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The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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  When this life is over, you will know that I am HE. There is nowhere you will go without meeting Me. If you will go to Heaven,
I will put you there; if you will go to Hellfire, equally, I will put you there. Believe it if you can.. Son of Man

17 - 12 - 2008

God was hiding in the Cloud and the Cloud was in the Vessel tabernacling the Cloud. If God wants to see you, He will see you through the Vessel where He is dwelling now.
     All these years we have been kissing, caressing and touching one another, never did we know that this man has something enveloping Him. Look at the photograph hanging on the wall of Onitsha Fellowship hall, the Cloud is in front. Yes.
     It is just like a laminated card. So, you can have dealings with a laminated person, yet you do not know that the person is laminated because of the human veil. The human veil is the laminating material that laminated God. God could see from the Cloud. God saw the Egyptians coming through the Cloud. Immediately He saw them, He made a proclamation. If He could see the Egyptians, it equally shows that He also saw His people panicking through the Cloud.  
     This was because the Cloud was leading; it was in front. And the Cloud was Moses himself for Moses was always in front.  Follow the Cloud for God is always hiding in the Cloud. And you know what the Cloud is all about.                                          –SON OF MAN.
(FOLLOW THE CLOUD VOL. 2; page 51, verse 83-90).


Deuteronomy 31:15 “And the LORD appeared in the tabernacle in a pillar of a cloud: and the pillar of the cloud stood over the door of the tabernacle.” KJV

Exodus 13:21 And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night:.” KJV.

Psalms 89:7 God is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints, and to be had in reverence of all them that are about him.” KJV


“Daniel 7:9 I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool: his throne was like the fiery flame, and his wheels as burning fire.” KJV


Isaiah 11:10 “And in that day there shall be a root of Jesse, which shall stand for an ensign of the people; to it shall the Gentiles seek: and his rest shall be glorious.” KJV


Acts 17:31 Because he hath appointed a day, in the which he will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom he hath ordained; whereof he hath given assurance unto all men, in that he hath raised him from the dead.

Ephesians 2:19 “Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints, and of the household of God.” KJV

You are all welcomed to the Presence of God. This day is a glorious day that we all are in His Presence this moment. If you walk around the city, you will see many people gathering, clapping hands, singing praises, but there is only one thing that is different and that makes us to be different from them: THAT IS GOD’S PRESENCE IN OUR MIDST.
2.           While we are still waiting, what ministers are doing is to bring us to remembrance of what we have been taught in the past, assuring us that we are not deceived. Their duty is to put us in remembrance, to fulfil the scripture of what Jesus the Christ told His disciples that when He, the Spirit Of Truth comes, He will put you in remembrance of what He has taught you. 
3.           Leviticus 26 verses 11-13, “And I will set my tabernacle among you: and my soul shall not abhor you. And I will walk among you, and will be your God, and ye shall be my people. I am the LORD your God, which brought you forth out of the land of Egypt, that ye should not be their bondmen; and I have broken the bands of your yoke, and made you go upright.”
4.           I will set my dwelling in and among you and souls shall not despise or reject or separate itself from you and I will walk in and with among you and I will be your God and you shall be my people. I am the Lord your God who brought you forth out from the land of Egypt that ye should no more be misled and I have broken the bands of your yoke and made you walk erect as real men.” GNB
5.           Among all the people under the sky, God has only one people, a nation. Moreover, watch Israel, they are the nation of God; and God dwelled among them and set His tabernacle in their midst. God was visible; God was real to them among all the nations under the sky.
6.           To us in the Gentile world, among all that worship God, that gathered in the name of worship, we (the Bridal Faith) are the only true people among whom God set His tabernacle.
7.           God said, “I will set my tabernacle among you, I will dwell among you and I will walk among you.” We are the only people among whom God has placed His tabernacle. You know, we are the only people that know the meaning of tabernacle, we know that the tabernacle of God is a human being. However, out there in the world, it is building.
8.           Now watch, I will set my tabernacle among you, I will dwell among you; I will walk around. Why? Because we are His people! Apart from us, there is no other group, and every evidence is clear to us that God has set His tabernacle among us.
9.           “Follow the Cloud” volume one page 43 verse 1-3, “There is something in God that is permanent and that thing has remained permanent. It is that permanent feature that somebody must be very, very conversant with...”
10.        When God sets His tabernacle among His people, He has a permanent feature. He sets His tabernacle, He walks among them.
11.        There is something in God that is permanent and that thing has remained permanent. It is that permanent feature that somebody must be very, very conversant with...”
12.        All the Jews know the permanent feature of God and that was why it was very hard for them to subscribe to the Lord Jesus because they want to see that permanent feature.
13.        Once you are conversant with the permanent feature of God, everything becomes okay. Moreover, you will not bother yourself anymore concerning side attractions.
14.        Let us go into the Scriptures. Somebody may say, “Brother, why then do you go into Scriptures?” Yes, I must use Scriptures for you to know what transpired in time past; at various times.
15.        God’s permanent feature, once you are conversant with it; everything is okay. In addition, every true seed of God in all dispensations looks for that permanent feature of God.
16.        “The Identification of the Mighty Angel in Our Midst,” page 38 verses 5, ‘Zechariah 4:7, ‘Who art thou, O great mountain? before Zerubbabel thou shalt become a plain: and he shall bring forth the headstone thereof with shoutings, crying , Grace, grace unto it.’ KJV.
17.        The Message I want to take from the above Scripture is the Message of the Headstone. The Headstone is no other person but the very Elohim. The Headstone or the Capstone is no other person but the very Jehovah. Hence, there is a provision in the Bible that warranted the Headstone to be among men.
18.        Moreover, I have told you using the word of William Branham that we are going to preach down the Headstone. What is more, he said that everything in the Bride must be fixed before the Headstone will join, for once the Headstone joins, it is Rapture, for the head pulls the entire body. Thus, there can never be Rapture until Christ comes into His Church...”
19.        Has Christ come into his Church? Yes sir. What are we waiting for? Rapture! Only facts are convincing. Now, as we have gathered in His Presence, we are the Bride and every prediction of the Prophet concerning the hour we are in has fulfilled. The last sign that the Gentile world will receive before the world goes into flames is here with us.
20.        William Branham made us to understand that Christ will be in the Church for translation of the saints. Now you and I are beneficiary of His Presence and He is here in our midst. We are waiting for it, and while we are waiting; we are putting ourselves in remembrance of what He has taught us so that we will know that we have never followed cunningly devised fables.
21.        When God was speaking to the people of Israel, He told them that they should not forget what their eyes have seen and what their ears have heard for nobody makes mistake or denies the Faith until that person forgot what he has seen or heard.
22.        “Identification of the Mighty Angel in Our Midst” page 50 verses 6–7 “Now, I will continue showing you things before I come to the proper revelation. This Shekinah Cloud that wrapped the Great or Mighty Angel showed the presence of God, for God has always been wrapped in a Cloud.
23.        The presence of God in every generation has always been marked with Cloud.”
24.        That is the permanent features of God.
25.        ...Now, I will continue showing you things before I come to the proper revelation. This Shekinah Cloud that wrapped the Great or Mighty Angel showed the presence of God, for God has always been wrapped in a Cloud.
26.        The presence of God in every generation has always been marked with Cloud. Please note it. Each time the people of God rejoiced that God was in their midst, the only evidence they saw was the presence of the Cloud, that is if it is in the day, but in the night, they see it as the Pillar of Fire.
