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The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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Monday, 3 October 2011



If God is not a man, how can man relate with Him? Every Messenger of God in every age has always been God-man. As God to save, and as man to make the enemies of God doubt Him, despise Him and reject Him. Yet, in Him is the Almighty hidden. I
repeat: Yet, in Him is the Almighty hidden.…
-      Son of Man

Israel is our timetable. Israel is our time piece. I am trying to prove it that the Lord has fulfilled His Words in our day, that these prophecies have come to pass: Almighty God who scattered His people to all the countries in the world has started bringing them back, and now that He is gathering them, He is not gathering them in sin again, He is now gathering them for His Name sake. He said that He is no longer going to deal with them in accordance with their sins.
Watch what God is doing. Now that you can see the movement, don’t  you know what is about to take place? Do you know when the whole world will signal alarm to tell you that the last man has come back? Maybe we do not know where we are heading to. Know the manner of God you are having dealings with.
Events are made clear by prophecy. We can see the events lining up. All that the Lord prophesied and said we should watch out for, you see them coming to pass. One day you will see the catching away of the saints coming to pass, because it is lined up. –The Son of Man

Remain blessed everybody. Please all the elders in Onitsha, look up and you will see what the winds have caused. Go round the compound, you will see that the principal is busy effecting some renovations. 
2.           Do not wait until he will remove this roof in anger, because if you fail to do something, he may because of it remove the entire roof and you will be forced to leave this place
3.           Thus, do something immediately. It doesn’t cost much only that you have not hired capable hands that can fix that zinc very well. Look for capable hands that know how to fix this zinc.
4.           This is not ordinary long span, this is 5mm, it uses hook. Look for people that know how to fix it. Do not ever tell me that you have tried your best. This is not the only building that has iron as roofing instruments; all factories, all Churches and all warehouses were roofed this way.
5.           Please look for professionals. The earlier we do it the better. Let it be completed before Wednesday.
6.           You are highly blessed. It is a pleasure welcoming you to His Holy Presence this day. It is not easy to shuttle the high ways even to walk on the streets because too many things are happening, the world is turning into a mess with every passing day.
7.           If it has never been the Lord that is on our side I wonder what would have became our fate. Thus, we give Him the whole glory, adoration, honor and praise. Hope you are not tired of worshipping Him! If you are tired of worshipping God, will you worship the devil? Do you have the strength? Do you have the wherewithal to worship the devil?
8.           Nothing is as expensive to worship as the devil. Some of you that where privileged to read Saturday 5TH April, Sun Newspaper, you saw what it took to worship the devil in those occult places where a man sacrificed almost all his children to appease the devil starting from his first son. You think is easy to worship the devil, Go and try!
9.           That was why God gave us a message titled, “If you feel it is too hard to worship the living God, try the devil and you will see the rules and regulations, the commandments that are highly grievous. And if you break any of them you pay dearly. You keep all of them you pay dearly for you can never obtain anything from the devil free of charge for anything you obtain from the devil you must pay dearly.”
10.        Hence, if you feel we are deceiving you go to those places. Ask Apostle Monday from Lagos, he will tell you what he experienced last week in Lagos with our Brother Matthew his own younger brother who apprehended a daredevil in the form of a human being, an evangelist, a missionary; he goes about in Lagos but a wanted man by the Nigerian police.
11.        You will see why I told you that the law enforcement agents do not respect whatever you put in your vehicles saying “missionary,” “evangelist,” “clergy.” If you like put Pope there they do not respect any because those putting those things do not respect their offices.
12.         They first disrespected themselves because if they have remained law-abiding, the law enforcement agents would have appreciated it. Whatever they are is what their converts are.
13.        Is it surprising to see or to hear that a lot of these clergymen belong to occult groups, a good number of them belong to secret societies, attend the meetings together with their members shamelessly. If they cannot escape, how can their members escape?
14.        The crave for materialism is pushing them into so many things, the crave for unnecessary power, they want to have power, they want to be influential,  they want to command everybody to obedience. They go here and there to obtain all those things from the devil only to experiment them on human beings that are ignorant.
15.        I am telling you the truth. Who could believe this, if not that our brother saw it with his eyes, law enforcement agents are also there watching the thing, live: A clergyman, a general overseer of a Church—name withheld—was apprehended by the police and road safety on the road when he was trying to run away.
16.        Our brother went after him and impounded the vehicle. He refused to open the boot, our brother insisted that it must be opened because the man had lot of concoctions and is being feared by the police and the army. They said he posses great powers, that many times they have apprehended him he vanished, he disappeared. But that day luck ran out against him.
17.        Nobody could stop him but our Brother Matthew. The man practiced whatever he had but could not succeed. The police was afraid of the man because of the concoctions. Army boys were afraid, Road Safety boys were afraid but our brother remained courageous. They were even warning our brother to be careful that the man is a dangerous man, that he is being feared everywhere in Lagos—name withheld.
18.        He is now in police net in Mile 2 in Lagos because our brother apprehended him, destroyed the powers, forced the boot open amidst witnesses only to see blood that covered the boot, saw two sandals that supposedly belonged to a woman with a female identity card inside but the whereabout of the person, be it a woman or a lady or a girl was unknown.
19.        But heavy blood filled the boot. Everybody gathered. The man was photographed together with the whole thing. The police was alerted, they were afraid for they knew him. They have apprehended him before his wife died and he seized her corps. Till today whereabouts of the corpse remained unknown. Efforts to get the corpse of the wife remained abortive.
20.        People feared him but our brother apprehended him. They said that if he will be given banana and pineapple, he will vanish. Our brother said that it is not true, that he will serve him banana and pineapple with his own hand and the man ate it before everybody and did not vanish.
21.        The police was alerted and they came immediately and recognized him as a wanted man, whisked him to police headquarters Yaba. Our brother went there with them to testify with other witnesses. The man is still there with vehicle filled with blood.
22.        You begin to wonder what could be the cause of all these things if not the crave for materialism, influence and wielding unnecessary power. People obtaining powers they are using to intimidate and harass their fellow human beings, putting them into fear at night and even in the day.
23.        Let me tell you, I have told you time without number, do not look for the devil outside, do not look for the devil in the shrines or evil forest. There is no evil forest anymore. The devil is inside the Churches. Most of these clergymen are devilish.
24.        I told you my master’s experience in Lagos where he went to Tope Joshua, that is Synagogue of the Nations and the man told him courageously that anybody looking for salvation should not come there.  He said that if you want to go to heaven, that you shouldn’t come there. That God sent him to come and deliver people from their diverse problems not to preach sermons that will take them to heaven.
25.        All Churches go there including members of Celestial Church, including  pagans. The Muslims go there. Yes, the late Yar’adua was there, even Sambo was there. Jonathan was constantly there. All the Heads Of States went there. Synagogue of all the nations, “Come just as you are, provided you are coming not for serving God but to solve your personal problems.”
26.        I do not know what people are passing through that will take them to such devilish places and you know people that have been there have confessed before us if I use the case of my master which I trust so much. Because he has been sincere to me.
27.        He said that he has a rule. That the rule is that he has a drum of water inside that synagogue, if a man must see him that he must take a cup of water from there and drink it. Refuse to drink it and you will never be in the line to see Tope Joshua. Find out from all that have been there.
28.        I wonder the purpose that used to serve. My master went there because of his sickness, filed in the line waiting for his own turn for the sickness to be healed, but he is still suffering till today. Another line was the line for people that came to obtain power. The other one was people that are coming for prosperity: three good lines!
29.        My master said that while he was watching the line was moving gradually, he looked by the left hand side and saw his own bishop, the bishop of Anglican Church in Imo State who is very well-known to my master. My master happens to be a knight of Saint Christopher in Anglican Church.
