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The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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hell and heaven
(The Galilee of the gentiles) ON SUNDAY, 3RD FEBRUARY, 2019

Depend only on God for He is the only Saviour because without Him, there is no other Saviour.
He alone knows what it takes to save you, not what you think or what you can do. But something He knows He kept secret – it is in Him. That which you think you will do and God will call you a righteous fellow, that is where you will be a sinner. That which you think you will do and become a wicked fellow in the sight of God, maybe your righteousness in the sight of God. This is the point where people perish.
Restoration to mercy vol. 1, 7th April, 1996; pg 9:10
Why are we going to be destroyed? We are going to be destroyed for one reason. FOR NOT CONFORMING TO THE WILL OF GOD.  There is no other reason why human beings must be destroyed. And there was no other reason why Lucifer was pushed out of the presence of God; and placed a curse upon him and to all mankind that will pattern after him. If you really love God and you are called by God according to God’s own design and purpose, not your own design, not your own purpose, you must be fitting to God’s plan, which is the purpose for creating you, for He never created you in vain
THE WORD 13TH JAN. 2019 pg 19 vs 1-2; 4

1.          You are welcome to His presence this day. And I welcome all of you to the new month; the month of February. Just few days ago, we were saying happy New Year, now the year is becoming older. Not old but older.
2.          So whatever we could not accomplish last year, do you think we could accomplish it this year? Do you think? Well, we will keep praying and watching.
3.          I say we keep on praying and watching because the hardest battle ever fought has remained one; check it very well. Battle between truth and falsehood and the greatest task that has confronted every pioneer of a movement has always been to move people away from that which they knew to that which they do not know. That is, it has been a great fight and a fact, to move people from one dispensation to another.  
4.          In My own way of understanding, I put it this way. Helping people to escape from the tyranny of a fact to mastery of the reality.
5.          When a baby is learning how to walk, you know that baby is confronted with troubles, the fear is always there, and the legs would be shaking and whether he/she likes it or not, he/she must walk.
6.          He/she desires to walk, seeing others walking about gives her joy. She wants to walk like others but the tyranny is a fact.
7.          The fact is terrorizing the baby, fear that she might fall and break her legs and lips but a little while, somebody will help that baby to escape from the fear that is associated with the fact, the truth; escaping from it will take that baby to reality.
8.          Reality means moving about like others, jumping up and down. So, is it real that I (the child) can walk like others escaping from the tyranny of the fact to mystery of the reality.
9.          The fact is here but it appears to be harassing to many because truth that saves is harassing. Truth that saves oftentimes can be embarrassing. Very cumbersome at times. Not only bitter, but very disturbing.
11.      Truth that will change your life will make you pass sleepless night meditating; ruminating on the fact will give you sleepless night. And the moment you master it, your bed will give you real rest. Is it not true? Many of you are rejoicing in this Faith because of the abundant of revelations you have received.
12.      Hence, when you are talking to somebody who appears to be ignorant, you feel like breaking the heart and ejecting the truth.
13.      You have forgotten what you were in time past, how you wrestled with this truth, how you even wept. You were weeping because there is one thing with human beings. I have noticed that thing among us.
14.      A good number of you are afraid of going to hell and you are not ready for heaven. Did you get the message? You are so afraid of going to hell and you are not ready to go to heaven.
15.       Until you settle this in your heart, heaven is not possible to you as an individual. I do not know about the majority but I am talking to you as individuals.
16.      Why are you skeptical about the messages you are receiving in spite of supernatural confirmations of the Faith? Supernatural vindications of the vessel God is using in your day yet you are skeptical, you are not certain.
17.      I am telling you the truth. If you are certain, why the cynical remarks? You are not yet settled. That is why from time to time little things will be exposed, you see people pulling their fingers. Should it be so? It should not be so. You are not yet settled. You are uncertain.
18.      Until you are certain, settled, resolute, nothing happens. You are still on the brink of losing the battle. If you are afraid of hell and heaven is revealed, I mean maturity means that God has come your way.
19.      Whatever might be your confusion is settled because truth settles every confusion. True or false?
20.      Truth has come and the confusion is still there, what is confusing you? What is confusing you is nothing but you are afraid of going to hell.
21.      You do not want to go to hell and you are not on your way to heaven. You are not sure you are a candidate for heaven. Hell is scaring you. I want that to be settled today, not tomorrow.
22.      I have given you messages and I have boiled it down with one short exhortation; “You must be born again”.
23.      If you revisited your jotters last week after the message, you will come to the realization that what you think is a light message is what you need. That is the foundation of everything. You must be born again.
24.      If you are learned, you will not be much more learned than Nicodemus. If you are highly placed, you will not be highly placed more than Nicodemus.
25.      Nicodemus came in the night. If you do not want to know him, know him as a personality, Bishop Emeritus as far as Jewish tradition was concerned. I mean a retired Archbishop of the Pharisee’s laws. He did not want to be seen in the day, he came in the night.
26.      How I wish Bishop Ebenezer is still alive, I would have rehearsed a testimony from Dr. Muoemenam (SAN), who came by night like that and wept bitterly. He remained in my house till 9:30pm in the night. For being a knight of Anglican Communion and a top notcher in the Full Gospel Men’s Fellowship, he did not want to identify with the Faith in the day.
27.      So, he gave Me a message through Dr. Chinwoke Mbadinuju, one time former governor of Anambra State; that he was coming in the night and he came in the night, from 8.00 pm till 9:30pm weeping, kneeling down in My parlor.
28.       A Senior Advocate of Nigeria. Brother Ojiakor, I hope you have not forgotten your experience when I took you to Dr. Chinwoke Mbadinuju?
29.      It was an experience that will keep on haunting him even there in America, Dr. Chinwoke will never forget that day.  Because by the time he recognized Me, I vanished.
30.      He nearly jumped from the cliff, I told Brother Ojiakor, “Mount My motorcycle”. He was holding My photograph in his hands. He had already identified Me before Bishop Ebenezer. He said, “I know Boniface, I know him. We were together here at the Christian Centre.
31.      That is the man that brought the revelation. But I came live he could not recognize Me again. Holding My photograph in his hands, he could not recognize me. Brother Ojiakor was there.
32.      Then I opened My mouth, though I did not want to identify with him. I started talking, he chased all his clients out and relaxed.
33.      I rehearsed from the very first day. Immediately his eyes was opened, I gave Brother Ojiakor a sign, we left his office and came down started My motorcycle. He realized himself jumped up from his seat, followed us, while I zoomed off he stood still, he was watching, brother Ojiakor looked back and said, “He was still standing there”. In front of his chambers at Uguta road.
34.      That is the man that told us that he read everything that will help him make a successful career, PhD in law. He read in America.
35.      He was the National President of Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship. He used My revelation to publish the book, “Restoration”. But he went off the track when he wanted to build a denomination. He lost grip of the whole thing.
36.      Amaechi then came in and then deceived him into believing that there is a Joshua Ministry. There can never be a Joshua Ministry. Joshua means Jesus, there can never be a Joshua and he foolishly followed the young man who deceived him.
37.      I told him clearly, “Sir, you are winning this election even without campaigning, you are going to be the Governor, but you must abandon God. You will be Prophet Jehu. In his face. He said “what”? I said, you are going to be the Prophet Jehu of our day for you must drop this bible. He looked at Me.  I said, “Sir, not only dropping the bible, you will be bloody”.
38.      I thank God, all fulfilled. One, he won the election. Two, he dropped the bible. Three, he became the bloodiest governor that has ruled in Nigeria.
39.      He was the one that brought Bakassi and then started extra-judicial killing to the point that he was the one that sponsored the killing of his brother in the same profession, late Barrister Igwe and the pregnant wife. The case is still lingering in the court with Ken Omekai and the rest of them. All in the name of Bakassi.
40.      Tell Me the offence Igwe committed together with the pregnant wife. You murdered them at the main road on a cool evening like that before witnesses.
41.      Well, if you disbelieve God, I do not know what else you are doing than preparing your premature grave and that your premature grave means premature hell.
42.      So, if you do not listen to Me, that which you are afraid to go, that same place is where you will go. I am here to make heaven possible; I am here to reveal paradise, to reveal eternity.
