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Friday, 14 September 2012



I Am the Excellent Glory, The Divine Thinker, the Supreme Lawgiver,
the I AM, the Elohim, the Holy One. Believe it if you can…


Do you know who God is? Nobody knoweth the Father but the Son, nobody knoweth the Son but the Father and to whomsoever the Son shall choose to reveal. I am in the bosom of the Father, and He that is in the bosom of the Father knows the mind of the Father.

If I declare that you are lost, you are lost. If I declare you are saved, you are saved. Do you know the safe ground, have you gone this way before?




Deuteronomy 31:15 “And the LORD appeared in the tabernacle in a pillar of a cloud: and the pillar of the cloud stood over the door of the tabernacle.” KJV

Exodus 13:21 And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night:.” KJV

Psalms 89:7 God is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints, and to be had in reverence of all them that are about him.” KJV


“Daniel 7:9 I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool: his throne was like the fiery flame, and his wheels as burning fire.” KJV

Isaiah 11:10 “And in that day there shall be a root of Jesse, which shall stand for an ensign of the people; to it shall the Gentiles seek: and his rest shall be glorious.” KJV

Ephesians 2:19 “Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints, and of the household of God.”

Our Lord is good all the time. Almighty Father, I want to thank you for the gift of this hour, for it is a privilege to come before Your Presence.
2.           Brethren, it is He that speaketh, not me that speaketh, for it has pleased the Lord Himself to give us all that is pertaining to life and godliness. The hour we are in remains the hour of He that is in our midst. What is more, He remains unshakable. Faithfulness that has never been recorded in all the ages and this is the privilege that is given unto you and I, in this hour.
3.           We are the most privileged of all in that you and I are the perfection of all, in all the dispensations. There has never been any age that the Elohim featured fully, if not this our age, for He made Himself very plain for you and I. You see the patience of Almighty God?
4.           That we, who are the last shall be the first. It is His patience that has brought us thus far. In an hour like this, brethren, what manner of men ought we to be? When He, the Lord of Glory, it pleased Him that I should speak, of a truth I do not have anything to speak for I am a channel through which He passes and expresses His mind. This is why we are all in His Presence; as channel through which the Almighty God passes in order to express His mind. If you and I are that channel, then what manner of people do we ought to be in this hour?
5.           There was a time I thought I could preach, there was a time I thought I was a powerful preacher, but there came a time when the Lord, it pleased Him that I should be in His presence and realize that I am a cladding symbols. There is nothing a man can preach. What can we preach, for we are before He that called you and I unto this justification. It pleased Him because He wanted to.
6.           Brethren, I looked around, and heard a voice that said, “Look at the people that I have brought unto myself. A people that are not even desired on Earth.” However, there was a time we were desired, we were running from pillar to post, is it not true my brethren? Many of us were there, like I was born into a Roman Catholic family, today my parents are still there.
7.           Whenever I tell them that my God is a Man, they search for wool to put into their ears. Brethren, can I save them? No, they do not know God, and that was where I was and that was where you were. For we run from pillar to post: from Roman Catholic Church to Deeper Life Church, from Deeper Life Church to End-time message.
8.           However, it pleased the Lord to bring me back, because they were many that went that way as I went, they stopped somewhere, they stopped their journey but it pleased the Almighty God that my journey should not stop in one of the synagogues of Satan; for all those places are synagogues of Satan, that is cages of unclean birds.
9.           This is why the hour calls for sobriety. The hour calls for a soberness that has never been recorded in the history of humanity; because He that has called you and I has taken His time, He has laboured so labouriously. Oh this type of love, I have not seen it anywhere! For the love of God is unprecedented (extraordinary, unique, exceptional, unmatched).
10.        Brethren, who can see the height of this love? Who can see the depth of this love? We were riffraffs and nonentities before He brought us in because it pleased Him.
11.        Note, it was not all the nonentities that He called. Don’t you see nonentities outside? Do not you still see riffraffs outside? Brethren, is there any qualification that you and I have given ourselves? This is the more reason why you and I have to be sober, for the hour calls for total supplication, a total surrender and a total commitment.
12.        I was reading a message where Almighty God said, “You are mine, you alone are my nation. I have chosen you to be my own.” Who is competent to keep those garment unspotted, brethren? Only He that has called you, only He that has secured you, only He that has clothed you and I without a spotted garment is able to keep you and I in our sanctified estate.
13.        You see why I must be sober in this hour. I looked at myself, considered my ways in the Lord, let me tell you, anytime I appear at Jerusalem, I am always happy. I am not happy because I can help myself; I am happy because whenever I search myself, I realize that I have done nothing to warrant all the love given to me by God.
14.        My brethren, it is a glorious hour. When we say it is glorious, Almighty God said it is dangerous. When it is glorious, it is the climax and when it is the climax, you know that the climax in any athletic relay is the toughest. There was one athlete in marathon, in Milo competition, what happened? she was on the bench, she was always carrying the cup
15.         You see, the tournament was held in Lagos, and in that very particular one, she never knew that while she was just few step to the tape, she collapsed. She was confident because she has been carrying the cup but at that particular time she missed it all.
16.        What am I trying to say brethren? We have been well taught. In fact, we have been over taught. There is nothing that remaineth now than your love and my love which is our unspotted garment, for it is the love that covereth all sins, and the love is the Word, and the Word is in our midst. That is the love of God.
17.        No one will permit himself or herself in this hour where God has placed us to allow anything to spot him or her. Brethren, what is that thing that will spot your dress?  The reason is that where it has pleased the Almighty God in His wisdom to place you and I, is where you thought that even those you have lavished your love upon the Earth will love you, they will not love you. Is that not the voice of our God?
18.        Do not worry! Very, very shortly, you will notice His word coming to pass for we have not noticed how much they hated us. You have not yet noticed how much they hated us until pressure from His Presence, according to His Word come to pass and then you will know by seeing that voice coming to pass.
19.        Brethren, it is a very glorious hour. I will like us to look at few comments from the message “It Pays to be Faithful”, page 18 verse 1: “CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE TOWARDS THE MINISTRY: ‘Faithfulness Explained,’ page 12 verse 12, ‘The only thing I believe that can offer you that desired salvation is your attitudinal change.’ We have a message titled; ‘Change Your Mind and Heart.’ Change your attitude towards this ministry...”
20.        It is what? The change of my attitude towards the Son of Man; for there was a time argument came forth, but it pleased the Almighty God at this point in time to put a stop to it. He has given us all that is pertaining to life and godliness. Moreover, what God demands in this hour is for you and I to stand in our sanctified estate, for that is the only condition in which you and I will be taken home. Is that not truth?  
21.        Anything contrary, we are in danger of being called to question. Look my brethren, the hour that we are in is the hour that your focus and my focus should be as that of the Guide, as our Leader. For any man that is crossing this ocean of life, and you know that you are in a life jacket, what will you do brethren?
22.        We know what a life jacket means? A life jacket is a plastic type of a substance which is filled with air. It is what sustains you and I, that life Jacket is the Son of Man, the Word of God made flesh in our day.
23.        That is why the Voice said, “If you recognize the value of this gold, you and I must preserve it.” We have the need to preserve this gold for the gold that I have found according to the scripture, Jesus the Christ in His age said that the Kingdom where you and I are sitting in this hour, where we are focusing and where we are targeting, it is like unto a man that owned a field and he discovered that in that field there is gold.
24.        Many of us sitting in this Faith do not know what gold is. From one person you can collect gold that is yet to be purified, you will carry it, you will even sit on it because you do not know it is gold.  However, another person, when he finds the gold, the voice in the scripture said that the man went and sold all the he has just to purchase that land that contained gold.
25.        Brethren, we are in a land where what we are holding is greater than the gold. What we are holding is greater than gold.  
26.        “...Who and who is this message referring to? It is referring to me Apostle Kelechi.
27.        I do not know about you. Change your attitude towards God, change your attitude towards one another, change your attitude towards the ministry where you say, you owe your commitment...”
28.        Change your attitude; I should change my attitude towards my Maker. I should change my attitude towards this glorious Bridal Ministry. The hour is for you and I to change our attitudes for if we appreciate this gold, we will hold it, we should not allow another thing to take it out of our hand.