30.        He saw this bishop. This bishop is residing in Aro Ndizougu. You see, my master being the type of person he is, went straight to him and said that he would not like to close his mouth over this matter. He pulled his shirt, the man turned and my master said, “So you came here also?” He said yes that everybody is free to come that he even came with his catechist.
31.        He said that the catechist was in front. My master went to him straightaway and pulled him. He said, “Oga, you used to come here also?” The catechist said yes.
32.        My master came back again, went to the bishop and said, “Sir, you are in the wrong line.” The man said, “What do you mean?” My master said, “This line is for people seeking power. Look at my own line, I have come for the healing of my sickness. The other one is for people looking for prosperity. You are where you ought not to be. This line is for people seeking power.”
33.        The man said, “I know more than that. I am where am supposed to be.” You can imagine, from that day my master came back and said that he was surprised, that almost all the clergymen and reverend fathers visit Synagogue of the Nations but they keep it secret, their members go there and they meet them there, live.
34.        It confirmed what Olumba-Oluma testified years back before he died. He said he was wondering why all these Pentecostal pastors and general superintendents are poisoning the hearts of their members against him and the ministry. That he was wondering that the Brotherhood Of Cross and Star is where God placed him as the Almighty God to supply them with powers.
35.        That they traveled long distances to him in Calabar, obtain concoctions from him, go back to their synagogues and use them on their members and the thing will be working. At the end of the day, instead of coming to thank him they will poison the hearts of their members, telling them not to go to him. He said that is it not surprising, they are stopping them from coming to obtain the same powers.
36.        I told you and you equally read it in the newspapers when Kumuyi—I have to mention his name because it was written in the newspapers—went to Olumba-Olumba by air to obtain his own weekly powers; weekly, because every Thursday was their miracle extravaganza at Gbagada.
37.        Unfortunately for Kumuyi, when it was his time to enter, he never knew that some of his pastors were there already and Olumba Olumba had already told the pastors that came that their general overseer used to come there to obtain power.
38.        When Kumuyi came there he saw them, he was shocked. At the end of the day the thing brought trouble into Deeper Life Church. Many of the pastors left including Alfred Iteowe of the Old Path Ministry, Enugu. All of them that meet Kumuyi there, they departed from Deeper Life Church and opened their own Churches including “God is Able Church” here in Onitsha.
39.        You must be very careful, that’s why God warned us from the very beginning, do not just enter anywhere you see people clapping hands shouting alleluia, praise the Lord, calling God, calling Jesus, calling Holy Ghost. Do not ever enter anyhow otherwise you will die anyhow.
40.        No place should be feared more than the so-called Churches. The greatest number of rituals are being performed today not by native doctors but by the clergymen. Yes, I am the One saying it. If anybody is in doubt, consult me. If anybody feels his hands are clean, bring him before the Son of Man, I will tell him what he is doing and where he is doing it.
41.        I have told you, if you are coming into this most holy Faith for any other thing outside eternal life, you have missed the mark. Better leave us now. The Lord never sent me to come and perform signs and wonders, miracles and abracadabra, no! But He sent Me purely to preach salvation to those that are eagerly and patiently waiting for it, finish.
42.        If He heals you, it is because He wants to heal you. Whatever you are receiving from Him, He is doing it as extra favor. But the purpose for which the Son of Man is sent is to bring the elect home. No more, no less.
43.        And that is what the Lord promised: “I will come again and take you to myself. Wherever I am there you shall be also. Comfort one another with this words.” 
44.        He did not say, “When I will come I will cause the blind to see, cause the dead to resurrect!” No no, no. But on that day when salvation shall be made complete, the blind will be there, the lame will be there, the deaf will come, the cripple, everybody, as many whose names are in the Lamb’s Book of Life, they must all come from the East to the West from the North to the South; from all tribes, all nations, all languages. They must be there.
45.        The time has come, so you must know where you are, and more so know the Personality that is talking to you. When you know these two things, happy are you.
46.        However, if you lose sight of any of them you will be another bishop James Nnachor. I am not apologizing to him and I will never apologize. He knows why.
47.        Do not be another Bishop James Nnachor. We are in His Presence because God wants us to be in His Presence. If He never wanted us to be in His Presence, surely we will never be in His Presence. You can never be in any other place than where He wants you to be.
48.        That thing that makes the separation between the goats and the sheep will never make a mistake. He places some on the left and places some on the right. He gives some believing hearts to believe the truth and gives some unbelieving hearts, that no matter the way you place it they will not believe.
49.        Believing does not mean sitting down in the fellowship. You can sit down in our fellowship, clap hands yet you do not believe anything. We preach here because once you believe, it must reflect in your character for your character tells us what you believe.
50.        Let me tell you what I believe. Faith is nothing but action expressed. Express your action and I will tell you what your faith is all about. If it is ecumenical faith I will know. If it is devilish, I will know. If it is Godly I will know. Thus, you cannot in any form or shape suppress it for too long because events must surely cause it to be opened. Amen.

I really thank God that we are in His Presence this day to give Him praise and to hear from Him, His mind concerning the hour we are in. We are in His Presence for Him to tell us what we will expect any time from now.
2.           Remember I promised I would be in the pulpit the Lord willing, if He gives me the strength and the unction to tell you few things concerning the hour so that no human being will ever deceive you.
3.           I hope you are not tired of worshiping Him. No, I will not be tired for the joy of the Lord will remain my strength. The joy of the salvation God extended to me has always been the source of my strength.
4.           If you do not derive joy in the salvation God has given to you, the truth of the matter is (i) you do not know whether you are saved or not; (ii) you do not know the meaning and value of salvation.
5.           Once you know these two things, the joy that will overflow in your heart will surpass all the troubles you are passing through because I believe in one thing that whatever that has a beginning must have an end. If you like say amen, if you like do not say amen.
6.           I want to stress it here, make it loud and clear that this earth where you are sojourning presently now is meant for pilgrims while heaven remain the abode of the saints, did you get the message? This particular world, this earth were we have found ourselves presently now was designed purely for pilgrims and strangers, but heaven (Paradise) remains the abode, the home, the resting point, the resting place of the saints of God.
7.           While hell remains the home, the resting place of all the wicked. Two residences. The same way, we have two resurrections: Some will resurrect to Eternal Life while some will resurrect to Eternal Condemnation. The same way, while we are alive some people are ordained to this present condemnation while some are ordained to this present justification.
8.           In every situation, you are either justified or condemned. Please you must know your position in the Son of Man and that is the revealed Christ in your day. I made it clear in that message that henceforth, nobody should tell you where you belong to.
9.           You must know where you belong to, you must know your position in Christ, your status in Christ, your position in the Son of Man, weather favorable or unfavorable.
10.        But who will tell you? He said, “The Lord Himself will reveal it to you as an individual. It can come to you either by dream or by visions of the night. It can come to you  by a still small voice speaking to directly in your heart. No matter how you try to send it away, resist it, it remains persistently talking in your heart until it comes to a point it will be as if you are hearing it with your ear.”
11.        A pagan or a heathen that blasphemed this Faith, blasphemed the Son of Man, called it occult group and things like that, called me last week—a king of a community—saying that he had been dying in his house, that from the day he spoke evil against me and the Faith, that his heart had never seen rest.
12.        That he had been weeping and weeping and the trouble became so much that he could not bear it anymore. Then he called Apostle Kelechi by 2 o’clock in the morning, asking him what he will do to get rid of that guilty conscience, that he was dying.
13.        Apostle Kelechi consoled him and said that he should call the Son of Man directly, because He is the One that could speak on such matter, being that nobody is seeing his heart, he is the one right from his village. Then the man called me the following morning.
