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The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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Friday, 7 September 2012


All these years, starting from your religion to your Bible, from everything you know, things you did not know, I have been aiming at
introducing Myself. I have been aiming at introducing Myself to your hearts so that you will begin to appreciate the Personality that is talking to you. Stop likening Me to those you knew in time past.
They are as far from Me as the sky is far from the Earth. Believe it if you can…                         –Son of MAN
Pg 106, v. 6-7)

One that attributed the Son of Man to Jesus Christ alone, does he know the Scriptures? Is Jesus Christ the only Son of Man? Is He the only Begotten Son of God? Is Jesus Christ the first Son of God?
Check the Son of Man everywhere: through nature, He is made manifest. Nature confirms the Son of Man to be real. The Scriptures confirm the Son of Man to be real. Your praises even confirm the Son of Man to be real. The spirit in you bears witness.
From the Scriptures, we saw clearly that Jesus Christ can never—he was not, he is not and can never be the only Begotten Son of God. He was not even the Firstborn. –Son of MAN

Let Me remind you that the Elders of the Household will meet this day. Our Brother Sebastian Nneji wants to discuss with us. You know the day is drawing nearer. I think in just two weeks or less – 13 days from now—Brother Sab will land here with his wife.
2.          He has informed us earlier on to get ready. He has notified us ahead of time that he and his wife own the Saturday two weeks ahead. 
3.          We are wishing them all they wish themselves. If you love them, pray for them, that God will be with them all through so that that day will be a gracious day.
4.          At a time like this, all they need is prayer. People are coming from diverse places far and wide. Therefore, we pray that God will grant them journey mercies so that we will have a peaceful wedding.
5.          This man, the man Johnson, the man in suit  has bolted away during praises.
6.          He don dodge, he don run away. He carry suit come deceive us. He is still hiding there at the park. I know he is not loading his lorry this day.
7.          Do not assess him with suit.  I am telling you the truth; he has no special dress as far as his work is concerned. He can enter the steering with his suit still on, goes anywhere he wants to go, and still come back.
8.          In fact, the suit does not prevent him from disappearing. He will still run away with it on his body; it does not matter. 
9.          We thank God for everything. We are still marching on.

Is there any way a surgical operation for fibroid can take place without having to incise the body? You do not know anywhere. Can the thing come out from the mouth?
2.          Sister Chika; you have been working in the theatre for years, you have passed through so many doctors, both professionals and quacks, have you witnessed where fibroid operation took place without incising the lower abdomen, no matter how small?  Is there any way fibroid can come out of a woman’s body through operation without cutting a part of the lower abdomen? Is there any way? No, okay thank you.
3.          I am the doctor of all doctors but I need never take you to any theatre. I can recommend the kind of operation that should be carried out on you. I know a lot of 419ners (fraudsters) exist in the medical field. Equally, I know when people play pranks to cheat themselves.
4.          I told my wife something this morning. I said, “From all indications, from the way Sister Rose came down here and has refused to go, and the way she answered my questions, I could discern something; that she has been desiring to bring her husband to judgment before Me.”
5.          Moreover, since this is her desire, I am bringing Brother Nwobodo down here, to appear before Sister Rose and I will give two of them fair hearing.
6.          However, before Brother Nwobodo and the Pastor will come, I would have instructed Brother Orjiakor to re-examine Sister Rose. He has examined her before and given Me a comprehensive report. He will re-examine her again to know actually whether she underwent a surgical operation because of fibroid or any other thing.
7.          Ask me the most delicate surgical operation a woman can undergo, it is fibroid operation. Not every kind of doctor can handle it. It is just like handling prostate cancer. It must take a professional—one that is experienced—to touch it because if you mishandle it, that is the end. You will say, “Rest in peace.”
8.          Fibroid is likened to uterine cancer. This is the only way I can describe it. Ask Me the only permanent remedy for fibroid, I would say pack away the womb. That is the only permanent remedy. Maybe the reason I am in your midst is to handle fibroid, and tell you the remote and immediate causes of fibroid so that your mind will be at rest.
9.          I had said it earlier; Sister Rose has figments of something that resembles fibroid, little noodles that cannot even be operated on. This condition does not hinder conception at all but she is grossly against the marriage between Brother Ik Nwobodo and Sister Stella.
10.      In addition, whatever she knows she will do to make sure that the money gets out of the hand of Brother Ik Nwobodo, she will do it. That is another way of getting her share of the money.
11.      Therefore, Brother Orjiakor, whether at Onitsha or at Enugu, re-examine her. Give Me a comprehensive report.
12.      I queried the surgical operation. No matter how perfect the doctor might be, no doctor handles fibroid operation on any patient and the patient walks about that day. It is impossible. I am yet to know the equipment the doctor will use.
13.      Fibroid operation is on the list of the worst major operations a woman can undergo. You dare not try it with out a pint or two pints of blood. It is not an operation that lasts only an hour; it lasts many hours and whoever undergoes that operation walks with her head for days, no matter how light it might be.
14.      It is not something you can just rush into the theatre, rush out, enter bus along Old Road, and come to Fellowship that same day. No, no, no. I queried it from the first day and I am now querying it publicly. If you were not ashamed making it public, I will not respect your face.
15.      I stand to be challenged concerning my views. You can present whatever receipt you want to present. Whether it is true or false, thou knowest. You can go to any market you want and buy fatty tissues of some animal, put them inside a bottle, pour some alcohol inside, cork it, and present to some people as fibroid.
16.      If I am in my good form now, I will even carry a test on that so-called tissue. I will show you that it is just fatty tissues of some lower animal, not a human being. 
17.      Let Me hold my comment until our brother carries out that examination, if possible together with our Sister Chika.
18.      If I hate you, I do not think Brother Orjiakor and Sister Onyema will. I do not think they hate you. Maybe Sister Onyema will stand for the women. I do not know how I can bring Myself to hate anyone who may have this type of case even in the future.
19.      It is just like people talking blah blah blah about using injection to cure fibroid. No problem, keep on taking the injection. Anytime it gets cured, tell us the name of the injection. Until that happens, keep the name secret, we do not want to know.
20.      Ask me about fibroid, I can tell you there are some chemicals, natural chemicals a fibroid patient can take to suppress the growth but not to remove fibroid. It has some awful consequences. The side effects are very great because if you are not careful, the whole thing will form a mass of pus. Once it becomes septic, that which you are trying to protect (the womb) will remove itself.
21.      If you continue with the chemicals, and part or all of the mass of fibroid ruptures in one way or the other, and excessive bleeding starts; there and then no doctor can control it. No drug in the market controls it. Then that which you are afraid of will take care of itself.
22.      I have always told you in this Faith that you can only operate on fibroid to save life. If it had grown to a point where life is in danger, operate on it.  Do not waste time. Besides that, manage it.

Brother Orjiakor, you have to re-examine her. I doubt her testimony. I queried this story right from Tuesday last week—my wife is My witness. Sister Rose is also My witness. She has come to a point where she starts thinking I am supporting her husband in everything.
23.      You have accused your husband of running away from his house sometimes for one month, sometimes for three weeks. I will verify that, because you are not living alone. You are living in a compound where your Pastor is living with the entire family. In short, all your Pastors are living in that same area.
24.      There is no way your husband can run away from his home for one full month or for three consecutive weeks without his Pastors knowing. Even one of his Pastors is his direct employer.           
25.      There are too many things you can say to curry my favour, sometimes to arouse some sentiments, but if you know Me very well, you won’t go that way.
26.      Tears do not move Me. The only thing that can move Me is truth. I told you to be ready to substantiate it. You said I should bring him before you that you have witnesses, that I should also ask Brother Ogbonna. I have asked Brother Ogbonna. Will you believe my report? Today na today

I know the reason why you rushed down to the Fellowship. It is a selfish reason. I call it selfish. You never rushed down to the Fellowship because of operation. I am a Father; I own all of you in this Faith. No matter how you try to play some pranks in this Faith, I will catch you.
27.      You simply rushed down here to occupy your house thinking that Brother John Ekwueme and his wife will pack into your house. There is no other reason why you rushed down here. There is no other reason.
28.      All the while, that Brother Joe and his wife were living there; she never rushed down to stay with him. The stomach never troubled her down here but because she heard Brother Joe has now decided to offer his brother and the wife a little refuge, she all of a sudden started longing to be in her house. She rushed down immediately to occupy her house.
29.      I know more than that. Once you see My Spirit flaring against somebody, do not talk anyhow until you ask why. I have queried her coming down. Ask her.  I asked her a question yesterday. Did your husband send you down to Onitsha?
30.      She said she collected a letter from the pastor and started coming down. I asked her, “Was it what I asked you? I asked you whether your husband sent you down to Onitsha and not whether your Pastor gave you any letter for Onitsha.” She said, “Yes, I told him.” When you told him, what did he say?
31.      If you want to leave your home, I will help you. However, let it be known to you that if you leave your home, I will not pack in there to replace you. If you stay there, it is not a problem to Me—I do not come there anyway. 
32.      In the final analysis, if you stay in your home, I lose nothing; you pack away from your home, I lose nothing. I have too many places to go other than your home.
33.      Sister Rose, my intent is not to kill you. I am helping you. Putting your hand on your jaw is not the problem. Nwobodo, I will now separate you so that you will understand what I am saying. Stop framing what you will tell Me. Stay here now so that your wife can look freely. Sit down here.
34.      Your Pastor is the one that is supposed to sit here but you are a Pastor also. If she thinks too, shake her from her reverie.
35.      Brethren, rise up and let us exercise ourselves in His Word.
36.      Sit down; rise up.
37.      You know, I was a teacher once. Some do not know I handled chalk sometime in the past. I handled chalk but not for a pay. Just for the fun of it. I helped a lot in my day. Amen.



Please, I am discussing the name “Jesus.” I will discuss Jesus in relation to salvation, I will discuss Jesus in relation to “Son-ship,” I will discuss Jesus in relation to the “Begotten of the Father.”
2.          If Jesus is the begotten of the Father, we will look into the so-called Bible that is painting these pictures to us, to know actually whether Jesus is the only Begotten of the Father. Then I will consider the word “The Firstborn.”
3.          Too many Scriptures recorded Jesus as the Firstborn, but is it true that he is the Firstborn? If he is the Firstborn, who prophesied about his birth?
4.          Somebody prophesied about his conception or birth. Could he then be there present while his coming was still being prophesied? The answer is No.
5.          Jesus was not there, but Christ was there. Christ was there pointing them to the day He will send Jesus.
6.          Jesus was sent. Somebody sent him, that is, Christ sent him.
7.          John 8:29: “And he that sent me is with me: the Father hath not left me alone; for I do always those things that please him. (KJV).
8.          Therefore, a day is coming when the Father will leave him and then he will be Jesus—just Jesus.
9.          I want to discuss Jesus: J-E-S-U-S. Let it be known to you that in this particular Household of God, I have some people that answer Jesus.
10.      If your name is Joshua, your name is also Jesus. Is that not true? If your name is Joshua, let it be known to you that your name is Jesus. Oh no, I do not know whether you are getting Me.
11.      Simply because somebody answers the name Moses today does not mean he is the same Moses in the wilderness. You answer Joshua today does not mean that you were the Joshua that led the people of Israel that time. I am saying that Joshua is just a name. The same way, Moses is just a name. Anybody can answer it. Did you get the Message?
12.      Jesus is just a name. Moses is just a name. Does         bearing the name Abraham make you the first Abraham? Even if you answer Abel, what is pursuing you, has it stopped? If you answer Abel it does not mean that what is following you has stopped. Your troubles have not stopped. Abel is Abel; your troubles are still there. That you answer Joseph, does it mean that you were the Joseph that was in Egypt?
13.      I hope somebody is getting closer to understanding what I am saying. We want to discuss Jesus, but as we continue in the teachings, it is going to be a series that will lead Me nowhere because in the end, everything will be vanity upon vanity. Everything will be wasted, but I will put in my effort to do a wasted job.
14.      Has God done such a thing in the past; spending all His time to prepare and fashion the whole world only for everything to be wasted?
15.      We will look at the Messiah-ship of the name “Jesus” because this is where the problem lies; the inability of people to separate Jesus from the Christ.
16.      J-E-S-U-S, why do people limit Christ to Jesus alone? Was Christ in Moses? The Christ that was in Moses that made Moses God to the people he was sent to, that Christ, is He different from the Christ that was in Jesus?
17.      Before Jesus’ birth, were there people privileged to have Christ dwelling in them? Why is that of Jesus very extraordinary? Are you trying to tell Me that because he resurrected from the dead, God quickened the flesh and therefore we should call him the first. Even the Bible recorded many that had similar experiences.
18.      Many have been resurrecting from the dead before Jesus. From the Old Testament—before Jesus was born—men died and they resurrected.
19.      What is resurrection? Is it not coming out from the grave? That is all. Somebody that died and then come back to life—the same life—is that not resurrection?
20.      All that died and resurrected in the Old Testament resurrected with the same old flesh. You might point out that Jesus vanished in the cloud. What then can you say about Enoch? Which of the two events is more miraculous; for a man to vanish without dying, and for a man to die and come out and then vanish? What can you say about Elijah? For that reason, Jesus can never be the first man that vanished in the cloud.
21.      If you read the history of Enoch, the Bible said he went to Heaven, for he tasted not death. In the case of Elijah, the Bible said he went to Heaven, for he tasted not death. In the case of Elijah, the Bible said he went to Heaven.
22.      Jesus’ case as recorded in the Acts of the Apostles reads, “The Heavens received him.” Remember, Jesus himself said no man was in Heaven except He that came from Heaven.

