat, not money, not your position but the joy that you are no longer under condemnation. We have passed from death unto life. If these things do not give you joy, relax your mind, a day is coming when you will have your joy in the grave.
7.           I will not be numbered among those that will have their joy in the grave. If you prefer to die instead of living, well, that is up to you. However, as long as I live, there is nothing good in the grave. Is there anything good in the grave? If there is something good in the grave, get it and show Me. If you go and succeed, you say, “Daddy, see the good thing that I got in the grave.”
8.           Nothing good is in the grave because, number one is that there will not be fellowship there. You will not be there with anybody; it will be you and you alone. Two, you are covered with darkness. The heat of the soil will bite you. Even your spirit s not at rest. You will not eat Earthly food. You will be eating sand for you will use sand to make your food. No joy in the grave, for you will stay there day in, day out. A mad man is greater than that person.
9.           We really thank God.  You can see the new supernatural photograph hanging. We got one message titled “See The Being, This Is The End Of Discussion”. You see, my daughter Onyedika saw it and said, “No, Daddy I do not believe that we have come to THE END OF DISCUSSION.” Few weeks after the Angel of the Lord appeared in the pulpit and allowed Himself to be photographed.
10.        When we placed the photograph, as God could have it, she came to me and said, “Daddy, what did I say? Now discussion continues.” She went further, “How can we end the discussion? This one has renewed another phase of discussion.”
11.        We are talking about the old appearances, this is the new one, so new discussions will now take off. Remember that God said that this bridal revival can never die down. It will remain bubbling until we enter paradise proper. How many heard it? Glory be to God.
12.        Now watch what is happening. We have been talking about this Angelic visitation, how the supernatural came to fellowship as everybody could see. Even heathens that saw Him acknowledged Him as Angel. One came from Ukwa in Abia State, residing with Apostle Kelechi, on seeing it he said, “Dede, this is an Angel. Which Church did this thing take place? Please what is the name of this Church?”
13.        If you do not fear God, let it be known to you that you are not from God. Many things have taken place in our midst that even made the fear of God to be in us. If you see these supernatural photographs captured in our midst, you do not need anybody to interpret it for you, for I used my time to balance it with scriptures so that your faith will not rest only on the photographs but also on the word of God. For He promised it before it came to pass.
14.        Supernatural vindication of a scriptural sign is here in our midst. Now can you find yourself there? God is living in that Thick Darkness because He said that, that is where He will dwell. Look at that Thick Darkness.
15.        In 1996, looking at the congregational photograph, we could see Brother Emma Agu, we could see Sister Chioma, the Sister to Sister Mike and many others there, because they were in front.
16.        When we look at the one taken by Bishop Moses, the first one, only few could recognize themselves. However, the second one it was almost impossible to recognize anybody. God was coming to do something.
17.        The third one was the Godhead, for in Him dwelleth the fullness of Godhead boldly, because He said, “Are you looking for the Father? I am in my Father and my Father is in me. I and my Father are one. You want to see the Father, look up to me. For you cannot jump the Son of Man and see the Father. No one knoweth the Father but the Son, no man knoweth the Son but the Father and to whosoever the Son shall choose to reveal.” There and then, the Bishop pulled out his camera because of how He (the Son of Man) came to him. That day I admired him and I was calling him “the Bishop, the Bishop!”
18.        How many people appeared there? The whole congregation was swallowed in. what am I trying to say? From time to time, you hear me saying that you are all feasting under the canopy. You are all under the Cloud. You are covered but your eyes cannot see these things.
19.        I thank God who is confirming everything every time. We are talking about God coming in the form of an Angel before all of us to prove that God goes to Church and the Supreme Judge of all. He has come down now in mercy. Something that we used to see in the video and we marvel has come out in photograph, real. From the Bible to physical manifestation.
20.        We are not talking about camera. If we are or were using camera, somebody might be thinking that we used expired film. Maybe a film that is corrupt. However, this time around it is in-built microchips that have nothing to do with light or something like that. Something you can take and also erase it.
21.        In other words, it will take nothing but real object to appear in it. If you believe that you are under that Thick Darkness, that you among the souls that were covered there, it shall be unto you according to your belief. For this is what I have been striving to achieve to see whether I could see in all: a faith like that of a grain of a mustard seed.
22.        How many people were excluded? How many are operating outside? If you can remember your position on that day this message was preached, “IT IS FINISHED,” visualize your position in the fellowship and know whether you were among those that were covered. I WILL NOT FORCE YOU OUT OF THAT PLACE, YOU WILL JUMP OUT OF THERE.
23.        See the Ark, see my Ship, see the Mountain of the Lord, see where everybody is settled with the Lamb as the Light lightening the Kingdom.
24.        This veil will not be removed until you step into Paradise. When the world will be in flames, this is your covering, for He shall be your covering by day and by night and against all odds of life.
25.        If you go to the message, “Follow the Cloud” you will see what God does with this. You are there but you do not know. I have used many things to illustrate it. You are there but you do not know. You posses it but you do not know. From time to time, God will come to comfort your hearts, showing the whole thing in plain view, THAT YOU MAY KNOW THAT I AM HE. IF I TELL YOU THAT YOU ARE LOST, YOU ARE LOST.
26.        I have told you that if I handle your case in my own way, anywhere you like petition Me to, run to the sky, you will be forced down here. If I proclaim you guilty, nothing will save you from my anger. Anytime my anger will be revealed against this world, nothing is saving you.
27.        From the very beginning of this Faith up to this day, I have never for one day stammered. Yes, I have never for one day hidden my identity but I have been following all of you in your weaknesses. For I know who you are. I have told you that I know my mission on Earth. You do not know Me but I know you. You do not know my mission but I know my mission. Anything that will not help Me to achieve my mission, I do not put my eyes there.
28.        DO YOU SEE WHERE YOU ARE? YOU ARE THE ONE THAT WILL JUMP OUT OF THAT PLACE  (THE COVERING, THE PILLAR OF CLOUD, THE THICK DARKNESS, THE ARK). The Son of Man will not throw you out but you will throw yourself out.
29.        HOWEVER, as long as you are abiding in my teachings, abiding in my instructions, that is the insurance and also the assurance. If you think that you are not IN THE THICK DARKNESS, you are not IN THE THICK DARKNESS.
30.        Let me tell you, the time you come before Me and behave anyhow is gone. I do not have any time to childe with any flesh. Even in my family, they have started adjusting. Moreover, I am pleading, Apostle Kelechi using this medium, to talk to them. You know that it is not easy for the children of a man of God to take him seriously like others. The way we see the President is not the way his wife sees him, and it is not the way his children see him.
31.        If he is coming to Anambra State, for over a month there will be preparations. Government can destroy properties worth billions of naira because the President is coming. Just for one-day trip. You want to tell me that at the end of everyday’s work that his wife will destroy property, clean roads because her husband is coming back. If you are wise, think twice.
32.        Brother Kelechi, after ministering in the Fellowship, minister to them privately. Though I have told them to off their eyes from Daddy: “Off your eyes from Daddy otherwise you destroy yourselves.”
33.        The daughter of Jephthah the Gileadite never knew when Jephthah vowed a vow unto God, binding his first issue (child) that will embrace him while coming back from war. Did he withhold it? Even the cry of the baby and the mother could not change the mind of the man of God for they know not when he vowed the vow.
34.        My mood can change at any point in time. What I am to you in the morning may be one million miles away from what I may be to you in the next one minute; for you do not know where I am. MOREOVER, I am not accountable to anybody. Amen.

You heard the testimony of what happened in my house when I was talking to my children one night like that, concerning the hour that we are in.
2.           If you go to the book of St. Luke chapter 21 verses 25 through 28, God showing signs in the Heavens, in the moon, in the sun, in the stars and things like that, on Earth distress of men, the sea roaring and many other things.
3.           I said to them that any moment from now, although I equally said it from the pulpit that this moon will cease its light and turn into blood. That it has started gradually. Those that were here in the fellowship on Wednesday, I told you that scientists can give it whatever they can as a name. In the Vanguard newspaper of Wednesday, it says thus, “Scientists discovered a planet with four suns.”
4.           That they have discovered a planet with four suns. Four Earths may be inside it also since it has four suns. Wherever they discovered it in the space, only God knows. See it there in the newspaper!
5.           Elder Oduah, I admire you today for you are as agile as a young man. From the day you learnt your lesson when you had the voice of the Son of Man roaring on you, you changed your mind and started coming to Onitsha for fellowship, things have changed in your life, and I believe that they are changing positively even in your family.
6.           Yes, when you believe in God, your condition can never be the same. If you say you believe in God and your condition remains the same, stop and re-examine your belief. You are a hypocrite.
7.           Just like I was lashing Bishop Moses, warning him saying, “Bishop Moses, I have been warning you time without number on a particular evil! Why are you conservative with the truth before the Son of Man. Tell me, is there is anything secret in you before Me!
8.           It can be a secret to your family but I know from A to Z. For this is why you have been hindering the progress of your children because you find it difficult to give Me straight and up-to-date information.”
9.           God said that if you want to tell me anything, tell me all you know about that. However, if you do not want to tell me, shut up your mouth. For what I will do for you will depend on what you told me. Not when you are telling me something, you hide important ones and tell me some.
10.        You will have another thing in mind and call me on phone, when you wait for me to talk and I did not say anything, you will tell me that you just want to greet me.
11.        Nevertheless, I know that you do not want to greet Me, you have a reason for calling me. For that is when I said “Hello” and we said “Remain blessed, remain blessed,” you paused and waited.
12.        When you call somebody, you tell the person why you called. Or do you wait for the person to start talking to you? Am I the one that called you? Then why keeping calm? If you keep calm on something, your condition will stand still. For God said, “Speak and change your condition.” Do not say that God knows your heart; God can only know you as a stark hypocrite and unbeliever.
