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The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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Preached On
27TH DECEMBER, 2016.


It has become our tradition that at this time of the year, we gather to reason together and rejoice together as a family. Well it’s a good thing that it is happening this way; it is not unfortunate because God knows why it should be like this.
2.         I knew about it. I equally told my wife about it. That she should get ready to spend her Christmas in Lagos, because from the time of conception I calculated the possible date of delivery. I knew ahead of time that it will be very hard for mummy to celebrate my next birthday here with me. It will be almost impossible. And it has fulfilled to the letter.
3.         If not amazing Grace she will be celebrating her New Year also in Lagos, but I have cut it short so that the New Year will be a “full house new year.” Only Oluebube will remain in Lagos.
4.         We thank God for all of you that are here. I know that God programmed that it would be so.
5.         Today is a memorable day in the family not because of eating and drinking but because it has become our own annual event. A day we set aside to celebrate together as a family, the Personality God is using to spearhead a programme that has become a worldwide programme, the head of the Church; the head of the kingdom of the saved.
6.         That God looked down upon all creatures; searched the whole earth looking for one man according to the prophets. Too many people presented themselves, then organisations presented also their chosen ones but God kept on looking for one Man.
7.         At the end of it all He asked the question, is that all? Is there no other one left somewhere?
8.         Then there was a Voice that said, “There is a little one in the wilderness but he is a small boy. We cannot believe he could be the one…”
9.         He said, “Go and bring him we want to see him.”
10.      When the little lad came who was taking care of the sheep in the wilderness, the glory of God vindicated Him immediately and the Voice said, “This is the man I have chosen, this is the man I have chosen.”
13.      You see, whenever we gather, we gather to celebrate what God decided to do after the counsel of His Own Will which at last favoured all of us here.
14.      Yes, because in Him we are connected to the Godhead; in Him we now hope to have the hope of Eternal Life. I mean a people that were not God’s people in time past, can rightly be referred to as God’s own children. That is what we are celebrating. No more, no less.
15.      May be, if God had made His choice from America we wouldn’t have been connected. If He made His choice from any other part of the world even here in Nigeria, do you think we could have been easily connected?
16.      The difficulties people are having getting connected to this faith are the ones we would be having also. Our own may be more severe but look at what God did for us, that which was far away beyond our reach, He brought into our house. I mean we are a privileged people, we are a privileged people.
17.      On my side every day I don’t query God but I give God praise that I don’t know the population of the world even till this day.
18.       Up to this very day it has become clear, it is also clearer, the more we journey the clearer it becomes that God looked for one man and He found that one man in Africa, in Nigeria and that man happened to be a member of my own family which culminated into becoming our own father. What a wonderful privilege we are enjoying!
20.      We are celebrating His Life not His death. This is the most important thing. Celebrating the death of somebody is meaningless. Celebrate his life.
21.      In spite of all the troubles, trials and temptations, God is still sustaining the Vessel He has chosen, fulfilling His Word that when He (God) chooses a man, He backs him up.
22.      Why? His Name is upon that man. For His Name sake He will never let him down. He will never allow him to make shipwreck so that His Name will not be blasphemed among the heathens. We are celebrating God’s back-up.
23.      Remember the scripture made it clear that in a race there are many that run the race but one wins the trophy. Every group is included in this race, it is a marathon race.
24.      In a marathon race nobody will predict accurately who will come first or second. You see people falling by the way side, others will continue; you see some joining along the way; dropping along the way; yet in there, are some people that took off from the very beginning. Courageously they are moving on and because of what is set before them, because of what they will get at the end, they are focused. 
25.      The reward became their strength just like the Lord Jesus Christ. Because of the joy that was set before Him He endured all things. At the end the day he was crowned. Of all He got crowned.
26.      Remember we are not the only people running the race. There are too many bride of Christ ministries here and there. What is more, the denominations, the orthodox Churches, Catholic, Anglican, they are running the race. Everybody is running the heavenly race, there is no group that is not running the race, even the idol worshipers, their eyes (vision) is also in heaven: “God the creator of heavens and earth, the Creator of all creatures…”
27.      We are also in the race but at the end of the day it behoveth the Almighty to vindicate the right group that is running according to the rule, the chosen group, the elected group.
28.      The Bible called it the elected lady in the book of Revelation, the elect lady. It will take the Bridegroom to come and point who the Bride is among the multitudes of the ladies. That’s why the Elohim came down.
29.      And since He came down and then vindicated the elect Lady we have never heard of anywhere again where such a thing took place and it will never happen in the Gentile world.
30.      When He said He has finished with us, parked us somewhere and He is now going back to take away their unbelief, to stir up trouble that will make Him save His people, before our eyes it happened. We saw what took place there and no other people could recognize Him at a glance than the people that knew Him, walked and  talked with Him.
31.      Immediately He came back, the world started shaking; things started happening. And He told us ahead of time that He will be shuttling, every Sunday He will be with us to put us in line, if there be any place we have erred He will correct the thing and continue but He is there with them, for up till date they are Sabbatarians.
32.      He said, “You go to bed and sleep in the night, do you know where I travel to that makes me to be weak every morning whenever I wake up from the bed? Sometimes I will be sweating when you are feeling cold. Do you know where I went? Do you know what is happening?
33.      We really thank God that we are not deceived. That’s the most important thing that has happened to us.
34.      Initially we were skeptical. Some, because of their skepticism could not remain steadfast but we were courageous, we were bold, we believed the Voice that said, “Even if we never understood, you should continue doubting nothing. Towards the end when everything shall be made clear, you must understand all things.”
35.      The Voice went further to warn us in ab initio (from the beginning) saying, “Don’t be quick in calling anything God or Devil, time will vindicate all things, when we get to the end you will know, you can now give it a name. You will know whether it’s man-made; whether it’s impersonation; whether it’s original; whether it’s the Devil; whether it’s man; everything”.
36.      He said, “Look at what we have seen in the end - the Supernatural.”
37.      We were told ahead of time by the Prophet, we read it, that we were standing at the Threshold of the Greatest Vindication of Omnipotence the world has never seen.
38.      Today we are no longer standing at the threshold; the whole thing has come to pass before our eyes. Why can’t we celebrate it? We must!
39.      But if you think, what it could have been if at the end of the day we were deceived; if at the end of the day what the Prophet foretold never fulfilled.
40.      Why are we courageous? Why are we joyful? Why are we willing to die in defense of what we have believed? It’s because the Almighty, the King of kings and Lord of lords came down to vindicate Himself, the Message, the Messenger and the people He, Himself has chosen. That’s all. It’s worth celebrating!
41.      We are not celebrating imaginary Jesus Christ, like others, that has diverse pictures as painted by the artists of various calibres, displaying their talents in paintings. We are not celebrating Virgin Mary or Joseph.
42.      We are celebrating the presence of God in our midst Who found it, convenient, Who deemed it convenient not counting it robbery, picking his Mask from among us, because He wanted to, He loved us, He wanted us to be saved.
43.       If He had picked his Mask from somewhere else we might be cut off.  This is why we can now say salvation has come into our homes. Salvation has come to our homes - as many as are found in Him, connected to Him, united in the Godhead - He is pulling all of them along. That is what we are celebrating.
44.      If you are celebrating any other thing than this, your celebration is absolutely useless. You are celebrating outside the will of God. You are celebrating amiss.
45.      It is just like this worship. Many worshipped a miss. Many are still worshipping amiss. Many will still worship amiss.
46.      It is very very easy for people to be sincerely wrong. Many had been sincerely wrong in the past. Many are sincerely wrong today. Many will be sincerely wrong tomorrow.  Amen.

A great family that came here wept sore and they are still weeping till today. Even to accept their offering caused trouble yesterday, until I had to make a little provision whereby their offering can be made acceptable in the sight of God.
2.         Before they came, it became a confusion, they reasoned and reasoned. They came here and condemned their uncle saying, “If we had perished and whatever that had happened to our family, the blood of all the members of our family would be required from him; for he came into contact with this type of thing, over the years you were acquainted with your family and you kept us in the dark, only for you to reveal this because trouble came. We were looking for One who will remedy the situation then you began to speak, only for us to hear it is too late.”
3.         They are still having problems with him till now. I am referring to no other person than the wife of the person that manufactured the ogbunigwe (Bomb) during the Biafra period, the man who teamed up with Engr Roy Umenyi - I mean Engr Eze - the immediate younger brother of C. C. Onoh; the man who manufactured the paper bomb Babangida used to kill Dele Giwa; who was arrested and detained for 3 years, a native of Ngwo. I am referring to the wife - Doctor Mary - the immediate elder sister to Sullivan Chime and her daughter who is a Chief Magistrate. They were here with us last week. This people I am talking about are still crying till now.
4.         Yesterday she called and is still sending text messages, because I never minced words. Then you will find out that all these people are in  celebrated positions are having intractable problems money cannot solve. This person am talking about is someone whose first son is a superior member, Federal House of Representatives and a drunk.
5.          This is one of those things that are disturbing her. Her husband is dead, all her children, anyone that marries will later go to court for divorce; those marrying them are beasts; senior advocates marrying lawyers – the struggle continues – one has married twice and is preparing for the third one. The three husbands are all alive – the struggle continues.
6.         There is money, but money cannot solve their problem. There is nothing that has not been done. This last person (that married), it was her mother that sponsored the man that married her … built a house for them, did everything; they married; now they have divorced, the man took his child, yet money was there, everything was there.
7.         Where this person lives was where Anambra state built their zoo, which they (Anambra state) sold 500 million Naira. She is among those living there; she has three houses there. A woman! For you to see that money is not their problem; yet they are having problems money cannot solve.
8.         That is why I am telling you, if you have a problem money will solve you have no problem; if you run around, by the help of God your fellow human being will help you to solve that problem.
9.         But when you have a problem money cannot solve, that is where you have the greatest problem. That money will be there and the problem is starring you in the face, because money cannot solve it – that person has developed the greatest problem in the world. Do you understand what I am saying?
10.      And the greatest problem money cannot solve I can identify for now is Eternal Life. Whoever that doesn’t have that hope of Eternal Life has problem money cannot solve.
11.      Begin to see it from that perspective and that will help you to begin to adjust your minds. That’s why God said, what shall it profit a man if he will gain the whole world and yet forfeit Eternal Life? Because it can never be purchased with money. That is why we must be serious with what we are hearing.
12.      Yesterday I admonished all of you by interpreting the message we received last Sunday. I was sure and certain that many were bound to misunderstand, misinterpret, to their own peril.
13.      But to you that are here with me I am the Perfect Interpreter of the Word. The Word proceeded from Me. I know why the Word went forth. I know what it intended to achieve in the life of every man. Thus, giving it your own interpretation becomes the beginning of your own self-destruction. That is why God is the Perfect Interpreter of His own Word.
14.      When we received that message last Sunday many were jubilating. They were over jubilating and I was wondering because it was a message I decided to put them in remembrance.  I decided to go back to 1993 to give them that original message we received, that is, “Building Plan”, then, “God’s Plan to Establishing the Church.” 1993!
15.      From there I joined it with “What the Church is Composed of,” that is, the local contents of the Church; so that we will know where we are, why we have the hope that at the end of the day we have been saved or we shall be saved.
16.      Part one was the one we read and it was just like a chain. Part two, I promised will continue, so that at the end when we shall be touching the Revelation of the Church—which is away from all these, and that’s the summary—we can now know our positions, because it is another way of coming from the grassroots to reintroduce the message, “Knowing Your Status in Christ, Knowing Your Status in the Son of Man;” so that you will see that the Christ you are referring to; the Bible referred to, is the Son of Man; so that you will now begin to see that you are no longer in the AD; you are now in another calendar that started from the year 2000. That God shifted to a new calendar. And that new calendar is the Son of Man.
17.      You are now in the days of the Son of Man. You are no longer in the days of Jesus Christ. You are no longer in the days of the prophets. You are now in the days of the Son of Man, when God has veiled Himself in a man again standing upon the earth judging the earth.
18.      Now watch that message, many thought that once they said they are saved because you are an elect and this and that—Jesus saw it. The Prophets saw it. The Lord Jesus Christ highlighted many things around it.
19.       Let me tell you something; I repeated it yesterday; I want to hammer on it: that even if you stumble into hell that God will stumble into hell and bring you out, many shouted yea-yea-yea; that even if you are this and that you are not a material for hell; many shouted yea-yea-yea!
20.      You are not the only one that heard it. Jesus told them that, as many as would believe in him, even if they would die that they will live again. They rejoiced over that statement – fine!
21.      But finally He settled down and began to explain the messages. He warned seriously that as it was in the days of Noah; as it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, He was warning, not the world but the people that were with Him in the Upper Chambers, Upper Room.
22.      The Upper Room Ministry is for the saved. The ministry of the Church is for the whole world. Parables are for the world; plain language is for the children of the kingdom.
23.      If you believe it that, because you have believed you can be whatever you want to be, behave the way you want to behave - after all you are not a material for hell fire - you are already lost.
24.      For you do not know the secret of being in paradise more than He that came from paradise. He that constructed paradise, He saw the way the people were jubilating, He came out to tell them the naked truth.
25.      Note the naked truth, He told them clearly to note what happened in the days of Noah and Sodom and Gomorrah. They builded, they married and were given in marriage, some that were not married and were not given in marriage were troubled over it, commercial activity in its peak, every kind of evil bedeviled the two ages, people went about with life as usual, crave for materialism was in its peak to the neglect of God’s word.
26.      Only those that were conscious of the hour, conscious of the promise were everyday preparing themselves by doing all those things others were doing in the fear of God, believing that anything could unfold.
27.      The Bible said they (others) gave themselves holistically over to their normal everyday activities putting God behind and that day came upon them unawares. They could not escape except the righteous Noah.
28.      What made him righteous? The Bible said he walked with God. Because he walked with God he became the wisest man that raised the wisest family that obeyed God. He became the only family that towed the footsteps of Abraham. That was the only family where the faith of Abraham was upheld. He never paid lip service to it, he was serious with his family.
29.      That was why without murmuring, without complaining, without argument the entire family entered the ark at the command of the Lord seeing that God could not withhold anything good from him and could not withhold even any secret. As He did to Abraham so He did to Noah.
30.      On that day, the Lord hissed into his ears for them to enter; “Look at what I am going to do in seven days’ time.” They obeyed. If they had disobeyed, what happened to others would have happened to them.
31.      He gave us another illustration that when the people of the Jews were asked to leave Egypt not all of them left. Many remained in Egypt; the attraction of Egypt held them captive; positions they were holding there societally held them captive, pinned them on the ground. Were they elect? Yes! Were they Jews? Yes! Were they saved? No!
32.      What can you say about those who said because they were Jews they believed more than Moses and refused to apply the blood at the lintel of their doors. Death angel came. Were they spared? They were not spared. Why? They were living in disobedience. I hope I’m making sense.
33.      The book of Romans says if one that is not a Jew obeys the word of God it will be his own righteousness. God will consider him saved and destroy a Jew who brags about that because he is a Jew he will no longer take the word of God seriously.
34.      Thus, you are not a Jew because you are born in Israel, circumcised on the 8th day, had Abraham as your father or grandfather whatever you may call him, but you are a Jew  in the sense that you honour and fear God. You see what makes you a Jew. Then salvation is for the Jews.
35.      That is why in every nation whosoever that feareth and honoureth the Lord, the same is made acceptable unto him. Is it not true? The Bible said; the same is the word of God sent and, the same is made acceptable unto God.
36.      Thus, you are not made acceptable unto God because you are in the family of the Son of Man. if you become a stubborn fellow in my family; a disobedient fellow in the Church, automatically you have made yourself worthless; unprofitable in all things you have declared yourself a sinner.
37.      Nobody is saved because of his birthright. Nobody is saved because of his birthright. This is why you must live the life of obedience to the truth.
38.      You must live your life in conformity with the doctrines of Christ, which has come to you in your own day. In there is your salvation; in there is your peace; in there is your success; in there is your wisdom, your knowledge, your understanding, your prosperity, your everything you are looking for.
39.      But reject Him, reject the message, treat it with contempt, you are doing it to your own regret. For by and by you must regret it in the end. That’s why we encourage you to be serious with the message you have heard.
40.      Pay heed to the message. Let your character reflect the message. If your character is not worthy of the messages you have received so far, let it be known to you that you are a counterfeit who is likely to be disqualified, disapproved and rejected on trial in the end. Amen.


God warned even scripturally, 2nd Corinthians 13, that we should from time to time re-examine our lives,  re-examine our faith and know, find out whether we are progressively holding on to the faith which we are professing.
2.         We should scrutinize; evaluate; it says, don’t we know by continuing experiences whether we are in him or not, whether the spirit of Christ is in us or the spirit has left us and we do not know.
3.         For the message said on Sunday we are in a delicate ministry where we can backslide without knowing; where the spirit of God can vacate, the foolishness and ignorance in us will not permit us to notice the exit of the spirit of Christ in our lives. 
4.         Unimaginable things contrary to sound doctrine, contrary to the truth will be manifesting, using us as tools. The worst thing that will happen to a man is to yield to a destructive spirit where the Devil will be using him as tool.  Be very careful.
5.         That’s why any spirit you submit yourself to is the spirit that will govern your life. If it is the spirit of Christ, Christ will govern you and people will see the reflection of Christ in your daily character, in everywhere you go you will obtain favour from men, you will obtain favour from God.
6.         For the Lord Jesus Christ who was the initiator of whatever we are holding here today went about doing good and obtained favour from God and from humanity. So be very very careful everybody.
7.         He went further to warn, that if we are not careful, if we are not conscious of ourselves, of our surroundings, of the people we are having dealings with, in agreement with our faith; use your faith; use your belief to scrutinize everything.
8.         If we are not conscious, we might be shocked in the end to see heathens, people coming from the East, West, North, South to occupy the kingdom of heaven with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We that are meant to be there, children of the kingdom shall be locked out. Is it scriptural? Is it in the scripture?
9.         The Lord was warning his apostles, his disciples in the upper room. Where lies that belief that because I have become his disciple I have become an apostle I am now following Christ for that reason I can behave anyhow, I am not a material for eternal destruction. Who told you?  
10.      The Bible made it clear that God saved his people from the land of Egypt; brought them out; took them across the red sea, he led them across the red sea; He fed them with manna from heaven; protected them in the night; healed them of the serpent bites; did all forms of miracles; scared their enemies away as they progressed, they lacked nothing good in the night and in the day; the Lord stood there as their Defense; as their Provider; as their Healer; as everything but at the end of it all, He destroyed all that believed not.
11.      For God said, with many of them He was not pleased; their characters were very very noxious in the sight of God. God could not stand their wicked behaviours because it is still an act of wickedness to pay back evil for good.
12.      In spite of all that God did for them, He expected them to praise Him the more, to walk right, to walk with Him, but He saw another thing all together. He numbered them without their knowledge.
13.      The Bible said He brought them out from the land of Egypt across the Red Sea, did everything to make them feel comfortable but at the end He destroyed all that believed Him not yet, they were Jews.
14.      He saved them from destruction in Egypt; he saved them from destruction in the Red Sea; saved them from destruction by their enemies but He never allowed them to enter Canaan. They could not enjoy paradise and the Bible said He destroyed all.
15.      What is more, the Bible said it is written in the Bible for our learning; preserved there in the scriptures for our admonition that we should not pattern after evil, that we should learn our lessons from what befell them. For we were not and we are not the first people that served this God and he has not changed even, his method of doing things and he will never change because of me.
16.      Thus, whatever you are believing be very careful, you are believing the truth that proceeds out of the mouth of God not your own interpreted truth, not the truth you coined out after your evil interpretation, truth you coined out that will give you liberty to do whatever you want whether they be good or evil in the sight of God, you don’t care. You are bound to lose your ticket straight away if you had at all obtained a ticket. It can be canceled. Another name can be used to replace you even without your knowledge. So, be very very careful everybody.
17.      He went further to give them another illustration. In the Upper Room He said, “Look at what the kingdom of God, the kingdom of heaven is likened to be.”
18.      He gave them the parable of the ten virgins. The virgins, were they virgins? Yes! Undefiled! Were they elect according to God’s fore-knowledge? Yes! Did they defile themselves with any denomination? No! Were they accused of sin? No! They were perfect. They were all perfect. They were all righteous but there was something wrong.
19.      The Master gave them instruction to stay at the gate there, be there, keep on remaining there until the Bridegroom will come and take you in. Everybody said Amen.
20.      Wise ones filled their lanterns with oil and carried also extra oil in case, the Bridegroom would delay his coming, to make sure their graves will not begin to make noise before the bridegroom would appear. They have enough fuel.
21.      If you have enough fuel in your tank that can go to Lagos and come back whether there is fuel scarcity or not, it doesn’t concern you.  Your vehicle will be moving because you are carrying enough and even carrying reserve. That was what they did.
22.      When we were told to take the food, eat the word as food for the journey is still too far so that we can get the strength that will carry us and the strength of every child of God is the level of the word of God that is settled in his heart that is, the level of revelation you will have. So take note of what I am saying.
23.      He said these are the ten virgins. Look at what the kingdom of heaven is likened to. When they were asked to stay, their lanterns were all burning, everybody was jubilating; as the bridegroom tarried beyond their expectation some of them who didn’t come with extra oil, their lanterns began to die.
24.      In order to keep the lanterns burning before the bridegroom would appear, they went out to get oil. Were they perfect? Yes! Were they elected? Yes! Were they chosen? Yes! Were they righteous? Yes! Any defilement? No! Were they billed to be in the kingdom of heaven? Yes! They went away to buy the oil.
25.      Immediately they left, the bridegroom appeared; behold the bridegroom cometh! Those that had their lanterns with oil they trimmed their lanterns and the Master had no choice but to usher in those he met with their lanterns burning. They entered peacefully.
26.      Immediately they entered and the Master entered, what happened? The people that went to get extra oil arrived and the door had already been closed.
27.      The Master gave further interpretation that they knocked and knocked and said Master open. They introduced themselves that they were not foreigners they began to mention their names one after the other. The Master said no, I know you not.
28.      The scripture said the door remained closed against them. Who do we blame in this situation: the Master or the foolish ones? What made them foolish? They didn’t walk with the light that was given to them; they could not keep pace with the message.
29.      If they had kept pace with the message, there would have been a uniform approach to that instruction. They would have collectively obeyed.
30.      Then where lies the claim that once saved always saved; because you are chosen you are elected you are billed to be in paradise, whether you like it or not you will be there, whether you obey or not obey you will be there. Who preached that one? Tell me who preached that one? Who has ever preached it? Is it our message?
31.      That is why whenever a message goes forth your duty is to pause and wait for the interpretation thereof. The Master said, s”So shall the kingdom of heaven be – future continuous tense. So shall the kingdom of heaven be.
32.      Some elect will go in because they are wise, they are keeping pace with the message while some will be locked out. The Bible said further they were given their places among the heathens, the unbelievers.
33.      That act of drawing back because they wanted to go and then get the message so that they can be up to date burning became their destruction, their doom.
34.      Can you imagine somebody who has labored to the extent of coming to the gate of paradise but could not stay faithfully there until the Master will open the gate for them; immediately the person went away, it is a spiritual affair, immediately your spirit draws back the Lord will no longer be pleased with you for every character is a manifestation of what the spirit is all about. Is it not true?
35.      Whatever is your character tells the whole world the spirit that is controlling you for behind every character there is a spirit.  That is why you have to, as an individual, do what the scripture said, says scrutinize, investigate, examine, evaluate don’t say God examine me that’s what the Bible said, don’t say God examine me; it says, examine yourself.
36.      Don’t you know by your ever progressing experience whether the spirit of Christ is in you or not? Or else you will be a reprobate a counterfeit who must be disapproved disallowed disqualified in the end.
37.      So many will perish not because of what they have done but because of what they have refused to do.
38.      Nothing is as destructive as private interpretation of the word of God. For the word of God according to the scriptures is of no private interpretation. God is the perfect interpreter of his word.
39.      Anybody that has that notion, that conclusion in his or her mind, that as elect, he could behave anyhow and get saved in the end can never honour and fear the Lord. The word of God can never be of any effect in the person’s life. For the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom but fools despise wise counsel.
40.      Be very very careful, when the word of God goes forth, be patient, don’t behave like the early apostles who heard go ye, immediately they heard go ye into the world and preach to all nations, foolish ones ran ahead of time but wise ones stood behind waiting to be guided.
41.      Immediately they stood behind many went. “Go ye,” that’s what they heard and ran, another statement followed: “But tarry ye in Jerusalem until ye be endued with power from on high then, you will begin to be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in Judea, in Samaria then to the utmost part of the world,” which people that ran because they heard “go ye” – men and women – they never received this guide and they went amiss. They preached amiss. They did everything amiss.
42.      That’s why even when the message came forth – the message of Grace – there were interludes. God said you don’t have any right to preach it in your pulpit or act until I have come down; until I have finished and when I finished I documented all, labeled it the Great Sermon in my own hand and placed my seal there; the Almighty came and vindicated it.
43.      That’s why God said even in that message – you are excluded from the laws of Moses, you are now under the laws of the Son of Man. We have left Egypt long ago, we are not talking about god in mountain Sinai, in Egypt, we are talking about God in the present Jerusalem, in the present Mount Zion, City of the Most High God which culminated into this family; so that you are in this family is not your ticket to paradise; your ticket to paradise is God’s nature.
44.      Absalom was the first son of David, but a rebellious son. Did he earn a ticket to paradise? He earned condemnation for being rebellious. So it happened to many.
45.      You can be the children of a priest and you perish. Hophni and Phinehas were sons of the high priest Eli and the Bible says they were sons; they were children of Belial that’s children of the Devil. For they allowed the Devil to use them as tools, they became children of the Devil.
46.      Any spirit you yield yourself to is the spirit that will govern you – either the spirit of Christ for your salvation or the spirit of the Devil for your destruction.   
47.      For that reason, at any point in time, you must pause. For that cause God gave us a message Stop and Think. Stop and think, find out why things are happening the way they are happening: whether you are the one attracting those things; whether you are the one that should be blamed or God. But in all you go back to the message titled Blame Yourself and not God.
48.      Why must you blame yourself? He has given us all things pertaining to life and godliness that by obeying them we will be able to attain his divine nature. For that, we are inexcusable.
49.      Tell me the excuse you can give? Tell me the excuse I can give for not attaining his nature. If God said we are inexcusable, he said thou art inexcusable oh man. Tell me the excuse you’ll begin to give. Any excuse you want to adduce will surely turn out to be a part of your problem.
50.      Thus, don’t try to rake up excuse, it will turn out to be a part of your problem because men, human beings are guilty of trying to excuse themselves out, even out of their foolishness which they manifest. It is wisdom to obey God. It is foolishness to disobey godly counsel.
51.      This is why God warned us even in the book of Proverbs saying “My son, take my counsels for they will preserve your life, they will make you live long here on earth and have prosperity. Steer clear from the counsels of the wicked, steer clear from ungodly people, scoffers, mockers; steer clear from proud and haughty men and women for they have nothing to offer you than foolishness.
52.      They will lure you out and then begin to inject poison into your hearts, bias your minds, begin to tell you it is pleasurable to continue in iniquity because iniquity is pleasure to one that is destitute of truth.  Amen.

Sin is pleasure to a wicked man fellow. A foolish person calls evil guy, there is nothing like guy; you guy yourself into hell fire. It is wisdom to walk with God; it is wisdom to obey God.
2.         Don’t stand in the way of scoffers and mockers. Don’t stand in the way of haughty and proud men, violent and disobedient people. Before you know it you will be imbibing their characters. Move with evil people and become evil tomorrow.
3.         Tell me who you associate with and I will tell you who you are. Not manner of person, I will tell you exactly who you are.  For that reason God gave us a message saying “Give Yourself a Name.”
4.         That you are Innocent doesn’t mean you are innocent. Your name is Innocent, does it mean that you are not guilty? If you like answer righteous.
5.         Give yourself a name. What is your name? Your character! Character maketh a personality. For that reason once it is lost everything is lost.  He has given us His Word so that we can trace ourselves back. That is the essence of the word of God going out in righteousness to enable one that is erring to find him or herself in the word.
6.         Remember last week I was hammering on “The Necessity for All of Us to Strive to Find Ourselves in the Message Whenever Any Message Is Going Forth.”
7.          Don’t look for somebody else in that message, look for yourself. If you look for yourself you must find yourself. If you are looking for your brother you will find your brother, you will omit yourself. Forget about your brother look for yourself. Find out where the message has addressed your problem which you have not been able to address; a problem that is making you to pass restless nights. Only you know where that problem lies.
8.         There is nobody here who cannot identify where the Devil is holding him or her captive and until you are liberated from that shackle, your life is still in danger; you can never walk right.
9.         That’s why the hour is saying, put yourselves together, make every wrong right, every crooked path must be made straight. For the God of righteousness is about to walk here with you: to institute a reign of righteousness with his sons and daughters that walked and talked with him not with any other person.
10.      Thus, don’t suppress your feelings, don’t begin to look for excuses you will give for there is no reasonable excuse before God. There is no reasonable excuse before God:
11.      “Eh, it was not convenient for me, I was troubled this and that, they buffeted me about this and … no no no no no.
12.      Sister Chika, your mother approached me with Sister Ndidi last week after fellowship and told me that your elder sister drove you out of her matrimonial home without any notice, intending to humiliate you and you ran to your pastor for refuge. I said okay.
13.      I asked her, “What could be the reason?” She said she didn’t know.
14.      “Have you enquired from Chika?” I asked. She said no.
15.      “Have you enquired from Aňuri?” She said no.
16.      I said, “Okay but do you know I know your daughters, both the one in Lagos and the one in Port Harcourt? I don’t think Aňuri will drive Sister Chika out of her house anyhow, there is a problem somewhere. Call her over the phone as the senior, hear from her after which you call Chika.
17.      If it warrants going down to Port Harcourt you will go but before then, tell me your findings. I myself will call Sister Chika and I know she will tell me the truth. I will also call Aňuri, I have her phone number. Often times we discuss. I know she will tell me the truth but I perceive this is a problem, a very big problem.
18.      “If you do not strive to find out the cause, they may accuse you of being the engineer of the problem but I am having two feelings about this thing.
19.      “Two things might be responsible for this thing. Number 1; may be Aňuri’s husband is dissatisfied with Chika’s stay with them, maybe Aňuri is having problem with her husband because of the stay of Chika and to avoid wrecking up his family, she decided to send her out.
20.      “Another thing will be from Chika, maybe Chika has overgrown the control of Aňuri and her husband, maybe she has become stubborn and reckless, started overdoing things going to work and coming back any time she wished; going out at will even without obtaining permission; refusing to honour and respect the elder sister and the husband; taking things for granted, go and investigate, these things might be there.
21.      “Aňuri may boldly tell you that she has been enduring Chika, thinking that she would change because of their biological relationship.”
22.      Ndidi was nodding by my side, sister was nodding and said, “Daddy, I will do so.”
23.      I said, “Nevertheless, I will find out from her. How I wish brother Chidubem and the family, I’m anticipating will come down with her.”
24.      Without discussing with them I saw Sister Chika yesterday. I was overjoyed that my wish had already been transmitted as a message into the heart of her pastor to come along with her together with the family not because of her condition. 
25.      You see how God works. He works across purposes. This one is greater than holiday. If through this holiday your life can be saved it is the best holiday you have ever enjoyed. This is pure truth.
26.      For God gave us a message warning us to know how we should behave ourselves within and without, and to walk with wisdom among those that do not believe our faith.
27.      Maybe you have displayed foolishness, for that reason trouble arose.  It will also afford me the opportunity to talk to your pastor so that he will know his limitations, for you run to his house for intervention not for accommodation; there must be intervention after accommodation that is if the two are not reconciled, for there is no way he can accommodate you without the consent of the person, the family that harboured you all these years.
28.      Otherwise, we will be accused of engineering whatever the problem might be especially if the problem can be traceable to sister Chika. It will also cause the faith to be blasphemed.
29.      For that reason there must be intervention aiming at reconciling them but where they have parted ways it will be in peace, the consent must be there so that they will know where she is. I will still give her a hearing as I promised the parent. So, I really thank God.
30.      What am I trying to say? God gave us a message that if we are being persecuted because of our faith that the glory of God is upon us, we have the hope of getting saved in the end. For so they persecuted those that ran the race before us.
31.      However, if we are suffering in the hands of our enemies, relations as a result of our bad behaviours, He said, we are ridiculing the Name of God; we are jeopardizing our chances of getting saved for the greatest stumbling block has always been one that professes godliness but manifests wickedness. That has remained the greatest stumbling block.
32.      And God made it clear that the greatest message that makes the greatest impact to the hearer is our character not what we preach with our mouth, not what we say we believe but what we manifest.
33.      For that reason, I told you that I will be glad; I will cherish it for people to say that my doctrines are doctrines of the Devil but my character is a reflection of Christ. I will be very very glad, I will be on top of the world.
34.      For I know there is no way my doctrine can be that of the Devil and my character will reflect Christ. Impossible! It is like expecting a positive result from a negative action. Can it happen?
35.      For that reason, Christ said that we should let our lives so shine before men that they will see our good works and glorify our Father that is in heaven.
36.      A child of God that is not conscious of his life surely will become one of the foolish virgins. If you are not wise, you are not conscious of your character, you are not conscious of your outlook, the way you talk, the way you look, the way you do things; you are not conscious of the people surrounding you, the type of witnesses, they will testify against you or in your favour, definitely you will be given a place among the heathens due to your stupidity, your ignorance and blindness of your heart.
37.      Thus, if there be anything we can do now it is to be conscious of the hour for no other sign shall be given to us.  The hour we are in is very precarious and anything can take place.
38.      Any state we are when He signals the last blast of the whistle, that is the state that will determine where we shall be.
39.      For that reason, God concluded, Now is My Salvation in My Hands. Do we have a message like that? My salvation is now in my hands. So it is my responsibility now to possess my vessel in honour or in dishonor. Amen.



Preached On
30TH DECEMBER, 2016.



We have a message titled, “Awake Thou That Sleepeth For The Night Is Far Spent.” Awake thou that sleepeth for the night is far spent, for our salvation draweth nearer now than when we first believed.
2.           Underline it in your heart, that every passing day brings you closest, to either your full accomplished salvation, or your full accomplished destruction. That is pure and certain. Because, now you are getting to the end of everything, one thing is clear: it is either you enter Paradise or you enter hell.
3.           This is why the point where we are calls for real, thorough re-examination of oneself in the light of the messages we have received so far. For God can do everything, but He cannot lower down the standard because of any human being. If God has set a standard, that standard is there for all the ages.
4.           That’s why, when He warned us in the Book of Hebrews, He said we should repent, What is more, that when God’s own standard is met, we would obtain His mercy. When our obedience to the word is fulfilled, we would now get the promise. Nobody obtains the promise of God until His obedience is fulfilled. Obedience to the truth that is revealed to you in your day.
5.           That is why I am still emphasizing that partial obedience is no obedience. Selective obedience is as bad as not obeying at all, for we have some people that select messages they will obey, and those they will not obey. That one you have refused to obey is the one that has condemned your belief, for a believer believeth all things, doubting nothing.
6.           Thus, you cannot be selective, you believe the ones you feel that are favorable to you, and then disbelieve those you think are unfavorable to you. At the end you discover that those ones you refused to obey, contain the solution to your problem, they are the ones that were very, very essential, for your entry into Paradise.
7.           That is why, even in normal days activities, as students, we normally warn: “Do not allow the subject you want to drop to drop you.”
8.           Because you are not interested in that subject, you want to drop it, if you are not careful, that subject may cause you to repeat that class, and when you repeat that class, you must repeat that subject.
9.           Before you begin to select subjects, there must be compulsory subjects you must pass. Thus, if that one that is compulsory at that stage, is very hard, or for any reason at all, you hate it or you hate the teacher, automatically, you are going to mark time in that class.
10.       You may be there while your mates are moving forward. That is why, for you to succeed as a student, you must give all the subjects equal attention, for you paid for all of them. You are there because of all of them. If you have known them, you wouldn’t be there.
11.       The same way it is with the messages we have received, it is not believing one and leaving the other, you must obey all, you must believe all. We are not persuading you, nobody is begging anybody again. This is the point where you can now stand up and say, “I have believed”, or “I have not believed.”
12.       Nobody will accuse you of unbelief, what will accuse you is already with you. What will mark you in is with you, what will mark you out is with you. Thus, you are the one that will suffer, if you lose at the end; you are the one that will enjoy, if you gain entry into Paradise.
13.       For that reason, no human being, born of a woman, should persuade anybody, henceforth, the time we say, “Come, let’s obey the Lord”, is over. “Come, let’s go and worship the Lord”, is over.
14.       For it is believed that by now, all must have come to the realization of who God is, and God’s demands. We have come to the point where nobody should remind you of what you should do at any given time.
15.       But if at the point where you are now, you are being constantly put in remembrance, for you to know, lest you forget, if the point where you are now, you are being forced, you are being indicted, you are being rebuked, before you can obey, or comply, definitely, you are wasting your time.
16.       It is believed that by now, where we are standing, obedience to the truth has become our own way of life. It has become our way of life. Because worshipping of God is a way of life.
17.       If worshipping God is not your nature, you are wasting your time. And when we say, “Let’s worship the Lord”, to you it will be very cumbersome, to obey the truth will be very very cumbersome, because you will be feeling you will be losing a lot of things if you should do things right.
18.       For that reason, you will become an expert in doing things wrong, and that way of doing things wrong has already marked you wrong, and you cannot be wrong and right at the same time. A true seed of God forfeits nothing while worshipping God.
19.       He cannot say, “Look at what I am forfeiting” for he is accustomed to doing this things right. But one that is gifted to doing things wrong is the one that forfeits something. Any day he begins to walk in the right path, abandoning the crooked ways, he begins to feel the pains, because all his life, he has been accustomed to doing things wrong.
20.       He will reject every effort made by any man to put him right. If situation compels him, like we have found ourselves now, that there is no way we can remain in the wrong and enter Paradise.
21.       There is a song we used to sing;
“I know my God will make a way for me;
I know my God will make a way for me;
If I live a holy life, shun the wrong, and do the right;
I know my God will make a way for me.
22.       When you shun the wrong, and do the right, whoever that says he is forfeiting something by doing things rightly, from the very word go, he is not a seed of God. He is an expert in doing things wrong, and whatever things he is gaining in living a wrong life, in doing things the wrong way, he must account for all in the end.
23.       What are we going to account for in the end? They are nothing but the things we have been doing wrong, flouting the word of God, treating the word of God with neglect, with contempt, setting aside the word of God that we may establish our own will. That’s what we are going to account for in the end, willful disobedience to the truth, for no man can continue in error when the truth has been set clear before his eyes without knowing it.
24.       Truth that has been evidently set up before your eyes, God’s righteous demands has been made known to all of us, and you are walking in the wrong path, only to come and tell us, you never knew, or you never knew the consequences, or you thought God would lower the standard, or you thought that God never meant business with it, or it doesn’t matter.
25.       What you are going to account for in the end is your, “it doesn’t matter”, what it has cost you. “It doesn’t matter”, will cost you Eternal Life. Yes, “it doesn’t matter”, will deny you Paradise.
26.       Continue, it will cost you everlasting life. You will be given a portion with the unbelievers. You must be given a portion with the heathens who behaved the way you are behaving.
27.       That’s why God warned us, as many as have found themselves in Christ, must know when the transformation has taken place in your lives.
28.       He said, “Do not continue in the old ways you have been living, when you knew not God. You were a heathen, doing things the heathens were doing; unimaginable evils without restraints because you were taking pleasure in them.
29.       “Now you have turned over to a new leaf, old things are passed away; you have become a new brand fellow within. Those things the Bible says we should hate and discard, as a woman discards her menstrual cloth, and says in our hearts, “I don’t want you again, if that is the only thing that will make me survive here on earth, I will forfeit it.”
30.       For anything anybody says he will forfeit for him to live right goes to condemn the person that was living in error. He was deliberately living in error, and this is the bane of our society, this is what is killing everybody: One that has lived in error, in wrong doing, in evil, for a prolonged period has acquired a habit that will be very difficult to break. A man that is earning a living fraudulently, is reaping the whirlwind in the end.
31.       That is why, no man has succeeded in living a peaceful life here, through wealth acquired fraudulently, impossible! He is always living in fear; fear of being destroyed in the end by the Almighty God, fear of being caught up by the laws, naturally on the land.
32.       If he acquires that wealth, he doesn’t even enjoy it, he can never rest with it, if he is a seed of God. The only person that will enjoy evil, and feel at ease with it, is one that is addicted to evil.
33.       But one who is a seed of God, evil is strange to him, it’s a strange habit, maybe he acquired it through contact. The moment truth illuminates, that is the end of the journey, you will never mention that thing in the life of that individual.
34.       He traces his way back to the Elohim, the Source of his existence. Amen.

If there is any message we need to look into now, it is “Awake thou that sleepeth, for the night is far spent”, for our salvation draweth closer to us now than when we first believed.
2.           Every day brings us closest to the end of everything. Events taking place in the Middle East speak clearer than any other thing; they speak clearer than any other thing.
3.           I thank God I have come into contact with worldly billionaires, wealthy people who came into contact with this message, and they are now regretting their money. The money is there, but they are no longer enjoying their money. They are looking for a way out.
4.           If only God could pardon them, and co-opt them into this salvation boat, that is all they are praying for, not money again. Even the money is not giving them peace, for there is nothing a man can gain in this world, if after the whole thing, he loses his soul in hell fire. It is a miserable thing for one that is born in the truth, raised in the truth, to be given a place with the unbelievers in the end.
5.           Those that saw you carrying this message, carrying the Bible, those that saw you going to fellowship, surrounding the Son of Man at all times, even forestalling His peace here on earth, providing  for all that He needs to make sure He feels  comfortable, but at the end of the day, you will hear from Him, “Depart from me, I know you not, you were merely paying lip service to me, your heart was far away from where I am. You gave yourself over to worldly things, and the world against your soul, they have denied you Eternal Rest,” because whatsoever eyes can see are temporary.
6.           If it is not so, the Lord Jesus Christ wouldn’t have demonstrated saying, “Some will come that day…” who are those people? Were they heathens? No! Disciples, apostles, evangelists, pastors, members of the Church, coming, saying, “Master, Lord, Lord, Lord, I walked with you, I preached in your name, I baptized, I did this, I provided you with cloth, I provided you with shoes, I bought generator, I did this and that, just to make sure you feel comfortable, more so, I sacrificed my life, even preaching this gospel by day and by night”.
7.           He will say, “Yes, you have done well, I say, depart from me, for I know you not. For iniquity is found in you. You were doing all those things just to please me; you were doing all those things by sight and not by the leading of the Holy Spirit.”
8.           Obedience is better than sacrifice. It would have been better you offered me nothing, but obeyed my word, than to provide me with all the riches in the whole world which cannot save my life in the end, but disobey my instruction.
9.           That is why God still emphasized on the need for us to re-examine ourselves in the light of the messages we have received so far. Re-examine your faith. Don’t you know, by ever-progressive experience, whether the spirit of Christ is in you or not? If you cannot decipher whether the spirit of God is still in you or not, you will end it in hell-fire, you will end it pleasing men rather than God, even if you sacrifice yourself, give the Son of Man the whole wealth you have in this world, but you refuse one iota of His word, you are perishing. You are perishing. Why? God is ever mindful of His word.
10.       The word goes forth in righteousness, and He fixes His eyes there. That has always been the standard God gave us, He said, “Lift up my word, for it is my standard, it is my absolute, my word must be lifted above all.”
11.       That’s why the word of God is no respecter of persons. It has always been our meeting point with God, our meeting point with one another. If I cannot meet you in the word, you don’t belong to Christ, if you cannot meet me in the word, I don’t belong to Christ.
12.       Our meeting point with God and with one another is the word, for His name is the word of God. His name is the word of God, and that is the righteousness of the saints, if we hearken and obey.
13.       When you hearken and obey, it shall be unto you, your righteousness. Is it not the message we received? Obedience is better than sacrifice, when you are not ready to obey, and do the right thing, stop sacrificing, stop laboring, for in the end, you will be disappointed.
14.       For that is the reason the prophet even reminded us in his own way, what the Lord Jesus Christ, also had earlier said; “Who will be disappointed in the end? Is it that notorious prostitute there who never heard the word of God?”
15.       He said No! “Is it that drunkard there, whom was sleeping in the beer parlor without any hope of tomorrow?”
16.       He said, No!’ “Is it that township guy, who is there without any knowledge of heaven or hell?” He said, No!
17.       “Who then will?” He said, “It’s that person that is sitting at the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ, hearing His Word, but He is a hypocrite.
18.       Although he was in the fellowship, doing everything with the saints of God, he could not shun evil and do the right thing. He loves to do wrong, he remained doing wrong, but hiding under the cloak of the fellowship.
19.       He said that is the person whose sin must surely find out, but the other ones, they were already sinners and they are sinners. They already know their positions; they know where they are heading to.
20.       But it’s this one that is thinking he is going to heaven, he is the one that will be shocked to hear, “Depart from me, for I know you not, you worker of iniquity, for you were constantly approaching me with your lips, but your heart is far away from me.” That’s the person that will be disappointed.
21.        If these things will not happen, Jesus Christ would not have warned ahead if time, using the scriptures as a warning to us,  so that we would be wary of what we are doing now, for whatever we are doing today, would determine where we would land tomorrow.
22.       Whatever I am doing today, would determine where I would land tomorrow, is it not true? Both spiritually and physically. Whatever I am doing today decides my future.
23.       That is why the word of God was so serious, and is so serious that said, “Today, when you hear the word of God, harden not your heart, as in the days of tribulation.
24.       When you hear the word of God, and you find yourself in the word of God, you are sure you are doing wrong, God said, “Harden not your heart. Do not harden your heart against the truth,” for what will be used against you in the end is your willful rejection if the truth. That is the only unpardonable sin I know.
25.       Willful rejection of the truth, according to the scriptures is an unpardonable sin, and when you continue to reject the truth willfully, God will hand you over to reprobate spirit, harden your heart, so that you will continue in disobedience without even feeling the impact, without having the feeling of the consequences in the end.
26.       You will be rejoicing in it, brethren might be hailing you, thinking you are a good brother, a good sister, not knowing that you are already in the region if the lost.
27.       Let’s be very careful. It is at this point in time that societal pressure is making people even sell off their birthrights, because of ordinary morsel of bread.
28.       God said, “Let there be no fornicator among us, like Esau who because of morsel of bread, what the mouth eats, in order to make money, in order to eat food, in order to build sky scrapers, in order to buy ships, in order to purchase ships, purchase aircrafts, morsel of bread. Bread that perisheth.” He sold his birthright.
29.       If you search the scriptures, God promised to give us this Immortal Body as our right, documented, as our right from God, as a son has a right over his father’s heritage, so we have that right of immortality from God, documented, Q.E.D.
30.       But one can sell his own birthright, because of a morsel of bread. That’s why He said, “Strive not for the meat that perisheth, for the bread that perisheth, but if you must strive, strive for the meat, for the food that endureth into everlasting life, which the Son of Man is giving right now, for He alone has the Father sealed.”
31.       He alone has the authority; He alone is the only signature, according to some translations, “The only signatory, that will sign your document into Paradise.”
32.       What are you striving for? These are questions you must answer. If the Lord shall wrap it up this moment, will you be in the number that will be translated? This is a live question for you and I, and whether we like it or not, we must answer it. Yes, we must answer it. Amen.

Examine yourself on a daily basis, stop and think, pause. Are you still holding on to the faith and progressively producing the fruit thereof? Because you do not hold this faith with your lips. 
2.           Do you use the mouth in putting fish into the soup? By your fruits we shall know who you are. By your fruits can’t you know who you are? Can’t you say, this is what I am? Don’t you know what inspires all your actions, what motivates you? For there can never be any action without inspiration, you must be inspired for you to do anything.
3.            What is inspiring you? Is it the Devil or God? If it is God, God will inspire you to obey His word, if it is the Devil, the Devil will inspire you to disobey, to continue to do wrong.
4.           Whoever that continues to do wrong is pleasing the Devil, who is his father. A child of God strives daily to please his father, to be in good relationship with his father, so that whenever he presents his request, his father will honor it. He walks himself into the heart of his father.
5.           The father does not need to walk Himself into the hearts of the children, for he produced the children. But the children owe it as a responsibility to walk themselves into the hearts of their father so as to earn his confidence.
6.           But a child that cannot walk himself into the father can never win the approval of the father. Even if the father had earlier reposed a little confidence in him, he may regard that confidence as a misplaced one. He will withdraw it immediately.
7.           Thus, I want to cancel that “once saved, always saved.” No. One can forfeit his birthright. One can foolishly sell off his birthright because of material possession, just like Esau, and become a fornicator.
8.           Thus, be very careful where we are now, we are now on a dangerous ground, where God is about to signal the last blast of the whistle, and we are about to be rewarded, and everybody, every man, including myself, shall be rewarded according to what he has done; spiritually and physically.
9.           You must be rewarded. After the race, the miles are accounted, after the race rewards are presented. At the end, everybody shall be crowned. We are not crowned along the way; it is when we get to the end that we expect to be crowned. Now the end is very close.
10.       Events around us speak clearer than any other thing. Whosoever that goes about to be propagating any other thing other than this is that antichrist, is the deceiver we should be afraid of.
11.       There is nothing in this world we shall enjoy again. Even the generator you use in your house is not enjoyment; is it easy to buy the fuel or gas, is it easy to maintain it? What makes it enjoyment? Is it the noise?
12.       There is nothing anybody can enjoy again, even if you buy the best car in the world, you cannot enjoy it. Nobody is enjoying aeroplane again, how many can afford to purchase the flight ticket that is now 300%? How many can afford to fly in the air, going by the way things are going, hijackers can be there, I mean, insurgents can be there, to blow the plane in  the air.
13.       See Russians carrying 92 soldiers including 6 pressmen, no compassion for human lives, no regard, they destroyed it in the air, Russia is mourning.
14.       Look at Libyan airliner, only two boys hijacked it in the air, landed in Malta, held everybody hostage, how many days?
15.       Where do we have the safe ground again? Is it in the waterways? Can you enter any of the ships and then go to our waterways even along the creeks in Nigeria without fear of insurgents attacking you in the high seas, without fear of pirates attacking you in the high seas?
16.       Tell me what you think you would enjoy? Is it the houses that are collapsing every day? Tell me the enjoyment people can say they have in this world again, and every day, things are getting worse.
17.       The money you are holding is valueless, you go inside the market with one million naira, you come back with ordinary waterproof bag, you will be feeling that somebody has stolen your money, but when you sit down to crosscheck, nobody stole even a dime, simply because, you went there with your so-called money and came back empty handed, to show you that you went there empty handed.
18.       A situation where scraps are considered more than new parts, scraps, used parts and abandoned after usage, we now bring them into our country, and prefer them to new ones. Scraps are better, serving better than new ones, why?
19.       Your money is rubbish, what your money can fetch is absolutely rubbish. Tell me what you can enjoy again? What is that thing that will distract our attention from our target when we have gone thus far, where we are now?
20.       More so, when all that God promised us have been made manifest. Is God indebted to us again? We are indebted to ourselves now. Everybody is owing him or herself.
21.       If I should have my final word, I will tell you to save yourselves from this untoward generation. Strive, that you may enter. THE GATE IS NARROW BUT STRIVE THAT YOU MAY ENTER.
22.       You won’t say you don’t know the road, it has been revealed to you. No matter how narrow, no matter how hidden, it has been revealed to us.
23.       Conditions for entering have been made clear, than ever, more than any other generation. God came down and confirmed the whole thing, before many witnesses, with something our hearts can no longer deny, so even if something is tempting me to do otherwise, there is another thing superior to that thought that will tell me to calm down.
24.       Who has ever seen these or since, you read it in the scriptures, who has ever said, “We were there, we photographed, we saw Him, He walked in our midst, we heard His footprint, we did that…who has ever? Nobody!
25.       You see, we are a glorious people, a chosen generation, a peculiar people unto God, but we can forfeit our birthright, if we are not careful.
26.       If we are not careful, we are likely to forfeit our birthright. Our inordinate ambition, our mad crave for materialism, unbridled tendency for corruption and corrupt practices can deny us this promised Eternal Life. This is the much I want to share with you.
27.       Be on guard, be on guard. Gird up your loins. Awake thou that sleepeth, for the night is far spent, for our salvation is closest, even at our door steps, now, than when we first believed.
28.       There has never been a generation that counted money in millions, trillions more than this generation.
29.       I remember, when the federal government was making a budget of two point something billion Naira, from million Naira to two point something billion Naira, but now, we are in  trillions Naira budget, before you know it, if time permits, we will go into quadrillions.
30.       Begin to see, the end is imminent, how ready are you? Behold, the Bridegroom cometh, if you are wise, trim your lantern, if you are unwise, allow your lantern to go off. Amen.