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The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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Bride of Christ ministry


From the message Fear God Exclusive preached on Sunday 7th December 2014; pg. 84 verse 14 

I thank the Almighty God for the journey so far. It is by his grace and love that we are still matching on with him (Christ), and with the same spirit we will match into paradise
2.           Every minute of our life is an opportunity for us to evaluate our lives in the light of the messages we have received from Christ in our midst, to be sure that we are not operating outside but within, as we see the days fast approaching.
3.           Without wasting much of our time, I would like us to put ourselves in remembrance of the truth we have received from the Almighty God from the very beginning till now.
4.           Concerning what is taking place now in the world, it is the word of God fulfilling, for he said in the message titled “Be on the Alert” Page 19 vs3-4.
5.           That he is going to hit the world below the belt and this age-long awaited promised translation will be a sudden event. (For that reason let us uphold this truth without wavering till the end).
6.           I want us to read a place in the scripture Hebrew 10:23 “Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering for he is faithful that promised” KJV.
7.           Glory be to Almighty God in the highest, Amen. From the scripture we can see that Saint Paul, Christ of his own day encouraged his believers to hold fast, firmly to the profession of their faith without wavering till the end for there lies the point of their complete salvation.
8.            Our unfailing faith in the revealed Christ of our own day lies the point of our complete salvation.
9.           We should not forget that it was Abraham’s faithfulness to the word of God which he upheld till the end that made him the father of all the faithful in Christ.
10.       Today we have our Abraham in whose faith we all that believe in him will be counted worthy of eternal life, and that is the Son of Man, Apostle Peter Odoemena (blessed be his holy name).
11.       If we uphold this faith without wavering, we all shall see ourselves in paradise.
12.       The Son of Man is our faithfulness, our holiness, perfection and righteousness. He is everything to me and you as believers. Without him helping us, being always on our side we can never make it (Philippians 2:13).
13.       Let us consider the message titled Spiritual Discernment Vol.1 page 49 vs 1-5. Hear God, this is the year of the faithful. I repeat, this is the year of the faithful i.e, the year the faithful shall rejoice but the unfaithful one will see hell.
14.        For as many as are faithful and know they are faithful starting from the first day of this year, they have started seeing signs of the reward of faithfulness around them, which is righteousness and peace, joy in the holy spirit (Rom 14 vs 17).
15.        Around their children, around their families and working places. What I am telling you is the truth. The person is also saying in his heart, God, let this continue this way. God, let it continue this way. It is because something good has started happening.
16.       Almighty God has started to unleash his wrath upon the children of disobedience, but not for his faithful ones. However, the unfaithful must be attacked by the same disease that is ravaging the whole world.
17.       Verse 4 of the same place says “if you know that most difficult person, very hard to approach mark it this year, just remain faithful upholding the truth without wavering, I am telling you that the lord will surely grant you the favour of your enemies this year.
18.       You will see them coming before you prostrating, confessing and apologizing. Why? Because the glory of the Lord will cover us. Note this place verse 5,Just because the glory of the Lord will be so much upon you and me that such people cannot stand to look at your face, because of the radiation of the power of God upon you.
19.       People that did you evil for years and you never knew will come to you and say “Now we know that God is behind you for we have tried everything, it has become clear to us that really the hand of God is behind you, for if it is not God, we know where you would have been by now i.e. in the grave”.
20.        But our God is mightier than them all. It is only this truth we are upholding that will protect us, see us through till the end.
21.       At any point in time the fear of God leaves us, surely the wrath of God must descend upon you and me. It has happened to me on several occasions but the Lord showed me mercy but that is not a guarantee to continue to test God’s patience, God forbid!
22.       Spiritual Discernment page 64 vs 1-5 “Don’t forget the fact that the Lord said concerning the Gentiles, that He is going to ferret out, names.
23.       In other words, if I don’t want God to castme out of his paradise I should uphold the truth without wavering till the end. He is going to sanitize on a daily basis all criminals, all liars, all that practice deceit. All causes of offences in the Bride must be ferreted out on a daily basis.
24.       The Almighty said that he is going to use Corona Virus disease to sanitize his camp (i.e. the Bride);he is going to infect all individuals and families that never believed God, that all the hypocrites must be attacked by Corona to prove to us that they are not with us.
25.       Verse 2 of the same place said You see, God started a daily sanitization of his family from Sunday 5th January 2014. THUS, DON’T EVER THINK AS I AM STANDING IN YOUR MIDST, ALL OF YOU HAVE BEEN CO-OPTED INTO THE SALVATION ARK. DON’T EVER THINK THAT WAY.
26.       Look at what the almighty is doing now in our midst even as we are waiting at the gate of paradise sanitizing our hearts for the last time, making sure that we are upholding the truth every minute of our life.
27.       Verse 3-5 of the same chapter,this sanitization is a continuous process. What is more, the Lord said that it is not a time you will say, “The Son of Man pray for me, I don’t know what is happening in me”, No, pray for yourself.
28.       THE SON OF MAN will not look at you and say, Brother Lucky get out, Sister Ononye get out!(Put your name there).
29.       It is this truth you are upholding; I am upholding that shall set us free, yes, for that truth is The Son of Man “if The Son of Man shall set you free, you shall be free indeed”.
30.       The word is our sanitizer. There is no room again to play fool of ourselves for everything has been spelt out, made plain to us. No reasonable excuses before God.
31.        The Lord knows how to trouble all the make believers among us out of the camp. We are receiving the last minute mercy and favour. The Lord will ferret out all the wicked men and women among us before the D-day.
32.       Only those upholding the truth without wavering till the end shall be saved. God will continue to check us to see if we have fully divorced the spirit that is controlling this world. If care is not taken, if we are not careful many will be blinded because of money. God Forbid!
33.       Spiritual Discernment Page 74 Vs 36-46To check whether he has repented, he was given another money and he still ate it, yet his condition is getting worse.
34.       All of you that are behaving that way, let me tell you, number one step whereby you will know that the hand of God has started working against you, i.e, naturally, physically, you are going to become blind.
35.       The evils that have started befalling the world will start to befall you because you have made money your God.
36.       Verse 39, The First Punishment the Apostle gave intransigent people was to command them to be blind. In the days of Elisha the prophet, first punishment was that his opponents will be blind and they all become blind. The next was that fire will come down from heaven and devour them all.
37.       Why? Because of their spiritual blindness of the personality they are having dealings with, lack of faith in the revealed Christ of their day.
38.       When you lose sight of the truth you received you must become blind spiritually. Please, let us walk before God with fear and tremble for us to be counted worthy of paradise.
39.       Verse 40, “Did it happen? Blindness is a sign from God. Please, if you are numbered among the elect, walk with God this year without fear of any amazement.
40.       When you are living the life of obedience, is there anything to fear again? No sir, it is when you are sure that you are living the life of disobedience that you are always afraid, because something in you is still condemning you.
41.        There is no fear in love, for perfect love drives away all fears. And to love is to keep God’s love. You can never say you love God and flout his word.
42.       You are telling lies, there is no other way, and there is no other measurement. If you have the fear of God in your heart, God can never speak to you, twice on any matter.
43.       The evidence that am possessing the same spirit with Christ is to obey him quickly and quietly. For both of us are having the same attribute.
44.       For me to know that I am fully possessed by the spirit of truth is that the words of God will mean everything to me. He will not speak twice to me on any matter.
45.       Verse 42 of the same place, “if God is hammering over and over and over on a matter to you, number one, you are stubborn, number two, you are stiff-necked, three, you are hardhearted, four, you are wicked to yourself.
46.       The Lord is saying so, so that when he will destroy you, he will be justified. This is the truth about God, let us fear before him and uphold this truth to avoid self destruction.
47.       Verse 43He (God) is placing your card before your eyes. Because you have seen what human eye should not see. You have no reason, we better be very careful this year. God is warning all of us for the last time. You can go back to the message titled ‘Waning from God’.
48.       My faith in this revealed word of God is my purification, my sanctification, perfection and holiness. It is also my destruction if I refuse to pay heed to the wholesome words of the Almighty.
49.       Warning goes before destruction, if we refuse to pay heed to this last warning by fearing the Lord, obeying him and revering him, we are going to say had I known at the end.
50.       Verse 45-46Warning from God, God cannot destroy you without first of all warning you and he that is often warned, reproved and he or she hardens his or her heart, what will he or she meet? Sudden destruction and without mercy.
51.       Warning from God is a sign of mercy; it is a sign of love. What if he decides to destroy us without warning us, will anybody sue him? No sir.
52.       Verse 46, ‘Let me tell you what I mean, I don’t pray I will do that. I will only do that to those that deserve it. Once I lock up my bowels of mercy against you, hire atomic bomb, full the whole of my community with riches and label the riches THE SON OF MAN there is nothing in this life nor in the life to come that will make you to obtain mercy from me, because my bowels of mercy have been sealed. Is it scriptural Brother Kelechi?
53.       It is this truth that we upheld that will usher us into paradise if we uphold it without wavering till the end. We were warned never to pray against what is happening now, for in the midst of this trouble that God will usher us into our permanent rest.
54.       God said he will hit the whole world below the belt.‘Be On the Alert’ page 74 verse 18 God said ‘when it will start, it will not stop and do not pray that it will not start. Do not pray for it to stop, for if you pray against it, you are praying against your departure/translation for our departure is tied to that trouble for you are going to be taken away during troublous time’.
56.       The same message “Be on the Alert” page 79 verse 38-40 “Be on the Alert” let me tell you, if God want to abandon us, do you think he will be revealing these things to us? No Sir.
57.       We are the most favoured of all human beings. How can God reveal all these things and then turn around to destroy us? His aim is to save us.
58.       The Almighty God called us to save us, but we can destroy ourselves with our hands by abandoning the truth that has set us free and at the same time abandon grace whereby we are saved, for we have no righteousness of our own.
59.       Verse 39 – He will destroy us if we become stubborn. These things are being revealed to us so that we will know that he loves us and then, entering paradise becomes very easy.
60.       Page 81 vs 47 – let me tell you, even if he does not answer another prayer, this faith is all I need. Even if he does not supply you with another need, as long as you are in this Bridal Faith, the faith of The Son of Man, he has given you all. Deny me of every other thing but allow me to be in this faith of The Son of Man.
61.       Whatsoever that takes away the joy of your salvation has taken you out of paradise. Let the attributes of Christ be seen in me and in you everywhere we are, starting from our homes. Be a good example of one that is upholding nothing but the truth, to the extent that whosoever comes your way will experience Christ.

From the message Walking Blamelessly before God preached on Sunday 2nd June 2019; pg. 143 verse 18 and pg. 129 verse 33 

1 STTHESSALONIANS CHAPTER 1:7-9 (LB) Then you yourselves, become an example to all the other Christians in Greece. And now the word of the Lord has spread out from you to others everywhere, far beyond your boundaries, for wherever we go we find people telling us about your remarkable faith in God.
2.           We don’t need to tell them about it, for they keep telling us about the wonderful welcome you gave us and how you turned away from your idols to God so that now the living and true God only is your Master.
3.           Who is your Master and my Master? Is it money, wealth, beauty, our human senses or the word of God? The word of God went forth from Onitsha where the true manifestation of the truth should be seen.
4.           From Onitsha to the whole world. The last opportunity has been given to us, for our true nature to manifest. All that know the truth and refuse to live the life of truth must perish.
5.           The day of the Lord Vol. 2 Page 126 vs 14 – you see what they are going to suffer, even your relations, your best friends, your good neighbors, your own loving husband, your loving and darling wife, they are perishing.
6.           Your stubborn children, they are all perishing simply because they know not God and they obey not the Gospel of Christ. Whosoever that knows the truth and refuses to live the life to him. It is sin and that is condemnation.
7.           Who shall be punished? Your children that know not God and believe not our gospel, your parents, relations, heathens around you, good neighbors, friends, everybody shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the glory of his power.
8.            And we have escaped, why? We know God. Two, we believe the gospel of Christ. We have escaped because we know God and do his will.
9.           Knowing God means patterning after him in all things, uphold the truth everywhere without wavering till we see ourselves in paradise.
10.       Because you have known my name, I will save you, yes, you have known my name, I will save you. Thus, God is going to do everything for his name’s sake. Your husband does not obey the gospel, he does not know God.
11.       Your children do not obey the gospel. They do not know God. Your Friends, your relations, your towns people, everybody shall be punished with everlasting destruction that is coming from the presence of God almighty.
12.        If you sympathize with them too much, you make God a liar or you make God an unjust judge. God can give you a place with them because you are making God an unjust God.
13.       For that reason we that have known the truth better take side with the truth for our best interest, live the life and not merely professing it. For the almighty God will only save doers of the truth and not hearers or preachers of the truth.
14.       Minister’s meeting vol. 4 Page 18 verse 5-6 Remember, the entrance of the word of God in your heart displaces the same amount of unbelief in you.
15.       At the same time, it displaces the same level of doubt in you. You see the reason why we must uphold the truth till the end, so that there will be no room for doubt or unbelief of any kind at all. The word of God is the only truth that saves life and gives life eternal.
16.       Verse 6 - For the word has come to flush out all those things that are not convenient in your hearts so that you will enjoy your total freedom in Christ.
17.       If by now the truth from God has not flushed out every doubt or unbelief or anything that is contrary to the truth in me and you, we should forget about it, for God has given us everything pertaining to life and Godliness, we are without excuse from now hence forth.
18.       Minister’s meeting Vol. 4 page 35 vs 17-20 - For the faith has gone round the world in righteousness, acknowledged to be truth from God by every elect in all the gatherings in the world. I am no longer contending for any other faith with any man. Contention is over.
19.       The Almighty has given us everything about life and godliness, it is left for us now to manifest it through our daily life, characters and behaviours, as we go to our various homes.
20.        His eyes are upon us for good and not for evil. Selah. What we should be doing now is making sure that our lives are in harmony with the messages we have received from The Son of Man.
21.       Minster’s meeting Vol.4 page 30 vs 15-16. The book has been closed and then sealed not today. Like we read in our previous messages that what we are doing is making sure we synchronize our habit, character and conduct with the messages we have received.
22.       I have told you that the word of God remains the only regulatory instrument with which he regulates human activities and anybody whose life cannot be regulated by the word is not a seed of God.
23.       Every true seed of God is known for one thing, no matter what he intends doing or what he is doing, the moment the word of God is spoken, he stops. 
24.       If what You are doing does not harmonize with the message you have received and you feign ignorance, any day, anywhere, any time the word of God is spoken touching on that thing because you are a seed of God, that is the end of that thing, you will not proceed any further. Whosoever that harden his heart against the truth is not a seed of God, for a seed of God cannot resist God’s word.
25.       A seed of God is truth himself, he can do nothing against the truth rather he will support the truth. (2nd Corinth. 13 vs 8)
26.       So please, I believe we all belong to God and that is why you are showing keen interest in the affairs of God.
27.       Page 33 vs 13 – if there is anything that is still lacking in your life, in your ministry and up till this very moment the problem has not been properly addressed, leave it there, for there is nothing you can do again to effect a change per-adventure it may be your nature but you know it not. 
28.       Glory be to the Almighty God (The Son of Man) for bringing this ministry to a conclusive end. My prayer is that he will carry us into paradise just for his name’s sake. Amen.
29.       I will continue to praise God for giving me this wonderful opportunity to carry this good news of salvation to the ends of the earth and still remain alive.
30.       This faith has gone round the world in righteousness, acknowledged to be truth from God by every elect in all the gatherings in the world. I am no longer contending for any other faith with any man. Contention is over.
31.       This is because everything has been made plain to every Tom, Dick and Harry. There is no room for any doubt again whether we are on the right road or not.
32.       The Almighty God in human form in our midst is the one that did it and it is permanent. Our duty now is to manifest the life of Christ, what Christ is known for, starting from our homes to individual life.
33.       The life of Christ which we manifest is our ticket to paradise, for that is Christ’s nature.Page 39 vs 3 – If you will allow the light that is glowing in your heart to die off, the shame, the dishonor goes to you.
34.       But if you are wise, the candle will remain aflame. The light we are being warned not to allow to die down is the word, the light of the whole world i.e. the light must be in the heart of every elect of God, the light which is the word will put fear of God in us helping us never to stumble, tired or faint.
35.        In Proverbs1 vs 7.The bible said that the fear of GOD is the beginning of wisdom; the wisdom will now guide us to be humble, loyal, submissive and obedient to the wholesome word of God.
36.       From now henceforth, we should make sure that our lanterns will never go off again.We should allow the word of God to lead and dictate to us in everything for our own good.
37.       Verse 4.this is the time you should trim your lantern. If you have no fuel, go and buy fuel. Fill your lantern so that you do not go about borrowing fuel at the dying minute. If it is possible carry extra oil.
38.       Now is the hour you should uphold this faith with all you are made up of. Give no room to any contrary spirit. No matter how tangible it looks.
39.       Overfeed your heart with the word now. The devil is all out to destroy all that are at ease in Zion but God must surely give us victory for He that is in us is mightier than he that is in the world. Amen.
40.       1st John 4 vs 4. You are of God, little children and have overcome them because greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world.
41.       Page 41 vs 9 – Do not give any room for offence. Do not give any room to the devil to begin to seduce your heart gradually away from God by presenting to you lots and lots of material things that have no eternal value.
42.       Do not allow your heart to be over charged with eating, drinking and merriment of all sorts so that this ministry will not be blamed in your hands. Amen.
43.       If the tendency is not there for the ministry to be blamed in the hands of some people, this warning would not have gone forth. Once there is a warning, it is a sure sign that danger lies ahead.
44.       The Lord has warned us for this last time, to uphold the faith with purity of heart and mind so that none of us will say,“had I known” on that glories morning. If the ministry must be blamed, why not say “let it not be in my hands”.
45.       The ministry that has saved your life from the wrath of God, the ministry that has made you what you are, why should you permit it to be blamed in your hands, God forbid!That is why the bible said “Giving no offence in anything”.
46.       I do not care what that thing might be, even if it is material possession suffer yourself to be defrauded so that the ministry will not be blamed. This is the only way you can preserve this faith undefiled. This is the only way you can preserve this faith in its purity.
47.       Brethren, we should be sober, vigilant, and spiritual now than ever so that we do not make last minute mistake that cannot be corrected again.
48.       Remember, the moment the faith is blamed in your hands, automatically you are blamed. If it is defiled, you are also defiled. When you protect this faith, this faith must surely protect you.
49.       Giving no room for offence in anything that this faith be not blamed or blasphemed in my hands.
50.       As ministers of God and children of God let us make sure that we are approved by God that we are diligently living the life of our faith.
51.       Verse 19Approving what? Approving ourselves as ministers of God. Did he say Son of Man alone? No sir!ourselves, as what? Ministers of God, ministers of who? God! You must know the personality you are having dealings with.
Do not be impatient for the Lord to act, in other words, be patient with God, for you have need of patience that when your obedience to the truth is fulfilled you will get the promise. You do not get the promise without fulfilling the demands. So if you are wise and understanding, begin now to make your choice between the good and the bad. Always remember that the end of your life counts more than the beginning of your life. The beginning of your life does not determine your destiny but the end, for no man is crowned until he gets to the end.
From the message Walking Blamelessly before God preached on Sunday 2nd June 2019; pg. 146 verses 27-28 and pg. 154 verse 49- 50

My whole duty is to please him that counted it not robbery counting me worthy of paradise, saving me from his wrath, which is already on the land. You are having dealings with the Almighty God himself.
2.            Brother Odoemena never made you a minster of God. The ELOHIM, the supreme GOD who appeared in our midst selected you as one of his ministers.
3.           If you do not know he that has appointed you to glory and to honour, definitely, you must mess up this ministry. If you do not know the personality whose interest you are representing, you are bound to mess this ministry up and this is the problem we are recording everywhere.
4.           Let us patiently wait for God’s promises, for we have need of patience so that we can endure till the end. It is through patience that we can endure whatsoever trouble, trials and temptations that may come our way as children of God.
5.            For the road to paradise is not an easy one that is why we ought to uphold this gospel truth without wavering till the end.
6.           Verse 25too many people have become extra-ordinarily impatient even from among us. Some draw quick conclusion over matters only to discover that those things do not exist.
7.           Do not be quick in drawing conclusion over matters. Allow time to take its own toll on the case.
8.           Be patient with each other so that this ministry would not be blamed in your hands. Do not be rash in your decision taking. Always remember every decision has future consequences.
9.           For that reason, judge very well before you take your decision. In every decision you take now, weigh it in the balance of the message you have received to avoid ‘Had I known’ at last.
10.       No matter the level of affliction, control your temper for Christ’s sake. Do not forget who you are, for he that called you his minister, his sons and daughters saw afflictions around you and ordained you and me his ministers, sons and daughters of God.
11.       Verse 32, There is no condition you are passing through or you have passed through which nobody has never passed through. If you can settle this truth in your heart, the ministry will not be blamed in your hands.
12.       This is the truth; there is no condition we will find ourselves in today that we will say is peculiar to us. We have this assurance settled in our heart that we can never be the worst hit and in my own assessment, we are in the best condition worldwide.
13.       If you think your condition is the worst, I will show you people that are living courtesy of the good will of others and those that are alive without any hope.But we have everlasting hope in Christ and our hope in Christ cannot fail us, for he that promised is ever faithful to keep to his promise.
14.       Verse 34,Be very careful the way you enter into ungodly conversation with the heathens. Most of the things that make your heart to be over-charged are as a result of conversation you hold on a daily basis with the heathens.
15.       For evil conversations spoil good manner (1st Corinth 15:33). A seed of God has nothing in common with heathens, make believers or unbelievers in our midst.
16.       Verse 37,whatever condition you are in, it is common to all men. If you are really sincere to yourself and eternal life is your target, nobody will tell you what to do from now.
17.       Nobody will tell you the hour we are in now. The hour calls for the total manifestation of the whole attributes of God, minding heavenly things more now than ever. Making spiritual effort to correct our past bad records, not time to do things rashly. No.
18.       Verse 38,I am not shouting on anybody. I am talking to you in the level and the way I believe you will understand. Pray that this truth will distill like the dew of Heaven into your hearts.
19.       If you are a true seed of God, there is no condition you will find yourself that can change you from what you are. Your nature is your nature no matter your condition you remain what you are.
20.       Verse 4,God knows that you must be distressed, that there must be necessities, you will come to a point that what you have cannot supply what you need, yet, and you must approve yourself as minister of God under such conditions.
21.       Persecution strengthens a true seed of God like Job, Jesus the Christ, Abraham etc. And in our own day the Son of man is our perfect example in all things.
22.        Thus, being a minister, a seed of God does not insulate you from passing through all these common experiences. They will help you to grow spiritually. They will equally draw you closer to God.
23.       If these things are not highlighted the tendency is there for you to be running to and fro. Some will be behaving as if God has forsaken them, therefore causing this ministry to be blamed.
24.       We have been well prepared concerning what is happening now and others that will follow. There is no room for panic or being afraid of anything. We are in God’s good hand.
25.       Verse 46.Remember the message, “Giving No Offence” in anything that this ministry be not blamed in your hands and in my hands. Time to be on the red alert, praying and watching over our lives for the days we are living in now are very evil.
26.       Verse 47 – Have you received a ministry? Yes! That is why you are here; my duty is to furnish you with all that it takes to make full proof of your ministry. Learn from me.
27.       Let the Son of Man be your master piece. There is no condition you will find yourself in while you are holding this ministry which the Son of Man has not passed through at one time or the other. You are my witnesses.
28.       Christ (the Son of Man) is our example in all things. He has passed through many experiences for our sake and has become our example. If only we can trust him, rely on him, none of us will defile himself or herself again.
29.       Remember now that I am sending you out to the world, this is the time God is going to prove you and me. God is going to prove you and me.
30.       He may permit you to roll into all these stipulated conditions for he must try the faith of every minister, every believer with what you stand for. Whatever you stand for is what God will use to prove your faith. Take note of what I am saying.
31.       What is happening now worldwide is God’s judgment to the world and also to prove us, to test us, that is our faith in the Son of Man. Whosoever that have made the word of God his or her absolute can never be shaken.
32.       As a minister of God, if you are afraid of evil report, you are not qualified to be a minister of God, for being a minister means: the readiness of your mind and your heart to hear, accept at all times both constructive and destructive criticism at all times.
33.       So as a minister of God, a true seed of the most high God. Be ready at all times. Whatever you will be called whether good or bad, develop that shock absorber to accept all. Amen.
34.       Verse 53 – some will be talking good of you, some will be talking evil of you. Giving no offence in any of them. Some will accuse you falsely, some will deliberately confront you, even deny you of your basic necessities, rights and privileges, tempting you.
35.       If these are not highlighted very well, this ministry must be blamed in somebody’s hands. But why must it be me? God forbid.
36.       As a child of God you should be after what God says concerning you and not what people are saying about you. Whatever God says concerning me and you is final.
37.       This is why we must uphold the truth without wavering unto the end so that we shall be clothed with immortality. Amen.
38.       If after highlighting all these things, you conclude it is a difficult task that it is impossible for any human being, well you can change your mind and then resign. Call it quit.
39.       The Almighty is now making his final selection of those that will live eternally with him in paradise. The question arises, are you one of them? Am I one of them?
40.       Our manifestation now will give us a name, will determine where one will spend eternity.
41.       Verse 62,as having nothing yet possessing all things. You are the possessor of heaven and eart. The Lord recognized this fact when the devil tempted him using heaven and earth and the fullness thereof. The Lord gave him, his position, ‘Go behind me, you Satan’.
42.       These should be our decision now, Satan get you behind me now and till eternity. Let us place all worldly materials where they belong to for that is what the devil is using to divert our attentions from the real target, which is eternal life.
43.       Finally brethren let us not allow anything in this passing world to hold us captive again to the extent that we begin to worship them again by giving our whole time to things that will perish with the user.
44.       2nd Timothy 4:9-16 LB.Please come as soon as you can, for Demas has left me. He loved the good things of this life and went to Thessalonica.
45.       Crescenshas gone to Galatia, Titus to Dalmatia. Only Luke is with me. Bring mark with you when you come for I need him. (Tychichus is gone too, as I sent him to Ephesus).
46.       When you come, be sure to bring the coat I left at Troas with brother carpus, and also the books, but especially the parchments. Alexander the coppersmith has done me much harm.
47.        The Lord will punish him, but be careful of him for he fought against everything we said.  The first time I was brought before the judge no one was here to help me. Everyone had run away. I hope that they will not be blamed for it.
48.       Many that the Lord called to work with him left because of material things and perished. May it never be so to us, in the name of Peter the Christ. Amen.
49.       1st Timothy 4:10-16 LB. this is the truth and everyone should accept it. We work hard and suffer much in other that people will believe it, for our hope is in the living God who died for all, and particularly for those who have accepted his salvation.
50.       Teach these things and make sure that everyone learns them well. Don’t let anyone think little of you because you are young. Be their ideal; let them follow the way you teach and live; be a pattern for them in your love, your faith, and your clean thoughts.
51.       Until I get there, read and explain the scriptures to the church; preach God’s words. Be sure to use the abilities God has given you through his prophets when the elders of the church laid their hands upon your head.
52.       Put these abilities to work; throw yourselves into your task so that everyone may notice your improvement and progress. Keep a close watch on all you do and think. Stay true to what is right and God will bless you and use you to help others.
53.       Ministers should help everyone in their home now to understand the hour we are in for every man now is a Pastor, Bishop, Deacon, Apostle, Evangelist, Elder and everything in his own home. But let us not forget that fire must test every man’s work.
54.       Please, please don’t feed your family with wrong food for they are God’s property and not yours. You are only a caretaker.
55.       Remain blessed in him eternally.

The Office of the Son of Man (The Apostle and Saviour),
Hold of God Onitsha,

Dearly Beloved Lord, Savior and Redeemer,
Praise, Honor, majesty, thanksgiving be to your most Holy name, Amen.
Now I know that thou at a man of God.
My Lord, and savior I have done more harm than good to myself.
After reading the message titled “Beware of Snake Bit and the message titled “Blessings of God, are hidden in obedience, it arrested me I was moved to drop this few lines of prayers.

1.           Lamentation 3:40-57.Let me examine myself instead, and repent and turn again to the Lord.
2.           Let me lift my heart and hands to Him in heaven, for I have sinned; I have rebelled against my Lord and He has not forgotten it.
3.           You  have engulfed me by your  anger and slain me without mercy. You have veiled yourself as with a cloud so that our prayers do not reach through.
4.           You have made me as refuse and garbage among the nations. All our enemies have spoken out against me. I am filled with fear, for I am trapped, desolate, destroyed.
5.           My eyes flow day and night with never ending streams of tears because of the destruction of my people.Oh, that my Lord might look down from and respond to my cry! My heart is broken over what is happening in my life.
6.            My enemies, (the devil) whom I have never harmed, chase me as though I were a bird. They threw me in the well and capped it with a rock. They water flowed above my head.
7.           I thought, this is the end! But I call upon your name, Oh Lord, from deep within the well, and you heard! You listen to my pleading; you heard my weeping! Yes you came at my despairing cry and told me not to fear.
8.           Psalm 4:4-8. Stand before the Lord in awe, and do not sin against Him. Lying quietly upon your bed in silent meditation. Put your trust in the Lord and offer Him pleasing sacrifices.
9.            Many said that God will never help me. Prove them wrong, Oh my Lord, by letting the light of your face shine down upon me. Yes, the gladness you have given me is far greater than their joys at harvest time as they gaze at their bountiful crops. 
10.       I will lie down in peace and sleep, for though I am alone, Oh my Lord, You will keep me safe.
11.       Psalm Chapter 5:1-end. Oh my Lord, hear my prayers; listen to my plea, Oh God my King, my savior, for I will never pray to any other God but You.
12.       Each morning I will look to you in heaven and lay my requests before you, praying earnestly. I know you get no pleasure in wickedness and cannot tolerate the slightest sin.
13.        Therefore proud sinners will not survive your searching gaze, for how you hate their evil deeds. You will destroy them for their lives; how you abhor all murder and deception.
14.        But as for me, I will come into your temple protected by your mercy and your love; I will worship you with deepest awe.
15.       My Lord, lead me as You promised me You would; other-wise my enemies (the devil) will conquer me. You have told me what to do, which way to turn.
16.        For the devil cannot speak a truthful word, their hearts are filled to the brim with wickedness. Their suggestions are full of the stench of sin and death.
17.       Their tongues are filled with flatteries to gain their wicked ends. Oh my God, hold them responsible. Catch in their owntraps; let them fall beneath the weight of their own transgressions, for the rebelled against you.
18.       But make every one rejoice who puts his trust in you. Keep them shouting for joy because you are defending them. Fill all who love you with your happiness. For you bless a godly man, Oh Lord; you protect him with your shield of love
19.       This is my prayer in the name of the revealed Christ in our midst, PETER THE CHRIST. AMEN
20.       These are the art of the messages that arrested my condition. The blessing of God are hidden in obedient Vol 2 Page 109 vs 36 to vs 37.
21.       Those who are bound by their vows, oaths and pledges either as individuals or local assemblies should keep to all of them very strictly knowing the awful implications.
22.       Finally, I want all and sundry to know that obedience to this instruction is for your own good to your own credit while disobedience is to your own discredit with regrettable consequences.
23.       Sense with which you dress yourself up, that is what God requires from everybody.” That little common sense!
24.       That sense you have; no matter how small you think it is, that is what will tell you that this is morning, this is afternoon and this is night. That sense will tell you to go to bed or to wake up.
25.       Once these things are functioning in you, you have no excuse to give.” Once you have that sense in you that God has put inside you, they are functional in you, you don’t have any other excuse you can give.
26.       “Once these things are functioning in you, you have no excuse to give. Once these things are functioning in you, you cannot say you do not know what is good and what is bad.
27.       You cannot say you do not understand what the Lord is saying. Your duty is this: These things that God is saying, do you actually take it that you are the one God is talking to?
28.       Am I taking it because I am the one God is talking to? Or do I see it as a mere story so that after listening to the fairytales, we go our way? Or do I think there is a set of people whom these things are meant for? It is coming to you and I.
29.       Why is it coming to us? It is for our own good.” It is for the good of you and I.
30.       When we hear that the thoughts of God towards us are the thoughts of good, peace and progress and not of evil, to give us an expected end, how does He make His thoughts manifest in us? It is through His word.
31.       I want us to read the Epistle, Page 381 vs 8.God has good intention towards us. Even if He punishes us, His idea is not to destroy us but to save us.
32.        If He destroys us, His purpose for calling us will be defeated. All His indictments on us are all for our own good.
33.       My lord, thank you for welcoming this letter. I will like to speak with you over the phone to harmonize our relationship. Remain blessed in him internally, Amen.

Yours Son,

Pastor IkechukwuEzindu
20th June, 2020