43.      There is no reason why I am here if not to bring eternity and paradise into focus. That which was imaginary which you were reading in the books, especially the bible. I brought all of them into focus so that you will stop seeing paradise as an imaginary place.
44.       Until I appeared on the scene, Almighty God remained imaginary. Is it not true? It is only in your midst that God is absolutely real. I mean, somebody can  personally and practically be acquainted with God.
45.      It is only in this Faith that we can repeat the testimony of the people of old who said, “We saw Him, we heard from Him, we shook His hand, we ate and drank with Him, we even had everything in common with Him.”
46.      Apart from this Faith, there is no other place you can go and then see scriptures fulfilling. William Branham said that the moment Christ is on the scene, scriptures will begin to fulfill over and over again.
47.      Because what God did in time past is what He is doing now that men may fear before Him. Why are you afraid of hell and you are not preparing for heaven? That is My question.

How ready are you for your flight? 17th July, 2011; pg46:38 and restoration to mercy vol. 1 7th April, 1996; pg 9:9

1.          Last week, I devoted time to entertain questions and I am asking you this question again. This is My own question. Why are people so afraid of going to hell but they are not making effort to go to heaven? Because the opposite of hell is heaven. Eternal hell, eternal life.
2.          Why are you afraid of eternal condemnation, eternal death and you are not making any effort to have eternal life? Will you avoid eternal hell and avoid eternal life? Can any man avoid the two? The two are here steering us in the face.
3.          If what you knew in time past can take you to paradise, give you eternal life, why are you here? I said
4.           You know one thing that gives Me joy? I am here fulfilling all that the prophets foretold about Me and about the end time. That is why I feel very happy any time I come into your midst.
5.          Remember I am through with you but you are not through with Me. I said, I am through with all of you but you are not yet through with Me.
6.           For a good number of you are still limping between two opinions. You are not candidates for hell and you are not candidates for heaven. As I am standing here looking at all of you; you know that what I am saying is pure truth. Your obedience to the Faith is not yet fulfilled the same way your disobedience is also not yet fulfilled. Half obedience, half disobedience.
7.          In other words, you are a bat. Is it not true? You are not a terrestrial animal and you are not an earthly animal, then what are you? You are lukewarm. You are neither hot nor cold. So, God will spew you out of His mouth.
8.          I want everybody to take sides. You either take side with the truth or take side with falsehood. Do not hold half-truth and half lie. A little drop of acid that is injected into a mineral bottle or water bottle renders it poisonous, because a little leaven, leaveneth the whole lump. If I drop a spec. of acid on top of a loaf of bread, nobody will eat it again. Is it not true? So you are holding half-truth, But who is introducing the falsehood? Is it God?
9.          Falsehood are those relics, reminiscences of your old religion carried over. You have not fully purged yourself of the old living; your old philosophies, ideologies, idiosyncrasies that run contrary to the truth can still be traced to you.
10.      You have not dropped all. The bible said, “when they saw the great thing God did at the bank of the river, they left all and followed Christ”.
11.      Holistically, we have not yet surrendered to the truth. We have not yet, and time is no longer on our side. Remember, I am not putting finishing touches, I have finished. It is finished as far as the Son of Man is concerned. But it is not yet finished with you. And you know it is not yet finished.
12.      If I should stop coming here every first day of the week, I bet you ninety percent of you here will perish. I appear here every first day of the week talking, encouraging, I aim at helping you to tidy up. But each time I appear, I still meet you either where I met you or in a worse estate.
13.      In other words, your hearts are continually rejecting the truth. And I begin to wonder whether you are really a part of God.
14.      If you are a part of God, by now, you should have been completely settled, immoveable, grounded and rooted. If you see somebody that settled, grounded and rooted, he does not panic. I mean it, he does not panic.
15.      If you know you are afraid of going to hell, show by raising your hand. You see, hypocrisy is in the camp. You see, immediately I asked this question now, instead of raising their hands, they started looking sideways.
16.      They are looking for one man or two that will raise then all hands will go up. If you know you are afraid of going to hell, I said show by raising your hand. So, you are not afraid of going to hell? Do not worry, this is the reason why you are rejecting the truth. Whoever that rejects the truth is telling God that he is ready for hell.
17.      There is no other interpretation for once you reject the truth; you are bound to accept falsehood. If I am afraid of going to prison, I will be afraid of committing crime.
18.      For I know, the moment I commit crime, that place where I am trying to avoid may be where I will spend the rest of my days. Is it not true?
19.      Now, if you know you are afraid of going to hell, you are afraid of eternal punishment from the Almighty God, from the presence of God.
20.      If you know you are afraid of it, show by raising your hand. Let Me ask this question, if I am not afraid of going to hell, why am I paying attention to the word of God?
21.      You see, another problem I am facing here is that we are slow in understanding. Very slow. If you know you know the location of paradise, you can trace it, show by raising your hand.
22.      You know where it is, if I tell you, go to paradise now, you can drive to paradise, show by raising your hand. You can drive your way to paradise? You know the way? You do not need a Guide? You do not need a Guide. So, giving you a Guide profits you nothing. You see, people that know the way to paradise do not listen to the guide.
23.      Since you can drive your way, walk your way to paradise, there is no need paying attention to whosoever that comes as a Guide. He has come for people not people like you.
24.      You have no need. A Guide is needed if you do not know the way, you are assigned to a Guide who would lead you through. But as long as you knew where it is, you can walk your way there, the Guide is useless.
25.      One who knows the route to Lagos, has he any need for a Guide? It is one who does not know the way to Lagos that asks for assistance, then a Guide could be assigned to him, who will lead him to his destination so that when he is called, he could answer from there that he has arrived.
26.       If you know the way, Jesus would not have promised He will be back. He said, “I am going to prepare a place for you, after which, I will come back, to take you by Myself and lead you there; that wherever I am, there you will be.”
27.      He knows that you do not know where paradise is and He is the one that went and prepared it, finished and came back. Only to lead people that are eagerly and patiently waiting for it.
28.       I am trying to ask these questions to see whether somebody can be sound in reasoning. Why you must pay attention to the revealed truth.
29.      You are afraid of going to hell. You do not want to enter into God’s punishment and you are not making any effort to believe the truth that will help you out of it.
31.      If I say, follow God, does it mean being a police man behind Him? Following Him means obeying His Word continually and you have no other choice.
32.      If you have another choice, it then means you are not with God. God never gave us any choice if we want to go to heaven. The same way, devil does not give any other choice if you want to go to hell. One choice. Choose to be on the opposing side, remain there.  
33.      With these few words, I just want to stir up pure minds in all of you to begin to rethink otherwise that which you are afraid of would be where you will be heading to. I have to say it without mincing words; God is not destroying anybody. We are destroying ourselves.
34.      God will not sentence me to hell, He will not sentence you to hell, you are the one that will sentence yourselves to hell by rejecting the approved way God has made for us.
35.      When you go to the message, “God’s provided way for us.”Preached by William Branham far back 1963, God has a provided way.
36.      The moment you abandon the provided way, you will be going on the improvised one. Reject God’s plan of salvation, you will make your own plan. You formulate your own human plan of salvation which can never meet God’s requirement.
37.      That is why the Prophet said that God came down to rig away our intellect, rig away our old fashion religion that contains no truth and then to institute His covenant.
38.       I am coming to covenant but not today. The day I will speak on that covenant again, this place will be scanty.
39.      I may even handle it in My house to avoid entertaining unnecessary questions. If you read the Holy Quran, the covenant is littered there. You read Torah, the basis of Torah is covenant.
40.      The basis of Quran, covenant. Whatever that linked God to Abraham, covenant. Moses to God, covenant. Isaac, Jacob, covenant. The whole prophets were covenanted.
41.      Then, when Jesus came, what linked Him? Covenant. What was the blood for? Covenant. Then the apostles appeared; what linked them? Covenant.
42.      And the covenant was not animal sacrifice, it is covenant of the Word. Covenant of the Word. When the Word came to St. Paul, it became the word of covenant.
44.      Did you get the message? Some hear the Word; some hear the noise of the Word which is like thunder, while some receive the Word.
45.      The Word is always sent to individuals. True or false? Whoever that feareth God, to him is the Word of God sent. When you fear and honour the Lord, I think it is scriptural? You can read it there in Acts of the Apostles chapter 10, I think verse 35. King James. To that person is the Word of God sent.