13.        I hope you have seen the red object coming to cover the moon? Whether their discovery is right or wrong, it is not the matter as stake. The matter as stake is that God is performing signs everywhere including the sky.
14.        While I was talking on the matter, my daughter Chiamaka was moved, I do not know that she was serious, she went outside with my son Chibueze, they stood on the corridor in my house at around nine o’clock in the night. She brought out her handset, focused it on the moon. You know the distance from the Earth to the moon. Check the distance from the Earth to the moon, how far the moon is to the sky.
15.        She focused it with her handset, zoomed it twice and came back with astonishing report. She said, “Daddy, see what I got!” Not camera but handset. Now, with what you saw in the newspaper at the back of your mind, look at the two photographs that we got. What do you think that appeared red? Is that the moon? Is that the sun?  
16.        Discussion continues anyhow. Check what you saw in the newspaper and compare it with the photograph my daughter took where a red object was coming to cover the moon. Zzzzzz Check, since the world began have you ever seen something like that before? Is it imaginary? Is it abracadabra?
17.        Who can estimate the distance from the Earth to the moon? Ordinary handset, not telescope, not space-travel captured it. That which you saw in the newspaper was as a result of space shuttle. They shuttled into the space and there they took the photograph, but the other one was in my corridor with handset.
18.        While I was talking on this same matter, who no know go know! They have not seen anything yet and one of us that left the Faith said that this thing has later become the truth. Do not worry, are we telling people for them to believe us? No. Whether you believe or not, it has been written. God is our Righteousness. A blind man said that nothing is as astonishing more than what you see with your eyes.
19.        Will the moon turn into blood? Yes. When? It has started gradually. God showing signs in the Heavens and on Earth, all at the same time. Who will notice these signs? Only the sons and daughters of God. If you say that you do not fear God, do not worry, something will cause you to be afraid.
20.        You see, somebody was preaching behind my building and she was singing saying, “One day when the Lord will come, sinners will beat their chests and say, ‘See what I have done to myself;” and I said within me that she is the first sinner. I am not saying it in flattery. I do not fear whenever I am confessing the word of God. Amen.

We thank God for what He is doing. Today is going to be another day. Rejoice exceedingly for God has spoken good concerning us.
2.           Good news to you! I remember what took place here in Jerusalem during the camp meeting in the year 2011; because of the way the Lord moved in the camp, one of our brothers from Egbema, the younger brother to our Brother Collins the Police; he was the one that led the joyful race.
3.            There was a joyful bridal race. The race, the jubilation was motivated by what took place in the camp. He did not know when he jumped out, jumped up and down and some followed him. They ran to the other principal’s house, from there they connected to the other way.
4.            When I saw them rushing towards the field, the crowd increased and he was leading, I was admiring them, so we decided to photograph all of them. When the thing became too much, I ordered Brother Kelechi to stop them.
5.           No matter how he tried to stop them, no way. Before we knew it, we saw the wife of our Brother Goddy Ikechebere putting her wrapper in order and joining them. I said, “Look at that!           While we are trying to stop them some are joining.” Then Sister Austin from Lagos joined immediately. How many have watched the film? You better watch the film.
6.           You see, at the end of the race something took place. I was standing at a point with my son and Brother Okey from Port-Harcourt, we were discussing something. By that time we have already videoed everywhere. While they were coming, I said, “Sister Austin, you joined them with this your weight!!” She said, “Daddy, yes!” I said, “Ok, come back.”
7.           She came back, I ordered my son to give me one of the birthday Almanac. I said, “Sister, have you collected a copy of this Almanac? She said no, “What of your husband?” She said no. I said, “Ok thank you very much, take this copy. When you get to Lagos, hang it either in your parlour or bedroom or anywhere, where your eyes will be seeing it every day. In all your prayers and supplications, point at that photograph and speak. If the Lord will tarry, about this time next year, you are coming back to Jerusalem with a testimony.”
8.           She fainted on the ground, rolled and rolled, I said to her, “What is special about it?”
9.           Go home and play the tape. When mothers were selected to work in the kitchen, after everything the Lord pointed at her and said, “Sister Austin, join them there for in no distant time you are going to be a mother.”
10.        At the end of the meeting, on January 2nd they left. Since that time till     month of October, she has not come to Jerusalem again. I continued to monitor developments. Now her case is this: Our Brother Austin came into this faith, stayed with us and went away for many years. When he later came back, he came back with a wife. I never knew that he has come back until I went to Lagos to dedicate the twins that God gave us in the family of Apostle Monday.
11.        There he presented his wife to me along side with many problems. From that time, God stepped in. When I spoke concerning her, they booked appointment that they will be coming to Onitsha and I agreed. When they came, they came with a scanning report and attachment. I said to him that I do not know whether they are crazy. I never ordered for scanning.
12.        He said, “Daddy, we did this scan at the advice of my in-laws who are based in America. We did it in the teaching hospital in Lagos and forwarded it to them, the attachment is the report of the expert medical doctors in America.” Then I showed interest.
13.        I examined what they wrote in longhand because she was having severe bleeding and they said that the entire womb would be chopped off because of a very bad uterine fibroid. That they should forget about anything pregnancy. They measured the size and everything; and as at that time looking at the Sister, you may be thinking that she is pregnant for the stomach was enlarging every day.
14.        There I told Brother Austin, “What you needed first and foremost is work. I do not like that vehicle that you are using, go and sell it. You are driving and begging money for transport from Lagos to Ekpe. You are working and you cannot feed yourself and family, you do not need to ask for a child. Ask for a nice work and sell that vehicle. Go and pay the owner whatever that might be the balance; come back to Onitsha and let me tell you what you will do. Do not come with your wife.”
15.        He agreed and sold the vehicle, whatever he realized, he paid off the man who gave him the vehicle; he then came to Onitsha having no hope of tomorrow.
16.        I told him, “My Brother, go back to Lagos and look for job where you will be paid every month as a driver, not this type of commercial driver. Look for a tanker or trailer in Lagos and you will get one. However, you will suffer hardship for now.” He went back to Lagos and was almost a beggar, living by goodwill of follow brethren.
17.        Anytime he manage to come to fellowship in Lagos, he will not go back for three four days. Less than one month the Lord provided him with a tanker, he began to pilot the tanker and the Lord stepped into that tanker, gave him the favour of his employers and he was lifting oil from depot, God continued blessing them.
18.        One day he called me and told me the amount that he has realized. I said, “Ok, look for your own tanker and buy one. Go and register in the NNPC depot. Begin to lift oil.” He said, “Daddy, but I do not have money to register.” I said, “Go and buy first.”
19.        He got one, paid for it and refurbished it. From the amount that he got from that tanker, what was left, he used it to register in that company and still had a leftover. So the Lord continued.
20.        One day he came to my house and was saying this and that, I said to him, “Do not worry, go home since it is your own portion, effect physical ownership.” He went home and obeyed my instruction, heaped sand there and moulded over ten thousand nine inches hollow blocks.
21.        Then I said to him, “My friend relax, let us face one thing now, which is the fruit of the womb. My verdict is that your wife will not be operated on,” and I made this statement the day I wedded Bishop Justice: “No matter the situation, no razor will enter her womb. Simply say Amen because if you remove that thing, there is no more possibility.”
22.        He kept on pleading, I said, “My friend stop that mess! Before your eyes you will see your baby,” finish. I did not speak on the matter again until we came for the camp meeting where I made mention of it, gave them a gift and they left. The next thing was pregnancy test, positive. We continued.
23.        Before then they have been living for over ten years. They asked me whether it can be possible, I said yes. He said, “Can she be pregnant and at the same time bleeding?” I said, “Off your eyes from the bleeding, she is pregnant.” The medical doctors were astonished. I told them, “Do not listen to the medical doctors, listen to Me. Sister, do not go to that hospital to sleep, go back to your house.”
24.        I stopped her from pedaling the sewing machine. I told our Brother saying, “Brother Austin, you will feed your wife for ten months. She will not raise one naira unless it is a gift from her relations, and she will not come to Onitsha again except the day she will present her baby.” We said Amen and things started happening.
25.        Remember that this promised was renewed in the month of January 2012 after the camp meeting in Jerusalem. So we continued.
26.        While we were preparing for the wedding of Brother Emma Iwunor, Sister called me and told me some few things and I said, “Ok, go to hospital.” She said, “My husband is not around!” I said, “Go there, I will be there,” she said Amen.
27.        A little while her husband called and I told him to stay there. They were watching. Under normal condition, even if the baby will come out, it must be through CS. Even in that CS, the medical doctors will work hard to separate the baby from that fibroid.
28.        We continued praying and watching. By ten o’clock in the night, the Lord made a Name for Himself. While we were glorifying the Lord in the Fellowship, the news came that Sister Austin put to bed safely, a bouncing baby girl. When the news came, I said, “Brother Austin, what did the Son of Man promise you that will be your first child?” He said, “A daughter.”
29.        I went further, “What did she deliver?” He said, “A girl.” I said fine. Another one is also coming from the same Lagos. Any moment from now you will hear another case which we call Eco fibroid and euthorial fibroid.
30.        Even Brother Ojiakor was consulted and he recommended operation. medical doctors said it will be operation, but I said to Brother Justice, “No operation, you will live to see your baby.” This is our home-going week. Your duty is to believe, doubting nothing. When you believe, you do not run to and fro. If you believe and run to and fro, your mind is wondering from pillar to post, you have not anchored.
31.        Anchoring your faith means, settling, relaxing, come what may. Remember that when you settle, the Devil is not settled. When you settle down, the Devil will be at unrest.