29.        We had dreams in this Bridal Ministry. One of the dreams I remember very well referred to our Brother Philip, because a dream must be referred to one person among us, is it not truth?
30.        Our Brother Philip was sitting on his seat and another person was struggling to remove him from his seat. It means that it is not enough, especially the ancient men, especially we ministers.
31.        The hour itself is an hour where another is longing to remove Me from my seat. If I do not guard it with a Godly jealousy, I will lose it.  For it is a matter of life and death. Where we are now is where you guard that which has been committed into your hand and I will guide that which has been committed into my hands.
32.        For when we come before our Maker, we are bringing in the sheaves—remember bringing the sheaves. It is that which has been given to us, it is that which I must radiate; it is that which you must radiate.
33.        Our Prophet made it very clear, he called it “Christ in many member bodies.” Have we considered what it means? To have Christ, this Word of God made flesh in you and I, for one of these days, sooner than you and I contemplate, the world must see Christ in many member bodies.
34.        Will you be in the number, will I be in the number?  In other words, we have the greatest assurance for we are hiding in He that has called us into this great and high Body. My brother and my Sister, we have the need to protect that which has been committed into our hands. If you play with it, you perish.
35.        For you do not know how many that have gone through the web, for the word of God has gone to the four corners of the Earth according to the prophecies, and there are many that will be rushing, for the Voice of God said “Many will be coming with their trousers,” and you know the spirit that is ruling this world is wearing of trouser, half-naked women. I could see many of us are still wearing that thing. Let us take notice of the hour.
36.        If you make the mistake by allowing the spirit that is out there to perch on you, well, shame on you! You should not allow it, they are cannon fodders and you know that one of these days, you will be walking upon the ashes of the wicked.
37.        You know the Promise, the Promise is very sure: that one of these days we shall rule them with the rod of iron. Then the question for you and I is: what is good there? Lest I will be called like a wife that will love the enemies of her husband.
38.        If there is anything you and I should love out there in the world and you know very well that the Lord hates that thing, what you have done is that you have spotted your garment. No more, no less.
39.        Will I allow my garment to be spotted? Is there anything attractive there? No! Young men, take note for the hour is closer than we think.
40.        When God was destroying Sodom and Gomorrah, He never spared the young men, He never spared the little ones. Moreover, the joy of the Bridegroom in our midst in this hour is that we are the largest in population, for it has pleased He that has been featuring in all the ages to permit this kind of large number unto Himself.
41.        The voice made it clear to you and I that God will not erase your name. Almighty God said that He will not erase your name, but you and I will even come before the Almighty God and tell Him that you are tired, that I am tired, and when you tell Him that you are tired, He will even show you who will replace you.
42.        If any of us in this Most Glorious Faith, in this most glorious hour is experiencing any type of tiredness, instead of the revival that is in our Lord, you will put a question mark there. Do not just jump into conclusion for many will hold the scripture and die. Why, every man must go the way he is ordained. That scripture which we hold, many of us are moving from our sanctified estate. We carry that scripture and hide under it that after all, in a rich man’s house, there are many vessels.”
43.        However, the Voice of our God said, “Yes, there are vessels unto hounour and vessels unto dishounour. Then  why must you be that vessel unto dishonour?” God forbid.
44.        You have been over taught, I have been over taught. The thing that remains is to swim in this spring of life which our Prophet foresaw. He said that a spring was bubbling and bubbling and the same Prophet asked the spring “Why are you bubbling?” It said, “Because I cannot help myself.”
45.        Brethren, if you are in this spring of life and I am in this spring of life, there is nothing that will shake us from our sanctified estate. The problem that will shake you is where you shift away from this spring of life. Instead of the water to be removing every debris, cleansing everything and flushing everything out, you find that you are the one that is flushing yourself out.
46.        Let us watch the hour that we are in and see the reason why you and I must be sober at this hour. We have to see the reason why you and I will need to crosscheck ourselves and to remain in our sanctified estate.
47.        Brethren, it is a little exhortation whatever you want to title it is your right.
48.         “It Pays to be Faithful,” page 19 verse 4: “There are too many of you that came into the Faith without having any commitment with this Ministry.”
49.        Do you know the meaning of this Faith? Do you know why we gathered, why God brought us together both young and old?...”
50.        Do you know the meaning of this Faith? If you ask many of us in this Most Holy Faith, do you know the meaning of this Glorious Faith? We will all say we know the meaning of this Faith. We will all assume we know the meaning of this Faith for nobody is well taught or over taught in an over-vindicated message, that will feel ignorant with that which he has been taught.
51.        Let us be very careful. Do you know that you are more precious? You must know who you are! You must know that the Almighty God has invested so much in you and I, you must know because if you do not know, though you are a king because we have King of kings in our midst, hence you are a king, you are a prince, you are a princess.
52.        I often give an example to my family about one man who was a principal. He was a principal in one of the secondary schools. One day his community called him, it pleased them to appoint him a commissioner under the government of the Executive Council of Plateau State Government.
53.        When he was a principal, he was always found in palm wine bars. When he was a principal, he mixed with every Tom, Dick and Harry. You see, because he was a principal, he was a common man. However, watch him the day he was appointed a commissioner, as member of the Plateau State Executive Council, he was never found in such places again because the securities were watching him is to check his conducts.
54.        Brethren, you and I are being watched. Believe it if you can, anywhere you enter, you are identified. Why? Because you are in the Cloud of Glory. It has pleased God to cover you, to shade you, for that reason every spirit that passes by you, you notice them watching you. They will continue watching you, wondering who this kind of human being is: “Do we have this kind of human being upon the face of the Earth?” It is the Glory of the Lord, and that is the privilege that you and I have.
55.        The point I want to make there is this, can you afford to let go? For Almighty God made it very clear, He asked a question “Who will be disappointed in the end?” He said it is the hypocrite. Moreover, the Voice said, “There is still hypocrisy in the camp.”
56.        Brethren, what and what will you and I submit as a reason for playing hypocrisy in the Presence of He that has taught us? What and what will you submit, for there is no longer room for doubt in the Bride where we are standing. Note it, there is no room for doubt!      
58.        If you are still in doubt, it a sure sign that you have not yet recognized, you have not yet understood the Faith unto which you are being called and you are being blessed; for this is the love of God for you and I. You must understand who you are. If you understand who you are, you will brace up just like that commissioner in the Plateau State Executive Council.
59.        The reason being that he recognized who he was; hence he never allowed the security to give bad report against him. Anywhere he enters, there was a report that was submitted.
60.        brethren, anywhere you are, reports are being submitted to He that called you into the place of high honour. Thus, if you understand this, what manner of man do we ought to be? You are a genius wherever you find yourself. Some of us are like somebody who is holding a gun that is well-loaded with bullet and magazine; you are well-loaded with grenade, packets of irons. You see some of us were born in the barracks.
61.        Now somebody is there that is coming to tell you that, that thing you are holding, that there is no ammunition in it. Somebody is there that is ready to tell you that you have not serviced your gun for a very long time. That if you pull the trigger, that the bullet will not fire. Somebody is there to tell you that your grenade has rusted, that if you pull out the pin it will not explode.
62.        Brethren, we have been well taught, for the hour has come for you and I to stand firm. For our Guide said, “If I tell Apostle Kelechi to follow me to cross the River Niger, if Apostle Kelechi should take either my right or my left side, as we move along, we will not come out at the same spot. However, when I ask him to follow me, I mean that he should follow me from behind. Wherever I lift up my leg, there he should place his own.”
63.        If there is anytime the Umpire watchES the AthleteS, it is at the finishing. If there is anytime God is watching you and I very, very closely, it is at this time of the finishing.
64.        The beauty of a house is determined by the finishing. Moreover,  He, the master has told you and I that He has fought a good fight, He has secured a victory.
65.        Let me ask us brethren, is God securing the victory for Himself? No. God is victorious any day, anytime. For He is righteous and He is Holy. However, when YOU hear God said, “I have fought a good fight,” FOR whom is that fight? It is for you and I. for who is the victory secured? It is for you and I.