46.      And then, how did God send the Word? God became the Word. Nobody told God anything about Cornelius whose heart was right. Who specialized in giving arms and helping people.
47.       I think I quoted right? Good. What happened? God sent the word and the word that came to him became Apostle Peter. Am I making sense?
48.      Remember Lydia was sent the Word. If you watch what happened in Jericho, Rehab received the Word, for the Word went to Rehab and she received the Word, hid the Word and then received a covenant of life and not death.
49.      I will speak on that but not immediately now. Brother, read that thing. King James. Verse 35 of Acts of the Apostles 10: But in every nation he that feareth Him, and worketh righteousness, is accepted with Him. KJV.  
50.      To him is the word of God sent. He is the one that is made acceptable in the beloved.
51.      There is no way you can take your sacrifice to a shrine without the chief priest receiving it. So whatever sacrifice you offer to any shrine if you an idol worshipper must pass through the chief priest. True or false?
52.      Nobody has ever seen any idol sitting in a shrine but you see the representative of the idol who will tell you whatever the idol is requiring from you. You want to appease the idol; you are appeasing the chief priest who is the PERMANENT REPRESENTATIVE, the AMBASSADOR of that shrine.
53.      He knows where the god is, and he will tell you what you will do to appease the god and whatever that thing is, you listen to him, you bring the thing to him. Once he is pleased, he has accepted it, it then means your sacrifice is through. So, it has been made acceptable through the chief priest.
54.      That is why when the people of Israel erred, God who was leading them commanded Joshua to reject their offering. Reject them, reject their offerings.
55.      So, while we remain seated, we denied our Pastor the pulpit last Sunday which he applied for and I promised today that I will give him a place.
56.       I invite our Pastor Attah from Umuahia to the pulpit. Let us hear God speak through him. I want you to remain like this because the cloud will remain here till I leave this place.
57.      Of course you must know how to honour this place. When you were Roman Catholics, do you know that the holy sacrament according to them, the moment it was in the sanctuary, the sanctuary was holy, everywhere would remain calm?
58.      You dare not make any noise because it was the period of consubstantiation. I said, consubstantiation. Transforming the literal wine, the literal bread into the blood and flesh of their god. Consubstantiation.  
59.      How much more when the Elohim is standing here, live. I mean greater than the chalice is here. Greater than that cup is here. Greater than the altar stone is here. If you were a catholic, I more.
60.       I stand upon My knowledge of catholic rituals to make bold and declare to everyone that the highest shrine on earth remains Roman Catholic shrine.
61.      When you hear altar stone, what do you think is contained in that altar stone? Relics of the bones of the supposed saints, no more, no less. And it is always there.
62.      The moment the Reverend father comes, he kneels down and kisses the relics, then before now, he will back the congregation. But this time, they face the congregation. I will not talk more there. I know there are too many Catholics here. Good.
63.      They will tell you that the flour is no longer flour but the flesh of the Lord. If your tooth touches it, it becomes blood.
64.      But I ate it before the reverend father and I notice that the thing just hooked Me in the sense that it entered all My teeth. To bring it out, it is ordinary bread, no taste. Brother, we want to listen to you.


Great sermon inspired Epistle pg 385 vs. 38


1.           I thank God this morning for giving me the opportunity to stand before the saints of God just for one reason. To put us in remembrance of what God has been telling us all these years.
2.           For God has been talking all this time just having one aim; to make sure we dwell with Him eternally but it is unfortunate that up till this hour, God is still telling us that some of us are not prepared to go to heaven but  are afraid of hell.
3.           The truth of the matter is this, you must choose one path.
4.           It is not by talking, What determines where you are stand is your action, your obedience to God’s Word, no more, no less.
5.           God has been helping us even till this morning. Last week He gave us the opportunity to ask Him questions which he supplied the answers.
6.           And the answers that was supplied, we all went home saying “God has touched us positively.”
7.           If I should say something, how many of us actually went back home not contending with the truth, for there are some people that here always contending with the truth.
8.           They have not given themselves over to the truth. Why? Because they are not sure or they have not believed in He that is in our midst.
9.           For if they had believed, all questions, all doubt, all reasons would have been settled.
10.       But till today, God is still saying that among all that are seated here, majority of us are afraid to go to hell but we are not prepared to do that which is necessary to be in heaven.
11.       I want to lay few backgrounds before I hit the hammer on the nail Awake thou that Sleepeth for the Night is far Spent. Page 82 verse 1.
12.       The message that is being considered now is that the family of a man of God should be an exemplary.
13.       Though they are talking about husband, and this husband respect yourself, wife respect your husband, this and that. Yes, it is because of those that lacked the revelation of what they believe.
14.       Somebody who has stayed in the faith for more than five years without understanding what the Faith is all about is a fool.
15.       The person is deceiving himself or herself. Even nature teaches more than that.
16.       We are hammering on these things because of these foreigners that infiltrated into our midst.
17.       And they are appeared to be in the majority right now, Upsetting their families, upsetting everybody. And the Lord had earlier told us concerning these multitudes.
18.       God gave us a message, “The problem of a growing family”—the growing church. He made it clear to us that when we shall be great in number and the hall be filled to capacity, we will now be rejoicing that the Lord has blessed us with too many members, that is it not going to be a blessing to us. For it is there and then that our troubles will start. For too many people that do not belong to Christ must surely come in.
19.       Moabites, Amalekites, Hittites, Hivites, Jebusites, Perusites. That they will come in. And the only way they can come in is through marriage. The Lord Himself said so.
20.       I remember all these things. He said, “That time you will begin to encounter difficulties in the administration of the church. For they will be very, very difficult to handle; for they will be badly uncontrollable. They will upset their homes.
21.       Their children cannot speak the language of the children of God which is pure truth. And it is fulfilling.
22.       It happened in Israel. When they mixed up with the mixed multitude, marrying them as wives and began to have children, they could neither speak the Jewish language nor the Greek language. So, the Lord was not happy.
23.       A time came when it was difficult to stay with them. He ordered the prophet to give instruction that all of them that married foreigners will put all of them together with their children away and sanitized the land.
24.       And then instructed them to marry from the Jews immediately; people that could understand the language of God. These are the people that are troubling us. For which cause it appeared we are running around a message that was given to us from the very official beginning: “Marriage the oldest institution ordained of God.”
25.       Is there any other thing we are preaching today other than that? Whatever we are preaching emanated from the two volumes of the message titled: “Marriage the oldest institution ordained of God.” Yet, they cannot understand it because that is the genesis of rebellion. That is the origin of rebellion in every family.
26.       A family where the husband and the wife understand the message, they understand themselves, they have the fear of God, they are desiring to be saved, they are desiring eternal life, they know the demand from God, they live in peace, they live in harmony because obedience to the truth brings them together.
27.       Obedience to the truth makes it impossible for them to have problem. Because what the husband believes is what the wife believes also. And they are putting the thing into practice gladly. Yes, gladly! They welcome the message joyfully.
28.       Thus, we cannot because of the presence of the mixed multitude shy away from our responsibilities.
29.       No, it is now that the Lord has made it clear to Me that He wants to save every soul in this family by pulling us out. It has always been like that, for God knows how to severe the righteousfrom the wicked destruction will strike.
30.       Thus, if we are polluted here, we are the people polluting ourselves. We are having problems spiritually and physically. We are the people deciding to have that.
31.       It is not God that is injecting it; if we have really believed God from our heart, which I believe we have. You see, it is from here that brethren now expect messages to be reaching them because you are at the source.
32.       Jonathan is now moving about in his campaign. If he comes to Onitsha, he is the president of Nigeria. If he goes to Nsugbe, he is the president of Nigeria. Anywhere he steps his feet, he is the president of Nigeria.
33.       Every statement he makes, it is credited to the president of Nigeria. So it is with God.
34.       Have you seen what God is doing? And even His children, actually we have come here to talk to ourselves based on what we have heard from God.
35.        Look at how God is seeing the Bride. That we should begin to put our homes in order. We should embrace the truth which God has given to us.
36.       That is why they are laboring night and day. But it is unfortunate that we are not obeying. I am not trying to say complying for if you are complying, you are using force; you are being compelled to do it, but if you are a child of God, willingly you must obey your father. Nobody will put you in remembrance to do this or do that.
