The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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Tuesday, 9 October 2012



  I am here. There has never been any generation that appeared without meeting
me. I AM the oldest Being that has been on Earth since the world began, changing forms, changing locations. However, in these last days, it has pleased Him that I should settle down in my own homeland.

Believe it if you can…

PP  89 VS 51

If I am wrong Almighty God is wrong. If I am wrong why did He come down to vindicate it? 
Disbelieving the Son of Man means disbelieving Almighty God. Believing the Son of Man means believing God. You call Him a mere man, that is your own assessment of Him and He will deal with you as a mere man. You call Him God, He will deal with you as God.
I believe that it has become a revelation to you, that God does not judge any man but has committed judgment into the hand of His Son for He is the Son of Man. Do you believe that scripture? The Judge is already here.
(ARE YOU THE PROMISED ONE TO COME… VOL 2 Page 79 verses 22-24


Supernatural Cloud in Bride of Christ revealed The of Man on Sunday 7 April 1996

Deuteronomy 31:15 “And the LORD appeared in the tabernacle in a pillar of a cloud: and the pillar of the cloud stood over the door of the tabernacle.” KJV
The Son of Man Peter Odoemena Revealed in Supernatural Cloud on Sunday 7 April 1997 at Bride of Christ Ministry World Wide

Exodus 13:21 And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night:.” KJV.

Light Cloud in Bride of Christ Ministry on 7 April 1996
Psalms 89:7 God is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints, and to be had in reverence of all them that are about him.” KJV


The Headstone The Son of Man

“Daniel 7:9 I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool: his throne was like the fiery flame, and his wheels as burning fire.” KJV

Isaiah 11:10 “And in that day there shall be a root of Jesse, which shall stand for an ensign of the people; to it shall the Gentiles seek: and his rest shall be glorious.” KJV

The Son of Man

Acts 17:31 Because he hath appointed a day, in the which he will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom he hath ordained; whereof he hath given assurance unto all men, in that he hath raised him from the dead.

The Cloud Revealed The Son of Man in Bride of Christ Ministry

Ephesians 2:19 “Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints, and of the household of God.” KJV

You are all blessed in the Lord, God Almighty. Abide in His Presence forever and you will not regret it. We give Him all the praise, all the glory and all the honour.
2.                 Brother Vin, if you do not stay where I placed you, I must surely punish you and my punishment will be very severe, I will punish you as one that knows better not as one that does not know. Amen 
3.                 There is wisdom in what people in the world do. The President of Nigeria came to Anambra State recently, and has allotted the best driver in the state; that is, the best in the state is the one that drives the President. Is that not true?
4.                 If you happened to be the driver of the President of Nigeria, you are number one driver in Nigeria, even if it is for one day. You are numbered among the ruling class, for you are privileged to be in the same aeroplane, motorcar or ship with the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces. Some dignitaries are clamoring to see his face, they end it in seeing him in the newspaper. But you are in the same ship with him, piloting him, deciding his fate.
5.                 Maybe you do not know that the lives of the passengers in a vehicle are committed into the hand of the driver. The pilot decides whether the President will live or not. If the pilot is a heartless pilot, he may decide to commit suicide by plunging the aeroplane into the River Niger together with everybody there.
6.                 We lack the revelation of what we are doing, that is our greatest problem. Lack of personal revelation of what we are doing, worshipping of God is personal. The reason is that you give yourself to worldly affairs, carnality. You find it difficult to pray, even to plan on the area you are going to operate in the House of God, you simply wake up and begin to come down to fellowship, that is foolishness.
7.                 We thank God for the journey so far. I am not expecting anybody but whosoever that comes, glory be to God. As many that come early to  fellowship this day; well I do not have anything to say than to say “keep it up.” Habitual latecomers, keep it up too.
8.                 The message says be mindful of the voice that was spoken concerning you or against you, take note of dreams, visions and audible voices you have heard concerning yourself and your family, for that is where your life lies. Play with them, toy with them and regret at last.

Remain blessed brethren. I will speak the way God leads me because this time is an important hour that we are living in. God made it very clear to us that He likes to sing praise in the midst of His worshipping congregation.
2.                 If you are coming from your house and you prepared yourself, prepared your mind, your wife, and your children towards worshipping God, surely, when you arrive into the  fellowship, it must reflect in everybody from the heart. We will see it and God will surely rejoice because that is what pleases Him.
3.                  “The Great Sermon,” page 1 verses 3 and 4: “I have to remind you once again that we are the ‘word Bride’. Since this is true, it then behooves on me to show you the word of God as a guide so that you will not be guilty of speaking evil or condemning the man whom the Father had justified, sealed and sent.
4.                 Verse 4, men that please God were men that delighted in His Word. Without the word of God being revealed, nobody will know how to please God”.
5.                 Verse 6; as a man of God, I cannot hide the truth from the Church of God. This has been the concern of every man of God in all dispensation, i.e. to reveal the truth of the word of God to the people of God so that they can worship God rightly.
6.                 Verse 8, every true elect of God must delight himself or herself in the word of God at all times.  
7.                 This is the voice of Christ in our midst telling us the exact nature of men of God in all the ages, how they pleased God, and He also told us that the same measure awaits every true seed of God, both male and female.
8.                 In the Message of 26th August, 2012, it says, “Lateness Is a Sign of Unfaithfulness to God and to This Faith”.
9.                  “Give yourself a Name” page 33 verse 43: “What is your reason for coming late to service? Any day God will call you to judgment and show you your sins, what will be your answer? This is because God can ask you where He has done you wrong; He can show you the miracle He performed in your life at one time or another: ‘When your condition was like this, look at what I did. When you saw yourself in a place like this, look at what I did, which is clear to you and you also know that if not for Me your head would have gone in.” 
10.            Verse 44-45; “At least, how did you pay God in return? Shall we be the people that will use bad thing to serve God when He is blessing us? God is delivering us from troubles so that we can give all praise and glory to Him and then prove our Faithfulness by serving Him in spirit and in truth.
11.             It is not good for you to take things for granted. Carelessness; I-don’t-care attitude, “It does not concern me. It is not my business.” If it is not your business, whose business is it? It is not a good character.”
12.            If you were asked to travel to Enugu to get something very important, you will not wait till 7.00am before you leave Onitsha to Enugu because you felt it is very important.
13.            I want to tell you that worshipping God is more important than that, what made David to say “I am glad when they say ‘let us go the house of the Lord’”.  Do you think it is a little matter?
14.            If we teach our children properly on how to worship God, surely they will grow with it and our family will not end it like that of Eli. Do you know that Eli had children?
15.            Now, his children did not end it very well, what caused it? You see, some family divide themselves before coming to fellowship, just to come to deceive others, even some that come to show their dress, hairstyle and youths that display their youthfulness, is that what we come to fellowship for? Is that why we come to fellowship?
16.            Nevertheless, we saw what was written concerning such people in the book of Acts chapter 4 verse 5, how some came early while some came late, what was on their minds killed them.
17.            However, if the two were there at the same time in the Church, one would have changed her mind when one fell down and died. Though I just used it for instance in the Message of 26th August 2012, but now, why are we taking things for granted? I want to say that, why should my little child whom I bore into the Faith of Christ will grow and will not desire the things of God or will not take the things of God seriously, carry the things of God as his personal responsibility?
18.             I will highlight the reasons from what God showed us on page 34 verse 45 from the message “Give Yourself a Name.”
19.            It is not good for you to take for granted, many students are not studying any more, they have given themselves over to the special centers. So many of them were given past question and answer so that they will not study. That when they get to exam center they will use the one they have, while the good teacher advised them to study hard on their own so as not to go to special centers.
20.            Study for yourself, do not rely on question papers. If you know what you were thought in school, go home and revise them very well, if it is possible, cram all. If you were not advised ahead of time, you mayl be among those their papers will be cancelled. This year WAEC result, 110,000 people’s results were canceled. I do not know if you heard the news, 110,000 people’s results were canceled.
21.            I want to highlight few things so that you will understand me. I want to carry everybody along children and adults, bachelors and family men and women. For nobody will be left out because God is not happy. Amen
22.            It is not good for you to take things for granted, carelessness, I-don’t-care attitude, it does not concern me, and it is not my business. Whose business is it? It is not a good character.
23.            Recently, when we were in a meeting in the Son of Man’s house, Brother Emeka Nwanga (youth leader) was asked a question “Is there anybody you can point at that was born in this Faith before you? Are you not the first person we can say ‘He was born and bred in this Faith?’ Then what have you to offer?”
24.            Do you understand the language? If you say “It does not concern me to carry the Faith along, for me to be the person that will be doing this decoration, that will be praying, or studying these messages,” then whose business is it?. If you are a little boy, girl, man or woman, whose business should God’s works be? Is it the Pastor’s own, is it the Apostle’s? It is not a good character for you to think that way.
25.            Verse 46 “Why are we being told the same thing all the time? When the Bishop goes to the pulpit, he stresses on it; the same thing with the Pastor, he goes to the pulpit to hammer on it; the Apostle also goes to the pulpit to hammer on it. Everybody that goes to the pulpit will hammer on lateness, lateness.
26.            Why? Now we have heard about the photograph that was taken, we can see it, in fact I am very glad when I was sitting at the back, I saw the photograph and I was only seeing that Man there beaming like fire from the back.
27.            We heard the testimony on how He came to fellowship before the door was opened and we know that He told us ahead of time that He will be in the fellowship on time, that all the Elders should focus on coming early, that He wants to look into some matters before the fellowship will start proper. 
28.            Now, this will help us to know that God hates coming late to any programme.  For instance, our brethren that are in Enugu, they witnessed the Son of Man in the Dignity Consult Induction Ceremony, didn’t you see how He maintained the time? Didn’t you see how He comes before the time?
29.            Just like what William Branham said that “If you are a child of God and you have the Holy Spirit in you, that you will be in the Church 30 minutes before the service begins”, not that you are in the Church thirty minutes after the service began.
30.            The matter is that when you are in the fellowship thirty minutes before the fellowship starts, what do you do? God has instructed us very well, that you will bend your head and pray, condition your mind towards what God has for you. Then when you condition your mind, you pick your message or your jotter; revise them to rekindle the light of God in your life. Then when somebody will come to the pulpit to start the fellowship, you will be very happy, in readiness for the worship that time.
31.            Those that engage themselves in talking, you can tell yourselves the truth. You that prayed will not be among the people that will be told “Stand up let us worship God”. In other words, we are saying that you should get yourself ready before the service begins. Despite the fact that you have prayed in your house, it is not an excuse that you should not pray in the fellowship before the service starts.
32.            This is a house of worship, is that right? We worship a living God, whom we know not how He came down to the fellowship ground before the fellowship begins.
33.            Like when we came into the fellowship early this morning, everywhere was empty, we were the first person that came, now did you think it was empty? It was not empty. From the testimony of the supernatural photograph bearing the Supreme Judge in a white apparel, was God not in the fellowship before we came into the  fellowship hall? God was in the fellowship as early as 4.30am, before we came.
34.            When He was having fellowship with Adam in the Garden of Eden, He came earlier, nobody was there, then He called out, “Adam, Adam”. God is not happy with lateness, it is not right to be late to fellowship.
35.            Page 35 verse 47; “Let me tell you what I believe about fellowship. In this gathering that is called by God’s Name, you cannot come in and worship God the way you want. You must worship Him according to the order set down in this Local Assembly.”
36.            Thus, there is a set order, by which we should worship God. As a sister, you should emulate a mother whom God has spoken good of her character.  It is for your own good. God wants to help you. You will take over from that sister; you will vow a vow that this sister is mine, that you will be like her.
37.            To the married sisters, when somebody’s character is being highlighted whether good or bad, it is left for you to choose on the one to follow. However, I am talking of the sisters that are not yet married, that are coming up, more especially those that were born and bred in this Faith. 
38.            It will be the highest shame to your father and your mother, to your family that you were born in the Presence of these photographs and at the end the story about you will not be encouraging. Don’t you know it is a shame? Spinsters, don’t you know it is not good? Since you were born in God’s Presence, you grew up in the Lord, your father and mother have been encouraging you to be a good child and at the end you produced a bad picture, don’t you think it is a shame? What is more, you have no excuse to give God.
39.            Whatever order that has been laid down in your Local Assembly, that is the order you will worship God. Just as God has said it that every Wednesday by 4.30pm, a minister will mount the pulpit, so it is in all the local assemblies. If you go to your Local Assembly and pervert it, don’t you think you are against the Faith?
40.            The same way He (God) fixed on Sunday by 8.00am the fellowship starts, anytime after, God hates it. That is why any minister that is in the pulpit, and he is in the right spirit with God, who is really out as a saviour to save the flock of God, must surely hit at it even if it concerns his wife, his family,  whether great or small, unless the person does not want to worship this God.
41.            In the Message “Are you the Promised One to Come or Do we Wait for Another,” we gave the testimonies about this photograph and today by 8.00am this morning this hall was filled with the people in Onitsha before others from Local Assemblies come. Don’t you see that we can achieve a good result if we hit it harder? Is it not true? If you mean it in your family, the result must come out. Is it not true? In your local Assemblies, if you mean it they must surely obey. Anybody that did not comply, know that he or she is an enemy.  
42.            Verse 48; “Every Local Assembly has her own order of doing things. If they have agreed that the time of Fellowship is 8 O’clock, for you to come there and worship, you must abide by that order. If you are not ready to abide by that order, please steer clear. Leave them alone. We are not looking for membership.”
43.             “Follow the Cloud vol.2”; “Remain blessed Brethren. Please come close to where you know you can hear me very well. Allow the latecomers to stay behind. I am not using a megaphone. This is rainy season. We do not need any Prophet to tell us what we should be doing by now.
44.            Every fellowship day, you have to take it as a decision individually to rush down here once the weather gives you a little brightness. You do not wait to see the sign of the rain so that you will have excuses to give.
45.            Tonight is a very important night also. These people that are coming in now, I will stop you there if you do not hurry up.  You know that your movement is disturbing Me. Others coming to this side should stay behind. Our time is 4:30pm.”
46.            Do you see what He was saying when He was pointing us to whom we should follow? And what we should do.
47.            .... “If for any reason we come a minute late and we keep quiet it is because we want to keep quiet.
48.            There was a time we were meeting 3:00 pm, yet people were coming. As many as were not coming here when we were attending fellowship at 3:30, fix it at 6. 00pm in the evening, they will not come. On Sunday you see them coming here to make a great noise....”
49.            God is differentiating those that do come to fellowship on Wednesday at the right time to hear the word of God and exhortation from those that do not come; they only come on Sunday to make noise. You think that there is something in them but you do not know that they are empty.
50.            “We will continue from where we stopped on Tuesday; Tuesday was just an introductory part of the message. The rain disturbed us so much.
51.            Time was not on our side also because we started the fellowship late. But, today, God helping us the weather remaining bright like this we will exhaust the second part. I have three series of messages to handle at a stretch.
52.            If there will be Sunday and I remain in this flesh, God helping us, I intend to start early hours of the morning. As early as 8 o’clock, I will be on this pulpit. And if I come to the pulpit, whoever that comes after me is late.”
53.            You have seen it, it requires no interpretation. This Message was preached on Thursday 14th September, 2003. Do not say the Son of Man is trying to regulate our attendance because of you. Even if it is because of you; it is for our own good.  Amen.
Dream 28/8/2012: “I was in a dream; it appeared that we were in the fellowship, and Apostle Kelechi was reading a message on the pulpit. In his reading, he came across the verse which says ‘Those that were not in the Faith of the Son of Man will not inherit the promise.’
2.                 Immediately, the Son of Man came to the pulpit with a piece of paper. On His right hand was a black board, a duster, that is a board cleaner and some chalk.
3.                 The piece of paper the Son of Man was holding contained names of people that were excommunicated and those that were not in the fellowship that day. He ordered Brother Ikechukwu Eze to write all the names in the list on the board, for all the names that were there were those that will not inherit the promise.
4.                 After Brother Ikechukwu has finished writing the names, I began to read the names in the dream. I could not recognize other names but I recognized Brother Onyema’s name in that dream for he was not in the fellowship. Immediately, Brother Onyema Eze took the duster and cleaned all the names there saying ‘God has given us everything concerning coming to fellowship late and being absent from fellowship. And those that were excommunicated will not inherit the promise. Then the dream left me. From Onyinyechi Nnachor.
5.                 Dream, 28/8/2012: I was in a dream and it was like we were in a fellowship; the Son of Man was on the pulpit talking about those that were unfaithful to the Faith. As He was talking, He saw Brother Solomon Odikanwa and excommunicated him because he was among those that were unfaithful to the Faith. Brother Solomon Odikanwa carried his bag and went outside but his wife and children did not follow him.
6.                 Then the Son of Man went outside near the place where cars were parked but the cars there were not up to five cars. Then I saw many people from other Local Assembly who were also excommunicated but I could not recognize them. I also saw Apostle Ojiakor coming down to fellowship with his new car, carrying his wife and children but Sister Idinmachineke was not among them because she came earlier to fellowship.
7.                 When the Son of Man sited the car coming, He said that Apostle Ojiakor was also among those that were excommunicated. That he should go home with his car and everybody inside the car.
8.                 When Apostle Ojiakor parked his car, the Son of Man told him that he has been excommunicated because of his unfaithfulness to the Faith. Apostle Ojiakor knelt down and started begging for forgiveness and to be restored back. The Son of Man told him that His time was up that he should go home. Apostle Ojiakor has no other option than to go home.
9.                 After Apostle Ojiakor left, the Son of Man entered the fellowship hall went to the pulpit and said that He has restored Brother Solomon Odikanwa back to the fellowship of the saints. Then I looked back from my seat, I saw Sister Idinmachineke sitting down for she was not among those that were excommunicated. Then the dream left me. From Chinonyelum Nnachor.
10.            Dream 1/9/2012: I was in a dream and we heard that the Son of Man instructed that brethren should gather at Jerusalem on a Sunday morning, this instruction came on a Saturday. We started coming from Obosima household with our hired bus. All of us except Pastor Vita who came on his own. On our way, we saw Deacon Samuel from Owerri Household carrying Bible and was preaching near the road.
11.            My father asked the driver to stop; then he asked Deacon Samuel if he has not heard the instruction of going to Jerusalem. Deacon Samuel said he heard it and did not say any other thing.
12.            We continued our journey to Jerusalem, reaching at the gate, our vehicle was stopped and the security men ordered our driver to offload us and go back for he was not one of us. As we entered the hall, the Son of Man said we should sit down in the fellowship.
13.            When all the brethren were seated except faces of the brethren from Umuokane Household I did not notice. The Son of Man went straight to the pulpit and started talking. While the Son of Man was talking, He looked sideways and the Headstone appeared with his original supernatural body. The Headstone started talking with the Son of Man, after their discussion; the Son of Man declared ‘Brethren, I have come to take you home’.
14.            After the declaration, the Headstone with His original body disappeared and entered into the Son of Man. And immediately, He turned into white as the one that talked with Him. The Son of Man in that estate, started touching the brethren. Anybody He touched, changed and became as He is. That is, possessing immortal body immediately. This He continued doing until we got to the last line at the back where Elders mainly seated. There He asked where is Deacon Samuel of Owerri. And the brethren replied that he was not in the fellowship. Then the Son of Man said ‘He has perished’.
15.            After that, He continued to the children station where nursing mothers normally stay to feed their children and did the same thing. When He has changed all the brethren which He touched to be as He is even about the same age bracket, He vanished into the Cloud.
16.            After He vanished, the entire changed brethren followed and finally found ourselves in Paradise. That place was filled with trees that produce different types of fruit. Green field, houses, cold temperature and light all through the whole places; no night, no day.
17.            When we got there, the Son of Man was asked by somebody: ‘Who are these people?’ And He replied ‘They are my people.’ We were lined up like soldiers and ushered into the house. When we have all entered, the Son of Man called out three ministers namely: Apostle Kelechi, Evangelist Ben and Bishop Obadiah to follow Him.
18.            They followed Him, and when He appeared, there were many basins which were empty; the Son of Man stretched out His hand and food filled the basins. He ordered the three ministers to carry the food to the brethren to eat. This He continued until all the brethren has eaten and the basin vanished.
19.            He also asked the three ministers to follow Him to the field and discuss with them. After their discussion; He went into the hall and brought out the brethren and kept them under the tree. Praises started until He said it was okay. Any tree He stand under, other brethren will sit there and will be having their rest. He started admiring the brethren. When He saw enemies coming afar off with their weapons, He the Son of Man moved towards them in company of few Elders. As they got there, the Son of Man looked up and looked down and before He looked up again; all of them perished before His feet.
20.            Then it appeared the dead which resurrected appeared before Him, He selected some and sent the rest away. Those He selected, He allowed to join us. Then my mother woke me up.
21.            I woke up and felt bad, told my father the dream saying that I thought it is all over. From Brother Chiziterem Okezue. Obosima Household.”
Apostle Kelechi Uwakwe

