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The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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Preached On 10th Of February, 2019 At the household of god, Umuahia. By Pastor Daniel peter.


1.         The time has come for us to hear from God. For last week, the Lord gave us an injunction and that injunction I want to read it from this message. From
the message; ‘THE WORD’.
2.         THE WORD preached on 13th of January 2019 by Apostle Peter Odoemena at the household of God Onitsha; page 5 from verse 1 through 4.
3.         “I have told you that this year is another year altogether. It is not a year of lengthy preaching; everything is pointing you to one place… Amen!
4.         Everything is pointing each and every one of us to one place that; “Obedience is better than sacrifice and that God can bless you in everything but not in willful disobedience…
5.         God can bless you; God can bless me in everything but not in willful disobedience to His Word.
6.         And any minister that is coming here will talk on the dangers of willful disobedience which is unpardonable sin.
7.         It was here that He called my name; He said, “Bro Attah, take note! Bro Chizoba, take note! And every other Minister from other Local Assemblies. Go back to your Local Assemblies and show them the awful consequences of willful disobedience to God’s word for this is where we are now.”
8.         This willful disobedience to God’s word is not accidental. This willful disobedience to God’s word, it never happened to you by accident. You sat down and planned it and you executed it willfully.
9.         You know the instruction of God that has come to you as an individual, as a family and you have not carried it out; you are doing it willfully not by accident. It is a willful neglect to God’s word and instruction.
11.    That is why God made us to understand this year that it is not knowing God that gives you salvation. It is not knowing The Son of Man, Apostle Peter Odoemena that gives you salvation. No! It is not preaching that gives you salvation. No! Salvation goes beyond that!
12.    You can only be salvaged, given eternal life, if you obey the word of God. But any day, anytime you begin to disobey the word of God you are counting yourself out of God’s own salvation plan.
13.    So, what is expected of us this year is no other thing but obedience to God’s word. That was why when God was talking to us last week, He said, “I can see people that are afraid of going to hell but they are not doing anything to be in paradise. They are afraid of hellfire.”
14.    You say, “I do not want to go to hell”, but to do that which will guarantee your soul eternal life, you will not do it. Yet, you want eternal life.
15.    Nobody is admitted into the university without passing through exams. You must pass through JAMB for you to be admitted into the university.
16.    And you must meet the criteria which the university requires. If you do not meet the criteria that qualifies you to be in the school, will you be admitted? No!
17.    God went further to tell us when He was handling the message; “YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN”. He said that if you want this cup that is here and you know that your life is attached to this cup and the conditionalities has been given to you on what you will do to get this cup, until you meet those conditions, the cup can never be given to you.
18.    If you refuse to meet that condition that qualifies you to get this cup, you will be moping at the cup. The cup will be moping at you and yet you are desiring to have the cup, the cup will not move an inch. Am I making sense?
19.    The same thing is applicable to where we are now; that obedience is far better than sacrifice. Obedience to God’s word.
20.    There is nobody that is disobeying the word of God that never knew that he is disobeying the word of God.
21.    And another thing that I want to strike there is this; there is nobody in this Bride of Christ Ministry, as long as his soul is still alive, that does not hear the STILL SMALL VOICE.
22.    When you are doing anything that is wrong, the STILL SMALL VOICE will whisper to you, “This thing you are doing is not what God has said.” It will be whispering to you continuously, but because of stubbornness and stiff-neckedness, you will ignore that STILL SMALL VOICE.
23.    And you never know that that STILL SMALL VOICE is God that is speaking to you at that particular time but you will neglect that STILL SMALL VOICE and carry out your plan anyhow saying, “What will he do to me?”
24.    At that point, you are marking yourself out. Am I making sense? Begin to search yourself. The danger inherent in disobeying the Word of God. For God said, on this note, where we are, you are on your own. And I am on my own. No attachment.
27.    For the scripture says, “When you sin against the father you will be forgiven. You sin against the son, you will be forgiven. But when you sin against the Holy Spirit which is the Word of God. You will never be forgiven in this life nor in the life to come. That is the account of the Scripture, but God is not three-in-one. God is one entity.
28.    When you begin to attribute the things of God to the devil, you are crossing the divide. When the Word of God will come to you directly, you ignore it due to stubbornness and ignorance in your heart, you are committing unpardonable sin, for it never came to you as an accident but you deliberately carried it out.
29.    “And any minister that is coming here will talk on the dangers of willful disobedience which is unpardonable sin. It is not accidental. It is not a mistake. It is well calculated and reasoned.
30.    It is well calculated and reasoned. You masterminded it. You planned it well before you started your execution.
31.    It is not a mistake; it is well calculated and reasoned before it is carried out. It is unfortunate that many do not know what unpardonable sin is all about. Many do not know what it takes to be in the region of the lost and still be in the fellowship. Amen!
32.    I will rewind that place again.
33.    It is unfortunate that many do not know what unpardonable sin is all about. Many do not know what it takes to be in the region of the lost and still be in the fellowshipIt is unfortunate!
34.    No matter how I try to explain the word, ‘the word’ explains itself. Before the minister will come, I just want to rehearse the word using few scriptures. Amen!


1.         I will not take your time. In less than few minutes, I will come down. But before then, let me consider something from here; ‘THE SPOKEN WORD IS THE ORIGINAL SEED’ page 20, PROPHECY. It was preached on 30th June, 1996 at the household of God Onitsha by Apostle Peter Odoemena. The Son of Man. The Great Mahdi.
2.          Page 20; PROPHECY “in his name must all his people be saved.
3.         In whose name? God’s name and what is the name of God? The Word. The Word of God.
4.         “In his name must all his people be saved, in his name must all his people be saved. In his name must all his people be saved. Now my people listen to the voice of the living God that gathered you this morning. When I called you my people, I called you that the leadership of my people must be done by the word of the living God and no other thing.
5.         When He called us his people, He is calling us His people so that the leadership of His people must be His voice; THE WORD OF GOD. Whatever we do in our homes, in our houses, in our offices must be according to the word of God.
6.         I am the Lord of hosts that has called you and I will save you in the end if all of you shall bow to the leadership of my word.
7.         That is the condition! If all of us will bow down to the leadership of God’s word that is the only guarantee for our salvation. But if after hearing this word, you go ahead disobeying this word of God definitely you have counted yourself unworthy.
8.         Depart from the leadership of my word, there is no headway for you.
9.         Depart! Abandon! Ignore! Disobey the leadership of God’s word; there is no headway for that individual. For there is no other thing that gathered us here if not the word of God. If the word of God has gathered us here, all we have to do is to bow down to the leadership of God’s word.
10.    Keep your eyes on the word, you man or woman.
11.    Did He say you should take your eyes away from the word? He said, “Keep your eyes on the word you man, you woman.” Individually! You man, you woman, even little children you are not exempted for it is said that the leg of a small goat is sold in the market.
12.    Man or woman in the congregation of my people, no matter who you are, let not your hearts depart from my word. Hallelujah! For that is the standard everybody must be subjected to
13.    The leadership of God’s word. If He says, “Do this”, do it without complain. If he says, “Do not go this way”, do not go that way for that is the word of God for you at that time. No negotiation!
14.    Do not receive the word of God and you begin to go to a brother or sister negotiating the word of God with that person, for you never knew whether that person came to you to obey the word of God.
15.    That person must surely discourage you. He must give you reasons why you should not obey that word, for not everybody has come to God to worship God. No! For that reason, on this matter, you are on your own. I am on my own. There is no attachment
16.     When I called you my people; I called you that my word should be your guide.
17.    When He called us his people, He is calling us His people so that His word will be our guide for that was why even the prophet said that God is only looking for a man or a woman whom God will lead by his word. A man or a woman.
