The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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Wednesday, 24 June 2015



Revelation 21:6. “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.
I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely. KJV.
You Are Blessed Brethren. I am asked to read from the Bridal Chronicles chapter 7. So, who is this Man? Who is this man?
2.           I have to say few things about that because a lot of things are involved in who is this man. A lot of things. So, I want to read something out first before I go to the Bridal Chronicles, and I pray that you give me your attention.

3.           First of all, let me read something out about the birth of the Son of Man. Just a little write up. I know you have not heard this thing before, and I hope you will listen very attentively. I never knew that the Pastor will call me to the pulpit this morning. But when I was coming to fellowship I took this little write up I wrote years back.
4.           I cannot say the reason why I put it into my bag while coming. So, seeing that I came with it and the Pastor called me outside and said I should go to pulpit, let me read it out.
5.            This is a background and if we understand what I am reading now, it will help us when we will go fully into the message.
6.           This child was born fifty-eight years ago .That is as at the time I wrote this.
7.           This child was born fifty-eight years ago towards the end of the Piscean age. He was born into the Umuhide kindred of Odoemena in Umukohie village of Uvuru Mbaise to Mr. Ohaeri and Mrs Catherine Odoemena on the 27th of December 1957 as I was told.
8.           Are we following? I will not repeat this thing. I am reading this as a background message. So, if you listen, when I go into this message, we will understand it the more.
9.           This child was born fifty-eight years ago towards the end of the Piscean age. He was born into the Umuhide kindred of Odoemena in Umukohie village of Uvuru Mbaise to Mr. Ohaeri and Mrs Catherine Odoemena on the 27th of December 1957.
10.        Anyone who was privileged to enter the house where he was lying down on a bamboo bed would sense a vibratory energy surging towards the entrance door.
11.        He is the first child of the family of four boys and four girls, which was peasant in nature. The baby boy, bald headed was born when the harmattan weather was cold and harsh. His little eyes were piercing, revealing his personality and innocence. The harmattan period was when the deciduous trees lose their leaves, other species also withered and their green leaves also got dried up, changing all their colors to burntsiena.
12.        One can find the villagers in Uvuru Mbaise looking painted like those who had buried themselves in a pile of chalky-ash. Their faces distorted, their hands cross barred on their chests, and with syncopated incoherence their mouths moved, cursing the chilled breeze.
13.        The breeze which was horned with the snap of early morning harmattan, rippled their uncovered faces as they slithered across the sandy rough terrain of the village. The howl of the wind could be heard echoing through a distant horizon within Uvuru Mbaise enclave. The cold weather couldn’t stop the villagers from trooping into Mr. Ohaeri’s compound to welcome the new born baby.
14.        There were strange circumstances surrounding his birth from the interviews conducted when his earthly father was still alive, I gathered that his father made it explicitly clear that God visited him before the conception of his awaited son. He appeared to him in a dream like a great strange creature who looked straight at him out of his eternal present and notified him of the coming of the male child. He didn’t panic but rejoiced in his heart.
15.         He didn’t panic but rejoiced in his heart when His father was visited. Just listen to what I am reading.
16.        Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus had the same experience when an angel of the Lord appeared to him and notified him that his wife will bear a son and his blessed name will be Emanuel, God with us.“But while he thought about these things, behold an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream, saying “Joseph, the son of David, do not be afraid to take to you Mary your wife, for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit”. Mathew 1:20.
17.        Archeological and Historical writing of the Talmud page 47 gave another similar account where Joseph, himself was reporting what actually happened.“A man in snowy white stood by his side and told him not to doubt the virtues of Mary, for she was holy before the Lord; that the child conceived in her was not by man, but by the Holy Ghost and that the child should be free from human passion”. So before God will appear on earth in any generation there must be predictions, prophesies and the family he (God) will be coming to must be informed. God does not take them by surprise.
18.        The moment He was born, the heavens emitted a golden glow defining His divine authority and kingship over the scattered globe. The visitors who came to see him were so perplexed that they couldn’t understand the divine radiation coming from the new born baby. The divine fatherhood looked more real than the fatherhood of a human parent could ever be. His oracular dimensions couldn’t be measured by any standard but in reality there was and still is a full spark of supernatural presence in his personality which manifested with the unspeakable joy of Almighty God.
19.        The father made it known that right from conception, they were aware of a mysterious being getting ready to appear on the earth plain. When he finally arrived, he said “I the earthly father cannot declare what he is made of, all he was aware was that a Divine child was given to him to look after”.
20.         That was an interview I conducted. This thing I am reading here, I have not read it anywhere. But because of what I am supposed to read out, I have to use this as a background. So that we will know Him, know his foundation, so that when I will be reading and discussing, you will be following.
21.        The moment he was born, he named him Oshimiri ata-ata (meaning Ocean that never dries)”. This name was given to his son, as the father said “because of the revelation given to him about his coming”. He had the physical traits one would expect to find in a healthy baby boy. It is believed that giving a child a name in Igbo land hovers around circumstances of birth, life and personality.
22.        While growing up, he manifested seeming innocence that revealed a disciplined mind full of knowledge and a largeness of purpose that awes anybody who has a clear conscience. He grew up knowing the brutal effect of poverty and trauma. His primordial behaviours made it difficult for people around him to decipher his personality and mood.
23.        Like Jesus “he is bashful and shuns company”. He never talked early in life like other children but was very intelligent as a kid. When his parents noticed the abnormality that he had, a vocal problem, they quickly took him to Emekuku General Hospital where he was treated and he started talking.
24.        From available information, he didn’t crawl for more than one week before he started standing up on his own, supporting himself with any available instrument around. Throughout his youthful age, he never fought anybody. When he was of school age, he enrolled for his primary education at St. Mary’s Primary School Uvuru and their headmaster then was late Lazarus Aheneku.
25.        It was a missionary school which was under the supervision of Rev. Father D.O. Sullivan. Felix Ekechi argued that “The schools and hospitals were in fact instruments of missionary rivalry and scramble”. His father defined his academic ingenuity thus “from standard four he had started writing letters for people”. When the war broke out, his academic pursuit like other peers stopped. “THE NIGERIAN/BIAFRAN WAR PERIOD”
26.        The country Nigeria came into existence by the merging of the Southern and Northern protectorates in 1914, called the ‘Amalgamation’ to form the present day Nigeria covering a vast area of over 930,000sq kilometers. This was a forced association between the British imperialists and the ‘natives’ who must be pacified and that led to the subsequent struggle for political independence which the country ‘won’ on a platter of gold in 1960 that was against the wishes of the British overlords.
27.        Harold Smith, a retired colonial administrator in Nigeria from 1955 – 60 gave an insight on the way the British, our belligerent opponents, with their tricky diplomacy designed the programme of Nigeria which will make it greatly impossible for the citizens to have a true democracy. He said “The colonial masters arranged the transfer of power to a section of the country which they could manipulate”. And he didn’t mince words in saying that the elections “Was rigged in favour of our stooges”, thereby laying a foundation for election rigging in subsequent political dispensation”.
28.        This setting made it impossible for a stable political development as fear and lack of trust grew among the major ethnic groups – Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa. The scenario set in motion the political savagery that evolved in many parts of the country. Thuggery and political gerrymandering took the center stage and the nation started to boil.
29.        The already dilapidated political institution gave rise to the coup-detat of January 12th 1966 staged by the five majors of Nigerian army led by the rugged and gallant major Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu. The coup was viewed as entirely an Igbo coup and many interpretations were given to it.
30.        The situation resulted into a counter coup (which one may say that the British Government masterminded because of the quote “Our stooge”.
31.        This second coup which brought about the death of the commander-in-chief of the Nigerian Army, major General G.T.U. Aguiyi Ironsi, an Igbo man, gave rise to major crisis all over the northern parts of the country and subsequently the pogrom, the massacre of thousands of Igbos living in the Northern part of Nigeria. When all peaceful negotiations failed, trust and peace broken, the Eastern part of Nigeria decided to secede.
32.        On the 30th of May 1967, the military governor of Eastern region of Nigeria, Col. Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu declared the Republic of Biafra and he became the commander-in-Chief of the Biafran Armed Forces. The Federal Government of Nigeria led by Col. Yakubu Gowon reacted vehemently with a police action for the arrest of Col. Ojukwu.
33.        On the 6th of July 1967, a malevolent preserve intruded on the crippled Biafran scenery. From the Northern part of Nigeria came gaint pillars of dust towards the Garkem Boarder and at exactly 0530hours, the Nigerian Army attacked and they were countered by the Biafran Armed Forces. This was the beginning of the war.
34.        The war continued to expand, crippled all sectors of the Biafran economy. Hour after hour, explosions blew the ground into pillars of gaseous dirt and the horizon blossomed with endless flames.
35.        Families scattered, refugees increased, hunger and starvation became unbridled, hope lost and death rate on the increase. The information released to the Biafran Nation about the war situation was slightly skewed so making it inimical for all the citizens not to understand the true situation of the war. Confusion everywhere.
36.        During this period of the war, Oshimiri was just a lad, getting closer to the age of 10. Due to his courageous and rugged nature he joined the war effort to fight for his country. Within a short time he became a commander of men. He played a very active part during that period of which made him popular within the rank and file in the Biafran Army.
37.        Leonidas, the Spartan king, Hannibal the Carthaginian general, and conqueror, Genghis Khan, mongol ruler and conqueror and Alexander the Great who became the Macedonian ruler at the age of  22 plus many other warlords could not beat the record set by Oshimiri, Son of Man, Apostle Peter Odoemena. None among them joined the war at the age of 10. Oshimiri was 13yrs when the war ended and had the war lasted for another 5yrs, by his records, he could had become a renowned general and great warlord.
38.        Singlehandedly, with dogged spirit and determination he rescued the whole of his village from the clutches of the Nigerian Army. His father said “He was courageous, resolute towards his belief and had no fear in him. He provided for us all we needed to survive during that period, food, water, etc”.
39.        From what the father said about him, it revealed that he was tough, stubborn, blunt of speech and gallant as any man in uniform. Amid the turbulence of the war; bullets thudded into fleshes and soldiers sagged against their neighbours, gory scenery playing out before him, but he never moved, never shivered. A great display of courage and patriotism.
40.        Looking at his age and judging his contributions in the war, one can confidently attribute all to his divine calling. For no one of his age could achieve that feat. It is not possible. A natural being can never live in the supernatural plain like Oshimiri.
41.        The war finally came to an end in January 1970 with a declaration of no victor and no vanquished authored by the Federal Government of Nigeria led by General Yakubu Gowon. Since then the Igbo nation had been desperately trying to reintegrate herself back into the Nigerian Nation as full citizens as written in our national constitution but is has been a herculean task as all the visible signs of “defeat” still hovers around them since the end of the war till date.