Remain blessed brethren. “God’s Chosen Place of Worship” page 72 verses 1: “Many that go to Church today claim they know God but they have never seen God for one day’.
2.                 Many have been going to Churches, worshipping in their various temples, not even one can boast of having seen God for one day. Thus, according to the Bible they worship things they know not. Worshipping imaginary God is superstition, are you hearing me?
3.                 The God we worship is real; we do not practice superstition for we are sure and certain of what we are doing.
4.                 When you hear about many that go to Church, they worship something they do not know. Not to us in this most holy Faith! For we worship what we know very well. A human being, who is the Supreme Intelligence! Why we ought to be careful. The Supreme Judge was the estate which God was when He created the world; when He said “Come let us make man in our own image.” That was the form.
5.                 All these years, we see people going to Church, calling the name of God, never for one day have they showed us evidence that they know the God they worship.
6.                 After the days of the earlier Apostles, then the world went into apostasy. The Reformers continued their work until God sent a Prophet to us for God has an intention to make Himself real to His own sons and daughters.
7.                 Now that He has done that, are you not happy? Are you not filled with joy that you know who you are worshipping?
8.                 However, the same way God dealt with the people of Israel is the same way God is dealing with us in this Gentile world, in the Church. We have evidence, we are not practising superstition. You see, the Son of Man was on the pulpit on 7th April 1996,” and said “Now all the shots you have been taking all this while, you did it without instruction. If there is any film remaining, finish all. From there we get this supernatural cloud in different positions.
9.                 Before then, brethren that got the vision of this supernatural form, supernatural cloud; told us their vision; because the Son of Man was there, fine.
10.            What is more, we came to fellowship on 8th April 2012; when He was admiring our Bishop Moses, in an honest attempt to show his appreciation, the Bishop snapped Him; he could not get Him but a Being appeared, the Headstone. Maybe because He was standing there, yes, you will say He was standing there.
11.            But on 19th August 2012, He told the Elders, “I will come to fellowship very early. I want you people to come to fellowship early for I will like to be in the fellowship before everybody to see things for myself, before fellowship will start.”
12.             Naturally speaking, physically speaking, I will say He came late as a human being. For the fellowship was filled before He came. Now, was He physically on the pulpit when the photograph of the Supreme Judge was taken? That is the photograph of this Being, the Self-existing One; One that upholds the whole Universe in His hand, One that preserved this world by His spoken word. See the Being in our midst now!
13.            People go to Church saying they are worshipping God, but they cannot get this link; they do not know the God they are worshipping. But you and me have seen the God we are worshipping. This also caused your bones and marrow to shiver.
14.            When the revelation struck you, He looked to the whole world, looked at the people in the world, saw your mates and those that are elderly to you that are struggling to see God, doing everything in their power for them to see God; but they could not, but God appeared to you, opened your eyes to see this truth, to assure you He is the One that is having dealings with you all this while, are you not priviledged? Once we look away from the veil, that is He that we are having dealings with, we destroy ourselves because it is on this condition that He is destructive to all that are disobedient to Him.   
15.            God’s Chosen Place of Worship page 83 verse 38: “WHAT WE OFFER HUMAN BEINGS IN THIS MOST HOLY FAITH IS DEFENDABLE TRUTH, VERIFIABLE TRUTH. That is why I am guilty the same way Jesus Christ was guilty of using more of nature to explain Himself and His messages than any other thing. For the first Bible God wrote was nature, called Zodiac.
16.            We are happy that we are worshipping a human being. We know what we worship, and this God we know appeared before us in this form, before He will be destructive. Let me take you down to the memory lane a little bit.
17.            If you watch God when He wanted to bring out the people of Israel out of the land of Egypt, he sent Moses to them. Immediately Moses announced that they were coming out of Egypt, Pharaoh increased the problem of the people of Israel. He told his taskmasters “since you give them the material to produce the bricks and they used to produce twenty bricks a day, but now, do not give them any material again; let them go and source those materials themselves. At the same time, produce the number of the block they used to produce in a day.”
18.            When the people saw how the thing was so painful on them, they went to Pharaoh and told Pharaoh what they were passing through. Pharaoh said yes that he was the one that gave the order.
19.            When the people of Israel were coming out, they met Moses and Aaron. They turned to Moses and Aaron saying “Don’t you see how you have increased our problem?” They started complaining bitterly against Moses and Aaron. However, God did not count it against them because they have not known who He is.
20.            Watch all the disobedience; all the complaints which they manifested to Moses and Aaron, God did not destroy them that moment for they have not known who He was. However, from the time God told Moses “I will like to speak to you in the Presence of all Israel; I will come down in the Pillar of Cloud before their eyes so that they will tear you, trust you and obey you; from that day, any disobedience will be seen as an insult to the personality of God.
21.            When the Elders of Israel ate and drank with God, they described the stature they saw. And there was no other stature they saw if not the stature of Moses. That is why Dathan, Koran and Abiram took it upon themselves saying that Moses you are taking too much, you are taking too much. The same thing they saw, that is the same thing we are seeing today. God made this thing to manifest so that we must be humble and obedient to Him.
22.            “God’s Chosen Place of Worship” 153 verse 18- “The place He will choose as what? His home. Who does the choosing? God! The choice of a place of worship is God’s own responsibility. Nobody drags it with God. Once he makes a choice of a place of worship that is final.”
23.            We use natural thing to type spiritual things. If you go through the Old Testament, God commanded Moses to build a tent and that tent will be called “The tent of the Presence of God.l” Without that tent, God’s Presence cannot be seen among the people. After Moses finished building that tent, there was no way God could enter into that tent without Moses first of all entering into that tent.
24.            Immediately Moses stepped his feet into that tent, then the glory will descend. God is doing something; remember the Old Testament was a shadow; while the New Testament was the reality. We cannot go on building such tent, for God Himself came and dwelt among us, made His choice of the tent He will dwell in, in which through Him, we all that are allotted to the dispensation of grace of the Son of Man will be able to see the Elohim. For if this Being did not take this Tent called Peter Odoemena; there is no way we can behold His Majesty.
25.            WHY WE MUST BE CAREFUL, this is the last supernatural. He has showed us the Being. Watch the photograph very well; watch the stature, the height, the weight and everything, this was exactly what William Branham described concerning the angel that visited him.
26.            We must be extremely careful now! This is exactly what Moses saw in his own day, he said “I quake.” Thus, God’s chosen place is the final.
27.            Page 154 verse 19, “But today, people worship randomly. Anywhere they see people clapping hands, all is well with them. After all, they are calling the name of Jesus. You see why it is impossible for us to do what others are doing! You must know why we are what we are; why we do not admit people anyhow.”
28.            Do you know for some time now, dreams have shifted from the Elderly men to our little ones? I do not know whether you are getting what I am saying! You must know why we are what we are.
29.            Why are we speaking authoritatively? Why we do not yoke ourselves with anybody as long as worship is concerned. WE DO NOT WORSHIP ANYHOW; WE HAVE A TENT OF GOD’S PRESENCE IN THE MIDST OF THE BRIDE AND THAT IS PETER ODOEMENA. The tent of God’s Presence!
30.            If God cannot appear in that tent until Moses enter into that physical tent. All Israelites will be in their own tents, at the door of their own tents waiting for Moses. Moses will come out walking and entering into that tent, then the Pillar of Cloud will descend; all the Israelites will see it and bow down in worship.
31.            The same way in our own day, it pleased God to take a tent. This time around, not a tent made of wood but a tent made with flesh and blood and He called it not robbery entering into that tent for your sake and for my sake. That we can behold the person of God.
32.            You see why it is impossible for us to do what others are doing? You must know why we are what we are. Why we do not admit people anyhow...”
33.            Why we do not admit people anyhow. No, we cannot admit you anyhow.
34.            “Another Day” page 88 verses 3: “God is present spiritually and bodily in our midst. It is only in the Bride that God is present physically and spiritually. If you believe in the physical God and you do not believe in the spiritual God, your belief is incomplete. You believe in spiritual God and you do not see Him in the physical God, your testimony is incomplete.”
35.            How can you talk about this Being without the tent? How can you receive salvation, how can you receive blessing, how can you get the immortality from this Being without the tent?
36.            From the dream we got, we saw it that God appeared to a little boy around ten-year-old on Saturday morning, revealed to him that this Headstone with His original body appeared in the fellowship discussing with the Son of Man, the Tent. After the discussion, He vanished into the Son of Man. Then the Son of Man said “Brethren, I have come to take you home.”
37.            Do you know what He discussed with Him? From there, what they discussed started manifesting. This dream is in line with that of Sister Chime had the other day where the Son of Man was holding something in His hand, if He touches you, you vanish. The confirmation has come again to prove to you that we are not following cunningly devised fable.
38.            That is why He said, ‘I am bodily present physically and spiritually.’ For it was in the spiritual Presence that we caught Him with a pinhole camera.”
39.            In the spiritual Presence that we caught Him with a pinhole camera. Watch all these supernatural photographs; is there anything here that is telepathy? Is it artistic impression? We are in the reality.
40.            “It was in the spiritual Presence that we caught Him with a pinhole camera. The physical body is here with us. The two of them are inseparable.”
41.            If this revelation struck you spiritually, your vision will change, your attitude will change. You will not see Him as He was, you will become like St. Paul that said “Once I thought that Jesus the Christ was a human being, a mere man like me. But now, I feel different. Whether you are His wife or his child, or His family, or His mother, His brother or His relation; His friend, those things are immaterial. You must have your own personal revelation concerning who He is.
42.            That is why William Branham said, “Parents, if you do not bring your children up in the fear of God to the extent that they will have the same revelation, the same Holy Ghost you have; they all will perish.”  
43.            “…The two of them are inseparable. The Faith is over vindicated. The area He reveals Himself to you is your anchor, for that is what will sustain you, that is your power, that is your authority, that is your garment, that is your identity, that is your prove as a child of God.”
44.            Do we have any other prove? No. that is why Moses told God, “If you cannot go with us, if your Presence cannot go with us; what is the difference between us and other people? For what will make us different from them is your Presence among us. And His Presence is among us.”
45.            See the Being you worship, for if not this tent standing before us, how can we behold this Being? No way. You see why we ought to reverence Him, Obey His doctrine for our own good?
46.            If Peter, James and John, because of what they saw stood before the Pharisees because of what they saw, what they heard and the Pharisees were telling them to stop preaching in the name of Jesus, Peter said, “Judge for yourselves: is it right to obey a human being or to obey God? For we can never stop preaching in the name of this man, Jesus.”
47.            We can never stop! I, Apostle Kelechi can never stop telling you this truth. Even if you see me in dream, I will continue telling you that if not the Son of Man, Peter Odoemena, there is no way the salvation, the immortality, can be our portion. If not Him, we all will follow the way of the world. Amen.
48.            “Another Day,” page 89 verse 6, “…Let me tell you something, the way it happens to me. If I want to discuss with the Son of Man, I simply pick one of our messages and I will be discussing with God. For everything that is written in the Messages are inspired by God. We know the source, we know where this Spirit emanated from. We were with Him from the very beginning. We saw the vindication, we read the scriptures and saw that it was written down there.”  
49.            Page 78 verse 40- “God allowed these things to come up so that the faith of the brethren will be helped. Ordinarily looking at our fellowship hall you cannot see anything, I think this is school environment and whenever we leave here, automatically God also leaves here, when we come here God has come. 
50.            However, with the help of a pinhole camera, the eternity and the Elohim, the Self-Existing One, the Fountain of Truth, the Almighty God Himself Who encircled Himself around the vessel that He has chosen to tabernacle Himself in was captured. Moreover, as many as are found in Him, have the same faith.
51.            You see why we ought to be very careful. Any little mistake you make now, it is not an ignorant or a slip of tongue, I did not mean it, to speak insult to the person of the Supreme Being. For He has endured with us all these years, believing that towards the end, that we will understand all things and know how to reverence Him. And here we are in the end and we are to do what will please Him. Amen.