Follow Me intelligently. I told you that as long as you could not leave this Faith when I left the door open, you are in danger because I will talk to you without respecting your feelings anymore. I will say things that will make you run away.
24.      This is an advanced Faith. It is not a Faith of infants. This is an advanced Faith. It is not meant for everybody.
25.      Our friend who paid us a visit recently, that is, Papa Uwakwe’s employer; I learnt he went home and was very happy. He was thrilled by what he heard and witnessed.
26.      He sent a word to Me telling me I should bear with him since he will be travelling home for the sake of the sick mother, and as a result, he will not be in the Fellowship. This man has stopped going to all these so-called Churches for years.
27.      He is a well-educated personality, very straightforward.  He must have scrutinized what he heard. He must have concluded that this Bridal Faith is different from all other groups he has been visiting.
28.      The problem we are having in this Faith is that foolish and unlearned people in the Faith, ignorant and stupid people, try to compare us, what we are teaching in this Faith with what they know before or what they know others teach.
29.      We are not those people. You had better go there. Anyone of those you esteem higher, go there. We do not copy from anybody and we are what we are, pursuing our own programme very vigorously. We are not prepared to listen to anybody until we arrive at the SHORE.

Nothing can distract My attention. I am on a salvation mission.
31.      You call Me a minister? Yes, I am a minister. Moreover, I am not everybody’s minister.
32.      Hebrews chapter 1 verse 14:       “Are not the angels all ministering spirits, servants sent out in the service of God for the assistance of those who are to inherit salvation?”
33.      No, for the angels are only spirit messengers, sent out to help and care for those who are to receive his salvation” 
34.      “Are they not all ministering sprits sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation” (KJV).
35.      If what is recorded in this Scripture is true; if you call Me a Minster, that is what I am. You call Me an angel; that is what I am. An angel is same as a messenger and I am sent to minister to those that must be heirs of Salvation.
36.      For that reason, I am not ministering to everybody. I am sent for salvation to all the ends of the Earth. Therefore, if you are going to be heir to the salvation, if you are going to be a partaker, if you are going to inherit salvation, I am sent for you, for without Me, you are lost. You keep on calling Jesus, you are lost.
37.      There is no religious group that does not call on Jesus today. They are calling Jesus yet they are lost. They keep on calling Jesus, yet they remain blind and Jesus cannot open their eyes again because Jesus is no longer on the scene. Keep on calling Jesus until you get lost and Jesus will laugh at you. Amen.


Was Christ in John? When John’s ministry was over, what happened? Christ packed away.
2.          “Jesus! Jesus!” I love Jesus too. He is My brother and My friend. I do not blame people because they have a religious book that exalted Jesus above his day.
3.          The Bible exalted Jesus beyond his day. If you look at the miracles Jesus performed and the ones Moses performed, which was greater? If you compare the miracles Jesus performed with the miracles Elijah performed, which was greater? You see, we are coming closer to something.
4.          Remember, Elijah could not do anything without Christ. The same way Jesus could do nothing of his own. Jesus could not do anything without Christ. Therefore, I can rightly say that Jesus is the power of God or Christ is the power of Jesus, whichever way you look at it.
5.          Talking of Jesus being POWER, I mean, Jesus was an instrument in the Hand of God to do certain things in Jesus’ day.
6.          Every messenger, every angel is an instrument in the Hand of Christ, the Almighty God for Him to use for specific purposes allotted to that day. Besides, no messenger goes beyond his day.
7.          If Jesus can still stay until today, we will be guilty of not bringing Moses back. The same goes for Elijah, Abraham, Noah, Lot, Adam etc. All of them must come back. All of them must have to come back because he (Jesus) is one of them. He is just one among the many God used.
8.          Perhaps you do not know Jesus’ genealogy ended somewhere. No messenger has an endless genealogy—with only one exception. Only one man has an endless genealogy; and that man is Christ, The Sovereign Spirit, The Supreme Intelligence that controls the whole universe.
9.          By exalting Jesus beyond where God placed him, you make yourselves second-class citizens. You will come to a point where you become beggarly before Jesus.
10.      Somebody must be thinking while going through this Message, “This man must be an enemy of Jesus.” No, far be it from Me. Why should I be an enemy? No, he is my friend.
11.      What if I tell you that I received a higher ministry than that of Jesus? How many can believe that? It is not easy to believe. Only few can believe that.
12.      “Brother, you mean you are higher than Jesus?” Yes. It is not easy to believe. Somebody has to say it and a human being must say it. Nevertheless, let us stop there.
13.      I want to bring us all to the same level. All of us will have to operate on the same level with Jesus.

Recently, our Brother while teaching us in this Faith, said, “Let us see the Son of Man, not as man. Let us see Him as a devil. Leave everything about God and man; let us assume He is a devil and a deceiver. Whatever we are going to read now, consider Him in the light of a devil and then we can compare.”
15.      From Scriptures, we saw God’s supreme intelligence at work. We saw His Supreme intelligence at work. I mean the Bible god. There is an Almighty God, and there is the Bible god.  The god the Bible reveals—a wicked god, an unstable god—is different from the God I serve.
16.      There must be a distinction between the god of the Bible and the God that created the Heavens and the Earth. We must know what the Bible is all about and know the god the Bible reveals. We must know our position in the Bible for us to come out with a conclusion.
17.      I am going to disorganize your brain in this Message. Your brain must be disorganized. But before I will disorganize your brain, we will look into the Bible. Let us look into the Bible first.
18.      We want to make sure we fool nobody in this Faith. I am going to use few Scriptures in this Message.
19.      Remember it is teaching and this one goes like this for it is going to be brief a teaching.  Amen.


Is Jesus actually the Firstborn of God? Is Jesus indeed the Firstborn of God?
2.          Colossians chapter 1 verse 15: “Christ is the exact likeness of the unseen God; He existed before God made any at all.” (LB).
3.          “Christ,” that is the word used in the above translation. Let us have a look at King James Version:
4.          “Who is the image of the invisible God the Firstborn of every creature” (KJV).
5.          Watch, the Living Bible did not mention the word “Firstborn.”
6.          “Now He is the exact likeness of the unseen God, the visible representation. He is of the invisible the Firstborn of all Creation.” (Amplified Bible).
If we want to talk about Jesus as the Firstborn, we must go back to the beginning.
9.          In the beginning of Creation, God created a man. Later, from a man, He formed a woman. Is that not true? Was Jesus there? The man He called Adam, and the woman Adam called Eve. God did not name the woman. God presented the woman to Adam and commanded Adam to call her whatever he liked. Then Adam called her Eve.
10.      This is a brief summary of the origin of humanity upon the Earth.
11.      Who created these two? Christ, and not Jesus. Whom did Christ use to create them? With His hands created He them. He used no agency of man or mechanical device. He Himself created Adam, formed Eve.
12.      Whether we want to call him first son or Firstborn, we are referring to the same thing for we know that Jesus was a man born in like fashion like us. Is that not true? But before he was born, before ever the Prophet foretold about him, let us look into the Book of Genesis.
13.      Genesis chapter 6 verse 1 through 2: “And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the Earth…”
14.      Note, Jesus was not among the men.
15.      “…and daughters were born unto them. That the sons of God [plural] saw the daughters of men, that they were fair and took them wives of all of which they choose.” (KJV).
16.      “Sons of God;” did the Bible say sons of Devil? Is Jesus the first Son of God? Is he the second? Is he the third? Is he the fourth? Who can be comfortably called the Firstborn here? That should be Adam because it was from Adam that these sons and these daughters came. Is that not true? Was Jesus there?  Why not say Amen.
17.      Correct Me if you can. Refute what I said if you can. Use your Bible. Everything started from the beginning. IF I START FROM THE BEGINNING AND GET TO THE END, I THINK YOU WILL REALISE THAT I AM “HE.”
18.      Stop belittling yourself. Stop lowering your nature. Magnify yourself until you place yourself where God placed you in the beginning.
19.      In the Book of Genesis, we saw the word of Satan fulfilling and God was not happy. Instead of challenging Satan, He drove Adam and Eve out of the Garden. Is that a way of solving a problem?
20.      Additionally, He quickly collected the tree of life, saying, “lest they will eat it now and they will not die, and they will be competing with me seeing that they have become like us. Their eyes have been opened.”
21.      Genesis chapter 3 verse 22: “And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live forever.” KJV.
22.      In other words, God’s original plan was for man to behave like beasts. God made man beast so he will not have the knowledge of good and evil. If I do not have the knowledge of good and evil, I am no different from a goat.
23.      From the moment man knew the knowledge of good and evil, God was no longer happy. God became angry. He said, “Oh no! man has become what I did not want him to be.” That is to say, whatever that tree is—which Adam and Eve ate the fruit and their eyes opened and they became as God—whatever that fruit is, God kept that fruit as His exclusive preserve.
24.      God made that tree basically for Himself and Satan was eyeing God and at the same time trying his prospects with human beings.
25.      He (Satan) said to the humans, “Do you not know that God fooled you? You will not die; after all, He never intended making you immortals. Anyway, since the tree of life is this way while He placed you the other way.” You tasted what God tasted that is why He is not happy with you. No more, no less.
26.      In anger, He (God) drove them out. “Oya, go. Okay, from today, you will never come this way again.”
27.      I do not know what the fruit might be. I do not know what the tree is; but whatever that tree might be, God was offended because man has become like Him by eating the fruits. For that reason, this tree or the fruit that Adam ate and became like God, made God unhappy.
28.      In other words, from the beginning He never intended to make man to be like Him. Was He not the one that said, “Let us create man in our own image, after our own likeness?” Now, man has become like you, you are no longer happy. You started finding fault. Who made the mistake?
29.      You know, when a community plays the wrong tunes of a music, they will call it style. When a tailor makes a mistake, he blames it on the sewing machine.
30.      Tailors know what I am saying. He will not tell you he was responsible. He will rather say the machine caused it, adding, “It has been giving me trouble since.”
31.      Man has been evil from his youth. How did evil come to man?

I can now show you from the Genesis that when man multiplied upon the surface of the Earth, sons and daughters appeared—sons of God and daughters of men. They married each other. Jesus was not there. He was not among the sons.
33.      Remember that the birth of Jesus was first prophesied and the Prophets that prophesied about the birth of Jesus were not there in the beginning. They were men born of women all in due season.
34.      Where then lies the claim that Jesus was the Firstborn of God? To what extent is Jesus actually the only Son of God, talkless of “the only Begotten?”
35.      We will look at the Begotten as we continue.
36.      The word we saw in Genesis chapter 6 verse 2 is plural (Sons of God). It reads Sons, S-O-N-S. It depicts a big family.
37.      The man Jesus was not there, and tomorrow somebody will tell you, “Why belittle my Jesus, the only Firstborn of God?” Shut up your mouth! What do you know?
38.      You know, empty barrels make the greatest noise. They err not knowing the Scriptures. The same Bible they are holding is surely going to condemn them. If they had believed the Bible, they would have believed that I am He.
39.      What I am treating is the truth as recorded in the same Bible.  The Bible is full of contradictions. It is full of complexities. Anybody following the Bible god; is the very act alone not enough to make him pause and start thinking of the veracity of the contents of the book? He is tagging along with a book that opened up with errors, a book that opened up with inconsistencies, incoherent and incorrect information.
40.      When you are holding the Bible, what is your aim? I know that the greatest instrument in the hand of Satan to accuse every child of God is the Bible. Yet when people say you do not believe the Bible, you start panicking.
41.      I want to bring you to a level where you will place the Bible where the Bible belongs and place God where God belongs. Place yourself where you belong. No more, no less. Then you face the challenges of life.
42.      Life is full of challenges. The first instruction God gave man was to go into the world, subdue and occupy. If there were no trouble the word “subdue,” would not have been there.
43.      If I ask you to go and subdue the nations, I mean you should go and conquer them and then retain their land. There are many things we have to subdue here. Since I know it is not a physical battle, I have to elevate you to a high spiritual standard.

Is Jesus the only or the Firstborn of God? Please follow me gradually.
45.      We want to consider the man Adam again. This is because everything has an origin. There in the book of St Luke chapter 3 you will see the genealogy of Jesus.
46.      Gospel according to St Luke chapter 3 verse 23: “And Jesus himself began to be about thirty years of age being (as was supposed) the son of Joseph, which was the son of Heli.” KJV.
47.      Jesus, the son of whom? The son of Joseph. Joseph was the son of Heli but Jesus was the son of Joseph. If you tell Me that Jesus was the Firstborn of Joseph, you are perfectly right. Did you get the Message?
48.      If Jesus was the Firstborn of God, it implies Jehovah is not God, then Joseph is. However, human beings have been on Earth before Heli was born.
49.      If you read further, you will see the father of Heli. You will see the father of the father of Heli. You will see human beings, their sons, and their lineage even before Jesus.
50.      Okay, could it be that after Jesus was born, God then stopped; nobody was born again, or is it that we were all born by Satan? If Jesus is the beginning and the ending then, we are all lost. It then means God drew a line after Jesus. 