14.        I was very busy, I told him to hold it that I will call back. I called back, he wanted me to switch off so that he will call me back, I said no that I have enough airtime.
15.        This man opened up with confessions and we remained talking for 14 minutes. He made horrible confessions. He said that he will tell me all he said but that he will not tell me all that he did.
16.        Let me quote him directly. He said, “I swore with my life. But I am dying now. The evil I did to you is now affecting the welfare of my children both at home and abroad, please I am on my knees, I am crying. If you would not mind, I want to come down.”
17.        I said, “Stay where you are. Nobody compelled you, you know what you are passing through, you know what you said and what you did, but I am still alive. You are not the only one, too many people have done that.”
18.        Many of them are still sitting down in our midst clapping hands even this moment, they know what they said, they know the extent they have gone. Do not worry, any moment from now the works of every man shall be revealed by fire: You will see my works and I will see your works. You must see it. It is a must!
19.        The man made horrible confessions and he made all those things with tears when he had my word, he said, “My prayer is, if it will please God He should take me from now at least I have emptied myself. I will call you again when I regain myself; soon I will not talk, I know that from now things would begin to unfold in the Bride. Many, many things will begin to happen.
20.        A sister called me recently and said, “Daddy, I had a terrible dream that troubled me so much and I have not shared it with any human being.” She said, “I will share it with you. Daddy, look at the dream…”
21.        She a sister I cherished so much. She had made some contributions to the Faith. She said, “Daddy, I saw myself holding a big bottle well-corked and filled to the brim. All of a sudden I saw the bottle leaking and as the bottle continued to leak it continued to thin down until it became a very small bottle in my hand. The next thing I saw was that the whole episode changed.
22.        “I saw myself inside the fellowship tying wrapper, only some brethren where there and they told me to go and change that I was improperly dressed, that the Son of Man was about visiting them. That if I should delay that the Son of Man would meet me in that condition.”
23.         She said that reluctantly she accepted to go and change. While she was about to go, the Son of Man came into the fellowship and met her tying wrapper. She said that there was no other person the Son of Man’s eye caught but her.
24.        The Son of Man turned to her immediately and said, “Why are you improperly dressed in this fellowship. Will you leave us at once.” He commanded the deacons to take her out and the deacons dragged her out.
25.        She said that immediately she saw herself outside, the next thing she saw was that she is sitting on a seat where the wife of Monday Obakpolo who was excommunicated with the whole family for months now was sitting down, because of her unbelief and stubbornness.
26.        She said that immediately she sat down with that woman outside, the dream left her. She slumped down and fainted. When she got up I said, “Well this dream is a horrible dream, it requires no further interpretations. It has revealed your nature and your position in the Son of Man lest you think that giving food or drink or money or anything to the Son of Man means bribing your way into Paradise.”
27.        No, there is no gift there. There is no contribution you will make to the Son of Man that will give entry, that will give you a ticket into Paradise. What will give you the ticket is your believing heart. I said that she should watch herself from diverse angles especially in the angle of stubborn spirit for I know that woman to be a stubborn woman.
28.        What happened? Her call came to me three minutes after I finished discussion with Monday Obakpolo—just three minutes by my wristwatch after discussion with Monday Obakpolo, who called me telling me he had repented with the family, that the wife was willing, this and that.
29.        I said, “No shut up your mouth! If you had taken good care of all those things I told you, you do not need to call me. If the Son of Man excommunicates you from the Faith, you do not need to call me. When you repent, I am the one that will call you.”
30.        I know when you have made it right, I must send for you even when you least expected, you receive a call bringing you back. I said, “My friend, listen to me, your inability to take side with the word of God is what is keeping you outside; for up till this day you do not have the courage to take side with the word of God.
31.        “Instead you are taking side with your stubborn wife. She is suppressing her feelings, she has never changed one bit. She wants to come back to the fellowship to continue her trouble and I will not submit to that. Remain where you are until further notice.”
32.        That was the end of the discussion. Less than three mimutes the phone rang, it was another Sister from Lagos giving me her dream. It doesn’t require interpretation, just like the action of Bishop Nnachor which all the elders condemned because we condemned him, we found fault with him.
33.        He suppressed his dream which he had for which cause he came to me early hours of the morning only to meet me sitting with elders. He went back with his dream but he could not sleep, suppressing the dream troubled him. The following day he came back, unfortunately for him, the same elders he was avoiding the previous day were also there.
34.        What is more, he had already told me that he had a dream but he forgot to say it the previous day because of the way we clamped down on him. I said, “Ok open up.”
35.        He told us the dreams. After narrating the dreams we looked at ourselves and nodded, said to ourselves, “Does it require interpretation?” We equally said NO. We turned to him and said, “Sir, does your dream require interpretation?” He said no. For the manifestation is the interpretation, finish.
36.        You must know your position, your status in Christ, your position in the Son of Man and it should be so clear to you so that you will never accuse any brother or any sister of either blackmailing you or biasing the mind of the Son of Man against you for it will be an affair between you and your Maker directly.
37.        God knows why He had decided to place our cards before our eyes so that on that day nobody will have any excuse to give: “I would have made it if not for this and that…” na lie, that is not true.
38.        Let me tell you, looking at our faces we are all angels, we are saints but God has nothing to do with our looks for nobody has an innocent look more than a criminally-minded fellow. God considers us on the basis of our hearts, finish.
39.        Whatever you want to do, do; God is considering your motive. Whatever you want to say, say; God is considering your motive, your heart. If your heart is not right with God, it is not right, do not ever run from one brother to another or from one sister to another to begin to look for excuse or counsel, no.
40.        If your heart is not right, it is not right, finish. You are either obeying or disobeying. This is the truth about the matter. Amen.

I hope we are not tired of worshiping the Lord. If I get tired of worshiping the Lord, who else will I worship? I am in His Presence today with abundant joy in my heart.
2.           Let me console you, do not ever come to a point you will begin to say that your condition is the worst. Your condition is not the worst. You know, often times we pray that God will bless us, God will do this, God will do that, the Lord will answer our prayer but instead of giving Him the glory we will turn round to accuse Him of one thing or another.
3.           It is absolutely wrong. I was considering one thing one day with my wife and I said, “Darling, this woman is a woman of courage. I praise the woman’s courage.”
4.           This woman fell from a height few Nigerians have attained. This woman was privileged to be educated, occupied a very important position in the Ministry of Education in the State, even till today. Although she is a retiree, now married to a prominent personality who became the general manager of the Nigerian Port Authority; continued holding that office until 1984 when Tunde Idiagbon relieved him of that position.
5.           While the man was alive the family shuttled abroad, they toured all the countries in the world free of charge, on holy days, on weekends, everywhere. Begin now to have a picture of what that family looked like, when we were begging for bread, this man and family were living in a comfortable duplex in GRA Onitsha, had vehicle and everything.
6.           Finally the man died. Immediately he died trouble set into his family. Though the trouble started setting in while he was alive: the first daughter, a lawyer, a graduate of the university of Nigeria, Enugu campus ran amok. Play, play, play, play, the thing escalated up till this very day—not a final year student but a full-fledged graduate, a lawyer, unmarried.
7.           What is more, before our eyes the two children secured admission in into the University of Benin, from there to Nnamdi Azikiwe. Before our eyes the first son ran amok also. Apostle Kelechi saw him in my house and I was giving all of you a record of the family, all the four children are there with their aged-mother now a retiree.
8.           The first one, a lawyer the other one also a final year student in the university, the liabilities are there together with the remaining two whose cases are undetermined. If you happened to be such a woman will you continue to serve God?