The chief cornerstone of the building
Note, my assurance remains the same old assurance. You will not have problem unless you will create one for yourself. As long as God liveth and I live, He knows our motives. He will not permit the enemy to cause an obstruction, we will get home safely.
2.                 Deacon Pascal is not in this fellowship, but the family is in this fellowship. Praise God for that. Even if He does not come, I have achieved my aim. He did not plan to come to Onitsha this day; I compelled him to bring our Brother Elijoe. That is the purpose of his coming to Onitsha. Once it is accomplished, once that is accomplished; I do not care about any other thing.
3.                 If I know Elijoe’s phone number, I would not have troubled Deacon Pascal. I equally told him the same thing over the phone. Brother Elijoe, I hope you are in this fellowship today? Is it not amazing that God can remember a man called Elijoe? I mean God knows that he exists for he is a member of his family. Elijoe is so important to God that God can even send for him.
4.                 There are too many in this Faith, even among the ministers I can hardly remember that they exist. Elijoe, you are favoured. Note, if you use your camera on Me or your handset, I will know. And I will visit you in a manner you least expected. You can record my voice if you want, do not ever make the mistake of taking my photograph. If you try it, I will surely know and I must visit you in my own way. If you think it is an empty threat, try it!
5.                 I want to show you something so that before you come to His Presence, you will know what you are coming for. I have changed my mind concerning the distance fellowship seeing that we are having some problems in the production. Thus, I decided to go by video tape instead of audio. Besides, the video may not be complete because of tapes. Since the audio will be captured with our tapes, and we try to have them in book form; I do not need to bother myself.
6.                 If He permits me to continue, I intend to make some recording by way of video tapes at least once a month, which I will be using in the website is not necessarily for you. If you like you can collect; where you do not like, leave it there.
7.                 I am working on the website, about three websites or four now. We are doing something, I am impressed. The response from the website is very much high. One of the messages they read most was “Our Link to the Truth” “God in a Despised Places” and many others like that.
8.                 Concerning photograph, people that went to the site; they are innumerable. Thus, the response is increasing every day. The photographs are causing waves. If you watch the information from the website; people that watch the photograph pay greater attention to the supernatural photograph.
9.                 Brethren you are blessed! Concerning the video, I decided to open it for you to see the level of work we did this time around. And it contained in one DVD plate. We want to use it to replace the one that is in the web, that is Bride of Christ in preview or preview of the Bride of Christ. Secondly, we believe it will help many of you who are afar off. Even those that are near, it will help as many as are called by the Name of God.
10.            I am too busy this time around because I am summarizing. Even the message titled “Are You the Promised One to Come or Do we Wait for Another?” will tell you that the Son of Man is summarizing. If you are intelligent, you will know that I am summarizing. 
11.            If not the foolishness that is found among you especially the useless ministers and their families, note the words I am using, foolishness that is found among you especially the unprofitable ministers and their families, I would have liberalized the use of television among you. As children of God, we are the only people who know how to convert the devil’s equipment to God’s use. The website was not constructed by the Bride Ministry; people are using it to perpetrate every kind of evils, but we are using it to serve God’s interest.
12.            The same is applicable to GSM, the havoc that is wrecked in the society with the use of GSM handset can only be measured by God. Still, we use the GSM handset to serve God’s interest. Even this DVD, people use it to inflict every kind of injury both spiritually and physically to the society. But we use it to serve the interest of God.
13.            This is the first video production we have made so far; that is, this is the second video production apart from the camp meeting. And this second production appears to be better than the first; which means as we journey along, we will be improving. I bet you, next production will be better than this one also. This one was hastily done because of the urgency it deserves in changing the information in the website.
14.            Note, I am placing a blanket ban, nobody should write it for any human being. Even if you have the best system, do not make the mistake of copying it or writing it for any human being. I am not making a fake show, no, neither did I try to make money out of it. Let nobody ever copy it or write it to anybody even using handset, let no memory card ever store it.
15.            I want to put you in remembrance of too many things we heard in the message titled “Are You the Promised One to Come or Do we Wait for Another?” As if they were new to us, they were not new.
16.            When St. John was talking concerning the message of love, he said it was not a new commandment; it is the same old commandment that you love one another. Hence, too many people rushed to our website and read messages.
17.            Most of the things that will be shown to you in William Branham’s Message have come to pass; a good number of them are yet to come to pass. But remember, that the fullness of the Elohim is in the Bride.
18.            Mrs Anyawu saw this thing ahead of time, a sister to Brother John Bazz. When she was shown the photograph of the Godhead some months ago, instead of jumping up, she said that she knew more than that. That it was for people like Johnbazz and others that do not believe. As for her, that it was a settled matter. That they have not seen anything yet, that they should wait; that they will see Him revealed in His fullness.  
19.            Somebody was being forced to resign from this Faith, to recant the Faith if it is possible, publicly; and she was resisting and resisting. While she was praying and praying, Mrs. Anyawu joined her in her prayers and then somebody approached her with a message to go back to her friend and tell her never to attempt to recant this Faith.
20.            That if she recants this Faith, in the next six days; she will be in the mortuary. That the person that is compelling her to recant this Faith is trailing her badly. That the only shield that is hindering the person from getting hold of her remains this Faith. When the matter came to me, I confirmed it to be truth.
21.            This Faith is your security, if you protect this Faith; this Faith must surely protect you. It is your security because this is the only Faith that has revealed only but a man. This Faith is a human being, this Faith presented only but a man.
22.            In Him your salvation is met, in Him your righteousness is met, in Him your perfection is met, in Him is your translation, in Him is your immortality, in Him is your rapture; He is your all and all and without Him, you can do nothing. He is the stone the builder rejected, today; He has become the chief cornerstone of the building.
23.            We better accept it or we say no. if you say no, it means nothing; you accept it; it means nothing. The truth remains the truth. We can do nothing against the truth, we are for the truth. Amen.
2.                 “This question will continue to agitate the minds of all true Christians until it is settled. For this matter to be settled, we must first of all start from where the written Bible or ‘Word of God’ stopped. Every elect believes that Saint Paul was the Angel Messenger to the Ephesians Church Age, which was the list of the Seven Church Ages.
3.                 Few of the messages, letters, and epistles of Saint Paul were recorded in parchments and were preserved by some Greek Scholars even after Saint Paul died. These scholars included these records in the compilation of books that formed the Holy Bible after Saint Paul.
4.                 After Saint Paul died another Angel Messenger appeared on the scene and in him was the Word of God for the day. Whatever he preached or taught, as his doctrines, were not preserved due to inquisition hence people could not quote from his message or doctrine even till today. The truth is that he came with the Word of God like Saint Paul. The Bible, if it is the Word of God, is incomplete without the words of the second Church Age messenger, Ireneaus. The Bible is incomplete without the words of Martin, Columba, Luther, Wesley and Branham.
5.                 These men were sent by God in various dispensations and they were visible representations of the invisible God in their days. Whatever is called the Holy Bible, if it does not contain the words or messages and doctrines of these vindicated Men of God surely, it is incomplete! Accept it if you have the Faith.
6.                 We are very lucky to have been privileged to have some of the messages, doctrines and Prophetic statements of Prophet William Branham in tapes and booklets, whose message foreran the Bride Ministry, which we would stand quoting today as a proof that we are children of the Prophets.
7.                 The Spirit of God has led me into the library to bring out few quotes from Prophet William Branham, that are relevant to our discussions or belief today. Below are some of the quotes.
8.                 ‘Through the ages, He has revealed Himself by His Prophets and they were not really Prophets. They were gods. He said so. What they spoke was ‘God’s Word. They were the flesh in which God was veiled. So it was that God formed in a man called a Prophet. The Word of the Lord come to this man, so it was not the Prophet, for the Prophet was a veil, but the Word was God. He was the Word of (God in the form of a man, He did not change His nature, only His form. in this way, God reveals Himself to His people in all the ages.” (Unveiling of God page 13).
9.                 ‘What did He do now? Return as Son of Man, then from that to Son of David. See, how close we are? He is revealed in the last days as the Son of Man according to Malachi 4:5-6 and all of the rest of the scriptures pertaining to this hour.’ (Unveiling of God, page 10).
10.            God was veiled in a man. They couldn’t understand that God was veiled in a man as He always has been. He was in a human Temple. Now be really careful. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. God veiled, hiding Himself from the world, veiled in a human being... The Greeks could not see Him because He was hidden from them in a human being. God veiled in the form of a man had hidden Himself from their view....”
11.            Dissect the Son of Man, you will not see the Elohim, yet the Elohim is in Him.
12.            “...They could only see a man but the predestinated ones saw God. One saw a man the other saw God. One saw a man the other saw God.”
13.            Is it fulfilling to the letter? If the entire world will see God, it then means the prophecy is not true. Thus, do not be surprised that the people that you think will know these things are ignorant, but the foolish are embracing the truth.
14.            You see, I told you that we are in a zombified Faith. If you do not see yourself as Zombi you cannot be saved. If you do not make yourself like little kids, the kingdom of God is not for you. This Faith is not meant for a big man or a big woman, no, no, no, no, it is not meant for the untouchables.
15.            I was talking to my family saying, “Do you know that what God is doing in our midst is opposite of what God is doing out there?” I am not ignorant of anything but there are many things I dare not say but I will say them because I have come to the end. There is nobody in this Faith that has the revelation which David had, if there is, they are not up to one or two or one and half. By one and half I mean one and half of human being. If you say half human being? I will say yes.  
16.            Go to the message titled “Building the True Temple.” There was a revelation that struck David when David was acquainted with the fullness. Do you know what he said? He said, “How can I live in a big mansion and see the Ark of God lavishing outside. I better prepare a place for God Himself.” Then he went about doing it before God halted him.
17.            Nobody in this Faith has even worshipped God even for one minute. None of you in this Faith has ever reverenced God for one day. I thank God that I am not a poor man. In the denomination, most of their members are richer than their general superintendents and they capitalized on that to dupe them. Nobody in this Faith can say “I am the one sustaining the Son of Man” or “Without me the Son of Man would have died of starvation, He would have been living in a batcher”.
18.            There is nobody in this Bridal Faith that can take the credit. However, the Son of Man can say “Without me so, so, so families would not have been on Earth. So, so and so person (s) would have been made useless.” I am not begging you for the time I used to beg you is over, if you like serve the Lord if you do not like do not serve the Lord, for we have come to the end of all things.
19.            A brother was giving me some tape recorders and I was wondering within me what these tape recorders will do and the purpose it will serve the Son of Man; for the Son of Man will no longer engage Himself in any other missionary assignment.
20.            You cannot see Me in any place on a missionary assignment that will involve preaching, no. I can be there to join them in the eating and drinking, not in preaching. I do not want preaching. What will I preach again? Nothing-nothing.
21.            If at this moment you are not yet saved, when are you going to be saved?
22.            “…Both of them were right…”
23.            Note, the message says that both of them were right. He that saw a human being was right. Equally, he that saw God was right because God is a very big Elephant; depending on how you see it. Your binocular determines what He will be to you. If you set your binoculars right, you will see God; and if you set it wrong, you will see man.
24.            Both of them were right but your Faith is that which you cannot see but believe anyway.
25.            He was in that flesh and that flesh was the veil.” (Unveiling of God, page 15). 
26.            Now, Christ is our Moses. He veiled in human flesh. And He is the same yesterday, today and forever.
27.            In other words, He does not change His pattern. Why are they expecting one from the sky?    The worst blindness is spiritual blindness. Anyway you should not blame them, when blind leaders are leading blind people, where are they ending their journey? In the bottomless pit. No remedy.
28.            The best thing that could happen to any human being is to be in this Faith. If you are not in this Faith, you have labored in vain. You are transferring your pains from this world to another world. Your consolation in this life is the Bridal Faith; so the Son of Man is the consolation of the saints. Despite the ups and downs, your consolation is that one day all the troubles will be of the past.
29.            Anyone that refuses to stop, eternity will swallow it. For when immortality shall appear, it will swallow up all those weaknesses and all those infirmities. Even nature teaches you that the most dreaded disease that torments somebody stops the moment that person gives up the ghost. However, when immortality takes over, greater than death has taken over. For all those things will be troubles of the past, you will not remember them anymore.
30.            He that appeared there in the photograph in fullness, has He need of any mansion? He was standing watching everybody, living in His own house. Who bought the dress for this man? Who clothed Him? Where did He pick that cloth?   
31.            If you have this assurance, anyway it is hope that brings assurance, this is blessed assurance. How can God display all these things in our midst in vain? If He wants to make abracadabra, that means that He wants to command influence, will it be among riffraff like us? He knows where He will go. He is on a strict mission.
32.            If God saves a gentleman, He has done no miracle. But if He saves a nonentity, He has performed the greatest thing.
33.            “…He was veiled in a tabernacle by badger skin and this time He is veiled in a man…”
34.            And this time He is veiled in a man. He is still Christ, the Promised Word of God. Are we talking about Moses? No wonder the voice said “If they had believed Moses, they would have also believed in me, For Moses spoke concerning me. If they had believed William Branham, they would have believed the Son of Man, for the Prophet spoke concerning the coming of the Son of Man from no other continent but Africa.”
35.            From one of the remotest jungles , a very small group; a group that is in the minority out there in the wilderness, setting out, believing His Word. From that little group in the wilderness, He will stir up a revival that will encircle the whole Earth. Has it come to pass? If it is not in our midst, tell me where the thing is.
36.            The Word is God, the anointing is a person. Therefore, Moses was Christ for his day, for he was the Redeemer, Anointed One.
37.            “...promised Word for this age must also be veiled. Sin loving members (unbelievers) of the Church cannot see it because of the human veil.” (Unveiling of God, page 27).
38.            He is still Christ the Promised Word for this age, veiled in this age, veiled in human flesh. God in this last day has rigged those traditions away and brought the word for this age into plain view and still they do not know it. It is just so simple. Now, the sin loving (Unbelievers) and those traditionally religious.
39.            Page 127 “people could not see that because He was a man, human flesh hiding God. Now, if He had been a great Pillar of Fire and had come down and showed them what He was, they might have believed that. But you see, revealed Himself like He promised Moses so He could by-pass all those smart, wise people.” (Unveiling of God, page 28).
40.            He is still Christ the Promised Word for this day, veiled in human flesh not counting it robbery. What is the problem of people? Why must it be this man? If it is not this man, will you be the one to take over? Do you know more than God? He has made His choice and His choice is final. GOD’S INSTRUMENT FOR LEADERSHIP REMAINS DIVINE.
41.            Is it not amazing? Is God not perfect in His wisdom? Look at the way He decided to fool the entire world and you and I are the privileged people to be divinely connected to what God is doing in your day, and all of them agreed with the prophecies concerning the hour.
42.            In other words, we are not deceived. God coming to confirm it live, is He making a mistake? That is why the Son of Man does not beg anybody to follow Him; rather He can close His eyes, harden his heart and fire you out. Brother Nnamdi Nnachor, take note, for all it is not well with you.
43.            By the time I will log on this video in the web, you will see that it will replace the former one for the whole world will see the supernatural, then they will begin to understand our messages more and more. God is perfect in His wisdom.
44.            The Gentiles today are just as blind as Israel was because of the veil, Go to your office and say what you believe, you will be the only believer there. In your yard you will be the only believer. Who is stopping them from listening to you? Religious people will tell them not to believe in you that you are deceived, that you are antichrist, you are this and that. We are on the right track!
45.            The Gentile Church has also been blinded by the ecclesiastical veil even when after it has been torn off to reveal God. How are they blinded? By veiling the word in a human being. This is exactly what Israel failed to see: God being veiled in a human being is what blinded Israel.
46.            The Gentiles today are just as blind as Israel was because of the veil. To one he blinded and to the other it will reveal the truth. It will close the eyes of some and will open the eyes of others. Now, we see Him, the word, manifesting Himself. Why is it hidden out there? Because it is veiled in human flesh. We are inside of Christ. Now, as then, all true believers see Him openly manifested. (Unveiling of God, page 33).
47.            Now all true believers see Him openly manifested Himself. Brethren, has it not come to pass? This day, this prophecy is fulfilled.
48.            Are You He That Is To Come Or Do We Wait For Another? Are you He that is to come or do we continue to wait for another Messiah who will come from the sky, who all eyes will see when He will be coming? That will create Earthquake, that will create wind, create this and that so that the world will know that it is the Messiah coming. God has rigged away all human philosophy, all human intellectual and He has come the way He has been coming since the world began, for He is the same yesterday, today and forever.
49.            What is the fate of those that tasted this Faith for one year, for two years, for three years and left, saying that God is not with us, saying every kind of thing? What do you think is their fate? They used their mouth according to the Word of God to bring their doom. For God said, “Do not be quick in calling anything God or Devil, be patient with Me for you have need of patient, for as many as will continue with Me till the end, MUST surely say “Surely, the Elohim dwells in the Son of Man”.   
50.            You can never be disappointed; you can never regret getting acquainted with the Son of Man, live. It pays to fellowship in Jerusalem where the action is. Glory be to God in the highest!
51.            Where is Idinma Ojiakor? Why do you like to hide, are you Christ? Are you the Son of Man? I am the One that should be hiding not you. They are not looking for you, they are looking for me.
52.            Last sign, God stands in the form of a man, last thing before rapture. (Q & A. 08/23/64).
53.            Is it a lie? Is God standing in the form of a man? What then is left? Where are we? What are we expecting? If this one has come to pass, the other one will also come to pass.
54.            Nothing gladdens the heart, nothing gives courage more than discovering by revelation, by His Word, the words of the Prophets that you are standing on the right track, waiting on the approved place. How can He reveal Himself here in this pulpit and then raptures Roman Catholic and abandon you; has it happened before? Put your hand in the Bible, it is not there.
55.            Let me tell you, the Prophet prophesied that the Bride has never seen a revival yet, wait until she will recognize who she is. You have not seen revival yet as at that time 1964, he said, “Wait until the Bride will recognize who she is.”
56.            I said that I want to put you in remembrance. Let me give you hot tea, hot coffee, let me stimulate you. We are at rest. He said and I quote; “Publish it on the mountain top, say it in the valley, in the ocean, that the Son of Man is waiting in the midst of the Bride.” I do not say it because I am involved. If anybody does not believe, he should tell us what he does not believe, tell us the aspect which you do not believe.
57.            Elder Oduah, to be far from God is to be far from His blessings and protection, it is to be far from His amazing grace. You can never be saved until you walk close to Him. If you draw near unto Him He will draw near unto you. Amen.