18.    “When I call you my people; I called you that my word should be your guide, in your counseling…
19.     When you are counseling somebody on a way to do the right thing, on how to go about things you use the word of God. For we do not have any other instrument by which we can use to counsel ourselves
20.    In your instructions…
21.    Whatever instruction you are giving must be according to the word of God, for that is the only instrument we can lay hand on.
22.    In your teachings
23.     You do not bring your own teachings rather you bring the word of God to affirm to the heart of the individual to continue in the love of God. And continuing in the love of God means obeying God. For the scripture says, “If you love me, obey my word.
24.    Even in your lives individually, what we should use is no other thing but the word of God.
25.    That everything you do must be subject to my word.
26.    Everything we do must be subject to what God has said. No more. No less. Any other thing contrary is disobedience. And when you disobey the word of God, you know what will happen to you. Even nature will stand against you for you are disobeying the God of nature.
27.    You can be eating and doing everything, but you will be diminishing. Why? Because you never take the word of God seriously. You never take the word of God as anything in your life. Everything around you must crumble, why? Because you are disobeying the God of nature.
28.    He is the God that created everything, both principalities and powers. Everything is in His hands. He can use it the way He wants for they are created for Him and for His own use.
29.    So if you disobey the word of God, who created the heaven and earth, definitely He will use everything that is in his power to torment you.
30.    Even the air you are breathing in will be against you. The water you are drinking will be against you. The food you are eating will be against you. Why? Because you are disobeying the word the God that created all of them.
31.    Let it be known unto you my people that except you abide by my word, there is no salvation for your soul.
32.    Except we accept wholeheartedly, surrendering ourselves to the rulership of God’s word, God is saying, “There is no salvation for our soul”, when you know that you do not have any other place to run to.
33.     That was why when Jesus asked them in his day in the book of John chapter 6, when he opened the word, he said, “Except you eat my flesh and drink my blood you shall never be in paradise with me. You can never have eternal life in you.”
34.    They were surprised, “So we have now become cannibals that will be eating human flesh and drinking human blood.” They said, “God forbid! who can stand to hear this one.”
35.    They all withdrew remaining only twelve. Then Jesus turned around and saw the twelve. He said, “Men and brethren, will you not also join your brethren and go?” Peter opened his mouth and said, “To whom do we go to, seeing that you alone have the word of eternal life and we are sure and certain.”
36.    There must be certainty in your life that this person that you have come to believe is no other person but God Almighty. For in this Bride of Christ Ministry we do not make friends.
37.    I am not saying we should not have friends, but we do not make friends. Our friend is one that has decided to obey the word of God. That is when you are my friend.
38.    But if I see you in naked disobedience to God’s word you are my enemy. That is why David said, “Lord, have I not hated those that hated you?”
39.    Why did he hate them? He hated them because they hated the word of God. We think that disobeying the word of God is a light thing. Do not worry. We are saying something.
40.    We are going to see something this morning but I know that the next 10 to 15 minutes I will come down.
41.    Let it be known unto you my people that except you abide by my word, there is no salvation for your soul. Thus saith the spirit of the living God. Amen!


1.         THE SPOKEN WORD IS THE ORIGINAL SEED. Page 23 (Chapter 1), from verse 1 through verse 9.
2.         “Elders in this church, you are all fathers…
3.         Please, I do not want this moving up and down. You are cheating yourself. Whenever the word is going on and you will be walking about, you are cheating yourself.
4.         “Elders in this church, you are all fathers. Please, I am not a destructive being, yet in my anger I can destroy with a flaming sword.
5.         I am not a destructive Being. Yet, in my anger, in my wrath I can destroy with a flaming sword. Look at the sword there, the sword of truth which is the word of God, “For the word I speak unto you, they are spirit and they are life”, if only you will accept it.
6.         Remember, we have some students living in our fellowship centre. All this while we have been living together with them harmoniously, and at the closing hour of the ministry, it will be very sad for us and them to part on a very sad note, for the spirit that is in your midst will not spare.
7.          “This is a special day in the history of this church. Any act of insubordination…    Any act of insubordination, any act of stubbornness.
8.         Any act of insubordination, disorderliness, recklessness or stubbornness must be punished instantly from my presence without mercy.
9.         “This day, is a special day in the history of this church. Any act of insubordination, disorderliness, recklessness or stubbornness must be punished instantly from my presence without mercy. We are not in this holy ground to play church.
10.    Some are here to play church. We are not a denomination. Neither are we in this holy ground to make merchandise of men. No!
11.    We are a special people altogether on earth. Six years and above, save your life. Six years and above, save your life.
12.    Any reckless movement from your side will be punished.
13.    Six years and what? Above. Even a child of less than six years, do keep malice. A child less than six years knows good and bad.
14.    There is a story I heard about a young girl who was barely about the age of three or four. In that their yard, there is a girl that they are in good terms with.
15.    One day this lady went to take her bath; I want to bring something out. She went to take her bath, on her way coming back; the little girl at the age of three ran to the lady’s room and locked the room. Locking the girl outside, the owner of the room.
16.    The girl knocked and knocked and knocked, but this little girl refused opening the door. Finally, when she opened it, the girl smacked her telling her not to try it again.
17.    At another time, this same girl did something that was wrong and this lady beat the hell out of the girl. Do you know what this little girl did at that age of three? This lady went to take her bath the next day and this small girl was somewhere watching her.
18.    Immediately she saw the lady coming out of the bathroom, she ran to the lady’s room and locked the door again. The lady got to her room and knocked and knocked and knocked but this girl refused opening.
19.    And she happened to be the daughter of the landlady. This lady knocked and knocked. Finally, the mother came and shouted at her to open the door before she opened it.
20.     She was severely beaten. You know what she did? You are saying it is a small girl at the age of three. The next day she saw this lady, she started keeping malice, she could not open her mouth and say good morning.
21.    So you do not tell me that at that age she is a small girl. Somebody that can keep malice that knows that she can go to somebody’s room and lock it up. Is she a small girl? No!
22.    If you enter voicemail here, I no go call you back. If you enter voicemail I no go call you back! Continue in your voicemail.
23.    God is about to create the last fear in the heart of his worshippers.
24.       God is about to do what? To create the last fear in the heart of his worshippers. For the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Anybody that is telling you not to fear God is telling you that you are about to die.
25.    God is about to create the last fear in the heart of his worshippers. I do not care who you are! Remember when Jephthah made an oath, a vow unto God, maybe he was thinking that what will meet him will be goat or a sheep or even one of his maidservants on his return from the battlefield.
26.    Unfortunately, what met him became his only daughter. The only thing he could boast of on Earth. Did he spare?
27.    But this day, the word of God, even the promise we make with our mouth is not even counting. People are not even honouring it again. You vowed a vow in your heart that you will do this thing to God, and at the end of the day, God did that thing which you want and you begin to give God excuse, “God wait first.”
28.    Is there fear of God there? You do not have the fear of God in you. You are one that has a blah blah mouth.
29.    Unfortunately, what met him became his only daughter; and the only thing he could boast of on earth, did he spare? He could not spare. The Bible said, “Nevertheless, the word of God prevailed.”
30.    The word of God does what? The word of God must prevail in every condition we find ourselves. Does the word of God prevail in every circumstance we meet ourselves?
31.    Do we take the word of God into cognizance, [that if not for Christ], by allowing the word of God to have total rule in our lives, in our families, even in the upbringing of the children?
32.    As a result, I do not care who you are…
33.    Are you hearing what God is saying? God is saying obedience is better than sacrifice. Except we obey his word! He said, “I do not care who you are, using Jephthah as a case study.
34.     As long as Jephthah could not disannul the vow he vowed unto God by sacrificing the only daughter he had on earth, the only thing he can boast of, how do you think that God will spare you when you disobey his word?
35.    How do you think that God will ignore you or wink at you when you flagrantly disobey the word of God? And you think it is nothing, it meant nothing to you.
