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The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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As a result of ungodly, unacceptable and obnoxious characters being
ifested by a good number of our youths contrary to our belief,
our faith as we have been taught by the Son of Man who is God in
human form in our midst, confirmed, approved and vindicated by the

Almighty God himself who through Him has decided to manifest
himself by showing us his original body, even the Godhead and the
pillar of cloud around him, it has become very expedient and
necessary to write to all the
local assemblies in the Bridal Faith
scattered all over the world to join hands with me and checkmate
these unwholesome behaviors among our youths.

A good number of them (male and female) now abuse the grace of
God by indulging in all forms of sexual abuse when they are not ready
to bear the consequences, whi
le some are indulging in all forms of
, unacceptable and unspiritual characters such as drunkenness,
wild parties, gluttoness, improper dressing, improper making of their
hair (both male and female), some have become night marauders by
indulging in criminal activit
ies thinking that God does not see them,
some are engaged in cybercrime s
uch as yahoo, the last, but not the
least are now stubborn, foul mouthed, violent, even to superior
authorities, including their parents

All of them within this category are found in the midst of the Bride that is
waiting for translation. The only thing they know and believe in the Bride
is to hit the pulpit and dance exhaustively as if that is the essence of our
gathering, thereby missing the whole essence of worship.
To this effect, therefore, I am compelled to make an order and give it to
all the local assemblies that make up the Bridal Faith globally as a direct
command from the Almighty God whom I represent and to save his name
from being continually blasphemed by the unwholesome characters of the
renegades found among our youths:
     (1)     From now henceforth, no youth from any local assembly is permitted
to attend any wedding ceremony, burial ceremony, parties without
the pastors in charge of the local assemblies sending their nominees'
lists to the Son of Man for confirmation and approval before the day
of the event.
     (2) Any youth that thinks it wise because of his relationship with
whosoever it may concern or for any other reason to go on his/her
own without permission, authorization by the pastor should not come
back to the fellowship again. He/she should proceed to his/her
hometown or residence from there forever and ever.
     (3) Henceforth, any youth that is adjudged by the elders to be careless
over our doctrines (i.e not being mindful of the words spoken to
him/her by God's apostles and prophets), not being mindful of the
doctrine of the church of Christ should not be accommodated in our
fellowships and in our families even for one day because a little
leaven leaveneth the whole lump.
     (4) Finally, it has become an abomination before the Lord God Almighty
for anybody (youth or adult, married or unmarried) to use android
GSM handset in any other way than that which will be useful for
academics, for the messages, for communication after a godly sort
and for obtaining relevant information, not irrelevancies; irrelevancy
means any information that contains no truth, any information that
is likely to corrupt the mind by injecting falsehood into the memory
of the user. Whosoever that joins hand in using the GSM handset to
disseminate any information that contains no truth is equally
adjudged guilty of the same offence by the Almighty God.
Now, to the entire parents in the Bridal Faith, I charge all of you in the
name of God as
I have always been charging you to monitor the
developments of your children and wards both spiritually and morally and

not academics only for if they become brilliant in academics, while they
are spiritually and morally bankrupt, they must turn out to be brilliant
criminals to your utter shame and disappointment. It then means you have
labored in vain; you have raised a wasted generation. Do not say they are
adults because the okra plant can never grow above the planter. That my
child has grown above my disciplinary measures is a manifestation of
unacceptable weakness on the side of the parents.
Once again, I wish to reiterate it that our faith in Christ abhors night
movement except under emergency such as sickness that requires urgent
attention of medical personnel and a woman under labour. Apart from
these two, no other emergency is approved for the dead can never attend
to emergencies.
To the youths, finally, I say stop being busy bodies doing nothing for it is
an abomination in the sight of God for a healthy youth to be roaming about
the street doing nothing meaningful to sustain himself/herself. Prostitution
(i.e. going about giving your body for sexual abuse by all men irrespective
of caliber for the sake of earning a living or bettering your lot) is a business
meant for those who are bound to perish
. Robbery and all fraudulent acts
to make money equally remain businesses for those bound to perish. The
choice is yours.
If you will give your ears and hearts to this love letter of mine, it shall be
well with you. However, if you close your hearts and your ears against the
voice of God, whenever disaster or calamity befalls you as a result of your
willful disobedience and neglect to this love letter, make no mistake of
inviting the attention of anybody in the Bridal Faith. You should bear your
troubles alone. Even if it results to death
, bury and mourn yourself.
In conclusion, to those who are continually following and obeying the Son
of Man, the revealed Christ in our midst, the great Mahdi, I encourage you
to continue without anything restraining you because it is said that in the
last days, as a result of proliferation of evil habits among those that go to
churches who claim to be believers of Christ, the love of many who are
determined to worship God will begin to wax cold (Matt. 24: 12). Please, I
encourage you never to allow yourselves to be numbered among those
people whose love in worshipping God will wax cold as a result of
widespread evil because there are many purposes why people come to
God. Not all that are milling around God are milling around Him for eternal
life. Don't be mindful of what people are doing but be mindful of your

relationship with God, what you are doing with God and what God is doing
with you. That should be your focus
To the youths, the Son of man, by his hand, has ordained to different
offices to serve the interest of God
, who are loyal and faithful to their
commission; knowing the personality that ordained you into those offices,
I encourage you never to emulate the bad examples of the recalcitrant
youths, but instead, strive earnestly to make full proof of your ministry
and end it with joy so that no man w
ill take away your reward. Continue
in your work in the ministry of the sa
int, rebuking the evil doers among
, respecting nobody but Christ, fearing no face with love and humility
coupled with transparency. Convince every human being that you mean
well to serve them.
May the grace of God that passeth all human understanding abide with all
the saints of God scattered all over the world now till eternity. Amen

Apostle Peter Odoemena
The Son of Man