It has prophesied the things that are to take place with His truly anointed Church. For they will have the Word. They will he a Word Bride, here it is today, just as it was then” (The Anointed Ones at the End Time, page 21).
2.                 “We were predestined of God for this hour. The Word of God manifests itself right through us and we live in the Presence of God by the Word of promise.” (The Easter Seal, page 39).
3.                 “…The Son of Man has already come from glory and is revealing Himself…”
4.                 The Prophet was seeing it afar off as something that was fulfilling immediately.
5.                 “…The Son of Man has already come from glory and is revealing Himself for the past few years to His Church in mercy…”
7.                 “…showing them His great Presence, doing the same things that He did when He was here on Earth. Revealing Himself like He did to Abraham before the destruction.
8.                 He has come now in mercy, revealing Himself to the Church. It is being laughed at and scoffed at. The next thing, He reveals Himself in judgement of the world and the nations that forget God and sinned away their day of grace.” (Will The Church Go Through The Tribulations? 01/09/58)
9.                 “Looking to my left, I saw a small heap of smooth-baked bread. There were white fowls standing near it, but they would not eat much of it. Then the Lord said to me; ‘do you know them?’ I said ‘No’. Then He said, that is your tabernacle, and they will not eat ‘the Bread of Life anymore. I am sending you this way,’ then I jumped...” (I Was Not Disobedient To The Heavenly Vision, Booklet)
10.            “There will never, never come salvation to the world anymore. They have passed the line between grace and judgment — His judgments are in the Earth Now.” (08/23/64).
11.            “Notice, when the Word was in Moses, He was God in flesh. When it was in Jesus, it was God in flesh, see! Only thing He done was change His mask, not His Word, not His nature. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He only changes His form: He changed from Noah to Moses. He changed from Moses to David, from David to Joseph; on down till He come into the fullness of the Godhead bodily.
12.            See! It is still the same God, Amen, Amen. I hope that gets through, see! It is the same God but He just takes another veil.
13.            Now, Moses was the Word that day because the Word was given to him for that day. Moses, Joseph, was the word in his days, portraying Christ exactly. Each one of them was the Word.
14.            And when Jesus came, He was the Word in its fullness because the whole plan of redemption laid in Him. “(Unveiling of God, Vol. 9 No. 1 page 21).
15.            “The Word made Flesh? The Word operating in human flesh, by physical signs, by material signs, by scriptural signs, perfectly to bring you to a perfect Faith for a perfect rapture.” (Perfect Faith, page28).
16.            “But the Word keep what He has said, and He is trying to find that person (singular) that He can vindicate Himself through .Now, that does not mean that He has to do it to everybody In the time of Moses led the children of Israel, there was One, that was Moses The rest of them (plural) just followed the message” (He That Is In You, page 27).
17.            ‘Do not begin to wonder why you have not seen or known these truths before God has always revealed Himself to only one Man first, and that Man will see the errors on the land, be the link to the true God, and the rest must follow Him gladly for in Him alone lies eternal life for that day.
18.            The Son of Man has not stammered from the very beginning till today. He has been affirming His authority within and without. Bypass Me and you go to Hell. If you feel that I am bragging, try it.
19.            Has God vindicated two persons at a time? He said that it must be one. How many was He looking for? One. The rest will follow gladly. Whoever refuses to follow for reasons best known to him or her, where will the person end it? Destruction.
20.            What if you say that He does not want to save me, He hates me, He does not talk good concerning me like Sister Thomas who was demonstrating against Me recently in the general hospital. What if you say that He does not want to save me, he hates me, I cannot?
21.            WHETHER YOU CAN OR CANNOT, THE MATTER IS CONCLUDED: IN ME LIETH ETERNAL LIFE. IN ME LIETH ETERNAL DESTRUCTION. I AM HOLDING THE KEY OF HELL AND OF HEAVEN. If I want to let you in, I will let you in. even if you are worse than Mary Magdalene, I do not care. Even if you are worse than Zacchaeus I do not care.
22.            “…Lord when is the time at hand? When the revelation of Jesus Christ has been revealed to the body of Christ and Christ has been revealed, not dead but alive.”
23.            The Christ that is revealed in our midst is it revealed as a dead Christ? He is alive and kicking. If He is not alive He will not come to the pulpit and stand. Look at the photograph there. Is that photograph that of one that is dead? What of where it was taken live before you? We are not talking about lamination now. No, no, no. Brother Nwogbu stop looking at me for you cannot see Christ in me, you will see Brother Odoemena. This is true.
24.            “…living in His Church. Doing the same things He did; the same ministry, the same Gospel, the same sign, the resurrected Christ. When He is revealed by His angel into the Church, then the time is at hand.” (Vol. 1. 13, page 14, para. 78, Branham’s Golden Nuggets).
25.            We attended a burial ceremony at Enu Onitsha and I was telling my wife that I never liked where we were placed for many, many reasons. The whole masquerade were coming and I was sure that one may know me. Not until we got home and they were calling Me over the phone. One said that he was the masquerade that came and met me and my wife on the table. That he wanted to go back but he came back and examined me very well.
26.            I said what is happening? He said, “Does it mean that you have forgotten us? I make sure that I came back the last time and saw you and your wife sitting down.” I asked him saying “My friend, how did you happen to get my number?” He said that Lawrence gave him my number. I said, “Law, how did you happen to get it?” he said, “I lost it before and I got it at last.”
27.            I TOLD BROTHER KELECHI, “DO YOU SEE HOW THEY ARE REJOICING. SAYING THIS MAN IS A VERY HAPPY MAN, HE DANCED MORE THAN EVERYBODY BUT THEY NEVER KNOW THAT THE CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH ATTENDED A BURIAL CEREMONY.” They were only interested in my money, so that I will promote them. The same way Jesus attended a wedding feast at Cana, the people were only interested in the wine, hence they requested for wine. Halleluiah.
28.            Well, to God be the glory. Who can build a house where God can dwell? That is the way they esteemed God. However, God came into the house of Brother Tony Egbuna for the first time and said to Brother Tony Egbuna, “The greatest thing has happened to you and your family. It is a blessing and no longer a curse. The death of your elder Brother has brought Me for the first time to your house.”
29.            You see, God can use any opportunity, any condition. I was going through the message “The Revelation of Latent Powers,” where it says that God can use every opportunity to his own advantage. He can use unfavorable conditions and turn them to favorable conditions.
30.            I said, “If your elder brother never died, truly speaking, nothing would have carried me to your house.” Moreover, the testimony is such that it is only my wife that can say it. She was the one that asked to go, I gave her everything and she volunteered to go, but the excessive of duties in the office coupled with her studies at ANSU carried her too long. And there is no way the burial could take place without the Son of Man at least going to see Brother Tony, to know how he is faring. Hence, I took my son, we went there.
31.            When we got there, we were missing our way, However, we thank God that when we were guessing on which way do we take, a boy appeared, and the boy happened to be a relation to Sister Egbuna by name Chukwudubem. The boy appeared from nowhere and directed us to the right place.
32.            What a blessing! If you do not know that it is a blessing, go and pray hard that the Almighty can come to your house and you have a privilege to give Him a cup of water or even kolanut or even you do not give Him anything, simply say “Daddy, you are welcome!” It is a blessing if you have the revelation. If it is not a blessing it is because you are seeing a man. Glory be to God!
33.            “…God was revealed in Christ, Jehovah revealed in Christ. Now, where’s God to be revealed? In His Church with His people, in us.”
34.            Where is He to be revealed? In His Church. Note in “HIS”. In other words, He has a Church. He has only but one Church where He is residing. Are you surprised at what God said at the beginning? “Why I am jealous over Jerusalem with Godly Jealousy. Why I do not want any projector to near this place for this is where the totality of my family is emptied. Besides I have my friends and well-wishers I can never afford to miss.”
35.            How can I close my eyes and see enemies robbing here? It is impossible. I MUST use heavy fire to hedge you around. Others can talk nonsense, not here. Others can believe nonsense but not here. This is the livewire of the Bridal Faith.
36.            “…The same Spirit, the same manifestation, the same love, the same forgiveness, the same longsuffering, gentleness, patience, peace, mercy. All that was in Christ is in the Church.” (The Patmos Vision, page 81).
37.            For your information, Apostle Ugochukwu of the family of God at Egbema was excommunicated from the Bridal Faith worldwide. You are warned to stay clear from him either by phone or in any form or shape. He remains a reprobate till further notice. Do not ask me when he will be restored! It may be in eternity. The reason was not the problem that was handled before, no.
38.            When I say I have pardoned, I have pardoned. If you know me, you will know me for that. Once I say that I have pardoned, I have pardoned and I will never wreck that matter up against you. Even if I remind you of it, I do not intend to punish you but to make sure that you do not repeat that problem, because once history of the past is forgotten, the mistake of the past is repeated.
39.            He was excommunicated and put off with the hand of the Son of Man. Nobody excommunicated him, no elder but the Son of Man Himself. Why? Five charges were raised against him which he accepted, and presented a weak defense.
40.            The charges were one, stubbornness. Two, insubordination. Three, hostility. Four, disrespect. five, arrogance. These five charges were raised against him, which he manifested towards the Son of Man, not to any Elder. He was the one that called Me over the phone. He was the one that manifested the five charges. I queried him on that and he said yes, that I was lying, that he was pleading for pardon, that he was very much angry. I asked him, “Who are you angry at? You were accused before the Son of Man by your own biological brother who happened to be a police officer that answers the same surname with you, Obi; serving in Rivers State. You duped him thirty-five thousand Naira.
41.            Our brother Modestus Oduah, a Police officer serving in the same state accused you, attaching verifiable documents, buttressing his accusation that you duped him thirty-five thousand Naira.
42.            You were running a fake examination special centre, duping your people. You collected the money in 2010, that you were writing exam for them. You never gave them result, the whole of 2010, 2011 they were demanding for the result and you gave them fake scratch cards not knowing that they were Police officers. They showed mercy, instead of arresting you, they came.
43.            In 2012 you came with another which was last two weeks ago. You came with another scratch card which they scratched and every one of the cards was saying absent, absent, absent. Then I summoned you to appear before me within five days to come and defend the charges that were wrecked up against you by your people, including a heathen.”
44.            I suspended him from fellowshipping, suspended him from the pulpit but I never excommunicated him, in return he called me and manifested the highest form of arrogance, disrespect and so on to Me. I was left with no other alternative than to call him and tell him to listen to Me alternatively, “I was dishing out instruction to you using brother Loveday, your Pastor and your Elders. Now hear me, from this morning, one, you are excommunicated from the Bridal Faith throughout the world, you are stamped out of our fellowship. You are never to near our fellowship ground or to communicate with any brother or sister in this Faith till further notice.” He slumped down and started weeping.
45.            I passed the information to Brother Loveday to send across to Pastor Promise, Deacon Anselem and finally to Elder Oduah. Only for Brother Loveday to tell me that immediately Pastor Promise stepped into his office that morning, my phone call came, so Pastor Promise used his ears to hear all that I said. Deacon Anselem enquired; I confirmed it and made it even stronger.
46.            God has not become destructive until He has unveiled Himself to the Elders. Be it known to you again that the two Apostles we have in Lagos namely, Apostle Ugonna and Apostle Monday were benched on 26th August 2012 and they will remain benched indefinitely.
47.            They are ordinary members of the fellowship. If the axe has started failing on the Apostles who are number one in the Fivefold Ministry, definitely it must go down the line.
48.            In calling, first he called the Apostles, secondly, Prophets. Am I right? Third, Evangelists, four, Pastors, five, Teachers. Please take note, the Son of Man’s axe has started coming, so wait for your own turn. If you are wise, pray for yourself for my eyes will not spare. The time has come when his judgment will first start in His own sanctuary and it will start with the Elders that do not have the mark of Christ.
49.            Do not ever play with all those dreams that we revealed for all of them spoke the same thing, even the one that came from Obosima. One thing common with them is that they all came from infants. The two that came from Onitsha came from infants and the other one that came from Obosima came from an infant and they knew not one another.
50.            As you go through this Message, begin to tighten up those loose things that are in your character. Begin to tighten them, otherwise dying minute problem is not a good thing.
51.            You say, “I slept with you, I fed you, I even gave you money, I bought a house for you, I bought a car for you, I did this and that, they are rubbish and useless nonsense.” The highest thing you can call the Son of Man is an ungrateful man, finish. If you are counting your salvation on those things, know it that you have missed it all for obedience is better than sacrifice. To be compassionate is to do the will of God. I am here to do the will of my Father who sent Me. Moreover, He that sent Me is constantly with Me.
52.            “God was revealed in Christ, Jehovah revealed in Christ. Now, where’s God to be revealed? In His Church with His people…”
53.            Who is revealing Himself? Jehovah. The Elohim is the One revealing Himself as Christ in His Church. Note that word “HIS”. When we say that it does not belong to you, it belongs to Him. Thus, “Upon this Rock I will build my Church.” It is His Church.
54.            If it is Grace of God Mission, it is Paul Nweke’s or Paul Nwachukwu’s Church. If it is Deeper Life Church, it is William Kumuyi’s Church. Is it not true? But this one, this one, no.
55.            “…now, where’s God to be revealed? In His Church with His people…”  
56.            In other words, there are the people of God. You are the children of the Kingdom. You are the people of God and for your sake a Saviour is sent and it is not from afar off, but your own kinsman. The Kinsman Redeemer. We are the people of God. The triumphant Church.
57.            Now, where’s God: to be revealed? In His Church with His people, in us. The same Spirit, the same manifestation, the same love, the same forgiveness, the same longsuffering, gentleness, patience, peace, mercy. All that was in Christ is in the Church.” (The Patmos Vision, page 81). “I believe the Church is standing now on the threshold of the greatest vindication of omnipotent…”
58.            As at that time. Has it come to pass? Have we seen the greatest vindication of the Omnipotent the world has ever known? If the world has ever seen it, it would have been documented.
59.            Even the group would have been made known. If not that we were forbidden from advertising our Church, we would have shaken the whole Earth.
60.            The Bride is holding the power that is shaking the hour. We are not following cunningly devised fables. This message was preached before I was born. If we tell you, we show you at the same time. There is a reason why I am stirring up this pure minds in all of you by way of putting you in remembrance.
61.            Was this thing documented now? God documented it and kept it since, and once any one of them comes to pass ,you see it live with your eyes. If you do not believe the first, you believe the second. If do not believe the second, you believe the third, but a believer believeth all things.
62.            “…That greatest vindication of Omnipotent is already here. He is in His Church revealing the mind of God to the people of God for the salvation of their souls. He is a man in the outside of Him, but Deity in the inside.
63.            William Branham is a Prophet. He is a man sent by God. He said, “How can I make this type of statement seeing that I am connected to over ten million people worldwide.” Can the Prophet make the statement if He is not sure? This type of prophecy makes me run mad with anybody that will begin to talk blah blah blah.
64.            “…That greatest vindication of Omnipotent is already here. He is in His Church revealing the mind of God to the people of God for the salvation of their souls. He is a man in the outside of Him but Deity in the inside. God reveals Himself to an individual and quickly he becomes deity in the inside of him. From the message, (Come Hither Quickly. 2/2/58).
65.            The bishop, the bishop! Papa Uwakwe, if you are patience, you will meet good things. You have been alive and see the Saviour. To God be the glory.
66.            Have you not seen His face? Can’t you describe Him now? Just take a look on the Supernatural Being in the photograph! Do not allow this photograph to condemn you. Take a look at it very well; let us see whether we can see His face. Can we see His face? Watch it very well! Can we see His face? Does He have a face? Watch it very well! Are you seeing the head? Are you sure?
67.            Can we describe the being in the photograph? Are you sure? Watch it very well! It resembles a human being. Who does it resemble? Watch it very well. Look at it very well. Look at Him, look at Him. He is in His Church. Have you seen this type of thing before? Has it happened elsewhere? Since you started going to Church, have you seen God? Both Olumba-olumba, Jehovah’s Witness and the rest of them, have you seen God before? But only in His Church.
68.            Look at it very well. Does it look like a human being? Are you sure that it resembles a human being? The bishop! Have you seen this since you started going to Church. If you do not believe the first, you do not believe the second, and you do not even believe the third, then prepare yourself for destruction.
69.            The masquerade appeared the first time and we saw black clouds everywhere. He came out the second time, came out the third time and you still not believe the sign. If you do not believe the first sign, you do not believe the second sign, you do not believe the third sign, even though one rises from the dead, you will not believe.