9.           Up till today she is a superintendent in a Pentecostal Church, not a deaconess, she is greater than a deaconess. She is still holding the Bible, observing Jesus, calling Jesus. The general superintendent has carried out too many deliverance services on the family all to no avail.
10.        If you happened to be this woman will you continue to serve God, will you still be in that group or Church? If you think your condition is miserable can you afford to be in this condition? Nobody can ever wish this type of thing to befall him.
11.        These were children that were meant to be a blessing to the family but look at what the family got in return; will they fire at God? Please your condition is not the worst. I know some that have been in the hospitals for years, for months. I am telling you God’s truth. Some are praying to God for the gift of children, another family had three children, two boys and one girl, but all of them turned out to be imbeciles.
12.        If you happened to be this family, what will you say? It is not a story. Thank God Brother Joe is in the fellowship. Brother Joe, you know the history of Dede John in Amaichi. Brother Mike you know him. Am I bearing false witness?
13.        There was a case of a man and a woman that stayed without having an issue for almost 18 years, they were living together, they were praying and praying they were staunch Anglicans but one day the wife took in, had a baby girl. This baby stayed for almost 12 years without sitting down, without walking and was growing in length every day.
14.        No other baby was coming, this one remained there. The thing continued. Look at the family that stayed without having one, look at how they ended it. No sooner the girl died, the father died also. I do not know the fate of the mother now. Brother Joe will tell us the fate of Chikwendu in Egbema.
15.        How can you say that your condition is the worst yet this people continued praising God. Your condition is not the worst. You are the one thinking that your own is the worst. If your condition is the worst how many months, weeks, days have you spent in the hospitals since you enlisted in this faith?
16.        Throughout last year how much did you pay as your hospital bill? You see, your condition is not the worst. Do you know how many people that died in your community last year? Or from January till now, do you know? Can you count?
17.        I want you to understand. I want to share a testimony. You know I am now an ex-civil servant, my wife is still in service. One of her colleagues from Abatete, many of our brethren know him. He frequents my house, we drink together. That is Alex Atuanya, he was blessed with five boys. A fine gentleman, very obedient and humble to the authorities, his age notwithstanding.
18.        This young man started building his house in his father’s compound at Abatete being the only son of the parents and the people hated him with perfect hatred. People wanted to take the land by all means. I want to say something  if you will permit me because there is something in a testimony.
19.        You see, this young man volunteered to go home about two weeks ago on a weekend, the wife resisted, he insisted that he must get home. The wife suggested that he should follow his colleague and go to Abuja to sort out his salary that has been slashed continually. He said he must go home to see the house he was building and know the condition it is in.
20.        After a little argument, he left. Getting into the uncompleted house a bird flew in from one of the windows—ordinary bird. Courageously he gripped that bird, broke the wings and legs, strangled the bird and threw it away.
21.        From that moment his hands started swelling up, his breath changed, his legs started weakening. He managed to get out to Eke Abatete, chartered okada to Onitsha.
22.        By the time he got home the situation was out of hand. He narrated the incident to the family, the wife was astonished. They carried him to hospital. Before he got to hospital he died.
23.        When the report got to me that day I never slept till morning because the young man was my friend. I had a nice time with him when I was in the service, even when I left, he frequents my house—very intelligent, very obedient.
24.        Now I began to talk to my wife:  “He caught  ordinary bird, strangled the bird and died, but Sister Amobi caught two owls when all the windows were closed, together with mosquito nets; the doors closed. How the two owls came into the bedroom, not parlor, no human being could explain. Courageously Sister Amobi faced them and gripped the two. We killed the two, she is still alive till today.”
25.        When the owls were brought to me by her husband, I told him to go back that another one is coming. “It is not coming that matters but it is going back.”
26.        Two weeks after another owl came. Immediately it entered the corridor, it fell down there and could not fly again. It remained there watching the wall until our brother gripped it.
27.        Brother Abraham Paul slept with snake for number of years or months, he cannot say not until the day the wife turned the foam upside down and she saw a mighty snake that has been lying there. Our brother killed the snake,  photographed it.  
28.        You heard that of Sister Ogoo, how the snake was waiting, people were passing by, finally, the snake was killed and photographed. I am saying that these are the things that kill heathens but you come face to face with them almost every day.
29.        Diabolic human beings are not limited to those they killed, they are diabolic to both the living and the dead. They use you every day as testing instruments, some of them may be your parents, your relations while some may be your best friends.
30.        A wicked person can gain entry into your house and pretend to be a friend, serve you, do everything for you, unsuspectingly trailing you until he will carry out his havoc. If luck ran against him he will tell you his mission.
31.        What am I saying, it is only in Christ that we have the victory. Without this Faith we have no testimony. I know what am talking. Thus if you feel your case is the worst, it is because you are blind. I know why am telling you this.
32.        There was a brother that gave me the report of his sister who has a problem of gallbladder stone and was operated in a hospital. That’s bishop Ifeanyi Eze. His sister had gallbladder stone, after thorough medical examination and every other thing it was concluded that she would go through the surgical operation.
33.        They subscribed to it. When the information got to me, I told him that no person has ever succeeded in that operation, that it will be death. They said no that the doctor told them everything this and that, I said ok and they went.
34.        At the end of the day she just passed on, but we have brethren in this Faith where such cases where handled by God. Whatever might be the stone got dissolved. Many traveled to India and spent millions yet no way.
35.        There was one, a medical doctor from Agulu who died some few years ago in Onitsha, the uncle told me that he spent 19 million naira in India both kidney transplant and operation in the heart but at the end of the day he is in the mortuary.
36.        Many spent millions in India for kidney problems but the Lord will use ordinary water to heal us many are rusticating in their homes, some in isolation wards, in some hospitals for having incurable diseases, but among us, incurable diseases are curable. If we can courageously disclose it, God will courageously attend to it. If we can believe God doubting nothing, for with God all things are possible.
37.        He is the Lord, the God of all flesh, is there anything impossible for Him? The answer is no. How can you begin to tell me that your own condition is the worst when God has promised that He will meet you at a time you least expected and He will superabundantly perform more than you asked from Him.
38.        Because of your heart and the imagination of your mind he will act even more than your dream if only we can believe, believe doesn’t mean believing with your mouth. If you can believe with your heart and confess with your mouth that with God all things are possible, to them that believe.
39.        With the heart man believeth unto righteousness with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. You do not believe and close your mouth. When you believe you speak for there is power in the spoken word. When you believe and close your mouth, the devil will cancel it with a negative thought, with a negative example somewhere.
40.        However, when you believe and speak—do not cry but speak—that your mountain shall be removed. If you know your status in Christ, happy are you. The message, “Knowing your status in Christ’’ said to those that have believed God, to those God gave the believing heart, to believe His promises. God said that before they will kneel down to pray, the Lord has already answered for no good thing shall the Lord withhold from those that walk uprightly.
41.        Whatever it will take to make us happy the Lord will provide it, the Lord will do it. Whatever it takes to give us peace the Lord will do it. He knows what we need at all times and He knows what is best for us at all times. If He permits hardship to come your way, maybe it is to humble you down. If He permits sickness, maybe it is to tell you that the living will die one day, that you do not own your life.
42.        Thus, let us be very careful. If we have believed God let us convince Him, Pastor Paul are you hearing me. I made a bad remark concerning you. I made a bad remark for your attitude is bad and has been bad from the beginning and nothing will change you unless you change yourself.
43.        It is unbelievable to note that I never knew you were coming, it has been your manner. If you doubt me I will give you three instances. I never knew about your movements, I only heard when people saw you residing with Brother Akpalanta at Umuahia it is unfair—very, very unfair.