32.        Immediately the sister and the husband settled down, the Devil was let loose. She had a dream where she delivered and the baby died in the womb. We prayed against it, I even called Apostle Kelechi to help me in prayers.
33.        Three weeks ago, the husband had another dream where the wife delivered and the baby died also in the labour room; coupled with many other things.
34.        When he called me I said, “My friend, if God is the One that gave you the baby, this baby will live with you in your wife and I am assuring you that you will go there and see your baby, you will carry your baby, live to your house,” finish. The baby and the mother are as healthy as healthy can be.
35.        We are serving the only God that specialized in doing that which is impossible. If thou has believed, it shall be unto you according to your belief. There is going to be a performance of that which is promised. He that promised is able.
36.        The problem that we are having is that people say that they believe when they do not. When you believe, you settle, you rest because from the time of the promise till the time of its fulfillment, there must be a period of waiting. What is more, it is in that period of waiting that the Devil will come and tempt your heart away. The Devil will come and begin to suggest many things.
37.        When the Sister was waiting, the bleeding was non-stop. When she conceived, the medical doctors were trying to explain it away. I said, “Off your eyes from the blood, she is pregnant and relax there!”
38.        Glory be to God! We even have one in Onitsha that is bleeding and is pregnant. Going by the bleeding, the baby was gone, but the baby is still there.
39.        We are serving the only miracle working God. I am the Lord God, the God of all flesh, is there anything impossible for me to do? Tell me that which you think that is impossible for Him to do, and I will show you many, many things that seemed impossible which God did.
40.        If you do not believe that this is God’s family, what was His interest in coming down here? Why did He not go to other families? He is mindful of His own family. The welfare of His family is His utmost concern.  
41.        Brother IK Obasanya, if nobody believes that the Son of Man is a Prophet, you believe. If others will say that they do not know, you will not say that you do not know. Hence, you are in the Fellowship because the Son of Man is a Prophet, otherwise you would have been roped in. You will hear his testimonies, not today. Amen.

2.           “As We Wait at the Gate of Paradise” volume 2, page 54 verse 37, “You may stay long at this Gate! For no unbeliever will enter the Gate. We have reached the point of no sympathy. We are at the Gate and we are going to enter the security Gate one by one, where you will not know what is hindering the door from opening for Me.
3.           I am the only person that will know why and there is nothing you can do to help Me come in. Whatever help we can render to one another must be rendered while we are still at the Gate.
4.           At a time when you least expected, My right hand will touch the key, then you will see the brightness of the Door and I will give way for you to start going in. Once it rejects you, no second chance…”
5.           It happened recently. Well, I no go say anything for now until any day I will wed you.
6.           The Kingdom of God is not meant for eating and drinking alone. A musician named warrior said that eating and drinking have killed the world. There are some among us who will remain drinking from now till eternity especially those that are at Enugu, who because of eating and drinking made themselves idolaters during the weekend only for Me to hear that they said “Son of Man said, the Son of Man approved, the Son of Man knew,” and they believed.
7.           Have I not been warning? Have I not been making it public, that if anybody should tell you that the Son of Man said, please, verify from me?
8.           I am accessible to all, for I am aware that there are some wicked people among you, who use the name of the Son of Man to perpetrate evil, Even to seduce the hearts of their brethren away. when they want to do evil they will add the name, “THE Son of Man” so that their brethren will listen to them.
9.           Have I not been warning against it? I am not far from anybody. I do not care who the person is, get clearance from me. I will reserve my comment concern Enugu because I do not know how many that are still alive there.
10.        I do not know, they made themselves idolaters because of eating and drinking. You can never have your excuse that Aaron deceived you, for we are at the end time where people are deceiving others and they themselves also being deceived.
11.        God recognizing that warned ahead of time, that if you hear from anybody that the Son of Man said so, so, and so, feel free call the Son of Man and find out the truth, for every half truth is lie.
12.        If somebody says, “He told me so, so and so,” believe him but find out what I said. ASK THE PERSON, “ARE YOU SURE YOU TOLD THE SON OF MAN THIS MATTER? “What did He say?” For I must say something. However, he knew that you are an expert in eating and drinking, nothing gives joy you more than feasting hence you say: “We ate enough meat and drink;” and that is the spirit that is at work in Enugu.
13.        ONCE IT CALLS FOR DRINKING AND EATING, ALL OF THEM ARE MAD. ALL, NO EXEMPTION. They can even consume meat and drinks sacrificed to  idols without verifying from the Son of Man. If it means bowing down there, they will bow down.
14.        That spirit is equally in Onitsha, I know those that are involved, ministers of eating and drinking. They are the people that are a fond of bringing the cartons of beer in the fellowship, even under this atmosphere when we are considering a strong and important message, they were not even in the fellowship when the message we are considering was preached.
15.        They came in with their 504 Peugeot car filled with cartons of beer, and they are offloading them into the fellowship, as if we are in the fellowship for eating and drinking. During the wedding of our brother, were we not eating and drinking, dancing and making merriment? Yet many are not tired.
16.        The message “As We Wait at the Gate of Paradise,” how many nuggets did you write down in your jotter? He said, “Only one step remaineth. There is only but a step left between us and paradise, and at a time when you knoweth it not, at a time when you least expected, my right hand will flung the door open and everybody will line up. He said, “In less than one second I have cleared all.”
17.        Did it make any comment that we have rolled into the period of no respect of persons? That where we are now is where a mother will not be permitted to take her child, even if the child is one-minute-old. The only one she can pass across the gate is the one in the womb.
18.        If your husband outside makes you uncomfortable, He said, “You have only but one option, to open the gate, it can open from within but it can never open from without. Open the gate from within, you will hear bye-bye, when you are being inject into the bank, you will be searched for all illegalities must be dropped. Is that not true?
19.        However, when you are going out, twenty (20) persons can go out at the same time, nobody will search you, you will hear “Bye-bye, thank you, happy weekend, bye-bye, thank you.” If you like carry your key, carry your handset, carry poison, carry your rifle, as long as you are going out, the thing will said bye-bye.
20.        It is easier to go out than to come in. Is it not a lesson? I have told you that you are all covered, but to jump out of this covering is very easy but to be covered is very difficult. You know the extent we have journey along  before we came to this present stage. Is it a one day affair? However, these things can be rendered useless in less than one second. Less than one second, you are out of the canopy. Do you believe that?
21.        The same way it is in the bank. Nobody opens the gate when you are coming out. You will only see where it is written “push,” and then you push. Before you enter, the thing will just push, bye-bye. Now that you are out, coming again you must queue up. You notice that as you queue up again, the thing may refuse to open.
22.        Moreover, look at the funniest thing: If you are injected in, for one reason or the other you go out, you can never go out and be number one again. You will join the queue as the last person. It may get to a point where they will tell you that the banking hall is filled, that they do not want anybody in. You begin to regret why you came out.
23.        There is nothing I will not use to analyze the reality of this Gate! The reality of the Door, recognizing the truth that you are entering as an individual, your husband cannot pave the way for you; you cannot pave the way for your husband, not even for your child.
25.        If there is a message that will make you to ponder, it is the message titled “As We Wait at the Gate of Paradise.”  As We Wait at the Gate of Paradise, check whether you are holding “Christ plus.”
26.        I was talking to one of our brothers, Brother Sam Agu in my house before Brother Chizoba Ugwu to be a witness, midway he slumped down and started crying. I knew it was ordinary crocodile tears because God does not want you to tear your garment but He wants you to tear you heart, for godly sorrow worketh repentance.
29.        Let me tell you and make it clearer: there has never been any point where the Son of Man has said that you are free to bring in every Tom, Dick and Harry. I have never said it, and I will not say it. What is the essence of deceiving people by giving the impression that they are coming in and that they will be saved, when the canopy has wrapped everybody?
30.        I told you that the door is closed, I am the One, I am the Pilot, I have taken the much, in short it is carrying overload. Will you force yourself on Me? Where were you when I made the clarion call, even when I paved way for the finest offender, for the most wicked, I made a way for such, where were you? You hardened your heart to test my patience. Well, God’s patience does not last till eternity. Is that not true?
31.        God runs out of patience from time to time, with a people, with individuals and even situation. Don’t tell me that this happened, no, no, no. The condition you find yourself does not make you what you are, rather it reveals who you are. Is it true?
32.        You say, “Eh God you know my condition! Daddy, you know this and that.” Note it, He knows nothing but one thing, that you are a stark unbeliever, you do not believe in Him, for if you have believed, you would have acted.
33.        SOME OF GOD’S COMMANDMENTS, WHEN YOU LOOK AT THEM THEY WILL MEAN DEATH IF YOU OBEY. HOWEVER, WHEN YOU OBEY, LIFE WILL COME. The moment you obey, life will come, joy will come, but when the commandment goes forth, it looks as if it is going to be a difficult task.  
34.        Glory be to God in the highest. Note, the opening statement said, “We may stay long at this gate.” But the truth is that at a time when we least expected, the whole thing will be over. Another truth is that no unbeliever will go there, no unbeliever, because what we will see there is the life of the Son of Man and the teachings that we have received.
35.        If you find it difficult to live the life of the messages you have received here on Earth, you will also find it difficult to live the life of the messages there because you have not learned it on Earth. As you find it difficult to listen and obey His Word here on Earth, you will also be among those that will regret at last. He is still saying it; wait until when the punishment shall come.
36.        I told you that any moment from now, the entire world will be heading toward the Son of Man—every human being. You will be hearing “Save us from the wrath of Almighty for we are perishing!”
37.        The entire world will acknowledge that I Am HE. However, before then, you have been already been sealed away. Already you have been sealed in, but you have not been sealed away. Thus, grief out not this Holy Spirit of God wherein you are sealed.