What am I saying? People do not know what the Bible is. The Bible is a deceitful book and is not meant even to stay till our own day. It has outstayed its usefulness as far as worshipping of God is concerned, for no man can know the truth from the Bible.
52.      Remember, the New Testament was written over two thousand years ago. Do you know that? As of two thousand years ago, Jesus was about thirty years of age. How many years do you think Adam would have been before Jesus was born? How many years do you think Joseph was before Jesus was born? Yet Jesus is being peddled about, as the Firstborn of God, the only Son of God and you believe that.
53.      Why should you believe that type of nonsense? You can only believe it if you are serpent seed. Even the serpent can never believe that.
54.      I know you are waiting for Me somewhere—“Begotten.” I will show you “Begotten.”
55.      Now you look at Luke chapter 3 verse 24: “Which was the son of Matthat, which was the son of Levi, which was the son of …”
56.      You can see the list. It is endless there. You can see as they narrowed down.
57.      Verse 32: “Which was the son of Jesse, which was the son of Obed, which was the son of Booz, which was the son of Salmon...”
58.      They are very many. Were they not sons? Was it written, “Which was the madam of, or which was Mrs., or wife of, or daughter of?” No!
59.      It was written sons, sons, and sons. What makes that of Jesus a special one? Was he the only person God sent Prophets to foretell his birth?
60.      Was Jesus the first man God sent Prophets to foretell about his birth?
61.      I will show you Scriptures that God has been sending Prophets to foretell the conception and birth. There is no need, somebody has to say it.
62.      You quote Isaiah chapter 7 verse 14; you quote Isaiah chapter 9 verse 6; alright, I have nothing against them but have you sat down to read the chapters very well so as to know the particular event for which God used the birth of a son coming from a virgin to place it as a sign?
63.      You will notice it has nothing to do with salvation of Israel. It has nothing to do with salvation of man.

Let Me just ask you the question: do you know that the Hebrews book you read in your Bible was not written by Paul? The book of Hebrews, like other books has the same pattern: Paul preached his message, some people documented few things; as time went on, some scholars decided to write vividly.
64.      On the other hand, Paul never did the cross matching and the cross reference of the Scriptures. Cross matching and cross reference were the crafty work of scholars.
65.      Scholars used random prophecies to back up things they were not intended for. Writers, scholars, modern day scholars did this.
66.      Not every Bible has a reference section, though. References were included to raise the prices of the books. Some of the authors and the publishers wanted to use it to help the readers locate certain things. No Bible dictionary is from any of the Bible authors.
67.      Paul never made any Bible dictionary. Luke never made one. Bible dictionaries were what human beings like you; I mean students sat down to make them. You can call them glossaries.
68.      Anybody can make Bible dictionary or Bible reference with the purpose of helping you to see certain things.
69.      If you look at our GREAT SERMON (a publication of the Bridal Ministry), it is versed. We versed it, we placed numbers, and the print is computer work done by Brother Joseph. Is there any difference between the way we coded it and the way the Bible was coded?
70.      You see, some people think that maybe God was saying, “Write chapter 2 verse 1, verse 4…” No, there was no room for that. Paul never wrote in verses. There was no computer in Paul’s day. For the fact that the Bible is coded is a sure sign that the Bible is just complied and written in recent times.
 71.      Remember, people say that the Bible fell from the sky. Moreover, we know that the first printed Bible in English was printed and published in the year 1503 AD—that is about 500 years ago. 1503 AD to 2003 is about 500 years ago (that is about 5 centuries).
72.      How many years has the world lasted? Besides, Jesus came and vanished about two thousand years yet the Bible is only 506 years old.
73.      How dare you claim the Bible was written by God? Which God? Amen.


Remember this is teaching ministration. Therefore, I want to do something extraordinary in this Message. I do not want to be too slow. This teaching is not meant to be followed anyhow. Do not follow Me anyhow. Follow me intelligently.
2.          Luke chapter 3 verse 38: “Which was the son of Amos, which was the son of Seth, which was the son of Adam, which was the Son of God.” (KJV).
3.          Why not say Amen!
4.          Which was what? T-h-e SON OF GOD. Not, “Which was ‘A’ Son of God.” If Jesus was the Son of God; Adam existed before Jesus and he was also called “the Son God.”
5.          Now, where lies the claim that Jesus is the one and only Son of God? Is Jesus the only Son of God? Is he the firstborn of God? God has already begotten too many children before it reached the time for Jesus.
6.          Now, I throw a challenge to you. Let there be no unbelief anywhere. Read the Book of Isaiah chapter 7. Continue till Isaiah chapter 9. Finish the three chapters. Whatever you discover there, keep it to yourself. Do not ever say it.
7.          You will notice an amazing truth there: that there was a particular event going on and something was being anticipated to take place in the land of Israel, and the Lord placed a sign—something they will see and that will culminate into the end of that event.
8.          Moreover, it had no bearing with Lamb of God taking away the sins of the world or dying on the Cross or this or that. As we continue I will tell you why people quote that place.
9.          I can disagree with many things. I agreed with them before, I will disagree with them in this Message.
10.      Is Jesus the only Son of God? If Jesus is the only Son of God, what am I? I had better go away from this Faith.
11.      However, you daughters of Zion, you will rejoice this day because the Bible said, “Rejoice, oh you daughters of Zion.” It did not say “one daughter.”
12.      If it were possible, they would have made Mary, Jesus’ mother the only daughter of God. If it were possible, no other woman will be daughter again. Therefore, they will be slaves to their fellow woman.
13.      If it is because she carried pregnancy for nine months, do you carry yours for just a day? Is what she gave birth to different from what you gave birth to? The only difference is what God is using human beings to do.
14.      Is it compulsory that He must use Me to do what He used Jesus to do? He created Me for a purpose; He created Jesus for a purpose. Jesus fulfilled his purpose, the same way I must fulfil my purpose. That does not make Me junior to him. No! Sometimes we worship idols in ignorance. This is hard to believe.
15.      You have never seen it this way before. I say follow me.
16.      Jesus told Nathaniel, “Follow me, you will see greater things ahead.” We are beginning to come into the Faith proper. We are beginning to step into the real Faith, not the faith of our fathers. No.
17.      If we are following the Faith of our fathers, it means the Scriptures have been twisted. The fathers should follow our Faith, not we following our fathers’ Faith.
18.      I can never tread where the Apostles trod. I will not do that. I must not tread where the Apostles trod. I will not do that otherwise if they trod in error, I will also tread in error. I will not be Omekannaya (a chip of the old block).
19.      I will not behave like my father. I will behave like myself. If your father is a useless fellow, you will end up the same if you behave like your father. I will not behave like my father. Is it unacceptable to my father for me to behave like myself?
20.      In this case there is no child greater than his fellows—Nwakaibeya (A child greater than his peers). Nobody is greater. I am not greater than anybody—a child is not greater than his peers.
21.      People deliberately fall down while laughing, not that that laughter can push down anyone.

Let Me tell you, if there is a Scripture that thrills me most, it is Isaiah chapter 1 verse 18.
23.      Do you know what it says? It credits God Almighty as inviting human beings saying, “Come let us reason together;”  is it different from this one: “Come let us create man in our own image?” as recorded in the Book of Genesis chapter 1 verse 26? The same phrase “let us” was used and Jesus was not there.
24.      “Now, let us reason together;” can God and man reason together? They can only reason together if God is a man. If God is not a man, He can never reason with man.
25.      Can you call a dog and say, “Dog, come, let us reason together?” Can wind invite human beings? Can a human being reason with wind or unseen spirit? For you to reason with somebody, both of you must have to sit down together; he will express his opinion, you will express yours until you agree on something.
26.      “Come let us reason together,” saith the Lord God Almighty. We are reasoning together in this Faith. We are reasoning together. You must be sure of what you believe. This is what will keep you from falling. This is what forms your faith.
27.      When you have this, you can go into any association and you tell them boldly that they are worshipping Satan. You are not shaken, you are not amazed. Let others call you devil; you are not moved because you know where you are standing. You are sure that even with the Bible they are holding notwithstanding, they are still perishing for they do not know the contents.
28.      Outside the Bridal Faith, Jesus is known as the only Son of God. They have even composed it in a song: “Jesus na the only Son of God. King of kings, Lord of Lords.”
29.      What am I then? Brother Dan, what are you?
30.      Jesus is not the only Son of God. That is false—false inspiration. These preachers with the Bible in their hands are preaching this nonsense because the way of truth they know not. You see why you must come to God for you to know the truth.  
31.      How I wish our friend who visited us recently could get hold of this Message. He has been yearning for this type of Message. He is one that will stand boldly and proclaim the truth even if it is against every other Faith.
32.      Apostle Joseph said, “Even if the Son of Man is not God, we have agreed and decided to make him our private individual God.”

We will go further to know who God is, for they that know their God must do exploits. Jesus must be very happy because men that are reprobate of truth, destitute of the truth have misplaced many things about him.
34.      Now, is Jesus the Firstborn of God? We have now seen the first Son of God; we have seen him along side other sons. Moreover, the Scriptures we read concerning their genealogy said, “This one begat this, this one begat this, this one begat this.” Whether you call it begotten or begat, it is the same thing. Begat means begotten, no more no less.
35.      Therefore, there have been Begotten Sons of God when Jesus was nowhere. Christ existed before Jesus.
36.      Is Jesus the Firstborn? Exodus chapter 4 verse 22. We want to consider verse 22, may be there is a little truth there: “And thou shalt say unto Pharaoh, Thus saith the LORD, Israel is my son, even my Firstborn:” (KJV).
37.      Is there any Scripture that said Israel was called Jesus? However, I can show you Scriptures that said Jacob was renamed Israel. Did you get the Message?
38.      Now, if you do not want to see Israel as a nation, see her as Jacob. Who then is the Firstborn of God, Jesus or Israel? How many Firstborns have God?
39.      You see, the thing was too much. Brethren were saying, “This is the type of challenge I love; challenges that hold water, challenges that contain truth.”
40.      Is Jesus the Firstborn of God? Was Jesus in exodus?
41.      Nothing gives a man joy more than discovering that he is holding nothing but the truth, that he is not deceived.
42.      Anyone regarding Jesus as the Firstborn of God, is he not deceived? He is completely deceived. Even the Bible he is holding cannot justify him.
43.      “Jesus na the only Son of God…” No! No! No! No! it is not true.
44.      The Book of Jeremiah chapter 31 verse 9: They shall come with weeping, and with supplications will I lead them: I will cause them to walk by the rivers of waters in a straight way, wherein they shall not stumble: for I am a father to Israel, and Ephraim is my firstborn.” (KJV).
45.      Brethren, how many Firstborns has God? Nothing gladdens the heart more than truth; that is if you are a lover of truth.
46.      The Bible is full of inconsistencies and ambiguities: “Jesus is the only Son of God. Jesus is the Firstborn of God,” all written in the Scriptures and people will be jumping up and down—a blatant case of Bible contradicting the Bible.
47.      How many Firstborn has God? This was Ephraim. God said, “Leave Ephraim alone. Ephraim has joined himself to idols. Leave him alone.” Then He turned around and said, “How can I forsake Ephraim, seeing Ephraim is my Firstborn?”
48.      Brother Vin, is Jesus the Firstborn of God?
49.      Again, was Jesus the first raised from the dead? You know, Paul said that Jesus was the first raised from the dead. Is that assertion correct?
50.      Have I not shown you several men that rose from the dead—men that have risen from the dead even prior to Jesus’ birth? How then can he be number one who rose from the dead? This was an attempt to distort the truth, not by the messengers, but by Bible scholars. This is to show you that God has no hand in what was written. They were writing randomly like that—an American intelligence device. You can call it Roman intelligence device, that is, a ploy to pass foreign religion across to others.

Christianity is a foreign religion. That is why we are not religious. We are not following any religion in this Faith. Apart from this Faith, every other person is following a religious Movement.
52.      Let Me tell you, Saint Paul said that he benefited much from the religion of his fathers. Was Paul a Nigerian? Separate religion from God. God is not a religious Being.
53.      Do not worry, any moment from now we shall conclude every religion to be of the Devil and not from God, for God is not a religious man and will never be a religious man.
54.      Little wonder why Saint Paul was telling women that were religious to pattern after religious style. No! I do not ask you to be religious in this Faith. Please do not be, and you cannot be, for you do not have religious nature. No true seed of God has religious nature.
55.      People that defend the Bible are religious. I do not defend the Bible. If the Bible is powerful, let it defend itself. However, can the Bible defend itself? The answer no. Anybody holding the Bible is holding something that contains no truth.
56.      There are questions I will ask you—with what you are holding now as your faith—and you will be astonished.

To what extent is Jesus the first Son of God? To begin with, he was never the first Son of God. What if I show you that Jesus did not come from God? I know everybody will run away now.
58.      Do not run away yet. Time for running has not come. You are running when nothing is chasing you. What will pursue you has not come. Anyone that truth chases away, is that person a child of God? No.
59.      Anyone that hears the truth and begins to run, is he a seed of God?  Where we are now is where the Jews reached and they said, “God forbid, it is now clear to us that this man is a devil. We have been hearing what was being proclaimed; now we believe it has come out.
60.      Son of the Morning; “He is the Son of the Morning.” I will show you where God answered Son of the Morning. I will show you where God even answered the Bright and the Morning Star.
61.      If God was the Son of the Morning and answered the Bright and Morning star, and Satan took the same title and Bible was even using that title as blasphemous, let it be known to you that God and Satan mean the same thing depending on how you look at it. But that is not the Message for now. We will go into it proper some other time.
62.      Recently, I told you something. Maybe somebody, in the attempt to become something alone, labelled a particular tree evil.
63.      See, I remember in those days when we were infants; when we see our parents eating something they do not want us to eat and you yearn to eat it with them, they will tell one story, a really frightening story around that thing so as to scare the children away, so that they will not even want to come near it. You can understand what I mean. It is an ancient style.