36.    As a result, I do not care who you are, I do not care your relationship with me.
37.    I do not care who you are. If you like be the best friend, or you are the one that is feeding The Son of Man, you are the one that is fueling or maintaining his car. If he meets you in disobedience, you are gone. If you like carry the whole food that is on earth and give to the Son of Man, that one is not salvation.
38.    If Jephthah, even Abraham could not spare his only child, the child of promise which God gave to him, he could not spare, how do you think God will spare you when he meets you in utter disobedience?
39.    You know, when people disobey the word of God, they think it is a light thing because God does not react immediately. For God is one that gives a man a very long rope, giving him a lot of allowances to see whether he can change his mind, whether she can change her mind and come back to God.
40.    But because man felt that God is not carrying out the punishment immediately, man continued in the wrong way. Rather he is saying in his heart that God should pinpoint the culprit.
41.    God is saying that your carnal relationship with Him means nothing to Him, for what God is after is your spiritual relationship. SPIRITUAL! And that is obedience to God’s word. You do everything according to His word, at that time you can be His best friend.
42.    Wherever you are, be very quiet, very orderly and very peaceful. I am being led by the Holy Spirit to lead the church on a very long path, although you knew it, there is a purpose for it.
43.    Pray that you will not hold your Bible and miss God, because we have rolled into the full ministry of the spoken word. What is more? THE SPOKEN WORD IS THE ORIGINAL SEED.
44.    Our prophet William Braham said so. The Bible backed it up, for in the beginning was the word. There was no other thing. When the world was without form, when there was nothing created on earth, the word existed.
45.    If in the beginning, it was the word, in the end it must be the word. No more. No less. What was the action of the word? The word proclaimed something into existence. From the word, we could see the expression of the source of the word. For a word is nothing but thought expressed.
46.    In the mind of the Elohim, there was something hidden and nobody knew it.
47.    The word has to express what was in the mind of the Elohim.


1.         Whenever we hear anything from God, He is telling us His mind for that is how He is seeing the congregation.
2.         If God tells you to do anything, that is how He is seeing you at that particular time. And the word came out from Him as what He has in mind to tell you. Your righteousness will be “AT THY WORD OH LORD.”
3.         From the word, you could hear, “Let there be light.” We heard it this morning. He said that where we are now is not meant for lengthy preaching, for this year is another year altogether.
4.         What is expected of us this year is obedience to God’s word, for obedience is better than sacrifice. That is what he needs from us this year.
5.         It is when you obey that you can now sacrifice. Do not sacrifice when you have not obeyed. How can you sacrifice when you have not obeyed? It is an abomination, for you are mocking that person. You are a mocker!
6.         You want to render an acceptable sacrifice unto God when you have not obeyed His word, is it possible? No sir!
7.         It is when you have obeyed. Then out of your obedience, you can now render acceptable sacrifice.
8.         From the word, you will hear, “Let there be light”,.. And the Bible said that there was light. From the word, you could hear. “Let there be darkness”, and there was darkness.
9.         From the word, you could hear, “Let there be water”, and there is water. From the word, the earth was severed from the water. From the word, beings in the water came into existence.
10.    Do you see why we must take the word seriously? For the word determines what we will be in life. Amen
11.    I want to read a place from this message “REWARD” it was preached on 17th of July 1997At Brother Stephen Nwufo’s house, Abuja. That is former Brother Stephen Nwufo, by Apostle Peter Odoemena (The Son of Man), The Great Mahdi, The Elohim himself.
12.    This one is the Message He handled in the former brother’s house. He titled it “REWARD”, for in everything we are doing in this life, there must be a reward.
13.    Your obedience to the word of God will receive a reward. Your disobedience will receive a reward. So there is nothing any human being will do in this life that is without a reward.
14.    Page 30 from verse 1. I am reading from verse one through verse seven.  Remember, I am about to go. I will speak on a message titled “REWARD”. I have not spoken on this topic in my family altar; even in my own family altar it has not been mentioned.
15.    In the church, I do not remember handling it. If I ever handled it, it cannot be on the way I am going to speak on it now.
16.    Note it that I am talking to you in the church at Brother Stephen Nwufo’s house. Today, being the 17th of July 1997, I am speaking to you on the message titled: REWARD.
17.     If I can at least define it, I will be very happy. If a farmer goes to farm to cultivate the land, he fixes his mind on something:
18.    That during harvest, he will come back with some fruits of the land as a reward for his labour. Amen! Are we not labouring for something?
19.    And for whatever we are labouring, we have a target. Is it not true? For we are not like a boxer that throws punches aimlessly. We are not boxing the air, for we are facing our target.
20.     A boxer that is in the ring with his opponent, does that boxer throw punches aimlessly? If you throw punches aimlessly, you will be knocked down by your opponent. Rather you will be looking for the weak points of that your opponent so that you can knock him down.
21.    The only way God will not have any reasonable doubt to save us is if we pay attention to His Word. At that point, He is obligatory to save. But when you are neglecting His Word, you are making His work very easy. For you have become another student that is not intelligent in the school.
22.    A student that is not intelligent in the school has made the work very easy for the teacher. Once they set exams, and the teacher sees that it is an unintelligent student, what he will just say is, cancel it.
23.    He does not stress himself. He does not labour himself to say, “Let me read through.” He knows that he is a useless student. He will just be cancelling. He will mark, “Unacceptable! Unacceptable! Unacceptable! Amen!
24.    But what we do not know is this; we do not know how many that has been marked unacceptable in the sight of God? Yet, they are in the fellowship, praising God, worshipping God, singing, “Oh Mma Mma”, but God has stopped their journey halfway.
25.     Why? Because of their willful disobedience to God’s Word for they have been disobeying God for a very long time. God has been bearing with them, advising them, admonishing them, “Come back! Come back”, but they refused. That is why William Branham said that a man struggles his way into hell.
26.    For those that have disobeyed God for a very long time, God has marked them unacceptable, unworthy and packed them on one side. He asked them to sit down in the fellowship again.
27.    They will not be excommunicated. Oh No! They are still coming to church sitting down. Yes! Everybody comes to church. If a mad man comes here now, he will sit down. If the devil comes here now, he will sit down. Yes! He has come to church.
28.    If I can at least define it, I will be very happy. If a farmer goes to farm to cultivate the land, he fixes his mind on something: that during harvest, he will come back with some fruits of the land as the reward for his labour. I don’t know if somebody is catching what I am saying?
29.    I am using everyday examples. Anybody that is labouring, putting in efforts in anything, must be expecting a reward.
30.    Amen! All our efforts, is that at the end God should confer on us His own righteousness so that we can dwell with Him eternally. For if we subject ourselves to the will of God, definitely the gate is already open.
31.    The gate is already open, if only we can subject ourselves to the Word of God. SUBMISSION TO GOD’S WORD.  SUBMISSION TO GOD’S WORD. That is what guarantees one’s salvation.
32.    Even in this New Year Message, the promises of God which He proclaimed onto his children is with condition, “IF YOU WILL. IF YOU WILL. IF YOU WILL”.
33.    In order words, He is not forcing anybody. It is based on “IF YOU WILL.”  “If you obey My Word, this promises which I have proclaimed must come your way.” If you will. That is, doing the will of God. And the will of God is this: For every man to obey and worship God. Finish!
34.    The same way, if an athlete is running, he puts in all his efforts knowing full well there is a reward; a prize, hoping to beat others so as to come home with that prize. The prize will justify all the efforts he puts in there.
35.    The Theophany Body which God has displayed before our eyes is the only thing that will justify the effort we have put in obeying the Word of God.
36.    For it is one that has the zeal, the desire to obey God, that God will give a helping hand. What if you decide not to obey God and you fold your arms?
37.    For an adage says that it is a child that raises up his or her hand, that the parent will carry.” What if the child will say, “I will not. Carry me anyhow.” Will that parent carry that child?