38.        You know what it takes to put something in a container and place a seal and lock it there! But the container is still here. I gave the illustration before the photograph of the Thick Darkness was taken.
39.        Having driven my ship to the shore safe from a very far distance, I parked, all that will help everybody to survive are stacked in the ship. That I am now outside the ship, keeping vigil, walking round about the ship, making sure no enemy ever tampers with the container, because it has arrived, both the customs men, the Navy, the Police, the Army, all the securities agents, as long as the ship is still on the highway, they do not panic but once it lands on the shore safely, they are on the red alert against piracy. Because if anything happens to that container, all of them are involved, and I told you that I have landed all of you at the shore.
40.        I am now keeping watch, moving about, telling you to stay there while I stir troubles in the whole world. Let me distress all the nations of the Earth. Things will begin to happen and the voice said, “Wait and watch, for what is left, no human being will accomplished it. Only God Himself will finish it.” How many heard this voice?
41.        If you are really what you claim to be, even if I do not talk, the environment you are enjoying right now, is it not speaking to you? I mean as I am standing in front of you in Jerusalem, why not look around, can’t you feel it, or must we be taking photograph every day? These things happen before they were photographed. Look outside and consider inside also.
42.        Let me tell you, truth brings the future nearer. Truth means reality. Whatever we are handling in this most holy Faith, are they not real? What is the essence? They bring the future nearer, confirming that we not deceived.
43.        From the very beginning till now, as many that thought we were deceived, they are now beating their chests, for they sealed their doom with their mouths. They spurned the Law, they spurned Grace also.
44.        Exodus chapter 19:9; from there read use Living Bible; Then He said to Moses I am going to come to you in the form of a Dark Cloud so that the people themselves can hear me, when I talk with you and then they will always believe you.” LB.
45.        You have seen everything; you can talk about these photographs of the Thick Darkness wherever you go. This is that old time Faith, a continuation of that same Faith that started in the wilderness. We are not serving a new God; He is the same Ancient God, the Rock of Ages, what He manifested in time past, the same He is manifesting over and over again.
46.        The reason why others cannot behold these things is because, they are outside God’s program, they do not belong to God. If they belong to God, these things would have been happening around them. Somebody wrote us a letter from abroad and said these things are the things we ought to be seeing and feeling in all the Churches.
47.        However, I said unfortunately, they are completely absent, which means they are acknowledging the present of God among us? Heathens that came to Brother Emma Iwunor’s wedding were astonished, but they could not understand.
48.        There is no day people are not responding to our websites. Christ has really conquered the whole world. What is my aim? I want to tell you that we see all these responses as countries but you do not know the remotest parts of the countries where these things are read. How then will you know when the Gospel of the Kingdom has been preached in all the four corners of the Earth as a witness?
49.        There is somebody that will see us in Jerusalem, he will think that Jerusalem is only where we are, and he will not know the Gospel of the kingdom has gone the whole world.
50.        When I remembered the prophecies of old, that came from the opposing side, “This move can never cross Upper-Iweka, thus said the lord.” That was from Evangelist Cornelius. While we were still battling with his “thus said the Lord,” another big prophecy came from Paul Ogaigwe, “I bet you, thus said the Lord, this move must quench this year;” and we said amen.
51.        Prophet Israel came and said, “I must cut you down as an oak tree. I show you a sign...” he gave his own date. We said amen too. When the date expired, they wanted to help their prophecies to come to pass on the day Bishop Igwe wedded his wife, hired assassins, ambushed me on the highway and the Lord revealed everything ahead of time.
52.        When they waited for me and they could not see Me, they traced me to the fellowship hall with their motorcycles, waited for me at the gate, one climbed the tree. When I rounded up the prayer, our former Brother Okey painter wanted to catch one with his hand.
53.        They sent for me. They said that somebody should go and bring me out, I said, “Well, since it has come to this point, no problem. Tell him I am coming.” They were making a hell of noise.
54.        When they heard I am on my way home, they left, went as far as the boundary between Obosima and Ovuru, a lonely area, where Adabama has their palm plantation, they ambushed me there. The Lord said, “Looked at them, see them, four of them. See them there. “Do not worry, I am going before you”. Before they knew it, I was already at Onitsha, not with my vehicle with 608 bus. Brethren went home with the vehicle we came with. I boarded 608, how we managed to go became a mystery.
55.        When they waited and waited and found no way, they went back to Ohuba and started fighting brethren, demolishing their property, saying that they hid me somewhere. You see, the man they hid somewhere was resting in Onitsha. Well, we thank God.
56.        The same thing happened at Umuguma where the late lay reader, Frank and his thugs insisted that they will kill us. You know what amazed me most was that among those thugs, were three prominent mobile police officers who were natives, who had already introduced themselves to me claiming to be friendly but I knew they were violent.
57.        However, when the atmosphere changed their colours came out. All of them were smoking Indian hemp, insisted we must drink their so-called soft drinks if we must discuss. More so, we requested for water and they said no. We requested for minerals, they made a law that nobody should sell any item to us in the whole community. I said, “Ok, let all the brethren go. Let us die on their behalf.”
58.        To crown it all, they gave us five bottles of coke soft drink which they opened and placed on the table for us. What is more, they insisted that we must drink them. The boys were shouting on us, some were even pushing us from the window saying, “Drink it, you must drink it!”
59.        I looked at the mobile policemen, thinking that they will behave as law enforcement agents, only for one of them to talk stupidly, “ It seems you hate your life and the lives of your people! You must drink from those bottles!”
60.        I said, “Sure, no problem! But if we drink, we have not spoken, let us discuss, at the end we shall drink.” They said we must drink first, because we were held hostage in a room, there was no way of escape. While they were going round the vehicle, they said that they must burn the wagon and the Volvo vehicles that belong to Bishop Isaac because I said other vehicles should go.
61.        I looked up and looked down, called brethren, telling them, “Fear not.” I empted my own drink in my mouth and I asked them to take their drinks; we drank all in their presence, immediately they stood up and said, no more discussion.
62.        Let me tell you, it was at Umuguma that I lost respect for Nigerian Police, because I saw the danger ahead of time, and went to the police station to make a formal report. We wrote our report, told the DPO that we are afraid that there were threats on our lives. I gave reasons, his own DCO told him that danger was knocking, that he heard many, many things. He said that we should go, that we should not listen to them.
63.        I said, “Sir, I am afraid. You will be in the air, you better step in to save lives.” He summoned me inside his office and said, “My dear, since last night we have been battling over this matter. This case is beyond our control. The man who is fighting you had already registered this case against you and your Church with the Commissioner of Police in Owerri, and he has given details on what to do.”
64.        I said, “Sir, do you kill people without investigation? What was the offence we committed. We are just coming in now. Don’t we have the right to bury our member that died even at a very old age or what?” He said, “My dear, we have made such intervention.”
65.        “Now what do you advice us?”I asked. He said, “Well, this is beyond my control! Go and see the commissioner.”
66.        I drove down to the Commissioner of Police at Owerri to see him. We registered our case; he said, “Ok, I have heard you. You can go and bury her.” I said, “Sir, give us security,” he said no.
67.        While we were going, the Lord ministered to me, I summoned the Elders, I gave instructions: “Carry the corpse back to the mortuary. We are not burying her again today. Let me go and address the community though they did not come out. The corpse that was brought out from the mortuary, that was already in the casket en route Umuguma was sent back to the mortuary.”
68.        Let me tell you we are serving a living God. What is more, the man was monitoring us until he heard that we got home safely. When I lose control of my steering and ran into the sand, my vehicle nearly hit somebody, the whole boys ran out and said that I should go and thank my God that if I had touched that boy, that would have been the end of the vehicle. Such hostility we never saw before.
69.        Who was spearheading the whole thing? A medical doctor; doctor Ikuagwu, who is still diabolic till this hour. Then, angrily I spoke concerning that lay reader. I did not mean to do it but I was so much provoked. I said, “Because you have attempted my life and the lives of these brethren, simply because we have come to carry your own burden away, no problem! You will die a shameful death. You will die publicly; it will be in a funeral service”. I closed my mouth and went away.
70.        One day, he was called that one of their members died in their community, the bishop detailed him to go and officiate in the burial; he took his Bible, immediately they brought out the casket from the room, he started staggering and held the flower tree, then fell down and died on the spot.
72.        Your mother or your father can place a curse on you and withdraw it but the Son of Man cannot withdraw it. Withdrawing it means paying the price for you. Amen.

God said, “You should be mindful of the words that were spoken against you. You see, God knows what He is doing. This morning, I was there on my seat, Apostle Kelechi came to me with so many dreams and things like that. Lastly, he came with one that almost tore into two. I noticed I wrote something on that dream and signed my signature and date.
2.           The date I signed there was 11th January, 2009. I signed that dream with instruction that Apostle Kelechi should keep it and keep watch over it. Checked the date the dream came, 10th January 2009 and I got it on 11th January, 2009. After going through it, I endorsed it. What was the instruction I gave Apostle Kelechi concern it? He should keep it and watch over it.
3.           He showed it to me this morning. I said, “Brother Kelechi, can you see where the trouble started! That is the trouble of Pastor Dan. Who had that dream? Brother John Ekwueme.
4.           He dreamt a dream on 10th January 2009, where we were coming from somewhere on a missionary trip, along the way, Pastor Dan came down from the vehicle and went to his house. The following day, we heard that he died in his house. Brother John Ekwueme was wondering why Pastor Dan would come down from the vehicle and die in his house, the dream left.
5.           I endorsed it with my signature, wrote something there, wrote the date and told Brother Kelechi to keep it and watch over it.