Sisters will be wondering: “Could it be that we as women, daughters, could it be that God made no provision for us because all the while He kept saying ‘sons.’” No, you have a provision. You have a provision, and if you think there is none, you can hold unto John chapter 20 verse 17.
65.      John chapter 20 verse 17: “Jesus saith unto her, Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to my Father: but go to my brethren, and say unto them, I ascend unto my Father, and your Father; and to my God, and your God.”(KJV).
66.      That was an encounter between Jesus and Mary Magdalene. You know the history of Mary Magdalene. He (Jesus) said, “I am not yet ascended to my Father, touch me not but now go to my brethren and tell them.”
67.      So, Mary Magdalene was a daughter of God. Is that not true? God was her Father. The Father of the Lord Jesus was the Father of Mary Magdalene.
68.      Brethren, is that not clear there? Okay, do we now say that Mary was the only daughter of God—I mean Mary the mother of Jesus? If she was the first or the only daughter, what was the case of Mary Magdalene? What can we say about other daughters of God that appeared before these ones were born?
69.      We are not considering women now. Let us keep them aside. Nevertheless, believe it, if you are a daughter in this Faith, God is your Father. If you are a woman, you are a daughter, if you are a man, you are a son and God is your Father. You are a Son of God for God is your Father. You are a daughter of God for God is your Father, whoever that God might be.
Romans chapter 8 verse 29: “For whom he did foreknow, [pay attention there] he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be….” (KJV).
71.      You see, it says, “Who might be…” That person He foreknew. Get this truth.
72.      “For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the Firstborn among many brethren.” (KJV).
73.      Who will be the Firstborn among many brethren? Jesus or whom He did foreknow? He whom He did foreknow, He did predestinate to be conformed to the image of His son; whom He did foreknow, that He might be the Firstborn among many brethren.
74.      If you read it from verse 27 or you read down to verse 31, you will get the meaning very well. Them He did predestinate, he also called. Who predestinated them? Are you called?
75.      So, you can now assume from this Scripture that God foreknew you, predestined you and called you to be conformed to the image of His son, that you might be the Firstborn among many Brethren.
75.      If Brother Ejike is a Firstborn, I am also a Firstborn. Who then is the Firstborn of God? If I am a Firstborn, and so are Brother Victor, Brother Kelechi and Papa Uwakwe, how many Firstborns has God then?
76.      If all of us are Firstborn, who are the Brethren? If I am first among many Brethren, who then will accept to be the last born among the many brethren? Who will accept to be the last-born? If there is first there must be last. Who is the last?
77.      You must know the truth and the truth must set you free. I want to see somebody who will debase himself to accept to be the last so that he might be the first for it was written, “The last shall be the first and the first shall be the last.”
78.      Why not take the last so that you will be first? I will not take it. I will not be the last. I am the first among many Brethren. Whomever that will accept to be the last, let him continue to come from behind. I am in front!
79.      Brethren, there are too many inconsistencies in the Bible. How can you hold the Bible and serve God acceptably? How can you use the Bible to place yourself right?
80.      Firstborn among many Brethren. Perhaps we can imply that it is the women that are being referred to, but the women had accepted their position that they are daughters of God. Therefore, you can never degrade them. Amen.


Is Jesus the Firstborn among many brethren? Are you the Firstborn among many brethren?  You can never be. There was the Firstborn—Adam.
2.          Adam had brethren because the Bible recorded in Genesis chapter 6 from verse 1 through 2 that a time came when men multiplied upon the Earth; sons of God married daughters of men. Were you there? You were not there. So, who really is the Firstborn among many brethren? Adam.
3.          To create more confusion, Paul, in a bid to be self-important decided to differentiate between the first and second Adam.
4.          If you read from Genesis, there was no prophecy where God said He would make a second Adam. If there should be a second Adam, it must be Seth because Cain was removed.
5.          Jesus can never come far off in the lineage to answer second Adam. What for? Was he not born in like fashion, just like every one of us?  Was he created from the dust? Was Jesus created? He was not created. Jesus was not created. He was born from a woman. A woman nursed Jesus. No woman nursed Adam.
6.          The most miraculous creature on Earth was Adam, followed by Eve. No woman nursed Eve, no woman nursed Adam too. Therefore, to create a man out of the sand is more miraculous than to create a man from a human being—that is procreation. If a woman should conceive and bear forth a son, it is not miraculous.
7.          Moreover, the history of Jesus’ conception is clear: “Woman, do not worry,” that was the man Gabriel, that was what the Bible called him: the man Gabriel, the angel that came with good tidings.
8.          “Woman, I know you are a virgin, it is true, but do not worry how it will take place, for behold, the Spirit of the Lord will overshadow you and thou shall conceive, whatever will be in thy womb shall be called Holy. That is all.
9.          When Joseph became confused, the same spirit told him in a dream—read the Scriptures; Joseph dreamt a dream according to the thought of his heart. He went to bed thinking on how to get rid of Mary for she was with child, which is contrary to the law of the Jews. However, he loved her and was afraid of the consequences should he expose the matter. Read the Scriptures.
9.          The Bible said, in a dream of the night, God spoke to him, “Fear not to take Mary to be your wife for I am responsible for whatever is conceived in the womb. I am the Lord your God.” Joseph said, “Ee, fine.”
10.      There are too many stories that look very childish. You believe that God has been a man and you also believe that there was something Adam and Eve did for which they were driven away. Moreover, that thing they did produced two seeds. It produced Cain and Abel. In addition, we were told that they ate that fruit without permission.
11.      Believe it if you can, you are knowledgeable enough to know the truth. God said, “Go, increase and multiply and fill the Earth.”
12.      Therefore, the power is now in your hands. Moreover, there is something you must know there; as a human being, just like other higher animals, you must reproduce sexually. You can never reproduce asexually like plants. No, you are animals. God gave you reproductive organs because you are gods. If you are like God, I do not know any other way God could impregnate a human being if not through the same way you do. Only in the same way can He begat sons and daughters. This is all I know to be truth about the matter.

Jesus had every attribute of a human being. He sucked human breast. He got circumcised on the eighth-day. He ate everything meant for human beings and lived a normal human life.
14.      If in his day, he was anaemic and was of the same blood group with Me, I could donate blood to him. A chimpanzee cannot do that. Although chimpanzees resemble human beings, they yet we are not of the same species. Did you get the message?
15.      There is no animal on Earth that could have done that. It is impossible. It must be man-to-man, animal-to-animal, plant-to-plant. That is how God ordained it.
16.      You cannot hear the truth outside this Faith. I have told you, no matter how I believe in faith, DO NOT SACRIFICE KNOWLEDGE FOR FAITH. You must grow in the knowledge of God.
17.      How can you grow in the knowledge if you have no thinking faculty? God endowed man with thinking faculty. That is what makes the difference. That is why you can trim your fingernails, take your bath, and trim your hair. Lower animals do not do that. A chimpanzee can be like a man but it can never trim its fingernails. It does not have that nature. Whatever they do, they do it instinctively.
18.      Is Jesus the only Son of God? Is he the Firstborn of God? I mean, from the Bible. Should we go out to hear these things from human beings; can we now place Jesus where he belongs?

The Book of Psalms chapter 2 verse 7. The word “psalm” means “good song.” Let us consider the verse and know whether the reference was to Jesus. Every Psalm has its origin.
20.      “I will declare the decree; the Lord has said unto me, thou art my son, this day have I begotten thee.” (KJV).
21.      Who wrote the Psalms? David. Who was the Lord’s Begotten? Was there any other person before David that time who was being referred to as the Begotten of God that day? Is it David or Jesus? The answer is David.
22.      The verse should have read: “This day have I begotten you, o king David.”  Yes sir!
23.      However, as time went on, because of the exaltation of the name “Jesus,” scholars who compiled and sat down to revise the Bible lifted  portions ascribed to David and transferred it to Jesus.  Anywhere they see Jesus especially in what they claimed Paul to have taught them—if you go to Hebrews now, Paul never said what was written there. They (the Bible scholars) lifted that place and put it there.
24.      Let it be known to you that till date discrepancies still subsist over who the author of the Book of the Hebrews was. Bible scholars have concluded that Paul was not the writer. The writer must have associated with Paul during his missionary journeys.
25.      Thus, they submitted that the writer of the Book of Hebrew was unknown. Presumably, it was written in Rome in Italy, for the writer in conclusion said, “Your brother, writing to you from Italy, salutes you.”
26.      For that reason, the Book of Hebrew was written in Rome, the city of the Pope.
27.      Most of the writings in the Epistles were written in Rome, probably after many series of discussions by many councils. That was where Roman Catholics decided to increase their own books, which Martin Luther called APOCRYPHAL WRITINGS—writings without approved authorities; simply because he protested and was willing to lead a Movement.
28.      Do not worry; I shall discuss Martin Luther in the light of history, in the light of a messenger from God. As we proceed, we will continue tracing them until we come to Peter Odoemena. For now, put Peter Odoemena in the cooler. Label Him “Devil.” Put him somewhere until we have gone through all these approved men of God and whatever they said and what the Bible recorded about them.
29.      After surveying all, we will then proceed to Peter Odoemena because He is the Blackman from a place without good record. He is not a Whiteman; He is poor, despised, without any good record, nothing to show off for. For that reason, He is not the One. You will show us who the person is.

For God so loved the world…”  That line is from St. John chapter 3 verse 16: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” (KJV).
32.      Is Jesus then the only Begotten Son of God? Is Jesus the only person God has ever sent? Remember, I am separating Jesus from Christ. For Christ remained the Father, the Sovereign Spirit, that made him (Jesus) God.
33.      In addition, if we succeed in seeing the Father tabernacle among us, we will realize we are privileged people and our attitude will begin to change.
34.      Let Me tell you, many revolt because they are adherents of Jesus yet the teachings of Jesus they do not obey. If you are strong adherents of Jesus, let it be known to you that your day is over and you do not know Jesus has no remnant here. Christ has His remnant.
35.      In the days of Jesus, Jesus was the preserved seed from where He (Christ) raised other seeds. For in any dispensation, Christ must leave a seed for Himself from where He could propagate.
36.      A farmer must leave a seed of the corn from where he could propagate others.
37.      In the days of Paul, he was the preserved seed. Christ preserved him, and from him He propagated. It was the same method with other messengers.
38.      When Paul died, the inquisition arose; God preserved Martin Luther. After Martin Luther, He preserved John Wesley, then William Branham. However, before then, too many other ministers were with all these messengers.         
39.      “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” (KJV).  That is St. John chapter 3 verse 16.
40.      In Psalm 2 verse 7, we saw that David was the Begotten Son of God. Moreover, David was Begotten before Jesus was born. Can we now call Jesus the first begotten? How can we then say he is the only Begotten Son of God? That will render the rest useless.
41.      You see, Jesus never said he was the only Begotten Son of God. People said so about him. Just as I am on the scene now, there are too many things you cannot say about Me now, but once I leave the scene, you will say many things that has nothing to do with Me and My calling in the Body because of your love and strong adherence to my Message.
42.      These are some of those things people exaggerated, documented and preserved in the book called Bible. If the Bible is holy, it can never enter every place. The world will not accept anything that is holy. If the Bible is holy, the whole world is holy.

People have tried to use many things to fool us. Now, we want to look at these Scriptures and know to whom they were referred.
44.      First Chronicles chapter 22 verse 9 through 10: “Behold, a son shall be born to thee…”
45.      Is it not prophecy? So, when you hear, “Behold, I show you a sign; a virgin shall conceive and give birth to a son,” it only reiterates the fact that God has been prophesying about the birth of people in time past.
46.      “Behold, a son shall be born to thee, who shall be a man of rest; and I will give him rest from all his enemies round about: for his name shall be Solomon, and I will give peace and quietness unto Israel in his days.  He shall build an house for my name; and he shall be my son, and I will be his father; and I will establish the throne of his kingdom over Israel for ever.”(KJV).
47.      Brethren, can you see the clearer picture in this Scripture? The birth of Solomon was prophesied, later it came to pass. In his days, Israel lived in peace. He built a kingdom where God placed His Name.
48.      In addition, God said, “He shall be my son and I shall be a father unto him. Where lies the claim of Jesus being the only Son of God then, and the Father, being God? He (Jesus) set aside the Father for himself. The Father that belongs to all of us, one person cornered it only to himself and gave just a part to us. If you want to be a child of God, you come to him to give you a part. No, no.
49.      We must recognize where God placed us. If I am destined to Hell, I better start comforting myself now. If I have no part in God, let me start comforting myself. On the other hand, if I have a part in God, let me know the part I have to enable me possess my possession.
50.      I do not want to live in fear. If you are living in fear, it is because you do not know your portion yet. When you know your portion in the Lord, fear will vanish and you can now face the challenges courageously. It does not end in calling Him “Abba Father” yet tomorrow you will not know whether He is your Father or not.
51.      You might say, “God is my Father.” How do you know that? You will be stammering thus: “I think… I do not think... I must be sure and certain… because I believe in Jesus, that is why... God is my father….” Does it imply that if I do not believe in Jesus, God will no longer be my father? What if I believe in Solomon and say I will not believes in Jesus?
52.      I want to know whether all these sons of God had been reincarnating and reincarnating, and taking different names until it came to Jesus.
53.      Since Jesus is no more, let Me know whether Jesus has been reincarnating, and where he is today. If he is one, and has been coming in a new name, I will trace him.
54.      However, from the Scriptures God had sons and daughters. God does not have only but one son.

t is sheer stupidity for one person to think he can claim to be the only Son of God. He cannot succeed. You cannot succeed. If I allow you to claim that, I will be a slave to you.
55.      Let me tell you, Christianity is a foreign religion and this foreign religion revolves around the name “Jesus.”       
56.      Let me go a little further. We want to go back to Samuel.
57.      Second Samuel chapter 7 verse 13 through 14: “He shall build an house for my name, and I will stablish the throne of his kingdom for ever. I will be his father, and he shall be my son. If he commit iniquity, I will chasten him with the rod of men, and with the stripes of the children of men.” (KJV).
58.      Was he referring to Jesus? It was recorded that Jesus committed no iniquity. Look at the condition of a Son of God. God was his Father and this Scripture was referring to Solomon. It says that if he committed iniquity I will not spare him, for no father spares his son. Did Solomon commit iniquity? The answer is yes. Did God chasten him? Yes. Why?  He was a Son of God.       
59.      However, today you buy some translations of the Scriptures from the markets and you will see where Bible scholars lifted this portion of the Scripture and placed it on the name “Jesus” indicating that Jesus fulfilled it.
60.      Did Jesus commit iniquity? He committed no sin but our own iniquities were laid upon him. He was made sin for us, he who knew no sin that we might become the righteousness of God.
61.      The kingdom that will rule over Israel forever, do you know who established the kingdom? It is God. You know who is reigning on the kingdom or in the kingdom. You know the person from David to Solomon and the trend is continuing.
62.      You remember in the end it must be David again, David, David all through. Could it be that Jesus was David? Can we rightly stand up and say that Jesus was David? If you say that Jesus was David, well it implies we believe in reincarnation.
63.      If we believe that Jesus was David, the genealogy of David would prove us wrong as recorded in the Bible. In the genealogy, we will see something there. If Jesus was David, David must have appeared hundred times or more before he was born.
64.      You can hold the Bible and still miss God. From the time Solomon ruled and died to the time Jesus was born, hundreds of years had elapsed. Many kings ruled Israel after Solomon. Even a time came when Israel was without king and yet Jesus was not born.
66.      From the Bible our answers to these questions are no, for the Scriptures said no. The same Scriptures that called him Firstborn, only Begotten son, only son, the same Bible cancelled the whole thing.
67.      Following the Bible, where will we land? Have you seen what I told you in the beginning of this Message that we are ending it at vanity, that everything will be wasted? It is hard to believe yet it is true. You can hold the Bible and still miss God.
68.      There is no confusion in God but there is confusion in the Bible since we have succeeded in seeing so many begotten sons of God in the Bible.

et Me just see whether we can trace it again. I want you to tell Me where this man belongs. You will show Me where this man belongs. If you cannot show Me where he belongs, you better close your mouth.
69.      Hebrews chapter 6 verse 20: “Whither the forerunner is for us entered even Jesus, made a high priest forever after the order of Melchizedek.” (KJV).
70.      In other words, Melchizedek appeared and then ended His own ministry. Jesus appeared as a priest, not an ordinary priest, but a high priest after the order of Melchizedek.
71.      Now, who is Melchizedek?
72.      Hebrews chapter 7 verse 1 through 4: “For this Melchizedek king of Salem, priest of the most high God…
73.      If Melchizedek is priest of The Most High God, then The Most High God must be higher than Melchizedek.
74.      “…who met Abraham returning from the slaughter of the kings and blessed him. To whom also Abraham gave a tenth part of all, first being by interpretation, king of righteousness and after also king of Salem, which is king of peace…”
75.      Note verse 3.
76.      “…without father, without mother, without descent…”
77.      That is, without genealogy.
78.      “…having neither beginning of days nor end of life but made like unto the Son of God abide a priest continually.” (KJV).
79.      Please take note. The last line in this Scripture gave us a little clue that Melchizedek was God-made. He was made like unto the Son of God. Is that not true?
80.      From the above Scripture, who made him like unto the Son of God? The Almighty Whose priest He was. Who was the father of Adam? Who was the mother of Adam? Adam was made. Can a man make for himself God? Yes.
81.      Pause a little. Melchizedek has no father, no mother, no descent, no genealogy, and no lineage. He was made like that—He was righteous. He has no beginning of days and no ending of life. He lived forever and He was made like unto the Son of God. Who made Him? God.
82.      He that made Melchizedek is higher than Melchizedek. What if I call Melchizedek an imaginary man, an imaginary high priest? If he was made without descent, he was like unto Adam, for Adam was the first Son of God who was made without descent, without father, without mother.
83.      However, Jesus had a father. Jesus had a mother. Why not say Amen!
84.      From where we read in the book of Matthew, Joseph was the father but they tried to give us the impression that Joseph has no hand in the birth of Jesus. I believe it as it was written. Let me put that one aside. Let me believe what is written again that God was his father.
85.      God was the father of Jesus. Mary was the mother. Then I ask this question again: What was the relationship between Mary and God?
86.      This question is pertinent. So, sin will not be attributed to the act according to the existing Laws. They that sinneth under the Law must be judged with the Law, and they that sinneth without the Law must be judged without the Law.
87.      What was the relationship between God and Mary that led to the birth of Jesus? He that was made without descent, no genealogy, he was made like unto the Son of God; who then is the original Son of God? That must be Adam.
88.      The funny thing is Jesus is now being placed in the position of Melchizedek yet he had a father, a mother, and descent. I do not believe that. Why not say Amen!

Without controversy, great is the mystery of godliness. What are you going to tell Me? There are many contradictions and many errors in the Bible.  You can never hold the Bible and serve God acceptably for the Bible is full of errors, contradictions, complexities and childish stories.
103.   Is it any wonder why there are two or three different sides to a particular account? Watch everything Jesus said and did; what John recorded was different from that of Luke. That of Mathew was different. That of Mark was different.
104.   He (Jesus) woke them from sleep, yet they went ahead to write that they were eyewitnesses. They were sleeping eyewitnesses. They were sleeping for many hours; whatever took place, they did not know, they did not see. Jesus came out and woke them up and said, “Why can you not tarry with me at least for one hour.” He went away again.
105.   When he came out again, they had gone back to slumber. He said, “Okay, sleep on,” and then they slept on. They woke up only to start claiming they were eyewitnesses.
106.   Shut up! Even if they were practicing “sleeping-muru-anya” (i.e. in-and-out of slumber), they cannot claim to be eyewitnesses. They might be sleeping eyewitnesses but I am not one of them. We are not following cunningly devised fables.
107.   I am here to establish you on a firm pedestal where nothing can shake your faith. Somebody lifts up the Bible, you tell him, “My friend, is that all you know about God? Is it all that is written in the Bible? Okay thank you.” Full stop.
108.   We want to discuss about God. He will say, “No, we will discuss Bible god, not about the Deity. The Deity is not in the Bible.”
109.   The god of the Bible is the god of confusion.
110.   What is the point expecting peace from a man who said he has come without peace? Jesus said he did not come to bring peace. That is truth. He expects us to live in peace yet he did not bring peace. He said when he comes trouble will come yet he wants us to live in peace and pursue peace.
111.   It is just like hardening the heart of Pharaoh by sending Moses to go and tell Pharaoh to let His people to go, knowing fully well that Pharaoh will not believe. It is like sending somebody along with a bag of salt, and then sending rain after him.
112.   Since you know he (Pharaoh) will harden his heart, why sending someone to him?

Brethren, look at what we are examining; something that was created. From now, nobody should think anything mysterious around Melchizedek. Accept it that Melchizedek was a created being
101. In other words, after God moulded Adam, he moulded something else like Adam—something that could have no father, no mother, no beginning of days and ending of days, and lived forever because his name is still existing. He liveth forever in a name, because any day you call Melchizedek; Melchizedek is what you call him. Have you seen him? Do you know what he looks like? He is like unto the Son of God. So you are a Son of God, I am a Son of God. He was like me, the second person God made.
102. In beginning, God made man and that man was Adam. As time went on, He formed the woman. As time went on, He also made Melchizedek. Who knows how many people God has made before now? What can you say about the Heavenly beings? The Bible said they were fallen angels that became human beings and started impregnating women.
103.  What can you say about them? Who moulded them? Who made them? They were spirits, spirits that formed unto human beings and then started impregnating women and they were having children anyhow—they were having giants as children.
104.  In addition, God was in the spirit form, impregnated Mary through the same act and produced Jesus. No wonder He chased Adam and Eve away, because they were like unto God and angels. Besides, when He made Jesus, He made Jesus a little lower than angels.
105. Brethren, leave Me alone! You know I am mad! Somebody has to say it!
106. Some people know this truth but they can never say it openly lest their congregation will stone them. It is better you stone Me. You can only stone Me if Abraham is not your father. However, if Abraham is your father, you will not stone Me. Rather, you will rejoice with My Words for I tell you the truth.

Let Me tell you, if I do not reveal things around Jesus, you will never recognize any other Saviour outside Jesus because that is where I am heading. If Jesus is your Saviour, you are lost. If Jesus is your Saviour here in Nigeria, here in Nigeria in this very dispensation Jesus is your Saviour; you are lost—completely lost. You have no hope. You had better go to the Middle East and claim your salvation from there.
108. I will show you something, but will you believe? I will show you one or two more Scriptures.
109. First John chapter 3 verse 1 through 2: “Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew him not.  Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is.” (KJV).
110. We will not be different from Him. We shall all be seen and regarded as sons of God.
111. “Now are we…” Is there any son higher than the other? Has He appeared? He has appeared the second time without sin, only to those eagerly and patiently waiting for salvation. We will not see Him as ordinary thing; we will see Him as a man like us.
112. In Saint Paul’s day, he told them clearly, what Moses told them, that they should not be mis-mated with the heathens.
113. Second Corinthians chapter 6 verse 17 through 18: “Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.  And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.” (KJV).
114. Ye shall be sons and what? Daughters. There is no daughter that is higher than the other. Sisters, you have a provision. Brothers also have a provision. Recognize who you are and posses your possessions. Let no man make you second-class citizens in the Kingdom of God. The Father belongs to all of us. The Kingdom belongs to all of us.
115. That is why we must join hands together to stamp out all foreigners. You are involved; I am involved. It should not be a situation where when a matter is raised in this Faith, you start playing I-don’t-care attitude. When you recognize your son-ship in the family, happy are you. 
116. The Bible advises you everyday to look up to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. Continue looking up to him. I say continue looking up to him. Amen.


Now, let us look at these confusing Scriptures. I say, they are confusing Scriptures, and they are lies.
2.          Saint John chapter 1 verse 14: “And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.’’ (KJV).
3.          Was Jesus the only Begotten of the Father? Okay, we will look into another Scripture.
4.          Hebrews chapter 1 verse 6: “And again, when he bringeth in the first begotten into the world, he saith, And let all the angels of God worship him.” (KJV).                                                                                                          
5.          Who was the first Begotten of God He brought into the world? Since we have seen many Begotten before Jesus, what makes Jesus the first? How can he (Jesus) nullify all that God Himself called first, first?
6.          Could it be that God told lies in the beginning and then Jesus came to correct the mistakes of God? How can your brother cancel the son-ship your father conferred on you? You are not a bastard, you are sure of that and your own brother—not even the first, your last in the family—cancels your son-ship that your father had already declared before many witnesses. Will you accept that? We will fight.

Let Me tell you something; you hold your peace. We are coming up gradually.
8.          I was listening to a conversation or debate between the Moslems and so so-called Christians-Pentecostals. In the incident, a Moslem humiliated a Pentecostal pastor, using Scriptures to make him a fool.
9.          It came to a point the man said, “I am going to give Bitrus (the Pentecostal) a long rope to hang himself with his Bible. Bitrus has come here to advertise his stupidity and ignorance.”
10.      Now, look at the prophecy concerning the Gentiles. In Isaiah chapter 49, God foretold about us, when we shall be coming home from a nation outside Israel, and people will be astonished. They will be asking God, “How did you manage to have these children? Who begat these children for Thee?” He will tell them, “They are my begotten of the Gentiles.
11.      Isaiah chapter 49 verse 21: “Then shalt thou say in thine heart, Who hath begotten me these, seeing I have lost my children, and am desolate, a captive, and removing to and fro? and who hath brought up these? Behold, I was left alone; these, where had they been?” (KJV).
12.      If you read it, from verse 18 you will fully understand the message. God said that they are the Begotten of the Gentiles.
13.      Verse 22: “Thus saith the Lord GOD, Behold, I will lift up mine hand to the Gentiles, and set up my standard to the people: and they shall bring thy sons in their arms, and thy daughters shall be carried upon their shoulders.” (KJV).
14.      Why not say Amen!
15.      Even we from the Gentiles are included in the Begotten of the Lord as His sons and daughters. How can somebody now estrange Me from the Kingdom, or reduce Me to a second-class citizen?  God forbid!

The time of this ignorance God overlooked. He is calling for a change of attitude and a change of mind. Let us address the reality and throw away the shadow. If you are offended, better go away. Leave Me here; I am satisfied with this place—very comfortable.
17.      If you want to disprove Me, use the same Bible, do not tell Me stories, do not call Me names. However, if you call Me an antichrist and run away, you have achieved nothing.
18.      You know; that is the best excuse. When you bring them to a tight corner where they know they cannot escape, they will gather people and say, “Look at this man, he is an antichrist. Jesus said, ‘In the last days many shall come in my name, they will do this.’ Look at him– antichrist. He does not believe in the Bible.”
19.      That is a foolish man. Tell me the Bible I do not believe. Sit down let me sit down, allow the people to be patient and listen to us as we read from the Bible. Let them become our judges while we read. We will know who believes Bible and who does not.
20.      The easiest way they can free themselves from our trouble is to call us names, run away and tell people, “Come, come, come. Do not go near. He is carrying poison!”  That is how people miss salvation.
21.      A wise man will like to probe into forbidden places but a foolish man avoids forbidden places without knowing why. You want me to avoid a place, tell me why. You may be afraid of going there. I am not afraid.
22.      “Do not go to these people, they are carrying poison,” you might tell me. Leave me alone, I will go first. Convince me about the poison.
23.      This is why we expose you to every kind of life in this Faith. We prepare you to face every situation so that when you go out, you go out as kings, as rulers, and nothing shakes your foundation. However, the greatest knowledge you can have is to know, perceive and recognize not by intuition but by your mind’s conviction—that you are saved completely. Knowing the truth is a gain and truth saves from fear.

Now, this “Begotten,” let us also consider if there is truth in it.
25.      Can a man begat a man through another means other than by sexual reproduction? Let us see metaphorical, allegorical or figurative way of begetting a man.
26.      That is, 1 Corinthians chapter 4 verse 15: “For though ye have ten thousand instructers in Christ, yet have ye not many fathers….” (KJV).
27.      Yet the Scriptures says, “Call no man your Father. Call no man Daddy.” We are coming to something.
28.      “For though ye have ten thousand instructers in Christ, yet have ye not many fathers: for in Christ Jesus I have begotten you through the gospel.” (KJV).
29.      I have what? This is wonderful. No wonder Paul was referring to Timothy as his son and referring to himself as father to Timothy in the Gospel.
30.      For that reason, if Timothy called Paul father, it was proper. As many as Paul begat in the Gospel through Christ he was father to them. If they were referring to Paul as their father, it was proper. Yet Paul was not married. Where lies the claim of Jesus who taught his followers, “Call no man your Father, you have only but one Father which is in Heaven?”
31.      Can we say that Paul disobeyed that one? It is for this reason that I call Paul a Roman Catholic Reverend Father for he was not married. Roman Catholic Reverend Fathers, so they are called because of the position they occupy.
32.      Paul was referred to as “Father” or called himself “Father” because of the position he occupied in Christ Jesus. Is it not the same thing? So Saint Paul was “Daddy.”
33.      However, my emphasis is on the word “Begotten.” As many as were begotten by the Gospel of Paul, their own “Begotten-ship,” was it less than that of the first?  
34.      David was the Begotten of God, for God was his Father. These people were the Begotten of Paul for Paul was their father. God was the Father of David. Does it mean that God impregnated David’s mother by His Word? Therefore, God was His Father. Paul begat his own by his word.
35.      Can we say that Jesus was begotten by the Word of God? Jesus was not begotten by the Spoken Word. Jesus was born in like fashion like us. The mother was pregnant for nine months like David’s. 
36.      Whether you are begotten by the Word or by the Gospel, or by the promise, or you were carried in the womb, begotten is begotten.
37.      Begotten is begotten and you all belong to God once you belong to Christ. Christ is Himself God.
38.      You will find in First Peter chapter one verse 3; all of you in this Faith are begotten unto a lively hope: “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead,” (KJV).
39.      If we go by the gospel of Peter, you can now see that all that listened to him and believed him were said to have been begotten of God into a lively hope—simply because they believed in the resurrection of Jesus the Christ.
40.      It was only through that resurrection that God could demonstrate His Power over death. There was no other way God could demonstrate His Power over death other than permitting a human being to die and be buried, and  after some days he will come back to life; a phenomena which never started with Jesus.
41.      It never started with Jesus, but God in Jesus by the Spoken Word had already started doing it before Jesus’ turn.
42.      Too many people resurrected by the Spoken Word of God before the turn of Jesus, and even after Jesus. Is it not true?
43.      Therefore, we thank God for what is taking place among us. It is nothing than God in action. Whomever that is begotten of God keepeth His words. If you keep the words of God, you are begotten of God but if you do not keep the Word of God, it is because God is not your Father. Whomever that is born of God heareth the Word of God but the rest will not hear.
44.      First John chapter 5 verse 18: “We know that whosoever is born of God sinneth not; but he that is begotten of God keepeth himself, and that wicked one toucheth him not.” (KJV).
45.      You see, it says that whosoever that is begotten of God he keepeth the Word of God. 
46.      Now, from all indications, from every available Scripture, I can rightly affirm here that Jesus is not the only Son of God. In addition, he is not the Firstborn of God and he is not the only Begotten Son of God. If you believe it as it is revealed from the Scriptures, say Amen.
47.      By this, I have sealed this particular part: IS JESUS THE ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF GOD? Amen.



Let of see one of the prophecies of Prophet Isaiah. The Book of Isaiah chapter 43 verse 10 through 13: “Ye are my witnesses, saith the LORD, and my servant whom I have chosen: that ye may know and believe me, and understand that I am he: before me there was no God formed, neither shall there be after me.
2.        Even I, am the LORD; and beside me there is no saviour.
3.        I have declared, and have saved, and I have showed, when there was no strange god among you: therefore ye are my witnesses, saith the LORD, that I am God.
4.        Yea, before the day was I am he; and there is none that can deliver out of my hand: I will work, and who shall let it?” (KJV).
5.        Let us go a little further. Isaiah chapter 44 verse 8: “Fear ye not, neither be afraid: have not I told thee from that time, and have declared it? Ye are even my witnesses. Is there a God beside me? Yea, there is no God; I know not any.” (KJV).
6.        You see, the first Scripture says, “That you may believe, ye may know, understand and believe that I am He and besides me there is no Saviour.” Therefore, God is our Saviour. The Lord God is our Saviour.
7.        Now we want to handle a little topic. Let Me tell you, knowledge is very important.
8.        Is Jesus the only Saviour? I ask this question because I used to hear, “If you must be saved, if you do not confess Jesus to be your Lord and personal Saviour, you will not be saved. You must confess Jesus as your Lord and personal Saviour.”
9.        My greatest joy is that it is “personal.” You must confess Jesus as your Lord and “personal” Saviour, and then you are saved. That goes to show that Satan is saved. Nobody will go to Hell. Is there anybody that is not confessing Jesus as Lord and personal Saviour both in the Catholic Church, Anglican, and Odoziobodo?
10.     Is there any Church that does not confess Jesus as their Lord and personal Saviour? There is not even one, thus the whole world is saved.
11.     But that is not what I want to treat. I am asking a question, Is Jesus the only Saviour? Has God been sending Saviours before Jesus? The answer is yes.
12.     Then, what makes that of Jesus an extraordinary one? We must examine these truths and falsehoods thereof so that a believer must be certain of what he believes.
13.     We want to look at Jesus as a Saviour. Saviour means Messiah. If you are a Son of God, I am a Son of God and Jesus is a Son of God; well, do not be surprised that you may be a Saviour but you do not know. That is what I highlighted in the Epistle (THE GREAT SERMON), where I told you that God has made you saviours in your various areas but all of you will fix your eyes on Brother Odoemena.
14.     Now, on this matter I am revealing in this Message, assume that you do not know any name called Peter Odoemena; If there is, call Him Devil. If there is any, place Him where you placed the Devil. So, effectively avoid Him.
15.     Let us see what the Scriptures said. You must be certain of what you believe. You do not just believe and start running around saying things, but when one question is thrown at you, you will be staggering, gazing at the sky.
16.     With the teachings you are receiving in this Faith, I am placing you in the highest peak. You will never be afraid of any Moslem. You will not be afraid of any religious group.
17.     Moslems know the position of Jesus but they do not know the position of Christ. They do not know the difference between Jesus and Christ. Are they the same thing? No. One is greater than the other. Does it mean there is Trinity or Duanity? Two-in-one God; that is Duanity.
18.     We do not have two-in-one God; neither do we have one-in-two Gods.  We do not have three-in-one God.

Where you read in the Scripture that says, “There are three that bear witness in Heaven,” that is, first John chapter 5 verse 7, you can find it only in the Amplified and King James Versions of the Bible. It is inexistent in other translations.
20.     Revised Standard Version (RSV) says it is one of the defects in King James Version. It is not found in Goodnews version of the Bible. Let us see how it was written in King James Version of the Bible.
21.     First John chapter 5 verse 7: “For there are three that bear record in Heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.” (KJV).
22.     The above verse is a fabrication. It is not found in the original manuscript. The Roman Catholics translators put it there to suit their beliefs. It is not in the original manuscript. It is a defect, it is an error, it is a contradiction, it is misinformation, and it is inaccurate. That is a defect.
23.     When you read it in Goodnews Bible, it is not there. New International Version (NIV), it is not there.
24.     First John chapter 5 verse 7: “For there are three that testify:
25.     Verse 8: “the spirit, the water and blood. And the three are in agreement.” (NIV).
26.     What can you say about these translations?
27.     Revised Standard Version (First John chapter 5 verse 7) reads: “And the spirit is the witness, because the spirit is the truth.” (RSV).
28.     Which translation holds the truth? None of the above. You can begin to see that the Bible is man-made.
29.     To what extent is the Bible inspired by the Holy Spirit? How can the Holy Spirit inspire the writings of these things yet they wrote different things on one account? No agreement. Is this one not enough to write the Bible off? However, do not throw it away.
30.     Follow Me, I will show you the right way to worship God. God’s people have never worshipped God with any written document. God is never worshipped with a written code. God has always been sending human beings who will tell His people what to do. God will tell the person what He needs from the people. The man will tell the congregation what God requires of them.
31.     There is no writing without a defect. No matter how comprehensive it sounds, it must have some defects. That was why Solomon warned his children. He said, “Be very careful concerning what you hear and read because, concerning the making of many books there is no end and much reading will weary you.”

If all these translations hold different things, what can you conclude about the Bible? I want you to develop real interest in knowing the truth. The more truth is being exposed to you the more falsehood is getting away from you; your eyes of understanding will be illuminating everyday.
31.     You see, the Bible is becoming a new book altogether. You must be doubting whether the Bible is still the same Bible you have been holding since you were born.
32.     This matter I am treating this way, is it not something people go to the universities and seminaries and stay hundreds of years to know what is inside? Is it not what people are holding and they are claiming they are saved, that they are children of God? It is this same matter we are handling this way, without much effort.
33.     Who can believe this? Only the ELECT. Look up to God; do not look to any other thing. Isaiah recorded that God said He is the only Saviour. He knew no other God before Him and that there will never be another God after Him.
34.     Moreover, apart from Him, there is no other Saviour. For that reason, the Saviour of the world has always remained God Himself. That Saviour is Christ and no man can be saved without Christ appearing. Christ has always been appearing and for any man to be saved, a Saviour must be sent.
35.     Who is a Saviour? He is a human being that is filled with the Spirit of Christ for the purpose of carrying out a specific assignment. Jesus did not go beyond the assignment given to him. Elijah did not cross his. Elisha never crossed his. They were saviours.
36.     When Jesus came he was told his ministry. He accepted it for he could not say no. Even when he wanted to say no, he said, “Nevertheless, let thy will be done.”
37.     Jesus was there as the visible representation of the invisible Christ, for Christ could not be seen. For him to be seen, he has to veil Himself in a badger skin called “Jesus” in the day of Jesus.
38.     Anybody that is moving about and coming to say that he saw Jesus, do not listen to him.  He is saying the imagination of his own heart. All that have been seeing apparitions, they have never seen the apparition of Jesus. They see that of Mary.
39.     I believe there are impersonating spirits at work. This is why you must know the truth. If you do not know the truth, you can never discover the impersonation.
40.     Now, let us look into the Scriptures. We know that Christ has come. He is our Saviour.
41.     Acts of Apostles chapter 13 verse 23. I will revolve around that place. I I will still come back there again. It is a popular Scripture.
42.     Acts of Apostles chapter 13 verse 22: “And when he had removed him, he raised up unto them David to be their king; to whom also he gave their testimony, and said, I have found David the son of Jesse, a man after mine own heart, which shall fulfil all my will.  Of this man's seed hath God according to his promise raised unto Israel a Saviour, Jesus.” (KJV).
43.     J-E-S-U-S, God raised unto whom? You must know your Saviour. You must recognize your own day and your own Message.
44.     The Messenger of your day, who carries the Message of your day is the Saviour of your day.
45.     Now, I have been sounding it in this Faith here in the Gentile world all these years; am I at the same time sounding in Israel?
46.     That same Spirit which raised Jesus as a Saviour to Israel in his day, that same Spirit is the one that raised William Branham in his own day as a Saviour.
47.     He that was saving Israel that time or He that saved Israel is the One that will save the Gentiles, but you must know how He will cross over.
48.     Remember we are asking a question: is Jesus the only Saviour? In addition, we have established the Deity in the Almighty and the Almighty Himself assumes control over everything about Salvation. He said that outside Him there is no other Saviour and there will not be another.
49.     Now, look at this Scripture again; how God raised a man’s seed as a Saviour to Israel.
50.     Acts of Apostles chapter 13 verses 22 and 23: “And when he had removed him, he raised up unto them David to be their king; to whom also he gave testimony, and said, I have found David the son of Jesse, a man after mine own heart, which shall fulfil all my will.
51.     Of this man's seed hath God according to his promise raised unto Israel a Savior, Jesus. (KJV).
52.     Is it like this in your own Scripture? Teaching makes Me good. If you are in this Faith claiming Jesus, well, I pity you.
53.     Jesus must disappoint many. Many are disappointed in him already because they have carried him beyond his commission and on that day they will be surprised to hear from Jesus, “Was there any evidence to prove that I was your messenger? You knew my birth; you knew everything about me, I was a carpenter by profession. The only difference between you and I was my calling in Him. He gave me a ministry.”
54.     The Scripture said that Jesus was a minister of Circumcision to confirm the promise that was made unto the fathers. Did the Gentiles receive the Ministry of Circumcision?

Jesus was a minister. Note the word “Jesus.” I am not talking about Christ. Jesus made many references to tell you that he was not the Father but rather the Father dwelleth in him. In him was the fullness of the Godhead bodily in his day.
56.     It is very easy to say, “That time when Jesus was walking on two feet in Galilee…” You that are used to saying such things as “When he was there walking on two feet,” where is he today? Yet you say he liveth forever.
57.     If he lives forever, show us where he is walking on two feet that we may hear him.
58.     Jesus said, “I can do nothing of myself. Whatever I hear from Him, that I will speak, for the Father liveth in me. You want to see the Father, you look at me. Was he the only person that was the express image of the father? The Father had been sending express images until it came to his turn.
59.     Nehemiah chapter 9 verse 27: “Therefore thou deliveredst them into the hand of their enemies, who vexed them: and in the time of their trouble, when they cried unto thee, thou heardest them from heaven; and according to thy manifold mercies thou gavest them saviours, who saved them out of the hand of their enemies.” (KJV).
60.     Have you seen it? It said, He gave them what?SAVIOURS—plural. Saviour is saviour.
61.     These were saviours that were sent to come and save them physically from the hands of their enemies.
62.     Jesus was sent to come and save his people spiritually from their sins and not from the hands of their enemies. That was why when he appeared in Israel, the Jews thought that he would become their king to save them from the hands of the Roman Army.
63.     He told them that his kingdom was not of this world and they were offended. For that reason they said, “Away with this man, we needed a political king, a political saviour that will save us from the tyranny of the Roman Army and you are pointing us to things we do not know. You must die! We believe when the Messiah will come, all our troubles will be over and since you came, our troubles have increased. You must die!”
64.     Many cannot follow this Message because I am touching on their friend, called JESUS. Is there any song that had not been sung? When it had been sung that only him is the Son of God: “Jesus na the only Son of God!”
65.     Your father is now a woman. Your father is no longer a Son of God. All are meant to praise that one person. I am not saying that you should not praise him. Give him praise for paying the penalty for sin on the Cross of Calvary which was his ministry. That was why he was sent: “Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world.”
66.     He never took away the sins of the world; he took away the sins of God’s people. If what they said there was the truth about what happened; any discrimination in God?
67.     When Jesus was sent, something took place. He said he was not coming for everybody, that he came for the lost sheep of Israel for he was a messenger given to Israel. When he commissioned his messengers, he told them, “Enter not unto the house of the Samaritans,” for they were Gentiles in his eyes. So, he was not sent for them. Any discrimination with God?
68.     Can God discriminate? Yet he saved the world or he came to save the world. He died for the world. He paid penalty for the world. Where is the truth there? 
69.     Paul tried to highlight the matter and contradicted what John said, John said he loved the world, that he gave his only Begotten son. On the other hand, Paul said he died for the Church meaning he only came for the Church.
70.     Did he establish any Church? Which Church? Mention the name. Tell Me the Church he died for. Is it the Church at Jerusalem that killed him or the Church in the Gentiles?

Maybe you do not want to go through the Message titled SON OF MAN, OUR LINK TO THE TRUTH. Go through the Message titled SON OF MAN, OUR LINK TO THE TRUTH and then you will see what was written there from archaeological parchments, and from the footnotes of various Bibles.
72.     Until today, the resurrection of Jesus, the death, the tomb, everything surrounding him is still questionable.  This is because not even one can be traced in the original manuscript. You can write to any museum to verify.
73.     I thank God we have somebody in this Faith; God gave us Brother Okoh, who has travelled wide, had exhibited his materials and can boast of seeing some ancient artefacts. He knows where to write. The greatest museum today is the London museum, that is, the British museum.
74.     Brother Okoh has done his exhibition there. You can write them about what I am saying. I do not think that such a great event could be completely omitted from the ancient manuscripts and the scholars could not notice any parchments bearing it.
75.     Can you now begin to see that where the salvation of mankind hangs from the Bible is questionable. That is why the whole synoptic writers wrote different things about the events that happened around Jesus until it became mere childish stories.
76.     In addition, the stories they told in their concluding messages contradicted each other, and you begin to wonder: were they not eyewitnesses?
77.     What do they want us to believe there on the Bible? This is why you must hook on to Christ and Christ alone. I have told you, “Follow the Cloud.” Everything can be deceptive but not the Cloud, not the Rainbow, not the Thick Darkness, not the Pillar of Fire.
78.     You can now stop somewhere and ask yourself, “What was the path our fathers trod, and what is the right way to go?” Ask yourself, just like Jeremiah asked them that time: “Inquire about the old way that you may walk therein; that you will find peace for your souls.”
79.     We have inquired. We have come to a conclusion that all that believe that God sent Me must agree with Me that the only perfect guide that can never misguide us must be the Supreme Almighty God Himself and that is Christ.
80.     What do we see look for to see and recognize Him? We must look for His attributes. That is all. Once He is guiding us, we are safe and secure. That is what makes us God’s people; not shouting, not dancing, and not acquiring much knowledge.

Remember the Scriptures made us to know that Jesus was sent to Israel. Saviours appeared according to Nehemiah and they are still appearing. No other person is coming to pay the penalty for sin. The Penalty for sin has been paid.
82.     Are you suffering for what you believe, we have experienced it also. It is a continuous thing.
83.     Saint Paul came and was beheaded, Peter was beheaded, Matthew, all of them were beheaded because of the Gospel. They did not pay the price for sin. The price for sin had been paid.
84.     They were paying the price for their faith. They were killed because of what they believed. This is because whatever you say you believe, you must defend it. Moreover, in the attempt to defend it, anything can befall you. They never died because they were sinners. No. They died because they were not ready to compromise their faith. Did you get the message?
85.     Yes, the penalty for sin was paid by the Lord Jesus Christ. Why then did he resurrect? He resurrected to prove to us that there is life after death as an encouragement to those that will believe in him, that even if they die while preaching the same Gospel, they should not panic. 
86.     In the same manner at the appointed time, they will also come back to life.
87.     Ask me who died the cruellest death; I will say it is not Jesus. Jesus did not die the cruellest death. He was only arrested, judged, flogged, punished and finally he was crucified. It is not as cruel as that of the Apostles.
88.     The Apostles were first imprisoned for years, some for many weeks under very harsh conditions. Some escaped from the prison and ran into the wilderness, hiding under rocks on the mountains, in the wilderness, going without food, going without clothing. Some of them were fed to the lions.
89.     Do you think it was an easy death for a man to be cast into a lion’s pit alive? Ask Me the one I will choose I will tell you to take Me to the cross and crucify Me, do not fed Me to lion.

Please, take note. Jesus is my friend, Jesus is my brother, and Christ is my Saviour. Call Me an antichrist for preaching Christ, but I want to tell you that apart from this Faith, every other Faith is antichrist Faith. They are likened to Roman Catholics that magnify the office of Mary more than that of God, even more than that of the son, Jesus.
91.     When you magnify Jesus more than the Father that sent him which is the Sovereign God, the main Spirit that caused him to resurrect, you become an antichrist.
92.     That is, magnifying Jesus, a mere man, more than the Spirit, the Supreme God that made him what he is, you are the very antichrist.
93.     Let Me use a natural example. If the President sends me to Anambra State to represent him and you sing my glory—no matter what I might have performed in Anambra State—more than that of the President who sent me, what do you think will happen? He will even withdraw me. He will withdraw me automatically.
94.     If I am sent to Anambra State by the President to represent his interest, all that will like to see the President will see me. I will take orders from him and talk to the people. All glory, all honour, everything that is due to my performance must be ascribed to the President and not to me. I am nothing but an agent.
95.     That is why the Bible said Jesus was the agent of his Father in all things.
96.     Now the question arises: Is he the only person the Father has as a son and then decided to use him and him alone? If the Father is still using him till today as Jesus, where is he? Maybe the Father was using him and Paul at the same time. That is like sending two ambassadors to a country. Is it possible?
97.     Two representatives of one person, in one country at the same time, is it possible? He must have finished with one before establishing the other. Before He established Paul or Saul of Tarsus, the ministry of Jesus as a man had come to an end.
98.     The ministry of Jesus did not cross to the Gentiles. It only crossed to the Gentiles through the Bible. It is the Bible that was printed there, and traders, in their honest attempt to make money, carried the Bible down to us. They are printing and selling them everywhere and everybody started patterning after the Jewish people. Some followed the Jewish pattern, that is, the Sabbath way.
99.     Some followed the Roman way, some the Greek way and some others followed the Arabian way all in search of one Jehovah.
100. Perhaps, you do not understand what I am saying.
101. Islam is an Arabic religion. Do you believe that? Anything ‘Yeshua,” “Yahweh” and “Sabbath” is Jewish religion.
102. There is another one in-between the Jewish and the Moslem; that is the African Instituted Churches—Cherubim and Seraphim, Odoziobodo, Celestial Church and the likes. They are in-between.
103. What is more, if you trace their origin you will see that they are completely ARAMAIC (a Semitic language closely related to Hebrew). It is Aramaic, not Arabic.
104. Do not worry, if time will permit Me to continue, I will show you the various gods that were established in the Jewish Kingdom before one of the gods won the battle. When he won the battle, he did not destroy the other ones but allotted them to nations and asked these nations to worship them.
105. He told his own people not to worship those ones but to worship him and him alone. Why did he stop them from worshipping them? He said it is because he is a jealous God. So maybe out of jealousy somebody can be called Lucifer. Amen.


We will look into many things as we continue in this Message. Second Samuel chapter 22 verse 3: “The God of my rock; in him will I trust: he is my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my high tower, and my refuge, my saviour; thou savest me from violence.” (KJV).
2.          We want to get it clearer. Second Kings chapter 13 verse 5:And the LORD gave Israel a saviour, [Who was that Saviour?] so that they went out from under the hand of the Syrians: and the children of Israel dwelt in their tents, as beforetime.(KJV).
3.          This Saviour God gave them, was he Jesus? It means God has been sending Saviours. In the days of Nehemiah, He sent Saviours – plural.
4.          Before Jesus was sent as a Saviour, God had already given a Saviour to Israel. Remember the terms “physical Saviour,” and “spiritual Saviour.”
5.          The same way here in Nigeria God has blessed us with a physical Saviour. He has also blessed us with a spiritual Saviour.
6.          In every nation, there must be a physical Saviour and a spiritual Saviour, and the spiritual Saviour has always been God and God alone—our only Refuge, our Rock of escape, and our Salvation.
7.          Israel continued wallowing in ignorance until one day God decided to send them a Saviour. God called his name “Jesus.” If Jesus was not restricted to being the spiritual Saviour, why is Israel still suffering till today?
8.          Even in his day, Israel suffered oppression that is more terrible. Assuming that somebody comes to Nigeria to be a Saviour in Nigeria and your trouble increases, he finishes his work and goes away and you are in your old condition, will you be pleased with that man?
9.          No matter what you claim you are, being a Saviour to someone requires that there must be an aspect of his life where he is expecting you to come to his rescue, and until you operate in that way, your saviour-ship cannot be felt by him.
10.      Until that aspect is touched, your saviour-ship cannot be felt by that man. Whatever you are saying, you are saying nonsense. That was what happened in Israel. It is still happening in this Faith. It is still happening.
11.      That is why when God came down into our midst, He told us clearly, “I have not come here to solve your physical problems. There is no man with out a problem. I am also a part of the problem for I am suffering more than you but I am here for eternal life to those that are eagerly and patiently waiting for it.”
12.      For that reason, when you are coming into this Faith, do not expect God to butter your bread. If while worshipping Him, your bread is buttered, praise God. Do not come as a condition that unless He butters your bread and sugars your tea you will not worship Him. No.  That is why we give you this Message in a rough way.

Let us go a little further. In Psalm 106 verse 21, a time came when Israel forgot God their Saviour.
14.      Isaiah chapter 19 verse 20: “And it shall be for a sign and for a witness unto the LORD of hosts in the land of Egypt: for they shall cry unto the LORD because of the oppressors, and he shall send them a savior, and a great one, and he shall deliver them.” (KJV).
15.      The person He sent, was he Jesus? Is Jesus the only Saviour? Has he been the only Saviour from the beginning? There is only but One that has been the Saviour from the beginning and He will remain the Saviour till the end. That is the Great Jehovah, the Almighty God, the very Christ, the Sovereign Spirit, Whom no man bribes. No man can bribe him.
16.      There is nothing you can do to command God to come and identify with you. Nothing! You can plead with a human being, you can plead with Jesus; I myself can be compassionate but it is not so with God. We can gather in the Fellowship for a hundred-year fasting-and-praying session and God will still turn His back on us.
17.      Alternatively, we can gather in the Fellowship just one minute and the Lord will respond and call us His people.
18.      From the day the Lord came down, I am assuring you; He has never departed till this very hour and will never depart because from amongst us, He has begotten many children again.
19.      There, they cried unto the Lord, the Lord heard all their prayers, and He sent them a Saviour, a great man. Even the Lord Whom we describe in this Message, or Whom we have been discussing, Isaiah said that the Lord will go forth as a mighty “man.” The Lord will go forth as a mighty “man,” not mighty “wind” or mighty “spirit.”
20.      I am trying to make you understand that Jesus was born a human being for a purpose. When the time came, Christ anointed him and abode in him for God was with him helping him to do the works. When he accomplished his tenure, he gave way.
21.      God raised a Saviour to the Gentiles, a human being in the person of Paul. He opened the gate and then crossed over, but he did not come to Nigeria.
22.      He is still progressing. This is our own turn – that is Africa. Africa has the revival. This is Pentecost in Africa. Before now, Africa had always witnessed religion and they were all fake.
23.      The easiest way to carry fake religion about is through the Bible. You can hardly use the Bible to establish your faith unless you are a religious man. Even if you establish it, it is not without fault. I can use the Bible to fault your faith, but when you establish your faith in God, no man can fault it. The Bible cannot fault it.
24.      God help us because we are trailing on a dangerous ground. The Book of Hosea chapter 13 verse 14 establishes God as the only Saviour and there is no other God beside Him.
25.      Isaiah chapter 45 verse 21 establishes God as the only Saviour and a just God.
26.      Isaiah chapter 60 verse 10 through 12: “And the sons of strangers shall build up thy walls, and their kings shall minister unto thee: for in my wrath I smote thee, but in my favor have I had mercy on thee.
27.      Therefore thy gates shall be open continually; they shall not be shut day nor night; that men may bring unto thee the forces of the Gentiles, and that their kings may be brought.
28.      For the nation and kingdom that will not serve thee shall perish; yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted.” (KJV).
29.      Was Jesus the one talking in the above Scripture? Was Isaiah pointing everybody to Jesus in this Scripture? Isaiah was referring to the Almighty God, the great Jehovah.
30.      Any nation that does not acknowledge His headship—the headship of Christ, Whom Jesus was continually referring to as his Father—will perish.
31.      There were many places in the Bible where Jesus fell down and worshipped the Father. A time came when the burden was too much, he prayed and said, “Father, if it is possible, let this cup of suffering be removed.” This is the personality I am establishing. The Saviour (Almighty God) of the man Jesus is My Saviour and your Saviour.
32.      If the Saviour (Almighty God, Christ Himself) of the man Jesus is your Saviour and My Saviour, and you are only claiming you are saved only when he was in Jesus, are you not fooling yourself? All you know today, did you know it that time? Do you know Jesus? Have you seen him? Did he minister to you for one day?
33.      What do you have that convinces you that you are even his disciples? Did Jesus make any disciple in the Gentiles? Paul made disciples in the Gentiles. Perhaps you do not know that every messenger has his disciples. Disciples mean followers. Isaiah had his disciples, and so had Ezekiel and every other messenger. Moses had his disciples, and so did Joshua.
34.      Why are you looking as if I do not know what I am saying? You are my disciples if you obey my teachings.
35.      Anyway, assume I am a Devil and keep Me aside. Assume that Peter Odoemena is a Devil and Jesus is the only God and the only Saviour. What then was Paul? What can you say about the Seven Messengers of the Seven Church Ages? What were they?
36.      What was the essence of God moving in the midst of the Seven Candlesticks? Was Jesus the one that was moving or Christ?
37.      Christ was the one that was moving and is still moving in the midst of the Seven Candlesticks.
38.      By literal translation, Christ means the Messiah, the Saviour, the Anointed one. He that is anointed and He that anointed him, which one is greater? It must be He that anointed him (Jesus). That is why Jesus said, “My Father who sent me is greater than I.”
39.      Is the Message clearer? I want you to see Jesus as a sent one in his day, for no sent one endureth to all generations. It is hard to believe.
40.      People ran away when they heard nothing. This is the time I want them to run. If there is a time Peter Odoemena is a Devil, it is now.
41.      Call Me Devil, not just Lucifer but the great Lucifer. People who know nothing are the ones making the greatest noise.   

I have told you, I do not aim at raising sycophants. No. I do not raise praise singers. We have praise singers, people that work under euphoria. Any little thing: “Hei, Brethren, we are great!” Yet they believe nothing.
43.      Whenever God sugars his tea and butters his bread, then hear him: “Ha! Brethren, we are not deceived!” Na lie.
44.      Jesus saw a lot of those things. At a certain time they were milling on top of each other, calling him the very Christ. He looked at them and laughed; “Foolish people,” he said. Amen.


This is the stumbling time. Only angels will hear what you are hearing in this Faith and stand. There is no natural human being that can hear this Message and remain one second in this Faith. This is because what you are hearing; no man has ever come out boldly to declare it. They can say it secretly or in their homes but cannot come out and handle it as a teaching. It is not easy.
2.          I think your views are changing because of Jesus. You are seeing Jesus from another angle now. I want you to see Jesus from where the Almighty placed him. This name “Jesus” has become the greatest stumbling block. People can hardly go beyond Jesus.
3.          You might ask Me, “beyond Jesus who do you get?” My reply is: Beyond Jesus, there is another Messenger, and after, yet another Messenger. That is how Christ will continue His work until mankind is fully redeemed.
4.          If Jesus is the only Saviour, and after he must have finished his work as a Saviour and we cannot trace him anywhere, we are reduced to dependence on what we read in a book called Bible, what is our hope?
5.          It then means anyone that does not know how to read the Bible is lost. Must we all go to school to be saved? Must we all go to school to know the mind of God? The Bible is meant for those who can read and write but not everybody can read and write. You can never see God through the Bible. It does not contain eternal life.
6.          You see why I told you; do not throw away your Bible yet until I throw away Mine. If you had thrown away yours, there are certain things people will preach in the radio or television, many things fallen angels will come by your way and say from the Bible, which might make you doubt your faith, you will be shaken.
7.          I am probing every aspect of the Bible so that no child of God will be deceived. Why is it impossible for you to be deceived? You have God in person as your teacher.
8.          It is written, “All thy children must be taught of God, have God in person for their teacher.” That is why they can never be deceived. If you are not taught you must be deceived.
9.          In Isaiah chapter 63 verse 8, God was the Saviour of Israel in the time of trouble. In the book of Jeremiah chapter 14 verse 8, Almighty God remained the Saviour of Israel in the time of trouble.
10.      Saint Luke chapter 1 verse 45 through 47: “And blessed is she that believed for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord.
11.      And Mary said, My soul doth magnify the Lord,
12.      And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour.” (KJV).
13.      Now, as the time Jesus was in the womb, who was the Saviour? Whose spirit was rejoicing? Mary said, Every other nation shall call me blessed and my spirit shall rejoice in God my Saviour.” Who was Mary referring to? The child in her womb? Then who was Mary’s Saviour? The unborn baby?
14.      As many as believe that Jesus is the only Saviour and so on, now Jesus is in trouble, he is in the womb, where then is God? It means there was no God controlling the world because God is now in the womb. The world was without God. Mary was without God, or rather, Mary has trapped God in her womb. Can we believe that nonsense?
15.      This is story you can tell infants. What was in the womb was a mere child- human foetus like others but not the Sovereign God.
16.      If a man impregnates his wife, does he die after that? When a man impregnates his wife, the man remains alive and will be moving about. When a man impregnates his wife, he will be expectant on what the wife will give birth to.
17.      What she gives birth to is what she will give birth to. The man will be energizing, getting ready, and doing the work. How can you possibly tell me that what was in the womb was God? God had impregnated the woman, she is carrying God’s child in the womb. God is there still waiting for others.
18.      Brethren, why not give God the glory!

Does a man die when he impregnates a woman? Why are you people talking like this? Mary is carrying a baby boy in her womb. Whatever the baby will use to serve God is possible only when he comes out. Who owns the child? God.  But he is not the only child of God. God impregnated Mary and liveth also to continue with “tetanus injection” anyhow, anyhow. That is the truth.
20.      Look, there is no adult in this Faith that does not know this truth. The way people present the picture of Jesus, they present it as if when Mary was carrying the child in the womb, that Almighty God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth was being carried in the womb. No. He was only responsible for the pregnancy and whatever will come out will be a son of God. I say a son.
21.      “Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given.”  It is “a” –one out of one million or trillion of people. The article used there is “a,” referring to one person. He is only but a Saviour. Out of the numerous Saviours, Jesus is one.
22.      For that reason, God existed before Jesus. God vesting Himself in Jesus made Jesus God. Jesus gave way till eternity. Like other messengers, Jesus came and gave way.
23.      When a man fulfils his ministry, he goes away and God raises another otherwise we will be seeing Jesus walking everywhere. Nevertheless, foolish people will still believe that when Jesus went away, he formed a universal spirit that perhaps came down upon them like the rain or tongues of fire. Since you have been worshipping God, have you ever seen tongues of fire on your head? Have you ever? 
24.      It is all tricks being carried everywhere. They are carrying amansi, calling, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus power, superpower, superpower, power!” I do not blame them. That is the much they know, but you know better and I expect you to behave better. For whom much is given, much is being expected.
25.      With all these knowledge I have imparted on you, I have made it impossible for you to discuss even your faith with anybody, for no man will understand you. You are now paradoxes.
26.      You will begin to see yourselves as a group away from all of them. You can never see anybody holding your faith. So, with this now, it is very easy for you to identify who your brother is and who your sister is and who you can fellowship with.

Saint Luke chapter 2 verse 11: “For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.”(KJV).
28.      Which is what? The Messiah, The Anointed One? Christ the Lord. In the city of David that time was born what? “A” (singular) Saviour. One person for that hour. They were not two. He is the Anointed One, the Messiah.
29.      What Mary carried in her womb was delivered that day. Whatever Mary was carrying in the womb, angels came to witness what the child looked like. Lo and behold, he was nothing different from what we are, a fine boy, bomboy, waiting for his ministry.
30.      To avoid dying before the ministry started, God commanded Joseph and Mary to take him to Egypt. Who gave the command? God. Perhaps Jesus was the one that commanded? No. Jesus was not the one that gave the command. The Father who hid somewhere, the owner of the child, you understand what I am saying.
31.      You will know the truth and the truth will set you free. Maybe you are expecting somebody to say, “In the city called Onitsha or in a nation called Nigeria, a Saviour is born.” Maybe that is what you are expecting. Well, it is too late. Christ is the Anointed One.
32.      In St John chapter 4 verse 42, Jesus was referred to as Christ, the Saviour of the world. Understand what is happening.
33.      Acts chapter 5 verse 31: “Him hath God exalted with his right hand to be a Prince and a Saviour, to give repentance to Israel, and forgiveness of sins.” (KJV).
34.      To be what? So, it is an exalted position. God conferred the authority on him as at that time. That was his ministry. Now, a man who could say, “Seeing that you have hardened your heart against our gospel, you have refused to believe, you count yourselves unworthy of everlasting life; I will now turn to the Gentiles.”  Who was that man? He was a Saviour.
35.      Where was Jesus when God told Paul, “Leave that city, proceed to Macedonia for I do not have anybody in that city’?” That was God directing the Saviour. What was the essence of God sending Paul to Macedonia? He was sent to Macedonia as a Saviour. Is that not true?
36.      Ephesians chapter 5 verse 23: “For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the Church: and he is the saviour of the body.”(KJV).
37.      Not Saviour of the world now but Saviour of what? It has narrowed down.
38.      What am I trying to say? What am I trying to establish? I am establishing that the Almighty God, Christ Himself, the great God the only wise God, is the Saviour of the world. There is no Saviour beside Him and there would never be another Saviour after Him. He chooses human beings suited for His purpose in every dispensation where He will tabernacle and save His own in that dispensation.

There is no other way God can deal with mankind without using a man. Jesus was one of the Saviours God has been using or God used. God is still using human beings as Saviours to this day, and none of them is Jesus. I am standing in your midst as your Brother and I declare that I am not Jesus.
40.      The same Spirit that tabernacled in Jesus and used Jesus to fulfil the Father’s Will that time, that day, in that era; the same Spirit is what is tabernacling in Me today to enable God use Me as an instrument in His Hand to fulfil His perfect Will for you in your day.
41.      There could not have been another age where God could use Me than this one. There could not have been another age God could have used Saint Paul than the first Church Age. How many of you know that?
42.      Jesus was not a minister of the Church. How many of you know that? When you know this, happy are you.
43.      The Church is not a part of the Circumcision. Do you know that? Jesus was a minister of the Circumcision, believe it if you can.
44.      I am saying, if Jesus can be renewed today, it then means Paul can also be renewed, and so can Peter. Even Moses will be brought back today. By so doing, we will end up denying the Deity.
45.      The Deity is not in the Bible. The Deity is in a man using a man to reveal His Will to the people he is sent to. Jesus was a sent one in his day. After him there was another sent person. God has been sending people before Jesus was sent. He did not stop sending people after Jesus. He is still sending people after Jesus. This is our own time. Can you see the picture even from the Scriptures? Is Jesus the only Saviour from God?
46.      For you to know where the Deity dwells, go to the Message titled: FOLLOW THE CLOUD and it will help you.
47.      On this note, I say thank you and remain blessed in Him eternally.