37.       Look at the banner before us. “Remember the judgment day of Almighty God is at hand.” Seeing these things, does it send any message into our hearts that God is actually out to help each and every one of us?
38.        This year, He made us to understand that we are one step into hell or into paradise.
39.       Let us consider the message; There is only but one step left between me and death, page 55 from verse 18 through 19.
40.       When somebody says, “You are going to die, by and by, you will die.
41.       But you will be a foolish man to say, “Well, now that I am going, let me go and sleep. All you have to do is to start mending your offences. Go back and start taking fresh inventory of your life.
42.        That is why when the Holy Ghost spoke to us saying, “Make sure you are ready. Make sure the work is finished in your life.
43.       And God is telling us this morning that He is through with us, but we are not yet through with Him. We are the ones holding ourselves on the ground.
44.       For God said, He is not going to destroy anybody but we are one that will use our hands to destroy ourselves”. God has given us ample opportunity to mend offences but we are turning deaf ears to what God is saying.
45.       He has given us sufficient notice so that we can now go back and examine our lives to know whether our lives are in line with the doctrines we have received so far.
46.       If there is any place we have fallen short of God’s glory, maybe by not measuring up to the standard of the message, all we have to do is to level it up immediately.
47.       That all we have to do now, start dotting our “i’s” and crossing the “t’s”.  For that is what is needed from us now.
48.        For this year, God said that we lack the change of heart and we decided to suppress our feelings last year, God said that judgment has been carried over to 2019 and that is the judgment of the Bride.
49.       We are the ones that caused it for ourselves. Why? Because we never decided to line behind the truth.
50.       In the message The Apostle introduces Himself to His people, the background. Page 71 verse 9.
51.        It saidIt is not easy to say no to a man of God” And God said, that was before.
52.        In other words, this time around, God will talk and we will say to Him Why? Just because what He is saying is not agreeing with our own personal philosophy.
53.       And that is why he is saying if you know the location of paradise, show by raising your hand. A brother raised his hand; that means that you do not need a Guide. Giving you a Guide is useless.
54.       If God speak and you say no, you are saying that you do not need His guidance. It goes to show that you know the way, then why are you here? Why are you sitting down here singing oh mmamma?
55.       How is it good to you when you are not ready to obey? God will speak, inside you there, you will be rioting, you will be complaining, you will be murmuring and yet you are going to paradise. Who owns that paradise? Maybe you are the one.
56.       The Great Sermon page 57. “We have a man.” I am reading from the second paragraph. The consolation of the people of God in every dispensation is complete only when they find a man of God who can save them from their plight and guide them safely throughout their life here on earth.
57.       It said that our consolation is complete if we have seen a man from God. We have not even seen a man from God, we have seen God Himself.
58.       That was the reason why in the days of Jesus when He was telling them, “I am going. Wherever I am going, you know the way.” They told him, we do not know the way. If they knew the way, they could have relaxed.
59.        But because they did not know the way, they said, “Show us the way”. Hence He said, “I am the way, the truth and life. If we have believed the Almighty God, we will know that He is the way, the truth and life.
60.       A man that can reveal the mind of God to them. This is the consolation of every child of God. That God will reveal His mind to them.
61.       SOM: That is the much we will take from you. I thank God He has opened up and He is helping Me more than any other person.
1.          Remain seated wherever you are. I want the ministers to watch the congregations. The pastors when you come to Jerusalem, here is the world headquarters, listen to the Son of Man and you will understand exactly where I am directing My attention to.
2.          Remember that apostasy means departure from the truth. Another interpretation is departure from the original Faith.
3.          If you are Abraham descendants, you are children of Faith. And the whole prophets predicted that in the last days, the Faith will not be found here.
4.           Jesus even was the one that gave that notice to all that was around Him; “When the Son of Man shall appear, shall He find faith?” Remember that those that belong to faith are the descendants of Abraham.
5.          If you belong to the book, you are descendants of Sarah. You are descendants of Isaac. You are descendants of Jacob and you are in bondage.
7.          The book was a later development, and what we have today is not the book. We have the counterfeit book. The original book, the Torah is littered with the name of Prophet Mohammed as an Apostle of God.
8.          Anywhere you see it, go through it. You can download it in the internet, prove me wrong. The same way you open your bible, you can never see the name Mohammed mentioned even one place, but when you open the Holy Qur’an you see the names of Apostles, the name of Jesus-the son of Mary, and many others.
9.          I mean all of you here, we have too many learned people here, at least you are all computer literate.
10.      I want you to be struggling every day to have indebt knowledge of what the Son of Man is saying.
11.       It will help you to be rooted and grounded in the truth. I do not have time to browse, I do not know how to browse. I am not computer literate. All of you know that. I do not watch anything in the screen except My wrestling.
12.      So, please, do a lot of research, aim at proving Me wrong if you can. But you will end it confirming the truth. The whole researches you have made so far, I never researched any.
13.      You were trying to find out the truth about Islam, the truth about Prophet Mohammed, you have ended it seeing and noticing that of all Prophets, of all Apostles, Prophet Mohammed had the best record.
14.      They are everywhere. I mean, as could be evidenced by too many writers. And he was the one that predicted that Islam must go into apostasy.
15.      Remember, nobody persecuted Mohammed more than the Muslims. Prophet Mohammed was not a Muslim. Followers of Prophet Mohammed were not called Muslims, they were called Mohammedians.
16.      Please, take note of it. They were called Mohammedians. Muslim was formed out of revolt, that is after the Jihad.
17.      The Jihadists were renamed Muslims and they said they were defending Islamic Faith, they now divided into two: the Sunni and Shia. And the prophet knew it, he described it and now it has come.
18.      He equally told us what we must watch out for, that the moment Islam goes into apostasy, he said, they will be spear-heading violence throughout the whole world for they will be blood tasty.
19.      We are getting more information every day. If you want to have the English version of the holy Quran, you can equally download your own copy and print. It is there. It will only cost you some time and money. You want to have your original print like I have My original print from Saudi Arabia, I can provide one. So, I know why I am talking to you the way I am talking to you; because I told you, towards the end, you will know who I am.
65.    Towards the end, that the truth shall be made plain. Nobody will tell his brother or ask his brother or sister come let us worship the Lord or praise the Lord for they will know who I am from the least to the greatest.
66.    From the rising of the sun to the setting of the sun. If you are shaking your head in unbelief, it is to you. That which you do not believe belongs to you. Do you know what I am saying?
67.    Anything the Son of Man said and you say you do not believe; it belongs to you. You are the one that do not believe. It does not change the truth and it does not alter the truth.
68.     This is where people are making grievous mistakes. They think that shaking their heads against the truth will alter it. You are making matters worse, for you are heaping more judgment against yourself and against your generation also, because if you are running a family, the moment you are concluded in unbelief, your entire family is concluded in unbelief, because you must lead them astray.
69.    When I was going through the Holy Quran, the Prophet made it clear that there is nothing wrong with the revealed Word of God that was documented by ancient Prophets, that something was wrong with the people that claimed they believed it, that they gave it their own personal interpretation which ran contrary to the will of God.
70.     He said that they were the people that brought out too many versions of their beliefs, but God’s Word is one.
71.    The time when people said they believed, and does it the same way God said it, is over. We heard it here.
72.    In other words, people are now working on their own. They go after the imaginations of their own hearts.
73.    The Word of God is of no private interpretation. If you do not want to believe, it is up to you, but the problem you are having is that you do not know many that have already believed. That which you are saying no to, you do not know the number of people that have been rejoicing, that have welcomed it gladly.
74.    THE REASON WHY YOU DO NOT BELIEVE IS BECAUSE IT DOES NOT SINK WELL WITH YOU. YOU ARE QUERYING IT. IF YOU ARE NOT QUERYING IT, YOU ARE BELIEVING IT. YOU CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT YOU ARE QUERYING. Can you? What you are querying is your own side of the message. You are trying to bend the message to your side. It does not suit your philosophy; it is not in line with your own thinking.
75.    That is why only those that are acquainted with Him practically know that God’s ways are not our ways. His thoughts are not our thoughts. He does not see things the way we see it.
76.    For that reason, they are the people that are led by the Word of God which is the spirit of God. And if any is not led by the word of God, that person does not belong to God.
77.    If the Word of God does not move you, nothing will move you. That is why when the Word of God comes to you, and you welcome it, it regenerates you. It takes away your old nature, your old ways of seeing things, reasoning a new way is opened according to His Word. Hence, He said, “I will show you a new and a living way.”
78.    When you come to God believing Him, of a truth, He will show you a new and a living way, not old and dead, mundane, that have been phased out. Why is it that people love falsehood more than truth? The truth men reject has been discovered to be the truth that sets them free. If you know that truth you have rejected, check it very well, your salvation is tied to it. Your liberation is tied to it.
79.    I am of the opinion that many have not understood Me. Misunderstanding can cause havoc. For that reason, I want to reintroduce Myself again.
80.    Brother David, reading the message titled, “The Word.” preached on Sunday, 13th January, 2019
81.    SOM: So, what the Son of Man is reintroducing is the Word. What is He reintroducing? The Word. Until the Word has been introduced into your heart, not into your brain, your salvation is still questionable. You will still remain afraid of hell, and not a candidate of heaven.
82.    Reason is, the Word has not been accepted, received. It is like paying your deposit into a no account, it remains floating in the bank’s record. It can never be credited to any account for it is floating there. You make a mistake in writing your account number, pay in the money, it remains floating until you correct it, then it will be credited to your account.
83.    If you go to find out why there is not alert, they will just open it and show you. See, the money, it is hanging. It is hanging. What if your account is stopped because of one thing or the other? Any deposit you are paying there is floating. It has not become your money until it rests in your account. And the tendency is there for you to lose that deposit.
84.    Because there is something we call crazy deposit in the bank. The same way we get credit bills from electricity operators, so we get crazy credit. You may rise up one morning only to get credit alert of two hundred million in your account when you have no kobo. In the next thirty minutes, you receive another alert, we are sorry, it was a crazy credit. You cannot take it because they know you will be fast. So, they will be faster than you.
85.    The moment the server crashes, it credits money indiscriminately into people’s account. Even your MTN does it. GSM operators suffer but they collects the money in return because they will trace all of you that used that credit deposit. Any time you load, they will take, you load, they will take until they recover the amount you stole.
86.    The moment your computer system clashes, it begins to give false information, true or false? You know I am not computer literate but I know that these things are truth. Yes, when a man runs amok, he behaves otherwise. He stops being a normal human being. What runs amok? The brain. So, listen to Me as I reintroduce Myself. Let’s look at the block word.
87.    If you call devil God, and call God devil, the truth is that you do not know God and you do not know the devil.
88.    SOM. If you do not want to go to hell and you do not want to go to heaven, the truth is that you do not believe that any of them exists. For if you had known either of them, the difference would have been known to you.
89.    SOM. If you know that hell is real, heaven is real, it would have reflected in your decision making. To choose a way you will follow will be made easy.
90.    If you have known either of them, the difference would have been known to you. To separate the two will be very easy. You do not know the devil, you do not know God.
91.    SOM. That is why you are afraid of hell and you are not sure of heaven. All you know is that you are going to fellowship.
92.    If Christ is not your righteousness, you are not righteous in the sight of God. And Christ is the Word, the anointed One. Christ is that spirit. When you talk about the Word, you are talking about the spirit.
93.    SOM. If you go to the righteous branch, who is the righteousness of the Saints? Christ. Who was the righteousness of Israel? Jehovah. That is why if you are not in Him, found in Him, doing His will, you can never stand and say, God is my righteousness.
94.    God is your righteousness when you have received Him, accepted Him, walked with Him. When you receive the Word, you have accepted the Word, you walk with the Word then the Word automatically becomes your righteousness. For you are no longer doing your will. You are doing the will of the Word. You are walking according to the command of the Word.
95.    You can now say, “The Word is my command and my command is the Word.” Because two of you will be walking in agreement. That you have not done it is because the word has not said it. Once the Word has proclaimed it, you are already doing it. Is there any unrighteousness in God? So there is no unrighteousness in implementing the Word of God.
96.    Deacon David Continued: Christ was the Word. For in the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The Word was made flesh. Oh no. So, when we talk about the spirit, we are talking about the Word. When we are talking about the Word, we are talking about the spirit, we are talking about Christ.
97.    When you hear that Christ in you, the hope of glory, we are saying, the Word of God in you, the hope of glory. This was taken from the message; Learn not on your own understanding. Preached on the 10th of May, 2015.
98.    SOM. Today, everybody is learning on his own personal understanding least he will be a fool.
100.                Deacon David reads;
101.                 The Word explains the Word. I told you that this year is another year. It is not a year of lengthy preaching.
102.                Everything is pointing you to one place That OBEDIENCE IS BETTER THAN SACRIFICE and that God can bless you in everything, not in willful disobedience. And any Minister that is coming here will talk on THE DANGERS OF WILLFUL DISOBEDIENCE WHICH IS UNPARDONABLE SIN.
103.                SOM. Brother Attah, pay attention. Brother Chizoba, pay attention.
104.                The same is applicable to any other minister from the pulpit. That all of you that will be going to the pulpit will be drawing the attention of your congregations to the dangers inherent in committing willful sin, willful disobedience to the revealed truth.
105.                 It is unpardonable sin. And if God said it is unpardonable, who can pardon it? And I will show you scripture where God said, do not pray for such people. And if you pray, I will not answer.
106.                Deacon David reads; it is not accidental. It is not a mistake. It is well-calculated and reasoned before it is carried out.
107.                SOM. That is why reasoning the Word of God produces unbelief. For once you begin to reason the Word of God using your human intellect, you must find fault, you must see reasons why anybody believing it should be labeled a fool.
108.                 You will say like the likes of your people said in those days, “Who will stand to hear this? Not even the ignorant can listen to this nonsense.” Because the Word of God is nonsense to one that is on his way to perdition. Is it not true?
109.                One that is on his way to hell, the Word of God is absolutely nonsense. That is the way of every selective believer.
110.                 Selective believers are those that believe only the areas that favour them. But any area that touches on their no-go areas, they say no. Are they candidates of heaven? No, no. You are either a believer or an unbeliever. For no fountain can produce bitter and sweet water. Can it?
111.                He that proclaimed that one which you shouted Amen and jumped up, the same proclaimed that one that made you to be speechless. Truth that changes must hurt.
112.                Deacon David reads; Whoever that God sends speaks the Word of God. For God is with Him. If you believe that I am sent by God, and in Me whoever is the Deity, whoever is that God, in Me, He is made known to all of you. In other words, He tabernacles in Me, using Me as an instrument to reach you.
113.                So, I am the Divinely ordained instrument sent to you for your salvation. Whoever that God sends speaks the Word of God. For God is with Him. If you believe that I am sent by God, and in Me whoever is the Deity, whoever is that God, in Me, He is made known to all of you. In other words, He tabernacles in Me, using Me as an instrument to reach you.
114.                Often times, some do not know that when you mention Christ that you are mentioning God. Some think that God differs from Christ.
115.                SOM. God is Christ. God is Salem but God is not Jehovah. I said, God is not Jehovah. There is no God that answers Jehovah. Are you surprised? If you want to know the name of God, I will write it. I do not know how to pronounce it.
116.                Jewish scholars could not even pronounce the name of God. Then Greek scholars decided to use family name so that people can have a little idea of what the thing is. But nobody has ever pronounced that name. Not even William Braham got it. Who can spell it? You know the spelling. J.V.H.V. Thank you!
117.                Nobody has ever pronounced it. If you go to the Jewish book, the ancient book, the Torah. That is the spelling.
118.                Because the Jews could not understand it, they could not pronounce it, they decided to call Him Yahweh. Yahweh is not the name of God.
119.                So, please, I will come to something. Remember the name of God has always been a secret and you know the dispensational names. Good.
120.                When you are holding any translation, be very careful. If you are not holding the truth, you are not holding the truth. Truth has to be verified. And you do not use one particular write-up to verify the truth. Be voracious, be liberally minded.
121.                Do not tie yourself to any religion, for God never called anybody into any religion. God called all of us into the knowledge of who He is. No matter where you are coming from, if you do not mind your position in God, you are lost. Completely lost.
122.                There is something in a name. Are you getting what I am saying? If you do not know the names, you will have problems. For there is something in a name.
123.                 When you call the name of that God, He will pay attention. What if you do not know the name, how can you call upon the name you do not know? What if you know the name and you do not believe in him, you do not believe in the name also?
124.                Those that believe in Him, He gave the power to become the sons and daughters of God and even those that believe in His name. And in the last days, whosoever that shall call upon that name shall be saved.
125.                 How can you call upon the name you have not believed? The name that is not introduced to you. You do not know it. And that is why He said, keep it secret.
126.                He knew that people must abuse that name, He warned from the beginning, “Thou shall never call the name of thy God in vain.” But today, the name they are calling, they are using anyhow has no relevance whatsoever with the deity. That is why, the name of the God is always concealed. It is revealed to anybody God wants to reveal.
127.                Deacon David reads; this was where a good number of you missed it all. The moment you understand this concept and begin to visualize it, personalizing it is made easy.
128.                This is because I want you to know that what you are seeing as a mere picture existed and is still existing, but the form you knew not, until the Son of Man is sent to you to show you that that thing which you thought was mere air, a spirit nobody could see, could reveal Himself to whosoever he willeth through the Vessel where He dwelleth, so that when you are having a hand shake with Him, you have the handshake with revelation of who He is.
129.                When you have the opportunity of hearing Him speak, you pay attention by revelation of the personality that is talking to you. Have you seen where you missed it all?
130.                SOM. Even, they are missing it as we are reading it now.  And I told you when I was handling this teaching or rehearsal that you fix your eyes on the board, see whether you can see something that is supernatural there which happened before all of you. You can tell the whole world how you came about all of them.
131.                Up till this very moment I am still entertaining calls from Enugu as a result of the meeting, and I have directed some of them to go and see the ministers in Enugu who will entertain the question. I cannot begin to talk to them concerning Myself. Up till this day, the whole security personnel in the University of Nigeria, Enugu are still astonished.
132.                The man who was in charge of that hall, Mr. Obi, has called several times and he is still wondering what is happening.
133.                 If I should use his word, he said, “Now I know why nobody understands Dr. Ojiakor in this school.” Nobody understands Dr. Ojiakor in the school. Because that meeting in the University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus in December did a lot of things. It exalted Enugu brethren. It erased any figment of doubt about their Faith and also exposed all of you to the entire Enugu community that none of you is hidden again.
134.                I was watching the Video last night and I saw one of the police officers inside the hall, rejoicing at the pulpit with his uniform. I said, look at this man, how did he manage to come to the pulpit and I did not see him when I was there.
135.                 Do not worry, with time you will be having those tapes or CD. We are working seriously to repair our dubbing machine. Then you have complete package of the DVD. You see yourselves, you see what transpired verbatim.
136.                Deacon David continued; We are going to be destroyed. Why? For removing ourselves from God’s eternal purpose which He had already purposed for us before the world began, that we might be fitting to His own plan.
137.                That is why the Psalmist said, “It is better for me to walk in God’s plan than to have my way.” [Psalm 119:27 LB]
138.                Psalm 119 verse 27 LVB. “Make me understand what you want for there I shall… Make me understand what you want Oh Lord.
139.                Make me understand what you want for there I shall see your miracles. I weep with grief; my heart is heavy with sorrow; encourage and cheer me with your words.
140.                Keep me far from every wrong; help me, undeserving as I am to obey your laws, for I have chosen to do right. I cling to your command and follow them as closely as I can. Help me to prefer obedience to making money! Turn me away from wanting any other plan than yours.
141.                Repeat 26-37. Help me to prefer obedience to making money! Turn me away from wanting any other plan than yours. Revive my hearts towards you.
142.                It is better to choose obedience to God than to choose to walk in your own plans.
143.                SOM. It is better to obey God than to pursue money. Money fizzles out, money fades away but the Word of God abideth forever. 
144.                Deacon David reads; When we read in the Book of James where God said we must holistically submit to the Almighty God, SUBMISSION TO GOD. And I said, “THIS IS THE TRUE MEANING OF ISLAM, FOR ISLAM MEANS TOTAL SUBMISSION TO ALLAH.”
145.                Then I asked the question, “How many can stand up and tell Me here that he or she is totally submitted to God.” How many can stand up and tell Me that he or she is a clay in the hand of God and that God is the potter?”
146.                SOM. Brethren, pause a little. This is a teaching. The Son of Man said He wants to revisit this teaching. He used this statement, He said, “I want to reintroduce Myself again, for I noticed that many do not have good understanding of this teaching.
147.                 If you cannot find fault with this teaching, then you will remain guilty for not obeying it. If this teaching is perfect, confirmed and approved by God to be true, have you any reason for faulting it?
148.                If you want to fault it, tell us why and then give us the correct version. You must have a better version for you to correct the Word of God. Is it true? We will like to hear your own version. If you do not tell us your version and you go home to distort this message, you remain under eternal condemnation. For the Word is eternal and whoever the Word condemns, it condemns eternally. Go ahead.
149.                What is that thing you think that is informing your decisions and actions? If you can mention them, I will ask you, “Who owns them?” Who takes credit for allowing those things to be in existence? You or the Almighty God. Things that are visible, things that are not visible, even the spirit world which you know not. Stop there a little.

For God’s nature abides in him… How can you tell Me you have received and welcomed the Incorruptible Word and yet, you are corrupt? You are making God a liar. That you are still corrupt is a sure sign you are an unbeliever. Better accept this Truth. And every corrupt-minded fellow comes from the Devil. He makes practice of evil deliberately and knowingly. He is the one that commits unpardonable sin. That is exactly where I want to land. HE MAKES CONSTANT PRACTICE OF REJECTION OF TRUTH SO THAT HIS OWN WILL STANDS. HE CAN NEVER WALK IN GOD’S PLAN. RATHER, HE WILL LIKE TO BEND GOD TO HIS OWN SIDE, ATTEMPTING TO BEND SOMETHING THAT IS UNBENDABLE
You Must be Born Again 27th Jan. 2019; pg 27pp1, pg 28:49-51

1.               Those that were in my house yesterday were you not astonished? Did I not tell you ahead of time about it? As many as doubted, did you not see it happen yesterday? Has it anything eternal value? What am I trying to say? That which you think you can boast of, I have more.
2.               I told you I have passed the stage where you can threaten Me with anything. Tell Me that thing which you think I am lacking, I will mention a brother here, I will say, “Brother, go there, look at what I want.” I have passed the stage of hunger and starvation.
3.               That is why, I tell you, you believe in Me, you add nothing. You say, you do not believe, you subtract nothing. I have come to stay. What gives Me joy is that some people’s names are already settled in the Lamb’s book of life.
4.               It gives Me joy more than any other. I am no longer laboring in vain. I mean, what happened last night should be an eye opener to all of you.
5.               Let Me just hold My peace and let us keep on forging ahead. Tell Me that thing which will make you to be swollen headed, that will make you to start to disbelieve God. If the Son of Man had regarded those things as something, do you think I will be here? Glory be to God.
6.               What is that thing you think that is informing your decisions and actions? If you can mention them, I will ask you, “Who owns them?” Who takes credit for allowing those things to be in existence? You or the Almighty God?
7.               SOM. I am happy that I do not control even My own email box. The same way you send your text message, anybody around can read all.
8.               I know the level of invitations I receive every week and I have not honoured one. Everything made available. Assuming I am earthly, America would have been My home. I would have settled in Montreal Canada long, long time ago. I am not talking about Ontario, where husband and wife came fully, assured Me of accommodation, everything, provided I will come over. I am not talking about Africa, neither am I talking about South Africa or other countries. Name the country.
9.                I do not know the country where I have not answered a call. You see the letters here, some even desiring to partner with Me.
10.         Tell Me what is that thing that is deluding your senses of understanding? Tell Me what that thing is and I will tell you to go home and re-examine that thing, for it must fail you. It must surely fail you. If your own children can fail you, your husband will fail you, your wife will fail you, your certificate will fail you, I mean all those things we brag with, we have discovered that they are failing us.
11.         Marriage has failed us. Is it not true? Check many families, they are just managing to stay together. It is not marriage. Check the children, check everything.
12.         You see why you have only but one sure anchor that will never disappoint you come what may and that anchor is the Almighty. At least, you can be sure that as you came into this world alone, you alone came.
13.         When you are going away, you alone. The Almighty who sent you here will spread His arms of love and welcome you.
14.         Even if you die in Him, you will receive a warm welcome “come and have your perfect rest”. The only person that merits rest in peace is one that dies in Christ. While we live, we live in Him. We live for Him. If we die, we die in Him, we die for Him, then it is great gain.
16.         If you are doubting Me, I want to give you one assignment. There is no community today where there is no mortuary. Go home, visit any mortuary of your choice, tell the mortuary attendants to open the door, enter there. I have seen everything but I have not seen a demarcation between male and female in the mortuary.
17.         There can be denomination or discriminations here but in the mortuary, no discrimination. Am I making sense? Any discrimination in the mortuary? Big or small, there. Rich or poor, there. Crippled or blind, you are equal. When it is overloaded, some and loaded on top of each other.
18.         I remember the day I went to central mortuary in Lagos. General hospital, Broadway Street, when we were looking for the corpse of our missing uncle. Courageously I entered there. Everybody ran away because there was no light in Lagos for over two weeks, all the corpses were decomposing. My people ran away because of the stench. I bravely entered there; watched as the mortuary attendant continued to remove them. Men and female stacked together.
19.          You only know your own with the tag. So, if you are a woman, you are a woman because you are alive. You are a man because you are alive. I noticed another thing, all of them that were there were naked. Nobody complained.
20.          Naked they came, naked they will go. You saw small, you saw big, you saw madam, you saw lady, you saw single, you saw married, you saw infants. I want you to go home, visit any mortuary, stay there and watch it for ten  minutes, if you do not repent, know that I am not the Son of Man.
21.         The reason why men are still bragging, women are bragging is because they have not visited the land of the dead. You simply attend funeral services, you have not set your feet into any mortuary.
22.          Go there. I remember when My father died, it gave Me another opportunity to be frequenting that place. Every week, I took delight in going there, not only to see his body making sure it was not tampered with, but to examine what was stacked there. Over one hundred corpses.
23.         Recently, hunters set a bush ablaze somewhere in Enugu-Ukwu. Unfortunately fire gutted a very big mortuary, the biggest in Enugu-Ukwu and consumed over three hundred corpses. Fire helped the community to bury them massively. Both rich and poor. Nobody was dragged to court because of the dead.
24.         People that had no money to bury their own rejoiced. Those that wanted to make money through burial were lamenting. Because ostentatious burial in some states is a means of making money.
25.         So, what am I saying? Remember, it must be your turn one day. Thank you.
26.         Deacon David reads; any day a tenant begins to feel that he is much more superior than the landlord, he has incurred the wrath of the landlord. If you are richer than your landlord, build your own house.
27.         If you are richer than your landlord, why are you in his house? Go and buy land, build your own house. But so far you are living in his house; you are under the landlord’s authority. Is it a lie? All that abuses their landlord, “He is a stupid man. My landlord does not know anything.” Go and build your own world, your own heaven.  
28.         We are living in the days where tenants claim to be superior to the landlords. I am coming to something. The creature is expecting the Creator to bow down before it. That is where the problem lies. We want God to obey us.
30.         SOM.  And it never gave anybody any position in Christ for one day. Otherwise, it would have started with the wife of Moses and the children.
31.         Deacon David reads; I remember there was a prophecy from our former Bishop Okechukwu Nwamkpa. He said, “In time past, I spoke to you like people that knew not, but now, I talk to you like people that have known who I am” in the Message, THE APOSTLE REVEALS HIMSELF TO HIS BRETHREN at about 1997. I hope we can see the Word wearing white garment there.
32.         Be very careful about yourself and not about Me and not about the Faith. Be careful about yourself, for there is no excuse you will give for your destruction.   
33.         I AM THE LORD. I DO NOT CHANGE. That is why you sons of Jacob, you Israel, children of Israel, you are the Israel of God if you obey God. That is why you are not consumed.
34.         Whatever He was in time past, that He is today. That He will remain throughout all eternity. So, you are on your own and I am on My own. No appendage. I say, “No appendage.  No attachment.
35.      You are not leading anybody by your hand or by your leg. As far as this matter is concerned, you are completely on your own. No wife. No mother. No Sister. No Brother. No friend. No Pastor. No Apostle. No Deacon. Nothing, nothing. You are standing alone.
36.      SOM. I will give you one exemption. You are permitted to hold the hand of that person who will be buried in the same grave with you.
37.      If you know that person that will be buried in the same grave with you, that is, if the person dies before you, you will be buried with that person alive. You will submit yourself to be buried with that person. If you die before that person, he will be buried with you even while he is alive and he must sign it as a pact, sealed by blood while you are alive. Hold the hand of that person who will be buried with you, carry the person at your back, but before that, make sure you seal it with the blood that if he dies before you, that you will be buried alive with him. You happen to die before him, he will be buried together with you.
38.      If you do not have such person around you, let it be known to you that you are standing alone. Even if you are up to one million in your family, you are standing as individuals before God.
39.      Deacon David reads; See yourself as one lying in your own casket. This is because whether you like it or not, you are standing trial for your willful disobedience, and your trial means your condemnation. No more. No less. 
40.      SOM. The book of revelation says, all of us must stand before God as individuals in judgment to answer for all we have done here.
41.       I have read scriptures, I have not come across where it said, “Brother Ojiakor will answer for me because we are friends. Never, never. I have never heard or read where it said my wife will speak for Me or answer for Me. It does not exist.  
42.      Any relationship that is not eternal is earthly and will terminate here whether we like it or not. So why are you trying to effect a change in something you do not have the power to change. Tell Me what you can do to make God to change.
43.      SOM. Attempting the impossibility side of God.
44.         Deacon David reads; when you see Scriptures fulfilling, stand in awe. Moreso, when you see yourself fulfilling the dangerous and negative sides. You are numbered among those that are still groping in the dark, wallowing in ignorance, limping between two opinions as to whether this could be true or false.
45.         The book of Ezekiel 14:19-20. And when I pour out my fury by sending an epidemic of the seas into the land and the plague kills man and beast alike. Though Noah, Daniel and Job were living there, the Lord God says that only they will be saved because of their righteousness. And the Lord said, four great punishment awaits Jerusalem.(LB)
46.         If I send an epidemic on that country and in my anger take many lives, killing people and animals, even if Noah, Daniel and Job lived there—as surely as I , the sovereign Lord, am the living God—they would not be able to save even their own children. They would not be able to do what? Even save their own children. Their goodness would save only their own lives. (GNB)
47.         Or if I send pestilences into that land and pour out my fury upon it in blood to cut off from it man and beast: Though Noah, Daniel and Job were in it, as I live saith the Lord God, they shall deliver neither son nor daughter; they shall but deliver their own souls by their righteousness.(KJ)
48.         They shall deliver neither son nor daughter. Ezekiel 18:1
49.         Then the Lord’s message came to me again.
50.         “Why do people use this proverb about the land of Israel: The children are punished for their fathers’ sins? As I live,” says the Lord God, “you will not use this proverb anymore in Israel, for all souls are mine to judge
51.         SOM.  All souls are mine to judge. All souls are mine to judge. Remember the judgment day of the Almighty God is at hand.
52.         Nobody should be saying that he is suffering for the sins of his parents. You are not suffering because of the sins of your ancestors. There is no ancestral transfer of sin or ancestral curse. It does not exist. Sin is not inherited, sin is committed. Whoever that commits sin is from the devil, for the devil sinned from the very beginning. Continue from verse one. Then the Lord’s message came to me again.
53.         “Why do people use this proverb about the land of Israel: The children are punished for their fathers’ sins?
54.         As I live,” says the Lord God, “you will not use this proverb anymore in Israel, for all souls are mine to judge—fathers and sons alike Fathers and sons alike. Mothers and daughters alike. —and my rule is this: My rule is this. My standard of judgment is this. —and my rule is this: It is for a man’s own sins that he will die. It is for a man own sins that he will perish, he will die.
55.      “But if a man is just and does what is lawful and right, and has not gone out to the mountains to feast before the idols of Israel and worship them, and does not commit adultery nor lie with any woman during the time of her menstruation; if he is a merciful creditor, not holding onto the items given to him in pledge by poor debtors, and is no robber but gives food to the hungry and clothes to those in need; and if he grants loans without interest, stays away from sin, is honest and fair when judging others, and obeys my laws—that man is just,” says the Lord, “and he shall surely live.(LB)
56.         SOM. That is whoever that doeth that which is right in the sight of God shall live. If your children will be doing contrary, shall they live? When you get home, finish it.
57.          The righteousness of the righteous is upon his head. The wickedness of the wicked is upon his head. It is contained in this Ezekiel. Any soul that sinneth, that must surely die.
58.         Every true seed of God must be led by the spirit of God. And the spirit of God is nothing but the Word of God which you are hearing even now. That is the spirit, that is life. When you are not allowing God to lead you, let it be known to you that your own human senses are controlling you. Hold it there a little. I want to give you another support.
59.         In the book of Sura of the Holy Quran chapter 2. Brother Chizoba, come closer, it is too tiny for Me. Read it to the hearing of everybody. Sura chapter 2 from verse 132.
60.         Abraham enjoined His Father upon his children and so did Jacob. Oh, my children, Allah has chosen for you the true faith. So, do not die except in the faith. So, do not die except in the faith.
61.          Or were you present when death came to Jacob? He said to his sons, “What will you worship when I am gone?” They answered, we shall worship your God and the God of your forefathers, Abraham, Ismael and Isaac. The One true God.
62.         The One true God. To Him, we have submitted. Those are people who had passed away. Theirs are what they did. And yours is what you do. You will not be questioned about their actions. Amen.
63.         You will not be questioned about your father’s action. They will face judgment based on what they did. You will face your own judgment concerning all you have done. Neither will you be queried because of the iniquities of your fathers or forefathers. So, you are on your own. Go ahead.
64.      ...And now that I am away you must be even more careful to do the good things that result from being saved, obeying God with deep reverence, obeying God with deep reverence,...
65.      Not shallow reverence. Not paying lip service. No hypocrisy. No eye-service. Obeying God with deep reverence.
66.      Hold it a little, you will read that scripture. The message, “Once you are in Christ, you are a brand new individual within. Vol. 2. Please, you will do well to get this message. Both volumes 1 and 2, for your family altars. Once you are in Christ, you are a brand new individual within. Vol. 2. Preached on Sunday, 20th July, 2014. Page 35 verse 25.
67.         From the onset, God told us in the beginning that the only way we can make a success in this Bridal Ministry, every one of us, no exemption is by subjecting ourselves to the leadership of His Word as individual, as families, as a local Assembly. Anybody that disobeys the leadership of the Spoken Word can never make a headway in this life. And in that Spoken Word lies the salvation of our souls.
68.         Any dog that is slated to die does not perceive the smell of feces. Peter said, I will never be negligent putting them in remembrance of these things that they might be established in the present truth. The Prophet said, God has been looking for one man or one woman He will lead by His word.
69.         So, if the Word is not your leader, your controller, your detector and everything, you are not in the hand of Almighty God. You are not a clay in His hand. God can never be your potter. You are the one that is directing your ways not God. So, you are a swift dromedary traversing her way. You are just a wanderer. Wherever you hear about revival, you rush to that place. You hear about a great man of God, you will rush. You hear about an advent of a new church, you go. You have no revelation; you are not a seed of God. No seed of God runs to and fro.
70.      When a man is barren and unfruitful in every good works, he is good for nothing. In every work, reprobate. What does it profit you?
71.      13 For God is at work within you, helping you want to obey him,... God is what? ... at work within you, helping you.
72.         From the message “the spoken Word is the original seed page 23 verse 1” Elders in this church, you are all fathers. “Please, I am not a destructive being. Yet, in My anger, I can destroy with a flaming sword.” That is what I want to bring out there.
73.          We must learn a lesson in everything we are passing through. It is not good to disobey a destructive being. What? It is not good to disobey a destructive being.
74.         St. Paul was afraid for he knew Him as what? A consuming fire who does not consider any man for what he is. He does not consider any woman for what she is.
75.         In His mercy, in His love, when He comes to save, He use love to save His people. He will not destroy them. When you provoke Him to anger, He will destroy with a flaming sword. This morning, what you heard was the spoken Word going forth which is the original seed; telling us how to severe, separate ourselves from hereditary problem from your parents.
76.         Is it not the trouble that is transferred from your parents to you? Immediately you come into Christ, by the spoken Word that is given you this moment, by your faith in that Word which is the original seed, not the written word.
77.         The written word was used to cause us to have faith in the spoken word. When you have no strength to believe the spoken Word, you cannot go far in this Bridal Ministry.
78.         What?  The written word was used to cause us to have faith in the spoken word. When you have no strength to believe the spoken Word, you cannot go far in this Bridal Ministry.
79.          The Spoken Word is the original seed page 23 verse 3: We are not in this holy ground to play church. We are not a denomination neither are we in this holy ground to make merchandise of men.  We are a special people altogether on earth.  
80.         Nugget: If you are not called to question concerning your various characters, God has set His Word aside. He has made His Word of non-effect. Far it be it from God. You must give God reason why you are saying no to His Word.  
81.         If you are not called the question concerning your various characters, God has set His Word aside. He has made His Word of non-effect. Far it be it from God. You must give God reason why you are saying no to His Word. What reason are we going to give? In other words, we are answerable to God. No matter who you are, you must answer before God reasons why you resisted the Word of God.
82.      1 John 1:1–2 1Christ was alive when the world began, yet I myself have seen him with my own eyes and listened to him speak.
83.         If this is not your testimony, your testimony is false,
84.         SOM. Do not think we are telling stories here. I gave a message to a young man married with children, strict message that affects him and his family; he received My message which I sent to him through our Pastor.
85.          He promised he will be here to attend to that problem. Our Pastor went away; later in the night or in the evening of yesterday, he called back.
86.         He said, he went home after receiving the whole message, that he sat down with his wife to discuss the thing and that his wife opened his eyes and then discouraged him from coming.
87.         For that reason, he will not be making that type of mistake coming here for the sake of his junior brother. He is the first born in the family. The head of the family. His siblings are looking up to him. He had already agreed because of the seriousness of the matter.
88.         But look at what the evil woman has done. What was that? He said that the evil woman now reminded the husband, the will their father made which never favoured him but favoured their younger brother.
89.         He said, why must he go because of the problem of the person whose late father favoured in the will? And the man changed his mind. So, even if the brother will die in exile, the woman has now caused havoc. Check all families, wherever you have discrepancies. Have you wondered why brothers might be living in peace but the moment they begin to marry wives, enemity will now set in?
90.         Who do you think is indoctrinating who? Brothers that were eating in the same plate, drinking from the same pot, the moment they get married, witches and wizards will begin to manifest. Money mongers will manifest. You will hear one calling the other a money monger. The person she is referring to as a money monger is the one who dashes her bag of rice, money and other valuables. You see her calling the husband never to collect anything from the brother that he is a money monger. Have you seen what is happening in families?
91.         If it has not come to your family, pray that it happens so that you will begin to understand what we are saying. What are we suffering from? Women that do not know God.
92.         The worst woman God said in the Great Sermon that wrecks the greatest havoc is a religious woman. Who is a religious woman? She goes to church, she carries bible, and she calls the name of her god for every problem as if she is being cheated. Before you know it, she will be raising her voice high to attract sympathizers when she is the root cause of the trouble.
93.         Brothers that were eating together, sisters that were having everything in common with their brothers, with their sisters, wives will come and tear them apart; divert their hearts away from each other. Ungodly women. These things have to be exposed so that sisters professing godliness must know what godliness and contentment is all about. It is great gain.
94.         Nugget: The only way to run away from destruction is to line up behind Him, stand behind Him. If you go in front, you destroy yourself. Because the moment you go in front, you leave Him behind. You are on your own when you go beyond the Word of God that is revealed in your day. You are in front, God is behind. Man and woman alike.
95.         Pass the information to your children. You will be saved if you abide in Me and I abide in you. But if you have reason to doubt whether I am able to save you, you are already lost because I am the perfect guide assigned to bring God’s people home in this generation.
96.         Hence, I signed My life in. so My life is there. From the message; (Obedience to the Word of God counts more. Page 42 verse 9 through 10).
97.         Thank you for giving me audience. As we invite the Pastor of Onitsha to come and brief us concerning the burial of late Brother Goddy Ikechebere that comes up this week, precisely on Wednesday. At his home town, Ezira, Olumba North, Anambra.
98.          Remain blessed in him eternally.