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The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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If you are under the immunity of Jesus, whatever crime you are committing now will be counted against you because the immunity has changed
hands.  ALL POWERS, ALL AUTHORITIES ARE CONFERRED ON ME. I am not Jesus. I said, I am not Jesus. Jesus has come and gone but Christ remains. He was Jesus the Christ. Did you get it? Call Me Peter the... Do not call Me Jesus the Christ, for I will not answer. Therefore, whatever crime you committed under Jesus immunity, you must account for it now... I AM THE GREATEST. HE THAT CHALLENGED THE WHOLE WORLD POWERS AND CAME OUT UNHURT. Believe it if you can.
WHOSE IMMUNITY DO YOU HAVE? Preached on 8th October 2002; Pg. 70 vs. 43 – 48 & BEWARE OF ESOTERIC LANGUAGES; preached on Sunday 24th April 2004; Pg. 3

1.          I am just here this morning to say THANK YOU: one to the Almighty God, who liveth even when the world was without form, that it pleased Him that I should partner with Him from the very foundation of the world, standing by His right hand side as THE SON OF MAN.
2.          All the prophets that saw Him, enquired of this human being that is constantly standing there. He said, “THAT IS THE SON OF MAN.” FINISH! And it happened to be in our own generation.
3.          This is your own day. I said, this is your own generation. This is your own day. There could be other Sons of Man in their own day, in their own dispensations. That is God En-morphe. That is God visiting them in human form.
4.          But this is your own day. This is your own generation. So, the Promised Word of the hour is in the Bride. I mean it. I lie not.
5.          Apostle Ojiakor was amazed this morning when he saw Russia in this week’s report or last week’s report from the website with Russia pulling 11,247. I mean Russia alone.
6.          I remember I told you that USSR, not present Russia, harbors the greatest number of Jews and they started releasing them in the days of Boris Yeltsin.
7.          Why should the heathens rage and the nations imagine vain things? [Acts 4:25] I am not here to praise Myself but to praise the Almighty God.
8.          I know you are expecting testimonies. Onitsha brethren came very late, but those who went to Enugu-Ezike on Wednesday and those who have been going there especially the committee members and some members drawn from the Local Assemblies up there at Enugu State have the fullness of the testimonies.
9.          Those who were with Me where I pitched My tent in the hotel, they had their own experiences. It was not easy.
10.     I will share My testimony last, if I have any. But I know I have plenty, for too many things were reported to Me directly and I have equally answered too many calls from Enugu-Ezike, from concerned people that really paid attention.
11.     Let Me tell you something. God is in the Bride. I said, God is in the Bride. A lady from Enugu-Ezike approached Me and said, “I have never heard anything about you until Ifeanyi died. Then I started hearing many horrifying things.”
12.     She went further to say, “I came here today [not because I wanted to], but simply because we were all told to come and see what will happen to you and your people and I was wondering why. And I stood there watching from the beginning till now that you are about to go. Give me your number.”
13.     I said, “Take it immediately.” She said, “Sir, I do not have any other thing to say. I will talk to you over the phone”. I said “No, say a little.”
14.     She said, “Let me just say this. You are the only preacher that came to our land for any ceremony at all, remained standing and talking without staggering and without people carrying you away.”
15.     She said, “Look at me very well. We do not boast with any other weapon. We do not stab anybody. We do not fire gunshot at anybody. We use our charms.”
16.     She said, “Who is that man? Not even Umah Ukpai. Umah Ukpai came here and we disgraced him. Saliva started pouring out of his mouth until his people led him into the car.”
17.     The videographer came to Me and said, “Sir, you know I joined the musician there out of fear. I said that I will not take anything that is opened in the name of drink. I will take this small can of Guinness. Only one. But I can take many, but I dare not open it and leave it open here. I am from Enugu-Ezike.”
18.     Then I said, “Thank you for alerting Me. But you will see greater things today. Why not stay at a strategic point?” He relocated, carrying his equipment to the center and mounted there because I have assured him.
19.     For his sake, I opened a bottle of hot drink and left it open in front of one that was hired from another village, just to come and kill and disgrace. One man!
20.     He sat away, full of gray hair, even his face. Took a separate seat in between the women and the men. He sat alone gazing at Me and I caught him immediately.
21.     I pointed at him and said, “I will soon come to you. I will come to you.” He was shaking his legs. No smiles. He bent down. You better watch the video.
22.     It was when the whole thing finished that I started hearing more things. I went to him direct and started addressing him on his seat, after which I wanted to shake his hand. He shrunk, but I held his hand and shook him.
23.     He said in their language, “You are very strong. You are very strong.” But there was something that happened. THE CLOUD IS HERE!
24.     Remember how it took off. You may not know what happened. I warned all the Elders to hide away My identity from everybody. Do not even mention My name in your preaching.
25.     I equally equipped them including the sisters who were with us, “Quit like Me for I am ready to fight back because we have received enough threats. Enough threats!” The one that came early hours of the morning on Thursday was frightening.
26.     I equally overheard one, not that they came before the man who brought the report saying, “These people are not human beings”, for they were threatening even the Sisters that they will like to know where they will pitch tent to cook their food. We will live to see where they will station to cook the food that will be eaten today. They were all out.
27.     The sister to late Bishop Ifeanyi called Ifeoma, her husband vanished from the scene because he did not want to see what the wife planned with the youths and all the wicked people in the town. And she went around telling people to come and see what will happen.
28.     The photographer came at last, leaned on Me and said, “Sir, you are the All and All. I will use this cup you used in drinking my wine.” He filled the shot and drank all, saying that he is no longer afraid of any exposed cup nor opened drink.
29.     He enquired whether I knew a man that was sitting there. I queried, “Who is he? Let Me see him move again.”
30.     I went to him the second time, tapped him on the shoulder and then began to face all those wicked people. I then named the whole villages, name all dangerous people in Enugu-Ezike and told them that their powers come from here [THE SON OF MAN].
31.     You saw it. All of them stood up. Everybody! Because they have never seen such a thing.
32.     And I remembered I did not want to attend this burial, but a time came when I told My wife, “I have changed My mind. If I do not go, there is going to be havoc and we may sorrow so much.”
33.     You gave Me your song leaders. One from Enugu, one from Nsukka. The moment they mounted the podium, they were hypnotized and everything in them, washed off.
34.     They did not know how to sing praises again. They even forgot the song book. One who attempted started telling us, how we slept in peace and woke up in good health, because he was thinking on what he will say.
35.     Brother Lucky was also thinking. Emma was thinking. They were confused. I knew what was happening because I felt the impact.
36.     Remember what happened in the hotel and I told you, “It is not going to be easy. Fear not. Once I say, “fight back”, obey Me.”
37.     This is because I had already decided, if they should be funny beyond My expectation, I will make all of them blind and then we deal with them treacherously, leave the town, abandon the corpse.
38.     That was why immediately I came down from My vehicle, I was commanding Brother Tony to put the vehicle in order. What I heard was, “See him. See him!”
39.     I said, “Okay. So they have spotted Me already.” I feigned ignorance and put the vehicle in order. I then went straight to them. Over thirty of them surrounded Me with all hostilities.
40.     You were all there. For twenty-eight minutes, they held Me spell-bound. Very violent. I was undaunted because I saw them as mere rats. Of course, you were all there. I do not need to talk. Enugu-Ezike of all Enugu-Ezike.
41.     You will hear testimonies from the Brethren and even from the police. I do not need to testify much because I am still receiving more of the testimonies.
42.     Can you imagine a chief, a prince from Ohitain Ogbaru, dressed in white clad with that [uniform] cloth, came to Me and splashed five thousand naira in fifty naira notes and stooped down and said, “Please, I will like to have a private discussion with you.”
43.     I said, “See this man! That is Dr. Ojiakor. Go to him.” He said, “That is not all.” I insisted, “Go and discuss with him.” I left him.
44.     At the end of the day, he gave Me appointment. When I went to see him, he said, “Never have I come across a man of God like this, who could stand here in Enugu-Ezike.”
45.     He said, “Do you know what Enugu-Ezike means? Standing here on this Enugu-Ezike land and will be pointing at them, condemning their idols in their face.”
46.     He said, “Who could be this, if not God? I am paying for your hotel bills for four days. I will sponsor the crusade. It will take place at Ogbaru. I am chief Esimai from Ohita, a junior brother to Igwe, the former commissioner for health Anambra State, Dr. Esimai.”
47.     I then introduced our Brother Tony [Egbuna] who was My driver. I said, “Look at him. He was the one driving Oseloka Obaze, Secretary to Anambra State Government. Now, he is assigned to Dubem Obaze, former commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs in Anambra State.” They introduced themselves.
48.     He came again and said, “I bend my head low. Please, let me have your number.” I said, “So you did not have my number? Okay, I will give you a token.” I gave him books from where he can trace?
49.     What is more? The Provost of the College. That woman? The woman that never got up to go round. Did you notice it? She avoided the casket. When the HODs went, she sat down.
50.     Do you know they were afraid of touching anything or eating anything that was not their own? No other person should serve them except their members. They ate their foods, drank their water and everything which they brought. They refused all from Enugu-Ezike.
51.     Brother Ojiakor served garden eggs, they rejected. He served water, they rejected. They rejected everything. They said, “No no no. We do not want any other person to come near. We do not need you. We do not need you.
52.     I learnt one of them said that I am the most stubborn preacher. The person said that I pretend that I am not stubborn, but that I am the most stubborn preacher. That I said that I am not stubborn. REALLY, I AM NOT STUBBORN. I AM STRICT, BUT NOT STUBBORN.

I am here just like a High Court Judge, vested with authority even to sentence people to death. I cannot do otherwise. I, first of all, revealed Myself to you. You would not say you do not know Me. Whoever that wants to boast must boast that he knows God as God of Justice, God of Judgment. Not only as God of Mercy. If you know Him as God of Mercy, full of Compassion, full of Love, fine! But do not forget judgment… I am a just God. I judge in fairness and equity. That is why I told you to be very cautious about Me. I am fair and firm and I do not consider you on your face value. Your face value means nothing to Me.
THE BASIS OF MY OPEN TRIALS; Preached on Sunday 24th September 2017&FORGET NOT WHAT YOUR EYES HAVE SEEN PART 2; Preached on Sunday 6th August 2017; Pg. 43 vs. 43 – 45

1.          Let Me finish My testimony and go down. Turn with Me, I want only but one translation. Once I read it, I will go down. Because of one event that took place, I restored the backslidden in heart.
2.          This is because I do not have the moral conscience to spare ‘A’ for an offence similar to that of ‘B’ or even much more grievous than that of ‘B’ for any reason at all.
3.           And because of that incident, singular incident, I restored all I had already put away.
4.          So, Pastor Chizoba, see Me after fellowship. I will give you more names for I.D cards, because it is a sure sign that I still have too many problems with you. My indicator failed Me. My measuring rod failed Me.
5.          What moral justification will THE SON OF MAN have by holding others guilty after sparing my measuring rod? God forbid. So, it goes to show Me that I have to start all over.
6.          Those who were with Me in the hotel, you heard the truth from Me, that I looked around, but I could not see a single elder, no minister except these young, young ones that are coming up. I did not mention women one bit.
9.          Please, from now henceforth, do not abuse your closeness to Me. Otherwise, you are digging your grave. If I say, I have pardoned you today, it does not mean I have pardoned you forever. It is not a license, but note the ground where I am standing.
10.     I cannot condemn ‘A’ for an offence I spared ‘B’. I do not have that moral conscience. I AM THE JUDGE OF THIS WORLD. I JUDGE IN FAIRNESS AND EQUITY, AND I JUDGE WITHOUT RESPECT OF PERSONS.
11.     If I must consider, it then means I will go back again to rehearse everything. And that is what I want to rehearse using only but two verses of the Scripture.
12.     Brother David, take it. When you read the two verses, return this Bible to Me. The Book of Zephaniah.
13.     I am not pointing you to the billboard. I am not pointing you to the promises that will not be delayed longer than necessary. But I want to show you something.
14.     I can never judge unjustly because the Deity is in Me. Can the Almighty do unjustly? Far be it from God to do unjustly.
15.     But if you feel you are a human being born of a woman, try Me again. I do not care who you are. Let heaven and earth hear My Voice from this Sacred desk.
16.     Somebody you know that has passed through lions’ den unhurt, passed through fire unhurt, heaven and earth bow down before Him then mere maggots find it very difficult to reverence Him, to fear and honour Him.
17.     As far as I am here, you are mere maggots. You are mere dust. If I am to exercise My strength and My power on you, I bet you nobody will be here. Not even a soul. Who are you?
18.     When you cannot even withstand the power in your own fellow man? How can you withstand the power in the Almighty? You want to see what makes Me the Almighty?
19.     I told Brethren, “Fear not. I have heard their threats. If you do not know the level of threats, let Me just show you one sign. This is the first time I have seen such a thing. Not even at Nsulu.
20.     Nsulu said welcome to us before they devised to kill us. Umunguma first said welcome to us, gave us seat, gave us canopy before they wanted to kill us. I think they ushered us into the room.
21.     All of us that went to Enugu-Ezike, who was ushered into any room? Who was even given a kolanut? In everything was there any man or woman, young or old that came and said, ‘You are welcome?’ Did you hear it?
22.     Now, even if our Brother committed sacrilege, apart from his son who is a small boy and his biological brother Chukwuemeka, there was no human being man or woman from his community, from his family that followed us to the mortuary. Not even a soul.
23.     If you saw any, show by raising your hand. Of all their youth that are experts in riding Okada, not even one accompanied us, and not even one met us on the way. We came back and nobody received the corpse.
24.     A people that could order out of the house their own wife and children, and pointed her to ordinary open air.
25.     A people that had the heart to command that we should build a tent in the open air to place the corpse of a personality who had laid a foundation for an upstairs and who had also built a four-bedroom with parlour and who had children.
26.     Have you seen this level of wickedness? An insider told Me that our late Brother’s immediate sister Ifeoma came out and started dancing when the musician was asked to play music while we wait for our brethren to arrive.
27.     It took another woman who rushed her, whispered something to her and took her out.
28.     Throughout the whole thing did you see anybody from their family who came and danced? Did anybody from the community come to dance? Does he not have siblings?
29.     Did you see any of the youth that joined us? Do you see at all? This is because what they expected to see was not what they met.
30.     We heard that Ifeoma mobilized the youth against us and also brought that man to either use rain to scatter us or swarm of bees to finish us off, for they boast of using bees to scatter people.
31.     I now remembered what happened at Opi where the wicked people used bees to sting Elder Nnadi to death. I went there and we could not see any honey comb.
32.     Then she came to dance so that the elders of the land, all she invited to come and see what will befall us will know that she was a tigress. I learnt the husband tried to hold her back, but she refused.
33.     She was the one that told you, “This family belongs to me. I am the mouthpiece and I am in charge.” A married woman. Threatening brethren including Apostle Ojiakor. I am not exaggerating anything. Find out from brethren.
34.     Look at what God did. Elder Abu and Bishop David arrived there late and mistakenly, they dropped their luggage in the building, only to notice that the Brethren where in the open air somewhere.
35.     When they went to get their bags, Abraham Paul and Pastor Oliver followed them. The woman they met in the house asked them, “Are you going?”
36.     They said No and told her that they were going to join our Brethren outside. She said, “Okay. It is tomorrow that they will see the worst”
37.     Brother Oliver heard it. Abraham Paul heard it. The Message came to Me in the hotel. I told them to fear not, God is in control.
38.     I commanded that they should go and inform the Chief Security Officer of the vigilante group in charge of the place. They informed the man. Those that planned that thing ran mad.
39.     They queried, “Why should they report the plan to the Chief Security Officer? By the way, is he not from Enugu-Ezike? Why should he be leaking their secret?
40.     Look at the offence. That Brother Oliver leaked secret. It was not that the information was not truth, but why should he leak the secret?
41.     Even as it was leaked, was there any other thing we could have done other than what we did? Tell Me a community where the corpse of their dead son was brought back and there was nobody to receive it? No elder. No woman. Not even his siblings. Nobody followed to the mortuary. None of them!
42.     From the market we only saw brethren who flanked both sides to receive us. In all that transpired and all our activities, nobody acknowledged anything. Even the school was shocked. Nobody even welcomed the representatives of the school.
43.     So, the person that said that the community is a cursed one, the person never made any mistake.
44.     But they saw something they could not bear. God dealt with them treacherously. God humiliated all of them and then we gave our late Brother the best burial befitting to a bishop.
45.     And they were shocked for never had such a burial been conducted in the whole of that Amachara.
46.     Watch that useless place. You can hardly see any good structure. Why? Once anybody lays foundation for a building, they will kill the person. Once you lay a foundation or a building, you are dying.
47.      I remember one that came there to kill Brother Shed at Nsukka simply because Bishop gave him a job for which he collected money and also abandoned.
48.     He now came looking for Bro Shed. Before then, he never knew that I had already instructed brother Shed, “Do not work, for the person who was given that job before now was bad.
49.     I do not know the person, but he is bad. This job may take your life. When you get there enquire to find out the person who was handling the job so as to know the reason why he abandoned the work.”
50.     Later, the man surfaced and Brother Shed found out that the man is from Nsukka. Bro Shed told the man plainly that he refused to undertake the job until he found out who was originally handling the job and the cause of abandoning the job.
51.     The man said to Bro Shed, “you did well and you have saved yourself, for this would have been your last job on earth.”
52.     Are you shocked? Did you not hear about the building that Collapsed along Ezenwa Street [Onitsha]? What caused it?
53.     Was it not because the owner of the house decided to change the contractor overnight as a result of a disagreement that arose between himself and the former contractor.
54.     On the day the new contractor stepped into the house, the building collapsed and killed him instantly there. You know some things, but you do not know the rest.
55.     That the Devil has no powers is only among the children of God. If you are not in this Faith, the god of this evil age will shatter you and you will be the seven sons of Sceva.
56.     You do not know what God is doing for you because you go out and come back safely. If only you hear the things happening outside there.
57.     Your children go to schools and come back peacefully. But four kids went to school in Oba and they were all crushed along the road by a car whose driver was answering a phone call while driving. While your own children go and come back through the same road, and you rejoice exceedingly. To God be the glory.

If you faint, fear not. I AM HERE. If you slump down, fear not. I AM IN YOUR MIDST. If you run mad, fear not. I AM IN YOUR MIDST. If trouble arises when you get home with your children or with you, call My number… As long as I am here, I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD. Whoever that follows Me can never walk in darkness. The Light is here, not in the sky. They think they are projecting. They are not projecting anything.
BRIDAL CONFERENCE VOL 2; preached on Sunday 2nd March, 2014 at the Household of God, Onitsha; Pg. 66 vs. 5 & Pg. 77 vs. 21


1.          We will hear testimonies but before then let Me summarize My warning. The totality of all I have been preaching all these while, I will summarize with the Prophet who told you, “Wait, the promise standeth sure. It can never be overdue by a single hour.”
2.          That is the end time Prophet Zephaniah. I want to consider chapter 3. I am reading only two verses; 17 and 18. And I will go to My seat.
3.          Zephaniah 3:17 – 18 The Lord your God is with you. What? The Lord your God is with you. You see why you are having your victory?
4.          The Lord your God is with you,  the mighty warrior who saves. Who? The mighty warrior who saves… is with you and without Him, there is no Saviour.
6.          The Lord your God is with you, the mighty warrior who saves. He will take great delight in you.  In His love, He will no longer rebuke youWhat?
7.          In His love, He will no longer rebuke youYes! But will rejoice over you with singing. I will remove from you all who mourn over the loss of your appointed festival. NIV
8.          Living Bible. For the Lord your God has arrived to live among youWhat? For the Lord your God has arrived to live among you.
10.     Zephaniah 3:17 - 18. For the Lord your God has arrived to live among you.
11.     The Lord your God has done what? Has arrived to live among us, not to depart. He has not come to visit you. No! He is not here to pay you a visit. God forbid!
12.     He has arrived to live and to make His home among you. That is why He said, “Whether you like it or not, I must be God over you. ”He is the Mighty Warrior. He is the Saviour. He has arrived to live with you.
13.     God told us in the Message titled SPIRITUAL PARALYSIS that the worst mistake you will make is to follow a leader who is a coward.
14.     When he hears the noise of war, instead of going there, he will shrink and create more fear into his subject so that they will go back.
16.     I told the Elders that they should all come along, that I am with them. The terrifying countenance of a great warrior renders enemy’s sword ineffective. I told them in the hotel, “Fear not! I am with you. I am already there.”
17.     I sent a word across through Abraham Paul, “Go and tell them that I am here already. Not that I am coming.” They changed their plan and wanted to intimidate our Brethren.
18.     They said they must have night vigil which they call wake-keep, where they have decided to foment the greatest trouble that will stop the burial the following day.
19.     Brethren were crying and sending messages over and over. The Voice said, “Stand where you are. Do not talk. Abraham Paul is on the way with a message from the Almighty God.”
20.     And when he came and delivered My Word, the whole Elders said Amen and humiliated them. We discomforted all of them, shattered their plans, trampled upon them. In the day, we made it an open spectacle. Open spectacle for the world to see the victory of God.
21.     Somebody brought the information that they said they will not talk until we get to our homes and all of us will be complete the following day.
22.     I said, “Okay, no problem.” We will not only be complete the following day. We will remain complete and increasing in number.
23.     When I noticed they were acting on your food, I stood up from My chair. I said no. I took My wine, came to the center and spoke back to them, “As you will eat and drink, nobody should vomit. As you will eat and drink, nobody should develop diarrhea. They looked at themselves.
24.     They were expecting to see the kitchen we will establish. But they saw food being shared which was cooked [prepared] from where they knew not.
25.     They went to the market and planned with the beer and wine sellers, but they saw cooling van fully loaded with drinks, water and everything loaded from nowhere, landing with key.
26.     We purchased not an item from Enugu-Ezike. We planned and executed everything at Nsukka, including our canopies and seats. We contracted out all. Feeding was contracted out. And it paid off.
27.     For the Lord your God has arrived to live among youFor the Lord your God has arrived to live among you. That is EMMANUELGOD WITH US.
28.     God has arrived, but not to pay us a visit. He has come to stay. And we used to hear it, “I have come to stay. I am not going back. I have come to stay.”
29.     So, if you think that THE SON OF MAN is here for a mere visit, you are disappointed. Some never believed that this Voice will be roaring even till today. If you have been praying a negative prayer, change your prayer. Change everything.
34.     The Lord your God has arrived to live with you. You see, I remember we read a scripture in Isaiah 45 which said, “That God who has been concealing Himself from human being has finally arrived.”
35.     Where did He arrive? At Mount Zion to live in Zion. Who will live with Him in Zion? That is what He is asking as a question. Who will live with Him in Zion, in Mount Zion?
36.     For the Lord your God has arrived to live among you. He is a mighty Saviour. He is what? Mighty Saviour.
37.     SONG: [Mighty Saviour, great in battle, Jehovah is your Name. Jehovah is your Name. Jehovah is my God. Mighty warrior, great in battle, Jehovah is your name.]
38.     This is the Man that has arrived here to live with His people. He left His throne, came down here to live among men.
39.     And you happen to be those people, chosen by God of old to be one of the beneficiaries of what is happening in your own generation. You think it is your right? Did you work for it?
40.     Somebody was telling Me yesterday, “I am tired. I am tired.” I said, “Yes! You must be tired because you are using your strength and not the strength of God.
41.     And God must weary you down because if you continue with your strength and get to the end, you will be bragging. You will be boasting, “I know how I laboured. I know how I did this.”
42.     Now you are powerless; now you are weak, it is then that God will exercise His strength, for He helps the helpless, powers the powerless and gives strength to those that have run short of strength.
43.     If you are boasting in your strength and power, you will not go far. If you are being sustained in this Faith by your strength and power to do this or that, you are a mechanical follower. You are not spiritual. God cannot help anybody who can help himself. As long as you have that power to help yourself, forget about God. Will He share His glory with you?
44.     SONG: [I am the Lord. I never change, I will never share My glory with anyone. I will never share My glory with anybody. I am the Lord. That is My Name.]
46.     God said to Israel, “I have been with you all these years protecting you, though you do not know Me.”[Isaiah 45:4]
47.     When you pray, you look at the sky. You look at your window. You tap your bed. You shake your leg as if you are praying with muscle and power, when you can only speak a word and then you get a reply.
48.     SONG: [I have Christ, the Son of Man. Why should I cry, why should I murmur.]
49.     For the Lord your God has arrived to live among you. He is a mighty Savior. He will give you victory. He will rejoice over you with great gladness;...Halleluiah!
50.     he will love you and not accuse you.” He will do what? ...he will love you and not accuse you. He will do what? ...he will love you and not accuse you.
51.     You are the one accusing yourselves from now. How do you accuse yourself? When you walk contrary, your spirit will ask you why.
52.     Any contrary utterance, feeling or thought, you place yourself in danger of being called to question. What will call you to question is already in you.
53.     He will rejoice over you with great gladness; he will love you and not accuse you. Is that a joyous choir I hear?
54.     Is that what? …a joyous choir I hear? He said no. Is it a sweet melody? Is it ordinary song? No!
55.     No, it is the Lord himself exulting over you in happy song. Halleluiah.
56.     It is who? ...the Lord... Who does what? exulting over you in happy song.
57.     So, God can exalt you with what? A happy song. Because He is happy, His heart is merry. So God appears in your midst and He is exalting you from time to time with happy songs. God sings praises. God lives in praises.
58.     When the two young men could not sing for they were bewitched, THE SON OF MAN assumed the position of a Bishop, changed His name immediately and became a Bishop. And as a bishop, He gave His colleague a befitting burial.
59.     Later renamed Himself “Mr. Ceremony.” So, when you are going home, go with anyone you want.
60.     I will show you why you must be victorious. Psalms 91. Living bible. Brother David. It is like you came hungry? [Brother David replied, “I ate.”] If you ate, convince Me that you are a living human being.
61.     You are behaving like one that is not full of life. It is like you did not feed well enough. You still have pore spaces in your body.
62.     That I said you did not feed well enough does not mean you should kill yourself with food. When you see one that is well fed, he is full of life. Turn the thing [Scriptures] like a living soul.

Let Me tell you something you do not know. The traditional religion believes in Amadioha and also believes in the Almighty God. The Christian faith believes that there is Jesus and also believes that there is Almighty God. The Moslem believes that there is Mohammed and also believes that there is Almighty God. To you that is in this Faith, do you believe that there is Son of Man and there is Almighty God? You have to answer the question yourself.
BEWARE OF ESOTERIC LANGUAGES; preached on Sunday 24th April 2004; Pg. 73 vs. 1 – 2

1.          Psalms 91:1 – 16. Pay attention everybody. 1We live within the shadow of the Almighty,...
2.          We live within the shadow of who? The Mighty Warrior. The Saviour who is exalting you with sweet songs, and who has arrived to live with you. You are going nowhere.
3.          We live within the shadow of the Almighty, sheltered by the God who is above all gods.
5.          Are there gods? Many! [1 Corinthians 8:5] But to us, there is only but One Supreme God who controls the affairs of men [Daniel 4:17]. The Father of all spirits [Hebrews 12:9]. The Great Warrior. The Mighty Saviour [Zephaniah 3:17 LB].
6.          If you take refuge in Him, you will never be afraid of any amazement by day or by night. Your future is already protected. Your present, protected. And that is when you are not living in compliance with His Word.
7.          We live within the shadow of the Almighty, sheltered by the God who is above all gods. 2This I declare,...This I do what? Declare. This I do what? Declare. I want you to say, “This I declare”.
8.          With the heart man declare unto righteousness, with the mouth, confession is made unto salvation. [Romans 10:10] It shall be according to your faith. [Matthew 9:29]. When you declare a thing, God will establish. [Job 22:28] This I declare.
9.          This I declare, that he alone is my refuge,...
10.     SONG: [On Christ the solid rock I stand. All other ground is sinking sand. All other ground is sinking sand.]
11.     Can you now see that He that is with you is by far greater than the entire world put together? Let the entire world rise up against you, the Mighty Warrior, the Saviour, the Great Jehovah will get all of them discomfited, scattered, reduced to rubbles.
12.     Why should you be afraid? Why should the heathens rage and the nations imagine vain things? [Psalms 2:1] I am here to make the promises of God sure and certain in your heart.
13.     I have arrived, not to depart but to live with you and to guide you safely to the land. If only you will trust in Me, I will guide you safely to the shore.
14.     This I declare, that He alone is my refuge, my place of safety; he is my God,... My place of safety. He is my God. He alone is my God.
15.     Blessed is the man who has made Jehovah his God, his Refuge, his Saviour, his all and all. [Psalms 34:8, 146:5]
16.     He alone is my refuge, my place of safety; He is my God, and I am trusting Him. For He rescues you from every trap… 
17.     For He does what?...rescues you from every trap and protects you from the fatal plagueHalleluiah!
18.     Benefits of hiding yourself under the shelter of the Almighty God. How can you hide under His shelter when He has not arrived? You are now under His shelter. Why? He has arrived and has come to stay in your midst. Once the lizard leaves the tree, it will be captured.
19.     He will shield you with his wings! They will shelter you. His faithful promises are your armour.
20.     What? His faithful promises are your armour. Your weapons of warfare are nothing but the promises of God which are worthy of trust. The promises that never fails.
21.     Your glory is not in charms. Your glory is not in money. It is not in beauty. Nothing! Your armour. The faithful promises of God remain your armour. Yes sir. That is your glory.
22.     Now you don’t need to be afraid of the dark anymore, nor fear the dangers of the day; nor dread the plagues of darkness, nor disasters in the morning. 
23.     Though a thousand fall at my side, though ten thousand are dying around me, the evil will not touch me. Halleluiah! Why?
24.     I have hidden Myself under the shelter, under the umbrella, protective covering of the Great Jehovah who ruleth over the affairs of men.
25.     I do not care about the noisesome pestilences, even if my neighbours, relations are dying in millions, that one does not concern Me.
26.     Somebody might be asking, “Where are you getting this your strength?” my strength is coming from the faithful promises of God that can never fail.
27.     No matter the situation, stand upon that promise and make a declaration. Say, “God, you have already promised. You are in our midst. We are under your shadow, under your umbrella, under your shelter.”
28.      I will see how the wicked are punished, but I will not share it. I will see how the wicked people are punished. I will not be partakers of their punishment.
29.     For Jehovah is my refuge! I choose the God above all gods to shelter me. 10How then can evil overtake me or any plague come near? Never!
30.      For he orders his angels to protect you wherever you go. Sure! They will steady you with their hands to keep you from stumbling against the rocks on the trail.
31.     You can safely meet a lion or step on poisonous snakes, yes, even trample them beneath your feet!
32.     For the Lord says, “Because he loves me,… Because He loves me; because he loves me. Because, he loves me. Because he loves me. Because he loves me. Yes!
33.     Because He loves me, I will rescue Him; I will make him great because he trusts in My name. I will rescue and make him great because he trusts in My Name. The name of God is a mighty tower which the righteous runs into and they are secured. [Proverbs 18:10] You want to be great? Love the Lord, trust in His name.
34.     For the Lord says, “Because he loves me, I will rescue Him; I will make Him great because he trusts in my name.
35.     When he calls on me, I will answerWhen he calls on Me, I the Lord will answer. Then, why do we run to and fro? Why do we cry instead of speaking? Go ahead.
36.     I will be with him in trouble and rescue him and honor him. I will satisfy him with a full life... Full life! Not short life. You exhaust your days here. 
37.     I will satisfy him with a full life and give him my salvation. ”And do what? GIVE HIM MY SALVATION.
38.     Finally. Finally, finally, I say, “After all these things, the summary again is, He is the God of my salvation.” You see, first seek ye the Lord and His righteousness, every other thing will be added unto you. [Matthew 6:33]
39.     After bestowing you with everything, The LORD will crown it all with salvation. Is this God not worthy to be worshipped?
40.     And this is the God that has finally arrived here to live with us so that He can be our Shelter, our Saviour, our Mighty Warrior, our Defender, our ALL AND ALL.
41.     SONG: Only trust Him. Only trust Him. Only trust Him now. He will save you. He will save you. He will save you now.]
42.     If you were not trusting Him before, this is the time. He said, because you have made Him your choice, the Creator of heaven and earth, the God that is above other gods. In heaven, on earth and beneath the earth, there is none like Him.
43.     And that is the choice of the God you will worship. MAKING THE RIGHT CHOICE OF LIFE, the teaching said, “Start by making the choice of God you will worship.
44.     Now, I say to all of you, “Choose for yourselves this day, the God you will worship from now.” [Joshua 24:15]
45.     It is the God I have introduced to you in a summary form, presented Him in human form. If He is the One you have chosen, praise God.
46.     Then, there are some other gods. And if you want to go there, I will help you. If you go to Isaiah 57, look at verse 3, in Living bible.
47.     But you—come here, you witches’ sons, You, come here, who has refused the way of God. You witches son, witches children. You offspring of adulterers and harlots!
48.     Who is it you mock,...Who do you mock? Who is this you mock, laugh and scoff at, you children of harlots and bastards. You witches’ children?
49.     Who is it you mock, making faces and sticking out your tongues? Making faces and opening your tongue anyhow.
50.     You children of sinners and liars! You are children of sinners and liars, for you are born in iniquity, shaped in iniquity, came into the world, becoming liars and sinners, and God came to help you, and you have your tongue to talk, making face.
51.     Who is that human being that will be making face before God? I do not even recognize your existence. You see why the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom? [Proverbs 9:10] But fools have nothing to do with counsel. Yes!
52.     You worship your idols with great zeal… You worship your idols with what? ...great zeal. The god of your fathers.
53.     “The customs and tradition of our people. That is how we do it in our place. This is how we do it in our family. In our family there are things that are abhorred for they are abomination. The same thing applies to our town”
54.     If you apply the type of zeal you exhibit in worshiping God, nobody will see your back.
55.     I do not know whether you are worshipping the god of your fathers or the God the Son of Man has introduced to you. One is opposed to the other.
56.     So, I am showing you two Gods now, or more Gods, so that you make your choice very well. And I will show you the destiny of all. Anyone you follow, I will tell you where you are landing.
57.     You worship your idols with great zeal beneath the shade of every tree and slay your children as human sacrifices down in the valleys, under overhanging rocks.
58.     Your gods are the smooth stones in the valleys. You worship them, and they, not I, are your inheritanceSure!
59.     They! Those gods you are worshipping, and not I the Lord are your inheritance. Is it not where you have sown that you reap? Do you work in John Holts and receive pay from UAC? No!
60.     If you do not worship God while you are alive, is it when you die that you will worship God?
61.     Now, choose for yourselves between the gods of your fathers and the Great Warrior, the Mighty Saviour, the Almighty God, the Father of all spirits, the I AM THE I AM, the Rock of Ages, the Unchangeable El-Shaddai, the Rose of Sharon, the Lilly of the valley, the Bright and Morning Star.
62.     Choose for yourselves the one you want to worship. Whether you want to worship calved stones or ornaments made with hands, given power with mouth, where your fathers pour libations and reserve some forests to honour what they made with their hands, create shrines so that people will be afraid of nonsense and you have great zeal.
63.     If that is the choice you have made this morning, I say, praise God also. Remember, anywhere you choose is where your inheritance is. True or false?
64.     As for Me and My family, I have made My choice on behalf of My family and My choice is final. And that is the God I have introduced to you this day.
65.     While we were coming back from Enugu-Ezike that was on Thursday I received a distressed call.
66.     Your gods are the smooth stones in the valleys. You worship them, and they, not I, are your inheritance. Does all this make me happy?
67.     You have committed adultery on the tops of the mountains, for you worship idols there, deserting me. You worship idols, deserting God.

Many people call Me Son of Man without even knowing the meaning. They do not even know Me. We may eat and drink together. You can say God is in your midst, but you do not even know what makes Me God. You cannot even explain to someone what you know about Me for you know nothing about Me. You can preach Jesus and Moses because there is a document concerning them but there is no document concerning the Son of Man. There is no operating instrument anyone can use to talk about the Son of Man or the Deity.
BEWARE OF ESOTERIC LANGUAGES; preached on Sunday 24th April 2004; Pg. 72

1.          I was giving a testimony of what took place along the highway. While we were coming from Enugu-Ezike on Thursday evening, I got a distress call from one of our Brothers, Emmanuel. The son of our late deacon John Abba.
2.          He said, “Daddy, my wife is in labour.”I said, “No problem. Where are you?” He said, “Daddy, I am in the house. I asked, “Where is she?” He replied, “She is still in the house with me.”I shouted, “The problem of first timers.
3.          Is your mother around?” He said, “No, my mother lost her brother and then travelled home. I enquired again, “Any elderly woman around? He said, “No.” I asked, “Where is your junior sister? Is she around?” He said, “Daddy, she went to post office where she is working.” And you and your wife are alone.
5.          We were still driving down along Opi-Abakpa Nike road when that call came. It snapped and I called back, got him again and said okay, take off.
6.          I asked, “Where did you go for the antenatal services? He said there is a hospital where they used to go. I said, “Okay, take her there and relax your mind.” He said,
7.          I told Brethren in the vehicle what was happening. I said, well God knows why it started when the mother was not there and the sister was not there.
8.          No elderly woman and no elderly man. And they are all youngsters that have no experience, but God will help them.
9.          We journeyed along. A little while the call came again. I picked it, it snapped. Another one came, jubilation everywhere. I said, what is happening? What is happening? Has she delivered? He exclaimed joyfully, “Daddy! Daddy! My wife has delivered.” (Jubilation.)
10.     We shouted and screamed. A bouncing baby girl. When we got home, I called again from home. What is the situation? I hope she is okay with the baby? He said, “Daddy, no trouble. I said, “Okay, take good care of them, your mother will come.”
11.     The following morning, I called again, “Is your mother back? He said, “Daddy, she is not back.” Have you informed her? He said, yes. What of your mother in-law? He said, “I have informed her. Two of them are meeting at home.”
12.     Now, your sister is at home He said, yes. Tell your sister not to go out again. She should stay with you and your baby until your mother comes back or your mother in-law. Take good care of them.
13.     My goat must come down. He screamed, “Daddy, that one is done already.”The joy of having a baby at the prime of his age.
14.     You know why I am very, very glad. He was delivered after twelve months of pregnancy, miraculously. We placed it as a sign to convince the mother and the father that we are serving a living God. 
15.     They were of the assemblies somewhere. The day we took them to baptize them at the bank of the River Niger, pregnancy was above twelve months and we placed it as a sign, “After this baptism, whatever that held this child in the womb, God will break it. Sister, you are going to deliver safely and it is going to be a baby boy.” We left.
16.     Two days after, Sister [John Abba] delivered a baby boy. I rushed and named him Emmanuel, God is with us.
17.     You can hear the origin of their conversion. That is why wherever the devil took him to; he got to a place and he became a prodigal son. He will run back. Nobody ever brought him back.
18.     This time around, he is married with his own family. Would you run away again? No, no, no. When you were running away, you gained nothing. And now you came back, God has started establishing you. To God be the glory.
19.     This is My own part of the testimony. Whoever that is coming to the pulpit, give him the privilege to share his own testimony.
20.     Remember, the great Jehovah, the Mighty Warrior, the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the God of our salvation has arrived to live with us.
21.     To give us shelter. To shelter us. The decision is now ours to choose Him or to choose the gods of our fathers. Any choice you make becomes your heritage. Bye.