42.        When the war ended Oshimiri’s father couldn’t be able to train him academically. Hear him “I hadn’t the required fund to train him in the secondary school because I have other children to look after but I tried to convince the community to give him a scholarship to enable him further his education which they declined.
43.        They felt he was too intelligent for them to control and more so they were scared that in future after training him, that he will suppress all of them”. The entire community noticed his super vibratory intelligence, a high level of reasoning which enable him to understand his environment and to judge perfectly any situation he found himself in and that made many of them get scared of him.
44.        While they gathered, they gossiped about him – saying all sorts of negative things and some out of fear talked hypocritically positive. In their subconscious minds they knew he was not an ordinary personality. What he was they don’t know.
45.        Though poor children are likely to continue facing obstacles on their ways to success but undeterred, he scaled the lofty heights of the mountain, passed his exams and came out in flying colors. The journey was torturous but all these were the experiences nature used to toughen him for the assignment in future.
46.        Nature used those things to toughen him. In the last message, He said that poverty makes you a man. So, God used poverty to toughen him. He was greatly feared. People don’t come close to Him.
47.        He was a very complex boy. Very, very complex as a youth. But inside Him as a youth, he was very calm. But nobody was bold to approach Him. Everybody was afraid of Him.
48.        No great man beget a great child, so he came as other  avatars and will eventually leave a mark on the sands of time. When he was coming of age, signs of his hidden personality started manifesting gradually and his extra ordinary character, as limpid and unfathomable as a well of very clean, water, was a quintessence of the character of the former heavenly personified entities that have come and gone.
49.        His actions were melodically simple but rhythmically complex. He was tough as an iron and never lost his temper. He was treated by his community as a windless outcast but they never realized who was in their midst. A supernatural being who possessed the ability to make drastic changes needed to eliminate the pervading lies tying human race to a stake.
50.        He was a pride and enterprising son and no task fazed him. It is a well-known fact that honorable and immortal being who have manifested into this earthly plain were mostly outlawed, yet their shadows does not shrink. Since his strong body and healthy mind were in harmony with the divine personality inhabiting in him, as a sacred shrine he radiated the manifestations of beauty, justice and divination.
51.        Oshimiri ata-ata (Ocean never dries) had a focus and that was to succeed in his mission on earth. He was always wearing the sweet fragrance of success on his face and in his mind, so nothing can create an obstacle to stop him from rising above the impossibilities. As an extra ordinary child, he grew up and proved himself worthy of the elders (his community) respect and fear.
52.        Optimistically, one may say that nature defines a personality overriding focus and the forces that shape a child into an adult, mould the basic fabrics of the child’s personality. These influences from the parents, siblings, friends, enemies cannot be denied.
53.        Even if one rejects the tenets these influences uphold, they still alter ones perception and can compel him or her to accept an alternative. Changing the course of these influences on the personality may be impossible as the child reaches maturity because in most cases the type of foundation laid would determines if it could be up rooted easily.
54.        From childhood Oshimisri was visibly conscious of his role on this planet and the surrounding influences couldn’t change the spiritual chemistry of his divine existence.
55.        If you go to Mbaise, there is a picture in His father’s house when He was a small boy. Look at that picture, His eyes was blazing. When I asked Him, “Sir, are you this person? He said yes. I said, it then means that you have been what you are from the beginning.
56.        He laughed. He asked me whether I saw the photograph, I said yes. He told me that most brethren have not seen that photograph.” The photograph is in His father’s house. Once you enter, it is there, and you cannot see it unless you are going out.
57.        As a small boy then, His eyes were blazing. So, from the beginning, He knew where He was going. And nothing could change His perception. Why I am reading this thing is so that we will know and be able to understand who is in our midst. We shall read the chronicles.
58.        Because most of us may not have heard this thing before. Have you heard this history before? No sir. Most of us have not heard this thing before. This is my own documentary.
59.        Everybody within the community knew Him as a bright, clever and curious boy. He knew neither His mother nor His father except one who believes in the God He worship.
60.        Did you hear that? He knew neither His father nor His mother except one who believes in the God He worships.
61.        He was naturally athletic and the abundant talent in him gave him the opportunity to play football for some professional clubs. While some see him as nothing but a boy, there was something in him that actually distinguished him from other boys.
62.        It was known within his environs that he actually suffered serious cultural humiliation and financial deprivation. He was like a crab which can live on land and in the water, signifying a symbol of adaptability. He adapted to every situation because he knew quite frankly that as an extraordinary being, the ordinary human species can never find themselves in complete harmony with him.
63.        They can never find a complete harmony with him because he is different from others.
64.        “The ways of God are different from our ways and his thought different from our thought”. So, aware of his personality, he never argued a question or disputed like Jesus as was described in the archeological parchment – “He will commence and state facts and they have such a solid basis that nobody will have the boldness to dispute them”.
65.        That is, the Son of Man can never engage in an argument with you. Once He tells you His mind, He goes away. And that is exactly the way Jesus Christ did. Jesus Christ can never argue.
66.        His inquisitiveness became very visible early in life and his father was able to answer most of his probing questions effectively because he (the father) was developed spiritually. In one occasion, he asked his father “Does the big chaplet the reverend fathers wore on their chest reveal the level of their faith?”  When He was a small boy, that was the question He asked His father. That this long robe the reverend fathers put on, does it signifies the level of their faith?
67.        Now listen to what the father said. His father answered thus “The size of the chaplet does not signify the size of their faith”. At another occasion, as they were coming back home from a journey, he asked his father – “Why do the reverend fathers put on that big cloak with many colors?”
68.         This long dress of many colours that reverend fathers put on. Why do they put it on?
69.        His father kept mute, as they were silently moving towards home, they came close to a shrine decorated with pieces of clothes with different colors and his father now spoke. He called out “Oshimiri!” Look at that shrine; they are covered with pieces of clothes of different colors.
70.        They hang those multiple colored pieces of cloth on the shrine just to add fear and increase the aura of the shrine”.
71.        Can you see the type of question He asks His father when He was small? Can you see the answer the father gave to Him?
72.        Indirectly he answered his question by letting him know that those cloak of many colors worn by the reverened fathers while celebrating their mass, in their churches, have no other meaning other than to create fear and an aura around themselves. That there is nothing so special about them, just “Iyanga” and ‘wuruwuru’.
73.        When he left the Roman Catholic congregation and entered the Deeper Life message he quickly brought the message home to his people which they rejected.
74.        In the Deeper life ministry, he wasn’t a minister but was in most cases acting as an interpreter during the preaching sessions. I learnt he attended other churches before embracing the Deeper Life Ministry. His leaving the Deeper Life Ministry was when he met Mr. Emeka Ezukwu, an in-law to Dr. Ojiakor (now Apostle) who gave him a printed message inform of a newspaper titled; “The Lord has Spoken”.
75.        After going through the message(s) he became interested, as an inquisitive mind became alert. He asked questions and got answers. More messages of William Branham was given to him. He also took this message to his people in the village and they also rejected it again.
76.        When the Bridal ministry came up, he also alerted them and vehemently they refused and rejected it. They were insisting that what their kindred have decided to worship remains the Roman Catholic faith. They never realized that he was greatly enamored of all things relating to God and His true worship. In actual fact nothing can change his views. Going back to become a Roman Catholic again, NEVER! NEVER!!. Convincing him in any issue is never easy. You must convince him beyond all reasonable doubt.
77.        From childhood, he does not agree on any matter until you convince Him. Call Him whatever you want to call Him, He never cared. His father later became one of the enthusiastic supporters of the faith.
78.        This is a little documentary about the Son of Man, but I am just reading this chapter for us to understand the background.
79.        It is just a little write-up about Son of Man, from the beginning of the ministry, but I decided to read this area so that we will understand the personality that is in our midst. Now, let me go to the Chronicle.
80.        I hope this background message is helping us. We have understood some facts about Son of Man. Am I telling lies? Do most of us know some of these things I read out now? No sir. Amen.

Chapter 7 of the Chronicles of the Bridal Faith. So Who is this Man? Is He the revealed Christ? Yes! He is God En-Morphe,GOD IN HUMAN FORM, AS A MAN!
2.           He was God from the beginning, from His birth. From what we read, from the day He came into this world, an Angel met His father and told him that he is going to have a son and that this son is going to be great.
3.           That’s why His father never marveled, that’s why His father knew that He was the one, that’s why when He came and started manifesting all those divine qualities, people started rejecting Him from birth. He became so tough, so stubborn, so intelligent, every quality was in Him.
4.           They deserted Him. That is why when he got scholarship; they denied Him of it, that if they allow Him to go, that He would challenge the whole of Mbaise. Seeing the level of intelligence in Him, if He grows with it, that there would be trouble. So, they rejected Him, they didn’t want to mingle with Him. Because it was God’s plan. God planned it that way.
5.           So, for any Avatar to come into this world—an avatar is somebody, a spirit, a divine being—to come into this earth, it must be pre-planned. They don’t come by accident. The family must be notified with time. They must come to the father; they must come to the mother. The family must know that a strange being is about to visit the family; and their minds must be prepared.
6.           So, no avatar comes by accident. But when they come, they are always a very big problem to that family. They constitute a very big problem to that family. Wherever they appear, the father and the mother can never rest, they will be harassed. The father will be trying to control him and he will behave contrary.
7.           Take for example, a situation where you will be telling your child what to do but he refuses because He knows that thing more than you. You can never control the child. The child will be uncontrollable. Watch Jesus Christ, what He did to his father. He couldn’t allow His parents to control Him. If you go to the parchment, his father hated Him. He had a divine vision and that vision was what He wanted to achieve.
8.           He was after what He came for. His father was not controlling Him. The Son of Man was even attacking the father and the mother which most of us have heard. He came for a divine purpose. Please, I want us to listen to this little message so that when go home, we will understand where we are. Because when we understand where we are, we will be more satisfied.
9.            For there is a level you will attain, nobody will even push you about. It is when the word of God is in you and me that nobody will push us about. When you know where you are, when I know where I am, nobody can push me around. When we know the person we are having dealings with, nothing can easily buffet you or me.
10.        If you are in Aso Rock with President Goodluck working, and anything happens, will you be scared? Because you know that so long as you are in Aso Rock, you have the same security that the president has. Is it a lie? You drink the same water with President Jonathan; you eat the same food with the president, why?
11.        Because you are being covered by the power of President Jonathan. So, Son of Man is the power covering all of us. Look, when He was born, he came with radiating power. Whoever that came inside that place could see that it was not an ordinary human being that was lying on that bamboo bed. For he was laid on a bamboo bed. And Jesus Christ in His own day was laid on a what? A bamboo bed.
12.        Is anything different in the two? Where any of them born on a hospital? No. is it not the same thing? So, let us understand this thing. I want to outline these things so that we will understand who this Man is. Because most of us have not known Him.
13.        We should not border about understanding Him divinely, we should understand Him by what He came to do. Let us forget about trying to know about His divine mission, for nobody can understand that one. Nobody can understand His divine mission.
14.        No matter how we search, we can never understand His divine mission. All we should know is if He tells you to stay here, you stay here. If He tells you to move, you move. We are called to believe everything.
15.        God is a human being and he must relate with us in human form.
16.        “If God is not a man, how can man relate with Him? Every messenger of God in every age has always been God Man.
17.         An Avatar is a supreme being. He must come as a man, and His people can never accept Him. Whenever he comes, people must reject Him. Anybody that comes and his message is not rejected, forget that person, he is not the one.
18.        But watch, whenever He appears, He must say something against the system. He must say something that people can never comprehend. He must say something that will marvel people. He will always say the truth without minding who it will hurt.
19.        He does not look at faces whenever He wants to speak. That is one of their attributes. Watch all the Avatars, they call them trouble makers. Watch all of them. The name they stamp them is trouble makers. Why? Because they say the truth.
20.        But all these people who bend the truth, has followers. People contribute money for them, an Avatar doesn’t need your money. When an Avatar appears, He comes with divine mission. He doesn’t need your money. What He wants is to do what he has come to do. And once He finishes it, off He goes. But when a business man is coming on the scene, he is coming for money.
21.        As God to save, and as man to make the enemies of God doubt Him, despise Him and reject Him. Yet in Him is the Almighty hidden. I repeat, yet in Him is the Almighty hidden...” (SON OF MAN - BLAME YOURSELF AND NOT GOD, PAGE 5)
22.        People will always ask, how can God always be hiding in human being? He can’t go and build a house where He will go and live. And they call Him Almighty. Why is He hiding every time? A mad man saw the Son of Man and was asking Him whether He is still around. Why is God always hiding? Every time He kept on hiding. Why? Why is Satan always open? He is the owner of the world. But when God comes, He will try to hide in a man to pick His own people quietly and leave.
23.        The bible said that he will come like a thief. When He comes, He will gradually pick His own and sneak away. Because He is not the owner of this world. He has His own kingdom. But He will come back to rule the world. But for now, the devil is dominating everywhere with his own people, churches everywhere. So, God has come in person.
24.         And nobody will ever believe that Son of Man is Almighty God except you have His spirit. You cannot believe it unless you have the spirit. Most of us here have many challenges facing us. My prayer always has been, “May God never put me in a condition where I will deny Him.” To deny God is very easy. Let God never place me in a condition where I will deny Him. That has been my prayer every day.
25.        No matter how strong you think you are, no matter how intelligent you think you are, no matter how spiritually balanced you think you are, you can deny God within a few second. Peter denied Him. Peter was His closest man, yet Peter denied Him. So, our prayer should be that He should never place us in a condition where we will deny Him. Yes.
26.         To deny God is very easy. To run away from God is very easy. That we are in this faith till now is because He wants us to be here. If the Son of Man should open this door now and give the order, any one that wants to leave, let him or her  leave, I bet you many will leave. We are caged because He wants to take us to Himself. Because our vision about God is not His own vision about righteousness.
27.        So, to deny God is very easy. So, let us never go about boasting that we are this or that. The moment you say I am this or that; God will tell you that you are nothing. It is because of Him that we are here and it is because of Him that we will still be here. I don’t know whether you understand my language. So, He came for a purpose.
28.        Ask yourself this question that I always I ask myself. “How did I trace myself into this place?” How did I after walking here and there, going to places, at last I found myself here? There is a great pull. A magnetic pull, and the pull is only for those He came for, He will pull them unto Himself. Yes. We cannot escape it. For He said that He has built a wall around us, so we will keep on running inside the compound, for there is no way to pass through the gate.
29.        Those that are outside, they are outside the gate. So, that we are here is not because we are wiser than those people, or more intelligent than those outside. He has a master plan and He came for His master plan. So, whatever you see is His own master plan. If you are a child of God, He must create circumstances, problem upon problem until you bow.
30.        That makes Him God. When I was in Anglican Church, I went and sat where the rich people are sitting, the church warden came and tapped me and asked me to get up. He told me to stand up from there or that I will be the one to disgrace myself at the end of service. I resisted him and stayed there.
31.        Towards the end of the church, when they started donating money, and I contributed my own, after everything, the warden came to me and warned me never to sit on that place again. I told him that they will never see me in that church again.We are not the same with them. We are here hiding. Wherever we are, we are hiding. And God is hiding. And look, wherever our fellowship is, is always hiding. Does anybody know that we are having fellowship here? So, I want us to understand why we are here.
32.        And who called us here, and why He called us here. Because God called us one by one and brought us here. That’s why you see many characters here. He saw us and asked us to come. He saw the clergies. He saw the worldly Pastors but He called us so that we can stay with Him.
33.        It has become clear by the deeds of the Law; by the regulations of the written ordinances that no flesh shall be saved for the Law maketh nothing perfect, the law maketh nothing perfect.
34.        When God called us, He didn’t call us because we were good. Not because we are good enough, but the spirit of God is in us one by one. That is why people around us can call us the names they like but at the end of the day, God will use us to confound the wise. Then they will be saying, so, this is the people that made it. This man, this woman, this girl I know very well, so they are the children of God. But the clergies will be nowhere to be found.
35.        but there is coming in of a better covenant; established on better promises.
36.        “Behold, He cometh in a new name.” I have been made known to the world. If anybody is making argument in this Faith or in Nigeria, he is making a domestic argument.
37.        If you are making argument, you are making a domestic argument. God has said what He wants to say. And the people He want to save is the unrighteous to the world, but righteous before Him.
38.        I don’t know whether you understand what I am saying. Unrighteous to the world, but righteous before Him. So, anybody making argument, it is a stupid argument. Even if you like, start shouting that this person is a criminal, the other person is a murderer, that is your own business. He has decided to bring us to Himself.
39.        Do you know that the only property God has on Earth is you and I? The only plan God has on earth is me and you. He has no other plans, we are the only plans He has on earth. He has no ship, He has no Aeroplane, he has no other budget.
40.        The only thing He has on earth is me and you. That is why He is jealous of us, that is why He can never allow any wolf, any Lion to come and devour us. What is more, He guides us with jealousy. Instead of you to run away, He will chain you and put you inside the cage.
41.        If Jesus Christ said, “I am going away, I will come again and take you, wherever I am, there you will be.”
42.        Wherever I am, there you shall be. Is it what he said? So, anybody that has a property must preserve that property, for that is the only property He has. He has no other property. And whether we like it or not, He must be God over us. He used the word, “Whether we like it or not”.
43.        Because if He should allow us, many of us will say no, let us go and enjoy the world well, well. But He said no, He has a boundary where He is controlling everybody. That is why if you have the spirit of God in you, wherever you are, God is there with you. The word of God will be hunting you. That is one perception I want us to remove in our mind, that God is not everywhere. Let me tell you.
44.        God monitors us in whatever we do, wherever we are, God monitors us. No matter how you beat your child, nobody can beat him more than his parents. If anybody beats your child anyhow, no matter how grievous the matter might be, you must leave your child and face the person. ….
45.        So, God will continue dishing His word, though it may fly in and fly out as humans, but we cannot say we didn’t hear.
46.        If He fails to come, is there anything that will take you there? You believe that there is a place called Heaven or Paradise, do you know the way? Can you go there? If He (Christ) does not come, nobody will take you to that place.
47.        Son of Man came in a new name; Jesus Christ came in a new name. And the world is waiting for Jesus Christ to come again. Jesus said that he will come again, but they fail to know that it was the spirit of God in Him making that statement.
48.        That He will come again in another new name, but they thought that he will come with the same name Jesus Christ. How can Jesus Christ come again? He told them that he will come again, but they didn’t know that He is here already. He is here with us, and before they will realize, He has come and gone.
49.        No other person knows this name except me and you who the name is revealed to. When the owners of a masquerade surround the masquerade, he will unmask himself….
50.        When you tell people that Son of Man is God, they will tell you to tell Him to come out, if He is God. That he should walk along the street and do as Jesus did in his day, healing the sick along the street, making the blind to see.
51.         Remember, He cometh in a new Name. This is the greatest stumbling block. In addition, nobody knoweth that Name except the person to whom it is revealed.
52.        The name has been revealed to us. He is our leader.  What am I saying? There is a difference between a boss and a leader. So, Son of Man is not a boss, Son of Man is a leader. It is in the churches that we have bosses.
53.        Bosses drive, and they must drive people out of the way. But the Son of Man is a leader, an Avatar who will tell you, do this and it will be better for you. Don’t go this way. Are you hearing me?
54.        There is a difference between a boss and a leader. And this place we are, Son of Man is our leader while we are in a single file following. When the Israelites were moving home, they were on a straight line. If information is passed to the first person, the next person will pass it to the last person.
55.        When a message is passed to the person in the front, the message will keep on moving until it gets to the last person. But if I am in enmity with somebody, maybe the information gets to brother Chinwendu, he will not tell me and thereby the line has cut off. But if we are relating with each other, information must go round because nobody has telephone which he will use to connect anybody.
56.        When the time came for them to move, so the information continued until it gets to the last person. But if there is anybody quarrelling with each other, the information will not pass. That’s why God said that we must be in harmony. We must be in what? Harmony!
57.        Hence, they are expecting to see Jesus Christ, did Jesus promise to come back with the name Jesus Christ? Where did He say you must wait for Him? He told them where He would appear. Prophet William Branham said, “He will be here in the last days, He will be in His Church. But you must be a part of that glorious Church for you to behold Him...
58.        You must be in the church in the last day. God didn’t say He is going to appear to the world.
59.        Those that will appear in the church will attain perfection. Will he appear in any church? But God said that He is going to appear in His own church. Where is His church? Is it not here? Is there any other place He will be appearing? Let me ask this question.
60.        Is anybody in doubt that the Son of Man is Christ? If you are having doubt, pray that today, God will help us to open our eyes to know a little about Him. No matter the way you look at Him, He is Almighty God. See Him as Almighty God. Even if He tells you that there will be rain this morning, and rain didn’t fall, will it make Him not to be the Almighty again?
61.        Don’t follow God bumper to bumper. If you follow God bumper to bumper, you will miss Him. Even the motor we drive, while driving you don’t follow another vehicle bumper to bumper, you give the vehicle up to five yards. But if you follow the vehicle bumper to bumper, if the vehicle accidently applies break, you will via off the road, and before you can connect back, you will be left behind.
62.        Thus, when you give him gap, once he trafficates, you will trafficate also. Once he stops, you will stop also. Are we following what I am saying? So, don’t follow somebody bumper to bumper. If we follow Him bumper to bumper, we will miss Him. That is why He said that we are in a zombified Faith.
63.        Go left! Yes sir. Go right! Yes sir. Stand up! Yes sir. That is what we are expected to do. Don’t try to know why He told you to do anything. Why did He tell me to go right? Why did He tell me to go left? That is why some left this faith. And that is why God threw people away also.
64.        So, when you are following somebody bumper to bumper, when he takes a sharp curve, you must fall. If he is on a tough speed and you are on a speed also, once he turns, you must run across.
65.        If you ever apply break, you must summersault. You are supposed to give him a little gap so that once he starts turning, you will be following Him gradually. What am I trying to say, let us understand where we are.
66.        When we understand where we are, the wind can never blow us out. After a little time, everything will come to standstill. But when we do not understand where we are, that is where we will start having double mind. We will start analysing God. Why is He doing this? Why is He doing that? He has forgotten me; He has stopped relating with me. There is no father that does not know all his children.
67.        Every father knows the behaviour of His children. But let me tell us one thing. In most cases most parents knowing that their children are secured, don’t bother asking about them. From morning till night, He doesn’t ask for them. At night, you see him asking the wife about the children. The wife will tell him that they have slept.
68.        But in the day, he relate with others because he knows that the children is secured. He doesn’t border to look for them. Hence, he knows that there are food in the house. He knows that their problems are being solved. But He want to solves the problems of outsiders more and secure his children. Are we getting what I am saying? So, we should stop analysing that God did not call me on phone; He did not do this or that for me.
69.        Once you are a child of God, you are secured. There is no two ways about it. Once you are a child of God, you are what? Secured. Capital letter. Nothing will make God to ask you the way He asked Adam; “Where are you?” Because He knows where you are at every particular time. He knows my being, He knows your being.
70.        There is a man I know that married twenty five wives, he had a dining hall where all his family gathers to eat. If any of his wives cooks anything, she will bring it to that dining hall and all of them will gather and eat. The man didn’t know all his children.
71.        That is how the man did until he died. Because of that thing he planted in his family, there was nobody poisoned for all of them were eating from the same plate. They were in harmony with one another, so that is how God has bonded all of us together as one family. Even if we quarrel internally which is natural, for any family where there is no quarrel among brothers, it is artificial.
72.        If we stay together 24 hours, year to year and no quarrel, it is artificial. One person is enduring while the other is enjoying it. We must be agreeing and disagreeing. There is no marriage that can exist without disagreement. There is no family that stays up to one month laughing without disagreement. It is an artificial peace.
73.        We will keep on disagreeing to agree, disagreeing to agree, by so doing we are fortifying our love, we are fortifying our relationship. By so doing you will understand me, I will understand you. But when we are quarrelling, fighting, you will be speaking evil against me; I will be speaking evil against you. Will it bring peace?
74.        Prophet William Branham said, He will be here in the last days, He will be in His church, but you must be a part of that glorious church for you to behold Him.
75.        You must be what? You must be a part of that glorious church for you to behold Him. So, if you are not a part of that glorious church, you cannot understand who the Son of Man is.
76.         You must be a part of that church. It is a must. You must be a part of the masquerade. Let me tell you something about masquerade. During the war i initiated into a masquerade cult and I thought that masquerades were spirits but i never knew that masquerades are human beings. We are all men. Men in the sense that we have the spirit of God.
77.        God has revealed Himself to us as a masquerade. To the world He is a masquerade, but to us, we have known Him because He has unfolded Himself to us. Now that we have known Him, how do we relate with Him? That’s the question. How do we relate with Him? It is just like what I was asking my family the other day. Why is it that this Faith is the highest faith? It is because we don’t hide anything.
78.         We should appreciate this faith. All He need from us is only believe. But go to the native doctor, they will tell you to bring pepper, bring cola, bring this, bring that, yet the problem is still there. But come to this faith, it is only believe.
79.        If this faith is to be sold, we wouldn’t have been here. Rich people would have occupy everywhere with their relations. They would have purchased even for the unborn children. But look at how God called us free of charge. If we are asked to pay ten billion naira for us to get eternal life, none of us can make it. But you see how He redeemed us free of charge.
80.        Only believe. Only believe that I am He.
81.         I went for this research so that I will know the type of being He is so as to enable me have faith on Him. When I asked some people about Him, nobody could give me accurate information about him. That’s why I went for a research, went as far as interviewing people from His home town, both His father and many other people, got some history about Him. It is a full book. And because of this interview I made about Him, my faith was rooted the more in Him.
82.        What am I saying? We should have a little knowledge about this Man, so that when He will be talking to us, we will know where we will anchor our faith. For we are sustained by our experiences. ….
83.        .what am I trying to say? If we don’t understand the Man, His idealogy and why He came, you cannot be a part of Him. He passed through abject poverty; His father could not train Him.
84.        How can you expect Him to make you a billionaire? You must pass through the same experience for you to succeed. That is why He told us in one of the messages that poverty makes you a man. It is the hardship He passed through that made him a man. So, let us not trouble Him. For we are fond of laying blame on God whenever things goes the other way. Our message said, in the time of crises, call Christ.
85.        When you know the purpose of His coming, you will know where He is heading to. Every president has an agenda. Buhari is coming with his own manifesto or agenda of what he wants to achieve. Jonathan is done with his own agenda. What he left is high level corruption. Buhari is coming with his own agenda to recover our oil.
86.        So, the Son of Man has His own agenda which He came with… So, this path that the Son of Man is taking us through is rough and we do not know where the obstacles are until we surmount all and then we turn back and see where God saved us. At times we may not know what God saved us from because to us it might be simple until you watch back, then you will know how lucky we are.
87.        Remember what God said when Bishop Moses died, that He is parcelling those who cannot cross this bridge we are about to climb over. Can we understand something there? So, anybody He helped will cross the bridge. He will first of all cross and then help us to cross. So, it is His mission to secure all of us to safety.
88.        No matter the tunnels, no matter the experience we will encounter, His mission is to present us to Himself. Finish. You must go to Him, hear His voice, he will call you by your name, you will now know His name. What am I saying? I told my children the other day that there is nothing we do that God is not seeing us. He will see us and keep it to Himself.
89.        That He sees us but closes His mouth and that does not mean that He don’t know what we are doing. He knows very well but He decided to keep silent. There is something a child will do, the father will see it and keep quiet. It does not mean that he cannot tell it to the child. But if he wants to expose him, he will tell him what he has done.
90.         The first day you came to Onitsha, once He sees you, He will ask you; Who are you? Who brought you here? He must recognize you outside others. He knows everybody. Then the question arises. Why are we bothered? Do you think he doesn’t know you? He knows every of His children. You know the heart is very cunning.
91.        When you are lying down, you will be thinking; God forgive me, God has abandoned me and my family. That God that abandoned you and your family, did He abandon you and you are still live? Are you not alive? Who kept you alive? Can you see what you are thinking? A lot of things happen to us for us to appreciate God. It is just like I woke up this morning, the first message I got from my mother was that our house collapsed.
92.        I just stood up; I said God, let this thing not spoil my day. After praying, I forgot all about it. Yes, God knew why I got the message; He equally knew why the house fell down. Is there anything I can do about it? Now, since I cannot do anything about it, why should I worry? Why should I worry? This is the simply question there. It is an experience that will help me to understand where I am.
93.        I was at Onitsha one day, I received a message that my mother was dying. I told the Son of Man that I want to go, that my mother was sick unto death. He told me to go and sit down. But throughout the fellowship that day, I wasn’t in the fellowship, I was restless. At a time He asked me, if you start going to village now, getting there you meet her dead, are you going to raise her up?
94.        Immediately He asked me the question, I relaxed myself. Did we understand anything there? The devil wanted to use it to spoil my day but God took control. So, what I am saying is that let us stop bothering ourselves. Trails must always come on our way. Trials must be coming our ways as long as we are alive. Because, do you think Satan is happy that we are here?
95.        Satan is not happy that we are here. As long as we are in this faith, we are the greatest enemy of the devil. He must be presenting many things before us to see whether he will pull us out of this faith. Sorry that I left what I was reading. I am reading this to confirm the message.
96.        As Moses met Him at the backside so shall every elect meet Him at the backside, talk to Him and He talks back to you. Peter said, “We saw Him and touched Him.
97.        We saw Him and did what? Touched Him. We ate and drank with Him.” Paul said, “Even when He resurrected from the dead, we sat down with Him, ate and drank.”  Who were the people that received Him? Those that were foreordained, set aside to receive Him. Not everybody. Repeat it again.
98.        Who were the people that received Him? Those that were foreordained, set aside to receive Him. Not everybody.
99.        Did the bible ever record that people praised Him (Jesus)? There was no description of anybody mentioned. Nobody knows whether they were arm robbers, murderers or this and that, but it was only those foreordained that believed Him. Amen.

Begin to thank God who counted you worthy. I do not look at the photographs of the Pillar of Cloud again, they are no longer for Me; they are now facing the world. The entire Gentile world and the entire Israel can now see the Son of Man coming in a Cloud, wrapped in a Pillar of Cloud of Heaven. 
2.           Go to our website, with the information there, you will remain awake from morning to morning. You will not see the beauty of this Faith until you watch it in the Internet. You will be astonished. There are too many things we logged on the Net, too many quotes which many of you have not come across. That is why the world is astonished saying, “Where has this man been all these years? Where is this man hidden all these years?” What is more, they have noticed my location.
3.           Where is this man hidden all these years? They know that He is hiding.
4.           As I am talking to you now, let me tell you, American satellite is beaming me as I am standing in Jerusalem. They are seeing all of you in the Fellowship the same way they saw us when we were casting our votes, because the satellite was directed to Africa. Right now they are seeing Me, Britain is seeing Me.
5.           I have been made known to the world. If anybody is making argument in this Faith or in Nigeria, he is making a domestic argument. What the Son of Man can entertain now is international argument and no longer domestic argument, made in Nigeria argument, or made in Onitsha argument. No!
6.           If you have any argument, go ahead. As for Me and my family every controversy has been settled, all argument has been settled.
7.           Every controversy has been settled. What is the controversy? Some are thinking that He is not God. Some will say He is not from God. Some will say many things, yet He is the Almighty. I was telling one Pentecostal Pastor the other day, I said, there is difference between mighty and Almighty. The mighty god is the god of the world which you people are worshipping. But Almighty is the only God that can do and undo.
8.           A mighty god cannot do and undo. A mighty god is Satanic. The man said what? I said, mighty god is satanic. It is Almighty God that can do good and do what you call bad. But Satan cannot operate on the two. That is mighty god. He is always focused on negative. But Almighty God can do positive and negative. He said what? I said yes. See Him; He is my God, only Him can save.
9.           He is the only one that can say something and later change His mind. The man said what?  Said yes, if He says something and later change His mind, will you slap Him? When He sent Jonah to Nineveh, upon that Jonah knew Him, he still refused to go. What is more, when Jonah refused, God turned to a big fish and swallow Jonah, carried him for three days and after He vomited Jonah and Jonah prophesied.
10.        Immediately God saw their sincerity, didn’t He change His mind? He can do and undo. That is Almighty. God can tell you that He will kill you, later He will consider many things. But not so with Satan. Whatever he decides to do, he must do it.
11.        I have been opportune to serve two masters. So, whenever I am talking, I am talking by experience. When Satan says, he will destroy, he must destroy. But when Almighty God says, He will destroy, He will not destroy, He may at the second thought reason. After looking at you, he will look for something He will hold to save you. That is Almighty God for you.
12.        If you have any argument, go ahead. As for Me and my family every controversy has been settled, all argument has been settled. I am convinced but are you convinced? No more argument.
13.        Yes, God is asking us: “Are we convinced? Am I convinced? Do you agree?   Conviction is based on experience. The harder your experience, the harder you are convinced.
14.        When I entered this faith newly, I never understood what this faith was all about. One day I went to Onitsha, i was at Son of Man’s balcony waiting for Him but to my surprise, as He was coming i saw His head  turning round like a fan. I removed my glasses and look at Him very well.
15.        The thing was turning. I saw Him clearly. So, He showed me something. He sees the whole world. You cannot understand this experience. I am the one that will know how it happened. That’s why God said that we should stand on our own conviction.
16.        We should not stand on somebody’s conviction. If you stand on my own, you will not have the same experience I had. There is something that must happen to you when you meet God. You can know all the messages, know what is written in the bible, yet you do not know God.
17.        If any difficult situation attacks you, you will abandon God. Peter denied Him after staying with Him for many years, days and nights. When situations confronted peter, he denied God.
18.        God is asking us: Are we convinced? We must ask ourselves this question. Are we convinced? Let me tell us something. Religion is circling the entire world. All their actions are tailored towards the suppression of none adherents.
19.        We decided with the Pastor to open a bank account for our local assembly. When the pastor went to the bank they said that we should provide our registration certificate. That we should present our constitution etc. I want us to know where we are heading to.
20.        Do we have registration certificate? Do you see where the world is heading to? They are trying to close up everything. One day they will tell us that if we don’t register either as a Christian or Muslim, we will lose our jobs. It is either you are a Christian or Muslim or you lose your job or you will not get a job.
21.        The question arises, “If one finds himself in this condition, can he/she stand on the conviction to say that this man we are following is God even when we go hungry? When you are jobless, when you are perplexed. When you are having crises, can you still stand to say that He is God? At times it is good we ask ourselves this question.
22.        Can you survive it? When you paint a hard picture, place yourself there, then ask yourself this question, if I find myself in this picture, can I still believe in this man to be God? Stop painting a beautiful picture.
23.        Paint a hard one. If you are sacked from your job, your wife jobless, your children could not go to school again, anywhere you go, they will be saying, look at this church people, can you stand for the faith that time? That is the question I want us to ask ourselves. Are we convinced?
24.        I love painting a hard picture for myself. I am an artist, if I am painting a picture; I love painting a hard picture and then place myself there. That is why I do tell my children, if you enjoy yourself, sometimes, suffer yourself. So that if at any point things go otherwise, you can survive.
25.        I told my children that if war arises now, can they survive it? For they have no strength that will carry them because of the present generational situation. I suffered when I was small. That was why I survived, for the experience was very harsh. I asked them, if you are placed in that condition now, can you survive?
26.        What am I saying? I want us to be realistic to ourselves. When we went to open a first bank account in Onitsha, the Son of Man lead us- Bishop Ezemachiri, Bishop Okoh and Bishop Nnachor and we opened the account without stress.
27.        These requirements were not obtainable then. Why is it so now? Now they are saying that every church must be registered, otherwise you won’t operate. The God we are serving will surely pass us through. He knows what is going to happen in future. We should not panic but keep on following without complaining.
28.        So, let us try to understand where we are. Don’t look at your parents. This is an individual race. If bomb explodes anywhere, everybody will run away, and nobody will ever remember where the child is. You must survive first before you start looking for your child. It is a personal race. So, what am I saying? Little thing can take you out of this faith.
29.        When you start to analyse. Why is this thing like this? Why am I not prospering? What do you know about prosperity? Who can define prosperity for me? We have physical prosperity and spiritual prosperity. But we pray for both. So, when you start analysing, you will start bringing yourself down and when you start bringing yourself down, Satan will then come to dominate.
30.        Before you know, the zeal of coming to fellowship will start vanishing from you. On Sunday, you will call the pastor giving him useless excuse. On Wednesday, the same thing. It has started without your knowing.
31.        But once we are steadfast, nothing can push us. Even hunger cannot make you to deny this faith. When one denies this faith, he/she have denied the Son of Man. Any condition we are passing through, God is aware of it. There is nobody who is in the faith of Son of Man that God is not using one or two things to hold here. He will either use sickness or any other thing to hold you. He will use one thing or the other to hold you here and that thing will keep you here.
32.        The Message has entered where we least expected. Some people said, “Thus said the Lord, this Message can never cross Upper-Iweka in Onitsha.” Now, who are the false prophets?
33.        , do not try to block the course of a river from the source. If you attempt constructing obstacle to stop the course of the river from the source, you will cause it to penetrate where it could not have penetrated. It will roar, boil, jump, construct deep gullies and push down trees. Where are the false prophets? They are all now in the cooler. They are hiding their faces in shame.
34.        Let them go ahead with their propaganda for they are politicians but we are not politicians; we know what we are doing. We know who is behind us, finish. If you are not sure, go to your ministers peradventure, they will help you. I know no more help.
35.        Our fathers did not get the land by their power volume two, page 49 verse 44. Where we are now, God does not want anybody after having joy for a long time only to fall down at the end and sorrow bitterly at the end. WATCH THE ISRAELITES; THEY SORROWED BITTERLY FOR LACK OF UNDERSTANDING. GOD IS WARNING US TODAY TO BE VERY CAREFUL SO THAT WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM IN THE WILDERNESS WILL NOT HAPPEN TO US.
36.        God is warning us to be very careful so that what happened to them will not happen to us. It is the same journey we are on.
37.        They went physical, we are going spiritual. We should continue following. We should stop complaining. Let me tell us. There is nobody in this faith that has no problem. Until the person opens up his/her own, you will not know. You will see the person laughing; you may think all is well, until the person opens up. Everybody has individual problem.
38.        So, don’t syndicate your own problem. God said that we should stop murmuring. Any condition you find yourself, God said that if it is negative, He knows about it, if it is positive, He knows about it. There is no condition we are passing which the Lord does not know.
39.        Your problem may differ from my problem. After all, we didn’t come the same way. There is an agreement you signed with God before you came into this world. And that agreement is your destiny. It is only God that knows what we signed with Him. Your own is different from my own.
40.        Even your child, God has experience He wants your child to have, for which course He brought him to your family. We are not the people that made the choice; He made the choice for us. If we were allowed to make the choice, some will like to be the son of the president of America. Somebody will like to be born in the house of the Son of Man.
41.        But we have a family that God wants us to go and we must go there. God created every human being to have a different experience. You appeared in the family that God wants you to appear. You are not the one that made the choice. He placed you where He can save you. If He wanted to destroy you, He would have placed you in a rich family where you will not know Him.
42.        You will be enjoying life, at the end, you get lost.
43.        God sent Peter Odoemena and said, “Hear Ye Him.” All that are not called in the beloved should forget about salvation because there is no election in the Gentile.  There is nothing like God saving you for the father’s sake. God is saving you by adoption because you have received and welcome Him whom he has sent...
44.        There is no other thing that God wants from our hands except believing in Him whom He has sent. Hence, we were picked. I am the only one from my village. The same thing to other brethren. You should ask yourself this question: Why is it that I am the only person that was called into this Faith?
45.        If earthly election is to be conducted for this salvation, will you or i be the one to win it? It is very rare to see many people from one family in this faith. So the Lord picked us and brought us here. Why? Are we the best in that our villages? Are you the most beautiful? Are you the most handsome? What did you do for God that prompted Him into picking you?
46.        And watch, if you are a child of God in your family, before this faith started, there is a way your people have been looking at you and there are certain behaviors which you would be exhibiting that to them is alien to the family.  There is a way your people will be looking at you, accusing you of one thing or the other.
47.        There must be one thing to show that you are not part of them.  So, God said that all that are not found in the beloved should forget about salvation because there is no election in the Gentile. There is nothing like God saving you for the father’s sake. God is saving you by adoption.
48.        For you have received and welcomed He whom He has sent. There is no other thing there. It is adoption not for the father’s sake.
49.        As far as divine healing is concerned, hear Him on this matter. Only believe, all things are possible. Do you know why we do not put all these things in front? We do not want this place to become cage of unclean birds. That is why we place in front that which shall scare people away. We are God’s children; we can never go around looking for signs and wonders.
50.        For the Bible said, “These signs shall follow them that are with me”. So wherever we go, these things follow us. That is why we can never jump up and down, “A great man is coming, a great man of God is coming from America, from Germany, with healing”.
51.        We can never be there because we know he is not coming with anything. I want to tell you something. Do you know that the author of life is on earth? If we are permitted to go a little that way, I just bet you, one week, this compound will not accommodate people. We know what we will do.
52.        Get to Oji-River and be commanding the lame, “Stand up! Stand up! Stand up!” we will go to another town and do the same. Before you know it, everybody will be running to Onitsha, “go and see”. Every Tom, Dick and Harry will come because of miracles and healings. That is why we were warned strictly to lift up this Sword – (ACTION TIME PART 4, PAGES 27 – 29 VS 6 -18.
53.        The Son of Man said that if He wants this place to be filled up, that it is not a hard thing. He will just go to the mortuary and raise the dead, before you know it, everybody will be rushing here.
54.        We heard that there is a so called great man of god that is in town. In fact, he came to add more confusion to the people. You see the Pope saying that there is no God, everybody running to and fro, restless. But to us, we have nothing to think about, for we have a leader. We know where we are going.
55.        They are on a path that they don’t know what will be the end of it. Once you don’t know where you are going, you will be disturbed. Anybody going to a place where he does not know can never have peace. Thus, he will be bordered, who will direct me on the right path?
56.        But once he sees somebody that can direct him to take left or right, he will continue with hope. Is it a lie? He will now rest because he will not be troubled of what he will meet on the way. A friend told me what he passed through when he visited his people in America. That he remained inside, they couldn’t allow him to move out. If he wants to go out, they will refuse. That he was really in bondage. So, what am I saying?
57.        We are at liberty here. We have freedom here. When you go to Pentecostal, they will cage you very well. Threatening you with hellfire. You will go to hell; you will be restless. Here, we have freedom.
58.        God has told us that once we obey His word and believe in the person He has sent, what will happen? We are God’s children. There is no other thing. Nothing to disturb us. So, the man was happy that he came back to Nigeria. He told me that no place is like home. You can imagine a situation where he is locked inside day in day out. He does not go outside, watching America from the window.
59.        So, this thing is an example of where we are. When you are caged, you can never be comfortable. Even if you are served with the best food in the whole world. You can never fell happy. But we are free here. Anybody in bondage here? All we have to do is to believe in Him. He directs us on where to go, when to stop, Is it a difficult task to do?  
60.         When you are doing anything, you will be free doing that thing no minding whether you are right or not. But the living God can give you instruction, along the way, he will tell you to stop. If you are a child of God, he will help you to obey.
61.        So, believing is not easy my brethren. To believe God is not easy. God is the one that can give us the spirit to believe Him. He is the one that will give us the spirit to accept Him. Without it, there is nothing we can do. So, let us continue praying.
62.         For God enjoins us to continue praying, be in the spirit. For the highest thing is to have an open heart. Open heart is the beginning of everything. When we are asked to behave like little children, doesn’t mean that we should behave childishly.
63.        There is difference between being childish and being childlike. Childlike means having open mindedness like little children while childish means stupidity. God wants us to be childlike and not childish.  So, we have to be childlike and not childish. Love one another.
64.        I want to read from the same book page 77 verse 4. KNOW WHO THE LORD WHO YOU ARE SERVING IS. IF YOU HATE HIM, YOU ARE PUTTING YOUR LIFE IN DANGER.
65.        If you hate him, you are putting your life in danger. If I hate him, I am putting my life in danger. Any god you are worshipping, once you hate that god, you will have problem.
67.        You will ever regret knowing Him. It will be better that you do not know Him than for you after knowing Him, you still hate Him. What will bring hatred? It is when you start analyzing, when I start analyzing that He should do this in this way. Why must He behave this way? When you don’t analyze, how will you begin to hate that person?
68.        You can only start hating somebody when you start analyzing somebody’s character. It is when you become a fault finder that you will start hating somebody. If you are not a fault finder, you cannot hate anybody. Once you start finding fault with somebody, you start hating the person.
69.        This is how he supposed to do this. Why is he doing it this way? There is a way he behaves. He hates me. He likes this person, he hates me. But when we have an open mind believing that everybody has a chapter, things will be better.
70.        There is a book which God recorded our names. Everybody has a chapter. And somebody must be chapter one, while another person will be chapter two. Look at this Chronicles, there are local assemblies whose photograph appeared first, while there is one that ended it. When you are turning the pages, you must continue turning it until you get to that particular local assembly you are looking for.
71.        If we start reading this book from the beginning, we will start from chapter one till we finish it. We cannot jump. When we believe that God has timetable for everybody, that is where we will relax our minds. But once we don’t have that belief, we will start analyzing one another, start detecting faults. Before you know it, hatred will take over. For once you start analyzing somebody, you want that person to behave the way you behave. And once the person behaves opposite, hatred will start.
72.        God said that if you hate your God, you are putting your life in trouble. If you hate the Son of Man, you are putting yourself in danger. You cannot hate the Son of Man, unless you start analyzing Him.
73.        He can forgive somebody that is outside this faith easily because He doesn’t know him. Somebody outside this faith can even pour  sand on Him and He will forgive the person, but we cannot do it. For if we do it, it has another interpretation. Why? Because you have known Him.
74.        That God did not give our fathers the land because they were many. Of all men that liveth on earth, the Bible said, “We are the fewest in number.”   
75.        If you check the way we are gathering, we are the fewest in number. If you compare us with the new Churches that are around us, you will see the smallest among them is bigger than us in number. 
76.        If you tell somebody that we have stayed for up to twelve years and yet we are still few in number, the person will not believe you.  If salvation should be given based on the number of people in the Church, the Roman Catholics will be number one, Anglican will be number two. But God does not use the number of people to determine salvation.
77.         If you go to main market, and use loud speaker to shout, before one month, people must subscribe to it. Before you know, business has started. But this place, it is not so. You cannot see anybody coming that he is subscribing to this faith. Why? We have stayed here for years. How many people did you see looking for us? But had we used microphone making noise everywhere, even our neighbours would have subscribe to this faith.
78.        They are seeing us from another different angle. If you are doing good, people sees it as a trap, that you want to use it to catch them. Once they enter, that they cannot find it easy to run away again. Go to Catholic, they have morning mass, 6 o’clock mass, 6 to 7 o’clock mass, 7 o’clock to 8 o’clock mass, 8 o’clock to 9 o’clock mass, even 9 to 10 o’clock mass.
79.        Their choir members are even more than us here. What is happening here cannot be seen elsewhere. I say it boldly. If you don’t boast with this faith, start it now. For the more you boast with this faith, the more you are standing firm. Do you know why? People will start getting scared of you. But once you hide your faith, so that people will not know what you believe, you are on your way out. You are denying God.
80.        But when you are proud to declare your God openly, God will be proud to declare you openly.
81.        Of all the whole nations, we are the fewest in number. That God is giving it to us is because He wants to fulfil His promise to our father Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Repeat it again. That God is giving it to us is because He wants to fulfil His promise to our father Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  God did not give Abraham conditions to fulfil before the everlasting promise was made. The promise was unconditional.    
82.        This promise belongs to Abraham and his children. We are the children of Abraham through our faith in Christ. God has never changed the promise and will never change the promise in our day. This is our own turn, He can never change it.   
83.        Jesus said that he came to confirm the promise. Law cannot cancel the Promise. The Bible said that the Law that came four hundred years after cannot cancel the Promise. That settles the matter.   
84.        You should try to find out whether you are really a son or daughter of Abraham. All that are walking by faith in Christ are the children of Abraham. Those who are walking by works are under the Law. The Law is not from Christ.Repeat. You should try to find out whether you are really a son or daughter of Abraham.
85.        If you are a visitor in a family, you must know. If you are a part of the family, you must equally know. No matter how you hide it. A child that is born and the child that is not born in a family can never behave the same. The visitor can never be a part of the inheritance. God said that we should try to find out whether we are part of the program or not. How do we find out? Yes.
86.        You should try to find out whether you are really a son or daughter of Abraham. All that are walking by faith in Christ are the children of Abraham. All those that are walking by faith are what? Children of Abraham. Those who are walking by works are under the Law. The Law is not from Christ.
87.        Have we seen the dividing line? Now, choose where you belong. Law and faith are two opposite.
88.        They are two parallel lines that can never meet. They can never meet. Law and grace can never meet. It is either with the law or you are in grace.
89.         Law and Faith are two opposite. The Bible said, “If the inheritance of the promise is by works, the faith is made of none effect.”
90.        If it were by works, would any of us be here. What did you do to be here? What did you contribute, what did I contribute to come from Okoh’s family to start with? The only day I realized that I came from Okoh’s family was the day I was born into the family.
91.        I don’t know how I came there. I was born and my parent gave me the name Fryde Okoh. Then I started answering that name. So, we don’t how we came here, you cannot determine how you came here. Trace it from now till tomorrow, you may think that it is a physical journey, it is a spiritual thing.
92.        God preplanned it from day one. And if you are a child of God, God said that you didn’t contribute anything to be a part of the family.  You didn’t contribute anything. I didn’t contribute anything. Going by the law, we are not part of the system.  Amen.

It is by faith that people are counted right with God. Abraham was made right with God by faith. If we are the children of Abraham, we should be called righteous people by faith.   The main reason why Christ came was to deliver those who are under the bondage of Law so that they will be set free.
2.           Why Christ came is to set those under the bondage of law free. That’s why He came. That my friend said that he regained his freedom immediately their plane landed at Muritala Mohammed International Airport. It is only when you are free that you can worship God acceptably. But when you are in bondage, you will be living in fear.
3.           When you go to satanic world, occult world, you will be living in bondage. How do you live in bondage? You will be buying candles, buying different type of incense, different colours of oil. Each experiment has a special oil, special incense you will be burning every minute of the day. You burn in the morning, burn in the evening. If anything passes across you anyhow, you will go back to know why that thing happened to you, whether it is for good or bad. You will be living in fear.
4.           But here, it is not so. For somebody is watching over you and me. Are we burning any candle here. No more incense, no more candles, no more oil, no more this and that. So, those who burn candles and chant will be moving in fear, for they don’t know what is going to happen next.
5.           How long will they do that kind of thing? But here, we are free, we have no problem. Even if lizard climbs on you, you don’t care, you will be going where you are going. For somebody is watching over you and me.
6.           You are no longer burning candle, because God has set you free. No more incense, no more candle, no more oil, no more this and that. When you see me that time, once you enter my house, everywhere will be smelling oil. I will rob in my body; rob on my face, ever ready for war.
7.           If I want to enter a bus, I must count the number of persons there, once it is an odd number, I will not enter. But if it is an even number, I will enter. So, you will be walking with fear for you don’t know what is going to happen the next minute. How long will you do that kind of thing? How long? But when you come into this place, even if vulture perches on you, you will be moving.
8.           You won’t bother for you know that you are free. You are not in bondage. So, God said that He has come to remove law from us which is bondage. Are we not happy? Remember God said that any god you are worshipping who cannot protect you, leave that god. Is it not so? But once you are worshipping the rightful God, you have no need of candle or incense.
9.           It is cheaper to be here than to be in occult. Initiation sword as at then was sold at the rate of twenty one thousand. I mean only sword. That was then. What do you think will be the price now? Then you now buy cloth, and many other things. Then you will go for initiation. By the time you will be coming back from the initiation, your eyes will be red.
10.        But here, God does not collect a dine to anoint anybody. When God anointed you a pastor, did you spend anything? It was only kneeling down and He placed His hand and anointed you. We don’t know what we have, for if we know what we have, we would have handled it well. That’s why God said in a message, “If you know the value of God, preserve it”.
11.        It pays to have experience in something and then compare between the two. When you pass through occult experience, you will appreciate this Faith. You will know that this place is the cheapest place to worship God. It is the cheapest in the sense that more than all those things are found here, yet you don’t pay a dine.
12.        All we are told is believe in Him, finish. When you go to Egypt for initiation, you will be naked in their temple for seven days. So, you will be going beside those great tombs of magicians like Pharaoh and the rest of them. When you finish and come back, you will falsely believe you are indestructible, yet later you will die like those people. For the tomb you are marching across is the tomb of the dead.
13.        I am narrating all these things for us to understand where we are. So that we will value it. You will know that it is not an easy thing. If you don’t have money, you cannot belong to any occult group. That is one thing. You will pay your money in American dollars. Whatever you do is money. Whatever they send to you is money. Initiation is money. At the end of the day it is because of money that makes some people to run away.
14.        Any stage you stop paying money is the stage you will stop. You can never cross that stage. For instance, if I am in the same stage with Pastor and he stops on the way, nothing will ever make me to tell him anything above  the stage he stopped.
15.        There is no level of discussion that you can engage me on that will ever make me to disclose that secret to him. It is an oath. Until you come to that stage, nothing will make us to discuss anything pertaining to that stage. All our discussions will end on your level. They protect themselves by a uniting bond.
16.        What is more? They must find a way to twist any law to protect their member. Instead when they gather, the society will now punish him. He must be punished but not external. Their punishment is internal. For they must rescue you first. So, God wants us to be united and love ourselves more than them. We should have that kind of mind of helping ourselves.
17.        The main reason why Christ came was to deliver those who are under the bondage of Law so that they will be set free. If the Son shall set you free, you shall be free indeed.   Has He set us free? Yes! Why are we working as beggarly elements? Children of Abraham are known for one thing:  Jeremiah chapter 31 verse 1-3 “At the same time, saith the LORD, will I be the God of all the families of Israel, and they shall be my people.
18.        Thus saith the LORD, The people which were left of the sword found grace in the wilderness; even Israel, when I went to cause him to rest.   The LORD hath appeared of old unto me, saying, Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with loving-kindness have I drawn thee.” KJV.   
19.        “AT THAT time, says the Lord, will I be the God of all the families of Israel, and they will be My people. Thus says the Lord: The people who survived the sword found favour in the wilderness [place of exile]--when Israel sought to find rest. The Lord appeared from of old to me [Israel], saying, Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore with loving-kindness have I drawn you and continued My faithfulness to you.” AMP.  
20.        “AT THAT TIME, says the Lord, all the families of Israel shall recognize Me as the Lord; they shall act like my people. I will care for them as I did those who escape from Egypt, to whom I showed my mercies in the wilderness, when Israel sought for rest. For long ago the Lord had said to Israel: I have loved you, O my people; with an everlasting Love; with loving kindness I have drawn you to Me.” LB.   
21.        “The Lord says, “The time is coming when I will be the God of all the tribes of Israel, and they will be my people. In the desert I showed mercy to those people who had escaped death. When the people of Israel longed for rest.” GNB.  Verse 2, “Thus saith the LORD, The people which were left of the sword found grace in the wilderness; even Israel, when I went to cause him to rest.” KJV.  
22.        They found what? Grace! In other words, all that survived, survived by grace.
23.        All that survived, survived by what? Grace. They found what? Grace! In other words, all that survived, survived by grace, the whole tribes of Israel. If we are Israel of God today and we survive in this generation, what shall we say at the end?
24.        Grace!  I am saying that our fathers escaped the wrath of God simply by grace. God became Lord over them by grace. We should believe strongly the message we have heard: SALVATION IS BY GRACE AND JUSTIFICATION BY FAITH. When you go to Luke chapter eleven, you will see those God justified by faith. In the book of Hebrews chapter eleven, God testified that Noah found grace before God.
25.        It is through this message of grace that somebody can be transmuted from one stage to the other, from natural to supernatural.
26.        When you are under the law, you are heavy. Heavy metals will sink, while light metals will float. And when you are light, you will float. It is only light objects that can be transmuted from one step to the other. Heavy metals will always sink.
27.        So, when we believe in that grace, then we have accepted the word of God, which is the message. Then, He can now change us from one base metal to the other. Which we call transmutation. Changing from one form to the other. When we change, we will move from natural to supernatural.
28.        Supernatural is not a magical movement. It is not something that you will be jumping from natural to supernatural. No. supernatural is something changing me. Something must change my conception, my belief, my ideas, my knowledge, my way of thinking.
29.        Something must come in me and change me. That thing that changes me is the word. When we came into this faith newly, the word of Son of Man started changing us from Pentecostal reasoning to another type of reasoning. So, we can never go to supernatural without accepting this word and believing in that grace which He has given to us.
30.        Once we hook unto the law, we become carnal and thereby remain here. But once we believe in that His grace, that is when transmutation will take place. That is where that change will come into our lives. Because you cannot be greater than your master.
31.        Nobody can be greater than his master. The master has showed us, this is the way, this is the only way that will lead you to that place and you are telling your master; let us go through this way. Or master, let us miss the way. Missing the way means going zigzag.
32.         And you cannot arrive at any particular point. God has told us that it is by grace and grace alone. And nothing more. And that should be our stand.
33.        Enoch found grace. Check all of them, Abraham found grace, Zerubbabel found grace. Check your Bible, they all found grace. Now, it has come to our turn, you want Me to find work, it is impossible. In the time of Moses in Exodus chapter thirty-three, Moses said, “God, let me find grace in your sight.”  He did not say work, he did not say law.
34.        I am saying that grace of God has come for our own salvation. When grace has not appeared, there is nothing like salvation. Do not mind foolish Peter who was a Jew, who was trying to mix grace. You cannot mix Law and grace.
35.        Mixing law and grace brings confusion. If you mix Egusi soup with Ogbono soup, what will you call the soup? Will call it Egusi soup or Ogbono soup? Has it any name? It has no name. It is either you eat Egusi soup or you eat Ogbono soup.
36.        Once you mix it, it becomes nameless. So, you cannot mix grace and law. It becomes nameless. You are either with grace or you are following law. So, God said it is only by grace. And it is only grace that can transform us. Once we try to mix law, that is the problem.
37.        This one will bring his own opinion, another one will bring his own opinion, gradually like that, they started giving Gentiles some Laws.  St. Paul would go to Jerusalem, they would ask him to carry turtle dove to pay for sacrifice. God is looking for one who will separate grace from law. If you say there is law, we will show you where Law started and where it ended. In the beginning, there was no Law. In the end, there will be no Law.
38.        In the beginning, there was no law, in the end, there would be no law. So, the law came at the middle. So, God is saying discard law. Let us discard the law and follow grace.
39.        In the beginning, there was no Law. In the end, there will be no Law. If you go to the message titled, “Beginning and Ending of the Gentiles’ Dispensation”; in the beginning, God justified them by faith. In the end, He will justify them by faith. The Law did not come so that people will be set free.
40.        The Law came to show people what sin all about. The Law did not come so that people’s sin will be forgiven but came to hold people captive till Christ will come.  Has Christ come?
41.        Yes! Any person that is still holding Law when Christ has come, has not received Christ. Any person that is not in Christ, can he receive the promise of God? Not at all! That is why when we see those things that are used to identify people under the Law in our midst, we will not be happy. Where there is no law, everybody is at liberty.  Fear, is it love?
42.        There is no fear in Love. Perfect Love drives all fear. Do we hide anything in this most holy Faith? It is where there is Law that people fear and cannot speak boldly.
43.        Where there is law, there is fear. Wherever there is fear, that is where law operates. Because any mistake you make, you pay with your life. Any single mistake you make, no matter your position, once you strip off, you will be penalized. So, nobody plays with it.
44.        If you come to the gate of the occult temple. If you do not know the password for the gate, you will not enter. Has anybody ever come here to ask us the password of the message we are going to handle next Sunday?
45.        When you come, you must check the password for that Sunday, for that Saturday, for that week. If you don’t know the password, you cannot enter. Then my wife was the angel of the temple. She is the person you will tell the password.
46.        If you don”t tell her the password, she cannot open the gate for you. Even me the husband, if I don’t know the password, I cannot enter. I want you to see how legalistic that place is. But here, have you ever come in here and the deacon will tell you to tell him the password? Anybody?
47.        It is free, it is grace. God said that we should come here and worship God. No hindrance, no problem. But there, it can never be so. Once you enter week end, you will be scared because you don’t know what you are going to face that day.
48.        Everybody’s heart is free. God has removed the obstacle. Whatever I do, you will understand Me. They were discussing around My yard about the behaviour of some people. One of them said, “They do not behave like children of God.”  
49.        How do children of God behave? Let Me tell you the truth. If they do not know Christ, how will they know children of God? Children of God will behave like God because they did not know God, when they saw John the Baptist, they called him devil. 
50.        They saw Jesus and called him a glutton. A Pharisee will not recognize God. People of the world will not recognize God. Who will believe our report? It is only the elect. God bless you. Amen.

We are reading from the Chronicles of the Bridal Faith chapter 7. From where we stopped.
2.           MEMBERS OF HIS FAMILY ACKNOWLEDGE HIM TO BE GOD. HEAR HIM: Remember, I have touched on different categories of personalities since the beginning of this Message. If I were in your shoes, sitting down, hearing a man speaking like this and He has not made any reference from anything He picked from His pocket, He has not written anything. Let Me use the words my family used.
3.           They said, “Daddy, if not for one thing, we have been querying certain things. When do you have this time? We know how you stay from morning till night; we know how you stay even till we go to bed. We know you cannot come out. Sometimes, we wake you up thinking you are sleeping.
4.           But you will salute us. But let Me ask this. When do you sit down to think and meditate and this and that. When brethren are always around you, you keep on talking from morning till night. Even eating will become difficult. Yet, when we gather, the fountain will continue flowing. Now we believe with all our heart, this is not a man’s doing but God”.
5.           Sometimes, the thing will rake up conversations you even held in your houses. Things we heard which we knew you never heard. To God be the glory. Amen. (SON OF MAN – IT SHALL BE WELL WITH THE RIGHTEOUS VOL. 1, PAGE 143: 77 – 79).
6.           A Presbyterian Clergy man Laverna Patterson, has this to say about Apostle Peter Odoemena. This is in the Internet: “PETER ODOEMENA (Nigeria). 
7.           He claims that Branham is the forerunner who came to introduce him and he is God. Name any title of God and he has claimed it. ( ALL AUTHORITIES ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THE SON OF MAN IS LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!
8.           From the Scripture, from the Prophets, from the ancient writings of the Sanhedrin preserved in the Vatican City, Rome, from the testimonies of friends and foes; from the audible voice of the Almighty; from the Supernatural manifestations of the Cloud, Thick Darkness, the Rainbow; from His voice, His characteristics and above all, from the Word, the spoken Word, it is proven beyond every figment of doubt that this is ALMIGHTY GOD DWELLING IN A HUMAN TEMPLE, A TEMPLE NOT MADE WITH HANDS, according to the scripture.
9.           Almighty God must always dwell in His temple. THIS IS THE HIDDEN TRUTH! CAN GOD CHANGE HIS NAME? This was the question William Marion Branham was asked.
10.        Hear his answer. “HAS THE NAME OF GOD CHANGED IN THE DIFFERENT DISPENSATIONS? Yes yes! It was once called-He was once called the I AM.
11.        He was called JEHOVAH, and He has changed many times. The last time it was changed was when God became flesh and took a human name. JEHOVAH, I AM, and all of these are titles to a Name. See?
12.        You was baptised in the name of Jehovah, it would have to be the name of Jesus Christ. You was baptised in the name of Jehovah-rapha, Jehovah-manasses, and Jehovah-jireh, all of those, it would have to be Jesus Christ, the I AM is Jesus Christ.
13.        Remember, standing there that day, and He said, ‘You say you eat manna in the wilderness...’‘Our fathers eat manna’ ‘And are dead!’ He said. They said, ‘Well, we know you are crazy, because you are just a man, and not over fifty years old, and you say you have seen Abraham.’ He said, ‘Before Abraham was, I AM.’ See? He was the I AM. And all the titles and names that ever belonged to God was made one human Name, the Lord Jesus Christ. All right.” (C.O.D. CODE, ORDER, DOCTRINE of the Church, Vol. 2, PAGE 1092, QUESTION 338)
14.        Therefore my people shall know my name; therefore they shall know in that day that I am He that doth speak; behold it is I. (ISAIAH 52:6 KJV) Therefore I will reveal my name to my people and they shall know the power in that name.
15.        Then at last they will recognize that it is I, yes, I, who speaks to them. (ISAIAH 52:6 LB) Therefore my people shall know what my name is and what it means; therefore they shall know in that day that I am He who speaks; behold, I AM (ISAIAH 52:6 AMP)
16.        In time to come you will acknowledge that I am God and that I have spoken to you.” (ISAIAH 52:6 GNB) For Zion's sake will I not hold my peace, and for Jerusalem's sake I will not rest, until the righteousness thereof go forth as brightness, and the salvation thereof as a lamp that burneth.
17.         And the Gentiles shall see thy righteousness, and all kings thy glory: and thou shalt be called by a new name, which the mouth of the Lord shall name.  Thou shalt also be a crown of glory in the hand of the Lord, and a royal diadem in the hand of thy God. (ISAIAH 62:1-3 KJV) Because I love Zion, because my heart yearns for Jerusalem, I will not cease to pray for her or to cry out to God on her behalf until she shines forth in his righteousness and is glorious in his salvation.
18.        The nations shall see your righteousness. Kings shall be blinded by your glory; and God will confer on you a new name. He will hold you aloft in his hands for all to see—a splendid crown for the King of kings. (ISAIAH 62:1-3 LB)
19.        For Zion’s sake will I [Isaiah] not hold my peace, and for Jerusalem’s sake I will not rest until her imputed righteousness and vindication go forth as brightness, and her salvation radiates as does a burning torch. And the nations shall see your righteousness and vindication [your rightness and justice—not your own, but His ascribed to you], and all kings shall behold your salvation and glory; and you shall be called by a new name which the mouth of the Lord shall name.
20.        You shall also be [so beautiful and prosperous as to be thought of as] a crown of glory and honour in the hand of the Lord, and a royal diadem [exceedingly beautiful] in the hand of your God. (ISAIAH 62:1-3 AMP)
21.        I will speak out to encourage Jerusalem; I will not be silent until she is saved, And her victory shines like a torch in the night. Jerusalem, the nations will see you victorious! All their kings will see your glory. You will be called by a new name, A name given by the Lord himself. You will be like a beautiful crown for the Lord. (ISAIAH 62:1-3 GNB)
22.        I am sought of them that asked not for me; I am found of them that sought me not: I said, Behold me, behold me, unto a nation that was not called by my name. I have spread out my hands all the day unto a rebellious people, which walketh in a way that was not good, after their own thoughts; A people that provoketh me to anger continually to my face; that sacrificeth in gardens, and burneth incense upon altars of brick; (ISAIAH 65:1-3 KJV)
23.        The Lord says, People who never before inquired about me are now seeking me out. Nations who never before searched for me are finding me. But my own people—though I have been spreading out my arms to welcome them all day long—have rebelled; they follow their own evil paths and thoughts. All day long they insult me to my face by worshiping idols in many gardens and burning incense on the rooftops of their homes. (ISAIAH 65:1-3 LB)   
24.        I was [ready to be] inquired of by those who asked not; I was [ready to be] found by those who sought Me not. I said, Here I am, here I am [says I Am] to a nation [Israel] that has not called on My name. I have spread out My hands all the daylong to a rebellious people, who walk in a way that is not good, after their own thoughts—A people who provoke Me to My face continually, sacrificing [to idols] in gardens and burning incense upon bricks [instead of at God’s prescribed altar]; (ISAIAH 65:1-3 AMP)
25.        The Lord said, “I was ready to answer my people's prayers, but they did not pray. I was ready for them to find me, but they did not even try.
26.        The nation did not pray to me, even though I was always ready to answer, ‘Here I am; I will help you.’ I have always been ready to welcome my people, who stubbornly do what is wrong and go their own way. They shamelessly keep on making me angry. They offer pagan sacrifices at sacred gardens and burn incense on pagan altars. (ISAIAH 65:1-3 GNB)
27.        He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth save he that receiveth it. (REVELATION 2:17 KJV)
28.        “Let everyone who can hear, listen to what the Spirit is saying to the churches: Everyone who is victorious shall eat of the hidden manna, the secret nourishment from heaven; and I will give to each a white stone, and on the stone will be engraved a new name that no one else knows except the one receiving it. (REVELATION 2:17 LB)  
29.        He who is able to hear, let him listen to and heed what the Spirit says to the assemblies (churches). To him who overcomes (conquers), I will give to eat of the manna that is hidden, and I will give him a white stone with a new name engraved on the stone, which no one knows or understands except he who receives it. (REVELATION 2:17 AMP)
30.        “If you have ears, then, listen to what the Spirit says to the churches! “To those who win the victory I will give some of the hidden manna. I will also give each of them a white stone on which is written a new name that no one knows except the one who receives it. (REVELATION  2:17 GNB)
31.        And ye shall leave your name for a curse unto my chosen: for the Lord God shall slay thee, and call his servants by another name: that he who blesseth himself in the earth shall bless himself in the God of truth; and he that sweareth in the earth shall swear by the God of truth; because the former troubles are forgotten, and because they are hid from mine eyes. (Isaiah 65: 15-16 KJV).
32.        Your name will be a curse word among my people, for the Sovereign LORD will destroy you and will call his true servants by another name. All who invoke a blessing or take an oath will do so by the God of truth. For I will put aside my anger and forget the evil of earlier days. (Isaiah 65:15-16 LB).
33.        And you will leave your name to My chosen [to those who will use it] for a curse; and the Lord God will slay you, but He will call His servants by another name [as much greater than the former name as the name Israel was greater than the name Jacob].
34.        So [it shall be] that he who invokes a blessing on himself in the land shall do so by saying, may the God of truth and fidelity [the Amen] bless me; and he who takes an oath in the land shall swear by the God of truth and faithfulness to His promises [the Amen], because the former troubles are forgotten and because they are hidden from My eyes. (Isaiah 65:15-16 AMP).
35.        My chosen people will use your name as a curse. I, the Sovereign LORD, will put you to death. But I will give a new name to those who obey me. Anyone in the land who asks for a blessing will ask to be blessed by the faithful God. Whoever takes an oath will swear by the name of the faithful God. The troubles of the past will be gone and forgotten”. (Isaiah 65:15-16 GNB).
36.        Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and I will write upon him my new name. (REVELATION 3:12 KJV)
37.        “As for the one who conquers, I will make him a pillar in the temple of my God; he will be secure and will go out no more; and I will write my God’s Name on him, and he will be a citizen in the city of my God—the New Jerusalem, coming down from heaven from my God; and he will have my new Name inscribed upon him. (REVELATION 3:12 LB)
38.        He who overcomes (is victorious), I will make him a pillar in the sanctuary of My God; he shall never be put out of it or go out of it, and I will write on him the name of My God and the name of the city of My God, the new Jerusalem, which descends from My God out of heaven, and My own new name. (REVELATION 3:12 AMP)
39.        I will make those who are victorious pillars in the temple of my God, and they will never leave it. I will write on them the name of my God and the name of the city of my God, the new Jerusalem, which will come down out of heaven from my God. I will also write on them my new name. (REVELATION 3:12 GNB)
40.        It is therefore prophesied in the scripture that God will have a new name and His people will have a new name.
41.        In other words, when God came as Jesus Christ, He answered Jesus Christ. Today, is God not here on earth? If He is here, what name is He answering? Do you know?
42.        Let it be known to you that He has changed His dwelling place, it is no longer in the body called Jesus. It is now in the body called Apostle Peter Odoemena, the Son of Man. HEAR HIM: To Abraham, Almighty God. To Moses, I AM. To the children of Israel, I am the God of your fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
43.        To some Jehovah; until it got to the point where He became Emmanuel and later amalgamated into Jesus, yet the real name has not come. The real name must be an everlasting name that will endure to all generations. A name that is common from Genesis to Revelation and beyond revelation.
44.        A name that will endure from the beginning of the world to the end of the world. Glory be to God in the highest. Why are you enquiring of the Name of God in your own day?  You have been testifying of His goodness and mercy confirming how His words are coming to pass rapidly even among the youth. Yet the honour due to Him you have not given to Him. What has He been receiving from you? Troubles upon troubles. Yet you want to know His name.
45.        Tell me what you are going to do with that name otherwise this is going to be the end of this teaching; because you have gathered to know the name of God in your day. What if I tell you IT IS PETER ODOEMENA? SON OF MAN (THE REVELATION OF THE NAME OF GOD AND ITS POWER IN OUR OWN AGE, PAGE 30:35-38)
46.        We have finished chapter 7. So, needless talking too much again. We have been talking since morning.  I invite the Pastor to the pulpit. Amen.             

Remain Bless in Him
Bishop Okoh Fryde.