44.        One day monkey will go to market it will not see road to come back. That day you will remember that which you omitted for reasons best known to you. Whoever that is avoiding the Son of Man is stupid. Whoever that is avoiding the Son of Man is joking or playing with his life because you do not know what lies ahead of you.
45.        That place where you think is safe for you may be the place where you meet your doom and disaster and you might be thinking that if you tell the Son of Man about it that He would stop you for that reason you hide it away. Amen.

Brethren form Umuokanne, Obosima, let me just use this opportunity to thank you immensely for the rousing reception accorded me on Friday when I visited you after 8 years.
2.           You are the privileged fellowship, the privileged household to host the Son of Man in the year 2014, and I cannot remember the last time I visited any Local Assembly in this Faith, not even Enugu.
3.           I may pay you a visit as an individual, as a family and a lot of brethren may meet me there, it is different from coming to your household. Thus, I have to thank all of you for having that revelation that wherever the carcass is there the eagles must gather.
4.           Leisurely I was not feeling good but they later agreed with me. We agreed that only 8 elders would be there to dedicate the house and declare it open but getting there the whole of our members in Umuokanne were there: Obosima and Egbema I thank God for brother Loveday who assisted me with Ukachi.
5.           What is more, I do not know how Brother Emeka overstated the dedication of his house that attracted the heathens, even their youths. When I saw the way they were trooping into the compound and taking their positions, I was amazed. Nobody could believed that, that was the place where the Son of Man’s Faith was blasphemed.
6.           The same place was where I came down from the vehicle and people where rushing touching my cloth: “Bless me my Lord, bless me my Lord. Some were kneeling down, some were pulling me from the back, their faces was radiating with smiles; a sign of acceptance.
7.            I saw the heathen women in order. I was told they were there from 8 o’clock in the morning because Brother Emeka told them that by and by I would be there by 9 o’clock in the morning, but by 1: 00 pm I was still at Onitsha. I never arrived there until 2:30 pm, yet they were patiently waiting including Bishop Isaac.
8.           They were never tired for when they later heard that Brother Loveday had picked me at Owerri, phone calls continued. Before we got to Futo Junction we saw their young men with their motorcycles shuttling. They were overjoyed.
9.           I do not know the impression the people were given and the type of vehicle they were expecting me to arrive with. Some said I might be coming with helicopter, another said that the people might be disappointed: “Our God may even come with okada.”
10.        The thing became a puzzle. Finally we came in. I looked at their faces some even found it difficult to believe that I could be the one they were waiting for from morning till that time; because I was casually dressed. In short I was over simple.
11.        Then I spoke to them: “In Igbo land it is believed you can never hold kola and begin to talk. I said no, it is not my own believe. My believe says that kola provokes a lot of talking.”
12.        I began to address them. While the heathens were very much interested in the message, they showed greater interest in photographing me.
13.         My photograph was their interest but when the message got to a height they could not believe it anymore, they started jubilating because what they thought I was coming to do shifted to strengthening their youths, empowering them, condemning some evil habits I noticed among them, regenerating their hearts immediately.
14.        In fact they felt ashamed of themselves but at the end of the day I opened their eyes of understanding. I gave them the way forward. The message I gave the youths there including our own youths were very much rehabilitating and I titled it in my own way: “Where You Are Now Is Not Enough.’’
15.        What is more, the house was the thing that provoked that message. It changed from the house to our individual careers. I said that whatever we might claim to be our attainments so far is not yet enough, and as long as you are still alive, it is an indicator that God has not finished with you.
16.        Once God finishes with you He will parcel you home. Thus, as long as God has not finished with you, do not finish with yourself, do not declare yourself finished until God declares you finished.
17.         God is there to work in you, God is at work in me, the purposes for which He created you and I are yet to be fulfilled. Let me say that He has just started.
18.        Thus, do not ever come to a point where you think that you have realized the full essence of your coming into existence. Brethren from Umuokanne and Obosima, any day you transcribe the messages I will like to have a copy I will produce it for you so you will have it in print form as a memorial because you may not know the day you will see me live in that soil again, I do not know.
19.        We thank God for the journey so far. The same last week Tuesday I sent Apostle Kelechi together with Pastor Thomas to Opi for the dedication of our Brother Kelechi and they came back with good remarks just like what I saw at Umuokanne.
20.        Truly speaking it is  unbelievable yet it is real. I began to have the feeling that if the Lord would not cut short this dispensation, definitely we are going to cause havoc, we will cause havoc.
21.        While we are building, enjoying life in one way or the other please may we never forget the hour we are in, that is what makes the difference between us and the people in the world.
22.         Thus, whatever they are doing, they decreed God out of their programmes but to us God takes the first position. As long as we are building that thing here on earth, it is a temporary residence only meant for pilgrims and strangers. Our permanent home is Paradise.
23.        Until we see ourselves in Paradise with our indestructible bodies, new bodies that were promised before we were born, to those that will endure till the end—our journey is incomplete until we enter there. Hence, do not ever give up. If you are praying, do not give up.
24.        Whatever you are doing do not give up for your miracle is on the way (AMEN). You know it is a miracle for human beings to be clothed with immortal bodies, it is a supernatural miracle! No human being can manufacture it by magic, otherwise Americans would have discovered it long, long time ago. But they are clamoring for it every day.
25.        Arise and shine for the glory of God is risen, arise and shine for the light is come; the glory of the Lord is risen the glory of the Lord is risen, the glory of the Lord is come upon me.  Amen.

I will like us to share the dream that we got from Zonkwua. I believe it is in agreement with the hour.  
2.           Dream, dated 15th March 2014, by Brother Esau Abel (the little boy is about 11 years old) - around 4:00 am in the morning in Zonkwua Household: “I saw that we were going to Paradise and the Son of Man was the One leading); the Son of Man told us that when we reach Paradise, we should stop. That nobody should go anywhere.
3.           When we got to the place, the Son of Man went somewhere that we did not know. Later we saw Him coming back. He came and told us to gather together where He was. He then told Apostle Kelechi to go and destroy one country that I cannot tell. The Son of Man then turned His face on Zonkwua.  He told the pastor in the person of Pastor Abel to also go and destroy another country at the coast.
4.           The Son of Man told the pastor that he will meet some people like us wearing white like us, that the pastor should not destroy them. He should just greet them in our language.
5.           The Son of Man turned to Teacher Noah and told him to go and destroy China. The Son of Man continued calling names. Sister Mercy Abel, the last daughter of Pastor Abel who is now three years old was told to go and destroy another country. Brethren were surprised for she is just three years old. Could she be able, she just said yes that she is able. The Son of Man said the world would take three and half days. There then, bombing places started.
6.           After three days the Son of Man told us to go back to Paradise that we will no longer hunger and thirst again. This should be the end of the world. The dream ended.
7.           I want you to understand that the last battle the Jews fought with the Gentiles lasted only for seven days and this one that is coming, the dreamer saw it as the battle that would last for three and half days. It is half of one week, we are not talking about 70 weeks of Daniel nether are we talking about the three and half years of war.
8.           We are in for something greater than that. Remember that the Almighty God had already given us the picture of what is coming ahead of us and He said that if the Lord of Hosts does not cut the days short, definitely no flesh shall be saved.
9.           The awesome horror is about to unfold.  The long awaited awesome horror is about to unfold for the Lord had concluded within Himself to hand over His people to their enemies for the last time.
10.        Do not pray against it. Israeli, the Jews are about to be handed over to the Arabs for the last time. This handover will be applauded by the world for Israel would suffer terribly. Israel would not be handed over to the Arabs by peace but by war, by conquest.
11.        The holocaust will be against Israel and it will be so much that neighboring countries would come to redeem Israel. They will volunteer to redeem Israel; and is not coming at any other time than the time when the entire world is shouting for peace.
12.        Everywhere you go the discussion today centers on peace in the Middle East and what they think will bring about the peace is total annihilation of the Jews who they have labeled troublemakers, that they are not worthy to live.
13.        However, handing over the Jews to their enemies will mean God coming to fight for them if the entire world will know the implication of forcing the Jews out of their land. If they will realize the implication they will resign on their decision.
14.        The Lord is loosening and tightening the hearts of the leaders, using them to fulfill His objective. I told you that all the efforts they are making to bring about peace through the peace talks on the peace table would be abortive. It is fruitless.
15.        John Kerry has failed woefully, America have failed, they have now resorted to the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. Recently, Barack Obama was there for the sake of peace in the Middle East. Mahmud Abass of the Palestinian Territories authority equally was there, all because of peace in the Middle East.
16.        Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went there, his Excellency, the President of Nigeria lead his own group to the Pope, all in respect of peace in the Middle East.
17.        Nobody is talking about Ukraine and Russia. Nobody remembered the nuclear weapons in Iran anymore. The talk of the day is the capital of the so-called Palestinian State and the Arabs have agreed that they would never accept anything less than East Jerusalem as their capital.
18.        What is more, they vowed a vow that nothing in this life or in the life to come would ever compel them to recognize Israel as a Jewish State in the Arab world. That it would never happen, while Israel is saying that one of the preconditions for negotiations centers only on Israel being recognized as a Jewish State.
19.         The question arises, what then is the essence of recognizing Israel as a Sovereign Nation in 1948 when they could not establish Israel in their own land; the same thing they did recently to Palestine. They brought them to the admiration under the UN Security Council, proclaiming them member of the UN, thereby making Palestine a State without a capital.
20.        Can there be country without a capital? UN, where did you establish as the capital of that Palestine that shall be from the observer status to the main member of the UN Security Council. Is the UN solving the problem or creating more problems.
21.        UN was the body that created Israel as a Sovereign Nation in 1948, few minutes after the pronouncement the same UN secretary rose up to tell the whole world that UN has succeeded in creating a problem baby to the whole world, created Israel as a Sovereign State but hoisted the flag in Palestine.
22.        I do not know what it looks like, creating Enugu as a state, hoisting the flag in Kano. In other words, Kano will be the capital of Enugu State. Who will accept this nonsense. The place of the people that were opposed to creation of Israel as a nation were the same place where UN hoisted the national flag of Israel; in the enemies’ territories.
23.        In other words the word of God will continue to fulfill for you and me to occupy. For Israel to exist as a Sovereign State they must subdue the Arabs and fight that battle which they dodged, which they stopped. They stopped and then started building the state, that is where the Lord said they must go back and continue with the war.
24.        Watch what is going to take place: Who initiated the war? The Lord. He was the One driving away their enemies as they proceeded. He got to a point and said that He will not fight anymore, that they should now fight the rest of the wars, subdue and occupy.
25.        However, the people settled down and organized instead of continuing in the fight, even with words of the Lord which He spoke to them: “Any land you step your feet into, proclaim it to be your land and it becomes your own.”
26.        They organized and narrowed down their territories but now they are returning to 1967 Border Treaty; that is where they are going. Thus, the annex now includes Lebanon, Jordan, Syria; the whole of Sinai is in the Jewish land.
27.        Now if that is what they are all out for, it then means there is no Palestine for the Palestine is like Lagos in Nigeria. There is no way you can go to Kano without passing through Kaduna. You must pass through Kaduna and Zaria and then proceed to Kano. Thus, there is no way you can get to other parts of Israel without passing through Palestine.
28.        That is why they are having the same security, the same market, the same economy, the same currency, everything the same. Up till today Israel is still collecting tax from Palestine. Israel is still controlling security, financing security for Palestine.
29.        Now this Palestine that is clamoring for a State inside a State and they were saying they will never recognize Israel that is collecting taxes for them, beefing up their security, lifting up even the economy well-being, God knows why. However, the contention has remained the State of Jerusalem, Jerusalem remains the decider. Amen.

Let us go back again from the book of Zachariah chapter 12 verse 1 through 11. Let us see what it contains.
2.           “The burden of the word of the LORD for Israel, saith the LORD, which stretcheth forth the heavens, and layeth the foundation of the earth, and formeth the spirit of man within him.” KJV.
3.           “Who formed the spirit of man within Him,” You know, I want to speak on that a little. Who laid the foundation of the earth? God. If there is no foundation of the earth, nothing will sustain all those things that are on earth for there can never be a building without a foundation, otherwise it will collapse.
4.            God laid the foundation of the earth that’s why He was asking Job a question when Job was furious about his condition. He asked Job: “Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth?”
5.           Job became dumb and the scripture is telling us through the mouth of Zachariah that He that stretches out the heavens and laid down the foundation of the earth, the great Jehovah, the Rock of Ages who appeared in our midst and showed us His original body, it is no longer a story but a reality.
6.           I mean He has actualized Himself in our midst. You can see the Personality that laid the foundation of the earth. This is the Man that is decided the battle long, long time ago. There at Amazu Oil you had been hearing about the Godhead, you have read about the Godhead and the Son of Man said, “If you will believe and cooperate with Me I want to tell you that before your eyes I must surely bring down the Godhead,” and it fulfilled to the letter.
7.           The prophecy went further to say, “When He wants to magnify Himself in the midst of His people He will show them His original body.” He that formed the spirit and placed that spirit in man from Creation, remember that  God formed whatever He formed from the dust of the earth in semblance of Himself, breathed into him the breath of life and man became a living soul. Is it not true? Man became a living soul.
8.           Remember, while we talk about your salvation we are talking about your soul. We hear people say spirit, soul, and body, it is a misplacement of the order. What was formed first was the BODY with the dust of the earth. When the body dies, it goes back to the dust from where it came from.
9.           When the body was formed there was nothing like spirit, it was a lifeless body until the Almighty God breathe into the nostril of the man the breath of life and man became a living soul.
10.        What made up the breath of life which culminated into the building of a living soul to the body that was molded with dust the spirit, is something you cannot see but you see the spirit through the action of man, for the spirit controls every action of man.
11.        Nobody is saved by the spirit, nobody is saved by the body. Your body can die, your spirit can die but your soul will stay alive. Your body can be wasted away, your spirit will fail yet the soul remains alive. This is a mystery beyond human comprehension.
12.        The Lord permitted the devil to torment the flesh, the body of Job and warned him never to touch his soul. Immediately Job was tormented in the flesh his spirit failed but the soul remained there.
13.        That was why Jesus Christ told his disciples saying, “Fear not the man that will kill the flesh and stop there but fear Him that will destroy the flesh and destroy the soul in hellfire.
14.        The apostle said that the salvation of your soul is important. When we talk of salvation we are talking about the soul which is the real you. When the soul dies, that’s the end of everything. The flesh can die, the spirit can die but the soul remains alive. Until the soul dies the man is still alive, the woman is still alive.
15.        To some of you who are a little educated you will understand me. Let me consider man as an entity. Every stream, every river or ocean must be blessed with algae whether filamentous or non-filamentous. This is pure truth!
16.        A human being is made up of millions of cells. Even your own hair from your body comprises of many cells. But now I want to consider that human being as an individual, as an entity, as a unique person, as a cell.
17.         I want you to understand me here for it will help you as I proceed, so that you know the point you will err and you will not be forgiven even in the next world. You know that you have already sentenced yourself into hell.
18.        Remember that God did not allow the soul of His servant to be trapped in the grave. What came out of the grave was the soul, the flesh did not see corruption, the spirit did not see corruption. The soul came out. Note that I  am coming to something: man as a unique fellow, an entity, as a cell.
19.        If you draw the picture of that cell you get a clearer picture, you will get the body of the cell, you will get the embryo and get the nucleus. The nucleus of that cell is the life of the cell. The body covers the embryo and the embryo seals the nucleus.
20.        If a body is dead, to save the embryo in a matter of the nucleus being still alive. As long as the nucleus is still alive the tendency is still there for the new body and new spirit to form: a new body, a new spirit must surely come forth because the nucleus is alive.
21.        Plant your yam as a seed, the body will rotten, the first covering of the body which you normally remove and eat, the flesh of the yam, that one you call flesh of the yam represents the spirit of the yam. But the nucleus of the yam is the germ of life. As long as the germ of life is still alive, it must surely spring forth.
22.        Once it is alive, the yam is coming forth on the day of harvest with a new body and a new spirit. However, once the nucleus of that particular seed is dead, put the yam there it can never spring forth.
23.        Nobody has been justified in the flesh. With the flesh you are all serving sin and till eternity you keep on serving sin in the flesh. But your spirit is willing to serve God. Once you are a seed of God, that spirit of worship is in you, ever willing to serve God but your flesh is opposing it: your spirit is soft, your flesh is weak but the soul remains there.
24.        Note it, the life of the soul is not the spirit. The life of the soul is not the body but the soul is the engine room, the power house that gives the spirit, life, that gives the body, life.
25.        That is why the moment the soul dies the individual is lost till eternity. No matter the way the devil will buffet a child of God about, there is always a warning from the Throne of Grace, “Touch not his soul!”
26.        We have come to the end of everything and no mistake will be made again in identifying who He is. Your action is inspired by the spirit that is in operation in you, there is no other thing. Let me tell you what I mean.
27.        The color and the shape of a yam’s leaf tells us the specie. The color and the shape of a coco yam’s leaf tells us the specie. Mothers, is that not truth? Is it not the looks of a coco yam leaf that tells us the specie? Fathers, is it not the leaf of a yam that tells us the specie?
28.        You do not need to go to the heavens neither do you need to go to the bottomless pit to know this truth. God reveals Himself through nature. Once you have the nature of God, the soul remains there intact, nothing touches it because it has been sealed away.
29.        Let me say that the souls of the saints long, long time ago have been raptured away; they have been drawn unto Him, sealed in Him eternally. But the body is still here covering the spirit.
30.        If you have not known it know it now that the ransome that was paid was not paid for your flesh or for your spirit but for your soul. Your souls have been ransomed with a great price long, long time ago and that is why it is possible for you to acknowledge your Creator, your Maker.
31.        What is the guilt of the world? Only one thing: Their inability to recognize and acknowledge their Creator marks them out of His programme. Hence, they cannot hear Him because they never proceeded from Him.
32.        If they have proceeded from Him they would have heard Him, they would have recognized Him. They would not be plotting evil or saying evil against Him. This is the guilt of the world and has remained the guilt of every generation since the world began.  
33.        There has never been a generation without a Saviour. What am I doing? I am helping you to recognize your status in Him because this is a personal experience which the scripture said you will find out through your personal experience: the height, the weight, the length, everything about the Lord your God which passeth all human understanding; so that when you want to sing “Oh love of God, how rich and pure, how measureless and strong, it shall forever, endure forever and strong…”  you know where you came from.
34.      In you, do you have a pull? Is there anything pulling you to God, to your Maker? Is there that strong desire to walk friendly, closely to your Maker? Is there the desire to be like Him?
35.      You must find it out for yourself through your own personal experience before you can say “What is that thing that can separate me from the love of God.”
36.      Tell me what will separate that soul from the spirit and body if not death. When that soul is dead no more. It is gone and the only person that has the power to destroy that soul is Christ. He is the only One. Anything can destroy the spirit and destroy the flesh but it is the responsibility of Christ to destroy that soul. The devil was not given the power to do it.
37.      Search your scriptures, God never gave the devil the power to destroy souls otherwise many of you would not have been in this most holy Faith.
38.      The moment the soul dies the desire for worshiping God stops, everything about God becomes provocative. Even His Voice, you will not hear His counsel, you will not take and it means nothing to you: the soul is dead.
39.      I hope somebody is helped! Without God nobody helps us.  You do not need to fly to the moon or to the sky for you to know whether you are already in Paradise or not. To those who fall within the category that obeys God, nothing can touch your soul; they are obedient to the truth 24 hours.  If they make any mistake it is an honest mistake. They rest at nothing until they make it right.
40.       If you watch the man Job who was afflicted by God, when the spirit in him collapsed, the spirit failed him, he started querying God. When he realized his foolishness, he made it right.
41.      What am I say? Immediately trouble perplexed his soul he started querying his Maker. When he realized his foolishness what did he do? He closed his mouth. He said, I will never try it again.”
42.      Watch Jonah, when he became angry and was demonstrating his anger against God; immediately he realized his foolishness he knelt down in repentance.
43.      Watch the man David—whose throne endures to all generations; of course you know that I am the Root and Offspring of David—immediately he recognized his folly what did he do? In repentance he came bowing and said, “Cast me not away from thy sight, restore to me the joy of my salvation and I will teach sinners your ways and they will come to you.”
44.      But the moment the soul is dead the person becomes King Saul, the person becomes a Jezebel. Ahab was saved because he repented before he died for he was a son of God. There is no scripture that said that Ahab was a son of Belial but the Bible called Ahab a son of God but it called the wife, Jezebel, the daughter of Ethbaal, the chief priest of Baal.
45.      Go back to message titled “Family Gods.” “Family Gods,” I handled it as a teaching. That you are born in a pagan home does not mean you are perishing. You might be a seed of God yet God decided to post you there.
46.      Some of you are like that. That is why when you see some families, some villages, you see only but one believing God while the rest are idol worshippers and they take delight in their idol. No matter how you place the truth they will not understand. If you cannot understand, it goes to show you are not from God. That is why after He taught them He said, “Understandeth thou this?”
47.      Even those that could not understand He expounded their understanding that they might understand the truth but to the rest He told them clearly: “How can they understand? They cannot understand because they are not of my sheep. I know my sheep, my sheep know me, they hear my voice and they follow me. The voice of a stranger they cannot hear.
48.      “I call them by their names and I give them eternal life. They will never perish neither will anything snatch them out of my hands for my Father Who gave them to me is mightier and  stronger than any spirit, any force any temptation, any trial, any problem that is likely to take them out of my hands.”
49.      He said, “The Father is stronger than all those things. If you are having difficulties in understanding the Son of Man, the summary is: He is not sent for your salvation. “I am sent for salvation to all the ends of the earth” does not mean I am sent for salvation to everybody. No!
50.      I am sent for salvation for only the elect and only the elect will hear and understand me. If you do not understand how can you obey? Amen.

We really thank God. The problem of the hour has remained Jerusalem. The bone of contention, the talk of the day has remained Jerusalem.
2.           God said, “Jerusalem shall not be moved but Damascus must be moved.”
3.           Damascus the capital of Syria must be moved but Jerusalem shall not be moved for it is the city of the Most High God. Just be patient with me. Any moment from now whether King Assad likes it or not he is going to be toppled. And the moment he is toppled there is going to be a new capital.
4.           In no distant time you will hear about North and South Syria. The rebels will establish their own nation with their capital and that their capital must be somewhere. I do not believe it is another place than Damascus. Just keep watch.
5.           For now we are discussing God’s own land, Jerusalem, the land God Himself proclaimed the holy land to Himself and to His people; the headquarters of God’s people throughout the whole world. It is going to remain the headquarters throughout all the ages.