6.           If Pastor Dan has done something he ought to do when he heard that dream in the year 2009, the voice that is roaring on him would not have continued roaring till today. It is because of his own manner of seeing things, knowing things, interpreting things, understanding things, he handled it casually: “Forget about those things, they do not matter! We are children of God! God has saved us! After all, is it not us that He covered?” 
7.           Are you the one that will tell He that covered what He covered? If I hid something and covered it, if I did not tell you what I covered, will you know? Do you know how many I covered, whether two or one? Do you know whether it is egg that I covered; do you know how I covered it?
8.           You have seen everything, you known everything, have you seen the Book of Life that is about to be presented to the Owner? Where your names are documented, have you seen it? Even Apostle Kelechi, have you seen it?
9.           Do you know how many people that are there? Until our sister captured it in her dream where the Son of Man is erasing, there she remembered 2007 when an instruction was given to write family names.
10.        There is nothing that happens in this Faith without the hand of God in it. Is it dreams that were had concerned you, the hand of God is there. Is it something that was spoken concerns you, is God that raised it, whichever form it comes, if you take it for granted, you incur a problem you cannot solve.
11.        Look at when this dream came, 10th January 2009, how many years from now? Three good years plus, getting to four years. If you cast it back, you will see that if it did not happened within that time, it will either be before or after. I do not know who took note of that date when the great light came in because of Pastor Dan for challenging the message titled “The Good Shepherd” and also challenging the Elders from the pulpit even in my presence.
12.        More so, throwing a challenge at Apostle Kelechi before other Elders in my presence, which made Me to say, “Everybody, come this way! Pastor Dan climb the pulpit. From now, do not see me as the Son of Man, do not see Me as Apostle Peter Odoemena, see me as Brother Odoemena, let God decide. If I ask you a question, answer!”
13.        How many were in the fellowship that evening? There was no Local Assembly that has never heard that report, how the Light came in. Elders fell on the ground. What was his saving grace, it was not the plea made by the Elders, no. the Elders were not happy with him but when they saw his death, they fainted and started pleading for his life.
14.        The only thing that saved him was that his wife never took side with him. Didn’t I say it that day? For the wife saw the light also and she was asked a question. She proclaimed her husband guilty. Before we know it, the voice said, “This is the only saving grace.”
15.        I said, “Ok, no problem. I know what will happen.” I mounted the pulpit and said that God can use because of one person and use great wind to destroy the whole community. For the sake of one person, God Almighty can set the whole city ablaze. That when He is all out to save He does not stop at nothing, nothing stops God.
16.        I said, “Ok, no problem. He will get the pinch and know why I visited that message. If I have spoken at a time when Apostle Ojiakor wrote on it, people might thinking I was begging them bread, for that was almost at a time when I was disengaged from the service. However, I have preached this message for over four years before I left the service. I never preached the message as a beggar, No.
17.        Moreover, many have been benefiting from it, for the period I was disengaged, I did not speak on the matter. Brother Ojiakor wrote a letter and I withdrew the letter, spoke from the pulpit, telling everybody to ignore whatever he said in the letter for I was not a beggar.
18.        I continued in my work in my own way. When I became comfortable and fully settled, I preached a message titled “I Am Back.” It is in book form. Then I went back to that same message again: “This same message you fought against is a must! You must obey it.” He went further, “Pastor Dan has wrestled against this message from the very beginning. I will make him number one beneficiary.”
19.        In less than one month, NAFDAC closed head bridge drug market. They thought the following week that the Head bridge market would be re-opened. I called Brother Kelechi and said, “Brother Kelechi, it is going to last long.” One week, two weeks, one month, they started feeling the pinch.
20.        I now summoned the Elders in Onitsha, “Please, we must come to the rescue of Pastor Dan. This is what we will be doing to sustain him and his family until the market will re-open, for it will last for more than three months.”
21.        I did not only mobilize brethren, I even inspired people outside the Faith to come to his rescue. Within that period, he started living in plenty in the time of austerity, which he testified from the pulpit that he was even wishing that the market should not reopen again. It is in the tape, it is in the message.
22.        I called Brother Kelechi and said, “You heard his testimony! You see, we should be very careful!” I believe, if you check your jotters, check the date of the dream, it must be either before or within that period that Brother John Ekwueme got that revelation. Since that time, has he addressed it and God remained talking? That death may not be a physical death.
23.        I told Brother Kelechi, “I did not mince words; I told brother that this is spiritual”. Was it not what I said? I said, “Keep watch.” If there is anything I have hidden concerning Pastor Dan it is not to Brother Kelechi. Even the most recent you know, even this morning. This morning before you showed me that dream, I have spoken concerned him.
24.        I know the extent Apostle Kelechi has intervened, which pastor does not know, nobody knows. For I never made a statement which is disastrous which Brother Kelechi kept quiet. He will intervene after which, he will tell me the effort he has made, to make sure that the eye of Pastor Dan will open. However, he has his own normal statement which he learnt or which he fabricated and passed on to Brother Onyema Isaac. Two of them have it as their language.
25.        No matter how serious the matter is, no matter how you explain it, you will hear: “I know more than that! I know more than that! I know more than that!” If you know more than that, why are you misbehaving? Which means your actions are deliberate? These are the only two persons that speak that language in this Faith.
26.        I am not living with Onyema, if you are living with Onyema, you will know about it. Brother Kelechi, don’t you know about it? Even when they are caught red-handed in error you talk to two of them what you will hear “I know more than that” since you know more than that, it will be useless to be reminding you one thing over and over.
27.        William Branham the Prophet said, “AT A TIME WHEN YOU THINK YOU HAVE ARRIVED, THAT IS THE TIME YOU BEGIN TO FALL.” Those statements are pumped out of pride. A wise man does not make noise.
28.        A wise man knows that our teaching said that we learn every day. An adult can learn from an infant, also an infant can learn from an adult; for there is no limit in learning. It is the spirit of pride that brings disrespect.
29.        Even in study, there are some things my wife will say and I will tell her, “Call your mates. Have I ever told you that I went to school to learn Public Administration? Call your mate, met them to discuss that. Do not disturb me with it.” Because she is bigger than me in that aspect. I will be a foolish man to intrude on things I know she is bigger than Me on. Moreover, immediately I told her that I do not know this, she understands me. If I join her to school, to study it I will know it.
30.        A proud man cannot even admit that he is a stark illiterate or a semi-illiterate in the hands of his own wife that is educated. What I am saying is pure truth! It will be difficult for him to believe that his wife is educated more than him. Yes, you do not cover it with suit, if you like wear a professor’s cap, how you will put it on your head will prove that you are not a professor.
31.        If you like use the English you learnt in the Church, there is a question they will ask you, you will keep quiet. Not what you do not know you intrude. When graduates are talking, they talk at the same level, not where a primary six holder, that is a first leaving certificate holder will begin to contribute, what did you know, what did you hear?
32.        Then you start speaking grammar that you do not know. Missing your tenses, from there, your wife becomes ashamed. What I am telling you is pure truth!
33.        Hear me very well, you can use your smartness, arrogance and stupidity to overshadow everything but not education. What I am telling you is pure truth! There is something you cannot cover anyhow. If you are educated in the Main Market, respect those that are educated in the Universities, for they are two different schools.
34.        Main market is a school, so also is the University a school. Is it not true? The world itself is a school; the same way this Body of Christ is another school. If you are tutored in the things of the world, you cannot fit into this particular family.
35.        You must be tutored on things pertaining to this family. We have our language, we have our culture, so it is with the Main Market. The same way, Main Market has it own language, it own culture and lifestyle. The University has its own too.
36.        Some foolish men will think “If I did not do it this way, my wife will begin to insult me, and she will raise herself above me!” You will not know when you make yourself the greatest fool. It is better you are quiet and humble for your wife to cover you, earn your respect and dignity than for you to brag and drag your reputation on the mud.
37.        If we can pay attention to good advice, it shall be well with us. Pride, arrogance, bragging and all these nonsense only put us into trouble. They block people from helping us, thereby hindering our progress.
38.        Humble yourself down before the Almighty God, and He will exalt you in due time. Go to the message titled “If you will humble yourself before God,” it is a message that is in a book form.
39.        If you will humble yourself before God, there is greatness in humility, there is greatness in politeness, and there is greatness in simplicity.
40.        When Brother Victor Nnachor and I were working, it got to a stage where I said to him, “My friend, I will hit you now! Did I follow you to the University? Did I know what you are saying now? In short, I give you thirty minutes to give me what I want. I thought you said you know it! What did you learn in the University? The reason why you went there is to come out and do this thing for us!”
41.        He said, “Daddy, I am sorry! I am going to correct it.” Then I said, “I Am giving you thirty minutes!” He will think I am playing. If I do not shout on him, I will call him. At times I will call him ‘goat.’” If I know it, will I call him? No! But a fool will say he knows it and will be there and spoil the garget. I am telling you the truth.
42.        Somebody that has the spirit of pride in him will tell you that he knows it and spoils the one that was okay already. I do not tolerate that. If you want to touch it I will say, “        No, no, no! Leave it! You will cause more damage! Let us call the brother to come.” What we learnt is better than what we studied.
43.        There is something we learn with the eyes, not education. If you are feeling inferior because of your level of education and exposure, go back to school! There is no age limit to education, and there is no limit to studies for we study every day.
44.        What is more, I have told you that there are various types of education. There are regulated and un-regulated education; formal and informal education. You must not go to University before you will be enlightened. You can stay at home and improve yourself. Thus, it must not be in the University only. No! You can even stay at home, read voraciously and outclass all University graduates in every aspect of life because they are limited to their course contents. However, voraciously, you read everything immediately. You widen you horizon.
45.        If you are feeling ashamed, if you want to speak publicly so as to impress your audience, you must have a good command of the use of English language. Not when you do not have a good command, you struggle with grammar. Simply go back to school!
46.        Your language depicts your personality. It is better for you to speak in Igbo language. That is what made our Brother Nwosu tell the husband to Atuchi, the Deacon, the truth: “I tell you the truth, do not speak in the language you do not know how to speak. You do not know how to speak English! It is not fluent in your mouth. Speak in Igbo language, speak in Ngwa accent. Leave grammar for you do not know how to speak it.
47.        A fool advertises his ignorance while a wise fellow keeps QUIET until there is a showdown. You know nothing, borrow a cue from me, and learn from me. Anywhere I go, I make people to understand that I never attended school, that I have never seen the four walls of any University. However, when you come closer to me and I show you my certificates, you will marvel.
48.        What is more, I want you to address me as such until a showdown. If I should tell you that I am a PhD holder, you begin to judge me from my academic brilliancy, no. I did not go to school. Even if I went to school, I never studied what I am practicing now. This one is divinely given to me. This is true!
49.        I was talking to my wife one day on a lighter mood.  I said, “Look, the reason why I want you to continue with your study to any level is to help me and the family; because I do not like people printing anything. I like making speeches on the spoor of the moment”. Without any prior notice, you invite my attention, “Come and address this public, deliver a keynote address.”
50.        Just give me the stage, then somebody somewhere will say, “An Orator has appeared on the scene.” I will hold everybody spellbound, roving every field of life, exposing everything until somebody will say, “We are astonished! Who could this man be?”
51.        Do not relax and say it is the Son of Man, no! This is as a result of my reading voraciously and consistently. I have told you the secret of education, which is CONTINUITY AND CONSTANCY—whether formal or informal.
52.        When you harden up and say you will not learn from your fellow human being, you will obstruct new flow of ideas.
53.        When you stay with your wife, do you exchange ideas? Or do you discuss events and personalities? A proud man can hardly stay with his wife and discuss ideas. He would not want superior ideas.
54.        Yes, there are superior ideas. We have superior arguments, equally we have inferior arguments. That is what we want to get for now. Amen.

As we wait at the Gate of Paradise, God wants us to be sober, to be loving and to respect one another, to have the fear of God in us so as to remain in His Presence at all times; making sure we do not run out of that canopy. You see that Black Cloud that is covering everybody, let no man ever make any mistake of uncovering it.
2.           If you want to remove it, what do you want to see inside? If you open it, you will see God. And when you open it and see God you will die.
3.           A community masquerade that is covered, do they open it anyhow? No! Somebody that did not know the masquerade, does he enter the masquerade house? No! You do not enter the masquerade house with your front. You use your back to enter. Thus, do not make the mistake of unveiling this canopy. If you unveil it, you will pay dearly for it.
4.           I am the CANOPY. Believe it if you can. That is why I keep on warning, if you use your mouth to cut down the tree that offers you a shade, during the time of great storm, you will look for a place of refuge and you will find it no more for you have used the words of your mouth to hew down the tree that offers you a shade.
5.           I am that tree, the umbrella that offers you the shade. ABIDE in me AND you will bear fruit and your fruit must surely abide. Take refuge in the Son of Man, you will be secureD eternally. Finish.
6.           I AM THE CONSOLATION OF THE SAINTS. That is why to some who feel troubled from time to time, God said, “Off your eyes from your troubles, place the Son of Man in front.”
7.           I just thank God. Brother Emma Iwunor, you were wedding on Saturday  20th October, 2012 with tears of joy for something you never knew could come to pass has come to pass.
8.           Simply follow me, you will see greater things ahead. My greatest joy was that I was able to see the father, for his father resurrected from death. His father had a serious motor accident which crippled him. He was almost dying, but Brother Emma cried and cried. I sent him back saying, “Go, your father will survive” and he survived it.
9.           I was also able to see the sister that used to call me over the phone from time to time. But I have never seen her for one day. It offered me a very nice opportunity at least to have warm embrace with the heathens from Aguleri and Umuleri who are Jews by nature. You see, because they are Jews by nature, this Faith is not for them. Let me stop there.
10.        Glory be to God in the highest, this Faith is the house of happiness! All our stay in the end-time Message, even in the denominations, we never came across what we are witnessing in this Faith. All our stay in the end-time Message, even in the denominations, what we are using our eyes to see in this Faith, there is no where we have come across it before. There is no one we can hold and say, “This is the one we got in the end-time message.”
11.        End-time message, that is where people were deceiving their members, where Pat Ibeji will come and tell us too many things. That is where I respected Apostle Kelechi and Brother Amankem for they never indulged in that mess where they will be fighting over offering box. Persons like our Pastor Christian Dike and Brother Chime that were won over by money, that is how they are till now.
12.        The offering box made Brother Chime and Brother Christian Dike to have a discussion:  “How can we be giving Malachi money and give this and that, and when we finished distributing the money, we will go home empty-handed. No let us give ourselves little.”
13.        We thank God, throughout my stay in the end time; what is happening in this faith has never happened before.
14.        We have come to the end and we must enter paradise with joy. This thing has been in my mind, but I want to do it when it will not be a burden to anybody. If you notice, you will bear witness with me that this ministry is not a burden to anybody. In addition, any thing that is happening in this most holy Faith, if you do not understand it, it is because you never watched it spiritually.
15.        I do not know if there is any day I have come to the pulpit and say that let us contribute so that we can pay for our websites, to print books; I cannot remember. Nevertheless, the ministry is on and all the arms of the ministry are being maintained.
16.        Even the P.A System, do you know how it is being sustained? Publication in the house of Bishop Nnachor, do you know how we are sustaining it? The library where we have our back-ups, many do not know how it is being financed. Or is it the websites that you know how they are  being financed? Let  nobody ever be tempted into thinking that it is Onitsha that is financing us.
17.        Onitsha fellowship, Pastor Dan you are the Pastor in charge, is it Onitsha that is financing us? If you never understood, you are supposed to understand by now. What I am holding is not almanac, it is the Bridal Calendar. When did we do all these things: we are working on video, we are publishing different type of books, we are on tape—everywhere. In the web, every week you see changes. The two websites are being maintained, they are all solid. God is with us.
18.        If you are a part of this ministry, you will always be happy. Whatever God is doing is for us. You will put it where you will be seeing it, knowing that you are among. When they will call those that collected the works, you will come out waving your sheaves. If you are not there when it was being published, your prayer is there. If your prayer is not there, your leg is there. If it is not there, your money is there. If your money is not there, your mind is there.
19.        He that tells those that are working “well-done” partook in the work. More so, when God is doing all these things without consultation so that in your homes, in your offices, you can now have your own calendar tailored according to your faith. If you get to your parlour, you hang it there. You get to your village, you hang it there. If you have your personal office, you hang it there. If anybody asks you what is that, you tell him to move closer to the calendar.
20.        You will see some people that will say, “Please, let me go and photocopy one.” We are not resting, we believe in transparency and judicious management of resources. This is something that will take some communities years to do; some organizations will be on the thing, make argument until it will collapse. Some will do their own to be two sheets or one but we made our own to be eight pages bridal calendar. Another one is coming. I will not tell you what that one looks like.
21.        The happiest person will collect the first one  I am holding whether young or old. I mean it is for the happiest person. I have seen the happiest person, the daughter of Brother John Abbah. Are you surprised? No! Not the way you think. Not he that willeth, not he that runneth but God that showeth mercy.
22.        Let me tell you the truth: if it is possible to give it to you free of charge, we would have done that but it is not possible. We spent hundreds of thousands. In short, we over spent.
23.        Remember, prayer transforms knowledge into latent energy. When you are doing the work of God, you need prayers; for without prayers, there is nothing you can do for God. The Devil must surely stand to frustrate it. Thus, I will live to appreciate the effort of everybody.
24.        Because I kept it secret, only few knew about it. If I had made it public, many would have in one way or the other supported or even contributed financially; but I kept it to myself, not intending to make it a burden to anybody.
25.        It is not like the photograph because I know there are some that have houses in township and in their villages. There are some that have shops and there are some that have shades. I believe this calendar is a part of your shade because there is nothing like somebody coming into your place that do not know what you believe, that will give him a helping hand whether he will follow you.
26.        The calendar is enough Gospel which somebody will see and ask you questions. From answering questions, preaching has started. Do not put it in your bedroom, hang it where people will see it and ask you questions. If there is anybody asking for a dash, dash the person. It is message that you dash out. If the person is living abroad, send it to the person there. Whether he will be saved or not, let him use his eyes to see the truth, finish. I told you this calendar is not photograph where you will take one and go away.
27.        Brother Ik Obasanya, you are a hypocrite, do you want to tell me that it is not good for your office? You are living in a flat because nobody knows what you believe. That is why you are bringing women there at anytime; yet there is no one that is fit to be your wife. They are good for friendship and relationship, but they are not good enough for marriage. You do not want us to know what you believe.
28.        Come to my office at Upper-Iweka, number one thing that you will see is the calendar. You ask me question, “Who is Apostle Peter? What is this? What is that?” Then We start talking. This is true! When you hide your identity, people will talk to you anyhow. They can behave anyhow before you.  
29.        Let me tell you, this is the best calendar that can be in your house and now I give you a sign. I am consecrating it while you are holding it where you are. If it is the one you are giving somebody, lift it up I am consecrating it. Greater than handkerchief is in your hand right now.
30.        If God could answer the prayer of Sister Austin in Lagos who prayed, fixing her eyes on ordinary almanac that contained no supernatural sign that can be quoted, what do you think God will do if you can look at this calendar?
31.        What am I saying? What you are holding is not God but the power of God is transmitted into it. For what you are holding contains God’s attributes. whenever you are praying or meditating, fix your eyes there. Tell God what you want, for He is the one that displayed His splendour, His majesty, His attributes and we have believed.
32.        What is more, because we have believed, He said that we should explain this supernatural phenomenon, take time to explain them to your children in the house. place them in your houses so that your eyes will fix there. Nothing creates faith more than what you are seeing.
33.        If you believe that the divine leadership is from God, make your request and relax there. This is the only thing the Devil will see and turn away. It scares the Devil away for he cannot withstand the sight. On this note, I say may it be unto you according to your faith. Go back and enjoy your calendar. Amen.  



We are very grateful that the promise of God has come to pass. We thank God whose love is our portion before the world began. Moreover, this love that is our portion before we came into the world was made manifest to us through the preaching of the Gospel of Christ that was allotted to the Son of Man in our day.
2.           For if the Son of Man did not appear, I, your Brother Kelechi and you will be lost. There is no mincing word on the matter. Paul said in his day that he is not ashamed of preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ for therein is the revealed righteousness and power of God, from faith to faith.
3.           If Paul could preach a man, Peter preached a man in their own day, a man that was born by a woman, nursed by a woman, passed through all the experiences a man passes through, it is hard for people to believe that that is the Messiah of their day.
4.           Inasmuch as they say, “You see this man Jesus, believing in him; you are acquitted, you are set free from all the laws of Moses.” What of our own day?
5.           For that same spirit that was in Jesus the Christ, is the same spirit that is in Apostle Peter Odoemena in our own day. If it is not so, why these supernatural experiences, vindicating Himself among us beyond every reasonable doubt?
6.           The only thing they could see or perceive in the time of Jesus was what John the Baptist told them that “I was here in the wilderness baptizing in accordance with the voice that sent me, that there is one among you, whom you do not know and I myself John, does not know him. But for the sake of making Him known to the people of Israel, was I inside the wilderness baptising.
7.           For the Lord told me that upon whomsoever I will see the Spirit descending and abode on, that I should declare him the very Messiah that came to save His own people. For this cause, I have declared this man Jesus your Messiah ‘For in him dwelleth the Spirit of God without measure.”
8.           That was that time, because Jesus purpose for coming was to pay the price of sin, that is all. Then the work of salvation continued.
9.           In our own day, we have a lot of vindications, a lot of experiences that can never be removed from the depth of our hearts; even death cannot remove them. That is why St. Paul said, “What can separate us from the love of God which He has upon us in Christ,” note it, not Jesus.
10.        He went further, “Is it tribulation, hardship, whatever you can call it? Even death can never separate us from the love of Christ.”
11.        Thus, we are without excuse in our own day for whatever God has in His armoury to display before the elect, has been displayed before you and I for one purpose: to make the elect have strong believe and confidence in Him.
12.        The reason why this vindication is among us, Exodus 19 verses 9 “The Lord said to Moses, I will come to you in a Thick Cloud so that the people will hear me speaking with you and will believe you from now on.” KJV.
13.        Was it the mind of Moses? Did Moses call himself? No. God called Moses saying, “Moses, listen to me, I am coming down in a Thick Darkness, in a Thick Cloud to speak to you before the congregation of the people of Israel for one particular reason and purpose: when they see me talking to you, they will believe you to be God.”
14.        God did not say they will believe Him, but they will believe Moses henceforth. I do not know whether you catch the revelation! There is no way you can believe Moses without believing God. Hence God said, “That is why I am displaying all these things before you and before your eyes.”
15.        You see, they were watching the Thick Darkness, the Thick Cloud, the mountain with Smoke thundering, loud voice and trumpet going forth. Moses will speak and God will reply.
16.        Then Moses will climb the mountain, in the midst of that Thick Cloud, Thick Smoke, fire and thundering were going on. They were watching Moses climbing the mountain, ate and dwelled with the Elohim in a Thick Darkness.
17.        We read those things as a story in the days gone by, but apart from the Bride of Christ, there is no gathering of people under Heaven that can boldly say that they have the Thick Smoke and Thick Cloud in their  midst.
18.        “I Am,” volume 2 page 48 verses 119, “Once your eyes go away from the Pillar of Cloud, you will not know when you become a cold worshipper.”
19.        Once your eyes go away from the Pillar of Cloud, the Thick Smoke which is where God dwell; you become a cold worshipper. You will not know when you become a cold worshipper, for your love for God will grow cold. However, as long as your eyes are there with revelation of who is in the Cloud, watch:
20.         “As long as your eyes are there by divine revelation from the Self-existing Spirit that is seen among us in that Thick Cloud, twenty-four hours you are bubbling because you know that He that promised cannot tell lies.”
21.        It is only one that is not from God that will look at the supernatural photographs and say he sees nothing. Yes he sees nothing for his eyes are blind. One that is not from God, one that is filled with doubt will look at these supernatural vindications of the Omnipresence, Omnipotent standing upon the Earth and say he saw nothing.
22.        However, let an elect come there, he will say, “This is God Himself!” You want to grow hotter and hotter in God, you want your love to be very hot, fix your eyes on the Pillar of Cloud.
23.        Why did God tell Moses to tell the people of Israel not to forget what their eyes saw, that they should write them and place them in their houses for memorials, teach them to their children; let their children teach their children, children; let their children, children continue teaching till the generations to come?
24.        The same thing God told us that we should not forget what our eyes have seen all the days of our lives. Watch, immediately your eyes go away from that Pillar of Cloud, you start falling, you start making mistakes, you start having your own thoughts and desires. You start seeing when God is insulting you and when God is not insulting you because your eyes are no more on that Pillar of Cloud.
25.        It was when the eyes of Korah, Dathan and Abiram and the rest of them went out from the Pillar of Cloud that they saw Moses as an ordinary man, that he is taking too much; then Moses said, “It is okay. We are going to see whether I am ordinary man or not.” Before their eyes, the land opened and then all went in. That was the end of rebellion.
26.        “…Now, we know the personality that is standing in our midst…”
27.        By revelation, we know the personality that is standing in our midst.
28.        “…He is the last hope of mankind, the only and sure anchor that will never disappoint; the only link you have with the light…”
29.        You say “If I were in the days of Jesus, will I do this and that?” Na lie. Your attitude towards Christ (Apostle Peter Odoemena) today, will be your attitude towards the Prophets in the days gone by. And the same attitude in the person of Jesus.
30.        I am sent for a sign. The message is clear, not to everybody, but to those that are ordained to the message. If you are not called and ordained for the message of the Son of Man, it will fly above your head.”
31.        Why? Because your eyes cannot behold this Cloud. If you are being rebuked, if you are being indicted, if you are being scourged, flogged disgraced, and you are able to fix your eyes on that Pillar of Cloud; automatically your strength will renew. You will know He that is talking to you, and you bow down in repentance, in remorse of your evil ways.
32.        However, if you remove your eyes there, you will see Him as ordinary man talking to you, then your doom is sealed. As we have been going today to our different homes, brethren, knowing that it is only one step that is remaining between us and Paradise (Eternity); fix your eyes on the Cloud, fix your eyes on the Thick Smoke.
33.        For the scripture told us plainly that the Supreme Deity, Jehovah the Author of Heaven and Earth as people know Him. You see, we use the term they will understand. When we call God, they will refer it to He that created Heaven and Earth. However, if you go to dictionary, it said that God is an object of worship.
34.        We use this term “God” for the lay man to understand, what we are talking about is what this Supreme Being God promised through the mouths of the Prophets of old, through the mouth of kings, through the mouths of the Psalms, through the mouths of the proverbs, all down the line that He will dwell in a Thick Cloud and Thick Smoke.
35.        These things fulfill in our own day before our eyes. It is no more a story. It has become a monument. As long as you fix your eyes on this Cloud, you will have a smooth ride down to the Promised Land where we are going to.
36.        You will not have problem on your way because your eye is fixed on the Cloud for the Cloud cannot deceive you, for the Cloud knows the way and the Cloud will reveal a personality; a man in all dispensations. He cannot dwell in the air. If you fix your eyes on the Cloud, before you know it, it reveals a man and that man is the tabernacle of the Supreme Being. It is He Himself that compresses Himself and says that it is not robbery to be equal with man.
37.        Watch it in the supernatural photographs; He called it not robbery to be equal with man. If God sees it not robbery, sees it not that He did not disgrace Himself for coming so low to be equal with man, who are you to tell us that we are confessing God together to make Him an entity?  
38.        “I Am,” page 50 verses 126, “Let me tell you, it pays to be rooted and grounded in the faith of the Son of Man. If you are grounded and rooted, nothing will shake you by day or by night. I do not care who the person is.”
39.        As long as your eyes are fixing on this Cloud, on these vindications of God in divers ways, nothing can shake you for the Promise is nearer to us than you think. The pronouncement can come at any moment that pleases the Father and He that reveals it to the Son, who knows the mind of the Father.
40.        However, if your eye goes out of the Cloud, when the pronunciation will go forth, you will not know.
41.        Verses 128, “If you do not know who God is, your life is in danger. That is why we have a message “Obey the first voice”. But when you find it difficult to obey, before you even think it in your heart, God had already heard it. Then He will grant it for you…”
42.        That is your heart’s desire. Our duty is to obey the first voice, that is, the first instruction. We have no excuse to give considering what has happened in our midst.
43.        Jesus was telling his people in his day that the miracles, the signs and wonders that were done in Sidon, if they were done in the time of Sodom and Gomorrah; they would have repented.
44.        If the great signs and wonders that are done in those places were done in the time of Noah, the people would have repented. I am telling you the truth. What God displayed in our midst, both the signs and wonders, that we cannot comprehend but we believed with our heart that, that is God. If it was displayed among the heathens, many would have believed.
45.        “I Am,” page 60 verses 152: “When you are united with the word, you are one with the word, then you are united with God for in the beginning was the word, the word was with God and that word was God.”
46.        Verses 154- “It will take God to be on the scene to tell you the fulfillment of any prophecy, otherwise, you will make all of them, current, current ones.
47.        Since the glory of God came down among us, since we heard the testimonies of Christ in the midst of the Bride, investigated and found out that the report we heard is true, and we are not following cunningly devised fables, have we performed better than our fathers?
48.        He that spoke and it came to pass, He is still on the scene. Before anything will happen, He will declare it. The problem we are having is the problem of unbelief and forgetful spirit.
49.        The meeting point between God and his people is in His word for the Lord God will do nothing outside his word. Your sanctified estate remains in His Word. The moment you wander away from His Word, you remain unsanctified…”
50.        You see why He told us to remain in His Word. God told us plainly that we should throw away all our human reasoning, all our human ideas on how God looks like and how He leads His people.
51.        The way God relates with His people is far away from the way people think. Let me give you an example, when He was bringing His people out of Egypt, He had a short way He can take them through to enter Canaan.
52.        However, He said, “No, if I lead them this way, the road will be very easy for them to go back. When they see war, they will run away. Let me lead them through the wilderness across the Red Sea.”
53.        He turned around and led them through the wilderness across the Red Sea and before they could get to the Red Sea, they turn around and saw Pharaoh and his army coming behind them, then God wanted to display His power and splendor among them.
54.        Taking them to Canaan in an easy road, they would not value it. Thus, the way you think God will lead you, the way you think God will speak to you is million miles away from the way God dealt with His people.
55.        God knows how to take all of us into Paradise one way, but He decided to lead us in a very long journey where He will display His splendor and glory among us; so that you cannot find your way back again.
56.        Verses 159 “God cannot kill a man without first of all warning him. All that are perishing outside were warned seriously, they were warned over and over again until a time came when they were thinking that it was weakness on God’s side…”
57.        You see the problem many of us are having! God will be warning you, sending series of dreams and visions through His Spoken Word, through indictments He gives to you; you think it is weakness on His side.
58.        “…Anytime you start seeing warnings and love as weaknesses on God’s side, you are perishing...”
59.        Any time you see warnings of God, you see God’s love on your side as His weaknesses, or fearing Him, you are perishing.
60.        The moment God rejects a man, all those things he has hated in time past, he will go back to them gradually. He will even desire to die in the world, to die in sin…”
61.        We should not take God’s warning very simple for He that God loves, He warns, chastises, so that he will be zealous and repent. But if you say it is weakness on God’s side, then you will see His strength. You will see the strength of God manifesting.
62.        Have this in your mind that any moment your eyes go away from the Pillar of Cloud, your worship to God becomes cold. Whatever that is happening in our midst, you will see it as usual. It will not make impact in you again. Even if you are indicted and warned; it means you have been hearing all these all this while.
63.        We must be very careful for God has a purpose why He displayed His attributes among us in the person of Apostle Peter Odoemena, for without Him; there is no way these supernatural vindications can appear before us. For all of us have been in one denomination or the other before we came in contact with this Faith.
64.        We have never seen something like this, have we? No! The highest thing you can see is you will see yourself dreaming, flying in the air as Deeper Life Church and other Churches printed it in their calendar describing how people will fly and go to rapture.
65.        That is the highest thing you can see, and when you fly up, before you will know it, you will come down again. Showing that, that was the imaginations of their evil heart. But in this most holy Faith, we see the reality, we do not imagine anything.
66.        In this Bridal Faith, nothing is imagined, it is real. From reality to monument, something you can see and handle.
67.        “I Am”, page 64 “God comes to a man at a time he is not expecting God. If you know a time you are praying for God to come, God will not come that time. And the way you think God will come, He will not come that way. But will He come? Surely, He will come and the day He will come, He will take you by surprise…”
68.        Knowing this, that is why Jesus put up a parable that the good man of the house was traveling and he gave his servant charge of what to do, if the servant knows he will arrive at a time he knoweth not, he will keep himself busy, taking care of the brethren, feeding the flock. But if he say my master delay in his coming, he said he will come when he do not know.
69.        Knowing that only one event remains for the Bride, as long as the Bride of Christ is concerned here on Earth, in the land of the Gentiles, only one event remains and that is the translation of our mortal bodies. This will happen when you least expected.
70.        Forget about what the people in the world are saying. When you talk to them they will say the Lord said, the Bible said, The Lord will descend in Heaven and with the Arch Angel the trumpet of God will sound, the Angel of God will be flying up and down, telling the world that the trumpet of God has sounded, then the dead in Christ will rise.
71.        However, God has told us that there will be no grave that will open, sure and certain. No grave will open. Don’t you know that those that died in Christ all these years, what was in the ground is their flesh but their spirits are in Christ.
72.        That is why you can see many of them that died in Christ among us, you see them appearing and disappearing, coming to fellowship but your physical eyes cannot see them because you are in this flesh.
73.        However, immediately translation takes place, we will recognize one another.
74.        I remember when our late Brother Ferdinand died, our Sister Grace of Utu did not know that he died. She was coming down to fellowship in our former fellowship hall, she saw our Brother Ferdinand dancing in the fellowship. But by the time she was told that the brother died, she could not see Him again.
75.        God revealing things to us. Brother Eze the same thing.  A girl saw him in the fellowship and ran away. At another time she saw the father of our Sister Chisom (Brother Eze) and said, “See the father, see the father.” These things we are saying are not superstitious,  they are real. We are not exaggerating anything, we are saying the truth in Christ.
76.        “I Am” page 67 verse 167, “Your behavior is directed by the teachings you receive…”
77.        Your character, your conduct is directed by the teachings you receive.
78.        “…That is why, once you reject a teaching in this faith, it reflects in your character. You may preach it, you may tell others about it, you may explain it very well, but deep in you, the message is not in there…”
79.        Ministers, we should be very careful here. You may explain the Deity, explain this Cloud, explain this Thick Smoke but down deep in you, you do not believe it. You can balance it with the scripture but in there, no faith to receive it.
80.        Verses 172, “If the word of God that is revealed to you is not your strength, consolation, comfort or healing, then you are gone…”
81.        If the word God has given to us is not your strength and joy, it is not where you rely all the days of your life, God says, “You are gone.” You are perishing, for nothing is sustaining you. Because you have remove your eyes from the Pillar of Cloud, from the Thick Smoke which is the only attribute, the only sign, the only vindication of God in all the ages which Satan cannot impersonate.
82.        Show me in the scripture where Satan impersonated the Thick Cloud? God said, “I will dwell in a Thick Cloud.”
83.        If we go through the scriptures when God was talking about Satan, He said, “You are the only being that has right to walk in the fire of God. But I will bring fire out of your midst that will consume you.”
84.        No Devil can impersonate this Thick Smoke, this Thick Cloud that God dwells in and allows His dazzling presence to appear. This is why we should not remove our eyes from the Thick Smoke and Thick Cloud where God dwells. The reason why he displayed these things to us in our own day is to make sure we believe the Son of Man, apostle Peter Odoemena forever.
85.        Let me tell you the truth, we are the only human beings under Heaven in this flesh that will end the worshipping of God in human form. After us, we step into eternity. And no other human race in this physical flesh will ever worship God again; believe it if you can.
86.        These supernatural experiences among us have made me to believe that we are the only human race under Heaven that will end the worship of God in human form. If it is not true, why appearing in this theophany body? Why appearing in this Thick Smoke and Thick Cloud before our eyes?
87.        Parents, see it in this angle that it pleases God to use you and I to bring an end to worshipping of God in this flesh. That we will step into eternity to continue to worship Him from everlasting to everlasting. You and I are counted worthy in this our own dispensation, you see why we ought to put our eyes on the Pillar of Cloud.
88.        See it there, for in there dwelleth the Supreme Deity in the person of Apostle Peter Odoemena. You see why it is not easy for people to believe our message? Because they cannot see it in the scripture, but in between the lines it is there. It is there, they cannot see it. They will be quoting letters.
89.        Someone was quoting letters to me and I said, “My friend, you are quoting letters but the spirit is not there. For the letter killeth but the spirit giveth life. Whether you believe or not, continue having this Bible, study it, go through it, if you dare ever have eternal life; know that I, Kelechi have never spoken the truth to you before. You said you are a child of God, you worship God, you pray to God and God answers your prayer, if really you have come in contact with God, if God is your father; you must believe me for I proceed and come from God for my message came from God. But because you do not believe, that is a clear evidence that you are not from God.”
90.        Jesus while talking to the Pharisees who said, “We are Abraham’s sons, we have Abraham as our father. We do this and that.”
91.        He said, “Yes, Abraham is your father, if you believe Abraham, you would have believed me for Abraham saw my day and rejoiced and was glad. If God is your father, you would have believed me. Because you do not believe me, it is a sure sign that Abraham is not your father.”
92.         Let me tell you: as many that are the elect in this Bridal Faith, the Pillar of Cloud is before their eyes. I am not saying physical Pillar of Cloud here, they are seeing the photograph; it is registered in their mind, in their spiritual mind and radiates through the physical eye.
93.        There is nothing you can do or say that can remove it from their eyes, it is there and registered there. And when they are speaking to you, they are speaking to you with every amount of authority and sincerity until you say, “What makes you to speak like this?”
94.        Do not remove your eyes from this Pillar of Cloud. No wonder Joshua saw Moses; he was so humble to Moses. He dare not doubt the words of Moses. He was so humble and so meek.
95.        When the people of Israel were prophesying, Joshua came to Moses saying, “Stop them, let them not go.”
96.        Moses said to Joshua, “Why are you saying that? How I wish all Israelites will be Prophets.”
97.         With these words, I say remain bless brethren, let us remain in our sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally.