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The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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bride of christ ministry

Process the Message you are about to hear with every amount of love and godly sincerity. I assure you, your condition will not be the same. You have no problem. Simply have confidence in the Son of Man. He must surely lead you through. Thank you for cooperating! … So ask Me whether My life is worthy of My Gospel. I will say, Yes! I believe that is why I preach it.
So, I am living a shining example before you for you to emulate. …

BE DILIGENT TO PROTECT YOUR MINDSET; preached on Sunday 15th and Sunday 22nd April, 2007 Pg. 16 vs. 29 & Pg. 139 vs. 37


1.           Remain bless brethren. We are very grateful to God who made it possible for all of us to be alive.
2.           If we are not alive, we can do nothing and the life He gave us is for us to praise and thank Him, to honour Him all the days of our life.
3.           Having made it possible for us to be alive today, we had yesterday and we are having today.
4.           Now let us see today as the only day we have to make all our wrongs right in the sight of God; to obey all His Words, all His teachings which we could not obey yesterday.
5.           Allow your heart, allow yourself for the Word of God to penetrate into your heart, for the heart is the only resting place of God’s Word.
6.           Apart from the heart, there is no other place the Word of God can have a resting place. It must be in the heart.
7.           THE GREAT SERMON AND HOLY GHOST INSPIRED EPISTLES Page 341 Topic: SHOULD A MAN STRIVE WITH HIS MAKER? Pay attention. When we talk about strife, strife is not only a boxing bout.
8.           Strife always comes with mixed feelings about words that come to you. It may be in form of correction. It may be in form of indictment of what you did that is wrong just like when God called Cain and asked him, “Where is your brother Abel?” Cain replied, “Am I my brother’s keeper?”
9.           Strife had started. He could not answer that question because he knew what he did. You can put it another way. Strife is disagreement. 
10.       When a noble course is being pursued as a group and along the line [in your midst], you start having ill feelings about that noble course, you are striving with the people or the person you are pursuing the noble course with.
11.       In strife, we only see when two people are fighting. Before ever you see that two people are fighting, the strife had taken place in the heart for a long period.
12.       You cannot just wake one morning and start quarrelling with anybody, start shouting to anybody. Something had taken place in the heart.
13.       We strive with our Maker. Look into your heart. The purpose of this Bridal Ministry is to bring all human beings that came in contact with the Message to search themselves, examine yourself, judge yourself and place yourself where you belong.
14.       If you watch, strife was there between David and Saul, which David was not the cause. Have it at the back of your mind that a man strives not against his Maker. 
15.       Watch David. Saul had a problem by striving with God which is Samuel. Samuel was the God of Israel who Saul sees every day.
16.       He is the one that told Saul that he is going to be king. He is the one that anointed Saul the king. He is the one that predicted to Saul that the sheep which your father is looking for has been found. Now your father is troubled about you.
17.       He made Saul the king. He gave Saul instruction about what he should do. He told Saul how he will collect tax from the whole Israel for the smooth running of the affairs of the Israelites.
18.       Now one day, Samuel came to Saul and said, “Now Saul, God said you should go to Amalekites for they are sinners. The whole country of Amalekites were sinners. Go and destroy everything that is breathing in that country.
19.       Why? The Amalekites withstood the people of Israel when they were coming out of Egypt, for they [Israel] pleaded to the Amalekites to allow them passage through the main street or the main road, and that anything their cattle, our sheep destroy or eat will be paid for. They refused and waged war with them.
20.       But God said, “Do not fight with them because they are your relations. They went another way. God counted it for them as a sin.
21.       Now, Samuel was sent by the same God, for the cup of the Amalekites has come to its fullness, “Go and destroy all.”
22.       Saul went fighting the Amalekites but he could not destroy everything. He saved the king Agag. Have you seen? Strife has started. By not doing exactly what God said you should, do you start striving with your Maker?
23.       Let me read something from this Message before I start moving. I want to read out something from the Message “THE DANGER OF LOSING HEAVENLY VISION” preached on 5th May, 1996; Page 67 from verse 15
24.       15God cannot permit Me to take it lightly with anybody playing religion in this Most Holy Faith. He told you what to do and you are being stiff-necked. What is the essence of being stiff-necked in the presence of the Almighty?
25.       16Because He is not fully judging you; you cannot move at His Word because of lack of spiritual revelation and losing of heavenly vision. The moment your heavenly vision is lost, every work is neglected. You won’t know when God’s servant is in the spirit or not; everything becomes carnal to you because your vision is carnal.
26.       Now, can a man [you and I] strive with his Maker? You must know your Maker before you can strive with Him.
27.       You must know who your Maker is first, if fear can allow you to strive with His Words, strive with His instructions, strive with His command, strive with His order or strive with His doctrine and teachings.
28.       Now watch. It may be a collective teaching handed down to the Congregation that you strive against. It may be a command coming to you direct as it concerns you, and you strive against it.
29.       It may be an instruction given to you concerning your nuclear family, and you strive against it. It may be an instruction or direction given to you concerning your business or whatsoever that concerns you. Once doubt rises in your heart you have strived against your Maker. Amen
31.       “I AM the Lord, and there is none else, there is no God before me, I girded thee, though thou hast not known Me. (Isaiah 45:5 KJV) This is the problem. Your Maker guiding you, leading you and providing everything for you. Yet, you do not know him.
32.       That they may know from the rising of the sun, and from the west, that there is none beside Me. I am the Lord and there is none else.
33.       I form the light, and create darkness, I make peace, and create evil, I the Lord do all these things. (Isaiah 45: 6-7 KJV)
34.       One young boy told me yesterday that I am preaching a corrupt truth when I told them that God can use anybody to fulfil evil or to fulfil good. They refused. I said, “Well, no problem.”
35.       Now watch our Maker. Watch the way the Scriptures described our Maker. He creates evil. He makes peace.
36.       Proverbs 16: 4 KJV The Lord has made all things for himself ye even the wicked for the day of evil.”
37.       Who made all things for himself? Who made the wicked for the day of evil? Who preserves the wicked, patiently enduring the wicked till the day of his destruction? Who preserves the righteous, and protects the righteous till the day of his final redemption? Our Maker.
38.       Epistle 15 verse 3. Now he said “Drop down, ye heavens from above, and let the skies pour down righteousness: let the earth open, and let them bring forth salvation, and let righteousness spring up together, I the Lord have created it. Woe unto him that striveth with His maker.
39.       I will explain it to the level everybody will understand.
40.       Great suffering is reserved for anybody involved in rebellion, disobedience, stubbornness against his Maker. Was anybody’s name mentioned here? Amen.
41.       The first persons that strived with their maker remain Adam and Eve. Did curses follow them as a result of their disobedience?
42.       The second became their first son. Then it spread all over their family.
43.       This is because of hiding the sin and iniquity in his bosom; By Adam
44.       Yes! For which Job said, “I will never hide the sin of my family. I do not care how anybody will look at it.”[Job 31:33 – 34]
45.       Let me tell you. When you commit iniquity, you know there is a stigma of shame that is attached to the evil you have committed, for which ears that hear it, their tongues will start wagging.
46.       Job said, “I will not, because of what people will say concerning the sin of my family and I will hide it. He said God forbid I cannot do that like Adam”
47.       Woe unto him that striveth with his Maker! Let the potsherd strive with the potsherds of the earth. Shall the clay say to him that fashioneth it, What makest thou? or thy work, He hath no hands? Woe unto him that saith unto his father, What begettest thou? or to the woman, What hast thou brought forth? (Isaiah 45:9 – 10 KJV)
48.       See how God explained it using your father. How can you rise up to tell your own natural father, your biological father and your mother asking them question in disobedience to their instruction to you?
49.       When you disobey your father and neglect the instruction of your mother, you are asking them what did they bring forth?
50.       God used our physical father to type Himself and ourselves. Why we must be seriously careful at this dying moment.
51.       When it comes to eternal life, our father remains Apostle Peter Odoemena, THE SON OF MAN, for He is the one that begat all of us into the kingdom of heaven. He is the one who brought us into the presence of the Ancient of days. Striving with His words has great consequences.
A time is coming when many people will do many things in My Name, but wherever you are and you hear that the Son of Man says, say Amen but go and verify, for this is the hour you must work close to the Guide or you perish. Many will be coming to you in My Name from now to deceive you, but I am warning you ahead of time that we know that it is a Man’s Ministry. It is not our Ministry. Rather, it is His Ministry.
ACTION IS FAITH EXPRESSED; preached on December 18; 2011; Pg. 95 vs. 32


1.           Now let me show you another one. Watch Achan.
2.           Apostle kelechi hold it there. Be sincere to me and to the congregation. Did you receive any report from any human being man or woman, young or old that there is such a problem in the camp? [Apostle Kelechi answered, “No.”] Tell me the truth.
3.           Tell the truth to the congregation did anybody even the Son of Man come to you to report any case relating to that message? [Apostle Kelechi answered, “Nobody.”]
4.           So what am I trying to bring out? Watch Achan.
5.           That now leads Me to the SONG: [All your sins, He knows all. All your ways, He knows all. Even the thoughts of your heart, He knows all. Even the things that is about to be spoken, He knows all.]
6.           SONG: [You can never hide it away from God. You can never hide it from the Lord. When you are covering your sin, thinking others will not see you, you can never hide it from the Lord.]
7.           Now watch Achan. He is a centurion, a warrior and has being fighting in the wars with Joshua and the people of Israel.
8.           For every war they embarked upon; before they go to any war, God will instruct them, “This nation you are going to fight now, I am giving you freedom, take anything in that city. You see their beautiful daughters conscript for your wives. Take their sheep, take their cattle, take their cloth, take their belongings. Only destroy their idols.”
9.           They continued doing that and Achan was one of them. When it got to Jericho, Joshua called the whole soldiers, “Pay attention to this instruction. This city Jericho is a cursed city. Because it is a curse city, let nobody take a pin from this city. Do not take a pin from Jericho. Everything must be destroyed except Rehab and the people in her house.”
10.       They all agreed. They all praised God. They went to the battle. They fought the battle and overcame Jericho. Achan forgot the instruction. Have you seen where the strife started?
11.       Once you forget the instruction given to you by the Commander in  chief of the armies of heaven for we have the Commander in chief of armies of heaven, strife sets in. He is the one that knows what is right and what is evil.
12.       Now Achan forgot that instruction completely because of the attraction of the Babylonian garment. Immediately he saw that Babylonian garment, he forgot the instruction given by Joshua. He started striving with his maker in his heart.
13.       Before ever he stretched forth his hand, he had doubted that instruction, counted it nonsense, put it aside and said, “After all, nobody will know.”
14.       And the thing became a great sin unto the congregation of Israel that cost the lives of many soldiers when they faced a little city called Ai.
15.       Once such thing happened, Joshua said, “No no no. Come back. The instruction, command and direct commission I received is that wherever I place my feet, I must win that place.”
16.       When he saw that people have died, he said, “No, everybody should come out. This is not the promise.”
17.       In the cause of the investigation, Achan was found out. Joshua said, “Achan! Praise God! Now, confess.”  Achan started confessing.
18.       So after Achan confessed, a messenger was sent to his house, the thing was brought out. Joshua asked, “Why have you troubled this city, this nation Israel?”
19.       Every strife to God’s instruction, whether direct to you as it concerns you, you are troubling the congregation of God and your family.
20.       That single act brought Achan, the wife, the children, the cattle, the sheep, the house everything belonging to him. They stoned him to dead. [Joshua 19-26]
21.       But who are you, a mere man, to criticize and contradict and answer back to God?
22.       I decided to ask him before everybody, since he is standing on the pulpit to answer for himself. And you heard what he said.
23.       Now a mere man, Job talking in his day said, “The angels are not pure in the sight of God. How much more a man born of a woman.”
24.       Now, for a mere man like you and I, we ought to learn from experience. This losing of heavenly vision. Danger inherent in it.
25.       Losing of heavenly vision. A dying man does not want the end of the war and does not want to die alone. He will want to die with many people. The person that will die with him is also one that has been destined to die that way.
26.       That is why an Igbo adage says that “whosoever that gets any information should try and verify it”. Verify every information you get.
27.       Do not just believe because you heard, lest you believe the one that will lead to your death and which does not contain any truth.
28.       It turns out that the person talking is covering his iniquity, instead of confessing his deeds, for He knows that if he confesses it, there will be trouble. Then he avoided it and spoke about something that never happened anywhere in this world.
29.       But who are you, a mere man, to criticize and contradict and answer back to God? Will what is formed say to him that formed it why have you made me thus? (Rom. 9:20 AMP)
30.       How can a man born of woman rise up against his Maker or Creator? It is a very delicate act with dangerous consequences. Now watch it.
31.       Under cause and effect.
32.       Dathan, Abiram and Korah. Watch! There is something I found out with God. At the initial stage, when God is having dealing with you, He will ignore all your faults, all your mistakes at that initial stage he is having dealing with you.
33.       It is because He [God] is in the process of training you, so that he might use you. IF YOU DO NOT TRAIN THEM DO NOT BLAME THEM.
34.       Dathan, Korah and Abiram and all the other seventy elders chosen. They had a heavenly vision.
35.       And they were loyal and faithful, until iniquity was found in them. Why? They thought they had arrived and exalted themselves above other elders.
36.       So after they have had that vision with Moses and Almighty God at the command of Moses. The Scriptures said, “They saw the God of Israel. They ate and drank with the God of Israel and God did not harm the seventy elders.” They described the personality of God and what He looked like. Then God allow them to go. [Exodus 24:9 - 11]
37.       So immediately, Korah, Dathan and Abiram rose up against Moses and Aaron. What was the problem? The high priest. Who occupies that position?
38.       Moses said in surprise, “You sons of Levi. Why are you so anxious about the priesthood? You have been given your position and what you should do in the temple. Go on with that.” They refused.
39.       A covetous person always feels that the pasture is greener in his neighbour’s house.
40.       It was because of that incidence that Moses said, “All of you, bring your staff let us keep it inside the Holy of Holies. Any of them that comes to life the person is the one God has chosen.” They placed them there. After seven days, Aaron staff came to life.
41.       A dry staff came to life and a new leaf sprout forth from it.
42.       Still, they were not satisfied. It was because they have seen the personality of God, what God looks like and everything; that is why God did not take it lightly with them, for they have lost that heavenly vision.
43.       Sure!
44.       That was why St. Paul told Agrippa, “I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision.” [Acts 26:19]
45.       All of us in this Bridal Faith, in one way or the other, from the time you came into this faith or I would say, from the time God brought you into this Faith, you must have a heavenly vision personally to you. Personally to you.
46.       Sure! Which is your sure anchor. You do not care about others. It is your sure anchor.
47.       That heavenly vision will help you to conduct yourself wisely in all situations. It is because of that heavenly vision that made Paul to say, “Immediately, I went to Arabia. I did not go to Jerusalem to see those that were apostles before me. [Galatians 1:17]
48.       I never went to confer with flesh and blood. I obeyed the heavenly vision that came to me directly as an individual. I never waited until the whole community will gathered to see it.
49.       7God through the prophet proclaimed woe to anybody whether man or woman that will rise up to strive against His maker. 8Whoever that does that has published his obituary,…  Has done what? …published his obituary, sang his funeral song and attended his burial etc.
50.       He has, all by himself, announced his own death, buried himself, and also conducted his own funeral ceremony.
51.       That is why God said from the beginning, “Do not just sit down here because you like this place. Go home first, investigate by asking very hard questions, scrutinize and evaluate. Until you are personally convinced that you are not being deceived do not show any concern.”
52.       Go home. Do not stay here. Even if you are called a devil, accept you are one, but make sure you ask the questions you are supposed to ask so as to get convinced.
53.       Scrutinize this Faith. Scrutinize it again. Think over it. If you are not convinced that what you are being told is the truth, do not ever attempt saying, “I believe” nor sit down.
54.       This is because what will uphold you is your conviction of that which you believe which nobody compelled you to believe. You believe it because it is the truth.
55.       9God demands complete obedience and loyalty from all His children.
56.       If you are following somebody without conviction, if that person falls away you must also fall away. If he blasphemes, you will blaspheme. If he dies, you will die. And this is because you are following a man or woman without personal conviction.
57.       9God demands complete obedience and loyalty from all His children.
58.       Complete what? Complete obedience and loyalty. No exception! No matter who you are. No matter how lowly or highly placed you may be.
59.       He wants us to recognise His authority over us.
60.       Carry it the other way round. Does the okro plant grow beyond the reach of the farmer? Is there any age a man will attain and becomes disobedient to his father or to his mother?
61.       He wants us to recognise His authority over us and also recognise that we are the workmanship of His hands.
62.       There is only but one condition where God will accept you for saying no to your father or to your mother. And that is when they want to lead you into idolatry. When they want you to worship idol, and you say no, you receive God’s backing.
63.       Apart from that, there is no other condition. This is because the knowledge of God you have will never allow you join them to side with evil or to kill an innocent man for no just cause. You will say no because you are a seed of God. The truth is already in you.
64.       You can never join them in their conspiracy to take property that does not belong to them. And they will hate you with perfect hatred for rejecting their idolatrous way.
65.       Apart from that, there is no other condition. Can God, who is leading today, introduce us to idolatry? God plotting coup against Himself? Replacing Himself with a dumb and lifeless object. Can it ever be done?
66.       By revelation, we should understand that we are ordinary clay in His hand, and He is the Potter. He reserves the right to do whatever pleases Him with us and we cannot ask why?
67.       By revelation, we should understand that we are ordinary clay in His handBy what? …revelation,…
68.       Faith is revelation. By revelation, I know that I am not the one holding my life. There is a Supreme Being who is holding my life in His hand and who determines whether I will live or die. True or false?
69.       That I woke up this morning is because He wanted me to continue to stay here. Probably, he has not finished with me.
70.       But to the wicked, He [the Supreme Being] wants him to stay here. He will expose him so that others will learn never to go that way.
71.       11No man is qualified to question God’s action, whether good or bad. He is Almighty because he can do all things without entertaining any question from any being in relation to His actions.
72.       12As His workmanship, He expects us to do all things at His Word, even if we do not understand why.
73.       A song writer said, “There is nothing God cannot do. Put your trust in him and it shall be well with you.” Finish!
74.       Your duty is to trust and obey for there is nothing impossible for him to do. He can cause you to live. He can cause you to die. He can even wipe off your family and close your history. He has done it many many times.
75.       He can even make you look beggarly. There is nothing He wants to use you to do which He will not do, provided He will use it to teach others a lesson.


1.           When one loses a heavenly vision, see the way he will behave: THE DANGER OF LOSING HEAVENLY VISION, page 46 verse 9.

2.           Formerly, I was seeing the carnal aspect of the Bridal Ministry, looking at a man, looking at this, looking that, and I was worked out.
3.           But the day God showed me the spiritual side of the Bridal Ministry, that was the day fear cut my heart.

4.           Who handled that Message? Brother Ben Okezue. THE DANGERS OF LOSING HEAVENLY VISION. And when he was seeing the carnal side of the Bridal Ministry, he was erratic; he was rising and falling.
5.           And St. Paul said, “No man can make it through rising and falling, for no man have ever made it that way.
6.           10So what I mean by vision is that there are  lot of visions on earth. You may have vision to be carnal, you may have vision to be rich, you may have vision to be anything.
7.           But in this Bridal Faith, there is only one vision given to the church, and that is heavenly vision, any day you lose this vision, you are bound you go to Jericho.
8.           Any day this vision is lost, it will produce neglecting instructionWhat? Any day this vision is lost, it will produce neglecting instruction.1996!
9.           Let me tell you. We are guilty of this Message, for at one time or the other, we have neglected instructions given to us.
10.       Some even take pleasure in it. They even boast of it. It has become a way of life to many, as if God does not care. Some will say, “Does God care about this?”
11.       Well, I do not know what to say again. But those common parts of your body you think are nothing, they are the areas where God shows kin interest.
12.       Nobody has ever been destroyed by God for disobeying very great instruction. Check your Scriptures. It has always been a minor one that is common among all men.
13.       A daily practise. Simple instruction. Simple command. That is why the prophet said, “It is not the big sin you commit that will take you to hell, but the minor and little things you disregard and count as nothing.”
14.       He said, “That is where God is holding you guilty.” That is why THE SON OF MAN said, “Be very careful about the phrase “It does not matter.”
15.       It does not matter to you now. It may matter in the future.  “Is it this small thing?” Is it not small in your eyes? Do not worry. When God speaks concerning it, then you will see how big it is.
16.       Any day this vision is lost it will produce neglecting instruction. 11But when we are conscious of this vision, it will put the fear of God in our heart, and make us to obey instructions.
17.       When we are conscious of this vision, we will understand God’s mind on every instruction given to us.
18.       It is just like husband and wife. Every wise wife must know the instruction of the husband, whether it needs immediate attention or not. Without knowing the instruction of your husband whether it needs immediate attention,…
19.       And The urgency attached to it,… You hang yourself.
20.       You may procrastinate, postpone it to your own convenient time which will put you into trouble.
23.       Epistle 15 chapter 1 verse 12. Now, As His workmanship, He expects us to do all things at His word even if we do not understand why.
24.       You may not understand why God is calling you, asking you questions or why He needs your attention. You may not understand.
25.       Sometimes what we have in mind runs contrary to the reason why God calls.
26.       That is true. 13This is the only way man pleases God, because reasoning the word or His instruction will surely produce unbelief or partial obedience. Amen
27.       So we must be very careful in what we are doing. THE DANGERS OF LOSING HEAVENLY VISION. The one that is directed to you which you can testify at any given time.
28.       When you are called to question, or you are called, something can rise up where you are. Then you remember the heavenly vision given to you. Then you stand firm on that.
29.       Anybody that does not have a heavenly vision about the personality that is in the midst of the Bride is not a member of the bridal movement. This is because what makes you a member is your submission to your heavenly vision.
30.       THE DANGERS OF LOSING HEAVENLY VISION. Page 51 from verse 21.21“Do not carry God’s Words too far. When people hear God’s Words, they think of one big mouth and one big something will be roaring.
31.       This silent, still small Voice we are hearing in our midst can still be so mighty indeed to kill and to save in our midst.
32.       Why didn’t we know that it is God words? If we know that it is God’s word, why do we not take it serious?
33.       Do I know? Why do we fight back, answer back and even flame up in rage and in anger? Why do we grumble and sigh, even in the presence of Almighty God?
34.       22The danger of losing heavenly vision. Brethren well, thank God for His gift. We are only alive today because it has pleased the Lord that we should be alive.
35.       But if He had judged us according to what He has handed down with His justice, no flesh will sit down in the Church. Yes! You cannot abuse His grace. You cannot abuse His mercy.
36.       When a man loses his heavenly vision he will forget his responsibilities1996! If a woman loses her heavenly vision, she will forget her responsibilities.
37.       If you are a married woman, you will be waiting until somebody will be telling you what to do every day.  Amen
38.       So it will make you to strive with your Maker. We  should pay serious attention to this matter. God’s hand is in whatever that is happening in our midst to show us His love, His mercy and to warn us seriously. 
39.       Eli was another man who had the opportunity to plead for forgiveness for his family and himself, but he said "He is the Almighty God. Let Him do that which pleases Him. If He [God] knows what pleases him, let Him do it
40.       God then vowed against Eli that “there is no sacrifice or offering nor pleading that will stop Him from wiping off Eli’s family”.
41.       THE DANGER OF LOSING HEAVENLY VISION, page 78 verse 43. A situation that God will give somebody an eye to see what you did not see; to see what God hates in you, to see what will take you to hell, are you not blessed? That is my prayer, to see that which will destroy meUnderstand this.
42.       A situation as you are here, where God [that is THE SON OF MAN now in our midst] gives someone opportunity to see what will take me to hell in my life or to see what will hinder you from translation.
Remember I have declared you forgiven and cleansed with a warning that you should go and sin no more. Sin means disobedience to My instruction. He said, “I have carefully scrutinized, investigated this Faith, and I have come to the conclusion that our fathers inherited lies and falsehood wherein there is no profit.” At another point He said, “After a proper scrutiny of this Faith, I have come to a conclusion that there is nothing wrong with this Faith, but something is grossly wrong with the individuals. For this Faith is a mercury Faith.”
HE HAS COME, HE HAS GONE; Preached on 23rd September 2012; Pg. 118 vs. 36 &Pg. 127 vs. 12


1.           The Message asked, “Are you not blessed?” 44Let it be known to you; Let me be warned that I may guide myself, that I may be very careful. Every warning to you is for you to guide yourself.
2.           If God calls you and warns you as you are sitting down here; warning and warning, it is for us to guide ourselves. It is for us to rethink and retrace our steps.
3.           If a man is striving with his maker, he is the one that will suffer. He is the one that will do what? Suffer.
4.           Epistle 15 chapter 1 verse 18. 18I wish to warn all the saints in this Faith… Warning is coming to all of you, and to all of us here.
5.           Warning comes before judgement.
6.           18I wish to warn all the saints in this Faith that the time of this ignorance, I have overlooked and now I am calling for a total change of mind and attitude towards the revealed Christ (the Anointed One) in the Church in whose faith we are sanctified.
7.           Period! Is there any love greater than this? We should avoid anything which we know will cause trouble.
8.           19Whoever that hardened his or her heart after reading this epistle…
9.           HARDENING YOUR HEART AGAINST THIS WARNING MEANS TRYING GOD’S PATIENCE saying, “Let me do it and see what he will do. If he reacts, we will tame him.”
10.       19Whoever that hardens his or her heart after reading this epistle should be ready to bear the consequences.
11.       See the people that wrestled with their maker, strived with their maker, fought their maker in their days.
12.       The young prophet from Judah fought with his maker. God called him one day to go to Bethel and prophesy against the altar at Bethel, with the instruction that he should not eat, he should drink and he should not come back through the same road he went.
13.       He never told God that he does not go out without eating something and that any day he goes out without eating, he normally becomes dizzy.
14.       This man went, prophesied and God confirmed his prophecy. God proved that He [God] was with him. Then the old prophet said, “Now, sit here let me bring food for you.”
15.       He [the young prophet] revealed his secret,“ No. God told me that I should not eat here. Neither will I go from the road I came. Then an old prophet heard about it.
16.       Can a man of God succeed in his calling, in his ministry if he is married with Children and he is not carrying them along?
17.       If he discovers that they are not cooperating what will he do? He will do as Moses did. True or false?
18.       Have you wondered why little or no mention was made about the wives of the prophets, wives of the priests, except the erring ones? Only those who erred had their names flashed because their husbands did not hide them.
19.       But all that cooperated with them their husbands remained silent, underdogs, doing the same work the husbands were doing because they were all in the same office.
20.       How stupid can they be! Isn’t he, the Potter, greater than you, the jars he makes? Will you say to him, “He didn’t make us”? Does a machine call its inventor dumb? (Isa. 29:16 LB)
21.       They insinuate that “THE SON OF MAN wants all to be bootlicking Him. He should go and look for bootlickers, not them. If it is through his legs that we have passage, let him close it. If hunger will kill us, let hunger kill us.”Is it coming?
22.       Song: [The last rain is on its way upon this earth where human beings dwell. The last rain is coming with great destruction. The last rain is coming with the end of time. The end of all thing shall follow in its heels.]
23.       Let me tell you this. If you love your family, it is not with the lips. You will never do anything or support them in doing anything that will wipe them off. Where is the love?
24.       If you are sponsoring something that will kill your wife and kill your children, only to round to tell them, “I love you”, do you love them?
25.       You are like one who puts poison into the soup pot and allows your wife to serve the family, and you eat. This is because when you do evil and hide it, you cause an innocent fellow to be punished.
26.       I want to give you this testimony. Somebody came to Me yesterday and said, “Daddy, please I am still pleading. I have instructed my wife to begin now to struggle to save her own life and the lives of the children by doing everything within her power to make all her wrongs right, for I am the one that put her into that condition.”
27.       You put your wife into a horrible condition and you are struggling to make your wrongs right. Now an innocent fellow that knew nothing, you now told her that the calamity you committed will wipe off your entire family and that she should run for her life.
28.       You put poison in the food you gave me to eat and you turn around after I have eaten the food to tell me to go in search of the people that are experts in neutralizing poison.
29.       He said, “I am the one that put it. Nobody else put it but myself.” And that the wife should look for the person that will bring what will neutralize it or if she knows what to do for herself and the children that ate the food so as to remain alive, she should do it.
30.       He said that everybody should run for his or her dear life. Yet, you told her that you are the one that put the poison.
31.       And you are shouting, “O man of God, there is death in my pot.” You put it. Brethren, what shall we call this? Is this person with his senses? He lost his heavenly vision.
32.       Otherwise, when he committed a great crime outside, the wife was not there, the family was not there, they never knew what he did.
33.       If he remained alive and rushed home, he should have opened up, “Everybody in the house, please o, help me o. I have run into difficulties.
34.       He concealed it and then became angry at himself and then started demonstrating, and he was asked, “Why are you restive?”
35.       Instead of opening up again, he told a non-existent story, a diversionary story. And then, if you happen to be the wife, and what he was saying favoured you, will you keep quiet?
36.       You will join in the evil, only for you to discover that it contains no truth. More so, when he concealed everything. And you want me to say it is not deliberate?
37.       That is why I am asking Apostle Kelechi whether he received any report either from Me or from the Pastor or from anybody. And you heard his answer.
38.       What then shall I say? We are serving a God that revealeth secrets.
39.       Running to my wife is useless. And I had to warn all of them that came, “Please go and warn him. Let nobody ever disturb My wife on this matter for she knew nothing about it. I have not even spoken to her.”
40.       For the first time, she came to Me to plead a case she knew not. Immediately she mentioned that matter, I said, “Could you please excuse Me.” I left her. And she did not open up again.
41.       This is because I know and I said it, “If I should open up her bowels of mercy will be locked. She may not have the broad heart which I have, if at all I may shift from my judgement.”
42.       Another is, she may influence Me to act in a way I never wanted to because I have warned over and over.
43.       Now judgement has come and I thank God who revealeth secret, using no other person less than Apostle Kelechi in a Sunday school that had already being booked by a Brother who called me yesterday.
44.       I said, “Not until we get to the Fellowship tomorrow. I do not know if there could be any other minister with a Message.
45.       More so, when the person that booked is my son. I gave him the name he is answering. I was there when the boy was delivered. He is now a graduate. I named him. I dedicated him.
46.       Now he is coming with a Message that will help Me and all of you. I promised him to come today, but not until we came here. Now, coming here today, there is one already who is handy and what he has, truly speaking, is the demand of my soul.
47.       And I made a statement yesterday before witness. I said, “Please leave me alone. You will hear me from the pulpit tomorrow, for I am going to expose you tomorrow in the fellowship. That which you have been pleading for, you have been avoiding crying and trying to commit suicide in my house I will make it public tomorrow.”
48.       Brethren look at how God works. I never stepped into their house. I only made a prayer, and see what is happening. What I had in Me had already being transferred into the heart of another Apostle who knew not the matter.
49.       The only thing he cannot do there is to call the name of the person. Only two persons know the name. The Son of man and the Pastor of this Fellowship at Onitsha. Apart from this two no other person.
50.       Another person may be his own wife or my wife but they know they do not have the fullness. They do not know the level of transgression.
51.       You are diagnosing a case you knew not. So diagnose it fully because if you have heard about it, you will be merciful.
52.       Since you never know anything about it hammer it the way it is being laid in your heart. This is how God works.
53.       I only made a statement. And when I made it, only two persons were there. And the word entered into the person that God will use as His instrument today.
Who had a close insight into the hour? The Resurrected Body. Who is feeding us with this Truth? The Resurrected Body. Who has the ability to fish out criminals from amongst us? The Resurrected Body. Who has the Power to separate the sheep from the goat? The Resurrected Body. Who knows who is who in the Bride? The Resurrected Body.
ACTION IS FAITH EXPRESSED; preached on December 18; 2011; Pg. 135 vs. 15


1.           BE VERY CAREFUL THAT YOU DO NOT FORGET THE THINGS YOU HAVE SEEN, preached on January, 7th 1995.
2.           1995? Mention the topic.
3.           BE VERY CAREFUL THAT YOU DO NOT FORGET THE THINGS YOU HAVE SEEN preached 7th January 1995 at the Son of Man’s family altar.
4.           And I am looking for this Message. It was not at My house in Onitsha. I know it must be at Mbaise. It was not distributed here. I printed few copies and gave them as gift to some ministers like some other Messages that time.
5.           Now I am mandating Brother Nnamdi, with immediate effect, work round the clock. Send the softcopy to Bro Chizoba. I want hardcopies for Onitsha. And Brethren who may like it.
6.           Another one is running towards the mark. The two were handled one after the other in my family altar. 1995!
7.           Apostle Ojiakor was with me in my house. Andrew Uyans who is no more, was also there and they used their small recorder to record everything.
8.           I know I have DO NOT FORGET WHAT YOUR EYES HAVE SEEN, the one I handled in 2017.No! Not that one. This is 1995.
9.           DO NOT FORGET WHAT YOUR EYES HAVE SEEN, Page 29 verse 22.
10.       22That is why I continue to tell you that no child of God can commit sin without first of all forgetting all that the Lord have been doing for him.
11.       When a man forgets how the Lord has been dealing with him, all the goodness of the Lord towards him all these years, up to this very moment, the tendency is there for him to dabble into sin. That is why sin is wickedness.
12.       Sin is what? …wickedness.
13.       23Can you imagine your own friend that has been labouring all these while to sustain you, providing all your needs, giving you life, catering for you, doing everything, believing that you will just respect and honour him,  just one day.
14.       Pastor Chizoba testifies, “This matter is the matter on ground.”
15.       You see, God said, “Often times the person that is involved who is being attacked, disobeyed or rioted against might not know what could be the cause.”
16.       A simple question, “Why is this like this?” No other thing. Tempers went high. Mouth opened.
17.       That is why I believe you cannot strive with your Maker unless you have been harbouring grudges. With the mouth, with your teeth open, you give the impression that all is well, when you are boiling within.
18.       And a little thing that means nothing, that require a direct answer, “Sir this is why I could have been here. I could have brought it, but look at what caused it.”
19.       Not firing back, “Why are you asking me this? Why? Is it not this morning that I received it? Will I fly and bring it?” The next thing is heavy sigh and the person will sit down.
20.       Because there were people there, I did not want them to catch the joke. I kept quiet, but I turned to him like Jesus Christ turned to Peter, looked at him from head to toe and closed my mouth. Elders gathered. I did not speak on the matter.
21.       Then, there were two cases that were reported to Me, and I called all of them to come to enable us look into it. He became the chief judge firing questions on the people that erred, recommending even punishment, after which he served them and served himself.
22.       And I called him, “Are you with your senses? Can you hear what is happening? Bisalla sitting in judgement against Dimka.”
23.       Then a Brother who was around turned and said, “Daddy, heaven is still too far.” If gold can rust…… It helped Me.
24.       And it happened the day I called Apostle Ojiakor early hours of the morning, forfeited My family altar to tell Apostle Ojiakor, “I have looked around and I have not seen any ancient Minister around Me. I am only seeing this youngsters standing in My presence. I have not seen an ancient Minister standing in My presence.”
25.       Apostle Ojiakor confirmed, “You did. It is true sir.” I said, “Brother Ojiakor including you.” When you see people running around THE SON OF MAN do not conclude that they are better placed than you.
26.       You may be better placed than many of them o. I am telling you the truth. This is because God said that heaven will spring surprises. That the people you think you will see, you may end up not seeing them. Those you think you will not see, may be the people you will see.
27.       22That is why I continue to tell you that no child of God can commit sin without first of all forgetting all that the Lord have been doing for him.
28.       The same person came to Me telling his supernatural experience after committing crime. He told Me that he went to his library looking for a Message he used to handle his family on Wednesday, and his touched one Message titled HOUR OF FINAL CORRECTION. Correction, not selection. We have it. HOUR OF FINAL CORRECTION.
29.       God will not always chide. He said, “Daddy, I am dying with my whole family. I have put my family into hell. I opened that Message, chapter 8 and everything I read was exactly all that I committed.”
30.       He was making a hell noise until I ordered him out of My house. And I am happy no other person is pointing you to that Message but whatever that is leading you.
31.       You were the one that picked the Message, of all in your library. You were the one that read it. He said he lacked the boldness and courage even to encourage his family, seeing that he was guilty.
32.       I asked, “Who proclaimed you guilty? The son of man? CONVICTED BY THEIR CONSCIENCE. If you do evil and your conscience does not convict you, you will never come out of it.
33.       You will die in that iniquity because evil will soon become pleasurable to you.  Why? You hate the truth.
34.       But why do rioters and strivers riot at nothing, to the extent that even somebody by the side might be asking, “What could be responsible for this type of reaction?” Even this morning.
35.       That is why I believe that there must be something in the heart locked up before the incident took place. Otherwise common question should not have generated it. Just ordinary question that required a simple answer.
36.       22That is why I continue to tell you that no child of God can commit sin without first of all forgetting all that the Lord has been doing for him.
37.       When a man forgets how the Lord has been dealing with him, and the goodness of the Lord towards him all these years, up to this very moment the tendency is there for him to dabble into sin. That is why sin is wickedness.
38.       Real wickedness.
39.       23Can you imagine your own friend that has been labouring all these while to sustain you, providing all your needs, giving you life, catering for you, doing everything, believing that you will just respect and honour him; just one day, you just deny everything He has been doing for you;… Deny all
40.       You close your eyes, hardened your heart and then pierce his heart. That is exactly what a sinner is doing to God.
41.       That is what? That is what a sinner is doing to God. The Bible said in the book of Psalms, “Bless the Lord O my soul and forget not all His benefits.” [Psalms 103:2]
42.       24These people among all the people that were on earth, they were the only people God chose and called His own.
43.       Not because of their righteousness, not because of any good thing they have done, just because of His name sake. He did it.
44.       25We are not the largest group that has gathered in the Name of the Lord. There is nothing good in any of us here. If man was to nominate, say, God take this church to be your bride, I do not think we would have been nominatedNever!
45.       26Looking at us, the way we go, the number of the people, and our character and everything, you see, it is nothing to write home about.
46.       Thus, if a man was to nominate, I think Roman Catholic would have been the number one church God would have chosen.
47.       27After all, they are the greatest in number, or other Pentecostal group. But God did not do so.
48.       He chose us, we do not choose Him. He chose us and delivered us from the denominations with a mighty hand. He has been sustaining us.

Why not behave like The Son of Man? I never prepared My wife for one day. Rather, I helped her to know the Truth by subjecting her to lifestyles that were alien to her, to teachings that were unknown to her, aiming at getting her roughly grounded, knowing that I was making a far journey with her, so that her real colour MUST come out. I knew nothing about The Bridal Faith. I knew nothing about the End-time. BUT I WAS HIGHER THAN ALL THE PENTECOSTALS. I never wanted her to suffer the Pentecostal level because that was a rubbish level.  They knew nothing about separation until The Son of Man appeared with the Message of separation. “Come out from amongst them and be ye separate. I will be your God. You will be My sons and daughters”, sayeth the Lord of Lords, The Lord God Almighty.
ACTION IS FAITH EXPRESSED; preached on December 18; 2011 Pg. 139 vs. 29 – 30 & Pg. 141 vs. 35


1.           So, you see the hour we are in. You see what God is doing. Examine yourself. Have you not pierced God’s heart, after all His good deeds?
2.           You are that friend that has been labouring with God. You are that friend He has been labouring to sustain, caring and taking good care of you.
3.           Let me tell you. Even I, Apostle Kelechi here, cannot know the whole Brethren in this Bridal faith in all the Local Assemblies
4.           Do you know those in Nigeria, talk less of those abroad?
5.           But THE SON OF MAN will be here, recognizes and knows every Brother, every Sister very well.
6.           And the Igbo proverb says, “All the Lizards are lying flat on the land and you do not know the one having stomach trouble. But THE SON OF MAN knows everyone.
7.           The person whose wife delivered a new baby in Gabon yesterday, do you know him? Have you ever seen him? Do you know the person that is called Brother Promise? 
8.           You only hear his voice through the phone, but The Son of Man knows him and equally knew when the wife was pregnant. He knows everything.
9.           THE SON OF MAN even promised him that though his wife had never delivered since the first issue they never saw, because the pregnancy vanished before it was due to be delivered.
10.       She stayed like that without a child for thirteen years. THE SON OF MAN promised him that, before his eyes, he will see his child. The only thing I want him to do as I told the brother was that he should not panic and that it will come to pass. 
11.       She should inform Me whenever she wants to go back to her husband’s residence in Gabon. When she was about to go back to Gabon, she called Me on the phone and I told her to go.
12.       When she got to Gabon, the Husband called Me to inform me that she had arrived and I then instructed him that whatever she tells him to do that he should do it.
13.       They continued. Eight months after, she took in. The same person that was declared barren has become pregnant again. There were no stories any more. My mind was there.
14.       While we were discussing yesterday, their offering came up in the discussion. The husband and wife had not met God and yet sent their offering to Onitsha. Some other person may assume that the eyes of God would not get there.
15.       There is nothing that happens in this Bridal Faith for which he does not send contribution. Verify. Once he sent ₦80,000. I am telling you the truth.
16.       He sent it to Pastor Thomas’ account. Verify from him. That was when we were going to Enugu for the Conference. He and his wife sent ₦80,000 as their own contribution.
17.       As we are dismissing from Fellowship here, even before we get home he had gotten it.
18.       Yesterday afternoon, he called Me. As soon as I got that call I asked to know whether his wife has gone into labour already. He said, “Daddy, we are in the hospital.”
19.       He never knew I have been counting on months. And I told the Brethren that were with Me two days ago that any moment from now, his wife will deliver her baby.
20.       He never knew what I had said. I asked, “Is your wife in labour?” He told Me that they had been in the hospital since 3 o’clock.
21.       I commanded them, “Go home and have your rest. This is not the way to count for a pregnant woman. Relax your mind. Very soon, you will call Me again.”
22.       I came home. A short while, he called again, “Daddy, according to Thy Word, she delivered safely. A baby girl!”
23.       I called him, “Bro Promise! Have you seen Me live, with your eyes before?” he said that he had seen Me twice in the dream. And the rest are on the calendar and in the Messages.
24.       I asked him, “Have you ever had a hand shake with Me?” He replied, “As a human being, No. but he receives his own handshake in the calendar and the sermon books.”
25.       I enquired about their health and welfare and he was positive. I now instructed him to go and fend for them, “Your God has been victorious.” He said, “Daddy, I do not have anything to say for now.”
26.       Yesterday, the Elders came and I called Apostle Kelechi, and he confirmed that the couple had also called him and told him [Apostle Kelechi] what the wife said.
27.       The wife was quoted saying that if this baby gets stronger and bigger when they will visit Nigeria, she will board an aeroplane to come and present the baby to THE SON OF MAN.
28.       This is because that childbirth was something that was thought impossible, but at last, God has made it possible.
29.       I know why I am saying it. Apostle Kelechi is right. He does not know everybody that is in Bridal Faith in Nigeria, talk less of those outside Nigeria.
30.       The man I am sharing his testimony came from Obi Ngwa. Since the time he identified with this Faith, Bro Kelechi has not seen him? I have not seen him as a human being, but we relate on the phone. To God be the glory.
31.       The same last week, the person you call devil, Jezebel and all sorts of names, her faith may be greater than that of her brother and his wife.
32.       I am telling you the truth. The faith of Mrs Anyanwu, the biological sister to Bro. John Onyia, is greater than Bro John and that of Bro John’s wife.
33.       Let me tell you the truth. The faith of Bro John’s most senior brother towards Me is greater than that of Brother John. If Bro John’s most senior brother hears the level of Message which Bro John has heard, his head will touch the moon.
34.       Can you imagine a woman whose case is such that whenever she falls sick, Bro Ojiakor will testify? Her siblings will also testify.
35.       A Voice went forth on her head saying, “How can your mother still be alive and you die? It is an abomination. And it can never happen. You are not going anywhere.”
36.       I went with Pastor Thomas in a chartered vehicle to Enugu. We never entered any other person’s house. Bro John led us in all the ways we went. We saw the woman. Sister Mary was there. Everybody was expecting her to draw her last breath. 
37.       She was not talking and she was not opening her eyes. She could not control the passage of urine. Everywhere was stinking. The husband and her children kept on crying.
38.       But the Voice told Her, “You are not going anywhere. It can never happen that Mama will be alive and then you will go. Who then will bury Mama? It is not done. You will live.”
39.       From that moment the Voice went forth, I anointed her and prayed for her, and then we left. I did not even make a prayer. I just anointed her and went away.
40.       You all saw her when we went for the funeral of Mama in Udi. She was actively involved in the dancing and everything, for the funeral of Mama, which is the right thing.
41.       It is proper that the children should be the ones that will bury their parents when any dies. It is not parents that should bury their children. Happily, all of us joined hands together.
42.       Bro John told Me that his senior brother said that this their Faith, the Bridal Ministry is the highest network. His sister called Me on the phone while I was on the steering and told Me to speak just a Word.
43.       I enquired to know who was calling Me for I was on the steering. She said, “Daddy, Mrs Anyanwu.” I said, “Mrs Anyanwu! What is happening?”
44.       She replied, “Daddy, that thing has started again. And this one is worse, for it is not coming down at all.” I enquired, “Since when?” She replied, “Since two weeks.”
45.       I said, “OK. Wait, when I get home and park, I will call you.” She insisted, “No No No! Speak a Word.” I also insisted, “I am on the steering.” She Implored again, “Speak a Word.”
46.       “Madam, please I am here in a hold-up. The Police men are right in front of Me, and that is pure truth. This thing was happening before the bridge. Nevertheless, I will speak. You will live and not die.” She shouted, “AMEN!”
47.       I told her that I will call her when I get home. Do you know that I got home and kept on calling this woman, but the call never went through?
48.       The following day, I called and it was testimony day. She said that when it happened to her, she went to calendar. It was the calendar she carried, exercising her faith. Instantly there, the problem was over.
49.       Then you tell Me that this person does not have Faith. I then told her brother that all these laws you are raking up do not exist. What spoke in Me said, “Listen to her. After all, she is a daughter of Abraham.” Did I tell you this?