6.           Jerusalem, the only place where God promised to unite both the Jews and the Gentiles. Zachariah 12 verse 1 to 6, “This message concerning the fate of Israel came from the LORD: "This message is from the LORD, who stretched out the heavens, laid the foundations of the earth, and formed the spirit within humans.
7.           I will make Jerusalem and Judah like an intoxicating drink to all the nearby nations that send their armies to besiege Jerusalem.
8.           On that day I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone, a burden for the world. None of the nations who try to lift it will escape unscathed.
9.           "On that day, says the LORD, I will cause every horse to panic and every rider to lose his nerve. I will watch over the people of Judah, but I will blind the horses of her
10.        enemies. And the clans of Judah will say to themselves, 'The people of Jerusalem have found strength in the LORD Almighty, their God.'
11.        "On that day I will make the clans of Judah like a brazier that sets a woodpile ablaze or like a burning torch among sheaves of grain. They will burn up all the neighboring nations right and left, while the people living in Jerusalem remain secure.”  LB.  
12.        All the nations of the world will unite, in an attempt to move Jerusalem they will all be crushed. Remember, when this prophecy went forth there was nobody or organization called United Nations (UN). take note of it.
13.        We have heard, we have been hearing, we have confirmed it to be true that this United Nations is not solving the problem but they are aggravating the problem, is it not true ?
14.        Now, when you hear the rest of the world uniting to force Jerusalem out, please I want to interpret it to your own understanding. All the nations of the earth including the non-allied nations are now together, all forcing Israel to surrender East Jerusalem to be the capital of Palestine which is yet to be created.
15.        On the side of the Arabs, they said that they will never recognize Israel as a Jewish State in the Middle East. When I say Israel, Israel, remember I am talking about the people of God, God’s own children. The Lord himself called them out and established them in that area, gave it to them to be their own land. These are the people the entire enemy of God vowed to eject and exterminate from the surface of the earth.
16.        Remember that it was when He caused them (Israel) to be scattered that the Arabs invaded the area and dominated it for a very long time.  God is about to gain entry into Jerusalem, His homeland and it is going to by power and by force.
17.        Just watch out, what I am saying is around the corner. I am discussing your timetable and mine own timetable; how long will it be before these things will happen? That is the question we are going to ask after this message. We can see the whole thing around, the tide gathering, it is no longer something we are anticipating; it is now here.
20.        I told you that infants will not be excluded. Watch the dream, watch events, remember that God promised that before such things will come forth He will reveal them.
21.        Do not think the way you are feeling concerning the hour is the way other people are feeling. Many do not know what is happening, some see it as ordinary natural phenomenon or political development in the Middle East, but we know beyond that; it has something to do with God and His people.
22.        The  people of Jerusalem has found strength in the Lord their God, God is the strength of His people for without God we can do nothing. Thus, wherever you are claiming to have your strength, if it is outside the Lord of Hosts it must disappoint you. Your strength must only come from God and God alone.
23.        Let me say this one thing; have you pondered over this matter, have you for one day sat down to think: why must these things happen in your own day, why couldn’t these things take place in the days of your fathers, I mean in the days of your ancestors?
24.        It remained a prophecy but fulfilling in your own day, in my own day; you see the prophecies fulfilling. Your fathers did not see these prophecies, your ancestors never saw them and these things remained lying silent until you and I appeared as sons and daughters of God.
25.        Why couldn’t these things happen until this ministry of Christ, the Bridal Faith appeared on the scene, having you and I as bona fide members? From the beginning of the world God knew the people that will be here when He will announce the end of everything, it couldn’t be your fathers, it couldn’t be your mothers, it must be you and I.
26.        He knew that the people that will believe Him in the last days when it will be difficult to believe God remained you and I, that He will use you and I to wind up the programme of religion. Everything about religion, we are putting an end to it. That it is in your day, in my day that eternity will unfold.
27.        In the days of Prophet William Branham, redemption was near. In the days of Saint Paul being a Prophet, he saw it even as we are talking, but it did not materialize till they died and wasted away because God knew that they were holding things that are shadows.
28.        What they had was not the perfect thing but That (He) which (Who) is Perfect has come and that is the Elohim, the only Perfect God. The completeness of perfection is in the Elohim; in Him we are declared perfect! In Him we are declared righteous! In Him we are declared faithful for no human being can be faithful only God is faithful.
29.        No human being can be holy, only God is Holy and it is His Presence among His people that makes us holy, perfect, righteous, everything. That is why it is only in Him we draw our strength. Halleluiah! The Cloud is in the camp!
30.        Is He not our Strength? Is He not our Shelter even for years to come? In the time of stormy, He is our Shelter and our Refuge, why must it be in your day and in my day that all of these things must come to pass?
31.         That is why I gave you a message titled “The Bride Must Fulfill All The Scripture That Are Written Concerning Her.”  I handled the message about 1994, when I handled the message “This Faith Is For A Sign That Must Be Spoken Against In This Generation.”
32.        This faith is for a sign that must be spoken against. It did not say people will speak favorably, no! Has it not come to pass?
33.        What is the consolation of the saints: No matter how they would gather the Lord will blind them; the Lord Himself will fight for His people and at the end of the day they will discover they made a foolish mistake by accepting to attack God’s people. They will be humiliated, confounded and discomfited.
34.        Do not worry, you will see what will happen, you will see a little fire that will put the whole forest ablaze. Israel is like a little fire that will put the whole forest ablaze. The population of Israel is not more than 5 million.
35.        If you see the map of Israel, Anambra State of Nigeria is by far larger than Israel both in size and population—a little fire that will set the whole world the whole forest ablaze. It has started already.
36.        The war is gradually drawing its line. We can see the border lines, we can see the war zone already. The war zone is clear do not worry you will not know what am saying until you are squeezed because presently nobody knows what you believe.
37.        Some do not call you Christians, some call you Christians but you are not Christians. Do you know that Christians will join hands to force the people of God to surrender Jerusalem.
38.        Now is not a time we are going to tell you to love your wife or love your husband, something that will make you to close ranks has already come. Whether you like it or not you must love your husband by force, you must love your wife by force.
39.        A woman that says that her husband is not man enough, she should pray that she and her husband should not meet any masquerade on the road because if the masquerade meets them then the husband will show her that he is not man enough. The husband will turn his back on her.
40.        When she comes to hide at her husband back, he will push her away and ask her, “Didn’t you say I am not man enough? Speak with masquerade yourself!” I hope you can understand what I mean?
41.        Have you forgotten what happened at Inland Town Onitsha where we went to a burial ceremony when the brother of our Brother Tony Egbuna died; all the masquerades came inside there and I was sitting with my wife at the front seat.
42.        All the ugly masquerades came in, everywhere in disarray and my wife wanted to run away, I held her and said, “Sit down where you are! If the masquerade comes it is coming for me not for you.”
43.        When we were newly married, in front of Mr. Biggs, masquerades were everywhere; we are about waiting for vehicles then we saw a lot of masquerades numbering up to five. My wife wanted to run, I said to her, “Do not run!”
44.        The masquerade said, “Madam please, do not run, we do not need you we are after oga.” I told her to stay at my back. Immediately, she went behind me and I was talking with the masquerades.
45.        If you say that your husband is not a man enough, pray that you do not meet a masquerade on the way. Yes! The man will stay aside and allow you to talk with the masquerade and then you will see how the masquerade puts fear into the woman.
46.        To God be the glory. Amen. All I am saying is that whatever that is left in us something, is about to complete that work. All the people that struggled over lands and palm trees, immediately there is war, all the places they hated were the places they took refuge.
47.        A man that does not eat food that is cooked by the wife eat it by force without complain. God is about to unite His people in love. Amen.
48.         On this note, I say remain in your sanctified estate, remain blessed in Him eternally. Selah.