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The Son of Man Revealed From One of The Jungles in Africa According To William Branham's Prophesy

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Strange Being

Apostle Peter Odoemena - The Son of Man

THE STRANGE BEING I KNOW NOT by PROFESSOR NATHAN UZORMA PROTUS (The Reformer) (A confirmation of the truth that Christ is back here on earth!)



For many years now, I have involved myself in the search for the unknown, the search for the coming of the Messiah through reading the extraterrestrial philosophies and profiles. In the cause of same, I have uncovered many mysteries that are not native to conservative religious man.

2. It is obvious today that the dooms day is almost here, events are unfolding in unprecedented succession indicating that if the world does not come to an end, will however experience a special cataclysm, thereby heralding the beginning of the end.
3. It is evident hitherto that a number of religious prophecies and scientific predictions that had taken place Biblically and otherwise arrive at the projection that this century may consequently usher in the Messiah.
4. For long, man has expected his Lord from the sky to usher in righteousness, peace and love in the world of matter, space, time and energy.
5. Christians of old thought the world would have ended on 31st December 1999 AD, that is at the end of the first millennium, the first one thousand years after Jesus (not Christ) left the Earth.
6. At that time, many of them became very pious, philanthropic, some sold away their goods, others settled old scores with their enemies in other to join Christ in paradise. But the day gradually rolled by, without the expected arch-angel trumpet. And of course many went back to their former lives.
7. That both prophets of doom and modern science now agree that evidence abound to show that the end of the world appears imminent is vividly established in this very century.
8. The earth planet is one of the various type of cataclysm and catastrophic disaster that will consequently herald the changes of an accomplished spiritual master.
9. Sometimes, the change does not necessarily usher in a any master, that is, if the disaster is global like the destruction of Lemuria and Atlantis.
10. It is obvious through various records that Atlantis was destroyed due to their abuse of technology and other related esoteric cum physical metaphysical sciences.
11. Plato, one of the Greek great philosophers attested to the above fact in one of his writings in antiquity.
12. Atlantis, a great continent of the earth planet, was destroyed about 35,000 years ago, while Lemuria was destroyed 70,000 years ago, though the Lemuria was the first to be civilized on earth, but they used their civilization against themselves hence the destruction.
13. Now, the aura of destruction is now oozing out of the planet earth, it is so conspicuous to the extent that the extraterrestrials are now influencing the gradual changes that are noticed in human DNA.
14. Recently, it was announced in Fox Television by Dr Berrenda that many children and some adults are mutating into something else.
15. Dr Berrenda whom claimed to be working with Fox Television Network in the development of programming explaining an understanding of extraterrestrials and their role in what is happening with mankind.
16. The holistic Practitioner doctor says that instead of double helix of DNA, geneticists are discovering that a third helix and sometimes more are starting to grow as the mutation process occurs.
17. According to her, the process began as recently as eight years ago, and may even have been going on for about 20 years.
18. It is obvious that the changes are not publicly known because the scientific community feels it will frighten the population.
19. Indeed, people are changing in the cellular level.
20. “I am working with three children right now who have three DNA helixes; we know it is a positive mutation even though physically, mentally and emotionally it can be misunderstood and frightening.”
21. The present day research proof that the mutated children (are they the indigo children?) seem to have super intelligence, are generally telepathic and can do things, move objects by mere thought.
22. The adults generally do have another DNA helix forming, they are going through a
23. Lot of major shift in their consciousness and physical bodies because, it is all one.
24. It is my submission that the earth and everyone in it is raising its vibration. News all over the world prove that many of the children born recently have bodies that are magnetically lighter.
25. Today, indigo children do exist!
26. I have received many letters from young men and women who say they indeed posses special gifts and talents that seem to be misunderstood by their elders.
27. Be informed however that the name “Indigo” is derived from the unusual colour of the aura emitted by these people.
28. The indigo children are not all children now; many have grown to be young and middle aged adults. They seem to have started appearing as early as 40 years ago.
29. Now, there is a new Luciferian order that is now preaching a scientific message that the extra intelligent propensity granted the indigo youth to develop a new silicone-based body and then transfer our spirits into them.
30. Silicone can withstand extreme heat and will give us a way to continue living on the planet after the air turns to hot noxious gas, and the temperature soars to 400 degrees and higher.
31. The bodies will also allow us to travel through space to other worlds.
32. To accomplish this however, the Luciferian order is committed to offer a spiritual path for humans to follow United Nations generated earth Charter, created from the UN earth conference in Rio in 1992.
33. The Charter demands “sustainable development plans and regulations, under the management of the United Nations and in the form of one-world government.
34. Once formed, the government will oversee the renewable resources such as water, soil, forest products and marine lives to protect the health of ecosystem.”
35. The UN Charter further demands demilitarization of armies, weapons, especially nuclear and missile defense system and to establish an international arms register of all small arms and light weapons.
36. It also demands UN political control and global economy and establishes an International Criminal Court to exercise compulsory jurisdiction over all states.
37. Considering the above, Donahue says, “It will take this kind of strict control of human lifestyles and perhaps even tougher rules to buy us enough time to develop the bodies we need to survive the horrors head.”
38. The alternative according to Donahue would be to summon Lucifer, the progenitor of the human race, as Noah did some 4,000 years ago, and ask for DNA transport to a safe place to start again. But Donahue is not too sure if Lucifer will grant us that next chance.


It appears that the whole world is ready to usher the master of this era—the Christ who will come to lead men in the right path.
2. I am not here to question any religious faith but to prove to humanity via my experience through extraterrestrial connection, permutation and inclination that what man may be expecting from beyond the skies may be within him.
3. But ignorance which the progenitor of many religious and irreligious creeds have indeed blinded the sight of many (I think am among them) from seeing the truth within us. The truth of this strange being goes beyond the frail premises of human beliefs, above the loosening grasp of creed and credo to demonstrate the reality of spirituality inherent in African soil.
4. Is the Reformer possessed of any demon? Never! God forbid! But he has an experience that seems to authenticate the Pan-African paradox that what an elder sees while sitting, a child may not see while standing.
5. Our various religious traditions hide external truth from us and finally produce the ills of which we complain hitherto.
6. For over some years now, a strange being has been appearing to me to teach me mysteries of higher realities, he comes with the host of angels to tell me about the appearance of Christ (the Second Advent).
7. With deep Biblical foundation together with my service of God, I know that I can never be deceived.
8. Having risen to such a privileged status(a professor of philosophy of Religion) and owing to my foundation in my Church(Assemblies of God) together with my various evangelistic roles in salvaging the perishing souls in different parts of the world, I do not consider it a waste therefore to inform you of this my noble experience.
9. Those who know me from all over the world, America, United Kingdom, Central America, Africa, to mention only a few can boldly attest to the fact that the Reformer is not a joker in spiritual issues.
10. Now, I am aware that Christ is coming back, and I am also ready to receive Him., but surprisingly, a being who introduces himself as Christ has always appeared to me physically and spiritually.
11. I have always seen him as a black man “and he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood and his name is called the word of God”—REV. 19:13.
12. He made me realize that he is Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent, and that he comes from Edom (the black nation) as is evident in Isaiah 63:1-6.
13. In fact, this encounter bifurcated my attention and consequently made me very bilious because I detest bigotry and devalue apostasy.
14. The teachings of this being are in profound harmony with biblical theology.
15. The Father is so great!
16. This Omnipresent Father may be with men but our traditions may be keeping Him away from us.
17. I have not seen Him but desire to do so.
18. Is He in heaven, earth or in the sea? Who knows where He is? I humbly implore you to take me to Him.
19. I want to know the Father and be with the Holy Spirit in this body not when I am dead: “For whatsoever the Carcass is, there will the eagles be gathered together.” Is the Carcass here now or to come?
20. Be ready earthmen because due to what is known as interplanetary confederation that will soon visit us through the help of extraterrestrial theocratic government, the entire world shall soon know that greater than Moses, Elijah, John the Baptist etc, is in the form of a black man operating in the midst of many without their knowledge of same.
21. Jesus is here and Christ is coming to salvage us from the error of ignorance that has encapsulated us for long. Man must be saved and the hour is now.
22. To search out the primordial Christ who is both here and on His way coming is the path of great enlightenment and expectation.
23. A horrifying subjective encounter has consequently propelled the Reformer to take careful look at the coming of the Christ.
24. The world is in a great dilemma and demented consequent upon the present day uncanny, overwhelming, bizarre and wacky happening, which is the work of the anti-Christ.
25. The anti-Christ is here in form a white man to pave way for more evil in the physical system of reality.
26. I have no doubt in me that the Christ and the anti-Christ are already in a great war though not that of Armageddon; however, the victory of Christ is the victory of the Saints.
27. The ambidextrous anti-Christ who in pious masquerade had already taken steps to obviate and ameliorate some social ills in order to obfuscate and hoodwink many who however are ignorant of his hocus-pocus.
28. Indeed, the anti-Christ had greatly succeeded in establishing so many Christian Churches that even deny the foundation of Christian Faith but are advanced in the mystical cum metaphysical and physical signs and wonders.
29. The obnoxious and noxious odour oozing out of the subjective mind of the anti-Christ has clearly made his odyssey so obtrude that the world at large is afraid but some earthly Shepherds who enjoy only tithe and offerings are being deliberately obtuse for obvious reasons.
30. A pastor once said to me that the anti-Christ has overcome the Christ in a battle and we shall all wait and see.
31. This information made me realize that the anti-Christ is really at work.
32. Can the anti-Christ overcome the Christ? Has darkness ever overcome light? Can woman overcome the man? Can error overcome truth?
33. Is this truly the condemnation that light has come into the world, and men love darkness rather than light? Only time will tell.
Noxious = harmful, poisonous
Obtrude = force (oneself, ones opinions, ideas, etc) upon somebody
Obtuse =slow to understand-stupid
-Omnipotent = having unlimited or very great power
-Omniscient =knowing everything
-Omnipresent = present everywhere [2]
Obnoxious = very unpleasant, nasty, offensive