38.    It is our implicit obedience to God‘s Word that will grantee our eternal salvation, our eternal destiny. No murmuring, no complaining, no grumbling. If He likes, let that Word be against your life style, your long established life style, as long as that is the Word of God for you, you must obey it if you want life.
39.    But today, people do not want to take side with the Word of God again. Rather, they want God to take side with them.
40.     The prize will justify all the effort he puts there. That prize automatically becomes his reward. Thus, in everything we do in this life, we must expect a reward.
41.     In everything we do, whether in word or in action, we are expecting a reward. Amen! But when you begin to say no, when God speaks and you say no, He talks to you, you say no. Well, let me read something from here.
42.     STUDY TO SHOW YOURESLF APPROVED AT ALL TIMES, Volume 1. Preached on Sunday, 11th November 2018 by Apostle Peter Odoemena, The Son of Man. at the household of God, Onitsha. Page 57 from verse 21 through 32.    
43.    Satan is the one responsible for your disobedience to the Word of God. Who is that Satan that is responsible? You! Why? Because you yield yourself over to the spirit of Satan. And when you yield yourself over to the spirit of Satan, expressly you become that Satan.
44.    For God will not do anything without using a man, Satan also will not do anything without using a man. In other words, men are the agency in God hands and even the devil’s hand.
45.     So it is the spirit which you yielded yourself to that will control you. So do not say, “it is Satan”. You are that very Satan that we are seeing, because you yield yourself over to the spirit of Satan.
46.    Disobedience to every Word of God is inspired by Satan who is known for that. Can you imagine? So this has been his Word from the very word go.
47.    “So you have created man to worship you. It will not happen and then when they worship you, you live with them eternally? In paradise? From where you pushed me down?” He [devil] swore that it will not happen.
48.    And God is saying it. He [devil] is doing everything possible to push man into hell and God is taking man away from hell and man is saying No! Supporting the devil.
49.    Son of Man: pure truth! Does anybody want eternal life? Who does not want eternal life here? Nobody! Then why are you not doing that which is meant for eternal life?
50.    Apostle Ojiakor: How do we support the devil, by saying no to every instruction from God, to every Word of God.
51.    Son of Man: By trying to have our ways.”
52.    For when you are trying to have your ways, you are saying no to God and saying welcome to the devil.
53.    Apostle Ojiakor: That is how we are supporting the devil by saying no to the revealed word of God. I told my family; watch, if you are indicted for any evil and you resent it, you resent the indictment, you are supporting the devilI rewind.
54.    I told my family; watch, if you are indicted for any evil and you resent it, you resent the indictment, you are supporting the devil. Because the word of God – the prophet William Braham said, preaching the gospel, the word is casting out demons and when the word comes to you, you say no to the word.
55.     You are refusing the Word having effect in you and you are shielding whatever that has made you, pushed you into doing the wrong thing and that is the devil, because every action of a man is inspired by a spirit.
56.     A right action is inspired by the right spirit, a wrong action is inspired by the wrong spirit and that is the spirit of the enemy.
57.    THE APOSTLE INTRODUCES HIMSELF TO HIS PEOPLE [THE BACKGROUND Page 71 verse 9. it is not easy to say no to a man of God.
58.    Son of Man: That was before!
59.     Almighty God said, ‘That was before. People can now say no to the Word of God at will. The creature is now saying no to the Creator.
60.    And when you are saying no to God’s Word, tell me, have you accepted that Man to be your God? Have you welcomed that Man in your heart to be your God? And you want eternal life. You want to be in paradise, but you are afraid of hell, and you will not do that thing that brings the fruit of paradise.
61.    From the day you shake your head when I speak to you, from that day, your problem starts.
62.    From the day you shake your head when God speaks to you, giving you the Word of life and you shake your head, from that day your problem starts!
63.    From that day, everything about you will change…


1.         Amen! Whatever you are hearing, begin to relate it with what you are passing through. Do not push it away. Do not say this one does not concern you. It concerns you because your life is involved.
2.         Do not say it does not concern you. It concerns each and every one of us. For what we are talking about is to dwell with God eternally and the only way is; obedience to God’s word. Finish!
3.         We will behave like sheep and not like goats. We will be following Him sheepishly, not questioning Him and His authority over us because He told us, “I must bear rule over you, whether you like it or not.”
4.         And this day, people do not want the Word of God to bear rule over them again. They want to have their way. Maybe it is because what God is saying does not agree with their personal philosophy or because it does not agree with their idiosyncrasy.
5.         They are now saying No to God. And God is saying, “From the day you shake your head when God speaks to you, from that day your problem starts.”
6.         It is not easy to say no to a man of God. In other words, if I am a man of God, from the day you shake your head when I speak to you, from that day, your problem starts.
7.         From that day, everything about you will change. Even nature will be against you because you have refused the Word of the God of nature. God will turn against you and it will be a battle.
8.         If you are in a battle with the Almighty God, what do you think will happen to you? For some time now, God has been hammering; Beware! Beware! Beware! Beware! 
9.         And I asked why did God create man and then that same God, why did he call you? Why did he draw you to himself? Why did he draw me to himself? It is that we might worship him acceptably.
10.    ACTION TIME PART 3, OBEDIENCE IS BETTER THAN SACRIFICE. I am reading from page 41 from verse 5 through 18. This message was preached on 31st December 1997 camp meeting at the household of God Onitsha by Apostle Peter Odoemena, The Son of Man, The Supreme Intelligence.
12.    That is the only thing that can make us sons and daughters of God. Our strict obedience to his word.
13.    OUR TOTAL OBIDIENCE TO HIS WORD. No man has ever seen God coming down and say “I am God”
14.    Has it happened before? No sir! Okay!
15.    But in every age God has always reached man using a human being. God has always come down and then put on human form and then declare his mind to mankind.
16.    It is when man becomes desperately stubborn that God can use an ass to speak like he did to Balaam.
17.     When man become desperately stubborn, incorrigible then God will now use another means to talk to man because of stubbornness.
18.    It is when man becomes desperately stubborn that God can use an ass to speak like he did to Balaam. When Balaam became extremely stubborn, God had to use an ass to reach Balaam.
19.    Like Belshazzar, when he became extremely stubborn, God had to come down and write on the wall; MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN: YOU ARE WEIGHED IN THE BALANCE, YOU ARE WEIGHING NOTHING.
20.    As long as man remains obedient to God’s word, God must continue to speak to man through man. He must continue to reveal His mind, His will for mankind through man. 
21.     When God told the people of Israel, your own brother, your flesh Moses have I chosen among you to bear my name before you. I am sending him to you as God; whosoever shall hear him shall live.
22.    Hallelujah! Whoever shall hear him shall live, and greater than Moses is here. Greater than Jesus is here, then why are we saying no to his word. If we know that greater than Moses is here and greater than Jesus is here, even greater than Solomon is here.
23.    He that is in our midst, he is sending every messenger that came in time past. In this last day he decided to come down to see things for Himself. He has come, He has seen and he has passed judgement.
24.    When God told the people of Israel, your own brother, your own flesh Moses have I chosen.
25.    We have God who is our kinsman redeemer. He is our kinsman, our fellow human being like us. He drinks pap. He eats akara. He eats okpa. He eats Fufu. He eats garri. He eats yam. He eats bread. Everything we are doing is what He is doing. Yet, in him dwelleth God fully. 
26.    The era has gone where you say God is like this or God is like that, no! God has become a human being and is dwelling among human beings. God became a human being because his children are human beings. And he decided to put on flesh so that he can redeem them.
27.    For if God never came as a human being, there is no salvation for his people. And the only way his people can receive salvation is by harkening unto His word.
28.    I have chosen him to bear my name before you; I am sending Him to you as God. Whosoever shall hear him shall live. Whosoever shall not hear Him shall be cut off from among his brothers for I have placed my name in Him.
29.    If we continue to disobey the word of God continually, we have cut off ourselves from among the brethren.
30.    What is God’s name? THE WORD OF GOD. That was why Moses became God to Israel. Any disobedience to his instructions is disobedience to God’s instruction. If you slap Moses, you have slapped God. You murmur against Moses, you are murmuring against God.
31.    That was why when God came to judge the iniquity of His people in the wilderness, when they murmured against Aaron and Moses, God said that they murmured against Him. If you murmur against God’s servant, your life is at stake.
32.    You are placing your life on the line, for murmuring against God’s own servant. Thus, if you want to live, no matter the action of a man of God, no matter the action of that minister that is ordained by God Himself to convey His message to you, do not ever murmur against him. If you murmur against him, you are risking your life.
33.    Everywhere has become quite. Even if his action is wrong in your own estimation or judgement, kneel down and pray for him. Do not ever murmur. Do not ever complain, otherwise the life of your soul is at stake. He is somebody’s servant. He that ordained him sent him.
34.    He is behind his actions. You must be in the spirit for you to understand him. His actions may be contrary to your expectations. When you are coming to God, do not expect God to tell you what you want.
35.    But that is what people are looking for now, God should tell them what they want to hear. When you are coming to God, do not expect God to tell you what you want. But He will tell you what He wants. And that is what you must do otherwise you are counting yourself unacceptable in the sight of God.   
36.    Many, before coming to a man of God, will have their own solution to their problem in their hearts and they will still come to the man of God. Why coming then? Apply that your solution.
37.    That is why many of you feel very much disappointed when you come to see a man of God and he says something contrary to what you were thinking, you are automatically put off.
39.    He has pointed all his people to that man and He is no other person but Himself. He alone you must listen to.
40.    ACTION TIME PART 3: OBEDIENCE IS BETTER THAN SACRIFICE. Page 46 from verse 22 through 29.
41.     Thus, it is not a surprise that I first of all introduced that man to you through the prophets, through the Holy Scriptures, through supernatural occurrences, I introduced the man to you whose voice you must hearken and all of you said amen that God has blessed us in this generation.
42.    We thank God for coming down in person for we all agreed that we now have God in person as our teacher. We have him in person as our teacher for no man can teach like this if he is not God. We acknowledged it. And yesterday, I declared to you his message, many frowned their faces.
43.    Many developed hypertension. Why? I say why? did I not tell you that I do not speak of my own that I proclaim to you whatever I receive from him, for my father who sent me is also in me. Glory be to God.
44.    I am speaking to you on the third part of the message ACTION TIME PART 3. And the topic is OBEDIENCE IS BETTER THAN SACRIFICE.
45.      While I was praying now, it pleased He that sent me to come down and then  help Me to drive the message home.
46.    He said, all through the night, my people have remained restless, because they have been reasoning my word, reasoning My holy commandment which I gave them for their own good.
47.    The same were the one; they were the same people that told me to speak that they will obey. Why are they ganging up here and there? Why are they forming groups trying to reason out the message?
48.    Go and drive it down, that whether they like it or not, if they must be with Me in eternity, they must obey all these commandments to the letters. They must obey all these commandments to the last.
50.     God takes delight in us obeying His Word than for us to be rendering sacrifices which will not even be honoured by God.
51.    ACTION TIME PART 3: OBEDIENCE IS BETTER THAN SACRIFICE. Page 55 verse 55 through 60.
52.    Rebuke means tell me my sins to my face, rebuke means telling me my shortcomings to my face.
53.    And that is what God is doing now. If God never knew that we are falling short in obeying his word, will he say we should go and speak on danger inherent in disobeying His word?
54.    He knows that we are disobeying his word that is why the instruction is going forth. And that is why God is rebuking us by His word, putting us right.
55.    So that we will see reasons why we must obey Him, and obeying Him is for our own good not for any other person.  
56.     Rebuke means telling me my sins to my face, rebuke means telling me my shortcomings to my face.
57.    And it has only but one aim; so that I will be serious and repent. That is what rebuke is all about, so that we can be serious and repent and be converted doing the will of God.
58.    OBEDIENCE IS BETTER THAN SACRIFICE. God commanded his people never to go about erecting altars here and there and then building synagogues up and down, but one thing he commanded them.
59.    Hearken unto my word and obey my commandments. Walk in all my ways, I will be your God. You will be my sons and daughters.
60.    But any day you disobey I will cast you away from my presence. How many will love to be cast away from the presence of God? Is there anybody? No!
61.    If God casts a man away, where is he ending it? If God should cast a man away, where is the man ending it? In hell, the man is entering bottomless pit.
62.    No wonder Samuel told the people of Israel, no matter the level of your transgression before God, do not ever draw away from following him. Always Endeavour to obey the word of God.
63.    Madam, we do not walk about here, please. Bro Divine! Bro Divine! Bro Divine! You have a lot of work to do. She does not know what we believe. I have seen the letter she sent. I am yet to speak on it for am still coming to that letter.
64.    Continue following him. Keep on obeying, by and by he will show you mercy. He will forgive because He has called you his own people and for His name sake, He must extend His mercy.
65.    But if because of his commandments, you run away from Him, He will banish you from his presence forever. Do not shake your head because you know the source of the message.
66.    Do not shake your head because you know the source of the message.
67.    You know him that is talking to you. Do not ever shake your head but pray and say; Almighty God give me enough grace to obey all your instructions. For without grace, no man can obey all your instructions, for without grace no man can obey you.


1.         Without the grace of God, no man can obey God for it is God in us that is obeying Himself. So, if God does not give you a helping hand, by your own self striving you can never achieve it.
2.         And before God will give you a helping hand, He must see the willingness in you. Yes! If you fall into a ditch and you are looking for a rescue. And rope is being sent down to you, so that they can drag you out of the ditch. You are refusing the rope; you will remain in the ditch.
3.         So in other words, the willingness must be there. You must hold on to that rope, so that you can be drawn out of the ditch. Not that you want to come out of the ditch and you want another person to jump into the ditch so that he will come and rescue you.
4.         And when the rope is being dropped down or lowered down to draw you out, and the person that is trying to draw you, sees that you are trying to draw him into the ditch, he will drop the rope.
5.         For the person has seen that there is no willingness in you to come out from the ditch, you will remain there; you are enjoying in that ditch. And you will remain in that ditch until it is all over.
6.         ACTION TIME PART 3: OBEDIENCE IS BETTER THAN SACRIFICE. Page 67 from verse 21 through 26. You know my doctrines very well no matter how you try to deny, your conscience will still condemn you.
7.         Watch Jesus. Watch Jesus. What did he say? It is not the hearers of the word that will come into the kingdom of Heaven, but doers of the word.
8.         Whosoever heareth my word and doeth it, I liken him to a wise man who constructs his house on a solid rock.
9.         No matter how the wind blows, the flood, everything including tempest, nothing can push it down. Amen! 
10.    No matter the temptation, no matter the trial, no matter the tempest, the house will continue to stand firm. No shaking.
11.    Nothing can push it down. But whosoever hears it and fails to carry it out, I liken him to a fool who is building his house on a sandy soil.
12.    He said, the moment the wind comes, the wind pushes down the building and the building crash lands. The fall will be a great fall.
13.    He will then say, “See what I have done to myself.”  The building will say, see what I have done to myself. That is ‘had I known’.
14.    One day the Lord will come, there shall be mercy no more. Are we hearing it? One day the Lord will come, there shall be mercy no more.
15.    One day the Lord will come, there shall be mercy no more. Sinners will beat their chest. WHY ARE THEY GOING TO BEAT THEIR CHEST?
19.    OATHS AND VOWS: OBEDIENCE IS BETTER THAN SACRIFICE part 1 volume 1. Page 58 from verse 1 through 5. Brethren, what are we saying? The spirit is saying something. What is the spirit saying? “Why are we doubting God’s move? Why are we doubting what the spirit is saying?”
20.    The great question: is it that it is falsehood that He said. That He gave us false prophecy? Or are you asking, “Why must it be said this way?” does it mean that God accused us falsely? Or “why, why must it be said in the congregation?”
21.    Instead of repenting, we are expecting God to come and kneel down and beg us for it, waiting for him to speak it silently into your ears;
22.    When we are all here and raised up our hands as a confirmation, that what the spirit is saying is truth, that it is our lives.
23.    One by one, picking them up; describing things around us and everybody taking his own one by one.
24.    How then did you receive your own and turn back and attribute it to man? That it is no longer God. Inside the congregation, “God is great.” When you get to your home ‘God is no longer great’.
25.    It becomes man, it becomes ordinary story. When you see the glory of God and the move of God and attribute it to man, what have you done?
26.    You commit sin against the Holy Spirit. Because you attributed the doing of the Holy Spirit to man, for that reason, you grow no further until you make it right with God.
27.    Page 66, verses 1 through 17
28.    Now, I am going to speak on a little topic; OBEDIENCE IS BETTER THAN SACRIFICE. Follow me as we quickly rush to 1st Samuel chapter 15, because we know the story, I will not allow you to begin to read a lengthy topic or a lengthy passage. Thus note verse 7 through 26.
29.    “And Samuel said, hath the Lord as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the Lord? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams?
30.    We all know this story very well. All of us know it well. For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft.
31.    For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. Rebelling against God. Rebelling against the word of God. You rebel against it, you start fighting against it instead of saying amen to it.
32.    You do not know that it is likened to the sin of witchcraft. You are a witch or wizard sitting down in the church.
33.    If you are rebelling against the spirit of God, you are rebelling against the word of God; you are a witch, you are a wizard.
34.    And the Bible said; suffer not a witch to live. You are not worthy to live. You are worthy of death. You are not worthy to be in the midst of the holy people. Why?
35.    And stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry, because thou hast rejected the word of the Lord, he hath rejected thee from being king. Amen!
36.    When we reject the word of God, automatically God will reject us as his sons and daughters. And it is your action that will make us to know whether you are rejecting God or you are accepting God.
37.    Look at what happened to Saul, when Saul flouted the instruction of Samuel, thinking that he can disobey the word of the prophet and get away with it.
38.    Then the question came to him, “King Saul why have you decided to disobey the word of God?” Saul was giving excuses, why? because he listened to the voice of the people. Is that a reasonable excuse before God?
39.    There is no reasonable excuse we can give before God for not obeying His word. For every excuse that we give, will be a part of our problem. Rake every excuse you think you can rake up, that one nah for your pocket, for God will not listen to it.
40.    Now, Saul rejected God. How did he reject God? Can anybody who is a child of God ask this question? When he was going to make sacrifice, he made sacrifice with good conscience. He knows what he was doing.
41.    We know the instruction that was given to Saul; “go and make war with the people of Amalek. Kill everybody there; both the king and all that are there even the animals”.
42.    Saul did as he was told, but while coming back, he came with the fat sheep and goats, he wanted to eat fat animals, and even took the Amalekite’s king captive down to Israel.
43.    When he met the prophet and the prophet asked him concerning his assignment, he answered the prophet that he had done as commanded by the Lord.
44.    Are you seeing it? When Samuel came to Saul, asking him about the assignment he has given to him. He said oh! Everything was done according to your word. The king telling lies.
45.    The prophet asked him, “Did God tell you to bring down goat and fowl?” but before you knew it, the prophet was now hearing noise at the backyard of King Saul. Asking King Saul, “What are those things that is making noise, even the noise of women.” Then King Saul began to give flimsy excuses.
46.    Kill means kill. To be compassionate is to do the will of God. It is easy if you open your heart to accept it. It can never be easy if your heart is not open. To every child of God, the word of God is easy. But to a non-elect, it is not easy.
47.    For the Scripture made us to understand that every commandment from God is not grievous, that it is light. We make things very cumbersome for ourselves when we make up our mind not to obey the word of God.
48.    If you say the word of God is not easy to be obeyed, then you are a Stranger. For every stranger says the word of the master is very hard to obey.
49.    The prophet asked him, did God tell you to bring down goat and fowl?  Did He command you to come back and sacrifice for Him? Saul, when did you start to sacrifice for God?                                                                                                       
50.    Who made you a priest to sacrifice unto God? You want to change your position from a king to a priest? Will you sacrifice Agag, the king of Amalek? Does God accept sacrifice of human blood?”
51.    King Saul! Answer! You can be that king Saul. For when God will give out instruction, you will reason it, you will set it at nought. God wait let me do my own.
52.    Deceitfulness, self-deceit. He was deceiving his heart. He was accepting bribe to keep king Agag alive. But watch that man Saul; if the prophet was not spiritual, he would have been misled by Saul. He said he brought the best of the sheep and oxen and loots to sacrifice unto the Lord.
53.    Was that the commandment? Was that the instruction? Do not look at Saul but look at yourself.
54.    Samuel understood the spirit that was in Saul and started talking to him, telling him that it is better to obey the word of the Lord than to sacrifice.
55.    It is better to obey the commandment of the Lord than to gather all the animals you have; all your money.
56.    Listen, your coming here is good.  Hello, your coming here is good. Your offerings are good, but listen to me, the first thing God wants from you and me is to first of all listen and obey His Word.
57.    It is better that we listen and obey the Word of God than for us to use all the money we have to support the ministry. Amen.
58.    It is better to obey the Word of God, obey His instructions, His commandments than to use central bank to support the Ministry of Christ.
59.    1st Corinthians chapter 13. I never knew I will stay up to this hour, for what we are discussing is far more serious than any other thing or any other carnal consideration.
60.    If I had the gift of being able to speak in other languages without learning them, and could speak in every language there is in all of heaven and earth, LB
61.    I want somebody that will read louder for me, louder. You are reading to yourself. though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not love, I have become sounding brass, or a clanging cymbal. KJV CLANGING CYMBAL.
62.    And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not love, I am nothing.
63.    And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor,
64.     Hold on there, although I bestow all my goods to feed the poor. Let me carry the central bank and empty it and give it to the poor.
65.    And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned,
66.    Let me even give my body to be burnt as sacrifice.
67.    But have not love.
68.    And have no love; remember the love we are talking about. For when you obey the Word of God, you love God. For obedience is better than sacrifice.
69.    If you like carry your body as burnt offering, carry bullion van, support the Ministry, they are all good. They are all fine. But what we are talking about is more than that. Finish that verse.
70.    And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, but have not love, it profits me nothing. Sit down.
71.    What does it profit any man? When we know that obedience to God’s word is far better than sacrifice. We now use all our money, everything we have in this life as offering. Give our body to be burnt, yet the love of God is not in our heart. It profits us nothing. Amen
72.    It is better we listen to and obey the word of God than for us to use all the money we have to support the ministry.
73.    Missionary field, you support it. We are doing the other one. You support it with your money. You bring wine and other things. You are labouring in vain.
74.    It is better to obey the word of God first and the moment somebody disobeys the word of God, God treats it as rejection.
75.    When you disobey the word of God, you have rejected God. No more, no less. There are no two ways about it. Amen!
76.    Because Saul disobeyed the word of God, God treated it that Saul rejected him. He willfully disobeyed the word of God. Willful disobedience!
77.    He was aware that he rejected God. And because of that, God pushed him aside.
78.    Are you now seeing the consequences of disobeying the word of God? God can never take it lightly if anybody treats his word with contempt.
79.    If we reject God today, by disobeying him and his commandments, and God accepts us, God will tender apology to Saul. Amen! Are you with me?
80.    God will not always chide. God is not a child. God said, it is better we obey than to sacrifice, for obedience is better than sacrifice.
81.    OATHS AND VOWS: OBEDIENCE IS BETTER THAN SACRIFICE: PART 1 VOLUME 1, Page 82, from verse 47 through 55. I am coming down.
82.    You are my people said the Lord. Shall we wait until God will say, ‘it is paining me why I called you my children?’ ‘It is paining me why I promised to take you home. I am regretting showing you my original body; I am regretting lavishing all my deeds in your midst. Is that what we are waiting for?
83.     Is that what we are waiting for? That God said he is regretting why he came in contact with us? Is that what we are waiting for? Is that what we want to hear?
84.    Are we waiting for when it will proceed from his mouth? ‘I have rejected you people’.
85.    God is asking us these questions oh!
86.    Can we find out where we have sinned and question ourselves? What evil has God committed against us? Where has he accused us falsely? Wait, somebody is angry that he was accused falsely.
87.    If you know that you were accused falsely raise up your hand. When the man of God is in the pulpit; the spirit is resting upon him discerning the hearts of all, and begins to mention the spirits that are at work in the congregation; mentioning the spirits that are at work in the congregation.
88.    These spirits are operating in all of us one by one. The one operating in you may be different from the one operating in me, but in all, all these things are happening in our midst and God is lifting it as a burden.
89.    Amen! I want orderliness. I want orderliness. This random movement should stop.
90.       How many sins shall one commit to become a sinner in the eyes of God? How many moves of God will you doubt and become a doubter of the move of God?
91.    We expect God to come and bow down to us. God can never do that! Far be it from him to do it! He has already declared it that THE HEATHEN WILL EVEN PROCLAIM HIS GREATNESS; WHETHER WE LIKE IT OR NOT.
92.    Thus, if we are tired of worshipping God let us go home. If we are tired of the heavenly race, let us go home and stop deceiving ourselves! That is what God is saying. The matter is clear before us! It is as clear as the day!


1.         Many of us in this faith, we are tired of the heavenly race. Because, you cannot find fault with the Word of God, until you are tired of following God. You will be looking for where to hold to excuse yourself.
2.         Let me tell you, even if there is an evil you have found yourself committing, and it happened that you told it to any brother or any sister, and it happened to be reported to any of the ministers and it happened to be flashed in the church; it is for your own good that you should repent.
3.         But these days we will say, “Why must it be so”. Why must it be so? He could have told me secretly, why bringing it the pulpit, why bringing it to the congregation. He is disgracing me. He is not respecting me. As if the word of God is a respecter of persons.
4.         If you are committing any sin, even if you reported it to a minister and he brought it to the pulpit; he did so to help you because you are not the only one in that evil.
5.         Do you think if God handled a message, if that message is not for you, it is for somebody else out there?
6.         There may be others involved in the same evil. It is for your own good. The bible said, “Do not join in the unfruitful works of the enemy; but instead, expose it”. But nowadays, people are now ganging up, supporting evil.
7.         OATHS AND VOWS: OBEDIENCE IS BETTER THAN SACRIFICE: PART 1 VOLUME 1,  Page 90 from verse 1 through 11.
8.         Exodus chapter 24 verse 1 to 7: “and he said unto Moses, come up unto the Lord, thou, and Aaron, Nadab, and Abihu, and seventy of the elders of Israel; and worship ye afar off.
9.         And Moses alone shall come near the Lord but they shall not come nigh neither shall the people go up with him
10.    And Moses came and told the people all the words of the Lord, and all the judgments; and all the people answered with one voice, and said, all the words which the Lord hath said we will do” amen.
11.    Did you understand the wisdom there? This is God and His people. God told Moses to come with Aaron, come with other seventy noble men, intelligent men, ministers, together with Moses.
12.    However, when they came to the place, God said “let others stop there. Moses alone come forth.”
13.    There was nobody contending and saying, “Are we not ministers? Am I not a pastor, am I not an evangelist, am I not a teacher?”
14.    No. God has done it. He needs only but one person. He will talk to that man and that man will speak to the congregation.
15.    If you will not believe him, do not believe him. He is to represent God before His people.
16.    When he goes to consult God, he will go and discuss with God. The seventy elders, even if they like, let the men be raising their heads from where they were, it doesn’t concern God.
17.    Whatever they say about Moses, God is not troubled. God has made His choice. That is once and for all.
18.    When he finished with God and went back to the people of Israel, everybody believed that he went to the presence of the Almighty God.
19.    Everybody believed that God talked to him; and they said, “Everybody listen,” and he opened up and spoke all that God told him to tell the people of Israel.
20.    Nobody raised his hand to ask questions, “I have something to say in all. Why should God do this, why should he not talk to us?”
21.    But all of them with one accord said, “All that the Lord said, we will do”. They said “amen”.
22.    OATHS AND VOWS: OBEDIENCE IS BETTER THAN SACRIFICE: PART 1 VOLUME 1, Page 94, from verse 13 through 18.
23.    Just as I am here standing, all of you are sitting down. Ezra the priest opened the book of life, the word of God, the bible and he was reading: when he opened it, all the people stood up; and Ezra blessed the Lord. That is why we stand up when we are reading the bible. Amen.
24.    At times, a Minister will be on the pulpit, well let me say it, you people have inculcated it as a habit, whenever a minister mounts the pulpit, you all will stand up; praying, opening of the fellowship.
25.    But I remembered the day I went to Enugu, immediately I mounted the pulpit to open the fellowship with song, all of them were sitting down. I now opened up, I said “Why is it that a minister mounted the pulpit to open the fellowship and all of you were sitting down. Is it how you people do it here?”
26.    For it is believed that whenever a minister mounted the pulpit, everybody will stand up to reverence God. But some will be in the fellowship, sitting down and be doing another thing entirely; some will be playing, while some will even fold their hands like you here.
27.    When the brother was singing, “Turn to your brethren and give a handshake of love”, somebody went to her, she chased that person away. And you tell me that you came to fellowship. You are only here sitting down. They are many. I know. Some were even avoiding.
28.    And all those things are happening among these ones we said they are coming up. We say they are coming up. They say they are coming up in the Bride of Christ Ministry, in the Bride of Christ Ministry they are coming up. Well whatever you sow, that is what you will reap.
29.    If you know that you are sad from your house, you could have remained in your house. Stay in your house.
30.    Even when book was placed on this seat, somebody was looking for a place to sit down, only for her to use book to occupy a seat for somebody, maybe for the mother that is not yet around. And somebody is here looking for a place to sit down, only for us to note that the book was placed here.
31.    Amarachi was asking her, “Who placed that book there. Remove the book.” She became violent. She became angry. Picked the book angrily. And you are coming up in the Bride of Christ Ministry.
32.    Well, when God has said, “Whoever that comes in, anywhere you see, sit down”. But you are using book to occupy space. You sat on your own seat, nobody is disturbing you, you are providing seat for somebody that is still on the way. Be very careful.
33.    Be very, very careful. If you want to remain in your sadness, stay in your father’s house. Continue in your sadness there. Even at times praises will be going on; some will fold their arms like this. Sing. No way! Praise, no way! Jump up! No way! Then why are you coming to fellowship?
34.    If you know that it has not dawned on you to come to fellowship, stay in your father’s house. Nobody is begging anybody. Nobody is begging you to come here. For you should know that we are not looking for converts. We are not looking for a large population or people that will fill the seats or sit on the seat, yet they are not believing God one bit.    
35.    God said “If it is only one or two that will obey him that will be in the congregation, that will be the best, than looking at all of you that are giving Him headache.” Amen.
36.    And Ezra blessed the Lord, the great God. And all the people answered, Amen, Amen, with lifting up their hands: and they bowed their heads, and worshiped the Lord with their faces to the ground.
37.    But today, our eyes are always fixed. Even looking at the minister eye to eye. You look me, I look you. That reverential fear of God is no more there.
38.    That is why I love the Muslims. When the Muslims are worshiping their God, come and watch them, they are always faced down. Their eyes are always down. They never look up. It is a sign of submission to God.
39.    But have we submitted to God? For Islam means submission to God. There is no other thing God is demanding from us if not for us to be submissive to His word.
40.    Just like we saw last week, how we should worship God. Can you see why God said, you have not worshiped me for one day. How you should worship God.
41.    The man of God was in the pulpit, opened the scroll, the word of God and while they read, the people said amen. So be it.
42.    All of them lifted up their hands towards heaven with their heads faced downwards to worship God.
43.    None of them was looking round here and there to know how the other person was reacting and how another was behaving. All were busy.
44.    Let there be prayer now, some people their eyes will be flickering right and left to know who is closing his or her eyes, who is bowing down and who is not bowing down.
45.    Maybe we do not know, whenever prayer opens, everybody should go on their knees, as a sign of submission to God. How can God be talking to us and mere maggots like us will be standing erect. Amen.
46.    Even some denominations know more than that. Like cherubim and seraphim now, if they want to pray, all of them will go on their knees. Am not even talking about the Muslims, because that of Muslims, it’s their nature. It’s their way of life.
47.    But these days, who cares? Amen. All of them lifted all their hands towards heaven with their heads faced down to worship God. None of them was looking round, here and there to know how the other person was reacting and how another person was behaving.
48.     All were busy with God, but here; bow down let us pray you will see people watching somebody coming from the main-road.
49.    Bow down let us pray, people will be looking at somebody at the gate. ”who is that person that is coming?” does it concern you? It goes to show that you never came to fellowship. You never came to worship God, you only came for sightseeing.
50.    That is why your attention is always outside. You see people watching somebody coming from the main-road, some looking around. Thank God there is no attraction here.
51.    In this wilderness, God knows why he brought us to this place. It was at Amazu Oil that he told us; “Beware of how you look. Eyes put somebody into trouble.” Yes now! Eyes put somebody into trouble.
52.    What of David? What put him into trouble is it not eyes? It is eye that put him into trouble. Amen! OATHS AND VOWS: OBEDIENCE IS BETTER THAN SACRIFICE PART 1 VOLUME 1, Page 101 verses 36 through 41.
53.    When God was counting the sins of the Israelites, he asked them, “when I brought you out of the land of Egypt, did I ever command you to go and make a sacrifice for me? Go to this mountain or the other one.
54.    Did I ever command you to go and sacrifice to me? Did I ever instruct you to dance and sing for me? Did I ever advise you to do so? What did I tell you? ‘Listen to me! Obey me!’
55.    Before you can do anything for God, make sure you have obeyed him. What shall it profit you to be arguing the word of God? To be fighting the word of God? The sin of witchcraft is in our heart.
56.    And we are hearing ‘the church is bewitched, the church is bewitched, when we are the witches and wizards sitting down in the pews.
57.    The church is bewitched and who is bewitching the church? You say ‘God is bewitching it’.
58.    Now call yourself that witch, call yourself that wizard; as many as are guilty of doubting God’s move, attributing the move of God to a human being.
59.    Let me tell you, if you do not know when the devil is tempting you, he will make you doubt God’s move. That was what the prophet told us, it is in line with what is happening in our midst. Amen!
60.    Watch, at Isiala-ngwa, where our brother was anointed to preach Apostle is Almighty God, and was looking for scriptures to balance it, and was even placing a curse on people that will not believe him.
61.    If not God’s grace, the church in the spirit said that it was apostasy. He was excommunicated. Look at our own sin, sin of rebellion.
62.    In everything, we are still doubting God’s own chosen vessel, the vindicated Apostle. When we see this brother making his move, another sister will make her own. 
63.    Some even; one day the whole thing is happening when you say, “all eyes closed”, some will be watching; “let me see how brother will act and deal with you” and you are sitting down here. You think we are playing!
64.     Let it be known to you that your sins have already found you out. “Not will” but “has already”. As many as are doubting the word of God, all that are possessed of this evil spirit, mind yourself and know the gospel you are into. Recognize and hold yourself.

1.         OBEDIENCE IS BETTER THAN SACRIFICE page 103 verse 24 through 28.
2.         Remember the topic, that obedience is better than sacrifice. If we cannot obey God, why do we come into the Faith?
3.         If we cannot obey God, why do we come into the Faith?
4.         Why do we waste our time, if we cannot obey simple instruction that came out from the pulpit, backed by the Word of God, why are we in the faith? What is the essence of hearing the word of God when we are not ready to obey the word of God? It means we are mocking ourselves.
5.         “Let us go and hear what he will tell us today! Oya tell us!” mockers of themselves. When you hear; gather yourselves let us go and hear what he will tell us.
6.         Not that you came to hear what you will do. It is just for you to hear what he will say. To you he is just a noise maker, he is playing. He is making drama. He is making sport. Yet you say, “I believe God. I believe God.”
7.         The Lord asked us to go and think and come back and today the spirit is saying that; it is better to obey than to sacrifice. That any other thing we are doing is in vain.
8.         It does not concern God if we continue in disobedience. Why do we continue in disobedience; because the way it is heard everybody is now playing individual game.
9.         A man does not know that he is a man and a woman does not know that she is a woman again. Equal authority is not good.
10.    Amen! Obedience is better than sacrifice. Awful effects of disobeying God’s word.
11.    Hebrews chapter 2 verses 1 through 4. That is why we must hold on all the more firmly to the truth we have heard.
12.    Rewind!
13.    That is why we must hold on all the more firmly to the truth we have heard so that we will not be carried away. The message given to our ancestors by the angels was shown to be true. And all who did not follow it or obey it, received the punishment they deserved.
14.    And all who did not obey or receive the word, received the punishment which they deserved.
15.    How then shall we escape if we pay no attention to this great salvation?
16.    How then shall we now escape if we refuse to obey the word of God?
17.    This is to them as at that time. Today is our own day and God is saying, “How then do you think God will set us free or will acquit us if we refuse to obey His Word?”
18.    For it is written, “Those that received the word of God back yonder and did not pay attention nor obey the word of God received punishment.” How do you think God will set us free in our own day?
19.    The Lord who first announced this salvation and those who heard it proved to us that it is true
20.    At the same time, God added his witness to theirs by performing all kinds of miracles and wonders and distributing the gifts of the Holy Spirit according to his will. GNB Amen!
21.    For when you obey, signs and wonders will follow. But when you refuse to obey, do you think signs and wonders will follow you?
22.    I want to take my title from here. Amplified, who will read it for me loudly? Hebrew chapter 2 from verse 1 through 4.
23.    Since all this is true, we ought to pay much closer attention than ever to the truths that we have heard, lest in any way we drift past them and slip awayAmen!
24.    That is my title of this Message or the little exhortation that has gone forth. Seeing that what we have been hearing since morning is true, let us be careful to pay heed to it lest we drift back and we pay dearly for it.
25.     For if the message given through angels (the law spoken to them by Moses) was authentic and proved sure, and every violation and disobedience received an appropriate (just and adequate) penalty…
26.    Every disobedience received an appropriate and just punishment.
27.    For if the message given through angels (the law spoken to them by Moses) was authentic and proved sure
28.    That was to Moses. That they know that this thing they were receiving is authentic and it is true. They are sure and certain about it.
29.    And every violation and disobedience
30.    Every violation and disobedience to that word which they have heard from Moses ...received an appropriate (just and adequate) penalty. How shall we escape (appropriate retribution) if we neglect and refuse to pay attention…
31.    If we neglect and refuse to pay attention to what?
32. such a great salvation as is now offered to us, letting it drift past us forever)? For it was declared at the first by the Lord (himself) and it was confirmed to us and proved to be real and genuine by those who personally heard (him speak)?
33.    [Besides this evidence] it was also established and plainly endorsed by God, who showed his approval of it by signs and wonders of various miraculous manifestations of [his] power and by imparting the gifts of the Holy Spirit [to the believers] according to his own will.
34.    On this note, I say remain blessed brethren.