The greatest Omnipotent is already here. He is in His Church revealing the mind of God to the people of God for the salvation of their souls. He is man in the outside but Deity in inside. God reveals Himself to an individual, and quickly He becomes Deity in the inside of him.”  (Come Hither Quickly. 2/2/58).
2.                 “God always deals with one individual. Two men have got two ideas. There never were two major Prophets on the Earth prophesying at the same time. Look back and see if there was. No sir, He’s got to get one Man completely surrendered and use that man. He searches for that person, but there will be one sometime — somebody who will listen to Him word for word.” (Third Exodus, page 13).
3.                 Each age has had its message  and its messenger. All through the times, every age has packed its message with a messenger. God in every dispensation, has sent forth someone anointed with the Holy Spirit, to bring forth His message for that age, every time.” (The power of Transformation, page 25).
4.                 Now, we are in the evening time. And the messengers down through the age... we find out that at the beginning, when a messenger was sent, to misconstrue his word or to doubt one word, it was total annihilation and eternal separation from God to misconstrue that messenger’s word.
5.                 And the first messenger was God Himself. And every other messenger has been God speaking through a man, since, which is God’s Word, for there’s no man then for Him to speak through but just the one He was talking to.
6.                 But since He has made man and redeemed man, it’s been God speaking through man. He uses not the agency of any mechanical device, but the agency of man, a man that’s surrendered and consecrated to God.” (The end time Evangelism, page 12 and 13).
7.                 A wicked and adulterous generation would receive the sign of the resurrection, a sign of this generation before burning. The Elohim in human flesh. What’s a sign of? The Elohim back in the Bride in human flesh again in the last days, doing the same thing. (Signs of His coming. 7/4/62).
8.                 God goes to Church every day; lives in the Church. He lives in you. You are His Church. You are the tabernacle that God dwells in. You are the Church of the Living God yourself. And if the Living God lives in His living being, then your action is of God. If it isn’t, then God isn’t in there.”  (Why cry? Speak! 14/7/63).
9.                 The same Gospel, the same Christ that lived in flesh back yonder at the beginning on the Eastern people, shall live again in the Western people at the end-time.” (Feast of the trumpets, page 35. 19/7/64).
10.            “Give me a Church that’s so completely  anointed with God till their every action and move is ‘Thus Saith The Lord’, walk in the Shekinah glory. I’ll show you a Messiah, Anointed One of God, standing upon the Earth. (Who do you say this is? Page 25, 27/12/64).
11.            Do not expect to find the anointed one in this day, in some counterfeit, dead, denominational Church. No Sir! He must be revealed in a Church that is totally surrendered to God and every of their action is, “Thus saith the Lord”. The Bride of Christ is the only Church on Earth that has met this qualification, and therefore, the only Church where God has revealed Himself. Has it not come to pass?
12.            ”God had to open up those seals, not in a denomination. I’ve always been against it. But out of the denomination, that He might take a Bride: not a denominated Bride: He couldn’t do it. It’s against His own Word. He opened those seven mysteries in there, and it shows forth, brings forth those things that’s been hidden since the foundation of the world — might be revealed in the last days to Sons of God ‘ (Invisible Union of the Bride, page 43. 25/11/65).
13.            The Son of Man will be revealed in a body of flesh, you people, the Church, just exactly like it was before the days of Sodom, a called out group, away from all of them, setting out; believing the promise of God.” (Work is Faith Expressed, page 44. 26/11/65).
14.            “The message, I think kinda baffled him a little especially on some of the things that we hold dear and believe, that — that it came to us.
15.            Through the opening of the Seven Seals as we believe such as ‘Serpent Seed and Eternal Security of the believers,’ arid so forth, some of these messages. That, maybe to others.. we do not think that is hard, but it — if — you’ve got open your heart to Truth.”  (What House will you build me, page 1. 25/11/65).
16.            “Open your heart while you read. Do not get scared,  puzzled at this message. Even if it is sounding strange to you, just open your heart and read on. Do not get offended and stop because it is not sounding like what you already know.
17.            “Here comes Luther out in reformation, his words that — his Church will not work today. Wesley’s will not, Pentecostals will not. It worked in their days, but it’s another day. This is the opening of the Seven Seals. I know it sounds strange to you but God has vindicated it so perfectly, there’s no question in it, just perfectly.” (Invisible Union of the Bride, page 35. 25/11/65).
18.            “When the seven seals was opened, that opened up the entire Bible. (Souls in Prison now, page 24. 22/11/63).
19.            And all things that He hasn’t done, down through the ages, in the Church ages; He is now doing. Back to the Word because the messages, and the messages has to wind up in the ‘Entire’ Word. And in the last days, the Seven Seals being open, was to pick up every straggle that has been left in it and make the whole thing, in one great, big body of the Bride, that, them who lived back there was not perfect, until this Church been perfected, the Bride group in the last days, to bring them in and all together be taken up. See!” (Desperation, page 6. 9/1/63).
20.            “He is the one who opened those seals. He is those Seals. For the whole Word of God is Christ (the Anointed One) and Christ is the Seals that was opened. What is the opening of those Seals then? Revealing Christ (the Anointed One). (Rising of the Sun, page 45. 18/4/65).
21.            “This hour we are living in was predicted. Everything just happened just exactly the way it was. Then, when... .what is it? It’s the Spoken Word which is vindicated by God, makes it the Light of the hour. (see!) Just like the Sun is.(Shalom, page 39. 12/04/64).
22.            THEY MISSED HIM. “They missed Him each time. They always have. When He revealed Himself in Moses, revealed Himself in Noah, revealed Himself in Elijah, all the Prophets. They missed it each time. Jesus said, ‘which one of your fathers hasn’t put the Prophets in the tomb out there that they’re garnishing now?’ That’s true. It’s always been true. It is true yet today.” (Looking unto Jesus, page 4. 22/01/64).
23.            The Son of Man has already come from glory and is revealing Himself for the past few years to His Church in mercy, showing them His great Presence, doing the same things that He did when He was here on Earth, revealing Himself like He did to Abraham. Before the destruction, he has come now in mercy, revealing Himself to the Church. It’s being laughed at and scoffed at. The next time He reveals Himself, it’ll be in judgement on the world and the nations that forgot God and sinned their way of grace — their day of grace; rather, away.”  (Called Out. 09/01/58).
24.            “All right. They missed Him, the living Word manifested in the flesh by the Word that is promised. The Word promised to do these things. The promise was made, and it’ll be like this in the last days. ‘As it was in the day of Sodom, so shall it be in the coming of the Son of Man.” (Third Seal, page 252. 20/03/63).
25.            “He came in the power of the scriptures, exactly the interpretation of the scripture. But the people of that day, that was looking for Him to come missed Him because they had an interpretation that they could not go from that interpretation. They must have it their way.’ (Sirs, we will see Jesus, page 13. 12/11/63).
26.             If God comes contrary to your long established ideas, will you believe him or will you have it your own way and call Him devil? Do not answer “yes” or “No” for your action is already your answer! NOW THE MESSAGE WAS SO SIMPLE THAT THE SMART WAS TOO SMART TO BELIEVE THE SIMPLICITY OF THE MESSAGE.
27.            “We stumble over simplicity. That’s how we miss God, is by stumbling over simplicity. God is so simple until the scholars of these days and all days missed Him a million miles, because in their intellects, they know that there’s nothing like Him so great. But in His revelation, He makes it so simple they go plumb over top of it and missed it.”  (God in simplicity, page 22. 17/03/63).
28.            “Even John said, now, look at John the Prophet; he said, ‘Go and ask Him, is He actually the One?’ So humble till that Prophet missed it... said, ‘Is He the One, or do we seek for another?”  (Q & A on the seal, page 498. 24/03/63).
29.            “But the theologians had it all figured out their way, missed Him a hundred miles. But He never comes to the Word. He came according to the Word. But why didn’t they receive Him? Because He did not come the way they thought He ought to come. That’s exactly the way they missed Noah. That’s the way they missed Moses. That’s the way they missed it all down through the ages. They failed to see the simplicity of God doing something, see!”  (God hidding Himself in Simplicity. 12/04/63).
30.            “That’s where the Church is missing it today. It’s that spiritual discernment to see what God’s a doing. And they went over the top for something here that’s going on right here, and it’ll bypass you before you know it.”(We will see Jesus. 08/02/61).
31.            “But the people then missed it just as they missed it and do it today, same thing. They do— for the reason they missed it, for they were too smart to believe it. See! Now, the message was so simple that the smart was too smart to believe the simplicity of the message.  (God in Simplicity, page 26. 17/03/63).
32.            “When I think of the blinded human beings on this Earth who see, but yet, cannot understand... see God come into the meeting and perform the very same things that He performed when He was here, it is just as they missed it and the same things. For they go contrary But why come on Earth, see Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God perform and act; and do just as He did when He was here on Earth, and still they do not understand. How can it be? Because their eyes are not opened: Looking for some great something to happen in the future when its right now, and you fail to see it: God, come into my heart and open the doors to my eyes that I might see.” (I stand at the door and Knock. 08/12/57).
33.            “Let me say this: you’re looking for something to come to pass that’s already here, it’s going a past you, and you do not know it. You’re trying to place it a future.” (Have Faith in God. 05/01/57).
34.            Man has always believed God in the past or future but not in the present. It is very easy to say, “It shall come to pass” or “And it came to pass”, but not “Behold the hour has come even now!” Most men love postponing God’s program because they are unbelievers by nature.
35.            That is the very reason they laughed at God or the God sent Man whenever he speaks authoritatively, declaring the mind of God concerning any matter in their day. Whenever such people read the Bible they expect some great things to happen in the future, like Christ’s coming with a loud shout from the sky, not knowing that the very Christ is among them in simplicity, but they always miss Him. Why? Because the Bible they read paints a very wrong photograph of one great mighty event coming in the future.
36.            “Man is always the same ever. Now, I’m going to say something again, and I want you… and I do not know whether it’s been taped or not, but if it’s on tape, I want you to listen at me, you on the tape, do not you miss it. But study it. Man now is like he’s always been. He’s praising God for what He’s done, looking forward to what He will do, and ignoring what he has done and is doing.
37.            He praises God for what He has done, he looks forward to what he will do, but he ignores what God’s a doing, and there He misses the whole thing. Hope they get it, see! Ignoring what He’s doing … he knows what he has done, and he knows the promise, what he will do, but fails to see what He’s doing.
38.            Oh, you Pentecostals, if you are not example of that. You’re looking forward for something to happen, it’s already … it’s happened right under you, and you do not know it”. (Reproach for the word, page 24, 25. 23/12/62).
39.            “Now each generation when … the Church usually get it so mixed up, and everything till… when the time come for the word to be fulfilled, they’re looking back to some other generation, way back some other day. And they miss seeing what’s happened in that day”. (Sirs! We will see Jesus. 18/03/64).
40.            “Then there is nothing left but judgment when mercy has been spurned. And here we are at the end of the road. The supernatural being done. It’s been laughed at and made fun of. And the last thing, God has come in His own power, in His own beloved son to work through His Church, and they say it is spiritualism, or the devil.
41.            What else can be left but judgment? And here is the handwriting on the wall. But if that close and any teachers knows that the Church in the rapture before the tribulation sets in, so if that is that close, could happen before morning, what about the rapture? It’s closer than that”. (Handwriting on the wall. 08/01/58).
42.            “God has dealt with His Church all along through signs, wonders, but the last thing was to be God manifested in the flesh of His Church, like He was in human flesh there. And show that same sign that Messiah had already represented Himself among His people just before the fire falls at the last day; a credential to confirm that the word Jesus promised is the truth”. (Confirmation of the Commission. 22/01/62).
43.            “He’s never done them since all the age, until the closing of the Gentile’s Dispensation, that we are now living in. And this wicked and adulterous generation has received the sign of the resurrection, the last sign to be given to the Church”. (Greater than Solomon is here. 25/06/58).
44.            People are looking forward to a great something to come, and you’re at the end of what has already come. The last sign has been given to the Gentile’s Church. The Jews will have it after the Church is raptured, but we’re in the end of the Gentile Age”. (Discerning Body of the Lord. 12/08/59).
45.            “It is the same spirit that was in Jesus (The word) that is present again in the Church in this last age as a last sign trying to head the people off from judgment, for they that reject Him (The word) are now already come into judgment, crucifying Him afresh. Hebrews 6:6. If they shall fall away, to renew them again unto repentance; seeing they crucify to themselves the son of God afresh, and put Him to an open shame”. (Patmos Vision, Church Age book, chapter 2, page 61).
46.            “I thought, ‘If he’s God, he always was God, He always will be God. So, trying to put it off on some great time in the past or some great time that’s coming on, that’s just the nature of man. Man is always praising God for what He did, looking forward for what He is going to do, and ignoring what He’s doing. That’s just the nature of man. It’s always been that way, and it still remains that way tonight. (Sirs we will see Jesus, 18/04/64).
47.            “Today we are always like…man is always praising God for what he has done, always looking forward for what He will do, and ignoring what He’s doing. It’s always been that same thing”. (Identified Christ of all ages, 01/04/64).
48.            “Man is always praising God for what he has done, looking forward for what he will do and ignoring what He’s doing. That’s as good as the devil wants him to be very religious. Scholars and educators prove what he has done, and prove just what He’s going to do, and ignoring what he is doing. See? That’s where it’s always been the same”. (Christ is Identified the same, 15/04/64).
49.            “I will promise you this, you’ll never be any closer to Him, until you meet Him face-to-face for this is His spirit. (Prophet like unto Moses, 20/11/65).
50.            Have you met Him face-to-face? Glory be to God in the highest! You see! What if we are not fulfilling all these prophecies? How can these prophecies fulfill in our midst and somebody in our midst is still limping in fear as whether he will be translated or not. If you are limping in fear it is because you are unfaithful to the teachings of the Son of Man.
51.            Whenever a child is not obedient to the voice of his parents, he fears the parents. If you are faithful to the teachings, you have nothing to fear. It is written in the scriptures and I quote that the people of God must be taught by God because they must have Him in person as their Teacher. Who have been teaching you all these years? God. Who is your Saviour? God.
52.            “…Quit being frustrated and wandering about, you’ll never be any closer until you meet Him face-to-face, while remember, in the Bible, thus saith the Holy Spirit, He’s in your midst, how can you doubt? He’s proved that His Presence is here”. (From that time, 2/3/60).
53.            “I now want to accept Him while He’s here, I’m in His Presence, you will never be any closer till you see Him face-to-face…”
54.            You will never be any closer until you see Him face-to-face. Can you be closer to anything you cannot see?
55.            “…Because here, all of His characteristics is identified right here now; healing the sick and knowing the secret of the heart. He is the word of this hour”. (Christ is identified the same, 15/ 04/64).
56.            “You’ll never be no closer to Him until you meet Him. He’s identified, something real”. (Greater than Solomon is here, 6/3/64).
57.            “You’ll probably never be no closer to Him until you see Him in person when he comes in His visible body from the Heavens. (Proving His Word, 26/4/95).
58.            William Branham is a Prophet. If you believe it say amen. God has never fooled us for one day. These messages have been lying there in the message “Son of Man, Our Link to the Truth.” Something you have set aside.
59.            I am sure that many have not gone to this message for over one year, some two years, while some do not even know where they kept their own. I know from now that many will be desiring to have their own personal copy.
60.            Igwe Amobi, do not ever open that library for I know that I have some copies I kept there. I know the number, if you give out one, I know. As many as do not have it, when are you going to have it? Maybe in millennium. Those that misplaced their own, I do not know what to say.  
61.            Do you know one funny thing in that message? My children bought a very big “Ghana must go bag” and they were packing all outdated books, more especially their school books inside that bag and many of their sermon books which they are no longer reading.
62.            I was sitting down on their bed while Wisdom was busy with Chiamaka doing the packing. I began to select out some of the books, and I said to them, “No! These ones are very useful in this family for now.”
63.            A little while they packed in this book “Son of Man, Our Link to the Truth” and I asked them saying, “Are you crazy? This is the hour we need it!” Thus, I brought it out.
64.            Is it not the hour? If there is any time this message is due to be read, it is now. If there is anytime the purpose for writing it is fulfilled, it is now. A good number of our ministers do not know these truths. If you do not know prophecies, how can you know when they have fulfilled?  
65.            “…you’ll probably never be any closer to Him until you see Him in person when He comes in His visible body from the Heavens.”
66.            And there is no other place He landed than this GTC, Jerusalem. The Consolation of the poor is Christ; the Consolation of the desolate, the Consolation of the rejected and despised remains in Christ. Glory be to God! Without Christ, what hope do we have? We would have been in the way with others which is everlasting destruction.!
67.            “…Do not leave, just come here and stand around. Some of you people that really believe this to be truth, that we are entering another age…”
68.            When we enter, did He make it known? They were doubting it and they did not know when we entered another age; The Messianic Age.
69.            “…We’re entering the raptured age...”
70.            What are we expecting now? What is left to be fulfilled? It is rapture, the translation of the Saints.
71.            “…You know the Church cannot go in its condition, and cannot get any better, it must get worse. How many knows that, say, Amen…”
72.            Is it not true? Are all the Churches not getting worse every day? It’s got to get worse, and it cannot go like that, see, it’s got be something, and it’s moving right now, friends it’s… it’s on, the move is on for the Bride. That’s the truth. That’s thus saith the Lord”. (Invisible Union of the Bride. 25/11/65).
73.            “Remember, Jesus Promised to appear here at the end of the Gentile age and do the same thing as He did when he presented Himself to the Jews. How did He do it? By discerning their thoughts and telling them where they’d been and all about such things. It was that right? How many knows that’s true?
74.            That was the last sign before destruction, here it is again tonight, the same Holy Spirit, with His photograph taken (The pillar of fire) every scientific thing like it was in those days in Babylon, here it is, right back again tonight, we’re at the end-time”. (Signs of the end-time, 20/5/58).

Before I switch over to something else, I want to show you a little thing: IS AFRICA IN GOD’S PROGRAMME?
2.                 Some people behave as if Africa is not included in God’s programme. How? Yes, some people often label anything that is associated with Africa or the black race devilish. Even the so-called white race also confirms this ungodly feeling of apathy towards the black by their racial discrimination. This allusion that God is a white man has penetrated so deep in the hearts of men that it will take God Himself to uproot this false assumption.
3.                 Let me say it that God has more dealings with African countries than any other continent in the Gentile world. Apart from Africa and Asia, no other continent in the Gentile world seen boldly written or spoken of in the Bible. Let us concern ourselves with Africa for now.
4.                 Genesis chapter 2 verse 13, “And the name of the second river is Gihon: the same is it that compasseth the whole land of Ethiopia.” KJV.
5.                 Africa was recognized in the holy Bible right from the second chapter of the book of Genesis (The beginning).
6.                 Genesis 10 verse 6, “The sons of Ham-Cush, Egypt, Libya, and Canaan – were the ancestors of the peoples who bear their names. GNB.
7.                 This allusion that God is a man has penetrated so deep in the hearts of men that it will take God Himself to uproot this false assumption. 
8.                 Genesis chapter 12 verses 10-15, “And there was a famine in the land: and Abram went down into Egypt to sojourn there; for the famine was grievous in the land.
9.                 And it came to pass, when he was come near to enter into Egypt, that he said unto Sarai his wife, Behold now, I know that thou art a fair woman to look upon:
10.            Therefore it shall come to pass, when the Egyptians shall see thee, that they shall say, This is his wife: and they will kill me, but they will save thee alive.
11.            Say, I pray thee, thou art my sister: that it may be well with me for thy sake; and my soul shall live because of thee.
12.            And it came to pass, that, when Abram was come into Egypt, the Egyptians beheld the woman that she was very fair. The princes also of Pharaoh saw her, and commended her before Pharaoh: and the woman was taken into Pharaoh's house.” KJV.
13.            Genesis 15 verse 18, “Then and there the Lord made a covenant with Abraham. He said, “I promise to give your descendants all their lands from the border of Egypt to the River Euphrates. GNB.
14.            Genesis 37 verse 28, “Then there passed by Midianites merchantmen;  and they drew and lifted up Joseph out of the pit, and sold Joseph to the Ishmeelites for twenty pieces of silver:  and they brought Joseph into Egypt. KJV.
15.            Genesis 36 verses 1-4, “Now these are the generations of Esau, who is Edom. Esau took his wives of the daughters of Canaan; Adah the daughter of Elon the Hittite, and Aholibamah the daughter of Anah the daughter of Zibeon the Hivite;
16.            And Bashemath Ishmael's daughter, sister of Nebajoth. And Adah bore to Esau Eliphaz; and Bashemath bore Reuel.” KJV.
17.            Israel had to come to Africa to be multiplied. In other words, before Israel became an established nation, God had already blessed and established Africa. No wonder civilization started in Africa.
18.            Genesis chapter 41 verse 45, “And Pharaoh called Joseph's name Zaphnath-paaneah; and he gave him to wife Asenath the daughter of Poti-pherah priest of On. And Joseph went out over all the land of Egypt.”  KJV.
19.            The tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh are half Africa, half Israel because Joseph their father married an African. If you are of the opinion that Joseph was wrong to have married an African, the ‘cursed’ race, then consider Moses the servant of the most high God.
20.            Numbers 12 verse 1, “And Miriam and Aaron spake against Moses because of the Ethiopian woman whom he had married:  for he had married an Ethiopian woman.” KJV.
21.            God punished Miriam for murmuring against His servant because he married an African. Carefully read the scripture verses quoted below and you will notice that God had always had Africa in mind.
22.            2 Chronicles 12 verses 1-3, “As soon as Rehoboam had established his authority as king, he and all his people abandoned the law of the Lord. In the fifth year of Rehobaom’s reign their disloyalty to the Lord was punished.
23.            King Shishak of Egypt attacked Jerusalem with an Army of twelve hundred chariots, sixty thousand horsemen, and more soldiers than could be counted, including Libyan, Sukkite, and Sudanese troops.” GNB.
24.            2 Chronicles chapter 14 verses 9-13, “And there came out against them Zerah the Ethiopian with a host of a thousand thousand, and three hundred chariots; and came unto Mareshah. Then Asa went out against him, and they set the battle in array in the valley of Zephathah at Mareshah.
25.            And Asa cried unto the LORD his God, and said, LORD, it is nothing with thee to help, whether with many, or with them that have no power: help us, O LORD our God; for we rest on thee, and in thy name we go against this multitude. O LORD, thou art our God; let not man prevail against thee.
26.            So the LORD smote the Ethiopians before Asa, and before Judah; and the Ethiopians fled.
27.            And Asa and the people that were with him pursued them unto Gerar: and the Ethiopians were overthrown, that they could not recover themselves; for they were destroyed before the LORD, and before his host; and they carried away very much spoil. And they smote all the cities round about Gerar; for the fear of the LORD came upon them: and they spoiled all the cities; for there was exceeding much spoil in them.” KJV.
28.            Ezekiel 38 verse 5, “Men from Pesia, Sudan, and Libya are with him, and all have shields and helmets.” GNB.
29.            Esther chapter 1 verses 1-2, “From His royal throne of Pesia’s capital city of Susa, king Xerxes ruled over 127 provinces, all the way from India to Sudan.” GNB.
30.            Who said that God did not go to school? Which book have you come across this? Have you ever read from any book that contains this information? Who said that God did not go to School? If God did not go to school, who gave Him human brain to establish this type of thing? Something that is hard to believe; just to buttress the fact that God has keen interest in Africa. Reason being that He is a native of Africa, residing in the giant of Africa, in a commercial city  called Onitsha.  
31.            Ezekiel chapter 30 verses 4-5, “There will be war in Egypt and great distress in Sudan. Many in Egypt will be killed ; the country will be plundered and left in ruins. That war will also kill the soldiers hired from Sudan, Lydia, Libya, Arobia, Kub, and even from among my own people. GNB.
32.            Daniel 11 verses 40-43, “When the kings of Syria’s final hour has almost come, the king of Egypt will attack him, and the king of Syria will fight back with all his power, using chariots, horses, and many ships. He will invade many countries like the waters of a flood. He will even invade the promised land and kill tens of thousands, but the countries of Edom, Moab and what is left of Ammon will escape.
33.            When He invades all those countries, even Egypt will not be spared. He will take away Egypt hidden treasures of gold and silver and its other priced possessions. He will conquer Libya and Sudan. GNB.
34.            “I challenge you to show me America and Russia written in the Bible in clear terms”.
35.            Matthew 2 verses 13-15, “After they had left, an angel of the Lord appeared in the dream to Joseph and said, ‘Herod will be looking for the child in other to kill him. So, get up! Take the child and His mother and escape to Egypt…”
36.            For Mary was born and brought up in Egypt. She was an Egyptian woman.
37.            And stay there until I tell you to leave’. Joseph got up, took the child and his mother, and left during the night for Egypt, where he stayed until Herod died. This was done to make what the Lord had said through the Prophet come true, ‘I called my Son out of Egypt’. GNB.
38.            The people of God must have God in person as their Teacher and it will take God to espouse you with the knowledge that Africa is included in God’s salvation programme. Africa is the home of God.
39.            Acts 7 verses 9-10, “Jacob sons became jealous of their brother Joseph and sold Him to be a slave in Egypt. But God was with him and brought him safely through all his troubles. When Joseph appeared before the king of Egypt, God gave him a pleasing manner and wisdom, and the king made Joseph governor over the country and the royal household. GNB.
40.            Remember that the verse we read before said that Joseph was sold to the Ishmaelite. Joseph was sold to the Ishmaelite and the Ishmaelite happened to be the Egyptians. Joseph was sold to the Muslims. Christianity swallowed Judaism, and Judaism took refuge in Islam. Islam preserved Judaism. Are you getting me? If you should ask me to chose between the two, I know where you are going to. While Islam is modern Judaism, Christianity is modern idolatry. Very hard to believe. While Islam is a modified Judaism, Christianity is a modified idolatry. The two are wrong. If Judaism wasn’t wrong, Messiah wouldn’t come. If Christianity was not idolatry, by now rapture would have taken place. And there wouldn’t have been anything called the Son of Man appearing in this end time.
41.            The Son of Man appeared because God looked down and saw nothing but a total departure from the Faith. Apostasy now reigned. If there was no total falling away from the Faith, there would not be any need for restoration. If nothing has fallen away, nothing will be restored.      
42.            Acts 7 verses 1-3, “The high priest asked Stephen, Is this true? Stephen answered, ‘Brothers and fathers listen to me! Before our Ancestor Abraham had gone to live in Haram, the God of glory appeared to him in Mesopotamia and said to him...”
43.            The God of Glory appeared to him where? Mesopotamia. Mesopotamia is what? Babylon. Now it is called Iraq. The God of Abraham appeared to Abraham in Iraq. God is great!
44.            “…And said to him, ‘Leave your family and country and go the land that I will show you. GNB.
45.            Thus, Abraham was a native of Iraq. Abraham did not run to Iraq rather he was born and brought up as a native of Iraq. Hence, if you are sons and daughters of God, if you are Christ, you are Abraham’s descendants and heirs according to the Promise. In other words, your forefathers were Mesopotamians, Babylonians.
46.            You must be a Babylonian before you become a Jew. The origin of the Jewish nation is Abraham. If you are not a Babylonian, you cannot be a Jew. It is the origination of the Jews that brought about the concept Gentiles. Until the Jews appeared, there was no mention of anything Gentile. It was when Abraham left Iraq that the rest of the whole world was declared a Gentile world. It is very hard to believe but the truth is there.
47.            Thus, that Mohammad or whatever you may call him, you were once serving him. If God is not drawn into this picture, the war will not end.
48.            Acts 8 verses 26-39, “And the angel of the Lord spake unto Philip, saying, Arise, and go toward the south unto the way that goeth down from Jerusalem unto Gaza, which is desert.
49.            And he arose and went: and, behold, a man of Ethiopia, an eunuch of great authority under Candace queen of the Ethiopians, who had the charge of all her treasure, and had come to Jerusalem for to worship, Was returning, and sitting in his chariot read Isaiah the prophet.
50.            Then the Spirit said unto Philip, Go near, and join thyself to this chariot.And Philip ran thither to him, and heard him read the prophet Isaiah, and said, Understandest thou what thou readest?
51.            And he said, How can I, except some man should guide me? And he desired Philip that he would come up and sit with him. The place of the Scripture which he read was this, He was led as a sheep to the slaughter; and like a lamb dumb before his shearer, so opened he not his mouth:
52.            In his humiliation his judgment was taken away: and who shall declare his generation? for his life is taken from the earth. And the eunuch answered Philip, and said, I pray thee, of whom speaketh the prophet this? of himself, or of some other man?
53.            Then Philip opened his mouth, and began at the same Scripture, and preached unto him Jesus. And as they went on their way, they came unto a certain water: and the eunuch said, See, here is water; what doth hinder me to be baptized?
54.            And Philip said, If thou believest with all thine heart, thou mayest. And he answered and said, I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. And he commanded the chariot to stand still: and they went down both into the water, both Philip and the eunuch; and he baptized him.
55.            And when they were come up out of the water, the Spirit of the Lord caught away Philip, that the eunuch saw him no more: and he went on his way rejoicing.”  KJV.
56.            “So I’ve watched for something. Has it slipped by us in humanity and we’ve missed it? Is it gone and the Church is left in her sins? If that be so, it’s later than you think. If not, then there’s coming one with a message that’s straight on the Bible, and a quick work that will circle the Earth.
57.            The seeds will go in newspapers, reading material, until every predestinated seed of God has heard it.
58.            None of them will come unless the Father has drawned them, and every one the Father has drawned will hear it and come. That’ll be the predestinated seed will hear the word. Then when that takes place, it will be the gathering together. And Christ will appear…”
59.            Has Christ not appeared? The glory is in the Bride. The Cloud is in the Bride. You are under the canopy of God. You are all covered under the canopy. We have seen the Lord. The glory is here. Do not look around; you are feeding under the Cloud.
60.            “…And there will go a Church from all over the Earth like that, with the resurrection, going up. (Code of conduct (COD) II page 724, para. 179-180).
61.            My mission I believe to the Earth is to forerun the coming word. See! The coming word which is Christ. And Christ in Him has the millennium and has everything right there because He is the word (see!). (The spoken Word is the original seed, page 20, para. 1)
62.            IT IS AFRICA FIRST: THERE LIES THE ETERNAL WORD. Who is eternal? God. Who is the Word? God. It is Africa first for there lies God’s eternal Word.
63.            My meetings haven’t been what they should be for past few years. It’s because I have failed the Lord. He told me to go to Africa and then to India.”
64.            The Lord told him to go to Africa and then to India. But being an American, he said that he will not go to Africa, he then went to India. Why? Because to them we are nothing. We are black monkeys.
65.            Here it is written right here in the back of this book right now. And the manager called me, said, ‘Let them Afrikaans go, India is ready! The Holy Spirit met me, said, ‘You will go to Africa like I told you to’. And another year passed. And the messengers…. I forgot about it, he said, we’re going to India, tickets is ready here. I started off, forgot till got to Lisbon. One night that …I thought I was dying.
66.            The next morning I was started to go over to the bathroom to take a bath. Oh, I was so sick, I could hardly stand up. There that light hanging there in the bedroom, said, ‘I thought I told you to go to Africa first’. My meetings have been slowly failing since that time. Though I went to India, with nearly half a million stand up there, but that wasn’t doing what God said do.
67.            And I feel that my meetings will never be a success until I go right straight back and make that thing right. NO MATTER WHAT I DO IT IS AFRICA FIRST, CAUSE YOU’VE GOT TO DO IT. THERE LAYS GOD’S ETERNAL WORD LAYING THERE. I KNOW BETTER THAN THAT.
68.            But I have got to go back. And I feel that this coming year is the time I’ll crawl out of the shell by the help of the Lord. This glorious old gospel who has been growing easy, like a oak tree, but I believe she’s about ready to spread forth her branches now. I believe it, this great message and great thing. I believe that the Lord will let us shake the world again for the glory of God. (Hebrews book chapter 7, part 1, page 295-296).
70.            “That black Little Sheep may be a black one. It is going to be the last.”
71.            Underline it. The last revival. That “LAST”. Have I not told you that after the Son of Man cometh no other for I am sent to come and gather all the loose ends and present Christ as the Bridegroom; that last sheep. Thus, other sheep have come and gone and the last was being expected and once it crosses you, no more. Let me tell you; we fulfill prophecy ignorantly. If there is any time this message is making impact. No new thing is coming again. It is all over. Note the word, last LITTLE sheep, not great, not big one, that last LITTLE sheep may be a black man oh.
72.            It has turned from being a sheep to a Black Man. It has metamorphosed from sheep to a Man. I am the biggest and greatest masquerade. Have you forgotten about the revelation of the big masquerade? It is only the Son of Man that is Self-existing. I AM THE SELF EXISTING ONE.
73.            Whether you want to worship Him or not, He worships Himself. Whether you want to come to fellowship or not, He does not care. He worships Himself. If you are in a haste, go! We are in the canopy which God Himself has made. We are under the canopy, divinely protected. Do you know that Onitsha town does not know that something like this is happening in Jerusalem. Since Onitsha is not aware of what is going on in Jerusalem, will Nigeria be aware?
74.            “There is one little sheep out there, somewhere and He will not be satisfied until that one comes in the fold. By the help of God and by a vision, and thus saith the Lord, I am returning across the sea. THAT LAST LITTLE SHEEP MAY BE A BLACK ONE, down there, for all that I know… where they do not even think they have a soul, but God knows different. (The Easter Seal, page 40, 4/10/65. Phoenix Arizona).

We have to thank God for the journey so far. I am rounding off my programme with you and with the whole world. To God be the glory. From everlasting to everlasting, He remains the only God, the Indisputable God and we have to praise Him for the journey so far. I appreciate how He has been handling all our affairs here.
2.                 If it is possible, a good number of our brethren out there in other Local Assemblies  should challenge themselves and be in Jerusalem on every first day of the week. Thus, I am appealing to all ministers in all the Local Assemblies never to place any restrain on any member of this Bridal Faith among them, that will be willing to fellowship with us in Jerusalem which is called by His Name our own House of Refuge and Galilee of the Gentiles.
3.                 It pays to worship where the action is. I am not making it a law, where you cannot afford to pay the price; please do not bother yourself. Be rest assured that on that glorious morning when salvation shall be made complete, when all the redeemed of this particular age shall be clothed with their new bodies, no matter where you are, as long as you are doing His perfect will; I assure you, you will not be left out.
4.                 However, be very careful about the hour we are in, offences are all around you. Many, many things that can draw your heart away from the true God are around you. They are summarized in a statement: THE CARES OF THIS LIFE. That is, the cares and fashions of this life which will soon fade away.
5.                  On 26th August 2012, the Lord encouraged us concerning the hour we are living in saying, “We should labour not for the food that perisheth, but strive for the meat that endureth to everlasting life which the Son of Man will give; for He alone has the Father sealed.”
6.                 God went further to enjoin us, especially at this point in time to behave ourselves wisely, redeeming the time for the days are evil. That whether you are married or not, it makes no meaning at this hour. Do not give all your attention to your marital life, to your domestic activities.
7.                 Let those that are married feel as if they are not. Do not allow eating, drinking, surfeiting and partyING to seduce your heart away. For the Kingdom of God is already revealed and we know it is greater than eating and drinking.
8.                 Thus, having come thus far, it will be too sad; it will be a disaster to miss it very narrowly. Of course you know nearly can never kill a bird: “Oh, I missed it narrowly.” It then means you will suffer the same fate with the heathens the unbelievers. They will laugh at you whenever the saints are translated and taken away and you remain here. If they should ask you why you did not follow your people in the catching away, what will be your answer? Won’t you feel very miserable?
9.                 I am appealing to everybody. If there is any time you should be quiet and scrutinize your character, your manifestation from the day you enlisted into this Faith till today; it is now. Scrutinize all your activities, for what will keep you here is not what you have done; but what you have left undone.
10.            Before I open the message, I wish to use this opportunity to address all and sundry to be wary of a dangerous spirit that is still noticed in Onitsha Household of God among a few youths that want to become something overnight.
11.            There is no good way of doing a wrong thing, I have not handed down my judgement yet; I am still investigating, I am still scrutinizing. Any moment I am through, I will make it public. But for now, I wish to warn all Local Assemblies including Onitsha to ignore any request for financial assistance, materials assistance from members or a member of Onitsha in the name of the youths for organizing one programme or the other in aid of the ministry, in furtherance of the evangelical area of the ministry, or in aid of the publication; or anything at all.
12.            Whatever might be the appeal, please ignore all. If you have fallen victim already, I pity you. It is because you lack wisdom. For wisdom demands that you should get clearance not from any Pastor or any minister but from the Son of Man. For no minister oversees the Bridal Faith but the Son of Man. Whatever that affects or involves the Bride of Christ ministry worldwide is vested in the office of the Son of Man. it is not your independent Local Assembly’s matter.
13.            For no Local Assembly has any right to levy a Local Assembly outside its own jurisdiction. You have no right to make a request for assistance financially or otherwise from another Local Assembly without the consent of the Son of Man. I must know what that thing is all about; I must know the reason; why the help is solicited from outside your own Local Assembly.
14.            So far so good, not all, few members of the youths in Onitsha decided to make a name for themselves by starting an independent ministry credited to the youths in this Bridal Faith. Something that has never happened since 1992 this Faith started. They took it upon themselves to collect money from other Local Assemblies to finance their individual projects without the knowledge of the Elders of Onitsha, the Pastors, and the Son of Man. They reached agreement among themselves that nobody should ever make it known to the Son of Man, the Pastors or the Elders.
15.            Agreeing that it should be restricted to the few of them that hatched out the idea, kept it away from the Son of Man; they never informed Me. The leader of the movements or the movement has been arrested for luck ran against them.
16.            A father in the Faith left his position and deemed it proper to impose himself on our youths and made himself a self-acclaimed director of the youths. And it is Brother Solomon Odikanwa. He succeeded in convincing Brother Philip who later joined.
17.            They convinced the president of the youths and the assistant, Brother Emeka Nwanga and Brother Onyeka respectively. Having gotten them, they now came up with an idea to solicit for money. In the attempt, they got Brother Israel Nnachor.
18.            They now took off using their phone to solicit for money here and there; and some foolish people among us have already doled out reasonable sums of money. I learnt that they have already collected hug sum of eight thousand Naira from Brother Chibueze from Ugheli, six thousand Naira from Bishop Ezemachiri of Nsukka. Shame on you!
19.            What is that thing you are contributing for in Onitsha, which you cannot clear with the Pastor in charge? Were you not a Pastor before you became a Bishop? What is that project or programme for the furtherance of this Faith which the Son of Man should not know? The Elders should not know? The Pastor in charge should not know? What is that thing?
20.            They teamed together to seduce Sister Vin who was seeking popularity of her voice. If she was not seeking popularity of her voice, she would have listened to the voice of her husband who told her not to listen to them. They ganged up and decided to tape and record Sister Vin’s voice for commercial purpose.
21.            They went to carry our instrument and they were financed by Brother Israel Nnachor. Brother Philip became the engineer with Emma Iwunor. They carried the equipment into the fellowship hall, because of the equipment; Brother Solomon seized Bishop Ebenezer’s handset and told great lies against God and against the Faith. That was where the trouble started. They came into the fellowship hall for the recording, in spite of the objection Deacon Vin made.
22.            I was told that immediately they put everything together; their wire caught fire. Whatever they recorded at last spoilt. Up till now it could not be produced. The equipment they bought, about two recording machines and one television. They said that they will use the television to do the programming of the sister’s voice.
23.            Besides, the idea was that whatever might be the outcome, the record they will produce, they will market it during the minsters’ meeting which they had already proposed the date and said the whole thing must be hastily done to beat the date. Who fixed the date? I do not know. Hastily they embarked on it. Before then the Lord had revealed television to Brother Stephen, the welder.
24.            All that are in his house know about it. When they came to continue in their work in Brother Stephen’s house, immediately they slotted the thing in the television; smoke came out of the television. And that was the end of the television. Now trouble ensued among them. Upon this investigation, they have already collected five thousand Naira from Brother Johnbazz the Deacon which did not get to the group.
25.            Our Brother Solomon Odikanwa collected it and used it. We began further investigation and many, many things were made known to us. I have just highlighted it because I do not know the extent your youths in other Local Assemblies have hooked themselves up with this gang. There is no independent ministry in this Bridal Faith and there can never be any. The youths were having their meetings; I only regulated them by creating a forum where we can interact.
26.            It is not a ministry and can never be a ministry. I never ordained a youth pastor; I gave them a president and a vice president so that there could be one I will speak to and he will help Me to reach others. I never ordained him youth pastor; I never for one day made Brother Solomon Odikanwa youth director.
27.            What is more, out of the money so far collected, the youths in Onitsha never collected one Naira. They were embarking on their project based on the money they collected outside. Nobody in Onitsha contributed one Naira. If they have gone about collecting money from among themselves; it would have leaked earlier than that.
28.            Upon investigations, we discovered that this useless programme has been on among those youths for one month and two weeks. We seized the equipment and disbanded the group for now. Investigation still continues.
29.            Another person that uselessly joined them is Brother Chizoba Ugwu who eats and drinks in my house every day, who is always the son of man himself. However, he hid all these things from Me as he has always been doing in other matters. I know how I get him. When I want to bring him to order, I will reveal to him a secret which he alone knows. Then he will kneel down so that he will know the Personality he is coming to every morning.
30.            There is nothing you do, there is nothing you say, there is nothing you nurse in your heart more especially against the Son of Man, against the Faith which I do not capture. Especially when you do them and still appear before me to give me the impression that all is well, that you are serving me. You are fooling yourself! Please, be warned.
31.            The only person that reserves the right to appeal for financial aid or material aid from other local assemblies remains the Son of Man.
32.            How do I do it? I normally instruct Apostle Kelechi and Pastor Thomas to help me sensitize our brethren in other Local Assemblies on such project. Apart from this two in Onitsha, I do not use any other.
33.            Out there, I use Apostle Ojiakor to help me sensitize others. So be warnED, know the person you are communicating with in Onitsha and know exactly what you are discUSsing. Otherwise, with your hands, you can erase your name from the book of life.
34.            God will not erase your name, you will cause your name to be erased. Tell me brethren, what is that thing anybody can do in this Faith without the Son of Man’s approval and succeed? Tell me what that thing looks like.   
35.            Now, that which they are trying to achieve, they have already invested over thirty thousand Naira. If they have consulted Me or summoned the meeting of the youths, many among them that are more exposed, that are computer literate, would have offered meaningful suggestion. The machine they wanted to buy which Solomon had already told them will cost him about eighty-five thousand Naira. I said praise be to God.
36.            I said that of thirty-seven thousand Naira and things like that; I said praise be to God. All ended in nullity. You cannot believe, I used fourteen thousand, four hundred Naira to get what they were earmarking almost a hundred and something thousand Naira. And what I got is by far better.
37.            The programme they want to embark on or they embarked on has nothing to do with the furtherance of this ministry at all. It was pecuniary motivated. Solomon was trying to establish a business, a company with Brother Israel and the rest. I have not given my ruling, my ruling maybe harsher than you think.
38.            The ruling I gave Chiwendu was a light one for he narrowly escaped the full weight of my judgement because of his little children. I thank God that he is appreciative. To prove that he is appreciative, he has started redeeming himself from my clutches.
39.            Last week, he gave two hundred thousand Naira to Bishop Ifeanyi to forward to his wife and one hundred thousand Naira to pay into missionary account; remaining fifty thousand Naira with a promise that he is redeeming it without hesitation. He saw something which he can never explain.
40.            It is just like I told Brother Nnamdi that I am penalizing him, and I allowed him to continue to fool himself. Instead of pausing, he is roping himself more and more, trying my patience.  You have not even known Me!
41.            I postponed the ruling on the matter concerning the youths to a latter day. What is that latter day? It is in the heart of the Son of Man. We have given them the opportunity to appear before the Elders, they made their presentations; they made their defences individually. We gave them fair hearing, not the Son of Man alone but Elders in Onitsha. It is now in my office to give ruling on the matter which may not come immediately. As a result, let others be warned.
42.            Remember, I warned seriously concerning anybody, man or woman that will use the Name of the Son of Man to dupe his fellow brethren or outsiders. Reports reaching Me confirmed that a good number of them were told that the Son of Man knew about it. For that reason, they sent money. If they have given you their account numbers, ignore all. There is no program going on among our youths in Onitsha for now, that is the much I want you to know there. Amen.
43.            Brethren, I appreciate your co-operation with me from the beginning of this ministry till today. Having come thus far, I believe we will keep on marching together and together also; we will enter the Promised Rest. I wish to reassure you: If you remain faithful to God by obeying the messages so far received, keeping yourself within the boundary of His love; not even a soul here will be lost.
44.            I am your final bus stop. I do not need to consult anybody concerning you my decision is final. Outside the Son of Man there is other court of appeal. That is where I pity the world.
45.            Remember, I am gradually living the Mercy Seat. If you are spiritual and following Me spiritually, by now you would have noticed that the Son of Man is summarizing and appeared to be vacating the Mercy Seat. All His utterances, actions, are pointing towards the Judgement Seat. For He had earlier told you that you are meeting no other person, than this same voice that is still talking to you.
46.            Today, He is still your Saviour. Tomorrow, He will be in judgement against you. I wonder what it will look like when the advocate becomes a judge. He judges with what is written, but as an advocate; He makes intercession. He make prayers, He pleads. But the moment He takes the position of a Judge, no more plea, no more prayer, no more intercession. Is it not right?
47.            Remember the illustration I gave you sometimes ago where a reckless young man was saved by a charismatic lawyer from being executed when he committed a heinous crime. Later the boy became an adult and continued in criminal acts. One day, he was arrested and arraigned before the court. Surprisingly, the man who saved his life at a tender age as a lawyer was there as the judge.
48.            He thought he will obtain mercy, only for the judge to recognize him, called him by his name, rehearsed what transpired in time past and told him that he was to be condemned to death, that he was to die by firing squad. For as a judge, there is no way he can bend the code of justice. As a lawyer, he prayed for mercy. But as a judge, justice prevailed. Amen.
We have seen the star, we have come to worship the King
Let Me show you few things that are about to take place any time from now. St. Matthew chapter 2 verses 1-6: “Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king, behold, there came wise men from the east to Jerusalem,
2.                 Saying, Where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him.
3.                 When Herod the king had heard these things, he was troubled, and all Jerusalem with him. And when he had gathered all the chief priests and scribes of the people together, he demanded of them where Christ should be born.
4.                 And they said unto him, In Bethlehem of Judea: for thus it is written by the prophet, And thou Bethlehem, in the land of Judah, art not the least among the princes of Judah: for out of thee shall come a Governor, that shall rule my people Israel.
5.                 I am taking my text from where we read. We have seen the star, and we have come to worship the King. We have seen the star, and we have come to worship the King.
6.                 On 26th AUGUST 2012, I touched on a topic titled “Are You the Promised One to Come or Do We Wait for Another?” And today, the text appears to be answering the question: We have seen the Star, and we have come to worship the King.
7.                 Notice it, when Jesus Christ was born in the city of Bethlehem, He was lying in a manger. Who were the first to discover that the promised Messiah has been born? Are they the rulers, the priests, the Pharisees, Sadducees, Scribes the Herodians? They were all on the line, but not even one person noticed the sign of the Messiah’s coming.
8.                 Wise men from the East, they were shepherds, they were the people that saw the great Sign; they followed the great Sign according to the prophecies of Isaiah. Where the star stopped, they stopped there. Lo, and behold they saw a baby in a manger. They did not want to go back and begin to argue with anybody, for the star guided them to the Messiah
9.                 You heard the voice, the star messenger of Laodicea. Have you not heard his voice? We heard it. He guided you, a great star that appeared in darkness. Malachi 4, he guided you with the help of the scriptures; with thus saith the Lord. Something the Bible never recorded, a great star heard the voice.
10.            Watch, when they got there, the news got to Herod the king concerning the birth of a Messiah, what did he do? he gathered all the astrologers, he gathered learned men, priests, blind prophets, he said “Search the book of the Law, search the book of the Prophets, let us know exactly the predicted place and the time; the hour Messiah will be born.” For he could not believe the report of the wise men.
11.            What made them wise? Why were they called wise men? Was it because they were shepherds? No! It was because they were keeping pace with the Prophetic statement. They were waiting with the PROPHECIES; they were waiting and watching prophecies as they come to pass.
12.            When they searched, they discovered that Bethlehem, a place where no priest or Prophet has ever come from; Bethlehem, a home of criminals, a despised and rejected place was the place the Prophet foretold—little Bethlehem. They said, “So this could be true that the Messiah has come actually.”
13.            Herod asked, “Wise men, how did you manage to know?” they replied, “We have seen the promised Star and we have come to worship Him.”
14.            Tell me brethren, all the predicted signs of the end-time as foretold by the Prophet, which one have you not seen? Tell me what he said will take place in the Bride which you have not seen?
15.            The last sign, Jehovah, the Elohim, manifesting Himself in human form, making Himself visible with human eyes; Interacting with people such that you come close and see Him face-to-face. Has it not come to pass? It has come to pass.
16.            The whole supernatural signs have been displayed, the whole Prophetic words have come to pass. We are not making any mistake proclaiming the personality, the revealed Christ. we are sure and certain. He came according to the scriptures, He came according to prophecies; both natural and supernatural, all winding up in Him!
17.            We have seen the star, notice it. While the wise men were already with him out there in the wilderness, Christ in the manger. When they got there, they bowed down and worshipped the King. Presented their offering immediately. They gave their offering, they gave out gold, they gave out frankincense; they gave out myrrh. I mean the denominations of the money they were using that time, they used what they have to worship the King.
18.            A Messiah was already on the land, they knew it not. Why? He came in simplicity. He came to rig away all human wisdom, but before then; they were having their own interpretations, how the great God of the Universe will come. How there will be a very big Earthquake, wind, thunders and things like that.
19.            More so, when it is said that when the Messiah cometh, nobody will know where He is coming from and where He is going. But this time around, this one came from a little Bethlehem-Judea. Why little Bethlehem?
20.            We have seen the Star, look at where they came from to Jerusalem from the East. I am going somewhere. The message may never be for you, it may be for that elect somewhere. It may be for that little sheep somewhere, it may be for you in this Faith peradventure you are not yet convinced.
21.            We have seen the Star, today the Son of Man has appeared according to the prophecies; He has appeared according to the scriptures. When the world has manifested all the attributes of Sodom and Gomorrah, total moral decay, violence in every nation, apostasy everywhere; a total departure from the Faith of Christ. Is it not true?
22.            Then the Son of Man appeared secretly at a time when they least expected, the Messiah whom they expected appeared in His Temple. Was it not what happened before?
23.            Pharaoh, Herod, Pilate, the Jewish priest and rulers were busy searching the Law to know the Prophetic sign they will embrace. They never knew that Simon the high priest was already in the temple holding the Messiah in his hands with Mary and Joseph standing there, presenting their baby to the high priest in accordance with the Jewish laws. For Jesus Christ was born a Jew and lived under the Jewish Laws.
24.            As He continued, controversy shrouded His existence to the point in one of the fields of battle; He decided to stay behind in the temple in Jerusalem. His parents left alongside with others. He was granted audience by the priest, the Pharisees, the Sadducees, the Scribes and the Herodians. Doctors and lawyers were there.
25.            When he stepped into the temple, they gave him the book of the Law. He opened it and read only the portion that was written concerning Him: “For the spirit of the Lord is upon me, He has given me the auction to open the eyes of the blind, to set the captives free. This day, this scripture is fulfilled.” He handed over the book of the Law to them.
26.            Remember while He was there teaching lawyers, magistrates, doctors and things like that; the entire Jewish world knew it not. Many that heard about Him were busy searching the scriptures, searching the Laws with the view to ascertain whether what they were hearing were true or false. They were not yet sure that He was the Messiah.
27.            While some were still waiting for the true Messiah, He was already teaching in the temple and they knew it not. After His teachings, He started entertaining their questions. The way He entertained their questions marvelled them to the point that they began to ask, “Where did he get this knowledge? A small boy like this seeing that he did not go to school?”
28.            They were still searching the scriptures, they were still waiting for the birth of the Messiah when the Messiah and his mother attended a marriage feast at Cana, yet they could not believe He was the one.
29.            Why? He was hidden in simplicity which has been God’s way of doing His own thing. The devil PRIDES himself in advertising whatever he does, but God believe in HIDING Himself and His activities. They are only made known to His predestinated elect. Things of God can only be acknowledged by the people of God, the rest will not.
30.            Up till today, this is your own day, Many are still gazing at the sky; many are still searching the scriptures. They are telling everybody to prepare for the coming of the Son of Man is NEAR, for the second coming of Jesus Christ is very near.
31.            They know that those things will happen, but there are great events they are expecting to take place which will PRECIPITATE to the coming. But He has come in simplicity as He has always been doing.
32.            Why are you in His PRESENCE? You are in His PRESENCE BECAUSE He bids you to come. Secondly, You saw a star and the star guided you to christ!
33.            For He said, “My commission as a Star is to introduce the coming WORD! The coming WORD, the very CHRIST; the MESSIAH.”
34.            We have seen the Star, have you seen the Star? You say yes, are you sure? You have seen the star? You say Yes, that is Good.
35.            In every age, a star is always sent that must guide God’s people to HIM. In our own dispensation, in our own age, a star is also given. Why? To guide God’s people to Him. if God does not senD a star, nobody will be guided to where He is.
36.            The same way, the Star guided them to little Bethlehem, to the manger. The star of this age, guided everybody to Africa. Have you got the message? Without the star of this age, there is no prophecy from Isaiah, Habakkuk, Micah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Ezra; no prophecy of a Messiah coming in the last days as one of the little sheep from Africa. It takes a Prophet to locate Him.
37.            Remember the lost sheep of the father of Saul, it required Prophet Samuel to discover it for a purpose. So that Saul might be ordained king of Israel.
38.            It must be shepherds, wise men. The rest of the people became blind according to the prophecies. The star of the age says there will not be any revival in the end time again for they have missed the whole thing. Said the action will now be in the Bride. We have seen the star; we have come to worship the King. What have you seen? What have you heard?
39.            Luke chapter 11 verses 31-32: “The queen of the south shall rise up in the judgment with the men of this generation, and condemn them: for she came from the utmost parts of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon; and, behold, a greater than Solomon is here.
40.            The men of Nineveh shall rise up in the judgment with this generation, and shall condemn it: for they repented at the preaching of Jonah; and, behold, a greater than Jonah is here.
41.            Greater than Solomon is in the Bride, greater than Jonah is in the Bride; greater than Moses is in the Bride. As many as will like to give excuses using distance, there is no reasonable excuse before God.
42.            I told you that in the days of Prophet William Branham, people used to setup sometimes three, four, five days ahead of time, in order to meet up with the fellowship hour. You say that was in William Branham’s day, but I want to tell you that science has improved our lot more than that time. Improvement in science has improved our lot more than that time.
43.            The Queen of Sheba travelled from a far land when she heard about the wisdom of King Solomon. Distance was no problem to her. She saddled her horse to Jerusalem to behold the wisdom of King Solomon which was reigning worldwide that time. She did not want to be told.
44.            No matter where you are, whether in Russia, Canada, Zimbabwe, Pretoria, Ethiopia, no matter the state in Nigeria, the whole of West Africa, India, China, no matter the position of Australia; distance has no meaning. For there is no distance in the whole world, where an aeroplane cannot cover in less than three days. But this woman made a three months journey to get herself acquainted with the wisdom of a man called Solomon.
45.            Jesus Christ using that woman to judge our own generation for he knew that a day will come when people will begin to use distance as excuse to excuse themselves from eternal life. Does it mean that He wanted everybody to come and see Him? No. He was indirectly telling them that no price was too much to pay as far as eternal life was concerned.
46.            Remember, you are not saved until you walk close to Him. If He did not want people to walk close to Him, He would not have even suggested or persuaded them to come. He was constantly beckoning people to come and they were running away.
47.            Nobody can use distance as excuse, unless you are not sure that a King, a Messiah has been born. If you are sure of the star that is guiding you. you know where you are ending it. I thank God that all of you that are in this Faith, you have been guided safely to Him. Now you are guided safely to Him, what will make you to draw back again?
48.            to those afar off who will hear my voice in one way or the other through publications, through the websites, who will see the supernatural God displayed among as He promise in this last age, Nobody will be excused for using distance: “you see, because we are far off, we do not have money; we do not do this and that.” That is up to you, the Son of Man is not interested.
49.            People can have money to transport themselves to various parties, to places of evil but when it comes to worshipping God, they will not have money to transport themselves because they feel they have nothing to profit, it is a waste of money and time. Women will have money to beautify themselves, have money to change their apparels as they will, but they do not have money to transport themselves to where God is.
50.            Greater than Jonah is in the Bride. If Nineveh could repent, a whole nation, on hearing the preaching of a Prophet by the name Jonah, I have then washed off my hands from the blood of everybody. For the entire world has heard My Voice, they have seen Me also.
51.            What about you that is in this Faith? If you are still living in unbelief, God is calling for your repentance. What might be the reason for your unbelief? What is that thing? Is it not yet clear to you? Is it the scriptures or the sign, or the personality? We better face the facts now.
52.            Acts of the Apostles chapter 8 verses 26-40 “And the angel of the Lord spake unto Philip, saying, Arise, and go toward the south unto the way that goeth down from Jerusalem unto Gaza, which is desert. And he arose and went: and, behold, a man of Ethiopia, an eunuch of great authority under Candace queen of the Ethiopians, who had the charge of all her treasure, and had come to Jerusalem for to worship,
53.            Was returning, and sitting in his chariot read Isaiah the prophet. Then the Spirit said unto Philip, Go near, and join thyself to this chariot. And Philip ran thither to him, and heard him read the prophet Isaiah, and said, Understandest thou what thou readest?
54.            And he said, How can I, except some man should guide me? And he desired Philip that he would come up and sit with him. The place of the Scripture which he read was this, He was led as a sheep to the slaughter; and like a lamb dumb before his shearer, so opened he not his mouth: In his humiliation his judgment was taken away: and who shall declare his generation? for his life is taken from the earth.
55.            And the eunuch answered Philip, and said, I pray thee, of whom speaketh the prophet this? Of himself, or of some other man? Then Philip opened his mouth, and began at the same Scripture, and preached unto him Jesus.
56.            And as they went on their way, they came unto a certain water: and the eunuch said, See, here is water; what doth hinder me to be baptized? And Philip said, If thou believest with all thine heart, thou mayest. And he answered and said, I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.
57.            And he commanded the chariot to stand still: and they went down both into the water, both Philip and the eunuch; and he baptized him. And when they were come up out of the water, the Spirit of the Lord caught away Philip, that the eunuch saw him no more: and he went on his way rejoicing. But Philip was found at Azotus: and passing through he preached in all the cities, till he came to Caesarea.” KJV.
58.            It is confirming the Ethiopian Eunuch who travelled all the way from the horn of Africa, Ethiopia to Jerusalem just for one purpose: To worship God in the right way. God saw his zeal, saw his motive and then sent Philip to go and wait for him on the way, who expounded his understanding, opened his eyes and the man automatically repented and got saved.
59.            If you watch the distance, he was to cover from Ethiopia East Africa to Jerusalem. Maybe, he will follow Suez Canal. Or he will go through Morocco, cross Casablanca across the Mediterranean Sea before he enters into Jerusalem. Maybe, the shortest cut is through the Suez Canal. He will enter there. Yet, it is more than a month journey.
60.            When we talk of the journey alone, do you know how many countries he bypassed? Do you know how many synagogue, temple, Mosque he by pass? From Ethiopia to Jerusalem. Somebody might be calling him a mad fellow. Somebody might be telling him that he is wasting his time, “There are too many Churches in Enugu, too many cathedrals; why are you using your money to travel down, taking the risk? You are going to Onitsha to come back in the night. Do not worry; one day armed robbers will kill you. What if your vehicle spoils? That God that is there is also here, for God is everywhere.”
61.            Has God been everywhere before? To an unbeliever, God is everywhere. To a believer, God is in one place. There is no way all eyes will see God. All eyes have never seen Him before; all eyes will not see Him now. The only eyes that will see God, are the eyes of those whom God has made holy in His own eyes. Only those whom God has made holy in His own eyes will see God.
62.            Ephesians chapter 1 verses 1-4 LB “Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God, to the saints which are at Ephesus, and to the faithful in Christ Jesus: Grace be to you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.
63.            Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ: According as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him in love.” KJV.
64.            He decided then to make us holy in His own eyes, before the world began. These are the only people that will see God; the rest will never see Him. These are the elect, these are the predestinated for the purpose. Do not think the entire world will believe Him, they will not.
65.            If they have believed Moses, they would have believed Jesus Christ. If they have believed the star, William Marion Branham to be the Prophet sent by God to forerun the Bridal Ministry; believing the Son of Man would have been very easy. If they have believed the Holy Bible, believing the Son of Man would have been very easy. However, they carry the Bible which they do not believe.
66.            St. John chapter 5 verses 45-47, “Do not think that I will accuse you to the Father: there is one that accuseth you, even Moses, in whom ye trust. For had ye believed Moses, ye would have believed me: for he wrote of me.
67.            But if ye believe not his writings, how shall ye believe my words?” KJV.
68.            If you do not believe me, I accuse you not. There is one that will accuse you, that is the messenger of your age who you said you believe. Note, the Prophet and the Bible, all of them wrote concerning the Son of Man Who will come in these last days to windup the history of this Christian Faith. The Son of Man Who will gather all the loose ends and present Christ. He is the One that will accuse you.
69.            However, when you believe in Him, believing the Son of Man becomes very easy. I am saying we have seen the Star; we have come to worship the King. We have seen all the promised signs; we have also seen the Messiah Himself. We are no longer in doubt.  
70.            If you do not believe in the Son of Man, you do not believe in the revealed message from the Son of Man, that is a sure sign that you do not believe in the Prophet. You do not believe in the scripture, I bet you, though one rises from the dead to talk to you; you will never believe.   
71.            Luke Chapter 16 verses 27-31, “Then he said, I pray thee therefore, father, that thou wouldest send him to my father's house: For I have five brethren; that he may testify unto them, lest they also come into this place of torment.
72.            Abraham saith unto him, They have Moses and the prophets; let them hear them. And he said, Nay, father Abraham: but if one went unto them from the dead, they will repent.
73.            And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.” KJV.
74.            Is it not true? Tell me what you have not heard; God has blessed us in Heavenly places with able ministers of the new covenant. If you do not believe the Prophet, you do not believe the scripture; you do not believe the Father’s sign, I am telling you the truth, even if the grave will open and somebody comes out; you will not believe. Reason being that an unbeliever is an unbeliever.
75.            All the promised signs are with us, everything is with us. The Messiah is walking on two feet, interacting with us, we are sure we are certain. If you do not believe, though one rises from the dead; you will not believe. The same thing is applicable to the entire world.
76.            To those that are afar off that might be privileged to hook up with this God, if they do not believe what they will hear, what they will read, what they will see with their eyes, though they are afar off, though one rises from the dead and talk to them, surely, they will not believe.
77.            To avoid anybody TO saY he would have been there if HE had known THE God’s CHOSEN PLACE OF WORSHIP, the Son of Man now decided to put the contact address for the first time.
78.            If you open the video plate, number one thing you will see is our contact. Something that has never happened, not even in any of our publications—the contact clearly written and defined. Even if you are using helicopter, you can land in God’s chosen place of worship. It requires no description.
79.            Remember His photograph is everywhere, He has revealed Himself to the world. Why? The Bride has already been sealed in. Others do not know Him, don’t you know Him? We know Him. Others are watching the Star, have you not seen the Messiah?
80.            Others are busy searching the scriptures to know the promiseD sign of the hour; you have been romancing with Him. He has been busy teaching and adoring you. now is the hour of presentation of the Bride.
81.            Rapture means nothing but presentation of the Bride as a chaste virgin, without spot, wrinkle or blemish. As white as my garment in the supernatural photograph, whiter than snow. Look at the spotless garment; look at the priceless and spotless garment. One spotless from the word, virgin of the word that knows no manmade creed or dogma. No deception of any sort.
82.            The devil has lost the battle, then the last battle is the one he wanted to use the youth to steer up because they have remained the worst people in ever society; more especially, the useless ones among them, the renegades, the hooligans.  
83.            The book of St. John chapter 14 verses 19-42 was an encounter between Jesus the Christ and the Samaritan woman at the well. They worship something they know not, but we worship something that is real. They worship god they made with their mouth, the god they made with their hands.
84.            I have told you that others are practising superstition. If you are worshipping the God you cannot see, talk to and he talks back to you; you are worshipping the mere feelings of your heart which is nothing but superstition. We worship the real God Who we can see; Who we can complain to, Who we talk to and He talks back to us; One Who is touched by our infirmities, Who shares our sorrows with us, shares our joy with us.
85.            What is the difference between the Jewish nation and other nations? Although they were stubborn, stiff-necked and heart-harden, very unreliable, yet, they were holy on the sight of God. What was the difference and what is still the difference? Is it not because God was always live in person in their midst? Was it not what made them different from other nations? Any other thing? No!
86.            What made us different from other people? Is it not because of the appearance of the Supreme Deity, the Elohim, the Mighty Jehovah in human form, made visible with human eyes, abiding in our midst? Very hard to believe.
87.            You see, sometimes I do not know what is wrong with human beings. You do not know what you are enjoying; there are youth corp members in GTC, there are authorities that own GTC including their teachers, their children; they know us, they call us good people. We relate well with them, how many of them are in the Faith? How many have converted to this Faith? Are they not desirous of going to Heaven?
88.            Can you now begin to appreciate what God is doing that many are travelling long distances to be in God’s chosen place of worship but people living in the premises do not know what is happening? Why? He opened the eyes of some people and blinded the others. They are seeing one Church in the school with one man whose words can hardly be resisted.
89.            What can you say about your relations? Have they not heard you? Don’t they know where you are going to? Sometimes, they encourage you to continue; sometimes they will sponsored you and even tell you to pray for them. It is just amazing grace; it is by grace not by our power. Not by our might for so it has pleased the Lord.
90.            In conclusion, St. John chapter 6 verses 29-30 “Jesus answered and said unto them, This is the work of God, that ye believe on him whom he hath sent.
91.            They said therefore unto him, What sign showest thou then, that we may see, and believe thee? what dost thou work?” KJV  
92.            They said, “Show us a sign”. Have you believed in Him whom He has sent? Do you desire further proof that the Father sent Him? Do you desire further proof that this is the real Christ in human form? Do you desire further proof that I am in my Father and my Father is in me? That in me the Father is revealed?
93.            In Me is your salvation link is revealed, in Me is your Mercy Seat is revealed, your Consolation revealed, everything about you, even your righteousness. For the white garment is the righteousness of the saints whom God has declared righteous, who can declare Him unrighteous?
94.            If God is with us brethren, who can be against us? I am saying that if the Son of Man will set you free, you are free indeed for He alone has the Father sealed.
95.            Do not worry, one of these days we shall meet and never to part again. May the glory of the Father envelop all of you! It is time to go home, continue doing His will and this is His will: THAT YOU BELIEVE IN HIM WHOM HE HAS SENT. Then all that the Father has given to me, I will lose nobody except the son of perdition who does not want to be under the control and leadership of the Son of Man.
96.            However, to the rest who have vowed a vow, biding their souls that in life or in death, nothing will separate them from the love of God, I assure you, the gate is open for you already.
97.            On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally.