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The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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I know I am the Son of Man. I know that the Deity dwells in Me. I know  that I am God made visible in human form. I know I am married. From my loins my children came. However, I have not given them
express ticket to Paradise. Have you understood me? If there should be one that should collect express ticket, that is automatic entrance, it will start with my family; number one being my wife. Number two being my children. They do not need to be listening to Me – The Son of Man. (Three Kinds of Righteousness, 14THOctober 2012, pp 153:97-98)

1. Turn with Me to your Bible this time. I am not here to read any sermon. There is a reason why all the prophets of old spoke on the Hebrews. Jesus spoke on the Hebrews. Prophet Mohammad spoke about the Hebrews. If you can go to the Qur’an, the Hebrews have their chronicles.
2. Saint Paul dwelt on the Hebrews more than any other. And had his own chronicles of the Hebrews. They have the records that they know God, but they do not worship God. Are they Hebrews? I more.
3. The seventh generation Prophet, Enoch dedicated his message. He titled it, THE HEBREW BOOK OF ENOCH.
4. William Branham, the fore-runner of the Bridal Faith took out time to dedicate two messages, HEBREW BOOK 1 & 2. Brethren true of false?
5. How do you expect the Son of Man to speak without touching the Hebrews? And till today, the book of Hebrews in the Bible is a controversial book. Some credit Saint Paul to be the author. But Saint Paul credited the authorship to another person. So, the book has no author.
6.What is more? Almost all the contents of that book were from the book of Enoch, seventh generation prophet who saw today. He saw yesterday. He saw today. He saw eternity. He saw the Son of Man standing here, like I am standing here today.
8.And that is why you can walk on straight and stand before Me. That is why the Bible said, “Be very sure that you are not found in disobedience, so that you can confidently walk before the Son of Man on that day.” Not another person.
9.With every amount of boldness, you walk to Me because you are faring well. You meet Him as a friend and not as an enemy, and He will say, “Happy welcome! Happy welcome!”
10.            Now, turn with Me to the book of Hebrews. I will use two different translations. Let Me use Living Bible and King James Version. And I want good readers to be in front.
11.            Hebrews 4:12 – 13 For whatever God says to us is full of living powerIs God in our midst? Has He been saying something? I think I first of all led you back. Whatever! I do not care what that thing looks like.
12.            Whatever that proceeds out of the mouth of God is full of living power. You see why you are risking your life if you do not understand that you are hearing from Him directly. He says what He means. He means what He says.
13.            And His Word cannot be negotiated with Him or with any other. Anything that is not done at His Word indeed is unbelief, and has its own disastrous consequences to whosoever that takes delight in doing it, for it took Adam and Eve one single disobedience to a command, for them to be declared guilty.
14.            It took only but one flagrant disobedience to the word of Moses for the man to be stoned to death.
18.            Somebody might be wondering, “This way the Son of Man sounds in the Fellowship, is this the way he sounds in the house? If this is the way He handles His family, how are they surviving? How are they coping.”
19.            And I want you to receive the reply immediately. I am harder to My family than here. I repeat. I am much more strict in My family than here.
20.            I make some allowances for you here, but in My family, the highest allowance you will receive is to be quiet. You would not hear My Voice and you would not see My face.
21.            And if I should turn round, you will melt, because it is better you disobey Me here than to disobey Me in My house. You may even die instantly there, especially when I walk out on you.
22.            All that know Me for that prefer provoking Me in the Fellowship to provoking Me at home. And that is why somebody can be saved in My house. Take it from Me. I lie not in the Holy Spirit.
23.            That is why I tell you every day, “You think My family members are enjoying life.” Really, they are enjoying the life of Christ [Zoe], but not your own type of enjoyment of life. They do not share that one. There is a reason for that. 
24.            The future glory outweighs whatever they are passing through now. They are labouring today so that they will enjoy tomorrow.
27.            Whatever! I do not care. If you can interpret “WHATEVER”, keep your interpretation to yourself. WHATEVER MEANS WHATEVER. If He speaks good, good will follow you. If He speaks evil, evil will follow you. WHATEVER THAT GOES OUT OF HIS MOUTH IS FULL OF LIVING POWER.
28.            That is why the Bible says, “The Word that goes out of his mouth can never come back to Him void, until the purpose is fulfilled.” [Isaiah 55:11]
29.            You see why you must be very careful that God does not speak to you in His wrath or in His anger. The book of Proverbs says, “Approach not the King when his anger is hot, lest you will get a remark you least expected and so shall it fulfill.” [Proverbs 16:14, 20:2]
30.            WHATEVER THAT GOES OUT OF THE MOUTH OF GOD IS FULL OF LIVING POWER, BUT YOU MUST KNOW WHO GOD IS. Where you do not know God, you do not know who He is, your life is in danger. What goes out of His mouth cannot be effective in your life.
31.             Hebrews 4:12 – 13 For whatever God says to us is full of living power: it is sharper than the sharpest dagger, cutting swift and deep into our innermost thoughts and desires...
32.            Into our innermost thoughts and also our desires, even this morning. Even this morning. There is nobody here who can stand and say, “The Word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God this morning never cut deep into your innermost thoughts and desires.”
33.            It is not only that. It is going to sift everything and expose you for what you really are. So, no more hypocrisy.
34.            You can be a hypocrite before your fellow Brethren who you are deceiving into believing that you are what you are not, but you can never deceive God.
35.            For through His Word, He will expose you, expose your works and expose everything about you.
36.   is sharper than the sharpest dagger, cutting swift and deep into our innermost thoughts and desires with all their parts, exposing us for what we really are.
37.            He knows about everyone, everywhereWhy then do you begin to look around with a view to identifying who must have reported you to the Son of Man, “Who is this person that is following me about? Who knows what I am saying even while I am sleeping on my bed, even decisions I took privately?
38.            Who could be that person? In short, I do not believe. Somebody must be responsible for phoning. Handset can cause havoc. It is this handset. They must have sent a text.”
40.            He does not believe in the Omniscience of God. He does not believe in the Omnipresence of God. Neither does he believe in His Omnipotence. If he does not believe the attributes of God, does he believe God? God is known by these three attributes.
41.            Through His Word today, this morning, have we not seen ourselves just as we are? Now look at what He is saying. He knows you. He knows where you are living. He is seeing you, everywhere, every time.
42.            And that is why His ears are attentive to your prayers. The Bible said that the eyes of the LORD runneth to and fro all over the earth, beholding both the good and bad that are perpetrated here on earth. [2 Chronicles 16:9]
43.            Eeh! Can God see it or know this? You are the unbeliever. He knows about everyone, everywhere.
44.            If you like, be in the sky, be in the grave, be in the dungeon, be in the hospital, He knows about everyone, everywhere. So, nobody monitors you to report you to God. God does not listen to the report given to Him by anybody.
45.            When He heard about Sodom and Gomorrah, did He believe? He said, “I have heard. I have come to see. I have heard. I have come to investigate by Myself” [Genesis 18:20 – 21], after which He was satisfied, because it will be a very big evil to punish the righteous in the midst of the wicked because of human reports.
46.            If your enemy is to report about you, what do you think he will be saying? You see why God does not listen to hearsays.
47.            He knows about everyone, everywhereDo you believe that God knows about you? Everywhere?
48.            Everything about us is bare and wide open to the all-seeing eyes of our living God;... What? Everything about us is wide open and bare, naked before the Almighty God who we are having dealings with. If there is no Scripture that can instill godly fear in you, it then goes to show that you are a naked devil.
49.Everything about us, the thoughts of our hearts, the words we speak, the ones we have spoken, our actions, the actions we intend to carry out.
50.Then why do we complain when God begins to punish us for evils we committed? Why do we cry when we receive just recompense from God for what we did? Do we want Him to be an unjust God? Do we want Him to begin to pervert justice because of our foolishness and our error? Do you want God to compromise with you? Amen.

Brethren, bear with Me. You know I am a foolish preacher. So, bear with Me in My foolishness. My desire is to present you blameless, spotless in the sight of God. I do not want any of you to have any stumbling block after this Message. I am creating an easy path. When I will come with My believers, I will walk in, straight away! Nothing halting Me. Something must halt Paul. Something must halt Irenaeus. Something must halt Martin. Along the way, something must halt Columba, halt Luther. Luther must be halted. Wesley must be halted. William Branham must be halted. I do not want to be halted. That is why I am preparing people that will vanish with Me. I will keep on preparing you until I have transformed you from human flesh into ministering spirits, when anything worldly, carnally, flesh has been cut off by the fire of the Word.
ACTION TIME PART 1 (HUSBANDS AND WIVES) CAMP MEETING; preached on Tuesday, 30th December, 1997 Pg. 92 vs. 18 – 21

1.Well, I thank God that we have a Man, who before witnesses told His fellow Brother amidst Elders, “If the reason why you are showering Me with these nonsenses as gifts is to help Me to compromise with you, to ignore your faults and then treat you as a scapegoat, begin now to take them away from My house back to your vehicle. I do not need them. I do not need them.”
2.    At another time, the loot for which I condemned him and His fellow judges in the failed bank tribunal, he later stacked into an empty carton of peak® milk, cello taped, commanded Mma-Agha to put in the station wagon and carry Me to Onitsha.
3.    A carton of money, which I will use for what? Something I had already condemned. I told Mma-Agha, “Do not ever come down from the office. Okey Oleri, keep watch over him. I am leaving this house now. By the time he will finish with his bath, I will be at Ekene Dili Chukwu [motor garage].”
4.    I left unnoticed and went My way, because I know he would not have the mouth to share the testimony. But he later shared it before Bishop Okoh and the rest including one Agu from Udi who was vying for the traditional rulership of his community.
5.    He said, “Now I believe this Man to be the Almighty. Who is this Man who can resist this? What even the president is looking for? All authorities want us to render returns and we [the six judges] contributed for this Man. And He turned it down and went away.”
6.    Mma-Agha reminded him, “Remember, you were the one that took all the world to Maza-Maza [in Lagos]. You never told Him that you were buying a flat boot [Mercedes Benz®] to replace the wagon.
7.    When we got there, remember what He told you. He [the Son of Man] said, “Sir, I love Mercedes car, but it is not yet time for Me, send it to your wife. I am not interested.”
8.    He said, “What?” I said, “Yes! Put your wife’s name in that Mercedes Benz. I am leaving the following morning. In short, I am leaving from here.”
9.    I entered Ekeson [Transport Company] by night from there. The following day, Mma-Agha brought it to My house and I said, “Proceed to Enugu. I told you that I do not need it.”
10.You all know the truth. Is he the only one? When Francis Nwufor came, can’t you tell the story? All that went with Me. Even where I vowed a vow in Kaduna, 11 o’clock in the night, “Instead of begging this man to give us a kobo for transportation, I better enter trailer.”
11.  And I did it and brought all of you to Abuja. From Abuja, I took all of you to Onitsha without collecting a kobo from him. I dumped his cheque. You know how much he put down on that cheque, “I have no need of this Standard Trust Bank cheque. I do not need your money. I am on My way.”
12. You must know the personality you are having dealings with. If money is my problem, I have no problem. My fellow human beings can solve it. IF YOUR PROBLEM IS MONEY, YOUR PROBLEM HAS DIRECT SOLUTION. FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS CAN SOLVE IT.
13. But the problem that is awaiting Me is greater than money; How to conquer this world. How to subdue this world and its Principalities and Powers [Authorities: These are human beings] and put them under my footstool and allow the Word of God to stand.
14. You all know the truth about this matter. Even you in your poor estate, you can testify about your own at different times.
15. Who would not like to come around the Son of Man to render service? Who would not be favoured to collect a cup of water from Him. But He will tell you, “I do not need it.”
16. If I am selfish, a civil servant, you think I would have borne the burden of this Faith for seven good years expecting nobody to assist Me, starving Myself and starving My family, bearing the whole burden, making provisions for families before I took their husbands out, taking good care of them in the hospitals, in the sick beds and everywhere, complaining about nothing. 
17. All with joy, for thereunto, I am ordained, for the preaching of this Gospel Truth that will save you from this horrible day where it is increasingly difficult to live Christ’s life.
18. To worship God in this age is not easy, for too many things are warring against your souls, especially the pleasures of this life.
19. You compounded them by going outside the Camp to pick for yourselves horrible wives and husbands that know not God, that do not have the fear of God, they came and delivered unto you something like human beings as children. And you are jumping up and down.
20. He knows about everyone, everywhereGod knows about everyone everywhere. He knows about us here. Everybody, everywhere, every time. If God does not know about you, it means you do not exist.
21. If you exist, God knows about you. If God knows about lilies in the field and He knows about animals in the forest, fowls of the air, fishes in the ocean, you want Me to believe that God does not know you or that He does not see you or that He does not know what you are doing or that He does not know what might be your excuses for all you are fomenting in your hearts.
22. Before you begin to disbelieve, doubt and practice whatever you have conjectured in your mind, you had already built a defense. Evil mind, an unbeliever builds a defense before indulging in the evil.
23. He had already conjectured in his mind what he will use as excuses. If I should be asked, I would say, “Must I remain in my unmarried estate. Let me marry anyhow. After all, some take the names of men anyhow. Let me answer Mrs, even if I do not stay with the man. But let me answer Mrs.”
24. People will fulfill dangerous Scriptures ignorantly. In the last days, women will come to men and say, “Please marry us. We want to answer your wife. We will feed ourselves, cloth ourselves. We have the money. We have everything. We will not be a liability to you, but only let us answer your name. Mrs!” [Isaiah 4:1]
25. Brethren were telling Me about one who is now expiring every day, hawking food. A graduate is now hawking food, for the husband married her, abandoned her and continued in whatever he was doing abroad with his wife and children over there.
26. And the woman has remained alone with her parents for over sixteen good years. This man has visited his home twice and went back to be with the real wife and the children. And this other woman is expiring here.
27.  One woman enquired from her, “When will your husband settle down.” And she replied, “Is that one a husband? He is gone. I do not even remember him.”
28. The woman who enquired about her husband added, “The most unfortunate thing that happened to you is that he never even gave you a child or two before he left and he has made it impossible for you to become pregnant while he is there. So he has denied you the joy of marriage and the joy of having children. But he is enjoying life with his wife and children there and you are here hawking food to survive.”
29. He sends little or no money for the upkeep of the lady and the lady has run into her menopause while waiting for someone who married her, fulfilled all marital rites and remained where he is.
30. I learnt that that one has seen up to three countries like My in-law did. He moved away from Italy. From Italy to Holland. From Holland he went to Germany. From Germany, he came back mad and was buried two months ago.
31. Before he came down, the wife died. Now he died. Before he came down, the wife had already delivered two children without the man knowing what is happening.
32. And the woman said, “I decided to be pregnant, at least to have children that will be my own. Let him continue his life there.” International marriage!
33. Let Me tell you something. If you kill somebody for speaking the truth, his blood will be required from you. If someone tells you the wholesome truth and you continue to bend it to tell lies, God will hold you guilty.
34. Many of you have dealings with your friends. You can divorce your wife who entered into marital contract with you for some years in the marriage registry, but you cannot divorce a legally married citizen like you without raking up accusations.
35. You must go to court of competent jurisdiction and accuse your wife before the nation, for you are a citizen courtesy of marriage to her. She is also a citizen. And you cannot divorce. All your children are citizens.
36. Let Me explain to  you what I mean. Bro Chidi Agbom, stand up there! You lived in Dubai for years and came back. Did you marry there? Pay attention because United Arab Emirate is against it. They do not support that one.
37. While he was there, he was only restricted to one thing. Their religion. And it is their religion that marries. So he remained pure. He came down. Since you came down, you have been going there and coming back for your business. Have you ever gone there without obtaining fresh visa?
38.If he goes there hundred times, he must pay for visa hundred times. He must go to the embassy for clearance. All over, it takes the same initial protocols.
39. But the advantage he has is that his passport has been stamped twice by the Embassy of the United Arab Emirate. So, going there is very easy, for they do not know him as a criminal, but he must pay, attend the interview, tell them why he is going, for there are reasons why he will go.
40. You either go for a business trip which will not last for more than three months or you go for visiting or you go for health or you go for studies. Outside these, no more. Sit down.
41. Assuming he married there, automatically he will be given citizenship certificate. He will be given green card. He has his residence permit. He has his work permit. All his children will be citizens.
42.Now, he is in Nigeria, any time he wants to go, it is a matter of going and paying for the ticket. He does not go to the Embassy. He goes to the booking office to purchase ticket and he goes his way. This is because the visa is still there as a citizen.
43. Even if he stays here for two or three years, any day he wants to go, he simply purchases his ticket, do your booking, you go. You are going back to your home. Period!  
44.  And then when you get there, that woman who is your wife, legally married, you are living with her, with your in-laws and doing everything in common, the children are named after you, certificate has been given to you, then you can begin to talk about divorcing her.
45.  Divorcing her means leaving the wife, leaving the children, and then running to any part of the world, forfeiting all, and you do not take a pin out of there.
46. That was why the man who came from Japan said before Bishop Isaac Igwe, “You dare not say it to my hearing that I should divorce my wife who is the essence of my staying in Japan. Whatever I am today is that woman. I am married to her. I am a citizen. She has children for me.”
47. Pastor Dan, am I bearing false witness. Where is Pastor Dan? He was there. What of the wife? Sister, were you not there? Thank you! Am I bearing false witness? Is the Sister not your junior sister? What was the result?
48. They have collectively through Japan, through conspiracy declared her abandoned property by giving the whole world the impression that she is married and that everything was done, but they do not know the reason why the husband refused to take her and it continued to spread.
49. The same is applicable to Igwe Amobi. If you mention the daughters’ names, everybody will warn you, “Can you bear it? They were married and they were abandoned. One was even returned shamefully. You want to go? If you can do it go.”
50.You see why you must be cautious while handling marital issues. God said, “Nobody knows what you believe about marriage until it comes to your turn.”

I am telling you the whole truth. If all mankind will decide to obey this Message, we will remain here as our paradise, but it is impossible for them to obey. This Message can only be obeyed in the Bride. If you are not an Elected Seed of Abraham, you can never bow down to this Message. That is why I told you, I am sent with a Message to identify Abraham’s Seeds of this age.
ACTION TIME PART 1 (HUSBANDS AND WIVES) CAMP MEETING; preached on Tuesday, 30th December, 1997; Pg. 35 vs. 10 – 11

1.  When our Brother Ifeanyi Enemmuo came here, too many reports came to Me, but I kept My calm watching him and watching our Sister Modesta, examining the relationship all round. One thing I never did was to send spies, for I was monitoring all round.
2.    And our Brother proved to Me that he is a man enough, stood clear from the Sister, kept his eyes and heart on the Faith, took His time as a lawyer to go through the Messages, studied everything and then studied the habits of our Sister.
3.    It took him more than one full year, for him to gather courage to come to Me to say, “Daddy, I am through with my investigations. I will live with this Sister if they will permit.” Over a year! And within that one year, he never omitted Fellowship, both Sundays and Wednesdays, and on time too.
4.    From the back, he came to the middle. From the middle he came closer. From there, he came in front. He followed us to weddings and burials of all sorts, studying and watching before he was sure and certain.
5.    You see! Our Sister also never mounted undue pressure on him, “Do it quick. It does not matter, even if I get pregnant.”
6.    Today, I have heard another story. Very soon, it will be real. It will be real. I hate propagating evil. This is because when you propagate evil, before you know it, it becomes a spirit possessing many.
7.    I do not preach evil. I preach Christ.  This is because words are spirits. I do not know who is waiting for Me to preach on that and he will capitalize on it. Then God has given Him license, “After all, I am not the first offender.”
8.    I have told you that a snake is good to be used as a belt, but who will be number one to catch the snake and use it as belt? I said, “Since marriage has become your problem, go and marry anybody you want. Even if you want to marry a mad woman or a mad man, bring him/her here. I will say, “Amen!””
9.    And I went to My bed. And I have been waiting. Instead of introducing them, I have been hearing another thing. The doctrine of single Brothers and single Sisters. Single mothers. Single fathers. This is another doctrine now. Damnable heresy!
10. Before we know it, some will go to the pulpit and preach celibacy. Damnable heresy in the end time! There is no type of story that you will not hear in the Bride from 2018 henceforth.
11. He said, “In all, do not open your mouth. Give God the glory, for His hand is behind it, for all hypocrites, make-believers in our midst, will  expose and mark them bad and allow them to sit down.” It can be you. It can be Me.
12. I am still reading Hebrews chapter 4:12 – 13. He knows about everyone everywhere. Everything about us is bare and wide open to the all-seeing eyes of our living God;...
13. Do we have a Living God who has eyes? If we have eyes, God has eyes. If we are seeing, God also sees. If we walk about, God walks about. If we talk, God talks. This is because, we are the express image of God.
14....nothing can be hidden from him to whom we must explain all that we have done. LB Alleluia!
15. Nothing! Nothing means nothing. Apostle Ojiakor take note. Nothing can be hidden from Him who we owe explanation for all things we have done. So we owe explanation to one man.
16.  How I wish we have Teachers that have the Spirit of Truth. Many are conducting their life in such a manner suggesting that they owe no explanation to any man.
17....nothing can be hidden from him to whom we must explain all that we have doneLB
18. Did he say, few. Nothing! Everything about you, is naked, bare, open to one Man who you owe all explanations to. He will ask you Why and How?  
19.             For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.
20.             Neither is there any creature that is not manifest in his sight: but all things are naked and opened unto the eyes of him with whom we have to do. KJV
21. Let us read Ecclesiastes 12:13 – 14. All has been heard; the end of the matter is: Fear God... Do what? Fear God [revere and worship Him, knowing that He is] and keep His commandments, for this is the whole of man [the full, original purpose of his creation, the object of God’s providence, the root of character, the foundation of all happiness, the adjustment to all inharmonious circumstances and conditions under the sun] and the whole [duty] for every man.
22.  For God shall bring every work into judgment,... Who shall bring every work into judgment? God! For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it is good or evil. AMP
23. Amen! So we owe explanations. One that hates himself will say, “Until that day. I know what I will say.” And some might be thinking that the person you will give the explanation to will drop from the sky.
24. If you know that the person is already here, you will know that He is not coming from anywhere again. He has been revealed. He has been made known to the Elect. And He is no other person than the Person whose Voice you are hearing, whose Voice is not only shaking the earth but also the starry heavens.
25.  Let Me have the information from the website:
26.There should be one microphone stationed here, since they cannot move. They have become Dagons. A Minister that cannot move about is a Dagon. Man-made God.
27.This is because if you are a good swimmer, you swim according to the motion and flow of the river. Once you are not a good swimmer, you are bound to be drowned because you will be swimming on the opposite side of the tide. A good swimmer follows the tide.
28. Dagons have back seats where they sit down. If you bring food, they will collect with the left hand. Water! From the right hand. Micro phone will come to them. Come and read the Bible, they are sitting where they are sitting. Read the first five.
29. Website Report from 14th – 20th April, 2019: [1] Russia, 5418; [2] Denmark, 4125; [3] UAE, 3629; [4] Nigeria, 3626; [5] USA, 3142; [1] UAE, 4754; [2] Nigeria, 4514; [3] Spain, 4121; [4] Saudi Arabia, 3692; [5] Greece, 2143;
31.But for time, I would have finished all. We have all the countries represented. And you think I am crazy here for nothing. If I am crazy, I am not crazy for you. You are the people weighing Me down.
32. These believers out there do not trouble Me.  Even when they call Me, they call Me with reverence. They call Me to adore Me.
33.There is one that called from Nigeria. I do not know whether she is here. Do we have somebody who is a first timer here by name Florence? If you are here, signify. I do not know you and you do not know Me.
34.This person Florence, who called Me over the phone. I directed her here this morning. May be she did not come. She said she must obtain permission from her parents at Asaba before coming. I said, “With all pleasure.”
35.Do we have a banker here by name, Miracle? Do we have a bank worker here by name, Emmanuel Miracle? But do we have this name, Emmanuel Miracle? One man? Stand up, let Me see you.
36. Do you answer Emmanuel. Do you answer Miracle? But you are not a Deltan. Did you preach to any lady? You preached to a lady. Did you tell the person that you are a banker? And she took it that you are a banker.
37. But do you know the lady I am referring to? Florence? Were you the one that gave her My number? OK. You should have told her the whole truth. You are not a banker.
38.You see why we should not tell lies. This is because a lie lives only but for a moment. Before you know it, your stupidity will be exposed, even if you wanted to befriend her, being a heathen.
39. This is because she said you have been friendly with her for some time now. You have been introducing God as a human being. You took her to the website. She is showing keen interest. And now, she wants to be in our Fellowship as one of us.
40. But you are too tender to move with such sophisticated ladies. Even shoes have sizes. Ok, let me go to My Message. Why the murmuring? You should not be murmuring. They are your children. That is the indication of what you are producing in your homes.
41.  Nothing destroys a man more than premature marriage. Unprepared marriage. It destroys a woman as well. There is no need for being in a hurry and desperate about something you know you will get. Whenever the time comes for anything, it must happen. A failed daybreak refers to the dead. Once you are alive, the night must definitely give way for the day
42.  Hebrews 4:13 He knows about everyone everywhere. Everything about us is bare and wide open to the all-seeing eyes of our living God; nothing can be hidden from him to whom we must explain all that we have done. LB
43. Underline it in your heart. That whatever we have done, we are subject to give explanation to somebody. Who is He? That day you will know who He is.
44.  You see why the Bible enjoins you to behave in such a way that you will have the boldness to stand before the Son of Man who you must give account of everything you have done in this world. [1 John 2:28]
45.  God judgeth no man, but has committed judgment into the hands of His Dear Son, for He is the Son of Man. [John 5:22] And if the Son of Man shall set you free, you shall be free indeed. [John 8:36]
46. This is the fresh, new, life-giving way that Christ has opened... this is the fresh, new, life-giving way which who has opened? Christ has opened for all of us. Who opened it? Christ !
47.  Who is Christ? The Anointed One, The Messiah. The Revelation of Christ in all the ages. The identification of Christ in all the ages. Nobody opens up the way to the new life in every age except the revealed Christ of that dispensation.
48. In every age, a Star is given to guide God’s people back to God. And in our own day, a Star has been given, pointing us back to the Word.
50. The written word has warned you never to mis-mate with heathens. Never marry unbelievers, man and woman. And the Spoken Word confirmed it to be truth.
51. Begin to look for explanations you will give to the Son of Man as to what prompted your action and that which He should know which He did not know about you.
52. If anyone knows that thing which God does not know about him, let him keep it in his heart. What God does not know about you is that you are a believer. I am a believer. I am a Saint. I am holy. I am pure.  God has not known that.
53.What does He know about you? A naked unbeliever! He requires no teacher to teach Him to believe that. THE MANIFESTATION OF EVERYTHING IS THE INTERPRETATION THEREOF.
54. This is that New, Life-Giving Way which Christ has opened for us, no longer the ways of Moses who was covered with a veil. A new and a better Covenant established on better promises Christ came to confirm [Hebrews 8:6], even the promises that were made unto the fathers. [Acts 13:32] To renew the Agreement, even in your own day, Christ appeared.
55.SONG: Christ has appeared. Christ has appeared. Christ has appeared. Christ has appeared to take us to the promised land. Christ has appeared. He has appeared to take us to the promised land.
No man has ever seen God coming down and saying, “I am God”, but in every age, God has always reached man using a human being. God has always come down and then put on human form and declare His mind to mankind…… God is still speaking to his people through A MAN, HUMAN VESSEL, whom He Himself has chosen and vindicated for the hour and has pointed all his people to THAT MAN.... Thus, it is not a surprise that I first of all introduced THAT MAN to you, through the Prophets, through the Holy Scriptures. Through supernatural occurrences, I introduced the MAN to you, whose Voice you must harken and all of you said Amen that God has blessed us in this generation. We thank God for coming down in person for we all agreed that we now have God in person as our Teacher. We have him in person as our Teacher for no man can teach like this if He is not God. We acknowledged it.
ACTION TIME PART 3 (OBEDIENCE IS BETTER THAN SACRIFICE) CAMP MEETING; preached on Wednesday, 31st December, 1997; Pg. 45 vs. 18, Pg. 46 vs. 22 – 24, Pg. 42 vs. 6

1.  Hebrews 10:20 – 39  This is the fresh, new, life-giving way that Christ has opened up for us by tearing the curtain his human body... By doing what? By removing the veil, His human body. And who appeared? Who appeared? When we remove the mask, what do we see inside? One wearing the mask.
2.     This is the fresh, new, life-giving way... Have you gone this way before? You were going the impossible way until Christ was revealed. HE NOW OPENED THIS FRESH, NEW, LIFE-GIVING WAY BY SETTING THE LAW ASIDE, INTRODUCING GRACE, FOR THE LAW CAME BY MOSES. GRACE AND TRUTH CAME BY CHRIST.
4.     This is the fresh, new, life-giving way that Christ has opened up for us by tearing the curtain his human body to let us into the holy presence of God.
5.    To do what? let us into the holy presence of God. To do what? let us into the holy presence of God. To let us in. Somebody let you in. Behold Him Brethren! The Apostle reveals Himself to His own Brethren,
7.    SONG: I am He that liveth and was dead. And behold I am alive forever more. Come unto Me O ye nations and be saved. For I am He that liveth and was dead.
8.    This is the fresh, new, life-giving way that Christ has opened up for us by tearing the curtain—his human body—to let us into the holy presence of God.
9.    Into the holy presence of God. You are no longer outsiders. You are no longer foreigners. You are now fellow citizens, for He removed the veil and revealed Him for who He is, giving you an entrance to walk straight into His holy presence.
10. You can now behold His Majesty in plain view. You will no longer be saying, “He is like this. He is like that.” You can now tell the world that the promised eternal life, the promised salvation now belongs to you.
11. You are no longer in doubt as to whether He will do what He promised or not. You are now one with Him. When He shall come, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him just as He is. [I John 3:2]
12. We are no longer having Christ hiding under a mask. Christ concealed [Isaiah 45:15], No No No No! Christ has been revealed. He has made Himself manifest and you now walk into His holy presence.
13. You do not need anybody to be your intercessor. No middle man between you and God. You now have your own direct dealings with God. Nobody is leading you. You are leading nobody, for He is made plain.
14. If He never came and revealed this thing, this Way, this Life-Giving Way, He would have remained hidden and all of us would have been groping in abject darkness. Amen.
15. So there is nothing hidden anymore. Everything is finished to those that are already in Him. If He did not tell you who He is by removing the veil, confirmed and vindicated, to believe Him would have remained impossible.
16. You would have been limping between two opinions. And since He revealed Himself, revealed His attributes, confirmed by the Deity Himself, have you ever seen any impersonator? Have you heard of any [one], anywhere?
17. Who has ever attempted it in the whole world? I mean, convincing the whole world that the Supernatural has come back and is hiding in the midst of a small, hand-picked minority out there in the Wilderness, having no identification name, symbol or signboard.
18. If He wanted the whole world to celebrate Him, He would have announced it to the whole world. He would have appeared in a big congregation where the whole world will behold Him.
19. But in every age, He selects people afore-hand who will be privileged to receive Him. That is why I believe in predestination, pre-ordination and pre-selection.
20. When He revealed Himself, did he reveal to everybody? But to us whom God had chosen beforehand for the revelation of the Son of Man. Period!
21.            This is the fresh, new, life-giving way that Christ has opened up for us by tearing the curtain his human body  to let us into the holy presence of God. 
22.            “This is”. Present tense. To let us in. We sing it as a song, that we should give God the praise for opening the door, and allowing us to come in. To God be the Glory.
23.            And since this great High Priest of ours... What? Ours! Since this Great High Priest of ours. Our own! Our own! He is not theirs but our own. He belongs to us. He is our High Priest. He is our Passover. He is our everything.
24.            Our Salvation. Our Sanctification. Our Baptism. Our Salvation. Our Eternal Life. Our Holiness. Our Faithfulness. Our Righteousness. Our Immortality; we that stand before Him covered by His presence. You must know where you are and who you are following.
25.            THE CLOUD IS HERE! I want to leave you somewhere before I will go.
26.            And since this great High Priest of ours rules over God’s household,... He does what? ...rules over God’s household... He does what? ...rules over God’s household...
27.            THIS IS THE SON OF MAN’S HEBREW CHRONICLES, for there is no other book that reveals the Son of Man and His activities more than the Book of Hebrews, starting from the days of Prophet Enoch down to this day. And great men who served the LORD respect the Hebrew Book.
28.            Be it William Branham, Enoch, Paul, Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammad or even Moses. They all respect the Hebrew Book, for there is something hidden there. A Book without an author. I will tell you why.
29.            And since this great High Priest of ours rules over God’s household, et us go right in... Let us do what? ...go right in... This great High Priest of ours is not a foreigner. He is somebody we know. OUR KINSMAN REDEEMER.
30.            He said, “Now, let us go right in.” I am going there to see Him. I will not tell anybody to help me tell Him that which I want to tell Him. Let me go there and speak for myself. Let us go right in. Do not stay outside.
31.            And since this great High Priest of ours rules over God’s household, let us go right in to God himself,... Let us go right in to who? ...God Himself... So when you defy the flesh, you meet God. In Him dwelleth the fullness of God bodily [Colossians 2:9]
32.            Let us go right in there and meet face to face with God Himself. You can now come out and say, “I have seen God” and people will be surprised at your statement.
33.            Tell people that you have seen God, they will be querying you, even now. Many do not even know whether they have seen God or not, for there is one imaginary God they want to see. But the Elect is not just seeing but living with God. Let us go right in.
34.             let us go right in to God himself, with true hearts... A heart with right standing. A clean heart, not false hearts deceiving ourselves. God is of a purer eye than to behold evil, [Habakkuk 1:13]. Evil heart of unbelief. True heart of believers.
35.            All unbelievers have evil hearts. And God warned, “Let there be no evil heart of unbelief in you or be found among you in departing from the true God, whereby many are consumed.” [Hebrew 3:12] Evil heart!
36.             let us go right in to God himself, with true hearts fully trusting him to receive us... Fully doing what? ...fully trusting him to receive us because we have been sprinkled with Christ’s blood to make us clean and because our bodies have been washed with pure water. What is the pure water? THE WORD!
37.            Now we can look forward to the salvation God has promised us. There is no longer any room for doubt,... For God has come out in plain view. Are you still having any room for doubt as to whether He will save you or not or whether He can do that which He has promised?
38.            Why the unbelief? Why the hypocrisy? Why the denial of the truth that was evidently set out before you?
39.            There is no longer any room for doubt, and we can tell others that salvation is ours,...
40.            We will not stop at rejoicing. We will also now tell others that, that salvation belongs to us. If I am not in the number, the counting must be repeated. Sure and certain. No preacher can preach it out. No preacher can preach a man’s conviction away.
41.              There is no longer any room for doubt, and we can tell others that salvation is ours, for there is no question that he will do what he says.
42.            In response to all he has done for us, let us outdo each other in being helpful and kind to each other...
43.            Not in destroying one another. If there is anywhere you can outdo me, let it be on doing good, loving your fellow human being and in good works. Do not boast with evil? Do you know who I am? I will terrorize you. Do not outdo me in evil, but in doing good.
44.             In response to all he has done for us, let us outdo each other in being helpful and kind to each other and in doing good.
45.            Let us not neglect our church meetings, as some people do, but encourage and warn each other, especially now that the day of his coming back again is drawing near.
46.            If anyone sins deliberately by rejecting the Savior after knowing the truth of forgiveness,...
47.            If anybody sins deliberately by doing what? Rejecting the Saviour. Deliberately rejecting the Saviour after knowing the Truth. You become a stammerer to the truth you know and preached. Even to the ordinances given to you, you become a stammerer.
48.             If anyone sins deliberately by rejecting the Savior after knowing the truth of forgiveness, this sin is not covered by Christ’s death; there is no way to get rid of it. 
49.            There will be nothing to look forward to but the terrible punishment of God’s awful anger, which will consume all his enemies.
50.            Anybody rejecting Christ after knowing the truth, tell Me if it has a remedy. Any remedy? You just wait for your punishment which is eternal damnation.
51.            There are things one will say that are not clear to him. Is this one included? Do you examine the ornament on your hand with a torchlight? Did any of these vindications take place in the night? They all happened before our very eyes. You can tell everybody about everything here.
52.            If tomorrow, you call it magic, God marks you because you are trying to hide your evil away. And you are trying to turn the grace of God into lasciviousness. [Jude 4]
53.            You are frustrating the Spirit of Grace by telling lies against the truth which is evidently set out before your eyes.
54.             A man who refused to obey the laws given by Moses was killed without mercy if there were two or three witnesses to his sin. 
55.            Think how much more terrible the punishment will be for those who have trampled underfoot the Son of God and treated his cleansing blood as though it were common and unhallowed, and insulted and outraged the Holy Spirit who brings God’s mercy to his people.
56.            “Who brings God’s mercy to His people” That is the Mercy Seat. And the Holy Spirit is a human being, God’s Mercy Seat. You insult Him, you abuse Him, you treat Him with contempt because you think you have the power, forgetting you owe explanation to Him concerning all you have done.
57.            For we know him who said, “Justice belongs to me; I will repay them”; who also said, “The Lord himself will handle these cases.” He is the One who said, “Justice belongs to God and I will repay”, saith the LORD.
58.            If you do not know what to call this Message, call it what I called it in My family altar. REMEMBER YOUR REWARD. REMEMBER YOUR REWARD.
59.            For we know him who said, “Justice belongs to me; I will repay them”; who also said, “The Lord himself will handle these cases.
60.            The LORD Himself will handle cases like these. And Saint Paul said, “It is a fearful thing for one to come into the judgment of God, FOR GOD IS A CONSUMING FIRE.” [Hebrews 12:29]
61.            But many will say, “Go and report Me to God”, thinking it is a light thing. Who has ever faced judgment and was set free since the world began? May be, it will begin with you.
62.            Hardening your hearts against the truth until you get to the judgment. And here is the judgment. That the truth is coming forth and you are waving it aside.
63.            I know many wanted to be here today, but they perceived in their hearts that the Son of man might not be coming to Fellowship, for that reason, there was no reason coming to Fellowship in Onitsha.
64.            Looking at this place, I could not see anybody from Nsukka. Enugu is scanty. So it is with others. They had already pre-judged the Son of Man absent from Fellowship because His daughter is marrying at Mbaise.
65.            Even if she is marrying, is the marriage today? Will it be contracted today? It is going to be on Tuesday. Then why should the Son of Man absent Himself from the gathering of the Saints?
66.            On the other hand, some who are here prepared Messages which they will use to deceive themselves and even deceive the Brethren because they have conceived that the Brethren must have heard about what is happening in them, around them and in their homes over some issues.
67.            And they framed up Messages, quotes they will use to back up their unbelief to deceive the simple-minded ones to be on their side. God, recognizing that the devil never acted on Eve until the Man was away, decided that the Husband Man who owns this Household, the Ruler over the Household of God should be here present to forestall such moves.
68.            Does rat eat that which belongs to one who is awake? This is because I know the havoc a little drop of poison that is injected into a bottle of Fanta® can cause.
69.            And that will only happen when the Man of the House is away, then the Devil will come and sow seeds. Craftily sow seeds of discord that will be difficult to uproot.
70.            Before you know it, silly ones laden with iniquity will be shouting and jubilating, “Amen. Yes! Preach it harder”, because that is the way I know you.
71.            Aaron will mould a calf, They will say, “Amen, that is the god that brought us out.” Moses will come, “Who are on the LORD’s side?” They will shamelessly turn, “Amen. God’s servant has arrived.”
72.            The same People jubilated over Aaron’s idol and rejoiced over Moses Word. Which one are you?

Do not ever make the mistake of saying over my dead body. Whatever you are hearing here is your perfection. It is your righteousness, if you do it. But if you say, “Over my dead body,” you are already in hellfire, unless there are two Gods. But if we have only but one God, the One I have introduced to you, you do not have any other place you are heading to except hell.
ACTION TIME PART 2 (TRAINING OF CHILDREN) CAMP MEETING; preached on Tuesday, 30th December, 1997; Pg. 38 vs. 24 – 25

1.  It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. Don’t ever forget those wonderful days when you first learned about Christ.
2. Do not ever forget those wonderful days, wonderful experiences you had within yourself when you first heard about Christ and about this Faith.
3. When the Gentiles first heard about it, they rejoiced exceedingly. Their rejoicing was so much that the Hebrews, the Jews were provoked, because they never knew that God could include them into His salvation plan.
5. Nobody who was sincere and is still sincere when the message jammed him and his eyes opened who never regretted his past misdeeds and felt like going to his former association to fight.
6. The joy was so much that we were even saying things God never said, only to see if we can win them anyhow. HE SAID, “DO NOT EVER FORGET THOSE WONDERFUL DAYS, WONDERFUL EXPERIENCES YOU HAD WHEN YOU FIRST HEARD THIS MESSAGE OF CHRIST. THIS FRESH, NEW, LIFE-GIVING WAY.”
7. Do you really know the level of joy here in 1998? Did you not notice the joy that was here? It was as if we were going away at once. The joy of 1999 was even greater. Do not forget those good experiences so easily like that.
8. Christ has not changed. That one Person is still on the Throne, riding the trail. No other person but the same Man.
9.  Don’t ever forget those wonderful days when you first learned about ChristRemember how you kept right on with the Lord... by day and by night. ...even though it meant terrible suffering.
10.            Even though it meant passing through terrible sufferings. We were having daily Fellowship, trekking from Benjamin [Street Onitsha] to Ugwumba [Street Nkpor], trekking to Afor Nkpor, trekking to Amazu Oil, trekking to Abagana under rain and under sun shine.
11.            We were going without food. We were not complaining. We were going without shelter. We were laughed at and scoffed at. We became objects of caricature. Yet, it gave us abundant joy.
12.            There was no beauty in any of us that anybody could behold. Yet, we were very happy. Remember where you are coming from.
13.            You see why when you draw back, the Spirit of Christ will not be pleased with you. It means forgetting your experiences. It means forgetting how you were getting along with Christ.
14.            You were not married. It was you and Christ. It was not you and your husband. It was not you and your wife. You were alone with Christ. You were getting along.
15.            When did you start drawing your feet back? That is the point where you started backsliding in the spirit.
16.            Remember how you kept right on with the Lord even though it meant terrible suffering Sometimes you were laughed at and beaten,...
17.            Bro Ojiakor, is it a lie? Bro Kelechi, is it a lie? All of you here who were with me from the beginning, at any point where you met us in this Faith, you had your own experiences, even among your heathen relations.
18.            They cast you away. Made you a laughing stock. Some never believed you could survive till today. Some said you were going to die of starvation. There was no accusation they never rained on us.
19.            But in all, we are more than conquerors through Christ that fortified us. [Romans 8:37] Let it not be a testimony for yesteryears. It should be a continuous testimony. He said, “Remember how you were getting on with Christ daily.”
20.            Remember! Do not let the fire die down. That zeal should be there. That knowledge should be there. The enthusiasm should be there. The joy should be there. And that is the joy of your salvation.
21.            Moreso, when the fullness of the Deity has been made manifest. What you were promised in the beginning, you will see as we get towards the end, and at the end, you were not disappointed. Is it not enough to strengthen your faith that you have not believed in vain?
22.            You can now go and announce it to them, “The promised salvation now belongs to me.” Finish! I do not know about any other one.
23.            If God will not save us, why revealing Himself to us. What do we gain in knowing Him to this extent, if He cannot give us the promised eternal life? Put your hands in the Scriptures, it is not there. Amen.
24.            I know that those that will download this teaching today will beat their chest with regrets. Some even dressed, entered their vehicles intending to come but their wives said, “Why? Daddy will not be around.” You think it is not possible. Wait until you get home.
25.            You will hear testimonies when you begin to tell them that God allowed His Word to rain down like the dew of Hermon and our dresses were soaked. Our hearts soaked.  
26.            Sometimes you were laughed at and beaten, and sometimes you watched and sympathized with others suffering the same things
27.            And these are the things we have completely forgotten. You forget all your past and how you were getting on with God no matter those experiences.
28.            You were jubilating that you were not suffering in vain, fulfilling Scriptures, “That Christ because of the joy that was set before Him, endured the cross, despised the shame and was exalted at last in the right hand of Majesty.” [Hebrews 12:2] If you suffer with Him, you will reign with Him. [2 Timothy 2:12]
29.            You suffered with those thrown into jail, and you were actually joyful when all you owned was taken from you,...
30.            People deprived you of your belongings, even your rights in the family. Yet, you allowed them to go.
31.            You let them go, “If this will bring contention and strife, have it. Instead of strife, take all, but allow me to live and worship God. If you allow me a path to be moving about, it is enough for me. Take! Be the wise, let me be foolish.”
32.   were actually joyful when all you owned was taken from you, knowing that better things were awaiting you in heaven,...
33.            You knew. You still know that better things are awaiting you. Where? In heaven. How can God give this promise and fail you, unless you fail yourself?
34.   were actually joyful when all you owned was taken from you, knowing that better things were awaiting you in heaven, things that would be yours forever.
35.            Not temporary. Not being tenant. Freehold, not leasehold. Eternal. It belongs to you. You are not contending for it with anybody. The envy and jealousy of others can never deny you of that right. There is no strife in it. The hand of man cannot get there. The hand of the devil cannot get there. The thoughts of man cannot withhold it, for God has said it.
36.            Do not let this happy trust in the Lord die away,... Once it dies away, you are out of the way of truth. You land in the congregation of the dead.
37.            Do not let this happy trust in the Lord die away, no matter what happens. Remember your reward!... Do what? Remember your reward. I should remember my reward. Let your reward be in you, before your eyes and in your heart at all times. 
38.            You need to keep on patiently doing God’s will if you want him to do for you all that he has promised.
39.            You duty is to patiently keep on with the LORD. Patiently move on with God, enduring all things knowing that you have a reward. He that endureth till the end must surely get his reward. [Matthew 10:22] 
40.            You need to keep on patiently doing God’s will if you want him to do for you all that he has promisedAmen.
41.            His coming will not be delayed much longer.  And those whose faith has made them good in God’s sight must live by faith,... Must do what? Live by faith. ...trusting him in everything.
42.            Otherwise, if they shrink back, God will have no pleasure in them. Amen.
43.            But we have never turned our backs on God And will never ever turn our backs on God.
44.            But we have never turned our backs on God and sealed our fate. And did what? Sealed our F. A. T. E. When you turn your back on God, you have sealed your judgment. Your judgment is already determined.
45.            You have sealed your fate. No room for escape, for you have known the Saviour. Why turning your back against Him?
46.            But we have never turned our backs on God and sealed our fate. Remember, it does not mean seeing the Son of man and turning your back. It is drawing back from following the revealed truth evidently set out before your eyes and your conscience bearing witness.
47.            No, our faith in him assures our souls’ salvationLB Our faith in Christ assures our souls’ salvation. ASSURANCE OF SALVATION. The completeness of it. To God be the Glory. My Hebrew Book. Remember your Reward Amen.

The Kingdom at last has been revealed with the accompanying Grace. I can say in our day, we can now see the Son of Man in His Kingdom. The Son of Man is back in His Kingdom and has extended His invitation to you to come to share in His Glory and in His Kingdom. Nobody forced Himself inside this Faith. That is why I have told you that I have the Authority in Heaven and on Earth to deal with you in any way I want. You trouble Me, I put you out of this Body (The Body of Christ). There is nothing you can do. The highest thing you can do is to petition against Me, circulate it worldwide, I will remain here. I AM WHAT I AM. It makes no meaning to Me. You and your petitions. You heap them up for your condemnation, because in the end, you will carry them to My feet……
I CAN DO NOTHING OF MYSELF; Preached on Sunday 31st December 2000; Pg. 176 vs. 26

1. Before I will go, I want to read another Scripture. Hebrews 12:14 – 15  Try to stay out of all quarrels,... Try to stay out of what? All quarrels and seek to live a clean and holy life,...
2.    Try to stay out of all quarrels,... Some quarreled even this morning before coming to Fellowship. In some families, it has become a regular meal. A menu. If the husband does not serve it, the wife will serve it.
3.    Quarrel. It will come to a point where their children will be asking them any day there is relative peace, “Mummy, won’t you quarrel with our Daddy today? Daddy, you have not quarreled with our mummy today. Why? Slap her!”
4.    If you are making daily quarrelling a routine in your family, you are out of the way of truth.
5.    You may not quarrel with Me or anybody. You may be quarrelling with yourself. This is because the moment you quarrel with yourself, you become hostile. And in your hostility, you will now do what we call “transfer of aggression.”
6.    You transfer your anger to someone who commits no crime. You try to make everybody victims of your mood. You want them to suffer the same thing you are passing through, which they are not responsible for.
7.    God said, Try to stay out of all quarrels,... In My absence, if you obey, there is a greater credit than obeying while I am here. Let Me not go away and get evil reports that you are quarrelling among yourselves.
8.    Stop! Stop. Stop. Stop. Avoid quarreling with yourselves. Quarrelling with your wives. Quarrelling with your children. Quarrelling with your husbands. Quarrelling with your maidservants, even house helps. Avoid it. Quarrelling means quarrelling.
9.     Try to stay out of all quarrels, and seek to live a clean and holy life,... without which, no eyes can see God. ...for one who is not holy will not see the Lord. That means, you will never dwell with God eternally.
10. Look after each other so that not one of you will fail to find God’s best blessings.... Amen.
11. Finally and finally, Romans 1:21  Yes, they knew about him all right, but they wouldn’t admit it or worship him or even thank him for all his daily care. And after a while they began to think up silly ideas of what God was like and what he wanted them to do.... LB
12.This is because they have forgotten their first estate. Those that were formally washed, cleansed, who were rejoicing in the salvation which God gave them, when they merited it not.
13.  And God gave them over to the spirit of delusion and their foolish minds became darkened.
14.  Hebrews 4:1 – 3 I am concluding. Although God’s promise still stands—his promise that all may enter his place of rest—we ought to tremble with fear because some of you may be on the verge of failing to get there after all. 
15.  For this wonderful news—the message that God wants to save us—has been given to us just as it was to those who lived in the time of Moses. But it didn’t do them any good because they didn’t believe it.
16. It did not do them any good because they did not believe it. Today, if we refuse to believe, will it profit us anything good? God will allot the same portion to us.
17. They didn’t mix it with faith. For only we who believe God can enter into his place of rest. He has said, “I have sworn in my anger that those who don’t believe me will never get in,”....
18.  God has sworn in His anger that anybody that fails to believe Him can never enter into God’s promised rest, no matter who you are. God is no respecter of persons. [Acts 10:34]
19. Until I come your way again, till I come back, give your selves over to prayer and to study. Avoid quarrelling with one another. Avoid fault-finding which generates bad-blood.
20.Let there be no root of bitterness that will rise up in your heart whereby many are defiled. [Hebrews 12:15]
21. Keep away from idols. Stop your daughters from going after unbelievers. Stop your sons from going after unbelievers, for it does not profit you anything to use your money to bring idol into your family, for the devil does nobody any good but totally harmful.
22.To God be the Glory as I invite Apostle Kelechi to the pulpit.
23.Brethren before I go, lest I forget, the same Voice you have been hearing since morning is the One that is talking to you.
24.I am hosting some of you in My house at Mbaise starting from tomorrow. If you know that you are not billed to be there tomorrow, please stay away. Obey your leaders and your instructors. They are your spiritual guides.
25.Any day you are allotted, come that day, for obedience is better than sacrifice. [1 Samuel 15:22] All of you that are coming, you know your days and the role you are coming to play.
26.To those I gave My own invitations, special invitations, I am expecting them if they have the opportunity to come. But if you do not have the opportunity, you have not committed any crime against Me. I understand very well. It falls on a working day.
27.All of you that are coming from the Local Assemblies, nominated, I pray that the LORD God Almighty will grant you safe journey to and fro.
28.I equally look forward to having a very peaceful traditional marriage ceremony which will remain glorious in the sight of God, not to please men but God.
29.Thank you very much. Support Me and My family in your prayers every day. Thank you.
30.On this note, I say Remain blessed in Him eternally.