66.        If He has fought a good fight and secured the victory, He never told you, my brethren, you are welcome home. For the voice said, “As long as you are still seeing the ambulances, as long as you are still seeing the mortuaries, as long as you are still seeing the Policemen, as long as you are still seeing food, as long as you are still seeing many things, one thing there is this, you have not yet attained it. Until you and I drop these things which are a worry to ourselves.” Many of us here are still being carried away by the cares of this life.  
67.        What is that, that demands for the cares of life? It is the flesh, the flesh will speak this, the flesh will speak that. But the Word of God has consumed that.
68.        If you are in your sanctified estate, there is no how the ties of life will affect you and I. I hope I am communicating brethren?
69.        Verse 6: “...I was asking many of our brethren that studied English and Linguistics; I asked them whether “You” is a singular word or plural word? They said that it is both singular and plural. I said ok. It then means that when the message is coming forth with the word “you”, in the context of our Message that means you should not start looking sideways, because you are the one the message is referring to. For it is a personal matter....”
70.        Brethren, it is a personal matter, for revelation is personal. It is you that the word is referring to. it is I that the word is referring to.
71.        Never come to a point where you think you have attained it. As long as you and I are still in the guide, we remain in the guide until our mortal bodies put on immortality. That is when we have arrived, that is where the objective of God is attained. That is where the purpose of the faith of the Son of Man is attained.
72.        The essence of you and I THAT are in this most holy Faith, must be achieved. Do not distribute this message, do not think you have arrived. any moment in this our glorious faith you think you have arrived, you will stop your journey; For any man that stops learning, he stops growing. Is it not our message?
73.        We are everyday being fed with this food. If it is not necessary, we will not be fed with the food, but it is needful, that is why it pleased Him to gather you and I. It is a glorious hour brethren.
74.        “...We are talking about “Faithfulness Explained,” for God is faithful and He wants all His children to be faithful. The same way God is trustworthy and He wants all His children to be trustworthy. God is reliable and He wants all His children to be reliable. God is dependable and He wants all His children to be dependable.”
75.        Let us pause there a little brethren. We have to take note of these voice, for this voice is for you and me. We are talking about faithfulness, your faithfulness and my faithfulness to the Son of Man, to the Word made flesh in our day.
76.        Now by your continuous experience in this Faith, for the Voice of God gave a message “Sustained by my experience.”
77.        By your continuous experience in this Faith—for we are instructed to follow the Cloud. By your continuous experience in this most Glorious Faith, for the voice said that why I must pay heed to the voice of the Prophets and the Apostles. By your continuous experience, look at what the word admonished you and I to do.
78.        We are talking about faithfulness, God is faithful. The question arises, are you faithful, am I faithful? Why are we asking ourselves this question? It is because you and I must be put in remembrance of the things that we have been taught.
79.        It is because the Voice said that many have already put on their laminated body, but many are yet to. It is because the Voice is asking you and I, “Am I faithful? For God is faithful.” It is His nature, and we have a message that says “God’s Nature is Your Ticket to Paradise”.
80.        Can I enter the Paradise of God without His nature? No. is it possible? No. Without the dress of God, can I enter the Paradise of Rest? It is not possible. You and I must put on that dress wear. At one time or the other, it pleased the Almighty God to indict you and I, that many have been given the dress-wear and will carry it and put it in our closet.
81.        Was God wrong in His accusations? God forbid. Many of us did not know the essence of this Faith, for if you are given this gold, you carry the gold and put it in your closet, that gold is not purified to start with. Thus, how can you appreciate the gold? For it is the word of God that we are receiving on a daily basis that will purify you and I unto that hour. The Son of Man said that “the voice we are receiving is the transforming power that will transform you and unto immortality."
82.        If any should carry that voice and place it somewhere, did you see that such person is spotting his or her dress? Can’t you see that we are spotting our dress? That is why the voice said that our God is faithful, are you faithful? Our God is faithful, am I faithful?
83.        He wants all His children to be faithful. Note that we are the children of the Most High God.  
84.        He wants you and I to be faithful. He wants me to be faithful. Now, that is one of the qualifications. I must be faithful. Let us see the other qualification: He said that the same way Almighty God is trustworthy, by your continuous experience in the Son of Man, have you not find He trustworthy? It is a question to us brethren; have you not find Almighty God trustworthy? Then you are without any excuse. For if He is faithful and you and I are not faithful, we must be held responsible!
85.        If God is trustworthy, anywhere we find ourselves in this hour, and we know that we are foreigners and strangers, Almighty God said it in the message “Family Menu” volume one, that we are the cynosure of all eyes. Have you considered that brethren?
86.        Wherever we find ourselves, in the hour that we are in, that we are the cynosure of all eyes. There is nothing out there in the congregation of the dead. All of them are groping in thick darkness.
87.        You and I are radiating for we are in the Son of Man. Wherever you find yourself in this hour, I must be faithful, you and I must be trustworthy. There is nothing that I should see so great or that I should focus upon outside the Son of Man (my Guide) for He is faithful and He is trustworthy.
88.        Let us look at another qualification: God is reliable. God is reliable, am I reliable? For many of us up till this hour where we are, we are misunderstanding the grace of God.
89.        Don’t you hear the voice that said that God has moved from the Mercy Seat? Is it the hour to play brethren? No sir. When God sees you and I, we are His only consolation. If you and I are not His consolation, if God looks at us with the same eyes He looks the world, who will survive it? Who can survive the judgment of God? Is there anybody who can come before the Almighty God to justify himself? No! It takes the Justifier of the ungodly to justify us. Therefore I must be reliable.
90.        In the places of our engagement, it is the hour that you are the light and I am the light. God is requiring nothing more than His radiation for that is the token: The radiation from Almighty God in you and I, that is what will take us there. That is His nature. No more, no less.
91.         I give God the glory, I feel like jumping! That is why the Voice of Almighty God said that your prayer and my prayer in this hour is: “God save me from this hour!” For it takes the Guide alone to sustain you and I in our Sanctified Estate.
92.        Now upon Him we are all relying. If we are relying upon Him, we must be reliable ourselves for you and I have taken His nature. God said that when we come before Him, meet Him face-to-face, we shall be like Him. In other words, if I am manifesting any other character outside His own, I must put question mark there.
93.        Verser 8-9: “...Now, whose children are you? I was reading a portion of the scriptures where God was telling the people of Israel “Even if Moses and Samuel stand and plead on behalf of you, I will not listen to them”. Then the question arises, what was Moses to them? What was Samuel to them?
94.        They were intercessors who always intercede for God’s people. But this time around, God said, “No, no, no. Even if these two men who I always respect, whose pleas I always respect, whose intercessions always calm down my anger;  this time around, even if they come and do as usual, pleading for this people, I will not listen.”
95.        Brethren, You and I are in danger of being called to question. Our only link, the Son of Man, our only Transport home, the Son of Man, our only Chief Designer, the Son of Man; the only Chief Navigator is asking us to manifest His attributes.
96.        The voice of Almighty God said that you and I will be taken away in a very troublous time. Thus, you and I must be watchful in the hour we are in, we have a message that said “Why we must be Careful” Look at the intercessors, look at Samuel, who was God in his day, look at Moses, he was God in his day, look at Elijah; he was God in his day, for there was no intercessor for the children of Israel outside the Prophet. Amen
97.        Almighty God has come to a point where He made His invisible and visible attributes know unto His children. God has brought you and I to a point where we have no excuse. Are you children of the Kingdom? Yes. Has He revealed all that He should reveal? Yes.
98.        The voice said that you and I must be in the place where it has pleased Almighty God to place us. Now that you and I have seen what we have seen, the Owner of this Great Kingdom in our midst, we are in danger of being called to question.  
99.        Let nobody play in this hour for the voice is very clear! Now that we are His people in this age, who do you think He intercedes for? Who has been interceding for us outside the Son of Man? Who has been interceding for us outside the Ancient of Days Who has been featuring in all dispensations, in all the ages and this is the climax?
100.     Do you see why we are in danger for you and I are the last but we shall be the first, for without you and I, no man will be perfected. We are only perfected in Him. Remain Blessed in Him eternally brethren.