27.        Now, move around the whole globe or the congregations on the land; we are the only people, the only group, the handpicked minority that have this supernatural Presence of God. In addition, it is a sure sign that the translation of the saints is about to take place because He is in our midst. God’s permanent feature!
28.        “Identification of the Mighty Angel in Our Midst” page 54 verses 15-20, “You see, they saw Moses as God and really Moses was God. As God also, he was the mediator between the people and God. Each time they committed sin, they would not go to God, they would go to Moses, “We have sinned against you and against whoever is that God. Please pray for us that God punish us not.”
29.        They did not know whoever that is called God. Who they knew was Moses. Nobody said, “Let me declare fasting and praying so that God will hear me.” Moses was always the go-between. Without Moses, they did not know who God was, for God veiled Himself in Moses. In the day, from that same Moses, the canopy (the Cloud) formed.
30.        If you watch the demarcation between Moses and Aaron, where they were standing, there was nothing like Pillar of Cloud until Moses stood there and the Pillar of Cloud descended at the threshold to judge Aaron and Miriam. 
31.        When it came to ordaining of the seventy Elders, they gathered there, there was nothing like the Pillar of Cloud. Immediately Moses came in there, the Cloud wrapped them. In other words, there is one that goes with the Cloud.
32.        I am trying to point you to how they knew Him as at that time and God never changes. His representations in all the ages never change.  Let Me tell you; do you know that John the Baptist was a Jew? How many knows that? John the Baptist was a real Jew.  In addition, the sign that was given to him as what he should look out for as a singular sign of the Messiah was no other but the Cloudy presence of the Lord: “Anybody you see appearing on the scene wearing that Cloudy presence, he is the very person.”
33.        Then while the Messiah was coming as a young man like others, he saw the Cloud and the only way he could describe it was: “I saw the Spirit of God descending upon him LIKE a dove.” Did he say, “As a dove”? Just like lightning, it did not go back again. It descended on him AND ABODE. He was still the same. John did not see the Cloud again.  The man became clothed immediately.”
34.        The Prophet guided us very well because he is the John the Baptist to the Gentiles. All his preaching and all his screaming were to point us to the elect, the very Word (God Himself). He made us to understand that when He comes, that He will be wrapped in a Cloud which is the permanent feature of God.
35.        He said, “Once He appears on the scene and in the Church, that particular little group wherein He will appear with the permanent feature; that is the little group that will go to Rapture.”
36.        “Building the True Temple,” page 17 verses 12- “I have told you that God never sent Me to come and raise up a large congregation. No. It is not my ministry; it is not my calling. I am sent to come and raise individuals for Christ, to prepare individuals for Christ because an individual is the temple of the Living God, where God can dwell; somebody God can boast of.
37.        Thus, I am not sent to come and raise a large congregation, maybe, ‘Onitsha for Christ’. No. There can never be anything like that. I am raising individuals for Christ so that wherever you are, even in the dungeon you will still be a child of God. I want to make every individual rapturable; that is,  transformable. That is why I am breaking your stony hearts making them as the part of flesh that will be receptive to God’s Word. It is My mission.”
38.        Note, individual, you and I. The mission of the Son of Man to the Bride is to make us rapturable; transformable to make the scripture come to pass that “when we see Him, we shall be like Him.”
39.        Verse 4-9, “Thus, I am not interested in coming into a large congregation that does not believe God. I had rather fellowship with two persons that believe God to the core than to fellowship in a big congregation of people that do not believe God. What does it profit Me? Nothing!
40.        You are My Brother or My Sister if you fear God and obey Him. However, if you just come into the fellowship for the sake of coming,  you are not one of us.
41.        Let us identify whom we can call a Brother or a Sister. Not everybody that comes into our fellowship is a Brother or a Sister because we dance around and say,  “remain blessed,” no!
42.        If you are walking in disobedience, no matter who you are, you are not My Brother, you are not My Sister. You must know the people you can give that warm godly handshake. Do you know that God’s children handshake is warm? It is not cold. You give your Brother warm embrace; you give your Sister warm godly embrace. That is My Message whose source you know. If you do not know the source, you are not worthy to be in this most holy Faith. You are wasting your time.
43.        You are supposed to know where the Message you are hearing is coming from.  Somebody appended His signature behind this Faith. I am saying that this Holy Faith is bearing Somebody’s Signature; that is, Somebody’s Seal.
44.        Seal is higher than signature. Somebody placed His everlasting Seal. Hence, we are preaching a sealed Message; a symbol of Authority. You must know the source of the Message you believe. That is why there can never be any contradiction in this Faith.
45.        If you bring in anything strange, it will float on the surface. It is just like mixing water with oil together: the two can never mingle together; one will be afloat. If you bring anything that is contrary to this Faith, it will be floating, making it possible for any Brother or Sister to identify it at a glance. It cannot hide.
46.        Why? Because, somebody penned down His signature; for the message we are hearing is a life’s message. This Holy Ghost Gospel goes with blood. It is the life of a man and that is the life of God in every dispensation.
47.        That is why, what we have seen with our eyes, what we have heard with our ears, there is no being on Earth that will come that can remove all these things we have seen or heard.
48.        In the time past, we read from the scriptures of “in the days gone by,” we heard the testimony of all the preachers, Prophets in their own dispensations. What is more, God in His infinite mind knows before the world began that the dispensation of grace that is allotted to the Son of Man will appear.
49.        Then He ordained you and I, He presented us to be partakers of this dispensation of grace so that we will put our own testimony together to our predecessor that we have seen Him, we have touched Him; we ate together with Him.
50.        We read from the scriptures where the Seventy Elders ate and drank with God. Thus, you and I, we have eaten and drank with God.
51.        Page 41 verses 56-57, “Do you know that this Faith is not religion; this Faith is a living faith. Please, bear with Me in this Message. I am going to sound a little foolish. You know, when reverend fathers stay together, they behave like infants. That is why when we were in school in those days, there were certain jokes we did not want elementary boys to enjoy with us and if you dare turn round to enjoy senior jokes, you would get a big knock on your head...
52.        What I want to bring out here is that this Faith is a living Faith, it is not a dead Faith; it is a living Faith.
53.        Page 49 verses 57- “Thus, no matter how sensible you think they are, if you gather the whole bishops together, you see them behaving like little children and if you watch them from a grandstand and think you can join them anyhow, before you know it, you will receive excommunication; you will be banished. Amen.”
54.        Page 88 verses 1-6, “God bless you all. You can title this Message “Building the True Temple of God.” You are the true Temple of God and there is no way you can build up yourself without the Word of God. In addition, the Word of God which you will use to build yourself up is that which cometh from His Servant Whom He hath sent, for whosoever God sends, holds the Word of God for that day.
55.        If you want to know the mind of God for that day, go to the person God has given you for your day. He is God’s Mouthpiece...
56.        As we are seeing disaster, the sea overflowing its boundary. It took the man of God, the Masterpiece; the messenger of God to tell us that this is Prophetic phenomenon. We are the only group that know that this is a prophecy from the mouth of the Son of Man coming to pass in our day.
57.        Out there in the world, they saw it as a natural occurrence. Wherever you go, they only scream it is a sign of the end of the world, but we know actually what it is all about.
58.        If you want to know the mind of God for that day, go to the person God has given you for your day. He is God’s Mouthpiece.
59.        You are the true temple I am building. God has given Me a commission to build you up as a true temple where God Himself will dwell so that you can be transformed into immortality and the only way I know I can achieve it is by obeying His command to make sure that every believer is deeply grounded, rooted and settled in the truth.
60.        That was the reason at the beginning. He said, “My commission is to make every believer a true temple of God, where God will dwell.” He knows His commission and the only way He could do it is to give you the Word of God.
61.        If you do not understand, He said, “For you to be transformable, for you to be rapturable, if you do not understand, continue following, towards the end everything there will be made clear.”
62.        With this supernatural Presence of God we are seeing, and we know the source of the message we have been hearing all these years. An elderly man from Yeshua ministry, I believe is the man that always discuss with Brother Stephen. When I came in contact with him, the people around him told him about my belief, preaching and teaching.
63.        He said, “I have not seen Odoemena before, but I have read His books. I have seen His photograph. However, there is one funny thing there: His followers do nothing unless He asked them to do it. If He asks them to kill, they will kill. They do nothing unless what He sanctions them to do.”
64.        I kept calm, I did not talk. A little discussion we heard, I found out that he was relying on the Law. Using the Law, I said, “Mr Man sir, you cannot judge me with it for I have no sin. I am not under the Law, I have no sin.” He said, “Yes you did not believe what I am saying unless Odoemena has said it.”
65.        now for you and I to be raturable, for you and I to be transformable, IT is our obedienCE to the truth we have been hearing.
66.        This is the point where St. Paul came to in his ministry and told Timothy, “You know my manner of life, you know my message; you know the source of my message.” There is something Timothy saw, Paul brought the message to Timothy to the point that Timothy knew the source of his message. The same way, you and I know the source of the message we are hearing.
67.        Verse 4-5, “Moreover, the truth is what I want to preach so that you can have yours; so that you can even stay in your house and have fellowship with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This is because fellowship around the Word is fellowship with the Father, with the Son and with the Holy Spirit.
68.        This is the only way the work of the Pastors and Elders will be made very simple. It is also the only way we all can come to the same unity of the faith, to the same measure of the fullness of the stature of Christ. It is only then that we can expect to be transformed. We must have the same equal revelation. We must have the same faith and this has not happened since the beginning of this ministry until now, so that what is being taught in Onitsha, the same thing will be taught in Jos, Kaduna, Opi; the same thing everywhere.
69.        The present stage of the ministry, we all with this evidence here; we have come to the same level of revelation. Hence, little children will see it and recognize it. Thus, we are not in doubt that the promised salvation is ours, for God’s people in every dispensation always have an evidence from God where they will rest their faith and relax; and our own will not be an exception.
70.        We have seen Him, we have seen His Presence, we have seen Him standing on the pulpit; He is a Being, a human being, laminated!
71.        any moment from now, you and I will be in the same form. for that reason, we are encouraging one another that the permanent feature of God is in our midst and not in another place. That is the evidence that we are the candidate for translation.
72.        Verse 6, “No matter how Holy Ghost filled I am, if I preach a Message in Onitsha and I go to Enugu to preach the same Message, it can never be one. It can either be higher or lower, but by this Message if it is printed, all of you will be feeding from one source and same level or standard. This is the only way you can be guided from error. This is the only way you can escape the wrath of God. This is a strict assignment. It connects your soul to God. Who will not like to finance such a thing, especially when the Church and the Holy Spirit have agreed that every child of God ought to have a copy!
73.        “Follow the Cloud” volume two page 28 verses 1-5, “I have told you clearly in the part one of this Message the essence of God coming down in a Cloud; in a Pillar of Fire; in a Thick Smoke; in Thick Darkness and in the form of a Rainbow.
74.        We surveyed the Scriptures a little and saw that these things are the manifestations of God in all the Ages which have never been impersonated and can never be impersonated.
75.        If it has been possible for Satan to impersonate any of these things, surely we would have witnessed one. Maybe one would have been recorded before we were born: how Satan came down and impersonated himself in the form of God. No, Satan cannot use any of these attributes.
76.        Whenever you see those natural signs, they depict nothing but the Presence of God.
77.        In addition, whenever you see the Cloud, the Fire or Smoke, they are coming down to reveal a man. And that man becomes God’s Sanctuary.”
78.        These messages we are reviewing, have fulfilled in our midst. We are putting ourselves in remembrance of what God has taught us lest we forget, for you to know that we have never followed cunningly devised fables, so that your faith, wherever you are, will stand sure on the revealed message of our day.
79.        We witnessed when the Cloud came down in our midst, we saw the fire, we saw the Smoke, we saw the Thick Cloud; it revealed a man.
80.        I will not forget that glorious day, before this photograph was taken; I will not forget it. We all sat down as we are sitting down now, praises were going on, cameramen where snapping until the Son of Man came to the pulpit and then gave instruction that everybody can now take His photograph.
81.        He said, “All the photographs you took so far, you wasted all. If there is any film remaining, finish all.” When the photograph was taken, we saw the Pillar of Cloud, we saw the Rainbow, we saw the Smoke; we saw the Light. All revealed a man! You see, this thing has fulfilled in our midst. It is a sure sign that we are on the right track.
82.        Verse 6-7, “I told you that whenever you see the Cloud coming down, there is going to be an Exodus; God is going to make a move and that move must be a strange move. Whosoever that is going to lead has not gone that way before; whether a man or a group of people, they have not gone that way before.
83.        I told you what you will benefit by following the Cloud for whosoever that is being led by the Cloud can never miss the way; you can never miss your bearing because it is God Himself controlling. It is God leading in front.
84.        From the inception of this ministry till now, it is clear to every individual member of the Bride that God is leading and directing. We are the only people that have God in human form, for the scripture says “As children of God, we are made flesh and blood, so He Himself took the same flesh in humility, in simplicity; took the nature of a human being. He became one of us.”
85.        No wonder Moses told them that Almighty God would raise up a Prophet among His people and place His spirit upon Him. What is more, anybody that fails to listen to the words of the Prophet will be cut off from among his people. Besides, you know that whoever God chooses is not a popular figure.
86.        We saw God volunteering to lead Moses and His people the way they would go. We saw God taking the lead, the Pillar of Cloud going ahead of time in the day and at night, the Pillar of Fire.” Amen.


We thank God who enabled Brother Amankem to respond immediately he was called to the pulpit. He never knew he will be in the pulpit but he was ready. It is applicable to every other minister; for you do not know the hour God will invite you to come and encourage and exhort your brethren. For the scriptures say, “As we see the days approaching, we encourage one another with these words.”
2.           St. Peter said, “We will never be negligent, we will never fail to put you in remembrance of these truths, though you once knew them, that you may be constantly established in the PRESENT truth.”
3.           If you are a minister of the word of God, and you are not ready at all times, something is wrong with you and your ministry. If you say you are a minister in this Faith and you cannot rightly divide the word of God, you are a SELF-ACCLAIMED minister.
4.           I do not  care the way you look at yourself, what makes you a minister is not the title you are being called “Pastor,” “Apostle,” or “Bishop,” no! It can be deceitful.
5.           Just like Bishop Ebenezer who is always walking up and down, seeking somebody he will contravene, instead of settling down to do his work as a Bishop. Wearing suit does not make you a minister.
6.            Some think it is by wearing suit, or dressing gorgeously. I do not mean you should not dress well; your dressing is incomplete until you are dressed with the Word of God.  It is better you walk naked physically and be dressed spiritually with the word of God.
7.           Many that are answering MINISTERS do not know what makes them ministers. you are not a minister in the sight of God until you are able to divide the word of God severally, truthfully to all mankind. Any information which you think you know which you cannot pass across to your fellow mankind effectively, you do not know it. You know nothing until you are able to pass your knowledge across.
8.           thus, do NOT TELL me that “I know everything but I do not  know how to pass it across.” You do not  know it! There is no way you can outsmart it, even if you come to the pulpit to make noise, we will know.
9.           Look at how our teacher Brother Amankem stood in the pulpit, he never knew he would be called for I signalled to him from outside. For we are discussing a very important matter with outsiders who came to us, soliciting for our advice because, they are confused over a serious issue that arose in their village.
10.        What is more, their Pastor, a CMS Pastor who could not handle the trouble directed them to come and see the Son of Man for that is the remedy. Can you believe this?
11.        Watch, one of the men said he prayed, and prayed and the Lord said, “Only one person has the remedy and that is Iyke and his God.” That is why I spared him to follow them with a message. They know what they are doing.
12.        Go up and down, you will be pointed back to the Son of Man. That is why I am not happy with many ministers who cannot stand courageously to divide this message.
13.        If you are ashamed of this message, I wonder what you will be proud to hold. We were all products of those denominations for we romanced with them. Thus, there is nothing they are holding which can pick anything from the ground. They are holding nothing that can move anybody forward.
14.        I do not care who the preacher is, we know the limit he can go. They know their limits, but in this most holy Faith; we are proud of this Faith because this is where we are being tutored: God taking His time to furnish us with the right information that is needed to survive this age—all round information.
15.        There is no aspect of life where we do not have teachings, not a teaching but super teaching. That is why I am not happy with Apostle Chime when he was presenting himself, complaining bitterly. How many times will he write a note asking that his baby will be presented to God and things like that, yet the note was ignored.
16.        I looked at him and said, “Foolish man!” As blind as he is, presenting your note to your pastor, Pastor Dan who is passing through fire, who is labouring to see whether he could come out of the woods.
17.        I told Apostle Kelechi that Brother Chime is mad. That he does not know that Pastor Dan Nwadike has a better chance than him, that his own (Brother Chime) case is worse than that of Pastor Dan.
18.        From the very inception of this ministry, if Pastor Dan suffered excommunication, he never kissed another denomination. He never committed fornication, but Brother Chime committed fornication which I hate. Even when he was a minister, when he was excommunicated for his wrongdoing, instead of repenting, he played whoredom by committing fornication with denomination. He never knew that God circled it against him.
19.        At any point where you commit that crime which God HATES, God puts asterisks on your name. You must know that crime that God hates and avoid it. Before he will exculpate himself from that criminal act, it will take the greatest amazing grace. You can fellowship with us, preach, do everything; but the dot is still there; for God said strive to keep your garment unspotted from the world, He knows what He is saying. Unspotted from the world!
20.        Note it, it is very easy to spot your garment. See how our Brother came to the pulpit without prior notice, he divided the word of truth, line by line, precept upon precept; a little here a little there, aiming at establishing the Deity, not in our midst but in the hearts of all, for that is where salvation comes from.
21.        Until you know God and His attributes, the fear of God can never reign in your heart. It is the fear of God in the hearts of the people that restrained them from evil. I am not fearing a human being, I am fearing God who is able to punish the flesh, torment this flesh and also destroy the soul in Hellfire.
22.        If what is restraining you from certain behaviours is not the fear of God, you are not saved. That is why you must know whether you have the fear of God in your heart or the fear of men.
23.        Hence you say, “I do not want them to speak evil of me. I do not  want them to be preaching me in the pulpit.” It is better they preach you in the pulpit so that you will repent and get saved than for you to suppress your feelings, giving the impression that you have the fear of God when you do not have it.
24.        When you have the fear of God in your heart, no human being polices you about. You are always on your duty position, you become your own policeman.
25.        The moment you err, something in you ARRESTS you on the spot. You will hear an inner voice querying you, asking you why. Before you know it, you become angry at yourself; you will be demonstrating against yourself because you know better.
26.        Sometimes, you will feel like the land should open so that you will enter into it. If you do not see it this way, re-examine your conviction in this Faith.
27.        RE-EXAMINE YOURSELF. The only person that can commit heinous crime against this Faith, against God, his fellow brethren and hold his head high is a stranger.
28.        That is why God gave us the characteristics of strangers and warned that we should not listen to the voice of strangers. Is that not right?
29.        To those who will try to blame others, do not ever blame others; blame yourself and not God.
30.        Recently, we considered a message titled “Are you a Churchgoer or a true worshipper of God?” and we saw many, many things in the message. We saw cases that God had already judged and set aside. You will do well in your Local Assemblies if you revisit those wonderful messages: “Are you a Churchgoer or a worshipper of God?” and “Blame yourself and not God” which contains the other message titled “Do Not Listen to the Voice of a Stranger.”
31.        You want to know why people make shipwreck of their calling in Christ, go to the message titled “Envy and Jealousy, Evidence of Acceptance of Failure.” You will see nine things that make people to fall away from the Faith. Is that not right?
32.        You go to the message titled “Be Diligent To Protect Your Mindset;” too many things are contained there. God said, “Be very careful about snipers, they are everywhere! Do not give them any attention.”
33.        Snipers, people that hate people that do good, they specialize in talking against people that do good only aiming at discouraging them: “He is doing so that we can see him, he is doing ‘notice me.’”
34.        What is more, these snipers can hardly perform. The Holy Ghost called them non-performers. They stand on the way of the Kingdom, they do not want to enter; they do not want others to enter. They are not ready to render any useful service to the Body and they would not like those who are ready, to render such services. Snipers, they are everywhere.
35.        With these messages I have so far mentioned, if you are wise with understanding; you better revisit them. There is no message in this Bridal Faith which you can lift up, go through spiritually and remain the same. Something there must strike you!
36.        There are too many things you might not understand that time, which will become clearer. Sometimes you will be asking, “I am there when this message was preached? Was this thing there before?”
37.        Yes, we are growing in knowledge, we are growing in wisdom; the same way we are growing in understanding. We grow in revelation!
38.        When you go to the message titled “The Impact of Revelation;” when revelation strikes a man, it makes an indelible impact, which nothing can erase. That is what our Teacher was aiming at. Amen.


Let the revelation strike somebody, as an individual that we are having dealings with God Himself that God is templing in the Son of Man; that God is in the midst of the Bride. Not His Presence, but the Deity, the Headstone, present live.
2.           I told you before that He is a native of Africa living here with you. The rest of the people in the world are feeling His influence. Oh no! Let me show you something: God is here on Earth; His voice is heard from the sky. His influence is felt everywhere.
3.           Our brother did a very nice work to establish everybody in the present truth. Quoting prophecies and showing us their fulfilments. Rapture will not take place until Christ Himself has come down in the Church that is promised Rapture.
4.           Note, not every Church, but that little flock that holds the promise of the hour, that is where the Deity must surely come down to confirm the promise: “I have promised that I will take you home, I will!”
5.           “Oh, glory be to God that He has gone to prepare a place for us after which He will come back and take us to Himself, that wherever He is, there we shall be.” He said, “Comfort one another with these words.”
6.           Has He not come back? He has come back. Have you not seen Him? You have seen Him, even His splendour. What has He come to do? To take us to Himself that we may be wherever He is!
7.           The people that never knew the way, but He is the way, the truth and the life. Without Him coming, we will finish our journey here and perish. It takes Him who has been there from the very beginning of the world to lead us to that place. Now, which form are we taking? We are taking His form so that leadership will be made easy.
8.           He said, “We are going to preach down the Godhead,” quoting William Branham. We are not talking about preaching down the Godhead anymore, we are now talking about getting everybody, young and old convinced that what is in our midst is not a miniature god or imaginary god.
9.           He was that same Supernatural God who existed when the world was without form. He is He that guided out fathers from Egypt to Canaan. The same yesterday, today and forever; the great I AM, the Supreme Lawgiver, the Supreme Intelligence that controls the Universe. We are not talking about an imaginary god. We are talking about that one which our eyes have seen.
10.        God knows what He is doing. Many of you in this most holy Faith were not in this Faith in 1996. You heard our testimonies and you believed. However, today, you have seen greater things than what took place that time. For what took place that time can be likened to a shadow but the Reality is now in your midst, live!
11.        Everyday I rejoice! You know what gives me the greatest joy now, I do not care the way you look at me, or you look at this little flock. I am only interested in the way God is seeing us. What gives me the greatest joy is this: I am not here because I wanted to be here. I am here because God placed me here.
12.        note, Not only that almighty God knows the way to this fellowship, God attends the fellowship with me. yes, I am in the same fellowship with the Almighty God who bypassed all the denominations in the world, in Onitsha, early hours of the morning; He came and stood in the pulpit.
13.        thus, Our fellowship is now with the father, with His son, with that promised Holy Spirit. Our fellowship is complete! as a result, this is the promised salvation complete, in joy, in mercy.
14.        Do you know how many denominations God bypassed? Since the world began, apart from our fathers’ experiences in the temples in our own Gentile world, has any group ever seen God present in their midst? The highest you can see is the Roman Catholic apparition of Virgin Mary. However, we are talking about the Almighty God, it is not apparition.
15.        There is no apparition in this most holy Faith, only facts are convincing. More so, when God is doing it amidst witnesses. It is not that God is doing it at Benjamin Street where I can call my wife as witness or my children, no! God is doing it in the congregation where people are drawn from different parts of the world to be there as witnesses and partakers. What is as comforting as worshipping God in the approved place and in the way He wants to be worshipped?
16.        If we are in the wrong, can God identify with us? No! What is our holiness? It is the Presence of God in our midst! What is our righteousness? The Presence of God in our midst! What do you think attracted His attention?
17.        Glory be to God in the highest. You see why we are rejoicing that we are sons and daughters of God. It has not appeared what we shall be. As that time, the Bible said it does not yet appeared what we shall be. However, one thing is certain: when we shall see Him, we shall be like Him for we shall see Him just as He is.
18.        What we are seeing, is he not a human being? He is a human being. Is He not a man? He is a man. Note, if you believe with all your heart that what is in THE Son of Man is in you, automatically it is in you. HOWEVER, for you to believe that, you must believe that the Son of Man is God.
19.        I told you that the entire world is feeling His influence, let me show you something.
20.        “He has Come And He Has Gone,” page 166 verses 61, “For judgement the Son of Man is sent that those that claim that they know everything, they know the day Jesus Christ will come and take them away, that they will recognize Him when He comes back, those that claim they are not spiritually blind, the Son of Man is sent that they might be made the blindest.
21.        However, those that acknowledged their spiritual impoverishment, their spiritual blindness will be made to see. And among such people, are you and I. what a wonderful privilege we have enjoyed in the hands of God all these years. Glory be to God in the highest.
22.        Is it not surprising that a blind man is now reading? Is it not surprising? That was how it started. Ordinarily He could not read anything from any newspaper or periodical. However, the moment He mounted the pulpit, the Bible became as clear as the day.
23.        The moment He came down from the pulpit, the blindness will also cover His eyes. Then we discovered that He was not the one, but the Father was the One opening His eyes whenever He wanted. Thank God, His Presence has filled all in all.
24.        Your natural eyes though they may not behold the spiritual Presence, but you feel that He is here. He is here, we are here with Him. You are all under the canopy, it gives Me joy.
25.        If we gather and He is not here, our gathering is useless-nonsense, we become like other people.
26.        Verses 63, “Because you have believed, it shall be unto you according to your faith. You have believed that I AM HE; THAT I PROCEEDED FROM THE FATHER, AND NO MAN IS SENT TO JUDGE THE WORLD BUT HE THAT IS TALKING TO YOU NOW THROUGH THIS VERY MESSAGE YOU ARE HOLDING. No other person!
28.        At a time when we are hearing nothing about flooding, this message was preached .
29.        Because you have believed, it shall be unto you according to your faith. You have believed that I AM HE; THAT I PROCEEDED FROM THE FATHER, AND NO MAN IS SENT TO JUDGE THE WORLD BUT HE THAT IS TALKING TO YOU NOW THROUGH THIS VERY MESSAGE YOU ARE HOLDING. No other person!
31.        From that afternoon till now, is the entire world not greatly discomforted, distressed, troubled? Who is doing it? God is standing in Onitsha, His influence is being felt in all the nations of the Earth. Somebody might be wondering what is really happening, glory be to God.


I will show you something, but first let us look into the message “It is Finished,” page 94 verse 10-11, “I am going to make a tape using this weather. You know the cloud is here. If you are wise and intelligent, if you have been observant, you would have come to the knowledge by now that every great day in Jerusalem, God’s chosen place of worship is evidenced by light shower of rain.
2.           The weather had always given the impression that the rain will scatter us. However, in a twinkle of an eye the Son of Man will look round and the whole thing will fizzle out and then the weather will be dim and cloudy to enable us fellowship together in love.
3.           Did it happen this morning? Is it happening now? Many were thinking that they will be shifting from their benches because of the rain looking at the weather, but God knows what He is doing for today is a great day in Jerusalem, God’s own chosen place of worship where God Himself ministers, live.
4.           Now look at my emphasis on verses 10: “I am going to make a tape using this weather. You know the Cloud is here.”
5.           I banned you from taking photographs, but there is no way you can do anything video and avoid photograph, is it not true? This is the major reason why Pastor Emma from Nassarawa will continue, otherwise, I would have excommunicated him now using my hand to sign it. However, he has escaped.
6.           Number one, he did it with a pure conscience, not that he was doubting. Number two, there is no way anybody can do a video and avoid photograph. What is he videoing? If it is offence, he committed it at a time God had already lifted the ban indirectly.
7.           What am I saying? If you have your handset, if you have your video machines, they are useful to us now than ever. All our fellowship on Sundays all ought to be in video because any moment from now I will lift up the ban on television so that your family will continue in fellowship, by then I must have armed everybody with enough materials that will make it impossible for you to borrow anything from outside that will pollute your family.
8.           When we have our praises, our teachings, everything in tapes, in the videos; do you have any need for that nonsense there? You go for useless bread if there is no breed at all. However, when you have super baked hygienic bread, tell me what use you can make of that useless thing that is in the open basket along the gutter? You know what I mean! I liken you to a sensible man that feeds on garbage when there is a very nice salad on the table.
9.           Once I am sure you have been fully equipped with all the materials that will help you to organize your families in a family worship, using your television sets, I will lift up the ban. But now, I am building up. You see, this is the period of capacity building in that regard. You will not tell me when I should be set.
10.        When I banned you from using your cameras to photograph anything in the fellowship, I said, “From now, until further notice.” Moreover, the further notice has terminated, it terminated from the day I started doing the video. Glory be to God in the highest.