How many are really blessed? Praise the Lord for that. I thank God for today. While I live, I will keep on praising Him. I love the atmosphere this morning. I know many came to Jerusalem to listen to testimonies from Ebonyi State, but greater than that is in Jerusalem.
2.           All references to that trip are past. If you want you hear the testimonies, wait until the day you will die, we will accord you the same respect. Apostle Kelechi, I hope you are on the red alert? For the message of last Sunday says “Be on your red alert.” Can you see what is happening? Many cannot understand what is happening.
3.           A text message that was sent to Apostle Kelechi this morning from far away Nassarawa State, a dream that a brother had, nobody has heard about it; only two of us shared the experience. To my greatest surprise, Elder Phinehas came to the pulpit under the unction of the Holy Spirit and finished all. Is it not a confirmation? Do not worry, you will hear the dream.
4.           “Does your Life Reflect The Faith?” page 37 verse 19: “God is looking for a true heart and not a false heart that will come to God with his lips when his heart is far away from God. With the heart he strangles God, with the mouth he praises God, rendering services, but with the heart he strangles God...”
5.           Page 33 verse 11: “I told you that as we journeyed along from 2nd January 2011; the Lord Himself will be confirming to your hearts...
6.           Note, the Lord will do what? Confirming! Where? To your hearts!
7.           “...I told you that as we journeyed along from 2nd January 2011; the Lord Himself will be confirming to your hearts individually your positions in Him. If  by now your position is not yet known to you, if it has not been confirmed, keep on praying, keep on seeking the face of the Lord, there is no miracle there.
8.           No matter the way I encourage you, among us in this Faith, even sitting down in the Fellowship now are people who will help in telling the world what has taken place when Rapture strikes...”
9.           Did He say people outside? No, He said people that are sitting down, hearing this message even now.
10.        “...You follow my instructions; none of those things will stop you from taking off. What will stop you is unbelief. That is the only reason why they (our fathers) could not enter the Promise Land; it was as a result of unbelief...”
11.        Unbelief, doubt is the visible and invisible signs of unbelief.
12.        He (God) brought them out from Egypt, in the wilderness; He destroyed all that believed not. Does your life reflect your Faith? What you are hearing from God, does it bear witness in your heart that at least up to this very moment, you have no sign of unbelief in your heart, you have no rebellion in your heart, you have no doubt?...
13.        Were they saved from the hands of the Egyptians? Yes! Were they saved from destruction at the Red Sea? Yes! Were they saved from the bite from the serpent? Yes! What happened? Their journey stopped half-way.
14.        I thank God that there is no other vessel that was found worthy to open this day’s ministrations if not an Elder. Not an Elder by age, but Elder by experience in Christ. What I heard from the Message was nothing but Prophetic ministration.
15.        Verse 15: “...Rebellion is very easy. The day I spoke about REBELLION, Elder Ugoala confirmed it to be true. How many knows that murmuring is rebellion?...
16.        The greatest sin they committed in the wilderness was murmuring. The greatest sin in the sight of God is murmuring. Even a right thinking man, nothing offends him more than his wife murmuring against him. note, Not talking but “murmuring.”
17.        How many knows this to be true? How many are free from murmuring? How many are faithful in this regard? You think God will judge you with very big sin that is like the siZe of A building? No!
18.        “...How many knows that murmuring is rebellion?  Murmuring, complaining, grumbling is a naked manifestation of rebellion; and anybody that is guilty of these offences can hardly operate alone, he operates in a company.
19.        He must look for people he will share his unbelief with and if you are careless or blind, you did not notice it spiritually, and you join yourself into it the Lord will put asterisk or question mark on your name...
20.         You know what it takes to put an asterisk (*) on somebody’s name? Assuming you are in a lecture hall and the lecturer is not comfortable with you because of your poor response or your stubbornness to instruction, you might not know what he is thinking about you. You might be thinking he wants to joke with you, before you know it he will say, “Are you there? May I look at you? Are you Kinsley? Stand up there, what is that your name again, I mean your full name?”
21.        You mention your name, he will say “that is all I need, sit down.” He continues with the lecture. Before you know it, the name is marked. Your name can be marked for good; it can also be marked for evil.
22.        Once he puts asterisk there or question mark, forget about that course. Forget about graduating in that school not while that lecturer is still a staff there. You will graduate, that is if he is transferred or he is retired.
23.        Brother Justice, if anybody can doubt this analysis not you because experience is greater than knowledge. You can remember what happened? If the Son of Man never intervened, you would have remained in school for thirty years without graduating, because the man (his lecturer) said that as long as he remains a staff of UNN, that he would not graduate.
24.        Hence, our Brother wrote one particular course for ten years—as long as the man remains there. At a time, he frustrated him out. He went back to Lagos and forgot about University education; a final year student for that matter.
25.        At the right time, I summoned him. I said, “Go back, the man is still there. Re-register, I will show you a sign. I will blind him; he will not know you again. By the time he would recognize who you are, he must have passed you.”
26.        Our brother went, studied and then joined others. At the end of the day, he wrote the paper, the man marked the paper and everything, then passed him. Only for him to see our brother one morning and said, “This face is very familiar? Are you not so, so and so person?” He said, “I am.” “Why are you still here? I thought you dropped many, many years ago?” the man said.
27.        Brother Justice said, “Sir, I am through.” Surprised, the man said, “Did you change your course?” Our brother said, “No, I read the same Mathematics.” “My own course?” the man asked. Our brother said, “Yes! Sir, I have already graduated.” The man stood still for God blinded him. He did not notice his enemy again; he marked the script and then passed him. Only for him to see the face after, that was the face that was featuring in his lectures.
28.        Within that time he was featuring, the man’s eyes were blind; the glory of God covered our brother’s face. In the examination hall the same thing happened. While marking the scripts, the same thing happened. Remember, this is somebody he pegged for ten years. Every academic year, the man will remember the name. He became conversant with his handwriting, memorised the registration number but the Lord blinded him.
29.        What am I saying? That was a human being. Can God be blinded that He will not recognize the name He marked asterisk or put a question mark on? If you have a questionable identity before God, you have a problem that will take time to be solved. If God has queried you, you remain queried.
30.        Just as I saw this man commercial motorcycle rider in our midst, I tapped him at the back. I gave him a command: “Feel free, fellowship with us, let nobody drive him away. But after today, do not cross our gate again.”
31.        I was the one that gave him his salvation, you carried me in a motorcycle; you knew Me not. Nobody ever preached to you, you carried me all the way from Ochanja in Onitsha, by the time we were approaching All Saints Cathedral, you asked me a pertinent question. “Sir, is the Bible the word of God?” Was it not the question?
32.        I replied by asking another question: “Why are you asking me this question? Do you know whether I go to Church or not? The Bible is for the people that go to Church. What if I do not serve God? I know nothing about the Bible, I do not go to Church; I am a pagan. Is that how you ask people you carry?”
33.        He said, “No. from the time I carried you, I remained troubled. And something in me keep on troubling me to ask you this question.” I said “Okay, that thing that is making you troubled, will calm down. Let us continue.”
34.        When he got to my house, I asked him to park. I opened my mouth in front of my house, kept him there for forty minutes by my time. I ordered my children, they came down with books including “Recognize Your Day And Its Own Message.” I went further to give him “The Great Sermon” and many other books. Charged him never to come to our fellowship until he has finished going through all those publications, after which, he should come. He obeyed to the latter. THAT IS THE GENESIS OF HIS JOURNEY INTO THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE TRUTH.
35.        Women have wrecked havoc! Women have blocked the eyes of too many people. I remember I attempted this question about the harlot that was living very close to him (the commercial motorcycle rider). I remember he brought this question to Me, and I can remember what I told him. His problem started from his inability to drop okada business. That is where his  problem started.
36.        The moment you disobey one instruction, the spirit of disobedience will come in. When you take a step forward, and you took it in a wrong direction; if you do not amend it and you continue to walk, you are still moving wrongly.
37.        Where is Victor Ugwu? You have changed your position. I love that place you are staying, but it is not helping you; you better come back to your former seat. There are too many distractions there. If you know your position in the Son of Man, nobody will tell you to make haste that all is not well with you.
38.        Let me tell you: if your name is marked with asterisk, to erase it takes time because you have a lot to prove to get the marker convinced. You have a lot to prove to get him convinced.
39.        However, if you are paying attention to this message, happy are you. Notice the key, key nuggets; things that constitute offences in the sight of God which are found in you, continually which even came to fellowship with you this moment; For which cause, the same spirit rested on the Elder to begin to roar, narrowing it down to individuals.
40.        Now, this message, “Does your Life Reflect the Faith?,” which we received on 20th February 2011 will ever live either to condemn or justify us. God can over look everything, not His word. This message is one out of the lots which the Almighty came down to confirm to be the truth. If the totality of Godhead is in our midst, in the Bride, it is because the totality of His word is among us too.
41.        Subtract this message because it does not sink well with you, you have detached something from the Word. The Word of God that is given to us is now incomplete without the message “Does your Life Reflect the Faith?”.
42.        Experience has proved to Me that the message people hate has remained the message that sets them free. They hated Christ and Christ came to set them free. The same way they hated all the Apostles not knowing that they were God’s messengers that came to set them free.
43.        Mr Okada, sit down, feel free, after today, do not cross our fellowship gate again! Didn’t I say it before? If you trouble Me, I will send you back to where I picked you. Have you not been hearing it from my mouth?
44.        NOTE IT SERIOUSLY, where we are now is the most delicate point. Who should be careful? Everybody! However, if there is anything called extra careful, there are some that are within that category; Especially those that heard the voice that they have only but a slim chance with the Son of Man, and that slim chance they have is but one that remaineth. That the Son of Man has exhausted His patience towards them; that they have only but one more chance! Anybody that his chance remains one, that means it is finished.
45.        Somebody that has one leg cannot say push me and I will stand. When they were messing themselves up, they never knew they were exhausting their chances until it remains one. Amen.

the beginning of sorrows

the beginning of sorrows

I gave you the message that God judges iniquities and He takes account. Once the cup of the Amorite is full, nothing is left than to pour it away.
2.           What is more, God is now warning you concerning such people that have known their positions already that they are sitting down in our midst wasting their time. That they are the people going about with couriers without package, their aim is to punish you.
3.           When they drag you into the same bottomless pit, have you not been punished? In your attempt to save a drowning man, make sure you put on a life jacket, well-fitted to your body.
4.           You heard about the havoc the sea wave wrecked recently. Igwe Amobi was with Me on Saturday 6th October 2012. Some soldiers went to Atani in Ogbaru Local Government Area to rescue some villagers. They went with their boat, they succeeded in rescuing them.
5.           However, on their way to ferry them across to Okpoko where we have settlement for Ogbaru people, the boat hit a building that was submerged and then capsized and drown all the passengers on board numbering twenty eight, that was the end of their journey.
6.           I was also told about a family that were trying to escape when the thing came into their house, mid-night around two o’clock in the morning. They saw water pushing into their house, the woman, the husband, the children were trying to escape, little did they know that the water came in with two big crocodiles. They never knew whether to escape from the crocodiles or from the surging water; so the crocodiles feasted on them.
7.           What can you say? There was a Prophetic statement made by a heathen at the bank of the River Niger. The man now opened his mouth, they were two when we were expressing shock of what we were seeing that water was crossing that Nkisi from the River Niger.
8.           The man said and I quote: “God is angry at the whole world! God is no longer happy with the entire inhabitants of the Earth; this is a sure sign. He is not showing mercy to even the infants, or pregnant mothers, or the crippled, God now wants to eradicate all. Please gentle men, you better repent and accept Christ for that is the only way you will escape.”
9.           The man said that since he was born, that there was a type of flood that ravaged some areas during the war in 1969, but it was not as this present one. This man has grey hair.
10.        Igwe Amobi knows that I am not bearing false witness. I went with him alongside with my two sons to come and see; so that when I will be talking to them concerning the days of Noah, what they saw on Saturday 6th October 2012 will help them to understand.
11.        Remember there is no fountain from the sky, no fountain from the Earth; this is just the natural one roaring.
12.        Before fire will set, the world will be greatly distressed. Everything will be removed from its place; everything God created will turn against mankind. Mankind will run helter-skelter.
13.        Remember He said, “We shall get a part of the trouble at the beginning, and I have predicted it because you know it has started already that you must buy a bag of rice at thirty thousand naira.
14.        A measure of grain, whether corn, millet, dawa or whatever you may call it will be as high as ten thousand naira. We do not talk of yam tubers again, what is the amount of food you will stack that will save you? When your own storage finishes, you join others and money will not be easy to come by.”
15.        What is more, when we were lamenting of the fate of those refugees who have been rendered homeless by the flood, we were told that armed robbers invaded their camp at Holy Trinity.
16.        If not for the intervention of the Nigerian police and soldiers, the armed robbers would have wrecked more havoc than the flood. In other words, that which the caterpillars left, the cankerworms will devour. This is the beginning of sorrows. Amen.


Does your Life Reflect this Faith?” : “…Rebellion is very easy. The day I spoke about REBELLION, Elder Ugoala confirmed it to be true. How many knows that murmuring is rebellion?... 
2.           Rebellion is very easy, it does not mean using dagger or using machete or using gun. Rebellion is a matter of the mind and the heart. That is why I remember many, many years ago this issue of rebellion was addressed by Apostle Ojiakor in the pulpit saying, “Be very careful about rebellious instinct in man.”
3.           Yes, it is an instinct, you are not trained to do it; you do not go to school to learn it. You act without even knowing why, it is not even pre-meditated. Sometimes, it is an impulse.
4.           However, I will say rebellion is always a matter of accumulated grudges, that is, piled up grievances. No volcano erupts if there is no intensive pressure beneath. For a volcano to erupt, remember the molten magma that trapped inside the rock is trying to extrude; that is, it is trying to find its way out.
5.           Rebellion is very easy. The day I spoke about REBELLION, Elder Ugoala confirmed it to be true. How many knows that murmuring is rebellion? 
6.           Murmuring, complaining, grumbling is a naked manifestation of rebellion; and anybody that is guilty of these offences can hardly operate alone, he operates in a company. He must look for people he will share his unbelief with and if you are careless or blind…
7.           Note the word: CARELESS! In other words, you have lost consciousness of who you are. Remember the message God said we should consider, “Unguided Moment in a Man’s Life.” At that point, you are unguided and unguarded. If I say gird up your loins, I do not mean to take your belt and then tight it around your waist. Gird up your loins, quit like men.
8.           Page 36 verse 17, “They began to question Moses, they started questioning all his utterances, all his activities, everything, trouble now came. When the trouble came, who was spared? Only those who have already made their minds that they will dwell with God eternally will be free from the last days’ pollution, every other heart must be polluted; except the true heart…
9.           Only those that have made up their minds that come what may, they must dwell with God eternally will be free from the last days pollution. But the rest fall prey, the rest will fall victims.
10.        Page 37 verse 21, “…Another person called Me and said, “Daddy, forgive me all I have done in this life and this and that, please save me and my family at home and so on.’
11.        I said, ‘Okay, thank you. Those that are in the Presence of God have not been saved, you that are far-off, you are not only asking for your own salvation, but that of your entire family. Do you think it is going to work that way?...”
12.        One came to me recently amidst the Elders looking very much worried and sad. And we were watching him, I discerned his countenance. He said that he has come to talk this and that, and I said he should feel free. He said that the most important one is the one I want to present: “Daddy, I have come to see you. If I do not see my father in Paradise! In short if I do not see my father in Paradise!”
13.        He was demonstrating, “In short, if I do not see my father in Paradise; I will not be happy at all! My father is in the Faith. From the time my people left this Faith, my father just existed and not lived. In short, he does not do anything without you. Often times, he will like to talk with you over the phone.”
14.        I said, “Yes, many, many times I have spoken with him over the phone.” Then I turned to the Elders and said, “Look at this foolish man, instead of asking about his own condition, instead of pleading for himself; he is pleading for the saving of his father that is resting in the mortuary.” Is it not madness? Who is to say who is in the Faith and who is not in the Faith?
15.        Proclaiming the Name of the Son of Man will not put you into Paradise. Performing miracle in His Name, rendering services to Him will not put you into Paradise. Can you render services to Me more than my wife, more than my children? Your own is temporary, but their own is permanent, whether they like it or not.
16.        I am not depending on your services, but I can never live without their own. Now, which one is sustaining Me? It is their own. Yet, they are striving to abide; and you want to plead a case of a man who is in the mortuary. It is lack of revelation.
17.        I have been thinking, I have been investigating to know that type of service you will render to the Son of Man that will give you express ticket to Paradise. If I tell you to go and examine yourself, change your attitude, change your heart and your mind, I do not mean that you should go to Main Market and buy cloth for Me or buy shoes or prepare the best food and carry it down to Benjamin Street, no. It does not mean kneeling down wherever you see me or using your handkerchief in cleaning my shoes.
18.        Glory be to God in the highest!
19.        Verse 23: “…If the righteous can scarcely be saved…”
20.        What? If the righteous can sparingly be saved? Mr Okada, there is no reasonable excuse before God. Every excuse is a part of your problem. Do not worry, when the state (government) stops you from riding okada let me know what you will do to earn a living.
21.        Many states have banned the use of Okada, yet Okada riders in those areas devised other means. If Anambra State will ban Okada  business tomorrow, it then means you will be taken to mortuary. You cannot stop it because God said you should stop, but if the state speaks; you will stop.
22.        When God said “stop,” they said no. When the state says “stop,” they will obey. Do not worry, there is no good way of doing a wrong thing. I better stop something because God said I should stop it. In other words, I will rather obey God than man.
23.        Something is good because God said it is good. the same way something is wrong because God said it is wrong. Once God has faulted it and banned it, that is the end. He can never negotiate it with anybody again.
24.        However, you will not obey, you are waiting for the governor of Anambra State to say stop. By then you will start all over to look for another way, by then those that obeyed had already been reinstated and rehabilitated.
25.         “29.  At a time when nobody is repenting, you can sorrow without repenting. Many of you are sorrowing but you are not repenting. It is a delicate period we have rolled into....”
26.        One can sorrow without repenting.
27.        Verse 32: “I do not know what is causing it. Your hearts are too dirty—very, very dirty. Nothing good is proceeding out of your hearts. Our mouth, nothing good is coming out of it because out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.
28.        Page 45 verse 4: “You must know your position in Christ: I hope Pastor Isaac Monday is not in this camp because I ordered him to go, and he hardened his heart...”
29.        Okada man, have you seen it? You are not the first I ordered to go. After today, feel free, if we dismiss today; do not cross that gate again! Go to your house.
30.        Let me tell you, what I have noticed is that preaching is only helping to cause people to suppress some of their wickedness.” Some not all.
31.        …What does walking away from God mean? To walk away from God means walking away from His instructions, walking away from His precepts, walking away from the revealed teachings. The moment you walk away, your doom is sealed…
32.        If you believe it say amen, Amen. Good interpreters, interpret it in your own way. However, God is the only Perfect Interpreter of His Word. Is it a parable? No. Is it a proverb? No.
33.        Verse 13: “Let me give you another pointer, God said that He will never destroy us, rather we are going to destroy ourselves with our own hands. In other words, He God will not and never erase our names from His Book of Life, that we who have come to Him for salvation, will be the people that will delete our names by walking away from Him....”
34.         Verse 21: “Many of you have stony hearts—very stony hearts, impenetrable hearts, hearts that resent the truth. However, my greatest joy is that those that are greatly despised are the people that are in the Kingdom....”
35.        We had a dream like that from little children. Amen.



Does Your Life Reflect this Faith,” verse 24: “And the LORD will create upon every dwelling place of mount Zion, and upon her assemblies, a cloud and smoke by day, ...”
2.           Note, a cloud and smoke by day. Look up to the Supernatural photographs, have we seen the Cloud? Yes. Have we seen the Smoke? Yes. Did He say by night? No but by day! Has it not come to pass? It has. What is left?
3.           What is more, it is happening in our midst and according to prophecies. By this we know we are not deceived. If God will deceive us, what will He gain?
4.           …And the LORD will create upon every dwelling place of mount Zion, and upon her assemblies, a cloud and smoke by day...”
5.           A cloud and smoke by day in every Assembly of God’s people. Thus, anywhere you gather in the Name of the Lord, I do not care about the name of that Church and this thing is not there; simply get out of that place, you are in the synagogue of Satan. God is not there!
6.           If you gather where there is wind and fire, God is not there. You gather where there is earthquake, God is not there. You gather where there is thundering, God is not there. However, when you gather under the canopy where there is a Cloud; note the phrase: A, A, A PARTICULAR CLOUD AND ALSO A SMOKE IN THE DAY, NOT IN THE NIGHT.
7.           Verse 23: “…And it shall come to pass, that he that is left in Zion, and he that remaineth in Jerusalem, shall be called holy, even every one that is written among the living in Jerusalem...”
8.           Every one that is written among the living, not written among the dead. Is your name written among the living or written among the dead? A big question!
9.           “…And the LORD will create upon every dwelling place of mount Zion…”
10.        Who will create? The Lord! Are we not sitting on Mount Zion? Are we not welcome to Mount Zion, the city of God? Are we not sitting down in this Heavenly Jerusalem, Church of the first born whose names are written not only on Earth but also in Heaven? Are we not sitting in Heavenly places in Christ? Are we not with Him in fellowship? For our fellowship is with the Father, with the Son and with the Holy Spirit.
11.        “…And the LORD will create upon every dwelling place of mount Zion, and upon her assemblies…”
12.         And upon her assemblies! PLURAL! NOT ONE ASSEMBLY. But upon her Assembly at Onitsha, Assembly at Enugu, Assembly at Jos, Assembly at Zonkwua, Assembly at Nsem, Assembly at Egbema, Assembly at Lagos, Assembly at Nassarawa, Assembly at Ohuba, assembly at Umuokanne, Assembly at Mbaise, Assembly at Umuahia, Assembly at Ngwa; Assembly at Owerri, Assembly at Port Harcourt—everywhere, in all her Assemblies.
13.        That is why He said that you should make sure you hang all these supernatural photographs in all your Assemblies, so that at a glance when we come in, we do not need anybody to tell us where we are.
14.        A young man heard His preaching at Abaomege, he ran out from his house saying that he laboured all the night and became weak and said that he would not come out anymore. That while he was there, he heard voices upon voices, he heard his name. That he got up immediately and enquired, the spirit said he should go and see Apostle Kelechi.
15.        Immediately he saw Apostle Kelechi, he said, “Look, what I heard is not a Pentecostal preaching, not ordinary preaching. I am a seed of William Marrion Branham, the Prophet. Come let us see outside!”
16.        You see, he heard something. There is no way we can preach the Bridal Faith without William Marrion Branham, the Prophet. You cannot talk of salvation in Jesus Christ without John the Baptist. Is that not true?
17.        However, that man is living in the glare of another man’s dispensation. He is a seed of William Branham but we are seeds of God. You see the difference! He only knows the baptism of John the Baptist like Apollos.
18.        Though he might be vast in the knowledge of the scriptures and eloquent in speech, but he knew only the baptism of John the Baptist. He required the services of Priscilla and Aquila, because Apollos was a saint of God, a seed. To move him from the baptism of John the Baptist to that of Christ was not easy. It was not easy to move him from something he knew to something he knew not.
19.        Can you see that we are preaching dispensational message? For what he held very tenaciously was a message of another dispensation that has come and gone. William Branham has come and gone, that is, our own John the Baptist. We do not look back to him, we make references to him to enable you believe that what is happening has earlier been prophesied. Goddy Ikechebere, you have entered Paradise gradually!
20.        “…And the LORD will create upon every dwelling place of mount Zion…”
21.        Note, every dwelling place. If it is not in your own, it is not a dwelling place. Eha-Amufu, Enugu-Ezike, Nsukka, Opi, these are dwelling places. There are some that are also gathering in their houses like we have the Church in the house of Lydia (Acts 16). The Church in the house of Lydia has no pastor but Lydia. No mention of the husband in the Bible, but Lydia and her children.
22.        In other words, Lydia was a Pastor and Pastored all of them into the Kingdom. In that house also, there was a Cloud and Smoke by day.
23.        Day time! If you talk about moving in the night, night you are referring to Moses’ ministry. Our own day is both day and night for He is ever present.
24.        PAGE 24 VERSE 26: “…Then, the Lord will provide shade on all Jerusalem  over every home and all its public grounds- a canopy of smoke and cloud through out the day…”
25.        A canopy of smoke and cloud, this one says in every family that is called by His Name.
26.        Verse 26-27, “Then, the Lord will provide shade on all Jerusalem  over every home and all its public grounds- a canopy of smoke and cloud through out the day, and clouds of fire at night, covering the glorious land protecting it from day time heat and from rains and storms’ LB.
27.        Let it be known to you that only those that are destined for the final salvation shall be purified. Only those who are bonafide, destined for salvation shall be purified.
28.        The rest, no matter the way you present this Message shall never, never be purified, their hearts must remain filthy even if they eat and drink with the Son of Man, sleep in the same bed with Him; render Him all services in the world, their hearts must remain filthy…
29.        Who will like to fulfill this? God forbid! But God is saying that such people are still in our midst. Go and check, can God tell lies? No sir. If there are no such people among us, will God be shouting on this in vain?
30.        Remember He said that they are greatly found among the ministers and their families. I wonder if ministers think about that statement that these people God is referring to are greatly found among ministers and their families.
31.        The first unbelievers that were destroyed in the ancient days were the seventy Elders of Israel who never had the Mark of Christ on them. You either have the Mark of Christ, or the mark of the Satan. You must have a mark either from God or from the Devil.
32.        Known unto God are all His works from the foundations of the world. The same way, known unto the Devil are all his works. The Devil knows his followers, God also knows His followers.
34.        As at February 2011, I have almost finished. Now, we have heard the voice that said, “It is finished.” By February 2011, it was almost. However, in the year 2012, it is finished. On 16th September 2012, the Voice went forth: “It is finished.” He went further, “From now they will hear ‘He has come He has gone.’” Another one said, “Be on the Red Alert.”
35.        Follow the sequence: “Are You That Is to Come, Or Do We Expect Another?” Another one said, “We Have Seen the Star, We Have Come to Worship the King.”
37.        It does not require preaching but what? Proclamation! Today was not preplanned, we only prayed for today. If you are offended, carry your bag and leave us! It is better for you to act than to waste your time among us. I have to tell you the whole truth I know.
38.        Dream 6th October 2012: I was in a dream at night with a congregation, sort of a camp meeting at GTC, Onitsha. The Son of Man and His ministers were working tirelessly and we all were expecting a great occurrence.
39.        However, at a certain point, some people came with doubt and went forward to the front of the gathering. Suddenly, the Son of Man gave way for the Deity. Instantly, storm and quake started and everyone was filled with fear; everyone on his or her kneels in intercession. The Earth opened up and covered them. After a while, The Son of Man appeared, and immediately everything became calm.
40.        Immediately He covered the open ground with hand-molded blocks, He moved round the congregation in His usual manner and soon calmness was restored with ministers and young men putting things in place. While women and little children stayed calm chatting in peace.
41.        Furthermore, as peace was restored to the camp, the Son of Man sat just a little distance from the position He attends to brethren after closure of the fellowship. There came a woman just like a woman with familiar spirit with another sister by her.
42.        I was staring at her because she was not looking like our sisters with a tattered wig on her head. The Son of Man approached her and as she opened her mouth to talk, He (Son of Man) halted her, took off her wig, shook His head and standing at a close range and noticed she had a cut on her head.
43.        The Son of Man told her things about her even before she was born. Also regarded the cut on her head as a constant threat and she confirmed everything to be truth. I was chilled. I woke up and it was exactly 3:39 am this morning. From Brother Ansal Nasarrawa. Amen.


Note, the dream said that a set of people who doubted came in front, and they were all ministers. It is a nice dream. In the Great Sermon God had earlier highlighted it that Rapture is going to spring surprises.
2.           Big names, influential people, prominent among us can hardly make it. That is the message we received from our brother, Evangelist Ferdinand Ozoma, who has passed on. Although he passed on, his message is still alive. As his soul is alive, so his message is alive fulfilling.
3.           I doubt if there is any minister in this Bridal Faith that is not having problem spiritually. The problem varies from one thing to another. They vary in shape, they vary also in capacities. I doubt maybe I will be tempted to summon a meeting of the ministers so-called with the Son of Man.   
4.           If Apostle Kelechi could find things difficult, no matter his preaching, no matter his stand, I wonder who that minister is likely to be who will be feeling very comfortable. Some think he is enjoying life because he is always standing in the Presence of the Son of Man.
5.           Let me tell you, he is in the fire always! He is facing the fire always. You enjoyed your trip to Abaomege, but he never enjoyed his. You were rejoicing, but he was sorrowing for he heard voices that melted him; that even entering that vehicle was amazing grace. While Pastor Thomas fainted and ran away, he could not near me even till we came back.
6.           What is more, Brother Tony Mbah was scarcely spared because he was a fresher in the Faith but it is no excuse for further mistakes. While talking to them, I made it clear that I knew ahead of time that they must fall victims.
7.           If I have kept the secret to myself, it would be very easy but they will belittle this Faith. Having made it public, I know it will take amazing grace; for all of them are falling into that ditch.
8.           Man by nature wants to experiment why he is prohibited from certain things; it is always a spirit that is irresistible in man. Always wanting to know why he is not permitted, why he is not allowed to do certain things.
9.           In the Garden of Eden, the trick was that the Devil convinced Adam and Eve that God did not mean what He said, that He was only trying to restrict them from that thing so that they will not be like Him. They thought God was gaining something from that prohibited place.
10.        I have said it; I have repeatedly said it, even in my own private place with many of you AS WITNESSES: it will be very, very easy for me to pardon a murderer than to pardon one who treatS my instructions with contempt. It is not the big crime you will commit that will keep you here or destroy you, but little things.
11.        Look at God spAring murdererS, but slaughtered those that murmurED and complainED. You say murmuring? Murmuring and complaining in your heart, that is all; going about grumbling.
12.        When God said that He will judge, He said He will judge even the secrets of the heart and even the thoughts of men and women. Is there anybody that does not know his own? When you are grumbling, don’t you know? When you are murmuring, don’t you know? When you are complaining, don’t you know? When you are aiming at convincing others that you are right in your demonstration, don’t you know?
13.        You are looking for a converts who will share the same view with you. Foolishly, they will not know that you are tormenting them; that you want to drag them to Hell.
14.        I spoke to some brothers early hours before fellowship started when I was giving instruction concerning our little Brother Kelechi who has been faithful, though he is an apprentice to Brother Stephen; warning Brother Stephen never to sublet this boy’s services to any human being: “Do not sublet his services to any human being. He is your apprentice, he is accountable to you, but sometimes, you sublet him contrary to his wish but he does not want to disobey you because of his fate; because you are his master.”
15.        I made mention especially Brother Philip, “Make no mistake of sending him to Brother Philip for any reason at all. For he cannot learn Philip’s work without learning his way of life.” No apprentice can avoid the lifestyle of his master. Apprentices, take note.
16.        That is why God said, “If you have the opportunity, break away from that devilish master.” If you have the opportunity, God said “break away.” You call him a brother, yes. Call her a sister, yes. Our faith says “Mark them that walk contrary to the doctrines we have received and avoid them!” The person can be your Pastor, the person can be your best Apostle; the person can be the Son of Man Himself.
17.        Of course, the Son of Man cannot walk contrary. Nevertheless, you are the one that judge the Son of Man contrary. Place the Son of Man, His actions, His utterances, His ways of life to the doctrines He has handed down; He will fit in perfectly well.
18.        The offence I know I have committed is, living the life of my teachings and it is not an offence. If my only offence is putting my faith—which God has confirmed—into practice, I have committed no crime. Moreover, if there is any other way you are holding Me guilty other than putting the word of God into action, declare it.
19.        However, you are hypocrites, that is why you condemn people that are better than you for you want everybody to be roped into the yoke of unbelief like you.
20.        Hypocrites! Hypocrites! Your hypocrisy would be made manifest any time from now! You will tell the world what has happened to you. Then you will beat your chest saying, “If I had known!” By then it will be too late. Mark those that walk contrary to the revealed Faith which we uphold and avoid them.
21.        If you go to St. Luke chapter one from verse one, it says: “There are things that are commonly believed among us.” Is that not true?
22.        St. Luke was instructing Theophilus concerning the things that are commonly believed among the Disciples of Christ so that he will run away from the error of the wicked.
23.        The essence of teaching Theophilus was to protect him against the error of the wicked. Every wicked fellow is on the wrong side, a wrong spirit is operating in the fellow. No matter how he parades himself to be a man of God, yet the spirit operating in him is wrong—very, very wrong.
24.        Besides, watch such people, they are incorrigible, they can never take correction from anybody even when their foolishness is made manifest. Let their wives talk, let their children condemn them, it is not their business for they have made up their minds.
25.        Watch such people, they normally draw their examples from wicked people like them. They can hardly use any reasonable, intelligent and wise man or woman as their example. Indict that fellow for the evil he has done, he will mention one: “You want to strangle me, what of this brother the other day? What of this sister the other day?” Always drawing example from bad, bad people!
26.        If you are asked to choose your icon, will you go to the market and use a madman as your example? If I should tell you to behave well, talk well, dress well, will you go to Main Market to use the madman there as an example for your dressing? You say no, why not? If you can use a criminal as your example, you can as well use a madman as an example too.
27.        Even in terms of prosperity, God knows the implications that the tendency is always there for people to follow the world way of making money.
28.        He (God) did not say we should not make money, He said we should not make it in the way the world makes it for they can do all sort of things. For they believe that the end justifies all things, but it is not our teachings.
29.        Our teaching says “First seek ye the Kingdom of God and its righteousness and every other thing shall be added unto you.” For God maketh a man rich and He added no sorrow to it. Wealth obtained fraudulently must fizzle away like the wind, but true riches come from God.
30.        Watch notorious armed robbers, no industries can be credited to them. Nothing, no school or college can be credited to them. Watch fraudsters, people that indulge in 419, that is advanced fee fraud, they can hardly complete any project before they die. They are known for embanking on an uncompleted project. Even the little they will get, once the law lays hands on them, everything will be confiscated.
31.        Watch a young man who acquired great wealth through kidnapping, when the law enforcement agent tracked him down at Orifite, what happened? His buildings were demolished, that is number one. His bank account was frozen. All his property were declared government property.
32.        His father, his mother, his wife, all of them were thrown into the prison while many lost their lives in the hands of the police. Then what is the profit at last?
33.        No wicked man makes enduring success. What is removed from the teeth does not make somebody to be satisfied. This wealth you want to acquire in a wrong way is like what you picked from the teeth; you can never go to bed and sleep, you are always in fear of one thing or the other.
34.        No man that acquires wealth honestly in the fear of God goes about with police escort. The way a man acquires his wealth determines the way he will use it.
35.        Wealth that is obtained FRAUDULENTLY is used to intimidate, harass and frighten fellow human beings. That is why there is no gain in dishonest money. The highest thing you can use it for is to eat and drink, womanize here and there, live in exotic hotels and yet no peace because there is no peace for the wicked.
36.        The reason why the money cannot be profitable is because they can never sit down to plan on how to use it for the law is always after them. That is why God said, “The prosperity of the wicked is a great temptation to the righteous but thou oh man of God, do not consider his prosperity; consider the end of his life for it is always disastrous.” For the wicked can never live long upon the Earth. The iniquity of the wicked must always slay him.
37.        Be very careful, we have rolled into the most dangerous and most delicate part of this faith. What we have heard from our Elder Phinehas under the anointing of the Holy Spirit was also confirmed by the message we received 2011. I mean it is enough to instill godly fear in the hearts of the elect.
38.        However, to those who are just in our midst wasting their time, it is something we have been hearing, “God has accepted all of us, we are all saved! Let nobody intimidate us! Once a child of God, always a child of God! God cannot save me today and destroy me tomorrow!” They love such quotes, “Once saved, always saved.”
39.        What is more, they know scriptures more than God. They have their own perfect interpretation more than God. Watch those people that hold this notions, their lives bear witness. They have no respect for the Word of God, no respect for their families; no respect for the constituted authorities. Their mouths are always open, everything around them depicts wickedness. Watch such people, they are extremely selfish. Amen.

we are in a regulated faith

we are in a regulated faith

Today is a day God wants to put us in remembrance of this great truth. Rapture is not going to take you by surprise, it is not accidental, it is planned; it is worked out. Did you hear it today?
2.           Everything has finished, remaining one thing. God said that you do not need to bother about it, go about your businesses in the fear of God. If you are building your house, He said “go ahead.” You want to marry, go ahead. You are in the schools and colleges, in the University; He said “Go ahead! But do everything in the fear of God.”
3.           All your activities will not hinder you on that day from being translated. What will hinder you is the way you go about them. Go about them in the fear of God, in agreement with our teachings, but do not fold your arms.
4.           we are in a regulated faith. Brethren, there is nothing wrong with this Faith but something is wrong with those that are professing to be in this Faith.
5.           I was trying to remind you of the voices where the Devil is going to capitalize to destroy you, somebody heard it and fainted after confirming it to be true. Not a big deal, but a small deal.
6.           God said one: make no mistake of telling the Son of Man that you have forgotten: “I forgot it.” It will sting His brain like a bee.
7.           Number two: Make no mistake of telling Him that you never knew that He meant it, you did not know He was serious. For He means what He says and says what He means. That it is  easier for Him to forgive a murderer than to forgive these great iniquities.
8.           These are iniquities the Son of Man is not prepared to pardon in this life nor in the life to come for He regards them as great insult. If He says anything and you do not understand, He saId, “feel free, tell ME you do not understand.” and He will take His time and explain everything.
9.           Jesus Christ handled lots and lots of parables before His disciples and asked them a question: “Understandeth thou this?” They said no. He took them in privately, sat them down and explained the whole parables. Is that not scriptures?
10.        It got to a point where they said, “Now; you have spoken to us in plain language. We are no longer in doubt.”
11.        A teacher can spend lots and lots of time explaining things to the student, to the pupil, aiming at helping the child to understand for that is the purpose he is sent to school. If he knew all those things, there would not be any reason sending him to the school.
12.        thus, the Son of Man is disposed to explain that which you do not understand and will remain persistent until you understand. That is my mission.
13.        This is why I used everyday life to pass on my teachings. I use more of nature than any other thing until infants will understand what I am saying. I use what eyes can see and perceive very well, everyday life, domestic examples, relationships more than any other thing. Hence, I can stand and say, “Judge for yourselves whether what I am saying is true or false.” Does nature not tell you that?
14.        Just like somebody God is telling to run for his dear life, that life is like this. After telling him, he will use his eyes to see it. Even a blind man is feeling the pinch now. Yes, a blind man in Anam knows very well that he is now in exile, that he is now a refugee. If he does not see anything, he is sure that he is not living in his house at Anam. He is now living in the open air in the Church.
15.        The deaf knows it, the cripple knows when water enters the house. Even a madman is on the run. Madman, why are you running? He will reply, “There is flood in our place.” A madman does not know anything but he knows that his home has been flooded. He knows he is alive, that is why if you raise a machete, he will shout “Do not kill me! Do not kill me!”
16.        A mad man does not want to die. What makes him a madman then? I have seen many things, I have never seen a madman that committed suicide but sensible people are guilty of committing suicide. What then makes the madman mad?
17.        The same way, we have been complaining of hunger; I have never seen a man that died of hunger; rather I have seen multitudes that died because of what they ate.
18.        Glory be to God in the highest. Peace be unto men of good will. As we enjoy this good weather, I say I am running away from this pulpit. I will be back in the month of November so it is.
19.        Any day you see Me in the pulpit, I am just there to moderate your teachings by way of helping you to understand that what your ministers are telling you are nothing but the truth confirmed by Almighty God in diverse forms.
20.        They are not fooling you, whether Peter or Paul or Barnabas or Luke or James or John, Bartholomew, Andrew, Mathias. No matter who mounts the pulpit, believe the truth for it is from the same source.
21.        I am the fountain from where they are drawing it. If any man draws outside Me, even the spirit in you will reject it. I have raised you to a height where nobody can easily come to the pulpit to inject falsehood into you. Even before he knows, you will be rubbing your legs on the ground, making a hell of noise as a sign of rejection.  Amen.