11.        On that 16th September 2012, in Jerusalem amidst witnesses, immediately the voice went forth saying, “The Cloud is here, if you are intelligent and observant,” our brother, the Pastor pulled out his camera just like Bishop Moses pulled out his own.
12.        Brother Nnamdi Nnachor take note, Victor Nnachor, all that work in the publications and video, be mindful of these scriptures. Every occurrence in this most holy Faith must be scriptural.
13.        Behind every sign, there must be a scriptural voice. The scriptural voice is the scriptural backing. For every thing that happened in this most holy Faith, happened according to the scriptures AND according to prophecies.
14.        If there is any supernatural occurrence in this most holy Faith which cannot be balanced with the scriptures, throw that one away. Can all be balanced with the scriptures and with the prophecies? Yes! They are with us!
15.        You see, our brother came closer, he wanted to get the Son of Man fully. He wanted to see because the Son of Man was standing in the pulpit.
16.        Pastor Emma, tell us what happened that day that prompted you to take this photographs and I will show the congregation what you captured. Tell us what happened, the voice you heard that made you to snap the Son of Man photographs, and I will present the photograph to the congregation to see what you captured.
17.        Brother Emmanuel: “Actually, when that voice went forth as you have read from IT IS FINISHED page 94 verse 10, I decided to snap though I have been entertaining fears within me in the sense that the message we have been banned from videoing or the use of camera for snapping. However, at the same time I reasoned within me that videoing is also there. I said, “Okay, let me actually snap,” but I said, “God, honestly I am not doubting you.” That is what I muttered within me, “Honestly I am not doubting you. A lot of evidences have made it clear to us.” On that note I snapped the first and the second time.”
18.        You snapped twice number one, number two when you had already interpreted your action in your heart. Simply thank your star. Glory be to God in the highest.
19.        We are working on one of our videos our Brother Ik Ezindu from household of God at Mbaise happened to be with us during the burial of our late Elder Mike Nwanga. You heard the messages that went forth, how God said he was judged while he was still alive and then justified.
20.        Hence, God decided to come and bury him amidst witnesses. Of all that happened there, there was a climax. When his body was being lowered into the grave, brethren like Brother Emma Nnachor, Brother Echezona, Brother Israel, Brother Onyeka, they were there inside the grave; lo and behold, as they were about to put the casket in the grave, a supernatural light came in, hovered around them and around the casket. The thing was wonderfully seen in the video.
21.        When they finished and came out from the grave, gradually the supernatural light came out from the grave and surrounded all of them there. I have ordered the video to be produced for everybody to see. Precious in the sight of God is the dead of a saint. Thus, God Himself attended the burial and God Himself lowered the body down. Any testimony greater than this? You know, when we say these things among ourselves, we feel very much encouraged.
22.        We dare not say these things out there, for people outside cannot understand and they cannot even believe for they are unbelievers. Where they try to believe, they will have something to say, all aiming at explaining it away. But they cannot succeed.
23.        I was told that one that abandoned this Faith was shown some of the photographs recently taken, she looked at them and said, “Brother, are you there?” The brother replied, “I was there live. Look at what happened.” She then said, “So this thing is real at last!”
24.        I told you, they will beat their chest. This is why when you see even our former Bishop, Okey Nwankpa, you pity him because he knew this truth, he preached it, he balanced it, he helped many of you to believe it using many scriptures to confirm the truth. Now, where is he? Seeing that more evidences have come out, that God is powering on more and more, higher and higher; they are lowering themselves lower, lower and lower.
25.        Somebody who knew us many years ago came to our fellowship some weeks ago, called me and said, “Sir, you are increasing greatly in number everyday!” I said, “No! We are not increasing in number, rather we are increasing in faith, we are increasing in revelation.” Faith is revelation.
26.        You heard the testimony of our brother, of course you know he cannot tell you lies. The voice said, “The Cloud is here, if you are intelligent and observant,” then the brother pulled out his camera and began to contemplate within himself. And God now added him in the number of Elders.
27.        You know he is not only a Pastor; he is also an Elder, the first fruit of Abuja. God co-opted him into this Faith in 1993 when he was a houseboy to his elder sister at Abuja. I cannot forget that day; about few weeks ago I rehearsed our experiences when we went to Abuja the first time. Where we fished him, Ignatius Anonye was the one that took us and then we got Brother Emma and Andy Oyanisi who at the end of our journey followed me down to Onitsha and became my son.
28.        To God be the glory that Brother Emma is here, God using him also to reveal many, many things. When he heard, he never doubted but something happened. We are serving the only one and true God. Brethren, he snapped two times. The voice said, “The Cloud is here. if you are wise, intelligent and observant...” The Name of God is a mighty tower where the righteous will run to.
29.        Now, look at the first thing he got, a Thick Darkness, and a man is hiding in the Thick Darkness. A man hiding Himself in the Thick Cloud, in a Thick Darkness! When you see Thick Darkness and Cloud, they will reveal a man. Thick Darkness in the day!
30.        How many were in the fellowship that day? I was there! A man hiding Himself in the Thick Darkness, in the day! The Cloud is here, will you believe if you are being told that this photograph was taken in the day? Is there any way you will snap photograph in the market and you will not see people there?
31.        You are all under the Cloud. If God is dwelling in the Thick Darkness, you are dwelling in the Thick Darkness. It is our covering by day and by night. Look at what he got, a Thick Cloud with a man hiding in it, does it agree with the scriptures? Yes it does.
32.        Darkness and light are round about His Throne. Is that not right? The same garment, the same fellow took the first one and then took another one. How many will like to see the second one? Brethren, look at the second one. Unbelievable!
33.        There is something they used to call “do not tell somebody, do not tell someone;” is it in this one? No. That is what we are enjoying in this most holy Faith.
34.        We are not following cunningly devised fables. We are eye witnesses of His Majesty. God is here! We are not saying it that the world should believe us. Glory be to God in the highest.
35.        Our Brother the teacher used the Sunday school to help us by putting us in remembrance on identification of Christ in all the ages. Un-mistakable identity of God among His people since the world began, His unchanging attributes. Everything can change not that one.
36.        Have you wondered why not even the Son of Man was seen, you were not seen. Every Tom, Dick and Harry that were here were enveloped. Just like the Seventy Elders God beckoned to come up the mountain, and immediately they came, the Thick Darkness covered all. Is it not glorious?
37.        That which covered us, is it not enough to take us home? It is more than enough. We used to sing in our song “Just any day now, our Lord is coming, He will be returning for you and me, and I will be waiting and I will be watching just any day now; His face I see.” It was a Prophetic song.
38.        Today, we have seen His face and supernatural signs that have never occurred among the Gentiles since the world began. You see, because you have believed that I am He, you must see all my attributes. All, not minus!
39.        What is the aim? To make every Tom, Dick and Harry to believe that I am He! Go to the Bible and see, check the Bible, all the predicted signs and wonders the devil will perform in the last days, these ones are not there. For these are the attributes of the Deity which no devil can impersonate, no magician can fabricate it. Amen.

Now, to those who are working with me and other Elders, you will do well to follow Me into the scriptures.
2.           Let us see whether what we are seeing can be balanced from the scriptures. Now have the two photographs in your mind as we go into the scriptures. We are here to give you the truth and nothing but the truth. God is making a name for Himself.
3.           Exodus chapter 19 verses 16, “And it came to pass on the third day in the morning, that there were thunders and lightnings, and a thick cloud upon the mount, and the voice of the trumpet exceeding loud; so that all the people that were in the camp trembled.” KJV
4.           On the morning of the third day there was thunder and lightning, a Thick Cloud appeared on the mountain, and a very loud trumpet blast was heard. All the people in the camp trembled with fear.” GNB
5.           Can you see the mountain? You are welcomed to Mount Zion, the city of the Most High God. The Name of God is a Mighty Tower where the righteous run to and they are secured.
6.           Tell me, look at the congregations. Was there anything in this place that can be liken to what is in the photograph? Is there anything we moulded and brought into the place?
7.           What is mountain? What is this pyramid? What is that, that is shinning inside? Who is that person that is in that Thick Darkness that does not want us to see His face?
8.           At Abomege, the young man was desiring to get my photograph, he was labouring seriously, then I became friendly with him and I calmed him down. From that time, he captured Me. But before then, he made serious efforts; no way, because you cannot capture the photograph anyhow.
9.           If you are my wife and you are seeing all these supernatural photographs, how will you be looking at Me? Will you still have that courage of touching Me? Won’t you be wondering, “How does He manage to give birth to us?” Nzubechukwu, water don pass garri.
10.        How I wish Bishop Okoh is in the fellowship, who was framing questions that were older than my wife, expecting my daughter Onyedika to answer. Anyway, since he is not in the fellowship, let me reserve my comment.
11.        Look at this photograph and tell me what He wears. Is there anything that looks like these benches in the captured photograph? If you know any wood we gather here, or something we moulded, kept, and snapped so that we can use it to convince people, tell us where it is. Who kept it? Who moulded it? All of you were there that day!
12.        A blind man said that there is nothing like what one saw with his eyes. We are bearing witnesses of the things we have seen, the things we have heard; the things we have handled.
13.        we say to the world, believe our testimonies for our testimonies are truth. We are not using enticing words of human wisdom to seduce you away. No! We know more than that. You see why you must fear and honour God!
14.        Reverence the LORD and He will make His power manifest. Stop wrestling with your maker, stop grumbling, stop murmuring and stop complaining.
15.        Everyday, God is confirming His Presence in our hearts. He said, “Whoever that will succeed in following the Son of Man till the end, will never regret. Rather, he will surely say, ‘surely the Elohim dwelleth in the Son of Man.’”
16.        Psalms 97 verses 1-2 “The Lord is king! Earth, be glad! Rejoice, you islands of the seas! Clouds and darkness surround him; he rules with righteousness and justice.” GNB
17.        Jehovah is king! Let all the Earth rejoice! Let the farthest Island be glad. Dark Clouds surround him. Righteousness and justice are the foundation of his throne.” LB
18.        Job 38 verses 9, “Who kept the sea inside its boundaries
as it burst from the womb, And has I clothed it with Clouds and wrapped it in Thick Darkness
?” LB
19.        That is God, that clothed them with Clouds and Thick Darkness. Thick Darkness in the day, Clouds in the day not in the night. He used it to cover His own. Do not worry, one of these days, we are coming here to celebrate the victory God has given to us.
20.        When I made the Cloud the garment thereof, and Thick Darkness a swaddlingband for it,” KJV
21.        It was I who covered the sea with Clouds and wrapped it in darkness.” GNB
22.        1 Kings chapter 8 verses 10-11, “And it came to pass, when the priests were come out of the holy place, that the Cloud filled the house of the LORD, So that the priests could not stand to minister because of the Cloud: for the glory of the LORD had filled the house of the LORD.”
23.        Note, the glory of the Lord had filled the house to the point that nobody could stand there to minister. You cannot see anybody. Remember the voice said, “The Cloud is here.”
24.        When the priests came out of the Holy Place, a Thick Cloud filled the Temple of the Lord. The priests could not continue their service because of the Cloud, for the glorious Presence of the Lord filled the Temple.” LB
25.        As the priests were leaving the Temple, it was suddenly filled with a Cloud shining with the dazzling light of the Lord's Presence, and they could not go back in to perform their duties.” GNB
26.        Shinning with the dazzling light of the Lord’s Presence. Is it not dazzling? The first camera got the whole thing, filled with darkness and Cloud. The second got the dazzling light. Halleluiah!
27.        Things happen in our midst according to the scriptures. You can now see that our experiences here are comparing very favourably with the experiences of the same Church in the wilderness whose continuation you are.
28.        it is not following God that matters, but God knowing that you are following Him. It is not worshipping God that matters, but God knowing that you are worshipping Him.
29.        Is God aware that we are worshipping Him? I am balancing the scriptures; it is not your message for today. You have believed, I want you to believe more.
30.        Exodus chapter 20 verses 21, “And the people stood afar off, and Moses drew near unto the Thick Darkness where God was.” 
31.        Who dwelt in that Thick Darkness? God! Moses drew near to that Thick Darkness where God Himself dwells. Others preached the Gospel, we fulfilled the Gospel. If they ask you any question, tell them that God is not in their midst that wherever God is; that is the place His word will come to pass.
32.        That is why we do not plead with you to stay with us, no. Neither do we command you to go. If you feel we are deceiving you or we are liars, please leave us and go your way. Do not die with liars or deceived people.
33.        Now, I asked a question: is God deceiving us? If God will deceive us, what will He gain? Is God looking for convert? No! If somebody will tell you that the Son of Man is deceiving you, ask the person how and what is He using to deceive us.
34.        A reverend father of Roman Catholic went to Aba from Jos with his relations to secure the release of the sister of Brother Sam Mantu, our Pastor. When they got there, they entered his house and saw the supernatural photograph displayed. The reverend father said that he came to pray that God will deliver Brother Sam Mantu, but immediately he saw the whole thing, saw the inscriptions, he enquired.
35.        Brother Sam Mantu said, “These are supernatural occurrences that have happened in our midst and I am a living witness.” The reverend father said, “I withdraw, this is a spiritual matter.” Then he turned to his relations and said, “Please my dear, issue a letter of warrant, releasing your wife to go and worship this God.” They went home, the husband gave the wife a letter to go and worship her God.
36.        Now the woman brought the letter to Pastor Paul, he now called Me, only for him to hear “Do not accept the letter, the door is closed.” She brought her letter very late for I had already spoken concerning her.
37.        Moreover, she heard a dream where she saw a ball of fire that turned out to be a Pillar of Cloud, embraced it, the thing turned out to be the Son of Man. Then the voice spoke to her saying, “You are not worthy of eternal life. For when we were suffering persecution, you ran away from us and embraced the world. Now God has set us free, you are now suffering your own persecution; we cannot help you. For denying us at a time you should be with us, you are not worthy of eternal life.”
38.        She wrote the dream down, forwarded the dream to us; we read it in the pulpit. Before the dream, I had already spoken concerning her and even banned her from calling my number. Now she has suffered in vain.
39.        If you value your marriage more than this Faith, you are not entitled to the Kingdom of God;, you are not qualified for eternal life. For he that wants to save his life for Christ’s sake must lose it. if you lose your life for Christ sake or be prepared to lose your life for Christ sake; you must get it.
40.        Many, who said we were devils, are now calling us the children of God. Go to any place, before you open your mouth, they will join you and begin to preach. They will tell you that “it is now that we are understanding you. Please pardon, we did not mean to say evil.”
41.         God said, “Note, by the time those that spoke evil against this Faith will be believing this Faith, it is all finished.”
42.        Somebody who left this Faith at Nsukka, he tasted it and went away. I was told he recently came with his family and sat down and continuing. Our Bishop asked me whether they should ask him to go away, I said, “No, no! Leave him, he should stay there. Since he wants to stay, he should stay.” Finish! After all, too many things are happening. Glory be to God in the highest.
43.        Deuteronomy chapter 4 verses 11 “Tell your children how you went and stood at the foot of the mountain which was covered with Thick Clouds of dark smoke and fire blazing up to the sky.” GNB
44.        Which was covered with what? Thick Clouds of dark smoke! And fire blazing up to the sky.
45.        You came near and stood at the foot of the mountain, while flames from the mountain shot into the sky. The mountain was shrouded in black Clouds and deep darkness.” LB
46.        And ye came near and stood under the mountain; and the mountain burned with fire unto the midst of heaven, with darkness, Clouds, and Thick Darkness.” KJV
47.        Where God lives, God’s dwelling place. Deuteronomy chapter 5 verses 22, “These are the commandments the Lord gave to all of you when you were gathered at the mountain. When he spoke with a mighty voice from the fire and from the Thick Clouds, he gave these commandments and no others. Then he wrote them on two stone tablets and gave them to me.” GNB
48.        The Lord spoke these words to all of you assembled there at the foot of the mountain. He spoke with a loud voice from the heart of the fire, surrounded by Clouds and deep darkness. This was all he said at that time, and he wrote his words on two stone tablets and gave them to me.” LB
49.        These words the LORD spake unto all your assembly in the mount out of the midst of the fire, of the Cloud, and of the Thick Darkness, with a great voice: and he added no more.  And he wrote them in two tables of stone, and delivered them unto me.” KJV
50.        Second Chronicles chapter 6 verses 1, “Then Solomon prayed, “O Lord, you have said that you would live in a Thick Darkness.” LB
51.        The Lord has said that He will live in a Thick Darkness. Where is He today? In a Thick Darkness! Let me tell you, it is a glorious thing to worship God in the place He has chosen to place His Name.
52.        To the Pentecostals, these things were the things that happened in the wilderness, they are no longer in existence. However, they said that God is the same yesterday, today and forever that He does not change. They can quote it in Ecclesiastes that what He did in the time past, that He is repeating again and again that men will fear before Him.
53.        Then said Solomon, The LORD hath said that he would dwell in the Thick Darkness.” KJV
54.        Then Solomon prayed, “O Lord, you have chosen to live in Clouds and darkness.”
55.        You, the Lord has chosen to live in Clouds and Darkness. Moreover, God said, “All these things will end, revealing a man. When you see these things, they are going to reveal a man. Do we have a man? Yes! We have a man!
56.        God’s instrument for leadership is divine. No controversy there! Those that left us have used their hands to kill themselves. Some are seeing it everyday, while some are using their handset to watch it. If you heard the wonderful message and you leave, you see what is happening; what will you do?
57.        Somebody like Dr Igwe who saw this thing and said, “We have called down a masquerade that we cannot serve. He will kill all of us;” for that reason he went away with his family; did we send him away? No! Are we not alive till now? We are.
58.        Finally, not the end, I just want to give you few scriptures. If you want to get the fullness, go to the message “Follow the Cloud,” volumes one and two. Then go to your “Great Sermon” God’s Presence was established in the Bride. You will see the Presence of God there and many other messages.
59.        In all these things, God is aiming at introducing Himself to your own hearts; to my own heart. Remember the message preached here by Deacon Anselem of the household of God at Egbema, “I am convinced, are you convinced?”
60.        I respect Elders. When we have not come to the fullness of knowledge, Papa Uwakwe as an Elder stood here in the pulpit and said, “I have gone to so many places and come out, used the spirit of God in me to scrutinize it, I have used the word of God to scrutinize, I have used what my eyes saw to scrutinize; who we are having dealings with is not a human being; He is God Himself.” How many were there that time?
61.        He was standing in the pulpit in the other fellowship hall. My people, the word has come to pass. No wonder the Bible said I wrote to you fathers for you know the truth and you know Him that existed from the very beginning that abideth in you and you have over come the evil one.
62.        If the God said I should do away with you people, I would have done away with you people so that the word of God will stand. They that know their God must do exploit. What they are waiting for is at the command of the Lord. Finish.
63.        Psalms 18 verse 11 “He enshrouded himself with darkness...”
64.        He covered Himself with darkness. Look at it in the supernatural photographs. What did He use in covering Himself? He said that He will dwell in darkness and Thick Clouds. Has He fulfilled it? Yes.
65.        I thank Almighty God that there is no photograph I used my hand to snap. No one that snapped reason with me that he wants to snap me.
66.        “...He enshrouded himself with darkness; Thick Clouds, full of water, surrounded him...” LB
67.        He covered himself in darkness; Thick Clouds full of water surrounded Him...” GNB.
68.        Full of what? Water surrounded Him. Let me say it: nothing gives abundant joy more than discovering that one is in the ocean of truth. We are not only in the truth; we are swimming in the ocean of truth. If you stand it erect, it will stand. You turn it upside down, it will stand. Anyhow you want to do it, it will stand. Our God is truth!
69.        What is that thing that will make you to say you do not  believe? He that said he did not not believe, did God listen to him? No! If you are unfaithful, God will remain Faithful. If you are false, God will remain Truth. Wherever God is, is where truth is.
70.        With these assurances, there is what we call assurance of salvation. You have seen that God is very angry to tell you the truth. Do you know what is making God angry? Those that He came to save are calling Him a liar, those that do not  know the value of salvation.
71.        I was talking to my children, “You do not know Hellfire! When you are frying plantain, use the spoon to take oil from the fire and touch it on your tongue; yet that one is ice water.”
72.        What is more, you cannot compare it with the one they used in burning four students in University of Port Harcourt. That is those they burnt alive. It is not that they have died before they set them ablaze. No, they were burnt alive. As they were screaming, they were adding fuel and pouring fuel in the fire until four of them got burnt. If you are the one they pour fuel and set ablaze while you are alive, yet it is not Hellfire; that is human being’s fire.
73.        I want you to have a little idea where God is dragging you out from. I told you there is nothing God will not do; there is nothing He will not display to make sure you are convinced, to make sure you are saved by your personal conviction.
74.        Whether you are down or up, whether you are here or abroad, nothing will remove you from your conviction. Let the whole world descend on you, they are wasting their time. Glory be to God!
75.        Now, in this our own area of the world, we have heard about too many Churches, great men of God and things like that. If you have been in a place something like this occurred during their worship, don’t you know that this could have formed the basis of their crusade?
76.        Now, before next Sunday; we will add these two. We will keep on pilling them until all the windows and walls will be filled with supernatural. Supernatural occurrences, all scriptural, all Prophetic. It is finished.
77.        On this note, I want Apostle Kelechi to speak to you on the three types of righteousness. I have just used these few scriptures to confirm that the Sunday school is according to the truth. Two: that it is already vindicated. God has already confirmed it.
78.        When you want to talk about the fullness of the Godhead, it is in this most holy Faith. You talk about God standing on two feet, you want to talk about theophany body; see the theophany body. You want to talk about the white garment that is shinning like snow, is already in our midst.
79.        What else is remaining? You see this immortality, one second, you close your eyes and open them, it is done. There is nothing remaining.
80.        If you are running away from getting a video tape, you will regret tomorrow. It is not publication where we can reproduce. If you miss it, you have missed it. Any time we lift the ban on television, you will have nothing.
81.        Thus, do not think is something we will be reproducing. No! There is no room for that! For we are deleting everything immediately we finish production. It is not like the book, thank you.
82.      On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally.